Engaged in a sentence | Use of the word engaged examples

Since 1964, the FARC, fueled by revenue from the Colombian drug trade, engaged in a guerrilla war primarily against the Colombian security forces.

Fortunately, he added, “Most people are engaged in intermittent episodic use.

Technology can help keep talent engaged and excited.

I pushed through my discomfort and engaged in a discussion about her and Bernie Sanders.

In retrospect, I should have engaged my former classmate about the gun video.

We’re not really asking questions about what the good life looks like or what it means to be engaged citizens.

My parents were both very politically active and engaged in social justice issues.

And this is interesting … the story line goes that they’ll be engaged by season’s end.

“Frasier” fans everywhere cheered — even if Niles was married, and Daphne was engaged.

North and South Korea are currently engaged in diplomatic negotiations for the first time in more than two years.

Republicans have, for years now, engaged in a systematic and nationally coordinated effort to rewrite the rules of the political game in their favor.

And Democrats certainly have not engaged in large-scale efforts to suppress Republican voters or strip powers from Republican officials after they win office.

Wurtz, by contrast, is engaged in humility and introspection.

“Fear and censorship are things that politically engaged art in Russia faces very often,” he said.

Overall, the [vinyl] industry is engaged.

“We have a remedy and a widespread network of engaged dealers who are preparing to deliver service.

Gina hasn’t announced she and Joe are engaged … yet, but she was still wearing the ring during their wet and wild makeout session.

He has never engaged in non-consensual sex with anyone,” Brafman told reporters.

Still, Braswell says LinkedIn’s 250 million users are now “more engaged then they’ve ever been.”

Young women — a group that’s historically been less engaged in political activities — have been a crucial component of the so-called resistance.

They warned that the kind of conspiracism and fact-free reporting Breitbart.com engaged in was pulling the conservative movement into dangerous waters.

“It engaged an entire generation of people to be out and, more importantly, to be politically motivated and change culture and change society.

Stephanie is a mother now, engaged to her longtime love interest; D.J.

It could be asserted, that she has engaged with her peer Willem de Kooning’s painting Woman.

Some creditors of Venezuela have engaged in the long legal process of trying to squeeze payments out of Caracas by pursuing Citgo.

Jorgensen remotely engaged the SAMs with his goggles.

Then we all went into our projects and engaged individually.

That’s 85 per cent of the rockets they engaged.

That’s 92 per cent of those engaged.

It’s engaged in legal battles over what it says are unauthorized reproductions of the statue.

We’ve always been engaged in doing stuff in the music and art scene.

But during that time, she cheated on Abe with her ex and eventually got engaged to him.

Typically, neuroscientists use brain scans to observe which structures of the brain “light up” when engaged in a particular mental task.

But it’s mostly just the sort of tired, calculated edginess the show has long engaged in for little payoff.

The report said the operator engaged the steering wheel less than a second before impact and began braking less than a second after impact.

In a statement to the New Yorker, Schneiderman denied that he’d ever assaulted anyone or engaged in non-consensual sex.

“In the privacy of intimate relationships, I have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity,” he told the magazine.

It’s a position of defensive strength, balanced and engaged.

Ariana Grande’s whirlwind romance with Pete Davidson just got that much more serious … we’ve learned the two are engaged.

Do fetishes and proclivities engaged virtually—these so-called “mere tendencies”—bleed into our IRL sexual experiences?

We’re engaged in periodic, never-ending conflict in a half-dozen countries without any signs of ending.

Tim Tebow and former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters got engaged at the former NFL player’s family ranch in Jacksonville, Florida, on Wednesday.

Tim Tebow is engaged to former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, the couple announced on Thursday.

Stamos, however, tweeted that he’s “still fully engaged with my work at Facebook.”

“Despite the rumors, I’m still fully engaged with my work at Facebook.

As we reported, sources familiar with the footage say she appeared “fully engaged.”

Beijing said Britain was engaged in “provocation” after HMS Albion passed near the Paracel Islands, and warned Britain risked harming broader bilateral relations.

Both companies have denied any wrongdoing: “Bitfinex nor Tether is, or has ever, engaged in any sort of market or price manipulation.

Twitter over the past year has engaged in a broader effort to make its platform a better place to be.

Berger, as a writer and as a human being — the two were never truly separated — was engaged in a similar process.

Afshar maintained that the sex was consensual and the victim had willingly engaged in gay sex before.

In Piotrwska’s photos, instead of being engaged in usual girly activities, girls aged between 11 and 17 are re-enact poses from self-defence manuals.

It has not engaged in missile tests since mid-September or any nuclear tests since its biggest one early that month.

And keeping them engaged on campus.

So I think it is kind of the end point of what were probably rational decisions on their part of keeping people engaged.

These Russians engaged in a sinister and systematic attack on our political system.

A further complication: Lyanna was already engaged to Robert Baratheon.

Last summer, the St. Louis-based grocery store chain Schnuck Markets also engaged Tally at three of its locations.

The sides have engaged in lengthy settlement talks and have three more rounds of talks planned for later in April and May.

“Essential Consulting was one of several firms we engaged in early 2017 to provide insights into understanding the new administration.

Underwood charged in the lawsuit that the Trump Foundation engaged in “extensive unlawful political coordination” with Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Also, because I thought it was fun, it was easy to get people to register and get them engaged.

