Entire in a sentence | Use of the word entire examples

Only Yesterday follows Takeo, a single woman in her late 20s, living and working in Tokyo, where she has spent her entire life.

Just them and an entire stadium watching.

This time, there won’t just be simple loops, but also entire songs.

“I’d be summoning the entire Canadian consular Corp in China home for training.

The entire series pays tribute to light, incorporating documentary and narrative, as well as abstract and experimental work.

If the account appears to be dedicated to posting non-consensual nudity then we will suspend the entire account immediately.

“President Trump’s entire Administration is working tirelessly to bring these violent animals to justice,” the message concluded.

“President Trump’s entire Administration is working tirelessly to bring these violent animals to justice,” the message concluded.

It is also what she has been talking about for her entire career.

I mean, aside from locking the entire world in a hot room with a bunch of dead trees?

We take an issue with his entire xenophobic, money-dominated worldview.

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Argentina’s grid “collapsed” around 7 a.m. (1100 GMT), leaving the entire country without power, Argentina’s Energy Secretariat said.

The number of new illegal immigrant families who have crossed the border so far this year already exceeds the entire total of 2015.

ISIS has spread across the region and the entire world.

The entire film was shot on bulky cameras using a process that gave the film an unusually wide 2.76:1 aspect ratio.

But the thousands of extras and most of the racetrack set are now computer-generated too, giving the entire sequence a sense of weightless unreality.

Juno can’t get a picture of the entire planet at once.

That’s not to say that higher crime rates in black communities explain the entire racial disparity in police shootings.

To top it all off, she recorded an entire Christmas EP in her home studio and released it without warning.

I want to fill the entire space.

The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don’t get on the team, & fast.

I’m certainly not a scholar of his work, nor am I the most ardent fan of his entire discography.

You can read some of the highlights here, or listen to the entire interview in the audio player below.

The accident was also a blow to the entire autonomous vehicle industry and led other companies to temporarily halt their testing.

Uber also voluntarily halted its entire autonomous car testing program and left Arizona.

“The entire league remember those [cheap shots],” Martinez said.

South Africa – which dismantled its entire nascent nuclear weapons program in 1989 – closed down its underground shafts without conducting a test.

It’s like your entire nervous system is like blooming.

There’s actually an entire field of study dedicated to ways of holding a democratic vote.

Starting next month, the entire search organization — the beating heart of Google’s $75 billion colossus — will work for him, too.

READ: Trump still won’t lift shipping restrictions on Puerto Rico “The entire [inmate] population is alive,” Rolón told El Nuevo Día.

Trump’s entire presidential campaign, from the primaries to his eventual razor-thin win, was aflame with apocalyptic rhetoric and drastic, often patently unconstitutional proposals.

Many viewers took in the entire 64 minutes of the work; that’s most unusual for such a lengthy video.

The entire album is polished and exquisite but also charged through and through with raw, honest feeling.

It all goes into the entire package and story and PR angle of a celebrity,” says Jones.

People can come and look at a single post and might not look at an influencer’s entire body of work,” she explains.

I’ve never seen such a sloppy dab in my entire life.

By the time everything is said and done the entire process—from ordering the glass to storing the finished mirror—takes about five years per mirror.

It is an issue for the entire international community, and an issue that the United States should be leading in, not ignoring or denying.

What impact did that American-led coup have on the entire region?

I hope she’s right!” The entire commencement address can be found here.

Said person also basically spends the entire track soloing.

Some experts and researchers have speculated the most recent – and by far largest – blast in September had rendered the entire site unusable.

Although the chocolate bars had specific instructions suggesting that it’s best to “begin by using a small portion,” they downed the entire thing.

Griffin has spent his entire career with the Clippers, averaging 21.5 points and 9.4 rebounds on 52 percent shooting in seven seasons.

While this sounds problematic, it’s not the entire picture.

In countries with single-payer systems, like Canada, governments exert much more influence over the entire health care process.

To put it simply, the U.S. is opening fire on the entire world, including itself,” Gao said.

The reality is I have one board seat now in the entire Bay Area.

How then to paint an entire dinosaur from fragments?

“His spirit, his positive outlook and his thrilling talent will be missed by the entire racing community.

California needs big, rapid, sustained emission reductions across the entire economy, not just in a few headline sectors.

Soon after, Facebook eliminated the entire trending team and with it, a crucial layer of fact checking.

She said the likely victim in the entire ordeal is pharmacy benefit managers, the middleman between drug companies and insurance plans.

“We made as many cars last year as we had in our entire history.

Soon enough, the entire street was buying logs from him for their wood burners.

Did The Magicians need to pause its entire season to pull off an elaborate magical heist?

I think the sound, to me, was the most moving part of the entire thing.

“My entire Facebook feed is hundreds of posts confirming they’re safe or trying to check in.

You can watch his entire set above.

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And stop looking upon that person — who’s basically degraded you and the entire profession by their illegal actions — as a brother officer.

Yet, I’ve been employed my entire adult life.

Controversial art aside, the story of its inclusion aligns with the entire process of how the album came together.

