Flyers in a sentence | Use of the word flyers examples

I received flyers and AirDrop – very smart act.” Hundreds of police lined the route, temporarily closing some roads and diverting public transport.

Back then, Tunick was doing single-person shoots and recruiting models in person or through flyers.

He selectively handed out flyers at gay bars, straight clubs, punk venues, and other spaces.

“There would be a concept, which I’d incorporate into the flyers, and projections, and the music was house.

At least some of the young men were members of a group called AtomWaffen Division, known mostly for distributing racist flyers on college campuses.

Between the lounge access, airline fee credits, and increased points earning rate, it makes an ideal card for Delta flyers.

Because Slash included event flyers and album reviews as well, it was often where people looked to find music and shows.

The alleged evidence included a photo of a man handing out pro-Fidel Castro flyers with Oswald.

The procession past business class leaves most flyers focusing on the luxury.

Friends spent the weekend passing out flyers and asking people to spread the word about Lueck’s disappearance.

Amazon has mailed flyers to Queens residents touting the economic benefits of its New York expansion.

(The flyers had to be corrected in pen.)

It was just some flyers somebody threw up on a wall, snapped a picture for their Instagram and scurried away.


They attend health fairs, hand out flyers in the community, and make phone calls to enrollees reminding them to re-enroll.

One solution for artists playing an inaccessible space is to advertise it as such on Facebook events and other flyers.

Google employees and contractors will be leaving these flyers at their desks tomorrow.

In this special documentary, VICE News also travels to Alberta where anti-Islam flyers have been widely spread.

The Paranoyds were formerly anti-social media, relying instead on a hashtag and old-school methods such as street teaming and flyers.

The algorithm also takes into account whether passengers are frequent flyers; if you are, you are less likely to be bumped.

Along with giving flyers fair warning, airlines also sweeten the deal for those who voluntarily bump.

These flyers depict Australia’s policy on Illegal Immigration.

The lack of staffing has led to both security and convenience concerns for flyers.

Last week at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, employees and flyers were confronted with “endless lines,” ABC News reported.

At the Gravelines nuclear power station, in the north of France, disgruntled employees burned tires in the road and handed out anti-reform law flyers.

At the Gravelines nuclear power station, in the north of France, disgruntled employees burned tires in the road and handed out anti-reform law flyers.

Information about Thursday’s DC strike has spread through Facebook, Spanish-language flyers, and word of mouth.

So I start putting flyers up in the press tent.

With an executive board of 11 nationwide, they’ve put up Black Smoke Matters flyers at truck stops around the country.

Gritty is the new mascot for the Philadelphia flyers.

And everybody knew that the flyers adopting any sort of mascot would be controversial with the team’s most hardcore fans, says Allen.

The flyers, for their part, are really leaning into this whole … thing.

Gritty has sort of transcended the flyers to become something else entirely.

You might even have known he was the flyers’ mascot.

(Allen briefly worried that flyers’ fans initial backlash to Gritty would cause the team to apologize and back away from the guy.)

Soon, Gritty had all the hallmarks of a powerful meme icon in 2018, and few of them were overseen by the flyers.

Because he’s exactly what a mascot for the Philadelphia flyers should be.

We were at every hotspot in LA handing out flyers for the next party.

We knew that Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we were passing out flyers for Friday.

Then we’d go to the skating rink at 9:30 or ten o’clock and put flyers on people’s cars.

We’d also go to different high schools, barber shops, and record stores to pass out flyers.

Internet-connected printers of at least three American universities—Stanford, Vanderbilt, and the University of California and Berkeley—were hijacked and used to print anti-Semitic flyers.

Outside, the banners and signs attracted the attention of passersby, many of whom took the time to read flyers handed out by the activists.

Anxious flyers are more common than those with a serious phobia.

He does, however, offer some tips that fearful flyers can use to cope with their fears.

But, for some fearful flyers, who travel infrequently, medicating might be a temporary solution that works.

Flying brings out the worst in people—a lot of flyers act so stressed out.

In addition to the various banners and flyers, the protestors devised mock tear gas canisters.

(The flyers had to be corrected in pen.)

THUMP: Tell us a little bit about how this collection began and where you find these flyers.

I started collecting flyers when I attended my first rave at 15.

I was managing a street team, plastering the city with flyers and posters for the various concerts that we were promoting at the time.

I was fascinated by the sheer quality and quantity of music events in the city, and the increasing sophistication of flyers.

I decided to keep all the flyers I would find back then, dump them in a box without any idea why.

It was one of the biggest flyers I had ever seen, and the design was truly remarkable.

I rang my mates and said, “If you don’t mind giving some flyers out, I’ll get you tickets sorted to the raves.”

If you put my name and number on the back of the flyers, I’ll sell tickets for you.”

Guests are invited to grab a drink and pick up/swap/share posters, artwork, stickers, and flyers produced by various activist organizations.

flyers went out in July and the project was done in early September.

Even the neighbors who read the flyers were not clear whether it was meant to be a temporary pilot project or something permanent.


“The only digital assets artists receive from Today at Apple are Instagram-ready flyers that use artists’ existing promotional photos,” Voynovskaya writes.

Let’s say someone from a party crew was passing out flyers, and he had a shaved head, so he looks like a cholo.

Teenagers designing flyers, being unique, being creative with organizing parties, and I feel like a lot of teenagers in general can relate to that.

Inside, security moved to clear flyers that were distributed.

No one was out, and no one would take my stupid, stupid flyers.

An environmental group hung up these flyers around Capitol Hill, where Pruitt lives — though no longer with that couple.

