Fits in a sentence | Use of the word fits examples

We automatically have an easier time remembering information that fits our worldviews.

“International co-operation cannot be dictated by fits of anger and throwaway remarks,” a representative for French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters.

He succeeds only in fits and starts.

“She fits right in,” Stapleton says … “I want her to train me!”

We can’t imagine a Pokémon that fits Grande better.

But it fits the pattern of how he’s responded to some of the other allegations against him.

I went home and felt all the symptoms that had hit me in the past take over: crying jags, nausea, coughing fits.

The nervous coughing fits I developed with my firing continued, but a friend noted that they seemed to vanish when something held my attention.

Hardiman fits the bill, apparently.

While the news shocked most, the new position fits DePodesta well.

Simpson fits the planes together through simple utilitarian means – notches, slits, and canvas straps.

They denounced it as a “one size fits all” solution, but that’s actually unspecific and deceptive — what “size” would work better?

With over nine million streams, Twos fits deservingly on Apple music’s top R&B/Soul Chart.

In many ways, Kavanaugh fits the mold of a traditional “conservative” judge.

Sam Roberts, one of Canada’s biggest acts throughout the aughts, is playing for a room that fits about 50 people.

This blanket term was used to describe various manifestations that were affecting men at war, for example, fits, tremors and nightmares.

Given in its own gallery, this enormous, maroon, hat-shaped sculpture snugly fits into its confines.

But we also like to pretend we’re more Cleveland or Chicago when it fits us.

This high-drama characterization fits some major extinction events, like the one that wiped out the non-avian dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

But let’s be real, finding one that fits, looks great, and works for your budget is easier said than done.

A “fuller bust” section starts at 30DD/E and fits through 36I.

Reformation: Ref finally launched swimwear a few weeks ago, and it’s all really cute: Expect retro-inspired fits and details like cutouts and bows.

And it all fits into the overall theme of his campaign, which is: Trump isn’t the only candidate to do this.

Is it a coincidence that the blueberry fits in the raspberry perfectly?

He kind of fits somewhere in between.

With ChesnuTT, side-stepping our subscribed roles fits his newly affirmed personal philosophy where strong communication builds bridges.

One of his few consistent traits is that he is utterly inconsistent, and his administration’s attitude toward NATO fits that pattern perfectly.

“In our view, the acquisition of XL fits AXA’s strategy of growing in commercial insurance.

But Johnson’s violent arrest also fits into a broader conversation about police violence in Mesa.

Between fits of shy giggles, sometimes burying her face inside her lap, Formin spoke with a burning passion about books and education.

Choose which one fits your GIF mood the best as needed.

Horace and Pete fits nicely in this void, because it suggests a way in which outsider voices might eventually enter the TV landscape.

It’s that the strategic effect of the leak — releasing information that breeds infighting among American political factions — fits squarely within Russian strategic doctrine.

If there becomes an opportunity that fits for doing that work organically I will do it, but I really …

Porter’s top challenger in what should be a neck-and-neck race, another UC Irvine law professor, Dave Min, fits that bill.

All of it fits inside the simple framework established at the very top: You are a hole, and you eat things.

These aren’t iterations or sticking a mobile banking app on your phone, this is changing the way a bank fits in your life.

“Quite often as an international community we lose sight of that and try and have a one shoe fits all (approach),” he said.

So, the System puts an expiration date on relationships that are necessary but ultimately not great fits.

One of 2016’s strongest debut features, Anna Rose Holmer’s mysterious, beautiful The fits turns on an equally strong debut performance.

The fits is less a movie you watch than a trance you fall into, with Hightower as the tiny sprite casting its spell.

This objective fits their actions much better.

Granted, that description pretty much only fits Zootopia, but it’s still surprising to see how well the movie pulls it off.

That fits much more into the mentality as seeing yourself as an anti-establishment crusader,” Nimmo said.

Honestly the sofa barely fits thru the door.

As Lara, Vikander is terrific: By turns vulnerable and strong, brave and frightened, impish and determined, she ably fits the evolved character.

“If I look at the cast of characters surrounding Trump, a guy like McLaughlin fits right in,” said one GOP strategist.

Sherry Ballan has gotten the whole family involved: Her husband and two kids sport vicious ’fits for an audience of 95,000 followers.

But this whole time, I’ve been wondering where it really fits with contemporary (i.e., the generation after me) gamers’ tastes.

The fact that the attack occurred on a Latin night also fits into this country’s traditional narrative of violence.

“It’s just new spin.” It also fits with a broader pattern in Trump’s attacks on Obamacare.

We should be competing everywhere and fielding candidates who are natural fits for their district.

“It fits their M.O.

Everything in Resident Evil fits.

That’s why the archetype a movie fits matters in the movie’s Oscar campaign.

Unfortunately, it fits the trend of many collectors buying artist brands rather than artworks.

It’s also unclear how neatly the left, as it’s constructed today, fits into Rorty’s binary distinction.

But almost no actually existing health insurance in the United States fits a free market paradigm.

Barnes fits that bill, and he’s young.

It all fits.

