Expect in a sentence | Use of the word expect examples

“You obviously never expect the largest of disasters in State of California history to happen on your doorstep,” he said.

Most government employees expect to eventually get back pay when the spending bill is passed and the government reopens.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Many expect 2016 to be the year that virtual reality (VR) finally takes off.

expect things concerning cash and money to get way more intense.

I expect the ’60s ephemera will be less repulsive than a nude sculpture of Trump.

Most did not expect such a brazen and significant cut to the enrollment budget.

People misperceive the composition of their own party somewhat less than the composition of the opposite party, which is about what you would expect.

They don’t expect Obamacare can keep up its enrollment numbers with such a significant budget cut.

Experts expect that people who really need health insurance — those with expensive medical conditions — will make sure they enroll in coverage.

In 2019, you’d expect insurance companies to set higher premiums to account for those higher medical bills.

Economists expect another rake hike in September.

That’s something people don’t expect,” she said.

Although FAA rules will require pilot operation, developers expect the vehicles ultimately will be flown autonomously by pre-programmed guidance systems.

Even the Labour faithful didn’t expect Corbyn’s strategy to work so well.

Meanwhile, the YTD performance of the CNY is the worst in 22 years and investors expect further depreciation in 2017.

So expect further negative headlines and even tighter capital controls.

About two-thirds of U.S. adults expect most cars to be driverless within the next half century (only 8 percent think they will never happen).

As much as I had told myself not to expect miracles, I was all psyched up for one.

Analysts have said that they expect the dollar to outperform against other currencies in a trade war.

“We can perhaps expect the Chinese to push ahead with militarization as retaliation,” he said.

In other words, it’s almost exactly the movie you’d expect from the director of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

(If you’re not quite ready for that, check out our spoiler-free rundown of what to expect.)

The legendary actor thanked his “over-rated” friends and read some potential tweets to expect from The Donald later tonight … good stuff.

The company does not expect the matter to change its earnings outlook, he said.

But you cannot expect any minister from the government to make a statement in solidarity.

Come on, guys — you cannot expect an artist to make paintings and pickle formerly living creatures and such without several multi-million dollar facilities.

Was there anything surprising that you didn’t expect?

“, which read like a 90s commercial for scrunchies—which is about what you’d expect from a Microsoft research project aimed at teens.

They don’t expect it.

So in a vacuum, there are many reasons to expect Trump to benefit.

“I hope and expect the Secret Service has put sad episodes like this behind it.”

“I hope and expect the Secret Service has put sad episodes like this behind it.”

Perhaps the biggest reason to expect that Trump’s support would rise after a terror attack is, simply, the party he belongs to.

What can we expect from that site over the next few months?Not sure at the minute.

I didn’t expect all this,” he said.

And we’ll let you know what to expect before we make any changes in the future.

expect a kaleidoscope of bubbling water, weaving between rocks and trees to create a picture-perfect view.

As you’d expect, it drew controversy after she said, “We have fought for everybody else’s equal rights.

The largest U.S. state has repeatedly sued the Trump administration and officials expect the state will sue over the rescinding of rail funding.

The CBO directors don’t expect to become a regular presence in the fight over the office’s numbers.

But health care policy experts still expect a negative effect on the individual markets set up by the Affordable Care Act.

Employers are cautious with benefits, so I wouldn’t expect a huge acceleration of this right out of the gate.

But don’t expect to travel this way anytime soon.

Some come in for reasons you’d never expect.

If there’s a material connection that consumers wouldn’t expect to exist, it should be clearly disclosed.

However, it feels naive to expect authenticity or sincerity from Hollywood when it has always manufactured fictions that seduce us into abandoning our realities.

You can’t expect people to move and work here without the hope of bringing their families with them.

Here’s what to expect.

And so it’s reasonable to expect that Dodd-Frank will be gutted.

The only checks I could expect were at the U-bahn (public transportation) for my ticket, but not for an ID.

Experts expect both elements to be strongly resisted by some ASEAN countries.

Brady has said he does not expect the Republicans’ new bill to be “revenue neutral,” meaning it would expand the deficit.

Thanks to its well-documented worship of youth — which ties back to the same ’60s-inspired counterculturalism — ageism is just as pervasive as one might expect.

“You should expect Mofcom will take a very, very close look at this transaction,” he said.

So, overall, I expect marginal negative effect,” Ivan Tchakarov, senior economist at Citi in Moscow.

You’d expect conservatives who have spent their careers decrying the dangers of the national debt to shudder at such an estimate.

I expect the justices of the Supreme Court may well be the ones to answer the question.

expect a huge boost in energy.

expect the unexpected when the Moon clashes with wild Uranus in impulsive Aries at 9:11 PM.

But expect things to get very emotionally intense, Virgo.

We don’t expect to go to the movies for free.

There were multiples of what we might expect from other companies.

(Simpler: Don’t expect Trump to back down from his Muslim ban.)

As the IAB’s LEAN standards bear fruit, we expect several of these concerns to be pacified.