They dispersed flyers about Brown alum Warren Kanders, owner of defense manufacturing corporation Safariland, throughout the building.

They exited the museum, handing out flyers on the way, in the café and throughout the lobby.

One month later I found my face plastered on newspaper ads, flyers, and, yes, even billboards.

It paid for flyers to be printed, and said it would cover a $5,000 reward for Norman’s return.

Rover’s hotline team initiates search efforts and hires people to posts flyers for missing animals.

PREDICTION: flyers 4, Bruins 2

But the flyers don’t seem to have panicked, and are moving forward on a slow-and-steady rebuild.

The new campaign will be promoted on social media, the city council’s website, and posters and flyers around town.

It also partnered with American Airlines to provide sleep products to higher-end flyers.

Some said Islamic State flyers were found.

They can do more than hand out flyers or serve as walking billboards.

Senators 5, flyers 4 Jean-Gabriel Pageau recorded a goal and two assists as Ottawa survived a late-game scare to defeat Philadelphia.

Munchery has also reportedly spent “hundreds of thousands of dollars” just placing on doors flyers offering discounts.

Should teams like the flyers have any odds at all?

Panthers 2, flyers 1 Aaron Ekblad and Evgenii Dadonov each scored one goal to lift visiting Florida past Philadelphia.

But how did a woman whose campaign flyers declare “TURN LOVE INTO A POLITICAL FORCE” get into the debates in the first place?

Jakub Voracek scored the lone goal for the flyers, who had their three-game winning streak snapped.

In September of last year, some explicitly alt-right flyers got posted around the University of Michigan.

The flyers won despite playing without third-leading scorer Jakub Voracek and losing center Nolan Patrick in the opening minutes.

Her fight name, Petchnamneung Dragonmuaythai, has graced the flyers of six promotions in the past year she’s been fighting.

Brandon Manning and Ivan Provorov and Sean Couturier and Nolan Patrick scored for the flyers, who lost for the fourth straight time.

John’s idea was to fill newspaper advertising space by approaching the people who place sex worker flyers inside telephone boxes.

Users will be able to race against other Teal flyers, on set courses, against a leaderboard, using image recognition developed by Neurala.

In my freshman year of college there used to be these flyers littered across campus.

For weeks I passed by the flyers without much thought, but one day after a canceled class, I stopped to read the fine print.

PREDICTION: Red Wings 4, flyers 3

Among sellers, you’ve got the Devils, Sabres, flyers, maybe the Jets.

flyers are also being passed out to shoppers locally, and shared over email.

The East German secret police are after Yanek’s son, who has been spreading subversive flyers speaking against the Communist government.

The Independent adds that passengers with special needs, groups with young children, and frequent flyers would also get priority seating.

On Sunday, she was serving 17 roasted turkeys at an event advertised on social media and flyers around town.

One of the lead demonstrators told the crowd that 900 of its 1,000 flyers had already been handed out.

The display includes photographs of rallies to free Huey Newton and flyers for demonstrations for Angela Davis.

“Their goalie played a good game,” said flyers captain Claude Giroux, whose goal-less streak is now at eight games.

At New York’s LaGuardia Airport, ABC News reported that both airport employees and flyers were confronted with “endless lines” on Sunday.

Gostisbehere drew the flyers within 3-2 with 2:04 to play with a slapper from the point that appeared to go off teammate Brayden Schenn.

“I thought we played three good periods today,” flyers coach Dave Hakstol said.

flyers C Sean Couturier (knee) sat out his second straight game.

The flyers continue their three-game homestand Sunday night against the Calgary Flames, followed by a Tuesday night visit by the Boston Bruins.

And in the corner of Democrat Doug Jones, his campaign is sending out some questionable flyers addressing minority voters.

Alex started seeing his art being used on flyers for underground parties in the city and decided to investigate.

He has called on his supporters to join him to distribute flyers.

Frequent flyers have another set of worries entirely: Can exposure to harsh cabin air cause irreversible damage like wrinkles and fine lines?

The monument features the fearless flyers in profile with a relief plaque by Bruno Mankowski.

They are flyers, left there by a DJ, for a tech-house night.

Until then, here are some flyers for the fan club.

Any flyers or advertisements claiming otherwise are false.

I’m currently helping out with flyers for community-based solutions to police, so I send an email asking for a few design clarifications.

But will rainbow flags make flyers reconsider whether to spend their dollars on those waffle fries?

When flyers’ erratic behavior goes viral, everyone is put under a microscope, including those trying to help.

When the internet conquered the world at the turn of the century, circulating thousands of flyers four nights a week seemed inefficient by comparison.

flyers aren’t extinct, but they aren’t a palpable part of life anymore.

Evan Auerbach: These flyers had a very different feel for me.

However, I began collecting flyers I would find because they were memories to me.

The same can be said about club flyers and how they were used to pass on information in a personal way.

The interesting thing about a book like this is that these flyers obviously weren’t supposed to be preserved forever.

These flyers really stood at the touchstone of so many points: dance, art, design, fashion—all within the New York City lens.

The flyers became flashier and, in my opinion, less artistic and less idiosyncratic.

I stopped saving flyers around then.

White supremacist flyers and hateful messages were found on campus recently.

However, the more I worked on the book, the more I began to appreciate the artistry that went into some flyers.

The Mars/Trip flyers are so dope—the colors and the designs were way ahead of their time.Follow Luke Winkie on Twitter.

He contributed designs for flyers, posters, and calendars to the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, where generations of poets have done readings.

In the most recent, in January, someone posted anti-immigrant flyers reading, “NO means NO!

The flyers contained links to The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website that advocates for the genocide of Jews.

