Fictional in a sentence | Use of the word fictional examples

He’s a fictional welder and I’m a real writer, but we’re both on the hunt.

Or, rather, he’s an every-Mukodon, to stick with the game’s fictional universe of humanoid creatures separated into distinct classes.

Few fictional characters have been portrayed onscreen as often as Ebenezer Scrooge, the hero and villain of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.

(She has this in common with, of all fictional characters, Harry Potter.)

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads LOS ANGELES — LA is a sort of fictional place.

And it’s set in a fictional country in Africa.

Lupe is drawing upon his comic book and anime background to craft fictional worlds for this battle.

Brexit is upon us, and it’s an event so outlandish it seems fictional.

(Perhaps the most famous fictional trans experiences before Pose too often fell into this rough archetype as well — think Transparent or The Danish Girl.)

The book is divided into sections based around different categories of fictional cities — floating utopias, post-apocalyptic survival scenarios, adapting to shifting weather, etc.

One of the hallmarks of Marvel comics is the inclusion of real-world leaders, rather than fictional stand-ins.

The full Targaryen family tree contains more than 100 characters and spans 16 generations of entirely fictional history.

The reporters looked at different facets of the issues, from labor to free speech to the international impact of a fictional

Either way, there are plenty more messed up occurences in reality that may collide with the fictional universe as time goes on.

She uses these in-depth studies towards developing ten fictional transpunk videos in sci-fi and abstract image format.

The politics of the East China Sea appear again in Tsang Kin-Wah’s “In The End Is The Word,” which illustrates a fictional war.

It says I am right that a woman will never be president, but that it’s okay because a fictional witch from England might.

I think what would be really awesome is if you could play a game like Halo, something that’s a bit fictional.

Most importantly, she’s the cheeky (albeit fictional) mascot of new imprint Who’s Susan.

The other fictional characters along the diagonal are Archie Bunker and Baron Harkonnen.

I’m a storyteller, I’m a fictional storyteller.

The inspiration pool expanded to include the fictional Home Alone universe, but much of the show is based on Dishel’s real life experiences.

For the campaign, a profile page was set up for Axe Capital, the fictional company, on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

Before this A-list Aussie played a fictional animal on the big screen, he was just another cat lovin’ kid in Sydney, Australia.

The same, of course, holds true for fictional characters in novels.

Correction 7/1/19, 1:43pm: An earlier version of this story misidentified Lynn Hershman Leeson’s fictional persona Roberta Breitmore.

And reading about the illness of a fictional character can be intensely pleasurable.

Jane Eyre lets the reader experience the best part of a fictional illness — basking in pity and moral superiority — and none of the grossness.

Is that what I am looking for in fictional depictions of illnesses?

Seeing the studied objects helps us understand why we do not initially approach the canvases as fictional.

Enough, I’m getting back to head-shotting terrorists from fictional Middle East states.

A few iterations later and you’ve got Elaine Benes and Ross Gellar making jokes about stereograms in their respective fictional worlds.

Literature plays such an important part [in my work], especially fictional literature about places that are constantly in flux.

How do you play with the expectations that film and photography are factual rather than fictional?

“TV Tropes,” an online wiki of fictional works, refers to this trope as ” Jurisdiction Friction.”

fictional television does in fact have an effect on peoples’ opinions,” he says.

However, she also believes that a more true-to-life fictional story about FBI agents would resonate with audiences.

This emphasis on choice—for the writers and the fictional characters—is key here.

Well, her fictional daughter.

But Nye does interject the fictional framing device with real-life interviews and demonstrations explaining climate change, its effects, and possible long-term solutions.

“In a lot of fictional examples, a character awakens from a simulated world and into the real world, where everything is the same.

Our proposal satirized the sociopolitical and economic crisis of a fictional future wasteland on the dystopian tropical island of Puerto Rico.

(Woodbury had noted that New York is a common target in many fictional depictions of nuclear apocalypse.)

It’s a fictional character of sorts, one with limbs but no fingers or toes.

Part of what sets Black Panther apart is its brilliant treatment of its fictional setting, Wakanda.

By most standards of solid fictional marriages, they’re a bust.

He is precisely the kind of character fictional parents tell their fictional daughters to stay away from.

If you consider them two halves of a fictional relationship, neither Lana Del Rey or The Weeknd’s troubled roles are gender specific.

In order to make things tangible, scenes are drawn from memory and merged in a shared fictional collage.”

It follows a detective in two fictional European city-states — Besźel and Ul Qoma — that are mingled together physically and geographically.

What to Tell Your FriendFirst of all, it’s weird for you to be talking to a fictional character.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, they asked who their fictional father Ned Stark would be most proud.

In addition to being overshadowed by her fictional doppelgänger Amy, a few things have kept her out of art books, classes, and museums.

These monuments celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement, ignoring the terror that it actually stood for,” he said.

The Phantom Atlas chronicles centuries of fictional locations that were included on maps of the world.

I was first able to see that in your work when looking at your paintings of fictional self-help books.

Filmmakers are also betting on new VR tools to enhance both fictional stories and documentaries.

It has Alexander Skarsgard, Sam Rockwell, and Paul Rudd attached to it, and is set in the same fictional universe as Moon was.

(This all unfolds, amusingly, on a fictional, Raven Symone-hosted talk show, Raven Live.)

The reason the book is set in the future is simply because I needed time for the fictional world to sort of marinate.

The two characters, in some ways, had the most obviously fictional functions on a show with pretensions of gritty realism.

Embracing the team’s fictional past might seem silly, but that’s also a good reason for doing so.

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, which inspired the fictional Overlook, offers a Ghost Adventure Package for guests.

Stephen King is Main’s biggest champion in literature, and “Carrie” takes place in the fictional town of Chamberlain.

