Final in a sentence | Use of the word final examples

They are waiting to see what will be agreed and what the relationship will be, before making any final decisions about relocations.

The final deadline is July 25.

Certainly Todd got tight and he could feel the nerves because he was also trying to reach his first Wimbledon final.

What was it like heading into the final against Krajicek?

Was there a lot of attention for being the first African-American to make the final since Arthur Ashe?

That was my focus going into the final, doing everything I could to prepare and win a tennis match.

Do you look back and think Krajicek was just the better player in the final?

Being linked to Arthur Ashe and being the first African-American man to make a Grand Slam final since him, was that special for you?

Finau, U.S. captain Jim Furyk’s final pick, joined the party with a chip-in eagle at the sixth to level match one.

Despite the trash talk — the two men exchange final pleasantries … quietly wishing each other good luck.

The final outfit … a shiny bra, underwear and heels mashed up with some fishnets.

The changes outlined in the email are not final and could still change, but Twitter is clearly cracking down.

Sunday’s final performance was interrupted by a similar event.

If and when the extradition requests receive judicial approval the cases would go to the foreign ministry for a final decision.

But there a few, final things that I would like to say and I think need to be said at this moment.

“The semi-final I think we had a great chance to reach the final and we came up short,” he said.

The tax bill is not yet final.

Corker aides sounded optimistic on Monday that their boss will ultimately be able to support the final bill.

And with the Trump administration poised to approve the final DAPL permit, the situation looks grim.

[“Changes,” 1972] Bowie wrote these lyrics in his 20s, but he very well could have written them in his final years, too.

(See: Bowie’s mentorship of Lorde; citing Kendrick Lamar as one of the biggest influences on Blackstar, his final album.)

The script ran some 230 pages, and the final cut of the movie was more than three and a half hours long.

The final chariot race borrows the same basic elements, but adds nothing except an occasional GoPro shot to suggest an on-the-ground perspective.

On Thursday, the final reading of euro-area inflation for January was revised down to 0.3% year-over-year from its previous look of 0.4%.

The final shot of SBIRS GEO-4 soundlessly puttering off to join its three older siblings in geostationary orbit is downright haunting.

Thus, the final moment of redemption falls flat.

The semifinals and final follow at 8 pm Eastern time on Sunday, August 14.

The situation, however, has been fluid, and our sources say final plans have not yet been determined.

Earlier drafts of the law had proposed fining people 1,000 or 5,000 rubles, a fraction of the final figure.

The final of the 100-meter race on Sunday night will air live on NBC.

The most credible witnesses agreed that Brown moved toward Wilson before the officer fired his final shots.

Republicans won early voters in Pennsylvania and Colorado but lost the final tallies there.

Nothing says buckling down for that Econ final like a quick flat-top fade!

He both lived and died artistically, leaving a final album as a parting gift.

There was one more final piece of good news: McNab had a plane.

(a) The Administrator shall review the final rule entitled “Oil and Natural Gas Sector: Emission Standards for New, Reconstructed, and Modified Sources,” 81 Fed.

16128 (March 26, 2015); (ii) The final rule entitled “General Provisions and Non-Federal Oil and Gas Rights,” 81 Fed.

77972 (November 4, 2016); (iii) The final rule entitled “Management of Non Federal Oil and Gas Rights,” 81 Fed.

79948 (November 14, 2016); and (iv) The final rule entitled “Waste Prevention, Production Subject to Royalties, and Resource Conservation,” 81 Fed.

Trump is due to announce his final decision on whether to pull out of the agreement at 1800 GMT.

“I consider this most unfortunate.” But it was Sen. John Kennedy, the final questioner, who truly laid everything bare.

Last summer, all they did was play final Fantasy XIV.

The final tally is expected to be completed Saturday night.

By 2014, Nary was making a final push for Rio.

The final tally is expected to be completed Saturday night.

For the fourth and final vote the White House got a vote on its demands, which have been mirrored in legislation from Grassley.

And for now it’s just a final sprint for lawmakers to hammer out a deal.

Phil Neville’s England side face the world champions at 1900 GMT for a place in Sunday’s final.

Ultimately, House Democrats voted for the final bill.

The final shutdown lasted until Dec. 9 when Congress came to an agreement.

The final centrist redoubt is that Democrats were punished for “resisting” Trump too much.

Tsatsarov sent his request to the Justice Ministry which is expected to forward it to Bulgaria’s president for a final ruling.

“I don’t care anymore,” Meadows said angrily in his final words to Ryan on the floor.

“You’re wondering how it ended?” Sylvia asks us in one of the film’s final scenes, breaking the fourth wall.

Now through July 27, you can take 40% off final sale items when you enter the code “DOGDAYS” at checkout.

On the final track she sings, “Imagine a future….

After you’ve created a plan, the final step is to fund your account.

Ortiz largely flew under the radar up until his final appearance on the show.

Then they will be mounted for initial testing and will begin doing some experiments until the final three mirrors are ready to be installed.

Lydia Lunch, the book’s final contributor, did not manage this, offering only a long, stream-of-consciousness rant.

