Ex in a sentence | Use of the word ex examples

As for Chad, he’s doing the reality show thing again on the MTV series … which also features his ex, Maddie Sullivan.

Your favorite emo ex boyfriend Panic!

LUCY: During that whole time, I was attempting to adopt an actual baby, with my ex, and that did not work out.

When Raul* accidentally said his ex‘s name in bed, for instance, his new partner found it a turn-on.

Calvin Harris can’t shake it off … his ex, that is.

But during that time, she cheated on Abe with her ex and eventually got engaged to him.

Lennon was walking past an ex on the street, happy, successful and with someone new on his arm.

Sure, there are films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Solaris, and ex Machina—but there aren’t too many of them.

On Wednesday, Rob Kardashian posted a series of revealing nude photos of his ex Blac Chyna on Instagram.

I separated from my ex partner in 2014 because he was very controlling of me and my children, and also sexually violent towards me.

According to the report, the caller (Delicia Cordon), told police … she “thinks her ex boyfriend poss set her up.”

= w/ Holy Shit& = w/ ex Cult

In the end, her ex got clean without her.

“There is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex, this is unfortunately only attention-seeking and self-serving noise.

As for her ex, Gregg Sulkin, with whom she’s been spotted recently … we’re told it’s not serious.

My ex was in my room, and I suddenly heard my mom coming up the stairs, calling out that she had my clean laundry.

Anderson East left little to the imagination after posting this pic of cuddling with Blake Shelton’s ex, captioning it, “The snuggle is real.”

From Deus ex to Dishonored, Harvey Smith has worked on some deeply influential video games.

Smith hasn’t worked on back-to-back sequels since Deus ex: Invisible War, a game that wasn’t exactly well-received back in 2003.

So Mia kills her ex and, repeating the past, disposes of the body.

Then the ex wife leaves him with the children.

He invites you to be his plus one to his ex’s wedding, less than 48 hours away.

I temporarily unblocked my ex to send a link to the Instagram post advertising my nudes, and he never bothered me again after that.

She got pretty handsy with him during a day party hosted by none than his former ex, Rihanna.

Back in Hackney, my ex and I are discussing sides.

I got back together with my ex, an understanding, brave woman.

The narrated playthrough showed off an action-RPG in the vein of Deus ex and Bethesda’s Fallout games.

First, it’s important to note that Kimmy and her ex got officially divorced just so they could get remarried.

But when Kimmy tries to run from their wedding, her ex chases after her, then drags her down.

Not long after Jenelle and David arrived, Jenelle’s ex, Nathan Griffith, showed up with their 4-year-old son, Kaiser.

Frederick Wiseman’s three-hour ex Libris: The New York Public Library didn’t make the cut.

Bikini chillin’ by the pool … a much better look than feuding with your ex.

Do you wi sh to t ake out an ex tende d war ra nty?

During his concert, he talked about ex girlfriends reaching out to him via DM rather than text.

(We haven’t seen her ex, David, played by The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki, but we’ve been assured he’ll be back.)

Nourish yourself: Take a relaxing bath, eat a good meal, toss out everything that belonged to your ex.

But it’s just the latest in a stellar series of performances Vikander has done, which also includes the hit indie film “ex Machina.”

Then earlier this year, audiences were wowed by Vikander’s portrayal of an artificial intelligence in “ex Machina.”

Business Insider asked Vikander during the release of “ex Machina” if she felt any pressure as her Hollywood stock was beginning to rise.

You can regulate before the fact — ex ante, as it’s called — or you can regulate after the facts, ex post.

Kevin Spacey: Brother Makes Wild Claims Pablo Escobar: $50 Mil Plan To Impeach Trump Omarion: Lil Fizz Can Hook Up W/ My ex!

Now both are afraid to tell Sol’s soon-to-be husband (and Grace’s ex), Robert, what happened, for obvious reasons.

The exhibition draws vectors between modern fashion and virtually the entire sweep of global history, reminding us that nothing springs ex nihilo.

Knowledge is the thought of your ex climaxing in the loving embrace of Steve from her work.

Take a photo of a tree and location tag it in the hometown of the childhood sweetheart your ex was always jealous of.

We came out just after Far Cry Primal and just before Deus ex [Mankind Divided].

In another letter he wrote to friend back in 2014 as part of counseling sessions with his ex, Brown explains his damaged mindset.

We’re told the ex suddenly started hitting up A-Rod for larger amounts of money.

– Tyga and ex, Blac Chyna, spawned King Cairo … he’ll be half brother to Rob and Chyna’s unborn kid.

Turns out … Ariana also took the high road, and did not diss her ex.

His latest, Monrovia, Indiana, is a pivot after two politically outspoken documentaries about New York City, In Jackson Heights (2015) and ex Libris (2017).

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez looked relaxed taking the latest Hollywood trend for a test drive … vacationing with the kids and the soon-to-be ex.

Her absence also sets us up for yet another eyeroll-worthy last-minute Drogon ex machina intervention should things go predictably south.

Sources close to the former couple say Kourtney is happily single and is not back with her 25-year-old ex.

Da boss was onstage with Drake’s ex, Maliah Michel, and shared his wealth … slow jams style.

She was conceived while I was using a condom and my ex said she was on birth control.

