Forbidden in a sentence | Use of the word forbidden examples

Maybe the rabbis worried that forbidden grains would be mixed into sacks of peas or corn without anyone noticing.

“At the 16th, 17th and 18th Congresses I was vacationed, imprisoned, held at home and forbidden to speak,” Wu said.

Trades for or including actual money are forbidden.

Dice however are forbidden system wide.

Trans people, however, are strictly forbidden from entering the neighborhood.

Smith is also forbidden from driving with ANY amount of alcohol in his system.

Trump and Xi then dined in the forbidden City, Beijing’s ancient imperial palace for Chinese emperors.

[Archinecht] Anish Kapoor will become the first foreign artist to install work in the forbidden City’s Imperial Ancestral Temple in Beijing.

You’re not allowed to “Heil Hitler,” and you’re not allowed to do the Nazi salute—that’s all forbidden by law.

My father was on the other side of a wall that I was forbidden to pass through.

Two fights and zero wins into his forbidden odyssey in Europe, Palhares’s future is uncertain.

And in those digital bodies, pedophiles can engage in sexual scenarios forbidden outside digital contexts.

Guitar solos were strictly forbidden unless they were really short.

In some parts of South Asia, menstruating women are commonly forbidden to enter houses or temples or take part in festivals and community events.

Karpeles, who is required to attend various bankruptcy hearings and is forbidden from leaving Japan, said Mt.

Shortly after that trip, Mexico finalized pest-and-pathogen import clearances to allow shipments of wheat from Argentina, which until then had been forbidden.

Some were bossy … like people.” The snow became a forbidden fruit with many monkeys grabbing a handful and running off.

Cellphones are forbidden here and bags are searched before entering.

Cellphones are forbidden here and bags are searched before entering.

Indonesia has also forbidden domestic workers from moving to the kingdom.

Another deadline falls on July 7 when Iran says it will have enriched some uranium to a purity forbidden under the deal.

I was constantly getting punished and forbidden from leaving the house.

“The deliberate starvation of people is unequivocally forbidden as a weapon of warfare.

“The deliberate starvation of people is unequivocally forbidden as a weapon of warfare.

When all movement, all conversation, is either forbidden or has to be very specifically chosen, it made playing with that much easier.

“The parents of your children’s friends would have forbidden them to come and play with you.

China’s President Xi literally shut down Beijing’s picturesque forbidden City to give Donald and Melania Trump a private tour.

Smoking or growing marijuana is still strictly forbidden.

Smoking or growing marijuana is still strictly forbidden.

(Importing physical copies of the Jehovah’s Witness Bible is also forbidden.)

In the café I worked at, ignorance was forbidden.

There was just one issue: Traditions are extreme at the festival, and women are forbidden from attending formal events without some sort of heel.

Tristram Buckley says he entered the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood, and took a ride on The forbidden Journey.

Foreign contributions, however, are forbidden by law.

The idea that an airline can sell you a service and then not give it to you seems like it should be forbidden.

Women are no longer united by really big, obvious violations of their rights like being forbidden to vote, for instance.

Are there any bands that are absolutely go-to or absolutely forbidden?Yeah we do, haha.

Nothing is forbidden.

It was only natural for me to focus on the sinister, morbid, forbidden and dangerous aspects of life.

forbidden to possess paints, paper, or even watch television, he spent the bulk of his time in solitary confinement.

U.N. member states are expressly forbidden from exporting certain types to North Korea.

Now, a Canadian court has ruled to oust Truaxe as CEO, and has forbidden him from communicating via the brand’s social media pages.

– Majed “The only option I could think of was pretending to be gay, which is forbidden in our army.

To do that in any type of field is forbidden.

“I felt we had been forbidden to live freely.

Afterwards I became interested in the “word” in Jewish culture—my husband is Jewish—in a society where the representation of images was forbidden.

I met two partners and we opened this bar called forbidden Island in Alameda, CA.

Shop talk was forbidden — or at least frowned upon.

), and only a few forbidden reasons.

Detecting when a person or vehicle enters a forbidden area is easy.

Work,” Darling wrote indignantly, drawing attention to one of the group’s central ethical pillars: Shaming any magical practice is expressly forbidden.

As Dr. Siegal notes in the preface,”Cannabis wisdom involves some consumption of cannabis itself, usually keef, never forbidden in the Islamic moral codes.

In his tweet, Trump embedded a link to a photograph of his Beijing visit on Instagram – also forbidden in China.

Aamis can be simultaneously read as a slow-burning forbidden romance, an allegorical nod to socio-cultural repressions, and as macabre corporeal horror.

When constantly told not to do drugs, the forbidden became ever more enticing.

“My father was so angry that I realised there was something forbidden, and I had to know about it,” she says.

Further complicating matters, the Bangladeshi government has forbidden refugees from using cellphones, citing security reasons.

forbidden by the federal government from practicing dances and ceremonies on reservations, the stage became a space to preserve traditions and demonstrate agency.

It is forbidden to pursue timeliness without verifying content on social media platforms before publishing the content as news.

It is forbidden to fabricate or omit news sources on websites.

It is forbidden to use hearsay to create news or use conjecture and imagination to distort the facts.

The crass irony of being forbidden to photograph the show (except the climactic “Shadows” room) did not escape me.

“The full veil is not appropriate here, it should be forbidden wherever that is legally possible.

She responded to say she could not comment, as she was “forbidden from talking to the media from the Saudi government.”

