Feed in a sentence | Use of the word feed examples

Beside flowers at the murder scene in Birstall, a message read: “Fascists feed on fear.”

As I see my feed unravel, I realize another mass shooting has taken place in a nightclub.

She’s done this consistently on her feed all during awards season.

Facebook’s head of news feed, Adam Mosseri, said the product’s recently announced overhaul will result in less video appearing.

The tweaks to the feed have been made to promote content and posts from friends over those of brands and publishers.

And Six Colors, the excellent Apple-focused site by former Macworld editor Jason Snell, promises live coverage on its trusty @SixColorsEvent Twitter feed.

I eliminated people from my social news feed who held distinct beliefs from me.

After a few weeks I started to notice that there were no dissenting views appearing on my feed.

I noticed because my Facebook feed no longer had anything that irritated me.

At the end of the two weeks, I reinstated my feed and friend settings.

When I eliminated my cousins from my Facebook feed, I didn’t only eliminate dissenting viewpoints.

After all, when I eliminated my cousins from my Facebook feed I didn’t only eliminate dissenting viewpoint.

If they are distant relatives, it can be easy to just hide them from my feed and avoid them at family functions.

“My entire Facebook feed is hundreds of posts confirming they’re safe or trying to check in.

Approximately three-fourths of cassowary confrontations stemmed people trying to feed them.

One takes the concept as its title: @doubletap.me’s Instagram feed is private, but their images are viewable here.

The goal is to try and connect your in-store purchases back to an ad you may have come across in News feed.

You go to Facebook, videos come through your feed.

It’s different than, obviously, your news feed because that’s more people-based.

These thirteen pieces are the like-rockets that have been showing up over and over on the art world’s Instagram feed.

It felt unnatural to not be scrolling through my feed or going through someone’s Snapchat story.

Not since the days of Kimbo Slice fighting men in backyards to feed his family have we had a contender.

And then you refresh your feed.

Ultimately, we provide tools so you can filter out the content in your feed that you don’t want to see.

The feed will become more customizable.”

I decide to click “hide this content” and “unfollow” on all the regular pests who clog up my feed, before hitting the refresh button.

… and the newspaper serves as a great RSS feed.

Both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders talked about making sure working-class people could make enough money to feed their families.

Those costs feed into the Fed’s preferred core PCE price index.

(Photo by Etienne Rouillon/VICE News) A month into its existence, MILI started organizing food drop-offs in high schools to help feed the homeless.

Few cameras were in the room, and the EPA’s feed of the event broadcast no questions from reporters.

“The problem is that, more and more, the technological system is set up to feed our biases.

However, the News feed is close to saturation.

Facebook believes that it cannot stick any more ads in the News feed without adversely affecting user retention.

Facebook’s News feed ad units work because they interact with consumers at the moment of choice.

However, a saturated News feed means it doesn’t have that luxury.

Facebook has chosen the latter path with its two main attempts to expand beyond News feed ad units: Video and Instant Articles.

Compromising the user experience to pre-roll seems the obvious move, but the News feed’s dynamics make it far harder than one might think.

Unlike intent-driven interfaces like YouTube, the News feed is a passive experience, where it is easier to scroll than to engage.

“On Facebook, I have in my settings a list of words that are banned from my feed,” says Bracey Sherman.

Don’t feed them that anymore.

“They’re fishing day in, day out to feed themselves and feed their families,” she said.

It is easy to feed the fears of communities that feel under siege, as in northwest Pakistan.

“Friendster started reverse-chronological order in the feed, and ever since then, every social network has done reverse-chronological order in the feed,” Liew said.

He’s also a regular on EE’s Instagram feed.

“Islamophobia, and weapons dealers — they feed off each other.”

You must feed the masses with cruder morsels and ideas like anti-Semitism.

Or because they’ve got the feed, will they bring it to me?

The extra controls on feed imports apply to Belgium, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Hungary, Laos, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam.

Desertion is out 5/20 via Bandcamp and ShhPuma/Clean feed.

Screenshot via Breitbart’s Twitter feed

One question we didn’t ask, which we should’ve, is … WHAT THE HELL DO YOU feed THREE NBA PLAYERS GROWING UP?!?

But you can still see the word in your timeline or any hashtag feed where the word appears.

“I have no cash at home to feed my family,” Singh said.

And I mean filters plus social plus basically a Twitter feed of photos, it became like a thing overnight.

Is story video the same as feed video?

Is live video the same as feed video?

Can you imagine LinkedIn without a news feed?

Can you imagine Twitter without effectively a news feed?

Ranked feed, now Twitter’s doing it, LinkedIn does it, we all do it.

As part of a new test in six countries, Facebook is taking content from publishers and businesses out of its main feed.

The new Explore feed is not easy to find.

In my case, it took three taps from the News feed in order to find it.

Putting publisher content that far from the main feed would be a big deal.

Update: Facebook exec Adam Mosseri, who oversees News feed, shed a little more light on the test in a series of tweets on Monday.

You may not feel comfortable “Liking” a sad update in your feed, so Facebook wants to give you other options.