The exhibition guide details the fictional discovery of an ancient shipwreck off the coast of East Africa in 2008.

As others have pointed out, Marvel’s fictional protagonists, including the nonwhite and LGBTQ characters, are still predominantly written by white men.

Actual magic aside, there are many real-world inspirations behind her fictional creations.

A real person’s life can make for just as artistic and creative a story as that of any fictional person.

That lack of women is inevitable in a fictional framework where the star is explicitly not like the other girls.

Even fake Twitter accounts of fictional Aaron Sorkin characters felt the need to weigh in.

Resistance to sexist marketing has also contributed to the feminist repurposing of fictional characters.

In many ways, fictional female characters have already fought and conquered battlegrounds that women are still fighting in real life.

His fictional administration made for great entertainment, an idealistic vision of what politics could be.

The fictional lawyer in the story says Scott has “a reason to dislike young, attractive black men.”

I dim the screen’s brightness, roll away from the computer, and listen to my favorite fictional family do … something.

Eugene’s desktop is what’s left of a viral outbreak that turned the residents of fictional Pope Josephine, Maine, into the walking dead.

The movie’s fictional elements “really grew out of the spirit of the tour,” she said.

We imagined my fictional physician opened a shell company in Belize and then had that company invest in a practice in the United States.

All of the usual caveats about fictional TV shows over-simplifying and over-dramatizing apply.

Babiru was a collaborative side project for the two illustrators, a fictional world and storyline developed through a series of digitally constructed illustrations.

Trump, by contrast, has invented a fictional Democratic Party that wants to cut Medicare by expanding it, and is now attacking those made-up Democrats.

She has almost a similar aesthetic as Pissed Jeans, coming from a fictional short story side rather than music and lyrics.

Hurd has quickly become one of the unlikely faces of Kekistan, a fictional land adopted by the alt-right and white nationalists.

It’s one of the best fictional treatments about the nitty gritty of geoengineering the future I’ve ever seen.

(It also gives me high hopes for Hulu’s upcoming Castle Rock, a straight-up small-town series set in King’s most famous fictional town.)

Unfortunately she’s just a fictional character on a TV show.

According to The New York Post, ArtInfo published articles under fictional bylines after outsourcing editorial work to India.

Anna Cabe’s beautiful tale—a science fictional parable about pain in one’s own skin, adolescence, and about transformation—feels especially important now.

By some measure, doesn’t Burckhardt return this artist’s tools to its original setting, which is a studio, however fictional it might be?

Here’s my list of fictional people I think will be dead by Monday!

Abagnale isn’t a fictional character.

In the fictional world of The Conjuring 2, at least getting taken for the ride is worth it.

As the title suggests, these heads, skewered together by thin rods, belong to iconic historical figures, fictional and larger than life.

The first would be to make the actual, living Mother as much of a monster as Norman’s fictional version of her.

And while you’re there, answer my question: Which fictional couple that isn’t together do you hope gets together someday?

“Instafamous is a fictional exploration of a very real phenomena that shapes so much of our understanding of the world,” Young adds.

However, funnily enough, while playing Vincent and trying to fill up Vincent’s fictional Instagram account, I found myself in Yash’s position.

But what drives authoritarianism, in both real and fictional settings, is trust.

We provide writers with five random food-related Flickr images and ask them to construct a fictional short story in under five days.

If you think about human rights, human rights are a fictional story just like God and heaven.

Rocky BalboaThere’s at least some demand to have the world’s most beloved fictional boxer in the game.

He is unfazed by the news that the character is fictional.

It’s a fictional New York, because Hell’s Kitchen isn’t Hell’s Kitchen anymore.

The on-camera trio’s footage, famously “recovered” after their fictional disappearance, unlocked what was more or less a new horror subgenre: found footage.

The in-browser aesthetic doesn’t belong to fictional films alone.

Part of what sets Black Panther apart is its brilliant treatment of its fictional setting, Wakanda.

Agree or disagree, there’s been a lot of interesting writing about fictional universes.

That disgust with the Sparrow, that visceral, gut-rolling discomfort beyond the ordinary fun of hating a fictional killer?

Liew’s careful curation of this fictional body of work makes Charlie Chan accessible outside of its native Singapore.

As a fictional individual, Chan lacks the agency necessary to change his orientation within the frame.

The concept of a living, breathing artist collaborating with a fictional character to tell the character’s story could easily yield an inconsequential trifle.

It makes for inspirational and devastating dramas and has even been, in one case, the catalyst for the fictional end of the Cold War.

For many reasons, the climactic battle between good and evil at a fictional wizarding school is a poor analogy for the 2016 presidential race.

I knew it was fictional, but I still assumed this was a Trump story.

Donald Trump doesn’t live in that fictional world.

a fictional magazine called “Torts Illustrated”) and spelling errors (“wierdest,” “bumbed out”).

Castle Rock — July 25 (Hulu) The fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine, is a topographical conductor of Stephen King’s mythological traumas.

You could create your own leagues full of fictional teams, run a regular season and a playoff.

Games like Prison Architect and other prison-related media we consume should seek to connect the fictional and simulational with real world context.

There’s much less conclusive data on the effects of graphic depictions of fictional suicide.

There’s no reason for it, you’ve gotta go sometime” actually made me see one of this fictional facility’s patients.

The fictional news anchor is back on CBS for her first season of sitcom shenanigans since 1998.

The people I want to hear—the fictional people—evolve.

Not, of course, the fictional school for witches and wizards located in some remote corner of Scotland.

Even in these fictional worlds, though, I’m not off the hook.

“Succession.” CN: It’s a fictional version of it.

PK: fictional Murdochs.

Happily ever after is a rarity for couples in fictional stories, at least while they’re still in process.

I wanted at first to understand some of the things in my paintings that resembled sculptures or fictional structures.

