F in a sentence | Use of the word f examples

You are a dumb f**k!!”

Blake Griffin is f****** hilarious … and here’s video proof.

At this point the circular furnace is heated to 2129 f and is spun at five revolutions per minute for four hours.

The Group f result was the largest margin of victory in either the men’s or women’s World Cup.

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The address is 124 E Northfield Drive, Suite f #129, Brownsburg, IN 46112.

— “We don’t have to lick no one’s a**hole for a check, like f*cking you!!”

“Maybe f*ck floyd,” McGregor said … “Maybe f*ck the A-side.

“I’m the f*cking best football player of all time!”

And by its opening night, the movie had garnered the rare f Cinemascore, a measure of audience opinion.

“No one wants you in the f—— shoot,” she said.

“Get the f— out of here and go.

“All everyone f—— says is, ‘What’s your job?'”

Later, Kim says, “You’re the most entitled f—— person in the family when you work the least.”

Reheat the oil to 375° f before cooking the next batch.

Here’s a 1985 f Series pick-up rolling down the line at ford’s Twin Cities Assembly Plant which shut down in 2011.

They’re also much more high tech like this 2017 f 350 King Ranch.

We believe that this stands for: find them, french them, feel them, finger them, f*ck them, forget them.

You f****** deserve it!

It has the words “f— you” scrawled across it.

Half of all states received an f grade, according to the study.

He even dropped a “f*** tha police!”

They buy solar panels, drive Teslas, and carry their f’ing tote bags everywhere, but they are standing in the way of carbon reductions.

Jorge Masvidal has a pretty violent prediction for his UfC 211 clash with Demian Maia — “Imma f**k him up, man.”

STV is a Careem investor and participated in the company’s $200 million Series f investment round 2018.

But the El Niño that emerged in 2015 drove up water temperatures by nearly 4 degrees C (7.2 f).

really came to life during the lyric, “f*ck practice.”

with his Golden State Warriors teammates if Trump extended the invite … telling us he doesn’t “f*ck with” POTUS.

I don’t give a f*ck about them [the Kardashians].

You f****** that n***** giving me a reason to bounce.”

“Where the f*ck you at kabib?”

She should spend more time trying to get the f stock price up & less on her ego!

I’m mad as f*ck y’all doing that in public.”

That is some f’d-up advice.

Brittany asked why he’d pushed her, and demanded … “Get you f**king hands from around my neck!”

It’s not even in the f**king same planet.”

“I’m done with this bullsh*t. This is exactly why I didn’t f*king want to come here.

Shut the f*ck up, now!”

I also like minor chords, f chords and things like that.

Bisping’s response: “I’ll go out on an all night f**king bender and still beat you, pal!”

“I replied, ‘f— off!’

Plus don’t miss a check-in with Dougie f, and Inglewood’s Rucci.

Murs, Bo Pfat Tony – Drive Thru fat Tony – MacGregor Park Dougie f Dougie f – Still StandingDougie f – TickDougie f – Homegirl feat.

Game says it’s nobody’s f***n’ business but hers.

When an employee confronted him, he screamed, “Get the f*** out of my way or I’m going to kill you.”

Another comment — “Now why you go and do this f**k s**t Cardi.

And finally, check out a prime entry into the canon of things the f in Weezy f Baby stands for: “forget it.”

What are your relationship statuses?f: I’m in an open relationship.

It was then that Gaga looked at Cooper and said, “I’m so f—— proud of you!”

That was the wind up … the pitch was “f*** Donald Trump.”


“This guy is clearly out of his f—ing mind,” he added.

f, E, S, T, A, C,” he says.

I don’t care for it personally,” adding “She’s not real, doctor f**ked up on her right hip.”

Heat the oven to 325° f / 160°C.

And the woman said some powerful profanity — ‘I’m getting the f— out of here!’

His answer — “I’ll f*** both of ’em up.”

Any f*cking time!”

f**k Rex Ryan.”

“Aw, that’s f***ed up,” Diaz said.

The Toronto rapper posted a photo of Nipsey on Instagram and added the caption, “f*ck.

Blackstone will acquire a 55 percent stake in a newly hived off f&R business, a statement from both companies said.

Thomson Reuters Chief Executive Smith told an investor call that there was room for more cost cuts in the new f&R business.

“DON’T f*** THIS UP!”

