Evaluated in a sentence | Use of the word evaluated examples

When you apply for a job, you’d like to think that you’re evaluated based on your skills, experience, and track record.

The candidates are being evaluated, although whether those doing the evaluating will actually coordinate with each other remains to be seen.

“The judge’s conversation and the contents’ credibility will be evaluated.

Our paper evaluated four ways this training could be funded.

A psychiatrist who evaluated some separated parents after their interviews concluded that they suffered from acute stress response.

Vox has confirmed that the regulation is in the process of being evaluated, and has seen a copy of a draft of the regulation.

“Each case has to be evaluated based on individual circumstances,” Baquet wrote.

Each case has to be evaluated based on individual circumstances.

The first one is that protests are primarily a short-term pressure tactic and should be evaluated as such.

The A’s added that Piscotty is resting at home and would be evaluated daily as he awaits the results of a pathology report.

But while competence is highly valued, Cuddy says that it is evaluated only after trust is established.

Science is supposed to help us, and derive informed theories and truths from carefully evaluated information.

Of course, all of this cannot be evaluated without considering the context of Clinton’s opponent.

Twenty-five of the original 80 participants were evaluated in a second phase of the study using fMRI brain scans.

Almost every evaluated subsidized employment program mentioned above, including ones that weren’t cost-effective overall, increased employment while it was subsidized.

Paramedics rushed to the home and evaluated Richard, determining he should go to a hospital for evaluation.

But for Justice Kennedy, each case must be evaluated on its own terms, taking account of all of its complexities.

The latter is free, while the prior theoretically costs money but can be evaluated indefinitely as nagware (you should pay for it!).

The model was then evaluated against a subset of labeled data that had been set aside for validation purposes.

An in-game menu tracks the remaining tiles, keeps score, and provides a dictionary, and any word I play will instantly be evaluated for validity.

The study authors evaluated lung function on two metrics: self-report from the patients on their asthma symptoms, and an objective measure of lung functioning.

Much of this stems from a 1991 Supreme Court decision that changed the way desegregation measures were evaluated across the country.

Doctors are recommending Emily be evaluated again at age four.

Friday’s U.S. employment report for April will be evaluated for further indications of the strength of the labor market and inflation pressures.

We have been in contact with Jason and will be getting him further evaluated by our medical staff in the near future.”

The results will be evaluated by an independent pool using a standard PTSD scale.

Companies should also consider setting aside areas within their sites so the mining impacts can be evaluated and relocating species deemed ecologically significant.

They evaluated peer-led sex ed programs through six areas: knowledge, attitudes, skills, behavior, self-efficacy, and social norms.

The researchers also evaluated the effectiveness of new advancements and changes in sex ed, which could expand in the future.

Officials tranquilized the cat while removing it, and after it evaluated by wildlife experts it was released back into the wild.

The mountain lion was then evaluated by wildlife experts and released back into the wild.

“When I started thinking of proposing to her, I sat down and really evaluated our relationship.

Windows 10 S, whether it’s good or not, we can’t answer yet, we haven’t evaluated it or tested it or used it.

After six weeks, all the volunteers were given tests that evaluated attention span and working memory.

The notion that federal judges should be evaluated based on their loyalty to Trump was no longer a scandalous thought in Republican Party circles.

And whether drugs have medical use, such as marijuana or hallucinogens, is also something that can be evaluated separately.

Warheit said each submission to the journal is evaluated by four or five peer reviewers as opposed to the typical two or three.

Science at the EPA and OSHA is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

McGraw-Hill, along with the other evaluated publishers, was given the opportunity to respond to EdReports’ reviews.

With Trussed we see the gaze evaluated through the more contemporary lens of performance, with portraits of a young man seemingly dancing, arms raised.

But in the three days that Sabbie waited in jail, he allegedly never received that medication and was never properly medically evaluated.

But in the three days that Sabbie waited in jail, he allegedly never received that medication and was never properly medically evaluated.

Researchers found 4,370 speaking or named characters in 2015’s evaluated films.

“Women don’t have as much of an issue with having their fertility evaluated.”

To learn more about what that is and how it’s being evaluated, make sure to watch the video above.

The report evaluated celebrities on three criteria — professional work, charitable work, and integrity — based on media reports over the past year.

But was he right to diagnose Trump, considering that he had not personally evaluated him?

“I’m going to fight for these five folks and do everything I can to see that they be fairly evaluated,” Booker told reporters.

Timing, applicability, etc (need) to be closely evaluated.

The painting was removed as a precaution from the gallery and was evaluated in a conservation studio.

Deeper inside the lot, in a partially covered area with numerous tables, clothes are still being evaluated by buyers.

The publication’s editors evaluated each vehicle with a focus on safety, comfort, convenience, spaciousness, and child-safety-seat fit.

Particularly, officers are frequently evaluated for their productivity based on how many stops and arrests they make.

Our sources say Dinah was evaluated by EMTs but the decision was ultimately made not to transport her to a hospital.

In my experience, many children who attempt suicide never have been evaluated or treated for depression before.

The three of us have studied congressional dysfunction, as evaluated by the changing nature of how Congress conducts its hearings.

In our research project, the first of its kind, we evaluated congressional dysfunction by documenting how committee hearings had changed over time.

But each use of deadly force does have to be evaluated separately to determine if it was justified.

(They also wanted to see how useful a questionnaire that evaluated chronotype could be.)

But it’s important to remember that they should be evaluated differently than their counterparts in the private sector.

Asylum law requires that claims be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Participants were evaluated using an Eisai-devised tool that drew from three established Alzheimer’s assessment scales.