Pretty interesting considering we got Nick just last month and he told us he hopes his ex Iggy Azalea marries French Montana.

Anastasia Vtorova is a Berlin-based producer who specializes in a special kind of deus ex machina techno.

Small-town stuff has always sucked for me because my ex is pretty popular in my hometown, so everyone knows me as “_____’s ex-boyfriend.”

Additionally, Meeks paid his ex 6 figures as part of the terms of the divorce settlement, which is now officially final.

Sarah: Well, my ex and I had a lot of makeup sex.

And my ex and I were in an open relationship.

Elise: With my ex, it was the last time I truly allowed myself to be 100 percent vulnerable in a relationship.

It’s not surprising that recent PS4 releases like Deus ex: Mankind Divided will be updated, a process that Sony is dubbing “forwards compatibility.”

It will also star Tony-winning Broadway star (and Foster’s IRL ex) Christian Borle.

She wasn’t there that night, but my ex was, lost in the dense crowd.

John, played by Yul Vazquez, is Nadia’s ex, the guy she broke up with when she realized she wasn’t ready for a relationship.

Kimora and her hubby — ex Goldman Sachs banker Tim Leissner — dropped $27.5 mil on the Mediterranean villa.

That’s a whole lot of deus ex machina.

Norman’s brother Dylan (Max Thieriot) has a baby daughter with wife Emma (Olivia Cooke), who just happens to be Norman’s ex.

So I am excited about that.” The quote reverberated back to Southern California like a petty potshot from a bitter ex.

We’re told Kourtney laughed off the Mexico pics and said it’s just her ex trying to stay relevant.

She doesn’t want either her or her ex to pay spousal support.

She says her ex should get his 2000 Toyota Tundra.

No political narrative emerges ex nihilo, though.

Maguire’s ex, Jennifer Meyer, was seen out in public last week … and she seemed pretty chill.

[Crazy ex] was an opportunity to take those tropes that I had been writing about and explore them in a different way.

“A happy woman’s new love is going great, but she needs one thing: divorce papers from her depressed ex.

I’ve had an ex secretary of state sitting in the corner by himself.

We broke the story … Shanina’s current guy and her ex brawled a couple weeks ago.

When Norma was asked if she’s afraid of her ex, she replied … “At times.”

Snap up this PlayStation 4 bundle with two games for £300

Grab this great PS4 bundle with Uncharted 4 and Deus ex for £300.

He acknowledges Tammy took Zoey to a hospital, but says he saw evidence she was fine … and revealed his conspiracy theory about his ex.

Ill-advised marketing campaigns for Battlefield 1 and Deus ex: Mankind Divided, you guys need to take a serious look at your behavior.

Watch: How to Get Over Your ex Like other narrative-based therapists, Perel is also adept at coaxing her clients into reframing their experiences.

Arika ex, or Fighting Layer ex, as some are tentatively calling the game, is a spiritual successor to the fan-favorite Street Fighter ex series.

The ex games were known for bringing Street Fighter into 3D, as well as introducing mechanics that were considered ridiculous at the time.

Slash’s ex says his claim they were never married is an absolutely humiliating joke to her and their kids.

Or, like so many other movies before it, does it become a deus ex machina cop-out?

Could it be a deus ex machina in the form of an email landing in Det.

She and my ex broke up a few months later, by the way.

(That deus ex machina I mentioned up top just barely works because it’s Rosalee who pulls it off, thus resolving her character arc.)

Sinead blames her ex, John Reynolds, and son Jake for forcing her to “run to another continent just to stay alive.”

According to psychotherapist Abigail Burd, though, they basically have the same effect when it comes to getting over your crappy ex.

The ex in question would be one Jack White, who Elson wed in 2005, and together they have two kids.

Gibson: My ex was married, and I told him, “I need to know about this woman!”

The ex strikes back?

I think my ex was bipolar, too.

It feels terrifyingly similar to that one scene in ex Machina, and we all know how well that whole thing turned out.

I wouldn’t try to diagnose your ex, that’s not really fair.Yeah depression is scary.

After Max’s death by suicide, Mary flees to France, where she and her ex reconcile.

Or just maybe, you’re this vengeful woman who unblocked her cheating ex on Facebook just to send him weekly GoT spoilers.

One night his ex and I were talking and laughed, imagining him getting arrested for something.

Michel’le came on “TMZ Live” Wednesday and basically told her ex to bring it on in court.

She’s been everywhere in L.A. since returning from the Film Festival … including with her ex bf, Gregg Sulkin.

It seems silly now, but I thrived on such simple things: I loved friending my ex’s friends and watching them like my photos.

As we previously reported, her ex, Tyga, is questioning her child-rearing skills.

My ex had a similar name to one of my mates.

Alexis, my ex, who I had added in on accident, responded into the group chat, “I get the point.”

We do not need to reach for the deus ex machina Roth did to imagine escape.

Now there’s a lot of hatred—not necessarily toward her, but toward the ex.

Alex pours his heart out — telling our camera guy his ex deserves a better guy than him.

Sources tell us one of the girls looked dead-on like his ex, Jenny, but with red hair.

When officers ran her info … they discovered the ex “America’s Best Dance Crew” judge’s license had been revoked.

Kylie Jenner spent Sunday night clubbing with a familiar face … her sister Khloe’s ex, French Montana.

