Feeding in a sentence | Use of the word feeding examples

Brachiopods have valves above and below their shells to open and close for feeding or protection.

“Only one group of living animals has a comparable feeding structure (called a lophophore) enclosed by a pair of shells,” said Moysiuk.

He’s in the midst of a year-long tour across America feeding cows and visiting national parks and drinking milkshakes with small business owners.

None of her organs are decaying and, barring the ventilator and feeding tube, her body is continuing to grow as normal.

While in the Nairobi National Park in Kenya, Ms. Trump was filmed feeding baby elephants that had been raised in the park.

She also told us what she’s feeding her new BF, and how she feels about the Kardashian brood and their animosity toward her.

Are those who champion the ‘birther’ movement feeding off of bias?

Are those who champion the birther movement feeding off of bias?

“While Congress is nitpicking school food and child feeding programs, we will at least have added sugars on food labels.

The U.S. strongly supports breast feeding but we don’t believe women should be denied access to formula.

U.S. jobs data also was weaker than expected, feeding expectations the Federal Reserve would cut U.S. interest rates.

You can sense him feeling out the forms as he made them, their tumid sensuality feeding off his immersive eroticism.

Because the other 29 things — like feeding their family and having a job and paying for college or whatever — are more important.

In the meantime, news programming is feeding public appetite for the story.

and the show’s signature star, it has to keep feeding her material when a more interesting story is elsewhere.

Mee, laughs at all the money he invested feeding the fighters and taking them to fights.

After force feeding the animal beer, the men said they watched it swim away in a nearby pond.

“This has measurable consequences on the cougar’s feeding behaviour,” said co-author Liana Zanette of Western University.

I find that the type of thing people are feeding themselves with is often really contradictory because it’s anti-government but pro-America.

There, a concentration of people feeding their addictions and sharing needles gave rise to a rapidly-expanding HIV epidemic.

That is the day-to-day slog of making meals, and feeding people, and dealing with different food preferences.

This bedbug sex ed is important for humans because during a bedbug infestation, the predictable feeding source is you.

‘It is the most promising feeding tool to reduce methane emissions.’

‘It is the most promising feeding tool to reduce methane emissions.’

“It is the most promising feeding tool to reduce methane emissions,” he said.

Not just using a specific vintage guitar, but feeding something through a knackered old cassette recorder to see what it does to the sound.

(“I heard that a woman was feeding it small fish,” Wiig said.)

Hill was put on the defensive because of both her race and her gender, feeding into racist stereotypes about black women’s sexuality.

Maybe feeding children dinner would have the same effect.

Within 48 hours of feeding, in fact, Burmese pythons can see up to a 44-fold increase in their metabolism.

Concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs, are a culmination of farmers’ history-long quest to grow animals more efficiently.

Much to the relief of the researchers, Hernandez was doing just fine a week after the feeding frenzy.

The heavy mouse populations mean more feeding opportunities for ticks, Cary Institute disease ecologist Rick Ostfeld explained in a statement.

The entire plotline of Dustin finding a baby Demogorgon and feeding it was an homage to “Gremlins.”

JF: I think he has advisers around him, like Steve Bannon, who is feeding him this bullshit.

(To call their eggs organic, producers need to follow a standardized set of feeding and growing practices.)

Hodeidah handles the bulk of Yemen’s commercial and aid imports and is critical for feeding the population of 30 million.

They require bathing, feeding, and toilet care, says Daiwai Olson, an intensive care nurse with more than 30 years of experience with comatose patients.

feeding can be continuous or periodic, but often takes place via a tube.

And thankfully, he liked feeding the squirrels.

“That’s the time period when sharks are most active in feeding.”

Machine learning is a type of AI that involves feeding computers example after example of something, until they “learn” to make their own determinations.

The aim of adversarial machine learning is to trick the computers by feeding them inputs that’ll mess up their determinations.

That’s bound to happen, as is Belichick cruelly feeding the squirrels to dogs once their productivity shows any signs of decline.

CCC solves it by feeding each program, the host and the donor, the same input file and watching each one do its thing.

AXM: Whose ego do you think it’s feeding?

And the teacher can talk about his experiences rather than simply feeding you lecture notes on the computer.

In Europe, storms and wildfires are now cheek and jowl, with the former feeding into one of Europe’s worst fire seasons.

“Because they’re filter feeders, you’re not feeding them from food source like a salmon farm would,” says Allen.

Tiny just posted an adorable video of Tip feeding their 10-month-old daughter, Heiress Diana, a lemon.

There is a certain element of a feeding frenzy at play here.

And, it turns out, many were a feeding ground for predators.

The feeding center of al-Sadaqa’s hospital, she said, was crowded even before the new civil war began.

It dominates creatures and pulls them into a network of forced labor, feeding mechanisms, and gladiatorial fights.

Despite their upper-class stature, a number of them throw themselves across a table, grabbing scarves from one another like hogs at feeding time.

It’s essentially feeding people what it wants them to consume — and video can be good business.

Twenty-five cents of each slice sold will go to feeding America, an organization fighting to end hunger in America.

Machine learning can keep feeding it in.

People in bad shape, feeding on them won’t be so rewarding.

Initiatives included health clinics, feeding homeless and hungry people, and legal advice for those dealing with unethical landlords and police brutality.

