Floral in a sentence | Use of the word floral examples

floral Studies continues at Joseph Bellows Gallery (7661 Girard Avenue La Jolla, Calif.) through February 19.

Beech on the other hand burns with an intense floral flavour, lending itself to more robust meats such as goat or pork.

But even the most brilliantly embroidered floral skirts didn’t fool someone who shared a polio-effected childhood: the discerning documentary photographer, Dorothea Lange.

Sother’s notes: “floral, floral, floral, floral.”

Sother’s notes: “Honey and floral, and bitter—it has a lot of botanical properties on the backside.

Many cheeses have floral or vegetal notes, but this ricotta was no joke—it was a pastoral landscape blanketed in virginal sunshine.

(The most popular red hot nickel ball clip, strangely, shows the ball melting through floral foam, which drew nearly 16 million views.)

It sells floral dresses with short sleeves and deep V-necks, high-waisted blue jeans, and crocheted tops.

“The clip shows the singer in a long floral gown, hands resting on her waist with a stern look on her face.

The serial, flip-flopping lettering comes across as concrete poetry, and juxtaposed with the floral motif, prompts thoughts of Gertrude Stein.

Upgrade an otherwise simple look with a show-stopping (but not overdone) floral centerpiece.

Something as innocent as a pink Walmart gift card with a floral design sent men running away from environmentally-friendly goods.

Working with her longtime stylist and friend Gaelle Paul, she’s wearing a floral gown from Dolce & Gabbana’s SS16 collection.

We’ve had enough of the floral prints and bell sleeves in this particular category.

As a part of his series, Jean-Louis photoshops celestial, floral, and forest scenes onto the tresses of natural-haired women.

Each skirt features initial patches, floral appliqués, and ribbons.

There were darker-toned floral dresses and cropped leather flares that echoed the virality of Vetements.

The Verdict: The pronounced floral, fragrant sweetness of this condom takes you by surprise.

Industry: Education and floral.

On the side, I do freelance floral work for a group of pretty loyal clients.

With slip-ons, cut-outs, floral prints, and beyond, these kicks might just become your new weekend warriors.

Her strapless floral gown was chic and feminine.

Mike Montaigne, 50, of floral Park, NY, went to games all the time and sat in the upper deck, no charge.

Box by Haejin Park (Pyrite Press) Haejin makes floral psychedelic watercolor shit that is both over stimulating and calming at once.

“We’re working on more fresh, fruity, floral, citrusy fragrances,” said Evans.

Delicate and bold at the same time, the flavor is absurdly floral with a citrusy, nutty finish.

Patrick: It is actually sweet, a little floral.

Forget cake tastings, dress fitting after dress fitting, and hours spent mulling over invitation fonts, seating charts, and floral centerpieces.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads There is perhaps no genre in painting today more unassuming than the floral still life.

They are the most overtly floral works in More, yet spray paint lines add shocks of effervescence, giving the compositions unnatural and appealing glows.

“The higher the starch-to-everything-else ratio you get, the more pure flavors you get, also more aromatic, floral, more fruit-forward.”

Unlike vending machines in many other countries, those in Japan sell everything from drinks to ramen to floral arrangements.

Some of the highlights include … Ex-Kentucky Wildcat Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is leading the charge … rockin’ a champagne-colored floral suit made by Jhoanna Alba.

Pick an outfit that entices their eyes, and an intriguing, musky scent over floral or citrus.

Bey has a black floral brooch on her ruffle-cuffed version, while Blue Ivy’s sweet, summery dress has a pleated bodice.

The coffee isn’t excellent; sometimes, it tastes inexplicably floral.

That’s not to mention the floral tiles and assortment of Eames-y lounge chairs that look plucked fresh from the antique store (or IKEA).

Sketches show Taylor in what appears to be a floral top, under an updo with loose curls … keyword here is appears.

Large circular and floral forms are often positioned symmetrically on her canvases.

Her exploration into floral work started by photographing flowers at night.

One of the first albums I was listening to is Macintosh Plus’ floral Shoppe.

The fragrance is gently floral, like a pink perfume, but not too cloying.

floral styling by Brittany Asch.

After the Snatch Game, they breezed through their floral looks on the main stage.

And then Snapped her wearing a beautiful floral crown with the caption: “What a sleeping angel.”

Lark & Ro

Lark & Ro is a women’s brand with clothes that offer lots of floral patterns and classic, feminine silhouettes.

Update August 5th: Chrissy Teigen sent Kim a hilarious condolence card and a floral arrangement for her loss.

Kikori is no exception to that, with its attractive gold hue and floral, sherry-like, subtly oaky flavor.

I wanted something that was lightly floral, bright and smooth on the palate, without a long burn.

Her gown featured floral embroidery along the skirt.

The flowing blue dress featured floral embellishments on the bodice.

The kit contains every single makeup brush that UD makes — 29 in all — in a magnetic case adorned with an edgy floral print.

Kardashian took to Snapchat to document the floral bouquet Teigen sent with sympathy for “her loss.”

“She sent me this floral arrangement.

There were copious floral looks, for example.

She wore this white floral hat at the 2009 event.

Mosquitoes are said to be attracted to floral, sweet scents.

In fact, she’s worn floral hats for Christmas over the years — like this fun fascinator.

“Our results challenge the notion that floral, perfume-scented sprays, in general, attract mosquitoes.

floral fragrances may provide a masking odor resulting in low mosquito attraction rates, but over a shorter duration of time.”

In Hasan’s painting, vivid yellow, red, and green pigments writhe across the surface, forming an intricate floral pattern.

It’s like a jean skirt and a nice, low-cut floral print shirt.

Somehow they ended up owning a “botanical laboratory” and honing the craft of floral art.

The “floral art collective” draws inspiration from their personal interests and their community’s history.

For the delicate floral notes, those botanicals are suspended from the top of the still, so these are more vapour-infused.

Taking the generous shot glass handed to me, I smelled a vaguely floral scent.

