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The scientific community is already learning about other potential contributors to dementia, such as exposure to pollution and lack of sleep.

No experts, no debunking or exposure of mistruths.

This indicates that more lead exposure may lead to more heart trouble, and also that there is no safe threshold for lead exposure.

Landrigan suggested that blood lead testing should become the norm in adult medicine the way pediatricians now often screen children for lead exposure.

Increasingly, research suggests a link between air pollution exposure and the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

There’s pesticide exposure, there are concussions — there’s not just one way to get this disease.

There are obviously inherent justice questions at stake here given the inequities of air pollution exposure.

If people’s brains are atrophying because of exposure to air pollution, there’s a pretty abysmal vicious circle going on.

Studies have found that kids drop IQ points for every unit of air pollution exposure.

Sanders’s main problem, Ellison believed, was just that he needed more “exposure.”

I think Bernie is going to be able to solve his exposure problem by continuing to do the things that he’s doing.”

As exposure to the Sun’s intense rays warms the comet, powerful jets blast large building-sized pieces off its body.

Hydrofluoric acid (HF) can form a toxic cloud at room temperature while exposure can lead to severe health problems and even death.

In 2013, the USW found 26 million people in the United States were at risk of HF exposure from a refinery accident.

Now there is a fundamental reset on how much tech exposure investors are willing to bear.

The rep also added that the monthly award provides “additional advertizing for winners,” giving them more exposure in the public eye.

Semiconductor companies, which have a sizable revenue exposure to China, traded higher, with the Philadelphia Semiconductor index rising 1.55%.

The college lifestyle not only increases the probability of exposure — it also increases the intensity of the transmission.

(Like a real-life version of exposure therapy.)

When I did exposure therapy, looking at spilled orange juice could make me cry.

In his interview with Denver NBC station KUSA, however, Hoyte did say the baby’s death could be somehow linked to marijuana exposure.

He also said that the Colorado doctors need to more decisively demonstrate the link between myocarditis and marijuana exposure.

It’s possible that the baby’s heart condition could have been coincidental to the marijuana exposure.

Factors like internet exposure to ISIS propaganda were only a contributing factor rather than the reason for their radicalization.

All in all, viewers of the Abstract Expressionist show are provided an exposure to mesmerizing and transformative painting with but a few exceptions.

Neides suggested spreading out and delaying the shots in children to reduce kids’ exposure to the chemicals he claimed were toxic.

That’s why hospitals and public restrooms also generally have liquid soap dispensers: They limit germ exposure even further.

“Ongoing political noise is likely to keep investors cautious of increasing exposure to S.A.,” analysts at Investec said in a note.

The researchers made some assumptions about tardigrades’ upper limit for heat and radiation exposure, and examined three scenarios.

Childhood exposure to guns is also a strong determinant of whether people keep firearms to this day.

Rimondi in 2016 was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a type of cancer that has been linked to asbestos exposure.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control says excessive exposure to coal dust can cause black lung and other respiratory problems.

Hydrofluoric acid (HF) can form a toxic cloud at room temperature and exposure can lead to severe health problems and even death.

In 2013, the USW found 26 million people in the U.S. were at risk of HF exposure from a refinery accident.

Recent research suggested that there may be a unique pattern of physical damage to the human brain after blast exposure.

Researchers identified brain regions (for example, the amygdala, anterior cingulate cortex and orbitofrontal cortex) whose function had been altered due to blast exposure.

The futures are cash-settled contracts, allowing investors exposure without having to hold any of the cryptocurrency.

There’s other people who have had a lot of TV exposure.

“We believe the exposure to cardholder data that can be used to create counterfeit cards is limited,” he said.

And definitive human studies of health effects from plastics exposure are hard to come by.

In fetuses, BPA exposure was correlated with an increased risk of miscarriage, low birth weight, and childhood obesity.

Still, any effort to reduce your exposure is probably worth it.

Surprisingly, people find carotenoid coloration more attractive than melanin coloration from sun exposure.

Does exposure to movie characters with guns influence youth attitudes and behaviors about guns (e.g., do they think guns are cooler?

They are buying bitcoin futures to gain exposure to the asset while avoiding the hacks and heists that plague the industry.

Chipmakers are among the U.S. multinationals with the highest revenue exposure to China.

According to its 2021 targets, African Bank wants to build up retail deposits and reduce exposure to unsecured credit.

“A severe, short-term exposure may cause long-term respiratory effects,” states the CCOHS website.

This phase of experimentation occurred under a veil of secrecy, leaving communities in the dark about the risks associated with their exposure.

It’s not just that wrestlers are so good, but the exposure is there.

The World Health Organization states that benzene causes cancer, and “no safe level of exposure can be recommended.”

Other than causing cancer, long term exposure to benzene can cause excessive bleeding and can increase the chance of infection.

After a period of prolonged exposure to deafening sound and intense light, H. appears.

Philip Morris claims it can cut users’ exposure to tobacco carcinogens and save the lives of smokers.

He declined to comment on Total’s exposure to contaminated Russian oil discovered two months ago.

Aid organizations said they were treating people for tear gas exposure.

Allahabad Bank said on Saturday it had a $366.87 million exposure to the case.

But if it comes back positive, all it means is that your body has traces of antibodies from exposure to the virus.

Following all of the exposure at PM, the Museum of Modern Art bought photos and he was suddenly freelancing for Vogue.

exposure can fend off doubts.

High exposure to mercury can damage the intestines, kidney and nervous system, according to the EPA.

Embassy-linked organizations are slowly scaling back grants, while more foreign curators, writers, museum officials, and dealers are visiting, giving artists increased exposure.

exposure Then, the key thing to getting that meteor streak is exposure time, or shutter speed.

