Fringe in a sentence | Use of the word fringe examples

I make out a zigzag, a line of fringe cutting its way through the clamor.

The fringe belongs to a pair of geometric patterned pants.

This all might lead you to think that Breitbart would be, at best, a fringe member of the conservative movement.

Yiannopoulos, more than anyone else, is responsible for allying Breitbart with the “alt-right” movement, a fringe group of nakedly racist, pro-Trump, right-wing agitators.

The city is also home to the fringe Festival, which is the world’s biggest international performing-arts festival.

Sea Unseen is part of fringe Projects, a program that commissions temporary public artworks installed in less commonly known spaces in downtown Miami.

By diminishing the reach of a constellation of largely right-wing, fringe sites, Facebook may have effectively redirected some users’ attention toward Fox News.

It is those fringe communities preying on anxieties about social change that we have to contend with now — and for years to come.

(This also moves it into different enough territory from the very similar parallel universe storyline in the 2008-2013 Fox drama fringe.)

Ted Cruz, considered a fringe candidate by the media until four months ago, swept 34 of the 37 delegate slots for the Cleveland convention.

Her head cut off by the upper edge of the gift box, the model fades into the background’s shaggy white fringe.

It’s no accident that these prejudices seem to co-travel and are particularly prevalent today on the fringe right.

Her Givenchy Haute Couture gown had layers of golden fringe.

Plexal sits within the larger Here East complex, which is a £150 million development being built on the western fringe of the Olympic Park.

Like Spencer, with whom he co-edits a fringe right-wing website, Friberg is a clean-cut, smooth-talking far-right activist who describes himself as an identitarian.

Like Spencer, with whom he co-edits a fringe right-wing website, Friberg is a clean-cut, smooth-talking far-right activist who describes himself as an identitarian.

As a result, fringe discussions of Muslims became mainstream.

Cook’s trip from fringe podcast guest to Justice Department headquarters highlights the dramatic reversal in criminal justice reform resulting from Trump’s victory.

Gill, the sentencing reform advocate, said that as recently as last year, Cook “represented the far right fringe” on criminal justice.

The mass purge comes during Facebook’s widening crackdown of fringe accounts that spread misinformation or traffic in hate.

Oliver outlined a number of ways in which Facebook has helped amplify fringe extremism with deadly consequences in regions like the Philippines and Myanmar.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna found a fringe benefit to getting engaged — cheat day with the ice cream man!

“A fringe element has effectively taken over the Republican Party.”

This “fringe element” has also successfully hijacked online political discourse through its violent speech and harassment tactics.

The present, with the production crew and fringe techno music, was sometimes too overwhelming.

Guaranteed income a few years ago was on the fringe.

But the big city already has stores, and so it’s on the fringe where you’ll add new ones.

We know at the end of 2016 that it would be incorrect to characterize such appeals as “fringe.”

The share of Americans supporting a ban on all guns hovers in the 8 to 10 percent range, making it a pretty fringe position.

“I don’t think there’s this radical left-wing fringe that cares about these issues,” he said.

“Beyoncé is a bit of a fringe case, and it’s not the same for all artists, celebrities or brands,” Wirtzer-Seawood said.

Morant was a fringe draft prospect a year ago before taking an enormous leap as a sophomore.

He’s also a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, a fringe conservative group with extremely alarming views on scientific matters.

In 2016, Sanders was a fringe figure, but now a lot of Democrats consider him part of the mainstream.

Do you keep anything else on hand for some fringe cases?

He would provide a much bigger platform for the fringe right, figures like the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, than it had before.

So far, federated social networks have only gained fringe acceptance.

The former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Moore had a history of fringe views and seemed most passionate about matters of religion.

Do you agree that the blame can go around beyond the right-wing fringe?

He carefully contours his nose and then shimmies into his platinum blonde wig, its fringe just brushing his eyelash extensions.

With the election of Donald Trump, whose candidacy he vigorously championed, Jones’ fringe movement has shouted its way into the mainstream.

If Hawley is right, then the alt-right’s constituency isn’t a tiny fringe.

In both cases, the ties to what’s generally seen as fringe, unacceptable ideas were enough to derail political ambitions.

It’s a fringe element.

And the distinction between fringe and mainstream views may not be as clear as we once thought.

“He is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the Republican Party.

“Of course there’s always been a paranoid fringe in our politics, a lot of it rising from racial resentment.

In the decades since, politicians have mostly shied away from the phrase, with a few exceptions on the fringe like Pat Buchanan.

This was far from a fringe view.

Waiving the essential health benefits rule won’t directly affect most of the health plans that people get as a fringe benefit of employment.

More candidates than ever before identified as progressive and endorsed previously fringe ideas like single-payer health care.

It explains why my fringe is stuck to my face and everything is drenched in sweat.

Ska has always remained at the cultural fringe in North America.

In turn, the sleepy industry that digital mattress brands helped awaken assisted in making what could have been a fringe concept go national.

In the name of being “cool” or seeming not to care, I had begun to believe that I wanted a life on the fringe.

The CPAC conference, once a fringe event but now decidedly in the Republican mainstream, is being attended by an estimated 10,000 activists.

Remember, powerlifting is still a fringe sport, and the best athletes in the world aren’t powerlifting.”

The photo showed a pretty four-year-old girl, with a round face, long dark hair cut into a blunt fringe, and a slightly open mouth.

Why would they target this fringe celebrity character 30 years ago, long before his ascent to the presidency was even fathomable?

