Fronts in a sentence | Use of the word fronts examples

Have the different fronts become hardened?

But the report shows that health outcomes in the US worsened on a number of fronts.

But on all these fronts, much remains uncertain.

He faces “myriad challenges on all fronts,” said Richard Feinberg, who led Latin America policy in former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s White House.

Pennsylvania was an early test of GOP messaging and recruitment, and on both fronts, they were slammed with a wave of Democratic enthusiasm.

The spending cuts that result from repealing the mandate help on both fronts.

So, what you do is, you fight on a variety of these fronts, and look for opportunities, maybe …

This broadened tent wants Democrats to offer steady, sensible alternatives to Trump’s erratic policies on both the international and domestic fronts.

“We basically have to go on all these fronts at the same time.”

“Positive news on these fronts would bring forward our first rate cut expectation to July from September,” he said.

“I hear from higher up that China seems to be succeeding on many fronts – engineering, commerce, hotels, agriculture – everything,” Kim said.

The great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia—the long-time dictator of crude oil prices for the world—is struggling on all fronts.

The Broncos were just caving in opposing fronts and presenting great options for Anderson at the line.

This was Trump’s key message on all fronts: The midterms were actually a triumph for him.

Trump has raised trade tensions on other fronts as well.

This version of Watership Down requires a bit of adjusting to on numerous fronts.

(Tongs are fraternal organizations for Chinese-Americans and are sometimes accused of being fronts for crime.)

It will require sustained electoral organizing at a time when there are battles raging on a thousand different fronts.

Fans and audience are the ultimate part of the equation that seems to be missing from the whole “fronts” idea.

In the new miniseries, Lorelai struggles in this financial battle with her parents on two fronts.

Officials said firefighters battling the blazes on 20 fronts managed to avoid them from spreading.

CREW has already challenged the president on at least three fronts.

The risks of this approach are, however, considerable on two different fronts.

Greitens is facing scandals and investigations on a number of fronts.

Saying that “the enemy is in retreat on all fronts,” MacFarland said U.S.-backed local forces in both Iraq and Syria have been gaining ground.

But the ACA is under attack on multiple legal fronts; anyone concerned needs to focus on more than just Texas.

Trump has sown uncertainty about the Affordable Care Act on multiple fronts.

Republican efforts to repeal the regulation via legislation is one of several fronts in an attack on the CFPB initiative.

Soon, the country is involved in a war on multiple fronts.

AlphaStar turned out to excel on both fronts.

As competition for dominance intensifies, the battle to capture loyal users will be fought on both the price and perception fronts.

“The week ahead is likely to provide some clarification for investors on three fronts that have been a source of uncertainty.

Trump is fighting congressional Democrats on several fronts.

He plans to continue work on both fronts.

Charges could come on any of these fronts (or none, if prosecutors have insufficient evidence or determine that no crime occurred).

The photographs were taken in a street lined with damaged building fronts with a couple of parked tanks.

But on other critical fronts, battles have continued uninterrupted.

So shadowboxing continues on a variety of fronts, including a phantom infrastructure bill.

It wasn’t in my power to sober up, even though it was costing me dearly on a lot of different fronts.

Ocasio-Cortez has ignited more chatter with her 60 Minutes sit-down, in which she did not hold back on a number of fronts.

I think there are multiple fronts of it.

Cerrone and his team have done an excellent job of trying to mitigate this on multiple fronts.

With Congress back in session, legislating was the order of the day across several fronts.

It’s also unclear whether California, which is locked in legal battles on many fronts with the Trump administration, will cooperate.

It’s also unclear whether California, which is locked in legal battles on many fronts with the Trump administration, will cooperate.

The improvement should be a relief for investors on two fronts.

And it succeeds on all fronts.

Two vacant fortresses face one another, their wooden fronts iced-out and incomplete.

“He’s working on multiple fronts to enhance the odds of success, and removing the HDP is part of the equation.”

And the storm fronts just keep sweeping in.

She fronts Babeheaven, a smooth, sometimes synthy, sometimes delicately guitar-plucked west London band.

But the company is facing pressure on a number of fronts.

Rooftops, abandoned buildings, and the underground are mixed in with shop fronts, estates, and suburbia.

Footage from Syrian state media showed charred corpses buried among rubble, damage to shop fronts, and debris littering a wide area.

Footage from Syrian state media showed charred corpses buried among rubble, damage to shop fronts, and debris littering a wide area.

We must continue in direct action and non-violent civil disobedience to shame those who have voted wrongly…We must organize on all fronts.

What’s new: Democratic leaders moved on 2 fronts yesterday… 1.

This package isn’t meant to be comprehensive, and the future may prove it wrong on certain fronts.

Congress, however, can diminish the effect of executive and judicial policymaking by actually passing laws on several fronts, including.

The big picture: The Democrats, now with a majority in the House, have ramped up investigations into the White House on several fronts.

So the real battle here is on two main fronts: How much of the publicly released report will be redacted?

