Eternal in a sentence | Use of the word eternal examples

The tenet of Christian Zionism is that God’s promise of the Holy Land to the Jews is eternal.

He is still known today as the “Great Leader” and the “eternal President,” and monuments glorifying his reign are everywhere in the country.

But if he made his peace with his eternal role as Sherlock’s life partner-in-crime, it happened offstage.

“What happened before the eternal Derby was some of the most senseless violence I have ever seen.

Bradley was part of the crew in Serbia that filmed Episode 2 of the VICE World of Sports, the eternal Derby.

Kerrin Serna sells celebrity prayer candles in her Etsy shop, the eternal Flame.

A sense of desertion underlies these pictures, the eternal afternoon aspect of homes awaiting owners who might never return.

An eternal idea, if you will.

Netanyahu concluded his speech calling Jerusalem the “eternal, undivided capital of Israel.” Reporting by Ari Rabinovitch, Editing by Stephen Farrell

And yet here we are, in a world that feels like it’s tearing itself apart, a 2-year-old caught in an eternal temper tantrum.

Bowl Five: Ivan Ramen, Sunday, Dec 7, 12 PM Hope springs eternal.

It’s like eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, only Kimmy Gibbler is there.

Meanwhilst, eternal youth becomes a plot point very late in the movie.

But Arya, Tyrion and Jon will surely realize that killing her would only perpetuate the eternal cycle of succession wars.

When I was 14 years old, we rented eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, assuming it was a funny Jim Carrey movie.

Chang also recommended Douglas Hofstadter’s Pulitzer Prize–winning Gödel, Escher, Bach: An eternal Golden Braid, about logic, intelligence, and decision-making.

No one could’ve predicted Jake Gyllenhaal would be the voice of reason here, reminding the masses of Sean Paul’s eternal relevance.

Ultimately, the genre will always thrive because humans are eternal voyeurs.

The work confirms that this 59-year-old eternal kid will keep going as long as Lady Synth grants him life.

They are at once heavy and fragile, eternal and ephemeral, organic and manufactured.

First of all, I have to warn you that I’m an eternal optimist.

All UK: eternal, factory, yaz etc.

(Its eternal struggles in China notwithstanding.)

“With his eternal Sunshine partner Michel Gondry on board to direct, we are on our way to a magnetic, volcanic, and emotional viewing experience.”

In the Nazi era, the film The eternal Jew depicted Jews as rats.

What we are missing is not eternal bliss but social and institutional forms that would enable us to lead flourishing lives.

“It doesn’t delete all my memories like in eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind,” she explains.

Israel calls Jerusalem its indivisible and eternal capital.

If in other lands the eternal truths of the past are threatened by intolerance we must provide a safe place for their perpetuation.

Lil Uzi Vert, meanwhile, is gearing up for the release of his second LP, eternal Atake.

There’s drama and storytelling, there’s risk of bodily harm, there’s the eternal battle between good and evil.

He’s “interested in establishing an eternal motif of cosmos, where events of enormous significance occur,” he states in the exhibition’s catalogue.

House of eternal Return is a creative free-for-all, like falling into a dream or sliding down a rabbit hole.

Will they endure the limbless torments of eternal purgatory, like those god-forsaken babies who pass before receiving their first sacrament?

OK, so: While it’s okay for unbaptized children to float in eternal hellfire, cats apparently get a free pass.

Quirky Romance (36103)

Sample: “eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (2004).

She had some thoughts, alright — the fiery and eternal type.

The joke works because the punchline — our bosses are bad at technology and good at making mumbo-jumbo decisions on a whim — is eternal.

It seemed like everything was written in stone and we had reached the eternal equilibrium of post-war Germany.

There’s that eternal question: Can you separate the artist from the art they created?

In terms of square footage, The House of eternal Return is among the boldest examples of Santa Fe’s new direction.

During the Nazi era, the film The eternal Jew depicted Jews as rats.

The Dallas Museum of Art acquired one of Yayoi Kusama’s mirror infinity rooms, “All the eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins” (2016).

I’m an eternal optimist about America, and maybe that’s because I’m an immigrant.

“Hope springs eternal,” he said.

FeedBurner may be the internet’s closest thing to an eternal flame.

Israel says Jerusalem is its eternal and indivisible capital.

So the fact … Ponce de León, the search for eternal youth, the fountain of youth.

I think that’s an eternal quest.

Absolutely, instead of eternal life.

You sense eternal cycles of creation and destruction, cohesion and entropy.

Or… you could write a message into the bitcoin blockchain, making it eternal, uncensorable, independent, timestamped, and signed.

Eternitywall just makes all this easy and accessible to any user, converting the blockchain into a sort of unchangeable, eternal Twitter.

But before he did, he stipulated that his remains find eternal repose at his all-time favorite hang.

By her prayers, sacrifices and penances, she atones for the numberless sins committed against the eternal Father.

It’s a tale you’ve seen told over and over again before, one whose inherent satisfactions are eternal.

Erasing memories of scorned lovers is no longer just a movie trope popularized in eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Until then, we’re a little ways off from eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind becoming a reality.