After all, attention is the oxygen fringe groups need to survive.

Singapore: M1 fringe Festival cancels two of its performances due to government censorship.

And throughout 2016, the Museum of Contemporary Art teamed up with local electronic luminary Anenon to host fringe ambient music projects in its galleries.

According to the Huffington Post, a fringe alt-right group might be to blame.

It’s a quirky play you might see at a fringe Festival.

Breen is a television veteran whose previous writing and producing credits include Charmed, fringe, and Midnight, Texas.

Meanwhile, social media provides fringe groups platforms that gatekeepers had once denied them.

I never planned to stay past a certain point because I had a show to do in NYC at fringe Fest.

That was our right, we lived outside of polite society, in this fringe world with its own rules.

Poland’s nationalist government has been previously accused of accommodating the country’s ultranationalist fringe, and to many observers this was another example.

The Commander and his wife, conservative pundits and fringe fanatics in the prior world, are now powerful national political players.

Magic lantern shows remained a fringe hobby for the next 80 years, but one man is re-igniting the lost art in a full-scale theaters.

But its underlying motive is still that of the fringe from which it sprang: white ethno-nationalism and authoritarianism.

Jones may have started as a fringe figure, but years of mainstreaming have allowed him to build a real presence among Republican voters.

The diaphragm wasn’t always a fringe form of birth control.

The media determined that we were a fringe campaign.

the trio carried a plaster buffalo skull dripping with fringe and tapestry, marking them “The Wild Wombs of the West.”

In other words, our vision for the future of this country is not some kind of fringe idea.

We exist on the fringe of the economy, so you have to be prepared for drastic and total change.

Swinging is just a nice fringe benefit.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said most of those arrested were regular protesters who had been egged on by the fringe groups.

The Simpsons was no longer a fringe animation for obsessive nerds.

Trump had launched his campaign as a garish, but fringe, figure.

But on the topic of climate change, Fulks espouses the same fringe, extremist anti-science ideas as President Trump.

We owe it to ourselves to set things straight, and empower onion rings as the fringe gag they were always meant to be.

But that language provided cover for anti-Semites, white nationalists, misogynists, and other fringe groups long banished from American politics.

Will they follow Trump to the end, or stand up to their party’s fringe and return to conventional politics?

Similar incidents hadn’t seemed to bother him before, but all of a sudden Ultrasur’s violent fringe became public enemy number one.

So, we might well consider this to be indirect support to what’s still kind of a fringe depression therapy.

Such exhortations went well beyond a small group of committed ideologues on the fringe.

She made the comments at a Social Market Foundation fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester last week.

At the time I had plans to travel to Japan, so I was just looking for some interesting fringe topic to take photos of.

It’s an inevitable side effect of a fringe culture going mainstream.

Energized by Donald Trump’s coarsely confrontational nationalism, the armed right-wing fringe is doing more than stepping out of the shadows in 2017.

Still, as various dark matter hunts continue to come up empty handed, this is open-season for fringe explanations.

In 2018, people are more empathetic toward fringe tastes, and the news fills our days with constant horror and dread.

Or at least they were fringe at the time.

Or at least they were fringe at the time.

But the content it’s getting is reminiscent of the content Twitter started streaming last year: fringe stuff you probably don’t want to watch.

Yet for electricity to move from a fringe experiment to widespread usage only took between 47 to 69 years.

Amidst anti-Temer and anti-Olympics signs, two fringe protesters held up posters that morbidly praised the Dallas and Baton Rouge police shooters.

But if Facebook wants video that’s more than just fringe material, this may be its best bet to get it.

Capitalist_Model: Why are they targeting a fringe and such a specific religion?

In his professional life, Broth has transformed from a fringe artist working illegally to a respected creator with work shown in galleries.

It’s easy to dismiss these types of figures as fringe, or merely trolls from the internet.

Sigal: For China, it’s not fringe.

Environmentalism is to be considered a fringe movement.

That put right-wing non-interventionists on the fringe of the fringe.

That task is made more difficult thanks to interventionists eager to place all non-interventionists into the “fringe” category.

Today, synergetics is considered a fringe area of scientific study, despite its many useful applications in matters both practical and theoretical.

Commentators have blamed incitement not only from the far-right but from the far-left and fringe Islamists.

For the uninitiated, the clip might seem like the fringe edge of fetish.

And here they are again, on the fringe of the playoffs, a roster begging for a refresh.

Systemic racism isn’t only carried out by dangerous, bigoted buffoons in military cosplay, and the views represented in Charlottesville are not fringe, really.

There will always be people on the fringe who are susceptible to extremism.

But there was a more troubling edge to Mikey’s introspection, hidden behind the eyeliner and that perfectly swooped fringe.

The fringe communities are disenfranchised by the current offerings in online communications so we are hoping to step in to offer an alternative.

CLEVELAND — Milo Yiannopoulos, the Breitbart Tech editor and fringe right provocateur, threw a party at a venue near last night’s Republican National Convention.

Since those events, the fringe far-right wingers became totally inflamed, and they haven’t really stopped getting upset about the modern liberal democracy.

Milo’s following comes in significant part from fringe internet movements — things like Gamergate and the alt-right.

But so far, there’s no evidence that the fringe internet is anything more than the fringe internet.

Australia can sometimes seem an anomalous fringe nation, geographically marooned, colonial shrapnel floating in a bottom corner of the world.

