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For starters, the wall would severely impede travel to-and-from some of our favorite music festivals.

Maynard James Keenan will be performing with Tool at US festivals this May, and the band will tour Europe this June.

It’s no secret that a large chunk of music festivals can leave you worse for the wear.

In alphabetical order below are 11 of the events that offered something unexpected this year, and made festivals actually worth going to.

—David Garber The first installment of Mexico’s Fascinoma was proof that festivals can still be about the music.

From massive outdoor festivals to 24-hour warehouse raves, pseudo-boat parties to 80s club nights—it’s all in this flowchart.

For festivals, there’s no question that I wanna go to [see] electronic music and just rage with all my friends.

Let’s hope we learn from European festivals, especially if it does turn out to be harder to get to them from now on.

He emphasized the possibility of capitalizing on Puerto Rico’s near-constant spate of community festivals.

In some parts of South Asia, menstruating women are commonly forbidden to enter houses or temples or take part in festivals and community events.

Going forward, Cormack and Muir hope they inspire other festivals to pay attention to women’s and trans talent.

If things had played out differently, it could be him being praised as a genius in broadsheet features, headlining festivals on some Spanish archipelago.

and screenings of films that premiered at other festivals.

However, both festivals struggled with food supply and traffic.

From location to food prices, here’s how the two music festivals differed.

But at least these festivals involve actual VR—rather than mislabeling a 360 video app under a pile of marketing copy like some others do.

They all started out in the local indie scene, playing to small crowds at DIY shows, before rising to headline festivals before thousands.

He’s living the dream of every Indonesian indie band—touring the world, releasing albums to rave reviews overseas, and performing at international music festivals.

Dance music festivals overall became havens for fresh-outta-sixth-form kids.

An Australian security company suggests using drones as a way to combat sexual assault at large events, including music festivals.

In 2016, we asked if female-only campgrounds can stop sexual assault at music festivals.

She’s going to film festivals and doing TV interviews now.

“We just kept submitting to all the festivals.

I still laugh at the fact that we are playing these world-class festivals and selling out venues.

I go to shows and festivals, and I see that the rock star is virtually gone.

Do you have any thoughts about why there are fewer low-budget and no-budget films than there used to be, even at LGBTQ film festivals?

festivals care if you have a big name actor in your movie, and they care whether it got some funding from Sundance.

Some festivals have even gone so far as to ban headdresses.

SS: Which is where festivals come in.

Some will play at festivals like the Toronto International Film Festival and the New York Film Festival before heading to theaters.

We have people talking about safe spaces, issues at festivals, and people are asking, how do we prevent this?

Summer’s the perfect time to waste two months’ worth of salary on three-day passes to music festivals.

So, Gritsch goes to shows and festivals in the US and the UK often.

“Just ponder,” the ad states, “tomorrow our children will start celebrating Diwali of Hindus, Christmas of Christians, and who knows what other un-Islamic festivals.”

/// PJ Harvey will be hitting the road at a select number of international festivals this year—alongside her new nine-piece band—dates below.

The scale of the classes also varies—ranging from intimate gatherings of just eight people to crowds at massive outdoor festivals.

Amid a crowded calendar of film festivals known for showcasing independent film, New York’s BAMcinemaFest has carved out a notable place for itself.

What’s valued or considered a success in the two industries — money, film festivals, praise — certainly overlaps, but they’re also different.

Music festivals — think Coachella and Glastonbury — are a traditional part of summer in many areas of the world.

But most of those festivals are highly organized and expensive to attend, playgrounds for the young and well-heeled rather than the community.

Have you ever taken your kids to your shows?They’ve seen some festivals.

Only three days ago, we wrote on this very site about festivals.

Then again, festivals can also be absolute trash.

Stranger in Paradise is currently playing at festivals.

The Force is currently playing at festivals.

Rat Film is currently playing at festivals.

The Graduation is currently playing at film festivals.

So while festivals are expanding beyond the ‘yes, let’s go see Kaiser Chiefs for the 18th time!

“It was snow and fall and spring and festivals … it defined [Stars Hollow] a lot.”

She notes that festivals like AfroPunk came about to give African Americans in the scene a chance to come together.

These were regularly refreshed by the deceased’s family, whose members would periodically bring the mummies up to the surface to attend festivals.

Beugels and Craens, who run a catering company and have been cooking together at festivals for the past ten years, created the menu.

I had a chat with him to find out what it takes to keep people from hurting themselves and one another at festivals.

When I was younger, I had women at festivals explicitly asking me if I wanted to search them.

And it’s always strange to see guests dragging along massive bags to one-day festivals like they’re going on a three-week vacation.

They’ve been playing shows and festivals here and there for the last few years.

The 53-year-old said he’s been helping organize nat festivals for nearly 30 years.

Then we talk to Hyperallergic’s Zachary Small, who tells us about the four queer performance festivals happening in New York this month.

festivals are a den of filth, dirt, heat rash, questionable fluids, and drugs.

Among the first festivals to get Tinderized will be Bonnaroo, EDC, The Governors Ball, Hard Summer, and Parklife.

festivals are disgusting.

festivals bring the party goblin out of people, and the CDC probably would not appreciate the possible implications of this sort of behavior.

Plenty of people meet at festivals.