The mission of eternal Leadership is simple: to help leaders so live their life that the use of their life outlives their life!

They live in the eternal present.

The city is rapidly exfoliating its grubby walls and cobbled streets and replacing them with bright, eternal glass and metal.

So perhaps he should rename this page ‘the hall of eternal shame’.

It’s refreshing to see that not all bright ideas flourished to eternal fame.

Israel considers the city its eternal and indivisible capital and wants all embassies based there.

True creativity endures as one of the last eternal scarcities!

West continued, promising the love of the world and his eternal respect in return for a little cash flow.

Yes, it’s pretty and not embarrassing at all, but it has us wondering: Does she have the secret to eternal youth?

If Annalise ever truly owned up to her eternal shadiness, this show would not exist!

Now that Spider-Man: Far From Home has arrived, it’s once again time to answer that eternal question: Which Marvel Studios movie is best?

There’s that eternal question: Can you separate the artist from the art they created?

Within a few episodes, Chuck and Blair were back to declaring their eternal love to each other in romantic scenes drenched in candlelight.

Principles that are eternal.

Reika: I think we know we’re not eternal, and that life is short.

Perhaps Rose Gold is the eternal glow of youth — but only for the fair-skinned.

The major corporations of Neuromancer are eternal entities that create products and usurp nations beneath them.

“Hope springs eternal” that this might be the breakthrough the international community needs on North Korea, said Coats.

The immersive 84-by-132-inch oil on panel displays a night vision of fantastical spirits from the tropics, Carrillo’s ancient and eternal Mexico.

On one hand, I realized that most of the movie is a lighthearted romp about an eternal man-child trying to get his bike back.

She keeps coming back, from banishment and poisoned apples and even eternal sleep.

Just stick to eternal principles.

It is by far the best night of his eternal life.

Your children and your grandchildren will be proud of you at the times that come if you stick to eternal principles.

And you can even throw it at people if they’re being annoying for an eternal curse.

I want this first bronze piece to be eternal but I also want it to be imbued with the twenty-first century.

The two discussed the eternal mystery behind Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose,” namely: what the hell Seal is singing on that song?

He apparently felt strongly that we are part of something much greater than our perceived selves, something eternal, something everlasting.

I will not.” An eternal being, with creative potential, created by a mortal — that’s where the creation narrative starts folding back on itself.

“You accept Jesus Christ as your savior, you are not only promised eternal life, but also you live long, healthily, and you will prosper.

The alchemy of something bizarre, ballistic and eternal.

This isn’t eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Israel considers Jerusalem its eternal and indivisible capital and wants all embassies based there.

One core principle of that Christian faith is that every human is an eternal being who was created with purpose, by a reasoning mind.

The Press died years ago, but something about the Voice seemed eternal, even with the recent years of change and strife.

Being the eternal punter, the weekend warrior, you’re always looking forward, and never making the most of the present.

If there’s one thing that’s certain beyond death and taxes, it’s that the search for the perfect mascara is eternal.

In either case, Tatum loves the 80s, and he wants his music to possess a similarly eternal quality.

Laurie is the eternal lover; Jo the eternal beloved.

Hope springs eternal, but the biggest movies of 2016 were generally installments in larger franchises, often about superheroes or animated goofballs.

One is a missionary’s comment on eternal damnation.

Compiled into a 360-degree video of 100 Vines playing at once, and they become a vision of eternal torment.

My older one is a real movie buff and his favorite movie is eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Cable news lives in the eternal present; it has the institutional memory of a fruit fly.

The hope for restoration of ancient ruins, and of the glorious past they represent, springs eternal.

(New superpower: eternal baby-face.)

Israel’s control over it is eternal.

Catch Chain Oct 1 at Union Pool with eternal Champion, Summerlands, and Crypt Sermon.

Israel considers Jerusalem its eternal and indivisible capital and wants all embassies based there.

Only then will the ambient bros will finally achieve the eternal chill vibes they so longed for in life.

It’s behavioral conditioning; the eternal reminder that the state is watching.”

He talks about eternal love as only possible with God.

In that way, perhaps Touhou’s longevity is eternal.

This eternal question haunts civic planners, fluid dynamics professors, and car manufacturers alike.

But the eternal is different from the infinite.

A constant and eternal war, a contestation in all domains, and for what?

I, along with two friends, decided to dress as eternal, a three-piece girl group I was really into.

The DJ, Zen Jefferson, stepped away from his booth and, sharpie in hand, traced their profiles gesturing in eternal longing.

We met the eternal object of desire at the debut of her collection of vegan shoes, created with Amélie Pichard.

Kendall and Kris capitalize on the opportunity to do some quick sightseeing in The eternal City.

Join me in eternal contemplation: Which is more important, retail therapy or paying rent?

But you shouldn’t have to suffer in an eternal abyss of self-torture.

As Hawking said in a speech last year, “They are not the eternal prisons they were once thought.

There are echoes of the poignant memory-play eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in Black Mirror’s similarly melancholy “The Entire History of You.”

Israel says the entire city is its eternal, indivisible capital and at times cracks down on Palestinian attempts to assert sovereignty there.