Seven years after Obamacare’s passage, the law’s coverage programs are simply what Americans expect from the welfare state.

And that’s what we expect to see.

“We would expect that the impacts of marijuana use by the mother on the fetus would start then,” she added.

But we can expect Waymo to press this point as the litigation continues.

But organizers expect large crowds again on Friday, the Muslim sabbath.

“How can we subject prisoners to unnecessary solitary confinement, knowing its effects, and then expect them to return to our communities as whole people?”

Plaintiffs said they expect the trial to last a week.

“How can we subject prisoners to unnecessary solitary confinement, knowing its effects, and then expect them to return to our communities as whole people?”

Shipping and freight forwarding companies, who offer a service overseeing the delivery of goods from beginning to end, expect to feel more cost pressure.

If marketing junk food to blacks and healthier foods to whites is profitable, can we expect brands to change how they advertise?

expect the release of the Mueller report to be the beginning, rather than the end, of battles over the investigation’s conclusions.

The speed of the footage is what we would expect to see as a normal speed.

Of course, for a $20 waffle maker, you can’t expect perfection.

Do they expect to be held accountable for their actions now, at 17?

Should they expect the same decades from now, at 53?

I am expected to be responsible, and I expect to be held accountable—whether it’s at work, school, home, or elsewhere.

“We expect transparency from Saudi Arabia about the circumstances of his death …

We wouldn’t expect job creation going forward to start with a three.

But this early on, expect these three main areas to dominate the Democratic discussion on foreign affairs.

We did not expect he was hiding a tornado behind this smile.

“The statement piece showcases the exquisite attention to detail you would expect from both Bentley and Starck, using sustainable and elegant materials,” Bentley said.

Don’t expect the new book, called The Testaments, to be some boring rehashing of the last season of Hulu’s show.

Analysts expect the bill would lead to millions of Americans losing coverage, similar to previous Republican repeal bills.

If climate change is an accelerant of flooding, as many scientists expect, it will only make that already dubious decision look worse.

Once C/2016 U1 NEOWISE is gone, don’t expect to ever see this comet again.

Like Nightmare Machine, the L Train Shutdown Nightmare is not a place where one can expect to hear a lot of screaming.

These are, as you may expect, not the originals, which remain safe and properly hung in their respective institutions.

He said he did not expect a recession, a view also held by analysts.

Why would users expect “magic” from their Instagram feeds, and why would the creators of these memes promise it?

We didn’t expect !K7 to come up with some crazy contractual details.

All 120 economists in a Reuters poll expect a rate hike in the wake of a string of solid U.S. economic reports.

President Donald Trump is running the government like he ran his businesses — and it’s going about as badly as you’d expect.

I wouldn’t expect that at this point.” Mattis sat next to Trump at Thursday’s Cabinet meeting.

But this is a symptom of first-novel-itis, one that I fully expect to disappear in Crosley’s next novel.

After the recent crackdown, they expect more young people to take up arms.

Passionate energy flows on September 8, when Venus clashes with Mars, so expect some fireworks then!

People expect a lot from you, Virgo, but what do you expect from yourself?

“The timing of snowpack is well-linked to the number of large fires we expect to see in the summer.

Reformation: Ref finally launched swimwear a few weeks ago, and it’s all really cute: expect retro-inspired fits and details like cutouts and bows.

Citigroup and JPMorgan said they expect to charge-off more for bad card loans in the future.

“We expect, in the short term Centene stock will be volatile, with risk arbitrage funds shorting the name,” she added.

And as you might expect, 73 percent of Democrats are worried about the country’s future.

And as you might expect, 73 percent of Democrats are worried about the country’s future.

So why would I expect Democrats to do more actual winnowing during the invisible primary than Republicans did?

As for the numbers, analysts expect Intel to earn 47 cents per share on revenue of $13.8 billion.

No Democratic candidate could seriously expect to lose the popular vote by 3 million votes and still take the Electoral College.

I had no idea what to expect of my training.

The guys were pretty typical of what you’d expect at a place like this—middle-aged, heavy-set businessmen.

Between tepid shooting and mediocre sharing, you’d expect Chicago’s offense to be much, much worse.

I expect it’s not the right thing to try to block that from the mainstream products people want to use.

Some industry experts expect it to carry a list price of as much as $1 million.

We can expect grassroots conservatives to put intense pressure on McConnell and other Republicans not to confirm whomever Obama nominates.

Where technology and economics collide The US economy is changing — and not always in the ways people expect.

It would be almost unreasonable to expect Burton to mimic his aesthetic.

Mercury leaves its shadow on April 16, so expect conversations and plans to begin moving forward during this time!

Still, don’t expect Aston to break with TB12 any time soon …

The annual search for Mr. Eagle isn’t what you’d expect of a Chelsea-based leather bar, either.

I have found the nomination of a woman for president this week to be an emotional experience in ways I did not expect.

“It was unclear what to expect really,” said Tafjord.