And yet Mafia 3 also exemplifies why character diversity in gaming only comes in fits and starts.

The machine would, seemingly at random, select applicants who were bad fits.

“Nobody else fits the pattern,” he said.

This most recent controversy over the alleged “hostage” payment fits this pattern perfectly.

The Thursday fundraiser fits Obama’s plans for his post-presidency almost perfectly.

It fits the president’s model of being scrupulously apolitical — but would likely also have repercussions that quite clearly are.

Unclear how snacking on Starburst fits into his plan.

JL: It’s a compact device that fits on a nuclear warhead.

He’s the only non-crazy Republican who wants to show … like Lindsey Graham and his giant hissy fits.

But the ruse also fits James’ presentational perfectly.

Pedigreed new bands like this tend to hate the “supergroup” tag, but, if the shoe fits

But the Flint crisis also fits into deeper concerns about race, poverty, and politics in the US.

So it would be something similar to that depending on who and what product fits their brand the best.

Across the street, The Gale Hotel’s Rec Room fits a house party vibe between its vinyl-lined walls.

But the Paris climate accord, now abandoned by the U.S. under President Donald Trump, fits that narrow category.

But the Paris climate accord, now abandoned by the U.S. under President Donald Trump, fits that narrow category.

We’re getting our first look at Rachel McAdams as a new mom … and she fits the part!!!

They’re easy to manipulate, and everyone knows them and understands their universe, their relationships, and how it all fits together.

So him bringing about chaos or him causing civil unrest in the streets or any kind of tribulation fits into their end-times narrative.

But cats are also, according to some reports, more likely to attack their owners in fits of feline rage.

Just stop talking about philanthropy and start talking about taxes.” That fits well with Carlson’s new brand.

This is especially alarming because of how it fits in with centuries of anti-Semitism.

How Davis, or any of the other Stone associates, fits into this is still a mystery.

Khosrowshahi now believes Elevate fits into Uber’s mission to be a platform for all types of transportation.

“I remember we played him when I was in Golden State, and he was a guy who always gave us fits.

She has, by fits and starts, started to really look at the people around her, and thereby to grow into who she is becoming.

That electric toothbrush will be the color you choose, with a handle that fits your hand and with bristles as soft as you specify.

But it’s not clear what job fits those skills as well as “presidential candidate” does.

It fits the mercurial content of the story, too.

The disorder can hinder self-control, triggering fits of rage over seemingly petty things.

“It fits right in your palm.

You just wear it cross-body and it fits your passport, phone, and whatever you need for the day.

There is one undeniable argument for larger phones, which is that all content fits better on a bigger screen.

Exactly how the TRD’s fits into the constellation of Egyptian intelligence agencies is unknown.

Even without established big leaguers Votto and Lawrie, the Canadian lineup could still cause some fits for opposing pitchers.

Fortunately, the way that people use their cars fits.

The “one size fits all” strategy by some local authorities will not be tolerated, he said.

Also, the breezy, bouncy nature of the tune hardly fits with the character of the church at that time.

—Aja Romano Erika L. Sánchez’s debut novel crosses family drama with coming-of-age comedy, a tonal blend that fits its wry but troubled narrator.

“I don’t know anyone else who fits that definition, but I know a lot of hard-fighting progressives in the Democratic party,” Clinton said.

Pick whichever best fits the aesthetic of your backyard and enjoy a bug-free summer.

This in turn amplifies our alertness toward what appears on our screens, especially if the advertisement is well-curated and fits a need.

They come in dozens of bright colors and prints, so you’re bound to find one that fits your mom’s personality.

Originally, the show’s creators pitched their idea to all the big players, and HBO, one of the most obvious fits, passed.

With his one good eye and long scraggly hair, Dooley fits the look of an apocalypse survivor to a tee.

I’m not going to get into a semantic argument about whether this fits some definition or not.

But that hack, too, fits with the Gerasimov Doctrine.

It fits the need that your provider said it’s got to have all these special things, but it’s remarkably easy to guess.

As for the $1 million he spent on rugs, that, too, fits with some previous money laundering cases.

It seems to me our geography fits pretty well, looking at our economies booming on both sides of the border.

Flash Factory’s dedication to the local underground scene is a very important focus of ours and Better Days fits that profile.

The Umbrella Academy fits that theme but explores something different entirely: the idea of a chosen family.

Produced by the comedy network JASH, Dynasty’s work fits into both the art and comedy worlds, creating something else entirely.

In addition, Cruz fits the basic serial killer profile.

Dream Daddy’s story fits a fandom-friendly narrative in a bunch of ways, beginning with the function of the protagonist’s daughter, Amanda.

And, as Dale’s saying, people, they hold on to their collections, so we want to give them something that fits into their library.

One example that arguably fits the bill is Lyndon Johnson’s 1968 nomination of Abe Fortas to be chief justice.

(Google hasn’t released plans for this kind of robot, but one of its robotics projects — no, not the frightening humanoid one — fits the bill.)

These are many questions that do not have easy answers, and itthis is certainly not a case of one size fits all.

The team played in contradictions, and in head-spinning fits and starts.