A distinctive digital C print displaying a striped background while stringy floral arrangement languorously form dark shadows.

The Monique Lhuillier getup featured a form-fitted strapless top, embroidered with a floral pattern that spilled over onto two floor-length trains.

Red acrylic smears across floor and walls, floral patterns occasionally unfurling from incoherent splashes, boisterous carmine sprays spattering over the paintings’ protective glass.

Others are wearing hats created by floral designer Tammy Michael, and jewelry and accessory designer, Joan Kelly.

Paci’s floral embellishments give his paintings a fantastical quality that is simultaneously grounded in reality through their scientific representation of the human body.

Their salon was owned by Mr. Tuffier—a man who always wore glasses, a goatee, and a wide tie with a floral print.

Her body was on display in an open casket … surrounded by a beautiful floral arrangement.

The whimsical floral prints and delicate lace accents are playful but sophisticated, and will revitalize your space for the change of seasons.

She uses Oasis floral Adhesive, a glue specifically for plants, to attach them to the nail.

Martinez grew to love floral patterns from areas like the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, ones which “have become an iconic symbol of Mexican folk arts.”

In front of us is a mammoth circular rose window with an intricate floral design in a mix of blues, reds, and oranges.

The floral and geometric patterns that are prevalent in many traditional Islamic tile designs also decorate the stained-glass windows.

The result is a floral, fuchsia, and—most importantly—flavorful chicken dish.

And her floral silk robe is strikingly similar to the floral silk mantle that a nymph is about to drape over Botticelli’s Venus.

At lunch, she pairs bright pink trainers (in preparation for a run later that afternoon) with a formal necklace and floral top.

The melodies that he traces are bright and memorable, like a floral pattern stamped out on a duvet cover.

Certainly, she could have done more works in this vein, using paper napkins with different floral designs.

Recognizable standout patterns include an elegant feather motif and a bold floral illustration.

In August, French authorities sprayed insecticide in the Parc floral, the largest botanical garden in Paris, after tiger mosquitoes were spotted there.

As excitement began to peak, the brightness of a blue and pink floral blazer became more noticeable.

There were hints of vanilla, citrus, and honeysuckle, with a finish of warm floral and pepper.

Women in gowns posed for photos in front of a floral arrangement.

The singer slipped into a floral onesie Tuesday and perched herself in a Joshua tree.

You pull up the app and flip through floral displays, pick one you like and send to a special friend (or yourself).

– Connie Chen, Insider Picks reporter The Bouqs Co. is another floral deliver service we’ve used to send Mother’s Day flowers.

Plus, I knew she would love the blush accents and floral design.

Day 2Clegg enlightens me that the reason scented floral soap were de rigeur was plain and simple: Versailles smelled like ass.

Day 3
Her skin care was extensive and heavily reliant on liquids — that gross pigeon cleanser, toner, floral water, and whitening creams.

And yet the temples of both men are crowned with floral garlands, a unifying gesture that suggests nuptials more than filial devotion.

We could also read into the floral, ultra-feminine looks on the likes of Jenna Dewan Tatum, Miranda Kerr, and Rachel Bilson.

Ruilova obscures images of women’s bodies with black velvet floral shapes.

The cacti in the pot were carved floral foam — light to carry and softer crushed against my stomach.

The materials cost about $50 total, most of that going to paint and floral foam.

The mom’s wearing a red-and-black dress with a floral pattern.

In many ways, it’s unfortunate that the Jordanian parliamentary elections have become the subject of controversy due to an ill-judged floral arrangement.

The floral Ghost by Susan Orlean and Philip Taaffe is available from Planthouse.

Though not her average silhouette, Emily looked (and felt) fun, fresh, and ready to take on all the parties in this flattering floral dress.

And these letters show a range of female love celebrated through not only letter exchanges but floral gifts, pies, breads, and hair lockets.

Jordann Weingartner says she created in 2008, and got a copyright for a “distinctive six-pointed floral design” which she called Magnolia.

After browsing the dark floral dresses, silky jumpsuits, and pajama-inspired sets from Thakoon — a.k.a.

Alongside her preparations for the book, she’s also working on floral arrangements for a wedding and painting pictures for another film.

Her clothes have floral designs of the sampaguita, the national flower of the Philippines.

He sees the floral photographic still lifes as reminiscent of early Dutch paintings of bounty.

The sheer arms are also covered with flowers, giving the feeling of floral tattoos.

The snoozing bundle of joy is wearing a floral dress and a coordinating black hat, which may have given Evans visions of dancing fairies.

Some of the market’s more expensive offerings are floral.

Its vibrant floral displays — which have included a life-size Emirates Airbus A380 — change seasonally, so there’s always something new to see.

The collection is full of sequined pants, floral patterns, suede boots, and leather bags.

Luxury local florist Domenico Ruggiero from Capri Flor was responsible for the floral arrangements, which did not disappoint at the reception area.

Unlike harsh, traditional cleaners, Mrs. Meyer’s smells like you just brought a floral garden indoors.

The shoots are pretty similar, with both sisters posing next to fireplaces against floral wallpaper.

Carter, wearing her usual pumps and a pastel floral print, sat almost motionless throughout both arguments as her family looked on.

I feared this would mean that the site was pink with swirly floral script.

She’s my biggest muse and the inspiration behind most, if not all, of my floral works,” Erizku adds.

The winning Miu Miu gown is a fitted-bodice, slip-style dress with pink floral embellishments.

It’s replete with dainty floral arrangements and various foods.

Pasted-on floral motifs cut from her own black-on-white and white-on-black prints, which she frequently echoes with hand-painted passages, recur across all the works.

Aside from some rowers, signs of life include floral motifs and animals, from cattle to gazelle.

floral versus fruity.

LB: You do not use a fixed perspective in your floral paintings.

LB: Like postmodern fiction there is no dominant narrative in your miniatures and floral paintings.

It even smells different, exchanging the usual floral or fruity scent for a spicy blend of black pepper and myrrh.