– Malik, 23 “Stinky feet reeked through entire house.”

But there’s an entire list of things you can proactively do to keep the job.

We met with Olaf Carlson-Wee, who was the first employee at the cryptocurrency broker Coinbase, where he famously took his entire salary in bitcoin.

Browse the entire collection of Der Sturm here.

This is as clear a repudiation of Obama’s entire worldview, built on interracial and interethnic tolerance, as you can imagine in a successor.

“We think we can pay for the entire tax cut through growth over the cycle,” Cohn told CNBC.

Local artisans were also involved in the preparation process: the entire museum was crafted in Dharavi.

Allen Crabbe patrolled the wings in a one-man war to claim the Earth’s entire supply of naturally occurring fast-break corner three-pointers.

He dedicates an entire chapter to slow-cooking, peppered with historical anecdotes.

“2.5 milion is not that large a share of the entire smartphone market, which again is a fraction of the overall metals market.

And, given how abysmally Sherlock has treated him the entire series, it happened inexplicably.

But the talent is there to steamroll the entire NBA, perhaps on a scale we’ve never before seen.

In fact, the entire video oozes sensuality, in a truly decadent and indulgent Taurus manner.

Then we have her burger, shake, and fries, which she continues to eat through the entire video!

Shop furniture and home decor at West Elm and save 20% on your entire purchase.

Last July, one bloom carpeted the entire lagoon and forced Governor Scott to declare a State of Emergency.

If everyone behaved this way, the entire plot of Sex and the City would’ve been done in three episodes.

But it’s also fundamental to the entire aesthetic of this movie and its mumblecore melodrama vibes.

I wrote an entire act that I’ve been rehearsing to host the show, and am excited to force myself into the spotlight.

Then, of course, the entire Marvel cinematic universe.

Cities like San Francisco and LA followed suit, followed by entire (blue) states, like California, Massachusetts, and New York.

There’s entire businesses, we just talked to someone who runs one, based on food.

You kind of have the entire universe of them.

The entire mystery of the source of cosmic rays is not solved.

Check out the entire package right here!

And especially when you’re taking on the entire political establishment, you have to begin someplace,” he said.

And especially when you’re taking on the entire political establishment, you have to begin someplace,” he said.

And, having witnessed a white graffiti artist with similar charges walk without sentencing, Cosme believes the entire process subscribes to a logic of anti-blackness.

The show’s best episodes usually confine its entire cast to one location and storyline, rather than splitting them up.

The First’s entire first (heh) season is available on Hulu.

They’re building entire cultures dedicating to radicalizing mostly men and women who carry a similar belief system.

They suffer through the indignity and hazing silently, making possible the entire business with no thanks in sight.

Possessed of a quiet dignity, a deep earnestness, and the support of his entire country, Mignini spent years persecuting Knox without any substantial proof.

In 2012, the entire PC industry began to contract, and the impact of smartphones and tablets on device spending started to become evident.

New NFL statement pic.twitter.com/XHPgVvPPfH The president’s entire rally was, in keeping with his rallies since the campaign, wide-ranging and often rambling:

An at-large electoral system allows board members to be voted in by the entire district, rather than by neighborhoods.

Brands are already inescapable in our day-to-day lives — they don’t simply go away in situations when the entire world happens to be watching.

An at-large electoral system allows board members to be voted in by the entire district, rather than by neighborhoods.

U.S. intelligence officials recently testified to Congress that North Korea was unlikely to ever give up its entire nuclear arsenal.

Because now it’s across the entire city.

It’s definitely … and across the entire state of California.

But so much has stayed the same — there is so much good happening on Facebook and the entire family of apps every day.

There were no patterns of electrical activity across the entire brain, meaning there was no awareness or perception, that is, the brains weren’t conscious.

This entire showdown was Donald Trump’s choice — a choice heavily influenced by Miller, who has emerged as his main adviser on immigration policy.

Your entire dead family means nothing to you now that he has saved you from, I don’t know, having a job.

“He never fought like that in his entire career, but he was forced to fight that way because he was getting beaten,” Conor said.

Just threw up out of anxiety over this election and I’m pretty sure I heard the entire world nod understandingly.

I’m a friend of his entire family.

100 percent of black women across America have known this feeling their entire lives, yet their struggle has never been taken as seriously.

Rhoades also testified that “not only does the TSA mistreat its employees, it alienates entire communities.

The first one was, we said, “Okay, look, we have to look across the entire media spectrum.

At this moment, you can notice, the entire power hierarchy of this situation gets completely reversed.

The entire St. Louis police force is getting outfitted with body cams — for free.

If you could actually sit through it all, he developed an entire universe of the girl next door who was in love with him.

We’ve spent almost this entire conversation talking about internet video and YouTube as being one and the same.

Paulie is now saying he was spying for Floyd the entire time.

Well, it’s the kind of site that has an entire category of articles called “black crime.”

Easy money has been the primary driver of this entire bull market.

“It engaged an entire generation of people to be out and, more importantly, to be politically motivated and change culture and change society.

— She also says in 2014, she was overcome with “emotional and physical exhaustion” and took an entire bottle of Aspirin.