The way to do it is you bundle all of the places where your brands are being activated and being engaged.

But those gatherings kept both leaders engaged in diplomacy instead of pushing for war — and that may be a victory in and of itself.

The beauty startup recently engaged in serious talks with QVC in what would have essentially been a fire sale.

By the end of our session, the inmates are lively and engaged.

Humans is a bloodless series, one that seems informed but not engaged.

Maybe they’re artificial intelligences engaged in conversation, or even the collective unconscious of the United States and China at odds with one another.

There has been a conversation that had to be engaged during the Obama administration about race in this country.

Ghomeshi has publicly admitted he engaged in rough sex, but maintains it was always consensual and enjoyable to both partners.

Ghomeshi has publicly admitted he engaged in rough sex, but maintains it was always consensual and enjoyable to both partners.

Yet the Canadian Forces have already engaged with IS in combat on several occasions since the training mission began.

The couple is now engaged and will reportedly tie the knot in December.

Chopra echoed similar sentiments, saying that being engaged“feels like family, which is just so different” from dating.

Both of us came to D.C. and engaged in non-violent civil disobedience to fight for our lives.

Marc and Char met 3 years ago and got engaged in April 2018.

When America engaged in World War I, production in developing manufacturing hubs increased.

BDD rituals are usually extremely hard to resist for those engaged, Phillips says.

China’s foreign ministry said Beijing was engaged in “friendly consultations” with Pakistan on the rail project.

“You have engaged in enough treason against this nation.

For example, imagine the following situation: Two people have engaged in conduct that they worry might be illegal or criminal.

“You have engaged in enough treason against this nation.

Bass doesn’t tell you what to think; don’t expect the preachiness of other artists engaged with social practice.

With Iran engaged in a series of regional proxy wars with Saudi Arabia, tensions between them are running high.

“She was engaged,” Newsome told ProPublica.

Either he’s engaged in trolling of the highest calibre, the ultimate piss-take, pure laziness or all three.

Viacheslav is engaged in the protection of the rights of prisoners and he wishes to become a paralegal.”

She released a 9-page statement saying the decision was a matter of convenience and noted that her predecessors also engaged in the same practice.

In the late 1990s, Enron engaged former Reagan speechwriter and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan to help explain itself to the world.

Weeks later, another couple from the UK engaged in a spot of post-betrothal faux oral outside a Greek church.

We have no data at this point to indicate that Autopilot was engaged or not engaged.

I think they’re great at positioning themselves as really thoughtful, progressive, interested, engaged citizens.

As we first reported, Justin and Hailey are engaged, but in no hurry to get married.

Rogers confirmed that leaks of the sort Nunes engaged in today hurt national security.

Su “engaged in this conduct for the purpose of commercial gain, and specifically sought to profit from selling the data,” his plea agreement reads.

Political will required only his decision, a cooperative federal bureaucracy, and engaged constituencies willing to defend him, all of which he had.

It pads out time and keeps gamers like me engaged.

He’s deeply engaged in that work,” Nauert added.

They’re caught off-guard, through open windows, engaged in something.

I think people learn best and are more engaged when it’s just normal relatable situations that illustrate the principles they’re discussing.

It’s a totally different thing, and explaining that got so much easier when I became engaged with my identity.

— Kim told police she engaged the concierge in conversation, saying, “Are we gonna die?”

The poll finds that young black voters and black immigrants in particular are less engaged on this kind of civic participation.

A Facebook spokesperson said the company is committed to protecting people’s information and is engaged with the Philippines’ privacy watchdog.

“On Instagram, they would need at least a million, and probably more, highly engaged followers.

Being a father, being engaged, all that stuff is important.

Even after a recent Supreme Court win against patent trolls, startups must remain engaged in patent reform.

Instead, they are shown as artists engaged in their work.

Johnston, Federico, and Lavine find that the more politically engaged someone is now, the more intensely correlated their psychology and their voting behavior becomes.

Members of our dedicated student body are fiercely engaged with their work, trusting that the process of creating is a journey.

By contrast, semi-automatic rifles fire a single bullet each time the trigger is engaged and are widely available for sale.

“Mueller’s report reveals that President Trump engaged in specific actions and a pattern of behavior that meet the threshold for impeachment,” he wrote.

Everybody looks contented and engaged.

But Silva’s attitude of engaged skepticism is pretty common among her peers.

It seems like you are still very actively engaged.

The characters in her work, mostly nude and female, are engaged in incredible acts of love.

They’re the least civically engaged.

Danielle might get in the Guinness Book of World Records — she’s been engaged 20 times … seriously.

Again, this kind of contemporary reimagining is the work that Shakespearean fanfiction is already engaged in.

The fact that Obama was a real candidate, and my color—even if I wasn’t engaged in the process yet, that made a difference.

Hopefully organizations such as Black and engaged will continue to create spaces that drive civic engagement and organizing.

They got engaged, and then married five days later.

Myanmar has denied human rights abuses, saying its military is engaged in legitimate counter-insurgency operations.

But for Trump, it’s important for his supporters to stay engaged.

But even if that future comes about and the three branches were engaged in open conflict, it wouldn’t mean the end of democracy.

I do think the real story here is that people in this community are organically standing up and getting engaged and involved.

You see, he’s not actually engaged in some noble counterterrorism mission here.

Serena Williams just got engaged to a guy who co-founded Reddit, and then announced it on his platform.