But the message softens with the word “Listen,” looped in beautiful script, using sweeter reds and an assemblage of floral, plaid, and paisley fabrics.

There were also soft feminine frocks, some embroidered with floral or wheat patterns.

floral skirts clashed with jumpers reading “insomniac” backwards, and zoomed-in daisies took over a chunky knit worn by current campaign star Lily Jean Harvey.

Throughout show, other themes arise, such as the four seasons, ikebana floral compositions, and the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

And they’ve decided to keep the floral prints we all loved oh-so-much last season.

Say the person who does floral arranging, owns a floral shop — would that person also be speaking at the wedding?

This is an astonishing wine with delicate aromas of summer fruits, and floral notes as well.

She was smiling and wearing a floral sheer dress with a Moschino belt.

Inspired by this lady, women everywhere are ditching their Lululemon’s for floral maxi skirts and we don’t blame them.

At the film awards, she stunned in a floor-sweeping floral Alexander McQueen dress.

Here, floral, faux snakeskin, gingham, plaid, and velvet all magically mesh thanks to this matchy-matchy move.

She was hit with a $1,000 fine and directed to make floral arrangements for same-sex weddings if she does so for opposite-sex weddings.

Perhaps a floral dress for spring?

“And we were both wearing — God love the ’90s — denim vests over some sort of floral babydoll dress.

Similar floral notes were also painted into several patches of wall exposed by fallen plaster.

There are lots of Liberty of London–esque floral prints.

And yet Tubman’s signature rifle is also a part of the boudoir, albeit fabricated in glass with a floral motif.

On some days, she likes to wear floral dresses and drop earrings.

Their ensembles matched the picturesque set-up: Both opted for short-sleeved floral minidresses, pointed-toe heels, and round acetate sunglasses.

Phillippe sourced her own floral number for the occasion.

Peep these sheer shots of Zosia Mamet and see if you can find the differences blooming between these two almost identical floral photos.

floral dresses with baggy sweaters, beanies, and work boots?

I mean, just look at this photo of them in matching floral dresses.)

After tasting the new flavor myself, I understand the comparison, but there’s also a floral flavor present among all the sweetness.

The material that composes each “warm gun” is usually a pastel color—some even have floral patterns giving them a playful and approachable quality.

She took this video showing a tropical-looking setting and yet another floral arrangement.

Think pairing a boxy boyfriend blazer over a velvet slip dress or breaking up an asymmetrical floral number with tough leather.

Our own Matt Burns called it “delightful” and smooth with gentle floral notes reminiscent of Bombay Sapphire.

One portrait of a little blond girl in a floral garland manages to be haunting and ghoulish despite its wholesome subject.

There are 36 large-scale photographs of floral bouquets on stark, duochromatic backgrounds.

When I started burning it, I could smell this floral aroma and I thought that it might pair well with duck.

Each case is adorned with the brand’s signature aesthetic of soft, floral patterns.

I’m told there are site plans of gardens hidden within them, and floral patterns of 19th-century illuminated books, and architectural motifs.

And since I typically opt for floral perfumes, I knew that rose oil ($3.99) was the right scent for me.

Hawaii has even renamed May Day “Lei Day,” in honor of the state’s tradition of making the floral necklaces.

It definitely showcases the best of the 90s: flannel, a floral dress, and a giant lunch box.

“Today Show’s Lisa Wilkinson Sports Same floral Blouse, Just Four Months Apart,” the headline partially read.

The dominant motif in “Players” is derived in part from an ad for some absurdly floral designer outfit.

When combined with airy floral motifs in the collections, the nails have an almost vintage wallpaper vibe.

She reached out to powerful leaders, the floral industry, and others like wealthy department store owner John Wanamaker.

The floral imagery, just in time for spring, gives the whole thing an elegant and understated look.

I recognize a floral headdress from an image commonly used in media articles about her death.

Nipsey Hussle’s gravesite looks like a floral garden the day after he was laid to rest by family and friends.

Every detail of the dress, from its illusion back (complete with shimmering crystals) to the 3-D floral appliqués got the sugar treatment.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll get stuck buying one that’s either Pepto Bismol pink or floral.

Other elements from this style include natural motifs, such as leaves, ivy, and floral patterns.

“Charles Re-Visited” (2015), renders his brother in a black-and-white hat with a pink, floral vest.

Teigen is seen sitting cross-legged wrapped in a cozy white towel, while holding a (presumably) floral printed sash.

The erstwhile Trump gravestone is also actually quite beautifully made, despite its agenda, featuring ornate carvings of a cross surrounded by floral patterns.

I’d instantly liked this because the fruitiness of the pear softened the intense floral notes.

Kaelen top; Rebecca Taylor Firefly floral Pant, $375, available at Rebecca Taylor; Mulberry shoes; Chanel Gabrielle Bag, $4,100, available in select Chanel stores.

After all, we’ve been seeing floral walls, backdrops, and lettering popping up everywhere.

She’s the mastermind behind the L.A. brand’s amazing floral crowns, cool turbands, and other dope head gear.

Tisdale is ditching the floral crowns for something a little different when she checks out Lady Gaga, who is filling in for Beyoncé.

I paired it with a sorrel-hibiscus juice that Carol also brought onto the menu, which was floral and sour, sweet and cooling.

Deconstructed shirts with ruffles, off-the-shoulder or asymmetrical, were a favorite on the runway, along with layering, bold stripes, checkerboard patterns and floral prints.

Light radiates through the sculptures’ roughly 100,000 holes, formed in overlapping floral patterns based on the Fibonacci sequence, sliced with over 11,000 blades.

The slip-like silhouette featured delicate floral appliqués and sequined stars throughout.

And even though floral print is definitely nothing new, the flared sleeves and wear-anywhere silhouette add a fresh touch.

The woman says the items looked too old school for Casey … floral pictures as well as vintage purses and china sets.

Pratt treated the mama-to-be to not one but two lavish floral arrangements for the occasion.

