Free in a sentence | Use of the word free examples

I felt really free,” Tompkins told me.

There are a couple free, legal options, and several more if you want to pay.

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Doug Burgum: The private sector, free markets and technology are all huge positive forces that have literally helped change the world.

“How can you be a professional basketball player and miss over half your free throws?”

First, he fired in a sweet free kick with his left foot.

Obviously, ideas about free expression — including the right to hold and express hideous views — have evolved a great deal.

The point of matzah isn’t that eating it makes you feel free.

“Some people thought the odds of Kobe Bryant showing up today were the same as Shaq sinking a free throw.”

The opening party featuring Rainbow Jail is free, but please register.

Government plans could also free officials jailed for corruption, as well as prisoners with short jail sentences.

People who are fans of free markets also tended to not believe in climate change.

Feel free to call me any time even before 20th January that is before I assume my office.

Much of the student population is poor and underserved — about 80 percent of kids qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.

Nearly 180,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records, ordered deported from our country, are tonight roaming free to threaten peaceful citizens.

I will work hard to repeal that language and to protect free speech for all Americans.

But to do that, we must break free from the petty politics of the past.

When Paris is Burning was scheduled for a free screening in a New York City park last summer, it re-opened old wounds.

free movement and acceptance of EU regulations are preconditions of EEA membership.

“I was always around and helping emerging artists because they wanted to get on my shows for free just to show themselves,” he remembers.

No problem: Fox will stream the game, for free, at

The thinking is that free Basics will allow an American gatekeeper (Facebook) to pick the winners and losers.

Australia has no underlying safeguards for free speech in its constitution.

[Kara Swisher] The Facebook free speech battle, explained.

Kathiresan’s team is hoping to build a free tool for people to assess their coronary artery disease risk in this manner.

Cisero doesn’t get paid by Teami Blends, but instead struck a deal where she gets free tea in exchange for her posts.

During the Belle Époque, the city made its name as a center of free expression in the aftermath of the Franco-Prussian war.

I was initially drawn to the Ink Cap Press table by their offer of free basil with every zine purchase.

Ink Cap Press, however, is much more than free basil.

Zoa comes out polished; free from the blemishes characteristic of cowhide.

Trumka had also questioned Trump’s Saturday tweet that there was no need to keep Canada in the North American free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

In some cases free of charge.”

This leads him to assume that Europe will always be peaceful and stable, and international trade will always be free and open.

Judges are a vital part of the rule of law, and the free press is important in any democracy.

So he made backing away from free trade, and moving toward protectionism, a major part of his inaugural address.

Meanwhile, even if Wall Street does reward HBO for breaking free of Time Warner, it may punish Time Warner for losing HBO.

When he’s done, it’ll free him up to do a nightly show.

One is, when we finished rolling out all of them, which they are … It’s free.

Tearing up free trade agreements like the US pacts with China could very well slow economic growth or even trigger a recession.

It’s free.

A material connection means that a brand is paying or giving free product to an artist or celebrity.

Let’s say Kathy Griffin does her apology and now everyone who has this free download can look at the video.

So anyway, I want to get people to use the app and let me repeat again, it’s a free download.

You don’t get nothing for free.

“Better still, unlike the US, healthcare in Canada is mostly free.

Each candidate has also backed some form of free or debt-free college education.

I’m free to be who I want.”

Canada, the United States and Mexico are renegotiating the North American free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The Toronto Maple Leafs avoided letting forwards Kasperi Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson become restricted free agents, signing both to contract extensions on Friday.

Both were eligible to become restricted free agents on July 1.

Can’t really blame ’em, though … newborns need their rest, and new parents need some free time, every now and then.

“A way to get yourself free crypto.

Belinelli’s new team, the hard-tanking Atlanta Hawks, should be all for eventually setting him free.

Trump’s opposition to free trade is at odds with the views of many Republicans, especially in the party’s business wing.

The weekend event is open and free to the public.

(It’s mostly paywalled though patient information summaries are free, and again, it has no advertising.)

I could also fly back home to Sweden, she told me, where health care is next to free.

They play fast, open, free, unencumbered—that’s how basketball should be, how life should be.

They are free.

Kenny played it cool when we asked if he got an appearance fee — but, then he gave us a free show.

Tibetan exiles see China’s growing power as the biggest hurdle to their dream of securing a “free” homeland.

A convicted murderer can then go free and unpunished by the courts because of the settlement.

Riot police scuffled with some of Tuesday’s protesters in a bid to free up back-logged traffic.

Our baby Argentine, though, crossed the border for free.

Or just give me some free shit.

(Does excess free time lead to drug use, or do users find it tougher to hold onto a job?)

(Xbox users are directly warned the exact costs of all their purchases, while free purchases are clearly marked as “free.”)

Even though I have been drug and alcohol free for over 2 years, I still struggle with the depression.

The United States, by contrast, has long taken more of a free market approach to drugs.