(If you fear you may have serious dehydration, Banach recommends being evaluated in the emergency department in case you need intravenous fluids.)

Obviously, none of those claims had been evaluated by the FDA; there was no study of efficacy, dosage, or potential side effects.

And knee therapies, one of the few Ayurvedic treatments to be evaluated, have been found effective for osteoarthritis.

Editor’s Note: the author participated in an early focus group panel that evaluated the film before its release.

Ojea Quintana said the sanctions must be evaluated to avoid imposing “what would effectively constitute a collective punishment” on North Koreans.

Doctor Randi Ettner, who has decades of experience researching and treating gender dysphoria, evaluated and diagnosed Manning.

“The way you run now is based on your connection on the donor class — that’s how you’re evaluated.

Similarly, Disability Rights Florida evaluated and reported on the Homestead temporary shelter, a tent camp housing 1,350 children.

I had been given morphine in the ambulance.” Sulvetta was evaluated by an emergency medicine doctor and sent for emergency surgery.

The Dolphins evaluated Hurns’ leg on Thursday before making the offer, which reportedly has a max value of $3 million.

At the hospital, Jeong-whan was evaluated briefly by a triage nurse and sent to an emergency department resuscitation bay.

All of the trade in commodities is evaluated in US dollars.

The disaster mitigation agency said the tourism spot had been closed and the alert status of the volcano was being evaluated.

“Our government is committed to ensuring that every case put forward … is evaluated based on its merits and in a fair manner.

An independent committee that evaluated the proposal unanimously recommended Volcan’s offer to Vedanta shareholders, the mining conglomerate said.

The answer, according to Chris McGoey, needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Back in the safety of the vehicle, Grande evaluated her injury.

Doctor Randi Ettner, who has decades of experience researching and treating gender dysphoria, evaluated and diagnosed Manning.

The Cavs announced at halftime that Love would not return as a precaution as he was being evaluated for a concussion.

After the judge learned that Singleton has been suicidal, she ordered him be evaluated at the jail’s medical facility, says Lisco.

“Based on a review by a medical doctor … we’ve evaluated your appeal of denial of ER services,” the letter stated.

– Reviews of veterans’ disability applications slowed to a halt, with nearly 20,000 applications per week not being evaluated.

He declined to be identified as the bids are still being evaluated.

Kelly said St. Brown was being evaluated for a possible head injury.

The Medicaid portion of the law remains the same as it was when the CBO evaluated it in March.

During the suspension, experts evaluated the dirt surface of the track, but no problems were found, CBS reports.

NASA evaluated those contracts, and the performance of each carrier before taking new proposals.

Once we left the hospital, he had been evaluated and already set up with child development specialists.

And the research still hasn’t evaluated how such a site would work in the US in particular.

Those similarities between game and reality extend, at least conceptually, to the way healthcare professionals are evaluated.

These samples are then sent to a federally licensed USDA lab where their pesticide content is evaluated.

“But we’re very grounded in God, and we evaluated what our direction was, and we said let’s just be ourselves.

Membership has been evaluated in terms of costs and benefits, not as an emotional commitment.

The women were evaluated on their performances in the evening wear, fitness, lifestyle, talent and interview categories.

Those who enter the individual market without existing coverage would be evaluated by health plans, to decide what their expected costs would be.

Instead, he says it has to be evaluated in the context of the other clinical information available.

Government spokesman Benjamin Grivet said all tax-related policies needed to be periodically evaluated and, if deemed not to be working, should be changed.

And when they do bench them, they often sit important teammates as well, meaning such groups can still only be evaluated as a unit.

I wonder if it’s normal or healthy to be evaluated so many times and evaluate so many other people during a 15-year span.

They might’ve actually been evaluated by an employee, a rater.

The paper complains that not enough programmes are rigorously evaluated, and calls for the government to open up its data to researchers.

And if evaluated fairly, the pope’s positions are still highly regressive and condemnable among anyone who cares about gay rights.

The new models of teacher training that will start those careers have yet to be thoroughly evaluated.

“Any potential opportunities to collaborate with Tyme would be evaluated accordingly,” Sanlam said.

It must instead be evaluated over a span of time.

Using data from the Danish National Patient Registry and Danish Medical Birth Registry, Skajaa and colleagues evaluated pregnancies that occurred from 2005 through 2012.

Now, focus groups evaluated a handful of films and television shows in terms of their impression of what might be offensive.

The results and the material were then evaluated by computers which rated every production released, or not released, to the public.

Each case is evaluated individually, and there is an extensive appeals process for those who are declined.

Figure 1 shows how experts evaluated the 2016 elections across all 50 US states and DC, on a 100-point scale.

Figure 2 looks at how experts evaluated state performance across 11 distinct stages of the 2016 contest.

He evaluated it, saying “It is very unique.

It is hardly surprising that the candidates and their surrogates evaluated the performances through rose-coloured glasses.

Switzerland was one of 20 new countries evaluated this year, and therefore wasn’t included in 2016’s list.

They also avoid situations in which they might be evaluated closely.

And no doctor, as far as we know, has evaluated the president’s mind for fitness to serve as president.

How could he possibly be evaluated, since it seems like he wouldn’t voluntarily do it?

Authorities said all of the children recovered at the daycare center were medically evaluated at Children’s Hospital in Dallas.

Atlanta Hawks: Goga Bitadze, C, Georgia/Serbia An NBA rarity these days, Bitadze was evaluated as a true center.

He’s pointing out a double standard: Athletes of different races are evaluated by different standards on and off the field.