You’ll need an exposure of a number of seconds, but the exact time depends on the lighting conditions where you are.

ISO and aperture Aside from the length of your exposure, you’ll need to set your ISO and aperture.

His blocks were oriented northwest to southeast to maximize daily sun exposure.

With so much exposure to government debt, should yields jump, investors could be exposed to seriously heavy losses.

Her strained optimism states that exposure to these issues is one step toward equality and resolution.

The cost of insuring exposure to Turkey’s sovereign debt through credit default swaps declined to their lowest level since early April.

Causes of death include exposure, hypothermia, starvation, scurvy, tuberculosis, and lead poisoning.

But when a certain type of female star reaches a certain level of exposure, the world is ready to turn against her.

It takes the exposure of completely different problems for us to even consider that the solution might be imperfect.

In that context, a few things should happen: 1) Our exposure to radio frequency radiation is changing.

Since that time, people’s exposure to radiation through their phones and the environment have changed dramatically.

Plus, we still don’t know what steady exposure to this kind of radiation from devices means for kids.

In sprawling settlements like Jamtoli, life consists of hunger, illness, squalor, exposure to the elements, and what Nabi called “limitless insecurity.”

3) There are simple things you can do to reduce your exposure If you’re concerned, take steps to minimize your cellphone exposure.

These changes are free — and they’ll minimize your radiation exposure.

Consequently, I will continue to invest in the funds I co-founded, because I want exposure to true long-term secular growth.

Second, that you limit the damage or exposure you do to that which can reasonably call attention to your problem.

But one moment of exposure leads to far more, until the whole village is aflame.

The exposure you can get yourself online obviously doesn’t compare with being a contestant on a popular TV show, but it works.

However, the wider exposure to the practice, and the celebrities who are participating, is continuing to help normalize the practice of tattoos.

If Google Maps scrolling is your only exposure to the area, you’d be excused for thinking it is uninhabited.

All those years, families lived with a range of hazards – raw sewage backups, vermin infestations and exposure to asbestos.

People are also flocking to the company’s iShares ETFs to get cheap exposure to various parts of the market.

And as short-term yields move higher than longer-term yields, the cost of hedging exposure to the U.S. dollar has gone up.

“You are knocking off a substantial part of U.S. yields when you buy from the UK perspective and hedge back that exposure.

The U.S.-China trade war and possible U.S. slowdown are also reasons for investors to lower, rather than raise, their risk exposure.

Though this topic has been explored in the past, this was the first study to look at chemical exposure in utero.

DD: But it’s really a very different way of learning that most kids have not had that exposure to.

Three decades later we are still witnessing the damaging effects of radiation exposure in local wildlife, plantlife, and residents of neighboring areas.

The suggestion is that appreciation for conventional (to us) musicality is something acquired via exposure to Western music.

“The more they do it, the better it is for exposure,” he says.

Chubb joins other financial institutions, including Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY.L), Hannover Re and Allianz Group, in scaling back its exposure to coal.

For starters, it turns out that childhood lead exposure at nearly any level can seriously and permanently reduce IQ.

exposure to lead — and no amount of exposure is now considered safe — can lead to learning disabilities, lower IQs, and impulsivity.

Its drop of as much as 18 percent on Friday hit European and U.S. stocks as investors fretted about banks’ exposure to Turkey.

Even a brief exposure to the near-freezing temperatures of water in the arctic circle can be a death sentence.

There are many theories, from changes in policing tactics to more incarceration to reductions in lead exposure.

The campaigns view getting on TV as essential for exposure in low-budget races outside the national spotlight.

Comparatively, a single exposure to a bit of framing is nothing, like blowing on the sails of a giant ship.

Theoretically, then, this gives the voters an opportunity to watch even shows they don’t have exposure to in an “apples to apples” environment.

Even at low levels, lead exposure causes irreversible damage, particularly regarding brain cognition and behavioral development.

They get exposure and I pay them.

It is the nakedness, the exposure, the vulnerability of the flesh that makes it sacred, that manifests the fragile, sacred spark of life.

This staggering series of works explores self-discipline, physical and psychological confinement, notions of freedom and exposure, and the limits of human behavior and relations.

This is especially true when we have quick, minimal exposure to them — as we do today via the media.

The chemical effects of eating chili and wasabi are the same between people, but the difference is the result of exposure and conditioning.

exposure to bright light stimulates the brain’s master clock — the suprachiasmatic nucleus — to wind back those three-tenths of an hour.

Behind me is a couch and sink against a huge window with northwest and southwest light exposure and music — always music playing!

(GRAPHIC: US bond fund flows – reut.rs/2BQb4KN) Equity investors usually leave their international currency exposure unhedged or hedge only a portion of it.

However, debt investors tend to hedge their currency exposure completely as bonds are far less volatile than currencies.

3) Later types may be more sensitive to light exposure at night.

This wasn’t a problem back in olden times, when the setting of the sun ended light exposure for the day.

In a similar incident in March, the company said it would consider refunding advertisers for lost exposure.

exposure to bright light in the morning helps reset the body’s clock to an earlier time.

When asked why the store owners filed a police report, Rodman and his crew insisted the yoga place was just looking for “exposure.”

Debt investors in particular have high exposure to airports, most of which are owned by governments or pension funds.

The US doesn’t do a thorough job of tracking lead exposure.

Eighteen cities in Pennsylvania alone, Vox’s Sarah Frostenson found, have higher rates of lead exposure in their kids’ blood than Flint.

Qatar can do that, said a Western diplomat, thanks to its gas wealth, World Cup exposure and international outreach efforts.