Some had worked in the facility for over 25 years, pulling apart maggot-infested chicken carcasses and feeding them to the fish.

I have seen the grown ones feeding and caring for them.

You’re in a super intense mood today, Taurus, but it’s feeding your creativity, so whatever.

It would be like feeding the wolves.”

So, even if I want to understand what the other side sees, Google is constantly feeding me the things I want to see.

Some examples include tarantulas feeding on frogs and lizards, a centipede eating a snake, and a bee eating tree frog eggs.

But nobody is feeding it.”

Take, as just one example among many, the film’s treatment of food and eating, specifically the act of physically feeding a person.

First, you realize that the kids are feeding the birds low-quality food.

So, again, it’s not Apple feeding you stuff.

Previous research had shown asthma patients to have altered gut microbiota, and feeding prebiotics to mice had been shown to improve their allergic asthma.

Does frequent feeding stimulate greater protein synthesis?

Intensifying right-wing Euroskepticism was feeding off current events, fomenting a movement that threatened to swallow Cameron’s political career whole.

They are instructed to bring a picnic lunch, as the queen will not be feeding them.

Good lord, Gianluigi Buffon, what are they feeding you?!

feeding refugees is considered an essential function of the State Department, but resettling them permanently isn’t on the same level.

But by doing that, she’s feeding the growing psychopath inside him, the terrifying murderer he is already becoming.

A white guy with dreads in a polo shirt was feeding his baby in a stroller.

And the movies love feeding this dystopian Terminator image of AI.

Almost everyone believes Bellator’s feeding Swagger a tomato to inflate his record — someone who can’t beat him.

The free food always triggers a feeding frenzy, as people from the entire WeWork space descend upon the main kitchen to grab some freebies.

Even in the midst of a storm, these feeding sites must report leaks, she said.

But once you’ve built that audience and you’re constantly feeding them, you eventually lose control.

We are feeding this fire while the means to extinguish it are within reach,” he added.

So is the issue that those are Trump stories that are negative, they’re feeding an audience that wants negative stories?

Maggots and other insects are feeding on the honey and the baby bees who are still in the hives.

Maggots and other insects are feeding on the honey and the baby bees who are still in the hives.

Presumably, then, the majority of the database feeding the online mugshot marketplace is made up of people who committed minor infractions.

But a number of recent high-profile cases in Italy have galvanized public attention around the issue of feeding children vegan diets.

The company’s woes are feeding into trade tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Of course, Trump has been feeding the worst impulses of his already fired-up crowds since the beginning of his candidacy.

LeBron won’t win shootouts by rifling up threes; he has a chance as the magazine feeding a smoking chamber.

Noise has prompted whales to abandon feeding grounds.

When we were in the halls of Congress, you said that you would starve to death without your feeding tube.

[Later], being handcuffed without feeding tube formula or medications for over 20 hours, to an ER bed, was painful, uncomfortable, and humiliating.

Then there’s the price of training, grooming, and feeding, and the costs for entering and traveling to shows, along with handlers’ fees.

Hopefully A LOT — because all proceeds will benefit feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger relief organization.

He is feeding them food from a Nairobi-based organics recycling company.

They’re feeding you what you need to know but not giving any help executing it.

U.S. jobs data also was weaker than expected, feeding expectations the Federal Reserve would cut U.S. interest rates.

It’s usually a bright feeding ground for dugongs, sea turtles, and other marine life.

Besides being a performance of protest, her presence there, alongside the Statue of Liberty, was a rallying cry, feeding our spirits.

Sansa chose his punishment — feeding him to his own ravenous hounds.

We learned that the art of feeding athletes has become extraordinarily fine-tuned, calibrated daily to their workouts and competitions.

feeding elite athletes these days is a full-time job.

Here’s Obama: They’ve been feeding their base all kinds of crazy for years, primarily for political expedience.

Southern Hemisphere humpbacks tend to spend the southern summer months, such as February, feeding in warmer polar waters.

A feeding frenzy ensued, and the rest is history.

In pairs, we enacted what our partners had drawn, becoming swaying leaves and feeding birds.

Weirdly, the idea of feeding Skittles to cows isn’t the aspect that has been questioned.

Pressure at home stacked on top of pressure at work, feeding off one another.

Fighting food waste will be crucial not only to feeding a growing global population, but to fighting climate change, too.

Now Ethiopia, although it still can have droughts with weather variability, it’s now feeding itself because that agricultural productivity has gone up.

But what I want to know is this: Do you find yourself feeding off the crowd’s energy?

I am a sale shopper, and this tool is totally feeding my addiction.”

9:10 AM: I light some incense, then light my Venus devotional candle (Venus is my matron goddess) before feeding my fish, Solstice.

Instead, they make productive use of the funds, feeding their families, sending their children to school, and investing in businesses and their own futures.

The breeding, feeding, and the way farmers treat their cattle all make a big difference.”

So you’re feeding into a policy process.

“Then other mosquitoes become infected from feeding off of those people,” Walter Tabachnick, a former director of the Florida Medical Entomology Lab, says.

Now, it looks the guy’s coming back to his normal life, and his neighbor can stop feeding his cats.

They start by feeding the AI model short segments of music, a few seconds at a time.

We have to stop feeding our addiction.

She also said two female Fox executives tried to discredit her allegations by feeding a story about her to the National Enquirer.

