Establish in a sentence | Use of the word establish examples

The Sandoval leak helps establish that conciliation might not work.

A suspicious activity report is not proof of any crime, just a red flag, and can help authorities establish patterns.

To establish such a body can take a number of years in Ireland.

For starters, the bulk of statutes related to classification require some form of intent to establish criminality.

We’re not going to establish that pattern.

Large-scale studies involving thousands of participants in several countries have failed to establish a link between the MMR vaccine and the mental developmental disorder.

Berner helped establish the agency as a Treasury Department official before becoming its first and only director.

Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, who said she would establish an advisory board to streamline the process and focus primarily on drug offenders.

It raises questions of whether he could have benefited financially from helping establish more harmonious ties between the US and Russia.

He’s assigned to join a major expedition sponsored by the Royal Geographical Society — a dangerous journey to map Bolivia and establish its borders.

But it said there was insufficient evidence to establish a criminal conspiracy between the campaign and Moscow.

But, per Mueller, his investigation “did not establish” such conspiracy or coordination.

However, he reviewed Mueller’s findings and concluded there was no sufficient evidence to establish that Trump obstructed justice.

President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev expressed their condolences and ordered investigators to establish what had happened.

I think Green Book could have been better if it went beyond Tony and really tried to establish Shirley as a co-lead. Large-scale studies involving thousands of participants in several countries have failed to establish a link between childhood vaccinations and autism.

And Democrats in Congress are now considering a bill for the first time that would establish a $15 federal minimum wage.

Nor does it look like a brand new startup that is eschewing short-term profits in order to establish its business.

Lu Kang, the foreign ministry spokesman, insisted that the purpose of the fishing fleet is not to establish sovereignty claims in the disputed waters.

But now CEO Jeff Bezos seems to want to establish his place atop every industry.

He helped establish the Citi tie-up alongside Michael Fossaceca, Citi’s head of treasury and trade solutions in North America.

Authorities are now searching Long’s home in a bid to try and establish a motive for the shooting.

In it, Barr said that the special counsel “did not establish” coordination of conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Mueller did not come to a conclusion on obstruction of justice, but Barr stepped in to say that the evidence did not establish obstruction.

The company gave no timetable, but said it would work to establish a “realistic target date” to end deforestation in its Cerrado supply chain.

Between now and then, Democrats have a chance to establish generational ownership of a political issue that will dominate the 21st century.

In his truck bed was a shipment of mollusks from an ocean farming collective he’d helped to establish three years prior.

After Grenfell, the DCLG ordered a series BS 8414 tests to establish which types of cladding met fire safety rules.

We really have to establish this point before moving on.

The media never stopped passing on the right-wing distortion, with some watery he-said she-said around it to establish, uh, objectivity.

Instead, every episode takes great pains to establish a bunch of stuff, and then June burns it all down.

Andrew Cuomo lacked the authority to establish the unit, and challenged several amendments that strengthened state rent laws.

So I will establish a Skills for Londoners taskforce to ensure that businesses and Londoners have the skills and training they need.

In the meantime, the two Koreas will establish a hotline so Kim and Moon can speak to each other directly.

Clubs are increasingly able to establish a total player value no Gauguin can match—Manchester City recently established a team worth upwards of €400 million.

We thought we should establish this journal where people can send papers they’re afraid couldn’t be published in other journals.

Even the authors acknowledge that their report cannot and does not establish causation.”

Pocket lets you save items to read or watch later and, Mozilla said, will help the company establish itself in mobile.

This can lead to a deeper spiral of shame and negativity when you’re attempting to establish a strength-training regimen.

But how do you establish credit if you don’t have any to begin with?

Sophia’s designer, Hanson Robotics, has said it took pains to establish the robot’s lifelike feminine qualities.

There are a lot of reasons to return humans to the moon and establish a more permanent presence there.

“Subsequent investigative steps undertaken in order to establish intent were not successful.”

In my book, I deliberately tried to first establish a connection based on shared identity, and then move to the ideas.

That hustle helped Peak establish himself on the recruiting market, and he eventually became a top-65 prospect in the Class of 2014.

“Butina sought to establish unofficial lines of communication with Americans having power and influence over U.S. politics,” a prosecutor said in court, CNN reported.

The problem is that it’s hard to establish whether a piece of speech or writing is a dog whistle.

“Butina sought to establish unofficial lines of communication with Americans having power and influence over U.S. politics,” a prosecutor said in court, CNN reported.

A secret meeting to establish a back channel between the US and Russia.

He also decided to establish a state-run insurance marketplace, rather than let the federal government do everything, as most other GOP-led states did.

Yet there is still a relation between the way that both Memory and still lifes establish a space between the infinite and the finite.

In times of great political upheaval, they are able to do so, and establish a period of dominance.

In the midcentury, marginal art forms, like ceramics, weaving, and photography, were the only genres in which women could establish themselves professionally.

“Christopher Returns” (season 1, episode 15) This episode has to establish Rory and Lorelai’s relationship with Christopher, and it does so beautifully.

But foreign banks have struggled to establish a foothold, with several large international players pulling out of the business for lack of scale.

Messaging apps are personal spaces, so it is critical to get the experience right / establish an authentic relationship.

In addition, employers would have to establish fair scheduling practices and a system for workers to report sexual harassment.

The board said it was unable to establish a motive for state actors to have been involved.

Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of a state they seek to establish in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Influential titles such as The Colossal Cave Adventure or Zork, used Basic Code to establish their core gameplay features.

FDR never actually received one, but Hull got a Peace Prize in 1945 for helping establish the United Nations: So who makes the decisions?

For employers, it will increase the quality and diversity of the solar workforce and establish nationally consistent training standards.