Basically, it’s the only kind of music that has consistently made me happy, no matter what, for my entire life.

She might also apply a final, semi-transparent layer, changing the meaning of the entire scene.

Uber will shutter the entire Rush program at the end of next month.

We essentially had giant bullseyes on our backs for the entire day of the match, and that made this situation especially unnerving.

Nine different players have already attempted at least five threes, compared to eight who reached that mark over the entire 2016 season.

It also made me question the validity of, basically, my entire career to date.

In fact, the entire “self-driving car” setup is mostly just a novel way to bring attention to an old set of questions.

The entire incident was reportedly captured on security video.

Here are our best Thanksgiving dessert options that are sure to put your entire family to sleep, but in a good way.

The entire set was recorded at Chiotelli’s 66 Rivington Studios on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in just 48 hours.

This is not just about senators squabbling over small details; there are serious ideological differences that could derail the entire bill.

According to him, creating a meme of Clinton and a cat is not the same thing as building an entire mythology around Pepe.

“There were always concerns about starvation of the entire colony,” said historian Carl Anthony.

Make the glaze: Whisk all ingredients together in a large bowl until smooth and follow the steps to glazing perfection, glazing the entire doughnut.

But the entire thing was a ruse.

There’s an entire generation of kids today who are into this stuff but are ignorant of its history.

Alcor charges $200,000 to freeze an entire body, but just freezing your head costs significantly less: $80,000.

We had the same routine, and we did that throughout the entire season.

“Qualcomm’s illegal business practices are harming Apple and the entire industry,” Apple said in a statement.

This entire season has basically been a competition for second place.

There’s an entire subreddit for Pokémon Go nudes, including a meme that’s just dudes’ laps with a Diglett in their groins.

It’s worth reading the Intercept’s entire account of the intimidation campaign.

Inside, the entire house was decorated in bright pink and purple hues.

The luxury items accounted for 17.8 percent of North Korea’s entire imports from China last year which totaled $3.7 billion, Yoon said.

Cover the entire island by heading south to Niseko, the country’s premiere ski town.

See the entire unconfirmed tracklist here.

and the entire process is one of search and seizure based on intelligence gathered throughout the week.

We never meant for creampie to become a fetish, with an entire series devoted to creampie-only scenes.

To help sway any undecided voters, the government provided a feast for the entire community.

And on Reddit, entire subforums arose that were devoted to sharing the perfect reaction GIF or the perfect video moment in GIF form.

Even the very idea of alt-furry existing is enough to send entire cliques into a virtue-signalling purity spiral.”

And that’s gonna be a part of your family your entire life.

25-point performances were the norm; he was the hub of their entire system.

It considers the continued U.S. presence a threat to its ambition to restore full control over the entire country.

Given his surroundings, it’d be so understandable for Anthony to behave as if the entire world revolved around him.

The researchers assigned about half the teams to wear headgear during an entire season while the rest did not.

I simply said that HIV doesn’t take over my entire life.

If particularly severe problems are discovered, the entire deal could fall through, which means the house-hunting process will have to start all over again.

“Not too bad,” said the wardrobe mistress as she began to stuff an entire plastic dry cleaning bag into the top of my costume.

I’m a big Fall fan and the guy has never sold himself out in his entire career.

In a drawer between bones free of name, see a Sunday roast, high tide, barge, loom, harvest moon, entire fire ant hill in amber.

Opponent just holding the legs against the fence for almost the entire round.”

The entire event (german) can be seen here.

Nary Ly holds a PhD in biology and has spent nearly her entire working life studying infectious diseases in Cambodia.

That fundraising dwarfs what entire countries have spent on ballot referendums.

That fundraising dwarfs what entire countries have spent on ballot referendums.

Recumbent, they extend across the entire width of the canvas, the twilight ocean a shelter from the inevitable confrontations of daytime.

Instead, the specter of September 30th budget reconciliation deadline has hung over this entire process.

The entire process could take ten years, Welty said.

One man actually slept through the entire hijacking, only to awaken in Cyprus and say, “I just don’t want to miss my connection!”

There’s endless debate among energy wonks over whether it’s really feasible to power an entire grid with renewables alone.

One way that China has done this is to force entire village populations to relocate.

According to Liu, all of these are a known quantity and none of them will drag the entire global economy down.

Now you’re selling, not the entire company, but a big chunk of it.

Those who violate the requirements would be cut off from benefits for an entire year.

That magic is a big reason why we’ve been unwavering bulls on Apple for almost the entire time we’ve covered it.

You can listen to the entire interview here or in the audio player above.

What happened, young people for instance, the entire sexual smorgasbord became available before really they were mature enough to understand it.

Anita Hill, so ’91 before the World Wide Web, but was really, the entire nation stopped and watched the hearings.

In countries with single-payer health systems, governments exert much more influence over the entire health care process.

And the entire nation was riveted.

The entire culture was saturated in this.

The entire music industry has a big problem with incidents of sexual harassment and assault.

Based on our analysis, the entire North American automobile industry would suffer if Canada and Mexico are forced to pay US tariffs.