That’s Serial, spelled S-E-R-I-A-L. It’s an app that delivers fictional stories to its users in serialized installments every week.

And unlike its fictional counterparts, Unpresidented offers no in-text opposition who seems capable of taking down Trump.

In our lives outside of books we tend to place nonfictional things, people and places, above fictional ones, for instance.

One of my favourite pop-punk bands is a fictional group hardly any one remembers.

Zubov never benefited from an equally positive fictional yet plausible situation.

For the film, the Dewaele brothers conceptualized, formed, and recorded as sixteen different fictional bands, all with totally different backstories and aesthetics.

I love it when a fictional universe gets fleshed out!

“Describe the wine as a fictional character” is too broad while “discuss what this wine pairs with” plays the game too straight.

And they get attached to them, even though we both know they’re fictional.

XYZT is all about the distortion of shapes and meanings, creating fictional digital spaces (of course, digital spaces are always fictional, right?

The question before them is whether Lin Bo fabricated a story of being imprisoned for several months for creating his fictional protest.

And they have their sights on Wakanda, the fictional African country Black Panther calls home.

Using docent-speak, she blurred a fictional and “real” experience of the art museum.

Similarly, Dynasty Handbag, aka Jibz Cameron, plays with the absurd alter-ego, creating a buffer between real-life and fictional comedic performance.

There are glimmers of a new world, our new world, transposed into the fantastic and the science fictional video game worlds.

His campaign exploited the parallels with that fictional narrative, portraying him as an everyman who would stand up to a crooked political class.

If (and when) the science fictional concept of mind uploading becomes possible, what will death be like?

(Also: a bonus post-credits montage of clips from Due North, the fictional slavery soap opera all the Insecure characters are not-so-secretly obsessed with.)

Over the course of 45 minutes, a PC, laser printer, and office phone unfurled a fictional workplace drama for an audience of one.

In “The Archive’s Fold,” by Michelle Dizon, transnational migrations and legacies of colonization are narrated by fictional correspondences across time.

Abe’s fictional movement, like real movements, still depends on the labor and support of people that it, ultimately, does not advocate for.

And because it would be great to force Game of Thrones and Cougar Town to exist within the same fictional universe.

But now, here she is when the garden becomes a fictional device: “Flower after flower is specked on the depths of green.

Chortle reports that Carnage: Swallowing the Future will be set in a fictional 2067 where everyone eats a plant based diet.

Meanwhile, emphasis on the actors’ fictional real-life ship seems to have completely overtaken some fans’ love for their fictional counterparts, Jamie and Claire.

We provide writers with five random food-related Flickr images and ask them to construct a fictional short story in under five days.

This truth is what makes Derry arguably the most quintessential fictional town in America.

If we’re making a fictional film, and we’re creating a world, why can’t we have our own rules about this world?

Today’s games are driven by visual spectacle set against the backdrop of heavily developed fictional worlds.

Grady also hits on Seth’s girlfriend, Summer (a fictional character played by Brody’s real-life girlfriend Rachel Bilson).

(That fall also saw the premiere of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, a real-life reality show inspired by the fictional OC.

Perret has often worked with fictional material.

Over the weekend, users on the Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo found that any mention of the fictional character was being blocked.

Raad then interjects a fictional case of a man imprisoned and severely beaten for disrupting a tony art opening on the island.

She translated the book’s teachings about women in the workplace to a fictional story.

This sentence represents an interesting paradigm shift in the history of plush fictional spacecraft, because it correlates “luxury” directly to “Earthlike.”

And yet, he was not merely fictional.

His presidential campaign exploited parallels with that fictional narrative, portraying him as an everyman who would stand up to a crooked political class.

True stories aside, Constance would be a kick even if she were purely fictional.

Customer reviews on Onnit’s website vary widely, from, “You ever see that fictional documentary Limitless with Bradley Cooper starring?

“Waiting for the Artist” treats the fictional performance artist Izabella Barta (played by guest star Cate Blanchett) with poker-face legitimacy.

The signage is a replica of one seen in the film and looks like a promotion for the fictional star.

Not many parodies would give that kind of love to a one-episode fictional artist, but that’s what sets this show apart.

In one a fictional vlogger named Vlogger Cathy Lee sounds off on Oscar and modularity.

fictional gender benders may be as old as Ovid’s “Metamorphoses.” But recent years have seen a boomlet in transgender literature.

Although Laika was very real, her legacy is a font of inspiration for fictional explorations of animals in space.

Of course, no psychologist or psychiatrist can actually diagnose anyone, real or fictional, without meeting them.

They quicken the pace of love, layering these fictional pinnacles, blurring them into one ‘Love Conquers All’ dissonance.

Media claims fictional ‘global warming’ is worse.

It’s hard to overstate just how unique Redmayne’s Newt Scamander is within the annals of fictional heroes.

Taken together, they tell a story — or parts of multiple stories — about a fictional family that once lived in the house.

For General Rehearsal, authors wrote scenes for fictional productions, selecting works of art instead of characters.

She drew a picture of an America that often resembled the fictional dystopia of Gilead in A Handmaid’s Tale.

As for her fictional ex-hubby, Loretta admits he’s one good looking dude.

Works like “Review” (2015) and “Lehmbruck I” (2013) are fictional photographs.

The latter is a blasé rendering of a fictional exhibition within the Lehmbruck Museum in Duisburg, Germany.

There is no way a human could be that ridiculous, even in a fictional teen drama.

(I’ve changed his name; I don’t want to out any Sea Captain Date users who aren’t fictional advertising mascots.)

Amazon poked fun at fictional malfunctions of its Alexa voice powered artificial intelligence.

“Whatever else is printed about us that is not directly from us, is someone else’s fictional narrative.