“I’m in the final stretch of pregnancy with my first daughter,” said Story Sheidow, a long-time fighter for abortion access on PEI.

By the final season, it was as if they had all found motorcycles, for how quickly they raced across the Island.

That’s not true, obviously, but it would be a good explanation for why that final shot exists.

“12 Monkeys” — Syfy, four seasons

The fourth and final season will air in 2018.

She paused briefly before delivering the final blow.

The advisers are likely on track to reach a final decision before a Group of Seven meeting in late May, the source said.

It was the final day of the 2010-11 season in Cuba’s Serie Nacional.

He would hit .330/.430/.581 in what would prove to be his final season in Cuba.

The final one that I’d say is that we focus on solving problems.

For most Kohistanis these tribal councils are the first, and often final, authoritative decision-makers.

Griffin opted out last week from the final year of his contract, one that would have paid him $21.4 million.

final data will be published in December.

And in GR2, the moments before the final mission are unsteady, even a little melancholy.

I want the villagers to commend me for finishing the final quest and tell me how things have gone for them since then.

final data will be published in December.

Instead of just dropping you back before the big final mission, it eases you into a world you’ve changed dramatically.

The final piece being addressed by the working group is stigma and discrimination, both within communities and the health system.

But in this post-game, that soccer game became an illustration of what I’d earned in the final mission.

However disappointing Andromeda was, my final memories aren’t of an endless list of bland “tasks” I decided not to complete.

Cboe said in March, when bitcoin languished below $4,000, that it planned to discontinue its futures, with the final contracts expiring this month.

While the Senate and House passed their own versions of the bill, efforts at a compromise final bill have stalled.

The final size of the upcoming rouble bond will depend on demand but the company will start again from 10 billion roubles, Mukhamedshin said.

You mentioned in an interview a few years back that you were “exploring the final frontier of humanity.”

Was the idea of a final frontier something that stuck with you?Oh, absolutely.

Game of Thrones is almost done wrapping up its extremely frustrating final season, with the show’s penultimate episode The Bells airing last night.

Dave Chappelle’s final stand-up special of the year, Dave Chappelle: Equanimity, is set to hit Netflix on New Year’s Eve.

[Laughs] Eight in a row, and I’ve made the final seven out of seven times.

It was, as in the character from the final Fantasy video games.

On the morning of my final timed trial, I spend more time than usual stretching and warming up.

As I get closer and closer to the finish line, I imagine how El Guerrouj felt in the final stretch of his historic mile.

Hard work pays off.— Toronto Raptors (@Raptors)February 16, 2017 The final stat line may not jump out.

Kylie recently let Jordyn back into her guesthouse to move out her belongings, which seems to be the final chapter, at least for now.

Titled “Troubled Cells,” the song serves as the final track of an incredibly haunting and emotion-driven album.

She edged out Melinda Katz by a small margin that’s expected to hold in the official final tally.

She edged out Melinda Katz by a small margin that’s expected to hold in the official final tally.

HIS Markit’s final manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index for the bloc climbed to 60.1 last month from October’s 58.5.

The final night of our stay, wind gusts hit the valley, knocking out the area’s electricity.

He was surrounded by family and friends and we were grateful that we could experience his final moments with him.

The Broncos were punishing Brady with pressure on their final drive and forcing him into horrible throws just to avoid a sack.

Though the House didn’t include this in their plan, it is expected that this will end up in the final legislation.

These might not make it into a final compromise bill.

This is the end: The third and final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is here.

His final words of wisdom are to not let your limitations affect your outlook.

The second incident in Cambrils also led to one victim dying of her wounds on Friday morning, bringing the final toll to 15.

(I’ve sort of been watching for that as a possible signal of final capitulation in this case.

Its launch is awaiting final approval from the Kuwait Capital Markets authority, Ghanem said.

This isn’t the final word on fetal brain development.

The final painting shows Wilde’s release from prison in May 1897.

You can think of it a kind of final touch for a painting.

It was a final touch to the meat, I was blessing the meat.”

NBC’s late, lamented The Carmichael Show made its final season count with this terrific centerpiece.

‘s hometown date — a tradition for the final four women.

Leumi’s chief rival, Hapoalim, is still seeking to reach a final settlement in a similar inquiry.

“I ask everyone to please make final preparations to your family emergency plan, especially those that live in mobile homes and low-lying areas.”

Game 1 of the 2017 Stanley Cup final was one of the weirdest games in the history of hockey.

A far cry from the teary send-off in his final home game as a member of the Blue Jays.

The researchers repeated the experiment with real-life ninth graders taking a real-life final exam and got similar results.

Most students on campus will begin their final exams next week, but Pan said some exams were scheduled earlier.

The final component of the survey – whether now was a good time to buy a major household item – rose by 1.0%.

The research company also expects global final Investment Decisions (FID’s) to rise by 11 to 20 in 2017.

This final round of tariffs against China is the big, big concern,” said Scott Brown, chief economist at Raymond James.

The president made the final decision,” said the official.