South Korean officials have said they expect the North’s party congress to last four or five days.

South Korean officials have said they expect the North’s party congress to last four or five days.

The minute-and-a-half trailer teases the kind of parody you’d expect from the folks who thought up the title Fortnut.

Which is weird, but is exactly what we should expect when Waiters is in the equation.

Did you expect you would hear about it over and over, for years and years?

“We are currently in the process of assessing the outage and expect that production should resume within the coming days.

Q: What do you expect Clinton’s economic agenda to look like?

You can’t have folks that don’t have health care and expect them to actually live.

Some believers expect too much of their gods.

But the NBPP doesn’t pose much of a threat itself, even if it may inspire some Trump defenders to expect a fight.

The United States, which once armed the southern rebels, told them not to expect it to intervene as the attack got underway last month.

With so many labor-friendly Democratic candidates in the mix, unions expect to have increased clout.

You didn’t expect someone to say that.

You didn’t expect them to do that.

There’s no reason to expect that the reaction to this latest statement will be any different.

And because, well, you expect more from Meryl Streep.”

So expect the topic of Sanders’s electability to come up in tonight’s debate, and again in the weeks to come.

Its scope also reaches farther than one might expect, not merely sticking to contemporary science fiction but going back centuries.

At that point, you would expect everyone who called the Medicaid provision a deal killer to say no to the new bill.

At the same time, it was reasonable to expect the Lynx had peaked last year.

The real sleepless nights stem from the uncertainty — not knowing which way this election will swing and which policies to expect and prepare for.

“Although we don’t want to create unnecessary fear, we expect further attacks on our communities.”

And most importantly, passengers expect clean and well-maintained vehicles, which can be best achieved through Lyft’s fleet operations.

Bust it out when people least expect it.

Here’s exactly what you can expect from ‘Rise of the Resistance.

“With the political and economic situation as it is, don’t expect a huge explosion of back to business M&A.

People who know those bands are particularly excited to hear them because they wouldn’t expect to hear that song alongside something massively popular.

We will be at the debates set by the bipartisan debate commission and expect he will too,” Podesta said on Twitter.

So sometime in the next decade or two, expect to start seeing small, funny-looking airplanes buzzing around in the sky overhead.

Some very frustrating conversations will come your way: expect open minds to clash with closed ones.

“You are disregarding past negotiations and agreements approved by the U.N. Security council and expect others to negotiate with you?” Rouhani said.

Van Gundy does not expect Drummond to become the next Ewing or Shaq.

But, if Lonzo plays like this every time his daughter’s in attendance … expect to see her a LOT more from now on.

“We must do the hard work our citizens expect of us and deserve.” The floor vote was dramatic.

Don’t expect Sanders to actually drop out until after California.

So what do you expect?

But if that is so, one would expect that they would not have joined Trump Jr. at the meeting.

Sharon says she and Ozzy are still on speaking terms but has no idea what to expect for their future.

The publisher says it’s giving Starz 10 days to back down or else … it can expect a super-lawyer battle.

expect more terrible news to emerge from Russia soon.

“There is a consistent pragmatic streak in the state.” And the state has a longer Democratic legacy than one would expect.

“I didn’t expect them to eat it.

Experts tell me not to expect too much just yet — in part because of Trump himself.

Generally they can expect lines of frustrated residents throwing rocks, bricks and sometimes even Molotovs at them.

However, traders still fully expect a rate cut from the Fed in July and see a 25% possibility of a half-point move.

The result was about as unpleasant as one would expect for something largely comprised of salt.

Just another #G7 where other countries expect America will always be their bank.

Corporations cannot attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back.

If Democrats expect to take control of the Senate next year, Brown needs to keep his seat.

You should expect some of the remaining pages to get a boost.

The companies said they expect approval this year for the deal, which is Google’s biggest since buying Nest for $3.2 billion in 2014.

Renewable energy is far outpacing fossil fuels, and coal miners can expect a pay bump from switching to clean energy industries.

This is the dynamic we can expect President Trump to uphold: an instant feedback loop, powered by encouraging validation.

CU-STX-SGH “We expect (near-term) copper to continue to trade in tight range while struggling with weak demand outlook.

expect Fairfax fuccbois wearing their Sunday best.

Most observers expect this will likely be resolved later this year, when LePage is term-limited out of office and a new governor takes over.

A weekly survey by the central bank showed that economists now expect the Selic rate to end the year at 5.75%.

DUKE DUMONT Location: Exchange Headliner: Duke Dumont expect deep house and UK bass cuts during this special extended set from the UK powerhouse.

What they didn’t expect was for him to start talking about death, and ways in which the murder of trans women are justified.”

But Bernie Sanders is very difficult to listen to because one doesn’t expect an educated American to have that kind of accent.

“We expect that any additional examination will reach the same conclusion that was reached before,” Kaine said.

The tracks are pretty much what you’d expect (read: somehow jaunty and morose) and to his credit, he’s still in fine voice.