Saleh’s experience fits into a larger pattern of Muslims being asked to leave flights after making passengers uncomfortable.

But it fits a theme that is only getting more important to the future of Amazon’s retail business.

None of them fits a mold.

“Our theme will be the Brazilian Sambodromo, which perfectly fits the festival’s [main] theme.

It fits right in your palm?

Exposition comes in fits and starts.

If you have a cool thing you want to do and it fits in our parameters, fine.

The system fits into China’s broader push to use facial recognition technology across all areas of society.

Medina fits this profile.

“Generally it is because the founder no longer fits the organization.

But it remained unclear whether the justices will decide Madison fits that criteria.

After all … we know he’s got a type, and she definitely fits the bill.

It all fits together.

“I’m not going to have any more fits,” she said, with a determined glint in her eye.

Hopkins’ epilepsy made her childhood dream of being in the army impossible, and haunted her with violent fits.

The trouble with Howard is that all of his situations have started out as ideal fits on paper.

Dwight Howard fits everywhere and nowhere at once.

“In our view, the acquisition of XL fits AXA’s strategy of growing in commercial insurance.

“Withered Hand” is a prime example, playing like a midtempo hardcore song that fits Dwyer’s savage vocal delivery.

Indeed, the marijuana analogy fits neatly.

“You can shove that democratic charter wherever it fits.

But, she said, it fits right in with the Trump brand.

I can’t think of anything that fits better into the moment.

But it’s one that fits well with his vision and plays to his strengths.

I don’t really know how it fits into that sort of ecosystem.

Now, after a series of fits and starts in the search for a viable candidate, the company has finally hired a CFO.

That also fits the bill.

“Planet Earth is my toilet you’re beneath this shit” fits the bill.

And I kind of wonder where you think this book fits into that.

Because P. dmanisensis is such an unusual species, Zelenkov and his colleagues aren’t sure where exactly it fits in the avian family tree.

For example, many new parents tell us that joining a parenting group after having a child fits this purpose.

That distinction roughly lines up as developing versus developed countries, though China fits both criteria and both tools are equally important there.

Suddenly, a thing is there, and it fits the shape of a void you hadn’t previously noticed.

This approach fits with Trump’s overall belief that immigrants, both legal and illegal, take jobs from US workers.

We all are different, and preparedness is not one size fits all.

Tennessee voters might seem like natural fits for Cruz.

Native advertising is paid content that fits a specific publication’s style and editorial guidelines.

Although this critique fits well with the anti-elitism of the right and the reflexive self-criticism of the left, it is false.

“The big question was, how do we integrate [renovations] in a way that fits with the style?” Chaouni told Hyperallergic.

And that evolution of Diane fits the evolution of The Good Fight.

Republicans’ support for — or silence about — Trump’s immigration order fits this pattern.

Perhaps others might think another candidate fits this assessment better (some might say Bernie Sanders, others Kamala Harris, others Pete Buttigieg, etc.).

The punishment no longer fits the crime.

“That’s potentially what fits within the context of mental disorder in this case.”

Besides the super cool finish, the case is also unique in that it fits closely around the camera, eliminating the thick camera bump.

(Chronologically, Discovery fits between Enterprise and original Trek.)

Many view this appointment as Modi moving to consolidate Hindu support in the run up to 2019 elections, and Adityanath certainly fits the bill.

Many view this appointment as Modi moving to consolidate Hindu support in the run up to 2019 elections, and Adityanath certainly fits the bill.

I don’t know anyone who fits that bill (though I so wish I did).

The prints have a lyrical and poetic quality that fits well within the narratives of colonialism, historic violence, and the survival of Indigenous bodies.

It fits, because each part has been meticulously thought out.

Too often that fits into socio-economic, demographic, regional [characteristics]—all those things fall into what’s “ideal.”

You’ll just have to play it, and see how the voice acting fits in for yourself.

But the deal fits with Google’s overall enterprise strategy.

But Christina (a white-passing person of mixed heritage) fits those standards pretty well.

“I think at its core, Minecraft fits in with that vision,” Booty says.

Do you feel like the Mike Pence controversy fits into this practice?

What fits into that basket?

Shurmur previously said Manning would be the starter and Jones would figure out where he fits in the quarterback pecking order.

I knew when they felt shaky, when they were engaged, and when they were about to burst into helpless fits of laughter.

This book fits in the palm of your hand, it’s quite small, and this was her personal prayer book.

Now the duo have locked in their next release, a two tracker called “Kissy fits” which premieres on THUMP today.

He pulled off one daring pass after another, sending the announcers into fits of enthusiasm.

The group never hits customs, or Homeland Security, but this fits with the show’s fantastical geography.

Sometimes when I get instrumental songs from Miles or Jack, the music fits right in with what I’m thinking.

But the billboard space fits comfortably into Kurimanzutto’s long-standing mission.

Evidence-backed insight emerges in fits and starts and often contradicts itself.

In 1692, three young girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts, began having violent fits.

While an older startup like Warby Parker fits the mold, its valuation north of $1 billion means the pool of potential acquirers is small.

Trump’s position on gun control is expected; it fits in with the Republican Party’s platform.