This had the effect of altering school sports programs a great deal, feeding America’s arsenal of Olympians.

At its core, feeding the Resistance is a book of recipes and ideas to help you get involved.

For breaking the number one rule of fairy tales and not feeding beggars, for dehumanizing women, for tricking others with false hope.

Three, four, or more, though, and it’s feeding time at the zoo, albeit with less fur and more cursing.

It always felt fitting, in a way, that Drag City abstained from participating in the tech-dollar feeding frenzy that is the music streaming ecosystem.

On Sunday, divers spotted a famously huge great white shark named “Deep Blue” feeding on the whale near Oahu.

It’s also all our fault, for feeding the tabloid and trash TV beast for decades.

When we asked Boris Worm whether anyone would still propose krill as a viable solution to feeding the world, he said, “Absolutely not.

Is there an easy solution to feeding the world in a sustainable way?

Chain restaurants feeding businessmen before they head into the boardroom.

Two are almost completely dependent on feeding tubes connected directly to their stomachs.

The discussion shifts back to feeding tubes.

For instance, many of the people recommend only feeding thicker carrots into it.

Could a feeding tube be a good alternative?

I feel like you’re just feeding the demon when you do that.

Fundamentally, it means feeding a large dataset of high-definition biopsy images into a program designed to analyze them.

That boosted inventories of gasoline and diesel fuel heading into the less busy season, feeding concerns about supply.

This lunch was truly transcending in terms of what cooking and feeding people means.

At worst, you can be purposefully or accidentally “feeding,” which is dying repeatedly and giving the enemy team experience every time you do so.

“The temperature in the sea is good for feeding and growing salmon, while it is bad for sea lice.

But feeding stressed feelings usually leaves us worse off, both mentally and physically.

This isn’t a feeding tube for the popular narrative that whatever Howard touches turns to crap.

Three, four, or more, though, and it’s feeding time at the zoo, albeit with less fur and more cursing.

Crowds like this are what happens when women’s basketball receives the same feeding and care men’s basketball or football programs routinely expect.

After six weeks in hospital, a number of feeding tubes and infections, Quinn returned home with no answers, but worse symptoms.

The inhabitants of Graignes were swift to help, feeding the U.S. troops, relaying intelligence and retrieving their equipment from the marshland.

Though those trappings are presented a little more strangely, the video for“21” findsDaBaby slowly feeding his girl breakfast cereal.

Things like Amazon Prime, Uber, home loans, feeding the entire world [via Monsanto], and Favor are ‘great ideas’.

2:12 PM: A middle-aged woman is feeding her dog strawberries.

It grows ceaselessly at the edges, hardening turf into concrete industries, forever feeding its enormous polluted body.

There were now-familiar criticisms of the social network site — notably that it places us into echo-chambers, feeding us stories that reinforce our political views.

But a trifecta of problems has arisen around the issue of feeding these students.

We’re told the Sexual Assault Section will not be feeding the D.A.

Her theory is that someone is translating Breitbart articles into Chinese and feeding them into social media.

Mike Will Made-It has been consistently feeding us singles from his forthcoming mixtape Ransom 2 over the past month.

(After taking some heat for feeding the deer Pringles and donuts, Peña vowed to get them “healthy shit.”)

But it would be challenging for any president to make good decisions if the people around him were deliberately feeding him bad information.

I’d wince every time she started eating, and eventually I started to dread feeding her.

I notice that the handlers are not just feeding the dog treats, but are also nibbling the treats themselves.

Euro zone weakness is also feeding back to Germany, while pressures on the crucial German automotive sector are now spreading to the chemicals industry.

The band is feeding off the energy of crowd, and vice versa, creating a feedback loop of energy.

feeding everyone within planetary boundaries will also mean changing agricultural practices and reducing food loss.

From there, it would move along to its next feeding spot.

The company probably feels it has more than enough alternative data points feeding its user profiling at this point.

That’s when I went from a galley hand to feeding guests who were paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a week.

You probably shouldn’t be feeding your dogs people food.

“Richard Liu has talked about feeding JD’s one million or so delivery staff.

“We don’t need them—in the sense of feeding, clothing or teaching us—but we need them for other reasons,” Bulley says.

“It was focused on young child feeding, no focus on gender or violence,” Roy told me.

Companies spend inordinate amounts of time on the care and feeding of their databases.

The Pop Drop is a way for mainstream music to get its taste of EDM while also feeding the hunger for nostalgia.

Some “feeding studies” keep people in a lab for a period of days or weeks and control everything they eat, for example.

There were no bathing or shower facilities at the center, and the staff did not clean the child properly after feeding him.

Sloths do most of their moving, and feeding, at night, snoozing away the hot temperatures of the day.

#liquidgold #pumping #rockstarmom ··· “ Milk came in last night and pumped this since then and feeding on top of it.

The dozens of hours that I spent feeding my obsession with guitar were not wasted.

They are melting the plastic waste down and feeding it through 3D printers to make intricate pieces such as car parts.

Apparently, there are official, legal breast milk banks, but access to these banks is restricted to people who are feeding babies.

Being a black hole, V404 Cygni is feeding off of a companion star, slowly siphoning its material.

While feeding her, she suddenly stopped, looked me in the eye, and asked, “Where is your mother?”

According to the researchers, the flashes were most intense at the height of the black hole’s feeding frenzy.

