Floating in a sentence | Use of the word floating examples

So there may be quite a few phones and laptops floating about with classified information somewhere in them.

In the meantime, there are a gazillion reports floating around.

Ukiyo-e, or pictures of the floating world, emerged around 1660 in the form of monochrome prints, and tended to have erotic themes.

Her boats are floating architectural poems, utopic DIY propositions addressing the types of thought and action needed for the coming floods.

The “floating” lid guarantees uniform waffle thickness and ensures easy cleanup.

“For example, it should be possible to use waves and ripples to control floating objects in a pond using our technique.

If anyone today happened to notice Jennicam floating in the ocean of contemporary livebloggers selling/testing/posing/unboxing/sexing, it would be a curiosity for approximately 45 seconds.

The Gentlemen — floating skeletons in crisp suits — are exceedingly polite, extremely terrifying villains.

The book is divided into sections based around different categories of fictional cities — floating utopias, post-apocalyptic survival scenarios, adapting to shifting weather, etc.

The warm, beautiful sun will shine on our pale native Michigan skin while we lie on floating rafts in a picturesque infinity pool.

The city also hosts various Michelin-starred restaurants and fascinating floating markets where trade is conducted across small boats in canals.

Gaping at my floating hands, I wholeheartedly believe in this premise.

While I am generally fond of preposterous people, Parreno’s fatuous floating fish-shaped balloons seemed literally FedExed in, empty of any genuine substance.

I wonder if we’ll even see much development in the PHEV space, with this kind of forecast floating around.

floating robots scream propaganda at whoever they pass by.

The floating, lulling sounds of Portuguese set to music serve to fill the gap between here and there.

“She’s been floating around Malibu.

In the Bojack version, it’s Sarah Lynn floating in the water, a grim foreshadowing for the character’s fate.

Doesn’t it?” sings Jordan on “Pristine”, her clear, soft voice floating over fuzzy open riffs.

The shapes have motion, like pieces of driftwood floating in water.

“Calm Down” (Katy B, Four Tet & floating Points)8.

If I wanted to visit the floating cities of Jirga Para Lhao and Hekseville, it meant stepping away from the game’s bright conclusion.

ST. LOUIS — A floating cube of barbed wire.

What this means—we think, we hope—is that there might just be video of an ass-shaking Dean Blandino floating around NFL offices.

So, knowing that, years from now, somebody would just see you floating around.

Once the zombies were dead, however, I noticed that red icons were floating above the survivors’ heads.

Perber explains to Alex that in the grim future of July 2016, everyone in the UK is a floating sentient coin.

They have odd design elements, like floating clouds, superfluous flowers, and strange faux-empowering language where straightforward medical terminology would more than suffice.

These half-million-dollar floating villas can withstand Category 4 hurricanes

The first shipment to the SAQ wasn’t even filtered; there were particles floating inside,” Sivo says with a laugh.

Andy, her brown hair floating behind her like a worn-out blanket, finds Nigel (Stanley Tucci), Miranda’s trusted art director.

There’s a bunch of those floating around as well.

floating glasses are a good idea, too, especially if you like to take your shades swimming.

There are a number of more fully fleshed-out immigration proposals floating around the House and Senate this week.

Devlin designed Kanye’s floating stage for Saint Pablo in 2016.

Lorde put dancers in her floating box, and even hopped in there herself during her 2017 international “Melodrama” tour.

It’s floating just beyond where the surf breaks.

Why does the shark want to eat Nancy so badly when there’s a dying whale floating just around the bend?

There’s tons of advice floating around for individual journalists — be firm but fair, etc.

And there is no shortage of anti-CNN GIFs floating around The_Donald.

Weird fragments, heavy dithering, pieces of images or text floating without context.

floating does have a learning curve.

The benefits he experienced are no surprise to Feinstein, who describes floating as “resetting” the mind.

He is currently in the midst of floating patients with anxiety disorders.

Western medicine is never going to fully embrace floating until we have data to prove that it is doing something beyond the placebo effect.”

“I’ve been contacted by several health insurance agencies who have become very interested in whether floating can help with these issues.

It can be hard to know if the common advice you’ll find floating around the internet is reliable.

One might have the impression of floating one moment, and the next, sinking to the bottom of a river.

The video began with me floating through a flat rendering of the Bosch painting.

Some may feel like they are floating or flying.

They may feel they’re floating out in the galaxy, or that their mind has left their body completely.

He is explaining how he plans to build his next project, “The floating Piers” (2016), on Italy’s Lake Iseo.

In contrast to this imagery, the floating, emblematic forms in his current show do not resolve themselves into heads, shoulders and torsos.

That’s how we pull them out of the billions of data points about all vessels that are floating around on the ocean.”

That still leaves a few of the unearthed tweets unaccounted for, let alone what else might floating around in the ether.

Dreams and discoveries bring him to dystopian scenarios, futuristic buildings floating in space and a mystical talking head offering him different life choices.

UK-based dance music misfit floating Points announced a follow-up EP to last year’s debut album Elaenia today.

I imagine the different body parts floating and recombining.

A scene will end not with a cut, but with the “camera” floating away to a different scene.

We were all pretty drunk and high, and there was still booze and drugs floating around, so the three of us continued partying.

A bunch of apps and plug-ins floating around the internet can make your experience using Gmail so much more enjoyable.

I’ve read a number of the Republican replacement plans floating around.

“I’m still floating on cloud number nine,” Swann said.