As we reported … the entire cast got together Wednesday for a huge ‘GoT’ bash also in the Big Apple.

After all, we’ve been hearing we’re drains on the system and wastes of resources for our entire lives.

The entire world is hysterical about the Brexit — the UK’s decision last week to leave the European Union.

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But it does not end there; the butterfly motif is omnipresent and gives the entire level a sense of thematic unity.

“I don’t want to surround my entire career around hitting the charts, but I’d really like to have a No.

The entire Hokkaido level is a labyrinth of technology.

I moved here two years ago, after having spent my entire adult life in either Southern California or New York City.

He pulled up his pant leg to show us the scar, and it was massive, eating up his entire thigh.

One eruption that began in 1983 continued and spread for decades, wiping out entire communities including Kalapana and Kapa‘ahu.

On the off-off-off chance that there might be an IPO inside, we had to open the entire calendar all at once.

He played off our fears and our weaknesses and became an overwhelming denial of service attack against our entire society.

All he did was try to give us health care, and they shut down the entire government.

“It takes an entire set of highly effective organizations away from the ability to receive foreign assistance.

The entire series was a three-year endeavor.

“The entire ceiling in her bathroom fell in,” Taylor’s daughter recalled.

I ate the entire bar.

It was so cool to watch the movie with the entire cast and the crew in Hollywood, it was so humbling and surreal.

Art’s relationship with tourism is complicated; entire cultures and traditions are oversimplified and exoticized, but also preserved as commodity and economic stimulus.

Unfortunately, CaSa is also derivative of a larger institutional instability that threatens entire communities and artistic production in favor of tourism and development profit.

The entire park system saw a record 330 million visitors in 2016.

(The entire story is worth reading.)

We’re going to shut the entire show down!'”

According to his rules, he had to restart the entire runthrough if he ever took damage from an enemy or a trap.

Some artists never reach that milestone within an entire career.

I want you to know, I will keep doing what I have done my entire life.

The painter initially had a studio at Olana and then acquired the entire site, which was a working farm.

The two deals, if approved, will put pressure on the entire health care supply chain.

You can listen to the entire conversation right now in the audio player below.

And when a prince converted, his entire principality was seen to have converted too.

“The corruption factor is just a cloud over this entire race,” said Carl Golden, a former spokesperson for past New Jersey Govs.

Ruff’s digital composites are politically subversive — and, at their best, disruptive of the entire technical process of image sharing.

He came home late afternoon and never left his apartment for the entire evening.

Her eyes were blank, and across the entire lobby she noticed nothing but the doors ahead.

After apparently doing some off-screen research about how not to get owned by ballistas, Dany promptly whomped the entire Lannister army.

With entire walls collapsing and nature growing inside buildings, it’s easy to see how this island has been left uninhabited for decades.

At the end of the video, Shimabuku discovers his traveling octopus was carrying a rock the entire time.

A healthy Carson Palmer finished what he started in 2014, playing the entire 2015 season at a career-best level.

Meyer’s other passion was walking, and not just down a road, but across entire countries.

The Senate Judiciary Committee was scheduled to vote Thursday to recommend Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the entire Senate.

Each time he returned to Washington, officials anticipated his botanical bounties, which sometimes filled entire rail cars.

We’ve been good girls this entire time.

There are male characters around for the show’s entire run who never wear shirts.

Samurai Jack is unafraid to go long stretches without any dialogue — sometimes entire 30-minute episodes.

But I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it vested with less meaning, because the entire encounter was so nonsensical and inscrutable.

He does not miss a beat, he does not miss a word, the camera is trained on him the entire time.

The midfielder with 96 goals in 232 international appearances is joining the Champions League for the first time, having played her entire career stateside.

He kept shooting the entire time.

WASHINGTON (AP) — For an entire generation in South Florida, Hurricane Andrew was the monster storm that reshaped a region.

WASHINGTON (AP) — For an entire generation in South Florida, Hurricane Andrew was the monster storm that reshaped a region.

Not too long ago, the entire mob got together and put on a tribute for A$AP Yams titled “Yamborghini High.”

However the margin of error is still so big it encompasses the entire Florida peninsula.

He didn’t say a word the entire way back to his hotel, although people behind him were chattering.

Bumgarner throws 200-plus first-rate innings every year, skimming through entire months with his spotted fastball and sidearmed, diving-turkey slider.

So there was a fire underneath the entire town and the ground was hot and smoke and steam would come out of the ground.

Economists’ entire worldviews will be at stake.

How can a dish so young and of such singular origin be so iconic and so representative of an entire cuisine?

); stick around for what feel like entire episodes of television collapsed into individual scenes or sequences.

Here’s how to perform hands-only CPR—the exact tutorial—according to Anderson and her entire team of heart whisperers: 1.

Smart is already one of the better defenders in the entire league, with a nightmarish combination of intuition, strength, and aggression.

In other words, people making over $500,000 will get more than half of the entire benefit this year.

Jubilee is a war veteran who has said that she has rejection issues because her entire family died.

The White House released an entire video last week dedicated to criticizing the office’s work on health care.