This is from Mississippi’s justification for slavery: None but the black race can bear exposure to the tropical sun.

The disembodied voice at Bachelors Grove is a reminder that constant exposure to the supernatural comes with perils.

Scattered across another open field are painted wooden stars, each about four-feet wide, their colors faint from full exposure to the sun’s glare.

But investors exact their pound of flesh in return for exposure to Argentina’s toxic currency.

“Most of the toxicology is based on acute studies of one compound in short-term exposure,” Kinney told Motherboard.

exposure to the energy and heroic scale of Abstract Expressionism not only changed the course of his evolution but sped it up.

“The exposure and attention that the video … has gotten is positive no matter the outcome.

After exposure to radiation, new skin nicks, cuts, and irritation caused by cleansing or shaving should be avoided.

“There were a lot of interesting people back then—I am sure there are now, too, but there is no exposure.”

My first exposure to The Paranoyds was catching the quartet opening for Sunflower Bean’s sold-out show at The Echo last summer.

But studies have linked even lower levels of exposure — as low as 2 μg/dL — to reduced IQ in children.

That means there are thousands of children in the United States with lead exposure above the federal threshold.

This all gets back to the difficulty of getting good data on lead exposure in the United States.

Semiconductor companies, which have a sizable revenue exposure to China, traded higher, with the Philadelphia Semiconductor index up 1.32%.

The Canadian government released a draft report this month that found a “consistent and statistically significant positive association” between talc exposure and ovarian cancer.

To sum up: Kids are being influenced by exposure to explicit materials, but they don’t necessarily like it.

It’s just cool to have these people supporting because it’s great exposure.

How could a real mold exposure be considered psychological?

But I soon recognized that it wasn’t that initial exposure being contested.

First, a history of exposure to mold in water-damaged buildings, then an increase in infections.

Could the very real exposure to a toxic mold have pushed them into seeing their body through new eyes?

Perhaps that wall was never there, but they thought it was—and that exposure, that violation, broke the illusion.

After reading these findings, I wonder if their true toxic exposure was to this uncertainty.

Over Skype, they show me their exposure chamber, which looks a bit like a phone booth—only with no phone.

MCS participants, compared with controls, reported greater perceived odour intensities, more unpleasantness from the exposure, and increasing symptoms over time.

He tells me that people often have allergic reactions without a ‘real’ exposure.

Andersson says their goal is to find some kind of exposure that separates an MCS sufferer from a control.

Even the exposure from negative publicity can help more men join the cause.

And many of them involve exposure to radiation.

There’s the higher radiation exposure, but also just living in an isolated environment could play a role, he says.

They said gunpowder had been placed under the lenses in the hope it would ignite under prolonged exposure to the sun.

In total, several dozen people, more than forty according to several sources, are thought to have died from exposure to a chemical substance.

“We’ve managed a decade of low margins, and we’ve not much direct exposure to Brexit,” he said.

Credit rating agency Fitch warned more lenders would likely follow Tesco Bank’s lead and quit the market, or increase their risk exposure.

But it’s impossible to ignore her beauty, her nudity, her exposure.

Da Rocha: That gave us the exposure of us working together properly.

Kennedy said exposure to mold was the stated cause of her death.

Now, officials tell us … both indecent exposure charges have been dismissed — but we don’t know why.

The club owners eat it up, profiting from the exposure and free publicity.

To prevent any potential transmissions, I was protecting myself from exposure to radiation on a daily basis,” Morishita adds.

But the constant exposure to sickness and death was caving in on her at a time when she’d experienced enough anguish.

It only increases with exposure.

However, the changes in sunlight exposure would offset these gains, as less light means the plants produce less food.

I think the exposure to the threats and the proximity of it really affects it too.

One trader said the “fairly big cut for a one-month downturn” had sent shockwaves through local firms and any with exposure to China.

That was basically the first exposure.

And then there was the [Joseph] Bernardin exposure in ’92.

Semiconductor companies, which have a sizable revenue exposure to China, traded higher, with the Philadelphia Semiconductor index .SOX rising 1.47%.

People living in poor communities tend to have higher rates of exposure to environmental pollutants, and these include a great many EDCs.

The new partnership gives Azure another edge over Google in the cloud, by increasing Azure’s exposure to large enterprise companies.

The police were called around 10:30 PM on Friday night to respond to reports of indecent exposure.

“It could be something like mischief or indecent exposure.

“Low angle long exposure shot in London.”

To prevent further exposure, most state health departments track lead-poisoned children and mandate inspections in their homes.

“There’s some evidence that without that exposure, we may not develop skills or even circuitry to manage challenges or stress.”

exposure to high enough levels can cause an array of serious health issues in children and pregnant women, especially.

What makes this a completely Kardashian moment is Kim’s ability to take the controversy and maximize exposure.

Protections for patients with preexisting conditions are stripped away, as are financial protections that limit older Americans’ exposure to sky-high insurance premiums.

Children in detention are at very high risk of exposure to physical and sexual assault, family separation, environmental deprivation and forced relocation.

And yet, part of me wonders if what the world truly needs is more exposure to New York art.

This means there’s more risk of exposure to pathogens that may be hanging out in fruits and veggies.

“This, to me, is the best part of the industry, because you have so much exposure,” he says.

According to the Gulf News, indecent exposure is punishable by AT LEAST 6 months in jail.

Classrooms should not be a form of exposure therapy.

It’s cover, not exposure, for the core disjunctive dilemmas.

The cost of insuring exposure to its sovereign debt rose.

This racialized difference in exposure reflects an imbalance of “approximately 7,000 deaths a year from heart disease”— in the USA alone.