Telling them to “f*** off“?

Even the South Pole in Antarctica was warmer, with an expected low of minus 24 f (minus 31 C) with wind chill.

Kathy claimed she recorded Mezger saying, “Hey Randy, go f*** yourself … Now you’re calling the cops?

f**k you and f**k Kathy.”

f**k you.

“He didn’t say a f**king word to my face,” Bisping said … “He did not say a word.”

More than 130 Georgia Tech students also commiserated in their loss by commenting the letter f on a Reddit Thread.

The airport has two gates, confusingly labelled E and f, that open to the same runway.

Research 2000 and TCJ Research, for instance, get f‘s.

“I don’t give a f*** about what’s going on with Pacquiao,” floyd tells TMZ Sports.

f*ckin’ bullsh*t. That’s bullsh*t, man.

f**k LaVar Ball” — Joel Embiid.

f**k you.”

f**k these so called protesters you just got 100m worth of press.

Investors on the two-day visit will tour Station f, a startup campus funded by telecoms billionaire Xavier Niel.

He got f**king swept.”

(c) Pursuant to section 212(f) of the INA, 8 U.S.C.

Apparently it looks like 14 carats of yellow gold (weighing 1,200 grams), and 130 carats in VVS f colored diamonds.

(d) Pursuant to section 212(f) of the INA, 8 U.S.C.

And again Trump uses the nuclear option of 212(f) to countermand Obama’s directive.

“What’s all this, ‘Yeah, man, we gonna f*cking fight!

She says she worked hard and used her brain to appear “f***able,” though.

“I mean, what the f*ck are we doing?!”

the coconut chia pudding recipe is in the archives on the G&f site!

His work has appeared in Catapult, Entropy, and f(r)iction magazine, and he is currently enrolled in the writing program at Columbia University.

Pull your trousers back up and f*** off.”

f*** you.

Of course, Diaz fired back on the “TMZ Sports” TV show — saying, “f**k that fool.”

But updating a name or gender marker — that little M or f on an ID — can be incredibly complicated and costly.

I’m sorry — but f you!

It’s my f*cking time!”

“Anyone in the UfC would f*ck him up.”

“Imma f*ck him up, trust.”

Prodigy founder Liam Howlett said Keith had taken his own life, leaving him, “shell shocked, f**kin angry, confused and heart broken.”

Danielle had a two-word rebuttal for Suede, and yes … one of those words started with ‘f.’

I’m blowing f*cking loads of it!”

I’ve written on this topic before for Art f City, but the practice continues in the art world, and it bears revisiting.

Conor also had one last note about floyd — “He’s f*cked now.”

Verdict: Cambridge gets an f in Skull Theft Cover-ups.

f*ck the Mayweathers, except Senior and Roger,” Conor said.

I’m fighting for my f***ing life!

“I gave you 30 years of my f***ing career!

In 2010, for example, Ai Weiwei came under scrutiny for overly aestheticizing the Syrian refugee crisis in his work “f.

Conor dropped the B word — again — vowing to “f**k this boy up” come Saturday night.

f**k his team, his whole entire team … they’re using Conor to get to places.”

Sign the f*cking paper.”

Sign the f*cking paper.”

When the responding officer tried to break things up Banner told him, “I don’t give a f*** about no police!”

He was not injured but enraged and got out of the truck screaming, “You f***** up my truck.”

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Among the crops stored in the cavernous underground ice tunnels at -18º C (-0.4º f): 150,000 samples of rice, and 140,000 samples of wheat.

“Of course Kobe could do it, it’s f*cking Kobe Bryant.”

He’s been getting blasted for saying things like, “f**k a bunch of Indians” … and “dry up you bunch of alcoholics.”

Lynch knows where the f key is, where the J key is and he knows where your hands should rest on the keyboard.

When I asked Bachman for a pizza recommendation this weekend, he replied, “I don’t give a f*ck, man.

f*ck everybody.”

The tubes reached more than 800 C (1,472 f) during the fire, according to a statement Wednesday by the Notre Dame foundation.

But, one shirtless a-hole confronted Pearce and started screaming at the guy, “f** the Red Sox n***a.

What the f*ck?!”

— “Your first single was corny as f***.”

Shut the f**k up.

f*cking conniving cheating savages.

Are you f**king serious?