In this part, the fictional More recounts how he met Raphael and goes on to describe Raphael’s idea of serving one’s government.

The series makes interesting use of archival footage and other supplemental material, and those side trips are often more interesting than the fictional reenactments.

Simpson, FX’s dynamite fictional miniseries about the trial from earlier in the year, well, that’s unavoidable.

I think that the whole point of these fictional narratives of bias is to crowd a lot of that out.

“Having the opportunity of making real a fictional idea has been quite a strong experience.

This year’s backstory centers on the fictional Romero Brothers’ “Carnival of Dreams,” a once-grand boardwalk sideshow that has fallen on hard times.

Jane: If you treat this film like fiction, and Churchill as a fictional character, this film is gorgeous and good.

His presidential campaign exploited parallels with that fictional narrative, portraying him as an everyman who would stand up to a crooked political class.

“These monuments celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy, ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement, ignoring the terror that it actually stood for,” Landrieu said.

It seems glaringly obvious to me that women are missing, in the real world and in fictional ones, in the ways that truly count.

“Anti-conspiracy arguments increased intentions to vaccinate a fictional child but only when presented prior to conspiracy theories,” the authors explained.

This nightmare is the fictional creation of Margaret Atwood, the 77-year-old Canadian author, poet, and environmentalist.

I find I’m more interested in fictional stuff like how people organize themselves or families or things …

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, 41, is the quiet storm, whose intimate portraits of fictional figures famously inspired Solange’s “Don’t Touch My Hair” video.

But fictional movies are also capable of raising awareness about conservation — provided viewers take away the right message.

If completed, it would be the first sculpture dedicated to a non-allegorical or fictional woman to be erected in Central Park.

The demo follows a fictional ship inspector wandering the Titanic ahead of its maiden voyage.

“Some people will see these fictional characters as children because that is what they’re supposed to be in their series,” says Charlie.

In 1989, a cult classic film followed the fictional storyline of one Iowa farmer’s struggles.

They settled on making a series of portraits of a fictional aristocratic family using a generative adversarial network, or GAN.

Despite the fact that Sister Mary’s world was fictional, many readers interpreted the story as a documentary.

This set of pictures, he claims, is based on fact while Lawson’s other works are fictional in nature.

Swedish director Ruben Östlund’s satire The Square follows the misadventures of the chief curator of a fictional contemporary art museum.

The fictional female journalist has only been allowed to be unequivocally excellent at her job on a few occasions.

More recently, it’s been the name of a sleepy fictional mid-century Iowa town for a trio of award-winning novels by Marilynne Robinson.

The book’s fictional narrator, a Congregational minister named John Ames, lives in Gilead, Iowa.

I suppose the only reasonable way to end a trip to these fictional Gileads is to ask: Well, is there balm in Gilead?

Will it include a fictional Sven-like doorman?

One clown is a fictional character known for scaring the shit out of millions of moviegoers on the big screen.

They wanted me to write a fictional novel of Silicon Valley and throw everybody under the bus, but …

Years back, he stole a bunch of vibranium, the world’s strongest fictional metal.

In the film, Murphy is a spoiled prince of a fictional African country, Zamunda, who comes to America in order to find a wife.

The book follows a fictional murderer through the iconic architectural creations of Antoni Gaudí.

Since there are so few real-world examples of degrowth, Kallis has used a fictional utopia to explain the concept in a 2015 paper.

No, but it’s a fictional one, you know, there’s a fictional show about “The Bachelor”-type show.

Both Girma Berta and Eyerusalem Adugna Jirenga treat their photographed figures as though they were fictional characters.

Both posters are jokingly offering Jussie for consideration for “Best fictional Story” and “Best Actor in a Drama.

Even fictional Southern rappers have spit on chromatic compositions, after all.

Novelist Fiona Kidman has researched Batten for a fictional account of her life, The Infinite Air.

It doesn’t matter if those things are fictional.

The fictional account of Johnny Cash-type Dewey Cox is basically a biographical parody of rock ’n’ roll itself, in America and abroad.

Jemisin, an award-winning science fiction writer, talks host Ezra Klein through creating a fictional universe of his own.

It weaves a handful of the interviews in with Jojo’s fictional story, with heavy direction from a diary one interviewee gave the director.

Some of the time, the studio interviews appear like context for a documentary, complementing the fictional storyline.

We’re always representing a fictional reality.

The man was truly living his best life, which included being hired to voice the fictional pop sensation, Powerline, in A Goofy Movie.

Still, he told me he was surprised at how closely real events have hewed to the fictional events of his novel.

And in a tense and ideologically polarized moment, Black Panther, a movie set in the fictional African nation of Wakanda, is becoming heavily politicized.

One cheese pizza from Little Nero’s, the movie’s fictional delivery pizzeria, cost $11.80.

They stood at Ouyang’s command, serving as human pedestals for the artist’s fetish objects: small white marble sculptures and fictional scripture.

By turns allegorical, metaphysical, fictional and factual, Devotion shows rather than tells what it means to give a life to writing.

Partnering with Bryson Tiller on “Could’ve Been,” and the two journey through the “what ifs” that went on in their fictional relationship.

And thanks to that unattributed and apparently fictional email, most blamed red mitsubishis.

Richardson is more worldly than his fictional counterpart, but with a penchant for mid-sentence giggles, he’s just as upbeat.

There aren’t many fictional worlds quite like Star Wars.

And it’s as important to Pondsmith that these ideas both mesh with the fictional world and drive the mechanics behind the gameplay.

While those plots are obviously fictional, there are plenty of broke Americans who are struggling to pay their rent every month.

(For instance, some conspiracy theorists debate the specific fictional government projects that would benefit from destroying billions of dollars of private property.)

The film is a fictional, behind-the-scenes look at the creation and production of Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 garbage masterpiece, The Room.