Of course, Kelly’s revenge move is incredibly warped logic — punishing your ex by cutting off the money needed to help your kids.

Little pre-fight background on the bad blood: Caylea is pissed at Amanda for dating her ex whose baby Caylea miscarried.

Yep, the spurned ex looking to drag things out as long as possible.

Moss ended his rant with a message for his ex — “I love and kiss on my children everyday!

DJs John ex and Lejardi take control of the decks and heavy drop-laden beats start to rock the crowd.

Ruggles is not the only woman who was murdered even after seeking police help to deal with a stalker or abusive ex.

If you have a lot of mutual friends with your ex, you may need to unfollow/unfriend them as well.

Before we get into it, Thomas reminds us that the notion that sleeping with your ex is bad isn’t set in stone.

On Instagram and Twitter, the “muting” feature is your friend if you don’t want to hurt your ex’s feelings by unfollowing.

On mobile, the only sure-fire way to keep yourself from obsessively stalking your ex is blocking them.

Why it’s over Avoiding a hook up with your ex is a game of mind over matter.

“What I do think is important to realize is, one, why that person is your ex,” says Thomas.

Also consider the role (or lack thereof) that you’d now like your ex to fulfill in your life.

If you slip up… If you do end up having sex with your ex, all is not lost.

What about your ex’s friends or relatives?

If your ex is making forward advances, you can be blunt.

If they do, you can tell them a similar version of what you told your ex, that you’re taking space.

(Otherwise, you may find yourself checking your ex’s tagged photos for the third time today.)

If you work or go to school with an ex, you might not have the luxury of choosing when you get to see them.

They encounter Dent’s ex (Zooey Deschanel) and the M.I.A.

For her part, Kanye’s ex claims she’s the only famous one … no one has ever heard of the wannabe country star.

I’m not interested in knowing what happened to [Sam’s ex], or about the divorce, or anything like that.

Is he an interesting cipher or a copout deus ex machina of a character?

We broke the story … his ex, Jennifer Garner, took him to rehab after she staged an intervention.

Then, two-and-a-half years ago, my ex and I split.

– Monica, 22 “Dramatic Facebook post about cheating ex.”

– Cherie, 32 “Accidentally friend requested my boyfriend’s ex.”

It requires her ex, Tim Norman, to stay at least 100 yards away from her at all times.

Self-augmented reality is now just as inextricable from the Instagram experience as stalking your ex’s ex’s dog’s profile.

I had a negative reaction to Crazy ex Girlfriend when I first encountered it a couple of months back.

I think you know that you need to set a boundary with the ex.

You asked why it feels so difficult to say no to your ex.

Or you could just start with saying no one time to your ex.

As my colleague Dylan Matthews reports: The Supreme Court actually ruled on this matter in the 1866 case of ex parte Garland.

But I have a suspicion that he’s talking to his ex.

How do I figure out if he’s speaking to his ex?

The first introduces the characters and crew, ex.

With my last ex, I looked at his texts while I was babysitting his kid.

My boyfriend was texting his ex.

I never wanted to stay, so I say, dump your boyfriend—unless you’re cheating on him with an ex.

If you cheat with an ex, it doesn’t count.

—James Rainis, music publicist Mansinthe absinthe, Marilyn Manson My ex and I once split the cost of a bottle of Marilyn Manson’s absinthe.

Sherri Shepherd’s ex is nuclear over her scathing radio interview targeting him … and he’s accusing her of being vindictive and bitter.

Here are the key numbers: Q4 Revenue (ex TAC): $960.1 million, down roughly 4% year-on-year, but above Wall Street’s $908 million target.

“My ex, who is Colombian, felt differently.

All the new gear’s found in specifically marked chests, each bearing an “ex.”

The dirty little secret behind “Closer” is that the insufferable ex Taggart can’t help repeatedly crawling back to symbolizes hookup culture itself.

While dating that ex, Moreira started taking guitar lessons in downtown São Paulo.

HollyMy ex and I argued for seven years about whether Home Alone is a Christmas movie.

My ex worked for Google, she’s got a big house.

(Engelson is currently developing a TV show about how it feels to have your ex marry into the British royal family.)

Heidi Klum’s ex managed to do what’s seemingly impossible — get busted for mushrooms at Burning Man.

How Taylor Owning Yet Another ex Is Like Pokemon GoShade Patrol?

– Ben, Brooklyn My ex and I were at a party with some of my friends, and we were talking about music.

My ex asked, “Why are they doing that?”

What I did do was explore every single side quest I could find in Deus ex: Mankind Divided, my favorite part of the game.

He does not lean on the deus ex machina of a terrorist attack or a failed assassination attempt.

One of these particularly low moments, I scared myself into anger — at my ex, at myself, at this entire stupid situation.

I tried all sorts of things, from reconnecting with old friends to blocking my ex on every single social media channel imaginable.

I went clubbing for the first time since I started seeing my ex.

My ex was a personal trainer and a football player: strong, hard-bodied, and confident in the presence of other athletes.

I had balked at each one of my ex’s gym invitations.

She talked me through asking my ex for my things back.

My ex had loved my long hair.

Downsides: Not being able to see what your ex is up to is actually really challenging.

At first, I felt cheap and guilty, as though I were betraying my ex or making false promises to these new matches.

Mariah’s ex, Nick Cannon, can testify to her puritanical values.