Israel considers Jerusalem its eternal and indivisible capital.

I was visiting my brother, who lives in Spain, and figured: why not hop a puddle jumper to the eternal City?

To paraphrase crudely: eternal return dictates that all existence must recur endlessly, never improving or changing.

Lightness states that, in fact, eternal return is impossible, that existence is unburdened, and that everything is fleeting and insignificant.

Here, lightness is found not through eternal return’s inverse but through its pliancy — that history is subject to reinterpretation.

But, the guys argue, ” The Donald”—Donald Juice, the five-foot-three funky diabetic—is more eternal.

They went right back to the eternal comforts of the spirit world.

The Gamecube’s eternal Darkness pretended to delete save files.

eternal caveat: Few patients pay the full sticker price for drugs.

I would personally like to think that we should have a stance of eternal vigilance to protect democratic norms.

That’s an eternal from what your … It’s a constant, constant.

“This project and upcoming tour comes from my deep eternal love of dirty rock & roll and country music,” she wrote on Instagram.

He is still known today as the “Great Leader” and the “eternal President,” and monuments glorifying his reign are everywhere in the country.

Israel considers Jerusalem its eternal and indivisible capital and wants all embassies based there.

Like Rio, Ryan Lochte is transformed by water; like Rio, he is subject to the iron eternal rule of the night.

But unfortunately, to my eternal regret, we didn’t really follow through with that.

In addition to being an eternal optimist, Gates is also highly pragmatic.

Some, myself included, have been critical of the vaguely colonial subtext that underlies its permanent installation titled the House of eternal Return.

Feelings are scarier to me when they seem permanent, like an eternal state that is going to suffocate me.

(3/10) A fact: “3 AM eternal” is the best song name of all time.

Another fact: “3 AM eternal” is one of the best songs ever made.

Together, they generate enough energy to create a sun, a source of eternal light.

It’s an example of the magic that happens when the careers of Black people are given the grace of eternal life.

Together, they generate enough energy to create a sun, a source of eternal light.

Still, this eternal question haunts the hair-minded: Should I get bangs?

The relentlessly unceasing thud of the kick’s eternal doof-doof was leading me into a hallucinatory state.

Saturday is North Korea’s most important holiday: the birthday of the “eternal President,” Kim Jong-un’s late grandfather, Kim II-sung.

Here is a brief list of what the recently released PC shooter Warhammer 40000: eternal Crusade is not.

eternal Crusade is not, despite years of labeling it as such, a massively multiplayer game.

eternal Crusade is not finished.

eternal Crusade is not smart about hiding its monetization scheme.

He says everything with such conviction that even the most absurd statements come across as eternal truths.

eternal Crusade is not remarkable, and this is the important bit.

eternal Crusade is so mediocre, just another game, another year, in a never-ending list of mediocre Warhammer/40K games.

It is always bad for people using the program, but hope springs eternal.”

The clearest proof of this is just what Behaviour Interactive, eternal Crusade’s studio, did before landing the 40K license.

We are forced to contend with the fact that they are human—not a magic wellspring of eternal potentiality and fulfillment.

Sentenced to eternal underappreciation, the footballing world may never wholly cherish the unorthodox brilliance of Berbatov.

It might sound dramatic, and possibly ridiculous, but we don’t pick our moments – I owe The Darkness an eternal debt of gratitude.

Israel considers Jerusalem its eternal and indivisible capital and wants all embassies based there.

Kim III assumed the title of first general secretary as his dead father was elevated to the rank of eternal general secretary.

Marxism, as the French writer Albert Camus put it, became a “horizontal religion,” replacing God with history, and eternal salvation with an earthly paradise.

I might still hold some affection the eternal damp of a British weekender, but a two-day festival in a parking lot in October?

It says the entire city is its eternal and indivisible capital.

She has this very vivid eternal life and I completely relate to that because I’m honestly a very heady person.

One issue at play is the distinctive Mormon doctrine of eternal marriage.

“No decay, no decomposition: the eternal NOTHINGNESS,” warns the conservator in all caps.

When it comes to combat sports and their eternal quest for mainstream legitimacy the enemy is always within.

Arguably, eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is Jim Carrey’s last great dramatic performance.

It’s worth mentioning that, although the visuals present nature as something eternal, the parks have been altered since their founding.

But the sort of eternal solace I seek in these finite entities is where shit goes awry.

I try to be an eternal optimist.

Our blood is eternal.

If nostalgia is king of Hollywood, Netflix and Reubens seem to say, then Pee-wee Herman is its eccentric, bow-tied eternal boy prince.

These are whimsical poems that reveal the most familiar domestic settings as designed for eternal sleep.

During these trance-sermons Baker gave deranged warnings of “the shuddering terrors of eternal damnation” while grinding her teeth, groaning, and breathing irregularly.

During the Nazi era, the film The eternal Jew depicted Jews as rats.

With these moonbeams lighting an eternal flame, you might have an engagement announcement to share.

It’s half-voyeurism, half-vampire; my secret of eternal youth.

They will, however, get the eternal pleasure of saying, “I listened to that band before it was popular.”