Hell, even the person running the show’s Twitter feed knows it: The biggest mouth in Bachelor history.

“Being fearful is having a negative effect on these animals’ ability to feed themselves.”

And his Twitter feed reflects that.”

“Everything became flattened into a two-dimensional feed.

Across income levels, they care about how they feed their families, and across income levels, they feel like they’re failing.

It’s certainly a rewarding experience to feed your family and have them enjoy that, but there’s another side of that coin.

Like, if you don’t feed your kids exactly right, then you aren’t setting them up for success, and it is all your fault.

Trump has done a good job over the years of making his Twitter feed livelier and more exciting than Obama’s feed.

Food, water, and supplies had to be airlifted into the area to help feed the hungry concertgoers.

Thirty years later, the organizers again struggled to feed the giant crowd, but concertgoers retaliated.

Milk production, feed intake, and digestion remained normal among the 48 milk-producing cows that were given the supplement over 12 weeks.

And Gassy Gus, a game in which you feed Gus “gaseous foods” until his belly swells and he must fart.

Well thank goodness, there are simple tricks in News feed to fix both of these problems.

They won’t know that you’ve unfollowed them, and you won’t see their stuff in your News feed.

You can also see first / unfollow people as their stuff appears in your News feed.

Arnold saw Bennani’s video and used a third-party app to repost it on his own feed.

Organizations like Hands Up United inspired other organizers to launch Books and Breakfast programs that feed children while providing books and regular political education.

Imagine a set of smart sensors placed throughout a city that feed data to deep-learning systems.

Facebook has done controversial experiments to investigate whether the News feed can affect emotions — surely fake news can affect beliefs as well.

Gunshots and a woman’s warnings were heard before the feed was cut.

You can hear it everywhere, from conservative reporters to Sunday talk shows to Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.

“Where can I go to safely and comfortably pump to feed my baby?

Why did the collapse of the USSR feed the growth here so astronomically?

Those healthcare costs feed into the core PCE price index.

Or maybe it’s just a fun gimmick to get you posting more in News feed.

When they said they’d feed us, they gave us the rotten cattle and flour infested with worms.

ExxonMobil said communications with nearby communities remained down, hampering efforts to assess damage to its facilities that feed the PNG LNG plant.

Here’s a look at how the mobile view (top) compares to a traditional broadcast feed, as viewed on a smartphone.

The event raised close to $100k for Food Bank of the Rockies — which helps feed the needy.

Then what you’ve got to do is feed them tons of fatty food and make sure they’re well liquored.

The women now share the crops they harvest and use them to feed their family.

(Facebook says its feed is as “neutral” as possible, but the people who set the rules for the feed are biased, like all humans.)

A month later, Vasquez had her first hearing in front of Judge William Cassidy, broadcast via grainy video feed from his Atlanta courtroom.

“I cannot feed or look after my daughter and my grandchildren.

And on Feb. 20 — a year since her arrest — she found herself again facing Wilson on the video feed.

You’re a Gmail engineer or you’re a Facebook News feed engineer and you’re just writing some lines of code every day.

These supporters, many of whom populate my small town and my Facebook feed, have invested so much hope in him.

On Friday morning, my husband sat on the edge of our bed and said, “Don’t check your Twitter feed or your Facebook page yet.

“We need to feed ourselves positive self-talk.

Advertisers can now pay to highlight their brand or messaging bot in your Facebook News feed.

The News feed ads are a way for brands to try and generate that first messaging experience.

Maybe your sister-in-law just won’t stop posting pictures of her dog or your cousin is cluttering up your feed with political screeds.

I love how in these parties you usually have very beautiful, hot, naked girls serving your food, and I love them to feed people.

Even If I did, though, no one would mourn: There’s enough ass here to feed, house, and militarize a small town.

Three girls feed champagne to their friend who sliced her foot on a shattered bottle.

Since then, North Korea’s economy has improved, but it still relies on farming to feed its people.

live virtual reality meetups in your feed right away.

“I’m stumped,” you can hear one of the scientists say in the video below, as they watch a live feed.

You can watch their Twitter feed for further updates.

“DOJ leaders seem to be trying to feed the #LockHerUp beasts some scraps in order to keep them at bay.

Last month, the museum posted a video on its Twitter feed showing Ken-chan attempt some trickery to pass the security guard.

“They didn’t feed us, they didn’t give us water,” Reynolds said in an emotional statement outside the Minnesota governor’s mansion.

The social network famously allowed researchers in 2014 to manipulate the News feed to try and determine how it affected people’s emotions.

Why am I in love already, and just how much fun will it be to feed off of it?

It costs $150 a month to feed a regular sized horse, while a miniature horse’s appetite will only run you $25 per month.

My Twitter feed was ablaze with anger and confusion about what we were seeing.

“They feed way less,” Hanbrook tells Broadly.

I mean, amazing, she announced her pregnancy on my Instagram news feed.

Grande’s Twitter feed for several days before the video release was dominated by responses to eager fans begging to see the final version.

It hasn’t showed up on his Twitter feed — yet.

In some parts of the country, those are the only jobs that pay enough for you to feed your family.