I’m not sure that you can sustain feeding the hungry in America through bailouts to farmers.

This is feeding the hungry; but in order to solve hunger, we need more long-term solutions.”

By feeding matryoshka dolls found on the islands into a strange machine, a single AI citizen can be created.

feeding chunks of transcripts into a predictive text generator called Botnik, Hernandez creates sometimes nonsensical, sometimes hilarious bits which he posts on Twitter.

His artificial feeding and hydration have continued since the latest ruling.

And the kitchens were already functioning before the hurricane came, feeding first responders.

After sitting for several minutes with one-eyed-Harry, who was rescued after being caught in a fishing net, Henriques jumps up to start a feeding.

Did I ever dream that maybe the governor officially put me in charge of all feeding operations?

feeding him wasn’t easy, but I had a lot of help.

“They are feeding every two hours.

While ‘processing’ can mean any operation performed on personal data — from storing it to structuring it to feeding it to your AI models.

“Enforcement agencies should not be feeding social media trolls,” she said.

Just as the feeding frenzy prompted a rupture in decorum, it also broke down social barriers.

“We’re continually either bombarded by or feeding our habits with sense stimulation.

The product has found success, but even so, its one-note functionality feels underwhelming compared to the expectations science-fiction has been feeding us for decades.

I couldn’t physically eat anything, so I had to eat through a feeding tube.

Hearing human sounds caused most badgers to completely stop feeding, even though the researchers had put out tempting buckets of peanuts for them.

You can also donate to the World Food Programme, one of the lead agencies on the ground feeding families crossing into Bangladesh.

They literally should have been spoon feeding him: He would have kept going for another four, I’m convinced.

It’s usually a bright feeding ground for dugongs, sea turtles, and other marine life.

feeding addiction, love, misery, excitement, the day to day, the ego, wellness, enthusiasm.

“It’s just a nonstop feeding frenzy with these guys.”

Basically it’s the constant loop of recurrence or repetition or feeding a ‘beast’ of any kind.

Here she is feeding Kevin broccoli: “Here boy,” Harrison coaxes.

It’s that empty calorie shit that’s feeding that demon we have.

It must keep feeding, until you are no longer yourself.

All it takes is one person willing to try something stupid—the 2017 equivalent of feeding oranges to sailors—to save millions of lives.

Because that’s really what their focus should be: on feeding people, not just rich people.

Whatever process is taking place here may be feeding mouths, but it hardly looks like sustainable economic development.

According to Seabirds: feeding Ecology and Role in Marine Ecosystems, kleptoparasitism is a survival strategy that minimizes the energy expenditure needed to obtain food.

feeding America feeding America is the largest non-profit fighting hunger in America.

At the heart of feeding America’s strategy lies their network of food banks.

It had all the ingredients so essential for a media feeding frenzy: the easily digestible team-versus-team recipe.

Now, as NASA reaches further and further away from our planet’s orbit, it’s being faced with new challenges for feeding astronauts.

And it’s helping you, it’s feeding you.

Following quickly on its heels now is Mobcrush, a mobile Twitch of sorts, feeding off the energy of LA’s youth.

Growers needed to provide separate sleeping quarters for men and women and keep invoices to show that they were feeding their trimming crews well.

Several farms dropped out of the Clean Green program after he added the clause about feeding workers well and paying them directly.

With help from Facebook employees, a “No Pay Cafe” in Sonoma has been feeding thousands of Wine Country wildfire victims.

To date, Ornstein’s helmet has always showed up without the flowing plume, a gorgeous arrangement of feathers feeding out the back.

feeding on these plants is what gives each piece its characteristic colour, flavour, aroma, and fatty texture that melts in the mouth.

Rising inequality was feeding “authoritarianism”, he said.

“He is an evil person who’s only concern is his wealth and feeding his disgusting ego,” he wrote of Braun.

“He’s feeding people who are just like him.

From 2011 to 2014, scientists would catch and tag sharks, releasing them to monitor their feeding, migration, and reproduction.

The joy, guilt, laughter, difficulty, and abject terror are even more acute when you look down and see two mouths that need feeding.

Right, so he’s not feeding you stuff.

Venus in Cancer flirts by preparing a delicious, home-cooked meal and seductively feeding it to their partner.

The failing NY Times Fake News story today about breast feeding must be called out.

The U.S. strongly supports breast feeding but we don’t believe women should be denied access to formula.

“The Panthers are feeding more kids than we are,” one US government official reportedly admitted.

Let’s just not go overboard and start feeding babies almond milk.

Twice, female mantids were observed feeding on a bird while also mating with a male.

You can think of the device as a reverse feeding tube that’s surgically implanted into the stomachs of obese patients.

That’s feeding uncertainty for his current chief, Reince Priebus, and everyone who works for him.

He’s been sparring with and feeding Manhattan journalists for decades and brought that skill/obsession to the White House.

At first glance, the small devotional altar called “feeding the Fishes” is beautiful with its glittery gold finish.

The media is often a reflection of who’s giving them stories, and a lot of people feeding stories are snake oil salesman.

feeding Texas, a network of food banks, has raised tens of thousands of dollars to cover student lunch debt in the state.

Islam frowns on not feeding your wife.

“It’s about a creature coming out of your shit and feeding on your mind.