You asked Kanye to please stop blaming your Apple friends, but, to your eternal shame, he never obliged.

My eternal gratitude.

She eats it, a la Khaleesi, thereby pledging her eternal soul to Lady Gaga.

After you look up, and see that the outstretched desert road suddenly seems eternal.

Cooper, however, roots these eternal archetypes into the music industry of now.

The Simpsons is 30 years old, but it lives in an eternal 1990, forever on the cusp of some other world.

This isn’t “eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” zapping memories out of people’s heads, he says.

I agree, but humans will always thirst for something bigger, for something eternal or absolute.

eternal Blue takes advantage of a vulnerability in the Windows operating system, for which Microsoft issued a patch earlier this year.

Chomsky made it clear he was elevating linguistics to the altitude of Plato’s — and the Martian’s — transcendental eternal universals.

Perhaps it’s because, as an animal dead by human misadventure, the ape is the eternal underdog.

He sings of a future, moving beyond the eternal present that grief’s fog bogs a person down in.

Ghosts, witches, jilted prom queens, abandoned apartments, the quest for eternal youth — this show’s got it all.

Yet mass surveillance rides rough shod over hard won democratic boundaries in the name of an ill-defined and apparently eternal ‘war on terror’.

Too Wild for the Crowd is due to be released this Friday, November 25 on eternal Death (vinyl bundles are available for preorder now).

In the Nazi era, the film The eternal Jew depicted Jews as rats.

Hope springs eternal!)

Krayzie Bone’s lightning cadence still blazes through the haunting darkness of E.1999 eternal.

Only those who trust in Jesus Christ alone as their savior receive God’s free gift of eternal salvation.

Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo with his unique narratives from an eternal puberty is another.

Experiencing life with poor hearing is like playing an eternal guessing game.

If you’re interested in the more modern Doom stuff, though, keep an eye out for Doom eternal, the sequel to the 2016 hit.

Hope … it springs eternal … even when it doesn’t have a quarterback.

But a failed eternal rock star.

The central theme of that film [is] getting lost in the eternal boredom of eternal life.

Ah, the eternal question.

But there is something running between us, some throughline, that is eternal, symbolized by that ever-rolling river.

Bruce is eternal.

To its eternal credit, Jack in the Box responded within an acceptably pronto 30-ish minutes.

the shipping name for their eternal love, it should probably make Johnlock something worth caring about.

Her voice helped elevate my live moments into eternal compositions.

The heyday of the YBAs was characterized by a sense of eternal promise buoyed by a tumescent art market that rewarded artistic excess.

Free, that is, if you don’t count giving up your dignity and eternal soul.

The Milwaukee Bucks’ Jason Terry swears by eternal Water, another alkaline brand, to help him hydrate.

Superchunk are seemingly eternal.

Her music captures the eternal attraction of the genre with a refreshing dash of contemporary pop.”

These goofballs are eternal.

It’s an eternal question — and one that has divided households for as long as we can remember.

Tonight, on VICELAND, VICE World of Sports will feature a documentary on the Serbia’s eternal Derby.

This red-baiter from Southern California was the point man for McCarthyism, earning the eternal enmity of postwar liberals.

Not far from where we are gathered tonight, hundreds of thousands of America’s greatest patriots lay in eternal rest at Arlington National Cemetery. Trump offered condolences to the families of the victims: “We pledge our eternal support.

That’s their eternal fate.

I try to imagine him as a preacher man, delivering eternal truths to the masses and holding the feet of power to the fire.

“My beautiful son, you will be given endless happiness , and eternal love.

Israel considers Jerusalem its eternal and indivisible capital and wants all embassies based there.

)I wanted the promise to build a life together, to move forward with this other person, to be eternal partners in crime.

If some people are drawn inexplicably to the darkness, does that relate some terrible truth about their eternal character?

As an artist, I feel I’m responsible for freeing women from the idea of eternal youth and perfection.

In this instructional clip, Cardi B—ever full of endless eternal wisdom—explains why matte lipstick, in certain scenarios, is better than gloss.

“The way Carl Jung [the psychoanalyst who first discussed such archetypes] described archetypes was as eternal symbols,” Ronnberg explained.

The water that I will give will become in them a spring of water gushing up to eternal life.”

His friends describe him as an eternal teenager, who shied away from responsibility but welcomed bad influences.

Interestingly before the March 14 patch, vulnerabilities related to several eternal exploits also affected Windows 10, according to the Microsoft Security Bulletin.

Here are the freezer-burned delights that have captured our hearts with the fiery, eternal warmth of the roof-of-mouth-eviscerating cheese in an overcooked Hot Pocket.

Hope, however, springs eternal.

Hope springs eternal.

Because they got together and concocted this glorious video of Boogie laying down the basics of this eternal tale of love lost at sea.

Here is “The Winker’s Song,” if you are not familiar: eternal damnation can’t be far away, can it?

“These children were just languishing in this eternal now.

A night at the club becomes an eternal, tangible memory.

They said if I did what they did — that is, go to church — I could have eternal life.

However, they’ve never attempted anything as massive as the House of eternal Return.