On Saturday at the Sambodromo, the gold-medal men’s team archery final pitted three archers from the U.S. against three archers from South Korea.

Less than an hour later, however, South Korea shot nearly perfectly in the final.

Toward the end of the evening, Kaine attempted to land a final blow.

Join Noisey and JanSport on September 24 from 7-11 PM at Soma Street Food Park for the final Bonfire Session of the year.

Taylor saved her political pitch for her final acceptance speech … reminding everyone that people decide who wins AMAs, and who wins political offices.

The final product — an 18k gold frame packed with 4.5 carats of VVS princess cut diamonds.

What happened at that Italian dinner was the final straw, Sue said in filings.

Yet, somehow, an electricity coursed through the final Fever parties last weekend that none of us expected to feel.

“I think we’re hopeful that we’re getting close to the final round of concluding issues,” Mnuchin said.

On Wednesday, the bill had its final reading in parliament, where lawmakers spoke passionately about the need for reform.

During Diana’s final battle with the god of war Ares, there’s a point where he seems to have vanquished her.

In their final confrontation, with her cornered and him holding a sword, he says “No weapons.

“To give these points of view, and their notions of resistance a voice was the final aim of the exhibition.”

In pairs, they had been assigned to small, simple bedrooms, where they would pass their final days and hours before leaving Ukraine.

After about nine months of negotiations, the US, Canada, and Mexico are far from settling on a final agreement.

The family was making final preparations for their flight to Israel.

But here’s a final word of warning: The CDC actually has no idea if these preventative measures work.

1 as House and Senate members start negotiating a final tax package this week.

balloon that William blew up in his final, delirious moments.

“Stock market volatility was heavily prevalent in the final few months of the year.

History has shown charm to be the final ambition of the leisure class.

The final room is all parody, satire, and shifting identities.

The final way to make sure you’re not fired is to become so embedded within the company that they can’t fire you.

The Transportation Department said it expects to reach a final decision on which carriers will get the limited Havana slots this summer.

The Transportation Department said it expects to reach a final decision on which carriers will get the limited Havana slots this summer.

Subsequently, films like One Missed Call and Pulse shared too many similarities to Western counterparts like final Destination and Scream.

“But Qantas won’t like that because it costs money.” Joyce said the final crew mix and training had not been decided.

In a final version of the document, the acronym was removed.

What about the rest of the fat bears — the ones who didn’t make it to the final round of competition?

These are then processed through various techniques in Photoshop and flattened into a final high-resolution image.

As it turns out, this Saturday night will be the final performance of Lin Manuel, who plays Hamilton.

And it isn’t Kobe … but Lamar Odom DOES have a final member in mind for his NBA dream team’s starting five.

“It’s not the final outcome on it.

The final piece is connecting these shoppers with in-store purchases, which Facebook also wants to do.

But there’s no final answer here.

Caserio, 43, has held his position since 2008 as the top personnel man for Belichick, who has final authority on personnel decisions.

I will make a final decision in the next few weeks.

Flake voted earlier on Friday to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination to a final vote in the Senate.

“The final Problem,” however, leans so far into both impulses that it collapses into a muddled mess of melodrama and confusion.

Andrew Scott’s Moriarty has gleefully stolen every Sherlock scene he’s ever appeared in, but “The final Problem” really belongs to Mycroft.

So it’s more than a bit ironic that “The final Problem” makes Mycroft seem completely incompetent.

The case, which has been grinding its way through the World Trade Organization for almost 15 years, is approaching the final stages of arbitration.

Unfortunately, while this key revelation may be satisfying on its own, it does nothing to improve “The final Problem” overall.

Vice News visited the village as it faces its final standoff with the Israeli government for Khan al-Ahmar.

The final list is expected this summer.

Lots of TV shows try to find ways to make their final seasons reflect their first seasons.

They have a pre-trial conference on September 23 and their final trial on October 24.

I hereby decree that for all six episodes of Game of Thrones’ final season, Cersei Lannister is a winner.

In 2015 alone, federal agencies issued over 3,300 final rules and regulations, up from 2,400 the prior year.

The U.S. Justice Department’s antitrust division staff has recommended the agency block the deal, but no final decision has been made.

“A proposed rule will come out this year and then a final rule will come out sometime this year,” he said.

And one final one, from Denton.

For our final experiment, everybody got a piece of paper, and you got eight measures.

Redemption is the third and final installment in her Heart trilogy, following 2013’s Goldenheart and last year’s Blackheart.

He was part of Hall of Famer Gary Williams’s final recruiting class, but struggled to find minutes under new coach Mark Turgeon.

Trump’s final point serves as something of a catch-all for his immigration proposal.

She finished ninth in her heat with a time of 4:24.97, and failed to make it to the final.

Arie tried to do damage control on a live special Tuesday night called ‘After the final Rose,’ but that didn’t work.

Under this system, retired workers received a fixed monthly payment determined by factors like years of service and final salary at retirement.

A commission in Nebraska approved a route for the final section of the Keystone XL pipeline in a 3-2 vote on Monday.

