Functioning in a sentence | Use of the word functioning examples

Look, they can’t seem to agree on basic functioning of the government.

“Truly weird Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky reminds me of a spoiled brat without a properly functioning brain,” Trump tweeted.

It prioritizes power over principle to such an extreme degree that it undermines the most basic functioning of democracy.

If you see these acute impairments on executive functioning, we need to design policies which take this into account.”

Half of the country’s health care facilities, which include clinics and hospitals, are not functioning.

“It’s never been tested, but it’s what everyone is thinking.” Congress is perfectly capable of functioning without a new budget resolution.

This kind of basic faith in the Court’s mission is essential to its functioning.

What a strange response to grief — blocking out memories entirely, being fully functioning on the outside and entirely absent on the inside.

“Everything north of us was functioning and safe,” said Hale, now an emergency manager in Virginia.

He specifically pointed at Goldcorp, a Toronto-based company, which owns many major concessions throughout Mexico and has several functioning mines already at work.

This is much like how the international order works: Countries pay into it such that there is a functioning and basically stable world.

Telling apart functioning and out-of-use cables in one of the world’s biggest and most expensive experiments is a high-stakes game.

(At the time, the cell system was still functioning.)

“Much of it comes down to judges, prosecutors, and public institutions functioning independently.

To learn more about alternative economies functioning outside or on the border of the law, catch our show Black Market Dispatches on VICELAND.

Cloudflare is an internet-hosting platform that many internet services rely on to remain functioning and protected in the case of a distributed denial-of-services attack.

In the functioning metronome of “I’ve Got Rhythm,” Saar has placed a skeleton-like spirit on top of the American flag, ticking along.

“Applied” research seeks to generate ideas or products that can be put to use: Can this medical device improve retina functioning?)

Political parties, once useful gears in the functioning of the overall political system, have become barriers to its success.

Set up a functioning website in minutes using Squarespace’s intuitive and easy-to-use tools.

The hurdles illustrate how hard it can be to move from laboratory to real life, especially in remote communities with no functioning health systems.

The strips and the paint functioning as poultice, also suggest possibilities of holding together, of healing.

Resident Evil, as of today, represents what to steer away from: logic, easy comprehension, the implied safety of a normally functioning video game.

functioning as a smart home, the “at home” participants may call “someone” to request a task be completed.

“Our schools are functioning with major difficulties because of the bombing and the students’ fear of going to school gravely affects their education.”

Basically, the drug use has to hinder someone from being a healthy, functioning member of society to qualify as addiction.

Despite Minutiae being a fully functioning app, Adolfsson and Wilson agreed that it should really be an artwork in and of itself.

Dread mounts as he follows her downstairs to find an outdated but still functioning robot 3D printer at work.

The company’s social accounts are also still functioning, with no mention of the closed locations or cancelled classes.

“This will ensure that whatever the outcome of the exit from the European Union, we have a functioning financial services regime,” Jenrick said.

After a couple of minutes of waiting, the phone still seems fine and functioning.

Now, without these functioning committees, “More than perhaps ever before, Congress today is a collection of individual entrepreneurs and pressure groups.”

He said it was “unhelpful to politicise” the argument, particularly when Britain’s broadcasting system is functioning effectively.

“Once again we have to note that Washington is not ensuring the appropriate conditions for the functioning of Russia’s diplomatic missions.

The North also says the satellites it has launched into orbit are functioning successfully, although that has not been verified independently.

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – Libyan authorities on Monday closed the only functioning airport in the capital Tripoli after an air strike, an airport security official said.

The Jerusalem embassy is already open and functioning, so it’d be wildly inconvenient and whiplash-inducing to send it right back to Tel Aviv.

Last year, he made the viral video rounds with a functioning paper V8 engine.

Previous presidents have certainly pushed the edges of this, but they’ve generally worked to keep the government functioning and away from constitutional crises.

functioning as both a public exhibition and academic space, the galleries are central to critique and conversation at every residency.

The first six of those didn’t actually affect the functioning of government at all.

The military, air traffic control, federal prisons, and Social Security and other benefit payments generally keep functioning as normal during shutdowns.

The few functioning lights are dim and flickering; dust floats through the air, collecting around the edges of the cramped entryway.

To be sure, sharing with a fourth party is essential to the functioning of some add-ons.

The EU test was: “Do you have a functioning democracy?”

“Some amount of cortisol is essential for functioning,” Kaimal said.

I do think there is some validity to these questions around are these companies functioning more and more like utilities?

There’s “limited evidence” of marijuana use and worse outcomes in education, employment, income, and social functioning.

All told, America’s cultural export appears to bring with it serious vulnerabilities for democratic functioning free from foreign interference.

“I’m too busy running a functioning cigarette-based side-economy while taking night classes so I can file legal appeals on my own behalf.

It has to do with how quickly booze impairs the part of the brain responsible for motor functioning.

Rather, it provides nameservers for websites, functioning more as a proxy host providing security — and anonymity — for other server hosts whose identities it protects.

Our costs have grown, because, you know, we have to pay people, and be a functioning entity in the economy.

That the lines work smoothly, that everything is functioning as it should.

Other jail staff told the officer that Johnathan was an “easy target” due to his “limited cognitive functioning and emotional immaturity.”

New liver is functioning and making bile.

The study authors evaluated lung function on two metrics: self-report from the patients on their asthma symptoms, and an objective measure of lung functioning.

If it’s successful, she told me, a functioning government will materialize, but it “usually takes several weeks.”