The 20-year-old Californian rolled in a 26-foot putt from the fringe for a one-stroke victory over Bryson DeChambeau and Collin Morikawa in Blaine, Minnesota.

I understand the appeal of fringe culture.

His status as a fringe folk hero had long been secured.

“I’ve always wanted a fringe,” she says.

The Razzies may be snickering from the sidelines, but they’re far from the fringe.

The most coherent message so far has come from fringe politicians who are insisting the opposition should walk away.

I worry sometimes it’s too easy to dismiss neo-Confederates as a fringe group.

A vocal fringe of U.S. parents cite concerns that the vaccine may cause autism, despite scientific studies that have debunked such claims.

Are fringe ideologies seeping into the mainstream, or has the mainstream been co-opted by the fringe?

At last year’s deadline, he was a seller even though the Flyers were on the fringe of the playoff race.

In addition to producing entertainment products, this larger company would also participate in the investigation of UFOs and other fringe science projects.

A vocal fringe of U.S. parents cite concerns that the vaccine may cause autism, despite scientific studies that have debunked such claims.

Prior to 2016, this seemed like a fringe opinion — but with Trump in the White House, things might be different.

“We hear views on television today that are on the lunatic fringe.

Ventura’s opinions can seem one moment fringe and conspiratorial and the next completely reasonable, and sometimes both at once.

Trump took this fringe bigot with a few dozen followers and spread his message to 11 million people.

He’s taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over one of America’s two major political parties.

Trump took this fringe bigot with a few dozen followers and spread his message to 11 million people.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, Breitbart embraces “ideas on the extremist fringe of the conservative right.

A fringe element has effectively taken over the Republican Party.

Of course there’s always been a paranoid fringe in our politics, steeped in racial resentment.

The paranoid fringe now calls itself “alt-right.”

When Xavier speaks, he usually starts by pulling his long silken fringe away from his eyes, before launching into often lengthy, always thoughtful monologues.

Is Casey Bailey an Ottawa Senators center or a fringe character on Dawson’s Creek?

They’re happening at the fringe.

Among other candid comments, Bannon said: “Ethno-nationalism — it’s losers, it’s a fringe element.

So even while taking a fringe position I felt connected to an Israeli-Jewish consensus.

A vocal fringe of U.S. parents cite concerns that the vaccine may cause autism, despite scientific studies that have debunked such claims.

Just three years ago, the idea of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour was a fringe notion.

He wasn’t like Schwarzenegger: he was always on the fringe.

Until recently, the former army-captain-turned-congressman was a fringe right-wing voice in Brazilian politics.

The Trump administration has a shaky stance on vaccines; Price is a member of a fringe healthcare group that views vaccines as “human experimentation.”

In her research, Lewis identifies figures in the gaming and streaming community as another possible point of entry to fringe YouTube.

Domestic violence and stalking are not fringe issues.

Weed companies have linked up with other fringe sports, as well.

All the Yankees aside from Ruth, Meusel, and a fringe pitcher named Bill Piercy dropped out.

The Gateway Pundit is a far-right fringe publication that often pushes hoaxes and conspiracy theories.

The Gateway Pundit is a far-right fringe publication that often pushes hoaxes and conspiracy theories.

I asked her about how she thinks Valentine’s Day affects sex work, and she paused to flick her fringe out of her eyes.

It’s easy to point your nose up at the freaks on the fringe who do the unthinkable.

Pence’s very conservative economic and social issue positions are no longer considered fringe in the party.

Her performance electrified audiences in fringe theater, and Coel was asked to develop the idea for television.

In a few years, he ventured from the fringe of NBA periphery into a respectable playoff contender’s starting five.

“All of the sudden, what was once fringe politics is now mainstream.

By the time UFC 205 rolled around, McGregor had moved far beyond the featherweight division, and even further away from featherweight fringe contenders.

She’d just broken up with a boyfriend when she first met members of The O., the fringe Marxist-Leninist cult based in Minneapolis.

We are now forced to talk about how ideas that were once fringe have become an acceptable part of public discourse.

Founders Fund is known to focus on cutting-edge investments in space, biotech and other fringe areas.

Two years ago, a fringe neo-Nazi group called National Action became the first far-right organization to be banned in Britain since World War II.

Two years ago, a fringe neo-Nazi group called National Action became the first far-right organization to be banned in Britain since World War II.

This was not, as all the assembled worthies kept pointing out, a fringe movement.

Its reputation for raw, authentic coverage of the criminal fringe has made it a staple in US prisons.

Steph is, of course, not the first high volume three point shooting guard to express support of, let’s call them “fringe Beliefs.”

When both Batman and Madea are singing your praises and paying your bills you can officially stop considering yourself a fringe sport.

But perhaps nowhere has the most fringe interpretation of the “Deep State” threat resonated more—or for longer—than among Texas Tea Party-style groups.

“All that fringe!”

“What does your mother think of all that fringe, chile?”

These are not positions of the conservative fringe.

That is the non-negotiable baseline, despite a few fringe figures who signal otherwise (until the time comes for votes).

During the Cold War, this was a fringe stance.

It has always provided the fringe their place to be perpetually indulged.”

One fringe theory was that Obama was a “secret Muslim.”

A vocal fringe of U.S. parents cites concerns that the vaccine may cause autism, despite scientific studies that have debunked such claims.

A vocal fringe of U.S. parents cites concerns that the vaccine may cause autism, despite scientific studies that have debunked such claims.

NeverShoutNever was another MySpace phenomenon and he is best described as a sentient emo fringe with a ukulele.