It’ll make you think about your ex.

FUN FACT: PARTYNexTDOOR briefly dated Kylie Jenner, so doesn’t look like there’s any bad blood with Tristan hanging with a Kardashian ex.

Kelley’s ex parents-in-law attended the First Baptist Church regularly but were not there on Sunday.

Kelley’s ex parents-in-law attended the First Baptist Church regularly but were not there on Sunday.

Not sure Kevin Hart’s ex, and Philly native, Torrei Hart will buy that, but worth a shot.

Wendy’s ex also wants her to foot the bill for their son’s college expenses.

Adams refutes that it has anything to do with his ex.

You have to give me something beyond the stylistic tease to make me believe it (ex.

It had arguably the best versions of games like Deus ex: Human Revolution and Rayman Legends.

Deus ex, he says, also grew out of the rampant worries about conspiracies and the unforeseen consequences of emerging technology in the late 1990s.

“The world of Deus ex was being created all around us,” he says in the video.

I’ve noticed [Facebook] posts that were insensitive (ex: “Asian people eat everything!

Such was the case with Spotlight’s studio, Open Road Films, as well as Room and ex Machina’s studio, A24.

There’s obvious speculation it was about Quavo dating Breezy’s ex, Karrueche Tran.

It’s unclear if Miranda’s ex, Orlando Bloom, made the guest list or not.

Tyga is Chyna’s ex, and he just had major beef with Soulja.

It’s much more interesting than that.” I would take “Her” over “ex Machina” any day, even though “ex Machina” got all this — Robots.

Like ex Machina, the film looks to be as horrifying as it is beautiful.

READ: Equifax’s ex CEO got crushed by Congress, but it won’t matter Werner assumed the Mr.

READ: Equifax’s ex CEO got crushed by Congress, but it won’t matter Werner assumed the Mr.

Even her ex, Younes Bendjima, was partying it up.

Plus, the characters are saved by a deus ex machina (more on this in item number five, below).

The paps got Jennifer Thursday evening and, of course, asked what she thought about her ex getting divorced.

As we reported, we’re told Calvin believes his ex and Tom were together weeks before they called it quits on June 1st.

And my ex girlfriend Myra 3rd generation Mexican.”

Eddie Cibrian is washing his hands clean of ex Brandi Glanville by getting rid of their L.A. starter home.

“I think my ex saw a couch on Gumtree,” Denney remembers.

But when it comes to her own ex, Laura’s clearly pissed off at Gilbert.

As we reported … Sylvester Stallone’s ex announced just a couple weeks ago she was pregnant with her 5th kid.

Chris Brown’s ex and the ex-NFL wide receiver were soaking up the sun as they sucked face pool side at the Setai hotel.

Glitch City, a neo-megatropolis you’d recognize from Akira or Deus ex, is crumbling.

Miranda has a 7-year-old son with her ex, Orlando Bloom.

That means getting rid of everything your ex wore, drank, slept on, and ate for breakfast.

It was replaced with a tattoo that’s a tribute to her ex, Mac Miller.

But sometimes, Miguel won’t be available to guide your recently heartbroken ex through misery.

Don’t say you’re getting back with your ex when you’re obviously not.

Neither my ex nor my family knew of my whereabouts.

Deus ex Machina5.

It will be kid #2 for Robin … who just struck a custody deal with his ex, Paula Patton, for their 7-year-old son, Julian.

It would be hard to do ex Machina without the use of some CG effects.

You remind me of my ex.

Nicki Minaj’s ex says Nicki took a major hit from Remy Ma … and she shouldn’t count on him to help her recover.

Send a Swift song to your ex instead of messy blocks of texts.

Many of the hearings about the global key happened on an ex parte basis, meaning that the defense counsel were not allowed to attend.

We got John Schneider at LAX, and he immediately sides with his ex co-star Catherine Bach as the only true DD.

Right now I have an ebay bid down on the Necronomicon ex Mortis and I’m feeling lucky.

When Dalal ended the relationship, her ex began stalking her.

Her family believe this is because she was too frightened that her ex would retaliate with violence against her parents and sister.

Or an encounter with the ex you can’t forget.

A decade previously, Ivy and her ex husband shared a drunken, abusive relationship that ultimately drove her to AA.

The Supreme Court actually ruled on the pardon power in the 1866 case of ex parte Garland.

As for her highly-anticipated Saturday evening Politicon debate — the ex ‘Blaze’ host has her opening shot locked and loaded for Chelsea.

When I broke up with my ex, he demanded everything that he had ever bought me back.

So, Ljay had to know the pic would piss off her ex.

But Jenny’s ex had chosen these days for his holiday with his new woman.

TT will allow traders on its platform to access the Coinfloor ex marketplace, the firm said.

“Like, I dated someone whose friend was my ex, and my ex used to tell her all about me when we were dating.

In the caption for her post, Cyrus wrote, “That moment when even your ex knows your socials have been [fire emojis].”

“I’m married now, but, like a creep, [my ex] texts me randomly about that weekend and the ‘tugging incident’.”

He doesn’t want to pay his ex spousal support.

Is Ashe a bit of a cliché, with her take-no-shit attitude and problems at home (manifesting in a custody battle with her ex)?