Is the Instagram feed the exhibition?

“We updated News feed to help people meaningfully connect with friends and family first,” a Facebook spokesperson explained VICE News.

It can do this with an algorithmic feed, but not with a reverse chronological one.

Still, you’d think it would be simple enough to give users the option to switch between feed types.

But “feed ranking doesn’t universally favor the video or photo format,” Gutman said.

The only way to get your content higher ranked is to produce great content,” said Christina d’Avignon, a product designer for Instagram feed.

“Most of the (workers) cannot feed their families,” Nicholas said as he queued in a dusty schoolyard to vote.

And then we get to feed the giraffes too.

Before, pretty much all his corn went to feed animals.

Stay tuned to my Twitter feed.

You feed it input and in return, sometimes, it feeds you rewards in the form of “likes,” “retweets,” or “replies.”

I will stay tuned to your Twitter feed, Jay Rosen.

The ads will look and feel the same as ads you see in News feed.

The key difference, though, is that users don’t go to News feed looking to buy products like they do with Marketplace.

So, my Twitter feed is full of girther stories about Trump’s height and weight, right?

You guys have an incredibly toxic feed.

And then, everyone else went back and was like, “I pruned my feed of these people I didn’t like.

And then when they opened up to the public, they launched a News feed and people were protesting and they were closing down accounts.

I model my feed, I curate my feed more carefully, and then I allow more conversation in connection with my audience across Instagram Stories.

The expectation aesthetically isn’t where it is across your feed.

(You can always go back to your old RSS or Atom feed, of course.)

He added, “When you don’t feed your dogs, they go licking on your bones — so that’s what they’re doing.”

Co-op members pitch in to pay for the cows’ feed, and arrange their care.

People can now more readily feed their world view with alternative “stories.” They can eschew reality for tribalism.

feed sellers won’t lend you feed either.

It paid the bills, but it didn’t feed the soul.

We can’t close our eyes to the cycles of pain that these systems continue to feed on.

In the pre-social media era, “never feed the trolls” was a primary rule for navigating the internet.

But they don’t have to do anything extra for a bot to take cues about who to troll from their feed.

You reach for your phone and pretend to be looking at something important, while simultaneously hoping no one sees you refreshing your Instagram feed.

That includes the Pinterest home feed, Pinterest’s visual search products and its new Lens product.

For the most part, Kyrie’s Instagram feed looks just how you imagine it would.

If the webcast locks up, try streaming this feed as an alternative.

You can watch a highly technical feed here if you’re the rocket scientist type.

But those News feed changes weren’t yet in effect in Q4, when the 50 million-hour daily decrease took place.

Yeah, and it’s been driven by News feed, which has been the most successful ad unit.

And so if you were to do pre-rolls, you would literally just have a feed of pre-roll things.

And so they have to go with mid-rolls in News feed.

And users don’t act like that, especially if — and again, this is the kind of challenge of the News feed, yeah?

A few months ago her feed transformed from bike selfies and nature landscapes to these New Yorker-style snapshots seemingly overnight.

Many argue that organic farming will never produce enough yield to feed the world.

I miss my Twitter feed, and I can’t wait to get back.

It is better to walk away from an anxious person than it is to feed their frustration with your own.

China’s instant noodle consumption could feed the entire European continent dinner for 52 days.

You ship the feed to the farm, you operate the farm.

Bill and Melinda Gates are very enthusiastic about this as a way to feed the world.

They’ve got to feed the factories and it’s super expensive.

I read Mitchell because he is retweeted into my feed 10 times a day by people who find him hilarious.

That produces two products for farmers: fertilizer and animal feed.

“The egg farmer doesn’t want to know what’s in the feed, they want to know the performance,” he said.

The above feed has been going in and out of the Trump Tower livestream.

If it’s not currently showing it you can watch C-span’s live feed here.

Nile perch, Coetzee explained, feed on small fish that eat the hippos’ excrement.

After the hippos feed on plants and grasses on the river’s shore, they come into the water to defecate.

A host of fish feed on that detritus, and the perch hunt those fish.

Its food business accounted for 17% of revenue, while its farm and feed businesses generated the bulk of group revenues.

CPF has livestock, aquaculture, animal feed and restaurant businesses across 17 countries.

He carefully transported them to his backyard and set them loose on the plants to feed.

“They feed as a little army,” he says.

Edgar Wright is also well-represented on Netflix’s infinite feed.

Facebook VP Adam Mosseri, who manages the News feed product teams, confirmed that publishers will see a “small but noticeable” decrease in organic reach.

Anti-Muslim rhetoric that demonizes Islam does more than feed into harmful stereotypes.

Publishers have always been very much at Facebook’s mercy when it comes to reaching people through News feed.

Correction: An earlier version of this story said Twitter was streaming the CBS feed, instead of the CBSN feed, due to an editing error.

LONDON (Reuters) – BP is returning to the animal feed business a quarter of a century after exiting the sector.

The technology may help meet the growing demand for feed in a more sustainable way by using less water and agricultural land.

There is an overflow room with a live video feed, but space is limited.