She was full of life, a country music fan and attended several festivals, KOMO said.

festivals are an appealing proposition for a couple of somewhat desperate entities: dying American cities and the music industry.

In 2017, Jezebel’s Hazel Cills reported on the rash of music festivals popping up in former boomtowns across the country.

“You’re one major weather event away from failure.” This is why even successful music festivals can kind of sound like scams.

The landscape is littered with the bones of poorly financed and poorly planned festivals.

They’ve toured with Iron Maiden, and they headline the biggest festivals.

From 2012 to 2014, the photographer traveled to festivals around the US and Europe with his son, Theophilus Donaghue, himself a Bliss Ninny.

Bliss: Transformational festivals & the Neo Hippie is published by Powerhouse Books and available from Amazon and other online booksellers.

Every summer I work at music festivals, but when the festival season is over, I do a lot of other things.

These sailing festivals have been popular for some time now.

Former co-director Quincy Jones calls the festival the “Rolls-Royce of festivals”.

Now, some of those women are making large-scale efforts to challenge the homogeneous picture painted by music festivals.

However, bigger festivals with widespread name recognition — your Coachellas, your Bonnaroos — arguably have the ability to effect the most change.

Many of the festivals that have already signed the organization’s pledge are smaller, with less star power than more internationally renowned events.

And music festivals have the unique opportunity to encourage and normalize a much more inclusive version of that image.

Unfortunately, hard liquor can be difficult to find at summer festivals, and if mixed drinks are available, they’re usually outrageously expensive.

Seahorse is currently playing various film festivals.

Bringing out guests at festivals is lowkey an art.

It’s what other music festivals claim to be — an experience.

There are a lot of festivals up here that are chill, bring-the-kids, hike-around-the-woods type of deals.

I usually feel like a plebeian at festivals, you know?

Typically that’s the downside of festivals in my opinion — the atmosphere.

And while their works have sometimes won renown in film festivals abroad, they have lacked distribution at home.

Head to most festivals this summer, stalk the streets of Ibiza or Split, Croatia, and you will see them prowling.

It will be released in festivals 2017.

She’s clearly becoming her own person because she does festivals way different from her big sister, Malia.

I feel like a lot of successful electronic artists, they usually gravitate towards doing bigger and bigger shows, and they eventually do big festivals.

The exercise saw law enforcement teams respond to a simulated car bomb attack and a siege of the Palais des festivals by four terrorists.

But these refugees were fleeing, at worst, bad performances at the various festivals, and Song did its best to make its attendees comfortable.

Why can’t you just go to music festivals by yourself?

Before the film came out, and I was taking it to festivals, I would often ask the audience to raise their hands afterwards.

They are near-ubiquitous at festivals, fairs, and powwows, any place indigenous communities and fondness for Mexican food overlap.

Horsechief has 18 years of culinary experience and travels all over Oklahoma on the weekends, selling at festivals and powwows.

He was also awarded lifetime achievement awards at the Cannes and Venice Film festivals.

German filmmaker Susanne Regina Meures chronicles the musicians’ struggle in Raving Iran, her first feature documentary, currently making the rounds at European festivals.

“I want to have festivals with foreign artists in Iran, too,” Anoosh says.

After the trial, Kelly spent nearly 10 years tending to his career, headlining musical festivals and staying away from scandal.

I’ve done several music festivals over the last couple of years, and this one has been the most relaxed.

The film Shirkers circulated through several film worldwide film festivals throughout 2018 and is out now on Netflix.

He became an avid collector of sounds that inspired him, and the more raves and festivals he attended, the greater his campfire collection became.

We used to put together these “survival kits” for music festivals.

Thousands of Finns spend it in various music festivals, boning in tents.

So, frankly, lots of city festivals felt like a write-off.

Although at some festivals, we started going to more extremes.

He has catered at festivals including Wilderness, WOMAD, and Latitude, and will also be setting up shop at this weekend’s Reading Festival.

Through this movement she met Edward Clarke, a promoter who helped organize “better babies” festivals in the South.

We should start by stating an obvious but very pertinent point: festivals are great.

The thing is though, and we’re sure you’ll agree, you do unfortunately meet some utter wrong-uns at festivals.

Maeslau has taken it to sauna festivals across Estonia and rents it out to steam lovers for 75 euros ($85) a day.

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I’m going to do Shakespeare festivals around the country and be desperately poor the rest of my life.”

“It’s nice to have a good month of festivals and the influx of people going into our slow season.”

Coachella is officially underway as music fans have flocked to the desert to take part in the music festival of all music festivals.

Over the last decade, Southern California has been debating the idea of banning EDM raves as a response to drug-related deaths at festivals.

However harm reduction advocates such as criminal defense attorney Cameron Bowman, who specializes in festivals, do not believe banning raves is the solution.

It will be festivals, we think of it as it’s whimsical.

While festivals like these are usually catered to adults and other graffiti/street art figures, Upfest decided to make the festival something larger.

No parties, temple festivals, or concerts.

The touchy subject of kandi, the brightly colored beads ravers wear to festivals, inevitably comes up at some point.

In 2014, North American companies reportedly spent $1.23 billion to sponsor music venues, festivals, and tours.

His reliable blend of reggae, ska, and soul had been filling the city’s venues, and major festivals for a number of years.

Elias envisions making the two My City films into a single cut that he’ll submit to film festivals.

During the summers, he attends various festivals around the United States.