Will you as president consider a grand bargain, a deal that includes both tax increases and benefit cuts to try to save both fronts?

The US would be fighting on two fronts in Syria, rather than just one.

If it wasn’t at a constant war on so many fronts, then it is not so different from the mainstream music!

So in recent weeks, problem after problem on these fronts have emerged.

The big picture: Apple is facing complaints on several fronts that it makes life hard for developers.

Things can always change on the job or work fronts.

GM has been making a lot of moves to bring itself up to speed on all of these fronts.

My sense is, Americans are aware of maybe one of the fronts, or two of the fronts?

The MIT team has made experimental progress on all these fronts, Keating said.

So China, active in those same fronts.

Farmers are getting hit on multiple fronts, Scott Irwin, an agricultural economist at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, told Bloomberg.

What’s happening: Earnin is an app that fronts users as much as $100 per day.

Instead, Jenkins spent hours teaching his offensive players how to recognize defensive coverages and fronts and respond to the various alignments that defenses implemented.

In fact, more than half have seen net losses on both fronts.

On many fronts, the state of California has been struggling with protecting inmates in jail.

“Today is historic on many fronts,” they said in a joint statement.

“Today is historic on many fronts,” they said in a joint statement.

Danny Wolfe, who fronts the UK-based pop punk band Jesus and his Judgemental Father, spent much of last year playing packed out American basements.

Customers also expect an insurance on these fronts with their premium payment card but it could be included.

The combination of intense winds and multiple parallel fronts has created an unprecedented extent and difficulty for firefighters,” he told reporters Monday.

A good CBO score on all those fronts would obviously be great news for the bill.

She fronts the British edition’s January 2017 issue.

“Now, their landlord is striking the giant golden “TRUMP”s from their fronts after a raft of resident complaints and petitions.

So we’re kind of pushing on all fronts.

Acko has built its business on two fronts up to now.

Plus-size model Ashley Graham fronts the January issue of Vogue’s British edition — and it’s her first Vogue cover ever.

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer and fixer, is battling legal troubles on all fronts.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Imagine an Italy of dilapidated beach fronts, trash on the street, tetanus-rusted seesaws creaking in the wind.

“The parties reported important and substantial progress on several fronts, but also identified various barriers to a global resolution,” Polster wrote in an order.

Frankly, our government has no idea what they’re doing on many, many fronts, folks.

Flynn, meanwhile, is now being investigated on two fronts.

The DNCE singer and Jonas Brother fronts Guess’ campaign for its new men’s underwear line, Hero.

Hell, even Moby gets to poke fun at his staunch veganism by playing an aggro bro named Beef who fronts a meat-themed metal band.

The artist (and self-proclaimed “horror movie enthusiast, bookworm, and comic book aficionado,” per her Instagram bio) fronts Jacobs’ latest advertorial.

I am someone who fronts a lot more self restraint than I actually possess.

After military and religious training, Mkhayar fought on various fronts.

So the problems our team of moderators faced were on multiple fronts.

Worries about trade wars U.S. President Donald Trump is waging on many fronts hampered semiconductor shares and other exporters.

Celaya connected to the American painter on several fronts, including their shared use of tar (bitumen) in place of black paint.

Google Fighting European regulators on multiple fronts, Google is in for a busy 2017.

But speaking of romance, it is blossoming on two fronts.

But the congressional proposals, despite some positive moves, don’t do nearly enough on any of these fronts, experts warned.

So, the person who usually fronts the payment would instead use Ysplit’s virtual card.

Opponents of the current surveillance regime will be busily parsing the ruling to find fresh fronts to attack.

Returnly fronts consumers their money in the form of an online wallet that can be used for repurchases from the same brand.

Brant has cogently influenced the legacy of Basquiat on several fronts, but the artist and his work remain gloriously defiant.

The Galaxy Note 8 and Essential Phone, two devices that also have bezel-light fronts.

The Galaxy Note 8 and Essential Phone, two devices that also have bezel-light fronts.

So now, as viewers, we were being attacked on all fronts.

The fighting amounts to some of the biggest pushes against the militants by their disparate enemies across a variety of fronts.

In Gibson’s view, law reform, while useful on many fronts, is not actually the best way to counteract implicit bias.

“I think CICIG can improve on a lot of fronts,” said Haley, adding that it should not be politicized.

It was an exciting primary on several fronts.

There have been advances on both of these fronts even before the funding.

We need to establish a stronger and more consistent upward trend on all fronts.

Blaise Pascal developed a calculator at 19

17th century French mathematician Blaise Pascal was ahead of his time on a number of fronts.

Still, on the political, legal, and business fronts, Kushner’s future looks cloudier by the day.

Time has mostly vindicated the company on those two fronts, but the march to minimalism isn’t always in the best interest of the consumer.

Environmentalists are still fighting it on numerous fronts and lobbying banks not to provide loans.

And on many fronts, the moms and daughters agreed.

“Having uncertainty on three fronts at once is especially difficult,” and, he added, can be distracting for bureaucrats.