But security experts say it does nothing to establish Wright’s identity.

We will also train our employees and establish more specialized and integrated industrial complexes.

This is a terrible standard to establish in public life.

— and not anything that would establish what the expectations should be.

When Aaron was alive, the family could use the criminal conviction to automatically establish liability … but now they can’t.

Israeli officials say they will never let Tehran or Hezbollah establish a permanent military presence in neighboring Syria.

The card itself is not proof of a controlled substance violation, but it may lead to questions that establish inadmissibility.”

Just like the infrastructure unpinning cities, it takes years to establish a tree population, and they are virtually impossible to move.

“It’s very hard to establish because the thresholds are high,” he said.

He had to establish a track record.

“DISG will seek to achieve our mission to establish Singapore as a global-Asia technology hub,” said Kiren Kumar, chief digital industry officer, DISG.

Let’s also work to establish sensible norms for people running for high office.

The popularity of Sesame Street and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood would help establish the network as a national presence.

“We want to establish long-term and stable relations,” Putin said.

Schumer thought the two of them had reached an agreement that would keep the government open and establish a path forward on immigration.

It wasn’t quite as explicit as Dark Knight, but it helped set the tone and establish Miller’s sensibility.

The Venezuelan government will have to establish a formula by which a certain unit of the petro equals a certain percentage of those reserves.

So there’s a whole set-up around safely managed drinking water and sanitation that we help countries establish.

Uber should establish key metrics to which its leaders will be held accountable in the performance review process.

D. establish Protocols with Respect to Escalating Complaints.

Uber should establish protocols with respect to escalating complaints that require investigation.

establish an Employee Diversity Advisory Board.

If they establish a roadside checkpoint within the border zone, they can stop and question anyone who drives through about their immigration status.

A spokeswoman for House Speaker Paul Ryan said the proposed policy would help establish “order and decorum.”

The donation will be used to establish the June and Simon K.C.

I mention these things to establish the fact that I am completely addicted to Twitter.

In addition to the historic gift, the museum will establish a center for the study of modern art from Latin America.

It will also establish a 95-square kilometer “no-coal zone” banning household coal combustion and convert more than 9,000 households to gas.

Photo courtesy of Jules Gallaty Jules was nine years older than Amanda, which made it difficult to establish an intimate connection.

Meanwhile, the prosecution will likely be trying to establish that what they say Cosby did to Constand constituted a pattern of behavior.

You establish yourself at that point.

The most important thing for me to establish for this project was the dove to begin with.

As we establish the details around our recently announced task force, we will be seek their input and guidance.”

… Tara Golshan: Is testifying under the penalty of perjury enough to establish credibility for you?

Golshan: Is that enough to establish credibility for Blasey Ford then?

THUMP: How did you establish a working relationship with the label?Hausfrau: I contributed a track of mine to the Clyde Built 2.0 Compilation.

Since then, nearly a half-dozen armed groups warred against the government to establish a Muslim homeland on the island of Mindanao.

Norwegian officials said they had been in touch with their Russian counterparts but had not been able to establish the type of vessel.

Legislators in both New York and New Mexico have so far proposed legislation that establish crimes against homeless people as hate crimes.

In the 1950s, with Ben Gurion’s blessing, he worked with France to establish Israel’s nuclear program.

The UK would commit to apply a common rulebook on state aid, and establish cooperative arrangements between regulators on competition.

Waymo’s attorneys attempted to establish that Levandowski was highly incentivized to achieve very ambitious technical milestones by a certain deadline.

However, the plastic yellow leaves decorating their bare branches show that they have yet to establish themselves in this new environment.

The behavior is very rarely a “one time mistake,” but rather a pattern of behavior designed to establish power and control over a victim.

Barr’s “principal conclusions” letter said Mueller’s inquiry did not establish that Trump’s campaign team conspired with Russia.

Hamilton, a founding father of the United States, helped establish the financial system that endures to this day.

Hamilton, a founding father of the United States, helped establish the financial system that endures to this day.

In 1989, Doolittle helped establish indie rock as a genre that’s existed (ideologically and artistically) outside the mainstream.

It also provides a voice to a long-forgotten woman who worked independently to participate and establish herself in a male-saturated field.

establish an employee-based culture, coach your players, set goals, and earn championships.”

A better approach would be to establish a single, uniform program that gives all parents — whether rich or poor — what they fundamentally need: money.

It was a deliberate attempt to move outside the framework of grunge, into something less defined by the scene they’d helped establish.

That’s a big picture, a kind of cultural shift that many of us are working to establish.

That line is just a set-up to establish an impossible measure of success: stopping all attacks.

Like any good educators, the curators make use of whatever immediate connection they can establish with their audience.

My first thing was to establish a definitive list of weapons and abilities.

“Cut-ups establish new connections between images,” Foisy said, reading from a cut-up of Burroughs’ and her own thoughts on the practice.

This has been true since she started vlogging in 2011, and has helped account for her popularity and establish her as a trustworthy figure.

All this mainly served to establish that knowing about framing does not make you good at framing.

A few months after launch came the first big update, Foundation, which allowed players to establish a home planet and build bases.

The Manchin-Toomey bill, the only gun legislation in Congress after Sandy Hook that came close to becoming law, didn’t even establish universal background checks.

Proposition 12 would establish new cage-free housing requirements for baby veal calves, mother pigs, and egg-laying hens.

The objective of the trips are to establish ties between individuals outside Israel and artists, institutions, and cultural workers within.

It allowed me to establish things for my family and take care of my family.

What Ford, GM, and many other automakers have done is go to China to establish partnerships.