It was at one of these festivals that Tiny Desk — the show’s flagship series — was born.

I was doing like promos, we were going to Monterey Jazz festivals, doing social media, doing everything.

(I did not attend the film festivals that screened the film, so can’t contribute to that specific discussion.)

Music festivals are the latest exception to the list of venues in which people under 21 years of age may attend without a guardian.

The current exception only applies to minors attending music festivals with an expected attendance of more than 2,500 people.

Sadly, we Palestinians are regularly rejected at clubs and festivals in Israel.

There’s a clear tiered system of film festivals around the world.

When TIFF started in 1976, its goal was to collect the best movies from those festivals and show them to eager Torontonians.

These festivals gain their prestige mainly by being the first stop for buzzy movies aimed at garnering the year’s big awards.

What if our filmmakers, along with our film schools, funders, distributors, festivals and critics, turned to face the roiling reality that defines Canada today?

These films, dubbed the Shatterbox Anthology, have debuted at recent festivals and will eventually make it to TNT’s linear network.

Wind River is his second feature as director, and it was selected for two prestigious festivals: Sundance and Cannes.

In the past few years, Saudi Arabia has offered cultural festivals and kids’ events.

Troxler argued that drugs are used throughout our society, from casinos to bars to concerts, not just nightclubs or music festivals.

These films were considered easy Best Picture nominees by many predictors after the early fall film festivals where they made their debuts.

festivals like MUTEK were really crucial for me,” he reminisces.

Forget the frats, and the festivals, and every time you heard it piped from the speakers at CVS at four in the morning.

Whichever way you slice them, festivals in big cities are ideal photo story locations.

“Other festivals tend to have a base, this is all the base.

Music festivals would make you think otherwise.

They hit up award shows, music festivals, concerts and collaborated on music together.

That means that they—along with their families—are not allowed to attend any community gatherings, including weddings, funerals, and festivals.

which is how we’ve moved into things like curating exhibition spaces and festivals.

Pittsburgh’s VIA isn’t like other music festivals.

In truth, few festivals share VIA’s dedication to one-of-a-kind experiences.

[We have] this bifurcated understanding [of what] music festivals are supposed to be.

And festivals that get foundation money or get grant money, they’re supposed to be very tame and family-oriented and feel-good.

Only a handful of the larger festivals that concentrate on cost-per-set-of-eyeballs are culturally progressive/successful anyway.

At most festivals, the relationship between the audience and the performer is straightforward—their performance is the product, and you are the consumer.

How do you feel about bigger festivals?

The paper also specifically mentions festivals, can you tell me how that ended up in your paper?

festivals and recreational use?

And certainly I know people who go into festivals and provide essentially emergency psychiatric services.

Most film festivals aren’t programmed around a theme.

“Of course it does affect the overall attractiveness of Malaysia being a venue for artists, events or festivals to be held.

The party said in a statement that it was its “social responsibility” to oppose alcohol festivals.

At festivals like Sundance, Cannes, and Toronto, change was in the air.

That the art is a very international spectrum with different interests and allegiances and biennials and festivals and institutions.

Linking up with ETAs all over, he began documenting the acts, venues, competitions, festivals, fans, and memorabilia of this diamante-studded underworld.

All kinds of fantastic performance festivals converge on the city in January.

The streaming giant has set its sights on prestige film festivals.

“Film festivals are supposed to be for films that will be shown in cinemas.

With more than 100,000 followers on Facebook, McLellan has become a staple at Muslim festivals and events around North America.

Hollett: The thing is, with festivals, you’re always dealing with something.

At such a saving, they could come and do multiple festivals.

THUMP: What type of festivals do you think will be hit the hardest (i.e.

Wright: I think the festivals [that sell 20-30 thousand tickets] will be the ones that suffer the most.

Graham: I think the Canadian-owned festivals will have the hardest time.

“Demand will fall during festivals if prices remain at the current level,” said Mukesh Kothari, director at dealer RiddiSiddhi Bullions in Mumbai.

Thunder Road has now won prizes in festivals all over the world, and it’s online now for all to see.

Maybe I’m on the cusp of champagne supernovas, Reading festivals, and Corona sponsorships?

I like local festivals in small towns the best, to be honest.

Previously known as “The Other Tent,” one of three “tent” stages at the festivals, “The Other” will be dedicated to dance, electronic and hip-hop.

These days, music festivals seem to put as much thought into their food offerings as their musical lineup.

Today’s festivals are crawling with vegan taco trucks, portable wood-fired pizza ovens, and artisan roast coffee stalls.

Among the array of food and drink purveyors that pitched up at this summer’s festivals, one in particular stands out.

Even with the hard work, however, Matilda says the two festivals are “the fun outing for the gang.”

Perhaps the best example of this concept in action was a lottery-drawing contraption that resembles those found at summer festivals (matsuri) throughout Japan.

“This agreement actually spans from what you might consider an intimate performance to very large music festivals,” NextVR co-founder Dave Cole told Recode.

It is one of the few independent British festivals left, and the only one to be owned outright by a woman.

How did you go from small clubs to big festivals?Word of mouth.

We would have been catering to festivals and to audiences who are already enlightened about these things.

A question arises at these festivals: How does one cover them or judge the works fairly?

In last ten years, we’ve played some huge festivals in Europe, and I’ve felt those were incredible experiences.

