Fries in a sentence | Use of the word fries examples

Then we have her burger, shake, and fries, which she continues to eat through the entire video!

Breakfast is an arid mountain of noodles, rice, fries, and seaweed.

Our hamburger arrives on a cutting board with waffle fries.

Is Fieri’s attention to tucking into beefy “real deal BBQ,” burgers, rings, and oozing fries on camera mediated by masculinity?

To assemble, place your fries on a platter.

Until, that is, they see a veiled woman eating French fries.

Speaking of epistemological crises, you’ve talked about is how an asymmetry between the parties fries the circuits of journalism.


You’d call them fries in America.

But, in my opinion, they’re usually chunkier and far nicer than standard French fries.

Irit cracks an egg into the middle and fries the sandwich on both sides in a grubby skillet on her double burner.

Special events, including two “mushroom fries” held by Fungal Fusion, have been used to attract crowds to the food truck hub.

Can I get a side of AI with those fries?

tray of loaded French fries, side of Boston Burger Company slaw, and side of Boston baked beans.

So we are very proud to announce that our dream has come true: Scientists have found that French fries can be good for you!

Most French fries in American restaurants are made in corn-based oils, which do not boast the same health-related benefits as extra-virgin olive oil.

At some point, my brother switches to wine and we order fries that I can’t eat.

I like to think of them as fishy French fries.

When I put the fries in my nose, I immediately panicked because I thought the salt was gonna make my nose bleed.

Add burgers and fries, and that’s a birthday with some serious kick.

His final meal included fried pork chops, fried ham, French fries, vanilla swirl ice cream and a can of Coke.

Some days, we sold almost no fries.

In Idaho, where potatoes are a way of life, you might think that fries or perhaps gratin would be on citizens’ minds.

The INSIDER Summary• While McDonald’s and Burger King offer equally delicious cheeseburgers, McDonald takes the win on french fries.

Can fries be called fries if they’re not fried?

These were definitely waffle fries.

I still don’t know what the purpose of differently-shaped fries is, but I don’t discriminate.

GRADE: A These were large, large fries, like the kind you get when you’re at a carnival or something.

These were the greasiest of all the fries I tried.

Here are their accounts of the fries.

Rachel said: “Those french fries!

They didn’t make the fries crispy, I did!

Anyway, I decided that Alexia’s extra fancy French fries tasted like rosemary and were fairly crispy.

God bless my mother, whose voice I would conjure in my mind to rid myself of the cravings for those reliably perfect fries.

Dr. Priya Khorana, doctor of nutrition education from Columbia University, recommended ordering your burgers without fries or ketchup.

Try spicy, cheese-covered fries at Portobello Market.

If you’re a fan of chips, try the “Lucifer fries” from expert chip-maker Poptata.

Snack on halloumi fries at KERB: King’s Cross.

A cheesy alternative to chips, Oli Baba’s deep-fried halloumi fries are served with za’atr yoghurt, pomegranate molasses, mint, sumac, and pomegranate seeds.

This includes “baked potato,” “french fries,” “potato cakes,” “baked potato,” and “potato soup.”

“My brown crab meat fries are one of my signature dishes,” says director Jim Thomlinson.

This pic raised some eyebrows over the weekend, but Halle shot the rumors down, saying, “Can a girl have some steak and fries??”

Khan fries two chopped garlic cloves in olive oil, while I finely chop abundant quantities of spinach, parsley, dill, coriander, and chives.

This should be settled faster than it takes to throw down animal style fries and a Neopolitan shake.

Located in the nearby ‘burb of Elmwood Park, the dipped beef, fries, and homemade Italian ice are legendary.

Lunch: a burger with fries and a soda at a restaurant on the slopes.

What, pray tell, is the more obvious accompaniment to any grilled main dishes than fresh cut French fries?

Ordering or not ordering French fries has moral weight.

Donkey’s Place—a third-generation, family-owned bar that serves cheesesteaks, fries, beverages and nothing else in Camden, New Jersey—was packed during a recent lunch rush.

I hope North Korea would become exactly like Vietnam, and maybe use it an example to follow for its own economic development,” fries said.

To each their own, but French fries are not a grab-and-go food, friend.

“It doesn’t get you free fries or anything,” he joked.

Just say no to street drugs, and yes to French fries and ice cream.

Just say no to street drugs, and yes to French fries and ice cream.

It became a popular stop in the predominantly Hispanic and Jewish neighborhood for cheese fries and fried chicken on the cheap.

It became a popular stop in the predominantly Hispanic and Jewish neighborhood for cheese fries and fried chicken on the cheap.

Espaillat immediately ordered a cheeseburger and fries, and Kihuen (pronounced kee-win) inquired about a dessert that he never ended up getting.

“This place is just nice,” he says between bites of french fries.

Five stories of Five Guy’s french fries.

For $11.99, you get a whopping 16-ounce beef stack with bacon, cheese, peppers, onion, mushrooms, and fries.

Don’t hesitate: Salute them with your miniature pitchfork made of French fries to identify yourself as a fellow metalhead, and then headbang away.