Sen. Cory Booker has said he intends to establish an Office of Reproductive Freedom dedicated to developing policies on this issue.

“Our results further establish that men confuse contextual factors indicative of sexual desire with implied consent,” reads the study.

To take just one difference: A court’s job is to establish the facts so that jurists can decide accordingly.

Where people establish a genuine need for protection, or a well founded fear of persecution, refuge will be granted.

What’s more, it can take decades to establish a psychological theory, which could be torn down in a month with new evidence.

Moderates said they’d hold off on the petition, for now, but it was clear the meeting didn’t establish any consensus.

And then, with the casinos down there [in Atlantic City], he had to establish relationships with Don King and Mike Tyson.

Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of a state they want to establish in the occupied West Bank and in the Gaza Strip.

“US, UK and France can prove they want to establish truth by supporting this move,” Russia’s Deputy U.N.

Yu said that the company knows it will also need to establish direct relationships with carriers to gain share.

A state could then establish special enrollment periods available only to people who have maintained continuous coverage.

Warren, meanwhile, emphasized the threat that he could pose to the CFPB, an agency she helped establish.

Palestinians want to establish an independent state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

But the report found insufficient evidence to establish a criminal conspiracy between the campaign and Moscow.

The group is trying to oust the Western-backed central government and establish its own rule based on its strict interpretation of sharia law.

The Smithsonian’s regents gave formal approval to establish a a joint gallery and exhibition program with the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Helped establish the National Arts Stabilization Fund.

Many abstract paintings are like atmospheric incidents: bursts of color that establish a certain mood.

The purpose of our actions tonight is to establish a strong deterrent against the production, spread, and use of chemical weapons.

With a new Democratic majority, the FCC is likely to reverse itself and once again establish strong network neutrality rules.

Because legislation is harder to pass than new FCC rules, congressional action could finally establish stable, predictable rules for the broadband market.

“There’s an obvious lack of common binding standards how one should establish and maintain their nuclear security.”

… and really trying to establish this opportunity to ford, hedge, whatever you want to call it, against YouTube monetizing and monopolizing digital video.

We can now see that all Mr. Mueller decided on that issue was that “the investigation did not establish” such a conspiracy.

Prague City Hall announced plans to establish “a park of fallen monuments” for statues and sculptures that are considered poor quality, obsolete, or controversial.

Federal lawmakers could establish such guidelines, allowing states to treat them as the bare minimum or even expand on them.

Trans-Pacific Partnership The TPP is an international trade deal that could establish American influence in the Asia-Pacific and impact drug prices and copyright protections.

That scheme didn’t succeed, but it did establish one of the more touching and unlikely friendships on the show.

“There is a success story in another town in Shaanxi, where 20 million yuan was spent to establish a vineyard.

Twitter will now label political ads by naming sponsors, including spending and targeting disclosures, and will establish a Transparency Center database with all ads.

He has previously vetoed proposals to establish same-day voting registration and automatic registration through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The boundary helps establish the route that the interior lines will take, which embrace divergent possibilities.

Birdwatchers establish what are called “sit spots” for themselves—places like their porch, backyard, or a spot in the park.

What he’s doing is trying to establish dominance — to win, in his words.

They compel the AMNH to establish an independent Decolonization Commission, demanding the museum reconfigure its racial stereotyping and demeaning ethnographic displays of non-White people.

Mueller’s report stated that there would be a “high burden to establish a culpable mental state” in Trump Jr.

Mueller’s report stated that there would be a “high burden to establish a culpable mental state” in Trump Jr.

Reuters was unable to establish Surachai’s whereabouts.

Throughout the 241 years of this country’s existence, black people have struggled to establish their humanity in the eyes of white America.

Let’s establish some parameters before we proceed.

In the past, concerns about the cultural, political and privacy aspects of Facebook have led countries to establish their own alternatives.

He will equally respect and establish working relations with any new prime minister, whomever it may be.

So, you ask, why is Dakota running to court to establish his legal obligation to pay child support?

Since knowledge of this rare disease is so limited, more evidence is needed to establish a definitive link.

Diaz-Canel, working to establish his legitimacy after assuming the presidency in April 2018, said the government was working on the details of the implementation.

If warmer nights are a result of climate change, these insects are able to establish populations where before they could not.”

Didi’s many partnerships have helped it establish a global footprint.

Prosecutors said they had so far not been able to establish a connection between the victims and the suspected gunman.

The prosecution said in its indictment that Brunson’s phone records and witness testimony did establish the connections.

He’s also helped establish tent cities, prison setups that forced inmates to live and work in the brutal Arizona heat.

To remain competitive, companies including ethanol producer Green Plains Inc have taken steps to establish co-ops.

The bill, nicknamed “Lauren’s Law,” would establish training for Oklahoma public school teachers to educate their students on sexual consent in the classroom.

Not only did she help establish the New Museum in New York, but she founded art centers at MIT, Brown University, and Swarthmore College.

But today she has a record of working to establish negotiations for the nuclear deal, which her campaign rightly touts.

His report documented multiple points of contact between Trump campaign’s and Russia, but he could not establish evidence of a criminal conspiracy.

Islamic feminism uses the lived realities of Muslim women to inform the way we establish authority, responsibility, and well-being.

[This was] the rare case when you actually establish direct evidence of deliberate copying,” Steinberg told me.

His goal was thus not simply to make a portrait, but to establish a relationship with his subject; how that person responds is revealing.

His aggressive policy proposals and rhetoric are opening bids designed to establish a stronger negotiation position down the line.

Many airports also take care to establish art programs to enhance their spaces with revolving exhibitions.

Memory has to cast about, so as to establish a connection with fate.

The Court declined to establish a sweeping new legal standard restricting partisan gerrymandering in statewide maps.