I don’t, but I think there’s a breadth of interest out there that the free sites aren’t serving, that we’re serving.

Today they are free,” Trump said in a statement released by the White House.

We don’t expect to go to the movies for free.

We treat news as some separate thing that’s sort of free until otherwise proven it should be paid.

Although the free talk is taking place at USC, the exhibition is at the Ben Maltz Gallery, Otis College of Art & Design.

Asian-American rock group, The Slants, are free and clear to trademark their name after a Supreme Court ruling in their favor.

For now they are behaving as if they are a free publication, but that’s not the plan.

Monday, the Supreme Court said that law violates free speech, and therefore the trademark should be granted.

I remember Roger McNamee wanted us to create a free one at when he bought that for a couple years.

Make MOCA free.

Vaxelaire is hopeful the proceeds will enable the Lot Radio to remain independent and free from brand sponsorship.

My Grandmother’s Lingo is available free online at SBS.

Russia must ensure free passage through waterways and it should not act in an disproportionate way,” she added.

Obviously, you’re free to laugh at a brand’s April Fools’ Day joke if you need a laugh.

The opera is free with museum admission and the gallery isn’t closed off during the 20-minute show, allowing for curious passersby to wander in.

Nothing is ever free, especially on the internet.

h/t Reddit [Detroit free Press]

I felt really free!

So, we’ve been very clear, we believe in free trade with reciprocal terms that leads to more balanced trade relationships,” he said.

“There is a solid understanding among the global community that free trade is important,” Haruhiko Kuroda, Japan’s central bank governor, told reporters.

“We are convinced that free trade is the best solution to guarantee the well-being of our peoples.

They’ll be free to go into schools, courts, and hospitals to apprehend immigrants, if that’s what they feel they need to do.

Dedicated kink venues—actual safe spaces free from stigma and hostility—cultivate a less insular, more sociable scene than social media or dating apps ever can.

Among the students’ demands in 1989 were a free press and freedom of speech, disclosure of leaders’ assets and freedom to demonstrate.

You’ll also get a free coffee credit to go toward some pods for your new machine.

Right now, Nectar is offering $125 off and two free premium pillows with the purchase of a mattress.

But the chaotic processing system has left many uncertain about when they will be free to move on.

They were free to criticize a law that none of their fellow party members had supported.

But the chaotic processing system has left many uncertain about when they will be free to move on.

On the rare occasion I find myself with free time, I research creators and attempt to fill in some of the blanks.

“I won a Prince Harry look-alike competition and got free flights for a year.

He brings a “fair trade,” not free trade, attitude to trade relationships and agreements.

free Play is a place where we write about interesting, entertaining or enlightening free games you can play right now.

This Little Planet is available free on Windows via

I like a fairly pristine environment, free of clutter, so that I can focus on the task at hand.

The tender seeks corn (maize) free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Then feel free to email me at or contact me via Twitter (my DMs are open).

Is it making us less happy, less free, less connected?

“They hit the lottery and they got a billboard in Times Square for free on Instagram.

Voronenkov told Radio free Europe in February that he had been helping prosecutors build a case against the deposed Ukrainian president.

The new designs are rolling out Thursday as part of a free app update.

That’s the consequence of that free speech they’re always talking about.

Trump’s hostile stance toward free trade could spark a full-blown trade war and destabilize the global economy, the firm added.

Trump’s hostile stance toward free trade could spark a full-blown trade war and destabilize the global economy, the firm added.

Voronenkov told Radio free Europe in February that he had been helping prosecutors build a case against the deposed Ukrainian president.

Well, it was opposite the free needle clinic, as you’ll remember.

So, to have an open-source, free kind of browser … Now, why did I say picking the right goal is so important?

You want to look free enough to not wear socks, but you also want a layer of cotton between your feet and your shoes.

No-show socks will keep your feet from getting stinky while leaving your ankles free as a bird.

Developers paid the rent-controlled curmudgeon $17 million and gave him a free massive pad overlooking the park in a legendary buyout.

Being able to have free use of the camera has made everything so much better.”

There’s no internet company that’s not re-examining and focusing on their use of data to offer free services.

Bush ran as a “compassionate conservative” and staunch advocate of free trade.

How quickly he fell from reportedly seeking a nine-digit payday to a free agent journeyman trying to prove he can still compete.

Anyone can watch movies on the site for free with a membership to one of thousands of partner libraries.

Though the free agent market didn’t match his confidence, Bautista remained steadfast that he can still compete at the highest level.

History is inert, a congealed mass of free market and libertarian-leaning politics, a stinking fatberg in ideology’s own sewer pipe.

However most of them have robust public programming, and most of that seems to be free.

He served as an informal envoy to Syria for the Clinton administration and worked as a negotiator to help free US hostages in Lebanon.

The only downside to these entrancing videos is that they don’t loop, but feel free to hit replay as many times as possible.