Its researchers found that the cars from all manufacturers evaluated exceeded the legal limit on NOx many times over.

As we told you … they were reunited this afternoon at the hospital where Jayme was being evaluated.

“Staff veterinarian and vet techs of the MCAS evaluated him late last night and today.

She was taken to a hospital where she was evaluated and has since been reunited with family.

But despite Lee’s lawyers argument that he had a mental disability that had never been properly evaluated, the 8th U.S.

Of the 56 passengers, 47 were taken to nearby hospitals to treat minor injuries, and the rest were evaluated and released.

The Board has evaluated the Proposal in this context and concluded that it is not a basis for further discussion.

The Centre for Independent Studies, a think-tank in Sydney, counted 1,082 projects targeting aboriginals last year; only 88 had been evaluated on their performance.

He was evaluated for DUI, but officers determined he was not impaired.

That policy was assessed by economists at the World Bank as “among the most effective development policies evaluated to date”.

But the statement by the Centre for Independent Studies that only 88, or less than 10%, have been evaluated is outlandish.

Still, few studies have evaluated DR treatment thoroughly enough for there to be definitive clinical guidelines about how to treat it.

The district attorney did not formally re-open the case, but did tell the Kansas City Star any new information would be evaluated.

Japan’s military planners also evaluated the U.S.-built THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) system before deciding on Aegis Ashore.

America’s Department of Defence holds an annual event called Black Dart at which various anti-drone technologies are evaluated.

Public bodies like employment offices or universities are not evaluated for effectiveness.

“Pricing is continually evaluated on a product-by-product and market-by-market basis in our stores,” Starbucks spokesperson Sanja Gould told Business Insider.

How would you like your son to be evaluated?

“Student work is evaluated and assessed just like academic classes are.

Each task gets evaluated by three categories: time sensitive, most important, or least desirable.

EAGLE 1.0 evaluated the difficulty of each course and hole overall, but did not account for day-to-day variation.

The fact is that even the most pessimistic reports, evaluated responsibly, don’t suggest climate change will end human civilization, much less within our lifetimes.

Few training programmes have been evaluated.

That’s not evaluated in any AIM-inclusive studies.

Bills, they said, should be evaluated using the predictive power of macroeconomic models.

The researchers specifically evaluated whether transgender identity met the qualifications for a mental illness, defined primarily when a condition causes distress and impairment.

Others at the meeting thought cases should be evaluated on their merits, as under today’s law.

The researchers specifically evaluated whether transgender identity met the qualifications for a mental illness, defined primarily when a condition causes distress and impairment.

After being rather amazed by the program, we evaluated how Wilmsdorf reacted, both physically and emotionally, to the various substances he consumed.

This policy was evaluated in a paper by Felipe Barrera-Osorio of Harvard University and colleagues published last August.

Restrictions on purchasers are typically evaluated through a background check.

The effects of health apps on the rest of the NHS have yet to be properly evaluated.

In Denmark the social worker submits a report to be evaluated by a panel of experts, politicians and a judge.

TRADITIONALLY, investors evaluated their performance based on financial measures alone.

The bids will be evaluated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection — a division of Dept.

The refugee vetting process has been internally evaluated and improved over the years in order to identify potential gaps.

The universities do not collect data that would allow their performance to be evaluated, such as how their graduates fare in the jobs market.

When John Gibson of the University of Waikato and David McKenzie of the World Bank evaluated the programme in 2014, they found huge effects.

They are also evaluated on their ability to cope with stress.

As a follow-up, Mr Heckman and colleagues evaluated a raft of other American early-childhood education programmes.

The same goes in sports, where people are often evaluated based specifically on how they look—for better or worse.

It’s a new form of trust that must develop and be evaluated on its own terms.

During their stay, they are evaluated by a psychiatrist who prescribes medication as well as group therapy and one-on-one counseling.

Forecast models are typically evaluated by their forecast skill at different timescales, including three, four, and five days.

He has been evaluated by our medical staff and has headed home.”

But it’s always important to go to a doctor and get evaluated.”

Piscotty had to leave the game and was evaluated by Cardinals physicians, who said he had a head contusion.

Treasury yields rose as investors awaited Friday’s U.S. jobs report, which will be evaluated for accelerating jobs gains and wage pressures.

“When we evaluated the law we raised concerns … about the process.

Just above half have been evaluated to date.

Each situation is evaluated on a case by case basis and ultimately decided upon by a cross-functional team.

They evaluated short-term memory, analytical thinking and mathematical ability.

Participants in the study were interviewed and evaluated after two years.

The poem had to be evaluated as part of a whole performance exploring what satire is allowed, he said.

Harvard psychologist Todd Rogers and Temple University political scientist David Nickerson evaluated the campaign, and found that it was very effective.

Police were evaluated far more on how many arrests they carried out, even for petty crimes like loitering.

They are sent for refresher courses every six months, where they are trained and evaluated for their performance, and retired from service accordingly.

Experts in the field who have evaluated his claims have found them lacking, as lobsters’ and humans’ neurological systems are radically different.

I believe this is not yet evaluated by the U.S. administration,” he said.

How will jobs guarantee schemes be evaluated for cost-benefit or corruption?

Each kit evaluated below does autosomal testing — with the exception of Nat Geo’s, which we’ll explain later.

They finally evaluated me and said I had all those conditions, which I never knew I had in my life.

None of the 25 departments evaluated met all 17 proposed policies.

Before Founders Forum created its AI, which it describes as a “complex algorithm,” profiles of successful entrepreneurs were evaluated to uncover overlapping characteristics.

