Fallen in a sentence | Use of the word fallen examples

With Trump in power, sales have fallen.

The Trump administration plans to penalize in-person enrollment groups that have fallen below their sign-up goals.

Although many audiences have since fallen in love with the film, most critics still rate the film fairly poorly on Rotten Tomatoes.

Stranger Things hasn’t yet fallen into the Home Alone 2 trap.

Since then, gasoline prices have fallen and truck and SUV sales have surged.

I think we’ve fallen short.

It’s clear that we’ve fallen short.

I don’t think we would be in the political situation we are today if we had not fallen short.

Even though, since he’s clinched the nomination, the polls have gotten closer and the vast majority of GOP voters have fallen behind him.

One of the places we have fallen short in upholding these ideas is in the war on terrorism.

This is how far we’ve fallen.

His production had fallen every season since that electric debut in 2013.

EQT’s shares have fallen nearly 60 percent since it closed the acquisition of Rice Energy.

“We need to ask, when all the chips have fallen, who benefits?” he wrote.

Once the first boss had fallen, after something like three hours, my hands were shaking.

Aleppo has fallen.

A Sculpture of a fallen Angel Is Stopping Beijing in Its Tracks

Shares of the company have fallen by around $120 in 2019 and were trading at around $222 before the bell on Wednesday.

The latest collegiate epicenter is Harvard, where more than 40 students have fallen ill.

Sales there had fallen dramatically in 2016 after Chinese consumers shunned the iPhone 7, whose overall appearance differed little from its predecessor.

3 oil services companies was first announced in November 2014, oil prices have fallen by more than 55 percent.

Orange juice Sometime in the past year, orange juice has fallen into the category of things that makes me anxious.

There’s more than a hint of detached curiosity in these photographs, which traffic in the cliché of the fallen woman.

There was no comment from the Syrian army on the report that the town of al-Qaryatayn had fallen.

Unemployment has fallen from a high of 10 percent in October 2009 to 4.6 percent in November.

Unemployment has fallen from a high of 10 percent in October 2009 to 4.6 percent in November.

Tossing the bottle too fast or slightly off axis could result in a fallen water bottle.

We have clearly fallen far short of the expectations,” Ian McAulay, Southern Water’s chief executive, said here in a statement.

Brent crude oil prices have fallen by more than 10% since the company announced its refinancing plans.

Those might have fallen outside the bounds of what reconciliation can do, and were politically popular besides.

He was a couple of weeks old, and he’d just fallen asleep.

Seven other vehicles lay pinned beneath fallen and splintered trees.

Top income tax rates have fallen since 1990: And in the past decade, the state has cut corporate taxes drastically.

No strangers to spitting venom in the face of adversity, though, the crew will forge ahead on the shoulders of their fallen brothers.

But while the terrorist groups may have fallen out of favor with Elabi, that doesn’t mean he has renounced violence altogether.

Bitcoin has fallen around 80 percent from its record high last December.

In the last three months it has fallen nearly 50 percent.

“Libya is a fallen state,” Moncure said.

The viewpoint she presents is of man who has fallen, overlain with the memory of images of those who jumped to their deaths.

Bruce Banner has fused with Hulk and become an almost too genial fellow; Thor has fallen into depression and alcoholism.

President Trump, at a memorial service for fallen officers in May, promised to support law enforcement just as they’ve supported him.

At the vigil for fallen officers, Sessions concluded his remarks by directly addressing current officers: “We have your back, and you have our thanks.

Kohl’s shares have fallen 48% over the last year.

Jones got a boost after the stream of allegations against Moore, but the two candidates have mostly fallen back to a statistical dead heat.

In other parts of the island, trees have fallen onto the walkway, destroying the site entirely.

The government has embarked on an ambitious programme of industrialisation, but foreign investment has fallen after government interventions in mining and agriculture.

The lawsuit was filed at a time when the consequences would have fallen on the Obama White House.

I often say that Google is a company that has fallen prey to this.

The band has just released the first single off of its upcoming full-length debut, For the fallen, and it’s a belter.

Fifty years later, that percentage has fallen to 18.

Debate answers from both leading candidates on issues like ISIS have been vague; attacks outside the debates have largely fallen flat.

He makes clear just how far we’ve fallen since then.

The people are loyal to their fallen leader.

Protesters are taking pictures around the fallen statue.

Ground transportation, hampered by fuel shortages and streets blocked with fallen vegetation and utility wires, remained a major challenge.

The Witness Tree Project asked RISD students to design objects reflecting on immigration, made from a fallen 150-year-old elm in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

All of their material was sourced from an over 150-year-old fallen elm that once stood at the Prospect Park Parade Ground.

“Witness trees” are designated by NPS, and those involved into the project have fallen due to age, weather, disease, or other ecological trauma.

One chopped idly at a fallen tree with the back of her machete.

He pointed to the fallen trees beneath.

“They came out with every letter possible.” Without any singular defining characteristic, BB creams today have fallen off in popularity.

I’ve totally fallen in love with the people, the culture, the product.” An Apple rep declined to comment.

The stock has fallen more than 75 percent since.

But in the past couple of decades, this approach has fallen out of favor.

If most any other team had fallen into that pattern, we’d all be trying to reverse engineer their accelerated rebuilds.