“We ended up looking like a pathetic, fringe, non-movement,” said another user who went by the name “Frederick Namington.”

That dataset includes yaoi (hentai depicting gay men), yuri (gay women), futa (women with penises), and “other more fringe fetishes,” he said.

Speaking of which, that reminds me of the rainbow fringe dress she wore to perform.

“This is not a case of right vs. left or a fringe interest group pushing it,” Wiens added.

Just years ago, such legislation was relatively uncommon, introduced by only the most fringe members of the Republican Party.

Medicare for All went from a fringe notion to a real possibility.

Noel Hilliam, a fringe historian with connections to the far-right, potentially faces a $300,000 fine for exhuming human remains from a Māori burial site.

A vocal fringe of U.S. parents cite concerns the vaccine may cause autism, despite scientific studies that have debunked such claims.

It didn’t have the promise of the exotic in it, it contended too much with what were “fringe” fears.

“Twenty years ago, FAIR was a weird fringe organization,” said Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration policy analyst for the CATO Institute, a libertarian think tank.

Cryptocurrencies are an afterthought, a curiosity, a fringe investment.

And then there were four: Bannon has reportedly been pushed to the fringe on major decision-making.

His floppy fringe has never met gel.

Thorin isn’t just some random Twitch or YouTube personality playing around with fringe rhetoric.

In the U.S., previously fringe politics remain strong under President Trump, who, despite his ever-deepening problems, remains the country’s most influential single politician.

“It remains a fringe technology.

In his professional life, Broth has transformed from a fringe artist working illegally to a respected creator with work shown in galleries.

Some, dangling on the fringe, use it as a job interview.

And fringe arguments have a way of becoming mainstream: Critics of Ma Bell and Microsoft looked like outliers before picking up steam.

“Many of the ideas we talked about were thought to be fringe ideas,” he told the audience.

It’s easy to think these fears are abhorrent and confined to just people on the fringe.

I see them as fringe the way I see ISIS as fringe.

But when we look at the fringe as a whole, it’s dangerous.

He largely shrugged off attacks from gadfly fringe candidates trying to attack him, and didn’t make any gaffes of note.

We tell them straight up, “You can’t do this, you can’t do that.” We’re going to call you “fringe” unless you do this.

It doesn’t include the value of fringe benefits like health care, pensions, or paid leave.

This is not some sort of fringe view about a president’s immunity from being indicted.

May had said it was “wrong” that Trump shared anti-Muslim hate videos from a far-right fringe group in the U.K.

“We failed in these cases because we didn’t weigh the authoritativeness of results strongly enough for such rare and fringe queries,” Google adds.

For “rare and fringe queries” you should also read: ‘People deliberately trying to game the algorithm’.

The site is associated with a particularly political fringe of Catholicism that sees geopolitics as a battleground between the religious and the faithless.

But now the far-right fringe group is at war with the Catholic Church, which Voris believes has taken a sharp turn to the left.

But now the far-right fringe group is at war with the Catholic Church, which Voris believes has taken a sharp turn to the left.

This is largely in part because fringe right-wing nationalist movements in Japan have yet to create a narrative with populist appeal.

But this isn’t a fringe issue.

“Mark my words.” Infowars sits on the crazier fringe of the pro-Trump internet.

AMC dismissed MoviePass as “a small fringe player” earlier this year.

Or under like, “Oh, he’s a fringe person.”

“There’s one guy, a bunch of his celebrity friends and a few fringe scientists who are effectively driving the 100% renewables narrative.

Cate Blanchett covered up her shoulders in Givenchy high-low fringe, while Jennifer Lopez kept it structured in Giambattista Valli.

Now it’s flirting with the fringe anti-vaccination movement — in the middle of a measles outbreak.

Now it’s flirting with the fringe anti-vaccination movement — in the middle of a measles outbreak.

fringe is like the tide, constantly floating in and out of style while never fully fading away.

Getting older does have a few fringe benefits after all.

This year, we say skip the blowdryer, toss that mini flat iron, and embrace your fringe as is.

A vocal fringe of parents opposes vaccines, believing, contrary to scientific studies, that ingredients in them can cause autism.

The 82-year-old actress made her way down the red carpet looking sharp in an emerald suit and embellished fringe top.

That’s often what happens in races where a candidate is written off as weak or fringe.

But some fringe American politicians, led by Senator Ted Cruz, saw the transition as an opportunity to undermine the President.

Unfounded rumors about Clinton’s ailing health moved from fringe right-wing conspiracy forums to the mainstream after her coughing fit last week.

Conservatives can point to the current mass gatherings and smear them as fringe — unruly mobs of political correctness gone wild.

That’s right: The 20-year-old appears on the cover of W Korea’s 11th-anniversary issue sporting full fringe, layers, and an all-around rocker vibe.

Catch The Coward at The New York International fringe Festival (fringeNYC) from August 12 – 28, 2016.

In late 2016, Twitter cracked down on Trump-supporting bots and suspended influential fringe accounts, some with more than 10,000 followers.

It has a lot in common with the European far right, as well as a fringe American movement called the alt-right.

Like Kendall Jenner and Kate Middleton, the United Nations ambassador opted for a wispy fringe.

That’s right.We’ve never really thought about all the dye-job possibilities out there for fringe, but the results are in-your-face pretty.

And he knows the power of injecting a fringe idea into the media bloodstream.

This is especially true for those people who are sitting on the fence, who are vulnerable to these fringe elements.