After all, that’s how most wedding planners, floral designers, photographers, and others find their clients these days.

While some flowers appear deceptively realistic, others split and overproduce, morphing into unrecognizable if decidedly still floral forms.

the collection is solids-centric, with a fun palm-strewn floral print in the mix.

They’re both wearing floral shirts, and one boy is in fashionable Cuban heeled boots.

Though it was a little less voluminous, the look included heavy beading and a delicate floral pattern at the hem.

“The asymmetry and hand-embroidered floral corsages on Mandy’s cashmere knit dress are subtle, but they make you take a closer look.”

floral shirts were what people were wearing, and what Andrew Lloyd Webber’s been wearing ever since.

We want our favorite Milk Makeup products with some floral water body mist that may or may not cleanse our spirits.

Some pregnant women veer towards the Kate Middleton look: a floral wrap dress and a pair of comfy flats.

Just to make it even more OTT, they added a floral crown that echoes Bey’s elaborate Grammys headpiece.

But, what exactly makes a Zara floral different from any other?

floral, clean, crisp, fruity, musky, watery, sexy, next-level sexy… but innovative?

Each small pouch contains brightly colored liquid, and if you take a sniff, you’ll observe notes of a floral, chemical-scented bubble bath.

We have Rihanna to thank for most of that, who is the center of focus with her off-the-shoulder ruffled tops and floral headscarves.

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floral gem embellishments added flair to the little black dress.

This dreamy strapless dress was adorned with gorgeous floral embroidery.

The dainty coral straps and delicate floral print makes this the quintessential spring dress.

In Season 7, Episode 18, “The One with Joey’s Award,” she took a playful approach to a brown floral sundress.

NSA, the muskier floral fragrance, is meant to evoke a “contemporary tale of forbidden love with no strings attached.”

The installation, curated by Amanda Krugliak, is comprised of mixed-media work on fabric with digital imagery, embroidery, rhinestones, trimmings, bandanas, and floral appliqués.

Amorphophallus titanum, or titan arum — produces one of the largest flowers in the floral world.

Marques’Almeida Raw-edge Canvas Shirt, $301, available at Selfridges; Marques’Almeida Sweetheart-neck Sleeveless floral Lace Dress, $962, available at MatchesFashion.

Soon, however, Houghton’s complex floral spirals transform into more abstract theological notions.

The father/daughter design duo paired a creamy white slip dress with a sheer, hooded cape that featured plenty of white and blue floral embroidery.

The scent is a gorgeous subtle floral that’s as luxurious as anything.

Her bridesmaids donned floral head wreaths, and Lipinski’s mom crafted handmade baskets for the flower girls.

If you’re in awe of those stunning floral arrangements (who wouldn’t be?

Ring Bearer, in a vest, spins Flower Girl 1, who wears a white dress with a pink sash and a floral headband.

Looking for something floral, lightweight, and sweet?

Williams’ Long floral Print Kimono retails for a totally reasonable $149 and it looks both beautiful and comfortable.

Broglie also explained in a press release, “The Charles & Charles rosé is spicy and floral with fresh berry flavors.

There were also soft feminine frocks, some embroidered with floral or wheat patterns.

In my office I had photographs and color swatches, a lot of references of beautiful floral arrangements and weddings for the wedding sequence.

A handful of floral prints added to Valli’s usual monochromatic gowns of tulle, chiffon and taffeta.

Collared Dress

This dress just screams “spring” with its thick floral lace and bright yellow color.

Style yours with kick-flare jeans and sandals, or over a floral floor-length dress à la Stevie Nicks.

The floral pattern and pastel colors are totally spring-y, but the longer skirt and easily layered-upon sleeves work for colder weather.

It hits all the Easter dress requirements: It’s floral, pastel, and flowy.

The pastel blue and white combo is perfect for spring, while the check print will stand out in a sea of floral.

The sequin embellishment is a fresh take on floral, and the pastel blue will undoubtedly go with your outfit.

This floral a-line skirt, for example, has the same silhouette as a dress, but can be mixed-and-matched with any top you’d like.

floral Trousers

Pastel floral trousers with a matching tie belt?

The latest trend that’s sweeping the ‘gram one-ups delicate floral eyeliner and definitely calls for a green thumb — because it involves REAL flowers.

The man known for his voice, his hair, and his affinity for floral button-ups has gone from teen heartthrob to potential Oscar contender overnight.

The consistency is rich and creamy, with a barely-there, floral scent, and it glides on like a heavy moisturizer.

“The tiny floral is everywhere right now,” says Sarah Gibson-Tuttle, owner of ‘It’ L.A. nail salon chain Olive & June.

The tracks can be scalding or floral or earthy or even a little bit sweet.

He’s only 19, and he’s already turned what he loves into a profitable business: Lynch Design, a luxury floral company in Cleveland.

She and I had planned to sew skirts and scarves with colorful floral fabric the following weekend.

Fudge-colored wall-to-wall carpeting, floral upholstered couches, a cluttered basement, and an array of garages bring to mind suburbia.

These social media-famous brands boast the perfect floral dresses, linen shirts, tailored trousers, and silk tops that are trending hard right now.

The floral pattern of an old shirt of mine seems to swirl around us.

Both are musky, warm, and just a little bit floral — probably the sexiest smelling cleansing gels you’ll ever own.

Torraine Futurum, Queens The easiest way to break up a busy floral print?

Then two young girls in pink floral silken kimonos hand him a championship belt.

Based on information gathered from another telling Insta post, the bride said to wear floral, so they all delivered.

US Weekly exclusively shared photos from the decadent event featured hundreds of white roses and creamy colored floral arrangements.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled home programming involving clever storage hacks, sofa solutions, and festive floral bedding.

The colors in this painting are floral, summoning blooming violets especially.

Beyoncé dug out her green veil and floral arch from her internet-breaking pregnancy reveal to share a very special baby announcement on Instagram.

