Feeds in a sentence | Use of the word feeds examples

There is a deeper metaphor about ‘biting the hand that feeds you’ suggested by Ortega Ayala’s work downstairs.

It also really feeds into the imagination of someone who has never been exposed to different epistemologies.

It’s that it feeds your immediate needs while over time making you feel less and less value.

But it also perfectly feeds into something teenagers are feeling for the very first time: nostalgia.

Why would users expect “magic” from their Instagram feeds, and why would the creators of these memes promise it?

“Since Instagram users can also see what their friends are liking, the posts may show up in those parts of their feeds.

But the attack remains an effective one for another reason altogether: It feeds into broader doubts about Hillary’s decision-making.

I’ll admit it: My reaction to my famous host, when he criticized J.K. Rowling’s writing, feeds right into this stereotype.

And I recognize fully that there may be some ways political diversity feeds these other forms of intellectual diversity.

We need the audacity to admit our systems continue because we are lazy and full of fear, fear that feeds our indifference.

It really just feeds off of each other.

Fiber feeds the bacteria on top of the mucus layer as it passes through, helping to keep our microbiomes robust, Gewirtz said.

Right, not inserting them in other people’s feeds but in terms of doing their own thing.

But not inserting into other people’s feeds or things like that.

I mean, they’re in the feeds but they’re doing their own creatives.

Facebook users in swing states who felt Trump had taken over their news feeds may not have been hallucinating.

The vampires also have some unique quirks — for instance, there’s an “energy vampire,” who, according to Waititi and Clement, feeds off boring conversations.

VylyV’s textile sensors work in communication with a wireless sensor that feeds data through the smartphone application.

In my opinion, Amazon is preying on the work-life balance issue that the military has, and feeds off the rigid order the Army teaches.

That shadiness feeds the rumor mill that Apple is subtly trying to nudge you to get the shiny new iPhone.

It’s important to find someone that feeds your soul.

Someone that feeds your confidence.

So she wakes Cindy up, carries her out of bed, feeds her, and bathes her.

Crego eschews the happiness-making, self-help type of motivational memes littering Facebook feeds of aunts and grandmas.

We have a terrorism problem that feeds on our gun problem.

If there is one thing we know best about violence, it’s that it feeds on itself.

The gallery is funded by a nonprofit of the same name that feeds and gives health services to the elderly.

The technology directly feeds data about cyber incidents through a non-profit cyber intelligence data exchange and then to DHS.

We need to talk about figuring out how to get women equally on the broadcast feeds of ESPN and so on and so forth.

It feeds the backlash that fueled Trump to begin with.

“People don’t just tolerate Snapchat ads — they play with them.” — Mary Meeker, Internet Trends 2016 Ads aren’t currently in Snapchat friend feeds.

The two of them go together because the UHF discount feeds into how that national ownership cap is calculated.

Everybody feeds me this line that things are fine, but … Yeah, look, it’s unfortunate.

Who are on your social media feeds and why?

Folks should follow our social feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to stay current on what we’ve got going on at Math Magazine.

A Russia pipeline, which feeds the Ust-Luga port and Druzhba, has two parallel lines, which normally pump westwards.

What my—and many others’—social feeds don’t show is whatever we’re struggling with.

“People don’t want two separate feeds,” wrote Adam Mosseri, the exec in charge of Facebook’s News Feed, in a blog post Thursday.

The test wasn’t necessarily a waste — Facebook learned people don’t want two feeds!

He feeds off the crowd.

He was talking about exactly what feeds into the Forever Vacation idea.

“Sometimes I think of news feeds as the ‘mystery meat’ of your information diet,” he said.

The Babadook posts up in Amelia and Sam’s basement, where Amelia feeds it every day.

If such live feeds manage to attract viewers with the ability to quickly extract and share clips, what should they be looking for?

After Paris, we were all Paris, as our Facebook feeds turned tricolor with understanding, with solidarity, with empathy.

Earlier versions of this story were removed from Eikon’s scrolling news feeds in China soon after publication early on Tuesday morning.

Four Eikon clients in Asia outside China said the Tiananmen stories were visible on their feeds on Tuesday.

And with the leftover grains we give them to a cattle farmer nearby who feeds his livestock.”

Facebook is testing a new feature that inserts posts from local politicians into users’ News feeds, even if they don’t necessarily follow those politicians.

LG: Do you block people on your feeds?

Carefully curated Instagram feeds can convince you everyone you know is living an idyllic, glamorous life.

The company separates the paste into protein and lipid (fat) products, both of which are useful in feeds.

Raising questions over how we attain basic needs of food and water, “WetLand” feeds off the growing movements of urban farming and food cooperatives.

Last Halloween it also launched a video-only feed for specific events, but those feeds were human-curated.

As for the Kaskawulsh, its water level has risen dramatically, which has rippled down to rivers it feeds.

More live feeds of the co-founders .

After pulling landscape footage from CCTV feeds around the world, Marcus DeSieno employed a 19th-century photography technique to create his eerie images.

A specialist is an organism that occupies a tiny niche in an ecosystem (like a moth that only feeds on one particular plant).

That those labels couldn’t have been further from the truth didn’t matter; perception feeds reality in sports discourse.

This is not the same as having long lists of features, specs, speeds and feeds.

This feeds into a broader fear that AI may change the way human creativity is valued, possibly even replacing human pros.