Most consider lidar a key ingredient to building a fully functioning self-driving car.

Without real knowledge of their institution’s functioning and agendas, said Sobel, students can’t knowingly consent to the education they receive.

“If we want to keep the longleaf pine ecosystem functioning in the long term, we need to remember and understand the past,” Barlow adds.

The 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, for example, is critical to the functioning of the job-based insurance market.

Basically, the drug use has to hinder someone from being a healthy, functioning member of society to qualify as substance use disorder.

“A free and functioning media is an essential part of a modern democracy,” the department said in an e-mail to Reuters on Monday.

Because when disaster emerges from the rote functioning of invisible algorithms, we may be left empty-handed when we demand an explanation.

Public school teachers are imperative to a functioning democratic society.

Creating robust qubit arrays with minimal error rates is one of the biggest hurdles standing between physicists and a functioning large-scale quantum computer.

His spinal cord was tethered; he would never walk or have a functioning bladder or bowels.

“All the diagnostic criteria for high functioning autism is based on men,” Sommer says.

Soviets wanted to eradicate all traces of a functioning civil society.

So, every chip is going to respond in a different way and these differences wind up functioning a lot like biometrics.

And since you’re currently reading this on a functioning computer, that seems unlikely.

If Iraq had quickly turned out “well” and become a relatively stable, flawed, yet functioning democracy, would that have retroactively justified an unjustified war?

They also collect data on how your heart is functioning to help your doctor diagnose your condition.

In a functioning democracy, Verizon’s decision to unfairly throttle and then upsell first responders would result in a meaningful inquiry and substantive punishment.

I was just like, they’re not just zombies, they’re actually functioning people.

This state of hypervigilance, often accompanied by alterations in cognition and emotion, makes healthy functioning a major challenge.

They could be doing their jobs completely in earnest and still be functioning as cover for the propagandists.

The dlPFC is believed to play an important role in executive functioning, which is essentially the brain’s in-house organizer.

(Children who do poorly in school, and have trouble getting organized are now sometimes diagnosed with “poor executive functioning.”)

In this exam, the dlPFC patients did worse, since strong executive functioning would be needed to complete it.

It cannot, however, amount to participation in the Single Market or parts thereof, as this would undermine its integrity and proper functioning.

His return to full functioning can’t come soon enough for me.

“We have a functioning expanded access procedure through the FDA,” she told me.

On far too many occasions, Porzingis is an afterthought, functioning as a giant decoy for much less efficient scoring options.

There are gaps in the data, and some old weather stations have stopped functioning.

It made no sense to my family, as they all had fully functioning sensory systems.

The deepening animosity between partisans is therefore detrimental to all Americans and the healthy functioning of democracy.

“However, our systems seem to be functioning normally.”

Except that in this case, the normal functioning of journalism is objectively damaging American democracy.

This kind of basic faith in the Court’s mission is essential to its functioning.

And with valproate, it led to increased liver functioning that could become toxic over time.

In 2013, suicide bombings were on the rise around the country, with ISIS functioning as a particularly deadly terrorist group.

Researchers credit the European programs with better health outcomes, reductions in drug-related crimes, and improvements in social functioning, such as stabilized housing and employment.

Nicotine is a neurotoxin and can affect teens’ cognitive development and executive functioning.

Members of Congress are clearly frustrated with how the institution is functioning.

A natural implication, then, is that interfering with the competitive functioning of the market often does more harm than good.

There was a functioning society there that was based on survival and protest.

You can be a perfectly normal, healthy functioning person and have a lot of different interests and openness to different types of expression.”

“Unrestricted public debate is vital to the functioning of our democracy.

After he saw that the 20-foot lion was functioning properly, he began stressing about Perry successfully executing a critical six-second wardrobe change.

To the contrary—and this, perhaps, is the most tragic thing of all—the Games are functioning exactly as the IOC intends.

Artists played a prominent role in the democracy movement, functioning collectively as an amateur propaganda ministry.

Language skills, school performance and executive functioning also didn’t differ between groups.

Police vans blocked the street in front of the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, functioning as a wall to separate the two sides.

You can make this guy that could potentially be a functioning adult and turn them into this catered toddler.

Surely as properly functioning organisms we would always seek to repair any damage, psychological or not, by taking positive steps against it.

And, like any addiction, their daily functioning suffered.

The RBI is also looking at new governance reforms for state-owned banks but will not “throttle” their functioning, Das told reporters.

Admittedly I was drunk, but I’m often drunk and high functioning.

To have a functioning fleet of optimized self-driving taxis—and compete with potential competitors like Google—Uber needs a massive amount of data.

The partners out there are saying that getting their API strategy functioning is a key step for their business.

And now a new technological advancement hopes to make your perfectly functioning nose obsolete.

It is important to remember how vital the functioning of the ocean ecosystem is to Earth itself.”

Nashville’s Smallest Art Gallery (NSAG) proclaimed itself as, “the smallest functioning art gallery in Nashville, and dare we say, the world!”

*** For almost a year, Lanktree said was a functioning addict, yet still managed to keep up with work, family, and friends.

They already knew that a proper ptk7 gene is important for the correct functioning of motile cilia.

North Korea relies on imported fuel to keep its struggling economy functioning.

The revelations come after the auditor-general said in a report tabled in parliament two weeks ago that the immigration system was not functioning satisfactorily.

The hospital suffers power outages, there is no functioning X-ray machine and only the most basic medication.