Drastic last-minute moves on both fronts — moves that invoke contradictory themes — are confusing and likely unproductive from a foreign policy standpoint.

The common sense effort is part of DARPA’s big $2 billion investment in AI on multiple fronts.

To make progress on these fronts, execs do video chat sessions through Torch’s app with coaches trained in these skills.

“I think on many fronts it would be helpful if my colleagues, all of us, focused on the job in hand”, he told Marr.

The fellow Shondaland drama went all in on sex positivity on about 1,000 fronts.

Now, Nvidia’s growth story is being hammered on multiple fronts.

If stock prices continue to go down, it increases risk for companies on a couple of fronts.

The harder we push on improving output and employment, the more we learn how much we can achieve on those two fronts.

No one, not even Biden, put up much of a fight on these fronts.

It said there was intense fighting on several fronts accompanied by a government artillery barrage, continuous air raids and attacks by helicopters.

This latest version features a number of upgrades on both the hardware and software fronts.

Both the video and the recycling campaign have received criticism on various fronts.

But even assuming some FARC fronts refuse to demobilize, a period of instability could force the international price of cocaine up for a while.

Catalonia’s separatist leaders have faced growing pressure on multiple fronts in recent days.

Alison Brie is kicking ass on both the personal and professional fronts in 2017.

Trump has long criticized McCain on a variety of fronts, and has kept up his attacks even after McCain’s death in August.

It’s hard to describe Circle in a few words because the company has been active on all fronts.

Meadows has staked out his position on all three of those fronts, none of which have enough support from the Republican conference overall.

No, my problem is with the fact that the trailer appears to paint the all-woman rock band she fronts as the villains.

Nevertheless, it was an eventful week on both fronts, with a shutdown called off and lines drawn for a new immigration battle.

However, it could still beat Western technical businesses on two important fronts: cost and innovation.

Will Trump behave like past American presidents have and speak in measured tones about the need for global cooperation on various fronts?

Fortunately, positive developments are popping up on other fronts.

We can’t fight on all fronts all the time, but we all must do what we can, and together, we will make change.

“You will need to enhance your algorithm by training it on multiple fronts,” Mall said.

Except it happens on all kinds of fronts.

That’s something Kavanagh concedes but says the company is tackling on three fronts.

From a platform and technology perspective, this battle will have several different fronts.

In fact, this theory fails on two fronts.

It’s a call to action that, however stirring in its own right, requires the fight to continue on other fronts as well.

It can also display the results of what it finds on top of things like store fronts, street signs or concert posters.

The new funding should help on a number of fronts.

Am also working with Congress on many fronts.

“It’s challenging him on a couple of big fronts: gender equity, his progressive policies.

The bank has made significant progress on all fronts with regards to the implementation of the plan,” Piraeus Chief Executive Christos Megalou told Reuters.

Over the decades, advances have been made across the aviation field on all fronts.

As a result, the service essentially outpaces its competition on a number of fronts.

But in the face of such trying times, Fergie is still killing it on all fronts.

The internet is facing real challenges on many fronts.

The timing of the news is interesting on two fronts.

And I very much wanted to have something that was at the front edge of the culture, but on many fronts.

The author and paparazzi starlet fronts the October issue of L’Officiel Spain — in Prada, no less — and, we’re more or less freaking out.

And there are even deeper disparities for women of color, who have to fight an uphill battle on two fronts.

Kraninger’s nomination was controversial, and she overcame significant opposition from progressives on a number of fronts.

“The week ahead is likely to provide some clarification for investors on three fronts that have been a source of uncertainty.

Naked Wines then fronts the winemaker money to buy (or grow) grapes, along with access to winemaking and bottling facilities.

The army offensive has pushed into Idlib along several fronts from rural Hama to the south and from Aleppo province to the east.

“He’s being attacked emotionally on a lot of different fronts.

“Our value has always been predicated on type, technology and expertise, and Olapic strengthens us on all three fronts.

But the cool thing is we see progress in all these fronts.

Gone, it seems, are the days BlackBerry could spell out the brand in big bold letters on the fronts of its devices.

Yes, it’s changing at a glacial pace, but on all fronts, strides in diversity and inclusivity are being made.

Years of research and development on those fronts are beginning to bear fruit and have converged here in some very interesting ways.

On these fronts, the big environmental groups and the states have been making headway.

“Our focus is on two fronts – building security tools developers love, and fixing open source security,” he said.

The candidate has strongly criticized Bolsonaro’s positions on these fronts.

Nathan, who is Latino, says he supports Trump on all fronts, especially his tough policies on immigration.

His was a story of betrayal on a number of fronts.

Over the years Tencent has drawn contenders from all fronts.

What if you could block out screens in bars, public transport, and in shop fronts along city streets?

The attack comes as President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi fights battles on several fronts.

Local EU antitrust regulators, including in Germany and France, have also been investigating the Google, Facebook adtech duopoly on several fronts in recent years.