Anchorage’s Port of Alaska, which handles half the goods shipped to the state, is also being evaluated for damages, Falsey said.

Once your products are evaluated, you’ll receive an instant Walmart eGift Card with the total amount from your appraisal on the card.

Imagine if every Silicon Valley company evaluated people positively on whether they were challenging upward.

For racism, they evaluated the extent that someone acknowledges and empathizes with racism — acting as a proxy measure for actual racist beliefs.

For sexism, they evaluated someone’s hostile sexism — which, through several questions, gauges hostile attitudes toward women.

The trio plus Rylan evaluated players and tried to reach a consensus on who to sign.

Every single brand we offer is evaluated on their results—if people don’t buy it, we won’t sell it,” he said.

“This really was believed to be a promising direction, but when these programs were evaluated they had backlash effects,” Senn says.

“Fact is: each time our board evaluated Tencent, we concluded at that moment it’s still the best use for our money.

Previously, U.S. gymnasts had been evaluated largely in a vacuum, with only their finishes at the Olympic trials determining who made the team.

The agency evaluated two petitions in 2001 and 2006, but ultimately decided to keep the drug as in the Schedule I category.

“We’ve evaluated that… and we’re now entering into very serious discussions.

Additionally, participants evaluated how they viewed themselves and talked about what strategies they undertook as they worked to become sober.

Knowledge cannot develop without exchange of ideas, and ideas cannot be evaluated without full disclosure.

“The mother was taken to a hospital to be evaluated,” says Knight.

They weren’t evaluated on their similarity to Americans already here, or on their earning potential.

“Exits are tough in the Indian ecosystem only when they are incorrectly evaluated.

They were evaluated on the basis of their humanitarian need.

Also, your cover image is a riff on Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon,” and yet Picasso is not evaluated in the book.Why?

Anyone could just go up to a checkpoint and ask to join, Kalli said, though they would then be evaluated.

But the meta-analysis apparently had serious methodological flaws in how it evaluated outcomes.

Any nominee will be evaluated, Clarke said, adding that the group is girding for a nominee who is hostile to civil rights.

“Neymar was evaluated and underwent scans that confirmed a ligament rupture in the ankle,” CBF said in a statement.

The Administration evaluated the full use of the automated system and concluded that a “safety-related defect trend is not necessary.”

Cyber insurance costs are rising, however, with certain companies even evaluated as uninsurable.

They blocked the center’s entrance and evaluated the exhibit for “pedophilic” content.

Next, 4,000 crowdworkers evaluated the comments for personal attacks.

Simpson has not evaluated or treated Clinton.

The site also notes that none of its statements about the tea have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Most of the allegations were settled or not fully evaluated in court, according to the report.

“Women who are pregnant, or recently delivered, who develop chest pain or burning should recognize these warning signs and be evaluated by their doctor.”

According to Fox 4, the suspect was taken to a medical center to be evaluated.

Some of Trump’s fellow Republicans called such behavior unacceptable and said the accusation should be evaluated, while others accepted Trump’s denial.

This was the exhibition that Governor Weld evaluated when deciding whether to grant MASS MOCA the necessary $18 million to open.

“While there, he evaluated several other detainees’ prepared interrogation plans, and forwarded them to [CIA] Headquarters.

At least that’s a takeaway from a list by Magnify Money which evaluated cities across the United States on the lifestyle residents live.

The power of nuclear weapons is typically evaluated by their human devastation, and not by the American landscape shaped by its testing.

At that point Dunn will plead not guilty by reason of insanity and Hartke will seek to have him evaluated, he says.

“The way you run now is based on your connection on the donor class — that’s how you’re evaluated.

Hanzal was back in Dallas being evaluated.

Yet, moving forward, Ventura believes,”all gatekeepers of the art world, whether big or small, must be evaluated.”

We evaluated the situation with what we had at that moment.

Researchers evaluated the likely impact of more frequent and more severe heat waves on 24,515 hydropower and 1,427 thermoelectric power plants around the world.

Researchers evaluated the likely impact of more frequent and more severe heat waves on 24,515 hydropower and 1,427 thermoelectric power plants around the world.

Maples, 53, will be partnered with an Italian coach and evaluated by a panel of judges, according to Italian outlet TV Zap.

He evaluated Trump not just as a politician for saying them, but as a human being.

Government spokesman Benjamin Grivet said all tax-related policies needed to be periodically evaluated and, if deemed not to be working, should be changed.

The Blue Devils ended up losing 88-72 without their superstar … and Zion’s status will be evaluated on Thursday.

Every piece of information is evaluated less on the merits and more on its provenance.

Court rulings are evaluated by whether the deciding judge was appointed by a Republican or a Democrat.

Their statistical analysis evaluated increased page views for articles on past events a week after a recent major crash or disappearance.

Exceptions would be evaluated “cautiously,” it said.

First, dementia was evaluated by medical records and death certificates; variations in how people categorized dementia could affect the results.

Walker will be evaluated further before a decision will be made on when he starts pitching again.

Oh, when we evaluated the Max, we spent a year studying that airplane, studying every element.

“The owners evaluated their dogs’ responses to the fireworks at four pre-set intervals and scored the level of 16 different behaviors.

Wozniak evaluated the idea by looking at states’ policies for drug testing.

Hillmann was taken to the hospital where doctors evaluated his wound.

She was raced to a nearby hospital and was evaluated overnight.

One study evaluated this by asking peer reviewers to review high-quality NIH grant applications as if they were making a grant decision.

Exceptions would be evaluated “cautiously,” it said.

“Anyone with chronic hives absolutely needs to be evaluated by a physician, because causes of hives can be serious,” explained Blake.