A commission in Nebraska approved a route for the final section of the Keystone XL pipeline in a 3-2 vote on Monday.

The final products, on view for the first time in New York City at Galerie Richard, are chromogenic prints — large-format pictures of computer screens.

And he clarifies his study is not the final word on the intelligence of blondes.

Seems Travis still has his heart set on cashing in on the final frontier.

The announcement comes almost two weeks after Petrobras disclosed that final proposals for the fields had surpassed $1 billion in value.

“Lessons” (season 7, episode 1) In its final season, Buffy tries to go full circle and head back to high school.

This is solid setup for what turned out to be a fitful final stretch of episodes.

Personally also, Beethoven’s final Symphony No.

His final monologue, delivered directly to the camera in between the past and present, is one of the series’ best.

Article continues below The final piece of the puzzle is finding a place for my three-volume hardcover edition of The Complete Calvin & Hobbes.

We had already been in extensive discussions with NBC and others and were in our final choice between NBC and another organization.

The final shot: her gravestone.

Polling in the final week of the Alabama Senate special election has been all over the place.

In addition, Munroe covered these textured-surface “paintings” with a final, thin sheet of wax-dipped cloth, which serves as each piece’s translucent, protective skin.

“The EU is prepared for a final deal with the United Kingdom in November,” said Donald Tusk, who will chair next Sunday’s summit.

A few chips for garnish go on top of the final product, and its time to pull those roasted potatoes from the oven.

Tungsten, used to harden steel, now only features in 11 categories on the final tariff list, half the original number.

A fifth ballot later on Thursday will determine the final two candidates.

In its final days, the spacecraft has been churning out intriguing discoveries.

But after some tense back-and-forth, Canada and the US broke through the impasse in the final days before the September 30 deadline.

It still plans on doing a fifth and final one—only this time without Lori Loughlin.

The final season should be a nice, wholesome conclusion to a show that, for those who actually made it, was anything but.

Mueller’s public remarks come roughly a month after his final report was made public.

Mueller’s public remarks come roughly a month after his final report was made public.

The final products will be installed throughout the five boroughs—find the ones near you on this interactive map—for the month-long La Mer Wave Walk.

“He acknowledged they are in discussion [about the donation] and there will be a final decision in March,” she said.

She might also apply a final, semi-transparent layer, changing the meaning of the entire scene.

Lawmakers still have a chance to weigh-in on the matter, but Trump ultimately has the final say.

Lawmakers still have a chance to weigh-in on the matter, but Trump ultimately has the final say.

Elektra goes into the final battle of season two knowing that she might die, and dives into it with Murdock as her partner.

However, the Fed has yet to give a final decision and the bank’s fourth failure in five years is still possible, they said.

Whenever we view an artwork, we only see its final stage, some form of polished end product.

The band has already released three music videos for the EP, and is planning to create videos for the final three tracks as well.

By the time you’re really combining skills learned from earlier stages, you’re in the final third and barreling towards the end.

The administration of the final drug, potassium chloride — it ultimately induces cardiac arrest — would then be excruciating.

The Trump administration in March released a final rule barring clinics that provide or refer patients for abortions from getting federal family planning funds.

The administration of the final drug, potassium chloride — it ultimately induces cardiac arrest — would then be excruciating.

It would inevitably dash the hopes of viewers who want to see the show go out with one final shocking moment.

“I’m really excited about the final result,” Hurwitz continued.

The final stage of the journey that a body can make is to the cemetery.

This number has followed each body from the morgue to its final resting place.

Another shootout is a possibility when France and Croatia match square off in the World Cup final on Sunday.

He’s talking about a team that he might see in the final.

final arguments in the entrapment proceedings are slated for May.

What type of techniques did you try out before coming up with the final range?

Leonard will opt out of the final year of his contract to become a free agent.

A year later, he was onstage in Buenos Aires, making his final pitch for Tokyo to host the 2020 games.

In the final few episodes of Girls, Dunham refused to mend irreparable wounds.

“Meng Hongwei made final remarks, and admitted guilt and expressed remorse to the court,” the official People’s Daily said of the hearing.

After five decades of mutating an obscure Victorian novel, Thomas Phillips’s A Humument is printed in its final form.

The final two projects in the exhibition also build on an ethnographic impulse.

Although 19 tracks have been registered, there is no word which will make the final cut of the album.

We want to listen and we want to learn from you before we adopt final, enforceable rules of the road.

The answer, of course, is a moth at the Euro 2016 final.

Before this, what was your grossest experience in a final?

This was my first European Championships final and I will never forget it!

After I broke up with him the final time, he was not OK with that.

The final straw for me was when he tried to get into my flat.

“These decisions are not final.

Gasoline accounted for two thirds of the 1.0 percent increase in the final demand goods index.

2s and Goodlatte’s conservative proposal, each vying for Trump’s final stamp of approval.

But there was one final hurdle: getting my felony charge pardoned.

Those potential cuts were not in the final spending bill.

For Fox News, the final stretch was a gusher.

With final Fight, all you had to do was go from left to right, to beat up some guys and then the boss.