Furthermore, even all of the Court’s liberals agreed that the plaintiffs had failed to establish standing with these arguments.

It is also possible that a different plaintiff could still establish standing to strike down a statewide map.

No one art festival can do everything, but FRONT has made a bold inaugural effort to establish itself as a new art destination.

The country’s ultimate goal with its Chang’e program is to establish a crewed moon base.

It was a hit, to the dismay of jazz purists, and helped establish a formula for smooth jazz we know today.

Fresh strategies for relocation can establish safer ground that will sustain resilient communities for the long term.

Seven states have received approval from the Trump administration to establish work requirements and set other restrictions for many of their Medicaid recipients.

It’ll be interesting to see how the three men can establish a working relationship — if they manage to put one together at all.

The campaign is being spearheaded by Buddhist nationalists who want to establish a Buddhist majority in the area.

And so will all of those marginalized people for whom we’ve only recently begun to establish equal rights and protection.

The two agreed to establish a security hotline to help defuse unexpected incidents.

He is seeking as well to establish a world in which no one like her exists.”

Fuss does not see his photographic process as predominantly 19th century, rather, a neutral artistic process that can establish perplexing imagery.

These are unique, hard to forge documents that are public and are necessary to establish secure, encrypted communications. Let’s first establish what $750 million could do if redirected away from the Knight-Hennessy program and toward the world’s poorest people.

And it’s all centered around the role he wants to establish as a liaison between tech and culture.

Large-scale studies involving thousands of participants in several countries have failed to establish a link between the MMR vaccine and the mental developmental disorder.

Warren’s proposal, the latest of many in her presidential campaign, would establish a new set of requirements for federal elections.

Now a group called ColoradoCare is trying to establish a single-payer health care system in Colorado using a ballot measure.

The measure would establish a new payroll tax to raise $25 billion to pay for the program.

The European powers must now establish a budget for INSTEX and define its rules.

They establish an aura of mystery that the objects fail to exploit.

The alternative was to rule that Mueller had “failed to establish by a preponderance of the evidence” that Manafort lied.

D’Angelo said the information available to authorities was not yet sufficient to establish the causes of the disaster.

“These emails clearly establish the value of consumer data to Facebook,” Jason Kint, CEO of Digital Content Next, said.

We want to establish the foundation for the tax within this year – in order to implement it in 2021.

Turkey’s goal is to establish a “safe zone” between Kurdish-controlled territory and the Turkish border.

Barr said Mueller did not establish that Trump’s campaign conspired with Russia in the 2016 election.

Barr himself concluded there was insufficient evidence to establish that Trump had committed obstruction of justice.

Still in its infancy stage, Crown League is hoping to establish itself as part of the basketball ecosystem in Toronto.

That’s how we establish they’re a couple.

“Mr. Hernandez strongly maintains his innocence, and I plan to establish that before a jury of his peers.”

In this country, the Supreme Court didn’t establish a right for interracial marriage until 1967.

Finally, they need to create spaces that help people establish connections and develop trust in a way that outlasts single-issue battles.

He is also concerned that this sort of activity could establish norms, and allow other countries to hack suspects in the US without consent.

Most of all, they establish that Trump Jr. knew the entire setup had a connection to the Russian government.

Boko Haram has been trying to establish an Islamic state adhering to strict Sharia law in northeast Nigeria since 2009.

He described the process as “extorted consent.” In one case, the agency was trying to establish Gambian nationality, and in the other, Ghanaian.

“We must clearly establish the role of our nuclear weapons — do they serve solely to deter nuclear war?

“Efforts are now continuing to establish the status of occupants & establish survivors,” the air force said.

“Children watching these unboxing videos establish a trust and believe anything they say,” she says.

Trump seems to be trying so hard to establish dominance in these interactions that things invariably get weird and uncomfortable.

We want to establish some understanding.”

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads NARROWSBURG, New York — Most every artist must establish, to some degree, their relationship to the art canon.

The hope is that it can establish [and] reset new relationships.

It’s time for Congress to come together in a bipartisan way, establish an independent commission to investigate, and get to the truth.

– Creates a “mental health assistance allocation” to help school districts establish or expand school-based psychiatric care.

FRANKEN: Well, you said this thing, you told Sen. Coons that we need a red-team/blue-team exercise to establish climate change.

Mueller also found multiple contacts between Trump’s campaign and Russia but he did not establish evidence of a criminal conspiracy.

Set in the unsettling near-future, the series (faithfully adapted from the book) is quick to establish milieu through the eyes of Offred (Elisabeth Moss).

Turkey’s goal is to establish an approximately 19-mile “safe zone” between Kurdish-controlled territory and the Turkish border.

Still, the DOJ maintains the right to establish requirements for future grants to advance its “law enforcement priorities,” Sessions said.

Meanwhile, Litchfield’s prisoners rush to establish dominance in this brand new order.

The goal will be to establish once and for all how people’s lives change when you put money directly into their pocket.

Under the agreement, COFCO will establish a global shared service center in the northern Portuguese port of Matosinhos.

Part of the solution to this, as you argue in the book, is to establish quotas for women on corporate boards and in parliaments.

Barr said Mueller did not establish that Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia in the campaign.

Insurers can establish that.

“The question is who’s bright idea was it to establish a hotline with an Arabic capacity that they cannot meet,” he remarked.

Barr said last week that Mueller’s 22-month inquiry did not establish that Trump’s campaign conspired with Russia in the election.

“We spend a ton of time thinking about how to establish protected areas in the first place.

To complicate matters further, schools can each establish their own protocols and decide themselves who can access the information.