Since then, global panel prices have fallen dramatically due to an oversupply of panels in top producer China, which cut incentives for installations there.

It had just fallen apart again with whatever director at the time.

The company’s stock had fallen the same 35% since it hit a high of $160.62 in September 2014.

“Third, records confirm that nearly half of the measures at issue have fallen into general disuse and are essentially moribund,” it added.

In the Philippines, the premium has fallen by almost the same amount over the past 12 months.

The war destroyed much of Aleppo’s beautiful Old City and many poor eastern districts, leaving neighborhoods of rubble and fallen stone.

“People have not fallen in love with the ACA,” Blendon says.

The point is that people who believe in a better world have been implicated in the fallen world we live in.

They had fallen nearly 13% in trading before the opening bell on the news.

The company shares have fallen 70.5% over the past 12 months.

But as the use of medication abortion use has risen nationwide, it has fallen sharply in states like Texas that mandate the outdated protocol.

Since 2011, that green line (noting opioid sales) has fallen off for OxyContin.

Julia told them that she had tripped and fallen down a flight of stairs.

Though the medical records would show the extent of the injuries, they also show she claimed to have fallen down the stairs.

The ceiling leaked when it rained, and many of its cheap tiles had long ago fallen.

Ticket sales have fallen in the past few decades, but not drastically so.

One of the reasons trust in traditional media has fallen in recent years is the rise of fake news on platforms such as Facebook.

I asked, and apparently no tourist has fallen victim, but there was an urban myth of one local who wasn’t quite so lucky.

But that’s like the joke about the optimist who’s fallen out of a 100-story building.

Scientists at the DPAA will now begin the arduous task of trying to identify the fallen.

Even in their current somewhat fallen state, tobacco companies continue to be viable ongoing enterprises.

Despite these signs, though, it would be wrong to assume that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has fallen off the radar for Arab leaders.

But many seem to have fallen under the radar.

Above: Myth: The fallen Lords video from YouTube user legoboll.

One great strength of the series has already largely fallen by the wayside.

The FTSE Nareit Equity Regional Mall index .FTFN2 has fallen 6.4% so far this year.

I’ve fallen victim to this cycle myself.

Although Apple has fallen behind Amazon.com Inc and Microsoft Corp in value, it remains one of Wall Street’s most widely held companies.

I think what’s fallen apart is that mentorship system of moving up and that really is I think a problem.

Their share of seats in the United States Senate has fallen from 59 to 48.

And as for Snap, which has sharply fallen since going public earlier this year?

This is especially true if the hair has fallen into food that’s been subjected to a high-temperature process, like boiling or frying.

Seattle hasn’t fallen into the sea because of the Big One, and for the moment they still play organized baseball there.

Private home prices had fallen 0.7% in the first quarter, a second consecutive fall, following a 0.1% decrease in October-December.

It has fallen nearly 5 percent from its all-time closing high on Sept. 20.

The Nasdaq has fallen 8.5 percent from its record closing high on Aug. 29.

Except, apparently, when he makes them with the families of fallen service members.

“China has obviously not fallen into the mind-set of engaging in an arms race with the U.S.

Either way, it will be sure to be a well-rounded tribute for the group’s fallen member.

He had fallen in his assisted living facility and took an unexpected, inexplicable turn for the worse on the way to the hospital.

This theory has since fallen out of favor as the tide of disaffiliation appears to be washing over conservative and liberal denominations alike.

Snap has fallen by more than a half since its high of $29.44 on March 3, a day after it went public.

And Bush isn’t the only candidate whose star has fallen over the last year.

Since the vote however, Britain has fallen well behind the curve.

One empire had risen, another had fallen, and Wembley was the shiny new arena in which the decisive battle had been fought.

Families of the fallen soldiers were briefed on its contents in late April and early May, before the lawmakers were briefed.

During that time, spending within the agency has fallen by $533 million, according to CNBC.

Soon she hesitates, stops, lies down on a bed of fallen leaves.

It educates you about instruments of torture and how demand for those things seems to have fallen off.

That’s why ACA exchange enrollment has fallen 9 million short of initial estimates.

Safe-haven bond yields have already fallen in recent days amid rising speculation about monetary easing by major central banks.

Spain bond yields have fallen for the first time below 0.5%.

Jewish cemeteries, too, were largely neglected and filled with fallen tombstones.

[ECILT/US] Borrowing costs have already fallen in India, New Zealand, and Russia.

BUFFALO, NY — Frank Dawidowicz doesn’t need Donald Trump to tell him America has fallen from its greatest days.

Over the past 12 months, the unemployment rate has fallen, and real incomes have gone up, thanks to low commodity prices.

Nearly every day for the past, say, five years, I’ve fallen asleep in much the same way.

Oil prices have fallen by a third since the start of October amid concerns about oversupply and cooling global growth.

It’s not even the case that profits have fallen 10 percent.

Sterling has fallen in recent weeks as the contest to succeed Prime Minister Theresa May heats up.

The thing is… would the real Beyoncé have nearly fallen over during her own dance routine?

The greenback has fallen 1.35% versus the yen this week and slid to a six-month low of 107.045 yen on Friday.

Goldman Sachs stock has fallen nearly 26 percent since Nov. 1.