But even with that limitation, there are hundreds of speculative concepts for interstellar passenger spacecraft floating around, across a wide spectrum of technical feasibility.

Ever wanted to taste beer that’s been floating around in the ocean for more than a century?

A Congress leader close to the Gandhis said she would attract women, young people, and floating voters.

They also suggest that you check the website HaveIBeenPwned to see if your information is floating around somewhere on the internet without your knowledge.

Images posted by the Walker Police Department on Facebook showed at least two yellow caskets floating on the floodwater.

The idea of a national infrastructure bank has been floating around US politics for decades, to no effect.

And in The floating World, the artist programmed a sound installation that dancer Jan Lee interacted with in 3D.

He was clearly just floating a theory and looking to see if it would stick.

Republicans have a bunch of different tax plans floating around, but they all feature enormous tax cuts for wealthy households.

floating this provision is a gamble.

An open blue sky and floating white clouds further suggest that this was a time of freedom.

Helium in it, floating above like a mountain range.

Manta is floating unconscious in the sea and gets rescued by men on a boat.

Improvised rafts made of planks of wood floating on giant inner-tubes carried black-market Corona beer, coffee and other contraband toward Guatemala.

Edo’s rulers responded by creating a licensed entertainment district, the so-called floating World, which encompassed the sex trade, kabuki theaters and other diversions.

Still, the overall market impacts are minimal because the amount of money floating around right now is so vast and the inertia is immense.

Great big bouncy castles, open-air pavilions on urban waterfronts, smiling, glowing celestial bodies, and kinetic, floating architectural gardens.

Super Moon is a 60-foot inflatable sculpture surrounded by eight symbolic “planets” floating in Seokchon Lake.

GRAPHIC: Crude oil in floating storage around the Atlantic Basin – reut.rs/2MY6iRs This pool is finally shrinking.

Several names are currently floating as potential replacements for Shulkin, including, most notably, Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

Whales and ships and birds circling over floating gyres of garbage.

They include images of rotting human heads, some floating face up in a plastic cooler.

Lee Seung-taek’s (Korea, born 1932) “Burning Canvases floating on the River” (1964) is a clear example of exploring these then new forms.

In each procedurally-generated run, you start on the bottom level: a small collection of floating islands representing earth somehow.

And obviously there are pieces of Fight Club floating around in here as well.

Eating is simply a matter of tapping the floating foodstuff and watching your JP tick slowly upward.

Each flame, floating by on its own, isolates the beauty of a conflagration without the danger of catching fire.

There’s a lot of weird stuff about men floating around Hollywood.

When you see the guests, they look like they’re floating.

I think there’s a lot of that floating around in the culture.

People ask me, “Isn’t Earth floating in space?”

Henderson, meanwhile, is floating at +180, which means a successful $100 dollar bet on him would earn you $180.

His head is like a balloon floating several feet over the rest of him.

If they’re still floating around when the Vegas Black Aces are finally ready, they can have them.

Then Cohen’s 1971 song “Famous Blue Raincoat” begins to play and animated figures start floating up the walls.

artists who find themselves floating between the worlds of writing and image-making.

He was not playing around in the hope of finding weird, floating anomalies, like his American colleagues.

Fun fact — there are lots of homes on L.A. mountainsides where the backyards are cantilevered and seem to be floating.

(And both Strotbeck and Pershin later found out that the words they had respectively “coined” had already been floating around on the web.)

Back in the olden days, about one in eight Americans was a swing voter, or “floating voter” in political science parlance.

These ships are essentially floating cities, and many of them produce as much pollution as one.

For most of its orbit, the car will be floating between Mars and Jupiter.

For most of its orbit, the car will be floating between Mars and Jupiter.

There are plenty of hypotheses about what’s driving it floating around.

Rousey, meanwhile, has been painted as a major favorite, floating at about -450.

Unlike the bootlegged copies of Channel Orange that are floating around eBay, Omerta’s shit is legit – and it sounds good.

You can add Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin to that list, as he was floating ideas to Usher back in 2016.

There’s actually colloidal silver floating around in there.

What are the rectangles of vertical blue bands floating among the trees meant to dignify?

Just spent two wet, wonderful hours aboard the floating food forest @swaleproject with @marymattingly and @kimdahling.

Certainly not Ring of Honor or the other promotions floating at the top of the indie pool.

Also, China’s currency, the yuan, is not fully free floating.

The reason why is that the dollar and most other currencies are floating: Their value fluctuates with the market.

Villages had disappeared, he said, and bodies were floating in the water.

Other collages are mysterious, such as an untitled one dated 1977, pairing penguins from a puzzle beneath a bunch of floating beach balls.

Almost a third never makes it to a landfill or recycling facility, meaning it’s either littering the streets or wilderness or floating somewhere.

Just a few more years of climate change and it’ll be floating too.

Narrated in her signature raspy voice, Cox solemnly commands viewers to bring their attention to human mandalas floating across the screen.

The ships may have been damaged by floating or magnetic mines placed by a team of divers, according to these observers.

People often try to find their way into sectors where there’s dollars floating around.”

Plants appear as negatives, or deletions, in the landscape, and many are floating, unrooted.

Related: Space Experts Have Gathered to Save the World From the Threat of Asteroids So how much material wealth is floating in outer space?

With all these candy canes and sugar plums floating around, who doesn’t have a sweet tooth around the holidays?

When we first meet Jason Bourne, he’s floating in the water.