“We expect this pattern will increase significantly as more of the detailed plans of the project become known,” the company said in a statement.

It’s a slower burn than you might expect, but it also grows a little more rewarding with every episode.

We expect Samsung to release two differently sized models of the Galaxy S8, just like it did with the Galaxy S7.

But we shouldn’t expect to see this anytime soon.

Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for Trump, said no one facing trial should expect a pardon, but he did not rule one out.

Raila Odinga, Kenyan opposition leader and former prime minister, said on Citizen TV: “We didn’t expect Kofi to pass that abruptly.

During such trying times, you’d expect the community to be fairly downbeat, but the memes… Folks, the memes are surprisingly decent.

Twitter reports earnings on Tuesday after markets close, and analysts expect its user numbers to increase slightly from 305 million to 307 million users.

So: this is a fine team, one belonging to the class that might reasonably expect to chase the 2016 championship.

Some analysts like SunTrust’s Bob Peck and Stifel’s Scott Devitt expect even more growth, to 309 million and 310 million users respectively.

Later this year, expect a tour and workshops in West Africa and their Berghain debut.

“I have been working with outstanding health care professionals and expect to be back in the broadcast booth after I complete my treatment.”

And that means the policy could play out in ways we don’t fully understand or expect.

“I expect an attack (in August),” Giorgetti told Libero.

“We expect Tesla to start taking orders for the truck from the day of the event (we estimate a refundable $5,000 deposit),” he wrote.

The offense, meanwhile, has been as bad as you’d expect for a unit that has often had to employ backup backup quarterbacks.

“We expect that there will be 80,000 homes that will be introduced in the STEP program,” Rosselló said.

expect to see more of Stormy Daniels at the federal courthouse again.

The BBC reports that San Marino have now called for an apology from Muller, which few can expect to be forthcoming.

His MacMoji app is exactly what you’d expect: a collection of Conor McGregor emoji for your messages!

For one thing, it could rise more than expected (some forecasts expect VMT to rise sharply when vehicles become autonomous).

We expect the U.S. economy to fall into recession in the second half of 2020.

As you might expect, there are plenty of video game characters throughout the Twitch office.

Economists expect tough conditions to continue in 2019.

EIA, IEA, and BP expect demand for oil to continue rising into the 2040s and even beyond.

Most big forecasters, and big energy companies, expect coal to rise at least through 2030 and oil to rise basically forever.

The video captures all three in their finest black garms, because what else would you expect?

This exhibition leaves you sated in a way you might not expect.

“We now expect easing at the 28 April monetary policy meeting,” says Devalier.

expect more quantitative and qualitative easing,” says Devalier.

I asked him what he thinks drives Trump’s behavior and what kind of president we can expect him to be.

Broadbent said on Tuesday he still shared the BoE’s view from early May that rates would need to rise faster than markets expect.

Democrats say they expect the House will vote on the bill in the next few months.

expect talks to begin ASAP between Davis and St. Louis over the $477 million subsidy deal that Kroenke just turned down there.

However, while no clinics are slated for closure, we shouldn’t expect expanded access anytime soon.

As such, you’d expect the United States — whose president has long claimed the mantle of “leader of the free world” — to condemn it.

This response is more or less what we’ve come to expect from the Trump administration.

The series is at once better and worse than what you’d expect.

expect more talk about money, worth, and security to go down now.

New ideas are forming—but Mercury will go retrograde in your sign next month, so expect to rework these ideas soon.

expect more talk around your career goals, reputation, and public image now that Mercury is in Virgo.

expect some intense issues to come up for conversation now that Mercury, the planet of communication, is entering Virgo.

Did you have any insights into evangelicals, and their future, that you didn’t expect?

expect issues concerning your home, your family, and your past to come up for examination.

Don’t expect an immediate rematch … Namajunas says Joanna might still need some time to “process” everything after that brutal beatdown.

“You would normally expect the opposition to be playing the blame game.

At this point, the line between “obstructing” federal law enforcement and simply deciding not to help isn’t as clear as one might expect.

It was all the ones you would expect to get.

“We don’t expect any disruption to the flying programme.”

expect to run into old friends, especially now that Mercury’s reentered Aries.

The Moon is in Aquarius today, lighting up the relationship sector of your chart, but don’t expect communication to go smoothly.

Messenger planet Mercury retrogrades back into Aries as well, so expect your schedule to become hectic or unpredictable throughout the rest of the month.

The Moon is in Aquarius today, illuminating the communication sector of your chart, but don’t expect things to run smoothly: Mercury is retrograde!

Try to spend time around exciting people or read up on exciting things— but expect miscommunications or delays, as Mercury retrogrades into Aries today.

“I didn’t really expect all of these improvements.

I also expect people that work with me to give 100 percent.

Some analysts expect a sizeable price jump as ocean shippers and fuel sellers begin stocking up, but warn existing refining capacity could fall short.

But it turns out economists who study these issues have decent reason to expect that Medicaid enrollment would decline without a mandate.