Fields in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and Taiwan have fallen victim.

On his own, his popularity has fallen after he tried to claim a broader mandate than his support deserved.

The Coroner’s Office tells TMZ … O’Neill had fallen at home while drunk.

Representation in identity, whether by gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or age, appears to have fallen into the former category.

fallen angels are debt issuers that have lost their investment grade status.

The United States is the world’s second largest emitter, only recently having fallen from first place.

It got very dark and very quiet in my nook, and I certainly could have fallen asleep if it wasn’t only 11 a.m.

Parris’ team introduced BYD to the owner of a local RV factory that had fallen on hard times during the financial crisis.

That makes it the 11th month in a row that activity has fallen.

They may have fallen at the final hurdle, but by rights they shouldn’t have been in the race at all.

Granted, construction was already at a pretty low base, and had fallen significantly in 2016, but it was still growing, reading 51.2 in May.

Each year a startling number of homeowners have fallen behind on those inflated taxes, receiving bills and eventually foreclosure notices from Wayne County.

By 2010, the city had lost more than 200,000 jobs, and thousands of residents had fallen into poverty.

Now that prices have fallen, ethanol may not be important as other issues.

By July, that number had fallen to 86 percent.

And in close Democratic districts, it’s fallen from 89 percent to 84 percent.

The only problem: Kirk has fallen in love with her and isn’t sure he can bring himself to let her die.

The FT says Bass is returning money because, “the strategy has fallen apart in the face of legal setbacks and market turbulence.”

The police have also fallen in line with Maduro.

“The only change I’d say that’s been substantial has been where it’s fallen,” he said.

Just a bit cold sometimes, but I’ve never fallen over or anything, touch wood (pun intended).”

Hospital readmissions, for example, have fallen sharply since Medicare began penalizing providers for those unnecessary repeat visits.

Consumer confidence has fallen at its fastest pace in 26 years in the wake of Brexit according to the latest GfK survey.

However, Joe Staton, head of market dynamics at GfK, said the index had fallen from “a relatively elevated level by historic standards”.

If Trump has fallen just short of a majority, these unbound delegates could choose to put him over the top — or sink him.

“Nasr has not yet fallen,” he said, referring to one of the villages which the international coalition said had been retaken.

The FTSE Nareit Equity Regional Mall index has fallen 6.4% so far this year.

Valeant’s stock has fallen over 85% in the last year, in part because of scrutiny over its pricing practices.

That shutdown halted payments to families of fallen troops, shuttered regional veterans facilities, and canceled some drills for the National Guard and reserve troops.

Bitcoin’s price has fallen more than 70 percent since Jan. 1.

Oil prices had fallen on Monday as weak Chinese economic data last week led to fears of lower global demand for the commodity.

It educates you about instruments of torture and how demand for those things seems to have fallen off.

Over at the Washington Post, Philip Bump points out that unemployment numbers for black Americans have fallen relatively consistently for the past several years.

“The excess overhang has fallen considerably,” said OPEC, which aims to reduce stocks to the five-year average through the supply-curbing deal.

But China needs to stick to its landmark economic reforms begun in 1978, without which the party could have fallen, Xi said.

The currency has duly fallen to five-month lows since the RBA’s June 4 meeting.

Among the staff that remain, morale has fallen significantly, according to government surveys obtained by Reveal.

Filings of concluded cases in the last 12 months have fallen slightly even compared to the first full year of the Trump administration.

fallen individuals returned to the same position to continue the mating sequence, except when strong currents swept them away.”

For several minutes the driver tries to free the vehicle, but the wheels spin uselessly in fallen leaves.

Trust in him has fallen quite a bit,” said a second person familiar with Nissan’s thinking.

Occidental’s shares have fallen nearly 28% since its offer for Anadarko became public.

I’d been with men all my life, and I’d never fallen in love with a woman.

Yields have fallen so far that more than $10 trillion of government debt worldwide is now trading below zero.

Clamboring over a fallen overpass, we are able to get on Interstate Avenue.

The likely guess is fallen power lines.

So far Trump has fallen short of passing meaningful legislation even though the GOP controls the presidency and both Houses of Congress.

More evidence that people aren’t adjusting for potency: The estimated dollar value of cannabis sales has soared, even as potency-adjusted prices have fallen drastically.

Confidence in the institutions of government has fallen precipitously in recent decades.

The company’s shares have fallen by nearly 20 percent since the Ethiopian Airlines crash in March.

There, many of the houses’ roofs have caved in, and fallen trees lie alongside the road.

The uninsured rate has fallen most dramatically for nonwhite adults since 2013.

There, many of the houses’ roofs have caved in, and fallen trees lie alongside the road.

Other attempts to target millennials have also fallen flat.

In the years since Ferguson, the total number of police shootings has fallen by about 20 percent.

The stock has fallen about 30 percent since Cook said in November that the company may miss its holiday quarter sales estimate.

Yet Cameron had fallen to the classic appeasement trap.

Meanwhile, ripened apricots have fallen from their branches, and fluctuate inexplicably in the sunlight.

Before the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the use of tourniquets in medicine had fallen out of favor.

The currency had fallen to nearly six-month lows last week.

Haas parks on top of a hill where crews operating Caterpillar equipment are rummaging through fallen trees.