Only 200 of these machines were made in 1976, and of the originals, there are only about 60 floating around in the world now.

It sounds pretty good, floating there in isolation on an online survey!

“All it means when you hear it is that you’re just kind of floating and drifting.

A deep feeling of loss pervades the figure, floating in an undefined locale.

A flop is short for a “floating point operation,” a type of math problem, and the prefix “peta” refers to a quadrillion of them.

But, as it turns out, there’s still some leaked data floating around the internet.

As soon as the rover with wheels started moving, it would’ve began floating upwards.

He’s also considering a plan to build a floating apartment complex that would house homeless residents.

To address this issue, Mayor Sam Liccardo has turned to several solutions, including a proposal to build floating apartments for the homeless.

Read more: A $6 million floating home that can withstand Category 4 hurricanes is now a reality.

Liccardo said a floating development could be constructed on swampy land in the city’s northern area.

For now, the idea of a floating complex is more of a vision than a reality.

While a few architects have put forward concepts for floating urban communities, the idea hasn’t translated in major cities.

In 2020, developers are set to finish the world’s first fully floating community, a $60-million village in Tahiti.

But it seems as though there may now be a database of unencrypted Bitcointalk user data floating around on the darknet.

I then notice there is a freaking plastic bag floating around the nest, and change my mind.

This story has been floating around the internet for a while.

But there is also a competing, conservative idea floating around Capitol Hill.

On Wednesday, police responded to a 911 call at 1:45 p.m. regarding a woman floating in the water near 132nd Street in Upper Manhattan.

He’s Wile E. Coyote, suspended in the air, floating.

On Wednesday, police responded to a 911 call at 1:45 p.m. regarding a woman floating in the water near 132nd Street in Upper Manhattan.

Ukiyo-e (“pictures of the floating world”) both depicted scenes of this society and was a tremendously popular product within it.

There are rumors floating around about a Seattle-Vancouver high-speed rail line.

In the floating world, free from the basic tenets of survival our brains evolved for, we find meaning for life in unlikely places.

The result was a slowdown in ocean freezing and 7.1 percent less floating ice than was averaged between 1981 and 2010.

His name has been floating around various Trump inquiries for months, coming up 35 times over the course of Cohen’s day-long testimony.

Particles include everything from dust kicked up during a drought to tiny particles floating in the air from forest fires or fossil fuels.

“They weren’t rad, they were bad!” shrieks a floating, sportscasting, mohawked orb in the opening moments of Ballmastrz 9009, the new show from Superjail!

She is floating on her back.

And then you’ve got like a lot of the money that’s just been floating around has been irrationally exuberant.

An Alabama political columnist, however, remarked on Twitter that rumors had been floating prior to the Post’s story.

As we discussed in last week’s VoxCare, there are at least four different draft health care bills floating around right now.

There was a lot of rumors floating around for the last week and a half, and so our employees were asking about it.

It features a boy with an afro wearing a oversized windbreaker, arms lifted as if he’s floating in space.

“And I would turn into the Nick Young meme with all the question marks floating around my head.

The boat also served as a floating restaurant, serving freshly braised fish to day-trippers cruising the Yellow River on the outskirts of Zhengzhou.

Beginning this week, a Chicago-based arts collective called the floating Museum is adding a new congregation point along the river.

The floating Museum’s River Assembly literally floats.

That is, not only did these budding artists go to museums, but the floating Museum — in barge and collective form alike — came to them.

A former mayor of Sao Paulo, Haddad said he supports inflation targeting, floating exchange rates and budget surpluses.

Since then, the floating Museum has taken on numerous iterations, remaining amorphous and ambiguous in location.

Some bands floating around my head during the making of this track were Future Islands, M83, Sufjan Stevens and revisiting lots of kraut-rock.

I have woken up from a night’s sleep with an entire photoshoot concept floating in my head.

(Shell had been struggling with the region’s floating ice and harsh weather for years before that.)

His poems often remind me of cartoon thought balloons floating above a solitary figure who has just had a revelation.

Over 350,000 people have traversed the floating yellow walkway since it opened last weekend.

Some buyers had purchased the cargoes ahead of U.S. sanctions imposed last week, using the vessels as floating storage.

In the gouache with a black ground, they seem to be floating, as well as emerging out of the darkness.

“There are all sorts of unsightly characters floating around politics, including in the Clinton camp and in Gov.

As of this week, there were almost 40 additional joint resolutions utilizing the CRA floating around Congress.

So Moicano set to work floating around the cage with his feet almost parallel.

Exorcist-style floating humanoid forms with glowing eyes.

floating in space.

British newspapers have reported that among the changes, the cottage now has a “floating floor” and a yoga studio.

She looks like she’s floating out of the sky while doing something many of her competitors would struggle to do on a trampoline.

He instructed us to imagine floating in a magnificent turquoise ocean.

Jamie and Imogen had their eyes closed; they were perfectly still, like floating angels.

Time to put some Prefab Sprout on and crawl under the sheets, pulling fresh, floating cotton over prickled skin.

floating headless in front of “Soir de Printemps” is Auguste Rodin’s impressively splayed “Iris étude” (1893), on loan from the Musée Rodin.

NASA released a striking photo of a rectangular iceberg floating in the sea near Antarctica.

In 2016, at just 47, her body was found floating in Ottawa’s Rideau River.

There’s also a fair amount of bad advice floating around the internet about how customers can protect themselves.