Once you join the church of HMPL, you start to see its influence everywhere: Beavis and Butthead, found-footage festivals, this website.

And we didn’t screen it at festivals.

You couldn’t show video at film festivals.

The government doesn’t like us meeting at clubs or festivals to dance,” she said.

And what about the organizers of the many other festivals that haven’t followed The Loop’s pioneering testing?

From museum shows to air fairs to film festivals, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy with this season.

However, both Drape and Fisher suggest that the appetite for drug testing among organizers (especially independent festivals or those that are independently-minded) is strong.

Their monthly calendar features events including film festivals, album listening parties, and rooftop movies.

What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent?

She rarely left the king’s side, and Charles VII even attended numerous official festivals with her.

Programmer Lina Matta has roamed the region, and the world’s film festivals, in search of the most promising directors of the region.

These festivals have since shut down; the Dubai International Film Festival is closing this year after a fourteen-year course.

I also keep an eye on the international festivals like TIFF, Cannes, Berlin, and Sundance.

You go to parties or festivals and you’ll hear tracks that are pretty much just a kickdrum, a hi-hat, and a bassline.

This article was originally published on Noisey UK Everyone goes to music festivals to pursue the dream of achieving an experience.

Nightlife safety organization DanceSafe warns of the dangers of heatstroke during outdoor festivals and advices that attendees try to stay hydrated.

Trowery said that the initiative at Ultra will also be brought to future events and festivals throughout the year.

Jeremy G. Shubrook was appointed director of festivals, performance, and public programs at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

These occasions, which anthropologists have dubbed “renewal festivals,” typically involve some sort of organized mayhem.

Netflix, a couple of years ago, was at all the festivals and it bought everything.

Free Arts NYC also offers Museum Day programs throughout the city and pop-up art festivals that allow young children to explore artmaking.

We started doing film festivals online.

In 393 A.D., Emperor Theodosius I eradicated all pagan festivals in the Empire.

Short film festivals online.

One of my favorite hobbies is when I play festivals is to steal beer from the biggest acts I can.

It quickly became one of the area’s most popular culinary festivals.

Crawford has a background in doing sound at bluegrass festivals and now teaches English literature at the University of South Carolina.

I ask Danny Kushlick of Transform, the drug policy reform think-tank, why women might be more vulnerable at festivals then men.

“We’ve known for years that there’s a problem at music festivals,” says Kushlick, pointing to another factor behind the BoomTown deaths.

“It seems to be younger people taking drugs at festivals who are dying, or people who haven’t used drugs much before.”

Organizers aim to roll out the pledge at other international film festivals in the coming months.

That said, this place retains a high level of spirituality that is hard to access in other areas of the country or music festivals.

Naturally, with a young population ever-growing, over the past few years it’s also become a burgeoning spot for festivals.

In the final third of the year, awards season kicks into gear with film festivals.

They threw festivals, allowed vendors free reign of the streets, and jacked up hotel rates.

Mixmag rounded up 20 of the world’s most astonishing festivals.

In the summer, travelers can take advantage of fantastic camping grounds, live-music festivals, and top-notch restaurants.

In one 2006 study, Green and his colleagues found suggestive evidence that turning elections into giant festivals of a sort can boost turnout.

The group performed at festivals, dive bars, bookstores, warehouses, your grandmother’s basement; punk queer kids bringing poetry and performance art to remote places.

LGBTQ festivals world-wide are upping police presence in light of the massacre in Orlando that killed 49 club-goers.

LGBTQ festivals world-wide are upping police presence in light of the massacre in Orlando that killed 49 club-goers.

The company has been impressing critics and audiences with its new-music-forward O festivals, each one named for its year.

Music festivals would make you think otherwise.

City festivals like Northern Spark, MayDay Parade, Holidazzle, Twin Cities Pride and Somali Week exist.

Certain festivals and communities are also a lot less health-conscious—they don’t eat their superfoods, or take care of each other as a community.

Envision is one of the few festivals that maintains that same feeling as it grows.

To many beer drinkers, beer festivals are just a race to check off as many brews as possible.

But is banning men from music festivals the best move forward?

The band spent the summer headlining big music festivals like Sasquatch and Bonnaroo.

Having suffered through chaotic shitshows at other jumbo-sized music festivals, I braced myself for a battalion of popped-collar finance bros and hula-hooping EDM kids.

“We would love to train festivals to do the same,” she says.

Also, isn’t this the sort of thing festivals should be doing?

festivals throw artists against one another for forced chemistry, but this wasn’t that.

Daniel: Going to festivals and enjoying myself.

Certain festivals will never have me.

I briefly decide I hate festivals.

Palamar and his team of researchers surveyed people outside of clubs and festivals in the summer of 2015 about their drug use.

I think early on, it was just that they thought hip-hop would bring a bad element to the festivals.

And yeah, music festivals exist all over the world, certainly.

He told me: See, alcohol and music festivals.

Their appetite pays for the smaller acts booked by promoters, clubs, and festivals.

His first single was released in the spring of 2014 and he has made appearances at festivals, including Electric Zoo and Ultra Music.

All the closed streets and festivals where people walk.

Rwanda and Nigeria have also expressed interest in fan festivals on their territory.

The sacred children can only speak to their families and they may only leave their temple to watch over religious festivals.