I then linked with Deena Engel, a computer scientist, to establish the Arts Archive Initiative.

It doesn’t establish the special counsel as an unfireable position, nor does it even limit the White House’s power to fire Mueller.

The defense will instead try to establish a different pattern — one that pits Cosby against a powerful movement.

And yet here was the US, providing military cover while the Kurds aimed to establish their own government near Turkey’s southeastern border.

The other way to establish a special counsel is through Congress.

Fischl is frugal in his depictions, which are just complex enough to establish the feeling he wants to convey without showing off.

“We helped to establish the first city-sanctioned permission wall in 2015, at Chelsea and Evergreen.

Morrison said Australia has been unable to establish what happened to Sigley despite the help of its allies.

“Essentially, we establish a hierarchy of rules and break the least important,” he said.

But the report found insufficient evidence to establish a criminal conspiracy between the campaign and Moscow.

Asgardia is currently self-financed by Ashurbeyli and his co-founders but has plans to crowd-fund from its citizens—and eventually to establish taxes.

Twiggy, how do you establish yourself as a house mother?

There’s nothing in any way extraordinary about the yearbook photos, though they do establish that she went by “Sandy Ocasio” at the time.

According to Public Safety Canada, the militant group aims to establish an Islamic state governed by sharia law in the Philippines.

“I believe it is imperative to establish higher standards that reflect our respect for the sanctity of life.

And this is this idea that Christ isn’t coming back until we establish a world Christian order for a thousand years.

He said the church would gauge their sincerity and honesty and establish their motives for coming forward.

The Palestinians want to establish a state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Mounted on a wall in a gallery, they establish a bond between looking at repeated marks and making them.

Set-up and maintenance fees What it says: The issuer may charge a processing fee to establish the card account.

And so creators, obviously, are looking to grow their audience, but they’re also looking to establish more connections with their audience.

In 2012, the Senate Finance Committee conducted a narrower bipartisan investigation into opioid manufacturers’ relationships with other groups meant to establish opioid use guidelines.

The agency wants a TUNA buoy network to last 30 days—long enough, it believes, for US forces to establish more permanent data networks.

Buying Sea’s Shopee arm would be a fast way to establish a presence.

It is not enough for regulators to establish that a company has monopoly power.

I think it is necessary to establish a healthy relationship between the subject and the cinematographer in filming.

The “first-in-the-South” contest is a bellwether that will establish the preferred presidential nominees in states below the Mason–Dixon line.

They wanted to establish something of their own.

Yefimov alerted Protopopov, who collaborated with an international team of scientists to establish details about the wolf’s life and death.

“Our priority now is to formally establish the identity of the suspect and establish his motivation if we can.

And, whether explicitly or not, colorful lights establish a brand in consumers’ minds.

The scheme is highly valued by our audiences and helps us establish lifetime enthusiasts for Shakespeare and live theatre.

The force will establish a center in Turin, where it will train cultural heritage protection experts.

Hoping to simultaneously quell suburban sprawl and establish physical points of common connection, Gruen devised and starting building shopping malls in the 1950s.

Last month, ISIS-linked militants attempted to establish Southeast Asia’s first Islamic State caliphate on the southern Philippines island of Mindanao.

In 2001, the Thai government established the Global Thai Restaurant Company, Ltd., in an effort to establish at least 3,000 Thai restaurants worldwide.

* Goldman Sachs & Co [GSGSC.UL] and CIC announced a strategic agreement to establish a China and United States industrial cooperation fund.

* Software company SAS signed a cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Zhenghong Technology to establish the Big Data Innovation Center for Smart Manufacturing in Shenzhen.

The chaos there left a vacuum that allowed for groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda to establish a foothold and train terrorists.

The documents say moderators need to establish the intent behind the content by viewing a reported post in context.

Meanwhile, the Women’s March helped establish intersectionality as a core tenet not just of mainstream feminism but of Democratic politics.

U.S. social network Facebook this week announced plans to establish its own payment system, backed up by a stablecoin it calls Libra.

The prelude is required however, to establish the historical status quo against which Hokusai’s subsequent astounding artistic achievements may be measured.

Ducey is particularly friendly to self-driving technology and issued an executive order to establish a self-driving vehicle oversight committee in 2015.

In our books, our art, our technology, our roads — the noosphere was already reaching out to establish greater connection, greater depth, greater integration.

The foundation of the last-ditch Obamacare repeal bill is block grants sent to states to establish their own health care programs.

They have not, like Islamic State, sought to establish an empire across the Muslim world.

If it works, LimeBike’s method would establish designated parking areas without adding the costs of physical racks to its balance sheet.

These factors have caused a huge number of companies to establish data centers in Ireland, including high-profile names like Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Molero-Chamizo also hopes to collect saliva samples from the participants to establish their cortisol levels, indicators of stress that might hint at aggressive intentions.

The prosecution is calling five additional accusers, including Lasha, to the stand to establish a pattern for Cosby.

“I today urge the Hong Kong … government to establish a robust, independent investigation into the violent scenes that we saw,” Hunt said.

He added that Congress must now act to establish and fund the department.

There are advantages to fighting this out in court, however, by trying to establish a precedent.

Especially in the first few episodes of a show like this where you have so much to establish.

The right’s frustration over this blackout led to the first attempt to establish a conservative television network.

My hope is that we can establish a supply chain to source the agave, so we can scale development and application.

Reuters was not able to establish whether a Tatneft subsidiary was still supplying the fuel.

Instead, a follow-up international criminal probe should be launched, she said, urging U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to establish one.

According to French daily Libération, Neyret said that he was trying to establish “a relationship of trust” with his sources.

But the report found insufficient evidence to establish a criminal conspiracy between the campaign and Moscow.