BioShock Infinite takes place in the floating, militant city-state of Columbia, decades prior to the events of the first game.

Unlike the Liberty Project’s gravel island, it would have used floating rigs 70 miles off the Alaskan coast.

For many, it became an obsession, watching their mountains in meditative states or hoping to view some of the floating rock’s deeper secrets.

Another 12 percent of the mass in the galaxy is just gas floating between stars (mostly hydrogen and helium).

Workers wearing white uniforms and hardhats install a floating, luminescent moon in an otherwise dark sky.

My final trial involved a bizarre tactic I’d seen floating around a lot of GOOP-lite mommy blogs.

There’s also a photo floating around of the two, but that was taken several years back.

It was is if a weight had been lifted, the white of the sheet joyously reflecting the light that enveloped our floating heads.

Activists kicked off the demonstrations on Friday by floating a six-metre-high (20-ft) blimp outside parliament depicting the U.S. president as a snarling orange baby.

Scamander notices a small part of the Obscurus, survived, floating out of a hole in the subway station.

As for the trash can, these machines are still floating out there.

Whenever I closed my eyes, I saw floating yellow tiles, the infinite possible words I could make from them.

In conjunction with Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair, Machine Project has brought Peters’s floating Library to the Echo Park Lake.

Yet they might also be eyes in a face lacking any other features except floating hair.

The new building is an elegant iceberg floating behind Botta’s sturdy fortress.

From left to right, it portrays a woman giving birth, a body floating in the water, and the artist’s mother on her deathbed.

Photo by Alice Rainis Anna Lena Bruland’s pop-grunge project, EERA, makes the kind of music that gently sends you floating away somewhere else.

That way the snacks and beverages will be floating alongside your guests so that they can feed themselves without leaving their laid-back-in-a-pool-float positions.

There are plenty more floating coolers where this came from.

Simultaneously massive and delicate, and floating eerily above the ground, two torsos are reinforced by curved carapaces, dangling shriveled, ash grey limbs.

I’ve been quoted as talking about floating islands.

You may think it doesn’t matter that your SSN could be floating around out there.

There is at least one remixed version of “The Expected One” floating around Pinterest and forwarded to me.

Show our floating Auschwitz to the world.’ I take pictures blindly.” Soon the images were circulating through the New York Herald Tribune office.

The HMS Challenger, a Royal Navy vessel, circumnavigated the globe from 1872 to 1876 as a floating laboratory focused on exploring the ocean floor.

Joan Mitchells’s or Mark Rothko’s floating fields materialize as mirrors or thrones.

Awai’s alchemic enchantment might be creating these floating spirit beings out of the tar and asphalt that has bubbled up from the earth.

Often the canvas is exposed, paint marks floating on the surface with smudges straddling the edges.

These could be anything from manned space stations to floating satellites that can store data until it’s ready to go.

Lewa depicts a woman delicately floating above water level, eyes askance, with her hands and arms resting by either side of her head.

Visions of them floating hand in hand in the Red Sea looped in her mind.

That’s in part because at least five different ideas are floating around that often get mushed together under the same broad heading.

Among the many, many names floating around for potential appointees to Trump’s Cabinet is outgoing New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte.

An image you might want to take with you into your meditations is floating.

floating in the clouds, the sea, your bed—wherever!

Bootymath is still floating in a pool of Belaire.

That appears to be the option that some Republican senators and Jared Kushner (Trump’s son-in-law and adviser) have been floating this week.

This suggests that a recent, under-heralded trend — the Trump administration floating radical ideas that quickly fall apart — might not be an aberration.

An optical illusion depicting what appears to be a floating sandwich is going viral on Twitter.

Domonique Hassell, a photography student, is currently going viral on Twitter for an optical illusion showing what appears to be a floating sandwich.

Having set up the layers, taken pictures of it and the background, and taken to Photoshop, this floating sandwich was her end result.

If you were floating out in space, the world could take on any orientation.

Just about every person on the bridge was laying or sitting on the glass trying to get a “floating” selfie.

The reason is that the dollar and most other currencies are floating: Their value fluctuates with the market.

They went over various ideas: Iantorno suggested floating Wi-Fi rigged balloons over the city, an idea cribbed from Google’s Project Loon.

The ghost of Naples isn’t the only thing floating around in Marseille’s pizza ovens, however.

Streaks of purple mingle with neon greens and blues, while rainbow wisps swirl amid a murky darkness, like galaxies floating in space.

He was floating on a river, and I was pushing his body—guiding it.

But floating alone at the Hyampom swimming hole, it does cross my mind.

Fantastic Contraption put me in on a floating, green platform under bright blue sky.

Chris Carter says he’d like to keep The X-Files alive in some capacity, even floating the idea of an animated series.

There are more than 1.2 million objects that are just floating through space because of us humans.

Look at the way his arms form a perfect floating diamond above his head!

By 1871, when Charles Darwin took a crack at it, there were many incorrect ideas floating around.

These efforts include increasing water sanitation treatments and the reduction of industrial pollution and floating waste.

I’m at the exact site where Emmett Till’s body was found floating in the Tallahatchie River 61 years ago.

Before you make a splash this Memorial Day weekend check out which stars are floating through life in serious style!

Even though she’s floating the idea of herself as a transitional speaker, she’s not exactly giving details on the timeline.

She is languid, as if engaged in a powerful yoga maneuver or floating in water, while he hovers over her.

The floating head used here is a plaster replica of the original Hadrian bronze bust found in Tel-Shalem, Israel.