We are still afraid of them,” she said, sitting on the floor of a military clinic in Bama while feeding her 3-year-old daughter, Aisha.

Chastising them on a grand stage and feeding them to the wolves of Bachelor Nation is reckless.

It’s not an easy scenario to conjure, no matter how much wisdom Russel is feeding him.

The finding helps ecologists to better understand how fish feeding can affect a reef.

I tried feeding it squid but it wasn’t interested.”

Putin’s also seen feeding carrots to a thoroughbred.”

That means you’d need almost 6,300 Asian tiger mosquitoes feeding on each square centimeter of skin on your body.

“But this eco-system is possibly feeding families and is definitely doing more good then [sic] harm.

By late Friday, the pro-Trump media was in a feeding frenzy.

One moment, you’re feeding customers, the next you’re in a turn-based battle reminiscent of those Final Fantasy games I like so much.

There’s a joy in feeding other people that can’t be replicated any other way.

Do you think the music industry itself has played a role in feeding mature messages to kids?

She says he’s continued a campaign of brainwashing the kids, recently taking them to a park and feeding them lies about her.

The insects then began feeding on each other, something herbivorous insects do often when food is poor or limited.

After her premature birth, Fiona couldn’t stand on her own and required bottle feeding—and one month later, she even required feeding through IV.

He was feeding Arabs, Israelis, Christians.

“There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the two ideologies, both perverse, are feeding each other,” Basu said.

The bill for housing, feeding, and educating refugees accepted into Germany is estimated to amount to 21 billion euros.

To make the beetles’ feast easier, Keller de-feathers, de-skins, and dissects the corpses before feeding.

Life hacking is the hot trend for feeding addiction.

Bombs and bullets don’t drive out the hopelessness and lack of opportunity feeding extremism.

The disappearance of salmon creates an ecological domino effect that devastates other species, like orcas and eagles, that rely on them for feeding.

Donald Trump and the anti-Muslim ideologues feeding his dangerous views are doing the exact same thing right now.

“The internet is a beast that needs feeding constantly,” says Myers.

Still, by feeding and training your Magikarp, you can steadily boost its jumping power (JP) until it’s tournament ready.

Yet, nearly every time, Soma’s customers and judges are blown away, because he cooks for the pure joy of feeding people.

It’s to keep feeding themselves with power.

Suffice it to say, Berenson completely fails to deal with the role of marijuana arrests in feeding mass incarceration.

He is feeding them food from a Nairobi-based organics recycling company.

feeding kitchen waste to pigs is banned, for example, but is still taking place, Yu said.

In my own home country, we had a lot of discussions about chemicals in feeding bottles.

Or does he need to hear “feeding toothpaste to a homeless man” one more time?

They tagged birds with gene variants for short and long beaks and tracked their feeding habits.

U.S. jobs data also was weaker than expected, feeding expectations the Federal Reserve would cut U.S. interest rates.

bad at singing, then feeding your voice through a damn T.I.

Are we feeding a filter bubble or echo chamber or are we actually seeing divergent — it’s not diverse, but divergent abuse.

The climate: The birds are vulnerable to shifts in feeding grounds caused by events like El Nino and climate change.

“[T]he president who rarely sits out a feeding frenzy is selectively aiming his Twitter guns at those under scrutiny.

Part of the study involved feeding “trained sensory panelists” — who were asked to define Parmesan’s taste profile — cubes of cheese.

She cited the Republican senators and the White House “feeding” stories to the press.

feeding the bacteria in the gut and producing some gas is not a bad thing.

I am sooooo disappointed by this national feeding frenzy about sexual indiscretions decades ago.

(This has been apparently confirmed with satellite imagery, unlike the almost certainly false story of Kim feeding his uncle to wild dogs.)

The crabs have a keen sense of smell, and soon several others joined in on the feeding frenzy.

Growing trade tensions have worried investors, with concerns about a global trade war feeding into increased volatility in the stock market in recent months.

The news has induced the sort of feeding frenzy usually associated with shark chum and Apple products.

This involves feeding 4 million amps of current through the generator, which is several thousand times more than a lightning bolt.

He stands out for making his own suits, feeding mice that he found, and showing up at random church services.

Following years of drought, the wettest winter on record drenched the state, feeding a bumper crop of trees, grasses, and shrubs throughout California.

Hugh was smoking briskets overnight in the pit, which involved basically sitting by the pit for 16 hours, feeding wood.

At that time, Franks suspected that the swimming behaviour of plankton—in patches—helped them in feeding and survival.

Wall said she prides herself in keeping a measured tone online, not feeding into sensationalism or hype.

On an animator’s salary, she would have little chance of feeding herself.

This is not so in families that breast-feed: Nursing requires the mother to bear the time cost of feeding the baby.

These accommodations help spread out the responsibility of feeding the baby, so it’s not all on the mother.

I began feeding it sample texts, and the analyzer started spitting out scores that seemed at odds with what I was giving it.

I’d be sleeping on a rock, or feeding my horse, or just going for walks.

By feeding matryoshka dolls found on the islands into a strange machine, a single AI citizen can be created.

By the late 19th century, the Royal Navy had been feeding its sailors curry tailored to British tastes for years.

All your food for the day is eaten during an eight-hour feeding window.

Because your feeding window is smaller than it otherwise would be, you also end up eating less often.