What became clear over another two weeks of filming was that Ernest had fallen into a profound depression.

Ernest, who had fallen asleep on one of the hotel beds watching TV, stood up, its black eyes widening.

HQ has seen 12.5 million unique installs, but on iOS, it has fallen from the No.

A handful of U.S.-China film ventures have fallen apart due to cultural clashes.

(The president said in 2009 he “constantly” struggles with cigarette cravings, and acknowledged that he has occasionally “fallen off the wagon.”)

It will focus its budget cuts on the navigator grantees that have fallen short of their enrollment goals.

Lumber futures have fallen 28.6% since their 2019 highs in early February.

But as the steel and coal industries have declined, Saint Barbara has fallen out of fashion.

Like Vine City, the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood had fallen into disrepair since the 1960s.

And the struggles with mental illness that have been so central to her journey from the pilot onward have fallen by the wayside.

If it touches the ground it is a fallen warrior, and you may never pick it up again,” Ramona Kitto Stately told Laâbissi.

Please leave that fallen warrior.

I have fallen off a horse.

After the tackle, several people rush over to the fallen man and begin to stomp and punch him.

A wider total incorporating visas for Iranian students and their dependents has fallen for the past three school years.

But Tesla has, for two years now, fallen short on the upper end of its delivery guidance.

Nationally, the Texas Senator’s approval rating had fallen by 16 points among Republicans.

Takeda shares have fallen around 25 percent since the drugmaker revealed its interest in the acquisition in March.

In the context of The General Jungle, however, this song delivers a sense of somnambulance, a daydream that Gilbert & George have fallen into.

Jet, as a platform to sell similar items, has fallen by the wayside, the sources added.

In fact, oil prices have fallen since the deal was implemented in January.

This was years ago, and I’d fallen into a rut.

Today, the GOP’s share has fallen to about 30 percent, meaning its direct financial role has shrunk almost by half.

Yet, in this photograph, she admires a fallen black nationalist hero who refused to rule out armed struggle.

POTUS 43 & 44 and first ladies cared deeply, worked tirelessly for the serving, the fallen, and their families.

Coal production in the US has fallen off a cliff in recent years.

By 2015, that had fallen 25 percent.

My wife had fallen on her, shielded her.

Tesla only reached a goal to build 5,000 Model 3s per week in June, although current production has fallen short of that.

This number has risen while birth rates have fallen by 10 percent since 2007.

But just seven months later had fallen below the IPO price.

For what feels like ages, they berate him, shouting about how disappointed they are that he’s fallen away from his faith.

Not everyone has fallen into this trap, so I can only say, at best, that I was half right.

EQT’s shares have fallen nearly 60 percent since it closed the acquisition of Rice Energy.

In memory of the fallen, I have directed that our great flag be flown at half-staff.

He’d apparently taken off his pants, climbed through the ceiling, then fallen into the restaurant dining room.

The echoes of European art had fallen silent, and she was fully equipped to embark on her journey as a resolutely American original.

Her whole life has fallen apart, and the unyielding sun is going to make sure you see every iota of her grief.

The world hasn’t completely fallen waste to the zombie menace as season two begins, but it might as well have.

Images in the media appeared to show bricks and rubble fallen from buildings, and products tumbling off shelves in a supermarket.

There is an understanding that Mahathir will eventually hand power to Anwar, but the two men have fallen out before.

Target Corp (TGT.N) shares have risen 1.9 percent, while Walmart Inc (WMT.N) shares have fallen 1.7 percent.

Could the announcement of this singing be another leg to a joke that we’ve completely fallen for too?

Microsoft’s effort to date has largely fallen under its Business AI, or artificial intelligence, team, one person said.

The girls must have fallen asleep without putting it out.

Foreign exchange price swings have fallen to their lowest for several years, according to the Deutsche Bank Currency Volatility Index.

Progressive reactions to women’s accounts of Franken’s behavior have generally fallen into two camps.

It’s a lot easier to break up with someone when we’ve fallen for someone else.

Have you ever fallen in love with a spirit?

While that “reluctant bystander” assessment has fallen away from Ivanka Trump and Conway as Trump’s presidency continues, it has persisted for Melania.

Notably, although the ruble has fallen against the dollar over the past month, it hasn’t completely been in line with crude prices.

Eighty-seven people have fallen sick, 10 of whom died.

Commodity prices have fallen sharply, and farmers have less to spend on supplies (as well as on pricier biotech seeds).

Instead, it’s stayed roughly flat over the past 40 years or maybe fallen very slightly.

Support for a handgun ban is a little more than 20 percent and has fallen over the years.

Because this is an area they stood out on and then seem to have fallen back.

Soon enough, you realize you’ve fallen into the same trap as their millions of Everlasting viewers.

That may help explain why, according to Gallup, the public’s trust in police has fallen over the past couple of years.

When including California, it is certainly true that the US prison population has fallen.

By 2012, that percentage had fallen dramatically, to only 5.2 percent.

Anyone who has ever fallen in love knows what I mean,” said Curry in an energetic address that quoted Martin Luther King.

But it has fallen from any standpoint.

Prague City Hall announced plans to establish “a park of fallen monuments” for statues and sculptures that are considered poor quality, obsolete, or controversial.