Oh, f**k, are you kidding me?!”

f**k Donald Trump, bro.

Nobody give a f**k about Donald Trump,” Yachty told TMZ Sports.

Weir’s ex Victor had tagged a giant “f— YOU” across the Hermes bag in black marker during their nasty split.

He was required to remove the “f— YOU” … presumably so it could not be associated with Johnny.

f**king racist!”

As a flight attendant approached, things got more intense with Jason screaming, “I’ll bat the f**k outta you!

f***ing guilty [of being an informant],” he wrote.

Preheat oven to 250º f and place a baking sheet inside.

“Right now, if you kicked every Knick fan out, you’d be doing them a f*cking favor,” Hughley told TMZ Sports.

Who the f*** are you?

Can he even do that, legally?The language in that 212(f) authority is very, very deferential.

Or I’ll put you right back to f***in sleep.”

“Man, I’m ready to f*** Darren Till up, man.

Just another fashionable reminder that they’re rich as f***.

We don’t f*ck with him.”

If oven-roasting: Preheat the oven to 400 degrees f with the rack in the middle position.

The chicken’s ready when the internal temperature reaches 170 degrees f or when the juices run clear.

“That’s funny as a mother f*cker.”

“Where the f**k was the defense?!

That’s perhaps why Go The f*ck To Sleep, a hilarious (and apt as hell) book by Adam Mansbach, was so popular.

I will f***ing kill you.”

As Paris puts it: f*** YEAH!

“[f]rom one of those three could come the next US Secretary of State…or the next president!” another warned.

Pour about an inch of oil into two large frying pans at the same time over high heat and bring to 350° f degrees.

What the f*** is wrong with you?”

f— political correctness.”

f— Islam.”

f— that n—–,” a man shouted when Trump was taking aim at Obama.

“Get out of here you f–,” a man told a protester.

f— you, Hillary.”

But that didn’t stop Big Star from taking to facebook to declare, “Holy f**k, it worked!


Perna lashed out, “Anna Wintour doesn’t want to f*** with you.

These editors don’t want to f*** with you.”

Me personally, I DONT GIVE A f***!!!”

She says some perv doctored up a new caption — “still wanna f*** me in this Daddy?”

f*CK NO.”

But he keep saying, f*** Treway, f*** that n****, Treyway.

f*** Treway.”

One user wrote, “Jesy Nelson what the f**k?

f*** da club up.”

Get the f**k out, n***a!!!”

Netflix’s f Is for family is a weird little hybrid of a show.

But what makes f Is for family notable is how both its sadness and its humor stem from exactly the same spot.

“Let’s get this f—ing thing done!”

Season three of f Is for family does soften frank just a touch.

This is a standard f Is for family move.

This willingness to dig into the darker subtext at play in its universe is what makes f Is for family worth watching.

f Is for family is streaming on Netflix.

Dry the cascabel chilies in an oven at 400° f for 10 minutes.

Roast tomatillos in 400° f degree oven for 30 minutes.

And I’ve earned every f–king minute of my 38 years.

I literally f—ing look at film websites all day long.

f*** tha Police” caused a ton of trouble for Cube and N.W.A.

I managed to shoot several rolls with a Nikon f and a telephoto lens, even though I was appalled, frightened and very upset.

I’m going to f**king murder you.”‘

A comedian who was at Jamie’s table fired back, “f*** you I’m from Oakland.”

And, then the big daddy … “But then, I say ‘f*ck it.

f*ck Jim Gray.

Those capabilities were on display during the march, including the Qadr f, a ground-to-ground missile with a 1,950-km (1,220-mile) range, Tasnim news agency said.

So, he got them all to repeat, “f**k you, Ja Rule!”

Imma start f*cking with your life.

Then he said, “f**k y’all, too,” and launched into a song.

He also added, “But f*** you and your moms, and your future fetuses.”

Link says during negotiations early Sunday morning, Peter yelled … “You think I give a f**k about your money!”

Your mothers, your forefathers would all be f***ing gassed and f***ing dead.”

f*cking great.

Reporting and writing by Rebekah f Ward; Additional reporting by Miguel Angel Gutierrez and Lizbeth Diaz; Editing by Daina Beth Solomon and Grant McCool

AMENDMENT f – Signed by 17 lawmakers This has been put forward by Labour lawmaker Hilary Benn, who chairs parliament’s Brexit select committee.