There is something eternal about it, something that reminds me of how artworks never lose their mystery.

An eternal truth is that mothers rarely avoid transferring their own failed ambitions and dreams onto their daughters.

The same collapse, the same eternal shame.

Nature and God themselves have conspired to make him an eternal scapegoat.

It’s incredible to me that something, like the sheet of paper, can be made eternal by burning it.

Taking something so ephemeral, like burning paper, and converting into the eternal represents two extremes.

I’m trying to position an eternal archaic inside an ever-changing contemporary world.

It’s just one of those eternal Baywatch mysteries.

“Hope springs eternal,” she said.

The paper, titled “A Smooth Exit from eternal Inflation,” is under peer review for publication in an unnamed major scientific journal.

The paper, titled “A Smooth Exit from eternal Inflation,” is under peer review for publication in an unnamed major scientific journal.

“[It] speaks to the eternal pursuit of humanity’s cultural imagination, with a time mark of our current time and era.”

She then followed it up by admitting, “It feels good that they wonder” about her secrets for apparent eternal youth.

were the same small blessings I needed to keep me going during the eternal wait for answers.

Marr and Morrissey may have changed, but the guitarist says that the people bleating the eternal Will-The-Smiths-ever-reform?

These instructions are to take the form of eternal objects, artworks unassailable by time.

Finally, who are some of your current (or eternal) icons?

Have the dogs managed to make an eternal work out of stolen logos and characters and scenarios?

Speaking of getting old, this pin is about eternal recurrence.

If eternal damnation is to be stuck in the DMs, as Bieber preaches, it honestly wouldn’t be surprising.

Elevating human struggles to divine relations makes these struggles seem eternal, hallowed.

Anything but a literal version of eternal vigilance gives them a path to sneak in, and they want to sneak in all the time.

Maybe the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance after all.

Israel considers Jerusalem its eternal and indivisible capital.

The spirit of football is eternal and can never be biodegraded.

They each jammed eternal, though with distinct styles: Pierce favored extended, pedal-heavy drones, while Verve conceived loose, reverb-soaked grooves.

“They seem eternal, as do the flowers in the conservatory and gardens at Selby, and it is that inherent contradiction that fascinates me.

“tired girl,” tweeted a screenshot of a text message exchange between her and a boy, who hit her up with the eternal “wyd” text.

The internet is an eternal feedback loop.

Consider this your inspiration for how to solve the eternal back-and-forth over what to eat.

(It was probably the eternal aching in your shoulders that tipped you off.)

—Van Morrison, “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn.

But Diaries has taken on a life of its own during its eight season run.Sadly, even eternal life must end sometime.

She refuses, saying she must retreat to the moon, but gives him a jade elixir whose effects give eternal life.

In a way, though, this is the eternal feeling of the end of the NBA season.

Doom eternal, of course, the highly anticipated sequel to id Software’s 2016 reboot of the classic shooter series.

A post by Bethesda—the game’s publisher—stated that Doom eternal will introduce the next “leap” in the rebooted series’ fast-paced and visceral action.

Based on the gameplay that was just revealed on Friday, Doom eternal looks poised to deliver on all of that and more.

Doom eternal will also add an apparently Dark Souls-style world invasion feature, where players can join each other’s games to do some fragging.

“I’m friends with Nick,” Wood, whose credits also include North and eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, confirmed.

Doom eternal also adds “destructible demons” to the game, which is exactly as gory and gross and fun as it sounds.

“It was also very topical and eternal in its themes — about a labor strike, about the haves and have nots.

Give her eternal rest O Lord and may your light shine on her forever,” Giudice wrote.

Here’s the House Speaker engaging in the eternal struggle: To have or not to have facial hair.

Israel considers Jerusalem to be its eternal, indivisible capital.

I love Damon, too: enough to not want him to spend his eternal life making the same mistake over and over again.

She’s certain only of two things: her eternal soul and its uncertain resting place.

Repeat until the eternal fires of hell consume us all, and even then you can probably get a publishing deal with the Devil.

Ice cream is an eternal pleasure, and we’d appreciate if you didn’t take that away from us.

While the glory vampire days of the mid 2000s have been replaced by zombie fever, don’t kid yourself: Vampires are eternal.

Spoiler alert: They do not escape the “eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.”

The strength of the power ballad comes from an eternal and different plane.

Regardless, the Bunny Man quickly became an eternal piece of Virginia folklore, and the crime mutated into a ghost story.

Israel’s government regards Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the country, although that is not recognized internationally.

Her original songs focus on the eternal pleasures of home, family warmth, and — that wonderful state to aspire to — togetherness.

While Spencer might claim that hope breeds eternal misery, I’m crossing my fingers that the PLL finale is as epic as promised.

In short, life springs from sheep shit eternal.

But the eternal enemy Eliza Minnick sends him home.

She is the eternal yes where Marlborough was so often a mean and ungenerous no.

eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) I know what you’re thinking with this cover.

Because what says true, eternal love quite like a permanent piece of ink?

But Kimmy’s naïveté and eternal state of wonder at everyone and everything just feels grating by this point.