If you go to bed with French fries, you will lie there, thinking about what it means.

Don’t leave without orderings the pimento cheese fries.

Plus, their fries are so much better.

Sticking fries in the door handle or nuggets in the center console might be creative, but it works.

Let’s face it, Trump is feeling just as salty as Trump Grill’s overcooked fries.

She has changed almost nothing else about the brand, which prides itself on a simple menu of burgers and fries.

My party of two ordered a classic Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich, a Spicy Deluxe Sandwich, Chick-fil-A Nuggets, Waffle Potato fries, and a soft drink.

The Waffle Potato fries did not disappoint: crunch on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

“The people who feel the need to put mayonnaise on their french fries are happier than we are.

Smoked paprika eggs will remind you of diner home fries.

Diner eggs usually come with home fries cooked in oil and smoked paprika, so transfer those flavors to your eggs.

Everything from the vintage Gamle chairs to the menu—don’t even think about asking for French fries here—is Swedish.

The Grill is suing the Heart Attack Shack in Chattanooga for copying its name, its “Flatliner fries” and even its logo with EKG waves.

A burger, fries, and beer added up to $33.

That’s about the same amount of calories as a medium McDonald’s fries or a cup of vanilla ice cream.

Many people enjoy eating a plate of french fries, he argues, but no one enjoys paying more money for lower investment returns.

A lifelong programmer and tinkerer, fries also is also the creator of Halo 2600.

Ed fries Bungie was just the kind of developer I liked.

Ed fries We worked out the deal pretty much that I wanted with Take-Two—I really only cared about Halo and Bungie’s people.

Ed fries Nobody knew what was going to be successful.

Ed fries I would get, “Who’s your character?” You know, Sega has Sonic, Sony has Crash, obviously Mario for Nintendo.

Ed fries I had a whole wing of the Millennium Campus set up for Bungie.

Ed fries was a really good guy.

Ed fries I got an email from (Microsoft chief executive officer) Steve Ballmer, which was unusual for me.

He also hates Christmas, he says, the way McDonald’s employees hate french fries.

I could eat a whole plate of French fries.

A juicy hamburger and thick-cut French fries usually gives them the strength to move on.

“You’re Burger King and you don’t sell French fries?”

She finally concedes, walking out the door and into the night, still in search of medium French fries.

Do they just fly out a bunch of Animal fries to London?

I already got it in my head: Animal-Style fries, a cheeseburger with ketchup and mustard instead of sauce, and a Neapolitan shake.

As for his order — we’re told he got at least 50 burgers and fries.

Just for some context, a small fries from McDonald’s is 230 calories.

She fries them quickly, then swoops them onto a baking sheet to be smashed lightly with a spoon or the side of a knife.

Once they’re slightly flattened, she fries the plantains again for crispy, craggly bits around a soft, sweet interior.

I was so hungry I ate two Philly cheesesteaks, a McChicken, a fish filet, and large fries, and a drink.

“In any of these diets, people are cutting out saturated fat, doughnuts, french fries, all the bad things that promote inflammation.

So why not put some out on the table on taco night or slather some on some French fries?

“Quarter-pounder with cheese, apple pie, French fries.

Regardless of what you’re getting, make sure to order their waffle fries with their ten dipping sauces (or queso).

Dezeray Risner says that her daughter complained about her french fries tasting funny after a stop at a Huber Heights Wendy’s.

Police officers noted “green leafy vegetation” among the fries, and agreed that they possessed the “strong odor of marijuana”.

“Because of Cubbie’s support for our troops, we no longer serve french fries.

We now serve freedom fries,” a sign posted in the restaurant’s window explained.

“Americans are taking out their aggression on french fries and Bordeaux,” the comedian began.

For lunch — burger with french fries or baked potato.

And of course, french fries in cups bearing the presidential seal were plentiful.

Peter and I both ordered cheeseburgers and fries.

But will rainbow flags make flyers reconsider whether to spend their dollars on those waffle fries?

We’ve obtained additional video that shows Shia was going off about a bartender refusing to serve him french fries.

“We’ll be doing fish fries and barbecues to get people to the polls,” he said.

“There aren’t a lot of people who are sending back three-quarters of an order of French fries,” he said.

“If you eat French fries that way, you will probably be satisfied with ten.” Who hurt these people?

Were they pelted with handfuls of fries in a high school locker room, while their classmates pumped their fists and shouted “EAT IT UP!

On Tuesday, backlash to his “six fries” suggestion prompted him to post his eighth-ever tweet.

Insert gif of Edgar dunking his fries in a milkshake without saying a word here.

From This London Picklemaker Turns Slimy Vegetables into Bourbon-Fermented fries

No fries or McNuggets or even McFlurries.

It also introduced Fiery Chicken fries for a limited time after conducting similar tests.

As people who love French fries, baguettes, and pasta of any kind, we think Lim’s is a pretty solid argument.

He stole a stranger’s French fries — twice.

These were personal things such as “I still sleep with a night light” and “I eat french fries on my hamburger.”

Then, in 2016, Murray swiped fries again at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport and “gave everyone in the restaurant a good laugh.”