In some ways, the free-speech debate about these types of flyers is the same one that’s been happening in American colleges for years.

In fancier forums, complaints from flyers underscore the seedy tactics used by cheaters.

“Now they post flyers, but what are they going to do next?

“Within groups of people I know, there was a lot of outrage and disgust” in response to the flyers, she said.

A month before, flyers targeting DREAMers and undocumented immigrants were found on campus.

Recently, students found more white supremacist flyers and messages on campus at Cal Poly.

Similar KKK flyers popped up across other parts of the country over the weekend.

Last week, police arrested a man for hanging anti-Semitic, anti-gun control flyers near the American University campus in Washington, D.C.

The flyers use a photo of David Hogg, one of the survivors and most vocal advocates for the March for Our Lives movement.

Police arrested a person who was hanging anti-Semitic, anti-gun control flyers near the American University campus in Washington, D.C., on Monday morning.

It seems unfair that they have drawn the flyers, and we will get into that shortly, so how vulnerable are they to an upset?

On March 28, police stopped a group of students for posting flyers that questioned the university’s commitment to diversity.

Investigator Patrick Reilly of the campus police told Pipe Dream the flyers violated university policy and New York state laws about unlawful posting.

While reportedly someone was “offended” by the postings, students told Pipe Dream that none of the flyers were a threat to anyone’s safety.

“Unless the university reverses course, Binghamton University risks chilling the speech of not just the students distributing flyers, but the entire student body.”

“It’s very disappointing that it’s the anti-racist flyers that they’re cracking down on and not the perpetrators of offensive acts.”

Racist and otherwise discriminatory incidents on college campuses, such as students wearing blackface to frat parties and white supremacist flyers, are nothing new either.

This was before mobile phones really took off, so a lot of it was through flyers.

It was the flyers’ largest margin of victory over the Capitals since a 7-1 victory Dec. 20, 2008, in Philadelphia.

In the East, the flyers are four points out of a wild-card spot.

The Capitals entered the game having taken at least one point from the flyers in each of their previous eight meetings (5-0-3).

The flyers, playing their first game following a 2-2-0 road trip, built a 2-1 lead on first-period goals by Couturier and Laughton.

Laughton’s goal was the flyers’ first short-handed score of the season and came after he intercepted a pass by Washington defenseman John Carlson.

“That’s the biggest point in the hockey game right there,” flyers coach Dave Hakstol said.

flyers D Brandon Manning, a healthy scratch the previous three games, returned to the lineup on a third defense pairing with Radko Gudas.

The flyers continue their five-game homestand Tuesday night against the Florida Panthers.

Some of the supporters offered passersby flyers and stickers provided by the organization, but many New Yorkers and tourists breezed past them.

How long before flyers fans start yelling “BROAD stripes” at home games?

I got really invested in it — I even passed out homemade flyers to get the word out.

The Philadelphia flyers re-signed restricted free agent defenseman Travis Sanheim to a two-year, $6.5 million contract on Monday.

“We are very pleased with the progress Travis has made in his young career,” flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher said in a statement.

“I’m looking forward to another two years with the flyers.

Then I run over to Costco Business Center and order 5,000 flyers for an upcoming fundraiser I’m volunteering for.

Colleges have tried different strategies, from mailing parents flyers about alcoholism stats to policing campuses to break up parties.

Markstrom also started against the flyers on Saturday, winning 5-1.

The handwritten postcards are more attention-grabbing than generic flyers and will hopefully encourage more people to vote.

Many of these flyers also explain how to set the service fee to zero.

These include photographs with Crimp, intimate notes with artist Jack Whitten, flyers from ACT UP campaigns, occasional poetry, political pamphlets, and other ephemera.

The Pittsburgh Penguins exploded for four goals in the second period to defeat the Philadelphia flyers, 5-1, Tuesday night at the Wells Fargo Center.

Jordan Weal scored for the flyers, who opened their four-game homestand in shaky fashion.

The flyers fell to 16-15-8 and couldn’t maintain the momentum gained from a 5-3 win Friday at Tampa Bay.

It was the fifth straight game that the flyers had allowed the first goal.

The four Pittsburgh goals came on only eight shots and when the buzzer sounded, boos were clearly heard from the flyers fans.

Much like dolphins, these flyers have found a way to catch some shuteye on the road—one brain hemisphere at a time.

Jakub Voracek, Valtteri Filppula, Dale Weise and Claude Giroux scored for the flyers (7-6-2), who lost for the third time in four games.

They also killed off five of the flyers’ six power plays.

“I’d like to not turn the puck over there and, if possible, get a save there,” flyers coach Dave Hakstol said.

NOTES: flyers D Shayne Gostisbehere returned to the lineup after missing the previous three games with an upper body injury.

Boeser, 20, was recruited by flyers coach Dave Hakstol to play for the University of North Dakota.

By the time Boeser arrived, Hakstol had already left to coach the flyers.

Defenseman Ivan Provorov and right winger Jakub Voracek netted goals for the flyers (8-9-4), who lost for the fifth straight time.

“Right now we’re a frustrated team,” flyers captain Claude Giroux said.

We need to figure out our stuff and start winning again.” Goaltender Michal Neuvirth took the loss for the flyers.

Sullivan also claims Bickler slaps the logo on promotional flyers.

… LW Jordan Weal was promoted to the flyers’ second line, where he played alongside rookie C Nolan Patrick and RW Wayne Simmonds.

They would have to get a permit from French police, make flyers and contact the media, all within a week.

The Canucks host the Calgary Flames and Philadelphia flyers in back-to-back games Saturday and Sunday.

At New York’s LaGuardia Airport, ABC News reported that both airport employees and flyers were confronted with “endless lines” on Sunday.