An “emolument” refers to compensation for a service or labor, which raises the question of whether foreign payments to Trump-owned businesses constitute forbidden emoluments.

Although she recalled being forbidden to stay out after midnight, she did not really care as a college student. has suggested that it’s forbidden for the reason that Donato gave: because cheese can overpower the delicate flavors of most fresh seafood.

“For many centuries, meat and dairy consumption were forbidden for religious reasons on every Friday,” she wrote.

Why are they in a forbidden Forest?

All government offices, except for military, are forbidden from creating new positions, including ones for outside contractors.

Photos of the cathedral’s interior are strictly forbidden.

They are forbidden from displaying Nazi paraphernalia or swastikas and wearing Nazi uniforms.

But by prohibiting access to football, they are making it like a forbidden fruit.

“It’s forbidden by law to apply any kind of corporal punishment.”

Feral House and Amok Books were dispensers of forbidden knowledge that presaged 4chan and Reddit.

“It got to the point where we were almost going to have a list of forbidden songs at football matches…

And where packages from home are allowed, workers have thrown away those that contained forbidden items.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Aptly titled, forbidden City is Gail Mazur’s seventh book of poetry.

These and other mundane memories surfaced during the two days that forbidden City sat on the dining room table, still in the brown mailer.

What strikes me about the poems in forbidden City — many of them memories recollected — is their reticence.

In the title poem, “forbidden City,” which opens the book, she begins: Asleep until noon, I’m dreaming we’ve been granted another year.

“The mood was one of enjoying forbidden fruit,” Olof Pock, then a 15-year-old kid living in East Berlin, later told Deutsche Welle.

The data being stolen was proprietary to the defense companies and was strictly forbidden from being exported.

Restaurants have been forbidden from closing, mosques are closely monitored or shut, and government workers and students have been expressly banned from fasting.

Google must revise its code of conduct to make clear that complaining about their working conditions is not forbidden.

Aren’t fantasies like that appealing because they’re forbidden?

That’s forbidden by international law.

It relied on both a wider existing cultural fetishization of power and masculinity and a more recent fetishization of the forbidden.

In 1938, under the reign of Benito Mussolini, Jews are forbidden from many professions.

And of course, like all teenagers (and people) I was attracted to the forbidden.

‘Crying is forbidden

“Crying is forbidden,” Nicolás explained, wiping his brow.

But Noessel’s favorite storage device in science fiction comes from the 1956 film forbidden Planet, where earthlings visit the alien Morbius.

Under the terms of his release, Hopovac was forbidden to leave Grant County without permission.

He says his “truth-writing articles,” which range from critical essays to news writing, are forbidden as well as most of his artwork.

He is expected to go to the forbidden City and participate in an inspection of Chinese troops, though China has released few other details.

It was also the first film shot in Beijing’s forbidden City, the ancient home of China’s rulers.

Desire is complicated;  racialized desire — that is, desire for another presented to us as forbidden — is perilous.

It’s a controversial practice forbidden by the Catholic catechism on the grounds that divorce is not considered permissible.

Still, the moves relegate the island back to the realm of “forbidden fruit” to be enjoyed at one’s peril.

When you put a child gate to block a child from entering a forbidden place, they exert full determination to break through.” Yaa Samar!

Thai people however, are known for not complaining, and when it comes to the Royal Family, complaining is forbidden anyway.

An “emolument” refers to compensation for a service or labor, which raises the question of whether foreign payments to Trump-owned businesses constitute forbidden emoluments.

Last Christmas, I received a forbidden greeting card.

Alcohol is forbidden.

And in a 1997 appropriations bill, NPS was forbidden to spend federal funds on counting crowds.

“That fact that they tell you (battery health) on the Mac but it’s a forbidden secret on the iPhone is crazy,” Wiens said.

(The Price of Salt is as much a book about motherhood and domesticity as it is about a forbidden relationship.)

The fatwa will decree the spreading of slander and lies as haram, or forbidden.

The fatwa will decree the spreading of slander and lies as haram, or forbidden.

Their drinking might’ve been motivated by the allure of forbidden fruit, peer pressure, or pure hedonism.

And the warning for coaching came because coaching is forbidden by the ITF Grand Slam rulebook.

In California, where public colleges are forbidden to consider students’ race, the most selective colleges have a high share of Asian students.

Asimov’s bots were unable to harm humans; in contrast, robots in Monáe’s Metropolis are forbidden from loving them.

It was a movie about the allure of watching, the insatiable need to see something powerful, forbidden, and dangerous.

“Wine, and all inebriating liquors are forbidden as being the cause of more evil than profit,” he wrote.

Today, Cairo’s drinking culture takes multiple forms: from underground and tantalizingly haram (forbidden) to openly cosmopolitan.

The measure mostly affected the buffalo industry, as killing cows for meat was already forbidden in most states.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads I visited the forbidden City in Beijing this past November, and it felt endless.

Legally, cyborgism falls into a nebulous category, neither regulated nor forbidden by law.

The Qianlong Garden Conservation Project is a joint initiative between the Palace Museum, which manages the forbidden City, and the World Monuments Fund (WMF).

The forbidden City receives over 15 million visitors each year, making it one of the world’s busiest tourist sites.

(Indeed, until the early ’90s, they were legally forbidden from doing so.)

Selling at a loss is forbidden in France.