When left to the experts to prepare correctly, pork bung can be as enjoyable as a big plate of fries.

If you like wine, hot dogs and greasy fries as much as working out you’re gonna dig what she’s done here.

French fries?” she would yell enthusiastically when she picked me up from school.

The Upside Down Whopper Meal is literally just a regular Whopper but upside down, served with fries and a co-branded Coke.

Menu items include Cheetos-fied KFC Hot Wings, Cheetos Loaded fries, and a KFC Mac and Cheetos Bowl.

Consider the surprise a bonus lippie — like the extra french fries at the bottom of your takeout bag.E.L.F.

After marinating red salmon and chicken in light spices, she gently fries them in coconut oil.

Another key ingredient to Pete’s success is his French fries, which have won him accolades over the years.

The BK “Adults Meal” will include two Whoppers, two packs of French fries, two beers and and a “romantic ADULT TOY.”

The Italian tapas idea was quickly dropped, as was the possibility of offering diners burger and fries.

I don’t want to cook fries.

I don’t ever want to hear the words ‘Table Five want fries.’

Either way is delicious and the umami fries are nothing to sniff at either.

She has fun with an imagined affair with “Godzilla,” an unappreciated monster she bonds with over food court fries.

This week’s involves a drive-thru, chicken sandwiches, and French fries.

Chyna lets his fries fall on the floor of the car.

From This London Picklemaker Turns Slimy Vegetables into Bourbon-Fermented fries

No fine or prosecution, considering the owner’s cooperation and the quality of the fries of this mobile establishment.”

Anyone watching knows the fight isn’t about fries or the passenger’s responsibilities to the driver after a trip through the drive-thru.

(see above, not about the French fries.

Want a double cheeseburger without pickles and mayo with a side of fries and a Coke?


We did a blind taste test of popular french fries — the winner was clear

And Australia’s Burger Urge still offers a Donald Trump burger that is served with “a toupee of fries.”

It serves three versions of a basic burger, fries, and milkshakes in four flavors.

Unlike the chain’s signature french fries, AJ’s rumor did not pass the smell test.

A large plate of chicken nuggets and curly fries is brought to us, and 2D smiles like an emperor.

And her favorite foods are french fries and Brussels sprouts.Her on-set needs are basically the same as any office worker’s needs.

fries fights him, but his boss pushes him into cryogenic supplies, transforming into into Mr.

He orders haddock, and haggis, and French fries covered in cheese and curry sauce, each item the same vague yellow.

So, the answer is yes, Drake fans — you CAN get some fries with that shake.

“Wings, fries, and sides make up about 95% of what we sell.”

(Cheetos Burrito or Cheetos Chicken fries, anyone?)

The scariest clown not named Pennywise requested a dozen fried shrimp, a bucket of KFC chicken, fries, and a pound of strawberries.

Enjoy the chicken, fries, and strawberries, I guess.

Sweet potato fries dipped in caviar, of course.

Well, certainly not one that served McDonald’s French fries.

Both Bernie Sanders and former president Bill Clinton were spotted last Friday shaking hands and dunking fries at In-N-Out locations in Southern California.

(All interviews from here on out should involve me being asked: “Would you like any Chick-fil-A fries?

Sanders wagged a finger and ordered a cheeseburger, soda, and fries.

Clinton, on the other hand, ordered “at least 50 burgers and fries,” but didn’t eat them—he’s been a vegan for six years.

Here’s some more Content from this Brand: BIG IDEA 11/24: “fries And Deceit” A new spy mini-series!

In Brazil, it’s not hard to find pizzas topped with french fries, crab, beef stroganoff, and even sushi.

Just don’t forget the fries.

Never forget the fries.

Regina King had the best response to seeing some French fries.

I really like comfort food like chilaquiles and things that are crisp-tender: home fries, cornbread, pancakes.

French fries In the end, nothing can beat McDonald’s fries — especially in a combination deal scenario.

After Cheetos quesadillas, Cheeto chicken fries, and Mac ‘N Cheetos, we pretty much thought we’d reached peak Cheeto innovation.

There are two types of people in this world: those who order French fries and those who order tater tots.

The tater tot people have always been the underdogs when it comes to fried potato side dishes because so many restaurants only offer fries.

Whether you prefer burgers or chicken, fries serve as the natural accompaniment to your meal.

Not cool if you’re a non-BY fan who’s jonesin’ for fries at 3 AM.

Say hello to Burgrito’s, a restaurant that sells a burger and fries wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Taco Bell has had quite the year — bringing us Airheads Mystery Freezes, Cantina restaurants and branded merchandise, Cheetos burritos, quesadillas, and now fries?!

Admittedly, the unveiling of the Mexican chain’s new menu item gives us pause because French fries typically show up where there are hamburgers.

The fries can be purchased alone with a simple habanero-like seasoning or as the “loaded” version, complete with classic TB nacho fixings.

“Now, actually, the french fries raise themselves up out of the oil, which let me tell you is a major technological innovation!”

Each day, she turned down the free hamburger and fries she was entitled to as an employee.

And Americans old enough to remember the era have a bizarre nostalgia for the concept of “freedom fries.”