Yes, there are similarities: They’re both fringe religious movements that have been criticized for being cults.

It does track with his overly online persona and confirms his past flirtations with more fringe cultures.

As with any fandom, the beauty world has its lunatic fringe, and that’s where you’ll find the juicy conspiracy theories.

He was this total fringe person at that point.

The biggest “thing” in denim isn’t flares or fringe — it’s personalization.

Steve Bannon was on this fringe with Breitbart, and he brought him into the White House.

For Grosso, it’s a sign that ideas once considered fringe can eventually catch on, if one is persistent.

It’s really scary.” The Path isn’t the first series to take on fringe religious movements.

“The placement of the layering is key, starting the soft fringe around the cheekbones.”

“Adding fringe or removing length can pull the face into proportion,” says Reyman.

“Jagged, short, or Bettie Page fringe gives a subtle lifting effect to brows.”

Side-Swept BangsFor those with heart- or oval-shaped faces, Liu suggests cutting side-swept bangs over a blunt fringe for a softer effect.

It was a very fringe, marginal thing in the ’80s, and now it has become this more mainstream discussion, which is amazing.

But it could also provide vocal interest groups a bully pulpit from which to pressure politicians and bureaucrats with their fringe agendas.

Recently Kayla has started doing stand-up comedy, and won an award at a small fringe festival for best comedy act.

Contrary to popular belief, Coachella style isn’t just fringe, neon, and cultural appropriation (though these, er, “trends” definitely dominate the scene).

On the European fringe, Hungary remains the problem child, but that’s a different category of thing.

I felt cool in my simple outfit because everyone else was decked in predictable fringe.

Much has already been said about the amphibian cartoon’s ascension from fringe web-comic character to neo-Nazi mascot, including by the Clinton campaign.

Despite this being a fringe theory, the alt-right has adopted it as another weapon in their arsenal for denigrating black folk.

The alt-right, a fringe white nationalist movement, supported Trump.

I recently reconsidered the Astor Place man as belonging to a longstanding tradition of fringe performance art.

Najib’s approach risks empowering and legitimizing conservative parties and organizations once only classified as extreme fringe groups.

“They know that election coverage has given them an unprecedented opportunity to move from the fringe into the mainstream.”

Online trolls also rallied around Democratic fringe candidate Andrew Yang, who has proposed unusual policies like “Universal Basic Income” and voiced opposition to circumcision.

Year after year, as spring rolls around, you’re bombarded with visions of fringe, daisy prints, and tie-dye galore.

fringe in particular has been around for much longer, and still gets referenced on the runway.

(meaning “Onward!” in English), and Le Pen representing the fringe National Front.

When we think “festival dressing,” a very specific sort of getup comes to mind: fringe, cutoffs, and flower crowns.

(meaning “Onward!” in English), and Le Pen representing the fringe National Front.

“It was time to take on the lunatic fringe,” he wrote to Dwight Eisenhower.

As for your keep pile, Kaplan says items like slip dresses and anything with fringe, ruffles, or large floral prints should make the cut.

In taking this fringe position, President Trump has now gone beyond even his all-out war on immigrants.

One note: This type of cutting doesn’t lend itself well to blunt, sharp angles and fringe.

In Alabama, Moore was the fringe figure, winning a primary against incumbent Luther Strange despite the latter candidate enjoying a (lukewarm) endorsement from Trump.

But there is a fringe of people who are just here for blood, basically.

But there’s a natural tension between biohackers embedded in fringe communities and government agencies that are traditionally secretive.

After years on the fringe, Medicare for All is becoming a central plank of the Democratic Party.

After years on the fringe, Medicare for All is becoming a central plank of the Democratic Party.

And sometimes, through circumstances that almost always seem completely arbitrary, those fringe icons find themselves thrust into the spotlight.

But they’re fringe figures, at this present moment.

Ultrashort bangs can give round faces a more angular look if the fringe is carved in just right, says Fugate.

Though it remains a fringe interest on the whole, convincing examples of the practice have made their way into to the mainstream.

The video is, however, still accessible on other websites, including Reddit as well as fringe message board 8chan, where the suspect flagged the attack.

Nehlen is a fringe political figure who ran against Paul Ryan in 2018 while openly espousing white supremacist views.

Others make huge fringe pieces, handbags, and beach dresses.

It’s a huge opportunity for fringe groups.

Partisans share totally fake stories from fringe websites.

I asked for a razor-cut, shoulder-length bob with some piecey fringe.

“Most of the posts on these sites are aggregated, or completely plagiarized, from fringe and right-wing sites in the US,” BuzzFeed reports.

But on the northern fringe of the settlement, a Syrian signal can be caught.

In a recent Instagram post, the pop star is rocking a new set of piece-y fringe.

Lots of Game of Thrones fan theories hinge on relationships to the Targaryens, no matter how fringe.

The one-sided policing is another example of the ruling Law and Justice party’s accommodation of the country’s ultranationalist fringe, warn rights advocates.

Courtney Noelle: Courtney Smith truly knows her way around sequins, fringe, satin, and other super opulent materials.

Just yesterday, Selena Gomez got fringe and today another celebrity joined the growing (or, um, cutting) trend: Bella Hadid.

Most people grow out their fringe in hot weather to avoid the dreaded hair-sticking-to-forehead look.

(Think: every version imaginable, from baby bangs to cheekbone-grazing fringe to curly face-framers.)

In response, telecom companies said that this abuse was a fringe case.