No one can stop the forbidden romance between Tide Pods and our own voluntary self destruction, but some people are still trying.

WATCH: forbidden Love in Israel “I came out twice—first as a gay, and then as trans.

It is expressly forbidden from attacking another country unprompted.

In an interview with Kara Swisher on Recode Decode, Makan Delrahim says “these things are very fact-specific.” Only in China: The forbidden Oreos.

They’re forbidden from drinking, smoking, and peeking under door of the girls’ locker room.

Straight men definitely fall into the “forbidden fruit” category for gay men.

“I thought this sort of thing was strictly forbidden,” I say.

The first two options were puede (allowed), the last was bawal, or forbidden.

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) said the forbidden word list was reminiscent of George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984.

Others mistakenly believed the oral drops contain materials made of out of pigs, forbidden in Islam, the dominant religion in both countries.

And once I was faced with this fabled, forbidden cheese I couldn’t not taste it, right?

We live in a country where collective mourning is forbidden.

So how do they bring us inside an investigation, when by law, they’re forbidden from revealing to us aspects of the investigation?

If there was an opportunity to read a book of forbidden knowledge, I’d take in every page.

Weapons are totally forbidden.

The forbidden emotions and desires of Jo’s beloved, forbidden sensationalistic thrillers run through everything, try as the characters might to disavow them.

But unlike almost everyone else in the ad business, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has forbidden “pre-roll” video ads, which run before a clip starts.

Maybe you snuck downstairs for a forbidden late-night viewing of A Nightmare on Elm Street as a kid.

They’re forbidden from organizing into unions.

Empresses of China’s forbidden City is groundbreaking in its subject matter and magnificent for the quality of its artworks.

Empresses of China’s forbidden City, 1644-1912, is on view through June 23, 2019 at Freer | Sackler (1050 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC).

She also told me a little bit about the time she visited Seoul, although even saying the name was forbidden in North Korea.

However, this is no gnarled forbidden Forest.

1997: Musical theatre parody revue forbidden Broadway devotes a full suite to parodying Rent.

This kind of party is in the streets; this kind of party is in occupations; this kind of party is in forbidden places.

But not all explorations of cities’ forbidden regions looks like this.

That won’t be easy, though, due to Venus and Pluto’s connection this morning, which is stirring up secrets and forbidden longings.

“Millions of Americans believe racism only describes people who use forbidden slurs in casual conversation,” Beutler notes.

Nearly two decades later, what was once forbidden is now the fruit of his labor.

The trunk of a birch tree bisects the little boat like a “forbidden” symbol, as if to warn that no human interlopers are allowed.

An “emolument” refers to compensation for a service or labor, which raises the question of whether foreign payments to Trump-owned businesses constitute forbidden emoluments.

The city is also home to the best horror rock band you’ve probably never heard — the forbidden Dimension.

Over the years, the forbidden Dimension has seen many lineup changes, but the one consistent member is ghoul rock elder statesman Jackson Phibes.

But relationships help keep us sane, even if they’re forbidden or not ideal.

Although relationships are common in prisons, gestures of intimacy between inmates are technically forbidden.

Are you committed to continuing forbidden Dimension?JP: You know it!

They were forbidden, dangerous, wrapped up in mystery or romance.

A prop of Robby the Robot from forbidden Planet (1952) sold at Bonhams for  $5,375,000, a record for a movie prop at auction.

Enjoy these Christmas recordings while you can, for humming these tunes is forbidden after the new year.

Enjoy them while you can, for humming these tunes is forbidden after the new year.

There, locals unable to get a visa to visit the US, usually children, can join Ellie in observing the forbidden landscape.

Under Brazilian electoral law, a candidate is forbidden from running for elected office for eight years after being found guilty of a crime.

Nordea has forbidden all its roughly 31,000 employees from trading in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin due to high risks.

Like, “Hey look, we’re saying the forbidden thing.” Right.

Providing related services is also forbidden.

Any story about forbidden love is especially easy to queer, but just about any plot can be reworked to suit LGBTQ characters and audiences.

Contrast that with most medical journals, where researchers are mostly forbidden from sharing the results of their research beforehand.

Unfortunately for Angus, Kansas’ Office of the Secretary of State has already forbidden dogs, no matter how good, from sitting as governor.

Unfortunately for Angus, Kansas’ Office of the Secretary of State has already forbidden dogs, no matter how good, from sitting as governor.

The lemongrass and ginger in this brothy soup is an ode to all that forbidden spice.

If he knew this act was forbidden, then he could be sent to jail.

Inmates at Fort Leavenworth are also forbidden from doing anything which interferes with “the good order, safety, and running of the facility.”

Braskem was forbidden in April by a lower court to pay 2.3 billion reais ($596.5 million) in dividends.

The data categorically demonstrates that minority voting power can be protected when partisan gerrymandering is forbidden.

According to the rules, tablets are also forbidden, but laptops, desktop computers, and voice-activated devices like Google Home or Amazon Echo are acceptable.

“What is forbidden remains forbidden, even if everyone does it,” said Mohamed Al-Habib, a prominent Salafist in a video message.

Local media are forbidden from quoting Khatami in articles or publishing his image.

This from Blake illustrates how I and I think a lot of reporters feel about this To speak the obvious has become nearly forbidden.

The establishment’s rules are listed on the back of it: Pictures of the maids are forbidden, unless you beat them at a game.

Touching is completely forbidden and will result in you being immediately banned from the establishment.