After all, the US Supreme Court ruled to establish same-sex marriage across the country two years ago.

“For the North Koreans you need to establish empathy and trust.

Lue says that it’s important to establish boundaries before involving the other person in any kind of spiritual practice.

Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, who said she would establish an advisory board to streamline the process and focus primarily on drug offenders.

But with East Coast states set to establish legal marketplaces and indoor grow-ops proliferating, good pot is going to get cheaper eventually.

Why would an aluminum factory establish itself on the moon?

After departing from rap collectives, she looked to establish herself as a solo artist.

The probe found insufficient evidence to establish that the Trump campaign engaged in a criminal conspiracy with Moscow.

They’ve forced police departments to establish their own parameters for deciding what sort of bias should disqualify an officer from doing their job.

“We hope today’s agreement will be carried out without fail to establish permanent peace on the Korean peninsula.

“If Trump and Kim could establish a good working relationship, this could lead to North Korea’s opening up.

They’ve forced police departments to establish their own parameters for deciding what sort of bias should disqualify an officer from doing their job.

It alludes specifically to the battles Kelly—like many black designers working today—had to fight to establish himself in a white-dominated industry.

When Macron arrived, he was booed and had a tough time trying to establish dialogue with the workers.

An investigation is underway to establish the detail but it is not a result of enemy activity.”

Cops tell us they were there for 8 hours before they were able to establish contact with Lang.

Each of us has a microbiome that’s as unique as a fingerprint, and starts to establish itself from birth, maybe earlier.

Gilbert has a checklist to help him properly establish a bottle’s provenance.

I want to establish myself in the starting five, play more minutes than last year, and be better in every part of my game.

More study will be needed to establish a causal connection, if there is one.

Circuit Court of Appeals, which found there was enough evidence to establish Martoma’s guilt despite defective jury instructions in the trial.

But without RCTs, we can’t establish that cellphones cause cancer or prove that they don’t.

His report documented multiple points of contact between Trump campaign’s and Russia, but he could not establish evidence of a criminal conspiracy.

In the long term, they seriously want to establish an “ethno-state” solely for white people within the United States.

…. And, on her biggest weakness — her decision to establish a private email server at the State Department, Clinton skated.

The documents establish them as a family unit, with their own inheritance rights.

Companies have a natural tendency to establish uniform standards across the enterprise.

Together, Earvin, Luke and our new General Manager will establish the foundation for the next generation of Los Angeles Lakers greatness.”

What happened, I think, is a failed coup attempt by mid-rank officers who were unable to establish chain of command or unity of command.

Erdogan will survive this and try to establish an even stronger dictatorship.

Glick is a leader in the movement to establish Jewish prayer rights on the Temple Mount, known to Muslims as the Haram al-Sharif.

She proposes a program to establish an incubator where youth can learn how to code.

In 1999, he helped establish Youth Carenet, a residential rehabilitation program for at-risk boys suffering from substance abuse problems.

In the past few years, there’s been a push to make Deadpool funny but also to establish his moral compass.

In his report, Mueller did not establish that the Trump campaign engaged in a criminal conspiracy with Russians to influence the election.

Rather, it is by implication that Albee tries to establish whiteness, through social and class context.

But Republicans needed to go further and try to establish a motive for Cohen to lie under oath, again, about President Trump.

And in smaller populations, it may be difficult for rhinos to establish a hierarchy if all of the animals’ horns are removed.

Their goal was to inject rigor into the transmission of fighting arts, and to establish an accredited group of martial arts instructors—no charlatans accepted.

It helped establish that smoking cigarettes is lethal, and that obesity is linked to heart disease.

People with disabilities and their families fought long and hard to establish the educational rights reflected under IDEA.

Bush tried to establish a new agreement, but never succeeded, and North Korea has since openly pursued nuclear weapons.

One recommendation was to establish a process for the tracking of discrimination complaints and a way to escalate them.

Google did promise to establish a process to allow that.

), there’s no mention of the bureaucracy that follows marrying someone from another country and trying to establish citizenship.

Or is it to establish uncertainty where little previously existed?

U.S. social network Facebook this week announced plans to establish its own payment system, backed up by a stablecoin it calls Libra.

They need three points to establish an insurmountable lead at the top of the table, and clinch a first-ever top-flight title.

Not only was it the birthplace of Harley Quinn, but it also helped establish a new strain of superhero storytelling.

The donation will be used to establish the Fund for Travel to Special Exhibitions.

But it does establish a clear timeline for how she came to the US to begin with.

G Perico continues to establish himself as one of the West Coast’s most intriguing newcomers.

“I think what we need is to establish that the responsibility [to be accurate] lies with everyone,” Chambers says.

Once the investigation is complete, our office will determine if there is sufficient evidence to establish probable cause.

Whether or not you agree with such decisions, they establish the broad-spectrum appeal of our constitutional institutions — particularly in times of crisis.

This is a terrible standard to establish in public life.

Many believe Martin focused on this one-off character in the prologue to establish what happens to a warg when he dies.

A rare and a fragile connection—and yet perhaps an easier one to establish than any connection between Aleppo and the rest of the world.

Libya has since descended into chaos, with rival armed groups trying to establish their authority.

But they can only establish the plans when they don’t have any valuable secrets, like right after their company releases its quarterly earnings.

It was Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who said the evidence in the report was “not sufficient to establish” obstruction.

“Only the ones that resonate with the demand side of society can establish themselves.

The plan would establish a 1.4 percent tax on the earnings of large, private-school endowments.

SAN FRANCISCO/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Facebook Inc revealed plans to establish a cryptocurrency called Libra on Tuesday.

