Fairy in a sentence | Use of the word fairy examples

“I wanted to address the fairy tale feeling of needing a lot of hair,” the artist said.

Warren has dismissed the “Over-Consumption Myth” as “little more than a fairy tale,” and many people these days understand instinctively that it’s wrong.

Creators: What drew you to this lesser-known fairy tale?

Not a fairy tale ending—but at least a drop of hope.

“There’s no magical fairy dust blockchain platform,” says Sarracino.

No such fairy dust exists; different sources perform differently in different economies and different electricity systems.

Thankfully, Pousette-Dart did not buy into this art world fairy tale.

The 78-year-old has the vibe of a bohemian painter crossed with an impish old man out of a Japanese fairy tale.

He couldn’t take its conveyer-belt approach.” Like many of the characters in these fairy tales, Nielsen did not live happily ever after.

All fairy tales lead up to this moment, then leave off.

But they’re not the only ones: UFC lives in a world tinged by a bit of fairy magic make-believe, too.

And don’t even get her started on the “P-word” — “I’m a fairy princess… Witch princess!

Venus connects with the planet of dreams and fairy tales, Neptune, in Water sign Pisces, on June 20, creating a sweet, romantic vibe.

There are fairy lights.

What could spoil this fairy tale?

There is a girl in a choker holding a sign shrouded in battery powered fairy lights; it reads: “Thank you Justin, for being yourself”.

The Chichagova Sisters — Galina and Olga — aimed to supplant old fairy tales with new stories on socialism and science.

But regardless of the culture, The Parent Trap is a fairy tale, and every good fairy tale needs a witch.

“I used to think that love was just a fairy tale / until that first hello / until that first smile.”

And that’s the opposite of Gigi, who’s this coked out fairy princess.

Probably a whole load of things, to be honest, like turkey and fairy lights and angels but hey: if you got it, toke it.

“If I say that the collection of Jewish fairy tales entitled the Bible is complete bullshit, that is that.

“If I say that the collection of Jewish fairy tales entitled the Bible is complete bullshit, that is that.

Novik’s sentences are rich and lovely, inflected with fairy tale metaphors without ever getting precious.

In Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water, the pulpy premise was spun out into an Oscar-winning fairy tale.

Even in 1926, it was a classic fairy tale – but one that marked a period of innovation in animated film.

Taking from the most familiar fairy tales, like Cinderella and Hansel and Gretel, Reiniger would bring the stories to life with intricate cutouts.

Thousands lined the royal procession route well into the evening as fairy lights lit the streets of Bangkok’s old quarter.

Yorke wrote these songs as fairy tales to help himself and his then-newborn son Noah cope with an unfair, unreasonable world.

We thought to use Norway’s fairy tale culture, which often deals with the complexity of nature being idealized and scary and mysterious.

It’s like a fairy tale!

But on the other, the British monarchy is such a fertile site for fairy tale imagining.

That scenario is also a fairy tale.

She’s the kind of villain that lives in a fairy tale Karl Lagerfeld tells to scare tiny children.

None of this would have happened if we’d all just stuck to the fairy bread.

Spinning Silver, a new YA fantasy from Naomi Novik, reads like a fairy tale you already know in your bones.

But this fairy tale lets its heroine be both monster and princess, both gold-hoarding Rumpelstiltskin and virtuous miller’s daughter.

No maid was ever transformed into a princess by a fairy godmother and a pair of glass shoes that fit just so.

Gepetto and that fairy are honestly selfish to want to collab on the creation of such a torrid life.

When Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling was published in 1844 — in New fairy Tales.

Those people probably aren’t wrong, even if parents do sometimes underestimate the emotional maturity of their children (most fairy tales are terrifying, after all).

It’s noisy and dreamy and mutant with all these different voices, it’s a rambunctious and frightening fairy tale: it bites.

Spinning Silver is not exactly a fairy tale retelling, but it feels like one.

The fairy tales collected in The Merry Spinster are as bright and sharp and painful as knives.

“Pips’ portrait was inspired by the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale,” Diogo explains.

I’m pretty sure that’s fairy Tale Law, but who cares?

Once Upon a Honeymoon features an inexplicable fairy angel and a lot of proselytizing about appliances.

One Tumblr entity, The Skeleton fairy, cast a curse upon Darling for their deeds.

“Bone theft is a most heinous act,” the fairy declared.

So say I, the fae of femurs, the imp of iliums, the sylph of skulls, the pixie of pelvises, the skeleton fairy.”

That seemed like a touch of tooth fairy whimsy that wouldn’t be too much work.

American parents put a lot of time, effort, and, of course, money into convincing children the Tooth fairy is real.

What does the tooth fairy want with our children’s teeth, and what do we want with her?

Some parents (and dentists) use the tooth fairy to encourage good dental habits in children.

(Some parents also tell children the tooth fairy can’t navigate a messy room to deliver her payment.)

Rachel’s daughters write notes to the tooth fairy asking her to leave their teeth behind, along with the coin she gives them.

“It was kind of nasty and traumatic for us, so the tooth fairy didn’t even enter my mind,” she says.

Still, as much stress and frustration as the tooth fairy can cause, many families continue working hard to keep the belief alive.

Today, you can even download apps that add the fairy to photographs as proof for skeptical children, or call her and leave a voicemail.

But monetizing childhood magic isn’t all the fairy does.

Parents don’t have to go completely over the top to create unique tooth fairy memories for their children.