Compared to the lavishness of many festivals across the world, nothing about Envision felt particularly easy.

“I keep taking Wall-E to festivals and people refuse to smoke him!” Doan tells me.

Rach: Guys go to festivals to get their heads off on ket.

There are definitely drunk obnoxious guys at concerts but it’s at festivals where it’s really a thing.

I’ll ask guys who aren’t into music who they saw at festivals and they can’t tell you.

Needless to say, these festivals pulled together different facets of Toronto.

As a result of these tragedies, HARD has in the last few years taken precautions to stop drug-related deaths at festivals.

The two self-financed the pilot, which nabbed spots in four festivals, including a recent win for Best TV Episodic at the Mammoth Film Festival.

Related: After Orlando, Pride festivals in Toronto, London, and New York all boost security Follow VICE News on Twitter: @vicenews

Noisey: Why is Midgardsblot better than other festivals?

Noisey: What sets Midgardsblot apart from other festivals?

Noisey: Why is Midgardsblot better than other festivals?

I might be the only one imagining a Highlander-like war for survival between the two alternative comic festivals.

I think we like the same comics and both of us travel to lots of festivals around the globe.

So, interviewing Charles Gayle, the free jazz musician who plays festivals in Europe but sleeps in the subway in New York.

Film festivals usually feel like little oases, places to check out of real life for a bit and soak in the glories of cinema.

Across the pond, North American festivals have already begun implementing similar spaces for women.

In March, we asked if female-only camp grounds can stop sexual assaults at music festivals.

“But then there are people like us—free minded, who like to travel abroad, go to festivals, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Barcelona, party with other people.

I had met him a couple of years before, when Slowdive reunited, and we kept bumping into each other at festivals.

In the early 2000s, some of the bigger festivals like Coachella were born, this new emersion of festivals was happening.

The bigger festivals become like an urban scale, you’re building a city.

Venues, parties, and especially festivals tend to be packed with more alcohol, distractions, and strangers in one place than in the outside world.

“The men would come from outside during our sacrifices, during our festivals,” says Ly Sam Oeun.

In the “experience economy,” as CNBC refers to it, shoppers would prefer to save up money for trips and music festivals.

Do you foresee a future when weed is legal at music festivals?

This depressing and all-too-familiar reality is not just true of Sanatorium of Sound, but the vast majority of contemporary music festivals in operation today.

As well as Manchester’s Media City, the Hip-Hop Chip Shop does catering jobs at festivals and weddings.

I’ve worked in a lot of cities—at least ten different markets—because outside of Feast, I consult at other festivals.

We’ve ended things amicably now but we still go to a lot of techno raves and festivals together as close friends.

They would host three day experimental music festivals that also served hot food and had tarot readings.

Thus we know, for instance, that two of the organizations — the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and Cheltenham festivals — have 100% white workforces.

“The best festivals will continue to sell out, and mediocre festivals will close or cut days.

festivals will never be as big as they were, because the millennial is aging out of the demographic.”

She was full of life, a country music fan and attended several festivals, KOMO said.

The first is that it’s become ‘cool’ to go to festivals now, especially for younger people.

One thing that does make things difficult, though, is the festivals.

festivals at home and abroad had impacted physical spaces, and of of course the licensing issues are well documented.

At my festivals, you’ll see a lot of younger, newer bands.

Now, one of the largest Black alternative music festivals in the world, Afropunk also exists in Atlanta, Paris, and Johannesburg.

Wear Your Wounds will make its live debut this month at various underground festivals, including Roadburn, Desertfest and Dudefest.

And in the electronic music community, the change is felt most acutely in field of harm reduction at festivals.

These initiatives are a small—but significant—step towards finding ways to curb drug deaths at festivals that actually work.

Thus, DanceSafe has booths set up at a handful of festivals, where volunteers give out informational flyers and answer questions from attendees.

The lack of fact-based information around drug use is exacerbated by the reluctance of American festivals to allow on-site drug testing.

Widely adopted at festivals in Europe where harm reduction is considered to be more advanced, drug-testing isn’t common at US festivals.

Some US-based festivals have barred harm-reduction organizations from providing drug testing services.

Wooldridge estimated that DanceSafe tests drugs at fewer than 10 festivals in the States, which Backwoods Music Festival as one of the few exceptions.

“The festivals are often scared that if they include education or harm reduction services, it acknowledges that there’s going to be drugs on-site.

I’m going to submit it to some festivals.

With festivals fights currently cancelled, no new talent can emerge.

In the past decade, the sister cities have witnessed an explosion of street art festivals, gallery shows, and new art collectives.

A Toronto city council member is pushing to require electronic music festivals to have paramedics on-site, to be paid for by promoters.

Back in December we had our first taste of the lineup for this year’s Moogfest—one of America’s top experimental electronic music festivals.

I got this picture in my head of mini-Burning Man festivals in Iran, which has one of the most oppressive regimes in the world.

It will screen at DOK.fest in Munich, Bel Docs in Belgrade, and several other festivals before being released in theaters in Europe.

I don’t do very many, but I do kids’ parties, festivals, bars, burlesque shows.

It’s a sentiment commonly echoed by those most familiar with the festivals.

Along the way and over the course of four months, they will hit nightclubs and festivals in North America, Asia, and Australia.

But they were popular, charting in the ARIAs, receiving high rotation on triple j, selling out large venues and filling tents at festivals.