Investors were also cautious on their exposure to stocks as they braced for the upcoming Fed meeting and the G20 summit.

A huge audience had no exposure to games like The Last of Us or Uncharted.

Compare that to Deutsche Bank, one of Germany’s largest banks, whose exposure was — wait for it — 50 times the national income of Germany.

With mainstream exposure inevitably comes criticism and the difficult task of maintaining success.

So yeah, I think it was really fortunate to have that kind of exposure at that time, yeah.

“Basically I thought, What gets rid of all the risk and exposure but still keeps us connected to weed?”

And effects of lead exposure cannot be corrected.”

exposure to PM2.5 ranks fifth worldwide among all health risks, including smoking, diet, and high blood pressure.

If media exposure makes you feel that the world is coming to an end, maybe you need to change your perspective.

When watching the tragedies and injustices of the world makes you depressed, figure out how to limit your exposure.

“Our cities are growing larger and we have more and more exposure and vulnerability to certain severe weather,” Gensini said.

HSBC lost about US$5m on its exposure to Rallye, one of those people said.

If a tax gets them to cut back on their drinking, their risk exposure is reduced — so their lives are extended.

Considering the expectations of Fed easing, would you trim exposure to U.S. banks?

“The fund benefited in 2017 from its exposure to mortgage bonds as well as investment-grade and high-yield corporate bonds,” Rosenbluth said.

— Require a study on the flow of illicit finance involving Russia and a formal assessment of U.S. economic exposure to Russian state-owned entities.

Until the mid-1970s, exposure data was crude to non-existent.

It acknowledged that managers’ techniques for determining levels of exposure were “subjective” and had “questionable validity.”

Not all Texas City workers had opportunity for exposure to vinyl chloride.”

“It was only a question of, what was the amount of that exposure and what was the duration of that exposure?”

“These in-depth summaries and updates of worker cohorts do not support a causal link between VC exposure and brain cancer,” Valberg wrote.

That wound up giving John McCain more exposure and helping him win the state.

Along with industry exposure comes skills in leadership and resilience.

One of the biggest mistakes we’re making at the moment is confusing exposure to information with actual change.

A child’s lead levels usually drop quickly after exposure ends.

The results often weren’t being reported to state health authorities as required, heightening children’s risk of continued exposure.

Coryn was alarmed by Emily’s first high lead test, and determined to find the source of her exposure.

After exposure, the toxin can be stored in the bones, and re-released into the bloodstream during growth spurts.

Research has linked exposure to an increased risk of early mortality.

But for the majority of fans, that initial exposure happened a decade ago.

The effects of my exposure to the O.J.

Sometimes in showbiz, there’s accidental exposure … and then there’s Bella Thorne.

But it also meant exposure to massive cultural innovation.

Although I got the impression the primary goal was formalist, notably to explore chiaroscuro with special exposure photographs and custom printing.

Urban areas with greater risk of lead exposure were not limited to one geographical region.

For instance, in the San Diego metro area, only 1.8 percent of census tracts have a lead exposure risk of 10.

They were mainly interested in examining racial inequality in lead exposure and how it impacts the black-white educational achievement gap.

And a lot of exposure came through Skatune Network.

Shares of trade-sensitive Boeing Co were up 0.2% in premarket trading, while chip companies, which have a major exposure to China, also rose.

Stress, diet, exposure to pathogens, physical activity, and even loneliness could potentially tweak the way genes are turned on and off.

Huawei also has exposure to U.S. suppliers of specialty lasers and modules such as NeoPhotonics, Lumentum and Finisar.

It’s an ideal contender for that sort of exposure, as it’s very much a play-once-and-nevermore affair.

It may be the lack of exposure to the subject when someone was at college.

Can phobia subreddits be useful in terms of exposure therapy?

Ever since the public exposure of Weinstein’s conduct launched the modern #MeToo movement, there’s been a considerable public backlash.

Sometimes these routines are sufficiently strong enough that they override deleterious effects of light exposure.”

There followed White Noise (1985), focused on the mutations in perception of family and death occasioned by relentless exposure to all-seeing, all-saying television.

Soon, money market funds with no known Lehman exposure were having panics; in one week, investors in such funds withdrew $349 billion.

The ratings group announced its review of H2O after a Financial Times report on the asset manager’s exposure to Windhorst’s businesses.

Real progress is made by the exposure of negative conduct and then what happens to address that conduct.

Authorities said that three homeless people in Texas died from exposure to the cold.

After exposure to images of Pokémon alongside trainers, they both eventually became interested in anthro and feral.

Gritty is the rare new thing that’s proudly inconvenient and un-nice—and yet improves with more exposure.

That self-created community gave me new relationships from all over the world and to artist at all levels of exposure.

Even if a child survives early exposure to air pollution and secondhand smoke, its effects can last a lifetime.

I may eventually make it to exposure therapy, but for now, no more road trips through Ohio for me.

Women’s combat sports are still severely lagging behind their male counterparts in terms of payouts and exposure.

Belle’s charges include 3 counts of indecent exposure and DUI.

“It’s exposure, it’s kudos, it’s credibility,” Hunt added.

Blog reading and writing promotes critical thinking, writing skills, evaluating evidence skills, and exposure to state-of-the-art theories and findings.

So does exposure to environmental lead[.])

I had been shooting at night with a view camera mostly in urban settings and time exposure was necessary,” the photographer tells Creators.

Without You I’m Nothing had a huge amount of exposure, especially with “Every You Every Me” appearing on Cruel Intentions soundtrack.

That’s because men tend to over-index in production, transportation, and construction jobs — all occupational groups that have tasks with above-average automation exposure.