I wish I had that fairy dust, I’d be sprinkling it away if I had some.

The spores go … Yeah, you’re just trailing this fairy dust, this pixie dust.

Of course, well-meaning family and family friends also tried to give me Chinese fairy tale books.

Storywise, this short has all the elements of about a zillion other fairy tales with counterparts all over the world.

We’re told every Disney princess from Cinderella to Jasmine will be there along with a fairy godmother.

The artist’s imagery seems part fairy tale, part communist propaganda.

The real fun of this comic is the pace, which is like a mix between a classic fairy tale and Looney Tunes on speed.

Helen Oyeyemi’s stories feel both familiar and new, like dark fairy tales you’ve never read before.

From the beginning I’ve wanted to do a show that is related to the world of the fairy tales.

fairy tales include universal symbols that are open to interpretation.

The script has them sharing the camera with Taraji, as Mrs. Claus — and Method Man as the tooth fairy!

When I walked in, it felt like I was in a fairy tale.

Determined to upend these gendered stereotypes, Dion blows fairy dust and, voilà, the newborns appear in stylish black-and-white ensembles.

But on the other, the British monarchy is such a fertile site for fairy tale imagining.

Romantic vibes continue to flow as Venus connects with the planet of fairy tales, Neptune, in fellow Water sign Pisces, on June 20.

Say some guy bumps into you, causing you to drop your book of H.C. Andersen fairy tales.

The Vietnamese, according to their origin myth, are descendants of a dragon and a fairy.

Whatever her inspiration — be it a fairy tale or an intensely descriptive erotic novel — her work stands on its own.

Out of nowhere, a woman dressed as a fairy appeared behind us, startling the entire back row.

And then again and again, revising more and more, until by 1864 they’d published 17 editions of Grimm’s fairy Tales.

Amigh might be depicting a fairy tale, a legend, family history (she is from Iran), or a dream.

There’s a ball with fairy lights and enormous dresses!

“Playing in the Dark,” which explores the correspondence between making art and make-believe plays, is rooted in her lifelong study of fairy tales.

It was almost by accident that the filmmakers discovered one of Shrek’s most clever twists: its lambasting of the commodification of fairy tales.

Others believe that if you step into that ring, you’ll be taken away to the fairy kingdom.

In the demo, Link doesn’t have any fairy helpers.

But as in the fairy tale, let’s go with just three: central banks, trade, and bubbles.

We decorated her room and put fairy lights around her family photo display.

From the very beginning, Philippe Djian and even Paul liked to say that you can also take the film as a fairy tale.

There is no magic fairy dust you can sprinkle on an economy to make it grow.

Our meeting had been a sort of modern-day fairy tale.

I am a man, you should be too” and “I’m allergic to fairy dust and I don’t have time for queens.”

These poems collage Paul Thek’s art, 19th-century American literature, and a fairy tale to create a fresh understanding of the memory and soul.

But maybe that’s the fairy tale, I thought, and this is the reality I need to figure out how to cope with.

“I just wanted to keep the fairy tale alive!”

Erkmen’s gesture of focusing on one fairy chimney makes the viewer really look at and study this one among the masses.

“We wanted to make a fairy tale for adults.”

Those who only know Disney’s lobotomized Little Mermaid may not realize that Andersen’s fairy tale has a bittersweet ending.

Our kids need to grow up with different fairy tales.

fairy tales are usually talked about back in the medieval times, but it doesn’t seem to be as bad, or something.

I like faggots; I like fairy queers, and I like anyone who is a supporter of these communities.

Critics have been quick to label Waitress a “feminist fable,” “feminist tale,” “feminist fairy tale,” and “for the most part delightfully a feminist musical.”

But if Waitress is a fairy tale, it’s not, despite what critics have said, a feminist one.

Synthesizing these ancient forms with his previous fairy tale castle drawings, Hablik’s work became more ambitious and fantastical.

She says Nasatir was like her “good fairy.”

In its most basic form, “Tam Lin” tells the story of a girl named Janet whose lover is a fairy knight named Tam Lin.

She goes to the fairy Queen’s midnight procession, where she pulls Tam Lin off his horse.

One of the most famous lines in literature comes from the classic fairy tale Snow White.

“You’re a bird, Elmo’s a monster, and I’m a fairy,” Abby concurs.

Tam Lin is named Christopher, and he has, in a Christ-like fashion, sacrificed himself to the fairy folk to save a little girl.

The fairy folk kidnap Kate, too, first to use her as a maid.

But despite Kate and Christopher’s disavowal of the fairy folk and their heathen ways, the fairies remain profoundly attractive.

But Janet doesn’t learn about the fairies until she dumps her fairy boyfriend, hooks up with a guy named Thomas Lane, and gets pregnant.

We see a moment of vulnerability when Mrs. Perlman strokes Elio’s hair while she reads him a fairy tale during a summer rainstorm.

So most of the criticism was: “that’s a fairy tale.” And that’s certainly one important angle of critique.

Somebody makes reference to a “fairy tale for adults,” but, surprise: It’s evolution.

Mock-It Esports player Victor “fairy Peak!”

The fairy tale of “Beauty and the Beast” lends itself gorgeously to adaptation: The set pieces are lavish and iconic (the enchanted castle!

While we’re talking dark fairy tales, we can’t forget Angela Carter.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to find a new fairy tale.

fairy tales are weird.