If you’re wondering what Kylie’s ex, Tyga, thinks about the fetus news, he posted this on Snapchat and quickly deleted it.

The Supreme Court actually ruled on this matter in the 1866 case of ex parte Garland.

Screamed ex‘s name.”

– Liz, 32 “Called ex.

A week later, a grey cloud appeared in my left eye and my junior doctor ex insisted I go to an eye hospital immediately.

Louis Tomlinson tossed bro code out the window by hitting the town with his old One Direction mate Zayn Malik’s ex fiancee.

We got a snippet of the track produced by Mally Mall — the guy who made Chyna’s ex, Tyga, a rap star.

But then there they are, halfway down the Insta archive—the ex.

You look at the ex carefully.

But one day something happens that would have sent your ex bonkers, but leaves your new partner unperturbed.

Or any number of things that your ex would have faced with three days of frowning of determined silence.

The (gorgeously moonlit) ex stages, which are only unlocked once you’ve earned gold on every level within a world, make it trickier still.

On my favorite track she deliberately gets too blotto to even consider driving to her ex‘s place.

There will be a pause while your ex weighs up the options.

Bella Thorne’s got herself a new man, and he’s a good friend of her ex … well, maybe not anymore.

And then, one Friday night, you have three champagnes and spend the next four hours stalking your ex on social media.

He’s blaming an ex business manager for the lapse.

It was access granted through the family courts that brought her abusive ex back into their lives, which led to the children’s deaths.

The victim — Bennett Sipes — has lawyered up and they don’t just have Kourtney’s ex, Younes Bendjima, in their crosshairs.

Laura denies it’s her, and says her own ex, Gilbert Arenas, is the one fueling the rumor.

I’d head out of town and hook up with my last ex.

During the 2017 Festival, she made her relationship with The Weeknd public … now her ex.

Release date: February 23 Why it matters: Annihilation is Alex Garland’s follow-up to his 2015 film ex Machina.

Ciara and Russell seem as tight as any family and that could be a source of conflict between her and her ex.

She says that ayahuasca helped her process her divorce from her abusive ex.

Khloe Kardashian’s ex was cruising on a scooter Friday when he was pulled over.

HV: do you think that’s why maybe it’s taken so long for women in Ab ex?

Others go on a digital rampage, erasing any trace of the ex in their social media feeds.

Plus, let’s not forget David’s ex Heather Locklear’s confirmation … of the BIG deal.

As for the big elephant in the room, Selena’s still hasn’t said anything about her ex‘s engagement.

You don’t need your ex to get that closure.

Frances Bean Cobain is finally a single woman in the eyes of the law, even though she’s battling her ex in court.

One page of the new #GOPTaxPlan is crossed out with an ex.

Gallery Without Walls: ex Voto NYC is a series of off site programs designed to activate votive sites in New York’s five boroughs.

Either way, Chloe’s clearly moved on from her ex, Brooklyn Beckham … much like he did back in April.

AI research has caused concern amongst the scientific and technology communities, and films like Alex Garland’s ex Machina have plumbed this fear cinematically.

Indeed, Twombly’s work’s quintessence is Epicurean and festive in nature — and he never much conformed to Ab ex’s angst.

It could send an alert to every spouse in the world at once if their partner has actively been in touch with an ex.

Ditto for the guy in the video — her ex, Mechie, tells us he also wants the leaker prosecuted.

He told me everything about his breakup, and I told him everything about my ex.

Amber Heard’s ex girlfriend, Tasya van Ree, says Amber’s domestic violence arrest was ridiculous because it was never that violent.

Conrad Hilton’s ex, Hunter Daily Salomon, is living in fear … because she believes he has serious mental health issues.

One big hint: They make it sound like it’s got something to do with money and an ex.

Pete and Ariana just recently got engaged, and he already reportedly covered up another forearm tat that was dedicated to his ex.

That temporary “ex parte” order doesn’t last long; a week or a month, depending on the state.

Like a creepy ex or Summer Santa, a new Jack White track turned up unexpectedly and without warning last night.

As we reported, Cazzie’s not upset or dwelling on her ex‘s quick rebound.

Madison Parker’s either throwing serious shade at her ex … or she needs to see a doctor about short-term memory loss.

Police say they interviewed the girl 2 weeks after the ex ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ star was arrested in Waltham, Mass.

The second one was ex Machina that just portrayed what an indifferent AI looks like.

Kourtney Kardashian’s juices are flowing … with a dude who looks almost exactly like her ex.

There’s no mistake about it … the guy looks exACTLY like Younes Bendjima, Kourt’s ex.

He claimed his ex knows what he does, but his children do not, though he no longer sees any of them.

—Daan Bos, 22 “Your ex‘s favorite pet.”

Benet, who is now married to Prince’s ex, Manuela Testolini, has already responded.

My ex was the CEO of Planet Out.

Yeah, and she’s giving Google, Facebook, all of them really, tax … Yeah, ex Danish politician.

People would text my ex about it all the time.

That’s big news since those titles include gems like Moonlight, Lady Bird, ex Machina, The Spectacular Now, and Spring Breakers.

“We normally would not respond to such a rant by an ex clearly scorned.”

He’s an ex of mine.

But there’s a deus ex machina.

Produced by ex Nihilo, ARTE France, and French startup AudioGaming, “Notes on Blindness” is based on the short film of the same name.