“I think it’s f*cked up,” the actor said outside of Ace of Diamonds.

Tyron’s bigger issue … “At some point, we have to go back to the f**king sport.”

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The U.S. face Thailand on Tuesday, before playing Chile and Sweden in their remaining Group f fixtures.

I want to say, ‘f*** Off!'”

Their own A to f ratings for charities come entirely from overhead and fundraising efficiency.

It doesn’t f**king matter.”

“I’m f—ing pissed,” he said.

Bourdain goes on to say, “Or you just tell him to f*** himself.

“What the actual f*ck is going on,” tweeted Grace Liu, a North Korea expert with the Middle Institute for International Studies.

Charles Barkley is firing back at all the people ‘hating’ on him — with a big ol’ “f**K YOU!”

In the video, Bam called his manager a “f***ing p***y” and threatened him.

As for remembering Prodigy with their music — Havoc says, “I’m still f**ked up.

“You know what dude … we need to f***ing get it on!

Mano y f***ing Mano.

Sure is hard to figure how any decent girl could ever f— a greasy n—–.”


It’s conventional intellectual history to mark the origins of the modern conservative movement to William f Buckley’s magazine, National Review.

f: I will tell you this, there were some hurt feelings.

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f: That’s like trying to pick your favorite kid, almost impossible.

Correction: Oswalt was channeling Orson Welles’s f for fake, not Alfred Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder.

f: Nic’s the man!

f: Yeah, for one I haven’t done an event of this magnitude.

f: So this trailer, my dad and I built it years ago.

f: That’s the truth of it.

f: I grew up in Northern California in a little area known as Humboldt County.

Rampage added … “It’s annoying as f*ck.”

f: I did Coachella years ago and OMG.

Some people disagreed, saying, “it’s a f—ing otter,” and, “it’s just a meme.”

Gap is now up 21 percent, versus A&f’s 17 percent gain.

f&R claims Lisa stopped showing love … refusing to give credit where they say credit was richly due.

BTW … f&R is top of the line … it designed Bruiser’s outfit in “Legally Blonde.”

f&R now claims fraud, and they want an unspecified amount of money to make it right.

Warren’s simple response … “f*** her!”

BTW … for the gabachos out there — “Chingon” is a term of endearment in Mexico, meaning “f***ing badass.”

My money is very f***ing long.”

“I don’t think after getting knocked the f*** out Khan should be talking about representing anyone.”

Related: Passengers Trapped on f Train

Trace launched, saying, “f*** ALL U JEALOUS GIRLS REPORTING MY PIC Of MY BAE!!!”

He went on … “If you’re not happy with your look then f*** do something about it!!!

She also posted an “Unfollow f**k Jerry” message and thanked writer Megh Wright for starting the movement.

“I’ma f**kin’ eat this man alive.”

Perry didn’t stop there … telling TMZ Sports, “I’m gonna knock this man the f**k out, period.

Bisping LOL’d at Tavares’ challenge — telling the top-10 middleweight to “get the f**k out!”

Reporting by Lizbeth Diaz; Additional reporting and writing by Rebekah f Ward; Editing by Dave Graham and Peter Cooney

I remember very vividly thinking, ‘Holy f—, this guy is never going to grow the f— up, like ever.’

Tyga owes $186,275.89 to f&S Investment Properties after he allegedly abandoned ship and left the space in ruins … according to docs.

No doubt, f&S is gunning for the same result.

“Literally the only reason I’m not touring is because of those f–king pigs,” she continued in her interview with Stern.

She claims he asked, “What the mother f*** are you looking at my house for?”

2Chainz responds, “That sh*t gon’ make me f*ckin’ throw up.”

Our sources say Khloe became enraged and asked Chyna, “What the f*** are you doing in my house?”

The cop says Trey hurled hateful comments, including, “f*** you cracker.

f*** all you honkeys and f*** the police.”

The Internet Movie Database has added an “f rating” to its film database, which identifies films written by, directed by, or prominently featuring women.

The f-rating website lists only 16 films which get the much rarer “triple f rating,” meaning that they meet all three criteria.

f*** the Draft” does exactly none of this.

Senator, and I put that in quotation marks, you’re a f**king phony.

How to watch it: The End of the f***ing World is available on Netflix.