Early in Black-ish’s third season, the episode “40 Acres and a Vote” illustrated how the series fits neatly into this tradition.

The smartphone itself fits 5.3-inch screens and it’ll run on Android.

What fits that value?” Oh, a group of about six people.

She also says she likes “guys who are not grossed out by sex in any way”—not a description her current partner fits.

The modern design fits neatly into most spaces and is sure to please book lovers looking for a stylish makeover.

My social life turned into fits and spurts of intense engagement followed by equally intense withdrawal.

The crying fits continued.

“He fits in perfect, because he’s old, too,” said Carlisle.

With so many providers out there, it can be difficult to figure out which solution best fits your needs.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ … producers invited Eva for the upcoming season to see if she fits with the current cast.

[Only] in a few instances, it actually fits.”

Abbey’s description of cannabis fits Hale’s L3 category—”moderately safe”—to a tee.

Post Ocasio-Cortez, he reasons, voters believe anything can happen — and Bacelar fits the mold.

An all-adaptation, no-mitigation climate approach fits the bill, at least for the sort of conservative who mistakes callous myopia for realpolitik.

How do you think nostalgia fits into today’s dance music scene?

It fits a wide range of personal styles, Phraner says, since it can be done with any paint color on practically any object.

So it fits this thing, it could maybe be on basic cable.

Cauliflower, ubiquitous and low-carb and 100 percent vegetable, fits into all of them.

It’s literary and unexpected, but it fits in with boys’ names like Theodore and Carson.

And endless iterations of cauliflower fits the bill.

And the more that Trump and his fits of capriciousness in the boardroom took over the show, the more its ratings slid.

The costume only comes in one size and “fits best on people below 6’4″.”

The Bernie Sanders campaign fits very nicely into this pattern.

It fits four people comfortably, and five somewhat awkwardly, the pair says.

It was a small moment, that fits us just right.

All in all, the EO doesn’t hold as much as the eBags Motherlode, but it still fits plenty more than a traditional weekender.

I was constantly suffering from dry, spasmodic coughing fits.

The cast’s considered, meticulous adaptability to their dual roles fits with the rest of the film’s own eye for detail.

Trump fits well with one of those — one that Bard College scholar Walter Russell Mead calls the “Jacksonian tradition,” after President Andrew Jackson.

Peace talks happened in fits and starts in the 1990s, though outbursts of violence continued.

And at the same time it fits his personality too, though.

“This guy in Charlottesville [James Alex Fields Jr.] fits the behavior profile.

This fits with Sessions’ earlier vow to aggressively prosecute hate crime offenders.

It costs $73 million and fits up to 12 guests.

The 295-foot yacht, called the Moonstone, fits just over 12 people.

“It fits into a narrative that many of them have that Republicans are insensitive to women,” he conceded.

At the same time, it is worth asking whether the punishment fits the crime.

Her overall platform is focused on what she calls “economic patriotism,” and this new plan fits right into that larger vision.

One is an exploration of color through semiotics, advertising, and branding, into which the previous discussion of Millennial Pink fits.

Yet it fits right in with the dark rhetoric Trump espoused throughout his campaign and in his inaugural address.

And it’s not a mirage, it fits.

Underdevelopment is a milestone of Cuban cinema, but it also fits snugly within the niche that Criterion and Janus Films cater to their consumers.

Freud’s work most closely fits the brief, coming closest to capturing the real ‘presence’ of the literal, material body.

So they can, if it fits their schedule, the whole entire mantra is that you work out on your own schedule.

“This actually fits with what we know about the academic literature on sexual relationships,” Liu explains.

This idiosyncratic approach means that he more or less fits well in any scene.

“The Scorecard takes a flawed, one-size fits all approach,” he told us in a statement.

Mark Goodman: “We seem to be doing music that fits into what we want to play on MTV.

Understanding how Sansa fits into that alliance means understanding how her arc has prepared her for this moment.

Business strategy is not a one-size fits all.

Oh, also because he’s given May’s government fits by helping Parliament take back some control over the Brexit process.

Prosthetic technology has come a long way since hooked hands and peg-legs, but prosthetics have always advanced in fits and starts.

Likewise, Blocboy’s rhythmically unpredictable, plainly enunciated rapping displays a dexterity that fits the music exactly.

It begins to piece its plot threads together in a way that fits, without feeling crowded.

Seizures, or fits, occur after an unanticipated electrical discharge in the brain.

The nuclear community is divided on whether pyroprocessing fits the definition of reprocessing.

2, a guy that fits our system that we have familiarity with.”

Below, find details of the piece revealing how each model fits into the larger structure, as well as a video demonstrating Musco’s technique.

The name that is most successful is the one that fits the strategy, and that strategy is going to be really different.

“It certainly fits with the live nature of the core Twitter experience,” Jan Dawson, Chief Analyst of Jackdaw Research, told Motherboard.

It fits a pattern he’s demonstrated multiple times since he launched his campaign for president.

AM: We wanted to place it in a moment where Big is trying to see how he fits into this world of the Daltons.