-Taylor Hosking This movie made me cry, yes, because forbidden queer love in a conservative, patriarchal religious community is painfully heart wrenching.

(Whereas other forbidden love dramas, like Carol or Brokeback Mountain, usually end with someone dying or being otherwise banished.)

If the @CDC is forbidden from using the word “fetus” how can they describe the impact of #Zika on a baby’s brain?

Certain kinds of conversation — for example, “war storying,” i.e., valorizing past misdeeds — are forbidden.

In comparison, discrimination based on race and religion, for example, in public accommodations is forbidden by federal and state laws.

“The forbidden Word” / 14×14″ panel.

(It is forbidden in some forms of Islam to portray religious icons.)

Either physician-assisted suicide should be universally forbidden, or it ought to be made available only to the terminally ill.

Throughout the South, both during slavery and afterward, black Americans were forbidden from owning guns (and in some regions, even from owning bullets).

And lastly, it’s forbidden to do anything more than just touching in the jacuzzi.

Many occupations are simply forbidden to women precisely because they’re women.

You make something forbidden and more people want it.

They’re still forbidden from keeping their names, because names would make them individual human beings.

(Killing civilians) is forbidden.

It is forbidden.

You knock over an expensive lamp, for instance, or drink a forbidden bottle of wine.

Sitting on kitchen surfaces is forbidden.

The government has also forbidden centers in the camps from teaching the Bangladesh curriculum, according to the U.N. children’s agency, UNICEF.

The forbidden fruit at the root of humanity’s falling out with God is often illustrated as an apple.

He also worked for Universal Studios as a ride operator for the Harry Potter and forbidden Journey rides.

The couple also were accused of taunting their children with pies and other food that they were forbidden to eat.

“It made my own body off limits to me, my own experiences off limits to me—they were forbidden, they were taboo.

It’s a searing revival, one that almost feels forbidden given the depth and pain the play explores.

“He was forbidden from all priestly ministry pending the results of the investigation.”

Did you know that everything that is not forbidden in @swedense, is mandatory?

** All three parties are forbidden from publicly announcing any increased bids during the process.

North Korea is forbidden from developing ballistic missiles under a series of United Nations Security Council resolutions — resolutions that it has consistently ignored.

North Korea is forbidden from developing ballistic missiles under a series of United Nations Security Council resolutions — resolutions that it has consistently ignored.

They are forbidden from touching the children; physical contact is limited to a fist bump.

Appendix I covers species that may be at risk for outright extinction — trading animals found on that list is outright forbidden.

If there’s any dancehall artist who’s mastered pairing deliciously forbidden lyrics for your listening—and brukking out—pleasure, it’s Kartel.

The Mattes will preserve the surfaces by covering them by transparent plexiglass, creating a publicly-accessible impression of the forbidden areas.

They’re also generally forbidden from referring patients for abortions.

They’re also generally forbidden from referring patients for abortions.

Cinema has always been rooted in seeing forbidden things.

It feels truly forbidden, and reading it induces an exquisite sense of deviance.

It used to be practically forbidden.

Flynn also reportedly installed a private Internet connection in his Pentagon office, which was forbidden.

There was just the ball, my opponent, and myself—no dysphoria or suicidal thoughts or hidden longings for a forbidden gender.

He was eventually kicked out of both the Prussian Art Academy and the Munich Art Academy and officially forbidden from making or selling art.

We all know that’s absolutely forbidden once you walk out.

In that literary classic, most of the world’s population is subject to omnipresent government surveillance, and independent thought and individualism are actively forbidden.

However, in the suit, the sisters say under Arkansas laws the police are forbidden from disclosing any information related to sexual misconduct involving children.

That which is not explicitly forbidden by law is allowed.

“Refugees applying for asylum are forbidden from working, which often extends to applying for education courses.

But as soon as something became recognizable as a meme, it was forbidden.

Senators were forbidden from launching personal attacks “impugning” the character of their colleagues.

She noted to CBS that Sanders’s bill allowed supplemental private insurance, though that coverage would be forbidden from covering most major medical care.

The forbidden areas likely served as a perfect getaway route for the thieves, unafraid they would run into anyone in the dark, empty tunnels.

The couple was dogged during the production by Italian paparazzi desperate to chronicle evidence of their forbidden relationship.

When forbidden Island or Pandemic are on the table, your teens are going to hurry over to play.

That’s where forbidden Island comes in.

As a result, in a 1997 appropriations bill, NPS was forbidden to spend federal funds on counting crowds.

In August, TV shows were forbidden from “overt admiration for Western lifestyles” and showing cleavage.

When the snowmobiles were imported, they weren’t explicitly forbidden under the UN’s sanction list.

“A forced choice between two diminished options is no choice at all and forbidden by the court,” it said.

Under Brazilian electoral law, a candidate is forbidden from running for office for eight years after being found guilty of a crime.

The overwhelming meld of sadness and forbidden fruit.

Lau’s representation of Beijing recalls the architecture of the forbidden City and integrates decadent gold paint and slices of sculpted Peking duck.

And it’s the youngest class of ticket-buyers who are paying for it — or, rather, being forbidden from paying for it.

Curiosity is forbidden in North Korea.

It’s forbidden in friendly meme wars, but r/prequelmemes users brigaded r/sequelmemes for days.

He’s wearing an ankle bracelet and is forbidden from carrying a firearm.