The newest ColourPop and Karrueche Tran collaboration is called Karrueche Fem Rosa and, as the name would imply, is set around a floral theme.

Or, maybe, you’ll settle for a floral spring/summer 2010 Marni dress priced at $60?

On this day, as I stand close enough to smell his floral musk, I can’t help but picture him shirtless and thrusting.

A man watered his flowers; the subway screeched; a woman with a floral top drank coffee on her stoop.

It wouldn’t be fair to call L.A.-based floral designer Sarah Lineberger up-and-coming anymore.

In “Seth,” a nude man sleeps on a floral tapestry.

What’s your advice for budding floral designers?

Ms. Waight Keller designed a veil representing the distinctive flora of each Commonwealth country united in one spectacular floral composition.

The original style, called the Isabella, came out this summer in an ivory floral.

So, the brand decided to offer the same style in a darker floral for fall.

How did you get involved with the floral Ghost project?It was kind of a wonderful surprise because it was so organic and unexpected.

The corpse flower — Amorphophallus titanum, or titan arum — produces one of the largest flowers in the floral world.

Founded in 1875, the quintessentially Brit label is renowned for its whimsical floral patterns, with over 40,000 designs in its archive.

The aging process also gives the tequila a subtle floral flavor that’s great for mixing.

On Tuesday, the duo posted a snapshot of a cute-but-unassuming black-based floral V-neck dress.

“In spring, the cheese is floral,” he explains.

The four swaths of fabric were sewn together in a staggered fashion to create a cascading effect of the floral forms.

Middleton was recently spotted wearing this $129 floral dress during her visit to the Chelsea Flower Show with her family.

Lively has been spotted on set, too, but the photos show her arriving in a floral kimono.

To keep it on trend, we’re layering a floral embroidered bomber on top and bringing it all together with a chain-strap purse.

First, she shared a photo of herself at the tattoo parlor, dressed in a floral top as she got inked.

floral arrangements in the shape of an anchor represent fidelity and faith; the pillow, which is still available, represents eternal rest.

floral dress fans, beware: H&M’s latest designer collaboration is with industry (and celebrity) favorite Erdem.

Woods strolls out of the elevator alone, wearing a flouncy floral dress and furry slides.

The general consensus is that people want a fresh, floral scent — something comforting and cozy.

The gate here is black and gray and it’s got floral decorations: it’s a cultural object functioning as mediated nature.

I made her a really fun, refreshing, floral, sparkling wine-based gin drink.

He was followed by others wearing clear plastic raincoats, parkas with floral embroidery and flowered printed pants.

We have Japanese shiso here; Vietnamese shiso is more floral but Japanese still works.

A handful of floral prints added to Valli’s usual monochromatic gowns of tulle, chiffon and taffeta.

Opening the presentation was supermodel and Siriano squad member Coco Rocha in a floral ensemble that seemed to be made just for her.

The seating chart incorporated Belle’s favorite hobby, reading, and the floral arrangements straddled the line between fairy-tale magic and down-to-earth whimsy.

It’s yonic, particularly when displayed next to floral print, sequined uteri and the swarm of the slogans posters their community has created.

The contrast between cheery floral prints and vibrant red splotches makes answering this question difficult.

She’s the one in the floral dress.

While the bride was stunning, that lush floral arch is also a sight to behold.

According to The Washington Post, Obama wore a floral top as she toasted the opening of Aesthetics Salon in Arlington.

Here, Pratt dons a floral hat with multiple feeders in order to achieve maximum hummingbird potential.

That’s not to say that trends just miraculously appear at Zara, a ruffled floral blouse from the primordial ooze.

The floral prints and lace, in many different colors, should get you in the swing of the season … even if the weather doesn’t.

Many wallpapers contain floral motifs of lilacs and cherries, which I hazard, have something to do with love and sex.

A costume designer found the floral print sheet.

Transgender model and personality Avie Acosta came out along with male model Joel Wolfe, who wore a two-piece floral suit.

So, there may be more than one silver lining to this sad announcement — or maybe it’s more of a pastel floral lining.

shrieks a dude in glasses and a floral shirt.

The fall 2017 collection offers a modern, streetwear-inspired look with floral graphics, and updated athletic silhouettes.

The Wild Feminist tee that we all know and love is back, this time with “stacked graphic and high contrast floral print,” for $40.

Decorative floral patterns and abstract colorscapes are incorporated into the backdrops of what are meticulously drawn portraits.

She floated out of Sephora, a trail of sexy floral notes wafting behind her as she waved goodbye.

The product selection includes thousands of fresh and organic produce, bakery, dairy, meat and seafood, floral and everyday staples.

Siti was dressed in a black floral suit, while Huong wore a white long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans.

Below, Eva Chen (director of fashion partnerships at Instagram) rocks a floral one:

I’ve seen massive floral displays being wheeled into the building and ornate caskets being wheeled out into hearses idling at the curb.

Her works, including portraits, genre scenes, and floral still lifes, won awards in a number of shows.

The white-and-blue floral dress overwhelmed her tiny frame, leading to criticism that she was swimming in all of the fabric.

Waight Keller designed a veil representing the distinctive flora of each Commonwealth country united in one spectacular floral composition,” the palace said.

He was followed by others wearing clear plastic raincoats, parkas with floral embroidery and flowered printed pants.

All that bling complemented her long white floral coat, from the Louis Vuitton 2018 Spring Ready-to-Wear collection.

It’s also lighter and a tad more floral.

On Monday, the British brands announced their ready-to-wear collection, inspired by the floral watercolors of Scottish artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

I blamed Harry Styles and the floral suits that had become his predilection on his most recent tour.

McCain, who wore her hair in Veronica Lake-style waves, added a matching fur stole and is said to have carried a “wild” floral bouquet.

There is a stronger, slightly more earthy flavor to the oolong mead that balances out the still present floral notes from the honey.

The floral note, according to the release, reminds her of the flowers her late father would bring home from business trips.