Even in Brazil, using ayahuasca as an antidepressant remains a fringe, informal enterprise.

They lost high draft picks on mostly dubious free agents; trades brought in only fringe players.

The big picture: A conspiracy theory that started in fringe online chatrooms has leaped to major political events.

As this new world came into being, the fringe had become mainstream.”

“It really took a massive turn at the fringe in Edinburgh.

And it’s the fringe that appeals to him.

Why it matters: Americans were mostly caught flat-footed by the sophistication of state-sponsored and fringe misinformation attacks leading up to the 2016 election.

On a call with reporters Wednesday, Twitter said it would not be making exceptions for fringe or sensationalist websites.

Its fringe is capped with lightbulbs that glow and dim at what Hatoum calls “breath’s pace.” Finally, space to breathe!

I have a similar style—bar the American Apparel bodycon dress, straight cigs and side fringe.

But within Reddit, subreddits like the_donald were still considered fringe by the researchers.

They’ve gotten used to me being out on the fringe.

(Remember those skinny jeans with the perfect ruffled fringe and Brit wit she wore in 2006?)

That thing could be the gravastar predicted by some fringe theories that nix black holes from the universe entirely.

But since that dark period, Salem has come to nurture a culture that is rather inclusive and tolerant of fringe religions.

For some people who we might write off as the lunatic fringe, the association to be American is to be white.

That is not a universal sentiment, to be sure, but neither is it a tiny fringe belief.

“For a long time it was considered a fringe issue, unwinnable.

There are a lot of forces at play that are pushing politics increasingly to the fringe.

I don’t think of it as fringe.

Until recently, Bolsonaro was a fringe figure known for his sexist, racist and homophobic views.

His credits also include stints behind the lens on “The Practice,” “fringe,” “Ally McBeal,” and “Shameless.”

But they had less to say when it came to fringe sites.

I mean, how could you cover this face with fringe?

Grace Jones’s hi-top fade, Brigitte Bardot’s beehive, Jane Birkin’s fringe — over the decades, we’ve witnessed a slew of earth-shattering ‘dos.

The 24-year-old incorporated her new fringe into the style flawlessly, for a shaggy look that feels a little bit retro-’70s, especially with those sunnies.

fringe, underwire, and cutout styles are on the outs, according to the site.

Then, we moved onto my wayward fringe, which was not unlike arrows pointing directly to my jaw (and therefore, my double chin).

The first thing Reyman did was thin, to blend the fringe with the rest of my hair.

“Now, when your fringe falls, it brings more attention to your cheekbone than your jaw,” he said.

Today, at 41, Friberg wears a suit and tie and has fashioned himself a media baron of the fringe far-right.

Momentum spokeswoman Laura Parker dismissed the defectors Monday as a “fringe minority” who wanted to return to the discredited politics of the Tony Blair-era.

Now Prof. Struve was no “fringe scientist” or crackpot.

Why it matters: The main messengers of this coming steamroller are nowhere near the fringe.

Off-the-shoulder asymmetrical white fringe and bugle beads?

His sentiments would later become largely validated, but at the time they sounded like the radical conspiracy theories of a fringe lunatic.

“I think she is understood as a fringe performer where art, politics, poetry, and theater coincide.

In a sea of chokers, fringe, and jean cutoffs, we often find ourselves wondering where real personal style went.

You talked about some of these fringe parties — I’m always concerned when we see politics like that.

As a kid, and even through a lot of my teenage years, the internet was still something of a fringe interest.

They said that the hit pieces on Breitbart about me, other women, and progressive voices in technology were just fringe issues.

In fact, out of all the haircuts we could imagine, the leap for fringe definitely medals in risky hair transformations.

Boris Johnson is scheduled to speak at 13.00 on Tuesday at a fringe event at the conference.

Leg Lampshade You can create a lampshade with a large posterboard and some fringe.

You’re disgusting.” If you know anything about the HPV vaccine or vaccine safety, it’s easy to dismiss this video as fringe lunacy.

The extent to which Bolsonaro has embraced the right fringe of Trumpworld is interesting, Jonathan Swan points out.

In the U.S., hyperpartisan fringe groups congregate in Facebook’s private areas.

The venue on the Mediterranean-front promenade has hosted fringe events for the Eurovision music competition.

That still leaves them on the fringe of the playoff race, and they have games in hand on everyone, but hope is fading.

Lewis explained that through promotions and collaborations, the AIN connects mainstream figures such as Rogan to more fringe beliefs.

And I have no interest in raising money for those fringe groups.

Celeb hairstylist Adir Abergel gave Biel a wispy take on fringe perfection, and we thought the session was over.

I don’t think it’s right for us to assume the problem is the only this fringe at the far right.

AfD began life in 2013 as a fringe anti-EU party.

The bags, too, are a hodgepodge of leather, charms, florets, and fringe.

Go deeper: Everything you need to know about the other 2020 candidates The fringe right’s obsession with Andrew Yang

In doing so, the neo-Nazi site rejoined a platform that has grown popular among American fringe groups and white supremacists.

It’s at that downtown party that Blue reaps the fringe benefits of being caught up in Leah’s world.

In doing so, the neo-Nazi site rejoined a platform that has grown popular among American fringe groups and white supremacists.

Think: a lot of fringe and ponchos.

Fuller fringe is perfect for fall, when there’s no sticky heat to get in the way.

fringe conspiracy theorist Alex Jones told the New York Times that he sometimes speaks to Trump on the phone.