Yes, the chorus, I guess, fits the theme of the game—the exploration of an otherness, a darker side to what we can usually see.

“Some people just don’t think the term ‘male’ or ‘female’ fits for them,” Keisling said.

It’s a compelling question that fits seamlessly into the book’s central theme.

This line fits his specifications.

So yeah, that still all fits in.

Rory’s unprofessional behavior as a journalist also fits her within the genre’s ongoing tendency to fuse romantic and professional relationships.

With the rise of fake news and propaganda, individuals and organizations increasingly bend, twist, or deny the truth completely until it fits partisan rhetoric.

But “persecution” only really fits in the last category.

But Burch added that she doesn’t believe the VW case fits the Supreme Court’s proscription in Amchem and Ortiz.

Do you consider how each character fits into common archetypes, such as the “carefree guy,” “funny guy,” “calm and collected guy,” etc.?

Much of this fits quite well with Trump’s worldview.

And again, there’s just something about that song right now that fits the times.

Interestingly, the Dot also fits perfectly into a standard cupholder if you want to hide it and still have constant voice access.

Bannon, it should be noted, fits the stereotype of the sinister political adviser to a T —and even seems to revel in it.

“I think it’s because they already have this network that [the new belief] kind of fits into,” she explains.

The prosecutor then determines whether the killing fits the standards in state law for permissible homicide.

If a song on one of the best-selling records of 2016 could possibly be described as “underrated,” “Die For You” certainly fits that description.

Marketo fits the bill, reaching both large and mid-market customers, but is probably a bigger target than Google is willing to contemplate.

But overall, his approach fits Rubio’s pattern fairly well.

Some of them are pining for a boy who fits exactly my description, down to the smallest detail.

Some worlds hold legions of girls who desire a boy from a world other than theirs, and who fits exactly my description.

All the while, the story of Gokseong unfolds in fits and starts, each puzzle piece more confusing than the last.

We automatically have an easier time remembering information that fits our world views.

Such phones will have to pack a high-end screen and sufficient processing power, as well as a shape that fits into Daydream headsets.

But not every teen, in the DC area or elsewhere, fits that mold.

But they can disagree about what they’re seeing, and how it fits the set of cues.

Just choose your splurge wisely — and make sure it fits in your budget.

The best type of running gear fits so well that you shouldn’t have to think about it while running.

I don’t think that the piece by Raqs Media Collective quite fits in, since it is primarily about an imagined, digitized visual landscape.

It fits his self-described mission as a filmmaker: “I make movies for teenage boys.

Regulators will need to decide how the activity of Facebook and others in finance fits into existing, regulated categories.

MSR’s is ideal for hike-in camping trips: It fits two people, but weighs only four pounds.

And the reason we’re doing “Benji” fits to a lot of exactly what we’re talking about.

But Jake Layman (perfectly labeled “Snake” by his teammates and coaches) is an interesting bellwether who fits right in.

Shurmur previously said Manning would be the starter and Jones would figure out where he fits in the quarterback pecking order.

Now, he scares me, so he fits in our television brand.

So you have entertainment that is already delivered in seasons and weekly episodes or series, sports kind of fits that metaphor too … Yeah, games.

The deal with Spielberg fits with a strategy Apple executives have outlined in meetings with Hollywood executives.

According to Daymond … the punishment fits the (alleged) crimes.

Her voice fits seamlessly over mid-tempo production, giving off hints of that feel good 90s R&B.

The data fits a nationwide pattern.

Only one polluter conceivably fits that description: Washington’s last remaining coal plant, the TransAlta plant in Centralia.

But there’s a bit of a debate over the nickname and whether it still fits.

Some media companies have pursued “hyperlocalization,” but only in fits and starts.

I’m a huge moron who spends money in dumb ways and this absolutely fits with that.

“(It) is not reforms themselves, but how this fits into the macro variable that feeds into the inflation channel,” he said.

Like a true Aries, David is impulsive, charismatic, and fits comfortably in positions of power.

A system developed by the Japanese electronics firm Fujitsu fits cows with connected pedometers that count their steps.

The Jirzankal Cemetery findings also fits with other ancient evidence for cannabis use at burial sites in the Altai Mountains of Russia.

Regulators will need to decide how the activity of Facebook and others in finance fits into existing, regulated categories.

In the New Yorker, George Packer profiles Rep. Ryan Costello (R-PA), a backbench House member who fits the brand.

When it comes to men’s fashion, we often conscribe our creativity to “interesting number of stripes” or “fits nicely.”

They remind me that a woman’s experience will be endlessly questioned unless she fits within a very narrow stereotype.

“What it does is not have that kind of resolution, that kind of firm, declarative ‘We’re here.’” “Despacito” also fits this description.

If you use a plan that fits in your pre-existing structure of your life then you’re more likely to actually do it.

“I’m pouring molten metal into some mould and seeing how it fits and hammering it down.

But the Flint crisis also fits into deeper concerns about race, poverty, and politics in the US.

It is, however, a very plausible theory — one that fits the available evidence pretty well.

I chose that design because it fits my trash style of tattooing and because it’s funny!