That means continuously “feeding the beast” — our voracious demand and expectation for new compelling premium A-list-driven content.

Despite their long-held role in Liberia’s domestic economy, artisanal fishermen are feeding only a sliver of the population.

Do you think we’ll spend another episode in Winterfell talking about feeding everyone and listening to everyone groan about Daenerys?

Though I was a first time bio parent, it wasn’t my first at bat for caring, feeding, nurturing, and loving a small human.

The park service got rid of a garbage dump inside the park that was a popular bear feeding ground.

The presence of John Ortiz is just the most proximate reminder that she has a whole human self she hasn’t been feeding.

The two got into a discussion over Twitter about some not-so-great aspects of #momlife after Kardashian tweeted, “This 4 am feeding really kills me.

She thinks it’s part wolf, part dog and noticed it was bleeding — so she started feeding it daily.

Outdoors, mosquitoes didn’t really care though, feeding randomly on cattle, goats, and sheep.

After a difficult labor, the mother, Lissy, had a tough time feeding her newborn.

The bots also respond to Kirke’s brainwaves linked to him via a EEG headset, feeding off how relaxed or anxious he felt.

The machine only keeps going because we keep feeding it.

The two got into a discussion over Twitter about some not-so-great aspects of #momlife after Kardashian tweeted, “This 4 am feeding really kills me.

We’re feeding the virtual world with all our dreams, hopes, and desires, and at the same time our physical world is completely crashing.

I’m off one hour of sleep because North is up all night and I was feeding him every two seconds.

It’s about feeding people and being part of a team.

Choi and his partner Daniel Patterson share a passion for feeding people.

In turn, those mice have provided plenty of feeding (and disease swapping) opportunities for ticks, causing the tick population to surge.

“That” being a public display of a child feeding from its mother’s breast.

AMLO simply raised the minimum to keep up with the cost of feeding a family of four.

Cybersecurity and cyberthreats are always evolving, and feeding off each other.

It works by cutting and splicing multiple filament colors and then feeding them through as the object is printed.

The shimmering synths of opener “feeding on the Flats” glimmer and pop, enveloping upon themselves and sounding like an extra-terrestrial orchestra tuning their instruments.

He was an old-fashioned instrumentalist who made some of his coolest sounds by feeding a Linn drum machine into effects pedals.

From Uber’s perspective, this also opens up the possibility of new avenues for revenue — feeding the user adverts and promoted apps.

A Colorado man who is accused of shooting a neighbor after an argument about feeding squirrels.

Elevated feeders also allow for a more natural feeding position that can reduce problems like regurgitation, especially in cats.

Elevated feeders are a great option for large- and giant-breed dogs because they allow for a more comfortable and natural feeding position.

The Suncast Elevated feeding Tray comes in two different sizes, both with two stainless-steel bowls included.

The Suncast Elevated feeding Tray has more than 800 reviews on Amazon along with a 4.6-star rating.

The difference lies in the “bigoted rhetoric” Trump uses about immigration, she said, which is feeding unprecedented anxiety in immigrant communities.

I caught up with the man himself to find out why this emotional project was born, and what is feeding its heavy heart.

Dwight is doing something that just precedes feeding Daryl in Daryl’s cell.

We should be creating new opportunities and new jobs while feeding the planet.

I do all my feeding with my left hand and my dunking with my right.

This makes them a useful model for studies on feeding, says head researcher William Ja, associate professor at the Scripps Research Institute.

CNAs report to nurses, and their day-to-day responsibilities include feeding and bathing patients, taking vitals, and assisting with medical procedures.

First, he started tip toeing around parks barefoot, feeding the squirrels like a tattooed, bleach-haired Gandhi.

We are feeding our dreams to Facebook and Twitter, while our physical world is falling apart.

Frank admits feeding Zoe stories, but denies everything else.

He started throwing small bits of bread through the hole, like he was feeding pigeons.

It takes a lot more than Donald Trump to orchestrate the kind of feeding frenzy that’s currently playing out in Washington.

One reason is what’s at stake: feeding their people.

“They’ve been feeding their base all kinds of crazy for years,” he said at a fundraiser for the Ohio Democratic Party.

feeding him formula, however, was never my plan.

Then, last week, after feeding him his last bottle ever, I transferred the remaining container of formula deep into our pantry.

This time, it’s courtesy of the Centre for Taste and feeding Behavior, in the heart of Burgundian wine country in Dijon.

But through careful and constant feeding of the social media beast, they have created the illusion of friendship with millions of people.

Japanese prime minister actually led the way with the feeding.

Case-in-point: Go deeper: Washington has been feeding uncertainty in a changing media landscape

Still others find time to exercise — but always with a gadget feeding them news or other information while they do it.

“Then it goes into feeding and making sure they are in show condition and looking their very best.

“And this isn’t a matter of feeding one or two people.

Macron “has run a master-class on the care and feeding of POTUS,” the source says.

“And this isn’t a matter of feeding one or two people.

You could imagine them feeding the cities like an artery.

Wildlife near the border would suffer because their feeding, living, and hunting grounds had been cut in half and disrupted.

feeding the fire that this little post ignited is the rumor that at some point, Gomez “liked” the post and then un-liked it.

When they did finally find food later in the day, the body was designed to very efficiently store it overnight until the next feeding.

Too many of our responses to terrorism are seen as causing terrorism or feeding into the ISIS or al-Qaeda narrative.