Kim K. shared Instagrams of her hanging out with her niece, even showing her the art of the Snapchat floral crown filter.

The men’s clothing in the period incorporated satiny fabric, embroidery, floral prints, ruffles and lace.

The top, which retails for $45, is available in four classic colors as well as a bird of paradise floral print.

This clash between history and brightly-colored floral facial hair lends the otherwise-somber effigies an air of tender whimsy.

how to work an eye-catching floral minidress into a casual weekend getup because, yes, it’s possible).

From head-to-toe sequins, via velvet floor-length numbers and floral two-pieces, fashion and beauty’s biggest names turned out their best (and glitziest) looks.

She wears pink frills and floral scarves, not armor.

At a glance, this cluster of concentric color looks like a whimsical shooting range or a floral bouquet.

1, a floral blend of iris and lily) is the same scent you’d find in the Ouai Shampoo; Melrose Place (No.

The floral arrangements were beyond lush.

Tulip Garden represents the Netherlands, an explosion of floral color overlooked by lazy windmills.

The first is a sparkling rosé, which, according to the product description, is dry and refreshing with a floral scent and spicy hints.

This wine is described as semi-sweet with floral aromatics and notes of toasted almonds, strawberry preserves, and nougat.

Take, for example, the most-liked Instagram post of 2017: It’s Beyoncé’s epic, floral pregnancy announcement.

Decorative patterns characterized IKEA’s products in the ’80s, as you can see in this 1980 catalog, which advertised a bright floral couch.

Kimiye is wearing a head-rag and a floral skirt.

One star, in addition to her floral boutonnière, opted to use a headpiece to continue the dialogue — one you probably didn’t even notice.

This exhibit of about 30 works pretty much curates itself; it’s divided into portraits, history paintings, and genre and floral work.

It’s a single dark room, empty aside from some floral wallpaper and another mattress in the center of the floor.

During our conversation, Pascoe demonstrates one of their older examples: A catwalk model who walks up and down the room, modeling a floral dress.

“Lush sunset neutrals, nostalgic dusty-rainbow plaids, and vintage-inspired floral prints define this collection,” Katherine Kleveland, the label’s cofounder, tells Refinery29.

There are never enough prints on the Oscars red carpet, and this William Morris-esque floral pattern is a stunner.

Drop it in the tub and watch it explode into a shower of rose petals, with Sicilian lemon and floral geranium oil scents.

We’re not necessarily knocking floral bouquets and boxes of chocolate — it’s just that they’ve been done so many times before.

The end result is that citrus and floral flavors are more dominant, muting the Juniper, which is typically overpowering in London Dry Gins.

I credit these new floral leggings I bought last week at Old Navy for giving me life this morning.

Their hands and spindly limbs cling to bright and exotic floral arrangements as their bodies are ravished by lapping waves.

The series presents recreated floral arrangements found in archival images of ceremonies commemorating the independence of African nations.

Even if you’ve personally retired the bottle to your parents’ basement storage, the fond memories of the fruity, floral aroma remain.

People that enjoy it say that they gravitate towards it for it’s light, refreshing floral taste.

Ultimately, they found that the drink worked best when the floral rosé merged with the bright apple flavor of cider itself.

Like many rosés, Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka has a floral scent with notes of apple, peach, and citrus.

Harry Styles is wearing a pink silk Alexander McQueen shirt underneath his floral embroidered Alexander McQueen suit, and may he always.

Do you want script or a floral design?

Liz Griffith, owner of Siloh floral Artistry in Denver, has a destination wedding on the Big Island of Hawaii on Saturday.

Each arrangement during this period of heavy floral concentration has, of course, been, well, extra.

Bey rocked a long floral dress, sunhat and large shades during the date.

Alessandra Ambrosio found the basic girl within and donned a floral crown and daisy dukes while in the desert.

Gotta give props to the 70-year-old for rocking some seriously trendy floral trunks.

We love a perennial spring classic as much as the next person — be it a bold floral, powdery pastel, or light-wash pair of denim.

You possibly own a floral hand-towel inscribed with “Don’t speak to me until I’ve had my morning gin!”

Green peppercorns have an intense floral flavor and can be found bobbing in various hot pots with green chili oil.

You see everyone in shades of yellow, everyone in this floral pattern, or everyone in these polka dots.

Sun., is a breezy, beachy floral with notes of jasmine, pear, sea salt, sandalwood, and amber.

You’ve got your floral dresses, but you’ve also got your puffer coats.

floral fragrances for spring… we know, we know, insert the Miranda Priestly joke here.

This method, called Charmat, preserves the grapes freshness and floral aromatics, and creates a youthful wine full of sudsy carbonation.

“These delicious floral accessories are perfect for pizza-loving couples looking to spice up their wedding with one-of-a-kind designs.

Also, you should know the home doesn’t include Kat’s guitar or Bianca’s collection of tiny floral dresses

But during her workshop, participants described one another’s armpits in great detail, articulating floral notes and musky tones.

I have a shoe problem, I’ll admit, but these sneakers have a pretty embroidered floral design and they’ll be great for spring.

Topshop’s new selection offers a little bit of everything, from floral minis to polka dot maxis to satin slips.

Holland also showcased more scarf designs at his fall/winter ’18 show, paired with lace-up stomping boots and ditsy floral dresses.

Our dessert incorporates Harry’s Berries strawberries, rose, and elderflower….the floral note adds balance.”

“I originally began working with them in university, painting on floral bedsheets and incorporating their patterns into backgrounds.

While many of these floral pieces leave the figure with few identifying features, other pieces by Smallwood show very distinct faces.

The floral #7 features both bee pollen and honey.

At one point, a bearded singer, wearing a floral Technicolor kimono and a massive ushanka, brought an electric-blue Melodica to the mic.

I’m afraid absolutely nothing with this floral scent.

Kensington Palace announced that the royal couple has selected florist Philippa Craddock to head the floral arrangements.

Toruño, who is originally from San Salvador, places iconic WOC celebrities and aspirational figures from Aaliyah to Assata Shakur against pastel floral graphics.