The 20-year-old took to Snapchat on Monday to document her delicious grilled cheese, complete with a side of fries and ketchup.

A long line at the drive-thru for cheeseburgers, fries, and milkshakes?

of Ballentine and a plate of glorious golden wings and fries, rocking a skully and some overpriced and oversized streetwear.

Pair your Hank burger with a side of okonomiyaki fries, a nice take on the Japanese-style pancake.

The menu, I am sorry to say, features no burgers and no fries.

After all, if our relationship with French fries or potato chips has anything to say about it, crispy potatoes are pretty damn amazing, too.

And if you still feel a bit guilty, just enjoy a massive basket of those fabulous fries.

Janssen recommends serving your okra fries with a crema dip of charred spring onions and sour cream.

French fries were fried in them, and they were even used in coffee creamers and microwave popcorn.

Without the nudity you could argue it’s like French fries without ketchup.

That’s right, curly fries.

“And who doesn’t love some curly fries?”

Well, to be fair we do love curly fries.

Want to unlock the secrets to the perfect crinkle cut fries?

My friend Ricardo and I are here to watch Monday Night Football and down piles of wings, fries, and beer.

Austin’s Plucker’s, with its 23 sauces and queso-smothered waffle fries, remains a personal favorite.

Some of the restaurant’s regulars were pissed—and they even threatened violence over the new, uncrinkled fries.

The restaurant, its hot dogs and, yeah, its fries had been a fixture in Waterville, Maine, since the early 1960s.

“The mechanics liked grilled chicken with fries.

I ate just about everything nutritionists would say no to—Big Macs, fries, McDonald’s pizza (remember those?

So the buzzkill doctor’s advice, as always, is to chill on the burgers, fries, and barbecue.

Either way is delicious and the umami fries are nothing to sniff at either.

Macedo said the company considered including two hot dogs in the combo deal, which pairs the dog with fries and a small fountain drink.

I arrive at McDonald’s hoping to be faced with a McJobbing teenager who will reluctantly ask whether I want fries with that.

But they did introduce the McKroket, which they served alongside the holy trinity of Dutch children’s birthday foods: chicken, applesauce, and fries.

The umami-filled bite is a great one, and it is only enhanced by a side of extra-crispy, waffle-cut sweet potato fries.

The franchise is even serving curly fries now!

The curly fries are just for, you know, snacking.

But he wasn’t visiting fish fries in Mobile or evangelical churches in Theodore.

“Since the fries are served hot, when you squirt on the sauce, the warm fries heat up the sauce.

Thankfully, though, the chain’s iconic crinkle-cut fries and frozen custards were unscathed by increases.

“You’re basic, bye,” “I feel like fries,” and “Where all the cute boys at?”

I get a soup and half sandwich, a Moscow mule (because birthday), and the table shares truffle fries.

We can officially get our fresh burgers with a side of fries, a frosty, and an ice cold snub.

It became a popular stop in the predominantly Hispanic and Jewish neighborhood for cheese fries and fried chicken on the cheap.

It became a popular stop in the predominantly Hispanic and Jewish neighborhood for cheese fries and fried chicken on the cheap.

This one says you appreciate practical sun protection—and French fries.

Tuna; French fries; strung-out celebrities ordering drive-thru Champagne; Mafia-led execution-style contract killings—that’s the stuff of childhood.

It’s slathered in bearnaise and comes with a mountain of fries on the side.

Start with the basic poutine — nice, squeaky cheese curds over fries, drizzled in gravy.

Or that he emptied his piggy bank to pay for his cheeseburger, fries, and McNuggets?

And now they’re getting free french fries?!

I’ve been to Oracle on a night they drop fries for fans.

Let’s hope those french fries heal that knee of his.

For a limited time, the burgers are available at IHOP locations with unlimited fries and a drink starting at $6.99.

“Once it was verified he was working, they had to ask for their fries extra crispy.”

The police in Epping seem intent on keeping the fries limp and soggy—and the Burger King drive-through drug free.

She was simply fired, as was fries.

But French fries, the golden slices of fried starch that so effectively soak up the one-too-many beers consumed on awkward Tinder dates?

And then I’d go to Chick-fil-A and get two Chick-fil-A sandwiches with fries and a soda.


Because of my dad, McDonald’s has sold way more fries, way more American cheese, way more pickles (and Cokes).

I wouldn’t dream of eating fries without you.

I like that the discussion about French fries evolves around their shape, whether they should be crinkle cut.

The stew is garnished with mushrooms and corn, and tucked, upon request, into a wrap, along with coleslaw and fries.

He naps in a pineapple and really likes french fries.

Butternut Squash fries Not all fries are created equal — skip the sweet potato and bake up a butternut batch.

To add some spice, they are served with Sidewinder fries (curled like the snake) or Kettle Chips.

I get chicken tenders and some fries, and my boyfriend offers to pay.

I decide on a cheeseburger sack and sidewinder fries, though I opt out of a $9.99 refillable souvenir bottle.

I get a cheeseburger and cheese fries, and a mint cookie milkshake for the walk home.