Players are then able to rotate, zoom, and change exposure.

The rise in Caesarean deliveries may also have implications that go well beyond bacterial exposure and health.

No artist agrees to have their work on display just for exposure.

More from Tonic: This type of photosensitivity is called phototoxicity, which appears within a few hours of sun exposure and mimics a severe sunburn.

(UV exposure also leads to premature skin aging, like wrinkles and spots.)

Even with current soil and groundwater samples testing within government-regulated limits, countless studies since have directly linked exposure to plutonium to cancer rates.

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry lists cancer as the sole consequential health effect of plutonium exposure.

Acute or prolonged exposure to ionizing radiation is harmful, and plutonium-239, the most abundant contaminant at rocky flats, is known to be particularly toxic.

Long-term exposure is known to cause leukemia and nose and throat cancer.

The mere chance of such exposure is what keeps the activists going.

“I never heard the words ‘palliative care’ except by chance from someone who had exposure to it.

The state’s position on TTHM is factually accurate; long-term exposure is the biggest concern.

For instance, research finds that people tend to produce less serotonin in the winter due to lower levels of sunlight exposure.

Chubb joins other financial institutions, including Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY.L), Hannover Re and Allianz Group, in scaling back its exposure to coal.

He declined to comment on Total’s exposure to contaminated Russian oil discovered two months ago.

It took a lot of money to help us get the exposure that we got.

In some ways, this is similar to the exposure therapy I use to treat a veteran with PTSD.

The companies in December said they would buy minority stakes in each other, helping increase exposure to each other’s core markets.

Mexico would want to hedge at a higher level to lock in the greatest profit, but that risks exposure to downside for banks.

Pop aesthetes who think continual Top 40 exposure has immunized them to the earworm should listen to video game soundtracks.

That’s why even low levels of lead exposure are associated with more ADHD diagnoses.

In other words, lead is contributing to all kinds of problems at essentially all levels of exposure.

The main reason for these higher earnings is likely that childhood lead exposure reduces IQ, which is modestly correlated with higher lifetime income.

In veterans, prolonged and repeated exposure to combat can make PTSD even harder to treat.

While she has never worked with virtual reality, she says exposure therapy is often the most effective part of a treatment program.

Let’s ask which nominees may in fact need the exposure the prize promises.

The Cohen hearing pushed things even further, laying the groundwork for more exposure.

Oversight and exposure of wrongdoing only matters if there are people willing to act on what’s being exposed.

This week a Media Matters report was published suggesting that the conservative views get much greater exposure on Facebook than left-leaning viewpoints.

Some of that’s structural: Diageo is much larger in the more efficient U.S. market while Pernod has prioritised exposure to India and China.

Last week’s accident, which briefly sent Glencore’s shares tumbling 7%, underscored foreign investors’ exposure to illegal mining activity on their properties.

Other lenders, including JPMorgan Chase & Co, also have exposure to Steinhoff, which has been embroiled in an accounting scandal.

Its drop of as much as 18 percent on Friday hit European and U.S. stocks as investors fretted about banks’ exposure to Turkey.

No matter which game a fan preferred, the other received a bump in exposure.

Funds are expressing this renewed pessimism via short positioning on copper because of its exposure to global manufacturing activity, first and foremost Chinese activity.

Some of the side effects of exposure to VX include convulsions, loss of consciousness, paralysis, and fatal respiratory failure.

Recent research from Kinzler’s developmental psychology lab indicates that “multilingual exposure improves not only children’s cognitive skills but also their social abilities.”

After gaining exposure on Instagram, the fashion illustrator began working with magazines and brands such as J.W.

However, Kinsey reports that the “exposure” children didn’t perform better than other monolinguals on cognitive tasks.

The former foreign minister is deemed so unpredictable that his campaign team has so far sought to limit his public exposure.

The GILTI provision has already caused consternation among corporations by inadvertently creating higher tax bills for those with only limited overseas exposure.

“Triclosan exposure may be a risk factor for lower bone mineral density and osteoporosis,” Li said by email.

Among the industries with the greatest exposure to Russia are food and beverages, technology and pharmaceuticals.

exposure to lead can cause irreversible brain damage, especially among children.

Typically that type of exposure usually nets you quite the paycheck.

Stock photography models are paid for their studio time, not their exposure.

The link between cold exposure and weight loss isn’t exactly news.

It has raised money from investors who want exposure to the cannabis sector without the risk of breaking federal law.

… Even low-level exposure can lead to irreversible damage, like lower IQs, antisocial behavior, and reduced attention span.”

exposure to multiple traumatic events places these children at even greater risk for mental health disorders.

The Illinois pension plan also invests in at least one mutual fund with gun industry exposure.

About 90 percent of Napa’s grape harvest had been picked and escaped exposure to smoke that could have tainted the fruit.

Scientists think CWD spreads from animal to animal via contaminated body fluids or through indirect exposure to contaminated carcasses or drinking water.

They are thought to have died from heat exposure and dehydration in an area about 18 miles (29 km) east of McAllen.

There are other investment funds in the US that offer exposure to cryptocurrencies, but not many specialize.

Among funds that focus on small companies, meanwhile, $2 out of every $3 invested has exposure to gun stocks, according to fund-tracker Morningstar.

Existing lenders may well have to increase their commitments, said another banker whose firm has exposure to Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay Sands’ trump card is its impressive track record, which is expected to encourage lenders to renew or take greater exposure.

Buren’s current sybaritic in situ art, with its stated goal of exposing institutionalization, is a central candidate for such exposure.

Nonbank lenders have a much higher exposure to subprime lending.