The New Deal liberal order had depended upon labor functioning as a countervailing force to business.

The system’s discovery kickstarted a profound sea change in medical science’s understanding of neurological functioning.

Some of these various tests would allow you to gauge whether your organs are functioning properly and are healthy, like your liver.

When the hippocampus isn’t functioning well, you’re only living in the present.

But the technology boom is only a problem because the region’s housing markets are functioning so poorly.

A flat-rate tax based on functioning expenses will be reviewed as well, he said.

All these pro skaters seemed like highly functioning lunatics in their own way.

When functioning at its best, Europe has been a partner for the United States on the global stage.

“We basically have a highly functioning society that is going through a lot of embarrassment,” he told me.

We basically have a highly functioning society that is going through a lot of embarrassment.

(Sinclair says the remote functioning has been adopted enthusiastically by the camming community.)

So I took his election as a sign that our democracy was functioning correctly.

Cui told Fox News Channel that U.S. restrictions on Huawei “are without any foundation and evidence” and could undermine the normal functioning of markets.

Generally, in order to be considered an addiction, the processes involved must interfere with daily functioning, resulting in social, academic, or occupational impairment.

the short term memory operations that go into normal executive functioning.

That agreement shall be negotiated in accordance with Article 218(3) of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union.

He appeared to validate analysts’ suspicions that the petro, at present, doesn’t exist as a functioning currency.

The House of Wills remained a fully functioning funeral home until 2005, when Wills’s descendants sold it.

In 2016, we will honor all social networks, new and old as functioning graveyards.

The town’s clinic has no doctor or functioning ambulance.

The duo’s synthy and shouty music perfectly encapsulated the wild energy of a man who lives his life as a functioning skate ramp.

So mainstream values are still functioning as they did before, except the gatekeepers are gone.

The independent record labels are functioning businesses, too, like the majors and sometimes have to succumb to audience demand.

If your immune system isn’t functioning properly, you might catch whatever is going around, she suggested.

The AST 2 System Configuration suite is a diagnostic software that Apple uses to ensure that the computer is functioning properly.

Presumably the part of their brains that help us have smooth movements isn’t functioning properly.”’s current $50,000 goal is funding that will be used to create the functioning website itself.

There are now fully functioning kitchens, medical and wellness tents, even a school for children who are here with their parents.

My body stopped functioning like the body of a 20-something.

That can keep the brain functioning in the short term, but produces acid (from that lowered pH) that can kill brain cells.

He was growing more erratic and angry, and he seemed utterly incapable of running a functioning campaign.

It remains the last functioning coal mine in El Bierzo, a region scattered with shuttered mines, in the far north of Spain.

But criticizing antidepressant prescribing and use also comes with a risk of stigmatizing those who take the medications to stay healthy and keep functioning.

“You enter some of these schools and they’re completely neglected; they’re falling apart; they’re not functioning as they should be.

“There’s something really disturbing about an institution that’s not functioning like it should be.

I had a MRI and the doctors told me my liver was functioning at about 20 percent.

Why do we live in a masculine dominated, economic functioning Western world, you know?

But I was a highly functioning semi-alcoholic, I still worked for a premiere investment bank, I was making a lot of money.

Power supplies would fail, and ATMs would stop functioning.

The country’s brutal civil war had created a fuel shortage, and the generators that kept sewers functioning had run dry.

The country’s brutal civil war had created a fuel shortage, and the generators that kept sewers functioning had run dry.

Cryptocurrencies holders also have a claim on a private, rather than a public entity, which could go bust or stop functioning.

When we were in the studio though, the three of us, we were basically functioning as X-TG, jamming all the time.

Knowing the structure of the CB1 receptor offers enhanced understanding of the molecular basis for its physiological functioning, according to the researchers.

“What would-be authoritarians do when they get into power is systematically undermine the functioning of independent state institutions,” Mounk says.

“Serious crimes committed by teens always get a closer look into the psychological functioning of the individual,” says Berrill.

“When limitations are revealed—impaired cognitive functioning, gross immaturity, psychopathology or other mitigating circumstances—the adolescent may catch a break.”

In all seriousness, functioning democracies rely more on norms than laws and those norms are being degraded with terrifying abandon.

But the creation of new funds should not be a justification for the reduction of existing funds that have been functioning well,” he added.

How many people have stopped to think about how to make a toilet, if the sewer system stops functioning?

Harvey says that this stage is thought to be important for emotion regulation, and emotional functioning.

A phone number listed on DGCIM’s website was not functioning.

“Any one of these, if left untreated, will fatally undermine the functioning of the WTO.

If your team isn’t functioning at 100 percent, you’re missing out on the normalcy of what the day-to-day operations should be like.

This system obviously doesn’t work if all three legs of the triad aren’t functioning.

Cui told Fox News Channel that U.S. restrictions on Huawei “are without any foundation and evidence” and could undermine the normal functioning of markets.

(Correcting to remove reference to island lacking a functioning school in par 15) Reporting by Gregory Scruggs, Editing by Claire Cozens.

And even if the committee does not propose any changes that will radically alter the functioning of Congress, gradual improvements may still be worthwhile.

He understood that the best functioning societies have to be what Aristotle called a “mixed regime.”

– Nick, 39 “Slept in a functioning refrigerator.

That’s a recipe for the destruction of the United States as a functioning country.

Great ability to take the spark of an idea and turn it into a really functioning business.

So in that sense, you would still have that part of the system functioning, but the other part is important, too.