According to docs, the message ends … “If I saw you, I’d snuff your stupid f**king ass.

I’d put a f**king bullet in you.

“The whole time, they’re not gonna hire you because they see that ‘f‘ on your record.”

If I see you on the streets, I’m gonna f**king light you up with f**king bullets.”

“The whole time, they’re not gonna hire you because they see that ‘f‘ on your record.”

He’s Kid Rock and he approves this message: “Nazis and bigots … stay the f**k away!”

Corn prices were quoted at $215 a tonne, C&f, this week.

f” (1959), just go with your gut.

I’ll fight him in the f*cking back alley of a White Castle … want to go to Russia?

Btw, @ReggieBush is a f*cking legend that you sh*t all over.”

Vows were broken f*** money and f*** u and every other loser on here.”

“It’s crazy you’ve been f***ing us around forever @laettnerbball.

… That movie is a f****** masterpiece!


When she asked him to stop she says Rob screamed, “I can say whatever the f*** I want!”

“I said, ‘Why the f are they still shooting him when he’s on the ground?” Torres said.

“I have to battle the scar of the ‘f’ on my chest as a felon for the rest of my life,” he says.

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“Colby’s not f**kin’ with me,” Usman told TMZ Sports.

I thought I was f—–, but I thought I was special,” Meadow said.

According to the police report, he denied touching the woman and said, “f*** them all.”

Pete’s right — being engaged really is f***in’ lit.

But f*** it …

“Were not here to f**k spiders”, she says – the down-to-earth Australian slang expression for being here to get a job done.

That’s when AJ chimes in, “I told him we’re gonna f*ck up Deontay Wilder!

Kaep f**ked up their money … with a big ass fro.”

During the arrest, cops say she screamed, “You f****** deserve your kids to die!

You f****** deserve it!

Officials wouldn’t tell us if Washington is “Individual f” — but Washington is reportedly credited as the founder of Project Contact Africa.

f**k that.

and “LAPD, open the f******* door!!!”

“Why the f**k we doing that s**t?

f**k that s**t. That’s my motherf**kin’ uncle,” Clarkson yells to the crowd.

you got me f**ked up n****.

Dont f**k with that s**t, bro, real talk.”

You have a f**king sweet life,” another commenter wrote on GOMI).

The letters f and e are right next to the letters r and g on a QWERTY keyboard.

We’re told when Bieber intervened the guy told him to “Go f*** yourself.”

What the f**k!”

“[I]f we agree what’s next?” they wrote.

“I’d rip his f**king head off … is that really a question??”

for his part, Singleton has trashed ‘Eyez,’ and refused to see it because he “knows they f**ked it up.”

Screaming out “f*** Donald Trump” with Kanye in the back isn’t exactly what we’d call subtle.

Look, it wasn’t a f*ck-up, okay?

Nothing but VS-1 and f colored diamonds (that’s primo) covering the 14-carat yellow gold emblem.

Reporting by Alvaro Murillo; Writing by Rebekah f Ward; Editing by frank Jack Daniel and Lisa Shumaker

from some angles, the shadows cast by “f.

Like, what the f—?” I started giving him a hard time about it.

“[O]f the three branches, the courts have the least ability to make foreign policy.

He’s the devil-may-care Han Solo type, but more like the real-world version, i.e., a volatile f*ckup rather than a natural leader.

The artists arrive onstage: Sophie C and Wayne K and László f, who wrote the book on melancholy.

Trump is a f***ing idiot, is unable to provide a coherent answer.

“Watch the f*ck out, ’cause we’re whooping your ass.”


During the incident, Parry called police “f**king f**gots,” “fat f**ks” and “p**syboy.”

Incognito — needless to say — was furious over Zimmer’s comments and tweeted, “Mike Zimmer is a f**KING LIAR!!”

Spoiler: he did NOT “f*ck” Serra up.

It’s simple: f is for Philipp, my name, and 57 were the last digits of my telephone number at the time.

fuel your inner child (and your inner peace), with this Calm the f*ck Down coloring book.

Let’s be honest, the idea that coloring books are just for kids is ageist anyway, so f*ck that, too!

You got me f**ked up!

We know we f***ed up, yeah.

You’ll recall, he got up and started shouting, “I’m fighting for my f***ing life!”

The f&R unit is now a standalone business called Refinitiv.

As he put it, “midget” is like “gay and f***ot or n***er and black.”