He also got engaged to his girlfriend Keyshia Ka’oir.

On average, men and women saw the consumers who engaged in green behavior as more feminine than those who did not.

But another thing to say he’s actually engaged in money laundering, this is a recent thing that’s been happening.

Myanmar says its troops are engaged in legitimate counter-insurgency operations.

Kushner, of course, has a Swift connection, too: His younger brother, Joshua, is engaged to Swift’s close friend Karlie Kloss.

The only people that were engaged in politics on the internet in ’96 were Libertarians.

Kushner, of course, has a Swift connection, too: His younger brother, Joshua, is engaged to Swift’s close friend Karlie Kloss.

Putin is engaged in this kind of political war with the West—he’s effectively trying to weaponize Russian organized crime against the west.

Where it makes a difference, perhaps, is for the politically engaged, particularly in this time of polarization.

Defenders of the states’ privileged status sometimes like to argue that Iowa and New Hampshire voters are just better: more informed, more engaged.

For much of my early adulthood, I engaged in sexual activities without ever truly feeling sexy.

Many on the left currently are engaged heavily in elections — celebrating the rise of figures such as Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez, and Sanders.

But he did say the United States remained engaged “in a number of discussions” with the government on the issue.

Pew polling prior to the election found that Hispanics were more engaged in the midterms compared to previous years.

The indictment alleges Manafort engaged in a yearlong scheme in which he lied on mortgage applications to obtain loans.

As a result of that power, Casper at times engaged with the sites.

Damond, who was living in Minneapolis and engaged to be married, approached the police after their arrival, authorities have said.

The report also revealed that Egypt’s National Security Agency engaged in systematic, widespread torture and extrajudicial killings.

As much as we need to be informed, engaged, and aware, we also need to laugh.

The most engaged fans of the game walked 25 percent more than they did before Pokémon Go’s release.

Usually, you would need a larger organization to do all of the projects that he engaged in.

I’ve never assisted HIV patients or engaged in awareness campaigns designed to curb the number of infections.

BTW, she also offers some valuable advice to the newly engaged couple, David Foster and Katherine McPhee.

Remember when Tamar blew up on Trina for getting engaged on what Tamar felt like was still her birthday celebration?

Trump, meanwhile, isn’t engaged with anything.

But instead, she agrees to stay engaged to the guy, instead of marrying him right then.

Imani told me she was engaged in heavy activist work in Louisiana at that time.

“President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct,” the Michigan conservative said then, drawing a broadside from Trump.

The broadside ballad was an additional way the public engaged with executions in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The US could have engaged differently in order to limit the losses and be more active in finding a political solution to that crisis.

But there are enough differences to keep even the experienced gamers engaged, including some big, unexpected plot twists.

We got enough people around this country engaged, writing letters, making phone calls, doing Facebook posts.

I don’t care how long you’ve been engaged in the climate conversation, 10 years or 10 seconds.

Sometimes Bulger sat silently at the defendant’s table and at other times he engaged in profane shouting matches with witnesses such as Flemmi.

And you want them to be more engaged generally.

Put it this way: Facebook wants people engaged so they can eventually show them ads.

Myanmar has denied allegations made by refugees, saying its troops engaged in lawful counterinsurgency operations against Muslim militants.

The couple got engaged almost exactly a year ago.

Right, right, so you want me — or whomever — more engaged with LinkedIn broadly.

They got engaged in 2015, wed in a private ceremony in 2017, and have since worked together on multiple films.

SRS: How did you initially become engaged with taking images in Iran, in 1981?

August 2015: They got engaged.

After three years of dating, Brie and Franco got engaged, as first reported by E!

That’s the, as I said, uncontrolled experiment that I think that we are engaged in.

Layla is also asking for spousal support — but notes the two are engaged in mediation to resolve other undisclosed issues.

If you’re engaged in cinema discourse in 2019, it often seems like it does.

They’re looking for the eyes to be more engaged on the field.

Trump was more popular among people who were less politically engaged and therefore less likely to vote.

Some parents are more permissive, or are engaged with pop culture in a way that lets them experience it alongside their own children.

This usually means children are able to play with toys and have daily activities that will keep them engaged.

So are you engaged with government in that discussion?

Muir then engaged in a substantial back-and-forth, questioning Trump’s rationale and basis for pursuing such an investigation.

We wouldn’t have engaged in the research if we didn’t think there was something to find.

DC: I don’t know that we’ve engaged in any particular online arguments.

DC: No one has engaged me yet.

To keep them engaged.

This group had also engaged in forms of unruly street theater in ways paralleling the more traditional less municipally controlled Krampus runs.

Sometimes states engaged in uncooperative federalism simply refuse to participate in federal programs, or they do so begrudgingly.

A way of saying this is that in 1900, a huge proportion of the American labor force was engaged in farming.

The two sides have been engaged in talks on the leaders’ second meeting after the first, unprecedented, one in Singapore in June.

Across the country, Democratic voters are more engaged then they’ve been since the 2008 election of Barack Obama.

A Blade of Glass announced its 2016 Fellows for Socially engaged Art.

Their stares place our focus not on their naked bodies or on the acts in which they may be engaged, but on their faces.

The president has routinely engaged the conservative hardliners on everything from health care to immigration.

Trump, who engaged the far-right hardliners during his presidential campaign, isn’t an ideologically consistent conservative after all.