I also know that you can’t go wrong with beautiful floral wallpaper as a backdrop.

She was perplexed at my heels and floral getup paired with my sudden propensity to step in on clean-up.

We can’t wait to see Markle’s dream come true in the floral arrangements.

Deconstructed shirts with ruffles, off-the-shoulder or asymmetrical, were a favorite on the runway, along with layering, bold stripes, checkerboard patterns and floral prints.

floral French Roll If this style looks old school, that was Nelms’ intention.

Her ’90s wardrobe welcomed loose, flowing fabrics, maxi skirts, lace, tie-dye, and floral prints.

Button was assigned a floral ensemble Moss sported for Louis Vuitton’s A/W 2013 show, which became a 16×12″ oil on canvas.

From floral Afros to rainbow dye jobs, next-level hair has always taken center stage during festival season.

And you bet your ass Sager slipped into a dope-ass blue floral blazer before getting in front of the camera.

If you think spring shades are generally one big pastel snooze, you might actually be tempted to call this floral lineup groundbreaking.

“The floral diversity here is incredible.

That night he met Audersch, who was wearing a bright floral dress he can’t forget.

One mug features a black, white, and red floral print on a beautiful blueish gray background.

I also had a beautiful floral print dress from Dorothy Perkins once.

I love floral print, unfortunately with age I’ve had to reign myself in.

A floral print—probably the remainder of an old tablecloth—becomes a faded, copper-colored crosshatch, a branch of black-and-blue four-leaf flowers running through it.

And then we play a lot with other floral aspects, that is the kind of the softer side of it as well.

In the fragrance world, people talk about fresh fragrances, floral fragrances, etc.

This creates a light, floral note which carries through into our spirits.”

A week later, there I was — excited and scared, walking in a beautiful floral dress, in Paris.

Lyn is the kind of person who wears a floral Coachella-ready, split-up-the-front dress to bury her mother.

These are our first two events for a floral business we recently conceptualized, so it’s really exciting to see things actually happening!

But if you follow Pieterse’s lifestyle blog, Sasha in Good Taste, you can imagine how Instagram-worthy the floral arrangements must have looked.

In Dandong, China’s main border post with North Korea, hundreds of North Koreans gathered at a cultural center carrying floral displays.

The small, yellow tuber has a superior floral elegant attitude.

Its ingredients include floral oils, spice oils, and citrus.

We added a beautiful spice story within it, and also some floral notes, particularly a very cool flower that is called the Dragonskull flower.

And if you need a light layer, an anorak is a clear choice, especially when layered over a floral maxi dress.

Still others, like Abelardo Morell and Gregory Eddi Jones, create elaborate floral remixes.

This bag trend perfectly complements a floral dress or skirt suit, but it works well with more casual athleisure looks, too.

Melissa Eder’s Can You Dig It is a series of floral arrangements made from fake flowers photographed in front of bright psychedelic backdrops.

Plus, there’s a style for every look, whether you’re into all-black everything, or never say no to a floral.

If the crew had included a floral still-life photographer, it would have been Roxana Azar.

“The dried floral arrangements at cemetaries.

More recently, she’s returned to her pastel roots with floral headbands, confetti nails, and dip-dyed pink hair.

In the photo’s caption, the cookbook author included several tips for how she makes her floral arrangements stand out.

Fans of Rifle Paper Co. will likely recognize the iconic floral prints.

Our second product is Seedlip Garden which is very floral, very herbal.

I end up buying an open front sweatshirt, a floral shirt, a lavender cardigan, and a workout tank ($150.23).

His chromatic instinct and attraction to bold floral arrangements mark the photos as Erizku’s as much as Beyoncé’s.

And we decided to do without most of the extras, like gifts for the wedding party, RSVP cards, and floral centerpieces.

The bouquet, standing in a vase, became the floral centerpiece.

floral embroidered jeans and a retro square top are the perfect outfit companions for wherever the season takes you.

They all wore matching floral embroidered shirts that made them look like the waiters at the most authentic lobster taqueria in Manchester.

(On the other hand, Wills, our knight in floral armor, is getting increasingly pattern-heavy as the tension mounts.)

Wild FlowerIf there’s one way to combat overcast weather, it’s with an explosive floral print.

Tutti FruityCitrus motifs are just as common as floral patterns this season, and we’re diggin’ it.

But it doesn’t stop people,” said Matthew Horace, chief security officer at FJC Security Services in floral Park, New York.

Instead of poufy frocks, expect floral miniskirts, tube dresses, crop tops, and even a bucket hat.

floral DecalsNothing says spring like floral print.

When Chiuri was previously at Valentino, her work was frilly and floral, sweet and soft.

It’s a single dark room, empty aside from some floral wallpaper and another mattress in the center of the floor.

Even the ornately designed red and gold calendar on the wall and the way the mother dresses in relaxed floral shirts—it all tracks magnificently.

When paired with rosy cheeks, a satin nude lip, and a white floral dress, the whole thing serves major wedding inspiration.

It’s fruity, slightly floral, and oh-so refreshing.

It’s yonic, particularly when displayed next to floral print, sequined uteri and the swarm of the slogans posters their community has created.

But now, you need to impress all those people, plus millions of strangers stumbling across your amazing floral displays and 12-tiered cakes on Instagram.

In summer you’ll get a floral milk, whereas in winter when the cows are eating silage, it’s much more delicate,” he explains.

It’s very sweet, unapologetically floral.”

You can find most of the pieces in pastel-toned “eco mesh” with floral detailing made from recycled lace.

She’s not a knock-off Gwyneth Paltrow in a floral dress — she’s more like an Osho with very small pores.

The distilling team didn’t achieve its floral gin right off the bat.

One early adopter was the UK-based baker Charis Powell, who has become the aquafaba macaron queen through her blog floral Frosting.

She was hoisting a tiny baby wearing even tinier oversized pink glasses, and floral headphones.