They could definitely stand to get their shit together on some fronts.

Fintech startup N26 wants to compete with traditional banks on all fronts.

And we’re attacking it from a number of different fronts.

It’s about “creating avenues where we can engage our neighbors experiencing homelessness on those fronts,” Adler said.

“Digital Schoolhouse is an initiative that’s stepped in and supported schools on a couple of fronts,” Saeed explains.

The carmaker is facing a legal onslaught on several fronts.

He’s also behaved in outrageously corrupt ways and dabbled with authoritarianism on any number of fronts.

The designer often fronts his own campaigns and counts cool celebrities like SZA and Solange Knowles as fans.

Sisi was elected on a platform of security, stability, and economic prosperity, but he has yet to deliver on any of those fronts.

Today, Messenger pushes on both fronts with a series of announcements at Facebook’s F8 conference.

Parrot is capturing the market on multiple fronts.

Discord between the White House and Silicon Valley is already factoring on several fronts.

The week’s political news was dominated by immigration across several fronts.

So, looking at this plan, we can see the direction the troops would move into the Great White North on three fronts.

There are two fronts on which the diversity staffing battle is fought.

The war on sex work continues on multiple fronts.

Jepsen’s got you covered on all fronts with this A-plus pop jam.

In the heavily Catholic nation of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte is fighting the Church on two fronts.

So, he rejects him on all fronts.

China has said it will retaliate on any US tariffs, which means Trump could end up with a trade war on multiple fronts.

We must keep the conversation and momentum going and fight for women’s equality across all fronts.

Trump and congressional Republicans have undermined the Affordable Care Act on multiple fronts.

They’re fighting on other fronts.

After all, AT&T’s history of bad behavior on numerous fronts is absolutely legendary.

Like any startup — especially in healthcare — Cardiologs will face steep competition from all fronts.

Flashes of millennial pink, crisp fronts, and results to shout about?

The 2018 US midterm elections, which captured nearly as much attention as a presidential election, was historic on multiple fronts.

Our hotel has a rooftop pool and an insanely comfortable bed, so it’s been a wonderful weekend on all fronts.

I pay the entrance fee and change into the generic spa clothes they give guests, which are about 5” too short on all fronts.

Many suspect Washington will likely back down on some fronts after Beijing threatened tariffs on soybeans, the top U.S. agricultural export to China.

And this event will deliver on all fronts.

Alibaba’s forays into new fronts, though holding promise, have also put a squeeze on profitability.

“That’s a tough sell to Republicans.” This is, in reality, a pretty terrible analogy on all fronts.

(Barbara wins here on two fronts: having the best name in the business, and being a defender of human decency.)

The company has cautioned that it is too early to measure the impact on both fronts.

On the commercial and editorial fronts, work is more diverse than ever.

Still, she remains hopeful that the change she’s seeing on the commercial and editorial fronts will carry over throughout the industry.

Thankfully, Lifetime is delivering on both those fronts.

Footage from pro-Damascus television channels showed charred corpses buried by rubble, damage to shop fronts and debris littering a wide area.

On both fronts, it’s an uphill battle.

But we see this as an opportunity on a couple of different fronts.

Society stands to benefit immensely from making progress on all three fronts.

They managed to break through by essentially capitulating to the Democratic positions on both fronts.

But the industry has failed women on two fronts.

Shameless seems to have lost its grip on many different fronts, but Frank’s story line has taken it too far.

Lately, we’re seeing everything from tuxedo-inspired cuts to double-breasted fronts, boxier silhouettes, inverted lapels, and even fresh fabrications like silk or velvet.

This one memo, for Spencer and Gaffney, is solid proof that these organizations are Brotherhood fronts.

Remember, counter-jihadists think the majority of Muslim American groups in the United States are Brotherhood fronts.

The suit could add to Trump’s legal troubles at a time when he faces challenges on multiple fronts.

Newman’s effort comes at a time when Trump is waging legal battles on multiple fronts.

Say Dems fully embrace climate and clean energy, forget about begging Republicans to join them, and push forward on all fronts.

Walmart is competing with Amazon on multiple fronts.

Many of those efforts involve companies or fronts based in China, something it now appears Beijing may be more resolute in combating.

The finance sector in the U.S. is being challenged on all fronts.

American women are facing poorer health prospects on several fronts these days.

We should be cautious about this on several fronts.

Heller said the result could be ugly for both sides, with a protracted battle on multiple fronts in populated areas.

I also stopped using body lotion because it was in short supply and my skin has adjusted on all fronts.

On all these fronts, she’s hedging against a paralyzed legislature, indicating she will do what she can even if Congress will do nothing.

Home-furnishing adds up fast, on both the budget and space fronts, so we’re always searching for ways to cut corners.

As the U.S. and China clash on many fronts, consumer sentiment appears to have been hurt.

Its main streets had been dotted with empty store fronts as coal mining employment has been cut in half over the past four years.

“It seems they [IS] can’t keep several fronts open at the same time.