In the past few months, Microsoft has actively engaged the Trump Administration on the business case for remaining in the Paris Agreement.

One year before getting engaged, Booth purchased a house on Long Island with her boyfriend.

Commitment is in the air, because Ed Sheeran and Darren Criss just got engaged!!!

I became a more engaged student.

After moving to Paris, Tzara engaged in numerous tumultuous activities with Breton, Soupault, Louis Aragon, and Francis Picabia that rocked and shocked the public.

He’s considered the father of “engaged Buddhism,” a movement linking mindfulness practice with social action.

“Our officers effectively engaged them and with quick reinforcement from special forces, the attackers were repulsed,” police said.

“It was about how we engaged with the community.

Britain, meanwhile, could direct its fighter jets and refueling aircraft currently engaged in the nearby anti-ISIS mission.

When you work with a company, be totally engaged.

She started the shop when she got engaged two years ago, focusing on designs that pertained to being a fiancée or a bride.

In response to this incident, we have engaged our staff and volunteers in rigorous discussion about visitor safety and procedures.

“The more time people listen, the more engaged they are with the content and the more likely they are to donate,” Charney said.

The corporate control, the emphasis on pesticides, the proprietary technology, and the tin-eared GMO PR alienated large swaths of the engaged public.

Police responded and arrested Quick, who told cops he was engaged to Chloe.

Of course, this was limited to the 20 percent or so of voters who are actually engaged partisans.

There is no evidence that anyone whose sentence was commuted by Obama later engaged in terrorism, but Cook did not correct his host.

Stephens, who is engaged to Toronto FC forward Jozy Altidore, has been spoilt for choice when it comes to watching soccer.

From the time you took office, I know that you’ve been engaged.”

Myanmar has denied almost all the accusations, saying its forces engaged in a counter-insurgency operation against “terrorists”.

For most people, getting engaged is the beginning of a long and chaotic road to the altar.

Four years ago, lots of people engaged in some pretty idiotic conversations about bringing Wonder Woman to the big screen.

Frankly, any editorial process would be bettered by somebody as smart, decent, engaged, as he is.

Darlene is engaged to Thomas Markle, Meghan’s half-brother.

And so as quickly … as that SRO responded and engaged, there’s grievous injuries to two students.”

Both parties have engaged in gerrymandering over the years, and the Maryland case decided by the justices involved a congressional district drawn by Democrats.

As we reported … Pete and Ariana got engaged after only dating a short time.

As for the newly engaged couple … they took their celebrations to Disneyland Monday.

Twelve artists and activists were engaged in creatively redesigning the cargo truck as a platform for performance, conversation, and transformation.

We were very politically engaged even though we didn’t have an agenda or party.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are reportedly engaged, just 24 days after initial reports claimed the two were “casually dating.

It may seem, initially, that only philosophers and academics are likely to be engaged by this concern.

Additionally, there are areas where startups need to remain engaged on patent litigation reform.

ACCESS DENIED: “Be advised, complete computer memory core meltdown engaged.

“The aircrew consistently engaged individuals that it did not positively identify as a threat for 30 minutes.”

He said he engaged in the wrongdoing at Manafort’s direction.

It’s to get up, get involved, get engaged, and let’s change it.”

It does show the pilots fully engaged in trying to save the plane.

Further, it’s not at all surprising that a sexual abuser might have also engaged in consensual sex acts in his life.

consensually engaged in a sex act with her, it’s not such a big deal that he didn’t have consent from other women.

“We are engaged in arranging serious negotiations to guarantee the safety and protection of civilians,” said Wael Alwan, Failaq al-Rahman’s Istanbul-based spokesman.

Recall the people who were exposed that year of 1998 of having engaged in sexual wrongdoing or indiscretions in their past.

During his speech, Trump alleged that Twitter officials are engaged in a massive conspiracy to reduce his follower count.

That was the scientific rationale — that we could try to raise the profile of frogs, and get people engaged in adventure and discovery.

They were engaged resulting in the death of 14 terrorist elements,” the statement said.

I think people underestimated how engaged people would be around a concept like this.

Once users click to hear the grandmothers’ stories, they hold down the space bar to activate them, encouraging an engaged listening experience.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna found a fringe benefit to getting engaged — cheat day with the ice cream man!

The point of all this is to keep the best Twitter content from getting buried, thus keeping users more engaged with the product.

Level four and five self-driving technology are considered to be fully self-driving because it doesn’t require a person to remain alert or engaged.

He added that he would reduce the number of third-party contracting companies engaged by Tesla, equating them with “barnacles” needing to be scrubbed off.

In “Milk Fight,” two milk cartons are engaged in a Tarantino-esque fight to the death on a grassy hill under a blood-red sky.

It came through a jump in long-term bond yields that signaled faith the gears of growth will remain engaged for a record-long recovery.

Tesla said it had not yet received car data and did not yet know the facts, including whether Autopilot was engaged.

The ACLU is engaged in a months-long legal battle to ensure that minors in ORR custody have abortion access.

She’s very engaged in friendship, much more so than a romantic relationship.

As I see it, in presenting the final form of any socially engaged or social practice project, there are two guiding principles.

People were convinced that China was engaged in a widespread online propaganda campaign that targeted its own population.

African-Americans are among the most active and engaged consumers of wireless technology, over-indexing in both smartphone adoption and mobile internet usage.