I’m pretty sure whoever came up with the term “high functioning alcoholic” didn’t have a parent who really drank.

“To have a healthy government we must have healthy and functioning parties.

That memo concluded that charging a sitting president with a crime would unduly interfere with the functioning of the entire executive branch.

That memo concluded that charging a sitting president with a crime would unduly interfere with the functioning of the entire executive branch.

The JVM is what enables the Java language, functioning as an intermediate layer between the low-level guts of a computer and its high-level programming.

These systems also helped rein in the chaos by functioning as a sort of umbrella app for their partner devices.

I love what markets can do, I love what functioning economies can do.

Urodynamic testing is a medical exam that assesses how the urinary system is functioning.

How did you turn all that into a normally functioning website?

Instead, we should think of antibiotics as public goods that are crucial to a functioning society — like infrastructure or national security.

It’s a slow progression back into healthy functioning.

functioning can sometimes be regained, at least partially, but this is by no means a guaranteed outcome.

The problem with this is that functioning foreign policy depends on being able to send messages about what you’re planning to do.

Everything is functioning just as planned.

Donald’s kidneys stopped functioning and he was no longer able to pass water.

In a normally functioning White House, associate directors in each issue area within the agency play an essential role in policymaking.

Beyond knocking parts of websites offline for hours, people reported things like connected lightbulbs — hooked up via AWS-hosted services like IFTTT — not functioning.

They’re something akin to antiheroes, functioning as protagonists or the films’ main draw without being good guys.

“Maintaining the fantasy of a gender binary is vital to the functioning of the prison industrial complex.”

Kidney or liver diseases can also slow down the functioning of these organs.

In other words, the norms that we depend on to keep democracy functioning aren’t just there or not.

The Skype team warned users that Skype for Linux Alpha is not a fully functioning Skype client yet.

“We are literally a functioning economy… with 250 and adding another 100 companies over the next 2-3 years,” she says.

Social media right now is functioning as a kind of parody of the classic “marketplace of ideas” mode of the public square.

“As we’re starting to figure out new ways to keep cities functioning, there are new kinds of models that are emerging,” Puentes said.

Though this audit only examined the current functioning of Streams.

The result is a North Korea crisis where America’s typical tools for crisis management — high-level statements and consultation with allies — aren’t functioning.

Carville was often witness to agony, but it was also a place where life continued to unfold anyway: a functioning civilization in miniature.

What’s being done: California already has a functioning water market, but it’s encumbered by red tape.

Those provisions could have sweeping effects on the functioning of the American health care system.

One trick for the BQX could be to merge some elements of the High Line’s pedestrian-friendly benefits into a functioning railway project.

Those individuals are critical to the functioning of government.

The artist’s new installation in Mexico City, a functioning convenience store inside a gallery, peddles a false analogy between art and disposable commodities.

Indeed, all the euphoria surrounding innovation masks a basic inability to define its potential relevance to the running and functioning of government.

All the euphoria surrounding innovation masks a basic inability to define its potential relevance to the running and functioning of government.

It was a further sign of how Brexit delays could upset the functioning of the European Union.

Most of the 2013-2016 ailments of Twitter emanate from this product decision and the decision to IPO before it was completely built and functioning.

A chapter called “Can Sub-Perceptual Doses of Psychedelics Improve Normal functioning?”

The imagery is beautiful, luscious, and green, functioning as a metaphor for the world of living things invisible to us at any given moment.

functioning as a tutorial, a voice in your headphones asks you to identify which figure is the fallen angel.

When my Fairphone stops functioning I wll definately not buy another Fairphone anymore.

Head trauma is a multifactorial health issue that impacts all forms of cognitive functioning.

The behavior pattern is of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning.

Prellis instantaneously prints high-resolution tissue scaffolds that grow into functioning human organs.

The European Council underlines that the extension cannot be allowed to undermine the regular functioning of the Union and its institutions.

They lodge with farming family the Ledings, in a bedroom on a porch replete with bugs and a functioning well.

The most active I’d get would be rolling rollies for mate’s too out of it to have fully functioning motor skills.

Trump has always had an ambitious view of executive power, but here he showed a basic ignorance of the system’s basic functioning.

Improving the functioning of Economic and Monetary Union remains a priority.

The trucks are loaded with curated art cargo and travel across Spain, functioning as itinerant artworks and become pop-up galleries when parked.

The marketplaces aren’t what the ACA’s boosters hoped for, but they’re mostly functioning.

I think I saw only one functioning gas station, and that was far from the border.

Marcus Lehto That wasn’t the first time the studio tried to have another pet project functioning in the background.

There’s prioritizing gaming to the exclusion of other activities and, well, normal human functioning.

With this release, however, it’s functioning more like a travel agent by suggesting how to configure your trip to save more money.

It was a strange place and time for gaming—and for me, as someone trying to flail his way into becoming a functioning adult.

From Rauff’s perspective, he is giving old cameras a second life, though of course not as functioning robots, nor as working cameras.

“I assume the SPD will undergo a succession in short order without hindrance to the functioning of the grand coalition,” she said.

And the kitchens were already functioning before the hurricane came, feeding first responders.

Neuroscience is demonstrating that brain functioning is actually far more fluid than previously believed.

That’s right — playing music significantly improves brain functioning, and can raise your IQ by seven or more points.

“We must demand this corporation change the ways in which it is functioning in our country and in the world.

The parking sensors were still functioning and pinged when they sensed I was near a rosemary bush at the edge of my driveway.