“My social media feeds are like 100 percent snow pictures right now.”

I do think it’s worse, and I think it’s because of the internet, which feeds on anonymity.

This is the hard part about failure in American politics: It feeds on itself, perpetuates itself.

The inability to get anything done feeds his low poll numbers.

It doesn’t create the phenomenon – it makes it bigger; it feeds it.

Rather than buying a single-page ad or a minute-long TV or radio spot, companies benefit from the candor and storytelling on influencers’ feeds.

With today’s ambiguous regulations, health care sponcon will continue to saturate our feeds with posts that appear sincere but end up being misleading.

In a world of social feeds and autoplaying video, I’m far from the only person who had this experience.

The feature caused widespread confusion; users posted screenshots from their feeds showing the “hate speech” button underneath innocuous family photos or targeted ads.

That included the roughly 80,000 organic posts on Facebook that appeared in roughly one-third of Americans’ News feeds.

The lack of objectionable content in our daily feeds is only due to the hard work of content moderators.

Crossposting that one to all my social feeds.

It’s designed to get cars off the road, meaning that over time, the state gets less money from cars paying those feeds.

Quarantined subreddits also can’t generate revenue, appear in non-subscription based feeds, or appear in search or recommendations.

They use their Twitter feeds to disseminate policy analyses and direct their followers to the Republican lawmakers they think should be feeling the pressure.

“You look good” pronounces a mirror there, which has been photographed approximately 10 zillion times for Instagram feeds.

I think it sort of feeds your curiosity.

“It used to be all-nighters on the weekend, but now I spend no more than ten minutes scrolling through all my feeds.

The process of learning—be it a control scheme or learning how to play a particular stage perfectly—is part of what feeds into that satisfaction.

#DebateNight pic.twitter.com/DsEEV2FSho All of this feeds into why the debate was so frustrating for so many women, even though Clinton performed well.

“Anybody who feeds fish will tell you this,” Brown said.

You feed it input and in return, sometimes, it feeds you rewards in the form of “likes,” “retweets,” or “replies.”

They flooded her social media feeds with snake emojis.

But that’s not the “Rest in power” that crosses my Twitter and Instagram feeds every time some tattooed riff lord dies.

By 2007, it was hosting more than 800,000 individual feeds and 471,000 publishers, up from just 5,600 three years prior.

That was the year the company stopped posting on its AdSense for feeds blog—reflecting the eventual death of that service.

They can redirect their feeds, but that’s not intuitive in the FeedBurner interface, and many older sites may not get the memo.

“You don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you, but I think a friendly bite is OK,” she said.

From that it feeds to a receiver and that plugs into an auxiliary cord that plugs into their phone.

This is a most dangerous path, as it could incite his supporters to violence, and feeds mistrust of the political process.

The spoof twitter feeds, which normally abstracts fan feedback with a couple milquetoast tweets, would suddenly spool into an unmanageable thread of hate speech.

And how the film looks feeds into its feeling of grim, manic comedy.

Car Seat Headrest’s 11th record feeds off the mess.

It’s the kind of disaster that feeds on itself.

It’s the kind of disaster that feeds on itself.

“They are the propaganda that justifies voter suppression, and feeds police brutality, and minimizes the murder of Heather Heyer.

Now they’ve realized they can’t keep enabling her worst impulses, because doing so feeds into their own.

And good energy feeds off good energy.

At times, we may have as many as six live video feeds running simultaneously on our digital platforms, often in different languages.

If we rely on our social media feeds, our newsfeeds, to bring that together, it’s not enough.

Some feeds come directly from Reuters video journalists and others are supplied by TV stations that are Reuters clients and share content.

The New York businessman feeds off the energy generated by crowds that pack his rallies by the thousands.

It’s this organised mayhem that feeds the Showpo marketing machine with the content it needs to keep its huge social following growing.

The arrangement gives Google continuous feeds of schedules from tens of thousands of shops spanning 13 countries.

The risk is that these works, placed together, create the same cognitive and affective overload as our social media feeds.

Members will be able to track their progress through a smartphone app and camera feeds.

The “Big Brother” house is a cauldron of sexual shenanigans … or so it seems judging from the 24-hour live feeds.

A conspiracy theory feeds on the latter, spreading radical ideologies that capitalize on feelings of insecurity.

Should social media platforms universally offer an auto-privacy function that would allow people to hide their feeds on command?

She even feeds him with milk created by her own body!

The effervescent queen caught our attention and dominated our Pinterest feeds with her fantastical drag creations and perfectly painted features.

Each of these devices take some data from your body and feeds it through a proprietary algorithm particular to that device.

His exploits are far more likely to populate your social feeds and retain the attention of sports casuals.

It feeds on itself, becomes sort of a vicious cycle of self-fulfilling selling.

Posts would circulate via RSS feeds, and discussion was typically rich with links to other blogs.

“My wife feeds me.

It feeds into her work, lending so many of her verses their introspective intelligence.

A German engineer in the late 1800s invented the technology that feeds a new bullet into the chamber after every shot.

Would you have us bite the hand that feeds us?

They need to ensure that the streaming experiences they provide are as solid as their broadcast feeds.

Death and decay, that feeds new life.

The notion feeds the image of a simpler and more homogeneous nation, which Trump’s campaign largely signaled throughout the race.

Several tech startups also work with retailers and brands to allow their Instagram followers to easily purchase the items they feature in their feeds.