At the moment we spoke, the game was secondary to a mountain of garlic fries.

I get avocado toast with sunny side up eggs, bacon, and home fries.

2 Double Meat Whataburger, and an A1 Thick and Hearty Burger — all with fries, of course, plus a strawberry shake.

The french fries are surprisingly good.

These are a step above the often soggy fast-food fries I’m used to.

But it’s not a lasting heat, so it’s absolutely perfect for scarfing down a serving of fries without burning your mouth out.

It’s freedom fries and liberty cabbage.

The classic Whataburger meal with fries cost $5.84, the Double Meat Whataburger meal cost $6.99, and the A1 Thick and Hearty cost $5.59.

You made my ladies very happy with the burgers, fries and shakes and that’s what it’s all about.”

She’s fully prepared to storm off and leave him there — until a plate of cheese fries shows up at Kevin’s table.

Cheese fries are the cure for even the most broken of relationships.

Usually, the only condiment of choice if you’re eating fries at Wendy’s is a Frosty.

Bacon Ranch fries just dropped at fast food chain, and we’re more than a little intrigued.

The Wendy’s website suggests pairing the Bacon Ranch fries with its Asiago Ranch Chicken Club.

BrandEating notes that the Bacon Ranch fries are Wendy’s worthy follow-up to its Bacon Sriracha fries, which made their debut in November.

Pass those sweet potato fries.

I snack on her cheese fries and order a Lonestar Beer.

Goes along with that, like a side effect, like fries on the side of your order.

If nothing else, it at least disproves the theory that McDonald’s fries cure baldness.

For lunch, it’ll be burgers — with a choice of fries or a baked potato — and fruit.

A bottle of BBQ sauce gets passed around from person to person, each drowning their meat and fries in the sauce.

From the photo, it looks like Kendall picked up a cheeseburger, McNuggets, French fries, and plenty of dipping sauces as a “Congratulations, Kanye” gift.

It appears McDonald’s has underestimated Toronto Raptors’ fans appetite for french fries in Ontario.

Coolen said they have given away approximately 2 million orders of fries, but that number is still growing.

Customers must download and use the McDonald’s app to redeem their free french fries, which hopefully will keep customers invested going forward.

While these home fries are a local legend, Nick is the first to admit it’s not his family’s recipe.

Make homemade sweet potato fries and turkey burgers for the boyfriend and I.

The film also gives us another fraught pair in Bina and Jerry, who begin the film sitting across a diner table, munching on fries.

3 p.m. — A couple of us are still hungry, so we decide to split a burger and fries from Bareburger.

$11.89 9 p.m. — We get dinner at a sushi place, where I order French fries (which is weird).

I have no willpower and I stop to get a large fries and Dr. Pepper.

The fries are subpar but the translations of the sushi roll names into English make up for it.

fries, especially when you have six large versions of them, are meant to be used as a condiment in all burgers.

And so to speed up the process of eating all this food I dashed a load of fries in the hamburger and plowed in.

For the record, according to BuzzFeed, Annalicia ordered a teriyaki chicken burger and fries.

I order a glass of red wine and a burger with fries.

When I think of French fries, I think of American fast food (so really, quite the opposite of French).

fries were instead delicately munched at sit down restaurants — in turn becoming less fast and more French (with truffle oil and Parmesan).

Then Chuck eats some loaded fries and a big sandwich.

Those fries looked good.

(Don’t get the French fries.)

The couple then splits the fries that come with his combo.

A typical breakfast includes eggs, home fries, grits, various breakfast meats including bacon, turkey sausage, turkey ham and turkey Kabasa, and pancakes.

I order a rice platter and we split an order of french fries.

Civil servants passed around fries, mayonnaise, and cigarettes while glued to news on their phones or calling their families across Europe.

“Even fries can calm the soul, eh?

and then having a conversation over McDonald’s fries about how Philip is basically an absentee dad.

Instead, the need for ketchup was implied, using photos of foods that could be enhanced with the condiment, like French fries and burgers.

I was only concerned that the fries would be flabby,” Aye says.

For starters, it’s pretty damn lovely on its own, with some French fries.

That means you can go in and order your regular Big Mac and fries, but you can also add a McPizza.

Extra French fries at the bottom of a take-out bag?

Come for the old-fashioned, stay for the disco fries.

Perks include vegan-friendly options plus some clutch sides, including hummus (don’t ask why, you’re drunk anyway) and fries.

They capped off the visit by going across the street for burgers and fries at In-N-Out.

If you’ve got bio [organic] this and bio that and bio fries, it gets to be a bit much.

We’ve also been doing steak and fries.

After they made their way through the drive-thu, Gomez excitedly scarfed down French fries in the front seat.

We serve it on a pile of truffle-parmesan fries.

Always chips, preferably skinny fries.

This is exactly what the chain did with its now-popular chicken fries.

French fries were renamed freedom fries, and John Kerry was lambasted for ordering the wrong kind of cheese on his cheesesteak.

In the case of fries vs Roe, the state finds in favour of the defendant, a Ms Saul T. Schnacks.

It can’t be any more gross than dipping her fries in ranch dressing.