The FDIC has the final say on severance and until now the decisions have always been made jointly.

For your final act?

It also felt reassuringly Homeric to be seeking solace in a place named after the final destination of The Odyssey.

Fellow swimmer McClendon had a harder time finding work after her final Olympics.

We are without a final ruling here from her.

In a final effort, Hesten dove into the water and undid one of the straps.

It seemed inevitable Julie would take a final bow from the show, where discussions frequently involve issues like sexual misdeeds.

With the prospect of four more long years of Donald Trump now looming, I ask a final question.

Some divisions have begun to dissipate slowly since the September agreement, which gives the pope final say in the appointment of bishops.

So, final question, Eric.

final door of #ANTIdiaRy is unlocked!

As a result, the final years of life have become increasingly medicalized.

Because they’re meeting again, we feel compelled to figure out how this will work into their final formulas.

The EU guidelines apply to customers of cartels, indirect customers and final consumers who are affected when cartels passed on price increases to them.

An understanding of the mechanics of analog photography deepens one’s appreciation of Mapplethorpe’s final pieces.

Though there is no comprehensive national database of gun sales, several indicators suggest they have increased in the final stretch of the campaign.

The race was not over, however, until Farah turned in an absurd final lap of 55 seconds.

He pulled away from Kenyan racer Paul Tanui with a final 100 meter time of 13.3 seconds.

It was the final blow in the war for inceldom’s soul — the moment when ReformedIncel knew his side had lost.

It also appears in the final scene in the movie.

The final polls show Democrats remain underdogs for control of the Senate going into Election Day.

“We are now at the final stages of the procedure,” Trump said.

This is why two of the nine presidential council members refused to back the final deal at the last minute.

We are now ready to go to conference and complete a final bill.”

Indeed, the debate over the homicide spike started before the final statistics for 2015 were even in.

It was unclear when a final report into the crash would be issued.

Hillary Clinton appears to remain solidly ahead of Donald Trump in the presidential race, going into the campaign’s final 12 days.

… or in his final weeks as president.

It makes sense, then, that the Summer League final came down to guard play in the end.

A tax credit of up to $7,500 for electric car buyers made it into the final version of the tax bill.

The word “final” suggests that, well, yeah, the Die Antwoord that releases records is dead as we know it.

Constructing a world and characters that go beyond just their final act is crucial to sending the audience a message with a positive effect.

With the final season’s villains trying to procure Kira’s eggs, Orphan Black’s entire narrative comes full circle.

Contrary to a lot of Olympic stories, there was no suspense in the final Five’s gold medal win.

The fourth and final pillar protects the nuclear family by ending chain migration.

Update: I asked Munster what it felt like to pen that final note.

The NTSB did not say when it would release its final report on the accident.

The agency typically issues its final conclusions at least a year after an accident.

To sum it up, I’ll repeat Wayne’s final line:  “you say it’s clever / I call it whatever.”

So right now, we’re in the final stages of developing an API that would let people interact with the graph database.

Prayer is the first step, but it is not the final step.

The US Food and Drug Administration just announced their final ruling on a long-anticipated overhaul of calorie labels on packaged foods.

But the final mixtape also reflects his own taste: “Ultimately, if I don’t like something it won’t go in,” he said.

Netflix has announced that the sixth season of House of Cards, currently in production, will be the show’s final season.

Dude landed back-to-back 1440s on his final run to help the U.S. clinch its 100th all-time gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

The next day or so will be focused on fleshing out the final funding package.

The final event in the Hirshhorn Museum’s Ai Weiwei series will discuss the challenges and necessity of art making amid political turmoil.

The final level, Hokkaido, takes place in a luxurious hospital, where everything is clean, stark, and austere.

Tomorrow, we will publish the third and final installment in our Standing Rock podcast series.

“While we disagree on certain subjects (I call the final shots), we work well together and America is highly respected again!” he wrote.

It took some time, but we eventually found our final group of 13 women.

Occupy’s comments were cited more than 200 times in the footnotes of the final rule.

But strategists urged caution until a final U.S.-Mexico deal is reached and followed by a U.S.-China trade deal.

A final result is expected in late July.

A final note for Jimmie Rivera, who came back off a rough knockout loss to Marlon Moraes.

Abby needs to think it through … all sales are final once an inmate leaves the commissary.

“Oh my gosh,” muttered Super Mario Bros. speedrunner Kosmic, as he snaked through a tough section of 8-4, the final stage in the game.

The Olympic women’s team final is on August 9.

But when the two enter 8-4, the final level in Super Mario Bros., their times are actually identical.

All of them have now been reunited with their children but have been given final deportation orders after losing their asylum cases.

The final decisions on the cases could be made by the Supreme Court, where Trump’s appointment of Gorsuch restored a 5-4 conservative majority.

Here’s a look at the final contenders.

No, he’d gotten everything he wanted: Three of his client’s amendments had made it into the final version.

Time slips its hold, there is only this final moment before death.

Kotoshogiku rolled onwards, winning his final two matches and becoming the first Japanese rikishi to pick up a basho win in a decade.