As an example, they replayed a Samoa Joe video package of him reading a fairy tale about him killing A.J.

You too could have a fairy tale wedding of your own, provided you had the funds.

Bijou continues, “She was a light, a fairy, and a gift of a creature.

Know Your IX plans to work with students to hold university presidents accountable for responding fairy to sexual assault.

And “Paradisia” cuts out Björk’s voice entirely in favor of a fairy tale-like woodwind orchestra.

In Dread & Delight: fairy Tales in an Anxious World, 21 artists draw on age-old fantasy stories to explore contemporary social issues.

“Oh well if Kristen Bell is uncomfortable we should probably discard centuries-old fairy tales,” tweeted conservative writer Ben Shapiro.

Like fairy tale illustrator Arthur Rackham did in 1909, Simmons makes each child appear diminutive in the context of their surroundings.

That’s because fairy tales don’t have a stable form.

Every era rewrites its fairy tales to fit a specific agenda, because that is what fairy tales are for.

These stories not only provide enigmatic creative fodder, but also serve as grisly examples of the earliest versions of fairy tales.

Between 1812 and 1864 they published 17 editions of Grimm’s fairy Tales, working diligently to make the stories ever more appropriate for children.

The fairy tale of Cinderella has a rep for being a bit retrograde.

But the idea of the prince kissing a sleeping Snow White without her consent isn’t fundamental to the fairy tale.

But like all fairy tales, Cinderella doesn’t actually have an inherent value system or morality.

There is no funding fairy that is going to come and invest in it.

Helen Oyeyemi is one of contemporary literature’s great fabulists, each one of her books drawing on mythology and fairy tales for inspiration.

She is also making her feature directorial debut in the upcoming, MGM film fairy Godmother.

fairy tales, especially in America, typically don’t feature women of color.

I buy fairy lights for my room, a star-shaped cake pan and pillows.

Per usual, their outfits were on-point, their power couple poses slayed, and they seemed to be the very embodiment of a superstar fairy tale.

I’m a romantic, but I don’t believe in fairy tales.

It wasn’t a fairy tale after all.

The Tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny had outlived my run as the great protector.

The green fairy has yet to arrive.

It immediately brought to mind the rich tradition of Victorian fairy painting, where frisky fairy sprites dance circuitously about the omphalos.

The patient was suffering from “Rapunzel syndrome,” named for the long-haired girl in the Grimms’ fairy tale.

We have a reservation on the terrace with sparkling fairy lights.

People with marginalized identities are way less likely to see themselves depicted in those fairy tales.

Which (Oprah Winfrey), the larger than life fairy godmother of celestial beings.

He’s telling fairy tales about bringing back the past of work.

“In my opinion, you don’t just get to tell the fairy tales.

But what if we told you there was a fairy godmother-like service that delivered designer clothes to your doorstep whenever you wanted?

Luckily, this is no fairy tale and we’re here to show you how.

The ultimate person who messed around with fairy tales is Disney.

Sometimes they play key roles in fairy tales, a.k.a.

fairy tales exist to teach us important lessons about following rules, trusting the right people, and seeing bad guys for what they are.

They have their fables and then there’s German fairy tales, which are advice in some way.

That’s the Andrew Lang’s fairy tale books, that’s Bulfinch’s mythology, that’s the Christian and Hebrew testaments.

Earlier this morning, Rih shared another helpful demo of her fairy Bomb — a powder puff “packed with shimmer inside.”

Yeah, I felt like I was in some Grimm’s fairy tale, like I was connected distantly.

Meg’s trio of space fairy godmothers — Mrs. Who (Mindy Kaling), Mrs. Whatsit (Reese Witherspoon), and Mrs.

“Ravage” (2017), Yaşam Şaşmazer’s wooden sculpture of a woman in what looks like a yogic child pose, occupies one of the fairy chimneys.

Şaşmazer’s sculpture is one of three works in dialogue with the fairy chimneys, the focal point of Cappadocia’s fantastical geology.

“This is what it looks like when a little tyrant fairy artist holds you down and makes your face look ‘better,’” Tatum wrote.

A fairy tale in a concrete background.”

Name: Comfey Type: fairy The Posey Picker Pokémon Comfey picks flowers which it carries around with it.

Throughout the episode there’s this purple, naked fairy dude who’s wearing a witch hat hanging out in the background.

Music videos used to be like fairy tales to me.

“Hell is a fairy tale,” she says.

Disney often sands the edges off its fairy tales.

What makes this story a fairy tale rather than a horror story?

Classic fairy tales aren’t exactly woke.

Chanel [Iman], she’s amazing, and Slick [Woods], who has called me her fairy godmother since we first met.

I’ve always seen Midsommar as a fairy tale.

Orphaning your main character is the oldest fairy tale move in the book, and that was important for where the film goes.

At the same time, this is a fairy tale, and they really are exactly what Dani needs.

fairy tales do have clear-cut villains and good guys, and the fairy godmother — you know what she’s there for.

Meghan Markle is living out what some — actually, many — call a fairy tale romance.

How do you turn a folk horror film into a fairy tale?

When you’re 300-plus pounds, running seems like a fairy tale.

Granted, their relationship does bear a resemblance to many of the Disney fairy tale adaptations we grew up with.

This is where the fairy tale kicks in.

I was teased for being a sissy, or assumed to be a flaming fairy.

It’s all par for the course when you inhabit a title that is the stuff fairy tales are made of.