Rainbow Drive-In

At the Rainbow Drive-In in Honolulu, Hawaii, burgers and fries are replaced by fried pork cutlets and macaroni salad, Hawaii-style.

We head to a local bar and I eat a spicy halibut sandwich and fries, and swill two margaritas.

Burgers have fries.

We’re told guests were served chicken, pasta, burgers and fries and salad … not just a gnarly cheese sandwich.

Under the Reciprocal Trade Act, Trump could retaliate and impose a 30 percent tariff on frozen french fries coming from Thailand.

Eggs would take up grill space and hash browns would require fryer baskets throughout the day when most customers order burgers and fries.

For instance, a baby chick cutter could be used to make a paper cone of French fries.

Long story short, fries does reproduce the Easter egg.

Pages upon pages filled with burgers, pillowy potato buns, crinkle cut fries, custard shakes, and above all else — the secret Shack Sauce recipe.

), listen up because we have a PSA: McDonald’s is currently serving curly fries.

As if we needed an excuse to update our fries ranking.

Not to mention, they come complete with a badass name: Twister fries.

At this point, as Mum stares out the window and eats French fries, we begin to question the reliability of the narrator.

Could summer 2017 be the summer of Twister fries?

The epic sandwich gets topped with a pair of mini pickles and sits atop a bed of fries.

And why would ketchup ever side with a salad bar over their best homies, the French fries?

French fries are evil.

Kim Kardashian recently wrote on her website about her affinity for the chain’s fries and Chicken McNuggets dipped in honey.

I ate french fries off a stand in Bruges.

He has created fermented rice ketchup, which is white rather than red, and its applications extend beyond fries and burgers.

Certainly high up on the list would be a cheeseburger and French fries.

Yext is “helping them generate a lot of curly fries,” said Lerman.

This week: an entrepreneur who makes $17,500 per year and spends it on sweet potato fries.

Second best, according to @tallmaurice is shoestring, and he placed regular fries in first.

Specifically, people really had a problem with where he placed curly fries on the list.

Ingredients traditionally include slap chips (fries), ketchup, polony, and piri piri sauce.

The Brits keep it simple with fries between buttered white bread and a spot of ketchup or brown sauce.

If eating french fries is wrong, these Twitter users don’t want to be right.

“If you love french fries, make them a once-in-a-while treat.”

Delish reports that the fast-food chain is celebrating Pride Month with special-edition rainbow boxes for its signature French fries.

The actual French fries are the same McD’s fries that you know and love.

This week: a writer who makes $95,000 per year and spends some of it on truffle fries.

Another person actually used a small order of McDonald’s french fries, which is *chef’s kiss.

According to Dunkin’ Brands CEO David Hoffman, Donut fries “quickly became one of the best-performing limited-time offer bakery items in recent brand history.”

Also pictured: two seitan cheesesteaks, cheese fries, smoked habanero buffalo wings.

Imagine dipping fries or McNuggets in some guac.

“Can a girl have some steak and fries???”

Knock some rupees off the price of a sandwich, fries and a drink, and a restaurant wins itself some enhanced discoverability.

Hold the fries.

The food is weird in a very, very good way (Pickled fries?

I chose things like curly fries, a golden retriever, and nude nail polish and got Kim Kardashian.

For just $3.99 — the same price as Shake Shack’s crinkle-cut fries topped with cheese — diners can enjoy a fry basket designed for sharing.

McDonald’s classic fries (you know you love ’em) get topped with cheddar cheese sauce and applewood-smoked bacon.

International McD’s have had the smothered fries on the menu for a while now.

McDonald’s Mexican locations have cheddar and bacon-topped fries on the menu.

China and Australia have had smothered fries, too, with flavors ranging from Italian to salsa and guacamole.

Snackwave, the Internet movement that peaked a couple of years ago, fetishized and exalted burgers, fries, burritos, and especially pizza.

They also have carne asada fries, and pollo asada fries.

Maybe it’s because, unlike French fries, foundation is so easy to get wrong.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to convince them to give you a side of fries topped with the same goodies.

A mixture of fresh cut fries topped with cheese curds and smothered in gravy, poutine is the most popular dish at The Moose.

While we may initially equate fast food restaurants with burgers and fries, most of these speedy stops also shell out soft serve.

Everyone loves saying how pretty the fries are but I love a hashbrown.”

“[Luna] hasn’t had a happy meal yet, but she loves fries.

Now, Chrissy Teigen let us know another thing Luna loves just as much as her mom, and that’s eating French fries.

She said, “She loves French fries, like, she’s a kid.

(The rules also called for a reduction in starchy vegetables, e.g., French fries.)

I’m like, ‘You used to eat your French fries plain!’ Now she needs condiments.”

Amidst the chaos, Nairn starts repeating “chicken and fries” until his words start sounding like “chicken and rice.”

The fries, though, were without a doubt the stars of the photoshoot.

It’s just got “2018” spelled out in fries and ketchup.

The only drawback, though, is that this time, the fries are even further from the United States.

We’ve got how-to videos and recipes from experts like Shake Shack’s Culinary Director, Mark Rosati, on how to create homemade French fries.