That includes festivals, awards, airplay, video, TV; an ecosystem crosses both the live and DJ stages.

“That was what was a part of my world, doing festivals.

“Is Malaysia their afterlife?” “Aqerat” screens next at international film festivals in Singapore and the southern Indian state of Kerala.

Former co-director Quincy Jones calls the festival the “Rolls-Royce of festivals”.

Rubens has previously covered music festivals, concerts, and carnivals in his GIF reportage style.

Tell me about working with two reggae legends such as them.I was noticing that I wasn’t booking any reggae festivals.

A new year means new performance in New York, as four annual festivals hit the city’s stages.

They are no strangers to headlining summer festivals and getting regular rotation on alternative/rock radio, and that’s mostly because of the music itself.

What have you got planned for this year, in terms or touring or festivals?

One evening, a bomb threat sent thousands of disgruntled people into the streets as the Palais des festivals was evacuated.

Since 2002, it has become one of the world’s premiere festivals.

Here are a few performances and festivals worth checking out.

But festivals like Coachella haven’t been about music for a long time.

Looking at the indie scene now though, it looks just as white as ever: particularly at festivals.

Some folks point to new businesses like Marcato, which makes software for music festivals like Coachella, as the new kind of Sydney success story.

Despite all that though English festivals are, undoubtedly, the best events to exist on planet Earth.

This is the main issue with a lot of impromptu B2Bs at festivals.

But festivals, we don’t really do.

I never went to festivals until I started doing music.

She has a new short on the circuit this year called Love, and it’s been taking festivals by storm.

Even when we have parades and festivals, they are underground.

Too often, summer music festivals are punctuated by unbearably long lines, even more unbearable crowds, and copious amounts of branding.

Since then, he has sent offerings on Aug. 15 and Yasukuni’s twice-yearly festivals.

Azealia Banks does that shit—if you ever listen and study her, they’ll play at random ass festivals, like Geneva, Switzerland.

The duo are currently on the road playing a number of national and international festivals.

While most people go to music festivals for the entertainment, Guy Fieri is going for barbecue.

M: Have you been to many music festivals before?

For that reason, a bog standard guide to navigating festivals in general isn’t any use.

The country holds festivals in her honor every January, attracting huge crowds eager to celebrate the much-loved Christmas Witch.

Dating back centuries before music festivals even existed, the sari has been used for religious purposes to keep women’s bodies covered in public.

Music festivals aren’t really places where we need to include these themes.

And while their works have sometimes won renown in film festivals abroad, they have lacked distribution at home.

The drug-related deaths made national headlines and incited a police crackdown on illegal substances at festivals.

They also reappear in the welcome amnesties for the condemned granted on church festivals.

Austin’s got a few things down: live music, damn good barbecue, and festivals that make everyone who skipped them a little jealous.

A staggering majority of survey takers told THUMP that they’d take advantage of substance checking at festivals if those services were available.

I saw adverts for durian fairs and festivals, and I was greeted with interrogations over my thoughts on specific harvests.

Music Festival, one of the biggest and most established festivals in the Pacific Northwest, will not return in 2019.

So far, the reaction from the festivals where the film has shown has been largely positive.

At the moment, Mermaids is showing at festivals in Canada throughout this summer, though it deserves a much wider release.

I used to sell at festivals and clubs often.

The festivals, on the other hand, are great.

I kicked the weekend off playing at Secret Garden Party on the Friday, one of my favorite UK festivals outside of Glastonbury.

Wherever they’ve popped up, festivals, radio stations, clubs, they’ve been untouchable.

Major film festivals in 2018 like Sundance and Cannes openly grappled with their post-Weinstein existence and matters of both harassment and gender equity.

She estimates half of her clientele are people arrested at the local festivals, some of whom find her through her website, TheMusicFestivalLawyer.com.

“If you can’t keep drugs out of prisons, how are you going to keep them out of festivals?”

Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project will be screening at various festivals throughout June and the rest of the year.

There’s a myth that dealers with tainted drugs at festivals are people from outside the community, according to Auctor.

The results Bunk Police yielded at the Gathering were different from what Auctor is used to seeing at EDM festivals.

Auctor was headed back to Nebraska for a rare summer week off from festivals.

He said he never goes to festivals for fun anymore.

The announcement comes at an uncertain time for independent city-based festivals.

The format of such festivals typically utilizes clubs and venues like museums and theatres rather than stadiums or fairgrounds.

Do you think festivals like this can provide some sort of insight into what Indian urban audiences want to watch?

Like most bands do, Kid Dynamite reunited in 2010 to play a few festivals, including This is Hardcore, The Fest, and FYF Fest.

So we started organizing those and running the tables and representing MICA at comics conventions and festivals.”

It will screen next in November at FICFA in Moncton, and Christie is currently pitching to festivals around the world.

Performing at international festivals alongside Ben UFO and Mood II Swing, while still remaining relevant to your grandparents, is an impressive feat.

Since then, mime has concentrated into small communities and intermittent festivals around the country.

“In Europe and Asia, they’re having mime festivals, so they get to know each other.

This self-proclaimed “grand-daddy of ideas festivals” is a gathering of diplomats and spies and entrepreneurs and astronauts and also, apparently, her.

“The stages which accepted us during previous festivals apologized and rejected us,” said Thant Zin.