“It seems they [IS] can’t keep several fronts open at the same time.

To elevate the look, invest in custom door fronts and hardware from Reform Copenhagen or Semihandmade.

However, with Washington waging trade battles on other fronts it has been hard to sustain that momentum.

I think the idea of slapping large tariffs, or border taxes, on imports is a very destructive idea on all kinds of fronts.

BUENOS AIRES(Reuters) – Argentine President Mauricio Macri is fighting economic fires on all fronts.

Carbon’s success have been relatively modest on these fronts, but are impressive nonetheless.

Yes, we’ve improved on many different fronts, but the ad creative has remained flat and static.

There has, however, been commercial progress on both fronts.

“A zero-impact sneaker is our ultimate goal and we’re currently working on several fronts to further reduce the impact.

The Observatory reported heavy fighting on several fronts.

In recent years, however, the company has come under increased scrutiny on two fronts.

Part of what makes Kids on 45th work as a business is that it’s saving on a lot of fronts.

Step 5: Be part of the paid leave action on all fronts.

Ties between the two countries have been strained on a number fronts in recent months.

On both fronts, Warren and Castro delivered — and gave major visibility to the left wing of the party and progressive policies in the process.

They are innovating on at least five distinct technical fronts: hardware, software, chemistry, cloud and AI/machine learning/image analysis.

We’ve now made progress on both of these fronts,” House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.

The slow and steady rise of Babbel has been impressive on many fronts.

And nearly everyone agreed: American democracy is eroding on multiple fronts — socially, culturally, and economically.

If they’re dishonest, they’ll lose on all three fronts.

And we need to act, on multiple fronts simultaneously.”

The Palo Alto-based company skirts regulation as a payday lender because it doesn’t charge interest on the cash that it fronts to customers.

You can make out different atmospheric “fronts” that make up the weather patterns on Jupiter.

Terrorists make no distinction between front lines and home fronts, between combatants and civilians.

Terrorists make no distinction between front lines and home fronts, between combatants and civilians.

We have been allowing journalists to access our fronts.

Let us hope that things continue to go well in Korea on both fronts.

She still fronts interviews for the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand, of which she was president for 32 years.

“In the second quarter, we had a good performance on many fronts.

Of course, there are uphill battles on all fronts.

The ACLU and other groups say it violates U.S. and international law on several fronts, however.

The battle lines have been hardening on several fronts, Reuters has learned.

And what I have taken you through and taken away from you is just unforgivable on all fronts.

That growth clip is historically strong but disappointing on two fronts.

BUENOS AIRES(Reuters) – Argentine President Mauricio Macri is fighting economic fires on all fronts.

“It was a pretty downbeat report on all fronts,” said Robert Both, macro strategist at TD Securities.

In the subsequent years, the European project has been sorely tested on multiple fronts.

Wells Fargo has been moving some branches from prime corner locations to smaller store fronts a few doors away.

“The week ahead is likely to provide some clarification for investors on three fronts that have been a source of uncertainty.

I think in order to address that problem, it needs to be addressed on a number of fronts.

So it’s more a political reality.” The “compromise” bill is conservative on other fronts as well.

But Google’s pivot does mean that Apple will have to step up its game, on multiple fronts.

But even I know that this trailer for Nintendo’s new Miitomo app is flat-out WRONG on some fronts re: teens.

Trump’s presidency will challenge Germany on a number of other fronts, from climate and fiscal policy to defense spending and financial regulation.

Dominating each of the phones’ fronts is a Dynamic AMOLED screen.

Where once there might have only been The Sarah Silverman Program and Weeds, Glazer is pushing the “female stoner comedy” envelope on multiple fronts.

But on both fronts, Cathcart said, Facebook strives for neutrality.

The suit attacks Theranos’ practices on multiple fronts.

But women like her raise the bar even higher on both fronts.

If you’re entirely neutral on both fronts, well, that’s what we call vanilla sex!

A trade war with Mexico would leave Trump fighting on two fronts, as his year-long trade dispute with China escalates.

Chris Evans fell desperately short on all of these fronts.

Meanwhile, Lyft is pursuing creative car-rental programs on multiple fronts.

Hardware-wise, it’s mostly a downgrade on all fronts.

But Google’s pivot does mean that Apple will have to step up its game, on multiple fronts.

Know that this month, Sagittarius, you will be similarly capable of achieving success on many different fronts.

“Cyclones, anticyclones, fronts: these exist up into the atmosphere.

We need to go faster on those fronts.

Though she declined to comment on the specifics of the levy proposal, she did say that Google is supporting quality journalism “on multiple fronts.”

While the NRC is the body that grants the license, the state can block that process on two fronts.

And so Nintendo is fighting a war on two fronts, with unstable footing in the portable and at-home video game markets.

In a Monday night interview with TV Record, Bolsonaro offered some of his first concrete measures on both fronts.

And the FDA has stalled on both these fronts.

The G900 is great on all those fronts.