The McDonald’s Singapore Instagram account explains that they’re being officially called “criss-cut fries,” and they won’t be around for long.

The waffle fries are lightly battered and cut for maximum potato goodness.

Customers have taken to Twitter to express their love for the snack, calling the fries “amazing.”

Surely, more waffle fries can only be a good thing.

Luna also loves French fries, but even more than that, she loves ketchup.

She sent gossip blogs into a frenzy after cradling her “baby bump” (which she says was just the aftereffect of steak and fries).

There will be fries with that.

Today, the New York Times uncovered a dark truth: French fries are not healthy.

It’s not just fries that have the man’s heart, either: chili and ice cream are also celebration-worthy.

Not a commitment to fries, but enough to have partaken in frydom.

I am certainly not advocating this be the only option: Full orders of French fries should, of course, continue to exist.

fries are delicious, and foods do not have inherent moral value.

Consider the following: You are at dinner with a companion, who has ordered fries.

Perhaps three fries.

What if you, a self-sufficient individual, could just order your own three or six or nine fries?

You, a person who wants fries, have ordered the fries.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just order a side salad with a side-side of fries?

Let’s focus on fries — a handful, a sampling, a six-pack of fries.

“I’d give him a nickel or just buy both of our fries.

Snag a “fries Before Guys” pin — and one for your BFF, too.

Maybe it’s because of those chili cheese fries.

No, Auto-Trash does not mean wrappers and french fries lingering on the floor of your car.

The food is weird in a very, very good way (Pickled fries?

Earlier this year, Halle Berry was also reportedly pregnant with a food baby, joking on Instagram, “Can a girl have some steak and fries??”

“They have the best french fries in the world, greens, cornbread, and of course Ms. Sally’s famous lemon pound cake.

You know how tasty zucchini fries are when coated in parmesan cheese?

That’s “more salt than four portions of McDonald’s fries,” the report stated.

My friend gets a platter with ribs, wings, and fries.

The kids pick at his food, talk down to him and play with his fries.

A spokeswoman said: “We’re lovin’ the love for McDonald’s World Famous fries.

Yes, you read that correctly, the 91-year-old monarch is tangentially involved in burgers, fries, and Happy Meals.

Or I could decide that “changing myself” means not putting ketchup on my french fries.

All I want is a burger and fries, but instead we have to do a full sit-down lunch.

Cover with fries, drizzle with the rocoto crema, and sprinkle with the scallion greens.

The Nima is designed to be an extra safeguard for questionable times (are those french fries gluten free?

The strategy has been successful, with limited-time items like Chicken fries and Mac N’ Cheetos helping to boost sales.

A very on-brand pink food truck that reads “Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries” along the side.

It came with overcooked woody batons called “fries”—how can someone mess up fries?—and ketchup masquerading as Heinz.

Fey wasn’t the only Mean Girls cast member to celebrate the big day, though she was the only one serving free fries.

Omelets, home fries, and fruit.

Pass the chili cheese fries.

I guess there’s also a baseball game going on … but I make a second trip for another hot dog and cheese fries.

Hubby orders appetizers and his dinner: chips with queso, salsa, guacamole, calamari, a Cobb salad and pickle fries.

Lyn and their son decided to take a walk to a nearby restaurant to get milkshakes and fries.

That tests much better with the word “freedom.” Yes, I really just enjoyed my freedom fries recently.

The idea of the preyed-upon consumer controlled by the capitalist monolith is highlighted in Yoshua Okon’s Freedom fries.

This week, she spends some of her money on a large order of Jack in the Box curly fries.

We discuss it, but laziness wins out and he agrees to just get chili cheese fries from Amy’s.

He gets animal fries from In-N-Out and I get curly fries from Jack in the Box.

I honestly don’t like the In-N-Out fries very much and I haven’t had curly fries in years.

In America, we are blessed with many different types of French fries to enjoy with our burgers or even on their own.

They’re extra-long French fries, and we just discovered their existence thanks to a recently posted video from Insider Food.

Insider Food’s video highlights an Australia-based restaurant called Harajuku Gyoza, which serves French fries that are over a foot long.

The strips are fried like regular fries and voila!

You’ve got long-ass French fries.

Where do you supposed extra long French fries will fall among the many different classifications of fries for you?

(When Americans do eat vegetables, fully half of them are tomatoes and potatoes — often in the form of sugar-laden ketchup and greasy fries.)

The only way we can afford to eat here is the $5 burger and fries special.

I wanted to get a cheap burger and fries, but my coworker knows the chef and insists that we can get a free meal.

Justin Bieber plays overhead and the menu offers a raw kale salad and root fries with wasabi sauce.

Fans of chicken nuggets, French fries, and in-car dining have reason to celebrate.

The movie theater also sells food, so I buy a hot dog and fries for $12.

It will set you back £4.79, or £5.79 with fries and a drink.

I’d get all my friends and family to come, and we’d all eat French fries there or pancakes.

We go to the original location in Madison Square Park and order bacon cheeseburger and loaded fries.