So between March and September, Earth’s Northern Hemisphere gets more exposure to direct sunlight over the course of a day.

I was photographing and trying to give online exposure to my own collection, and reaching out to others, asking for interviews and collaborations.

It worked as a kind of sideways exposure therapy.

Before that, I kind of knew about it, but I didn’t really have an exposure to it.

People will be cultivated through a lifetime of exposure.

All of the unvaccinated monkeys had detectable levels of the virus after exposure, while none of the vaccinated monkeys did.

Ain’t-Bad Magazine doesn’t aim to feature well-known artists for the sake of growing popularity—instead, it takes pride in granting talented unknowns well-merited exposure.

Hale also suggests a link between prenatal cannabis exposure and childhood leukemia, citing a 1989 study from the journal Cancer.

“It is our considered opinion that the benefits of breastfeeding probably outweigh the detriment caused by occasional or ‘casual’ exposure to cannabis.

Of particular concern will be executives’ views about their exposure to China, the world’s No.

For Finley, the show’s value lies in the creation of a community, exposure for artists, and possible sales.

At one point, Remnick asked Comey why he wrote a tell-all, what he wanted from the exposure.

exposure therapy, in which subjects are eased into facing their fears, is quite effective in treating phobias, according to every psychologist I interviewed.

The possibility for emerging artists to gain more exposure to the platform’s millions of users is the initiative’s only saving grace.

You can’t put a price on that kind of media exposure.

Semiconductor companies, which have a sizable revenue exposure to China, traded higher, with the Philadelphia Semiconductor index rising 1.13%.

His mix of Double exposure’s “Ten Percent” was the first commercially released 12-inch single, changing the way music was manipulated and presented.

About 95 percent of cases of melanoma, the most aggressive and deadly kind of skin cancer, are attributable to UV-ray exposure.

Some of that exposure is good; some is bad or totally innocuous.

“We chose the shower because it’s a common source of microbial exposure,” he says.

“Once people start working, sun exposure greatly diminishes.

Our standard roof shot, usually a breeze for these devices, showed some significant differences in color and exposure.

This is the one shot all day where the HTC 10 got a better exposure than the S7 though.

“One of the main indicators of this kind of mercury exposure is children with lowered IQs, Sunderland said.

“We are looking at multiple generations of exposure to higher levels of methylmercury,” Sunderland said.

Rita didn’t seem to mind the extra exposure her outfit brought on the streets of the Big Apple.

So putting more expenses into COGS could reduce BEAT exposure.

The World Health Organization estimates that 4.2 million people die every year from exposure to air pollution.

It will use any remaining exposure to demand reform.

Simpson’s former lawyer was leaving Madeo Thursday night when our photog asked about Disney’s legal exposure.

He died in 1987 from mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer linked to asbestos exposure.

Corona beer maker Constellation Brands, which has significant Mexico exposure, rose 1.9%.

Within equity portfolios, managers cut their U.S. exposure to 38 percent, the lowest since April 2016.

Cruz notes that these retail chains are a perfect conduit for brand exposure to a customer who is seeking specific products.

Ultimately, it’s a low-risk opportunity to have broad or mass exposure of one’s brand in a focused retail outlet,” he adds.

But some in Imad’s Sudanese community—fleeing a conflict that’s picked up less media exposure in recent years—say they’ve experienced otherwise.

Buchhart has expanded the exhibition exposure of Basquiat to a dizzying degree while Brant’s impact looms large.

The shot is presented in shadow, but it’s nonetheless clear what we’re seeing: the first-ever exposure of Batman’s manhood.

Based on the science so far, short-term exposure to e-cigarettes doesn’t appear to carry serious and immediate health effects.

So exposure to sounds at that level takes even less time to diminish hearing.

Along with noise exposure, age is a major predictor of a person’s ability to hear.

In fact, many anti-occupation Israeli artists’ works, projects, and installations have had wide exposure.

It also is — like all great art — it’s an exposure.

The new AAA study finds that the more exposure people have to AV tech, the more comfortable they become with it.

“We have strong reasons to suspect that endocrine-disrupting chemicals and pesticide exposure play a greater role,” Levine says.

“With what a man does in life, such as smoking, the changes can be reversible,” if exposure to the harmful chemical stops.

This painting was my first exposure to art as it was on permanent display at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Most deaths were related to injuries from vehicles, equipment, and exposure to harmful substances, though the deaths are not broken down by industry.

She pegs the value of the exposure his website has generated in the millions of dollars.

And Bird doesn’t have an exposure problem, right?

Let your tap run for thirty seconds to two minutes before using your water, to reduce your lead exposure.

Remarkably, a handful of them survived both the radiation and the vacuum, making them the first animals on record to survive complete space exposure.

Being at Hinds has been great and I’m getting more time to develop and get exposure to schools.”

That exposure to diverse news might even turn out to be a moderating force.

Italian banks have more than 210 billion in non-performing exposure, while Spanish banks have combined non-performing loans of 106 billion euros..

“We want the exposure,” Woods says.

The man, aged 45, and woman, aged 44, are receiving treatment “for suspected exposure to an unknown substance” at Salisbury’s main hospital.

Doctors in the area said the victims’ symptoms were consistent with exposure to deadly sarin gas, a banned chemical weapon.

Doctors in the area said the victims’ symptoms were consistent with exposure to deadly sarin gas, a banned chemical weapon.

But a Cincinnati heroin addict said he’s willing to risk exposure to carfentanil, which dealers are using to cut heroin.

For starters, the iPhone 7 is far more water resistant than previous models, so the main issue would seem to be heat exposure.