“As far as I remember, Sharia scholars have said it was haram (forbidden) for women to drive.

Several prominent rabbis have since ruled that the seven models the Shatnez Laboratory identified as containing wool and linen are forbidden to buy.

The rule — players are forbidden to receive any instructions from coaches on the sideline.

Cameras were forbidden during the special moment … for which, of course, she said yes.

Trump is expected to go to the forbidden City and participate in an inspection of Chinese troops, though China has released few other details.

“What is forbidden remains forbidden, even if everyone does it,” said Mohamed Al-Habib, a prominent Salafist in a video message.

Trump is expected to go to the forbidden City, possibly guided by Xi.

The flip side … if Cher unleashes her considerable vocabulary of forbidden words, ABC could be in hot water with the FCC.

The extremely detailed list touches on almost everything forbidden on Facebook, from instances of racism to references of sexual acts.

The extremely detailed list touches on almost everything forbidden on Facebook, from instances of racism to references of sexual acts.

That’s expressly forbidden.

The forbidden City temple in Beijing, China.

Mizan sipped his forbidden juice and I checked my watch.

They were almost forbidden subjects because they menaced, sort of like soft rock.

The 135 objects in the exhibition Empresses of China’s forbidden City, 1644-1912 were largely provided by the Palace Museum in Beijing.

Imperial ancestor portraits exist in the Hall of Imperial Longevity at the forbidden City for an eternity of veneration and study by descendants.

Empresses of China’s forbidden City, 1644-1912, is on view through June 23, 2019 at Freer | Sackler (1050 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC).

It’s not as scandalous or forbidden.

She said a police officer told her: “It’s strictly forbidden to be in virtual reality in a public place.

Whose voices are allowed and whose are forbidden?

“But a big chunk, probably most of it, was Russian music that was forbidden.”

In the rural Christian town of Elmore City, Oklahoma, dancing has been strictly forbidden since 1898, on moral grounds.

Fighting against 1-0 flyweight Nikita Sapun, their fight was contested under “Special MMA” rules, which saw them compete in three-minute rounds with elbows forbidden.

The snake imagery and body placement represented my primal self and “living deliciously,” like Eve accepting forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

And after perusing the forbidden Snacks pocket of Reddit, I found myself feeling curious about the flavor of a dishwasher cube.

Long after the Tide Pods meme expires, they will still qualify as something of forbidden fruit.

Phillips: On the dancefloor and in the darkrooms photos and videos are completely forbidden.

(Jeans and shirts with “words or faces” printed on them are forbidden by the state).

New mothers like Amadi are stuck in maternity wards across Nigeria – forbidden from leaving until their debts are settled.

Susan Justin’s work on the faux- Alien flick forbidden World is special in the way that it oozes between the two.

The beer is a collaboration between Chicago’s forbidden Root botanic brewery and Eduardo Branca, the sixth-generation heir to the Fernet-Branca throne.

We established a clear rule of no agreements with anyone — [that was] completely forbidden in my administration.

A bill passed under budget reconciliation is also forbidden from increasing the federal deficit outside that 10-year window.

However, after prohibition in the late 1960s, research was forbidden and did not begin again until 2014.

Eve was forbidden from tasting the fruit on the tree of knowledge.

First, Yaghmaei says, he was forbidden from putting his face on the album’s cover.

Students eat in [my] classroom, which is forbidden in China.

At that time religion was officially forbidden but unofficially tolerated by the government.

Their employees are generally forbidden from disclosing their work to friends and family.

It was forbidden for a solo, especially a Christian, to put their hands on someone who was affiliated.

Men (voe, in the game’s terminology), are forbidden.

Their employees are generally forbidden from disclosing their work to friends and family.

Furtive, forbidden sex is had.

Iran says it is just days away from breaking its end of a major nuclear deal by stockpiling forbidden amounts of uranium.

You’re napping because you were up past midnight in the forbidden Forest but couldn’t bear to miss the morning announcements.

It’s just a matter of whoever’s in power limiting access to forbidden websites via the aforementioned global internet providers.

In those days, this mysterious sparkle induced a fresh euphoria that almost felt forbidden.

Back then, sampling wasn’t something forbidden or disreputable.

He said that while Canada has forbidden certain pesticides, there’s not enough mandatory oversight to make sure they’re not being used.

In a number of rooms, there are written reminders that these foods are forbidden.

Each element of it felt forbidden.

Security was tight amid a media frenzy in which #PippasWedding was trending on social media but guests were forbidden from sharing pictures there.

They develop a forbidden friendship.

Oh, and here’s a video of her performing some of forbidden World live in an excellent jacket!

For decades, American Express has contractually forbidden merchants from encouraging cardholders to use its competitors’’ cards.

It is absolutely forbidden unless you’re married.

Our clichéd forbidden romance came to a head at the very end of the summer with a night of mediocre drunk sex.

In fact, forced marriages are forbidden in Islam and definitely not the norm.

Saenchai was forbidden from utilizing his leg catches into foot sweeps—his number one way of punishing kickers.

Susan Justin’s work on the faux- Alien flick forbidden World is special in the way that it oozes between the two.

What was thought to be impossible, it turns out, was just forbidden.

They were told the camps, razor-wire ringed areas they are forbidden to leave, would be temporary.

There are accusations that stambeli, with its sub-Saharan roots, promotes witchcraft or black magic, which are considered haram, or forbidden, in Islam.