“I create fictional characters and I write stories,” explains Ferrero, calling into The Creators Project from Monaco.

Drake mutters to himself about fictional enemies, and General Ironicus laughs: “This is magic!”

In Miami, sea-level rise is not a science fictional future — it’s a present-day reality that artists must reckon with.

This often comes into play when someone admits they stan celebrities or fictional characters who display abhorrent or petty behavior.

We are living a lie in a fictional life”.

The McQuillian case is fictional, treated as an amalgam of several high profile deaths: Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland.

Thirteen-year-old Jojo lives with his grandparents and his toddler sister Kayla in the fictional rural Mississippi town of Bois Sauvage.

However, O’Riley interprets Liszt’s version with the same fervor that the protagonist experiences in the fictional universe of Symphonie Fantastique.

“Her interactions with Mr. Ailes were not even close to the fictional version she wants people to believe now,” Estrich told the publication.

And when I checked his tweet, I could only find major fictional depictions of Tubman in a TV miniseries and a short film.

Yet if you look at the fictional histories of these men, it’s evident that Hollywood has at least tried.

I very much hope the disturbing videos this family makes are truly fictional, and for now, I’ll leave it at that.

His wife, after all, had nicknamed him Youth, and his most memorable fictional characters, of course, are the adolescent Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.

It isn’t, for example, a film about the Iraq War, which has been “covered” far more often than Afghanistan, even in fictional fashion.

Charles H. Weisgerber’s famous 1893 painting of Ross sitting in the sun with the flag in her lap was also a fictional scene.

An hyperbole would not be fictional and would not overstate the solemnness that I feel right now.

We’re looking for documentaries, short films and fictional features, any film that has that queer element.

Sadly, we must admit there may never be an opportunity to see what became of these fictional kids.

So I reached out to Mother Horse Eyes on Reddit, and asked him to expand its fictional empire here.

That’s being pitched as a thriller, but really, it’s a documentary movie in a fictional landscape.

Even our more recent cartography sometimes includes “trap streets,” where mapmakers embed a fictional thoroughfare to catch people who may be copying their work.

Instead of just playing with a fictional premise, however, Eveleth interviews scientific experts who can make informed speculations about the future.

Founder Jonah Peretti even once mused about whether the fictional character from Mad Men would really love banners.

With fictional love letters by Jamie Dimon.

Those contests allow web users to draft fictional rosters of athletes and wager on their performance each week.

It centers on exploring the stories of the other, intriguing characters who live in Black Panther’s fictional country of Wakanda.

The minutes-long Snapchat story told a fictional tale of Harry cheating on his girlfriend (played by Kim Kardashian) with Caitlyn Jenner.

French artist Sammy Stein’s The Turtle Museum, a guided tour through a fictional museum, uses text to effectively supplement and enrich the illustrations.

As Metahaven say, it’s a fictional sequel to The Sprawl, so its location is appropriate.

The series follows a group of college students as they’re stalked by the (hopefully) fictional supernatural character.

Clicking on a fictional version of Gmail flags it for my handler.

There is nothing fictional about these photographs and they are clearly not staged.

Try breaking down how you, the player, exist in this fictional universe.

Not merely a scholar, nor like a fictional detective of the “hard-boiled” American school, but a true postmodern detective.

It’s voyeuristic, but in a way that makes you feel like you’re getting to know somebody else — even if they’re fictional.

ND: The whole narrative behind it is fascinating: a fictional company that enables very wealthy people to get a new hybridized avatar or identity.

Nobody likes it when journalists complain about fictional depictions of journalism, but this is a particularly egregious one.

Studies show that compared to news written without due care, exposure to fictional suicides has a smaller influence on actual deaths.

(They did, however, record an album as 16 fictional bands for 2016 film Belgica.)

That’s because this year’s applicants have been asked to reimagine Central Park after its fictional devastation by eco-terrorists.

At the same time, they avoid providing an entirely fictional biographical account of Bach’s life.

(In a way, Mascots can be seen as the fictional, exaggerated version of Hulu’s Behind the Mask docuseries.)

His “embodiment” of Bach is mainly through music rather than fictional anecdotes.

Andrew later emailed me to clarify the search is fictional and the narrative cribbed from L’Homme.

King uses these locations to increase the verisimilitude of his stories, painting them as all part of the same fictional universe.

Its premise revolves around a Long Beach, California-based lodge maintained by a (fictional) fraternal order known as the Lynx.

Midi-chlorians are also, you know, fictional.

He immerses you in fantastic, fictional rooms that combine sculpture, video, and collage.

The number of fictional works that are so dense that they require tellings longer than three hours is pretty slim.

In Gladman’s trilogy of novels about the fictional nation-state of Ravika, for example, characters use an invented language called Ravic.

A show can broaden in scope through its characters, fictional beings who win our hearts and trust as they lead us through their journey.

A video work about avian predators and their prey blends documentary and fictional narrative of the life of a bouncer in Mexico City.

It’s an abysmal, bittersweet way to part with a beloved fictional town.

Music fans were enamored with this video of former Canadian television stars two stepping to moody Oogie Mane production in a fictional high school.

The team decided against it, however, and the events referenced in Beholder remain fictional.

Whatever the case, The Moonlandingz are no longer fictional, they are very real, and they are releasing an album.

Some of the installations in the exhibit, like life-sized figurines of his fictional characters, are borrowed from the Bleak House.

Our fictional depictions of women’s anger have had a similar myopia.

As you spend more and more time in solitude, though, it’s important to not get stuck in fictional scenarios.

But Rogue One also raises new questions about its fictional world.

Obvious has created 11 portraits total of the fictional Belamy family, who each come with their own somewhat kitschy taglines.

The friendly fictional English-language teacher has spawned fan art, cosplay, memes, and more.