What I didn’t get, though, was a fairy godmother who could magically discern which birth control would be best for me.

And if you go out at night, you’ll see more nocturnal fairy and ghost types.

No one can say that we don’t belong, or that we don’t deserve fairy tale moments.

In an industry that often relies on marketing fairy dust, she pulls no punches.

In many ways, it was a fairy tale story.”

In an episode about firefighters and fairy tales, Carrie famously wonders aloud, “Was Charlotte right?

Per Vogue, the shower took place in Atlanta, and the theme was Bronx fairy tale.

I switch off the main lights and turn on my fairy lights so my brain relaxes more naturally before lights out.

Many of these early Disney movies were based on classic fairy tales.

Their guardian tasks her with finding all the other little old man fairy things.

“Tale by tale, they reflect some very difficult conditions under which children grew up,” Jack Zipes, a fairy tale scholar, told Refinery29.

“Before print culture, fairy tales had a multigenerational appeal.

Disney swept the so-to-speak grimness from the fairy tales, but preserved the crux of the story arc.

“The fairy tale works because the protagonists are on their own.

Notably, Pixar movies don’t draw from fairy tales the same way Disney movies did, and continue to do.

In their broad appeal, Pixar movies are actually quite similar to how fairy tales functioned in the oral tradition.

However, Tatar questions whether we should assume these messages render Pixar movies automatically more valuable to children than their darker, fairy tale-based counterparts.

Tatar believes these older, fairy tale-based stories will hold wisdom, too — even if their messages are less overt or pre-planned.

The fairy godmother of the event, Anna Wintour, was in attendance for the faux ball.

A good fairy tale will always be more sellable than a harsh truth.

Thankfully, Angel fully rejects Stan, his manipulations, and his fake fairy tale oaths.

It most certainly requires a healthy dose of suspended disbelief (as all fairy tales do).

The arabesque can create the feeling that things are alive and animated, and it gives everything the fairy tale quality that I love.

We don’t have any more details about Sadé, but we know it’s an original Disney fairy tale.

I am repainting some of the subjects — like the “fairy Procession” — from my oil paintings.

If a breakup occurs at some point, that’s just a complication on the way to your fairy tale ending.

So while they make for really good, cheesy stories, let’s remember that for women of color, they’re often just that: fairy tales.

They were yours if you could find her, so long as the weed fairy lit and took the first hit.

Blame years and years’ worth of fairy tales subliminally transmuting the message that marrying a prince is the only shortcut to the Good Life.

Showcase your colorful personality with this fairy makeup look.

Makeup artist Jessica Howes put her own spin on the traditional fairy Halloween look by wearing rainbow face makeup.

But even colorful and bombastic fairy tales have a poison apple, in this case the weight of the Young family’s expectations.

Because, honestly, sometimes reality is better than fairy tales.

It featured classic characters and fairy tales, documentary shorts on science and technology, and progress reports on the park’s construction.

Disney dreamt up Fantasyland, pictured in the 1960s, as a fairy tale town inspired by Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the animated movie.

Jenner posted a video to Instagram showing off her fairy tale morning.

“We think it’s important to recognize those are fairy tale possibilities,” Beavers said.

When people remember True Blood, they recall a supernatural world that lacked the fantastical luster typically associated with fairy dust.

At its best, the show delves a little deeper to speak to the less conventionally beautiful aspects of fairy tales.

Despite its flaws, fairy Tale Fashion does bring to life stories from our childhood in a wondrous way.

fairy Tale Fashion continues at the Museum at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) (227 W 27th St, Chelsea, Manhattan) through April 16.

The title of Tarantino’s film alludes to the introduction that prefaces every fairy tale.

fairy godmother Darcy Miller (party guru and founding editor of Martha Stewart Weddings) created three wedding cakes with matching custom cake toppers.

There’s a storybook-like quality to your work, something you clearly address with your Grimm’s fairy Tales series.

O is a contemporary fairy tale.

fairy tales, in their originals forms, weren’t sanitized.

However it happened, there was no turning back—the Tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny didn’t stand a chance.

I figured out the Tooth fairy pretty quickly after that.

— the fashion will be exquisite, and the location is sure to be right out of a fairy tale.

It’s not the preferred fairy tale we’ve come to love.

It’s true that it’s a drug warrior fairy tale, but it’s also true in that it actually happens.

We know it sounds like something out of a fairy tale or Hallmark movie, but these thing do happen.

And her adult sci-fi novel, Radiance, goes from fairy tale to Gothic horror to noir to documentary without a single false step.

What’s the story?’” This particular story is a fairy tale crafted for the era of binge-watching.

I initially attributed this choice to a Weimar cabaret influence, but the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale is also German in origin.

How satisfying to experience the happy ending of a fairy tale (not the most radical or progressive genre) seamlessly queered.

It looks like the Nespresso fairy came by yesterday and brought different colored capsules.

“What makes the Cottingley fairy photos different is that it’s a manipulation of the scene, but not the photographic negatives themselves.”

The premise of Tell Me A Story is simple: a few classic fairy tales have been remixed and updated for the current, real world.

Interestingly, the pair both claimed responsibility for taking the fifth, and most controversial photo, named “The fairy Bower” by Conan Doyle.

Once Upon A Time became a fairy tale itself with all of its fantasy elements.

And if you go out at night, you’ll see more nocturnal fairy and ghost types.