Through his exquisite skill, Michelangelo acknowledges the human body as more than just the earthly flesh, but a vessel for an eternal soul.

The eternal privacy issue.”

Israel says Jerusalem is its eternal and indivisible capital.

After the 1967 war, Israel annexed East Jerusalem and deems all of the city its “indivisible and eternal capital”, a status not recognized internationally.

May she rest in eternal peace.

In a world where fads change faster than you can say Pokémon Go, prom remains an eternal tradition.

His works have already carved out an eternal niche in the history of film,” festival organizers said in a statement.

Update: We were playing a level from Doom 2016, not Doom eternal

I was steeped in the lore of eternal youth.

Israel’s government regards Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the country, although that is not recognized internationally.

We discussed music, the eternal wonder of travel, and Bez having a big one in in Pyongyang.

Altered Carbon is Netflix’s new prestige science fiction mystery about the cost of eternal life.

After what seemed like an eternal winter (RIP spring, we hardly knew thee), the sun has finally graced us with its presence.

Pain is perishable, and pride remains eternal!

To turn the AC on or to not turn the AC on, that is the eternal summer struggle.

Popcorn and movies, movies and popcorn — it’s an eternal pairing.

Israel’s government regards Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the country, although that is not recognized internationally.

Doom eternal and Wolfenstein: Youngblood are the big titles for Bethesda this year, plus Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76 updates.

As it goes, putting 4/4 kick drums underneath Sade acolytes isn’t the path to eternal greatness.

[Love] and eternal light,” she captioned the photo, adding #RIPHeath.

The city is understood as an eternal center, a place that does not change throughout history.

An 8 a.m. birth time would have indicated she has an “eminent birth chart,” and hope springs eternal.

The icon might be retired from the stage, but her cat-eye is eternal — and it’s all thanks to Ashton.

Principles that are eternal.

Earlier this week, the WBC named current Kiev mayor and former heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko “eternal World Heavyweight Champion”.

eternal World Champion.

Doom eternal is actual the direct sequel to the 2016 reboot of the classic first-person shooter.

So what then does an “eternal World Championship” mean?

(eternal is eternal, after all).

By logic, shouldn’t Holmes have a more rightful claim as the WBC “eternal Champion”?

Some of the other problems is it’s a constant juvenile coddling of … mostly men and it is eternal college campus.

Assuming Elon Musk has discovered the secret of eternal youth by then, he’ll probably ‘gram that too.

Faithful, I wasn’t afraid to die, since I was assured of eternal life.

There’s no real wrong or right answer to the eternal question.

It really is the eternal question: “Should I get bangs?” (For further proof, Chrissy Teigen once posed the query in her Twitter bio).

Happy 60th birthday to the eternal Madonna.

Principles that are eternal.

Oh Bixby, you eternal bastion of unfulfilled potential.

Doom: eternal – More info, more footage and now, finally, a date.

Doom: eternal arrives November 22.

Their reward is a first Copa America clash with eternal rivals Brazil since the 2007 final, which they lost 3-0.

These are constructs cooked up by human beings and later enshrined as eternal truths.

Answering these questions, of course, is an eternal conundrum.

Meow Wolf’s House of eternal Return in Santa Fe, New Mexico holds regular open hours, special events, concerts, and educational programs.

He directed the classic film eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, but Jezebel points out that music videos are where he really excels.

eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (2004)

What do you get when you combine director Michel Gondry and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman?

It regards all of the city as its eternal and indivisible capital.

“It’ll be our eternal secret.

She organized the museum’s upcoming film series eternal Bruce Lee, which features all five films Lee made in his prime.

eternal Bruce Lee runs at the Museum of Modern Art (11 West 53rd Street, Midtown West, Manhattan) January 27–February 4.

Now that Spider-Man: Far From Home has arrived, it’s once again time to answer that eternal question: Which Marvel Studios movie is best?

eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a strange sci-fi love story that essentially focuses on all the ways love can go wrong.

Like eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Anomalisa is a sad, lonely anti-love story about the ways life and romance will always disappoint us.

Doom eternal We still don’t know much about this sequel to the 2016 reboot.

As a self-proclaimed “eternal optimist,” The University Times reported that she said “good is gonna come out of [the scandal].”

the eternal salvation of souls) probably justify the means (stealing artifacts).

The new Oasis walks that eternal e-reader tightrope between forced simplicity and new features — and mostly succeeds.

Was tequila the secret to eternal life?

This is one eternal fraud narrative.

It regards all of the city as its eternal and indivisible capital.

Israel considers Jerusalem its eternal and indivisible capital and wants all embassies based there.

Kardashian wrote on a Snap, which showed Lawrence explaining her eternal love for the TV show.

Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington might get an eternal resting spot right next to his dear friend, Chris Cornell.

My older son actually gave me a necklace that says “eternal Optimist,” which is really true.

Halloween may be over, but our love for candy is, of course, eternal.

“I believe it has an effect of doom, fear, yet a wistful desire for eternal love.

(Figuratively, of course — it’s not like you can just eternal Sunshine that shit.)

Had you kept in touch with Jim between eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and this project?

Israel’s government regards Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the country, although that is not recognized internationally.