Set in the fictional town of Lake Wobegon, the show includes a running string of sketches and characters.

Set in the fictional town of Lake Wobegon, the show includes a running string of sketches and characters.

To the assembled protesters, activist Ilaf Moslawy, who was dressed as a BP official, read a poem she’d written from that fictional viewpoint.

This project aims to challenge people like Megyn Kelly, who insists that Santa is white despite Claus being a fictional character.

In fandom terms, shipping generally means rooting for two fictional characters, or in some cases real people, to get together.

There are only fictional women, created by men, including Lewis Carroll’s titular character from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Shakespeare’s Juliet.

The most fictional of these, “Burning Down the House,” depicts a powdery-blue door complete with a doorknob, which partially opens to reveal a closet.

But Klein also directed also two fictional comedies, mocking the fashion world in 1966’s Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?

Peer-reviewed studies suggest that fictional depictions of suicide may lead to an increase in suicide attempts.

fictional doppelgängers are often endowed with agency, some nefarious reason for being unleashed to terrorize or supplant those they impersonate.

And apparently, like ten hours in, I’m getting attached to fictional characters.

Whatever the case, the fictional feline has made no bones about his love for a lovely bowl of Frosted Flakes.

Just know Blackness is, and always will be, incredible, whether it’s in the fictional Wakanda or the very real world.

There are some fictional depictions of attempted retroactive Hitler assassinations that explain how this principle works in practice.

Across the catalog of fictional worlds, the Time Before takes different levels of precedence depending on on the work’s particular flavor of post-apocalyptia.

The West Wing ran from 1999 to 2006 and centered on a fictional president, Jed Bartlet, and his White House staff.

The West Wing’s fictional Oval Office was also mostly white and male.

When things can change within your fictional universe, it’s only natural for the characters to grow and change with them.

What do you think is the key to finding an interesting fictional side of a real place?

It took a royal black family seriously, unlike Eddie Murphy in Coming to America’s fictional nation of Zamunda.

One negative TV ad campaign paid for by health insurers memorably featured the fictional couple Harry and Louise.

I spent a year and a half interviewing and observing families much like the fictional DiMeos for a forthcoming book.

“Okay, uh-huh,” the fictional McConnell answers.

And when such fictional battles drag in real-world problems where the status quo absolutely needs upending, it makes for an odd dissonance.

The Onion managed to defy all big box content farm logic, and supply fictional content in the name of satire/parody.

After all, fictional stories of alien invasions are equally prevalent, but those haven’t stopped our exploration of space.

Suggesting a successful black woman is the (radical Muslim) offspring of fictional primates is one of them.

Here is some advice from friendly fictional murderer Scar on what to do if Beyoncé gets this role.

They give two fictional definitions for the song’s title: 1.

Quinn (Constance Zimmer) is the executive producer pulling the strings behind the scenes of the fictional reality show covered on UnReal.

And we’re not talking about two people in fancy dress, either—this is an actual (well, fictional) scarecrow and a robot pop star.

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” tells the story of Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate’s fictional neighbors.

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (July 26, 2019) tells the story of the Polanski’s fictional neighbors.

His performance as “Tuck Bedford”––the fictional host of “Brain Fight”––killed on two levels.

Black Panther, is king of a fictional African country called Wakanda.

You killed this fictional cartoon character of a show we haven’t obsessively watched in 15 years!” So it does nothing for me.

The willingness to give yourself up to a fictional space, which ultimately doesn’t mean anything, is something that I admire in people.

I complained above about the randomness of fictional deaths that seem mostly thrown in to goose the storyline or provide shock value.

In late Pop Art there is a more personal, almost surrealist fictional space.

JS: You have mentioned this fictional space that exists in the work, or the work of others.

RH: I like that painting is inherently fictional.

In other words, alt-right members may be singing the songs of angry men, but the fictional revolutionary heroes they’re emulating would not approve.

“It seemed like an interesting medium for storytelling back then—the screen as a kind of portal into a fictional world.

Last we checked in with autonomous robo-bees, they were fictional killer drones in Black Mirror.

After all, Rogers invented a hand puppet, King Friday the 13th, a pompous cartoon ruler of a fictional kingdom.

After a few rings, I was connected to a fictional pirate radio station called Levitation FM, hosted by an enthusiastic host called Normski.

The line between depiction and endorsement hangs heavily over almost any fictional tale of people behaving badly.

Food shows up in fictional onscreen stories as well.

In “Far Cry 3,” for example, you play as a white man who fights his way out of a fictional South Pacific island.

These episodes of American error aren’t just fictional scenarios.

2014’s Far Cry 4 takes place in the (fictional) South Asian country of Kyrat, which has been taken over by a bloodthirsty dictator.

If this case had been fictional, its writer would have been crucified for plot holes and loose ends.

“Unlike Trump, Tyler’s ban was in reaction to fictional works of art.

Graphic fictional lyrics written under an alter ego when you’re eighteen?

To not be an animated fictional character?

Roth explores the possibility in the most personal way possible, by imagining how it might have affected a fictional version of his own family.

Historians writing about the gaps in public forums, alerting the community at large to the fictional parts of the play, are spell breakers — spoilsports.

Details such as these, always present but perhaps not explicitly telegraphed, are what sell fictional characters to us.

Donald Trump doesn’t live in that fictional world.

And while you’re down there, answer my question as well: What’s the best fictional love story?

“It’s a fictional show man.

Besides, don’t you want to make sure nobody writes a book of allegedly fictional anecdotes about you after you’re gone?

Roughneck’s broken, broad-nosed protagonist beats a bar patron senseless in the snowy present-day fictional town of Pimitamon during a violent first act.

“The fictional costumes have been pulled, but these costumes that are meant to show real, living people are still being sold.

Over the next six hours of real time, simulating four fictional days, these maps will bristle with fires, casualties and barricades.