It was lunchtime, which can really be anytime, but be that as it may, the pigs were clustered in the feeding shed.

As the feeding hour drew closer, everyone began to move into the media center, which was located inside of a large sports arena.

Earlier on Monday, the medical team stopped feeding Lambert food and water through a gastric tube and was administering sedatives.

What are they feeding you?!

That’s if they have any food left after this weekend’s feeding frenzy.

Even in male-female relationships, Gentoos typically split feeding and incubating responsibilities evenly.

I resented by body for needing feeding and would have been happy never eating again.”

Each player starts with an equal number of vehicles, and then they take turns feeding the cars onto the launch ramp.

Stop feeding the monster.

There are about 200,000 fighting birds each year, and each requires breeding, feeding, medical care, and training.

We should really get some shots of you breast feeding,” Aflalo said.

“We are feeding one more dimension to information,” said Yue.

She goes into crisis-PR mode, feeding the police narratives to obscure the reality that a halo of gay bondage magazines surrounded Lee’s body.

feeding chocolate to cows may sound unconventional, but it’s a not a brand new concept.

“People ask me about the ethics of feeding chocolate to cows.

Image: Per Fauchald Caribou are herbivores, feeding on grass, herbs and lichen.

Such differences would not emerge under the feeding schedules in the Beltsville experiments.

I’m sort of divided: Is engaging them feeding the trolls?

The act of feeding and being fed elicits conversation, forges bonds, and creates community.

Was it all that horrible, changing my diaper and feeding me in the night?

They also act as the eyes and ears of the military, feeding them local intelligence about Boko Haram members.

He’s also in the IRL room with myself, Bambi, and Adon, operating the computer feeding the video clip to my goggles.

And what better way to do that than by feeding his stepmother and her newborn baby boy to the hounds?

Between perpetuating stereotypes about curly hair and feeding into the idea that beauty is a burden, this practice begs for a thoughtful revamp.

Antifa risks feeding another conservative backlash.

It wasn’t just the team’s still-underdeveloped farm system feeding this belief.

I love cooking for people and feeding them.

Working a full-time job or traveling for work can interrupt your cat’s feeding schedule.

These creatures rely on sound for communication, navigation and feeding.

In it, Rice introduces Louis, a vampire who is repulsed by the joy his maker, Lestat, takes in killing and feeding on his victims.

And second, you don’t have to worry about feeding them.

This dramatic price change is largely the result of an outbreak of sea lice feeding on the tissue and blood of salmon.

It means interventions that ensure accountability with meaningful consequences without feeding an already bloated criminal system.

feeding this core drives his legendary appetites: for love, for friendship, for victory.

How often were clothes torn, fists thrown, and Lays chips poured over Lacoste golf shirt emblems in a move known as “feeding the crocodile”?

[It was] kind of like a feeding frenzy,” he said.

Small white feathers turned in the breeze, forming cloudy piles, and I realized we were sitting in the aftermath of a feeding.

That involves feeding it berries, training it in a number of different ways and then having it compete at the jumping league.

The finding blamed both IBM engineers and the doctors who were feeding in training data.

This is feeding people.

No more backdoor special interest groups feeding money to our lawmakers for favors.

He’s getting a clothing line for [feeding me] food, basically.

They discovered a never-before-seen feeding strategy, detailed in a study published in Biology Letters, that surprised even them.

The National Gallery of Art, Washington, acquired Casper Netscher’s “A Woman feeding a Parrot with a Page” (1666).

But the thing that stuck with me was her unshakable belief in the idea that feeding yourself good food is an act of self-respect.

America’s farmers don’t want to be paid to lose they want to win by feeding the world.”

It’s feeding them.

feeding refugees is considered an essential function of the State Department, but resettling them permanently isn’t on the same level.

Before the war, he said, the region was capable of feeding itself.

But, like a great white whose feeding territory has been encroached upon, some Shark Week fanatics aren’t so thrilled.

I love being fat, and I love feeding other people.

Maybe feeding children dinner would have the same effect.

Progress is patchy, despite images of members of parliament feeding their babies in Australia and Canada going viral on social media in recent years.

It increases the size of the catchment area for each station, so it’s feeding more customers into the public transit system.

“You shouldn’t be ashamed of feeding your baby, okay?

She began Penny Dreadful’s third and final season depressed and alone, feeding like an animal among the spiders and the flies.

At least some of what goes toward feeding pets could, with proper processing, go toward feeding people.

The biscuits were expensive, aimed at people who were feeding large packs of elite hunting dogs and, later, fancy show dogs.

Americans were increasingly interested in reforming their own diets, which trickled down into the feeding of their pets.

“This girl raised her hand, and she was violently opposed to feeding mice to cats.

This would need to happen even as the world population grows and we’re feeding ever more people.

What I’m telling you is: Those sources right now aren’t feeding you right information.

We only have one question … WHAT ARE THEY feeding THESE KIDS??

Extraction Oil & Gas is one company feeding the tension.

Here are a few of the ideas NASA will be feeding money.

Should he opt for free agency, the greatest feeding frenzy since LeBron’s The Decision will only increase his profile and sphere of influence.

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has denied that her candidate is involved in either nurturing or feeding off the alt-right.

But the AI will fall into trap after trap, feeding its troops into every meat-grinder it can find.