Every Dadaphile with an eternal gaze needs The Blind Man: New York Dada, 1917.

It is an eternal verity of politics that any new policy is met by wonks explaining why other policies would have been better.

She’s not shy about wanting to plan her eternal vacation spot, but her kids almost always dismiss her.

In terms of artists, my mom named Simply Red, Lisa Stansfield and eternal as the ones she liked when she was pregnant.

The choice is obvious, making Omanyte and Omastar eternal losers.

Golduck is pretty cool for a duck, but he’s an eternal disappointment since getting him means you have to give up Psyduck.

Being an eternal optimist is not my thing apparently.

For others, the eternal draw will be “the exclusivity of pushing the only PH button in the elevator,” Morgan said.

Israel calls Jerusalem its eternal capital, but Palestinians also lay claim to the city as part of an eventual Palestinian state.

Maybe one day they’ll reveal their secret to eternal youth.

So now fans can eat, sleep, and live in eternal Disney happiness.

All of us are left to wait, frustrated, not knowing whether the future holds the fulfillment of our desires or an eternal waiting.

Well, that’s down to Annihilation’s masterful questioning of the human condition, and its eternal cycle of destruction and reinvention.

As legend goes, if a person consumed the flesh of a Ningyo, he or she would have eternal life and youth.

They’re not in season yet but hope springs eternal.

The exhibit right now is Yayoi Kusama: All the eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins.

How did you make this eternal creature your own?

In our churches and synagogues and mosques, we pray to the everlasting and eternal.

Hawking’s eternal resting place lays beside Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

There are religious ways that say what’s good or bad is how you feel inside, or your relationship to the eternal.

The officer frowns — with his proud badge, he does not see the other’s secret knowledge that his power is neither eternal nor absolute.

The eternal Athleisure-rComfort is the name of your game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock pieces with some personality, too.

This brings us to the eternal issue: How do choose what to read next?

Yesterday, North West and Penelope Disick had the ultimate unicorn-themed joint birthday party, which reminded us the unicorn is eternal.

Yet his eternal bond with the UK remained unquestionable.

She describes him as an eternal optimist.

Which is an eternal mood, honestly.

Is he referring to the Delos scheme of eternal life?

She is the owner of eternal Spring Soybean Milk, a stand strategically located right near National Taiwan Normal University.

eternal Spring Soybean Milk (新永泉豆漿) No.

She was an eternal flame within our house.

It is truly the eternal question.

In the eyes of some, the curve of a woman’s back presents an eternal suggestion of bending over, promiscuity, supplication, submission.

That feeling of dislocation and eternal outsiderdom allows The Courtneys to keep their heads.

In the eternal words of Donna Summer, “She works hard for the money.”

Here’s looking at you, Dean Unglert, the eternal Fuckboy Supreme of Bachelor in Paradise.

The idea of eternal agonizing punishment is never treated psychologically realistically, which is to say, as something brutal and horrific and genuinely, soul-wrenchingly terrifying.

Well, all these years later, we’re finally giving a shoutout to boyfriend jeans for saving us from eternal skinny jean misery.

Israel says it is the country’s united and eternal capital while Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of any future state.

The promise of eternal rest is often provisional.

In the days after, we dealt with eternal lines looking for gas and provisions.

The environment-aided attacks are reminiscent of Mortal Kombat X, by the same studio, and, because I’m old, eternal Champions.

Floral arrangements in the shape of an anchor represent fidelity and faith; the pillow, which is still available, represents eternal rest.

In 2009, he won the Rome Prize Fellowship and spent a year in the eternal City.

Are they bound by eternal wedded bliss, or are they riding out their 60-day marriage license until they make more concrete plans?

“It’s the eternal compromise, but that’s how we work …

But thanks to Westworld, summer’s eternal love affair with gingham, and the prevalence of frilled prairie dresses, the trend is here to stay.

It’s worth mentioning that now that she’s escaped death and eternal hell twice now, Madison is slowly shedding her mean girl ways.

It says the entire city is its “eternal and indivisible” capital.

Robert Sutton, a psychology professor at Stanford University, has stepped up to answer this eternal question.

It’s quite possible that Drake is the only Scorpio to ever live who doesn’t thrive by holding eternal drudges.

But for Cruz supporters and other Republicans who are horrified by the idea of Trump leading their party, hope springs eternal.

Automatically, she thinks of the profile, and whether the eternal popularity of cats would work on this site, too.

“I lost somebody who I thought was my eternal love.

Israel considers Jerusalem its eternal and indivisible capital.

To my eternal regret, I solicited feedback from our editorial staff.

But that’s the eternal struggle.

Israel considers all of the city its indivisible, eternal capital.

Israel regards Jerusalem as its eternal and indivisible capital.

After beating breast cancer, Roday’s once eternal bachelor fell hard for Maggie (Allison Miller), a woman whose own cancer had recently returned.

I finish my book (eternal Life by Dara Horn) and wait up for J.

Plus, the Bog of eternal Stench is pure 12-year-old-boy humor, complete with fart noises.

Ahead of filming Queer Eye season 3, Bobby Berk, the eternal workhorse, collaborated with West Elm to make the loft functional, familial, and cozy.