In fact, this is not the first or only time mugshot use has fallen into contentious debate.

But while luxury brands have been able to make that leap, more accessible brands available at drugstore and discount department stores have fallen behind.

Sterling, which had earlier in the day fallen by 2 percent to $1.3005, was trading at around $1.3086 shortly after the vote.

U.S. yields had fallen on Thursday, driven lower by ebbing optimism over a Sino-U.S. trade deal.

Okay, let’s say you’re a white American of European descent whose DNA has somehow fallen into investigator’s hands.

Around the world, people have fallen in love with Netflix.

“Earlier Tuesday, Trump doubled down on a false claim that President Barack Obama did not call the families of fallen soldiers.

His latest, “fallen Angels,” dropped in May.

Since Costolo announced he was stepping down, Twitter’s stock has fallen more than 60 percent, closing Friday near an all-time low at $14.02.

But longer-term, crossings have fallen sharply.

Alphabet is 15 percent below its July 26 record high close, while Amazon has fallen 12 percent this month.

The downgrade would make Pemex the largest fallen angel ever by a factor of two, overtaking Brazil’s scandal-plagued Petrobras.

The judge cited a photograph showing him kicking someone who had fallen to the ground.

Its scenarios have fallen far short of the reality of renewables for so long that it faces frequent charges of bias.

As a consequence, its core capital ratio has fallen to 7.52%, below an 8.83% requirement set by the Bank of Italy.

Now the label’s spotlight has fallen on one of its most celebrated members, its co-founder.

As a result, the center has fallen out of American politics, and racial divisions have consumed partisan divisions.

Despite these denials, though, he’s fallen under FBI scrutiny, according to the New York Times.

Safe-haven bond yields have already fallen in recent days amid rising speculation about monetary easing by major central banks.

Spain bond yields have fallen for the first time below 0.5%.

In the past two days, both major political parties in the UK have fallen into complete and total chaos.

The unemployment rate had fallen to a remarkably low 4.8 percent, and poorer Americans were finally starting to see their wages creep upward.

Since the passage of that law Airsoft devices have fallen under the definition of “projectile toys” established by the European Union.

So there is this long history of a tight relationship between weeklies, magazines, newspapers and “books.” But it’s somehow fallen away.

Our sources say the bodyguard, the assistant and others on Demi’s team were aware she had fallen off the wagon months before.

As the brand grew, it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears that some of our performers have had problems with it.

Pieces of the Colossus lay for nine hundred years where they had fallen, until the seventh century, when they were sold for scrap.

The uninsured rate has fallen to an all-time low under President Obama — but Trumpcare would change all that.

The company’s share price has fallen almost 60 percent in that time.

Moeti said some 362 contacts had been traced of those who had fallen sick – a necessary precursor of deploying the vaccines.

But on the fifth anniversary of his papacy, he’s fallen short on those promises, according to two Vatican experts.

But on the fifth anniversary of his papacy, he’s fallen short on those promises, according to two Vatican experts.

Trump’s foreign policy ideas sound outlandish today because the Jacksonian tradition has fallen out of fashion.

Fitzpatrick still comes across instances of the practice, but says it has fallen out of favour with builders in favour of another method.

He made a similar claim about the fact that no video showed McDonald attempting to get back up after he had fallen.

And it’s true that the labor force participation rate has fallen, and business investment in capital goods has fallen.

By November holdings had fallen to a 75 year low of 132 tonnes, central bank data showed.

Food prices began rising again in March, having fallen in the five months through February.

Its shares have fallen 12 percent since the Ethiopian Airlines crash, wiping $28 billion from its market value.

Our industry has fallen into that trap.”

Overall, FGM prevalence rates have fallen in the last three decades but progress has been uneven, UNICEF said.

Recently I’ve fallen in love with the Theory 2.0 crepe k nits— they’re so versatile and easy to wear.

In retrospect, the country hadn’t entirely fallen off its hinges.

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I have only ever had casual relationships before this, but have really fallen for this guy.

Ginsburg has bounced back from previous medical issues and has fallen twice before at her home, in 2012 and 2013, leading to rib injuries.

Like many in DC, he had fallen into crack addiction in the 80s.

Louisiana’s funding has fallen the most since the recession (41 percent), followed by Alabama (39 percent) and Pennsylvania (37 percent).

At least nine families of fallen service members came out with statements saying they haven’t heard from Trump.

Protect America to make fallen soldiers matter.

Since Bolsonaro assumed office on January 1, his popularity has fallen substantially among evangelicals.

The country’s oil production has fallen to 400,000 barrels in May, compared to 2.5 million in April last year.

fallen trees and power lines have blocked roads.

Shares of the company have fallen by around $120 in 2019 and were trading at around $222 before the bell on Wednesday.

The price of oil had fallen again.

Do they still have money to do these things because the ruble has fallen?

I’d also fallen in love with the Kreuzbasar in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

Made me buy a couple hundred.” The token’s price has since fallen by more than 75 percent to 36 cents.

A rep told People Jenelle had merely tripped and fallen by a bonfire they’d built for the party.

Drake has joined the chorus to give fallen Marjory Stoneman Douglas coach Aaron Feis the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the upcoming ESPY’s.