Rather than implement harm reduction policies or limits on big festivals, Rodriguez maintains that the government cracked down on clubs across the board.

Boston Pride, Providence Pride, a conversation on queer photography in NYC, and performing in two different queer dance festivals.

—Jake Kivanc festivals“Bruh, are you going to Digital Dreams?”

Recently, THUMP wrote about the challenges of stopping drug deaths at festivals.

Others described being groped at book events or festivals.

Known harassers were repeatedly invited back to conferences and festivals.

Many speak Russian and go to the same schools, churches, and festivals.

In February, we met Kip Anderson, who aims to make festivals like Comunité vegan.

The quintet played 26 festivals in 2014 and 31 festivals in 2015.

In that time, Soundset’s grown from a warehouse party into one of the nation’s biggest rap festivals.

Currently the drug testing trial is still in an primitive stage, but the program has received expressions of interest from music festivals in Australia.

She envisions a farmers market, art fairs and festivals in the Center’s future.

I wasn’t thinking so much about playing the songs at festivals.

If you love of music festivals and just happen to have a spare $799 lying around, Live Nation has a proposition for you.

To cultivate that network, you need to show your face at festivals, parties, network meetings, and shows.

Seeing festivals and tours as a kind of vacation is dangerous.

Often times people are coming to the clubs and festivals to enjoy and escape the day to day pressures of life.

For those who follow major international film festivals in hopes of predicting the Oscars race, Sundance has always been a tricky event to read.

Describing the event as one “for the heads” seems to allude to a kind of snobbery which plagues far too many electronic-led festivals.

He was honored with lifetime awards from the Cannes and Venice film festivals.

Unlike many other important film festivals (such as Sundance or Toronto), Cannes is an industry-only festival.

But being selected for Cannes is an honor that can help propel a film into other festivals as well.

Other festivals like Ruido are appearing across the US, serving the young Latinx demographic that no marketer needs to be reminded is growing.

Emily Frantz (fiddle, guitar, vocals): Doing all the festivals in the summer.

“The girl that’s living on Instagram, that’s shopping at Revolve and Planet Blue and going to festivals, dating.

As far as major festivals go, it’s the best this continent has to offer for serious electronic music fans.

All the festivals I’ve previously been to have involved a tent.

It would be nice to play Hellfest or Roadburn, or one of those amazing festivals.

Indie, of course, would continue to live, through festivals like Glastonbury in the UK and Coachella in California.

She’s since released hit after hit … leading her to perform at some of the biggest festivals, including and most recently at Coachella.

Mixmag takes a look at the ways in which festivals are addressing social and environmental issues.

In Keychange’s own words: Forty-five music festivals globally have already committed to participate for 2018 under the Keychange banner, which is pretty amazing.

I would have been on all the festivals and blogs, but I know they would have been screwing me.

Sometimes it feels like music festivals focus too much on getting the craziest lasers and fireworks, and forget to actually focus on the music.

Maybe Marshmello is trying to remind us what really matters at music festivals by making a joke about onstage gimmicks.

And without The Killers and a handful of other bands like them, there’d be no point in having large music festivals at all.

The show has been presented close to 40 times since 2010, primarily at dance festivals.

The transportable sculpture will be displayed at different surfing events, concerts and festivals to raise awareness about the issue.

As EDM 2.0 outgrows festivals and frats and invades supermarkets speakers and film soundtracks, it’s adopted a new house-trained demeanor.

Russell: Shooting both festivals requires you to be on high alert at all times because so much is happening around you so quickly.

I’m really grateful for film festivals because of that, as the movie theater experience changes.

“Eclair FifiLone – “Crush Mood” “I chose this track as it sums up the energy of summer festivals for me.

It will also be playing at various theaters and film festivals nationwide in the coming months.

It’s about the rise of festivals and online dating replacing many of the nightclub’s main functions.

In Khmer, sky lanterns or “គោម” (“Khome”) are often used in prayer and celebration at major festivals and even large non-traditional parties.

Stone had a sponsorship deal for this summer’s Punk In Drublic festivals.

Graeme MacKinnon, No Problem: The current reality of underground punk and hardcore is festivals.

To me, Austin is like the city for festivals.

You know, I don’t cook festivals.

Harvey was a fixture at the festival as well as other film festivals.

At TIFF, one of the largest and most highly-regarded film festivals, roughly 30 percent of the films selected in 2016 were directed by women.

festivals in general hark back to pagan ritual.

But you can experience that at Wilderness, Green Man, and many other festivals.

There are so many festivals now, we spend most of our summers at them.

Bands don’t usually get encores at music festivals but Eddy Current Suppression Ring aren’t just any band.

And in the late ’90s, the way that looked was it was independent film festivals.

We have some very nice rejection letters from some of the most prestigious film festivals all over the world.

Here’s a look back at how one of the world’s most surreal, iconic festivals came to be.

They were just low-level festival fights; I’d go to festivals with my pregnant wife and she’d help corner for me.

“We’ve put it in people’s minds that festivals can be changed,” he said proudly.

Her award-winning feature film, Let’s Ruin It With Babies, headlined several international film festivals and had a limited theatrical release in 2014.

Young people flock to electronic dance music festivals that are popular for their loud music and intense stroboscopic light beams piercing the darkness.