We’re mindful that this is a market where consumers have to be engaged.

As much as we need to be informed, engaged, and aware, we also need to laugh.

The embattled Raiders star — who just got engaged last month — is currently suspended from the league following a DUI bust.

One of those in critical condition was one of the two school resource officers who engaged the shooter before his surrender.

It’s not just President Trump, it’s public officials all over the country engaged with their constituents maybe principally through social media.

Van Der Lee explains: “We had our Facebook pages where we engaged with customers but, in a few countries, engagement levels were quite low.

At trial, he changed his story to say that the victim engaged with him passionately.

Do you think more artists should become politically engaged?

Similarly, people engaged in elder care, if you’ve got an aging parent at home, you’re working.

Brown is my alma mater, and I just got engaged.

Booker encouraged people in the audience to become engaged in activism and politics.

Digital technology might also prove useful in getting people more engaged with their financial decisions.

“It is not uncommon when there are multiple actors engaged in criminal conduct—white collar or otherwise—for prosecutors to charge a conspiracy,” Griffin told me.

In her determined expansion of the field of poetry, she stands apart from other poets engaged in avant-garde writing, for a number of reasons.

But teens today aren’t backing away from doing the work their predecessors engaged in generations ago.

Not social interaction, but we’re going to be engaged with you.

He was engaged to a woman at the time, and he said immediately that he wanted to hire me.

She was engaged to a chick.

It didn’t simply condemn us as sellout neoliberals (which … fair enough) and move along; it engaged with the arguments on their own terms.

KS: Tell me more about AR, because that’s something Apple is obviously, deeply engaged in.

Like we said, French is dating Iggy, Iggy was engaged to Nick earlier this year.

Its openness to capricious possibilities becomes an incentive to workers unwilling to tell stories and yet be still highly engaged with the world.

You’re talking about a user base that’s 15 to 20 times more engaged on Instagram than Facebook.

She was, in fact, engaged twice, to two different pilots.

She recently got engaged to her bf, Karl Cook.

Artist Robert Cenedella alleges that a “corporate museum cartel” engaged in an “unlawful conspiracy” to manipulate the market.

It was at Return Path where I learned the value of an engaged and aligned Board.

North said he was being forced out because of his allegations that NRA leaders engaged in financial improprieties.

After artists featured in a Chimento Contemporary exhibition engaged with protesters outside, their show was pressured to shut down.

“The White House is engaged in an unprecedented level of stonewalling, delay and obstruction,” Cummings wrote in the Post.

Kris and Kim began dating in 2010 and got engaged in May 2011.

An engaged community.

The couple met in 2004 when she was a waitress at an L.A. restaurant, and got engaged 2 months later.

“This is a president who’s engaged in an absolutely renegade maneuver,” Rep. Raskin said.

Americans are more civically engaged than they have been in more than 100 years.

And overall Trump’s supporters have tended to be less engaged in the nuts and bolts of party activity.

Pew found that 67 percent of the people surveyed said they engaged with politics in at least one of these ways since 2013.

Harry and Meghan don’t own the market on wedding proposals, because Chanel Iman and NFL star Sterling Shepard are also engaged!!!

Businesses devote remarkable sums of money to politics, and large corporations are now politically engaged in ways that are unprecedented in American political history.

But it’s exactly the type of work, and thinking, that scientists need to be engaged in.

LH: Yes‚ painters of nature like Burchfield and Transcendentalists such as Agnes Pelton and Emil Bisttram were all deeply engaged with painting light.

Before becoming engaged to Harry, Meghan, who starred in TV legal drama “Suits”, had spoken out on a number of feminist causes.

Uber is already engaged in battles with authorities and taxi regulators in cities across the EU, with those battles unlikely to abate in 2017.

A Blade of Grass named its 2018 ABOG Fellows for Socially engaged Art.

FHWC joined other organizations, including NARAL Georgia, Sistersong, and Women engaged, to form the Georgia Reproductive Health, Rights & Justice Coalition.

Every one of my senses was engaged in that moment.

Manafort engaged in a variety of criminal schemes.

It was at that point that I got much more heavily engaged again.

U.S. officials are currently engaged in talks with the Taliban, who now control a significant amount of territory.

In 2008, an internal Justice Department report faulted Acosta for failing to rein in a staffer who engaged in improper politicized hiring.

But we’ve also bombed lots of countries and committed atrocities and engaged in all sorts of injustices at home and abroad.

The case cites the Fair Housing Act and claims the towns and utilities engaged in discrimination based on religion.

The case cites the Fair Housing Act and claims the towns and utilities engaged in discrimination based on religion.

They reportedly split earlier this year after sporadically dating since 2012 … and getting engaged in January 2014.

She said Raniere asked her to undress and engaged in “oral sex” on her.

(Trump’s attorney general nominee William Barr engaged in some of this buildup the last time he was AG, under George H.W.

And both argued that young people must remain engaged in politics going forward rather than getting disillusioned.

But Trump simply doesn’t view what he’s engaged in as an exercise in articulating and defending beliefs about factual states of affairs.

We can still be engaged in the world without only focusing on politics.”

”I’ve engaged with Saudi Arabia.” What’s come of that?

Register people to keep them engaged and involved.” Yeah, that’s a lot of work.

Kev and Eniko got engaged 2 years ago … but we’re guessing the delay might have been because he was a little busy.