I went over there with floating Points, who I’d planned to do a recording with alongside Marcos Valle.

There’s two reasons, one, advertisers don’t like to see old things floating around that are bad.

Sargassum also provides essential habitat for shrimp, crab, fish, and other marine species that have adapted specifically to this floating algae.

He’s known for coolly making passes that lead to goals, floating by defenders, and keeping possession under immense pressure.

Once the gear is in place, a giant floating salvage crane will be used to lift the wreck.

beautiful floating soundscape rap about doing drugs, would not exist.

#SharkWeek pic.twitter.com/hgOF0905aq Umm can we talk about the guy on the floating bike right next to the shark without any life vest?!

Obama is known for relishing in keeping his cool and for floating above politics.

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence floating around the internet to suggest that Pokémon Go has a built-in difficulty enhancement setting.

It’s the centerpiece of every plan they have released, and they’ve spent weeks floating wildly unpopular ways to pay for it.

The first stage booster from that rocket was landed on the ship “Just Read the Instructions,” which was floating in the Pacific.

The answer gave the impression of Sanders floating above the fray, frontrunner-style.

The floating bar was a big feature!

That image below, my friends, is a moustachioed fish-man smoking a pipe while floating past an orange and red sky.

Typically these paintings show tiny figures, often floating in a flattened space, without perspective.

The floating plates are contoured with smooth edges, so you won’t have to worry about your hair snagging as you’re styling.

Wilson is composed of linked sections of large, durable floating plastic pipes, with a 10-foot barrier underneath to trap debris.

My father was born and fired his gun into the river and for two-dozen years now he watches the shit floating past him.

I was taken by the game’s high-flying (high… floating?)

Father he curses the waste floating past.

Returning the rocket, in one piece, onto a floating barge out in the Pacific ocean.

“Sometimes a widening of the exchange rate’s floating range is a signal that (China’s) opening up will move forward.

Formally, they’re beautiful: big block letters shimmer and shine through building’s windows, floating in the air.

I would be found floating dead in the water, and it would look like an accident.

Once the gear is in place, a giant floating salvage crane will be used to lift the wreck.

Ever since he got elected, there’s been this idea floating around that Trump is an illegitimate president—and that he should be impeached.

According to Greenpeace, Rosatom is planning a production line to mass produce these floating reactors for sale to other countries.

They’re on the ice for well over a year, floating on icebergs.

A prototype for a floating school designed by Nigerian architect Kunlé Adeyemi collapsed in Lagos.

It was hard to ignore the 2014 IndyRef merchandise floating around the demonstration, slogans seemingly as relevant as they were in 2014.

Around the time I wrote this paragraph, I also took this screenshot: The floating box reminded me of a metaphor.

There are several unconfirmed reports floating around that Apple is considering a new dark blue color option for the iPhone 7.

During the day I felt languorous, like I was floating.

Singapore now needs more sand or new methods of reclamation, like using polders and “Very Large floating Structures”.

The split format and diptych paintings, lodged with traces of underpainting and obscuring veils, consist of floating planes in high-key twilight and sunset hues.

How else to explain the grotesque faces floating in every painting?

You’ll recall Wayne was outraged over the leak … so his camp wanted assurance from Shkreli there weren’t other samples floating around.

As for any more samples or copies floating around … Martin says he’s got the only one as far as he knows.

The event was scheduled to feature performances from Earl Sweatshirt, Sampha, floating Points, and more.

Such thought was put into its design that it has the appearance of floating just above the water level.

Scott and I spoke about “floating in the Forth” just a few weeks ago, in an interview for Noisey.

It’s basically the tension of the Lannisters, the Starks, and the Targaryens bottled up in a floating tin can in the sky.

(cash rules everything around me)” with the floating head with the diamond.

I think that one, where the two guys are discussing … They’re looking at the floating screens in the air.

The Republican caucus does not have any extra bill drafts floating around at this point.

The spirit takes its name as well as its slight yellow color from the blade of buffalo grass floating in the bottle.

The Pilot ACE consists of 800 vacuum tubes able to perform floating point arithmetic necessary for scientific calculations.

I’ve been quoted as talking about floating islands.

Yes.Followers: 42.2.6KOur favorite post: We’re quite certain we can’t afford it, but Steve’s Gramovox floating record player is bonkers.

The GOP has long had a variety of replacement plans floating around, which differ from one another in important ways.

What a life-changing experience floating is!

If you went over by the window, the Pokémon might suddenly appear to be floating in space outside the building.

Space is a hostile place, swarming with asteroids and flying space junk—an estimated half-a-million pieces of debris are floating in Earth orbit right now.

Russia is deploying what critics call a “floating Chernobyl” to fuel its ambitions in the Arctic.

Some of these towns in Russia’s arctic are extremely remote; Russian officials hope that using a floating nuclear plant might help power them.

Russia is deploying what critics call a “floating Chernobyl” to fuel its ambitions in the Arctic.

Some of these towns in Russia’s arctic are extremely remote; Russian officials hope that using a floating nuclear plant might help power them.

Environmental advocacy group Greenpeace has called it a “Chernobyl on Ice,” and opposes the very idea of a floating nuclear power plant.

Cover: World’s first floating nuclear power plant (NPP) Akademik Lomonosov is towed to the port of Murmansk, Russia.

Following floating Coffin, Dwyer would become less shy about out-and-out rocking.

Each painting presents a muted palette of scratchy orbs floating on bare canvas.