Checks were then made with the previously credited publishers to establish the origins of those images.

It can help establish a common baseline of facts.

The National Academy plans to sell its two Beaux-Arts buildings on Fifth Avenue in order to revive its finances and establish an endowment.

“These elements are sufficient to establish that Arabsat has a charge to answer,” the ruling said.

Some worry that ISIS is seeking to establish a Southeast Asian hub, putting countries in the region — and their allies — on alert.

We can help establish direct dialogue and accountability between people and our elected leaders.

ISIS is all but certain to continue losing ground in Iraq and Syria, and its efforts to establish new “caliphates” seems doomed as well.

I’ve tried to establish a correlation but at this point I can’t be sure that the medication creates a problem.

We saw the proliferation of the cartes-de-visite, studio portraits—[photography’s] utilization to establish the idea of the nation and its individuals.

“By 2030 India plans to establish 500 GW of Renewable Energy capacity,” said Anand Kumar, senior official at India’s renewable energy ministry.

It wasn’t possible to establish things that worked and things that were less effective—you had to invent new worlds from absolute zero.

By contrast, once Wolbachia wiggles its way into A. aegypti populations, it tends to establish itself fairly permanently.

The void is always waiting to swallow us whole, and we keep trying to fill it, in order to establish an illusion of control.

Trump’s preferred plan is to establish ‘safe havens’ in Syria.

Trying to establish why nobody has been able to challenge their hegemony has been a discussion theme in the game for years.

Cockfield said he expects traders to take defensive steps: “They will say, ‘Maybe I better establish alternative trading routes.

The investigation did not establish coordination between Trump’s campaign and the Russian operation to influence the 2016 election.

Alaniz anticipates that the court will establish a special council certified in handling capital murder cases before they announce a trial date.

I think one is how do you establish that a product works?

So there’s the genes, there’s also, how do you establish a product works?

Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of a state they seek to establish in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Ducey has long been friendly to autonomous technology and issued an executive order to establish a self-driving vehicle oversight committee in 2015.

The bees cannot just wake up one morning, execute the queen bee, and establish a communist dictatorship of worker bees.

But first let’s establish what this means —- and what it doesn’t.

Businesses should establish legal defense funds.

But again, since this was an observational study and not an experimental study, Li could not establish causation between the low-level radiation and miscarriages.

Things went south when they tried to establish a set monthly amount … she wanted way more than he was willing to give.

He found that music was a common interest across the board, and that the software helped him establish bonds with even non-verbal people.

“When conflict is unavoidable, animals use aggression to establish a social hierarchy that determines how to share limited resources.

A new background system will also establish a process for updating senior officials on the end of a background investigation, Kelly said.

Is there time to establish anything like a hopeful future?

The movie doesn’t feel weighed down by expectations, by trying to establish an entire April and the Extraordinary World franchise.

She wrote that there are Tully fish and Stark direwolves entwined, with the Lannister lion head taking over to establish dominance.

The authorities were trying now to establish his real name and the authenticity of the Tunisian passport he had shown.

On Monday, defense lawyers said the prosecution had failed to establish how the alleged documents had come into the reporters’ possession.

So he probably wasn’t steeped in the long-running protocols that establish the relationships between DOJ, FBI, and White House.

“If we establish that any organization registered in our country is campaigning for gay rights …

Who’s going to defeat Richard, and establish a dynasty?

“We have to establish the record of her refusal to answer the questions so that she can be compelled to do it.

That is how we establish a common foundation of facts and understanding, without which it is virtually impossible to have coherent political debates.

The company’s board will establish a committee to review how the company designs and develops airplanes, Muilenburg said.

These centers would establish labs and bio-surveillance capability and conduct training in cooperation with the host countries’ health agencies.

At CDC’s urging, Congress spent $11.6 million in fiscal year 2004 to establish GDD.

His team questioned more than a dozen administration officials, attempting to establish whether Trump was corruptly trying to interfere with investigations into his associates.

In that story, the liberals’ supposed failures left an opening for the Muslim Brotherhood to sweep in and establish a hard-line Islamist government.

In “Acrobat on a Ball,” direct differences establish direct relationships.

There is also $10 million annually for a Just Transition Fund, in part to be used to establish an ongoing just-transition plan and program.

Many Egyptians want an increase in government spending that they believe will help create more jobs, improve health care, and establish more educational opportunities.

“I today urge the Hong Kong … government to establish a robust, independent investigation into the violent scenes that we saw,” Hunt said.

Over the course of their decades-long collaboration, General Idea’s multidisciplinary conceptual practice helped establish bold new directions for art in Canada and abroad.

It also failed to establish just how much of an effect body cameras have on litigation against police.

The researchers, however, noted that the studies were cross-sectional in nature, and therefore could not establish a cause-and-effect.

I think Uber probably has an opportunity to establish kind of a niche positioning in certain markets.

A union of other animal employees is attempting to establish universal basic income, but the dog developers won’t join, and eventually serve as strikebreakers.

Hannity tried to couch the revelation, saying he never paid Cohen, other than “10 bucks” to establish attorney-client privilege.

First, Russia repeatedly reached out to the Trump campaign to establish a connection to the Kremlin.

Bureaus are also now required to establish procedures for identifying and reporting suspicious transactions to curb money laundering and terrorism financing.

Once Mexican buyers establish new networks, winning back the business will be tough even if trade relations with the U.S improve, they say.

The Stephen Petronio Company launched a $3 million campaign to establish a choreographic residency program in Pawling, New York.

The organizers filed a letter with the Labor Relations Board calling for a January 17 vote to establish a union.

In the 1950s the United States began to establish what we know as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Barr, a Trump appointee, said in the summary that Mueller did not establish that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia during the election.