You will trade stories with people engaged on the same subject.

The docs go on to say they had a prior agreement, if he engaged in the conduct in question he would leave.

Although the subjects in her paintings are often engaged in unhinged, perhaps violent acts, Djordjevic insists that they are shown through a humorous lens.

In an attempt to bridge the gap, VICE went in search of engaged and newly married Millennial couples to ask, basically, why?

Koh ruled that Qualcomm had engaged in anticompetitive patent-licensing practices to keep a monopoly on the mobile chip market.

Then we actually got engaged in May.

Was he engaged in a project to weaken the US politically?

Ranna Royce says back when she and Bizzy were still engaged, in September 2016, he attacked her in their NYC home.

Earlier, she engaged in a signature type of planking.

To ask defenses to slow him down when engaged against a confusing stream of direct handoffs, misdirections, and off-ball screens, is impossible.

“An Internal Affairs investigation concluded that on September 9, Officer Guyger engaged in adverse conduct when she was arrested for Manslaughter,” the agency noted.

And for black voters, it could create a lasting change in how they engage and are engaged with in political contests.

Turner got engaged to singer Joe Jonas in October 2017, about a year after they started dating.

The defendants were also accused of having “engaged in acts of violence” at previous political rallies in Huntington Beach and Berkeley, California.

Slowly you see here and there programs that link art with politics, art with activism and socially engaged art.

While Cruz’s somewhat smaller crowds seemed to hang on his every word, my impression is that the Trump attendees were much less engaged.

It’s about the encounter and how engaged you become with how can you transfer that encounter in some way.

Under President Xi Jinping, China has been engaged in a crackdown on corruption.

“If she’d engaged in any combat, she’d have to face a jury and be tried for it,” Deen says.

And all of a sudden, he had all these reference points that engaged him in a completely different way,” Tenaglia says.

We don’t want to force people to become engaged.

“On that summer evening, Dylann Roof found his targets, African-Americans engaged in worship.”

Carey was previously engaged to Nicole Jaracz, but they split up in 2012 before making it to the altar.

A practicing Protestant, af Klint also belonged to a group of women called “The Five,” who regularly engaged the paranormal through séances.

He’s serious and she’s zany, and on social media, she gives us tiny bits of access to their photogenic, politically engaged lives.

How do you keep that audience engaged and/or not fatigued?

At the bottom, the market is ignored, then reluctantly engaged with as a set of rules.

Facebook has engaged with regulators in the United States and abroad about the planned cryptocurrency, company executives said.

This is because in multi-party civil wars, rebels find themselves engaged in “dual contests,” battling government forces while jostling for position with rebel rivals.

For six years, we have engaged in open dialogue with critics and others concerned about the topic of worker welfare.

“Jeff remains focused and engaged on all things Amazon,” Drew Herdener, an Amazon spokesperson, told Vox.

It’s very difficult for people to be engaged in any level of commerce without it.

As for Kraft, he has previously issued a statement denying he “engaged in any illegal activity” — but never denied actually visiting the spa.

“You really have to be engaged with the audience at all times,” John Cena told me at WrestleMania 32.

The most popular voices of the right-wing base are simply not engaged in the same undertaking as the New York Times.

A representative from Kupets, the company that owns the ship, said it was engaged in the transportation of orcas and did not catch them.

First, President Donald Trump promotes a less engaged America.

Netflix More broadly: per an Entertainment Weekly print article, Luke and Lorelai are engaged but not yet married.

And two, get science communities to get more civically engaged.

The deeply complex relationship to water and horizon is engaged in complex, evocative, and never reductive ways.

It’s exhilarating to see how politicized and engaged young people are about their futures and their role in shaping change.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are still very much a happily engaged couple … and they’re saying it with their own lips.

It said it would not impose secondary sanctions on non-U.S. entities engaged with Rusal or its subsidiaries.

Feasibility studies are almost complete and a developer for the project is expected to be engaged by the end of this year, it said.

“Once engaged, the developer is expected to commence works in the last quarter of 2020,” the statement said.

Their new, engaged personas have to reflect some inner core that was always there, waiting to be revealed.

In her 18-page decision, Failla said Greece engaged in commercial activity by sending the letter, triggering the exception to sovereign immunity.

So, people are more engaged.

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are engaged.

Yeah, because otherwise, you’re like, you’re in an engaged experience inside of a Messenger conversation, and then you have to leave it.

Kerry “personally engaged with Zarif on this issue to try to get to this outcome,” a US official told the AP.

“We believe that any assumption that we are engaged in anything other than journalism is an absolute lie and fabrication.”

ABOG is a Brooklyn-based organization that attempts to provide resources for artists that work towards social change and create socially engaged art.

His print exemplifies traditional Japanese whaling as a cultural phenomenon that engaged the entire village communities.

Meaney’s pragmatic McGuinness is largely unrepentant about the violence in which his group has engaged.

“She was also very intelligent and so involved and engaged,” says Prestwich.

Beyond that, Twitter is purging obvious bots and has informed users who engaged with Russian propaganda.

How extreme people’s views are tend to be very correlated with how much they’re engaged in politics.

Conan has the child lock engaged so Cruise can’t escape from the car.

What processes of learning is Documenta engaged in?

Frequently working with unusual and unexpected subjects, the clean presentation ensures that the viewer remains engaged, enlightened, and occasionally moved.