At festivals, it’s mostly white middle class men.

Now picture ten EDM festivals across the globe.

Vehicles were searched before entering campgrounds and like at all festivals, guests’ bags were searched for drugs, weapons and other banned items.

You’ve been at all these film festivals.

We’ve traveled, gone to music festivals, and eaten at amazing restaurants.

Unlike the majority of UK festivals, Fresh Island doesn’t have a daytime line-up.

In the meantime, they’re also hitting summer festivals all over the world, from Chicago (Pitchfork Music Festival) to Yuzawa, Japan (Fuji Rock Festival).

In all honesty, there are a million and one reasons to still fall hopelessly in love with UK music festivals.

Compashion comes out at festivals.

What does being a hippie mean?I dunno, just the hippie lifestyle, like, festivals, smoking weed, dabs.

At huge, commercialized festivals, people are kind of in their own zone.

Similar to festivals like Afropunk, INDEX was conceived a platform for and by people of color, with a focus on Black and Latinx artists.

There is not a city in America that knows how to do festivals better than Austin, Texas.

50 Years | 50 Objects arrives from careful research, with information largely based on the memories of those who helped organize festivals.

Watch out for me at festivals, Ibiza, small pubs.

Bunting’s always at nice food festivals, isn’t it?)

Here the Lewises remained part of a Welsh community by attending eisteddfodau, traditional festivals of Welsh culture that include literature, song and dance.

They built transient communities around shared values of spiritualism, anarchism, and ecology, and sustained through meet-ups, convoys, free festivals and pilgrimages to sacred sites.

Moogfest 2016 made THUMP’s list of the 11 festivals actually worth going to last year.

“Hopefully we can spread the word and other festivals on the mainland in the U.K., at least, will have a similar approach,” Huggins said.

In March, THUMP investigated whether female-only campgrounds can stop sexual assaults at music festivals.

How do music festivals like Bass Coast nurture electronic scenes across the country?

Even as his new film plays at major festivals, his family’s future is uncertain.

festivals are essential, that’s where we educate our crowds a lot of the time.

Then they can go back to their normal scenes and other festivals, compare, and be like, “You know what?

The largest truck, Big Mama, has two hatches, and we built it to accommodate larger groups and festivals.

), outdoor festivals like Taste of Chicago (cheap!)

At most music festivals, nightclubs, and other settings with high MDMA use, there’s usually another drug being consumed: alcohol.

You’re at even greater risk for dehydration if you’re dancing in a crowd, as people often do at festivals and clubs.

“I think festivals kind of lost their way,” says Desert Daze founder Phil Pirrone when I meet him backstage.

Almost eight years, 15 countries and 28 graffiti artists later, Girl Power is premiering at film festivals around the world.

“There are a lot of restaurateurs doing festivals now.

hue you find at film or music festivals, this is more like a networking event.

We really want to bridge the gap between the municipalities, small business owners, like nightclubs and festivals, but also city residents.

Kojo Funds plays a load of festivals this summer, including Wireless in London, Bestival on the Isle of Wight and Reading.

Critics fear that offering drug testing will normalize the idea of drug taking at clubs and festivals.

I’ve launched nine, ten festivals at this point, and I’m very happy with the way this one rolled out.

Like most festivals, there was a main stage and a side stage.

There’s been so many festivals that have dropped me.

Coachella is both one of the most popular music festivals in the country and one of the most expensive.

festivals kept calling, and, eventually, the surviving members, including original bassist Jean-Yves “Blacky” Thériault, agreed to perform.

For its eighth year, the series continues to pick standouts from biennials, festivals, museum exhibitions, and other venues for moving-image works.

They were charged up with ideas, including science slams, science festivals, and media events starring scientists—and of course, press trips.

LET Festival is one of the few music festivals to feature an Ableton production workshop—it’s a place that encourages the furthering of art.

This found the streaming giant as a not-so-desirable — but deep-pocketed — buyer at the most recent Sundance and Toronto film festivals.

Music festivals, by and large, have started to reflect that just as much as your Twitter timeline.

High strength Orange Teslas tested by The Loop at UK festivals & Safer Party in Zurich – c.240mg MDMA – take care.

That first night flew by in a whizz of beer, bass, and wallet-punishingly priced burgers, as all good dance festivals should.

As its makers at Lotus Belle describe, the tent is the perfect place for high rollers to party at music festivals.

It didn’t exist before we did it at UK festivals.”

Still, it’s extremely rare to find a specific LGBTQ+ space at British festivals, which is part of what makes Downlow so special.

“Hundreds of jackfruit festivals conducted in three to four states are the biggest testimony for this,” he says.

“People are thinking twice before buying new clothes during festivals,” said Avinash Gaurkar, a farmer currently doubling up as a part-time driver.

And that means festivals.

Are there any other clues to its former life?We’ve got meeting rooms named after festivals and DJs.

Sunburn Festival, one of India’s most popular music festivals, continues to face a series of ongoing logistical and community-based problems.

You mentioned you also want to bring Meta Car to other festivals and events across North America.

We want to throw block parties, festivals, concerts with all the art cars that people can make.

He called for expansions into video and podcasting and described potential “festivals, music, different types of experiences” fueled by Pride Media content.

I’ve been in the room so many times now for all these festivals and screenings, so I can feel all the energy.

We hope festivals in a sentence examples were helpful.