Clearly they don’t want the NRA running the entire state or the country, they want commonsense measures.

“It’s heavy rainfall on the entire coast,” he said.

It’s interesting in San Francisco right now, the entire topic is around homelessness.

Similarly, the rise in drag queen merch has created an entire cottage industry.

But he created an entire brands of products and awarenesses.

But perhaps noticing the success of such a strategy, savvy queens now try and maintain control of the entire DragCon experience.

This has always been a problem — not just for branches of the military, but even entire state agencies.

The entire source code of a program could be written as ASCII art—Wikipedia citesthis number adding program as an example.

The thing the group is now being performatively outraged about — shock humor — is arguably the foundation of its entire culture.

In the interim, Eugenides is releasing Fresh Complaint, a collection of short stories that spans his entire career, from 1988 to 2017.

You can read some of the highlights here, or listen to the entire interview in the audio player below.

I’d never seen O’Reilly in the entire

Nigel’s tough-love pep talk unlocks the entire film.

The handwritten edits also cross out an entire segment of the bill giving a tax deduction for tuition payments toward some qualified religious instruction.

Should we go through your entire IMDb?

President Trump wants to build a wall along the entire U.S.-Mexico border to keep people out.

President Trump wants to build a wall along the entire U.S.-Mexico border to keep people out.

These avowed enemies of the United States could and did conquer entire countries and regions, installing their own client governments and propaganda machines.

“Radical Islam” cannot pose a remotely comparable threat to the United States, much less the entire West.

None of this is to deny that fundamentalist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS have basically declared war on the entire world.

Donald J. Trump was now president-elect of the entire United States.

So while obesity may play a role in driving this alarming trend, it’s probably not the entire explanation.

An entire cemetery — Piazza del Limbo — was devoted to these unfortunate young victims.

The entire health care law could be at stake.

An entire apparatus exists to support open enrollment.

He started yesterday, and he is livestreaming the entire thing here.

“I think I was the only Asian person in the entire building.

A massive corporate tax cut is the Republican tax overhaul’s entire reason for being.

I’m kind of proud to say, on behalf of the entire games industry, that nobody else has bothered to do that.

They’re not just supporting the party, they are presenting themselves in front of the entire world,” Messina said.

“They’ve been basically knocking doors the entire year.” They aren’t done, she added.

Takizawa’s work makes the entire show worth seeing.

Her condemnation of then-candidate Donald Trump’s commentary about women and daily assaults on the dignity of women grabbed the entire nation’s attention.

So if Bran “unmakes” the Night King, he could presumably take out the Night King’s entire army of thousands in one stroke.

Seems pretty simple: Just tie the Night King to a tree, stab him, wipe out his entire army.

“Treating end-stage kidney disease takes up nearly 1% of the entire federal budget,” Oliver said.

And because it’s Tesla, of course they are going to livestream the entire event.

And have created their entire wave around prescription drugs.

You can watch the entire miniseries at the History Channel’s website or purchase it via digital download.

To celebrate the 30th birthday of Luxo Jr., a crew of filmmakers in London recreated the entire short using their programmable camera rigs.

“It took over and monitored the entire operation for days,” Gibney explained on the latest episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka.

I’ve met entire families who live on building sites, confined to small shelters built from leftover wood.

When Mississippi voters go to the polls this fall they will be choosing their entire delegation to the US Senate.

Jim spends entire work days pranking Dwight, chatting with Pam, or hosting events like the Office Olympics (2:3).

The Office dedicates entire episodes to showcasing the obtuse ways Michael Scott handles workplace diversity.

For people living in comfort in the West, it is nearly unimaginable: entire neighborhoods leveled, and millions of people living in squalid, dangerous conditions.

For people living in comfort in the West, it is nearly unimaginable: entire neighborhoods leveled, and millions of people living in squalid, dangerous conditions.

He spoke in favor of an ambitious free trade area that covers the entire region.

At 105% of GDP, America’s national debt is already larger than the size of the entire US economy.

Even if you could eliminate entire departments of government, they would still be running a budget deficit and going deeper into debt.

“We have a serious situation, not just since last night or this morning, but rather the entire last few weeks,” Altmaier told broadcaster ZDF.

Usually you don’t bomb the entire time, you have moments where things just don’t work at all.

The ball slid through the net, and the entire arena understood that the game had ended.

They have no charisma on the stage, and basically just sway in NFL tracksuits for the entire performance.

They just want North Korea to dismantle its entire nuclear program.

My entire family became removable from the United States at any point in time.

At a time when the entire American power structure is white, you may not think much about your whiteness.

Other conservative limited partners are worried about the regulatory risks of the entire sector.

Flowers’s case isn’t about dismantling the narrative around a predatory male; rather, it requires deconstructing an entire predatory system built on racialized violence.

It spans the entire top floor and will sell for $42 million, or the highest bid.

But one could say the same about essentially the entire Donald Trump campaign.

Rather than squander that opportunity, having maybe squandered previous opportunities in the past, we’re just like really enjoying making this our entire universe.