With social media feeds, there’s nothing like that, it’s deliberately meant to keep us going and going.

It lends a new identity to those artefacts and feeds the illicit market.

“There’s nothing that exclusively feeds on it.

My social media feeds have been overwhelmed by my friends and colleagues mourning the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral these past two days.

In addition, the choppers could transmit their video feeds wirelessly to command centers or troops on the ground up to 20 miles away.

Its users self-police the content in their feeds, telling each other to watch their words.

If a bird feeds until the end of a tune, the system will select another one with similar qualities such as rhythm and melody.

It emboldens them and feeds into getting more recruits and radicalizing people.

Competitor FUD often feeds these worries, but in many cases, the concerns are real.

The burying beetle is a black-and-orange bug that feeds on animal carcasses and is currently endangered.

But protesters say the land feeds thousands of families that have no other source of sustenance or income.

When it became available to English speakers in January 2017, taking over social media feeds for a couple of days.

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That’s what feeds Silicon Valley.

The faces of Boston Haymarket workers from the 1960s look like they could be ripped from news shots or social media feeds.

He aims to create and post his memes as quickly as he can in order to keep up with the live feeds.

They all say they enhance their understanding of each episode by following the live feeds and discussing Big Brother online.

“Live feeds don’t lie, they show you everything,” Olsen says.

Then really, on the night of the election, my social media feeds just took a horrible turn.

“That feeds into some of our discussions about restrictions around alcohol,” Toomey, the University of Minnesota epidemiologist, told me.

But now we have personalized search results, handcrafted Twitter feeds, and a Facebook algorithm based on likes.

All of these are marketed on the brands’ Instagram feeds, often pictured nestled among offerings like moisturizers and hairspray.

I think this causes a lot of people to feel deficient, and that feeds social anxiety.

[Peter Kafka / Recode] Your social media feeds yesterday were almost certainly filled with tweets and posts of “Me Too” yesterday.

Like, 200 people on Twitter telling you what is good and what is bad, and then that feeds from there.

So right now we’ve personalized it to the point of your cable channels, your news feeds

Third, outrage feeds the narrative that energizes Trump’s base.

These are the statistics tens of thousands of people likely thought of when they shared the 1994 quote all across their social media feeds.

Growing distrust feeds into another doom loop: the disappearing legitimacy loop.

It will eventually leave art viewers completely saturated, passing by priceless masterpieces in the same way we absentmindedly scroll through our Instagram feeds.

A wave of tributes from students, artists, and writers across generations and geographies flooded social media news feeds.

Marker’s questionable methods yield a meandering, solipsistic slog that spoon feeds its messages to the viewer.

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“Dissatisfaction with the current system feeds a dream of wiping the slate clean, but motivations for a clean slate vary drastically,” Max Sawicky writes.

Lastly, working in a subterranean studio feeds into the imagery in my work.

At the nest, a sandy trash disc, baby feeds upon polymer lanyard, molds its own belly into an altar.

What we did, we used data feeds and then we reached out and sort of scraped and brought all the listings in one place.

It feeds into this idea that anti-police malice is the same as, for example, anti-black malice.

And I don’t know what the term for this is, but literally people see their Twitter feeds flooded with hateful messages.

Twitch numbers you might get 300, 400 thousand simultaneous viewers for five different feeds.

And some studies have found that the majority already make purchasing decisions based on what they see in their feeds.

Exports of goods fell 1.6 percent to $137.9 billion, weighed down by a 9.5 percent plunge in shipments of food, feeds and beverages.

I saw this on some cable news and social media feeds throughout the day.

“Right now, we’ve personalized it to the point of your cable channels, your News feeds.

It’s currently unknown how many organic posts there are, or how widely they were seen in people’s feeds.

When I’m moving through those feeds it feels like there’s a community unspooling before me.

But the real problem is that he wouldn’t generate the type of controversy that Trump feeds on.

“I like to say, the cows are powering the truck that feeds them,” says Straus, quite proud of this closed loop he’s created.

And unlike Facebook, LinkedIn will not use its algorithm to boost videos higher into people’s feeds than other kinds of posts.

That there’s this tube that you stick into your brain and it just feeds in all this stuff.

Bruni says this attitude feeds into claims of elitism by his supporters and further undermines our very real criticisms of Trump.

“If you look at the things Trump is addressing, it feeds into people’s fear, anger, and indignation.

Because members’ news feeds update very quickly, and in a rigid, reverse-chronological order.

That burning smirk when she feeds Ramsay to his own hounds at the end of the episode all but confirms it.

“It’s almost like it just feeds her.

How much water and power feeds Sin City so tourists can make fools of themselves?

Many of my Democrat friends like to taunt pro-life people on their social media feeds.

“That sort of feeds an attitude where they don’t care anymore.”

Something else, it seems to me, that is going on is, there is a general decline of trust in social feeds.

Where you’re gonna have plenty of feeds in your life suggesting things at you.

Fiber feeds the bacteria on top of the mucus layer as it passes through, helping keep our microbiomes robust, Gewirtz said.

I think it feeds into some interesting concepts.

“But there is also a larger dimension to the strike, one that feeds the massive response of both academics and students.

The feeds are designed to be endless.

”This is the kind of story that feeds cynicism about insurers among patients,” Larry Levitt at the Kaiser Family Foundation told me.