The event is free, but RSVP is required, and seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

“Please feel free to bring ur wife, partner or just a date.

Listen to “Chapo: Kingpin on Trial” for free on Spotify.

She loved 80s hardcore and got heavily into left politics, spending her free time campaigning and attending rallies.

Please feel free.

That won’t always make you friends, but it could set you free.

The idea of NPTN was, effectively, to treat these free networks and local outposts in a similar vein as the public library.

The services that did stick around, with few exceptions, have moved away from offering community internet for free.

A gift card

If your girl is a cinephile, give her the gift of free movies.

General Motors is sending Mexican made model of Chevy Cruze to U.S. car dealers-tax free across border.

“The only thing that proves he is free is that he returns.

Hopeful attendees enter a lottery for tickets, which are free but in very high demand.

How can tickets to such a big production be kept free to the public?

These prepared and processed meals tend to be low in fiber, or even fiber free.

Details are here: ReversePhone Lookup: SearchBug free Listings: Find your information here:

“It’s really only in Republican-governed states where this has taken place.” For most of American history, elections have not been free or fair.

What if public university systems are swamped with applicants now that they’re free?

Some wondered why Delle Donne didn’t simply wait until she reached unrestricted free agency.

The reporters looked at different facets of the issues, from labor to free speech to the international impact of a fictional

Delle Donne’s rookie contract ended on February 1, making her a restricted free agent after four years in the league.

If she’d signed a one-year deal in Chicago and played out 2017, she’d have become an unrestricted free agent next year.

After all, seeking free trade and a globalized market has certainly helped US companies sell products abroad, rebuild foreign nations, and make America wealthy.

“For decades, the leaders of both parties preached the gospel that free trade was a rising tide that would lift all boats.

Ares swings his sword, and Diana catches it between her bare palms and breaks free of her bonds.

Trump campaigned in part on bashing free trade, and some of his toughest challengers in the Democratic primary are fierce skeptics of it.

Trump has threatened on many occasions in the past to terminate the existing free trade agreement altogether if a new deal can’t be reached.

As an heiress with a famous last name I’ve been granted a free pass into the places where wealth is unapologetically flaunted.

free trade agreement negotiations are, by their very nature, tedious and messy processes that can take years to wrap up.

Without their birth certificates, the almost 300,000 children cannot receive free education or universal healthcare.

On YouTube comments a “copypasta” chain letter still does the rounds promising a free iPad under your pillow (no, really).

ABC: In addition to Facebook, free streams via ABC News apps.

CNN: free streaming via

Reuters: free streaming coverage via the Reuters TV website and iOS and Android apps. was founded in 1993 but went live in 1995 as a free beta.

The tender seeks corn (maize) free of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs).

In its report, free Press found that systemic racial discrimination in the broadband market had a role to play in exacerbating this existing divide.

Top copper exporter Chile has a small but open economy, with existing free trade deals with all the other TPP members.

At the very least there needs to be an introduction process before setting workers free on workplace software.

It owns the Detroit free Press and the Des Moines Register and the Cincinnati Enquirer and on and on.

There would still be a transition period whereby the two sides would negotiate some free trade agreements.

So the researchers compared the careers of RMBS bankers after the crisis to other bank employees whose work was relatively free of fraud.

We hope you listen to these messages and our fine sponsors who allow us to bring this product to you for free.

The company is also launching free iOS and Android apps.

Who in the hell needs free will when you have glorious soft serve to awaken your taste buds and newfound sense of patriotism?

I think you need to, obviously, be a free and open system.

We know that for the show to continue, Barry has to remain a free man.

“Nobody is saying that it should be a free for all, but we need options that are legal and safe.

We signed a one-year lease with the sole intention of hosting free events and activities during my exhibition 12 Paintings.

Are the wireless carriers’ “free data” plans really free, or is there a catch?

Though marijuana remains illegal under federal law, the memo allowed companies following state cannabis laws to conduct business relatively free of concern about arrest.

Though marijuana remains illegal under federal law, the memo allowed companies following state cannabis laws to conduct business relatively free of concern about arrest.

The mix-and-match policy, handy fit guide, and free shipping and returns all make it a completely risk-free situation.

Feel free to share with other current staffers/fellows.” More than 140 responses poured into her inbox, she said.

When you need a suit ASAP, head to these retailers for wide selections and speedy, free shipping.

They’re free!

White Spots is free to download for iPhone and Google Play.

Workshops will be all-ages, and they’re free or PWYC.

“I think Trump has a free hand to pursue his aggressive approach.

When it was over I felt relieved, and also very free.

free of corporate sponsorship, the “dealer’s den” hosted artists and makers selling their wares to a crowd more than ready to spend.

He has not been charged, and is a free man today.

AI can also free up time for specialists to meet with patients.

“Yes, we are supposed to be for a 70 percent tax rate on the wealthy, and free public college for our young people.

On the other hand, Drummond can’t shoot free throws.