“If the symbol is being engaged, who creates the symbol and what meanings do they give it?

“Does this fire up Republicans in a way they have not been engaged yet?

The majority of the civil rights activists were nonviolent and engaged in organized acts of strategic civil disobedience.

Johnathan remained in the same cell, MC-66, and spent six hours a day engaged in faith pod programming.

Pandora can enforce viewability and only charges the sponsor when users have engaged with the video for at least 15 seconds.

Gun control advocates, on the other hand, have a less engaged group of Americans on their side.

“Most political tools out there are made by politically engaged people for politically engaged people.

Plus, he’s engaged in quite a few bombing and drone campaigns since.

In addition to the drop in ratings, Kelly also engaged in a high-profile feud with Jane Fonda last fall.

I wanted to be engaged with un-alienated labor.

Schröde the dude got engaged!

Now, I find myself engaged by work that is more diverse, stylistically and art historically.

But NATO itself is not formally engaged in the conflict, nor does it plan to be.

“The act of Michelle Obama being her authentic self became a profound statement that engaged all of us.

Even so, because they’re sought out rather than just stumbled upon, podcasts often attract a more engaged audience.

And we have the data to prove not only their dissatisfaction but the unique form of activism they’re engaged in to change it.

“But it’s approximately a year between someone getting engaged and having their wedding, and then they move on with their lives.

Turning inward, he engaged in long periods of meditation and self-reflection.

And Nakasone declined to say whether the US was engaged in any offensive operations to counter the threats.

Encouraging employees to be civically engaged is one thing, but political requests from bosses can veer toward coercion — regardless of whether bosses intend it.

The news of the raid comes at a difficult time for Fox which is engaged in string of deals that are facing regulatory approval.

However, I was not particularly engaged.

“Saudi diplomatic missions in the United States do not issue travel documents to citizens engaged in legal proceedings.

Qualcomm is engaged in a patent infringement dispute with Apple Inc (AAPL.O).

Walking and riding bikes makes you happier and more engaged with your community.

We know that the President has engaged in a long pattern of obstruction.

It’s axiomatic that small groups of engaged voters beat large groups of apathetic voters ten times out of ten.

Their relationship starts to morph once Laura becomes engaged and Amelia gets jealous.

“We know we have a deeply engaged millennial audience,” said Stephanopoulos.

Moreover, a number of studies showed that these connections shaped how corporations and their executives engaged in politics.

We now know Mika and Joe are engaged.

The president later said that many parts of the world were engaged in major conflicts while “some, in fact, are going to hell.”

While no credible evidence has ever emerged that Apple engaged in such conduct, the battery disclosure struck a nerve on social media and elsewhere.

She says he engaged in “abusive and physically aggressive behavior toward girls,” including trying to take their clothes off.

Then, in April, he revealed his company was “engaged in discussions” with state and federal leaders.

It was crowded, but quiet, each visitor fully engaged in the stories, both dramatic and mundane, unfolding in their headphones.

SNCC, a student-led group, staged sit-ins and boycotts to protest discrimination and engaged in community organizing to uplift and empower oppressed local people.

This past year, CAB became a recipient of the A Blade of Grass Fellowship for Socially engaged Art.

Syrian government troops, backed by Russian air support, are engaged in a brutal fight to retake the ancient city from IS.

Serena and Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian got engaged last December after dating for about a year.

Kerrie McHugh, a Deutsche Bank spokeswoman, said the bank was engaged in a “productive dialogue” with the two committees.

It seems to me, however, directly engaged with institutional critique, early conceptual art, and conversations around labor, exchange, and negotiation.

Most of these groups are engaged in protracted, bloody civil wars that demand all of their attention and resources.

Pete and Ariana just recently got engaged, and he already reportedly covered up another forearm tat that was dedicated to his ex.

For Grabner, such cross-disciplinary and critically engaged projects are essential to the vitality of the Portland Biennial, and Northwestern regionalism in general.

Tesla’s Autopilot system has come under increased scrutiny in recent months after two Tesla drivers died in crashes in which Autopilot was engaged.

So since we’re domestic-only I’m not sure that we would be involved or engaged to that.

Biden has engaged President Donald Trump more often than his Democratic rivals, while speaking in broad, thematic outlines rather pinpointing policy.

The temptation for brands to appear “woke” and engaged has escalated significantly in the Trump era.

“I would love first and foremost for people to be entertained and engaged….

In the 1840s, Lysander Spooner’s American Letter Mail Company engaged in competition with the U.S. Post Office.

But parental leave, as crucial as it is, would only help already-engaged dads become even more engaged.

The evidence shows that if fathers are engaged in the early years, they’ll continue to be more involved later on.

Trump engaged on the subject during an interview with The Post last week.

Why is it so important that media companies like VICE be engaged on this?

“In the privacy of intimate relationships, I have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity.

I have never engaged in nonconsensual sex, which is a line I would not cross,” he said.

If its viewers get lost, so be it; at least they’ll be engaged.

I have never engaged in nonconsensual sex, which is a line I would not cross.” But this is dangerous nonsense.

And if they score well on those three things, they’re an engaged reader.

Jesse said under oath when he was a member of the MC he never engaged in criminal activity.

Although ‘gougers’ may have traditionally been ‘lower-class’ men, sometimes men from the upper classes engaged in rough-and-tumble, although not always by choice.