I’m not afraid of f*cking none of y’all n*ggas.

I don’t give a f*ck.”

He continued, “Guess what, f*cking half of America afraid of y’all motherf*ckers.

f*cking anthem, dog.”

f*cking our country is afraid of the f*cking police.

Because the f*cking police does unjustice sh*t and gets f*cking paid leave for it.”

“Can somebody give Bob some f***in’ credit?”

As we reported, Daz issued a green light Monday for all Crips to “f**k up Kanye” on sight.

She says he called her a “f***ing c**t” and planted the cameras.

These private companies “represent an enticing target [f]or malicious cyber actors,” according to the Senate Intelligence report.

All I care about is the fact that my tax dollars pay for you to play and go f**king play.

Get off your f**king knees.”

He told Stern … “f*** no, I’m not running for Senate.

— “U f***ed with the wrong Woman and the wrong dude.”

“I f*ck with LeBron,” YG says.

“If I got my gun on me, I’m shooting you in the f*cking face, and that’s on God and them.

According to a report by Art f City, Jeff Koons laid off 15 of his studio workers following their attempt to unionize.

She says when they got there, he closed the door and said, “I’m going to f**k you.”

f***, I hate even quote tweeting his bile.

“I just know Reggie needs to be back there,” White says … adding, “f*ck the NCAA!”

The Group f result was the largest margin of victory in either the men’s or women’s World Cup.

One of the calls was with Leal in which Gordon says, “How much you going to f*** me over?

You totally f***** me over … you were whooping my a** what am I supposed to do?”

Jones wasn’t exactly a perfect angel during the stop — calling the officer a pig and a “f**king liar.”

Temperatures are expected to be at about 10 f (-12 C) or colder in midtown Manhattan, forecasters said.

NASA figures showed temperatures ran 0.87 C (1.57 f) over the average for the 1951-1980 period.

NASA figures showed temperatures ran 0.87 C (1.57 f) over the average for the 1951-1980 period.

One of the men allegedly shouted, “f*** this, I’m getting inside!”

At the time … cops said Bennett yelled, “I could own this mother f***er!”

Let[‘]s f—— change the world On behalf of my children, Please allow me I am here….


“Thank you to the true support and f*ck the hate that came out of the woodwork.

“[I]f the top 12 percent improve the standards, the standards ratchet more tightly,” Carlson wrote in an email.

Kim Kardashian West seemingly confirmed the rumors during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, calling the situation ” so f–ked up.

We were all f*****.

Amendment f This has been proposed by a member of May’s Conservative Party.

They are therefore comfortable favorites against first Group f opponents Thailand.

Reza got in hot water last year when he lashed out on his show, saying, “f*** Iran.”

She say my f*** and my tongue game a remedy.”

One who will f*** the people that work for him and still not give them any good cases.”

Reporting by Sofia Menchu; Additional reporting by Rebekah f Ward; Editing by James Dalgleish

Trump is a f***ing idiot, is unable to provide a coherent answer.

So, up from an f?

What the f*** happened to our country??!?!”

Well, I have Brazil winning its group but losing to my projected Group f runner-up Mexico in a stunning upset.

That sentence makes no f’ing sense, even internally.

Why else would you bury the f’ing carbon?

“Like shut the f*ck up and fight.

“That’s the dumbest f—ing idea I’ve ever heard,” Graham responded.

In another he says, “those f**ks ruined my life and stole all of my creative work.”

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You can probably figure it out from the video, but the stunt is called the “air f***.”

Mark alleges Matt grabbed his son, shook him and told him that’s his “f*cking tractor.”

Durant previously told TMZ Sports, “We don’t f*ck with [Trump].”

“That guy’s a f*cking piece of sh*t,” Smith said at the UfC press conference in Atlanta moments ago.

But Dillon’s is adamant the “f**king Muslim rat” line did not come from Danis.

f*ck Luke Rockhold.”

“The first opportunity I get I’m gonna drill a hole through Luke Rockhold’s f*cking face.

I’ll fight Luke Rockhold on one f*cking leg.

“Man, I hope Matt Vasgersian gets beat the f*ck up by a group of tipsy bridesmaids.

I tried it on 375º f but wasn’t getting much until I cranked it up to 400º.

He claimed Scott called him a “f****t” and pulled down his pants “in front of over 100 people” on set.