Stinker was different, yeah, because it was supposedly this found novelization based on a fictional movie.

The fictional world just freezes where it is, and players must form their own conclusions about who “won” or what would have happened next.

Last year, the trauma centre had a training drill in which staff practiced receiving patients after a fictional mass shooting at a concert.

Only they didn’t realize these were also the areas where the fictional ethnic minority seeking independence was most densely clustered.

The classroom, which hails from a fictional Swiss art school, is set in the 1970s brutalist performance hall House of the Book.

You could never seriously have a fictional character be this way.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads The State Art Academy, Zurich (SKZ) is a fictional Swiss art school conceived by artist Dan Levenson.

We provide writers with five random food-related Flickr images and ask them to construct a fictional short story in under five days.

We’re in in the fictional kingdom of Bryneich.

In “Donelle Woolford,” the white male Princeton professor hired black female actors to play the part of a fictional black artist named Donelle.

As a fictional construct, that’s more than wonderful.

The Enquirer also brought toxically negative and largely fictional coverage of Hillary Clinton to checkout lines around the country.

This exhibition was sparked in part by Leo Lionni’s 1976 Parallel Botany, which wryly chronicles a fictional history of studying imaginary plants.

And the film’s order is completely fictional — it’s just an exaggeration.

The cake, always predictable, always perfect, as though purchased yesterday, waiting for the fictional arrival of child-guests who only ate tooth-shatteringly sweet desserts.

ImpCo and ExpCo are fictional, but their predicaments loosely fit those of a lot of real companies.

The fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, has had a pretty rough couple of years.

Pepper’s, the Beatles famously decided to invent a fictional band so they wouldn’t have to deal with any expectations about their sound.

“It’s a fictional Africa, and there’s spaceships, but there are also aspects that hearken back to pre-agrarian times.

In another, participants role-play members of a fictional bereavement support group.

His most beloved creation, Frank Bascombe, lives in Haddam, New Jersey, a fictional town squarely in Springsteen territory.

For every smart/brave/adventurous fictional heroine, the author must supply 1.618 boys.

fictional sexbots matter because every month drags sexbots closer to becoming a reality.

Ultimately, American Animals succeeds more if you think of it as a documentary with lots of reenactment, rather than as a fictional film.

The occupation here is an emotionally wrought piece of history, and the revolution draws fictional thrills from factual pain.

Also: This study didn’t look at real-world behavior but rather a fictional survey.)

That story about Muhlenberg is likely embellished — or utterly fictional.

Written and produced by actress Lauren Shippen, the fictional narrative centers on a mysterious psychologist named Dr.

The room’s futuristic fictional setting also proposes that art has greater imaginative license than purely fact-based journalism.

Christian is the sophisticated, handsome, and very earnest chief curator of a (fictional) contemporary art museum in Stockholm.

Romain Mader received the award for Ekaterina, a narrative series in which Mader searches for a bride in a fictional town.

The linchpin of the show is a fictional text Gonzales-Day created from 1993 to 1996 but revisited in 2017.

If you could live in any fictional world, where would you go?

The latter investigates the fictional relationship between a mother and son who share the condition.

Her luxurious, cerebral portraits of members of two fictional Nigerian aristocratic clans are rendered in uncanny palettes of charcoal, pastel, and pencil.

Oxenfree’s fictional but familiar Edwards Island is, for the most part, a normal place.

Rating Slender Man — often written Slenderman, or even Slendy, as he is known to his masses of fans — is a fictional character.

LMK #MAGA Nonetheless, it’s not a perfect comparison — no comparison between fictional pop culture and real life ever is.

Forgotten, by Arielle Grimes and Sophia Park, is an intriguing, mysterious piece of fictional digital archeology.

And it would be a damn shame if his fictional works were forgotten.

She’s also written five fictional novels.

“I asked myself ‘what is going to happen if my characters start to interact more with the reality, because they are fictional?

Any fantasy there is specifically involving fictional characters, even if I’m writing them.

How can he reach through the fictional world of the game and mark your—not Link’s, your—save file with an accusation?

The artist recently excavated these faux-Egyptian objects, thereby “discovering” bits of a real past that aspire to a fictional one.

His campaign exploited the parallels with that fictional narrative, portraying him as an everyman who would stand up to a crooked political class.

Morazan utilizes performance, sculpture and video to explore fictional and autobiographical rituals that are sparked by current events, migration, ancient medicine and indigenous cultures.

fictional characters and unidentified figures were omitted, as were short-lived commemorative bills.

Wakanda hiding its technological power and allowing “colonizers” to believe the fictional country was third world is the ultimate analogy for the black experience.

Let’s just hope things eventually go as smoothly here as they did in the ad’s fictional town of East Coneville.

But, hey, if the Mary Bag is as magical as the fictional version, it might just be worth it… Visit INSIDER’s homepagefor more.

Having no life seems like a more logical reason to feel bad about myself than a fictional person being vaguely mean to me!

Why not create fictional teams with fictional like owners like just go all the way in.

When he speaks to you, it’s like he’s reading a fictional novel.

“The Big Disruption: A Totally fictional but Essentially True Silicon Valley Story.” Jessica, welcome to the show.

They’re fictional images.”

This is the cultlike slogan of Object Solutions, a “fictional design” studio that provides hyper-specific solutions to everyday annoyances.

Why are you all here then?Christian: He’s the fictional legend.

USC Libraries considers what utopia means today, 500 years after Sir Thomas More coined the term for his idealized fictional island.

Soon to become non-fictional.Jack: Is he fictional?

The second album from British quartet Glass Animals tells 11 different stories about 11 different fictional characters that the band invented.

We had to believe in the fictional circumstances, like you do in any acting job really.