Don’t be alarmed: That’s Gritty, the Philadelphia flyers‘ mascot-turned-meme.

But unionization advocates see the flyers as a way of threatening employees, not educating them.

Sean Couturier and Ivan Provorov also scored goals for the flyers, who had been outscored 13-2 in their three previous games.

Provorov put the flyers back in front seven-plus minutes later with his first goal of the season.

He capped it by turning away all three shots in a shootout, lifting the Rangers over the Philadelphia flyers on Saturday.

C Sean Couturier had a goal and an assist Tuesday in the flyers’ win over the Canadiens.

Columbus right winger Cam Atkinson continued his strong play against Philadelphia, scoring twice as the host Blue Jackets beat the flyers 6-3 on Thursday.

For the first time in seven games, the flyers got on the board first, scoring on a deflection at 10:06 into the game.

The flyers took a 2-1 lead at 19:50 of the first when Couturier flipped a shot from above the left circle that beat Bobrovsky.

Thus, DanceSafe has booths set up at a handful of festivals, where volunteers give out informational flyers and answer questions from attendees.

Jets 3, flyers 2 (SO) Mark Scheifele, Patrik Laine and Bryan Little scored in the shootout as Winnipeg defeated Philadelphia.

Bobby adds that because of the hyperemotional state of flyers, it’s not actually that absurd to believe you could meet someone you like.

That ended the night for flyers goalie Petr Mrazek, who finished with six saves on 10 shots.

MacDonald gave the flyers a boost and cut the margin to 4-3 on a long distance goal with 7:37 remanining.

Blue Jackets goalie Sergei Bobrovsky improved 10-3-1 with two shutouts over his career against the flyers.

Nolan Patrick scored for the flyers, who got 29 saves from Brian Elliott.

Notable projects: Co-founder, creative director, and designer for NAAFI (record covers, flyers, apparel etc.

Bustamante: There’s a lot of pure type flyers now, but brand events look really safe.

T.J. Brodie scored at 1:59 of overtime as the Calgary Flames rallied to defeat the host Philadelphia flyers 3-2 Saturday afternoon.

Travis Sanheim and Travis Konecny scored for the flyers, who lost their sixth in a row (0-4-2).

Tkachuk skated the puck into the flyers’ end of the rink and feathered a pass to Brodie, who tipped the puck past Hart.

The flyers had taken a 2-1 lead on Konecny’s unassisted goal at 5:57 of the third.

The flyers opened the scoring at 12:10 of the first period.

Mark McKenna dressed as the flyers’ backup goalie a day after being claimed off waivers from Vancouver.

Notable projects: illustrations for FACT mixes; flyers for Golden Pudel in Hamburg and Kompakt Records; album art for Demdike Stare.

Cross your fingers some Philadelphia flyers assistant hears it and gets inspired.

VICE Sports: What were your first thoughts when the flyers unveiled Gritty to the world?

What has made flyers fans like you and many around hockey embrace this freak of a mascot so much?

My brother is a huge flyers fan so he loves it.

The flyers call it:” (Oh the suspense!

I walked in and I asked him if he knew the flyers mascot, Gritty, and he said of course.

Anyone in the flyers organization, media, or Gritty himself, reach out to you after?

—The Washington Capitals traded Matt Niskanen to the Philadelphia flyers in exchange for Radko Gudas in a swap of defensemen.

PREDICTION: Jets 3, flyers 1

Her friends told her to search the streets for flyers stuck to office buildings that read “GYN.”

LAPD officers went door-to-door inside the apartment complex handing out flyers.

The private members are busy high flyers with no time to play the “dating numbers game.”

G Michal Neuvirth took the loss in the flyers 5-2 defeat against the Canucks Tuesday night.

There’s some confusion, however, whether this means United will begin charging Basic Economy flyers a fee for bringing larger carry-ons.

American flyers estimated as many as 90 percent of bombs missed their targets.

Some guests practically sprinted to avoid having to interact with protesters, while others took multiple flyers.

Activists gathered to discuss their upcoming demonstration; they began disseminating their flyers to museumgoers and discussing strategy.

I haven’t had a chance to look at it closely,” flyers coach Dave Hakstol said.

Mason was solid for the flyers, finishing with 29 saves.

Winner: Anze Kopitar, Los Angeles KingsRunners-up: Sean Couturier, Philadelphia flyers; Patrice Bergeron, Boston Bruins Did they get it right?

Washington failed on its first man-advantage early in the second, but kept the pressure on throughout the period as they outshot the flyers 14-4.

The flyers wore a jersey patch in honor of team founder and chairman Ed Snider, who died Monday at the age of 83.

It used to be that noise-canceling headphones were only for frequent flyers who prioritized tranquility on long trips over sound quality and aesthetics.

The Philadelphia flyers held a moment of silence before their game against the New York Rangers.

“I think of something Fred Shero, the former flyers coach said: ‘Win today, we’ll be together for ever,'” Dunphy said.

“It’s not just us—almost every party in town is making little videos instead of flyers.”

The maps on the flyers that give away the party’s location are also little artworks in their own right.

From there, people around Portland, Oregon began seeing her work around town, on flyers and on The Decemberists album covers.

The loans are clever way for the airlines to help flyers work around the new security requirements.

Or that if they’re going to print out homemade flyers to put up around their neighborhoods, they better put QR codes on them.

Prison art is amazing, and so are the paintings flyers put on the nose cones of their fighter planes.

From there, the flyers held on after a furious third-period Capitals rally.

Despite the flyers‘ jump to the No.