“[Any] president would feel compelled to respond in some way.” These two problems feed each other.

“The average guy or gal uses it as a news feed,” Dollarhide said.

Alongside his continued work on the “mugs” series, Leonard is also working a lot with GIFs, which regularly pop up on his Instagram feed.

In West Virginia, people here just want to feed their families.

The company is testing a new feature that prompts users to “continue watching” videos that they’ve seen in News feed, but never finished.

Supporters say GM crops can help feed a growing world population with cheaper, more plentiful food.

Organic animals are usually grass-fed, and it is their feed that makes them healthier to eat.

As Ian Givens of the University of Reading says, “It is the choice of feed, not the organic farming method, which makes the difference.”

Or, from McMillan, “We give thanks for not having Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna at the top of our news feed.

“I felt like I could still feed off the energy of the crowd, and it was great because that isn’t always the case.”

So I started one, threw up a random list of interior design hashtags, and promoted it on my own feed a little.

But it’s a feed.

Many shelters, like the Bowery Mission, take donations as well, and have volunteers feed the homeless.

The group had retweeted a link to that live feed, presumably attracting users who aren’t happy with Twitter’s handling of harassment.

In the worse cases, they feed their inner critic, which harps at them with self-defeating commentary such as, “You are bad and flawed.”

When you feed Clarifai examples of various photos that fit a given criteria, it immediately finds other similar photos.

“Everything that a school shooter needs to feed his poisoned imagination and fulfill his demented fantasies can be found on the internet.”

Before starting the tattoo, the person’s body part must be scanned in order to translate and feed the information to the robot.

SNAP helps feed more than 40 million Americans each month by supplying recipients with debit cards good only for food purchases.

Each harvest season, farmers fight against flocks of nuisance birds that typically feed on their most expensive fruits.

Like Bourdain’s, my Instagram feed, my social persona is a sham.

Those healthcare costs feed into the core PCE price index.

The Mooch appeared on Tuesday night’s episode … but it was clear from the online live feed he had left sometime on Monday.

My feed is just continuous chain of insane makeup and wigs and costumes.

This recipe will make enough perfectly juicy patties to feed a crowd, and don’t skimp on the buttery, toasty brioche buns.

AI has been proven to reflect the same prejudices baked into the test data sets that feed its algorithms.

But as his insults started to sound more like his Twitter feed, her face turned stony.

I’ll feed those Tigers Burger King!

What do those different pursuits feed in you?

The groceries can feed 5,000 people for 10 days, and additional nutritional supplements can treat malnutrition in children for two months.

“People don’t want two separate feeds,” wrote Adam Mosseri, the exec in charge of Facebook’s News feed, in a blog post Thursday.

President, let’s release the memo,” Duncan said on a live C-SPAN camera feed from the House floor.

President, let’s release the memo,” Duncan said on a live C-SPAN camera feed from the House floor.

Kylie Jenner’s got another mouth to feed … which might explain why she was in work mode just days after giving birth.

This is to survive, grow, and feed ourselves with the financial, social, and intellectual nourishment that we need.

Over and over again, Trump puts everything at risk to feed his impulses.

It was more interested in throwing as many conservative furors at the wall, like scrolling through that Facebook feed I mentioned above.

Mosseri’s last job at Facebook: Running News feed, the most important and valuable product at the entire company.

The nutrients in the fertilizers feed algae that die, decompose and deplete the water of oxygen, the Louisiana scientists said.

The extra-wide feed chute is a nice time-saving touch that allows you to easily insert larger ingredients like whole potatoes.

We can’t act as if the president’s Twitter feed doesn’t have a real-time effect on our foreign policy.

Patients have to supply their own pic.twitter.com/gdT7G8JXgf These are just three examples; you can find plenty more via Dreier’s feed and her reporting.

He needs to feed his ego, not just line his pockets.

But they loom in the background and feed the strain on the EU rather than unite member states in common cause.

Both retweets were removed from Trump’s feed minutes later, and a White House official claims they were accidental.

Without a demonstrable feed hierarchy, every tweet, every opinion, and every response to that opinion would be rendered equal.

The expression of these genes is believed to feed back into the body’s master clock and help set its time.

This is apparent from a brief scan of Flynn’s Twitter feed.

Think of it this way: The video feed a drone pilot sees, for example, comes from equipment that is reliant on the internet.

Google is rolling out its version of Facebook’s powerful news feed.

If you feed them garbage, then garbage is going to come out.

Or to buy groceries to feed yourself and your family?

We feed the groundhogs daily, which makes them incredibly fat.

He was also absent from Gaga’s Instagram feed on Valentine’s Day.

So if the decrease wasn’t caused by the News feed algorithm, what caused it?

We feed them, and they put on new meat,” he says, leaning forward and grinning.

Like-minded people end up on one Facebook feed, and everyone else ends up on the other Facebook feed.

My Facebook feed is all someone else’s kids and then Hillary stuff, so, no.

JuliaWe fight constantly over his interfering mother, who is always trying to tell me how to dress, feed, and care for my son.

To feed, fin whales open their mouths wide open to entrap their prey and plenty of water, then filter it all through baleen plates.