Red: Pinot Noir”These wines can range from floral to having hints of cherries, cola, earth and cooking spices.”

This pretty, floral tree somewhat resembles the cherry blossom.

“The flavor notes were all there—citrus, floral, and just a hint of nutmeg.

Tensions are high, the mood is serious, and Jordan, everyone’s favorite Wilhelmina model, is wearing head-t0-toe floral.

Jordan & Jenna Jenna, who loves Jordan’s floral getup, has turned Jordan into a smitten kitten.

He makes floral flared suits look cute instead of gross.

The couple opened their first London store in the late-1960s, bringing their love of Victorian silhouettes and floral fabrics to the masses.

It’s more floral.

You may feel more in tune with nature, given its familiarly floral and earthy aroma, or at the very least more relaxed.

We have to say, one of our favorite looks of Osaka’s is the blue floral Sacai dress she wore earlier in the summer.

Costume designer Sandy Powell said she “didn’t want to go anywhere near floral looks” in order to keep the characters separate.

Powdery ones smell like your nana, floral orientals smell like your mom, and fruity body mists smell like your high-school bestie.

Clean scents (think light, airy, and shower-fresh) and floral fragrances, on the other hand, are likely more your speed.

This orange blossom scent spritzes on light and crisp in the morning, then fades to a subtle floral accord by evening.

floral photography is like a signature for photographers.

Underneath the dome hides a small dove, while the dome’s body and rim are decorated in an elaborate floral relief.

On the less utilitarian side, Claudia Li’s structured pockets featuring floral detailing.

Known to rock a floral frock from time to time, you’re the kind of girl that lives for a print.

She sat front row at Chanel, Schiaparelli, and Valentino, where the black-ish actress even tried on one of its floral headpieces backstage.

Similarly, the newlywed also carried a cream-colored floral bouquet down the aisle, and her flower girls wore white flower crowns a la Princess Charlotte.

Heck, we’ll even trade our powdery floral deodorant for cinnamon-spiced pits — ’tis the season.

Ditzy floral dresses like this bell-sleeved style are having a moment again this fall, and we’re fully embracing it.

He was wearing a really cool blue floral suit, so he stuck out like a sore thumb against all of the black ones.

You can also make out the floral details in my dress more clearly in the Xs shot.

$8.30 6:45 p.m. — I decide on a red floral jumper for dinner, and curl my hair and throw it up in a loose pony.

A much older man, at least 50, stood there with giant women’s floral sunglasses—like there were literally fake flowers attached to the glasses.

Kardashian posted a video of the swoon-worthy floral arrangement on her Twitter account.

Our next floral arrangement won’t come with its own musician and randomly empty room, but we’re loving Kardashian’s tribute to her gift.

While more traditional floral bouquets use circular growers, like roses, daisies, and peonies, horticulture is picking up on stalked flowers.

Instagram accounts like brrch_floral are modernizing the art of floral arrangements with usual shapes and garnishes like peacock feathers, aroid blooms, and wheat.

A painting of a girl mindlessly eating a butterfly might follow a tranquil floral scene ridden with lush neon chrysanthemums.

“All of Vogue staffers wore the [floral] pajamas, so I thought, ‘Well, these are really cool pajamas.

Known for its Dahlia blooms, the floral jubilee draws international attention every year and is revered for its production value.

As a starting point, Energibajer is an American wheat beer, which means that it’s hoppy, fresh, floral, and not too bitter.

Zara Cowboy Ankle Boots, $89.90, available at Zara, Topshop floral Coat, stylist’s own.

The fence’s floral tangle is a reconstruction from memory of plants found in the backyard of Dang’s childhood home in Hawaii.

So go ahead, buy the floral couch, and while you’re at it, add some power-clashing pillows and an oriental rug.

This floral print is both classic and cute.

Auntie Wong, dressed in a floral print shirt.

A floral floor-length day dress?

Click on for 28 floral dresses that have you written all over them.

Adding a #fun #floral #bead accent to your gig bag can help you stand out amongst a sea of shredders.

The trick to extending the closet life of your favorite floral summer staples (and who doesn’t want to do that?)

A small sip of wine was awful, with all of the bitter tannin taste and zero notes of ripe fruits or floral.

The collection features D&G’s luxurious touch in the form lace, satin, and floral prints.

In a way, you respect her flex: ah, it’s… oh, OK, a small pencil and pad set in a floral box and print.

I was home with my mom shopping, having just returned from a funeral, and she picked out a floral to show me.

It wasn’t a floral that you would imagine on grandma’s sofa, but a big, demanding floral on a black background.

Soon to be published in book form, the photos are fashioned with floral patterned clothing, wallpapers, and fabrics—not to mention actual flower beds.

And rather than catering to a strictly female audience, Kardashian West is branching out by marking KKW Body III, a woodsy floral, as unisex.

In comparison to its lower-altitude counterparts, it gives off extremely floral notes and has a distinctive milky aftertaste.

Every floral dress, midi wrap skirt and little white crop top is now just 60% of the price it was yesterday.

I ordered a cup of the Fruity floral, the same coffee I’d tried just the day before.

The scent is a woody floral with notes of orange flower, tuberose, and vanilla bean, which reminds Smith of her happy place: nature.

It featured floral, crystal and sequin patchwork made to represent the 54 countries in Africa.

Based on Pinterest, WeddingForward.com predicts that floral arches will be big (literally and figuratively) too.

Cross-sections of penises going into vaginas, floral imagery, ice cream, extreme closeups of hands touching, tasteful nudes, nearly abstract characters, cutting metaphors.

Do you want script or a floral design?

Alexander Calder’s iconic moving sculpture, also called a mobile, got a floral makeover in 1974 with Crag with white flower and white discs.

We’re technically following an impeccably prescribed itinerary, but at least everyone is doing it in floral print.

Those in the know credit the Kampot region’s mineral-rich soil for its floral and sweet flavor.

We hope floral in a sentence examples were helpful.