The second deadly crash of a Boeing 737 Max model airplane within months of the first has put flyers around the world on edge.

The flyers went the final 17:46 without a shot on net in the offensive zone.

The flyers’ other goal also came on a one-timer from a defenseman.

But this information doesn’t appear in pamphlets, flyers, website banners and electronic notices sent out by the Block.

He has been on the bench for the Stars, Philadelphia flyers, Columbus Blue Jackets and St. Louis Blues.

The flyers are a fairly ordinary pair of fitness-focused Bluetooth headphones.

Senators C Kyle Turris scored in the first meeting with the flyers and has four goals and two assists in his last four games.

PREDICTION: Senators 3, flyers 2

After she got over the initial shock of Roberts’ visit, the following morning she printed up a bunch of flyers.

The suit in a District of Columbia circuit court was filed by the group flyers Rights.

In bringing the case, flyers Rights documented what this contraction of space means in actual inches.

The workers’ flyers asked “If Trump choses to stay at a union hotel, why can’t Trump Hotel workers choose to form a union.”

The flyers were faced with this situation in Game 1 of their first-round matchup against the Penguins.

Delta just did away with the standard, antiquated flight check-in process that’s plagued modern flyers for years.

The flyers didn’t give themselves a chance to come back and they eventually lost a six-game series against the superior but vulnerable Penguins.

Then there were flyers for the event, which suggested it had been sponsored by Monster Energy.

So in 1982 I began advertising myself as an artist in flyers and classified advertisments.

However, not everyone tested in this study had vision changes — only three of the long-term flyers did.

According to its site, the collection features “hundreds of party and event flyers ca.

The flyers won 3-1 at Florida on Nov. 22 and are 2-0-1 against the Panthers in their last three meetings.

PREDICTION: flyers 4, Panthers 2

Finally, at the age of 32, Dopita agreed to come over to North America and join the flyers.

That one came on January 8, 2002, against the Thrashers, and Dopita exploded for four goals and an assist in an 7-4 flyers win.

This hurts military families.” But as more and more flyers try to game the system, the rules will probably only get more stringent.

He also predicted that airlines like Delta will be tracking flyers’ bags with RFID, reducing the number of carry-ons.

So, on this topic issue, we had flyers out there.

Lens works on photos of business cards, books, landmarks and buildings, paintings in a museum, plants or animals, and flyers and event billboards.

First, they published “wanted” ads in the Montrose Daily Press and papered the area with flyers offering $10 for Curry-ites they could analyze.

But starting September 5th, those domestic flyers will be allowed to bring both a carry-on and a personal item.

The SFDPS’ Facebook page also showcases a fascinating breadth of flyers and photos of the scene of yore.

For instance, users who often buy plane tickets are labeled frequent flyers by Oath’s algorithms.

Much of the text work is written on torn envelopes, packaging, and flyers.

Noise-canceling headphones used to be the exclusive preserve of frequent flyers who cared more about tranquility than sound quality or aesthetics.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has strongly advised flyers to neither use nor charge a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 while on a plane.

We set up our nice table with our flyers and smiles, polo shirts, and sandals.

I hate it more than the thirsty hair muppet the Philadelphia flyers are now claiming as a mascot.

Radko Gudas added a goal for the flyers, who snapped a four-game losing streak.

flyers goaltender Carter Hart, one of the most highly touted prospects in the organization, made his professional debut with 20 saves.

Hart became the flyers’ sixth different starting goaltender through the first 32 games to set a league record.

It was the first game for the struggling flyers since the dismissal of head coach Dave Hakstol.

The flyers got on the board first when van Riemsdyk scored at 18:33 of the first period on a redirection in front.

Gudas later gave the flyers a 2-1 advantage when he ripped a slap shot past Bernier at 8:52.

When Gostisbehere connected at 15:17 of the second, the flyers opened a two-goal edge.

As teenagers in New York City, collecting club flyers was as close to sport as many of my friends and I got.

But it was unable to capitalize, and the flyers held on for the victory.

Some flyers fans embraced him immediately, and some (like me) were very skeptical at first.

Prisoners can also sort magazines, put together marketing flyers, and mail marketing products.

James van Riemsdyk paced the flyers with a hat trick, while Jakub Voracek, Radko Gudas and Shayne Gostisbehere added one goal apiece.

The Shock Exchange and the other men’s teams continually recruit new skaters, handing out flyers at skate nights and bouts around town.

These days, customers ask about the crawl schedule before flyers are even printed.

“Blood banks used to recruit using traditional media, TV, radio, flyers, email, but we have to meet people where they are,” Budaraju says.

The Philadelphia flyers announced this week that they’ll be retiring Eric Lindros’s No.

One wall was completely covered in posters, cards, and flyers — it was like a messy collage of all of her shows.

That would be the flyers, who sit four back of the Wings and have a game in hand.

They’re no sure thing, holding down one of the conference’s two wild-card spots and sitting four points up on the flyers.

—The Philadelphia flyers placed defenseman Andrew MacDonald on unconditional waivers, ending his six-season tenure with the team.

MacDonald, 32, appeared in 47 games with the flyers last season.

I was running around MIPCOM with flyers and palm cards, just trying to do deals.

flyers player Claude Giroux wrote, “Ray was a great teammate and an even better friend.

For many nervous flyers, being completely transparent alleviates at least a little bit of pressure.

The flyers are picked to win the Atlantic-10 conference.

Philadelphia flyers 4-2 2009 – Pittsburgh Penguins def.

Philadelphia flyers 4-0 1996 – Colorado Avalanche def.

Philadelphia flyers 4-3 1986 – Montreal Canadiens def.