You know, there are countries that are struggling to feed, house and shelter their citizens.

Facebook can’t make as much money off Stories than it can from News feed, says Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

“Will this monetize at the same rate as News feed?” Sandberg asked on the call.

The very best tweaks spread further, reblogged again and again, reappearing periodically in the feed, disconnected from time.

And then, today, a video popped up on my Twitter feed, and now I can’t stop thinking about The Witness.

When Facebook launched News feed, angry users protested outside the company’s office.

This was something, at least for the people who conceived the project, that was meant to appeal to a wide audience and feed expectations.

For example, the OC Register website currently has a “Strange News” section which hosts oddly enough content from the Associated Press feed.

These bugs feed on various tree species, including black spruce.)

And actual conspiracies [like reports of scandal on the news that are indeed real] also feed into it.

Why not create a feed of NFL experts and former players and celebrities?

Plus, when you clicked on a user’s account or a hashtag, it took you out of the feed.

The default option is a full-screen re-broadcast of the CBS feed, so there’s zero difference there.

If you click a button, that screen shrinks, and the right side of your screen becomes a Twitter feed with commentary about the game.

And the former Iranian president’s Twitter feed is not all sports commentary, of course.

The stuff white people feed their children is literally appalling!”)

It listed six existing “candidate technologies” plants can use to do so, including duct leakage control and boiler feed pumps.

Scholten is bombarding voters with ads, but King seems to be channeling most of his energy into his Twitter feed.

“Will this monetize at the same rate as News feed?” Sandberg asked.

Projections for EV growth feed into projections for oil demand.

But as it broadcast footage online to its more than 1.3 million Facebook followers, the feed was inundated with anti-Semitic commentary and abuse.

Perhaps some, but it seems more likely that they’d grow livestock feed.

But as I learned, the problem facing parents trying to feed their babies goes far beyond the pump.

What publishers are saying behind closed doors about Facebook’s News feed changes.

‘It’s not a cause for alarm’: Why advertisers aren’t fretting over Facebook’s huge News feed change.

Imports of the feed ingredient from the United States fell sharply.

Boisterous cheering could be heard from SpaceX workers at the company’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California, where a livestream feed of the event originated.

To further feed her swiftly acquired habit, Donna steals an entire bottle of “uppers” from her father’s clinic.

I saw pictures of that in my Facebook feed.

There’s a video feed here for reasons I don’t understand.

In early July, he said in an interview with Bloomberg he planned to tone down his Twitter feed.

Do this enough times, and Facebook is able to effectively “teach” its computers to recognize these objects in photos posted to the News feed.

Earlier, the app displayed an error message saying “couldn’t refresh feed”, while its website did not load for users.

Do teens have a separate for-public and for-private feed?” Casey: That was a good question.

Facebook is tweaking its News feed algorithm to improve the reliability of information on the platform.

Yellin says she’s trying to use her Instagram feed to offer people video news “without a panic attack” on today’s Recode Media.

Though combining film and dance is treacherous—documentaries feed on drama, but dance is ultimately abstract.

Her public feed is a mix of news articles about Brexit, immigration, and anti-Islamic memes.

You spit it out the best you can and hope some of it goes on to feed the next generation.

Despite the blockage, Reuters stories removed from Eikon’s scrolling news feed could still be found if users deployed certain search functions.

Something popped up in my feed earlier this summer; it said something something “Jeff Green ad tech billionaire.” I thought, “Wait, that Jeff Green?

It also ensures that celebrities won’t dominate the feed and relegate friend stories to the bottom of the queue.

Bloomberg, for example, will stream the same feed on Bloomberg.com and its mobile app, also for free (no pay TV authentication required).

The feed from the agency is “all over the place,” encouraging him to offer his own open-source version.

Do I need to feed her?

What better ingredients to feed duped constituents?

USA SAUSAGE CO. With what better ingredients To feed duped constituents Than the perishable fruits of The Sausage Party?

It’s all my Twitter feed has been able to talk about since the news broke.

Unfortunately, my entire Twitter feed is full of journalists, techies, and coastal elites who are already addicted to the service.

Any public account is fair game, but the app won’t let you scroll as a private user or pull private images into the feed.

After watching Ramsay feed his mother-in-law Walda and his newborn baby brother to the dogs, my mother turned to me, appalled.

feed your heart and nourish your soul by sharing some of your art with your friends and community.

Barajas explains that what they feed most media outlets is just a rehearsed rehashing of the same tired soundbites.

But this is boring stuff, and it largely got ignored, just as Obama’s responsible, well-managed Twitter feed is routinely ignored.

His feed features lots of vendettas, lies, and trivia that make it a fascinating antidote to the antiseptic, workshopped tweets of the typical politician.

Don’t feed the trolls.

Castaner said on his Twitter feed that two firefighters had died and 10 people, including one other firefighter, had serious injuries.

So: Aimlessly scrolling through the News feed is bad.

But scrolling through the News feed and clicking “Like” and leaving comments is good.

Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell wrote on his Twitter feed that a Spanish woman had also died in the blast.