If they establish a roadside checkpoint within the border zone, they can stop and question anyone who drives through about their immigration status.

Uber has often said its heavy losses were necessary to establish itself in new markets.

Palestinians who want to establish an independent state taking in the West Bank have welcomed the San Francisco-based firm’s move.

This allows him to recontextualize the original images and establish dramatic juxtapositions between the characters and their mythical environments.

While much remains to be done to protect consumers online writ large, the Commission’s rules establish a baseline level of protection for all.”

The sculpture will be sold to establish the Jeff Koons Scholarship Fund.

So, the kids come to business school, they think to establish domain expertise and currency to create economic security within their families.

OSRD helped to establish the Manhattan Project and was the origin of the military-industrial complex.

“Governing institutions need to establish trust between individuals, groups, firms and societies,” writes Guillaume Chapron, an ecologist at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

(Roosevelt’s opponents in Congress accused the president of trying to establish a police state.

For utility customers, Bennet wants to establish the option of buying clean electricity.

Together, these two works establish the exhibition’s initial themes of environmentalism and self-sufficiency.

The early 20th century saw Muslim immigrant communities in America beginning to establish small, local community organizations across the country.

But the environmental movement has struggled to establish a rapport with nonwhite communities because the major advocacy groups lack diversity.

While the probe uncovered multiple contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia, it did not establish a criminal conspiracy.

And then it just slammed down before I ever had a chance to really establish myself and build a track record.

To validate it as a legitimate complaint, one would need to establish what would occur on flights if the air marshals changed their strategy.

Bry previously helped establish Google’s drone delivery program and was named to MIT Technology Review’s list of 35 young innovators in 2016.

Critical consensus: As of press time, there weren’t quite enough reviews for this one to establish a critical consensus.

Trump’s new commission offers a chance to establish more funding, coordination, and guidance behind these mixed federal and state efforts.

I feel like it’s a great opportunity for me to come in and prove myself, establish myself.

He found it difficult to establish priorities among his policy initiatives.

Detectives were still working to establish what relationship any of the victims – all men – had to the killer and whether any were his supervisors.

Efforts to establish an independent, international inquiry into violations within Yemen have been blocked at the UN by Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies.

There’s a parallel here to recent campaigns to establish a norm against discriminating against LGBTQ people.

This is a terrible standard to establish in public life.

2) The more cases that arrive in Florida, the more likely it becomes Zika virus will establish a presence in the state.

Barr said on March 24 Mueller did not establish that Trump’s 2016 campaign team engaged in a criminal conspiracy with Russia.

So, Pakistan’s goal is, We absolutely cannot have India establish a strong relationship with Afghanistan.

Her plan would establish an independent Prison Conditions Monitor agency to oversee contractors who work with federal prisons and subjected them to regular audits.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since it helps establish shared universes and continuity.

The new rules will require tech platforms that host copyrighted content, like YouTube or Facebook, to establish licensing deals with creators of that content.

The first thing you have to do is establish the brand.

“That’s what we’re trying to establish.”

To persuade, you must establish a high degree of communicable trust between the leadership and the led.

He couldn’t master television, and he wasn’t able to establish that level of communicable trust that the more successful presidencies had been able to.

We will work with the government to establish clear background checks currently absent in their commercial transportation licensing programs.

Before we get into the pharmacy, we establish the exterior of this abandoned town.

Similarly in the opening of the film, we establish the exterior of the pharmacy.

They currently are limited to a 50 percent stake in joint ventures and cannot establish their own wholly owned factories.

“I have never seen anything like this in my 41-1/2 years (on the force), ever.” Investigators are working to establish ages and identities.

Flynn and Kushner attempted to establish a backchannel with Russia that raised eyebrows.

Adidas had tried to establish a wider trademark for “three parallel equidistant stripes of equal width applied to the product in whichever direction”.

Other governments have started to mimic China and use their export credit agencies to “maximize the long-run export footprint” to establish customer bases abroad.

The bill also includes provisions that would establish reinvestment funds for communities hit particularly hard by the war on drugs.

These flashbacks establish that her tendency to lash viciously out at whoever she has the power to hurt is a clear pattern for her.

The bill also includes provisions that would establish reinvestment funds for communities hit particularly hard by the war on drugs.

Workers were also making the site secure and helping investigations to establish the cause of the disaster, he added.

Or I don’t care if you establish a market mechanism to stop the flow of money.

Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of a state they seek to establish in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The US aviation giant and the Brazilian planemaker on Thursday announced a preliminary agreement to establish a joint venture.

We want to establish the foundation for the tax within this year – in order to implement it in 2021.

The meetups were planned to generate purchases of his books, not to establish an international guerrilla network of MRAs.

The goal of the half-hour meeting was “to establish a direct line to Mr. Putin outside of established diplomatic channels,” per the article.

The plan would also establish an independent, nonpartisan Infrastructure Financing Authority that would help states and localities use private funds better and maintain infrastructure.

‘If Obama is that concerned about how police departments are acting, he could have put through legislation to establish standardized policies and procedures.’

It can take decades to establish a psychological theory, and in just months, new evidence can tear it down.

“It is really on the international community at this point to establish a credible accountability mechanism.”

Warren said that military officials were still trying to establish the exact number of times that IS militants had deployed chemical weapons.

Additionally, it is looking to establish five categories for auto parts and components with differing requirements, AMIA’s Cuevas said.

Indeed, the organ tends to establish a drone against which Shiraishi blows freely at high pitch and high volume.

He agreed with opponents of the law who argued that it violated the US Constitution’s prohibition on making laws that establish religion.

We hope establish in a sentence examples were helpful.