“I was born in the Soviet Union, a big country where professional boxing was forbidden.

People are willing to believe that the Queen is dead at the slightest hint; even ardent monarchists have a secret forbidden desire for it.

The CDU said that pork was being removed from menus to prevent offending observant Muslims, who consider pork haram, or ritually forbidden.

That was forbidden before.

Dealing with a dexterous lead leg kicker can be a nightmare and even more so when takedowns are forbidden.

The Colonel is the forbidden Planet everyman that a generation of shut-in masturbators demand.

Edibles and most extractions are forbidden under the new laws, which is unfortunate as both provide convenient, odorless (or mostly odorless) options.

Didn’t like it as much when they got a little more metal with the leads on forbidden Places but still great songs throughout.

In 2017, teenagers began jokingly commiserating about their “forbidden desire” to consume Tide Pods.

Tolkien’s book Beren and Lúthien, a tale of forbidden love between man and elf, has been released around the world.

The way Keith sees it … until mentally ill people are forbidden from owning guns, preachers and congregations need to help God help them.

We believe showing mercy is an imperative and showing judgment is forbidden.

Paragraph 175 had forbidden sex between men, but nobody really cared in Würzburg, where Becker lived in the 1930s.

Smoking or growing marijuana is still strictly forbidden.

Smoking or growing marijuana is still strictly forbidden.

There are streets Palestinians are forbidden from walking on.

In Iran, rap is forbidden music.

“We have so many forbidden things in Iran, but does that prevent us from doing them?

If forbidden rap can tell good stories, go ahead and forbid it!

And pharmaceutical companies may even market an off-label use for a drug, although the practice is forbidden under US law.

Many women talked of the significance of being able to eat foods they once considered bad or forbidden.

A Wetsuit but there’s ‘burk’ in it so it’s forbidden.

The group, whose name means ‘Western education is forbidden’, has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

Something like “forbidden Colours” for example, is timeless.

Even some outside the online community have argued that incest should not be forbidden by the state.

Any type of Westernization and modern practice is forbidden if it’s not in accordance with the regime’s interpretation of Islamic law.

I wouldn’t say weeping is outright forbidden in my house.

The use of live ammunition against civilian protesters is forbidden by international human rights law.

Local governments are also forbidden from considering those policies when awarding a contract, she said.

Smoking or growing marijuana is still strictly forbidden.”

The next night, Iceage played a punk warehouse in Bushwick, in a room where drugs and alcohol and presumably meat were forbidden.

MUI chairman Maruf Amin said LGBTQI “activities are forbidden in Islam and other Abrahamic religions.”

For years, I melted my brother’s pop music cassette tapes in the oven because in fundamentalist Islam, music is considered haram, meaning forbidden.

As Muslims, we studied the Qu’ran, prayed five times a day, and were forbidden to eat pork—including pepperoni and bacon, too.

Trump is expected to go to the forbidden City, possibly guided by Xi.

You said you grew up with an atheist Jewish mother and that experimenting with spirituality felt like the most forbidden thing.

This may look like boxed wine, but do not sip the forbidden nectar inside.

No, instead, they mix grilled pork belly and tuna ceviche to make Filipino sinuglaw, which they serve atop a tostada made with forbidden rice.

The Post cites other CDC officials confirmed that a list of forbidden words does exist.

But this exposure is not forbidden in Germany or Switzerland.

But there was nothing in the way of ‘forbidden words.’” Still, there’s concern that even “suggestions” could lead to censorship.

So of course we wanted to see, because it’s forbidden.

Great songwriter with a cool voice; he’s in a cool band, forbidden Dimension.

They were forbidden to take any possessions, not even a change of clothes.

But a single bite of this forbidden fruit is enough to kill a person.

Eventually, they make love, which a priestess of Aphrodite is forbidden to do.

While Ethiopia’s constitution guarantees all ethnic groups the right to a referendum on self-determination, the government has long forbidden such votes.

“We were forbidden from having calls to action,” Stewart said.

“I know that it’s forbidden to officially organize a Wall of Death in the crowd.

Which, as we’ve established, is strictly forbidden.

The 12 jurors and six alternates were anonymous under orders from the judge, and cameras were strictly forbidden inside the courtroom.

The song finds Ralo and friends embracing forbidden flings with women attracted to their high-octane lifestyles.

Friends would post pictures online, but because of their previous jobs, they were forbidden from sharing pictures publicly in case they were recognized.

The NFL has opened an investigation to figure out whether Manning actually used the forbidden drugs.

mind and mood altering substances are forbidden.

(The liberal media warlords have forbidden us from typing M*rry Chr*stmas since we are foot-soldiers on the War on Christmas.

Aouad says people often chew and spit foods that are seen as “enjoyable but forbidden“—like doughnuts, cakes, cookies, and chips.

So instead of going back, some are attempting the forbidden road to Canada.

They are forbidden to receive the sacraments and cannot be buried in a Catholic cemetery with their own families.

But Godsi also attributes some of this sort of attraction it to “forbidden fruit.”

“Carmen & Lola” is a bland story of forbidden love to which the word Roma was added like a pinch of chilli.

Golden handshakes were forbidden.

“Real queerness means pushing boundaries of what is forbidden,” says Leap.

He says this is forbidden by Britain’s broadcasting regulations and is asking Ofcom, Britain’s telecoms regulator, to take CGTN off air.