Or, at a minimum, that a Facebook-style feed would become the default, eroding Twitter’s distinctive real-time culture.

Historically, American threats tend to feed the paranoia about a US invasion that underpins the nuclear program itself.

But before they can be sold as “food or feed,” NPR explained, the seeds need approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Then you’ll feed everyone booze and let friends give their versions of “funny speeches” to your aforementioned angry family.

Though cognitively normal, many cannot feed themselves and require 24-hour care, wheelchairs and machines to help them breathe and cough.

Nearly 86,000 users subscribed to his feed over that 7-day span, according to the analytics firm SocialBlade.

Now that your holiday shopping is done, relax and scroll through The Creators Project’s Instagram feed.

The idea is to help broadcasters leverage their existing Facebook audience inside News feed.

Periscope is a standalone app, but has recently started to integrate more closely with Twitter and its feed.

A girl dies by suicide after graphic images of self-harm are pushed up on her feed by social media algorithms.

He came across the image, in fact, when he was scrolling through his Facebook feed.

Scroll through a modern mermaid’s Instagram feed, and you’ll be spellbound by shot after shot of them gliding effortlessly into the depths.

Members will start seeing suggestions for courses in their news feed, based on their jobs, listed skills and recommendations shared by friends.

Those healthcare costs feed into the core PCE price index.

I research and I take the data I gather and feed it to people who buy for me because I can’t physically be there.

DJ: Two new anti-government movements that have emerged since 2008 that feed into the militia are the Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters.

Instead, an Ethereum node makes a connection to 13 other nodes and relies on them to feed it accurate information.

“Originally, people were also not very big believers in ads in News feed because that felt very private, too,” he said.

Facebook becoming a big deal, the start of that was when they launched the News feed.

Their ability to crack bones—giving them the name “bone-crushing”—made them skilled scavengers able to feed on carcasses of most large herbivores.

[The Runcible is] doing everything we can do to keep you from getting sucked into your Twitter feed,” said Anderson.

You can feed people pretend wins for four years, but they’ll probably get sick of it.

And the power of the algorithm and the power of the feed of information that I receive.

It is possible to feed a baby a healthy, balanced diet that is also vegan, but you need to be very well informed.”

For example, it will put an ad in your News feed, but it doesn’t sell the data you provide to outside buyers.

Some mothers are managing to continue to feed their pups but only enough to just maintain their weight.

As part of a News feed update, the social network will now provide more context around the links people see.

The company doesn’t have a key ad product like Twitter did with promoted tweets or Facebook did with its News feed ads.

https://twitter.com/nkulw/status/721844243308941313 For someone casually scrolling down her Twitter feed, it might seem as though the Vermont socialist was paying to sponsor Buzzfeed videos.

And yet we continue to use vast amounts of wheat and corn to feed chickens, pigs, and other farm animals.

Commenters on Everlane’s Instagram feed were quick to address the sartorial bait-and-switch.

No one has to return here, over and over, to feed a nostalgia that only gets emptier.

“Right now Massachusetts families are asking themselves a question: Do I pay my rent or feed my family?”

“Right now Massachusetts families are asking themselves a question: Do I pay my rent or feed my family?”

He refused to clean up or even feed his cat.

“Whether or not it would translate to average person’s Instagram feed, we don’t know.”

My own Facebook feed was filled with friends ruthlessly mocking him, saying he deserved what he had coming.

He had no pension, because the Church would house and feed him when he got old.

The animal may rely on the bacteria in its gills to feed it, as other shipworms do.

Facebook is looking for new places to sell ads outside of its core News feed, and Instagram is offering a lot of alternatives.

And any animal products labeled organic have to come from animals that were fed organic feed and never given antibiotics or growth hormones.

feed giant Nutreco has signed a supply deal with Protix for use of the protein in fish feed.

He gives an example from his own Facebook News feed.

People tend to interact passively with digital content, scrolling through their News feed quickly or staying for just a few seconds.

(These alone could feed our staff several times over, so we’re very excited about the leftovers to come.)

In the case of a price tracker app, Kolochenko said, someone could feed a high-volume trader false information to influence their behaviour.

How seriously should you take Donald Trump’s Twitter feed?

Like any addiction, POAS is incredibly exciting to feed, but it also has a dark side.

A potted plant has spilled some earth onto the carpet, and a television, clamped to the wall, runs a 24-hour news feed.

Trump himself conducts it all with his all-powerful Twitter feed.

Trump himself conducts it all with his all-powerful Twitter feed.

But Trump’s ability to set the agenda and distract from points of weakness via his Twitter feed make this hard to pull off.

“I … ended up watching jet-skiers via US government aerial video feed,” Lipp wrote on his blog.

A similar page appears to display a separate feed from a separate drone.

If the cheapest place I could get kids’ clothes were Walmart, my children would be running around in old feed sacks.

“Seems strange for me that this would appear on an NRO feed,” Swanson commented.

Lipp noted that the video feed seemed to show clear skies at a time when the weather over the panhandle was, in fact, cloudy.

“This doesn’t appear to in fact be a live feed,” Lipp tweeted on May 4.