On top of the Smith fiasco, the team bid against themselves for the services of Jackson in free agency, and probably overpaid for Baynes.

As the Detroit free Press’  Mark Stryker first reported, locals began expressing concern over the city officials in late fall.

“It was never my intention to leave the house partially deconstructed,” Mendoza told Detroit free Press.

Over the summer he was given free shoes, shorts, and t-shirts as a participant of adidas Nations.

According to Detroit free Press, Brown said Johnson was uncertain whether he wanted to actually fully deconstruct the house or refurbish it.

Instead of keeping the free goodies for himself, he gave everything to an 18-year-old assistant coach who’s headed to college in the fall.

The Appearance of Black Lives Matter is available from [NAME] publications as a free, downloadable ebook.

Update, 3/29: As Detroit free Press reported, the Detroit Land Bank Authority hired a city crew to demolish the house yesterday.

He is a free agent at season’s end; such stuff might not be speculative for long.

In a drawer between bones free of name, see a Sunday roast, high tide, barge, loom, harvest moon, entire fire ant hill in amber.

Kanye West is a man of his word … at least when it comes to free Yeezys.

The public interest group free Press and crafts marketplace Etsy are also expected to sue the FCC eventually.

Totally free of charge!

My last girlfriend was in Germany, and everything is free there.

When asked directly about the accusation that Mumsnet has become a hotbed for transphobia, Roberts cites free speech and open debate.

“We support free speech, and the right to express opinions or thoughts with which other people might disagree.

Gab, a self-described “free expression” forum, was criticized for hosting antisemitic content and allegedly allowing white nationalist groups to use their platform.

The distinction between online “free speech”—often posited as a defence by website owners and admins—and offline harassment and abuse is becoming increasingly discredited.

To get access to all premium content, sign up for a free 14-day trial to Pro.

All of these programs are free.

“We want to be free from this situation because if we stay longer some people will die here.”

Only 19,000 people turned up, despite 4,000 children being given free tickets by the local organising committee in order to swell the crowd.

Without the strict social rules common in the past, Americans now feel more free to have sexual experiences they desire.”

This study seems to show that attitudes are changing and people are beginning to feel free to be themselves, which is very positive news.”

Eventually eventually, Uber cars will be driverless, which will free up a lot of capital at the company to conquer other markets.

[Detroit free Press]

I want those selfies to represent them in their most powerful essence — full of awareness and free from shame.

We were free.

Like petulant children or President-Elect Trump, anti-abortionists love nothing better than to pose as lonely paragons of free speech and moral virtue.

The show is free and open to the public.

The free version is ad supported, but users can pay extra to access more filters or remove the company’s watermark.

It’s the sort of place that a free weekly paper might give the honorific of “best dive bar.”

The school says its disorderly conduct policy doesn’t violate anyone’s First Amendment free speech rights.

A free jukebox played Private Dancer in the background.

I have very little free time.

The point is, it is the responsibility of the free press not to aid and abet those who willfully misinterpret others for political advantage.

I’d love to have it all free and roomy and completely reliable!”

‘Behave yourself’

“You are sitting next to a Federal Air Marshal, so put away that tequila you bought in Duty free.”

The entire St. Louis police force is getting outfitted with body cams — for free.

The trial is free for the first year, but major costs kick in after that.

Instead, America has long taken more of a free market approach to drugs.

A jury cannot be formed, and Daniel walks free.

You can download The League of Lonely Geologists from for free.

The scenario even got featured in a best-selling mystery novel, free Fire by CJ Box, who consulted Kalt when writing the book.

They blame “globalists” in both the liberal and conservative elite for selling out white America through free trade and open borders.

Or were likely to ‘pass’ for white, or claim to be free?

That left her “free” and ready to break her silence on Twitter: As for me…

I am just waiting to be free… tick tock…tick tock… is it 5 o’clock yet?

Relapses don’t happen because someone offers you free drugs on a silver platter.

Democratic candidates have floated proposals from free tuition at public colleges and universities to full-on debt forgiveness, guaranteed jobs and a higher minimum wage.

A Grand Don’t Come For free yeah, it taught me all about life.

He’s pushed for driver reforms and benefits, including providing free online college to its top drivers.

Trump’s remarks came as his administration laid out its priorities for revising the North American free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico.

Quite the opposite experience characterizes OlaRonke Akinmowo’s latest iteration of the free Black Women’s Library, an ongoing project Akinmowo began in 2015.

free speech is free speech.

If MacDonald wins he gets a huge boost to his negotiating power having hinted that he will try his luck as a free agent.

I recently became a mother, and I am glad to be free of the cycle of abuse,” she says.

“You can’t give free health care to everybody!” said Terry Tole, a retired math instructor at the local community college.

There’s nothing left to do—this game that has dominated your free time for the last few weeks is finally over.

Brader told the free Press that emergency manager Darnell Earley assured them the problems were expected to dissipate.