Set up a functioning website in minutes using Squarespace’s intuitive and easy-to-use tools.

I have always lived in cities with fully functioning public transport systems (sorry, New York), so I never learned to drive.

“I can see him functioning as a quasi-Rand Paul, but perhaps more extreme,” added Allen Linken, a political scientist at the University of Alabama.

It’s how the U.S. economy has been functioning for nearly half a century.

I believe institutional investors and their brokers are crucial ingredients for a properly functioning public equities market structure.

He has dozens of old functioning computers.

“We want the individual marketplace to function, and it’s not functioning today.”

The technology Novaquark has built is amazing, but now they have to figure out how to graft a functioning game onto it.

SpaceX said it would probably take another day to learn whether all the satellites deployed were functioning properly.

On their last release, they added the sitar, the tabla, and the flute to their sound, functioning across a broader sonic spectrum.

She shepherds us into the Remuh Temple, one of two functioning synagogues left in the city.

For the time being, Vue remains the only internet TV service with a fully functioning cloud DVR across all devices.

The line can be blurry, especially now that we have technology to keep organs functioning.

Businesses can take a broad view on what kinds of activities interfere with the functioning of a business, and the law offers little protection.

The first is that we are organisms, and that our existence is dependent on our organ systems functioning.

Imagine a person’s functioning and healthy brain is removed and placed into a new body, and their original body is destroyed.

Subway ridership was up to about 1.7 billion as a functioning system paired with a return to citywide population growth.

And just as the Chinese researchers found, certain actions online caused test subjects to exhibit poor cognitive functioning.

But my inattention caused the current situation.” It costs him $250 out of pocket every month to keep functioning.

GM had argued that because the air bags deployed in Alexander’s vehicle, the ignition switch must have been functioning properly at the time.

“We have a functioning justice system for the first time ever in any immigration court in the country,” Katzmann says of New York.

“They’d inject 10 degree Fahrenheit water into my ears and that’s when my whole body would shake and stop functioning,” Funk remembers.

The beautiful monstrosity above is the largest functioning Game Boy in existence.

Cullen-Delsol stopped functioning.

“The US side have put in place the necessary structures and procedures to ensure the correct functioning of the Privacy Shield.

Columnist and activist Shaun King reported that his Brooklyn polling place had just one functioning voting machine with 300 people in line.

Even if the Constitution is functioning more or less as designed, that’s not necessarily cause for celebration.

But it was hard not to see this august institution functioning better for some members than it did for others.

Banchamek Bangkok is a functioning Thai gym in its own right, with more than just one star fighter.

Without a functioning State Department, foreign diplomats have no one to talk to at the world’s most powerful address — and that scares them.

Today’s market is a collection of related point solutions to specific problems, but not a fully functioning ecosystem.

Even with the L train fully functioning, as it is now, turnover is constant.

But the cultural phenomenon corresponds, she said, to when a patient ‘decompensates’ rapidly from a stable level of functioning.”

But the point wasn’t to create a fully functioning replacement for your existing headphones.

Without functioning capillary structures, it is impossible to make organs, according to Matheu.

But if Congress doesn’t get around to these, they’ll almost surely pass short-term extensions that let these agencies and programs keep functioning.

Episode 3: A Community Divided Motherboard goes inside the Pickering Nuclear Generating Facility, which is Canada’s oldest functioning nuclear plant.

Nigeria wants functioning equipment, but it doesn’t want waste.

But these comparisons seem to tap into a concrete, underlying fear of what a demagogue can do to even a functioning democratic society.

Schools used to be a place where you learned the facts you needed to know in order to become a functioning adult.

Why is public housing so critical to the health of a functioning city?

It is an exhibition of several sculptural objects that are both kinetic artworks and functioning, autonomous musical instruments — forming one intoxicating experience of sound.

A functioning pipe organ.

Kids in wealthy countries lack exposure to allergens and other germs that aid in developing a healthy and functioning immune system.

A functioning society, of course, requires people to work across a range of jobs and at a range of income levels.

Why it matters: Jeb has watched at close quarters the functioning of two professionally-managed White Houses, his father’s and brother’s.

The participants’ executive functioning and creative thinking were tested before and after consumption.

Had the test succeeded, it would’ve shown that North Korea was closer to a functioning longer-range projectile.

One of the most essential components of a functioning digital society is a secure digital identity.

But a highly functioning finance team can help avoid those negative surprises.

“They’re kind of functioning in this status quo universe.”

There aren’t any functioning community centers or community health clinics.

That said, Twitter is still freaking out, so it seems it may not be functioning properly for everyone at this time.

My last biennial stop was at India’s oldest functioning library, Madras Literary Society (1812).

Caregivers initially scored their own social functioning, depression, anxiety and other indicators of mental health.

Because that presumption of good faith is essential to a vibrant and functioning democracy.

A group of hackers even created a functioning prototype of They Live-style glasses that would block out unwanted logos and ads.

The results: They concluded that a stressful event in someone’s early years causes poor cognitive functioning later in life.

Spoiler: The labor market was not basically functioning at full employment.

That reduced functioning was also linked with aggressive behavior.

Positioned on each chair are four functioning electric desk fans; nestled in between are plugs, sockets, extension cables, folded cardboard, and plastic.

This ensures that cloud computing “workloads” keep functioning, while the customer still receives the best possible price.

These officials think Trump deserves a functioning staff, West Wing and process.