There is a sense of urgency to wrap things up as the sun spends its final minutes in Pisces on Wednesday.

Aretha Franklin is gravely ill and friends and family are gathering for their final goodbye … TMZ has confirmed.

As the final boss collapsed, The Happy Hob screamed to the heavens.

Certainly Portugal will offer a very different sort of opponent in Sunday’s final.

The final will be a very different game for France.

“In a final,” Portugal boss Fernando Santos said, “the performance is not important.

Or not yet, at least – a defining performance in the final could yet change that perception.

We’re battling a constellation of ideas, not a conventional army, and there are no final victories in metaphysical conflicts.

It was the final deal reached during the stoppage, which had spread to 23 Marriott hotels in eight cities.

And the White House said that the US had struck a final agreement with South Korea that will permanently exempt it from the tariffs.

The presence of this massive chain of Tethers should hopefully clue in viewers to the film’s final twist.

The final preparations are being completed before an inauguration event in front of the public on Dec. 21.

The final AfriCOBRA exhibition took place in 1977.

The timing would depend on whether McConnell wants the amendments brought up during vote-a-rama to be added to the final bill.

5) The Senate would take a final vote on passage of the amended Senate bill.

Greece’s Energean got into the final bidding round for the Edison portfolio along with Cairn Energy, industry and banking sources said.

EDF and Edison are expected to make a final decision in the coming days, one of the sources said.

But even with all that going for them, they still need everything to break their way in the final days before the election.

You would be disappointed if this were your final weight after the program.”

Then in September, insurers have to make a final call about whether to sell Obamacare plans in 2018.

Now, Davis is trying to move past this gruesome final scene and create a new ending to his career.

In the press conference announcing his disease, he shared a final wish: “I hope the last guinea worm dies before I do.”

I was in an Airbnb in Evanston watching the final out with my wife.

In the fourth and final episode, Wise — the only one who was convicted as an adult — struggles through a brutal prison sentence.

Taking a final few bites of that crab cake sandwich, Rocks pauses to smile when asked what the future holds for The Cool Kids.

His base salary for the upcoming season is $18.6 million, the final year of a four-year deal Turner signed with Portland.

She tells us the final straw came a couple of days ago when she was on FaceTime with Swae.

Bazemore, also heading into the final year of his deal, is due to make $19.3 million in 2019-20.

This final section is replete with historical gems and challenging visual splendor.

Each was given a modified total neuropathy score (MTNS) throughout the process, and the final results were measured.

The candidates’ views reflect the heated disagreements between Kemp and Abrams that animated the final weeks of the Georgia election.

Glasgow also allegedly removed two homes with high lead levels from the final test results, he says at the behest of state employees.

These moments frequently occur in the final paragraphs of a story, when it reveals its black, cynical heart in all its glory.

“The more spectacular the games are and the stronger a showing France makes, this makes [the final] a main attraction,” Maizière said.

The final count was 51 to 50.

16 final editioned holograms were created in 2017.

He performed the piece multiple times for the camera, and the idea was to use the best take for the final work.

As former FBI agent Asha Rangappa told Vox’s Sean Illing, the White House is the one with the final say over this review.

You came back to the Lakers from Vancouver for your final NBA season.

So, then, to our final piece of evidence.

“It’s difficult to predict what the final product will look like,” the aide said.

That secondary sale, though, has moved extremely slowly, and a final deal was never reached.

Before this album, as his final statement before prison, he released the rock album Rebirth.

City council speaker Corey Johnson told local radio he is looking at subsidies for Amazon and that the plan is not yet final.

Whittled down from an initial field of 562 contestants, the final eight went for 20 straight rounds of spelling words without any errors.

Members of the Coast Guard were due to get their final 2018 paychecks on Monday, their last until the government reopens.

Turkish investigators were prepared to enter the consulate, a Turkish security official told Reuters, but were awaiting final authorization from the Saudis.

Once the final decision is issued in the coming weeks, Qualcomm said it will challenge the decision in court.

Still, here’s why you should pay attention to it in the election’s final days.

The board’s recommendation was only advisory, however, and was taken into account by the SLA in making their final decision.

Twelve Republicans voted against the final tax bill in the House.

This standard wouldn’t just apply to final approvals or denials of asylum.

It was scheduled for the final day of Rheims’ popular retrospective show at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris.

The final tally was 273 in favor and 276 against.

With a final, passing stomp, the policeman walks away.

To be clear, it doesn’t say exactly what will be on the ballot, just that the public gets a say in the final deal.

But the risks to vulnerable people who buy coverage on the individual market were made plain by the final CBO score.

On Tuesday at 9pm ET, Barack Obama will deliver his seventh and final State of the Union address as president of the United States.

On Tuesday at 9pm ET, Barack Obama will deliver his seventh and final State of the Union address as president of the United States.

Brandt scored the game-winner in last year’s final.

They tend to prefer the faster, harder-hitting game even if the final results don’t favor the home team.

There’s an oft-repeated mantra among scientists: A single study is rarely the final answer.