As a result, we now have an unregulated free market for internet content.

Thanks to platforms like Medium and YouTube, anyone can distribute text, audio, and video content worldwide for free.

Rather than draining the swamp, this would simply free up more space for lobbyists.

The studio is where I feel most free.

Start a free trial.

Like other subscription services, Starz will give you a 7-day free trial before charging your credit card.

Currently, Starz is offering a discounted monthly rate of $5.99 for three months after you sign up for the free 7-day trial.

Now, fertility clinics in the occupied territories increasingly offer IVF treatment to prisoners’ wives free of charge.

I do wonder if fear of the president publicly threatening a media companies could chill free speech.

“That is the baseline for all free societies.

If you wish, you can also export your composition as an audio file.” Binaura notes that they made SoundBow with free and open-source tools.

“He took Persian poetics to free verse,” she said.

A previously transactional relationship, based on rewards for services rendered, should be replaced by “strategic engagement”, including a free trade agreement, he said.

They built the interface with OpenFrameworks, and made the sound engine with SodaLib, a free Data Sonification Library built on libPd.

Reservations will be free but will be subject to availability.

Reservations will be free, but will be subject to availability.

“Progress on these and other critical security issues is essential to a free and open Indo-Pacific,” Pompeo said.

Up to 3 million Egyptians lost their connection to the internet last week when Facebook’s free Basics program was shut down on Wednesday.

The reason for the shutdown of Facebook’s controversial free Basics program, which launched in Egypt in October, is still not clear.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art just made 375,000 images free for unrestricted use.

(Feel free to use a drinking glass and shot glass).

“If you’re going to be leader of the free world, you have to be able to accept criticism, and Mr. Trump can’t.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that Tesla and the Shanghai government have reached a deal in that city’s free trade zone.

And also free!

free thanks to its poverty!

The Moon is in fellow intellectual, cool Air sign Libra today, inspiring you to break free from your normal routine.

And Apple plans to give original content for free to Apple device owners as part of its new digital TV strategy.

“Why am I being arrested when those kids are free to ride around?” Bartlett asked.

And they’re all facing rising pressure from armies of lobbyists sent by automakers and agricultural companies to protect the free trade agreement.

Almost immediately, the journal was cast as another volley in the wars over free speech and political correctness on college campuses.

“The increase in the free float is expected to lead to increased liquidity in the company’s shares,” NLMK said in a statement.

The Ravacon Collective will be screening video installations and short films all weekend long — and promise free popcorn — at 96 Bogart Street.

“Hackers are free people, just like artists who wake up in the morning in a good mood and start painting,” Putin said.

Leonard will opt out of the final year of his contract to become a free agent.

Duolingo’s free Russian language lessons.

The event is free, but RSVP is requested.

A liberation enabling each of us to fulfill our capacity so as to be free to create within and around ourselves.

Michigan’s Democratic Sen. Gary Peters called MSU’s attitude towards Nassar a “catastrophic institutional failure,” according to the Detroit free Press.

I explained to our board members and attendees that every person was free to make their own decision on staying or leaving.

This also explains Princeton free Ride, Big Oil and the Bush Crime Family.”

Looking at 108 free apps, they concluded, “Most free smartphone menstrual cycle tracking apps for patient use are inaccurate.

The new feature will be available on iOS and Android phones beginning Wednesday as part of a free app update.

The tender seeks corn (maize) free of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs).

“You have to feel free to skip things, move on, and (maybe) come back later.”

The case marked the latest important free speech decision by the justices.

In another free speech case decided last year, the court struck down a Minnesota law prohibiting apparel bearing political messages in polling sites.

Fuel (wind or sunlight) is free.

These companies have free food prepared by nutritionists and famous chefs, wellness centers offering employee massages, and even employee housing.

Why not add free child care to the nearly endless menu of benefits?

Psychologists will be on standby to offer help to survivors of the attack, who have been given free invitations.

Psychologists will be on standby to offer help to survivors of the attack, who have been given free invitations.

More people are free, and more people are safe.

Our inaugural post was published on a free Blogger account.

I also worried that I’d be offering the furry alt-right a free pass, by inviting them to explain themselves.

Of course free speech, as a cause, would be important to furries and bronies—without it they could not identify as such at all.

The 67-year-old won his country’s first free presidential election in 2012, but was ousted by the military following mass protests the following year.

The 67-year-old won his country’s first free presidential election in 2012, but was ousted by the military following mass protests the following year.

You get free unlimited storage with optional paid plans for storing ultra hi-res images.

It’s completely free and highly customizable and has features like email snoozing for reading messages later.

Navigating through public transit in a big city can be overwhelming, but Citymapper’s free app makes it easier.

While the Delta co-branded cards offer the cardholder a free checked bag on each flight, this fee credit would apply to baggage fees.

At least hypothetically, that should free us up to do better and more interesting stuff.

Bottom line Keep in mind that if you have Delta Medallion elite status, you already get free checked bags and priority boarding.