Sales of international luxury goods in China have fallen over the last 12 months.

As of May 15, 172 people in 32 states have fallen ill, including one person who died in California.

Older residents talk about the good old days, and complain about how far Dagenham has fallen.

B&G Foods’ US$650m term loan B has fallen to around par from a 101 trading range in February.

Its subject was Sheff’s son Nic (called Nick in the article), who had fallen prey to an all-engrossing drug addiction as a teenager.

His answer — as when he attacked the Muslim parents of a fallen soldier — is familiar to any parent: They started it.

Since then, crime has fallen by half.

And the unemployment rate has fallen from a peak of 10 percent in October 2010 to 4.9 percent in August.

Incarceration has risen, then fallen (slightly) again.

America’s teen birthrate has fallen by half over the past decade, a stunning public health victory.

Investor sentiment for the longer-term has fallen to an all-time low as continued uncertainty over Brexit takes its toll, EY said.

They had fallen more than 30 percent since November on concerns about weak iPhone sales and a general decline in high-tech stocks.

The term hermaphrodite has fallen out of favor (and rightly so because it doesn’t accurately describe what it means to define).

How regrettable that US foreign policy has fallen into the hands of such a gang,” Arreaza tweeted last week.

She was suddenly a fallen internet star whose mental health was eroding.

Overall exports have since fallen to 1.8 million bpd, according to energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie, which estimates volumes dropping to 1 million bpd.

Oil prices in October rallied above $85 per barrel on fears of a steep decline in Iranian exports and have fallen since then.

The multiple has fallen, but only to about 10 times at the end of last year.

The state’s uninsured rate has fallen from 17.2 percent before the law to 6.8 percent in 2017.

When it’s confirmed that the two have fallen for each other, you can feel the strain just a bit.

Equifax’s share prices has fallen by more than a third since the company disclosed the hack on Sept. 7.

You see, all those arguments for natural gas that seemed so compelling during the Obama years have fallen apart.

Every person that I’ve ever fallen in love with I’ve met while walking down the street or doing something I love.

It was a revelation, when I let myself see— I’d fallen in love with a man who carries weapons.

It’s true that the pound has fallen by a lot compared with normal daily fluctuations.

Tonight @POTUS & I were honored to pay tribute to our fallen heroes.

Through Tuesday’s close, Disney shares had fallen 1.3 percent this year, compared with 0.8 percent increase for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Mel B’s efforts to get her domestic violence case sealed have fallen short … the judge shot her down.

The stock has fallen nearly 85% since mid-September when the IL&FS crisis spooked investors in the NBFC sector.

The story is that America’s crime rate has fallen steadily since 1991, not 1981 or 1971.

In 2010-2011, that had fallen to 2.5 percent, according to San Francisco Unified School District data.

But I challenge you — if you don’t have any connection to the military — to really learn about just one fallen service member.

Its shares have fallen 35% from a peak in April, nearly double the loss on the benchmark Solative Global Copper Mines index.

Levels of violence have fallen off somewhat since.

Economic activity in Argentina had fallen 6.9% in March versus the same month in 2018.

He’s fallen off, though: 42 percent approval, 53 percent disapproval.

Senate Republicans have fallen short in their first attempt to attract 50 votes for their health care bill.

A hero has fallen.

Trump’s tweet suggests that the unemployment rate among women has fallen dramatically during his tenure in office.

But his lead will have narrowed significantly, and he will have fallen far behind what he needs to win an outright majority.

By last July, that number had fallen to 16 percent.

Downstairs, protesters staged a “die-in,” surrounded by the fallen leaflets and mock OxyContin prescription bottles.

The pound was down 0.2% at $1.2565, having fallen earlier to a low of $1.2558.

While I have no qualms backing Manning another season, similarly good quarterbacks have fallen off quickly in their mid-thirties.

Since the launch of new iPhones on Sept.12, the stock had fallen 2.5 percent until last Thursday’s close.

fallen trees cut off roads to parts of the territory, with the city’s popular Victoria Park covered in a mass of strewn branches.

This world is irrevocably fallen, a place of death and decay, and we have lost our connection with a better one.

In new docs, obtained by TMZ, Sonni also says Renner’s fallen behind on child support to the tune of $48,367.

Moayad, and others like him, have fallen victim to a deal made between Donald Trump and the government of Iraq.

But Yiannopoulos has fallen on hard times.

Why has this kind of nickname fallen off?

They’ve fallen out of touch until the divorce drives Toby to call her for support.

So walker-related injuries have fallen off dramatically.

One of her shoes had fallen off, and the contents of her two pink Hermès handbags lay scattered seemingly haphazardly around her.

As manufacturing has gotten more efficient, the price of manufactured goods like T-shirts and televisions has fallen.

Stubing’s daughter on “Love Boat,” has fallen on hard times … she’s getting divorced and has no source of income to support herself.

The elements in this anti-composition have almost fallen out of time, and they are about to break apart, or at least to disjoin.

As such, Chinese imports of U.S.-made cars and trucks — worth $10 billion in 2017 — have fallen off significantly.

“The president has fallen into the same trap as Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and even Bill Clinton.

The elements in this anti-composition have almost fallen out of time, and they are about to break apart, or at least to disjoin.