Charcot played hysterical patients like someone playing the Jurassic Park theme on melodica, inducing hysterical fits on command.

Much of the praise of Kavanaugh fits that pattern.

Tight end Ladarius Green and wideout Marvin Jones are two of my favorite fits for this team.

The lowest-hanging fruit out there that fits that description?

I get where this fits into everything.

That’s a message that fits in well with Sesame Street but is miles ahead of autism representation elsewhere in TV and movies.

It all fits into Refn’s “punk rock” desire to rock the boat.

As Babb wrote then: …college football fits somewhere between pastime and obsession, and like church, it is more than a weekend activity.

If we get an opportunity in a new jurisdiction that fits within our strategy, we will take that as well,” he said.

Did any of those become Operators songs?No, one of them almost became a Divine fits song, but I just deep-sixed the whole thing.

Kelley fits a pattern.

Another thing I didn’t mention earlier but sort of fits in here is there are some areas where Amazon has followed Walmart’s lead.

Of the series’ major actors, only Walker fits the usual white-guy-hero mold of most Hollywood films.

As Theresa edges towards me to play with my earring, Jenny lies on top of her, erupting in fits of hysterics.

It’s a very dark song, but it’s also romantic, in a warped way, and it fits Jimmy and Gretchen perfectly.

Various guesses have been flying around about who fits the profile, but really, all they are are guesses.

His ideological purism fits the worldview of many large Republican donors.

So that is really different, and it fits a couple of different things, right.

Everything fits in a novel.

“So we’re going to be discussing that and also how India fits in.

Organic farming fits very well in the pattern of development of this tiny nation that is Bhutan.

“Living a dual life fits me perfectly.

She fits her district, and her district is not yet blue.

We automatically have an easier time remembering information that fits our worldviews.

He throws fits when he’s told to get some rest.

A presidential hopeful should have an answer for how natural gas fits into their climate change proposals, if at all.

While the shipments from the United States are a first, the move fits into a strategy outlined by Aramco executives last month.

Then we’ll talk about how it fits into the larger …

Cars lower than about 7 feet can drive beneath it, and it fits beneath overpasses.

“We focused on making club-oriented music for them to perform to, and it fits into a lot of the sets we play.”

Watch some more video from VICE: I cannot believe this level of activity fits a stereotype of apathy.

That new nickname … “Bed Bath and Killa” … really fits.

It fits the audience.

The VA’s role administering medical care means it easily fits into the category of protecting human life.

That’s not counting the couple hundred who were not good fits for me.”

In many ways, the company’s stance fits into its work of increasingly mixing sweets with social justice.

It’s hard to find anything that fits longer.”

As long as it fits in that bucket of good content, you hit the nail.

I haven’t totally figured out how Svelte fits into all of that, but am willing to give it a try.

The bleak 1995 neo-noir Seven fits the bill for two reasons.

It’s a narrative that fits comfortably in Middle America, free of concrete jungle politics or metropolitan airs.

Quite where Woorld fits in the wider gaming landscape, though, is hard to get a handle on.

I think the general earnestness of using a song people might not have heard before fits more into the show’s DNA, anyway!

The fight over voting laws in 2018 fits into a broader political debate about voting rights.

But this incident fits a pattern that seems to be part of a growing trend in Hollywood.

Investment advising is an odd business, in that the only advice anyone really needs fits on a 4-by-6-inch index card.

“The brain and spinal cord are affected and the [animal] may start having fits, seizures, paralysis, and attacks of hysteria.”

Of course, he doesn’t have a dog that fits in his pocket.

Coming in a slightly fitted construction, the shirt fits relaxed in the sleeves and chest, but slimmer at the waist.

On this specific issue, he fits quite well into the broader conservative coalition.)

“People will be like, ‘What’s the best T-shirt?’ The best T-shirt is the one that fits you the best,” says Adam.

How do you think The Invitation fits into it?

Each bud is sculpted so that it fits neatly in the tiny person’s hands or is something they either climb or sit upon.

Part of me loves the way “Ultralight Beam” fits in with this one as is.

9, Nature Morte Espagnole” fits surprisingly well with themes in the Oscar-nominated film.

Yes, FromSoft could have shipped another game that more cleanly fits one of their successful molds, another Souls, another Bloodborne.

There, he fits in, he’s normal, and he’s free to explore his sexuality the way he wants to.

As the Republican primary field narrows, political pundits continue to talk about which “lane” of voters each presidential candidate fits into.

As the Republican primary field narrows, political pundits continue to talk about which “lane” of voters each presidential candidate fits into.

This fits with how other addictions are viewed by experts.

Though the president sometimes denies it, Trump is obsessed with cable news, and TV has helped fuel his fits of rage.

They fit all this onto a 102 milligram package that fits on the bees’ backs.

He cautioned against becoming “so secure in our bubbles that we start accepting only information, whether true or not, that fits our opinions.”

The Army fields similar systems for the Stryker, a wheeled armored troop transport that fits an optional 105-millimeter gun.

Where do you think Fineline fits into the larger story of American tattoo history?

The bareness of the floor, the self-serious nature of the dancing, the foreheads pressed together, the sporadic fits of laughter.