The state won’t have additional funding for a free tuition program for students in community and technical colleges.

“Save your money, here it is for free.

“‘I’m set free, to find a new illusion.’

The ACLU criticized the mayor for trying to silence free speech, despite it also being bigotry, as encroaching on first amendment rights.

The Ship is due out April 29 on Warp Records, listen to “Fickle Sun (iii) I’m Set free” below.

She and her father posted signs in a local hot spot advertising free family dinners every Thursday in a Muslim household.

Airbnb is providing free housing to refugees and anyone not allowed in the US.

The Spurs were down 12 with 20 seconds and change, when Pau Gasol went to the line and sunk his free throws.

You are a free thinker whose political views can’t easily be contained in a box, right?

Corker’s comments were largely assumed to be those of a man on his way out, free to say what he really feels.

Babysnake, Slimeball Kelly & Zack Slime Fr – free The Roc [Prod.

He’s now free on $1 million bail after getting charged with aggravated indecent assault.

It’s important to keep in mind here that Quebec’s liquor market is not what you would call a free market system.

She appeared on “free Your Mind,” which I think is probably one of my best records.

Rather, they are treating inmates as a bottomless pool of free data,” EFF researchers Dave Maas and Aaron Mackey wrote.

Although Turkey now provides free medical care to Syrians, few Turks speak Arabic, and few Syrians speak Turkish.

Sandeman’s offers free tours in 20 major cities, while can be found in 118 countries.

They know that we need a $15 an hour federal minimum wage, free tuition at public colleges and universities, and universal childcare.

“Mass immigration, complete openness, and submission to all these free trade agreements, are directly contrary to the defense of sovereignty,” she said.

Shipping will be free, but the trees themselves come at a premium — $115 for a 7-foot Fraser fir, for example.

“At the time, we thought this kind of programming was consequence free, but I don’t think that any more.

It’s Lofty305, Ruben Slikk, Postranaught and free Base aka Posh God and that’s all the homies in Metro Zu.

However, Northwestern coach Chris Collins is not happy about bringing free agency to college basketball.

“Where we’re headed is ultimately free agency, and that’s not a good thing.”

Even so, college basketball already has free agency—it’s called recruiting.

The sport has always had “free agents,” and it’s not a big deal.

“It’s important to remember … these laws had nothing to do with free speech.

free speech means folks like @jemelehill should be able to criticize POTUS without the WH coming for their jobs.

But that agreement doesn’t give Republicans a free pass for inaction.

Zenefits offers HR software that it offers for free to customers who buy insurance from it.

They have demanded that she “chuck Chequers” and instead adopt their proposals for a Canada-style free trade agreement.

Sanders and Warren both want to make college free.

photography, writing, design), 70% of people were asked to work for free, and 10% said yes.

Its male users were free to vent about women, blaming them for the incels’ lack of sex.

But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg defended his company’s ad-based business model said users were aware of a trade-off for free services.

FACEBOOK’S AD-BASED MODEL Zuckerberg, speaking via video message, said Facebook users were aware of the trade-off between a free service and advertisements.

Kaepernick became a free agent after opting out of his 49ers contract in March 2017, allowing him to sign with any team.

“Everyone was having affairs, because the private life was the only realm in which you felt free” (mm).

And so they’re swiftly ramming a crude tool through Congress to ensure he doesn’t give Moscow a free pass.

We are free and independent people and we will make our own choices.

When we dream, we’re working in this free network of associations.

Getting the milk to be free of chickpea flavor and smell was a process Camden discovered by accident.

Their choice is a sort of contradiction — but one that is supported by free airfare and substantial cash incentives.

This seems like a great thing for consumers: free mobile video.

Oh, and shipping is free, to any location worldwide, which is nice.

All of the company’s deodorants are natural, cruelty free, and safe for sensitive skin.

“How is it that we failed to say look this is the biggest free trade area in the world,” he said.

The app part of Drivemode exists today as a free download for any modern Android phone; it already has more than 400,000 downloads.

Brands would send free products, wine and dine editors, and give them access to those celebrity ambassadors for interviews.

free to immerse in sonic luxury, we needn’t trouble ourselves with ethical distractions in this particular instance.

The exhibition will be open seven days a week 11–6 pm and is free and open to everyone.

Le Petit Architecte is available to play free on

Vietnam responded by saying it was committed to free and fair trade with the United States.

The agency forecast Pemex would need additional financial assistance from the government to fund its planned capital investment and resulting negative free cash flow.

The reason why Google Photos is so great is because it offers unlimited photo storage for free.

Apple’s iCloud Photo only gives you 5GB of cloud storage for free, which fills up extremely quickly.

The charcoal may not be completely additive free, but it doesn’t leave a strange aftertaste on your food, either.

There are a lot of things you can do that doesn’t limit free speech.

–Colin Joyce In 2010, Texas’ White Denim self-released a free batch of songs called Last Day of Summer as a stopgap between LPs.