We’re told feds in Illinois are investigating Kelly on 3 different fronts: sex trafficking, tax evasion and obstruction of justice.

But it is doable.” Uber now faces battles on multiple fronts, making it difficult to devise a strategy that adequately addresses each one.

On two of those fronts, Google has been making progress.

On all these fronts, the current assault on the agency is well on track to wreak greater havoc than Reagan did.

“The truth is, they know they can’t compete on those fronts,” says Harris.

But between the two conferences, momentum toward deep reform seems to have slipped on many fronts.

She noted that countries around the world have women gracing the fronts of their bank notes.

“The internet is facing real challenges on many fronts,” Google’s Kosslyn concludes.

Tom rocked a green blazer with a white tee … looking sharp on all fronts.

Looking at more recent Chromebooks, little has changed on all of those fronts.

Twilight wraps itself over store fronts and azure-skied landscapes of freeways and rural homes.

The two major keys to headphone success are comfort and sound, and Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro headset is a winner on both fronts.

As for Kismet saying she owes them dough … Maddie Ziegler’s little sis calls BS on all fronts.

“The best year on all fronts.

And a lot of people were shocked because we didn’t know what we were getting with Donald Trump.” The best year on all fronts.

That hasn’t stopped Canada from advancing on other fronts, though.

Exxon is under legal scrutiny from multiple fronts.

Today’s news is troubling on at least two fronts.

I think that we were very committed and made a lot of progress on each of those fronts.

Cracking down on immigration and trade is neither necessary nor sufficient to advancing progressive goals on any of these fronts.

This sort of push and pull between companies that compete on multiple fronts is nothing new.

We’ve reached out to Delta for more clarification on those fronts and we’ll update the story when we hear back.

Swae Lee’s making a statement with his fashion and his security — no one comes close to him, on both fronts.

Both powers are committed to fighting against Islamic State and have backed a new diplomatic push to end fighting on other fronts.

In the past year, Google has partnered with Walmart on multiple fronts.

“We have not gotten there yet.” Warner, in an interview with Reuters, said the Senate investigation has made progress on several fronts.

Plaintiffs face opposition along other fronts as well.

Patagonia is a leader in environmental and social responsibility on many fronts.

We continue to do business with the Walt Disney Company on many fronts, including our ongoing deal with Marvel TV.

No fronts, no tricks: here’s what some of you were waiting for.

Nearly every character in the MCU is roped into the war, with Thanos swiftly establishing himself as an unprecedented threat on multiple fronts.

Bannon also seems to genuinely differ from Trump on a couple fronts.

Officials said firefighters battling the blazes on 20 fronts managed to avoid them from spreading.

The national emergency declaration is also facing intense opposition on other fronts.

We’ve been exploding on lots of fronts.

Kobani said Turkey had been mobilizing Syrian fighters allied to it at fronts bordering the SDF region.

But any news we get on those fronts will likely come at I/O this year.

“We are careering towards disaster on all fronts — whether it’s agriculture, pollution, soil, water, pesticides.

The administration has been pushing on a few fronts.

The FBI raided Cohen’s office and is now investigating him on a number of fronts.

But they fall short on all three fronts.

Yet on two more specific fronts, Horowitz is far more critical.

Both DC Leaks and Guccifer 2.0 are specifically named in the indictment as fronts for Russian GRU agents.

We’re fighting on all fronts.

In Europe, U.S. tech companies have faced massive headaches on two separate fronts: Competition law and privacy.

Soon, they might have to battle both fronts at once.

But the congressional proposals, despite some positive moves, don’t do nearly enough on any of these fronts, experts warned.

I honestly don’t know because the show is facing issues on multiple fronts at this point.

Criticism poured in from all fronts.

Immensely successful, with powerful momentum on any number of fronts — online shopping, voice assistants, smart devices, cloud services, and so on.

Achieving change on either of those fronts is complicated — it requires extended effort and energy.

But the administration has taken some action to address the crisis on other fronts.

He sports gold fronts, a stud earring, a black do-rag, and a chain.

Multiple sources tell us the heirs are already at each other’s throats and war has broken out on several fronts.

The FTC complaint claims that i-Dressup failed the test for compliance on both of those fronts.

The pedestrian’s gaze is encouraged upward, bypassing store fronts to observe the 1860 roof lines near which the kittens play.

OnePlus nailed it on several important fronts.

Related: Russian Prime Minister Says ‘We Have Slid Back to a New Cold War’ Other fronts were also active on Sunday.

Rozenshtein says Huawei could take action on a number of legal fronts.

Juche Korea will be prosperous forever as it holds fast to the great WPK’s line of simultaneously pushing forward the two fronts.

“The regime has targeted all the fronts in the demilitarised zone.

China has been crucial on both fronts.

“Once a campaign prop, a MAGA cap now fronts for such raw evil,” writes David Simon, the creator of HBO’s The Wire.

I got involved last year because I basically think, on a variety of fronts, Trump’s a disaster.