Philadelphia flyers 4-1 1984 – Edmonton Oilers def.

Philadelphia flyers 4-2 1979 – Montreal Canadiens def.

Philadelphia flyers 4-0 1975 – Philadelphia flyers def.

Buffalo Sabres 4-2 1974 – Philadelphia flyers def.

But young flyers have proven that price, not style, drives their air travel consumption.

Paul Hudson, the president of flyers Rights, called the department’s conclusion, “egregious in every sense of the word,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

Sean Couturier and James van Riemsdyk also scored and goaltender Brian Elliott made 40 saves for the flyers.

During an ensuing series of scrums, Letang fell hard after tangling with the flyers’ Shayne Gostisbehere.

Shayne Gostisbehere earned three assists while Giroux also recorded two assists for the flyers, who remain in the top wild-card spot in the standings.

Goaltender Brian Elliott stopped 25 shots for the flyers.

After a scoreless first period, the flyers struck first when they took advantage of a turnover in the neutral zone.

And while the journey may take quite a few hours, there are plenty of new features to keep long-haul flyers happy and comfortable.

The flyers allowed their ninth short-handed goal, tied for the most in the league.

Provorov scored a late empty-net goal with a length-of-the-ice shot to secure the win for the flyers.

—Philadelphia flyers goaltender Brian Elliott will miss the next two weeks with what the club termed as a lower-body injury.

“It was worse than I expected,” flyers general manager Ron Hextall told reporters on Friday.

The flyers include an image of Cockburn superimposed over photos from last summer’s white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, which Cockburn did not attend.

The flyers also claim Cockburn criticized Israel in a book she co-wrote with her husband.

While Scientologists in long black robes reminiscent of Hogwarts uniforms paced the sidewalk and handed out Dianetics flyers, several teenagers stared at the tree.

Between 1980 and 1987, the Philadelphia flyers defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins 23 successive times in the City of Brotherly Love.

Stacey Dash is going after a strip club she says is sullying her Fox News image by plastering her pic on its flyers.

Harrington and her husband, Dan, and a small army of volunteers distributed hundreds of flyers of a composite sketch of the suspect.

Cargill was reported missing and a massive search for the teen ensued, with several flyers posted around town.

It is still currently unknown who was behind the nationalist and anti-Semitic flyers.

Part 107 flyers must also pass a basic aeronautical regulations test and will finally be vetted by the TSA.

The Bruins and the flyers rank first and sixth, respectively, in score-adjusted Fenwick, which means they are unlikely to collapse.

They put up these patronizing flyers, “Don’t stab anybody.”

Maybe that means going offline, and back to handing out flyers and depending on word of mouth to promote parties.

PREDICTION: Canadiens 5, flyers 3

The Hurricanes and the flyers both missed the playoffs, and the Bruins just made it back after a few years on the sidelines.

In December 1996, El Paso venue The Rugburn, was a punk’s dream—a dusty mechanic garage covered in flyers and graffiti.

“I guess this group just came around with flyers and she decided to join,” says her father, Lyle Strom, a senior U.S. district judge.

When the Devils woke up Wednesday, they were 10 points behind the Philadelphia flyers for the final wild-card spot.

Christian subsequently became a DJ, working several large nightclubs where he got to paint giant backdrops as well as design flyers and posters.

Two teams desperately needing a victory to change their fortunes meet Saturday afternoon when the Tampa Bay Lightning visit the Philadelphia flyers.

Since her disappearance, Coles’ friends and family have been going door-to-door handing out flyers.

According to flyers general manager Ron Hextall, Neuvirth was taken to Pennsylvania Hospital for observation.

PREDICTION: Lightning 4, flyers 3

Primarily because the flyers went with the tried-and-true Bart Simpson method.

She then prints these images on flyers and hangs them all over New York City for people to see throughout their daily commutes.

The fact that those flyers could have been distributed by a single neckbeard with a beef doesn’t seem to have entered his mind.

Good news, frequent flyers: Southwest airlines will no longer overbook its flights, CEO Gary Kelly said on Thursday morning.

He arranged a table, made a sign and passed out flyers — advertising his art for sale for a dollar.

Distraught over the loss of their beloved pet, the couple immediately started an aggressive search, covering their neighborhood with hundreds of lost dog flyers.

PHILADELPHIA — Jonathan Bernier put a serious crimp in the playoff pursuit of the Philadelphia flyers.

A search for the woman ensued, with deputies canvasing the area, completing door-to-door checks, interviewing residences and businesses and checking missing persons flyers.

He needed to make only 32 saves to beat the flyers and Capitals on successive days.

flyers captain Claude Giroux inexplicably went for a line change with the puck deep in his own zone.

flyers coach Dave Hakstol used his coach’s challenge to review the play, but replays showed the contact occurred and the call wasn’t changed.

G Ray Emery, whom the flyers signed at the end of March as an emergency fallback option, remains on the roster as well.

… C Scott Laughton returned to the lineup for the flyers after being a healthy scratch for the past seven games.

Miller has registered eight goals in 12 games, a stretch that began with one against the flyers in a victory on Jan. 16.

When Ashley vanished, Miranda posted flyers around town and helped stage a dance team benefit to raise money for the search.

PREDICTION: Rangers 4, flyers 1

Rookie Mike Condon is expected to be in net after turning aside 35 shots versus the flyers.

Mohns was a speedy winger who won two Memorial Cups with the Barrie flyers in the early 50s.

C Nick Cousins was from recalled from the flyers’ AHL affiliate in Lehigh Valley.

Teuvo Teravainen (illness) missed practice on Tuesday, but Quenneville told the Blackhawks’ website that he “could play” against the flyers.