Turn on a conservative talk radio show and there’s probably a new one floating around as we speak.

Once the gear is in place, a giant floating salvage crane will be used to lift the wreck.

All right, let’s finish up by talking about the other mega media merger story that’s been floating out there, CBS and Viacom.

The effect is that of a luminous chromatic veil floating just above the surface of the painting, shimmering like Venetian light.

It was like I was floating, just like my body and my mind feel anyway!

Countries such as China, India, France, Norway, and Britain are floating plans to ban gas and diesel-powered vehicles.

To have all those various concepts floating around in your head and the ability to intersect them in novel and hilarious ways?

Noble worked for four decades on the North Shore, and nicknamed his floating workspace his “own little leaking Monticello.”

Smashed cars at the adjacent metal recycling facility and trash floating in the polluted water warn that this is no ordinary park.

floating Studio for Dark Ecologies will lead a walking tour of the creek on June 17 at 1pm.

Most recently, Sandberg’s name was floating around as a candidate to be Disney’s next CEO.

In these pictures, land masses have a weird, floating gravity that makes the earth look extraterrestrial.

Hearing him freestyle over k-pop instrumentals is the closest I’ll get to feeling like a cloud: free, floating, carefree.

In March, Saudi stock market regulator (CMA) approved Nayifat’s application for floating 30% of its capital.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads I am floating in some colorful cosmic realm, watching couples fornicate on a merry-go-round.

This is problematic when you consider a lot of the alcohol research floating around is based on self-reported drinking habits and behaviors.

The skeptics ain’t bothering Rooney though … who was busy floating away on an inflatable raft on Monday.

Also, China’s currency, the yuan, is not fully free floating.

It does have chilies in it—there were two of them floating in our 100-milliliter bottle, sad, wrinkled and piss yellow.

Some conservatives, meanwhile, have started floating bizarre conspiracy theories about Ford’s allegations.

A giant, 3D-animated condom filled with hearts alternates with an animated HIV virus, both floating on the top of the other images.

There is a zero percent chance that he, unlike flatulent media commentators, was seriously floating removal under the 25th Amendment.

A 19-year-old woman found a dead body floating in a river near her home in Wyoming while looking for Pokémon.

My bare feet smoosh through the skins, pulp, and juice floating around the concrete enclosure, known as a lagares here in Portugal.

Japanese Aegis navy ships would be floating around, completely ready to shoot defensive missiles of their own.

There’s an enormous trash-island floating in the Pacific, which is now at least twice the size of Texas.

And if they really felt like they were inside of this weird, floating entity, that would be awesome.”

He waved over a young boy who placed two bowls of pinkish hunks floating in tan liquid in front of us.

And if they really felt like they were inside of this weird, floating entity, that would be awesome.

Aul-Wick greeted us on the ship’s ramp in his floating orb.

As I walked over to the window, it appeared to be floating through the air and then bouncing on the ledge outside.

To add to the feeling of disorientation, the soft, wire-mesh flooring gave me the sense that I was floating on nothing.

Without any light or visual cues, I lost all sense of physical orientation and felt like I was floating away into nothingness.

The boxer and outspoken critic of discrimination in America in the 60s and 70s, is seen floating at the top of the page.

“If the floating ice is removed, you’re left with a vertical cliff where the ice meets the ocean,” he said.

Christo’s giant floating sculpture, “The London Mastaba,” sits on the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park as tourists on paddle boats circle around.

Rather than re-use the floating stage design from the Saint Pablo tour, Kanye and Cudi were suspended in a large perspex box.

For example, in 1983 they surrounded 11 islands in Biscayne Bay, Florida with millions of square feet of floating pink fabric.

The notes split open and immolate, re-forming and floating effortlessly in frozen time, wobbling whatever way they want.”

Australia can sometimes seem an anomalous fringe nation, geographically marooned, colonial shrapnel floating in a bottom corner of the world.

But out in the world, we don’t just interact with floating heads—they’re usually connected to bodies, too.

(A ribbon floating up around the arm reads, “The First Pride Was a Riot!

I want floating houses I can take sailing wherever I want.

floating shelves

Installing new shelves has never been easier.

Just place, press, and hang these floating shelves into drywall without using any tools.

I thought about bodies floating in houses in New Orleans.

I imagined floating inside the living room, fighting for the last bit of air near the ceiling.

After all, what’s safer, or more metaphorically apt, than hanging your personal Picasso or Basquiat in a floating testament to inequality?

Lines Ltd (MOL) for the hire of a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) on a time-charter basis for the LNG project.

Arianna is floating around, so Arianna Huffington is floating around out there making trouble.

“Historically that area has been kind of the catcher of things that are floating in the ocean,” Lamson says.

He and his team have developed a computer simulation that can project the behavior of floating items at sea.

“There is some nervousness and uncertainty floating around the trade war.

Crowds wave pictures of his beaming mustachioed visage, albeit sometimes with Chavez’s face floating above him.

Graveler is a rock with arms and legs — a clear downgrade from its lower form, Geodude, which is a floating rock with arms.

Geodude is a floating ball with muscular arms.

How is it floating?

Have you seen this #notmygodofwar thing floating around?

There’s chests, lore pillars, and 51 ravens floating around.

However, there are still other theories floating around.

People who take ketamine recreationally do so for its fast-acting high, which is typically a floating or out-of-body experience coupled with euphoria.

“Andy seemed to be floating through space.