“In America, there is one forbidden word,” Cohen continues.

As a conservative patriarchal movement, birth control is forbidden.

It was then enamelled and finished in the forbidden City’s workshops.

Growing up really religious, sex was a forbidden subject.

Under the Communist regime, the practice of magic was forbidden and practitioners were arrested if caught.

The scavengers have been forbidden for some years from foraging for fragments at ancient kiln sites.

In the paper, she also outlines another example: It should be forbidden to target people who have addictive tendencies with gambling ads.

Friday, September 30, 2016 Hello Just my opinion in your case but locally we are forbidden to feed these birds and other animals.

This fully animated reboot follows Smurfette, who discovers a mysterious map leading through the forbidden Forest to a legendary lost village of Smurfs.

But you also were conditioned to feel guilty for being interested in those forbidden topics.

They were allegedly forbidden from socializing with children in the neighborhood, or anyone outside of the family for that matter.

So what would happen if your taste buds touched the forbidden lava of carbohydrates?

The beams of its roof are curved, with golden tiles reminiscent of those that adorn the forbidden City, 70km to the south-east.

Last year’s defeat against Ms Osaka was marred by a tussle with the umpire over coaching, which is forbidden during matches.

“And say it, out loud, even it’s forbidden or taboo or wrong or insane.

Advertising was expressly forbidden.

“I keep the sunscreen up on a high shelf so it seems like it’s forbidden.

The terror group is opposed to Western, non-Sharia education, and its name loosely translates to “Western Education is forbidden” in Arabic.

In an environment where expressing sexual desire felt forbidden, I created fantastical scenarios in my head that would allow me to enjoy sex.

It was forbidden to practice the sport and a number of the boxers were executed.

“This country is the forbidden fruit and when someone comes here as an illegal immigrant they are punished for it,” she says.

My last name was changed by my family without any discussion—for the sake of my own security—and I was forbidden from wearing a headscarf.

Ministers are forbidden to channel money through “intermediaries” such as contractors, trade unions or NGOs.

Since you can’t get a permit to sell wild-collected orchids, all global trade in the flowers is technically forbidden.

It changed my life totally but I was forbidden to listen to it.

“Why must it be forbidden?” Zukin asked in the NPR report.

It doesn’t get much nerdier than the author of ‘The forbidden Wish’.

Some take it for spineless laxity in the face of what ought to be fought or forbidden.

Carol, for forbidden love feels.

(The debt brake also affects states’ finances: from 2020, they will be forbidden to run structural deficits.)

That may not matter in China, where Google’s apps are forbidden.

Sincerely, forbidden Love Dear forbidden Love, Doing what we dislike is hard.

U.S. banks are forbidden to do business with Iran.

Robert’s Rebellion, which caused thousands to die, began as a clash of unrequited and forbidden love.

The two cities share space, but are forbidden by law and custom from acknowledging each other.

But their story is so much more than a tale of forbidden love.

And then hanging around with bad company and guys and doing all sorts of haram [forbidden] things.

Do something that’s culturally taboo or forbidden?

She granted Peck bail and told him that he was forbidden from returning to Omeros Bros.

One Phoenix officer declared it was “a good day for a chokehold”, a dangerous and largely forbidden police tactic.

He is no longer forbidden; instead the authorities are on the lookout for anything that might expose citizens to subversive politics.

The United Arab Emirates has forbidden travel to Lebanon since 2012, supposedly because of kidnapping risks.

Men are forbidden to grow beards, women may not wear head coverings and children are barred from prayers.

What follows is a journey of forbidden love and discovery.

It creeps along, all atmosphere and tone, a slow trot through the desert environment of the game’s forbidden Lands.

And even if we had, a show about vampires and witches would have been forbidden.

Future contestants who feared that perhaps $420 was one of the forbidden wagers can rest easy.

The two play forbidden lovers in a strict Orthodox Jewish community.

Viewers are encouraged to pursue their own forbidden impulses through these voyeuristic scenes.

The story takes places during the 17th century, when Christianity was strictly outlawed and the presence of the priests was forbidden.

More importantly, the people and companies in question are immediately shut down and the people involved forbidden from doing anything like this again.

And Thor to be forbidden to come and save Jane because Earth doesn’t matter.

The Babylonian Talmud warns: “It is forbidden for a man to sleep alone in a house, lest Lilith get hold of him.”

As Next INpact noted, Twitter updated its terms of service on February 1 to say that all political campaigning ads are forbidden in France.

At the time, they were strictly forbidden to bring cameras along the route to record the experience.

If you’ve been defeated by restrictive diets in the past, the CICO mindset—which avoids the concept of “forbidden” foods—might help.

We were forbidden to play, so we used to play unofficially in secret.

The children were also allegedly forbidden to shower more than once a year and none had ever seen a dentist.

forbidden from moving any items across the border, they each brought their own wedding ring to the ceremony.

What Uber’s agreeing to: The company will pay $20 million and is forbidden from making certain misrepresentations or unsubstantiated claims in the future.

Masterson has denied any wrongdoing, claiming the encounters were consensual and insisting that as a Scientologist, he is forbidden from using any drugs.

The forbidden fruit.

Since an April 2011 decree by the French National Authority for Health, five of these fat freezing techniques are forbidden in France.

Under Texas law, a teacher is forbidden to have sex with a student even if the student has reached the age of majority.

“She was not afraid of getting in trouble.” Rahaf ate bacon, which is forbidden by Islam, for the first time in her life.