The 23,000 people of Rowan Country suffered, all told, slightly less than seven weeks without a functioning civil licensure apparatus.

All you need is common sense, ability to reason and a functioning eyesight,” Kanu said on Twitter.

CCTV cameras at the branch were not functioning when the money was withdrawn, RCBC’s anti-money laundering head, Laurinda Rogero, told the Senate hearing.

If the harassment starts to impair your daily functioning (feeling distress, difficulty eating or sleeping) reach out to a mental-health professional for support.

“Any increase in anxiety will potentially interfere with sexual functioning, so for some people, weed can be an inhibiting factor in sex,” he says.

LG: How does it turn into actual functioning currency?

When you look at Trump, there are three things going on: policies; character and temperament; and executive or administrative functioning.

On the campaign trail, Trump tweeted that Paul was “truly weird” and “without a properly functioning brain.”

“In other words,” Kalt and Amar summarize, “a single state cannot use its power to derail the functioning of the United States.”

If Republicans are going to use the basic functioning of the government as leverage, then Democrats have to do so too.

According to one account, the musicians “weren’t exactly functioning.”

They only got a functioning water treatment facility early this year, in February.

The study’s researchers laid out a few hypotheses as to why the patients in the study experienced improved cognitive functioning.

From the front, I’m one hundred precent normal and functioning.

In some ways that was the threat of the strike, to disrupt the functioning economy, but that didn’t go to plan.

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – A war plane attacked Tripoli’s only functioning airport on Monday, a resident said.

For her to be as functioning as she is shows great courage.”

Carhart-Harris explained this as the brain being less “compartmentalized” and more “unified” under psychedelics, functioning in a “simpler” or “freer” way.

Now, it’s still far too early to know how the Trump administration will end up functioning in practice.

LG put a fully functioning Windows 10 tablet on the door of a fancy new icebox.

— the party has tried to stop the ACA from functioning as intended.

SimSensei agents are already being trialed to help people with high functioning autism develop emotional and interpersonal skills for job interviews, he said.

“But a malaria vaccine is only going to be useful in a setting where there’s already a malaria control program functioning.

They are functioning,” Dr. Anup Kanodia, who studies auto-brewery syndrome, told Buffalo News about those who suffer from the disorder.

The effect was replicated in the research team’s subsequent research: One 2016 preliminary study which measured the brain’s executive functioning (i.e.

According to local organizers, 11 trans women are currently held at Cibola, which they say is now functioning as a trans pod.

These resignations leave the government “without a functioning body to designate national historic or natural landmarks.”

If Xi succeeds, we may see a much higher functioning PRC government that is able to execute on many of its ambitions goals.

Society stops functioning eventually.

The more the basic functioning of our democracy itself becomes a partisan issue, the worse it is for our democracy.

Also, they’re incredibly light – so light they feel like props rather than actual functioning electronic devices.

Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said yesterday, “The markets look like they’re functioning normally.”

“The success of our economy is hugely dependent on smooth functioning of Schengen system of open borders,” he said.

The drawing can be divided into left and right  partitions, with the vertical  column functioning as a loose border or axis.

Whether functioning as respite, inspiration, distraction, or candy, art carries political utility simply by tapping the social value of pleasure.

The AI continued functioning.

The installation at CANADA shows all 1,100 images with the recording functioning as a score.

Everything’s functioning.

His wife had cesareans for both children, and was terrified about the prospect of giving birth without access to a fully functioning hospital.

According to SpaceX, all the rocket’s systems are now functioning well and the weather looks favorable for today’s launch.

“We are aware of reports that YouTube is down in Turkey, however, our systems seem to be functioning normally,” a YouTube spokesperson told TechCrunch.

The members were still very active in their gangs, but these were functioning more like social movements or cultural groups.

According to Leeners, the majority of these “failed to find meaningful and consistent associations between hormones and cognitive functioning in women.”

Is it even possible for a city to be healthy functioning metropolis without a vibrant nightlife?

Most scientists are men, she adds, and yet there is very little research about how their hormone cycle affects their cognitive functioning.

On that same token, how does a functioning healthy nightlife contribute to making a city smarter and more efficient?

Because in the states’ view, Congress believed that the individual mandate was essential to the proper functioning of the rest of the ACA.

And since he’s already bitten, he decides to just barrel through the walkers, functioning as a human shield for Denise.

It’s way better for me on all levels to be living like this as opposed to living as a functioning user.

Carbide in an earlier battle with functioning weapon.

The statement said that the country’s military installations were functioning normally.

Now it’s not a fully functioning system, as we all know.

It was just an average gym, functioning, utilitarian, nothing of note.

The treatment, developed from tissues, improved the functioning and strength of limbs in patients with spinal cord injuries.

The judges on Venezuela’s supreme court are the living embodiments of that, essentially functioning as an arm of an unpopular government.

When these thoughts and behaviors lead to impaired functioning, anxiety is no longer considered “normal.”

That the stress of the economic crisis has undermined Brazil’s fragile progress toward political stability and functioning government.

I am tired of friends telling me I’m brave for having a functioning moral compass.

For this show, monitors are housed in minimalist wood structures that center focus on the films while also functioning as subtle wayfinding devices.

You’re both lost in a mental labyrinth and barely functioning.

This is normal for a functioning democracy.” According to Musk, these were earlier drafts that he accidentally published.

“I not only wanted to create portraits of disabled people functioning out in the world; I also wanted their life stories,” she explains.

