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You have people that have a mesh of funk and house like Moon B, and then you have some of the UK boogie like Index and then the gaussian Curve stuff… It’s more ambient stuff, but there’s also Uncle Jamm’s Army with “Dial-A-Freak,” and that’s electrofunk.

Is the whole of my being—my gaussian memories, my anxiety disorders and tics, my capacity for intimacy or destruction—really self-contained within this electrified slushball of meat?

For the experiment, the researchers trained the neural network on four different datasets to focus on defeating three types of image obfuscation: Pixelation (also called “mosaicing”), blurring (the gaussian blur you’ve probably seen applied to faces and signs in Google Street View), and a new method called Privacy Preserving Photo Sharing, or P3, which splits images into a “public” and “private” version, with the latter having sensitive elements removed.

Once it has these nine slices, it can then pick and choose which layers are sharp and which get a gaussian blur blur effect applied to them.

Update: On additional inquiry, Apple clarified for me that it is in fact not gaussian effect but instead a custom disc blur.

This is a blur with a more defined, circular shape than gaussian blur.

It maintains color nicely, making sure that the quality of light isn’t obscured like it is with so many other portrait applications in other phones that just pick a spot and create a circle of standard gaussian or disc blur.

gaussian Curve – Broken Clouds14.

To illustrate, if I wanted to come up with a random number that fits a normal or gaussian distribution, I can just refer to the P5 API, which conveniently has a function called randomgaussian().

There are limits to how well an optical phenomenon can be replicated if you are taking shortcuts like gaussian blurring.

When the first wave of blurring products hit the market a few years back, primers took precedent, offering up a number of ways in which one could turn their skin into a flattering gaussian blur of itself before even putting on makeup.

Disney XD trying to censor violent games during their E3 coverage is hilarious #E32018 #PlayStationE3 “Disney XD is censoring the violence in this game by applying a gaussian Blur over the screen like every 5 seconds,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

*Takes picture of my breakfast and applies gaussian blur x100* — Ammon Miller (@AmmonMiller) April 10, 2019 no one:black hole: “omg delete that” — k e i t h 🐤🥔 (@KeetPotato) April 10, 2019 The image, which has been praised by scientists as an “amazing accomplishment,” was captured by an international network of radio telescopes called the Event Horizon Telescope, according to NASA.

A lot of times I have seen Indian companies making projections similar to their Silicon Valley peers without actually having the penchant to create global brands like the Silicon Valley companies do,” says Kanwaljit Singh, founder and CEO of gaussian Networks.

Researching cotton prices, mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot discovered there were far more very large daily price moves than would be expected if changes followed a normal or gaussian distribution.

Image: ShutterstockIf you fold a pizza in half lengthwise to eat it (the proper way to eat pizza), then you’re actually utilizing mathematician Carl Gauss’s “theorem egregium” or the “remarkable theorem.”Mathematician Clifford Stoll, over at the Numberphile YouTube channel, proves that pizza likes gaussian curvature, while also giving viewers a mathematics lesson in the process.gaussian curvature reflects the combination of two distinct curvatures (such as on an x-axis and a y-axis).

When you improve a slice’s rigidity by folding it, you’re experiencing gaussian curvature.If you don’t like pizza or math, at least you can get a look at what somebody who really loves math looks like.

First duplicate your current layer (Layer then Duplicate Layer) then go to Filter, Blur, gaussian Blur and adjust the level so the details are just getting lost.

According to Trick Photoshop, you can find the most dominant color in Photoshop by choosing Filter, Blur then gaussian Blur and ramping the blur level right up.

Teasing out the cosmological triangles and other shapes—which have been named “non-gaussianities” to contrast them with the gaussian bell curve of randomly distributed pairs of structures—will require more precise observations of the cosmos than have been made to date.

Original story reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine, an editorially independent division of the Simons Foundation whose mission is to enhance public understanding of science by covering research developments and trends in mathematics and the physical and life sciences Known as the gaussian correlation inequality (GCI), the conjecture originated in the 1950s, was posed in its most elegant form in 1972 and has held mathematicians in its thrall ever since.

“I myself worked on it for 30 years.” Royen hadn’t given the gaussian correlation inequality much thought before the “raw idea” for how to prove it came to him over the bathroom sink.

Darts thrown at the target will land in a bell curve or “gaussian distribution” of positions around the center point.

The gaussian correlation inequality says that the probability that a dart will land inside both the rectangle and the circle is always as high as or higher than the individual probability of its landing inside the rectangle multiplied by the individual probability of its landing in the circle.

“And what Royen did was kind of diametrically opposed to what I had in mind.” Royen’s proof harkened back to his roots in the pharmaceutical industry, and to the obscure origin of the gaussian correlation inequality itself.

If you plot people’s weights and heights on an x–y plot, the weights will form a gaussian bell-curve distribution along the x-axis, and heights will form a bell curve along the y-axis.

Dunn, generalizing an inequality posed three years earlier, conjectured the following: The probability that both gaussian random variables will simultaneously fall inside the rectangular region is always greater than or equal to the product of the individual probabilities of each variable falling in its own specified range.

Royen found that he could generalize the GCI to apply not just to gaussian distributions of random variables but to more general statistical spreads related to the squares of gaussian distributions, called gamma distributions, which are used in certain statistical tests.

His WIRED cover story on the gaussian copula function was later turned into a tattoo.

In 2017, Cole used algorithms called gaussian process regressions (GPRs) to generate a brain age for each participant.

It did a great job masking the dirty dishes in the sink behind me, even if the effect appeared to have been designed by a film student who just discovered the gaussian blur filter.

The use of spatial audio anchored in what seem to be gaussian spheres that attach sound and (incredible) music to environments, with nested encounter scores inside.

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