“you f—ing lost suck it up quit teaching kids it’s okay to loose.”

“You f***ed up, big time.

Matt: Well, last episode they said they were making f Society terrorist videos.

Yael: There’s actually a real f Society Vimeo account: https://vimeo.com/wearefsociety.

freddy: I liked how the f Society member didn’t talk to the fBI.

Ken Berry, who starred in several classic TV series, including “f Troop” and “Mayberry, R.f.D.,” died on Saturday … according to his ex-wife.

Parmenter on the Western sitcom “f Troop” from 1965 to 1967.

The clip shows Underwood declare that he’s “f—ing done” and storm off the set by literally hopping the fence.

And he tells us how he endearingly referred to him as “Ralphie f****** May.”

8) Kepler-186 f orbits its star every 130 days, and its mass is unknown.

7) Kepler-62 f is a giant rocky world that has a 267-day orbit.

3) GJ 667 C f is another exoplanet that orbits the star Gliese 667C, except that it does so every 39 days.

Eazy ended with a POTUS diss — “f*ck Donald Trump straight up.”

Dear pro-gun lawmakers (most Republicans and some Democrats): Are you f*cking kidding me?

Come on people we gotta put these f**king guns up”, Eric Ebron said Sunday.

She said the shooter shot the man, stood over him and said “I told you don’t you f— with me.”


// ‘f*** wrong with everybody?’

fortunately, only 6% of respondents gave their boss an “f” in the survey.

So f&B.

Abdirzak says he went after Conor to try and get his phone back but Conor just laughed as yelled back, “f*ck you!”

Even if Trump’s “f**kface Von Clownstick” tweet made him look foolish, it was funny, and honest.

Offset also allegedly told him to “get that f***in’ phone out of my face” afterward … then exited the store.

“It’s “a ‘f*** you!

No, f*** you!’ beginning of a playground fight,” he said in an interview.

franzen said in an IG video first spotted by SportsGossip.com … “Man, f*CK THE COWBOYS!!!”

Get the f*ck outta here.”

There’s a f word that we don’t use: fascism.

– Redditor f argofox ‘Hey, you seen my goat?’

How f—in’ rude.”

He’s gonna f*cking kill it,” Perry told us.

Rep. Tlaib told us there are more important things going on right now in D.C. To that, we say, f**k yeah!

21 jersey with the Redskins … he’s BOLTING it down, saying, “f**k no” he can’t wear it!!

Love everyone but don’t follow my f***ing wife on Instagram.”

f**k no,” the ex-Washington running back says … “I don’t ever want to see nobody else in it.”

You f**ked up during the regular season, during Thanksgiving and then the playoffs.”

“You no long-snap catching, interception-throwing mother f**ker, you.”

— “The sex was f*cking crazy too” The Downs … — “jus like any other loving relationship we fought.

She’s f*cked up too!

And if that’s dancing with scrony little f*cks, so be it.”

That translates to: “Those f……g Romanians.”

This sequence goes A, G, f, E—with the E being the bass note under the line before the chorus.

Then he gave his f***, Marry, Kill breakdown for the 3 Kardashian sisters.

She says he responded, “You always have to f***ing say something!

“[I]f it goes beyond seven to eight rounds, he could tire out.

Jason Aldean’s triumphant return to the stage included a message to domestic terrorists — “f*** you!!!”

Stop f—— talking about your kid and get back to work, please.”

I can’t even have a glass of water on my desk without feeling like I’m in Jurassic f—— Park.”

Let’s f*cking fight.”

f— the agents, she wants the affirmation from the audience.

“I was thinking like, ‘who the f*** does he think he is?'”

The first contained the caption, “Porra china” — which some have translated to, “f*ck China.”

f, 24, seemed very fragile when he confided in me that his sex life is, according to him, a catastrophe.

“I am proud to have an “f” rating from the @NRA,” Abrams tweeted in May.

The U.S. will play Sweden (2-0-0, six points) at Le Havre, france, on Thursday to decide the Group f winner.

f ollow our Pride Weekend coverage here.

The corn was purchased at around $211.90 a tonne c&f plus a $1.25 a tonne surcharge for additional port unloading.

Mike Tyson has a strong message for Manny Pacquiao — YOU “SHOULD BE f**KING BARRED fROM THE GROVE!!!”