Because if I don’t, I’m a “fairy tale.” Helena: It’s quite rare for me to find a genuine friend amongst white Jews.

“In terms of teenagers feeling less alone, I’m hoping come across like a fairy godmother type person, like the one in Dumplin’.

When a child is already in bed, one of the family members—usually grandparents since grandparents stay with the family—reads fairy tales or sings songs.

Don’t worry — thanks to Sachdeva’s debut short story collection, you can have fairy tales for grown-ups.

In the fairy tale romance of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, designer Ralph Lauren is very much a central character.

This we see in the anti-realist fairy picture “The Night” (1897) and other gauzy works.

Under Queen Victoria, fairy paintings appeared systematically in Royal Academy exhibitions (replete at times with their soft, dreamy, erotic imagery) throughout the 19th century.

The effect is that of a fairy tale, or a fantasia.

I’m not a fairy princess.

These aren’t superficial love stories or fairy tales.

It’s already a fairy tale.”

Is there a fairy tale like that today?

In fairness, I think politicians have always tried to sell a fairy tale to the American people.

Sometimes those fairy tales have come true, or at least portions of them.

It’s dark, and the fairy lights are reflecting on the water — it’s an incredibly romantic city.

Think of it as edible fairy dust that tastes like a pumpkin spice daydream.

Maybe Millennials really do just hate fairy Liquid that much.

To me, it’s like the tortoise and the hare fairy tale when we were growing up.

My life is like a fairy tale.”

As part of its new family-oriented website, NRA Family, the organization reimagined popular fairy tales by arming the main characters with guns.

“I don’t care about anything anymore—just my career and my kid.” She sure is living a fairy tale life.

“Children read comic books, fairy tales but we have grown up listening about Hindu, Muslim riots.

Cardi B is truly living a fairy tale life.

The hype has been real for a while, and now “Timmy Turner” has been granted to us by our fairy godparents at G.O.O.D.

“Life’s not a fairy tale.

fairy tale energy flows in your relationships today, Virgo!

“Finland did bring out the fairy tale aspects of the story.

You believed the fairy tale that Anais Nin spun in her diary about living alone outside Paris, a free woman throwing herself into passions.

Surely psychic, fairy, and ghost type Pokémon would inhabit such a place.

It is a canard, a falsehood, a fairy tale, and a steamy pile of BS.”

Fittingly, Hanna and her father read Grimm’s fairy tales before bed.

This isn’t a motif-infused fairy tale — it’s an action thriller.

– a rogue fairy godmother drops The Feminine Mystique into their corseted laps, spurring a royal revelation.

Since they were created, superheroes have functioned as sociopolitical fairy tales.

EverWing runs on HTML5 within Facebook Messenger, where players take control of a fairy and then fly through levels taking down various monsters.

The result was 2007’s Worse Than A fairy Tale, a record that heavily diverted from the band’s prior work.

They’re sort of like the Avengers of Disney fairy tales.

It’s how the Sugar Plum fairy got her wings, because I’ve been fascinated with the “Nutcracker” ever since I was a kid.

(I’m not sure that was the exact point of that fairy tale, but I digress.)

Rutter, who adores Rackham, is fascinated with fairy tales and folklore.

Knoop and Albert spent much of the early 2000s living a Hollywood fairy tale.

Somewhere between a fairy tale, a fable, and a fantasy, it’s garnered strong reviews from critics and done well at the box office.

It’s a beautifully shot movie with a story that follows the traditional arcs of a fairy tale romance.

A pair of dusty espadrilles that recalls festivals, fairy lights, and dancing across wide, darkened fields.

Godejohn fit into the story that Gypsy, who was raised on a diet of Disney movies and fairy tales, had shaped about her life.

At their next meeting, Gypsy and Godejohn’s fairy tale would take a dark turn.

But luckily for people after a set of arches like Jenner’s, you don’t need a fairy godmother to make it happen.

From the time we’re kids, we’re bombarded with fairy tales about finding our one true love.

If you needed a virtual fairy godmother instead of, say, Alexa’s robot voice, Ross would be at the top of the list.

The fairy tale had a happy ending.

Wildling is not all fairy tale and terror, however.

This isn’t just the stuff of romantic comedy; it’s a straightforward fairy tale where Mr.

I wonder if my roommate is some kind of forest fairy sent to bless me.

It’s like a giant, fuzzy, grumpy, pink bulldog but it’s actually… a fairy.

Saint-Exupéry’s short novel is part fairy tale, part satire, and part poetic, philosophical treatise on the nature of companionship in a lonely universe.

UnReal follows producers’ meticulous attempts to create an idyllic fairy tale out of reality dating show Everlasting.

Kim, A Calabasas fairy Godmother Kim is still going hard in the law school life.

I also buy ziplock bags, 2 little ice cream containers, 2 candy bars for my siblings and two Spanish fairy tale books for myself.

A 2013 statement on the party’s website dismissed warnings of “the imminent collapse of the Morandi Bridge” as a “favoletta” — a fairy tale.

Of course, this fairy tale dong comes with its disclaimers.

Where might such a fairy tale sequel take place and what will it look like?

But thinking of it as a fairy tale helps sort out the ending.

That’s a classic opening to a fairy tale (think of Cinderella or Snow White, for instance).

Her fairy godfather in this case?

— as if we’re reading a particularly twisted fairy tale.

Bria “Strangest of Lovers” To this day, I still think of Nottingham, UK, as the home of Robin Hood and fairy tales.