On today’s episode, the future of the immersive sim genre (aka Deus ex, Dishonored, Prey) is explored by Danielle, Rob, Austin, and myself.

Michael Jackson’s ex was in Vermont, recovering from breast cancer treatment at a friend’s cottage.

Maybe we are hiding from something: a stalker, an abusive ex, our family members who don’t know our true queer identity.

She’s a fitness model/entrepreneur who’s not only drop dead gorgeous, but also has a bod that rivals Casper’s ex, Jennifer Lopez.

Before you act too shocked, remember Justin used to train quite a bit with his (ex?)

He was also ordered to stay 100 yards away from his ex and her son.

Write [your ex] a letter and say how mean and terrible they are and then rip it up.

Rebecca’s confusion over her ex’s new face wasn’t a joke, it was genuine.

(ex: If you purchased 3 passes for 2017, you would receive 6 total 2018 VIP passes),” the form asks.

Somehow my ex, who I hadn’t seen in years, had read the essay.

We reached out to Haynesworth’s ex multiple times for comment — so far, no word back.

Luisa, 29 years old and a mother of five, tells me that her ex left her soon after she was gang-raped.

ex Libris is his mesmerizing look at the New York Public Library and the many functions it fills, which go far beyond the books.

The moment Guy Marc and his ex clink glasses at a clandestine dinner date, Dominique is stricken with an ocular migraine.

What if it knew I was headed in the direction of an ex and automatically diverted me on an alternative route?

Considering Rob rarely posts on social media these days … it seems like he broke his silence simply to stick it to his ex.

Bigelow’s monument was to be his own, ex nihilo and sui generis.

The champ’s suing his ex for theft — no specific amount.

“Take a look at the feelings that arise immediately after you think about an old friend, a past co-worker or an ex.

There’s, like, five ex girlfriends in there.

Not just with the crimes that he may have committed in the past, but with the love he had for his ex, Anaïs.

Ed Sheeran – “New Man” This song is about Ed Sheeran being dumped and learning about his ex‘s new guy.

Also interesting … a Selena source says the thing between Selena and Bella’s ex is 2 months old.

Jennifer Lopez’s ex was not injured — kudos to Mercedes — and actually posted a pic of his baby with “#wasntmyfault.”

I really love what she did in ex Machina and Danish Girl and all that.

Do you like the voice on the recording or does it remind you of your ex (and not the good one)?

The vibe is bitchy and even shallow: think disses about haircuts, or passively aggressively liking a frenemy’s ex‘s photo.

When on the date, it’s not a good idea to bring up ex partners.

It’s not a great idea to bring up ex partners here either, but other taboo topics of conversation include money, politics, and religion.

But her ex refused to have more children with her, and a judge ultimately ruled in his favor.

Again, they don’t like talk of ex partners, and they tend to split the cost of the date.

Also, ex partners, money, politics, religion, and personal issues may all be taboo topics, but it can depend on who you’re with.

In September, Mac Miller, Grande’s ex, died at age 26.

The eerie possibility of robots manipulating humans crops up in science fiction tales like ex Machina or Battlestar Galactica.

Still, it seems like The Weeknd is guarding his heart and limiting his exposure to his famous ex after their reported split.

Seeing these photos from an ex, however, can actually set you back in your healing process.

If you and your ex are still on good terms, blocking them or deleting them can seem unnecessarily harsh.

“Blocking can be a bad idea when it’s used as a tool to get back at the ex,” Jonathan and David told INSIDER.

Sofia Vergara’s ex is trying to destroy her marriage to Joe Manganiello … so say sources close to the actress.

“Blocking an ex to make sure the ex sees it and gets upset just shows you aren’t truly ready to move on.”

your ex, feel free to do so.

Pete Davidson’s ex isn’t moping after their breakup and his lightning fast rebound/engagement to Ariana Grande.

In the album’s first track, Gwen lashes out, pissed at herself and her ex for behaving exactly how she’d predicted.

While Jeremy might be moving down a different path … no denying his ex is one “Hot Hot Felon ex-Wife.”

It’s the plot from a 2015 science fiction film called ex Machina.

Josh — who’s only got 1 kid so far with his ex, Fergie — is 46.

Her ex was in the company, so I assumed that was the point of resistance.

Always better when the ex and the GF get along.

So I contacted an ex, who is HIV positive, and he came with me to the clinic.

But it’s crazy, because when I was first diagnosed, I thought I would never meet someone—then I met my ex quite quickly.

Curiosity got the best of me, and I saw she had a new message—from her ex.

And, of course, you may still have lingering love and desire for your ex.

Keeping a diary where you track key aspects of your healing process — sleep, mood, longing for your ex, etc.

I accidentally friended my ex‘s new boyfriend on Facebook and then proceeded to delete my account out of sheer panic.

Avoid your ex — strategically The urge to keep in touch with an ex can be powerful.

and also more in love with their ex (possibly fun, but not useful for moving on).

Even cyberstalking can be toxic: Facebook surveillance of an ex is linked to distress, longing, and less personal growth.

Instead, these folks can simply enjoy the pleasure of their ex’s friendship.

How do you feel about this ex inserting herself in the picture?

ex Slaves, Slaves” (2017) is striking; it is a square that tightly contains the color within it.

The line separates fields of uniform, ominous black and fast, intense green — ex slaves and slaves.