Some of Trump’s fellow Republicans called such behavior unacceptable and said the accusation should be evaluated, while others accepted Trump’s denial.

The North Dakota decision will embolden defendants that don’t want to settle until appeals courts have evaluated plaintiffs’ theories.

Clarity regarding responsibility and authority allows a reliable structure that enables employees to understand how they are evaluated, remunerated and given opportunities for growth.

“This information should be studied and evaluated in detail,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Agnes von der Muhll said in a statement.

All of the animals are in the process of being evaluated, named, treated and dewormed — and getting plenty of affection from volunteers, too.

It can’t be a coincidence that Gabriel finally met and evaluated Paige almost immediately after doing the same with Mischa.

Yet at the time it was written and adopted, scientists had not yet fully evaluated the benefits of a 1.5-degree target, Jahn said.

Tang Chang’s first solo US retrospective veers away from the criteria of progress and linearity according to which Western art is typically evaluated.

Think about the metrics you’ll be evaluated against.

After that, the drug’s medical value and relative potential for abuse are evaluated to decide where on the scale it lands.

Earlier on Friday, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Trump would not make any decisions on those tariffs until officials evaluated public comments.

Simpson has not evaluated or treated Clinton.

He left the field to be evaluated but returned a few plays later.

The aircraft is currently being evaluated by our maintenance team.

ST is not free, but can be evaluated indefinitely with the occasional nagware message.

It will be evaluated on those grounds,” he said.

Earlier on Friday, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Trump would not make any decisions on those tariffs until officials evaluated public comments.

Of the 166 passengers on board, 30 experienced symptoms, and five were sent to the hospital to get their ears, noses, and throats evaluated.

Vendors can apply for this certification for their products and once evaluated it can be used for the specific purpose.

The treatment is also being evaluated as an add-on therapy to lithium or valproate in a third trial.

Perdue says additional payments will be evaluated.

We’ve evaluated their effectiveness at detecting viruses, and lay out any of their additional security features too.

It might be other components of the interventions in which they’re evaluated.

Additional children are being evaluated.

“She appears to be in good health and will be evaluated for adoption,” Davies told PEOPLE.

The locations where the checks would be carried out would be chosen by police and evaluated daily, the minister said.

Schatz’s proposal is similar to one the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation evaluated in 2018.

Researchers evaluated more than 19,000 men, looking at 11 masculine norms like risk-taking, violence, emotional control, and the pursuit of status.

He will not throw Tuesday so he can be evaluated the following day.

The caption reads, “After being delivered by C-section, he was quickly whisked away to the NICU to be evaluated.

(As Vox’s Andrew Prokop explained, this is essentially how the Iowa caucuses are evaluated: by who beats or falls under expectations.)

Kansas City OF Brett Eibner left Tuesday’s game with an ankle injury after starting his career 6-for-13 and will be evaluated on Wednesday.

Meneses is at Roosevelt Hospital being evaluated, a New York City police spokeswoman tells PEOPLE.

Oxman and the other researchers evaluated their results in the Lancet study.

One passenger was evaluated at the airport for injuries, but was released.

“We interviewed more than 300 people in the neighborhood, we also evaluated more than 30 medically, and no one heard these things,” Alazo said.

“But, it hasn’t been evaluated yet in a robust way.”

–Successful un-stacking of GLAIC from GLIC ownership could result in GLAIC’s financial strength being evaluated independently from GLIC’s.

After being evaluated and prescribed medicine for her anxiety, Wood quickly made friends and adjusted to her new life.

The downside, at least if he lets it be a downside, is he’ll be evaluated as a potential president.

… It’s not bad.” Lawson’s status for Friday’s home game against the Atlanta Hawks will be evaluated Thursday.

The airline says it’s working with Alejandro’s family to support them and has offered a free necropsy to have Alejandro evaluated.

… Eagles CB Patrick Robinson sustained a head injury and was being evaluated for a concussion.

The tech is also being evaluated by VR and gaming companies.

The airport was closed while officials evaluated braking conditions.

Desmond writes that scholars and journalists have evaluated the carceral state, jobs and the economy, and other factors contributing to persistent poverty and instability.

Roof’s mental competency was evaluated twice during the trial.

She and her team have evaluated 170 brains to understand the pathology of CTE.

He’s evaluated policies including providing intensive tutoring, texting students about the lifelong effects of education, and encouraging teachers to specialize.

Technology exists to build realistic education assessments based on artificial intelligence in which students can be evaluated individually and at deep, fine-grained scales.

The panel evaluated the software update to MCAS for “training and checking differences determination,” the report said.

“The way you run now is based on your connection on the donor class — that’s how you’re evaluated.

“It was met by paramedics who evaluated passengers and crew,” the airline said.

Bornstein was not believed to have evaluated any presidential candidates before that.

Bornstein was not believed to have evaluated any presidential candidates before that.

Ramos said the utility company evaluated “a bunch” of other offers before choosing Whitefish.

The shelter wrote that Quasi will not be available for adoption until he is healthy and has his temperament evaluated.

The current study, also published in JAMA, reviewed 16 randomized clinical trials that evaluated text message interventions with varying characteristics.

They were evaluated by paramedics at the scene and released.

Investment in new plants is yet to be evaluated, he added.

Snap has evaluated its platforms for potential misuse — and so far, it’s found nothing.

The California motions were evaluated under an even stricter test, one even more slanted against the defendants, and Trump still had some counts dismissed.