The program then prioritizes that content in search results and social media feeds.

But it feeds this tendency to turn things over quickly.

The steady flow of content into our timelines, feeds, and screens has replaced traditional forms of communication.

“It’s unlikely for vector-transmitted diseases to go airborne because they’re basically reliant on an insect that feeds on a host.”

See, Pennywise the Clown is actually this evil entity who feeds on emotions and was birthed in some mysterious dimension called the Macroverse.

Cool moment is when Michael peels off a pepperoni and feeds it to Oprah, who congratulated Michael.

The ‘CBB’ live feeds returned and she’s with the other houseguests.

Stamper added that law enforcement’s use of militarized tactics often only feeds the chaos the anarchist groups seek.

The Air Force wants to leverage artificial intelligence, automation and algorithmic data models to streamline opportunities for airmen watching drone feeds.

And pop culture feeds into that.”

This whole trend has been — is much newer than the trend with News Feed and feeds overall,” Zuckerberg said of the user adoption.

Their social media feeds are heavy on posed selfies and promotional posts urging their followers to buy their friends’ books.

He feeds off the small things that make the city come alive.

“People don’t want two separate feeds,” wrote Facebook exec Adam Mosseri on Thursday.

A Russia pipeline, which feeds the Ust-Luga port and Druzhba, has two parallel lines, which normally pump westwards.

Rick transfigures into a pigeon and Morty feeds him breadcrumbs.

WPH produces a high-quality package of live tournament feeds, player interviews, and analysis.

The video shows Berkeley sticking her head out of a truck while a man feeds her from the drive-thru window.

Others go on a digital rampage, erasing any trace of the ex in their social media feeds.

The Varroa mite is a parasite that feeds on the blood of honeybee larvae.

They’re not the Instagram-curated version that we see on our friends’ feeds.

The absence of protections simply feeds this cycle and keeps LGBT people on the outside of our society in many places of our country.”

“Our smart devices are always on, updating their apps, refreshing their news feeds, and synchronizing their data,” he adds.

Without the ostensibly neutral tone of third-party media outlets on your feeds, these information silos may only get worse.

It helps to grow the baby by feeding it, and also to dispose of its waste, so it kind of feeds, filters, and flushes.

There’s something particularly American about it too, she notes, since it feeds off a “more is better” mentality.

In a world that constantly feeds our desire for instant gratification, do you think we still have patience for gradual change?

User feeds were riddled with what some saw as over-produced or inauthentic depictions of people’s lives.

A quick scan of the team’s Twitter and Instagram feeds found no posts or photos from the event.

We reviewed it again and removed it from future delivery in people’s feeds.”

She’s adamant, “Keep this bulls*** off mine and other’s feeds who could be easily effected by this disgusting advertisement.”

The office is surrounded by a camera crew, TV mixing consoles, program feeds, and monitors.

In fact, as we scroll through our content feeds, we are prompted to react: to like, share, ignore, report or reply.

Scroll through most health care influencers’ Instagram feeds and you’re likely to see at least a few #ads.

Reliance on the narrator feeds the story and the mechanical experience of the game.

Truthfully, it’s only controversial if you are a publisher of content meant to invade the feeds of regular people.

“Press” feeds into the gossip Cardi knows social media feeds on.

Just take a cursory glance at social media—the feeds of many have become a stream of indignant articles, conspiracy-riddled comment threads and protest photos.

Facebook cracks down on creepy posts: Weird shit is popping up all over people’s feeds and it’s not just a tasteless selfie.

A Ring representative told Motherboard in an email that most of the posts in Neighbors app feeds are user-submitted videos.

Khanna feeds his herd of 80 one-hump cows on a mix of organic green fodder, grain, carrots, porridge, jaggery, and pink salt.

Social media feeds contain a wealth of personal information: daily gripes, tastes in music and movies, and plans for nights out.

It also feeds Morocco with tuna, moray eels, and other fresh fish.

How do you feel about the superficiality you represent?The media feeds on superficiality, that’s just the reality we have to face.

Nell took it as a compliment; she too loves to scroll through people’s feeds and see what their lives are like.

The grinding of the proverbial rumour mill is endless, and social media feeds it with ever-more insubstantial chaff.

Highlighting themes of racial and ethnic conflict as central to American politics further feeds this dynamic.

[nL4N1EB3KF] Stimulus feeds growth but it also feeds property bubbles in the top Chinese cities.

It feeds our innate interest in culture, human nature, and connects us to the space we live in.

But in Milan, his Refettorio Ambrosiano feeds the poor, many of them homeless – and now he plans to expand the charitable experiment further.

If you’re going to have live feeds, without any kind of … For stopping it in advance, you’re going to have that.

KS: Right, user generated live feeds.

He’s dubbed the measure the Communications Over Various feeds Electronically for Engagement Act—or COVFEFE, for short.

His insecurity feeds this desire to do all he can to remain the most powerful guy in the room.

Social feeds on mobile apps have crystallized modern habits like nostalgia and collecting pixelated objects into digital experiences that we curate and archive.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads The Paris Couture shows have been littering the Instagram feeds of the stylistically inclined for the past week.

It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago, everyone’s Instagram feeds were clogged with well-lit shots of Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccinos.

We need to change policy that requires an IMO ID be attached to these AIS feeds.”

It feeds the consumer machine.

Now, the SPAGs have infiltrated the gay havens on our Facebook feeds, too.