Maybe she wants to prove something to her ex Blake Shelton, who I doubt is smart enough to justify the effort.

ex post facto disclosure of discussions whose participants didn’t realize they would be disclosed would be fascinating and useful.

No doctor intervenes for a deus ex machina ending; no miraculous cures deliver a picture-perfect resolution.

As for Denise’s ex, Charlie Sheen, Kyle Richards hints it could happen.

What I did do was explore every single side quest I could find in Deus ex: Mankind Divided, my favorite part of the game.

​This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.​​ There are many things to enjoy about Little Mix’s new single “Shout Out To My ex“.

“I used the service to confirm that my ex gf [girlfriend] was cheating on me.

New York only comes in at ninth place, ex aequo with Copenhagen.

But she said the community safety officer told her that she — not her ex — was putting other people in danger by being on campus.

But she said the community safety officer told her that she — not her ex — was putting other people in danger by being on campus.

And should you care if your ex still has your nudes?

Weir’s ex Victor had tagged a giant “F— YOU” across the Hermes bag in black marker during their nasty split.

ex drama isn’t something we can tolerate, otherwise we’d lose our friend groups.

I thought about the disgusted expression an ex’s mom made when she smelled Chinese food.

It looks like Justin Bieber’s ex Chantel Jeffries took the note, because she clearly loves herself.

Selena Gomez seems to be taking the news her on-again-off-again ex, Justin Bieber, is engaged to Hailey Baldwin quite well.

And with a little forecast that the Ghosting ex was in proximity, I could prepare myself for the encounter.

[My ex and I] used MDMA together pretty frequently.

2:20 PM PT — Paul doesn’t share his ex biz partner’s memory of the deal.

Deus ex is the only game Chase has worked on where he received the script ahead of time.

I was able to facilitate not only her funeral, but telling my ex she was gone.

The ex was supremely offended by my nonchalant post-crawfish behavior, as if I had violated some kind of seafood samurai code.

Had her ex hurt her because of Matt?

Not things she’d wanted to do with Matt, but that he’d imagined or inferred she’d done with her ex.

Matt hated her ex.

¿Tu amenaza es un ex que podría querer entrar a tu cuenta de Facebook?

Now General Mills seems to have decided it can’t gamble on Congress providing a deus ex machina, and followed Campbell’s lead.

Meanwhile, her ex

HERE’S THE RUNDOWNBlake Griffin’s ex: You Abandoned Me For Kendall!

Anyway, my ex chose it as ‘our song’ when I was going away for college.

I absolutely hated it, but it was just my ex‘s type of music so I just sort of accepted it?

The rapper — who recently got back with his ex, Halsey — dropped $30,000 on a new grill adorned with 500 diamonds.

Crown said it would pay its employees’ fines ex gratia.

Sources close to the Kardashians tell TMZ … Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend Younes Bendjima and her ex Scott Disick BOTH got invited to the shindig.

Iggy Azalea still has ex French Montana wrapped around her little fingers.

My ex husband wanted to alienate my kids from me because he wants to hurt me.

There was the ex who said my serial infidelity was a “definite” sign of psychopathic tendencies.

There was the ex who once saw me in a crowded room, turned white, and left immediately.

(That same ex who told me that I’d driven him to drugs.)

Perfect way to get over your ex getting knocked up, we’re guessing.

Goku and Vegeta can become Vegeto, naturally—but using the “ex Fusion” command creates completely new results from the same ingredients.

If you missed it … Amber said she’d simply rely on her ex from now on, after she had a crappy menage a trois.

Ingrosso is trying to forget his ex, but he’s finding it tricky.

—Madeleine*, 26 My ex was an artist.

—Matt, 29 I never told my ex that I planned to move to Nashville to pursue a songwriting career within three years.

It’s not surprising that recent PS4 releases like Deus ex: Mankind Divided will be updated, a process that Sony is dubbing “forwards compatibility.”

Billy Bob Thornton’s ex.

Billy Bob Thornton’s ex.

Phaedra had no comment on her ex‘s latest filing.

Cell phones are everywhere, and drunk-calling an ex (though, curiously, not drunk-texting) is habitual.

Watch: How to Get Over Your ex Rachel’s one-on-one date with Anthony was boring to me, but it seemed ideal for Rachel.

The sex turned out to be a mindfuck: What if I was still that 16-year-old boy for my ex?

In the first days after the fire started, I was afraid it would reach Chico, where my friends, family, and ex still live.

“You know when someone asks if you’re okay and then you lose it and start crying everywhere?” my ex asked over text.

“But, here is a chart of federal government ex Census payroll employment — up 2.9% since bottoming in April 2014.

“My ex tried really hard to give his power to me.

I love my ex management but they didn’t know what they were doing.

Justin Bieber’s ex splashed around and shared a coconut drink on Miami Beach with her friend.

Well, before I got with my ex I wouldn’t wear skirts; I wore a bit of makeup but not much.

Has your ex seen you in this outfit?

My ex was very tasteful and very conscious of fashion.

Has your ex seen you in this?No, not as far as I’m aware.

What do you think would happen if your ex did see you in this outfit?I think she would be disgusted.

Has your ex seen you in this outfit?

Has your ex seen you in this look?He saw the photos online and messaged me 20 minutes later.