On other fronts, where Trump really could do something, there’s simply nothing happening at all.

Turning that around requires money, time, and attention across a variety of fronts that go far behind the initial rollout of presidential appointments.

Signs were seen hanging off shop fronts, sheet metal roofs peeled off and debris was strewn across urban roads.

So there really is progress on a lot of fronts.

Other factions’ fighters have returned home from the fronts at night, leaving their positions undefended against IS.

“In my view, he’s my president, and he’s doing a really good job on multiple fronts,” he replied.

“Right now, we’re defending our fronts.

It looks like Blac Chyna has been an inspiration for Rob on several fronts.

I agree with that on two fronts.

Unfortunately, Trump’s reported nomination of Alabama’s Jeff Sessions to be attorney general bodes ill for evidence-based drug policy on other fronts.

Despite the attacks on his migration policies from multiple fronts, Salvini has refused to budge on his hardline stance.

It feels like there’s a lot of movement on a number of different fronts.

It comes down to three key facts: This is the context that activists are pressing members of Congress to acknowledge, pushing on all fronts.

“This is an important time, on all fronts,” she said.

Bandana fronts the bands Sing Bandana Singh and LXRY.

Unfortunately, at Big Ten Media Days on July 24th, I failed on may of these fronts.”

Either be conservative on all fronts or FREE THE NIPPLE.” “Guys.

But if something is important to the White House, they find a way to get it done by making concessions on other fronts.

A canny man indeed, on both the creative and the delegatory fronts.

As the U.S. and China clash on many fronts, consumer sentiment appears to have been hurt.

AT&T has clashed with the FCC in recent years on a number of fronts.

Stranger Things 1 was slow, too, but there was a feeling of discovery on all fronts.

They have initiated or threatened legal action on several fronts.

Love’s daughter is said to be open to paying Silva who fronts rock band The Eeries spousal support.

A spokeswoman for Dodge said the new prosecutor general was vigorously combating corruption on numerous fronts.

This year, however, the Republicans failed on both fronts.

Amazon’s interest in the healthcare space has been heating up for some time and the company recently made inroads on three fronts.

The thinking was on two fronts.

In the streets around, some shop fronts had been walled in with concrete blocks after their metal shutters had been smashed.

Another motive behind a community-led database is the lack of hard data on all fronts for indigenous people in Canada.

Worries about the trade wars U.S. President Donald Trump is waging on many fronts hampered semiconductor shares and other exporters.

Like his co-star Finn Wolfhard who fronts scrappy Canadian rock band Calpurnia, there’s a lot of music happening in the Stranger Things cast.

Canada has the potential to be a world leader on these fronts, particularly if cannabis legalization is successful.

On both fronts, the Bernsteins refused.

The rescue teams are working on multiple fronts.

They have to compete on all fronts to win the attention war.

For consumers and breeders, Honeycrisp has become the standard-bearer on both of these fronts.

There are plenty of think tanks and research institutes and industry fronts that can produce reports saying whatever you want those reports to say.

“Smells Like Mexico,” the last in his series on display, fronts a large statue of a crucified Jesus.

Calls have also come in from Hillsdale and East Brunswick, suggesting the birds are waging a war on multiple fronts.

In a Monday night interview with TV Record, Bolsonaro offered some of his first concrete measures on both fronts.

And the case is especially important because it comes at a time when the sunshine laws are under assault on a variety of fronts.

“Inflation was really a disappointment on all fronts.

And that was only one of several fronts on which Republicans spent the week fighting each other.

“We’re on the same page on all fronts (with the United States),” she said.

The Russia investigation saw major developments on multiple fronts this week.

Signs were seen hanging off shop fronts, sheet metal roofs peeled off and debris was strewn across urban roads.

And they are taking advantage of anti-migrant fervour to implement an illiberal agenda on other fronts, too.

A so-called “grammar vigilante” has been correcting shop fronts in Bristol, England, for more than a decade.

That’s a very serious problem that has be fought in as many ways and on as many fronts as possible.

In a second scenario, things on all these fronts go much less well.

Critics also often view the online personae people create for their social-media postings as false fronts designed for the medium at hand.

Though China is aggressively pushing forward on space exploration and military fronts, the same can’t be said for its commercial and private space industries.

There are challenges on various fronts.

His biggest achievement was cracking the Soviet weather code (weather fronts drifted from Siberia across to Japan, so they knew about the weather first).

Check out these shots of this year’s frontrunners … though we suspect no one’s looking at their fronts.

The more Nigel Farage fronts the Leave campaign, the better for you, no?.

While the FARC is a disciplined, Stalinist force, the ELN is made up of seven autonomous “fronts”.

Kanye West now has peace on all fronts after hashing things out with Wiz Khalifa.

But they cede ownership of the park assets to a majority-shareholding local developer who then fronts much of the construction costs.

I felt strongly that gender equality should be part of that change, and would alter the landscape on many fronts.

The next few years could bring dramatic changes on multiple fronts.