“This sort of structure fits very well in the machine world, as the 30 performers are all controlled by one centralized mind.

Looking at Davis’s resume, he clearly fits the “don’t want a starting-caliber backup quarterback” criteria in Seattle.

I’ll give my size, height and weight, and how it fits me to give people an idea.

We automatically have an easier time remembering information that fits our worldviews.

We automatically have an easier time remembering information that fits our worldviews.

In a Warriors season that’s still searching for its outer limits, that fits perfectly.

Mini-Me got a present that fits him to a T — a real, functioning 8 ft long boat.

Like the roughly comparable beatmaster Clams Casino’s assorted instrumental mixtapes, Mutant fits the soundscape genre in form but not in feel.

In those circumstances, “unilateral domestic supply-side policies would be more effective at reducing global emissions than their demand-side equivalents.” (Coal arguably fits this bill.)

But as Harry Wilson, a political scientist at Roanoke College, notes, “it fits with the Trump message”—perfectly.

“It kind of all fits.

What we currently know about the Cincinnati nightclub shooting fits into this pattern.

How that fits into a bigger context is for others to decide.

Trump fits into this tradition quite well.

But on the important stuff, the term fits him better than any other.

Diafas screaming in his performance titled Everything I Scream Becomes Reality fits the agenda.

We’re told police believe this video fits that description.

Framing that agenda as a question of morals fits right in with the meme’s disapproving outrage.

The GS2, a hardware mod that fits the PlayStation 2 into a crisp portable blue shell, is a step toward fixing this grave injustice.

Garner’s case, Smith says, fits this pattern.

Mohamedi fits almost too neatly into established art historical narratives, allowing the Met to avoid questioning the functionality of the narratives themselves.

Tell me what that means and how anarchism fits in with developing Zingerman’s.

She asks only how the evidence fits together.

Instead, their rhetoric fits the sort of plan that Sen. Bernie Sanders might offer.

I lack the personal time to fully invest in loot-driven shooters, but have, in fits and starts, truly enjoyed them.

I don’t think rock music really fits into the process of building a better world, especially now where it’s such a niche thing.

Tom Holland is a fantastic, energetic Peter Parker/Spider-Man who fits nicely into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We’re talking daily existential crises and sobbing fits about “wasting my gift.”

So you have a look at it, and it’s lively and it fits in with what I think people are using Snapchat for.

If the function of the royal family is as a figurehead, after all, then Markle — a figurehead for 2018 — fits right in.

The ending to Hopkins’ curtain call certainly fits in this particular category of drama.

And the best part about being a feminist is knowing that feminism isn’t meant to be one size fits all.

Why would anyone even put that poison in their bodies?” Carfentanil fits with an unsettling trend in the country’s opioid crisis.

If you love the dress and it fits well, it doesn’t matter what size is printed on the tag.

He does this because he thinks it fits the “aesthetic.” That in itself is fine.

It fits well, cinching at the waist for a flattering fit, and is a great length for wearing over a pair of travel leggings.

I don’t know how it fits, but I’m open to a relationship or potentially marriage.

In this sense OpenGamma fits into the fintech subset of RegTech — regulation tech — which is a hot buzzword in the industry right now.

With 4,000 corporate clients, the service fits in well with the Volkswagen Group’s brands, which are typically seen as high-end or luxury vehicles.

They’re both perfect fits in this era, off-the-bounce creators who take and make extremely difficult shots on a regular basis.

As Scott Santens observed on Twitter, “The neutral employment impact after one year fits an experiment of only 2K people.

Eldred’s behavior clearly fits the pattern of continued use in the face of harm, the hallmark of addiction.

This imagery fits perfectly with the album.

“Confrontation fits our strategy,” he said.

It’s that the strategic effect of the leak — exacerbating existing divisions inside America’s ruling Democratic party — fits squarely within Russian strategic doctrine.

I think my signature sound fits well into the wide spectrum of everything else that lives on OWSLA.

The alphabet soup of independent, commission-style regulatory agencies — SEC, CFTC, FTC, FEC, FCC, FAA — fits the bill here.

Sometimes he asks for more information to make sure everything “fits” because, he claims, criminals sometimes try to pass on false information.

Elizabeth Bruenig’s argument for trying socialism fits this model.

A child allowance program fits the bill neatly.”

Where do you think VR fits into the entertainment landscape?

April Fools’ Day fits the pattern.

If these drivers are rural, this fits the Walmart model,” Haber said.

The program fits on one page and mainly expresses Islamophobia, anti-EU sentiments, and welfare chauvinism.

In that world, Yiannopoulos’s sexuality is hardly “shocking” — a point he himself makes — but rather fits neatly into time-honored stereotype.

Every time tension mounts, it cuts away to something else for a long while, only beginning to build tension again in fits and starts.

CW: So, to some degree, he fits the bill of reporter.

Nate similarly fits preparedness around his work and family.

My belly is convex, a sphere interrupted only by the rest of my body, and I put on whatever fits over it.

They’re gummy-tipped earbuds, and I’m happy to say the largest-sized eartip fits well in my relatively large ears.