There’s every reason to expect this to get worse in the next two weeks — and even after the election.

Melzer did not expect U.S. authorities to subject Assange to physical torture such as water-boarding during interrogations.

“I expect those big developers, they have the long term in mind, they have the finance in mind to be able to do that.

For a taste of what to expect, check out their exclusive half-hour mix for THUMP from late last year.

The most venomous animal in the world isn’t what you’d expect.

According to Rolling Stone, cameras, video, and cell phones were banned from the show, so don’t expect any sneak pro footage anytime soon.

She’s the quintessentially moderate Republican, exactly the person you most expect to have doubts about some Republican plan or other.

Because, like she says … ya never know what to expect these days.

As more cities go smart, expect transit planners to analyze ridership data through machine learning programs, he predicted.

What did these geniuses expect when they put men & women together?

Do you expect to stay in the theater?

The upshot: expect more of such attacks.

We live in exactly the kind of world you’d expect greedy, self-interested creatures to produce.

Those are just some of the issues where we can expect more hearings and oversight efforts from the legislative branch.

“We don’t expect any impact at all on visitation to New York City,” Dixon said.

That’s not great news, but it’s also what you’d expect.

But that reflection isn’t always quite what you’d expect.

OKLAHOMA: A simple, Southern classic, expect to find fried okra on almost every Oklahoma menu.

expect to see these at every restaurant, bar, and bowling alley in Wisconsin.

Economists expect the duties on Chinese goods to lift apparel prices in the coming months.

Still, now that Trump’s lead is clear, expect Rubio and Cruz to waste little time going after each other.

You might expect him to be laying low the day after President Trump canned him, but he seems to be taking it in stride.

“I would expect optimism to rule markets until the next Fed’s meeting,” said Naoya Oshikubo, senior economist at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Asset Management.

I don’t quite expect Horace and Pete to have the immediate, seismic effect that Louie did, at least not right away.

But from the limited amount of data we have, we can at least expect something faithful to the spirit of the original.

Bernie Sanders’s Fox News town hall Monday night was the uncomfortable mashup you might expect.

We expected the matches to be good, but I didn’t expect 70 percent of the house to be there at five o’clock.

You can’t change someone’s name and expect them not to be who they were.

Volvox and I have played b2b a few times and that’s always special because most people don’t expect it.

The CBO does expect that enrollment will grow slightly next year, from 10 million this year to 11 million in 2018.

NASA doesn’t expect the rest of Larsen-B to survive the decade.

“We expect more of the same…, with Powell generally supportive of risky assets,” said Adam Cole, chief currency strategist at RBC Market.

He doesn’t hide his excitement, and he doesn’t expect his players to either.

“We expect that this is going to be nationwide,” said Picardal.

By contrast, Keiser portrays a Herod who is less lecherous than simply uncouth — what you would expect of a power-hungry princeling of an empire.

Whatever the truth, the internet reacted just as you would expect.

If you’re doing the same thing over and over and trying to expect a different result, then you’re doing something wrong.”

Many investors remain hopeful of an eventual trade agreement, and some expect the market to weather the turbulence well.

“You shouldn’t send anyone somewhere where they can expect decades in prison for crimes that were not violent,” argued Love.

At the very least, Trump has said, they should spend more on their own defense if they want to expect American protection.

They also outline his own, one that runs very much counter to what you might expect from someone handpicked by Trump himself.

But after prosecuting these types of cases for years, I came to expect it.

I stood there for a second, wanting to cry and run away—not knowing what to expect on the other side.

expect lots of gorgeous visuals undercut by loads of murky emotional drama.

In addition we expect our regional allies and partners to take greater responsibility both militarily and financially for securing the region,” she said.

So I don’t think they expect me to behave, and I’ve said it to them, and to Sheryl’s face.

“He’s a loose cannon and you never know what to expect from him,” he said.

As I’ve written about the opioid epidemic, I’ve come to expect one specific type of response from readers.

But they expect the bank to leave rates unchanged at Wednesday’s meeting.

But they say they don’t expect things to change quickly on set — or in the wider world.

But they say they don’t expect things to change quickly on set — or in the wider world.

Possibly the decision was also complicated by upcoming elections but analysts polled by Reuters broadly expect two rate cuts this year.

Last year’s Code Commerce event sold out, and we expect this year’s will, too.

So, if and when Rousey makes the jump — expect it to be MASSIVE.

expect to be asked about the purpose of your stay and if you intend traveling to the West Bank.

Still, you shouldn’t expect ACOG or other women’s health groups to start cheering.

When opening up your iPad, a rabid bat is probably the last thing you’d expect to see.

Until he does, you can expect women’s health groups to give his statement a wary reaction.

When we called Funk up for a chat about his new album, Traditional Synthesizer Music, we weren’t sure what to expect.

That’s what you’d expect the judge to do.

Until we find out more, watch the trailer below for a sample of what to expect.

“It’s been so well-reviewed, I don’t expect to have very much of a problem.” Trump said Friday at the signing.