In fact, the fastest dude in the entire event was Mississippi safety Zedrick Woods — who clocked in an official time of 4.29.

That’s a rate of one death every 10 months in the entire country, rather than one every three months in North Queensland alone.

And now, we got the play-by-play of Iggy going full pyromaniac on Swaggy P’s entire closet!

1:50 PM PST — We just got new video showing the entire altercation — and it’s even crazier than we thought.

What happens when I am sailing disrupts this entire paradigm.

Well, I saw that the entire entrepreneurial landscape was just burgeoning.

According to GunPolicy.org, the entire country had just eight gun homicides in all of 2015, a rate of 0.18 firearm homicides per 100,000 people.

For example, Alibaba had the entire payment [ecosystem].

The entire day I had been knocking on doors, not a single person asked me why I was doing what I was doing.

Taking postseason play away from a team is effectively stealing an entire year of eligibility away from its players.

We consider the entire video.

He’s also refused to back down from hardline anti-immigration demands that don’t even have the support of his entire party.

Having lived in East London her entire life, Ryan has seen the area change before her eyes.

Artist Max Uhlig donated his home, studio, and entire oeuvre — comprising 15,214 objects — to the Cultural Foundation of the German state of Saxony.

You can extrapolate out this deal in an alarming way such that the entire federal government becomes a vast patronage mill for Trump.

About 54% of Japanese who get public pensions rely on them for their entire income, according to 2015 government data.

Make sure to check out the entire interview tonight on FS1.

I mean, it’s tragic for the entire community.

And, most damningly, he notes, “This darn CV of Failures has received way more attention than my entire body of academic work.”

But the fact that it’s a physical thing also means it’s limited quantity, whereas an entire digital currency …

But hey, don’t take our word for it—check out the entire line up right here.

Stream the entire EP below.

She also may face a no-confidence vote from the entire Parliament.

Your book reads like an indictment of our entire culture.

That’s not to say that higher crime rates in black communities explain the entire racial disparity in police shootings.

In other words, Trump is on his way to outspending the vacation costs of Obama’s entire presidency in just one year.

Regardless, I wouldn’t run for president without being exceedingly drunk the entire time.

The only evidence she went on entire trips with her family are the pictures they have.

The new majority started by passing an appropriations bill that would have opened the entire government back up.

Though it’s her most visible project, Reparations is hardly representative of Marin’s entire practice.

Initially, the well-equipped Northern army overwhelmed the relatively unprepared Southern forces, nearly conquering the entire country.

They bought her entire supply, and made Maaemo’s diners the only ones—besides her calf—that get to sample Isrosa’s deliciously creamy milk.

5) Chinese intervention forced a US retreat — and changed history After Inchon, US and South Korean troops nearly reconquered the entire Korean Peninsula.

That’s the entire point of the “strong ban” the president patted himself on the back on Saturday for implementing.

That likely won’t be an issue now, since Jon’s crew captured an entire wight.

Few impressions justify building an entire show around, but Anthony’s is the exception.

Marvin had spent his entire life studying more traditional martial arts like aikido or the stick fighting art modern arnis.

A new miniseries on Showtime boasts Lynch, Frost, and almost all of the show’s entire original cast.

It’s a damning indictment of the entire elite class.

Or rather, not having them represent an entire race on their own.

There’s an entire spectrum of body shapes, characterizations, and sexualities and genders that aren’t shown in mainstream media.

In December, after a year of relatively rudderless direction, Google put the entire robotics group inside Google X, its hardware research incubator.

Amash slammed most of his colleagues for not even reading the entire 448-page report — which he did.

But blaming black men for being absent fathers completely ignores the underlying causes — specifically, policies that criminalized an entire generation of black men.

He’s not just a brilliant filmmaker—he’s studied film his entire life.

In most cases, however, you don’t see entire new hardware functions being made available through software upgrades.

The entire section of the book is a fantasy.

“It’s about building closer connections to the people you already know, as opposed to doing these broadcast performances for the entire world.

Their entire life, they have been perceived as male in restrooms, at restaurants, on the street.

Given the challenges of vaccination distribution in the developing world, entire swathes of the globe will be largely defenseless should another pandemic occur.

The details of Trump’s announcement aren’t just details; in some ways, they’re the most important part of the entire thing.

Stanford also boasts an entire program committed to making our world a greener place: The School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences.

However, the image was condemned by critics as a reductive misrepresentation of an entire culture and personal legacy.

And Kolar said that the company’s model is built to send the entire rebate back to the client.

But the concept begs one very important question: Namely, can ferns actually survive an entire road trip?

“I reread the entire book looking for this line.

And then lead us into a horrific war and unbalance the entire Middle East.

“Though there are seven countries that have been identified, it has rippling and chilling effects through the entire Muslim community, locally, nationally, and internationally.

You can access the entire database here.

Crayfish is so beloved among locals that there’s an entire street—Shouning Road (寿宁路)—dedicated to them.

One universe is an entire lie.

She plans on single-handedly eating the entire country.

I truly and sincerely wish they would walk directly onto this field of rakes for an entire season.

(You can watch the entire series on VICE.)