His final poll, conducted two weeks from election day, still found her in a statistical tie.

It said the underlying ruling from which Trump was appealing was not a final ruling, warranting the appeal’s dismissal.

The sentence is not yet final.

Among the most watched shows in Mexico, its final episode attracting nearly four million viewers, according to Televisa.

Those allowed the families to come back to court at a later date — but delayed the final resolutions of their cases.

She released her 42nd and final album, A Brand New Me, last November.

But that’s nothing major in the grand scheme and might be remedied come the final, retail version.

Passing the deal would be a legacy-defining achievement during Obama’s final year in office.

“We hope this will be the final pricing,” Lyons says.

But that final level of trust eludes us.

She came up raging that “the cat peed on the laundry again,” and that was the final straw.

Grande’s Twitter feed for several days before the video release was dominated by responses to eager fans begging to see the final version.

In the new video, which the group calls a “final message,” Hall appeals to Filipino President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte to communicate with the Canadian embassy.

In the new video, which the group calls a “final message,” Hall appeals to Filipino President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte to communicate with the Canadian embassy.

Huawei welcomed London’s move, though ministers cautioned that a final decision may not have been made.

We’re talking final chapter galore, with long running franchises coming to an end.

So this week, let’s travel back to watch Team Canada take on the Soviet Union in the final of the 1981 tournament.

Our sources say Kanye will get a stream of visitors who will help him with the final touches.

The Rohingya list makers pressed on and their final tally put the number killed at more than 10,000.

Of the 52 matches to be played among the 24 teams between Friday and the final on July 7, 10 are sold out.

This powerful statement of defiance, brave as it was, was the final gesture of a man who knew his career was over.

It was in a satellite camp of this grim location that—at thirty-five years old, emaciated and desperate—he would have one final boxing match.

Bulger spent his final years of freedom in No.

Then the FDA will issue the final guidance.

Furthermore, there was little action on the sweeping legislative program he proposed in his final message to Congress.

It’s not clear what the final guidelines will look like or when they’ll take effect.

The sixth and final blocked example is both sexist and a personal attack on the journalist.

CLEVELAND — During the final, flailing weeks of Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign, the Florida senator tried to dub Donald Trump a “con artist.”

With Wednesday night’s defeat in the Europa League final, their season has ended trophyless.

If Liverpool’s two cup final losses have been visceral and gut-wrenching, their league campaign has been more of a creeping death.

They may have fallen at the final hurdle, but by rights they shouldn’t have been in the race at all.

April 2015 — Steamrolls Islanders defenceman Lubomir Visnovsky who missed the final three games of their playoff series with a concussion.

The bets largely tracked with the final results.

“Mexico,” said Franklin Martinez, 46, a maintenance man from Intibuca, Honduras, when asked about his final destination.

We can’t tell you anything major, like The final Four Words, but we have five minor spoilers for you below.

The women have the final say, but they want to be with a commander to be protected.

We’re going to keep training so we can reach the final in 2017.”

A final tip: Take lots.

As he gave us each a cup, and then a spoonful of sugar, he described the setting and told his final story.

On Friday, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released their final 187-page report on the Oct. 1, 2017 shooting to the public.

On Friday, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released their final 187-page report on the Oct. 1, 2017 shooting to the public.

They secured their Premier League status on the final day with an away win over Stoke.

And the Internet Association stressed Pai’s final order should apply to fixed broadband internet access as well as mobile internet alike.

The fourth and final video — the only one to show Coleman’s children — was posted to YouTube in late December.

Finn, for a time, seems to be the final human alive.

(The diner scene in Moonlight’s final third even contains an homage to Hou’s film.)

It’s the final step of a long and wonderful journey.

Wright is more interested in myth-spinning than retreading history, which undercuts Darkest Hour’s final inspirational punch.

But it’s still the most broadly appealing film on offer during the final months of 2017.

And this affair is serious business, the final of the 2016 Warrior Games.

In the exhibition’s final room, Raad strikes a lighter tone.

Before the wheelchair basketball final, the Air Force team won the sitting volleyball tournament.

The last patrol of what would turn out to be his fifth and final tour.

Ryan’s final act as speaker was to add $5.7 billion for Trump’s border wall to a clean government funding bill.

It was the final straw and the bartender told the man that he really had to get out.

Online social activism works, as those ice bucket videos have shown us, when it isn’t the final step.

She and Bill have scheduled a 30-event dash across the state in the final days of the campaign, according to the LA Times.

The final line tells streamer how we’re going to access its data.

In addition to this, he received 9.2 million euros in his final year as Nissan chief executive.

In Texas, the final death toll was 27, and 11 more missing.

Ten years after Amy Winehouse released her second and final album, we’re still feeling its effects.

The final man charged in the beating, Daniel Borden, pleaded guilty in May and is set for sentencing in October, court records showed.

final qualifying for the 62-car race, whose 87th edition starts on Saturday, is on Thursday evening with two more sessions.

As a final bonus, the only water used is a bit for cooling.

A smattering of art and art-related films wound up on the final list.