Still, they could definitely stand to get their shit together on some fronts.

The refugee crisis must be tackled on several fronts, over several years.

In recent years China has become a world beater on several fronts.

I think my dream is to really continue to market the game but also increase the visibility on all fronts.

Because antimicrobial resistance has no single solution, it must be fought on many fronts (see article).

Their lead singer, James, now fronts Crows and will be opening for Idles on their UK tour next year.

That’s where Cold fronts from Philadelphia—and in particular their single “Staying In,” premiering here—come in.

And so Cold fronts channel a combination of those much-loved malingerers and more, on “Stayin’ In,” which is a fuzzy ode to hanging loose.

And it’s worked out quite well on all fronts.

Because antimicrobial resistance has no single solution, it must be fought on many fronts (see article).

We can already see the battle over the freedom of speech and obscenity is happening on many fronts.

They fought back on multiple fronts, intervening both at home and abroad to prop up the yuan, while tightening capital controls.

Trump has raised trade tensions on other fronts as well.

Civilian casualties are mounting, as Afghan soldiers have been stretched thin across multiple fronts.

The Bayaka face challenges on all fronts.

Mission accomplished on both fronts.

Locals call these “villas” and many feature European gabled fronts or Chinese pagoda roofs (or both).

Locals call these “villas” and many feature European gabled fronts or Chinese pagoda roofs (or both).

Instead, his method has been to make partial progress on multiple fronts, says a government official.

“You have to be able to put out multiple fronts to counter your weekly opponents.

That neglects the relationship between the two; as Ottoman military resources fought on five fronts, independence movements flourished.

“On some fronts we will fail, that’s for sure,” Bergigui said.

Smashed windows and damaged shop fronts hundreds of meters away attested to the strength of the blast, which tore through the area.

Guimarães added that Eletronuclear is working on various fronts to resolve the debt issue, such as modifying the grace period on the Caixa loans.

What would be really hard for the US secretary of state is that there would be incredible diplomatic blowback on so many fronts.

Donald Trump, incoherent on so many fronts, is clear in this area: unfair competition from foreigners has destroyed jobs at home.

We have been allowing journalists to access our fronts.

Bassist Ben Romans-Hopcraft fronts the soul-rock outfit Childhood and plays bass in Saul’s ostensible solo project Insecure Men.

There is something to all of these and we’ve made real progress on all these fronts.

China is already moving on some of these fronts.

Rubio and Trump differ on plenty of ideological fronts, but their stance on immigration, workplace equality, and abortion rights are virtually the same.

It began with some 4,000 Kurdish Peshmerga forces advancing on three fronts from the east to within about eight miles (13km) of the city.

You seem to know how to hold it down on all fronts.

“The Iraqis expected this and they’re fighting through it.” Less expected has been IS’s ability to attack its enemies on other fronts.

The county commissioner works on both legislative and executive fronts to approve budgets, oversee spending and hire county employees.

In this case, the legal battle was being fought on two fronts.

With hindsight, of course, no other band could match The Beatles on all fronts.

The government has been fighting on a number of fronts to slow the tide of cash outflows.

Many of its fighters who have retreated from other fronts are believed to be massing in Deir al-Zor.

Shalom now fronts her own beauty movement that showcases the power of makeup while inspiring others to feel comfortable in their own skin.

But at the end of the year the kingdom finds itself in retreat on all fronts.

“People are ready to weigh in on all fronts and there will be opportunity to do so.”

Faced with this war on all fronts, the tobacco companies petitioned the US Congress for a legislative settlement.

But on both fronts, she is also lucky.

Both of these groups are fronts for the agrochemical industry.

The trouble is that on most of these fronts the Sri Lankan authorities have been, at best, marking time.

But winning on all fronts is not easy.

But there is cause for optimism on both fronts.

Activists, for their part, may already be weary from fighting Mr Trump’s government on other fronts.

Mrs Merkel duly explained that Germany does not negotiate trade pacts or control its currency, ceding authority on both fronts to the European Union.

We’ve seen drug baggies, Eric Koston, and cut-out gold fronts.

Judging by the polls, she is doing well on both fronts.

But its authority is now being challenged on a number of fronts.

Meanwhile, the Trump Administration attacks disabled immigrants, creating hostility on multiple fronts.

A Syrian army source cited by state media said the attack launched on several fronts was being repelled, and the insurgents had suffered losses.

China appears to have advanced on other fronts.

For folks feeling the hate-hard urge, this series promises punishment on multiple fronts.

The Carmichael mine would launch an attack on the Great Barrier Reef from all fronts.

Since the strike, we have been networking and connecting different fronts of struggle, specifically in Latin America in the context of a conservative restoration.

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) – Theresa May’s Brexit plan faces a battle on three fronts.

Isabel Lou Reidy, who fronts the band, is an Ithaca music scene OG.

A personal war on two fronts that I am still fighting to come to terms with two years later.

Donald Trump has been president of the United States for just a few days but is already embroiled in fights on several fronts.

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