There are fringe benefits to growing up.”

Moore is a fringe candidate on a major ticket, and he’ll likely continue to stoke controversy in the Senate.

Much of it has been in the water of the conservative fringe for some time, and was consistently utilized by the Tea Party.

Karen Templer’s fringe Association Co. is kind of like Goop for knitting.

“Gold ceilings, and gold lamps and gold floors and fringe.

Twitter has also suspended other known white supremacists, like fringe neo-Nazi Alex Linder, for the same reasons.

Until fairly recently, only a wonky fringe in Washington cared about this issue.

And it’s not just a fringe movement.

This isn’t a case of a fringe conspiracy theory.

(Both Trump and Goldwater eventually disavowed the KKK, but that did not stop fringe white supremacists from continuing to champion their candidacies.)

To wit: a blunt, straight-across fringe can create a sharp, angular frame, while soft, side-swept bangs deliver a more romantic look.

During the original Obamacare debate, for example, there would be various other proposals hanging out on the fringe, like bills that created single-payer systems.

Her performance electrified audiences in fringe theater, and Coel was asked to develop the idea for television.

Several writers at National Review who were already uncomfortable with Moore’s fringe views have attacked him and emphasized the credibility of the allegations.

She’s a bona fide supermodel who now dabbles in the faux fringe variety.

Despite her fringe beliefs, she regularly receives mainstream media attention as a purported representative of the Muslim voice.

Cruise through the Coachella-style staple and see if you can guess the sexy stars behind the famous fringe.

It sheds light on the philosophy toward fringe sexuality that informs a show worshipped by an army of zealous fans.

They could even be a fringe gateway — a way to test the waters before going for a bigger chop.

A small group of fringe individuals have alleged that tragedies such as 9/11 were perpetrated by the US government using directed energy weapons.

Clearly, fringe is in full swing, and there’s another set of bangs in town to prove it.

(Curious about the history of fringe?

Regardless, Hadid’s fringe is a surefire sign that the style— both real and faux — is here to stay.

Instead of directly spritzing product onto her hairline, he used the toothbrush to help evenly distribute the product and maintain hold in the fringe.

“Maybe it’s fringe speech.

But even in the best cases, the players who take the field during these pre-season matches are a mix of stars and fringe players.

San Francisco… The city sprawled out under his balcony was a cookie cutter of Slum and Green Zone separated by tense sections of fringe.

Darlene tried to take Elliot’s place when he went to prison, ruling fsociety and its new fringe supporters with an iron fist.

I don’t think there’s this radical left-wing fringe that cares about these issues.

That is very relevant to the mainstream political landscape, not so much the extreme, marginal fringe groups.

One fringe Hindu nationalist group in India held a victory gathering at New Delhi’s speakers’ corner on Wednesday.

Our immigration policy is defined by the vocal fringe of both political parties.

It stretches lashes thanks to a resin-and-polymer formula, elongating your fringe.

Interference fringe | Tallur L.N., now on view, will debut a towering installation inspired by Indian temple fragments.

Filling two multi-level galleries, Interference fringe | TALLUR L.N.

And oh, the fringe.

So much fringe.

Interference fringe | TALLUR L.N.

He was faux-Irish himself, with light brown fringe, freckles, and wistful eyes.

That leads to declines in voter turnout and, consequently, more opportunities for fringe parties and candidates.

He shook his fringe gravely.

These aren’t fringe people — these are people in the government.

A belief that was once on the fringe now appears to be the new black.

And it’s interesting how this viewpoint went from the fringe to the mainstream conversation.

“Astrology has always been a fringe subject.

I knew that regular reader of mine who messaged me in 2008 wasn’t part of the fringe; neither was he racist.

The difference this year is that Brazilians are no longer viewed as fringe competitors.

Does Hyland feel most comfortable channeling a tousled-and-tan Cali vibe or in edgy fringe and loads of dark liner?

“A fringe element,” she said, “has effectively taken over the Republican Party.”

He’s taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over one of America’s two major political parties.

They are nuisances to the court system and the municipal police, no doubt, but in terms of national security, fringe members of the group.

And it’s arguably true for all kinds of lefty fringe types whose views I’d find abhorrent (anti-vaxxers, say).

But Baidu has also offloaded businesses that it deemed to be fringe.

That leads to them proudly hosting fringe and extreme voices both because it fits their ideological self-conception and because it’s good programming.

For decades, the European Union was a fringe issue in British politics.

Ahead, see the amazing transformations and prepare to rethink fringe.

That was super fringe when I was 18 years old.

Thanks to its low-key color palette and ability to function as an actual blanket, this fringe option is a no-brainer.

Every frame of the cowboy offers a new movement, a shiver of fringe or flail of the arm.

In other words, homebrew weapons unite fringe causes.

Baldwin is also spicing up her new look by adding some fringe.

It’s a fringe element.

Adding or subtracting fringe, real or otherwise, can make you look like a completely different person.

While on the campaign trail, the formerly fringe lawmaker promised to crack down on crime and corruption and to jump-start the economy.

But they have, at least in recent years, tended to fizzle out quickly, or else been limited to fringe thought.

They’re not a little side fringe anything.

Not only is her new fringe the perfect length, but it’s also way versatile.

Rather, these are apocalyptic conspiracy theories pushed by a small fringe of people on the extreme far-right.

The day we launched, they said we were a fringe player and that we would never succeed.

Like I said, Bob at the time was just on the fringe of falling apart.