Has your ex seen you in this outfit?

That’s the reaction you want when you see your ex.

My ex at the time decided to invite himself as well as my cousin and some of her friends.

Something my ex wasn’t keen on me wearing.

Were you dressing colorfully before you were with your ex?No, I wasn’t.

Has your ex seen you in this?No.

TMZ broke the story … Jesse’s currently paying his ex, Aryn Drake-Lee, a total of $100k per month.

Yet we treat both phenomena as ex nihilo, sprung from nothing and out of nowhere.

Justin Bieber Instagrammed a picture of his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez and apparently she’s been invited tonight.

Although Madson wasn’t thrilled to see Cunanan, the young architect did reluctantly host his ex at his loft.

It has all optimism and youthful vitality of a stoned tattoo artist talking about his ex girlfriend.

Chanel dropped a few thousand bucks to rent the blinged-out ensemble in her “New Bae” video featuring Nicki Minaj’s ex, Safaree Samuels.

Use the vibe to make a list of all the things you hate about the ex you can’t get out of your mind.

Made possible by Deus ex: Mankind Divided.

Katie Wimbush-Polk is reportedly suing Amber for defamation because she says Wiz’s ex said she was responsible for her child’s death.

First came the malicious rumour spread by a jealous ex.

Another expressed her resentment toward her ex and his new girlfriend.

In one characteristic dream, a woman stood by silently as her ex took his new love interest on a date.

In another, a divorcée watched her ex look at a pair of shoes.

The Supreme Court actually ruled on this matter in the 1866 case of ex parte Garland.

You’re feeling nostalgic—but don’t text that ex, please!

It’s a great evening to tell scary stories: Look at your ex‘s social media for inspiration!

When it comes to these issues which caste (ex.

She says her ex is not “being fair or generous” and she’s hurt beyond belief.

Chris Hardwick is firing back at his ex girlfriend, Chloe Dykstra … denying her allegations he sexually abused her during their relationship.

And then there are the folks in Morgan’s inner circle: her ex girlfriend.

His ex, my grandmother, was more of a tell-don’t-show type.

(He also made me especially insecure about his ex who he’d broken off an engagement before we met.)

The asset manager reduced its exposure to “neutral” from “overweight” in Europe ex UK, the UK and Asia ex-Japan.

While burning, McLemore allegedly ran into Murphy’s where his ex Alyssa Moore, an audio engineer, was running the soundboard.

My takeaway from my whole experience has been: don’t go on holiday with an ex, and don’t have breakup sex.

Will phones be programmed to sarcastically mock us if we try to text an ex?

That left her to make her way through it as an adult, partly with an ex girlfriend and again more recently.

The Original Deus ex (With Mods) Deus ex: Human Revolution and its sequel aren’t bad, but nothing compares to the original.

Fortunately, Deus ex has a fantastic modding community that’s kept the game looking sharp in the modern age.

I tear up when I see a baby that looks like it could have been produced by me and my ex.

She loves The Walking Dead, she says, but she also loves trashier stuff like ex on the Beach and Big Brother.

– Sam, 25 “His ex texted: ‘I bought condoms.'”

Harper’s (ex?)

—Hannah, 28 I’m 5’8”, and my new boyfriend is much taller than my ex.

Nicki Minaj’s ex BF Safaree Samuels definitely has a type — well endowed (front and back) chicks named Nicki … or Nikki.

My ex was about my height.

Am I joyful in comparison to my ex?

Harlo: Yeah, I felt that Elliott’s success at the CTF was a bit of “ex machina.”

Jason: Or even not ex.

It’s a good time to be a fan of games like Deus ex.

Once when my son was one year old, and his mother (my ex) had some friends over for dinner.

My ex would let me keep bud and money in her apartment, but didn’t smoke herself.

b2b sets, as well as through the efforts of the bizarro, sample-rich label they run with Delfonic, Money $ex Records.

She baked bread for her ex‘s community-supported agriculture program.

The target of his post, his ex, happened to be a female game developer.

Maybe we both share an ex?

Manon: This here is my ex’s name, in the ugliest of all fonts.

“[It] is speaking to my future encounters and my ex simultaneously.

Is your threat an ex who might want to go through your Facebook account?

My daughter was eight the last time she wrote, and in the envelope was a note from her mother, my ex.

The case is U.S. ex rel Swoben v. Secure Horizons et al, U.S. District Court, Central District of California, No.

And in interviews, he denied that the Spears lookalike in the video was intended to send a message about his ex.

With my ex, he didn’t really sleep with other people.

I know what you’re thinking: Yes, this is the mercury retrograde to text your ex.

“My ex went about it like he was fixing the carburetor on the Oldsmobile.”

Knowing nothing would humiliate her more in that moment, Sierra broadcasts the photo of Veronica with her ex to their entire school.

Even the two safety operators on our fields are ex or currently serving military members.

Officials had found a reminder in her phone detailing relationship “rules” an ex had required her to abide by.

Conservation efforts don’t have to be only in situ or only ex situ, there’s room for multiple tactics.

Going to a new dog park everyday because your ex lives by your old one?

Going to a new cafe each morning because another ex spends their morning there now, too?

It’s sad to think that players enjoying System Shock’s descendents like BioShock and Deus ex never experienced the original.

We hope ex in a sentence examples were helpful.