In 2018, the number of anti-Semitic incidents increased by 74 percent nationwide, figures released last week showed, despite having fallen somewhat in previous years.

Industrials have slumped 3.9 percent, while materials have slid 3.6 percent and financials have fallen 2.7 percent.

The other shoe has finally fallen, and the Trump presidency may fall with it.

The farmers said that with bumper harvests causing a supply glut, prices had fallen so low they were barely scraping by.

Bush’s approach has fallen into disfavor with the conservative movement in part because of real ideological betrayals.

They have fallen 43 percent over the past year.

And there’s the issue of honoring the dead, and how to deal with cemetery monuments to fallen Confederates.

One business owner, who goes by the name ‘Auntie Cho’, said she bought “hair from the comb”, which has fallen out naturally.

Walmart’s gross margin, which has fallen for four consecutive quarters, was down 23 basis points in the quarter ended April 30.

Those would’ve fallen outside of the bounds of what reconciliation can do.

The stock has fallen around 20 percent from an all-time high in January.

Insys’ share price has fallen 93% since late August.

US production has fallen from 9.6 million barrels per day down to 8.6 million barrels per day amid the price crash.

But as he remembered America’s fallen war heroes, he told European allies they were bound by unbreakable ties.

Sterling has fallen in recent weeks as the contest to succeed Prime Minister Theresa May heats up.

The fortunes of Mexico’s eight billionaires tracked on the index, suffering from a battered peso, have fallen by 5.1%.

In the first two months of 2017, apprehensions of people crossing into the US from Mexico have fallen by more than half.

While 68 percent of us sated our afternoon cravings with chocolate in 2014, in 2015, this had fallen to 59 percent.

For the past several years, those people have fallen into two distinct groups.

Sterling has fallen in recent weeks as the contest to succeed Prime Minister Theresa May heats up.

In a world of Pixar and CGI, it has fallen out of fashion, and Daniels can’t get funding for projects.

“It was not correct,” said the fallen Dimitrenko.

In all but two countries, perceptions of American leadership have fallen precipitously.

The company’s shares, which have fallen nearly 33% so far this year, rose about 3% in after hours trading.

Capacity usage has fallen 10.6 percentage points in the last four years to 53.4%, according to data from Turkey’s Cement Industry Association.

And some kinds of bariatric surgery (most recently, the lap band approach) have fallen out of favor.

As of April 10, at least 285 people in New York City — mainly in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg and Borough Park neighborhoods — had fallen ill.

SNL has previously always portrayed Bannon as the Grim Reaper, but apparently a fallen Bannon is a Murray Bannon.

The stock has fallen more than 15% this week, making it one of the biggest losers on the broader Nifty index.

Though his ratings still put him on top, they have fallen — and public opinion has also begun to turn.

Now that we’ve largely fallen out love with reality television (RIP, American Idol), the original trigger for Civil War feels a bit dated.

In the second quarter, the sector has fallen about 3%.

Occidental’s shares have fallen nearly 28% since its offer for Anadarko became public.

He had fallen ill two weeks ago while traveling in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Maybe you and I wouldn’t have fallen for it, but a lot of people did along the way.

But let’s be clear: Now that the summit has fallen through, the risks of war — no matter how low the odds — go up.

Murray and Wawrinka briefly pushed the door ajar, each winning three titles, but they have both fallen by the wayside.

That appeared to drag down the industry altogether, with Google and Apple having fallen about 7 percent this month.

U.S. crude has now fallen more than 30 percent from a near four-year peak in early October.

She’d fallen in love with a New Zealander.

Half an hour later, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had fallen 154 points.

I have fallen into natural remedy black holes too, hoping to find the magical supplement that cures me.

Today, POTUS defended himself while calling out former presidents … claiming he is more caring with families of fallen soldiers.

It’s a world where fertility rates have fallen quite precipitously.

As a result, some important OSTP functions appear to have fallen dormant.

They lifted the legs of the fallen and sliced off one toe from each.

Children have been among the most affected, a large number of whom have fallen ill due to lead poisoning—Bell’s young son included.

The company’s annual sales have fallen for the past three years.

It’s one of the only instances where reporters have pressed Trump with a direct line of inquiry and not fallen for his shenanigans.

Italian government bond yields were also higher on the day, having fallen to two-month lows ahead of the ECB meeting.

As a result, PREPA has fallen into debt and raised rates for consumers.

Better yet, it announced that its number of daily active users, which had fallen in the two previous quarters, stayed steady during the period.

And since Democrats have fallen into the minority in the past two years, they’ve for the most part mirrored the GOP’s approach.

In Wilmington, residents contended with fallen trees, crushed roofs, and other damage on Friday.

Deutsche Bank CDS have fallen for the sixth straight session.

It’s now fallen 8.7% from the multi-year high of 103.82 struck on January 3 this year.

Occidental’s shares have fallen nearly 28% since its offer for Anadarko became public.

They found him 25 minutes later, fallen, bleeding, unarmed and wearing a uniform indicating low rank.

“We would walk through the stream, build forts out of fallen branches, and run around the giant honeysuckle bush,” Green tells Creators.

A few ancient humans might even have fallen in love with Neanderthals.

Democracy in the United States has fallen ill, but it’s pretty far from a terminal diagnosis.