So between March and September, Earth’s Northern Hemisphere gets more exposure to direct sunlight over the course of a day.

“A lot changed with the media’s gradual exposure to sexuality and all those Channel 4 documentaries,” says David.

If Street Fighter V goes from strength to strength with this mainstream exposure, L.I.

In one of the tests, they do a long-term testing thing that is simulating exposure over six months.

It was unheard of exposure for a high school baseball player.

And its software tended to over-darken the exposure on any shot that included the sky.

exposure to phthalates in young children has been linked to learning and behavior problems, including aggression and hyperactivity.

If it wasn’t for Wendy Carlos, a queer woman, we may not have had popular exposure to the Moog synthesizer.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has said cleaning up lead in drinking water and reducing childhood exposure are priorities for him.

A federal court ruled that the agency had 90 days to figure out acceptable levels of lead exposure for children.

Psychological research has shown that repeated exposure to disturbing eyewitness media can come at a high emotional cost.

But she holds that repeated exposure to images and videos of brutalized black people can build on black communities’ preexisting experiences with racism.

What happens when the exposure isn’t so subtle?

You start to trim your equity and start to raise your bond exposure.

“We are really hamstrung right now in our understanding of exposure, and we’re hamstrung in all sorts of complicated ways,” Azrael said.

This sort of exposure can be crucial, since television has a profound impact on how children perceive the world and themselves.

For those patients, exposure to gluten in their diet can cause various symptoms—nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain.

But he also did very well with white working-class voters in places like Staten Island that have almost no exposure to trade.

The cases were dropped, because the charges were unconstitutional, but the experience still opened the men involved to public exposure and embarrassment.

Still, it seems like The Weeknd is guarding his heart and limiting his exposure to his famous ex after their reported split.

Philip Morris claims this cuts users’ exposure to the carcinogens created when tobacco is burned, and that it could save the lives of smokers.

Consider his project BLACKNESS, beautiful black-and-white photos of all-gendered people, vulnerable in their exposure.

There have been studies on rats, and they got infertile after a small exposure to plasticizers.

Kids who grow up in privilege have a lot more exposure to that than kids who grow up in poverty.

Almost every veteran who sought benefits based on exposure to burn pits had his or her claim denied.

The space has an eastern exposure, with two standard doorways, and two “garage door” style vendor windows.

Many of them are dying from what they believe was their exposure to the burn pits.

The DOD must take responsibility and stop denying its involvement in creating the burn pits, admitting there were health hazards associated with exposure.

“There’s exposure, which is a general term for going ahead and doing the thing that is scary to do,” he says.

But exposure to new ideas and a commitment to listening are not the same.

(exposure therapy is often used to treat people with specific phobias—like a fear of dogs or spiders.)

And legal experts warn it could ultimately open the president up to significant criminal exposure.

That was my first exposure to pickles—lining the basement with this stuff to preserve for the winter.

Concerns about childhood lead exposure have grown sharply after children in Flint, Michigan were poisoned by lead-tainted drinking water starting in 2014.

Another exposure risk is old lead paint in millions of homes built before 1978.

But they did add a hipness factor that smoothed the pathway to quick exposure in all aspects of the business.

Semiconductor companies, which have a sizable revenue exposure to China, traded higher, with the Philadelphia Semiconductor index .SOX rising 1.47%.

“This wouldn’t be a conventional war; Iran would make sure to spread this throughout the region for maximum risk and exposure,” Parsi said.

Memories of pain, the ability to tell lies, self-preservation — they can all be sparked by repetitive exposure to horrible, horrible stuff.

“These two patients are in a critical condition following exposure to the nerve agent Novichok,” Sally Davies told reporters.

The soldiers’ combat experiences were tracked, giving researchers a catalog of their war-time experiences and exposure to stress and trauma.

This exposure affects neurological development areas specifically related to intelligence, memory, and behavior.

Throughout the US, lead exposure costs in 2015 amounted to $4.5 billion, according to the Columbia study.

Flint’s Hurley Children’s Hospital and Michigan State University have formed a pediatric public health initiative to help address the lead exposure problem.

Normal leaders tread cautiously in this domain for fear of exposure, scandal, and political backlash.

It’s not just couples that get the resulting exposure, though.

I’ve been studying the effects of exposure to political comedy for about a decade.

Either way, a lack of exposure to refugees doesn’t look likely to make Rózsa think twice about his terrorist menu.

Research does show that exposure to frequent use of hate speech desensitizes people and can increase prejudice.

“In terms of whether or not she has legal exposure, the answer is yes,” Moss said.

— Require a study on the flow of illicit finance involving Russia and a formal assessment of U.S. economic exposure to Russian state-owned entities.

This intense exposure to kids’ germs is compounded by the fact that young parents are often tired and worn out.

Cohen, they claimed publicly, appeared to be motivated by an impulse to shield his father-in-law from criminal exposure.

Most interns are 18- to 22-year-old students, unlikely to have much exposure to NDAs.

Superbugs, which are bacteria unresponsive to the drugs we have in our medical arsenal, naturally evolve in response to antibiotic exposure.

Meanwhile, a less appreciated but even more certain risk factor is exposure to pesticides.

Branding sauce with bands I like has certainly helped our exposure.

After the release of the film I have been using the momentum from the exposure to continue creating more music and other art projects.

They want the broadest exposure possible on the most reliable platforms.

Eventually, I figured out the exposure in each room of my house.

Mexico would want to hedge at a higher level to lock in the greatest profit, but that risks exposure to downside for banks.

Total – $10 billion of potential exposure.

Foreign investors have already increased exposure to the currency this year on the back of dovish central bank (policies).