There’s obvious swelling and things of that nature, but he is making progress and he’ll continue to be evaluated

“What’s very important in this case is that it’s not just the FDA who have evaluated our mosquito,” said Parry.

It cuts deeply into education and training programs it regards (oftentimes wrongly) as ineffective or poorly evaluated.

Dr. Lisa Bardack says she’s evaluated Clinton’s health “several times” since Sunday, and she’s improving and fit to be POTUS.

Cops and paramedics showed up, the women were evaluated but neither needed medical treatment.

In the end, however, this debate won’t be about Garland, but about when and whether he and his sterling resumé will be evaluated.

She was arrested for DUI and was taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated.

Other possible exposures were evaluated and no known community or residential exposures have been identified.”

We’re told paramedics evaluated Linda on the chair and then determined she needed to be taken to the hospital.

10:10 AM PT — Law enforcement tells us Incognito was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold to be evaluated.

In the case of EgyptAir Flight 181, it appears the crew evaluated the situation appropriately.

The Harris poll evaluated 1,360 periodical alcohol drinkers’ habits in December, based on demographics such as gender, region, politics and age.

He was also evaluated for a concussion.

According to dispatch audio, Aaron was evaluated at his Florida apartment and they found no “suspicious activity” when they saw him face-to-face.

Medical personnel later responded and evaluated Danielle — determining she did NOT need emergency medical attention so she was not transported to a hospital.

The southpaw will be evaluated Friday.

Hair and makeup formulas are evaluated for poisonous substances, but the laws aren’t foolproof.

The southpaw will be evaluated Friday.

The company evaluated more than 5 million passwords leaked on the internet, excluding hacks of adult websites.

However, he said that the efficacy of these methods had never been scientifically evaluated by state authorities.

The program is still being evaluated to find out if people feel more connected and if this then boosts their well-being, Valtorta said.

Summit’s treatment, ezutromid, was evaluated in a total of 40 boys, with 38 completing the 48-week clinical trial.

Priebus argued that Trump’s character won’t be evaluated based on his previous personal behavior.

Wayne’s greatness can’t be evaluated by traditional rubrics, even when it occasionally overlaps with them.

The study tracked more than 9,000 men and women from 1987 to 2013 and evaluated their medical records.

According to Santoro, who “women who have never attempted to conceive should not be evaluated in a manner similar to those with infertility.

However, the authors pointed out that the number of black Americans evaluated was probably too small to be certain.

Eichel briefly left the game to be evaluated but did return.

From many scans like this, the prototypes can be evaluated for safety, accuracy, and clinical relevance.

They evaluated each dish using a sensory evaluation sheet, including taste, texture and odor.

They will now be evaluated by financial institutions before final approval.

You want their feedback—ideally, some sign of positive approval—because you know you’re being evaluated.

“Pulido is currently being medically evaluated and more details on the rescue operation will be sent out later,” it said.

“Pulido is currently being medically evaluated and more details on the rescue operation will be sent out later,” it said.

Had I really evaluated the infection?

The FDA says it hasn’t evaluated the risks.

You want their feedback—ideally, some sign of positive approval—because you know you’re being evaluated.

Wave of protests Teachers across Mexico have been protesting national education reforms that would change the way they’re evaluated.

The CDC evaluated the respiratory health of 16 workers at a facility which roasts, grinds, and packages coffee.

My doctor stops short of rolling his eyes when I ask to have my testosterone levels evaluated.

He then presented a rating system for humans in which people are continually evaluated.

—A player who is evaluated for a concussion must be re-evaluated within 24 hours, even if the player has an off day.

“We evaluated Isaiah Thomas.

Physician assistant Jaclyn Schefkind evaluated Hill, the 105-year-old patient.

Not quite, but the Rangers’ netminder did exit briefly to be evaluated under the NHL’s concussion protocol.

Gray tentatively will throw a side on Tuesday so that he can be evaluated before making his next start.

He was being evaluated for a contusion.

But these are what you get evaluated on, and we know it.

If a new flu strain needs to be evaluated for its pandemic potential, we can just see if it makes the transgenic mouse sick.

About 15 people were being treated at hospitals and others were being evaluated at triage centers.

The study evaluated two core competencies: negative assertion (an ability to stand up for oneself) and conflict management (an ability to work through issues).

“We have over the past couple of years identified, and looked at, and evaluated multiple properties.

Russell, who will be evaluated in a week, is second on the team in scoring (16.1 points) and leads in assists (4.8).

The CDC estimates that the 27 states evaluated represent 75% of the synthetic opioid deaths in the country.

The researchers first evaluated the volunteers’ moods and then deliberately spoiled their moods by showing them disturbing medical videos of hand surgeries.

Just six of the states evaluated by the CDC actually track deaths from the drug: Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Ohio.

Games can be evaluated on the quality of their spectatorship.And Hitman is the best thing I’ve watched all year.

It will be evaluated for further indications of the strength of labor markets and wage pressures.

They also evaluated their levels of lean muscle mass and insulin sensitivity, both of which tend to nosedive as we age.

“The process to upgrade these planes is currently being evaluated and capabilities are being developed and tested,” Boeing spokesman Randy Jackson told CNN.

I’ll be evaluated tomorrow and make a decision from there.” He allowed three hits and a run in the no-decision, striking out two.

This is not a skill that can be evaluated.

The approval is based on data from two late-stage studies, which evaluated 12 weeks of the drug in previously treated patients, the company said.

Johnson was evaluated for a head injury, though he returned to watch from the bench in the final minutes.

FDA concerns As part of the approval process for the Medtronic device, the FDA evaluated data from a clinical trial involving 123 participants.