Some argued that new, bad users flooded the internet then, a kind of ultimate eternal September effect.

It didn’t quite work out for him, unfortunately, as he likely died of mercury poisoning while trying to achieve eternal life.

Then, next month, the secret to eternal life will change.

Even though the Mother of Dragons is the one who saved them all from ice blue eyes and eternal night?

Doom eternal Doom was a shocking return to form for the old school first person shooter.

eternal subjects such as the nature of art criticism and the direction it’s headed these days will be addressed.

Israel’s government regards Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the country, although that is not recognized internationally.

“Seth and Jeremy enjoyed relative success from eternal, a hit television vampire drama.

Her Instagram feed skews toward eternal high school senior.

Rather, we could start with that ending itself, the moment where the systems that Observer grants as eternal structures fall apart.

This militarization of technology is an eternal process.

And finally, we enter into that eternal debate, one that’s been asked and answered for as long as podcasts existed: Knife or Bat?

Israel’s government regards Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the country, although that is not recognized internationally.

working for the ‘eternal weekend’ of retirement.” SOURCE: Age and Ageing, online June 7, 2016.

There is an eternal debate in carbon wonk circles about the relative merits of a carbon tax versus a cap-and-trade system.

Doom eternal, which will reportedly be playable at 4K resolution and 60 frames-per-second.

It was a stereotype — the woman as eternal victim — that they hadn’t even thought about.

eternal Champion – The Armor Of Ire3.

If nothing else, Frank is proof that toys are the secret to eternal youth.

Every now and then their enthusiasm gets silly, but this is an ebullient, credible rendition of pop’s eternal adolescent thrill.

The profusion of scenes of hedonistic youth in a place of eternal spring invites the viewer to get lost in the painting.

It’s one of those eternal truths: the second you turn thirty, your low back starts to bug you.

(Saturday Night Live was around, obviously, but that show is eternal.)

The only answer I have is that Yves Saint Laurent quote about “fashion fades but style is eternal.”

This project and upcoming tour comes from my deep eternal love of dirty rock & roll and country music.

Launched in March 2016, the House of eternal Return was a relative overnight success.

“The ties of the Jewish people to this Holy Land are ancient and eternal,” Trump said at the Israel Museum.

Israel regards Jerusalem as its eternal and indivisible capital, although that is not recognised internationally.

The next step for Yang’s team is one familiar to everyone who’s seen eternal Sunshine: erasing the memories themselves.

Released on the Buffalo label Loki, with Australian distribution through eternal Soundcheck, Mustard Gas – Live is limited to 60 copies with hand stamped covers.

And that’s what makes the story eternal.

“I wouldn’t be in this business if I didn’t believe that hope springs eternal,” she says.

So it’s really about time we had an online mini-game that lets us all join Tom Cruise’s eternal run.

Hopefully, we don’t wish eternal damnation on even our worst enemies.

This has extended out to other icons whose legacies of action and energy seem at odds with eternal sleep.

Its virtual world adds a whole new answer to the eternal question: why don’t you just learn guitar?

Everywhen: The eternal Present in Indigenous Art from Australia continues at Harvard Art Museums (32 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA) until September 18.

We talk about Halo Infinite, Doom eternal, Gears 5, Fallout 76, Prey (of course), and much, much more!

According to the theory, superhuman intelligence might allow us to one day separate our consciousnesses from our bodies, granting us something like eternal life.

I’m an eternal optimist.

“Hope springs eternal but we need to learn a lot more relative to these talks.

The MELA organization may take its name from the acronym for Music eternal Light Art.

Israel regards Jerusalem as its eternal and indivisible capital.

An otherworldly chorus of Christian hymns drone ominously while the “12 eternal LAWS OF GOD” scroll up across the screen.

We’re here to talk about our eternal, unrequited, and misplaced love for the VR glove.

Nature is timeless and eternal.

We were the eternal optimists.

Israel considers the city its eternal and indivisible capital and wants all embassies based there.

What is it about memory that you’re so fascinated by?I suppose you’re referring to eternal Sunshine.

Even though you won an Oscar for screenwriting?Even eternal Sunshine started from an anecdote I was told—I’m not a very imaginative person.

He formed Brotherhood of eternal Love as a religious organization and their purpose was to spread psychedelics.

If you were truly endless, really and truly eternal, you’d go mad.

Could love exist in an eternal present, trapped in the amber of youth?

Here, we get Robin as a one-note joke, the eternal chipper kid sycophant.

Its titular town promises eternal happiness but really offers endless lethargy.

Lish was about as blatant as you can get: Come with me if you want to touch the eternal.

There’s a point in the first episodes where Jack is seriously considering suicide, because he’s so tired of the eternal battle.

While predicting the future is an eternal pursuit, rendering it experiential is a more modern innovation.

“Ever westward, eternal rider!” reads the final title card in his epic, “Quick Billy” (1970).

“Receding trade tensions and hopes for dovish Fed policy was of help to Japanese stocks but these are mostly eternal factors, not indigenous ones.

We hope eternal in a sentence examples were helpful.