“I love the way your shirt fits you.”

If you look at what was the case in the 2016 election, it fits the technical legal definition of malice.

However, the ruling fits a pattern of federal courts pushing back against agencies that are trying to gloss over their statutory climate change obligations.

Or why my ongoing fits with chronic neck pain weighed over my head like a black cloud.

Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould’s Breaking Bad prequel sometimes felt uncertain of itself in season one — telling stories in fits and starts.

But throughout this series there’s one action that’s given Philadelphia’s excellent defense fits.

Basically, I can’t think of another gaming device that more seamlessly fits into my life.

His approach fits his frame.

Most do it with a look of obligation, which fits.

At 27-years-old, Hermansson more than fits the bill.

It might seem like an intrusive bit of magical realism, but it actually fits perfectly into the project of the novel.

How this fits into the larger question of Russian interference in 2016 is still unclear.

Tell me a little bit about how that fits with your other single, then, “Do You Miss Me At All.

So my my approach to taking courses at school has been, “alright so what fits into my schedule?”

Policymakers have debated for years how well traditional central banking fits a world transformed by the global financial crisis a decade ago.

This fits perfectly with the conditions in the Guaviare region.

While his Rastafarianism is being reduced to just a love for weed, the plant fits into his broader spiritual practice.

Whenever it fits, we would happily work with them to feature some of these great ingredients on our menu for customers to try.”

The unfortunate experience fits into a larger pattern of police impunity within Egypt.

“It isn’t one size fits all,” Stoutenberg says.

Bayona fits well within that tradition.

It’s hard to say whether Michael Johnson fits in their company.

No one fits this description better than Keane and this is why they will always be great.

But her character is well done, clothed pragmatically, has an interesting backstory that fits with the mythology you build up as you play.

That sleek little machine that fits into your pocket contains some 250,000 different patented components.

Of course, not every Trump Cabinet member named thus far fits that bill.

As if to prove Fendrich’s point, MacPhee wittily fits her human-body-derived lexicon of shapes to unyielding, rectangular stretchers.

“I’m dying but tonight I’m going to go out to laugh and dance,” Mimi says, in between coughing fits.

It wasn’t clear why Google parted ways with Niantic; its tech fits loosely into Google’s strategy for virtual and augmented reality.

You don’t know exactly how he fits into the process.

“The whole war has been marked by attacks on weddings, hospitals, civilian infrastructure, civilian locations, so it fits a pattern.

Cruz went on to call Trump “utterly amoral” and said that he believes that Trump fits the textbook definition of a pathological liar.

And that 70cc heart fits “a majority of men and some women,” according to the SynCardia site.

Since the majority of people who need their product are men, it’s okay that the company’s product fits mostly men.

It’s a throwback musically so I’m a little too nostalgia-ridden to see where it fits with younger fans today.

Where do you think A Girl Cried Red fits in with emo as it is today?

But the collective notes that it also fits an even longer, bipartisan pattern of taking a stand against hate speech.

Clinton gave a long answer on the long-term goals for fighting ISIS and why current strategy fits those goals.

And Buttigieg — a young, gay, and extremely earnest Midwestern intellectual who’s also a combat veteran — certainly fits one version of that bill.

The decision to rescind the temporary legal status of Salvadoran immigrants fits neatly with President Trump’s “America First” worldview.

But in a way this fits with people’s behavior in real life.

He’s comfortable identifying as a gay man, but submits that he probably fits somewhere beneath the transgender umbrella—he’s not sure.

Yet such an investment fits Rosneft’s profile.

The opportunity is especially meaningful to Newell because he has struggled, as with gender, to find where he fits within a Black identity.

The Family fits into a different point of view, called postmillenialism.

Noisey: Can you explain to me where the writer Barry Hannah fits into the record?

That fits the pattern of right wingers distancing themselves from their most hateful rhetoric.

That’s fits my … That’s in my wheelhouse way more, frankly, than being a comms director.

“And of course, it fits in neatly with the history of the Standard Oil building.

The way he did it, and the unexpectedness of it, almost always left the other driver in fits of laughter.

There’s also a master suite that fits a large bed and a private bathroom.

You could feel it — from the production designers to the DPs, to the actors and their own behavior, which also fits right into that.

To understand how Israel fits into premillennial dispensationalist theology, it’s important to clarify what premillennial dispensationalist theology is.

I’ll just look for an image that fits, and in this case that was the slide.

So you’d have to take something that fits every part of your life.

There’s a much more sophisticated understanding of how this Ebola response fits in with populations’ concerns around protection and security.

Who fits this bill?

“The size fits,” she murmured.

Not only does the photo fit with what we know of Whitman physically, Karbiener said, it also fits energetically.

“After that,” he says, “I realized I’d found my calling.” Aesthetically, Marchetti fits the bill.

“Judge her actions, not how she fits into your notions of female leadership.” Facebook encountered an unprecedented situation in 2016-2017.

The battery fits inside the handle of the drill, which gives it the compact design you’re seeking.

Arkansas’ “one size fits all” execution protocol could leave him in pain after a paralytic agent renders him unable to move, they say.

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