It’s almost like a deluxe childhood fort, with a little shelf and fairy lights, plus a curved single bed.

Moira (Samira Wiley) scandalizes a prudish couple by calling herself a fairy godmother.

This creates a fake corporate illusion, in comparison to the magic “Truth” one given to him by his fairy godmother.

This modern fairy tale will have you going back and forth between interpretations.

These costumes paint Native American history like it’s part of a fairy tale.

It’s not abnormal to place homeownership on par with the tooth fairy or the return of the dinosaurs when it comes to plausibility.

Trump knows that people watch reality TV for the same reason they love sports and fairy tales.

“But it’s also an adult fairy tale.”

Make your own fairy lights.

That might be what I like the most about fairy Song.

fairy Song is more about exploring an odd and surprising little space more than pursuing any objective in particular.

The little pocketed locations and scenes the fairy can flutter around don’t suffer in the slightest for the economy of their design.

fairy Song is a good bit of nostalgia tourism.

“They just don’t want fairy tales.

She’s a big fairy, flower child … a beautiful soul, a beautiful soul.”

Yes, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are regularly gross depictions of vanity and narcissism, and they pervert the already perverse fairy tale trope.

I like to look into the past to understand us today: religions, myth, folk tales, fairy tales, that’s what rings my bell.

I felt like I was in a fairy tale.

The song starts with Navi — Ocarina of Time’s fairy helper — yelping “hey, listen!”

is a warning to live life to the fullest because you never know when your time up up — “YOLO,” delivered via computerized fairy.

“To believe that kidnappers can have a change of heart is a fairy tale.

No word on how that might apply to fairy or ghost-type pokemon.

Thinking back on the fairy tales that my parents read me as a child, I realize that they were completely horrifying.

Interestingly, the Galarian variant of Weezing isn’t just poison type, it’s also a fairy type.

The pink fairy armadillo is also known as “pichiciego,” which is one of the best words I’ve ever heard.

The pink fairy armadillo is the world’s smallest armadillo — they’re usually about 4-inches long and weigh a quarter of a pound.

If it’s night, more nocturnal ghost and fairy types do.

This idiom holds true for the pink fairy armadillo, a creature with big feet that is truly living its best life.

If its burrow does flood, a pink fairy can also die quite easily of hypothermia from wet fur.

Humans really shouldn’t interact with pink fairy armadillos at all, as they’re extremely sensitive to stress.

Hopefully this review will silence the pink fairy armadillo’s critics for good.

This is the stuff of traditional fairy tales: magical transformations, arbitrary rules, broad allegory, and the redemptive power of true love.

Audiences know what to expect from love stories and fairy tales alike.

Drama is usually favored over character development For now, Unreal is still a show about using stylized fairy tales to compensate for real-life trauma.

When he returned to California, he began plotting Disney’s fairy Tale Weddings endeavor.

But while this isn’t a neatly ordered good-conquers-all fantasy, it also isn’t an economical fairy tale.

It sheds a less archetypical, more human light on fairy tale tropes.

And here, he gives that personality study a sickening weight, somewhere between body-horror and glam fairy tale.

And everything has the rich and compelling gleam of a dark fairy tale.

PS4 / Xbox One / PC – 2017 There’s a case for 2016 as the breakout year of fairy tale-inspired video games.

Unravel, Inside, and Little Nightmares: they borrow from the fairy tale toolbox.

The idea that the growth fairy can be propitiated only through tax cuts is faith-based economics.

Who doesn’t like the charming, fairy tale images of overelaborate gizmos that make funny noises?

Virtually everything about Disney’s latest fairy tale, Moana, is familiar from past Disney films.

Then everyone found out I was a host, in lock-step with Dolores on a fairy tale romance.

“It has to be said that this has always been a feature of fairy sightings.

There is no sound, but if that cabbage fairy could talk, she would finish the film with a self-assured merci.

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden In Russia, Vasilisa loves hearing fairy tales during the depths of the cold winters.

He said yes, and later that year, Guy birthed her baby-making cabbage fairy.

Sound like a fairy tale?

The exhibition catalogue includes with both fairy and Glaser.

Before I found Touch fairy, I used Apple Script (again: I am not a coder at all) to solve my Bluetooth Problem.

There might be things from fairy tales, popular culture, and politics.

What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours is a singularly well-made book, with stories that feel simultaneously new and familiar, like half-forgotten fairy tales.

He’s got a delightful lisp and a nice skittery fairy tale flow.

Are we doing this fairy tale shit again?”

We were confident our fairy tale would work.

In the fairy tale, Pocahontas and John Smith meet and fall in love.

In the fairy tale, Pocahontas saves John Smith from execution at the hands of her father.

In Missouri, kids are just as excited to meet the fairy Princess as they are to see Santa.

If you live outside the Twin Cities, you probably have no idea who the fairy Princess is.

But for local kids, the fairy Princess is a holiday icon.

Each child who meets a fairy Princess gets a toy that comes out of a secret treasure chest.

The fairy Princess was a tradition started by Kline’s Department Store in 1936.

The collection’s 20 stories include letters, supernatural beings, Middle Eastern fairy tales, and quite a bit more.

Together, they weave a thread of magical realism into their adventures, a contagion that spreads until you want to believe in their fairy tale.

[Spotify | Apple Podcasts] The tooth fairy economy, explained This charity just canceled one of its poverty programs.