And afterward, we’re going to eat French fries at a restaurant.

Parmesan Roasted Carrots Forget potatoes, let’s make carrot fries.

Like French fries, pizza, pancakes, and lasagne.

(When she tweeted about the ads, she jokingly asked if she could be paid in fries.)

Taco Bell may add french fries to its menu, and good luck getting your friends to go anywhere else when they do.

Honestly, why doesn’t Taco Bell serve french fries?

A few days later, McDonald’s brought back Bacon Cheese fries, too.

I get medium fries and sweet tea ($3.55).

The phrase “shelf-stable French fries” doesn’t exactly make us hungry.

So it stands to reason that if you’re a fan of crispy French fries, a bag might be worth a try.

But if you’re on team soft French fries, then you might want to stick to keeping chips and fries as different sides.

I pay for my cheeseburger and his 3 x 3 plus Animal Style fries for both of us.

I go to the food court to get sweet potato fries and a rice pilaf dish.

I insist on paying for half of “her” fries because I definitely ate half of them.

I trade a bite of my burger for some of T.’s french fries.

The “bad” foods generally remain fixed: burgers, fries, chocolate chip cookies.

I’d note, under a shot of lobster and fries.

Considering the fact that french fries and burritos are the unofficial favorite meals of America (how could they not be?

I do eat the seasoned fries though because they’re delicious.

Steak and french fries, nice and French.

She eats French fries.

Uy fries in organic palm shortening.

Two eggs, hash browns, toast, home fries, bacon, and OJ for only $5.50!

I wasn’t hungry so I ended up just getting an order of fries.

I decide to bake seasoned sweet potato fries.

Laugh loudly, with your mouth full of fries, at anyone who tries to criticize you for it.

That’s right, French fries are coming to Taco Bell.

Today, the Tex-Mex chain announced that it would soon introduce Nacho fries at locations nationwide.

In a press release, Taco Bell calls the Nacho fries “the most-anticipated menu item release of the year.”

Much like chili cheese fries, the dish starts with crispy French fries, but these are dusted with Mexican seasoning.

Rumors that Nacho fries were coming to Taco Bell have been swirling for over a year.

Nacho fries are the first of 20 new $1 menu items the chain is planning to introduce in 2018.

My boyfriend makes the coffee and fries up a regular sausage for himself.

$32.98 7:30 p.m. — My boyfriend is cooking sweet potato fries, and I make salad with spinach, corn, and cheese.

I also made a quick batch of sweet potato fries.

We get nachos, fried calamari, fries, and a pretty strong punch bowl to share.

M. and I got two Chicago-style dogs and a regular fries to share.

The item’s description reads “Add extra French fries to your entree, and fried chicken wings (2) or fried cheese sticks (3).”

The four of us get a cheeseburger and fries to share, and I wish that was one of our actual meals.

I would’ve been so content eating a full cheeseburger and order of fries myself.

Even the burger van at the Raffles Rumble was posh, selling Vietnamese duck and pork burgers, and truffle fries for more than £10!

We order enough food for a crowd: three pizzas, three dozen wings, two quesadillas, two orders of fish fingers, and three baskets of fries.

The bash offered up some good grub … Kobe cheeseburger sliders, truffle fries, chips and fresh guac and pizza.

Everybody had the munchies and was standing around gobbling up fries and other fried snacks.

It went from one fry to two fries, and before I knew it, all kinds of fried foods were flying through the air.

They came served with absolutely banging fries.

I didn’t order fries but I think the cashier made a mistake (or was really nice/flirty!)

For her part, Zervos claims to have known what Trump ordered in his hotel room that night: a $24 club sandwich and fries.

Taco Bell has officially launched its new menu item, Nacho fries.

The now-available $1 Nacho fries are like regular fries except that they’re dusted with what Taco Bell has dubbed, Mexican seasoning.

Depending on how you order them, the fries also come with a “dippable side” of nacho cheese.

First, let’s talk about the cut of these fries.

On the modern end, there’s lamb ribs paired with beefy French fries and deep-fried yak sausages.

I also prepared a frozen pepperoni pizza, some french fries, and baby carrots as vessels to usher the ranch into my taste buds.

We grab chicken tenders and fries and my boyfriend gets another beer.

I liked it best with the fries because I think it added a little bit of much needed pizzazz.

In addition to its burgers, Whataburger serves “Whatachicken” sandwiches, patty melts, fries, and onion rings.

My BF meets us at the second restaurant and orders beer and fries.

Don’t forget the fries, Dan.

Angelina Jolie ain’t whipping up any boring meatloaf for her brood … instead she fries up a nice fat, juicy tarantula!

One character, Charlotte (Liv Lisa fries), is a regular at a gay bar, where patrons regularly cross-dress.

I inhale a yogurt because I haven’t eaten anything except a few French fries since lunch.

Both athletes spent the night of the opening ceremony having an uplifting heart-to-heart over In-N-Out double-doubles and animal-style fries.

We all get drinks, and my friend and I split chicken lettuce wraps to offset the large portion of French fries we ordered.

We’re gonna need supersized fries … ’cause that’s a lot of shake.

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