In other words, the “heavier” women were evaluated significantly more negatively in customer-facing job roles, the study suggests.

He will fly back to Texas and will be evaluated Monday.

In 2012, teachers went on a nine-day strike largely over complaints about pay and benefits and how they were evaluated by superiors.

Ads do have to carry a warning that says “these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

While she was being evaluated, a technician asked her how far along she was in her pregnancy.

Fitch has evaluated the sensitivity of the ratings to increased gross default levels and decreased recovery rates over the life of the transaction.

For each task, Maxwell evaluated me based on a set of “clues” that would indicate impairment.

Teachers evaluated the kids based on factors such as whether they listened to others, shared materials, resolved problems with their peers and were helpful.

Tom Shipley, who performs this role at Tweed, was previously a Health Canada researcher who worked in toxicology and later evaluated vaccines.

If the judgements can be evaluated, we might just follow the better decision maker regardless if it’s a human or not.

I believe that’s a question that needs to be studied and evaluated.”

“We think we did well compared to other pain studies in keeping patients in the study and being evaluated,” said Pressler.

The studies were evaluated using the Montgomery-Åsberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS), which is commonly used to measure the severity of depressive episodes in patients.

Japanese researchers randomly selected 28 game videos featuring two university teams and evaluated a total of 3,970 tackles.

The eleven retailers we evaluated have combined sales of over one trillion dollars, a market power that can transform the toxic chemical economy.”

An Adidas spokeswoman said the data and feedback from the project were now being evaluated before the company decided whether to pursue the concept.

One Twitter user evaluated why the singer might see Trump as a role model, of sorts.

His status is being evaluated day-to-day.

must be further evaluated.”

Those inmates are escorted to Mental Health staff to be evaluated and the incident is then documented.

He added that the results would be evaluated to determine the impact on its other potential Alzheimer’s drugs in the pipeline.

The team evaluated the 21 different conditions most often diagnosed in the study population, located in Philadelphia, ranging from lung disease to anxiety.

Most drugs are not specifically studied and evaluated in children prior to their labeling by the FDA and availability to the public.

But without these formal studies, pediatric-specific drug pharmacology is not accurately evaluated and determined.

Active ingredients in OTC drug products are evaluated and approved by therapeutic category, such as the cough and cold therapeutic category.

But it would be better if it were being evaluated.

If a company engages in leniency discussions, this will be evaluated separately.” Reporting By Ana Mano; Editing by Christian Plumb and Rosalba O’Brien

Actimmune, which is also being evaluated for use in cancer, also fell short on secondary goals in the FA trial.

Each mother-newborn pair met with a pediatric speech-language pathologist who evaluated breast feeding issues and then offered feedback and strategies to help.

Banco do Brasil said in a statement that its eligibility committee had not evaluated Souza.

The person, who has requested to be evaluated for possible injuries at a nearby hospital, may be charged with disorderly conduct.

According to the statement, his appearances will now be lessened even further, and his role in his honorary positions will be evaluated, too.

He is currently being evaluated in the team locker room.

Like any military leader, he is taking a strategic, evaluated approach to implement Trump’s directive.

“We evaluated it and didn’t think it would pay for itself,” Barker told Radio Sport.

“In those cases, the parent should arrange for the patient to go to an emergency department and be evaluated,” Jacobson said.

A Grab spokeswoman declined to comment on the potential spin-off but said the company always evaluated the capital structure of its businesses.

What would the findings have been if family physicians, pediatricians or other specialists were evaluated?

Morningstar, which pioneered independent grading of mutual funds, evaluated 10 popular HSA platforms both as spending accounts and as investment vehicles.

Roof was evaluated over the weekend by Dr. James Ballenger of Charleston, a specialist in forensic psychiatry, with the results presented in court.

Ballenger evaluated Roof in November, before Roof was found competent after a two-day hearing, Gergel’s order said.

Morningstar evaluated HSA spending accounts for monthly maintenance fees and interest rates.

“I evaluated it as if a 5- or 6-year-old would pick up the gun and shoot someone,” Nisley said.

One such disincentive is that organ procurement organizations are evaluated on various metrics that may be a bit too stringent.

In trade, manufacturers absolved themselves through a familiar sentence: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.”

Any nominee will be evaluated, Clarke said, adding that the group is girding for a nominee who is hostile to civil rights.

The second officer was still being medically evaluated, Coupe said.

It was only after the game that Newton was evaluated.

The UC San Francisco team looked at strains of Listeria and evaluated its proteins to find the right protein that could block CRISPR.

A spokeswoman for the BKA said the email still needed to be evaluated.

At ages 13 and 18 years, the children were brought into clinics to be evaluated for psychotic-like symptoms.

The well-respected telecoms veteran said any additional opportunities would be evaluated as they arose.

In court, Gareyevs lawyer said his client will be evaluated by a mental health expert.

The sheriff said Lloyd’s mental health will be evaluated and the state attorney’s office will decide if this was a hate crime.

Earlier Tuesday, Lakers coach Luke Walton said he was optimistic the Lakers would get good news when James is evaluated Wednesday.

“Clearly, this technology will need to be evaluated by other people, and in other locations, but I am impressed by its potential.”

They were then evaluated at three years and again at five years of age.

I’ve personally evaluated this issue & have pledged that @tmobile will not sell customer location data to shady middlemen.

He’s also implemented strategic marketing plans, evaluated technical solutions and business models as an investor.

“The surrounding sections of the highway will be evaluated to determine if any damage was sustained from the heat.

“The surrounding sections of the highway will be evaluated to determine if any damage was sustained from the heat.