“Baking soda has an alkaline pH, while the skin’s natural pH is slightly acidic, which is necessary for healthy skin-cell functioning.

“I was integrated in the normal functioning of the gallery, which is next to the residency.

The first six of those didn’t actually affect the functioning of government at all.

For 12 years, my loved ones were silent witnesses to my high functioning alcoholism.

“A free and functioning media is an essential part of a modern democracy,” the department said in an e-mail to Reuters on Monday.

Trump, in stopping the CSR payments, has stopped the ACA from functioning like it’s supposed to.

We usually think of black holes as anchors—gravitational sources so extreme that they wind up functioning as focal points for vast galaxies.

The more we move, the more food we need to consume to keep our bodies functioning.

“There’s real value in having this office around and functioning.

North Korea relies on imported fuel to keep its struggling economy functioning.

Within hours, the satellite deployed its solar arrays and was functioning normally.

So long as he is functioning in the role, he learns more or less how to behave.

They take over eating, sleeping and all basic functioning.

We’re ‘on’ 24/7 with little ability to relax, and that actually changes the way your brain is functioning.

Throughout all of this, I was still fully functioning.

If you qualify into the latter case, you smell like a mix between a functioning alcoholic and a character from The Walking Dead.

functioning analogously to switches and transistors, these gates are what represent the actual computation.

Altspace has largely been functioning as more of a hangout space rather than a productivity app.

It has several times attacked Tripoli’s functioning airport.

“Before that law was passed, we had 42 functioning abortion clinics in the state.

This really is a giant multibillion dollar commercial entertainment platform functioning under the guise of a tax-exempt educational pursuit.

But he looks to be having a good time anyway, shaking off his mid-life rut with the band functioning as his cool youthful helpers.

It’s great for mental health, cognitive functioning, aging, and just generally like every single one of your physiological systems.

My experience is actually quite the opposite: I find that people who are in healthy, functioning non-monogamous relationships are very committed, very communicative.

Years of economic, security, and political crises have shown Brazilians that democracy is functioning poorly in their country.

The toilet is fully functioning and installed in the fifth floor of the building, just waiting to be used.

To access it, Musk will likely have to stop traffic from functioning where the project will be digging.

Instead, it offered Maurizio Cattelan’s “America”: a functioning toilet cast in 18-karat gold.

Now in most European countries, you have very strict, very well functioning waste separation systems.

They prompt you to show up at a functioning karaoke lounge in Koreatown and ask for a “Mr.

It is not functioning, the way it is today.”

Or, if you must, give the functioning alcoholic in your life an extra special way to start the day.

Granted, most of the government is functioning and ticking over.

Now, all that said, Gordon is perfectly fine when functioning in a structured environment.

It’s currently functioning via the URL

Since you are a PhD in theology, and Vox’s religion writer, how do you see religion functioning in this world?

is functioning perfectly, focused on HealthCare, Tax Cuts/Reform & many other things.

The legacy Google Talk Android app, which hasn’t been available for years now, will also stop functioning soon.

But virtually all of them have the added benefit of probably functioning perfectly well as paperweights.

Once upon a time, in medieval Europe, the entire functioning of the political world rested on the principle of the King’s Two Bodies.

Sadly, Snyder is an inept billionaire with a barely functioning franchise and a quarterback taking his money one mediocre year at a time.

It’s a long way from building an actual, functioning hyperloop – and rival HTT has signed similar agreements with Indian regional government agencies.

After all, even though Hodor was a fan favorite, he wasn’t critical to the functioning of the world.

Adolescent male drinkers experienced decreased attention spans; adolescent females experienced decreased spatial functioning.

Narrow bills will pass, including necessary moves to keep the government functioning.

“And open infrastructure is about operating functioning services based off of open source tool.

My doctors seem to think I’m doing well—or, as they put it, I am “high functioning.”

The port is functioning as normal despite the incident, the RIA news agency cited the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transportation as saying.

After all, the doctors say I’m functioning just fine.

It’s currently a functioning prototype, which has been deployed during various testing missions in Florida.

They fear anything beyond that would risk compromising the functioning of the EU.

He was a functioning member of society and was using these pleas of illness and helplessness to manipulate me into giving in.

I think it’s about maybe breaking this notion of sex education down into components that can be related to someone’s everyday functioning.”

The EU will ensure the smooth functioning and the environmental integrity of the Emissions Trading System.

“People in Pain” embraced obsolescence by design, functioning as a self-reflexive meditation on memory, time, and cultural value.

“Even moderate anemia — not just extreme — can cause fatigue, decreased immunity, and even decreased cognitive functioning.

[functioning] in this way, will always be relevant.”

The 13th century building is dedicated to Saint Benedict and linked to a functioning Benedictine monastery.

Ultimately the four decided on the audiovisual approach for Schiiwerfer, with the usual !Mediengruppe Bitnik name functioning as the label.

There is one catch to all this good news about the higher functioning involved in drinking wine.

Instead of functioning as a “defining era,” Witness reveals confusion on Perry’s part about what exactly she’s trying to do.

That’s how functioning market economies used to work, and in the end even executives and shareholders ended up just fine.

Yet another surprise about the MX6 is that it has a functioning fingerprint sensor, capable of storing up to five prints.

Phone lines to the company did not appear to be functioning.

Nashville’s Smallest Art Gallery (NSAG) proclaimed itself as, “the smallest functioning art gallery in Nashville, and dare we say, the world!”

It’s a situation that does not look compatible with the continued functioning of democracy given Facebook’s massive reach and power to influence.