About 4.6 billion years ago: The Earth congeals out of a cloud of matter floating in space.

The occasional group of rebel fighters float by, crouched into floating hollow logs, their long legs around their ears, AK-47s in hand.

And yes, it’s possible there was enough room on that floating door for Jack too.

Video clips appearing to show Fetty and Alexis doing the deed started floating around the Internet Tuesday morning.

Then she reappears and the cage is floating; no, it’s a solid mass.

The 54-year-old billionaire set sail on his mega-ship, the “Lady S.” — a $180 million yacht with the world’s first floating IMAX theater.

There’s the production of medical isotopes, and research reactors, and other various chunks of nuclear material floating around for one reason or another.

Fortunately, the flight case was airtight and kept floating.

Although there’s a longer version of the Lil Wayne verse floating around out there, it’s still pretty underwhelming in unedited form.

iPhones appear floating against solid backdrops as in Apple billboards, sometimes spinning on an axis or lying flat with shattered screens.

Meanwhile, Trump is floating an austere budget that could end up gutting key CCS research programs.

Matsubara’s other lofty wonder in the show is a small work, “Paper in the Wind” (2014), which also evokes high floating consciousness.

I adore my dog, but yesterday, I watched her hide from a floating plastic bag and then attack a skateboard.

The temporary summer pavilion took visitors underneath a floating platform roof placed at the gallery’s lawn.

“It feels awkward to have them floating in front of me.

I felt like I was floating above myself on a busy New Delhi street, on the verge of death.

I don’t even have them floating in my sleep, I put them in my sleeping bag.”

If I didn’t do that, it’s possible the sneeze could be found floating in another module.”

Even once you reach parity, that carbon has been floating around for a century, absorbing radiant heat.

The next night, I saw them again, floating around some trees a few blocks away.

It’s just another piece of debris floating around on the internet.

In the screen shots, the burrito is floating.

It had become a floating dump, poisoned by the rancid waste of a booming, unplanned metropolis and slums with no sanitary infrastructure.

“There were too many people, too many,” he sobbed, staring at the deflated vessel still floating by the shore.

“There were too many people, too many,” he sobbed, staring at the deflated vessel still floating by the shore.

You might have seen this viral video floating around of her signing alongside Kendrick Lamar’s live performance at Lollapalooza.

During the transition, you have this phase when both logos are floating around.

She has visions of portly saints floating below a tree.

It’s a modern classic, seeped in atmosphere and melody, floating just out of reach.

“After four years of concentration I feel like I’m floating in the air and suspended,” Musco says with an air of relief.

“Some are happy just floating through their day.”

As he marched around his floating stage … he went on to accuse performers of stealing all sorts of ideas from him.

Currently, there are rumors floating that he’ll be keeping the character true to the comics, though no official casting has been announced.

There is help, however — the floating drone platform can reposition itself to “catch” the rocket.

There was no kind of loose ends floating around.

Economy Minister Maxim Oreshkin said the floating rouble rate was helping to offset a possible negative effect on the Russian economy.

The video opens in a digitally-constructed landscape featuring a desolate volcano, a large body of water, and a number of floating polygons.

It’s paired with a drawing of floating parachutes resembling bull’s-eyes.

British newspapers have reported that among the changes, the cottage now has a “floating floor” and a yoga studio.

That year, Billboard summarized the conflict: A group of Indiana University students said they’d seen the Coexist logo floating around on the internet.

Maybe you want to tell the story of how you lost your virginity on a boat floating down the Amazon river.

Unreality is floating and abstract, a record that affords Ashlyn a processing mechanism without having to speak about the loss she’s dealt with.

He’s floating around with the invisibility cloak and the hover car.

Can you imagine Larry Page floating around?

Him and Sergey just floating around.

Between active and inactive satellites floating around in space, there are just over 4,000 orbiting the earth.

Between active and inactive satellites floating around in space, there are just over 4,000 orbiting the earth.

We had all this text out there floating around, and oral communication moved to the background.

When I got home, I thought it looked OK—but it has some mistakes, like the random floating “I.”

Why carry a phone when Netflix and WhatsApp are floating in front of you?

floating buoyantly over a jittery combination of live instruments and programmed sounds, it’s colorful, splashy party music.

In the absence of a firm answer, there are several hypotheses floating around.

As you look out to names floating around for 2020, obviously there are three women that stand out — Sens.

Back in November the administration began floating their position on settlements.

They have freed agents to grab the precise immigrants that Trump is now floating the idea of legalizing.

), the same handful of names keep floating to the top, most of them prior Oscar nominees or winners.

Khaled now has nearly a handful of $100k watches floating around his house.

These egg-like shapes float alongside and over the natural world and yet, as in Lost Horizons 48, create an oddly unbalanced floating world.

What are some trends you’re seeing floating around Silicon Valley now?

“The people floating ideas like that have no experience of East Germany.” Additional reporting by Paul Carrel; Editing by Giles Elgood

Also, China’s currency, the yuan, is not fully free floating.

And now that there’s stuff like Snapchat, I don’t want any photos of me floating around!

There are other climate-related bills floating around the legislature, most notably HB 2995, a 100-percent-clean-energy bill.

There are plenty of health care draft bills floating around, but none have so far gotten support from enough Republican senators to move forward.

Unfortunately, some pictures of mine are still floating out there, and it’s just a matter of time before something else drops.

As I’m writing this, they have been downloaded 21,345 times, and the files are already floating around on torrent sites and elsewhere.