These symptoms can appear anywhere between two and 21 days after exposure to the virus.

Philip Morris presented data showing an overall exposure reduction of about 95 percent.

Then in his early ’20s, the actor admits it was hard to take in the exposure of the movie.

So does exposure to environmental lead[.])

More than 5,000 Cherokee died of starvation and exposure to cold on the journey.

(bit.ly/2yUtxSm) The shields are designed to protect the boosters from corrosion caused by water exposure.

– The cost of insuring exposure to Britain’s sovereign debt rose to its highest level in almost two years.

It would also dampen earnings for US companies with commodities exposure.

She knew it was as rare as it was deadly, a signature of exposure to asbestos.

The World Health Organization and other authorities recognize no safe level of exposure to asbestos.

Diagnosis usually comes years after initial exposure – 20 years or longer for mesothelioma.

Outten’s paper also found that the exposure increased white sympathy for other whites, and increased feeling of fear and anger toward minorities.

In 1972, President Richard Nixon’s newly created OSHA issued its first rule, setting limits on workplace exposure to asbestos dust.

The findings were “consistent with exposure to talc containing chrysotile and tremolite contamination,” the report concluded.

Elsewhere, researchers find that mere exposure to marginalized groups of people backfires when it comes to progressive policymaking.

“We still don’t fully understand many psychiatric disorders like depression,” she concedes, “though there have been some connections to light exposure.

Specifically, European and Japanese investors now pay about 0.6% more than they should to hedge U.S. dollar exposure back to euros or yen.

None of these studies account for alcohol’s ability to make prolonged exposure to extended family less nauseating though.

As we become more knowledgeable about it and technology becomes better, each state and county can reduce the exposure level.

“We tailor to the potential of having exposure based on the age of the house people live in.

Spiritualist photography had been popular since the 1870s, where double exposure was used to supposedly prove the existence of apparitions.

Meanwhile I could continue my conceptual work in private without the constant examination that went with New York’s exposure.

One figure in the center is blurry, most likely because he moved slightly during the long exposure time.

Gonzalez was placed on administrative leave and was cited with indecent exposure.

“We remain overweight (in equities) and any type of pullback we would view as an opportunity to add equity exposure,” Boyan said.

The ten chemicals the EPA listed yesterday were picked due to the hazards they pose, and their potential for public exposure.

In addition to potential damage to vineyards from fire itself, sustained exposure to heavy smoke can taint unpicked grapes, according to wine-making experts.

exposure to it can result in lung cancer or a rare form of cancer called mesothelioma.

The EPA says that 1,4-dioxane is “likely to be carcinogenic to humans by all routes of exposure.”

It lies directly on the artist themselves to use any platform or co-sign given and flip it into better exposure for themselves.

Closing schools to prevent children’s exposure to pollution had also been floated last year in Delhi, but never enacted.

Now that virtual reality is getting cheaper, it’s becoming a more accessible option for things like exposure therapy.

And so they start to be confused with more consistent projects that don’t have the same exposure and support.

Limit your exposure to the riskiest materials (ABS filament and nylon).

Lead exposure can negatively impact a child’s ability to concentrate and learn for years.

Not only would you need a high concentration of urea, but also sustained exposure.

“A lot of the radiation exposure as a result of the accident hasn’t really occurred yet,” he said.

NanoSystems’ Vantablack, the blackest black ever made, can reportedly damage organs after exposure.

Funded by Alcohol Research UK and the Institute of Alcohol Studies, the research links youth exposure to “extensive” alcohol marketing with underage drinking.

How much exposure did you have to slash fic and the sexuality around it at that point?None.

“Mexico is not China and investors will want to see some clear signs of improvement in U.S.-China relations before increasing exposure to risk assets.

In recent years, the REITs have cut their exposure to Sears Holdings Corp, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday.

Investors are reducing exposure to stocks after the recent rally and as they brace for the Fed meeting.

exposure can be fatal.

Hydrofluoric acid can form a toxic cloud at room temperature, with exposure leading to severe health problems and even death.

Corona beer maker Constellation Brands , which has significant Mexico exposure, was up 2.4%.

Considering the expectations of Fed easing, would you trim exposure to U.S. banks?

Chipmakers, whose revenue exposure to China makes them vulnerable to tariffs, ended the session higher.

Ross even found a way to profit financially from journalistic exposure of one of his conflicts of interest.

The town, close to the Vermont border, is bringing Nixon exposure beyond the city.

MacDonald says that the average person’s exposure to glyphosate doesn’t only come from GE crops and is likely pretty small.

However, art exposure should always be international and a gallery should not limit its range based on pure location.

No matter how great something is, if people do not have exposure to it, it doesn’t get amplified, nothing happens.

They can arise from traumatic experiences, especially exposure to violence.

The 1979 and 2014 incidents grabbed attention because they involved smallpox, but incidents of unintended exposure to controlled biological agents are actually quite common.

So what these artists want is to get paid by Apple, and they want the exposure that Apple gives.

Any level of lead exposure can be toxic, but the crisis in Flint is particularly dangerous for children.

Studies show that compared to news written without due care, exposure to fictional suicides has a smaller influence on actual deaths.

The boards are sold in big stores like Zumiez, giving girls front row exposure and access.

Getting sponsored isn’t easy if you don’t get exposure.

The pair are “currently being treated for suspected exposure to an unknown substance,” Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Craig Holden told reporters.

Non-profits like the annual Encinitas amateur and the pro all-female event exposure have been crucial, too, for female self-esteem and a place to compete.

VIX-linked ETPs’ net short exposure hit a record high on Thursday, Omprakash estimates.

We hope exposure in a sentence examples were helpful.