That helps create empathy not only for my situation, but also for the experience in which I was engaged, in this case a revolution.

Ukrainian art finds itself unwillingly engaged in a media project that presents a threat to the state of democracy in Ukrainian society.

He’s home and has a flexible schedule to coach Little League, take my daughter to tumbling, and be engaged with them.

“All five companies are alleged to have engaged in unlawful information sharing among their owned broadcast television stations,” the department said in a statement.

He’s home and has a flexible schedule to coach Little League, take my daughter to tumbling, and be engaged with them.

Sisters Fiordiligi and Dorabella are engaged to soldiers Guglielmo and Ferrando, respectively.

They allowed me to imagine being engaged with these makers in ritualistic activities that involve the powers of excess.

Chopra also played coy when Cohen asked if she knew the couple was engaged before they publicly announced it.

“I am not a communist, spy or revolutionary, or engaged in any illegal activities,” she wrote.

You have to keep people engaged.

*    *    * Hrag Vartanian: You’ve been really pivotal in terms of promoting socially engaged and political art.

If you don’t keep people engaged, then people drop out.

Some of them have been engaged in the clean-up.

So, just to say, I think I don’t actually believe socially engaged art is filling the need.

So there’s a backlash effect that people who feel targeted become more engaged in the political process.

Social media users are substantially younger, better-educated, and more politically engaged than rank-and-file Democrats.

A Syrian commander said the drone was engaged in local operations.

And figure out a way to monetize when those things are viewed, engaged with off of your site?

Parsons was recently engaged in Hawaii and worked as a recruiter.

Common sense would be revolted if we engaged upon this process for petty reasons.

The actor is currently engaged in divorce proceedings with actress Amber Heard.

The woman who was engaged to Aaron Hernandez has given birth to a baby girl … TMZ Sports has learned.

Like Sanders, Clinton and Trump both engaged with this type of humor in guest appearances on SNL.

It is our goal to encourage young people to be involved, to get engaged.

Children could be removed if their parents engaged in acts as mundane as cooking with garlic or drinking wine at dinner.

I think we’re seeing younger people get more engaged in civil society around voting.

As much as we need to be informed, engaged, and aware, we also need to laugh.

If young people just voted we’d have a much better world if people engaged in that way.

Pakistan was engaged with the U.S. administration on security cooperation and awaited further detail, it said.

One dispatch, on Sunday, claimed at least some active-duty NYPD officers are engaged in a full-on boycott of the franchise.

It nippily engaged me with an astute exploratory interface between neuroscience and modern art.

And certainly, there’s plenty in this area for a more socially engaged design practice to draw from.

Many of the women of the Jeff Davis 8 were arrested there and engaged in sex work there.

The Dore Ashton I knew was someone who was always on alert, always engaged, always seeking out the new and daring.

But social media, I just haven’t engaged in mainly because I fundamentally …

“They were engaged only in independent, unbiased reporting consistent with the Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.” A government spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

I care a lot about reforming our criminal justice system and I care a lot about getting people civically engaged.

Trump’s campaign insists he does have the infrastructure, but won’t provide specifics on how it intends to turn casual supporters into engaged voters.

My father was, technically speaking, a writer who was engaged by form to a unique degree.

Barr subsequently concluded that Trump had not engaged in criminal obstruction.

Canada arrested Meng at the request of the United States, which is engaged in a trade war with China.

Sources say Twitter made the move in an attempt to get some of its VIP users to stay engaged with the service.

Overall, 18.6 million Facebook users engaged with the debate through posts, comments, shares, and likes; debate-related Facebook Live videos drew 55 million views.

The most discussed debate of the Republican and Democratic primaries, by contrast, engaged only 7.4 million Facebook users.

Overall, 18.6 million Facebook users engaged with the debate through posts, comments, shares, and likes; debate-related Facebook Live videos drew 55 million views.

The most discussed debate of the Republican and Democratic primaries, by contrast, engaged only 7.4 million Facebook users.

“A legacy has to be not only cared for, but continually engaged.

Your phone, it turns out, has features that were designed specifically to keep you actively engaged.

And we’ve engaged them.

Later, the producer engaged in a conversation with comedian Freddy Scott about the matter.

The last man to propose before your dad, I said yes to, and we were officially engaged, but he was hard work.

GFI then bought out another firm, Phoenix Partners, whose own brokers were found to have engaged in similar misconduct.

Despite the fact I got engaged, obviously, and it didn’t work out and turn into a marriage, I still left the show feeling good.

“We know the same person can be engaged in higher or lower productivity activities,” says economist Josh Mason.

The Trump Organization engaged in a lot of number-massaging when talking to investors and potential property buyers, too.

The two countries were engaged in talks in order to reach a detente, but those ended in May without a deal.

Two Capitol police officers who were there to provide security for the lawmakers engaged the gunman with pistols, Brooks said.

Netsweeper has provided foreign governments engaged in conflicts with controversial censorship technology before.

Melania was as upbeat as I’d ever seen her in thirteen years of our acquaintance, and very engaged by what was going on.

“Does this fire up Republicans in a way they have not been engaged yet?

Does this fire up Republicans in a way they have not been engaged yet?

—Ground tracking engaged.

Kev’s been engaged to Eniko Parrish for 2 years.

We hope engaged in a sentence examples were helpful.