“As for the feed being put on the internet, even by accident, that makes me go hmmmm,” Swanson said.

“I am not producing enough breast milk to feed my baby because I am not eating enough,” she said in her statement.

Twitter will stream the CBS feed of the game directly to users via its mobile app and at Twitter.com.

Other signs include the ones reminding you not to feed the gators.

We cannot allow biased media to spoon feed us bias.

Unfamiliar with the serving sizes, I ended up ordering enough momos to feed the family of five sitting at a table across from me.

“One of the many ways to address food and feed security is through insect farming,” the UN report states.

The mice will be observed via a live video feed, as well as expected to carry out tasks designed to test their muscle function.

When we help African countries feed their people and care for the sick, that prevents the next pandemic from reaching our shores.

To mark the occasion, a large bull was sacrificed and its meat was roasted and feed thousands of attendants.

Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s previous head of news feed who recently took over Instagram, responded to Hughes on Twitter.

Keep a tweet or video open while simultaneously able to still scroll through the feed.

Those healthcare costs feed into the core PCE price index.

Not this nonsense feed we have now This article originally appeared on Recode.net.

I get a lot of … My Twitter feed is very useful, I’m on Twitter a lot just for my own personal information.

“Who will feed them now?

Yeah, in News feed.

“Who will feed them now?

“Portals that you can interact with, evolve with you, feed with data.

But bigotries feed off each other.

Yeah, and we talked about this a little bit, I don’t know how you feel but you have a great Twitter feed.

After the ruling was delivered, the president called for peace on his Twitter feed.

Visit The Creators Project’s Instagram feed to find your next favorite artist.

(Disclosure: Hammerling is a personal friend to me and my kids, obvious to anyone who looks at her social media feed.

Last Halloween it also launched a video-only feed for specific events, but those feeds were human-curated.

Previously touring as a community art project, the images have since made their way onto every bright young thing’s Instagram feed.

“While I was focusing on recording the crystallization process under the microscope, Takami used the feed to directly edit the recordings to the music.

In the past, Twitter had allowed such tweets to remain on its feed as they were in public interest, the company said.

This was then picked up by Breitbart News on Friday before making its way into Trump’s Twitter feed 24 hours later.

This was then picked up by Breitbart News on Friday before making its way into Trump’s Twitter feed 24 hours later.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh said in an evening posting on his Twitter feed that all five gunmen had been killed.

Right now there are many positive stories for the Sanders campaign that all feed into a negative story.

The conversation continued without anyone missing a beat, and I never again hesitated to feed her as needed.

You literally are someone who I didn’t know of until the last few years, showed up in my Twitter feed a lot.

The judge still deciding whether there will be a live feed inside the courtroom — we’re waiting to see what the ruling is.

Ezra Klein: It doesn’t work if they don’t all feed

Right, they all feed together for the general idea.

Kerr, left, posing with someone in front of a live feed of Spiegel and Murphy.

feed My Frankenstein” unleashes some sort of gigantic operating table onto the stage.

Even to this day there are Left-wing academics all too happy to feed those myths.

They would provide him with pigs, chickens, feed, roofing material and seeds for a vegetable garden.

You can live-stream it on the MSNBC Now website, though you may need to enter cable company information to access the feed.

KS: Too bad, yeah, that we can feed this data in.

But it is true data, the data that you feed in is it could be problematic data, the data sets are so important.

I think different people and different things, but you could feed in.

That’s his feed.

For many — people who work multiple jobs, at odd hours, scraping by to feed their family — there’s never enough of either.

How many people did you guys feed for Thanksgiving and what kind of food was available for you to work with?

ECONOMIST, RBC CAPITAL MARKETS, NEW YORK “This number is just going to feed the narrative of the Fed imminently cutting rates.

We import about half of our food and feed, and 70 per cent of that comes from the EU.

Won’t it feed things, to cater to her fear?

“Scrolling through your Facebook feed, you’ll probably see articles and arguments about Black Lives Matter,” she says.

Anyone who has visited internet forums like Reddit, or happens to have a politically charged Facebook feed, can vouch for this.

Without animal feed, steak exists only as a memory, and eggs become black-market contraband.

Stir by Rebecca Lieberman and Julia Irwin offers a personalized wake-up message based on your Facebook or Twitter feed.

Prosecutors believe “feed” means unloading bullets.

Tekashi’s former manager Kifano Jordan, aka Shotti, responds with laughter and says, “Imma feed him though.”

Its real effect would be giving people in need less choice about what they feed themselves and their families.

If it observes something in the sky, it’s always reobserved 70 seconds later with a second feed,” he said.

“With Wow, it found it in one feed but it doesn’t find it in the second.

The videos you scroll past in your Facebook News feed are about to include a new element: Sound.

Sometimes via his own Twitter feed, sometimes via his own rallies.

What I noticed about President Trump’s Twitter feed is how it is basically … how it works in the echo chamber.

Clinicians must “segment” the tumour from healthy tissue and feed this information into a radiotherapy machine which then kills off the harmful cells.

Aminé was constantly in my Twitter feed; at a certain point, I genuinely couldn’t get rid of him if I wanted to.