“Of course, there’s always been a paranoid fringe in our politics, steeped in racial resentment,” Clinton said in August.

They were people all the way from Israel and New York, from fringe groups,” she explains.

“The land prices in Los Angeles are driven by what happens on the fringe,” he said.

Nwaba might be a fringe guy who threaded the needle, or he might be an NBA bona-fide who just couldn’t catch a break.

Aquazzura points to the color, shape and silhouette, as well the fringe covering the toes to the tassel on the heel.

This fall, fringe was all over the runways, from the retro-mullet pairings at Jeremy Scott to the rockabilly clip-on bangs at Rochas.

Click through for the best new ways to rock fringe.

And wispy, subtle fringe it is not.

But fringe groups can also serve as an instrument to create friction within Russia’s rivals.

EU leaders have taken notice of Russia’s links to European fringe parties.

Peeking from behind a thick row of fringe, Weissman’s Violet is equal parts determined and plaintive.

But that seems like a pretty fringe case.

The American actress is best known for her roles on Suits and fringe (and, yes, being in a relationship with Prince Harry).

“This sort of cavernous, trollish, fringe society or subsection of society has been around for the entirety of the internet,” Decker said.

The identification of the 45th president with an ancient Middle Eastern potentate isn’t a fringe thing.

In fact, it’s a fringe right-wing conspiracy, an online movement known as the “Alt-right.”

“A fringe element has just taken over the Republican Party.”

In fact, it’s a fringe right-wing conspiracy, an online movement known as the “Alt-right.”

“A fringe element has just taken over the Republican Party.”

McMaster’s predecessor, retired Gen. Michael Flynn, had a (seemingly justified) reputation for being a loose cannon attracted to fringe political ideas.

It’s because that is seen as a fringe issue.

Or it could be fringe content, pre- or post-game material similar to the live interviews and analysis Twitter streamed around Wimbledon earlier this week.

My conversations with smart people lead me to believe it will probably nab more fringe content than game content, but talks are still ongoing.

He prefers to pay attention to the actual geography of Los Angeles and California, which he believes is literally and spiritually on the fringe.

It seems our doll Kylie Jenner’s unwavering love affair with ruffles and fringe has backfired.

The Lanna Cami fringe Jumpsuit was officially launched in February 2016, and was added to our website, available for customers to order.

The shirtless + fringe combo.

Just all of the fringe.

Of course, the black fringe hair accessory (likely a suggestion of her glam squad, the Streicher sisters) is lust worthy on its own.

“In reality, white supremacy, and certainly murderous white supremacy, is the fringe of the fringe in our society and any society,” Harris added.

But in reality, white supremacy, and certainly murderous white supremacy, is the fringe of the fringe in our society and any society.

Blame it on the model-approved shag haircut, but everywhere we looked this week, an “It” girl was sporting her own version of fringe.

Short or long, side-swept or eye-grazing, straight or curly, fringe is in.Click ahead for the raddest bangs spotted on the streets of NYFW.

And if you’re gonna link it up with Christianity, it is the fringe of the fringe of Christianity.

Well, there’s a symptomology to the people who believe entirely fringe things.

Not so long ago, facial acupuncture seemed completely fringe.

… but it is a fringe phenomenon in the United States.

Apple is currently bidding against HBO for J.J. Abrams’ first script since “fringe.”

Clarke just debuted a full, 360-degree hair makeover at a pre-BAFTA party, showing off darker strands, an unfussy shag cut, and wispy fringe.

fringe political parties in Europe that already believed in curbing globalization took advantage of that growing sentiment.

It could be her trademark black hair and super-short, blunt fringe.

The fringe movements in Europe, then, may not be on the fringe for much longer.

There’s something so edgy about short bangs, something so unspeakably sexy about a mussed-up, shaggy, grown-out fringe.

May the fringe be with you.

She sported a Balmain look that, as she later shared on Snapchat, actually made her bleed thanks to the hardware fringe.

However, they tend to be quite small and fringe, and they all go way, way further than Donald Trump.

Of course, many fringe fascists themselves like Donald Trump and view him as the best they’re going to get on a national scale.

These attacks are no longer relegated to fringe groups.

In addition to Flagpole’s signature colorblocking, the suits feature fringe detailing and ruffles on certain styles.

And I’m not talking about fringe rappers like Tyler, The Creator, either.

In its own way, though, Hustler’s content shed light on what was then the sexual fringe.

“There’s like leather pants with fringe on them,” she continued, but before admitting that there’s no one to blame but herself.

For the Edinburgh Festival fringe, the company presents a truncated version of of the piece titled Velvet Petal: Bedroom.

For our latest production to be further transformed for the Edinburgh Festival fringe feels like a fitting metamorphosis,” Darkin says.

For years, the KKK has been a marginal group on the outer fringe of American politics.

A lot of fringe.

A vocal fringe of U.S. parents cite concerns that the vaccine may cause autism, despite scientific studies that have debunked such claims.

“These fringe areas, like the Austin Chalk, could be the next big thing,” said Bernadette Johnson of DrillingInfo.

I’d heard this talk from fringe rightists before.

But judging by the way this convention is going, the fringe just might have a point.

(No fringe or faux-suede here.)

And that’s why the fringe right is celebrating.

Amid a wave of public support for Seder, MSNBC took heat for being influenced by fringe extremists who were targeting mainstream journalists.

A group of fringe “archaeologists” and self-proclaimed historians have been highjacking New Zealand’s media with tales of a pre-Māori European race.

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