* Spot gold had fallen 0.5% to $1,333.44 per ounce by 0103 GMT.

It’s the first time the unemployment rate has fallen below 5 percent since the 2008 financial crisis.

The downgrade would make Pemex the largest fallen angel ever by a factor of two, overtaking Brazil’s scandal-plagued Petrobras.

Huawei’s deal with AT&T to sell its phones through the carrier had fallen through earlier this month.

By 2011, range for some 16 species had fallen by as much as 75 percent.

No tsunami was triggered, but more than 100 were killed by fallen buildings.


It’s hard, because it produces a lot of fallen heroes, fallen ancestors.

Today, that has fallen to 22 percent.

Talk about fallen ancestors.

Opinions of America overall have fallen by 15 points.

He’s also fallen badly behind in the polls.

Hundreds have fallen victim to the shells, mines, and bullets of the Houthis and their allies.

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, homeownership has fallen to the lowest levels on record.

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, homeownership has fallen to the lowest levels on record.

An additional 174 stocks have fallen between 10 percent and 20 percent, leaving them in what is known as a correction.

As part of the agreement, PREPA was supposed to modernize its ancient electric system, which had fallen into disrepair.

And some note that many offset projects in the past have proven fraudulent or fallen short of their promises.

DMGT did say, however, that underlying ad revenue across the business has fallen 10% in the past five weeks.

That figure has fallen from 37.9 percent in 1991 to 30.1 percent in the most recent survey.

In less than a year, the error rate has fallen by almost half.

However, the heights are very high and many have fallen over the course of the month.

This year, that percentage point has fallen only slightly, from 2.7 to 2.2.

I think they’ve fallen behind there because they’re in a lawsuit with Google or Alphabet.

Talk about a brand that’s fallen from grace.

Even older alternative viewing habits like DVDs have fallen over the last several years.

Darkness has fallen.

President Donald Trump’s tight bond with French President Emmanuel Macron appears to have fallen apart.

At the same time, over the past eight years, Democrats’ share of seats in the US Senate has fallen from 59 to 48.

The America Trump speaks of requires an occupying force sent by a strongman to free and stabilize cities that have fallen into anarchy.

But our cities have not fallen into anarchy.

“UK manufacturing PMI has fallen to levels that in the past has been consistent with a cut in the BOE base lending rate.

And then second related to that, how far have we fallen from how it’s supposed to work?

A new poll finds that Republican support for repeal has fallen significantly over the past month.

Women are general fallen angels who have partied too hard and shunned the support of their loving man, to their detriment.

“That might be enough.” The tips that police have publicly acknowledged so far may have fallen short of that threshold.

Crime has fallen quickly in big cities in recent decades as their black populations barely changed or actually grew.

“Features of the emerging phones are very similar to an iPhone,” says salesman Aejaz Ahmed, adding volumes have fallen in the past few months.

You said that Aleppo has basically fallen.

Amid family conflict, school had fallen by the wayside.

But it has fallen from any standpoint.

Magalhaes said producers’ share of the revenues coffee generates worldwide has fallen continuously.

Yet, for all its good intentions, it would seem the study has fallen through the cracks.

“The cane area has fallen drastically in Maharashtra due to drought.

Terri appeared to have fallen and hit the sink on her way down.

This year’s backstory centers on the fictional Romero Brothers’ “Carnival of Dreams,” a once-grand boardwalk sideshow that has fallen on hard times.

But our nuclear program has fallen way behind and they’ve gone wild with their nuclear program.

DT: I think it basically has fallen.

She said that she’d fallen down the stairs and refused to be pushed further.

Last month she released a song called “Sober” where she revealed she had fallen off the wagon.

The city buffed them pretty thoroughly for years, so it had fallen out of favor.

Meanwhile, economic expectations among Democrats have fallen sharply, a pattern of partisan division that’s emerging in other economic data as well.

But despite running brilliant high-profile candidates for governor in Florida and Georgia, Democrats appear to have fallen short of decisive wins.

We should be for getting out.” Still, the other Senate Democrats rumored to have White House ambitions in 2020 have fallen silent.

I had tried to call it off but it had all fallen on deaf ears, and the groom had even threatened to kill himself.

It is not clear why Clinton’s early voting support has fallen short of Obama’s.

German 10-year bond yields have fallen past the European Central Bank’s -0.4% policy rate.

Speaking during a webcast of the board’s ninth public meeting, she said the government had fallen short of meeting required money-saving goals, however.

“We just couldn’t resist naming the fruit punch after Trump’s fallen GOP competitors,” Mihelic says.

Back home, active duty military personnel will do what they can to remember those fallen.

Barnes & Noble’s share price has fallen by nearly two-thirds since July 2015.

The company’s stock has fallen from around $25 a share to just over $7 a share since then.

Millennia of Polynesian traditions have risen and fallen here.

By the 1870s, when a census was taken, the total population had fallen to just over 100 people.

But communication has fallen between the cracks of good intentions, and it’s on us, the visitors, to stop and listen.

While wages have risen by 12.9 percent overall since 2006, wages adjusted for inflation (so-called “real wages”) have actually fallen by 9.3 percent.

Lucas Lixinski: UNESCO has fallen short of bringing communities into the implementation of their cultural mandate.

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