Closed Loop began accumulating CRTs from all over the country in hopes of one day feeding them to its furnace.

The second climber is responsible for feeding the rope out as the first progresses up the face.

All that matters is feeding the lake.

You must keep feeding the lake.

A Peace Corps–volunteering idealist who dreams about feeding the world?

“We’re all feeding into one system.”

In 1983, Blue Bulls reacted with different feeding, lying and social interaction times.

At first, it’s a little chilly, but once you’re in, you’re feeling the vibes and feeding off of everyone’s energy.

feeding his fear, he irrationally frets that the album won’t fit within the framework of current music.

He was an adviser to Chapo, and he was feeding the DEA information about rival groups.

Then, when Jordan’s done, he takes over the baby feeding and I eat.

For the snakes, it’s their only really big feeding opportunity of the year.

How FEED gives back: “Built into the cost of all FEED products is a donation to organizations aimed at feeding children.”

They’ve been seen feeding on different kinds of snakes,” Buchanan told the News & Observer.

– But the second monkey was fine as long as I kept feeding it jelly beans.

feeding kitchen waste to pigs is banned, for example, but is still taking place, Yu said.

feeding the narrative that he wants to work with Pelosi so that she looks worse when things turn nasty.

So people are just gonna keep feeding that.

Looking at those shelves one wonders: What are titles the Department of Defense approves of for viewing while force feeding?

What video games, are endorsed by the DoD for force feeding?”

The fungus had to be feeding on something, after all, probably algae, lichens, or microbial organisms.

Might this sort of thinking be feeding into the Commission’s proposals on copyright, too?

He kept feeding wood to the open furnace.

Make your own healthy dog treats and stop feeding your best friend chemicals and preservatives,” it reads.

By feeding Loom.ai more facial data, including videos and photos, the company hopes that avatars on the service can become a bit more recognizable.

(Do some tests to make sure you’re feeding the paper in with the correct sides up).

We see this in health care: Rural Americans have far fewer hospitals, workout facilities and health specialists, feeding a rise in obesity and disabilities.

In the video, a 34-year-old woman on holiday is feeding tawny nurse sharks some fish from a boat when it bites her finger.

Unhoused people often prioritize feeding their pets over even themselves.

Maggots and other insects are feeding on the honey and the baby bees who are still in the hives.

Maggots and other insects are feeding on the honey and the baby bees who are still in the hives.

Over the course of six months, they brought their vision to life, feeding the friendly mice that kept them company the whole time.

(Ukraine has accused it of feeding info to the Kremlin.)

They grow too slowly for people to invest in feeding them long enough to produce meat, and they are unable to lay eggs.

(Ukraine has accused it of feeding info to the Kremlin.)

During this time, Albers was producing iteration after iteration of his square, feeding off the linguistic minds that surrounded him.

Some “feeding studies” keep people in a lab for a period of days or weeks and control everything they eat, for example.

Our fourth thought-starter explores the role media coverage might play in feeding America’s mass gun violence.

We don’t know for sure why this video keeps getting recommended, but its newfound popularity is probably feeding on itself.

Sanderson Farms, the third-largest chicken producer in the U.S., has never pretended to be against feeding antibiotics to its birds.

As his caregiver, feeding him the same thing over and over seems like a horrible crime.

Ray took charge … feeding Stevie, playing silly baby games, and even changing her poopy diapers.

Thanks for coming by and feeding VICE’s LA office!”

feeding perception algorithms with synthetic sensor data.

Tomorrow, we may see them feeding electric cars beyond Tesla: BMWs, Toyotas, Ubers, Chevy Bolts and others.

But two U.S. officials said Iran had recently been “keeping it alive” by feeding certain media reports and via third parties such as Oman.

I have never in this time done anything like feeding a vegan animal products or slipped in contaminated food.”

feeding the billions of animals we raise for meat with corn and soy takes up precious land and puts pressure on wildlife.

Their fanta­sies ranged from regular sex to me “squashing” them to them feeding me.

Statues of her are found in town halls and courts across France.Valls said: “Marianne has a naked breast because she is feeding the people!

Are those who champion the ‘birther’ movement feeding off of bias?

A runaway monster, feeding on its own designation.

Numerous restaurants throughout the South played pivotal roles in the civil rights movement, not only feeding activists but serving as safe meeting places.

Instead, it was becoming a fuel that was feeding the new systems of power, and making them ever more powerful.

For you, it’s also about not feeding their persecution mania, right?

The feeding frenzy never materialized.

It’s feeding that fear that the labor market started about 10 days ago.” “I do think (futures are overreacting).

But also taking care of your mind and your body and feeding it properly.

The family is spending the day filleting, cleaning, and canning sockeye salmon to be used for feeding guests at a potlatch in 2017.

feeding that flame means never having to fade away.

“It’s got to set off a feeding frenzy,” University of Georgia law professor Elizabeth Burch said.

WATCH: ‘Sex + Food: Feederism,’ our documentary about people who find sexual pleasure in feeding people and being fed.

Meanwhile, van Mieris’s 1663 painting, of his wife feeding an African Grey, is a more tender scene of married life.

But then it leads to the question: What is feeding the other?

Why it matters: Like humans, chimpanzees learn new skills, including the use of tools for feeding and communication gestures, in group settings.

We hope feeding in a sentence examples were helpful.