Snapchat is moving carefully with these announcements, trying to ensure it doesn’t alienate audiences with ads woven into their video feeds.

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The entire art-fair infrastructure feeds on this commodification, so it’s an easy trap to fall into.

“She feeds you and teaches you, she protects you, she takes care of shit.” Mothers, C.K.

It’s been curating feeds around live sporting events, and highlighting them at the top of users’ feeds, since last summer.

“It has two functions: it feeds and it nourishes,” Lopes says.

An index measuring output, which feeds into the composite PMI, dipped to 48.8 from 48.9.

So much of what we’re educated to believe feeds back into the things we want to study.

While scrolling through the feeds Sunday, I came across a charming video that I had to click on.

In fact, it absolutely feeds into that stereotype.

China’s industrial investment also feeds its hunger to secure global supply chains.

In the future, we could huff food blogs and snort stinky Twitter feeds straight into our sinuses.

The modern tipping point toward feeds came when companies started to push mobile as the main content experience.

This is a prolific metaphor for the way Murakami feeds off the old imagery in order to create new ones.

Prosecutors accused Stone of violating his gag order last week, forwarding screenshots of his Facebook and Instagram feeds to Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

Prosecutors accused Stone of violating his gag order last week, forwarding screenshots of his Facebook and Instagram feeds to Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

A side-mounted device feeds a block at a time into the weapon, neatly aligning the four projectiles with the four bores.

This in turn feeds back into domestic politics throughout the West.

“Am I the only one with garbage feeds?”

Dry feeds have traditionally been used because they can be stored.

You can also use the Echo Show to display your photos or see feeds from your security cameras or baby monitors.

You’ll also be able to watch live video feeds on the Spot and control your smart home.

Publishers and game developers do check their Twitter feeds, so getting their attention that way is very worthwhile.”

The tunnel is connected to a massive intake chamber that feeds directly into the centre’s cooling system.

On his social media feeds, he’s posted many high-protein “fitness” products with surprisingly high levels of sugar.

Would you at least say that people should take it less seriously, to not take their emotional cues from their Facebook feeds?

It also feeds into a problem society has with sexualizing children and rendering grown women childlike.

No one wants to subscribe to those feeds; no one would voluntarily give birth if they did.

Lack of treatment feeds chronic conditions, like heart disease, depression, and diabetes.

That’s the line that science fiction feeds us on tampering with our children’s genes, anyway.

The sculpture feeds on sound and light and grows as time passes.

Even in its best incarnations, it feeds our desire for ghastly detail, and tries to make sense of why the worst crimes happen.

But transportation feeds and intersects with all of those issues.

And it feeds itself.

And it all feeds into an old school soul break, with choir vocals welling up and a gruff voice yelling “Go Hard.”

“The chief feeds us.

As a counterpoint to our typically disembodied, detached, and sanitized experiences of food, “O Peixe” proposes an intimate proximity with that which feeds you.

That feeds a lot into my work as a perfumer.

Momma beats or pardons, decides who gets work, feeds them or leaves them to go hungry.

After drawing his first start, the 7-foot, 280-pound Azubuike mostly converted feeds underneath into seven dunks.

I think Netanyahu’s strong reaction feeds that debate.

But much like YouTube and Facebook, TikTok’s algorithm feeds users content and teaches them which voices to trust.

Ever since I looped one video like this several times out of morbid fascination, my For You page semi-frequently feeds me similar TikToks.

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But now, citing user feedback, Twitter has restored the ability for people to view their feeds in all their completely uncurated glory.

The company is trying to do some of that already by altering the kinds of stories it shows users in their News feeds.

The interior streets of the superblock will be narrow, low speed, and built in a grid pattern that feeds into the main roads.

That ambiguity also feeds into De La Haye’s predicament.

So this gender inequality feeds directly into political instability.

It also makes sense that a generation obsessed with near-constantly scrolling through our Instagram feeds find imagery the most relatable format for creative work.

On this issue, he feeds blacks the same line he feeds everyone else, an outlook that divides marginalized communities.

From where we were standing, no one disappeared into their own universe of conversations and social media feeds.

I think one feeds the other.

Rather than dial 911, it feeds directly into a staffed command center with “a direct connection to local law enforcement.”

The profits Mansudae has raked in from these artistic projects directly feeds into North Korea’s coffers, according to the United Nations.

Gab empowers users to filter and remove unwanted followers, words, phrases, and topics they do not want to see in their feeds.

Mosseri said the company has no plans for a global test of the two separate feeds for its 2 billion users.

Depending on how people respond, two news feeds could mean that they see fewer links to news stories.

It feeds, it purifies, and it heals.

Mostly, it’s a good thing it feeds, because that sulfur-enriched food is surprisingly delicious.

Apart from being packed with vitamins, whole grains are great sources of fiber—a type of carbohydrate that feeds healthy gut bacteria and supports digestion.

This is what I look at all day—my inbox, social media, the feeds.

This dynamic isn’t just bad because it clogs up our feeds with nonsense, and necessitates debunking.

Like any good cyberpunk future, all life feeds into the profit of the megacorps.

It’s essentially a chase thriller, deftly written in the prose Homer pieces together and feeds back.

At Twitter, Periscope is starting to integrate into user feeds and CEO Kayvon Beykpour has been named to Twitter’s executive team.