Polyarc’s Moss is a third-person action-adventure fairy tale that was part of Sony’s E3 PlayStation VR lineup.

And as anyone who’s listened to fairy tales or fables knows, metaphors are how we tend to offer moral instruction through storytelling.

There, Vasilisa listens to fairy tales and traditions, and discovers the spirits and creatures that live in the woods, and in her house.

Anne Harvey’s life — the first half of it, at least — reads like a fairy tale.

Anne Harvey’s life — the first half of it, at least — reads like a fairy tale.

(Was anyone really asking for Mage, fairy, Vampire, Merperson, Elf, Genie, and Zombie emoji?)

She restructured the fairy tale into a one-woman show.” She started out as a stripper.

It’ll also be able to tell stories — a mix of classic fairy tales like Snow White and some originals.

Alicia, a wheelchair-bound first-time attendee from New York, was cosplaying as her own character: Alexia the fairy demon.

SHELBURNE, Vt. — The Grandma Moses story reads a lot like an artist’s fairy tale.

While Sansa dreamed of fairy tales and embroidery, Arya preferred archery and combat.

Matt Hart: You feel like a cross between the Santa Claus, the Tooth fairy, and the Easter Bunny when delivering the prize money.

Overall, the early scenes of Guadagnino’s film maintain a bleached-out, naturalistic look, offering quite a contrast to Argento’s expressionist fairy tale.

In America, Thelma has been referred to as a horror story, a fairy tale, and a superhero movie.

James F. Gookins’s small painting “fairy Marauders” (c. 1870s) reprises a fantastical subject popular with Victorian British artists, albeit with less grace.

It is the same formula every time, which makes it soothing, like a fairy tale, or church.

Shape of Water is openly a fairy tale, and it’s openly symbolic.

The fairy tale woven through the story, told by Parvana, is particularly gorgeous and heartbreaking.

But in 2015, she shifted gears and wrote Uprooted, a novel inspired by classic fairy tales.

So we will get cushions, blankets, fairy lights, materials to make art with, zines if people want to read them, things like that.

Her next novel, Spinning Silver, takes her back to those fairy tale roots.

Novik told The Verge in an e-mail that her new novel grew out of a recent anthology called Starlit Woods: New fairy Tales.

fairy tales are ideal for this, because they’re familiar to listeners, and because they aren’t subject to copyright laws.

Like all great fairy tales, this is a story of love and wonder… and the darkness that lies beneath.

The story is based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale The Handless Maiden and the Stephanie Oaks novel The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly.

“The world out there wanted to believe the fairy tale.

This is a fairy tale.

A new book called Weird and Wonderful Post-Mortem fairy Tales compiles the most unsettling characters in their collection.

Get Weird and Wonderful Post-Mortem fairy Tales, from Marked Books and Lannoo, here.

It’s practically an American fairy tale, and yet Uber’s lawyers are hard-pressed to get this archetypal narrative to stick.

When his father tells him the story of Wakanda, it sounds like a fairy tale to a boy growing up in Oakland.

In the fairy tales most of today’s Americans are familiar with, the heroines don’t tend to do all that much.

We are used to fairy tale heroines being saved by handsome princes, but Beauty doesn’t need a man to save her.

Beauty is one of the few really active, take-charge heroines in the fairy tales that we know well.

However, perhaps the novel is closest to the fairy tale mode.

As with fairy tales and other folklore, half-understood forces bear down upon the characters’ lives.

It’s probably best described as a dark fairy tale, equally indebted to Guillermo del Toro and The NeverEnding Story.

It’s a fairy tale gone to seed, after real life intruded.

The visuals are sharp and striking, fitting for a real-world fairy tale.

Little Dragons Cafe has a charming storybook sense of style, sort of like a fairy tale rendered through an anime lens.

It’s a fairy story, something that comes directly from his interactions with his own imagination and the universe.

Playing catch with Tommy for half an hour and checking off their parental duties is more like a fairy tale for dads.

It’s just so wonderful because in the disguise of a fairy tale, you can talk about so many things.

So all my films in some ways are fairy tales and midnight movies from the ’70s.

How did you get to that specific look, that acid-flashback CGI fairy tale style for that sequence?

So this is another fairy tale from my mind, by way of Neil Gaiman’s mind.

Meditation app Calm provides what it calls “bedtime stories for grown-ups” (an eclectic mix of lullabies, fairy tales, and short stories in audiobook form).

Is this a joke, a math problem, a fairy tale?

It didn’t help that the game featured a disappointing localization that made it read more like a fairy tale than an epic quest.

“We have this tradition called ‘pizza fairy,’” Strle said.

Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik Naomi Novik earned a Nebula Award for her fairy tale-inspired novel Uprooted.

Stillness arrives in the bee chapel, which looks like something you’d see in a fairy cove.

This trailer looks downright delightful, mixing the sensibilities of Futurama with epic, distinctly more earnest fairy tale fantasy.

The rich, regal princes of the fairy tales I’d read growing up were unappealing to me.

It’s described as a feminist Black Mirror with fairy tale themes, its hours threaded together with a recurring ensemble of female characters.

And to tell that story, it pulls from a long tradition of silenced women in fairy tales.

And it’s not the only fairy tale motif in the book.

Every time she changes her identity, another benefactor shows up like a fairy godmother to dress her in ever-more-elaborate ball gowns.

After all, aren’t fairy tale heroines famously passive; don’t they always leave their destinies in the hands of their princes?