Maison du bonheur, directed by Toronto filmmaker Sofia Bohdanowicz, broke the mold for what most would expect from a documentary.

Do we expect public figures to tell the truth?

I don’t expect him to fire Mr. Mueller.

There’s no reason to think Trump wouldn’t expect the same again.

Private security companies showcased many products you would expect to see at a school safety conference, such as security cameras and metal detectors.

You don’t know what to expect.

And you don’t know what to expect.

Pockets are political, but probably not in the way you’d first expect.

As you might expect, they’re pretty bad.

But scientists did not expect to verify successful deployment of the solar arrays for at least several hours.

expect great vibes if you’re currently in school or abroad.

On the relationship front, you can expect a climax to occur in a partnership (perhaps more than one partnership!).

If you’ve been waiting for “something” to happen, expect it during the full moon.

But do we ever expect the Tories to do anything other than making the worst possible decisions?

As Cabinet seat selections begin, many justifiably wonder whether organizers can expect the same repression under President-elect Trump’s leadership.

They expect more from their applications.

They want their inboxes to sort and label emails, the same way they expect Spotify to predict their favorite songs.

It was the sort of behavior you might expect from noisy young Sanders fans—there were plenty of “Ber-nie!”

Instead of asking questions, caretakers say things like, “I didn’t expect that!” or, “That’s curious!” to encourage expression.

But despite a 5-4 conservative majority, the court also signaled during its 2018-2019 term that there are limits to what business can expect.

The auctioneers say they expect the letter will fetch $2k-$3k … but we know the drill.

** Analysts expect the rupee to weaken further as money flows out of stocks and government securities.

“—the show is more entertaining than you’d expect a Nickelodeon reality show to be.

She’s been dead three days and is in pretty much the condition you’d expect a three-day-old corpse to be in.

Customers should expect more than 300 Prime-member deals in stores over the next few months, the company said.

Like all of his interviews it brings insight into her past in ways you probably wouldn’t expect, making you like her even more.

Analysts expect Lagarde to continue current ECB chief Mario Draghi’s dovish policy stance.

The companies expect robot deliveries to start in the next two months.

Amazon would expect to recover the costs in under two years, at $1 million per machine plus operational expenses, they said.

But Trump generally prefers to be the aggressor — so expect him to stretch his executive powers here as well.

Paris, of course, was practically raised by her Portuguese nanny, so expect to see her with Clementina.

What facade installations can we expect?

Women’s health advocacy groups expect the White House to release a public version of that regulation later this month.

We caution that with the summer months just beginning, with the intense heat that brings, we can expect it to get worse,” Millman said.

Kirk has denounced Trump and is running ads making that clear to Illinois voters, but few expect that will be enough to save him.

That’s what people expect from Guy.

Don’t expect Fences to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Donegan writes that she didn’t expect the list to spread as far or as rapidly as it did.

I don’t expect everybody to like me.

From now on, we expect trading relationships to be fair.

expect to be hit with major nostalgia.

Don’t expect Snoop in the Octagon anytime soon … you know … drug tests and such.

The thing with procedurally generated games like ours is that people find things you don’t expect, and that’s wonderful.

Market participants still expect the Fed to cut interest rates at its July 30-31 policy meeting, despite the latest developments in trade talks.

Warrior planet Mars opposes excessive Jupiter at 9:24 AM, so expect some drama this morning.

But expect some drama in your social life, Gemini.

You need to be particularly proactive with this step and expect that you’ll have to regularly adapt as things change over time.

Sign Norichika Aoki, and expect another year of .280ish/.350ish/.370ish at the plate.

As recently as 1960, most South Koreans couldn’t expect to live past 55.

Today, they can expect to live longer than Americans — for more than 80 years.

In 2030, men here can expect to live to 79 and women 83 — increases of just a couple of years.

Rady told me to expect more moments like that.

But with such a tight labor market and rising productivity, workers should expect much bigger pay raises than they’re getting.

EU officials expect divisive issues to be put to one side to reach consensus on the declaration.

However, the plot contains surprisingly few of the white-knuckle scenarios that you’d expect in this kind of genre experiment.

As you’d expect, her answer to Cohen’s questions were just as magically messy.

And you can expect them all to fall far, far short.

expect to talk to your devices a lot more in the future.

What did you expect?

Other analysts, like those at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, expect much faster growth (with consequent suppression of demand).

The Moon opposes unruly Uranus in impulsive Aries at 2:31 PM, so expect the unexpected.

It’s a busy day for your ruling planet, the Moon, so expect to feel plenty of feelings (what’s new, Cancer?).

expect news about money to come today.

expect fun (and drama) with friends today.

It has told them to expect as many as 96 million paid subscribers by the end of the year, up from 71 million today.

Every actor is used to hearing no and you come to expect it.

expect to get a new set of user numbers then.

Most economists expect the central bank will increase borrowing costs twice next year, although traders expect no more than one rate increase.