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Then Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem were drafted, Eddie Jones got healthy, and Lamar Odom was signed as a free agent.

“Moscow, Golunov is free.

Some companies are stepping up during the national crisis, though, and offering free meals, groceries, entertainment, and cash to furloughed workers.

&pizza, a fast-food chain in DC, has handed out more than 15,000 free pizzas since the shutdown, the company told CNBC.

Instant Games will be free, so no one has to pay to download or play these games.

Facebook is starting with a small number of games, which will all be free at launch.

Ideally, grace doesn’t just provide a “get out of jail free card” for past actions; it also helps transform an individual.

Simply put, God’s grace is supposed to make you a new person and set you free from the “bondage” of sin.

In Tampa, the Florida Orchestra and Ruth Eckerd Hall are offering federal workers free access to concerts.

The Boston Symphony Orchestra is giving away free tickets too, as are movie theaters in Charleston, Charlottesville, and Brooklyn.

Kings, a bowling alley in Boston, is letting workers bowl for free.

Fibre Space, a yarn store in Alexandria, Virginia, is even offering free knitting classes to furloughed federal workers.

They began offering artists free passage to paint the West, with the option to sell their work to galleries, magazines, or the rail company.

And a big plan for free college and student debt cancellation.

In theory, the idea of sin described above wouldn’t allow anyone a “get out of jail free” card for their actions.

He is arguing that such fees violate the free speech rights of non-union members.

People need to know that their free shipping comes at a human cost.

You are free.

For this to happen, they need to end the free flow of people between the European Union and Britain currently mandated by EU law.

Until cloture, in theory, senators are free to make their speeches and to offer amendments of all kinds.

He’s repressed free speech, undermined civil society, and ramped up a failing war ISIS-linked fighters in the Sinai.

The electors are free, under the Constitution, to determine the president.

He spoke in favor of an ambitious free trade area that covers the entire region.

You think women in misogynistic workplaces have felt free to express themselves?

You think black Americans have felt free to tell police how we really feel?

A Cossack spokesperson told Radio free Europe affiliate Current Time that they would report gay men kissing in public to police.

Long before West Side Story, long before Fiddler on the Roof, long even before Fancy free, the first ballet you choreographed.

The strategy, later perfected and exported internationally under the label Treatment as Prevention, provided free and immediate antiretroviral treatment to anyone diagnosed with HIV.

The ICA is free and open to the public, Tuesday through Sunday.

There is also a belief that landing Davis before free agency could become a recruiting tool for teams.

If they were nice people who wanted to build a world free of nuclear weapons, we wouldn’t have to have this deal.

Despite laws protecting gun rights and ownership, black gun owners say they aren’t as free to exercise these rights.

There’s a bar in the corner of the Fireside event serving free hot chocolate, cider, mulled wine, and dark and stormys.

To distract myself, I down three cartons of the free water.

It’s definitely looking like I will be testing free agency, but not by choice.”

But by 1980, the Republicans solidified around the Reagan vision for the Republican Party — strong on defense, traditional values, and free market economics.

As always, there’s free booze.

There’s also free wine but I decline because I feel sorry for my body.

She warns me not to pull an “Irish goodbye”—which I lowkey was considering—because every guest is getting a free Vapium Lite.

We don’t have militias or traffickers here — we are free.

But a series of free trade agreements have reduced import duties and are opening up the market.

In return for free or low-cost surgeries, working-class patients would help surgeons learn and practice their trade.

In the end, she settled for another free surgery, one that she hoped would provide a better result and leave her less unhappy.

We frequently receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test.

Bossert said the administration wants a “clean” disaster relief supplemental measure, free of unrelated measures, including any effort to raise the federal debt ceiling.

She spends her free time — and some of her office time, too — tracking every update in Mueller’s probe, big or small.

Finally refurbished, the James Castle House will open to the public, free of charge, this Saturday, April 28.

Membership is free.

free Arts NYC free Arts NYC provides underserved children in the five boroughs with educational arts and mentoring programs.

They support women artists through art and social justice projects, fundraising, advocacy, and free online networking efforts.

The United States and Canada inked a bilateral free trade deal in 1988.

The protests underscore growing, if scattered, opposition to free trade deals like NAFTA.

If Jerusalem is a sacred land for Muslims, then it is upon us to free it from the grasps of Zionists,” Najib said.

I mean, free press is one of the fundamental pillars of a democracy.

We’re supposed to be free and open media.

There’s certain fundamental issues that we have to start believing in this, or else it becomes sort of this ridiculous free fall.

It’s fundamental for this country for an open, free internet.

Or should it be free?

free, open internet.

As their influences intermingle, the initial images and ideas begin to free associate with one another creating new pathways for meaning.

Over the course of four days, LAABF will provide more than 100 free conversations, workshops, performances, and other artist-led programs.