And there’s Zen, an up-and-coming model and actor who, like many Asian pop stars, is contractually forbidden from romantic relationships.

When a defiant initiate from the city discovers his best-kept secret, a forbidden love, Xolani’s entire existence begins to unravel.

forbidden love in Greece is arguably hotter than forbidden love anywhere else.

The same goes for her 20 or so followers, who are forbidden from talking to the media.

The forest is forbidden.

We are a truly horrible species, and the forest is forbidden to us.

Is that why it is so forbidden to us?

The couple also were accused of taunting their children with pies and other food that they were forbidden to eat.

After the revolution in Iran 1979 she was forbidden to perform and her music got banned.

“The prefect has forbidden drinking alcohol in the streets, carrying alcohol, bottles and cans.

In France, a couple was forbidden to name their child “Prince William,” and potentially set the kid up for a lifetime of bullying.

At my agency, we use whipped cream and lotions that they can rub on us—so it’s not that touching is strictly forbidden.

This captivating forbidden love story has an all-star cast of Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson and Kyle Chandler.

In a new interview with Billboard, Todrick Hall revealed he suffered “crazy breakdowns” after hitting a wall while writing his latest album forbidden.

Less known is the fact that Castro, despite his frequent anti-United States diatribes, had his own shipment of forbidden Yankee pleasures.

She is forbidden from having any contact with minors.

This article originally appeared on VICE Australia.Growing up Muslim, ideas around sexuality are often suppressed and forbidden.

Our forbidden lovebirds did not get together, and Johnny Tran’s lackey got away.

“When you know that you’re just taking a forbidden drug, doping, that is not informed consent.

The forbidden nature of how the protagonists’ court their prey, makes the hunt alluring to watch.

Online users joke about how “tasty” the pods look… even calling them the “forbidden fruit.”

Drivers are not explicitly forbidden from entering customers’ homes.

The sale of Indian direct-to-home service is also forbidden but common in Pakistan.

China: “Mr. Xi reopened a long-dormant theater inside the forbidden City to present Mr. Trump and his wife, Melania, an evening of Chinese opera.”

U.S. banks are still forbidden to do business with Iran and while lenders based elsewhere are not covered by this ban, major problems remain.

I grew up in a very Latin, conservative place; I had uncles who were gay, but it was forbidden to discuss their sexuality.

But since its inception, Muslim leaders and communities have debated on whether or not cryptocurrencies should be deemed halal or haram, permissible or forbidden.

The symbol is forbidden in Germany, according to German outlet Bento, which first noticed the similarity.

Evidence, such as videos and pictures, was forbidden by the European Union in 2014.

They develop a forbidden friendship.

The best account I’ve read of the final period of nomadism is in Alone in the forbidden Land, by Gustav Krist.

So it was partly some kind of forbidden kingdom, y’know?

At the time, Rodriguez was appealing his game suspension for using forbidden substances, USA Today and The New York Times reported.

It also has forbidden private schools, which serve about a quarter of the country’s primary and secondary school students, from suspending lessons.

was the forbidden question asked by Gervais, referring to a notorious moment from Gibson’s rap sheet.

Cast members were forbidden from wearing the same outfit twice.

Minors are not listed publicly on the sex offender registry, but they’re forbidden from attending school because that’s where children congregate.

Picture a young Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt falling into a forbidden love as they herd sheep through the Wyoming mountains.

A combination of scuba fabric but there’s the word ‘burk’ in it, so it’s forbidden.

“It’s exciting to go places where we’re forbidden.

It goes from the story of a forbidden romance, into a tale of betrayal and revenge.

They are strictly forbidden from working by the government.

I felt way more tense reading about the forbidden Forest than I did watching it on screen.

(Read More) Icebreaker: The new Harry Potter and the forbidden Journey ride is reportedly making fans sick.

The camera doesn’t leer or laugh at Eliza, or frame her self-pleasure as something forbidden.

It’s that particular anxiety and rush you get when you’re given the opportunity to eat a forbidden food.

That’s why I treated it like something to be hoarded whenever I found myself alone with this forbidden fruit.

Those forbidden names include common ones such as Linda, Alice, and Elaine.

TMZ reports the forbidden Journey is inducing nausea and vomiting.

In the meantime, muggles can test whether their tummies can handle going on the forbidden Journey with the video preview, below.

“I mean, talk about forbidden fruit!” Harrelson wrote her a song that laid out his feelings for her.

U.S. banks are still forbidden to do business with Iran.

Mobile phones, satellite and GPS devices were forbidden, and anything deemed a potential threat was taken, including a hand sanitizer.

As far as I know, it’s not forbidden!” Antoine, a 56-year-old business owner loves being part of the story, not just an observer.

(“forbidden” in Arabic)Dada (her father): “Like when Dada says, ‘Sheherazade, stop that!’

A forbidden snack forbidden no more?

But as I ate more and introduced formerly forbidden foods back into my diet, I felt so much better.

The plea deal she rejected would have forbidden Gore from going near the construction site again, according to the report.

Jess came back from jury duty with souvenir T-shirts for the gang, including Reagan, and flashbacks to her forbidden romance with Juror 237B.

But love is forbidden at Castle Black, where Queen Elsa Freya (Emily Blunt) takes in troubled children for the Night’s Watch.

Libertson says the reason for this is that tattoos are still forbidden in most public bathhouses.

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