We woke up to—or stayed up watching—social media feeds and news reports about violence, sometimes political, sometimes personal, sometimes seemingly random.

Stories would go on the site, and I’d only know about it if I constantly refreshed the homepage or our social feeds.

So in a sense, you’re seeing their own personal feeds minus private accounts.

People filled her social media feeds with snake emojis, and the hashtag #KimExposedTaylorParty started trending on Twitter.

That compression is a galvanizing struggle that feeds my creativity.

An output index, which feeds into the composite PMI, climbed to 52.7 from 52.3.

In any case, the idea that our Twitter feeds are an accurate representation of who we are is fun and terrifying.

YouTube is still sorting out deals with the big local affiliate groups elsewhere that will allow access to their live feeds.

Radar monitored users’ Twitter feeds and alerted them when anyone they followed used key terms suggesting they might be suicidal.

It’s that counter narrative that feeds into all the films you’ve been watching recently.

The party feeds off a broad coalition of unions, grassroots organizations and youth social movements.

Last month, news feeds were saturated with distressing headlines about Momo.

All in all, it was sort of a relief to have relatively few politicized firestorms blowing up our feeds.

Earlier this year, Brooklyn’s The Bagel Store’s bagels made from rainbow-colored dough captivated our Instagram feeds.

Right now, adding the tag to a post does not boost that post higher in users’ feeds, though it could in the future.

But Twitter did not alert users who merely saw Russian troll tweets in their feeds but did not interact with the content.

He says if that powerful emotion is not properly channeled, it feeds into an unstoppable cycle.

This feeds the diver in me.”

“It just feeds into the lack of awareness and knowledge of what an Afro-Latinx person is.

The charity component of Recipe for Change also feeds into the second part of the program: job placement for its graduates.

TP: We know from psychological research by [Andrew] Elliot and others that progress on our goals feeds our well-being.

In Pakistan, it feeds into a larger narrative of there existing a predatory political class and business elite.

That rejection may be especially noteworthy now that sites allow us to mute people we don’t want to see on our feeds.

A lot of my motivation feeds on nostalgia.

Probably for some branded content that will be hitting your Facebook feeds and YouTube pre rolls in the near future.

In other words, we’re letting the terrorists terrorize us, and it only feeds more attacks.

The company has determined that it can’t put more ads into users’ feeds without harming their experience.

We live in a world of bots and trolls and curated news feeds, in which reality is basically up for grabs.

“It emboldens them and feeds into getting more recruits and radicalizing people.

It feeds that misperception.

It has even published a study defending the diversity of peoples’ News feeds.

For most of the year, I refreshed feeds and hate-read the Washington Post in my spare time, like everyone else.

Now more and more of us pull out our smartphones and look at our Facebook feeds.

It can’t be captured by story feeds or nostalgia.

His bike is connected to an oxygen mask, which feeds him varied amounts of oxygen during a 15-minute workout.

You grow into your instrument, and it also feeds into your body; it’s a two-way relationship.

The revenue from these permits feeds environmental initiatives, such as incentives to purchase electric cars, or launch the GreenON fund.

Unafraid of the untested, Beier fearlessly fords uncharted technological waters, experimenting with green screens and live-video feeds that transport viewers to fantastical digital locales.

Russian propaganda appeared in our feeds more than 150 million times.

People feed off of that.” Kemp added that he feeds off excelling against his former teammates.

“As social media has become the dominant vehicle through which we consume information the fabrication of these feeds becomes the fabrication of reality.

The evidence of this is abundant and persuasive when we turn to our own social media feeds.

Half the time, it feels like actual headlines are crazier than the endless parade of lies that fills my social media feeds.

But this was the kind of thing that feeds itself: You get a little taste of it and you want more.

We both use humor in our Twitter feeds to convey the experiences of living with depression.

Our feeds are filled with reasonable, funny, thoughtful comments from our groups and the most unreasonable, offensive tweets sent by our out-groups.

But Baron-Cohen’s theory has been criticized by other scientists, not least because it feeds into “neurosexist” stereotypes about male and female brains.

I have a Facebook page, but it has sort of grown into something where it’s my Twitter feed that feeds my Facebook.

And as the feeds have become more algorithmic, it’s brought that out in me even more.

With social media feeds, there’s nothing like that.

Oh yeah, I mean we intentionally strive to.With the greater anonymity of social media, what comes in their feeds?

Both of them have dyed their hair blonde, straightened it, weaved it, which feeds into a fantasy about women and women of color.

“That sort of grievance politics feeds into this tactic of using food banks,” he explained.

On the days when the restaurant is closed, Rasmus takes the sourdough home and feeds it.

It becomes a self-perpetuating problem that feeds into the stereotype that women are just stressed-out hypochondriacs.

Osentowski’s operation essentially feeds itself.

Like, I’ve gotten trolls in all my feeds.

The site presented only cool clothes, bags, and accessories, all chosen by individual humans, since algorithmic feeds weren’t widely deployed at the time.

The pipeline would run under a pond and wetlands on the property; the pond feeds into a creek, which feeds into the Juniata River.

(This lack of discernibility also contributes to the problems of fake news, which algorithmic feeds promote like any other content, however inaccurate.)

The current reality is that these feeds silo you in homogenizing platforms, calculating the best-fitting average identity.

The app then feeds this information into a data analysis system that shows the restaurant exactly how much they’re wasting.

And that feeds a lot into the kind of music I want to create and put out into the world.