They are currently drafting the bill, and domestic workers expect it to be introduced this spring.

If you’d expect to see a Ferguson effect, it seems like it would be there.

“The scenes need to unfold in places that are used daily by city residents—in short, in places where you least expect it.

Why should we expect to see Obama promote a judge already serving in the judiciary when filling this vacancy?

Do you expect to write a lot more fiction?

He’s a devoted supply-sider, and we can expect him to push Trump to follow through on his promises for big tax cuts.

Though it’s difficult to directly peg isolated events to large climatic shifts, we can likely expect more and deadlier disasters to come.

But you shouldn’t expect these polls to predict the outcomes perfectly — far from it.

There is an array of delights on offer, as you might expect.

Investors expect consumer firms to benefit from Beijing’s measures to promote domestic consumption amid the trade war.

It is associated with the effects one would expect from low-level physical abuse.

But honestly, I don’t really, truly expect the supermarkets to be empty in case of a no-deal Brexit.

From now on, we expect trading relationships to be fair and to be reciprocal.

Here’s what to expect from one of his most consequential foreign trips.

Do you expect more and more states to do what this initial handful have done?

They have said they expect Israelis and Palestinians will both be critical of some of the proposals.

Sources say they expect an announcement in the coming months.

** Analysts expect the rupee to weaken further as money flows out of stocks and government securities.

A lunar eclipse in Aquarius arrives tomorrow: expect to see life in a whole new way.

Gibb didn’t know what to expect when she joined more than 500 men running the marathon that day.

On both a narrative and sexual level, Jeffrey (and we) expect a kind of consummation: a fulfillment of our expectations.

Analysts expect CEO Tim Cook will unveil a new, smaller cellphone—an upgraded version of its four-inch iPhone 5S.

But employees, who warned they would demonstrate again if needed, expect Alphabet to face recruiting and retention challenges if their concerns go unaddressed.

Analysts expect further rate cuts but there is no consensus on their scale and timing.

Economists polled by Reuters expect rates to stay unchanged on Thursday and expect a first rate hike only in 2021.

They also expect the bank’s next move to entail policy easing rather than tightening.

When 22-year-old Mia Rawls attended a Donald Trump campaign rally on her college campus last Monday, she didn’t expect to get kicked out.

I thought eventually they would expect something from me, and when they didn’t get it, I’d be accused of leading them on.

And given the twists and turns of this year’s Republican nominating contest, poll watchers should expect more surprises.

This year, markets expect the Fed to cut rates amid concerns over growth and intensifying trade tensions.

Banks can expect to pay a 20-30% premium when they do find such skills, he added.

And for this episode — LG: You better start saying that you miss me if you expect me to give you money.

The summit is expect to take place in the evening.

One music critic referred to the track as a “standard sex you up fare (you wouldn’t expect anything less from Kelly, would you?)”

The hugs are often shot in such a way as to cut off much of the visual information we’d expect from an embrace.

Or is this the worst news we can expect?

“We are currently in the process of assessing the outage and expect that production should resume within the coming days.

It’s uncertain when we can expect to see a functional, large-scale quantum computer.

As you’d expect, it was savage as hell.

On Sunday things get really messy at work, so don’t expect it to make sense.

As you might expect from a hybrid console, it has several different ways to play.

I fully expect The Ballad of Reggie and Jenny to come to theaters in 2017, and I will be there opening weekend.

“They are as cooperative, and certainly it’s quite a shock to them, as you might expect,” Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones said on Wednesday.

“They are as cooperative, and certainly it’s quite a shock to them, as you might expect,” Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones said on Wednesday.

“We expect that our elected officials will stop pacifying and take us seriously.”

expect plenty of conversations to take place.

This year, markets expect the Fed to cut rates amid concerns over growth and intensifying trade tensions.

As you should expect from a monitor that costs nearly $300, the video and audio quality of the Nanit Plus are superb.

“I expect there will be one by next week,” Salvini told reporters.

Also, expect to hear a lot about softwood lumber, whatever that is.

Crazy, definitely didn’t expect that.

We’re told they’re still hammering out the contract, but expect to cash Danielle onstage, real soon.

As you might expect, this results in very different kinds of design.

Both Hauser and Szolovits expect AI to play a larger role in the field, and the opportunity there is huge.

Like a dominating batter in a tight World Series game, you kind of expect Google to hit a game-winning homer.

Industry insiders also expect more traditional mattress companies to enter the “bed in a box” market in the coming year.

Given where he sits in the polls, though, they might not be so bold as to expect it.

Don’t expect new hardware devices, as Google tends to save those announcements for its fall hardware event.

expect Google to announce that it’s pushing Assistant to more hardware.

“Is it fair to expect the IRS to enforce federal tax law against the president?” he added.

“As you might expect, if adults are stressed and having a difficult time this stress is magnified among youth.

Analysts expect the central bank to cut rates later this year.

This time, no one is sure what to expect.

This time, no one is sure what to expect.