That’s how our program’s evaluated.

That’s how I’m evaluated.

The reform progress is evaluated quarterly.

The treatment is also being evaluated as an add-on therapy to lithium or valproate in a third trial.

We also ask that the public dialogue related to the apparent lack of due process in a university system is openly discussed and evaluated.

The drug, vadastuximab talirine, was being evaluated in the late-stage study, Cascade, to treat a form of blood cancer called acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

He’ll be evaluated regularly throughout his recovery.

As we evaluated how to support our growth, we went back to our roots to share the opportunity with small-and-medium-sized businesses.

Still, it has not yet been evaluated sufficiently and more evidence is needed for doctors to confidently make the recommendation, he said.

All business transportation should be evaluated based on how close it comes to approaching this ideal.

The averages for the segments evaluated were about comparable, with a slight edge going to the human.

She is being evaluated and treated by mental health experts specializing in trauma.

“Only products that have been evaluated — approved FDA drugs — can make those claims.

Alex Yao said authorities have evaluated their response to the February violence and deployment and staffing will be significantly different Thursday.

Ausmus said he was being evaluated by trainers after the game but didn’t know the severity of his injury.

Businesses are evaluated along a trajectory and invited to apply to one of three distinct acceleration classes.

He added that Perez was being evaluated by cardiologists to decide what steps to take next.

“Go in and get evaluated right away.”

Now we encourage people to be evaluated to make sure nothing is wrong.

While the US Department of Agriculture took measures to address lessons learned from that outbreak, it has not evaluated their effectiveness, the report noted.

More than 85,000 registered voters participated in the survey and evaluated their Senators based on perceived job performance over the past year.

405 submissions from 30 states were evaluated by a panel of judges from NASA, Made in Space, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

SocialFlow evaluated the Facebook reach of articles on major flashpoints by more than 300 news organizations within a few days of the event.

“The safety of each labeled use of a pesticide formulation must be evaluated and approved by regulatory authorities before it is authorized for sale.”

Of the 20 projects evaluated, 11 are cash-flow negative.

SUBTITLE: AUDS is currently being evaluated by the FAA for use at major U.S. airports.

Especially since he was evaluated for a concussion last week against Tennessee, too.

Plus “intranasal administration” of guarana or taurine hasn’t been evaluated for safety, the agency says.

They need to be evaluated rigorously.”

Those amendments, though, haven’t been evaluated by CBO and therefore would require 60 votes, which means they’d fail.

Last year’s test was a hot fire test, meaning it evaluated how the booster operates in high temperatures.

Cam Newton is being evaluated for a concussion after taking yet another blow to the head on Sunday.

Cam Newton being evaluated for a concussion after this hit.

Participants were evaluated using an Eisai-devised tool that drew from three established Alzheimer’s assessment scales.

Most of the studies the panel evaluated were only cross-sectional, so no cause-and-effect conclusions can be drawn.

NMHC admitted in the documents that “management has evaluated the company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”

“Each prescription should be evaluated individually,” said Dr. Florence Gressier, of the Bicetre University Hospital in Le Kremlin-Bicetre, France.

A memorandum was prepared by the deputy attorney general, who evaluated his performance and noted some serious problems with it.

“We had him evaluated really as a top-10-round-caliber talent,” he said.

The plan can now be seriously evaluated, especially regarding changes made to Affordable Care Act state innovation waivers.

According to Heard, the Thunderbirds’ performance scheduled for Saturday has been canceled, while Sunday’s show will be evaluated.

Washington has disputed the report, saying no decision has been made and that Romar’s future will be evaluated after the season ends.

He returned to Boston and was evaluated by the medical staff.

Surprise: The pink salt group scored healthier when evaluated by the wellness analyzer.

Per the Times, more than $150 million has been given out, and “many hundreds of other claims are being evaluated.”

40 claims have been made by families of players who died before the 2006 cutoff, and are being evaluated.

Psychiatrist Bandy Lee told the News “she is speaking to Trump’s ‘dangerousness,’ which can be remotely evaluated based on the situation.”

Every test of a missile or a nuclear device is being closely evaluated to determine if it significantly increases North Korea’s capability.

And immunotherapies for treating cancer need to be evaluated to figure out how they work and whether more people can benefit from them.

To be included, each measure must be evaluated by the Parliamentarian, who plays the determining role in what provisions make the cut.

I’m sure after the season everything will be evaluated.

Meanwhile, Handy connects home owners with independent 1099 contractors who are background-checked and evaluated for quality by the startup.

For thorough detail on each company’s strengths and shortcomings, read the full report’s breakdown of each company it evaluated.

In addition, the studies evaluated whether patients stopped using opioids because the narcotic therapy had actually eliminated pain.

Another possible hand transplant candidate is being evaluated, he said.

Let me say off the top that Allen is one of the strangest NFL running backs I’ve evaluated this year.

“In 12 hours they researched us, met our team, diligenced it and evaluated it more than almost any investor had to date,” Leshner recalls.

“So, we used neural networks to quickly prioritize the candidates based on all the molecules already evaluated.

They evaluated all the Class II wells (used for oil and gas production) in Oklahoma and studied the seismic activity there.

The female study participants “evaluated” the sweat samples in regards to their “affective, qualitative, and psychophysical dimensions.”

Their now 3-month-old daughter was evaluated at the hospital, and the other children were also drug tested.

It means that the product has been evaluated by the United States Pharmacopoiea and found to be safe.

The app is currently being evaluated by various sleep clinicians.

Hirano came to London, evaluated Charlie and spoke with those who had been treating him and other experts.

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