That could include posting fictional evidence of voter fraud or other disinformation in the run-up to voting on Nov. 8, U.S. officials have said.

Correction: An earlier version of this story mischaracterized one of Zoo’s fictional creatures.

Watkins’ narrative is framed as two fictional British filmmakers shooting a documentary about America’s Punishment Park, as the desert compound is called.

What do you think of what he did, because he’s a fictional character but he’s not?

Paper Kunsthalle, art and film historians Steven Jacobs and Lisa Colpaert created a fictional museum guide to archive 100 of these portraits.

This is fictional violence at its most boring.

It’s fictional, right?It’s obviously fictional.

In the opening scene of the knight’s story, the narrator describes the fictional land of Ashfield as “plagued by peace.”

Do you ever use your favorite fictional characters in songwriting?Not really.

The preeminence of correspondents’ role is, in part, thanks to fictional representations of DC politics.

In Scandal, James Novak (Dan Bucatinsky) serves for a period as the chief White House correspondent for the (fictional) DC Times.

Lincoln Clay’s story is partially told through a retrospective (and fictional) Cocaine Cowboys –style documentary.

“It’s almost like filmmaking; constructing a fictional world, but using real-world tools to do so.

“This is all very romantic and a great fictional thing,” he said, “but I’m telling you, the states have jurisdiction.”

I spent the weekend immersed in two bizarre, outlandish fictional worlds that, bit by bit, started to feel like home.

What are your favorite examples of well-built fictional settings?

Up until Low, much of his output had the quality of musical performance art, allowing him to play characters and create fictional worlds.

No matter where these fictional characters show up, kids are stupidly obsessed with them.

LincolnClay’s story is partially told through a retrospective (and fictional) CocaineCowboys–style documentary.

itself—the work of art as it exists in our reality, not the escapist technology the fictional Absolute Life Transformation portal represents.

We should expect these fictional sites and these hoax sites to get more sophisticated, more creative, using some of our own tools against us.

I think we’ve all fallen for these fictional stories at one point or another.

The distance between the political environs of the real world and the fictional universes of television are quickly closing.

It’s up to the other to decide which facts are fictional and which one is the honest-to-Bob truth.

These are all fictional characters and they are all really extensions of my many selves, real and imagined.

Bouton would portray Jim Barton, an aging pitcher who alienates his teammates on the fictional Washington Americans by writing tell-all pieces for Sports Illustrated.

Some of the predictions here sound bizarre and science fictional; others bizarrely restrained.

The series, set among warring families in the fictional kingdom of Westeros, is based on novels by George R.R.

Jones’s on-air persona owes more to Howard Beale, the fictional character from “Network” than most pundits or journalists.

Her celebrated portraits of fictional imaginary black people, whose bodies are in various states of pose and repose, are expressive marvels of wet-on-wet painting.

So Syta dropped out and wrote a novel, “The Show,” about a fictional search advertising giant.

Along with these fictional influences, Roberts also notes that contemporary advertising also informed the film.

Nonetheless, there are some remarkable similarities between the fictional Show and the actual Google (or Alphabet, as it is now known).

This is how representation works: You see someone (real or fictional) and you feel inspired to do what they do.

But Peter Kavinsky is fictional, and as such, his ability to spin out endless new content for the internet to sigh over is limited.

Peter Kavinsky might be fictional, the publicity narrative suggested, but the man behind his best moments was actually alive.

Every decision is labored over to make sure you’re not distracted by anything once inside the fictional realm.

In the comedy, Hall plays Courtney Rose, an aspiring rapper in a fictional Northern California town called Fort Grey.

His presidential campaign exploited parallels with that fictional narrative, portraying him as an everyman who would stand up to a crooked political class.

The grittiness and streetsmarts required to make it in this cutthroat fictional world aligns with Ross’s real-life survival as a Black transgender woman.

That fictional worldview, however hokey, has spilled over into the real world.

The author apparently regrets tarnishing the memory of a specific dead soldier—an actual person with a grieving family—instead of making up a fictional soldier.

In fact, while the family’s wealth was real, the stone porticoed house is fictional, as is the mountainous landscape that it overlooks.

And Kelly really did go all-in, making Southland Tales feel like a summer blockbuster—with comic-book tie-ins that expand his fictional world.

The six different flavours of the fictional drink inform the colour scheme and it also features a real-time audio soundtrack.

But the study does add weight to the idea that in our brains, even fictional characters can seem real.

“I don’t believe in that because it’s fictional.

The panels told the fictional story of Aunt Jemima Blakey as a successful entrepreneur, upending a familiar derogatory stereotype.

This tendency to channel herself and her family through fictional characters in her work recurs throughout her career.

Simpson as a football player for the fictional California Bulls.

History is often presented to us in fictional narratives as one account of what happened.

When she finds herself tokenized by Aimee’s staff, she enjoys the experience of being treated like a fictional character.

Panther largely takes place in Wakanda, the hero’s fictional African home and a world designed for the screen by production designer Hannah Beachler.

Even for a cat that has fictional dialogue at his disposal, his character is no more multi-dimensional than Grumpy Cat.

One story arc barely includes Cerebus himself, instead following a fictional analogue of Oscar Wilde in the last days before his death.

The story, which is loosely based on a real case, follows Marks as she meets a fictional proto-psychologist who begins working with her.

It features something called Augmenta, a fictional augmented reality glass.

What fictional UIs do you draw inspiration from?

In one prominent study by researchers at Columbia Business School, participants looked over the impressive résumé of a fictional job applicant named Heidi.

Have you ever been approached by anyone wanting to turn your fictional products into real ones?

Nothing that happened in this film is fictional.

The story itself is fictional, but the events are all factual, and worse.

We provide writers with five random food-related Flickr images and ask them to construct a fictional short story in under five days.

We hope fictional in a sentence examples were helpful.