As a result, their feeds are hyper-personalized places where music promotion, fashion shoots, and Xanax use sit, normalized, side-by-side.

The Cam Newton Foundation says each family will also receive a “full second Thanksgiving meal to prepare at home, courtesy of Food Lion feeds.”

And no restaurant better feeds our national pasta yearnings like Olive Garden—a spaghetti-and-breadstick sanctuary for all our carb worship.

The so-called IRA was responsible for getting content into perhaps as many as 126 million Americans’ feeds.

Game of Thrones ended a month ago, but the franchise is still dominating our limbic systems and social media feeds.

“The people around me are really into it, and it feeds into my enthusiasm.”

The song finds Saba and Chano rapping about internet anxiety, fame and scrolling the feeds over a warm, spare, piano-heavy beat.

Check out more Hyperspektiv images and videos on the app’s Instagram and Tumblr feeds.

Dolores secretly wants a child, and feeds cats (considered vermin in this world) as a maternal outlet.

This is a symptom of the sign’s determination and ambition — but also feeds the classic Scorpio desire to be seen as powerful.

Is he biting the hand that feeds him?

So I think that all feeds into it also.

They don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them on other issues.

It is a fierce ouroboros: Trump’s incompetence feeds his struggle to recruit his preferred candidates.

For the first time in history, tabloids, Twitter feeds, and the country at-large found itself nodding along to Matthew Wright’s words in unison.

It feeds the hatred of parishioners, which spreads to people outside the Church.

That is, the coder feeds visual data into the neural nets, unable to predict what will emerge.

Users also would get a new choice on whether they want to view “borderline content” in their news feeds, he said.

Pick through any of Styles’ feeds, and you will find nothing but a bleak and empty chasm.

In a strange but unsurprising way class feeds into it as well.

“That topography feeds back into the Yarkovsky effect and will predict the asteroid’s path in the future.”

Facebook and Twitter should create a way to trade timelines / feeds with strangers and see viewpoints of others.

This isn’t the first widget to let users explore the social media feeds of other users.

Jordan’s comment feeds into what has been a growing war against mainstream media outlets, in the Trump era.

‘s time in the sun, she cedes some of the spotlight to her backup singers whose energy she clearly feeds off of.

By cultivating a rarified persona from this complex web of intersections, she prefigured the curated images that are currently populating Instagram feeds everywhere.

Algorithms increasingly power everything people do and see online, from what Instagram stories display in their feeds to what ads they see on Facebook.

The researchers could figure out if users tweeting false stories had previously seen the false stories in their feeds.

The signals intelligence agency feeds information about the incoming threat to an automated system deployed on networks that the NSA protects.

So often it arrives in our feeds filtered through the human emotional system.

“I trade some other crops such as cassava and maize, but my business thrives on the chamba I grow, and this feeds my family.

Populism feeds off these concerns.

She wonders out loud about how social media feeds into that perception of the perfect life.

Inside the mosquito, these gametocytes produce sporozoites—kind of like baby parasites—which can then travel into a new human when the mosquito feeds.

Consider what Facebook got caught doing in 2014, after manipulating social news feeds to measure user reactions.

As 24-hour news channels merge with endless digital news feeds, human communications are becoming increasingly saturated with images.

This new field of research raises ethical questions that have been around for far longer than iPhones and social media feeds.

Facebook’s steps are limited to its ad policies, and do not target fake news sites shared by users on their news feeds.

Nursing soothed my son, and he cuddled into me during his morning and night feeds.

Fellow social media influencers waxed lyrical about her journey and cross-posted her content on their own feeds.

I follow majority queer folks on social, so my feeds are amuck.

The buzzing of push notifications, the nagging red bubbles on apps, and endless feeds create the perfect storm of distractions.

Transpetro said in a statement the oil had spilled into the Estrela River, which feeds the Guanabara Bay.

The Orlando Sentinel and the San Diego Tribune, both of which partnered with Time Teletext, would act as feeds for local news.

Others feature flamenco, puppetry, live video feeds, a long sequence in which a coffin is crafted out of saran wrap, and a circus sideshow.

Since then, Bongo Cat has become our savior, rescuing our beleaguered timelines and news feeds from the trash fire that is 2018.

This feeds into the overall declining appetite within the industry for the experience, market intelligence and contacts provided by more experienced loan syndicators.

During the event, the staff sees everything thanks to a command center with a wall of TVs playing live video feeds outside the venues.

Since clearing Citgo’s upper ranks of Maduro allies, Esser has focused on securing alternatives to the Venezuelan oil that feeds its refineries.

But even when I am not taking pictures, teaching and the gallery keep me thinking about art, and that feeds back into my practice.

Every scene that comes before feeds into the scenes that came after.

The F-35 then takes control of the missile, feeds it targeting information, and then uses it to blow stuff up.

Facebook’s Campbell Brown and Adam Mosseri defend the recent controversial changes to the types of stories that appear in users’ feeds.

“That feeds into price inflation for the sought after inventory,” he said.

This reticence explains, at least in part, why he has had difficulty breaking into the international art market that feeds on Japonism.

A reader, you would take RSS feeds and you’d mash them together and that would be what you would see.

It all feeds on itself.

This discrimination and fear bleeds over into basic classroom interactions and feeds our reluctance to challenge exclusionary curricula.

Sometimes I think of news feeds as the mystery meat of your information diet.