Instead, customers will be gradually shifted over to the new devices as their old ones stop functioning.

Many of the Gigafactory’s rooms are empty or under construction, many of its machines aren’t yet functioning.

But a disorder, by definition, inhibits normal functioning, impedes success.

He explains that in people with acne, 80 to 90% of the oil glands on the face are healthy and functioning.

I actually delayed going to seminary a year because my parents were not functioning after my brother’s death.

In the 70s, Chali, the town marked out by this withered sign, was home to a humming market and even a functioning airstrip.

What causes this misfire is less clear, though it has to do with something called “vagal tone,” or the functioning of the vagus nerve.

Years of heavy money printing have hampered market functioning and hurt commercial banks’ profits, underlining the rising risks of prolonged easing.

Some become jobless and homeless, though others are just about able to continue functioning as before.

The White House is functioning beautifully, despite the hoax made up by the Democrats.” “The problem is, I didn’t do anything.

Inadvertently, a history of the gallery has been revealed, the room functioning as a palimpsest.

Elevate and its 400 employees have been functioning much like a public company, releasing regular information disclosures for almost a year.

It’s a pretty useful tool to quickly assess dementia symptoms, or to assess cognitive functioning after a stroke.

With only one properly functioning eye Nate lost his ability to judge depth, and he began to feel the fight rather than see it.

Google “my partner has ADHD” and the search results could make you think people who have it are incapable of functioning romantic relationships.

But now that will no longer be an option, as the service will stop functioning on November 30, 2018, Plex says.

The first six of those didn’t actually affect the functioning of government at all.

We need to get back to a functioning government.

“It’s worth reflecting that the proper functioning of liberal democracy depends on facts, truth, and arguments.”

Air traffic control, federal prisons, and Social Security and other benefit payments also generally keep functioning as normal during shutdowns.

You’re functioning on the edge anyway, and now you have an unstable president.

Customers are frequently frustrated with the number of visits needed to keep copier machines functioning,” it explained.

A helicopter rings us overhead in a persistent bleat, louder than the plant, which is still functioning, still turning out phosphate.

And even then, it would still need sustained political support to keep functioning the way Sanders intends.

Mars’s low gravity might also erode other capabilities that are crucial for everyday functioning.

This target was chosen as a test to be sure that the lenses were functioning as expected.

The immunized mice in this study were found to have significantly improved insulin levels, liver functioning, and reduced inflammation.

Especially these days, the subway trains are not really functioning great.

A FINMA-appointed monitor would be carrying out an on-site review of the “appropriateness and functioning” of the bank’s controls, the Bern-based agency said.

Most parts of the center — from OB-GYN services to its primary care clinic — are functioning, though for fewer hours and without air conditioning.

Still, some researchers believe it could alter the cognitive functioning of children as they grow older.

It has several times attacked Tripoli’s functioning airport.

Our first was in 2014, and that prototype was just the minimal amount of requirements and features to have [the festival] functioning.

Maintaining an up-to-date fully functioning GPS is pertinent to national security.

The HIV/AIDS drug market, CHAI argued, was still not functioning correctly.

In a properly functioning market, that’s what would have happened.

“But it helped me get to where I could start functioning again.”

North Korea relies on imported fuel to keep its struggling economy functioning.

The pieces fell in whole chunks at the hands of the workers, who were functioning like chiropractors for cement.

Below, the rows of people functioning in an orderly fashion were now interrupted by the presence of the uniformed military among them.

The port is functioning as normal despite the incident, the RIA news agency cited the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transportation as saying.

You might then think that sex work ought to be celebrated, normalized as an integral part of any healthy, functioning society.

It was enough to get to the point where we had a functioning prototype.

Importantly, these vehicles also have redundant braking and steering systems that help maintain vehicle motion control in case one of the units stops functioning.

The people behind the project claim it won’t hinder the normal functioning of the computer.

The proper functioning of influenza-specific T cells is critical for efficient clearance of the virus from the lungs.

The people behind the project claim it won’t hinder the normal functioning of the computer.

Ganbold’s great ambition is to open 20 hospitals with functioning operating rooms by 2020, by building up services in strategically located provincial clinics.

It needs to become a movement that’s functioning at several different levels.

Moreover, unlike other water purification systems, this device can target the removal of specific pollutants, rather than just functioning like a catchall net.

The company said the pipeline was not functioning when the attack took place.

The driver had replaced the light recently and knew it to be functioning properly.

“With this system we hope to normalize the functioning of the currency system.

Dementia had long set in, her kidneys stopped functioning, and human waste was literally poisoning her.

Trump is used to functioning as a tyrant within his own world, and that’s how he is governing.

The first wind turbines are due to start functioning in October, with an initial capacity of 10 megawatts (MW).

I don’t know how people like this get through their day as functioning adults.

As a functioning instrument, Facey’s big work vividly brings to mind African drumming, which is a big part of Jamaica’s musical heritage.

Digitally delivered content allows kids to engage in play that builds their cognitive functioning, enhances their vocabulary and increases their number fluency.

Such a space also reflects a wider trend of non-explicitly “religious” spaces functioning as religions.

These youngsters had one goal: to prove they could build a functioning society without any adult supervision.

“Most rehabilitation centers are dumping grounds, functioning without approved programs, proper supervision and inadequate social support.”

As many have noticed over the past few years, democracy is only boring when it’s functioning properly.

We hope functioning in a sentence examples were helpful.