Between 1812 and 1864 they published 17 editions of Grimm’s fairy Tales, working diligently to make the stories ever more appropriate for children.

fairy tale scholar Ruth B. Bottigheimer has found that in the Grimms’ 1812 edition of Cinderella, Cinderella speaks out loud 14 times.

“That’s not my idea of a fairy tale.” Editing by Guy Faulconbridge and Giles Elgood

), while her stylist Law Roach, dressed as her fairy godmother, cast a magical spell.

Planet of the Apes was a fairy tale in many ways, a fable.

[The film is] kind of a love/hate relationship with [Lorna] through the five songs in fairy Dust.

She’s also known for acting as beauty YouTube’s fairy godmother, helping aspiring artists break into the scene.

“After the fifth day, he said, ‘Marry me.’ I lived in a fairy tale, too good to be true,” she says.

The idea that we were working on Russia’s behalf to turn social media against US democracy is a fairy tale, for many reasons.

It didn’t stay a fairy tale for ever, with her marriage eventually crumbling.

Liu, nicknamed “fairy Sister” in China, is one of her native country’s most popular actresses.

To the rest of the world, Diana’s life seemed a fairy tale, with her marriage to Prince Charles at the heart of it.

With one tweet, Leslie Jones has found the fairy godmother that will dress her for the Ghostbusters premiere.

None of mom and dad’s singing or rapping pals — TWO fairy princesses!

It’s like a real life fairy tale … with more butt cheeks.

fairy tale weddings are kind of an overused term, but this one really hits the mark.

“Well … today this little fairy is 6!❤️🧚🏻‍♀️😍,” the proud mom wrote.

As for whether he and Michelle really had a fairy tale romance?

“I took her tooth out,” a flower-crown-filtered North, who’s wearing fairy wings, tells her mom in one video.

Fortunately, if you plan well and obtain the ring before lying with the fairy, “you can do whatever you wish with her” afterwards.

Idina Menzel hilariously revealed the Tooth fairy didn’t pay her son a visit — and it was all her fault.

“The tooth fairy didn’t show up last night,” Menzel, 47, wrote on Twitter Monday recounting the unfortunate event.

“‘Tooth fairy didn’t come,&apos” Menzel said her distressed 9-year-old son with ex-husband Taye Diggs told her.

The titular single-cell organism rendered in larger-than-life blue, orange, and yellow glass appears to be floating in a fairy tale forest.

The tooth fairy didn’t show up last night.

“Tooth fairy didn’t come” That tooth fairy better get her shit together.

The Princess Diaries When Mia (Anne Hathaway) gets her fairy tale foot-popping kiss, we all get our fairy tale foot-popping kiss.

The At the Drive In/Le Butcherettes/Melvins supergroup Crystal fairy have been fairly quiet since they initially announced their inception.

While the tooth fairy has a 365-day-a-year gig, the powers of rabbits are limited to just one morning: Easter Sunday.

Listen to Crystal fairy below: Follow Noisey on Twitter.

During one presser, Speakes joked that’s Kinsolving was “a fairy.”

Then, still clutching the teddy bear, she lined up for photos with Disney characters in Fantasyland, including Cinderella’s fairy Godmother.

Today, the fairy Godmother “owned” and fairy Godmothers-in-Training “operated” salon remain open seven days a week, pampering young princes and princesses by appointment only.

I’ll put the fairy lights in the shoebox so I can put them up in the new place more easily when I arrive.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” the fairy Godmother said.

“At some point in our lives, we could all use a fairy godmother.”

Rent the Runway launched a holiday social campaign called the fairy Godmother Challenge as a way to give back to women changing the world.

“I’m excited to be a modern-day fairy Godmother with Rent the Runway for such an incredible cause,” said Van Ness.

It feels about as believable as the tooth fairy.

So fine—I’m a cocksucking fairy.

It takes courage to be a cocksucking fairy.

The couple tied the knot on May 14, 2004 in Copenhagen in a fairy tale ceremony.

She’s going to bring her own magic fairy dust, because that’s what she does.”

It is absolutely a fairy tale.

I wanted this weird, magical fairy tale and I started realizing, ‘Oh!

Forest scenes are described as a contemporary interpretation of the wondrous writing in the Grimms’ fairy Tales.

The creator has also given them more yas-worthy names, like HotDoge for Flareon, Daddy for Nidoking, and fairy Kween for Clefable.

There’s a Newgrounds-esque Flash animation of the fairy tale creatures squatting in Shrek’s swamp.

Despite the contemporary, Disney-fied notion of “happily ever after,” happiness isn’t the point of fairy tales.

In fact, fairy tales themselves are far more modern than we think.

fairy tales try to strike an odd balance: On one hand, they’re morally educational; on the other, they’re meant to entertain.

Anne Thériault wrote for the now-defunct website the Toast that “fairy tales are women’s tales.

But how do women relate to fairy tales in a modern, Western context?

Similarly, Ella Enchanted riffs on the Cinderella story by giving the Cinderella character, Ella, a full and complex life along with a fairy curse.

Like something out of a fairy tale, golden fabric unfurls across a lake in northern Italy, allowing townspeople to traverse the water’s surface.

“It’s like a fairy land.

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is told like a fairy tale.

I’m not wielding this claim about fairy tales as a weapon here.

fairy tales do work; they’re instructions for living.

We hope fairy in a sentence examples were helpful.