Instead, he has repeatedly branded the women as liars, using his Twitter feed and public appearances to smear their reputations.

Map Pointz, her second Instagram feed dedicated to archiving the party scene, was more personal.

The video feed is also peppered with interviews and commentary from dancers and directors involved.

Watch the live feed on World Ballet Day’s website, where you can also see footage from previous years’ broadcasts.

“Just feed her.

He’s concerned it could happen again, though, given how often people feed fruit to the animals.


Unless the mother is planning to exclusively nurse, you’ll need some bottles to feed the baby.

If you’re a Twitter member, you can tweet about what you’re watching beside the video feed in the same window.

These include a nationwide debate on ecological, fiscal and institutional questions, the results of which he says will feed into policy.

It was a small action, to be sure, but by reporting something terrible, others didn’t have to see it come up across their feed.

Oh my God, I used to feed kitties off the floor, but go ahead.

First, I want to set upfront, if you enjoyed Too Embarrassed to Ask over the years, please stay subscribed to this feed.

If you subscribe to this feed, you will get the first episode of the new show automatically.

Again, don’t forget, even though Too Embarrassed is going away, you should stay subscribed to this feed.

Who is this character, so eloquently portrayed by the delightful Stephen Toblowsky, whose Twitter feed is littered with delicious nuggets of behind-the-scenes scuttlebutt?

Rather than managing post-attack hysteria, Trump would amplify it, feed off it.

At BRIC House, Public Access/Open Networks will feed your nostalgia for channel-surfing.

I really wasn’t primarily concerned with how I would feed the baby.

That evening, the phrase “100-year flood” made its first appearance on my Facebook feed.

Her Twitter feed is filled with enigmatic thoughts, and her manifesto with arcane symbols.

And we need software engineers from Minnesota to be on LinkedIn, contributing, reading, so they can see those ads in their feed.

And with such vast numbers heading down the North Circular Road in the direction of its domes, somebody had to feed them all.

Sometimes this works, like Facebook’s News feed.

You might not think of your Venmo feed the same way again.

those top-down recipe videos you’ve probably seen in your Facebook feed.

“My feeling is that they do play an important role in the ecosystem and also, the way they feed, they are filter feeders.

Hurricanes feed off warm water and are totally different dynamically compared to a winter storm.

In Thailand, it has badly affected the country’s corn crop, much of which is sold to the animal feed industry.

Tom Ough: The social media manager of the office that broadcast the feed told me it said something about “plucky British resilience.”

China gobbles up about 60 percent of globally traded soybeans to feed the world’s largest livestock industry.

Factories crush the oilseed to make meal – a key ingredient in animal feed.

It’s about material concerns like having enough money to feed your family, pay your rent, and survive.

“I have so many people to feed and I have so much food but I’m at capacity.

Fleas feed on the rodents and pick up plague, in turn spreading it to other mammals, including humans, through bites.

He volunteers his time and energy to the feed It Forward cause, acting like a bridge to help connect with students in need.

They had businesses to run and families to feed.

When they feed on human blood, their eyes turn black and their skin gets covered in veins.

And feed they do.

AvD: I went there every other day to feed them and change the water.

The country used 71 million tonnes of soymeal to make animal feed in the 2017-18 crop year.

Lowering protein levels in feed would also reduce the negative impact on the environment, it said.

I feed them.

We sent $2 million worth in, I think it was 16 semi-tractor trailers over two months to feed and clothe the children.

I feed them and vice versa.

I still haven’t seen any ads in my feed.

The dedicated video feed is coming “soon” and the Engage app should be available on iOS beginning Tuesday.

Don’t worry about someone saying, “Hey man, you’re destroying my feed,” or this and that.

#MyMuslimNeighborhood In #MyMuslimneighborhood we feed and clothe the homeless, that is our jihad.

(On my own Instagram feed, I’ve seen a few people laying, walking, and generally trampling on the flowers.)

Pre-prepared kitchens were set up to feed evacuated families rice and lentils.

If users become accustomed to seeing it in their feed, it’s easier to sell video ads, which are more expensive than static ads.

https://t.co/U9iMf1sQi3 Right now it’s too early to say exacctly how the News feed changes will affect the overall and individual Facebook experience.

The extra controls on feed imports apply to Belgium, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Hungary, Laos, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam.

China’s state reserve is big enough to feed the country for a year.

You don’t feed bad meat to people in the store, you get in trouble.

Not the “Don’t feed the trolls,” but even like when your batty aunt sends you the hoax, you just kind of ignore it.

Then for several days through the weekend, he remained silent on the issue, focusing his Twitter feed on a mounting feud with professional athletes.

Ticket prices are 100 yuan and visitors can pay extra to feed the tigers.

The most obvious of which is that you should feed your algorithm more diverse faces.

There’s also a feed from the Westwood One radio networking on XM 299 and Sirius 108.

I would, like, feed him.”

Panthers fans can listen to the audio feed via the Panthers.com website.

The RFS creates demand for Walton’s corn, lifting prices, while ethanol production produces a byproduct that serves as cheap feed for his livestock.

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