The entire show — even the cheesy stance of anti-authoritarianism articulated in its title — evokes the 1990s, when the 30-year-old painter came of age.

“I do so now only because D’Souza has written an entire book encouraging me to do just that.”

Canada wants the agreement rewritten to apply to the entire border.

“That broke the all-time prior record of raising $400,000 for [Sen. Elizabeth] Warren over the course of an entire election cycle.

He was also suspended for an entire season for PED use.

The fate of an entire game, a tournament, even a career can hinge on a few fractions of a second between kicker and goalkeeper.

Spoilers for the entire miniseries follow.

[via Hypetrak] Watch the entire video below.

The movement that shares that name has mobilized an entire generation to call out against state violence.

Hollywood superagent Ari Emanuel called for the entire entertainment industry to boycott Gibson.

The entire air around American Apparel was that kind of general openness and progressiveness.

That’s just one except contained in the email but it’s really the story of the entire dump.

Before you dig in, check out our recap of Sunday’s episode, as well the archive of our entire discussion to date.

I’ve lived in LA my entire life and never recognize celebrities!

It seems like for my entire adult life Tom Cruise has been going through a midlife crisis.

That’s not to say that higher crime rates in black communities explain the entire racial disparity in police shootings.

That is what he has practiced his entire life.

From the outside, it appears to be a continuous piece, a giant bolt that dominates the entire floor.

Uber went back to first principles: The company didn’t start by redesigning how taxis worked, it went after rethinking the entire journey experience.

The Long Island City institution will eventually have its entire exhibition history online as well.

This misses the entire problem — the issue that keeps America’s gun violence at higher levels than any other developed nation.

“His entire system was structured to decentralize access to data, to make sure that there could be no guardian and no censor.”

On his way out, he’s stopped by more fans—this time, an entire family.

– Beset by sexual misconduct allegations, Wynn disposed his entire 11.8 percent stake in Wynn Resorts for $2.1 billion last month.

Alles says the budget for agents is supposed to last the entire year — but more than 1,000 agents have already hit their ceiling.

Essentially, the entire city has to be even more locked down than usual.

The entire region supports the Trump approach, that Guaidó is the legitimate leader,” Graham said on Fox News Sunday.

The entire country — no matter where you live — feels like they send far more to Washington than they get back in return.

Overall, teachers of color make up about only 17 percent of the entire teaching workforce.

Growing up in Belgrade, there was only one computer in Maja Djordjevic’s entire apartment building.

Who requested an entire month off his job to come to Iowa to live at camp Cruz and to volunteer full time.

In fact, Djordjevic’s entire practice entails painstakingly recreating digital art.

His dominance in rural areas suggests a deep anxiety over not just economic security, but the loss of an entire way of life.

Check out the entire package right here!

Its 400 million daily users is more than twice the number of users Snapchat has for its entire app.

Or, as García Márquez put it: “In journalism just one fact that is false prejudices the entire work.

In contrast, in fiction one single fact that is true gives legitimacy to the entire work.

As you can see … Weinstein’s railing against cops and claims their misconduct has tainted the entire criminal case against him.

Watching with a VPN The NFL offers its own streaming service, NFL Game Pass, which provides access to the entire regular season.

And this is who Trump has been his entire life.

It was a wild time, Ferg coming out to play his single “New Level” which got the entire stage jumping.

Add to that the luminous quality of the gallery space, and the entire viewing performance is something close to euphoric.

Now, Briggs is calling out the entire heavyweight division — saying he’ll fight ANYONE, ANYTIME.

Consider the human genome project, to which genetic testing companies like 23andMe, and the entire genomics industry, owe their existence.

After all, the entire league seems designed for the express purpose of destroying its labor force.

Changing that will require reimagining not just the pump itself, but the entire culture around work and family.

“Just out according to CNN: ‘Utah officials report voting machine problems across entire country,'” Trump tweeted on Tuesday afternoon.

CNN host Brian Stelter clarified that Utah officials reported problems with voting machines in one county, not the entire country.

“There are reports that when people vote for Republicans the entire ticket switches over to Democrats.

Secure Communities got more immigrants deported during those years than the entire federal government had in 1996.

When you consider the entire value chain that includes generation capacity, transmission, and distribution, the effort will require $10 billion per annum over 10-years.

“F**k his team, his whole entire team … they’re using Conor to get to places.”

The screen stretches across the entire front of the phone.

“In Washington, Trump would be surrounded by more aides, media, and the entire policy audience.

Looming over the entire ordeal is the specter of the Islamic State.

Democracies are not invulnerable, especially ones that have been riven by ethnic divides for literally their entire existence.

But that’s the entire point of de Mistura’s statement: It exposes the lie.

Catch up on the entire Trump-Russia scandal in just 6 minutes

You get the feeling that Old Fashioned owes its entire existence to Fifty Shades of Grey.

This trend belies a certain impulse within Evangelical Christians to separate the entire world into two categories: sheep and goats, wheat and chaff.

She’s onscreen the entire movie, it’s such an insanely demanding role, and I think she just crushed it.