To put it another way: Before the barcode hit the grocery store, it hit rail cars, and not in a way you might expect.

expect a TON of other huge stars to make their way to Louisville before Saturday’s big race!

Economists now expect GDP growth will be lowered to a 2.1 percent pace when the government publishes its revision later this month.

VICE News interviewed the former Otisville inmate about what Cohen can expect at this special upstate slammer.

One might expect Trump to try to reach for someone with more upside than a conservative governor of a conservative state.

But it can apply to any number of goals, like a career-related goal inspired by what you think other people expect of you.

So if you expect to be in the 70 percent bracket later in your career, you can (and should!)

Here’s a basic rundown of big impacts we can expect if global warming continues, via the IPCC (here and here).

@pkafka @edmundlee @TonyRomm Meredith, meanwhile, continues to expect record earnings in F2017, issues regular dividend.

“We expect full justice,” he reaffirmed.

Given how prophetic Lippmann’s critique was, you’d expect American democracy to have collapsed under the weight of its own incoherence by now.

It’s not a horrible day, but expect the unexpected and probably don’t propose to anyone!

expect to feel very competitive around the seventh!

expect to develop a new crush or make some art.

And yes, it’s important that their dad is a feminist, because now that’s what they expect of all men.

“It correlates in the way you might expect with differences in socioeconomic status,” Oster said.

Professionals expect their skills to be respected in the workplace, but are told their education is not good enough.

Don’t expect every internship to turn into a full-time job either.

“Our criteria for evaluating words is, does it enhance the existing words with friends experience that players expect?

Our goal is always to maintain quality or enhance quality for the gameplay and to understand what players expect from the game,” says Singh.

As consumers, we expect a seamless approach to everything we experience: The way we communicate, work, purchase goods, exercise, travel and play.

Many analysts expect CBS’ stock to take a hit if he is not part of any new leadership team.

The schools, he says, “expect all the kids to be on a good rigorous task.”

And here’s how: Make the goaltender interference rules simple, so that we know what to expect.

Health policy experts expect that bureaucracy will actually be responsible for much of the enrollment cuts.

Biden would surely love to repeat his example, but it’s probably more realistic to expect a tougher road going forward.

If you still use Vine, expect to see more of this moving forward.

Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, making your life hard, Gemini: expect delays and stubborn behavior.

Market participants still expect the Fed to cut interest rates at its July 30-31 policy meeting, despite the latest developments in trade talks.

What can readers expect to see?

So, expect links between media companies and private equity firms, as well as between PE players.

And expect even more obfuscation and confusion, which is always part of any less-than-airtight sales process.

The gags play out exactly as you’d expect.

And facing those feelings was less scary that you might expect.

But the process is going to be a long one, so don’t expect the subpoenas to start flying anytime soon.

The state Legislature has notably been under Republican control for some time, and Daily Kos doesn’t expect that to change.

Too many stations, too many networks.” Don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

You might expect Nora to be weepy, or defiant, or terrified, or numb.

Organizers expect more than 20,000 to attend the demonstration in Rio alone.

… There is a new political body that will emerge when the oligarchy and its claque least expect it,” reads one of the panels.

expect to have some surprises concerning your family or home pop up.

expect to see your social circle in a new light—surprising news about one of your connections could come today.

expect to begin rethinking responsibilities you’ve taken on since last August, 2015.

Or unless the few such people shrink from speaking up because they expect anger in response, even ostracism.

pic.twitter.com/EPoCRuOZjx You might expect families to ask to be sent to typical immigrant-heavy cities: New York, LA, Chicago, DC.

Whenever we play a concert, at least one of these songs will be something that people will expect to hear.

Cowen said independent producers expect to spend about 11% less in 2019, while major oil companies plan to spend about 16% more.

At least for now, though, taxpayers can expect to be able to file their returns and get their refunds.

Organizers also expect plenty of unaffiliated activists to attend to check out the contenders.

That’s not going to happen with us.” People covered under the law, he said, “can expect to have great health care.

“You’d expect there might be an incentive to be more generous….

Kylie took the humble approach in her reaction, telling Forbes, “I didn’t expect anything.

We should also expect more details on the performance of Google’s enterprise offerings.

All of which is to say he’s accomplished about what you would expect a solid communications effort to accomplish.

“We welcome competition … expect more of it in the years to come and are confident that we ourselves are key disruptors,” Merlo said.

“I had no idea what to expect and it was kind of a challenging delivery and I had postpartum depression.

More than you might expect.

Plus, do we expect a web browser and apps in the future?” KS: That’s an interesting question.

“Before the plant comes back online we expect the company to have all of these kinds of answers,” said Sheehan.

“Halloween” (2016), on view here, exemplifies the subtle tensions that Bartlett’s fans have come to love and expect from his work.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads A well-respected New York artist can reasonably expect an obituary in The New York Times.

“We expect to be at a $250,000 operating budget in a few years,” said Georgiades.

But, as you’d expect, the issues are complex.

We hope expect in a sentence examples were helpful.