The device is advertised under the slogan, “This changes everything,” with a hummingbird in fluorescent green and blue floating in midair.

Beyond Harvey relief and NFIP reform, there are numerous disaster response and mitigation ideas floating around policy circles.

But, it turns out, these floating monuments to wealth aren’t the smartest financial decision.

Eventually emancipated from the desk, Florence passed into an upper echelon, floating out into the Info-sphere.

Such people see their lives literally floating away.

And he is paying $190 million cash — more or less the same number Meredith’s bankers had been floating for some time.

“Lungs” is a super-synthy ballad with dreamy melodies that will have you floating in no time.

In Congress, there are bills floating around that would do everything from abolish the EPA to merely curb its powers at the margins.

The ghostly image of a girl floats beneath the brackish waters of a public pond, her Victorian nightie floating around her.

The Marine Virus simply presented the serene beach scene of a floating sailboat while it brutally overrode all the files on your hard drive.

It seems like the Democratic caucus has a lot of ideas floating around right now about how to expand public insurance.

We don’t normally think of them this way, but every ship of any size is effectively a floating microgrid.

Below, you can see footage of them detaching the launchers and floating them to the surface.

Finally floating 8.

But migrant laborers cannot gain local household registration if they are members of a floating population.

As reported by Reuters, the new loans will carry a floating rate tied to the ECB’s main refinancing operation, currently set at zero.

Periscope already offers a lot of these features, including the live map and floating reactions.

(One of the Tulip’s more fanciful renderings includes a woman using a floating holographic projection to teach schoolchildren about the Tower of London.)

So, frustrated policymakers are floating once unspeakable notions.

“I think that there’s an opportunity for the floating concept.

What about floating cars?

Last week, after a conversation, on the subject of “floating” the Nigerian currency.

Amidst vibrant swatches of color, a swarm of floating women form elegiac shapes under the water.

The project is about more than fancy floating restaurants, though — it’s also about building a utopia.

The project is about more than fancy floating restaurants, though — it’s also about building a utopia.

Their destination: an “absolutely mammoth” 50-foot-long right whale that was among five others found floating in the ocean, dead.

“Cure the sick,” because while government bureaucracy has impeded progress in medical research, it won’t on their floating libertarian paradises.

The eighth “moral imperative” is what they call “The Velella Mariculture Research Project,” a floating pen used to sustainably grow fish.

Their destination: an “absolutely mammoth” 50-foot-long right whale that was among five others found floating in the ocean, dead.

And floating the idea of a lawsuit is much different from filing a lawsuit, which you would actually have to win in court.

Take a gander at the countless copycat recipes floating around the internet.

Having evacuated during the storm’s onslaught, Calhoun and McCormick returned home to find containers filled with negatives floating in the floodwaters.

Look at these guns, floating in the air, details on display.

There have been lots of estimates floating around about how much the wall will cost.

The vessel was floating vertically, its bow completely submerged.

Between Sunday and Monday, the floating inferno traveled some 50 kilometers (31 miles) south east, according to Rashid Kang, campaigner at Greenpeace East Asia.

“You’ve got to be compelling and charismatic to a certain extent to lure kids into your floating sewer hellscape.”

So when Trump was floating the government shutdown, for example, that disproportionately affects the residents of the 13th District.

In March, Saudi stock market regulator (CMA) approved Nayifat’s application for floating 30% of its capital.

Those among us who could hold on the boat’s floating hood stayed alive,” the survivor added.

The ship carried renowned pianist Ludovico Einaudi, a grand piano, and a floating wooden platform made up to look like a glacier.

Those among us who could hold on the boat’s floating hood stayed alive,” the survivor added.

Other Republican senators are floating their own ideas.

“And some of them are in such bad shape that we’re surprised they’re still floating.”

There, floating calmly in the still waters of Tokyo Bay, was Japan’s future.

Her latest is centered around two table tennis players magnetized to the bottom of a floating rock.

Flipped upside-right, they could be on top of a cliff, but from Vidal’s given perspective seem to be floating in space.

He’ll find passages floating through his head in odd moments or catch himself reciting them under his breath.

The idea of a takeover, be-it hostile or not, is still floating around because many investors still want it to happen.

Here we have the elder Bogdanović of the league floating in the Adriatic Sea.

“This cell-free DNA floating in the blood can tell us the secrets of each cell or organ that it’s from.”

The models in the video move, dance, and sway, all the while remaining two-dimensional, with the delicacy of petals floating along a riverbed.

TSA for their part, don’t seem particularly concerned about the fact that there are now blueprints of their master keys floating around online.

How did you extend the invitation to him?It’s been floating out there since we got the Fusion deal.

And what about the black form with the elongated, bilious green head floating above the leg and foot?

Just based on what’s currently in the pipeline, GTM expects floating PV to top 1.5 GW next year.

And as PV grows, more markets will begin to find land constrained, leading to more opportunities for floating PV.

“I think the Republican leadership in this country is on a iceberg that is getting smaller and is floating out to sea.

Our good guys, however, are still passively floating through their lives, nowhere near any kind of camera or TV show.

Viscous, painterly passages occupy large areas of the compositions, with succinct, freely drawn images floating in space.

According to inmate testimonials provided to American Civil Liberties Union, one inmate recalled seeing dead bodies floating on flood waters by the medical center.

Visually floating but for their attachment to the docile-looking creature, they read as satellites drawn gravitationally to a greater mass.

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