He just f***ed ’em,” Snoop said.

According to Hotel f&B, the first Disney wedding took place in 1991.

(Refiles to include city in dateline, no changes to text) Reporting by Rebekah f Ward; Editing by David Alire Garcia and Leslie Adler

As political scientist Sheri Berman explained for Vox, “[f]ascists embraced violence as a means and an end.

And he said, ‘All right, mate, well, f**king try it out.’

In Nippur, a scribal school known as “House f” provides some archaeological information about the physical environment for education in Babylonia.

Also I switched out white sugar for brown because f white sugar!!

“If he want this work, I’ma f**k him up,” Broner told TMZ Sports.

The crowd marched through Times Square, shouting “f*** Trump” and “We reject the President-elect!”

O-line coach frank Pollack says … “What happened to blocking out the f*cking noise?

Who gives a f*ck what the President says?”

All this is doing is distracting us from what we’re trying to f*cking accomplish.”

You kinda touch on that in “f Boyz.” Yeah, the song is fun but it’s about fuckboys.

The older kids would pick on you and call you an ‘f’ing Iranian’ back then,’ he says.

Then he threw up a middle finger and said, “f*** you.”

According to Link, Peter screamed, “Do you think I give a f*** about your money!!”

(She has an f rating from the National Rifle Association.)

As for a possible sit-down between the two — Kelly had only 2 words … one of them starts with ‘f.’

Speaking into a phone, he said he “snapped” and was “about to keep killing until … until they catch me, f— it.”

“I hope I’m alive when we’re good, it’s just that f**ked up.”

“410pm on field u German f*ck,” Brown texted to Alexiou … “u have 17 points toward your 25 points.

“You’ll do f**kin’ nothin’ you f**kin’ prick!

“So the President f*cking hates my girlfriend,” Sue screamed in a headline she penned for The Players’ Tribune.

“I swear to God, I’ll f*ck you up, you and your wife.

I’ll f*ck you up.”

It’s his f*cking team.

I’m drunk but I’m not f***ing around.”

“I’m about to cry for my friend right now man, this sh*t f**ked up.

Well dressed woman on Upper East Side, annoyed by our stroller, yells: “Go back to China…go back to your f—ing country.”

They are not designed to deliver what consumers want: High-quality products, great value and brands they believe in and f**king love.

He recently co-authored “I f**king Love That Company,” with Randy Komisar of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

He also says, “Damn, it must suck to be a f**k n***a.”

‘s track — entitled “f**k N***a” — is on iTunes and Apple Music.

Bake in a hot oven (400 degrees f) until slightly browned.

‘Shut the f up.’” “That was disrespectful.”

Cover with the pricked upper crust and bake in a hot oven (400 degrees f) until done, about 30 or 40 minutes.

He had one video where he said, “f Golden State.” Yup.

As Q put it, Brando would “f*** anything.

He’d f*** a mailbox.

If you did enough cocaine, you’d f*** a radiator and send it flowers in the morning.”

Cause that’s the only reason I’m contacting ur f** ass!”

“Corona made a f—— cool tunnel.

According to a local report, a member of the finnegan Brigade was caught on video screaming, “f*** the gays.”

“But I just think, get a f—ing life.

In an interview with the Guardian in 2007, Hoskins remembered the “f—ing nightmare” that was the film’s troubled production.

f—ing idiots.”

Reporting by Rebekah f Ward; Editing by Alistair Bell

Then this — “We got 4 f**king games to go!”

The woman says she was PISSED because she felt violated and added, “I don’t give a f*ck who you are.

But most importantly, feynman had the opportunity to reprint Appendix f once more for a popular audience by bundling it into this last book.

“Everyone needs to tone it the f down, just tone it down,” Tur said on the latest episode of Recode Decode.

Your boss, Kara Swisher, came to me and said, “What the f?” You can swear on the show.

to break my         *    *    * Jennif(f)er Tamayo is a queer, migrant, formerly undocumented poet, essayist, and performer.

This was like a month ago but I recognize the f***er instantly!!”

We can’t f—ing move.”

“The Cubs fan said, ‘You guys just blew a 3-1 lead, f**k you.'”

Well, you’re talking to somebody who gets an f from the NRA.

The next one from f Reid @2lotech: “Is ISP tracking an issue or is it more something they can do?

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