TBH was kind of the social media hit of the summer, routinely reaching the top of the download charts among free apps on iOS.

They’re all available to download for free, for users of Photoshop and Sketch.

I asked if I could come work in their restaurants for free.

And although the internet is largely free of fingerprints, Ruff’s work beckons us to maintain that same criticality.

We elected a president that doesn’t believe in the free enterprise system.

And while it’s available on both the PlayStation 4 and PC, it’s “free” right now, for anyone with a PlayStation Plus account.

Reichert, speaking after a briefing from Lighthizer, said he saw signs of optimism around talks on the North American free Trade Agreement.

That’s the basis of free market economics.

The event is free, but RSVP is required.

The exhibition and opening reception are free, and open to the public.

But feel free to visit the fully-stocked bar for a nightcap before you doze off.

The ruler of the free world gets to eat like the dad in a 1950s sitcom, his cholesterol count be damned.

… Mr. Clinton said tonight that the special counsel would have free rein to do whatever was needed to investigate the Whitewater affair.

Every spring, every NFL team looks to get better: they draft rookies, they sign free agents, they let underperforming players go.

An opening reception will take place Wednesday, November 28 from 7–9 pm, and is free and open to the public.

Admission is free.

The free-agent addition of even-more-massive J’Marcus Webb at right tackle lets third-year undrafted free agent Garry Gilliam replace Russell Okung at left tackle.

Strictly speaking, DeAndre Jordan is not what you would call “good” or “serviceable” or “in any way approximating competent” at shooting free throws.

You have a better chance winning a coin toss than DeAndre Jordan does hitting a free throw.

Even if you’re a casual sports fan, you probably know how bad DeAndre Jordan is at shooting free throws.

No, “I am free.” Or, “I have free time now.” I remember it blowing my mind.

Jordan is almost single-handedly responsible for reviving the “Hack-a-Shaq” philosophy, named after his brother in short-arming free throws, Shaquille O’Neal.

So, it should not surprise you that DeAndre Jordan badly missed a free throw against the Phoenix Suns Thursday night.

And the man most intimately acquainted with the fool’s errand that is DeAndre Jordan shooting free throws, is DeAndre Jordan.

If so, please go ahead and use some of your new free time to catch up on all of this week’s book news.

Information on the site informs visitors that they’re free to touch the tigers under the instruction of the tiger keeper.

free thinkers, writers, activists, bloggers and religious minorities in Bangladesh have been targeted.

The promoters decided to take down the fences and allow everyone to enjoy the concerts for free on the 600-acre farm.

But some members of his own party, including ally Sarah Palin, have raised questions about Trump’s forceful interference in the free market.

“The free market has been sorting it out, and America’s been losing,” he told The New York Times.

One of the free sides leads to a narrow hallway which opens onto another gallery, identical to the first and to all the rest.

You’re free to worship Buddha and Muhammed.

The reason that is free is because of Christian principles.

If they do this well, they allow us to rely on them more, and free up our time and attention for other things.

Where technology and economics collide In its early years, Twitter refused to address harassment concerns on free speech grounds.

free speech purists insist that if you want to use a platform like that, you just have to take the good with the bad.

TinyLetter, which MailChimp acquired in 2011, is a free and simple way to send an email newsletter.

He remade himself as a champion of foreign investment and free trade to win another five-year term in 2006.

Last week, the Sevens signed him out of the D-League’s free agent pool, where he had sat unclaimed since January.

That’s how you can afford to do it, if they’re not free.

They’ll take your stuff for free.

The LA event is free, but donations are requested.

Now, anyone can download the email addresses and hashed passwords for 68,680,741 accounts totally for free.

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free Play is a place where we write about interesting, entertaining or enlightening free games you can play right now.

LaVine can shake free for his own shot whenever he wants, and he knows how to finish at the rim.

James Harden will lead the league in assists and made free throws.

As for free throws, nobody’s sniffing Harden.

That you can listen to right here, for free, before anyone in the world—apart from a few DJs—has.

Amazon also celebrated (without offering any numbers) its $99-a-year Prime service, which offers free two-day delivery along with other perks.

That was a mostly objective-free build-’em-up, which left the player free to create as they saw fit, only activating “missions” at select points.

If you hear “free Fallin” on the radio these days, you’re listening to a “classic rock” station.

Gone are the days when Donald Trump could rely on endless free media.

As always, the fair is free and open to the public.

Gone are the days when Donald Trump could rely on endless free media.

What are you wearing today?I’m wearing free People.

I feel free.

Feel free to make “whoosh” sounds when you push it up and down, as I do.

Hideo Kojima’s free download frightener P.T.

Authorities have ruled that fertilizer distributed to farmers in Nineveh must be free of urea, a chemical used in explosives.

If great tunes and a bonfire weren’t enough, there were s’mores and cozy lounge spots for the crowd to indulge in—for free!

Residents are now free to leave their homes.

Residents are now free to leave their homes.

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