The print is then reinserted back into the original single sheet of paper to make the final piece of artwork.”

I love DJing, but I know that DJing is not my final form.

“During the final days at Rockfield we desperately needed one last song, and I wrote ‘Lost in You,'” he says.

(Reuters) – Islamic State faces territorial defeat as U.S.-backed Syrian forces attack its final, besieged enclave near the Iraqi border.

This year’s final between Australia and France in Perth will be the last staged on “home” soil.

“The general story is that this paper has got is reasonable, except it’s not the final answer,” he said.

For Marybeth Glenn, a conservative blogger in Wisconsin, Trump’s latest scandal was the final straw.

Carrie Fisher’s final ‘Star Wars’ scenes hit too close to home for the Fisher family … TMZ has learned.

But Glecker acknowledged that their paper wouldn’t be the final word.

We look forward to rejoining you in 2019, when Game of Thrones mops up 22 trophies for its final season.

With a final handshake, Davis says a polite goodbye.

final plot twist — Miranda was also in Vegas Friday night … at Selena’s concert.

May confirmed that both houses of Parliament would get to vote on a final Brexit deal.

For some, space is still the final frontier.

The day’s final program was “WYFY Online / IRL Spacemaking & Our Tech Code of Ethics,” run by BUFU.

Hütter published the final results in the New England Journal of Medicine a year later.

Pliskova, who reached the Eastbourne final in 2016 and 2017, was brutal against Mertens with her power game in full flow.

Prince’s remains have been cremated and their final storage will remain private.

His final days as a free man illustrate how swiftly fortunes can shift for even senior officials in Maduro’s government.

And they’re being met by U.S.-backed forces and foreign volunteers, many of whom have traveled thousands of miles for the final fight.

A jubilant Little described the final stages of the pro-choice campaign as a remarkable, and at times moving, spectacle.

“Recent reports indicating that the U.S. government has made a final conclusion are inaccurate,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement.

Courts have sentenced hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood officials and sympathizers to death, though these rulings are not final.

He’s at least worth a look as one of your final draft picks.

You have to keep watching because just when you think the final weave has been yanked, more punches get thrown.

But in The Dark Knight Returns, the final battle isn’t with the Joker.

Then the flight went on a westward path across Malaysia, rather than north to its final destination of Beijing.

In the final minutes for MH370’s passengers, they likely put on the useless oxygen masks and were asphyxiated.

Hermes tape of the final CBGB show.

The redactions, to be color coded to reflect the reason they were omitted from the final report, have Democrats seeing red.

Next will come an open comment period, after which the FCC will hold a final vote on the future of net neutrality rules.

It was approved at the final stage by 313 votes to 312.

And there’s one final concern: Health authorities have already noted an increase in Guillain-Barré syndrome associated with Zika.

He was eliminated before the final rounds the year before and a cover just wouldn’t do for his return to the X-Factor stage.

If MDMA crosses this final line and gets another FDA approval, it could be legally available by 2021.

The final product came together Saturday, but the grunt work started weeks before, when the head, chest and neck were molded.

Second was the $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels, made by Cohen himself in the final weeks of the campaign.

was the final song to play before Ariana came out.

But in any case, I have one final question, maybe Lauren does.

Caroline: I agree, even if only for that chilling final sequence.

I’ll admit that the mechanics that lead us to that killer final moment give me pause.

A final tableau of two modern Wiccans invites us to learn more about this “ancient religion” and speak to its peace-loving practitioners.

But, say LSU wreaks havoc and makes it all the way to the final Four … that means Benford should take over, right??

A yank of the arm, the final indignity.

But not really final, because… Bogut’s masochistic relationship to getting dunked on knows no bounds.

On the final possession of Game 5, LaMarcus Aldridge made the same miscalculation and was granted secondary blame for the botched foul-game possession: Spooky.

No final decision has yet been made on whether and when to impose the sanctions.

Coons has sat somewhere in the middle, seemingly the most generous with what has come of the final report.

WTO arbitrators have yet to set final amounts of potential countermeasures in each case.

The final amount decided by the WTO arbitrator could also be lower.

Think of the final moments of before a Cleveland police officer shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice in 2014.

The deadline for EPA to issue the final rule on blending requirements is Nov. 30.

The final vote was 50-48, with two Republicans abstaining.

(Reuters) – The U.S. House of Representatives gave final approval on Wednesday to a sweeping, debt-financed tax bill in a midday vote.

The Browns have just announced Kendricks will not make the trip to Detroit for the final preseason game on Thursday.

This, I check via Google, means “final.”

“The sanctions will remain in full force until we achieve the final, fully verified de-nuclearization of North Korea.

My final piece was a shockingly awful Mondrian impression that didn’t even have straight lines painted properly.

Family sources tell TMZ they have struggled this week, as news broke Aretha was in her final days of life.

The most succulent pieces are wrapped inside a corn tortilla and returned once again to the grill for a final touch.

The storm will hit just as many farmers are making their final preparations to begin planting.

We hope final in a sentence examples were helpful.