But: hope lurks for the Cavs in shadows, captured on obscure Snapchat feeds.

Chances are, you clicked on this article from one of your social media feeds.

The loop feeds the car into the next set of rotating disks and then it’s another trip around a second loop.

It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock The meat it feeds on.

Alden encourages parents to teach themselves how to ignore temper tantrums because attention feeds them.

Mohit says that as part of the acquisition, the companies plan to integrate Flipagram videos into the personalized content feeds.

Some people say reading their Twitter or Facebook feeds make them depressed; well, if that’s the case, detach for a while.

And that’s true to the simulation pitch—the game is so deep that everything you build feeds into this economic simulation.

We use that liquid to make the tea that feeds the plants in our greenhouse.

But it goes without saying that the abundance of capital feeds laziness on all sides of the spectrum.

They’re still there and they’ll intake skating that way, the way they want to, and often those feeds have no commentary.

Some people say reading their Twitter or Facebook feeds make them depressed; well, if that’s the case, detach for a while.

The company separates the paste into protein and lipid (fat) products, both of which are useful in feeds.

In other words, AIN feeds on the precise cocktail that forges virtual communities and propels YouTubers to microcelebrity status.

Out of earshot of the feeds, one was whispering in his ear.

The feeds confirmed his satisfaction, rendered his relief a substrate of pure pleasure.

The meeting was first revealed by both Trump and Peña Nieto on their Twitter feeds on Tuesday night.

I’m no exception—there are probably entire cities whose skylines I don’t remember because my face was glued to my social media feeds.

As well as appearing online, the news agency shared the story on its Twitter and Instagram feeds.

An index measuring output, which feeds into the composite PMI, dipped to 48.8 from 48.9.

However, the cuddly image Kalanick has been trying to push forward has conflicted with some others captured outside of his social feeds.

A presence that defies the need for bricks and mortar and feeds the longevity it deserves.

I sat in silence with my brother, texting the girls who were putting up the feeds on Twitter.

So I’m not in a position to say anything bad about New America — why should I bite the hand that feeds me?

It involves history and not biting the hand that feeds ya.

The predator starfish feeds on corals by spreading its stomach over them and using digestive enzymes to liquefy tissue.

I’m never certain that what we think feeds our souls always is the top 10 list.

She now feeds him grapes, bathes him by hand, and sings him Spanish lullabies when he gets nervous.

Typically, dopamine in the midbrain’s substantia nigra feeds into the basal ganglia, a group of neuron clusters involved in motor coordination.

http://t.co/40W01g14n7 Accusing Biles and the Williams sisters of doping feeds into that existing trope.

South Africa feeds itself and is the continent’s largest maize producer and the world’s second-biggest citrus exporter.

Phillips believes social media feeds into this—anonymous feedback on pranks only reinforces the need to do them.

“It’s what we call cumulative extremism, which means one extremism feeds another.

It feeds the love and belonging queer people are so often denied by parents, by government policy, and by the world at large.

Many of Trump’s supporters feel ignored by liberal and government elites, and that sense of overlookedness feeds their rage.

The score is one signal among many that Facebook feeds into more algorithms to help it decide which stories should be reviewed.

Check out The Atlantic’s Facebook, newsletters and feeds.

Facebook puts ads into users’ feeds, and messaging apps don’t have those feeds.

First the band’s website went white, followed by the deletion of its Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ feeds.

This rollout will start popping up in users’ feeds later this month.

And yet, feeds need to die because they distort our views and disconnect us from other human beings around us.

But it’s harder to justify it once you realize you spend an hour scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram feeds every day.

EARLY MORNING Wake up her 11-month-old and 3-year-old and give them uninterrupted attention as she feeds, clothes and nurtures them.

And finally, I realized that I was missing out by constantly checking all my feeds.

They are building feeds that shape your mindset and distract you from the world around you.

feeds now divide people and affect the structure of our societies.

She feeds them, spends time with them and tucks them into bed.

Last week, Academy Award-winning actor JK Simmons blew up our Instagram feeds with some candid photos of his extremely vascular biceps.

People you like argued ad nauseum, and ungodly promoted content took over your carefully curated Instagram feeds.

Mossberg: Well, it puts the Tweets on more feeds.

More people’s feeds see the Tweets.

Instead of ingesting feeds, everything featured in the app is user-generated content — meaning it’s an event someone felt the need to share.

In that report, “share” is defined as content that appeared in users’ news feeds, not whether users actually interacted with it.

And groupthink can be a powerful force, particularly when journalists are all reading each other’s Twitter feeds.

On a more practical level, Brother Phap Dung recommends that people stop reading the news if it feeds fear.

We’ve already had TV shows based on Twitter feeds, like $#*!

But Sentieo’s 65-person India-based engineering must keep data from all 50 feeds, 25 million documents and 64,000 equities flowing to keep customers satisfied.

It also feeds the public perception that Peña Nieto is backing down or deferring to Trump one last time.

One feeds into the other.

Instead, in one motion he spins back to Redick (who pops off DeAndre Jordan’s screen) and feeds him for an open three.

We’ll also potentially post some of the best interviews from Code Commerce in those feeds, so subscribe today.

And all of it feeds back into the Eagle Twin universe.

He filled his social media feeds with woman-hating trash talk to complement his onscreen antics.

We hope feeds in a sentence examples were helpful.