The flyers have killed off 24 of their last 27 short-handed situations over the last 11 contests.

PREDICTION: Blackhawks 4, flyers 1

He has appeared in four games for the flyers this season, going scoreless while averaging 7:51 of ice time.

“Every single time I was around anything in terms of documentation—brochures, flyers, stat sheets, everything his name was on—said 1989,” Philo says.

Snippets of old-skool show flyers and the song’s violent lyrics only add to the awesomeness.

ABOUT THE flyers (2-3-1): Wayne Simmonds was kept in check by Montreal on Monday, ending his goal-scoring streak at four games.

PREDICTION: flyers 4, Sabres 2

He won the title with the Carolina Hurricanes in 2006 and lost with the Philadelphia flyers in 2010.

At least twice a month, they go out to post flyers around various nearby towns in the hopes that someone may have spotted her.

Regular flyers are familiar with the distinctive “dog bark” sound heard below the cabin in some Airbus jets before take-off.

It was Kesler’s first multi-goal game since Jan. 1, 2017, when he had a hat trick against the Philadelphia flyers.

When the flyers debuted Gritty at the end of September last year, he was an instant sensation.

But should air turbulence put the wind up flyers?

The flyers said “Just a Ferry Ride Away” but it seems more than that.That particular incident was not so-called “scene” violence.

But one unintended consequence of such over-zealousness is that flyers have become so desensitised that they end up ignoring it.

Asylum began with a small group of faithful goths hanging flyers outside of alternative gigs and venues in London, and grew from there.

“The flyers had designs on them, like, ‘Jesus Died for Punks & Metallers Too’ and, ‘Jesus Loves Goths,'” Billie explains.

But under the new policy, some flyers will be required to go through the scan.

To have so many recognisable international airlines performing well is heartening, especially for the frequent flyers that rely on them.

Amadeus, a travel-technology firm, is already developing an app that will offer flyers a chance to bid for empty premium berths on their smartphones.

I taught myself graphic design when I was making all these flyers and posters for punk gigs during my college years.

The Jets traded Cronin to Quebec during the 1992 offseason, but the Nordiques quickly lost him to the flyers in the waiver draft.

Tens of thousands of stiff-limbed flyers quickly signed their names to the entreaty.

Meanwhile Lufthansa is to trial a service that allows flyers to connect to their 4G networks on their devices.

According to Miriam: “In my first year, I put up flyers.

“The office was only open at certain periods to collect flyers, too,” she notes.

In 1998 and 1999, Wickenheiser was invited to participate in the Philadelphia flyers rookie camp.

He handed out flyers advertising his services and found several dozen clients.

“When she was invited to the flyers rookie camp, everyone was kind of like, ‘Oh, wait, really?

As frustrated flyers increasingly take to Twitter to vent their outrage, carriers are responding with helpful information or perks.

Today flyers still endure hidden fees, late flights, bruised knees, clapped-out fittings and sub-par food.

That first show was at the shuttered subTonic with Radius and Paul Patterson — venues have changed, flyers redesigned, but the party has not stopped.

Driving a car is often unavoidable, but frequent flyers tend to be wealthy urbanites,” he said.

Chinese flyers feared it was jinxed: sales in China, a crucial market, fell by 60% immediately after the first crash.

It was launched in 2012 and was supposed to enroll 25m flyers.

(Condemning poor flyers at the airports losing the canines to a longer wait, no doubt.)

It is open to debate whether flyers would benefit in the long term from a tie-up.

Driving a car is often unavoidable, but frequent flyers tend to be wealthy urbanites,” he said.

But, if they use their deep pockets to quash competitors completely, the outlook for flyers will not be so rosy.

flyers laud it for its reasonable legroom, modern and clean planes, and friendly staff.

And if the past year is any indication, that could spell bad news for flyers.

Aviation pundits have differing opinions on the wisdom of the takeover and what it means for flyers.

Refundable tickets are far more expensive, removing the incentive for flyers to book their flights this way.

Cheetah will be out July 8 on Warp Records; Aphex Twin announced it with an old-school flourish, by mailing flyers to record stores.

Price-gouge ordinary flyers and you’ll be met with a barrage of complaints.

And if you think all a hacker can do with these open devices is print flyers, think again.

And yet it’s what flyers are voting for—if not with their voices, then with their wallets.

The introduction of basic economy could be greeted as part of a trend of good news for flyers: travelling by air is getting cheaper.

The flyers held on for the final 1.6 seconds to win 3-2.

Retroactively, it’s pretty easy to tell who this was a bad omen for—the flyers ended up getting wrecked to the tune of 7-0.

And as the PNAS study shows, that works in reverse: seeing other people experiencing more comfort makes flyers prone to getting annoyed.

Seems like the flyers will make sure to keep that puck whole from here on out.

I was asked to change all of my flyers and ads to exclude the words “dance party.”

That is because the TSA was counting on many more flyers joining its PreCheck programme.

It plastered Austin with billboards, radio ads, flyers and leaflets, and television ads.

Thus, DanceSafe has booths set up at a handful of festivals, where volunteers give out informational flyers and answer questions from attendees.

There are many sensible ways to reduce America’s debt, but a surcharge on flyers is not one of them.

The flyers, for their part, released a statement saying they “will not respond to ridiculous, unfounded charges and innuendo.”

The whole thing started when the Daily News reported that Merlino was in Lindros’ seat at a flyers game.

At the 1992 draft, Quebec traded Lindros to the flyers.

The flyers filed a grievance, and it was left to an arbitrator to decide which team would get the coveted prospect.

I remember sitting on the phone with my best friend as we waited to find out if the flyers were going to get Lindros.