However, this particular message of the film falls flat for the sheer fact that the entire film is a knock-off of an original film.

The brief exchange stands almost as an apology for both this movie and the entire Christian film industry.

The MTA is considering two major options, reportedly: Shutting down the entire tunnel, working nonstop on repairs, and finishing in just over a year.

But the words she used could have described her entire approach to public life.

With the final season’s villains trying to procure Kira’s eggs, Orphan Black’s entire narrative comes full circle.

You can read some of the highlights here, or listen to the entire interview in the audio player below.

There is something quintessentially summery about eating just fruit for an entire meal when the mood strikes.

That entire collection, which I think is something like 600 boxes, came to Stanford.

Yeah, we probably need to know what happens to Simone, but I’m not sure an entire B-plot was necessary in the end.

The fact that there is now a biracial child in the British royal family perfectly highlights the diversity influencing our entire world.

Tens of thousands of homes have been left abandoned, turning entire neighborhoods into an urban wasteland.

They are threats to the whole, entire international community,” he said.

NYCC Lines tweeted out the entire panel was filled before Comic Con even opened Saturday morning.

Across its eight tracks, things unfurl slowly, minimally, with silence hovering over the entire thing.

The dripping swooshes on French’s Nikes make this entire outfit.

The entire complex is built to mimic nature and create a sense of calm during busy travel days.

They have two choices: they could say that the individual mandate is unconstitutional and it is severable from the entire law.

(You can listen to the entire interview or read the transcript at NPR.)

What happens if the Fifth Circuit decides the entire law is unconstitutional?

They wouldn’t let a Fifth Circuit decision strike down the entire ACA.

But I’m very confident that the Supreme Court will not strike the entire ACA.

“Myles is a Great guy and he changed my whole entire day yesterday,” JJ says … “Just had to share my story… GO BROWNS!!!!”

The blasts were so powerful that they took out “entire city blocks,” according to a senior US State Department official.

The US wants North Korea to dismantle its weapons and to deconstruct its entire network for building new ones (“complete, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearization”).

But a growing number of employers are just skipping the entire process — and getting away with it, according to the IRS’s top watchdog.

In some remote areas, entire hamlets are ghost villages.

His book Decoded proved that as well; his lyrics are so deeply intricate that they required an entire book of deciphering.

She sported a button that read “Flatbush Tenant Coalition.” Brake came with 60 community members — an entire busload.

Or you could listen to all of Watch The Throne to see how he works paired with Kanye West for an entire project.

The first part of the play is an entire Sunday service, complete with praise music, announcements, time for fellowship, and a sermon.

Occasionally, this can happen to entire seasons, too.

Or C, bully her out of the entire industry?” “I’m going to say A,” Jost replied, to Strong’s immediate relief.

Some Sanders supporters saw this issue coming and set up an entire website dedicated to informing voters about New York’s election laws.

They’re conditioning issues, and if mechanical problems are involved, solving them requires a fundamental breakdown of a pitcher’s entire motion.

Listen to the entire Dine Alone tour compilation, including both unreleased songs, below.

Instead of selling one handbag to everyone on the planet, “Kate Spade would rather sell one person their entire life.”

But Mazzant ruled that the Labor Department’s entire approach is a misreading of the law.

They also hope to plan to provide counseling services not just for kids, but for their entire families.

“This is a tragic day for Virginia Beach and our entire Commonwealth,’’ wrote Virginia Gov.

There’s a lot more involved in moving an entire workforce to a new industry than skills and salary matches.

So if the idea of mixing synthesizers and chili seems silly, that’s sort of the entire point.

But he’s warning the entire party that winning the election is no given and Trump could very well succeed again.

This year, though, WeWork also demonstrated that it wants to expand the entire sharing economy to its advantage.

It has also sought to paint the entire opposition as an “anti-liberation” front.

There’s another letter up for grabs too — signed by the entire Fab Four — that’s a little more friendly.

That’s the entire business economy of the town.

It’s quite possible that attaining the premiership now is political suicide — not only for Gove or May, but also the entire Conservative Party.

Büttner also illustrates Kant’s need to put the entire world into definable categories, in line with the Enlightenment’s obsession with encyclopedic classification.

And of course he’s throwing leather the entire time.

In fact, most of the players only make around $45k per year (and that’s if they’re playing consistently for the entire year).

It’s similar to Biles’s first pass, without the twist: Biles’s entire routine is 90 seconds long.

In the long, long summer between AS and A2, I devoted entire days of my life to watching nothing but cookery shows.

The entire narrative Swift created has come undone, making people question her authenticity.

But their latest brief removed that subtlety, saying that the entire law should go.

Now the administration is asking the federal courts to go even further than before and invalidate the entire law.

That entire run I really was sick to my stomach before every show.

He’s promising them to the entire American public — even though his legislation has absolutely no provisions that would deliver them.

This entire group makes up less than 0.5 percent of the total US labor force.

Not just the fact that it’s handheld, but that the entire console can be easily moved.

Things got so bad, particularly in Greece, that it looked like the entire eurozone system could collapse.

An eighth of the world’s entire population was eligible to vote in this election.

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