I was too young to remember the flyers‘ run to the Stanley Cup Final in 1987.

But we were sold: The flyers were going to get Eric Lindros, and he was going to make the team great.

We played as the flyers in the NHL series for Sega Genesis.

The flyers stunk, but Lindros was just 19.

The flyers ended up losing that series in six games, but bigger things were to come.

“When Eric Lindros comes off the flyers bench, I shake—every time,” said Doug MacLean, Florida Panthers coach from 1995 to 1997.

He rushed back from those concussions as the flyers made a run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Then came the hit, Lindros’ last play in a flyers uniform.

The flyers lost the game—on home ice, no less—and the series after being up 3-1.

But the flyers did Lindros dirty.

After Lindros publicly criticized trainer John Worley, the flyers added three years to his contract.

Lindros’ father and agent, Carl, said the flyers were trying to “kill” Eric.

Lindros tried to force a trade to Toronto, but the flyers didn’t think the Maple Leafs were offering enough.

He left the flyers on acrimonious terms.

He scored on a penalty shot to help the flyers tie the game.

The flyers were awful in the years before Eric Lindros’ arrival.

Lindros made the flyers a must-watch.

I used to give out flyers for The Devil’s Nest, and made friends with Jellybean—he’s such a humble guy.

But for business travellers and other frequent flyers, American may have just become a more appealing option.

I was in my dorm, it was Sunday night, and these guys came by with flyers and were like, “You guys like beer?

These served the dual purpose of forcing jaded flyers to pay attention and marketing the airline on the web.

And they probably contribute to flyers’ sense that certain airlines, like Virgin America, are hipper and friendlier than their stodgier competitors.

The Canadiens and Philadelphia flyers are ahead of the Panthers in the standings.

Which, as marketing goes, works a lot better than flyers for getting people through the door.

“My parents didn’t have people actually helping them do the flyers and stuff.

That encourages flyers to consider only cheapest option, regardless of how much it veers towards the bovine.

Elena: One of our frequent flyers verbally abused me once.

If it does reach its potential, it might just encourage flyers to change their buying behaviour.

Tyler Toffoli scored in the sixth round of a shootout to lift the visiting Los Angeles Kings past the Philadelphia flyers 3-2 on Thursday.

That is good news for flyers.

Sean Couturier and Jakub Voracek tallied one goal apiece for the flyers, who had their eight-game winning streak snapped.

flyers goaltender Anthony Stolarz made 37 saves in regulation and overtime combined.

The good news for flyers is that European carriers may now have to lower fares to fill their planes.

Nervous flyers need to think that the person in the cockpit has complete control of himself and his plane.

AS AIRLINES have posted record profit, flyers have been asking why they aren’t getting what they crave most: cheaper fares.

In a survey in 2014, flyers overwhelmingly supported a bring-your-own-device policy rather than seatback enjoyment.

The flyers will get the top-seeded Capitals in the opening round.

Emirates was voted the top airline by flyers across the globe, followed by Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and All Nippon Airways (ANA).

And flyers have made it clear that they have one priority far above all others: price.

When flying halfway across the country for $70, can flyers really expect better amenities than on a long-haul bus making the same trip?

Any flyers enduring that long in the air will have to hope the cost-cutting does not extend too far into their basic comforts.

The brothers distributed flyers with printed directions to the bar.

It was pre-internet, so you only found out about shows from flyers that you got from shows you went to.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, just 3.86 bags for every 1,000 flyers go initially unclaimed.

D Kevan Miller left Saturday’s game against the flyers after sustaining an injury midway through the second period.

flyers arriving at Edinburgh will soon be able to pay £5 ($6.59) to use the FastTrack service (Gatwick and Heathrow already offer something similar).

LW David Pastrnak recorded two assists Saturday in the Bruins’ 6-3 win over the flyers.

D Torey Krug registered a goal and an assist Saturday in the Bruins’ 6-3 win over the flyers.

LW Brad Marchand scored two goals and added three assists to lead the Bruins to a 6-3 victory over the flyers on Saturday afternoon.

That doesn’t always work, since letting a play go can decide a game too—just ask flyers or Bruins fans.

He was traded to the flyers in 1987, and then to the Maple Leafs in 1989.

Gritty better watch his ass next time the Hawks play the flyers.

These cannot be used during take-off or landing, when flyers will have no choice but to listen to any bawling bairns.

The announcement may frustrate flyers who already feel burdened with travel restrictions and fees from airlines.

It’s the next logical step from party flyers booming out a competition between “afrobeats versus bashment.”

They face the Philadelphia flyers on Saturday.

(Another commercial airline, Uzbekistan Airways, also began weighing passengers last year, but it does not charge different amounts based on flyers‘ heft.)

The second group of problematic behaviours are those that frequent flyers might not even think about.

The Maple Leafs have earned points in five straight games against the flyers (4-0-1) after the 6-3 home triumph on Nov. 11.

PREDICTION: Maple Leafs 4, flyers 3

Did Keith Evans seriously dismiss a lesbian cop’s advice to post Wanted flyers in gay clubs?

Obviously flyers shouldn’t actually stretch out in the flight attendants’ work area.

Airlines often suggest stretches that can be done while seated, but flyers feel better when they move around a bit.

The advent of RFIDs seems to be good news for both airlines and flyers.

She did pledge shorter queues for Indian frequent flyers to Britain.

Many in the industry worry what effect his policies might have beyond an increase in the number of tetchy flyers.

For solo travellers it would mean more chance of a middle seat—not ideal, but worth the lower cost for many flyers.

Go to other shows and hand out flyers to people as they come or go.

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