Empire in a sentence | Use of the word empire examples

Historically, those differences have been erased to enslave people, to conquer people, and to expand the empire.

However, it makes for a very interesting space for a residency program because we’re not in the capital of the empire, Mexico City.

Weeks later, police said that Smollett paid two brothers to whom he was connected through his work on “empire,” to stage his attack.

The skating legend just dropped the mobile game on Thursday — continuing his legendary Tony Hawk video game empire … and it’s dope.

empire Records” was panned by film critics.

Taking place over the course of a single day, the comedy-drama “empire Records” detailed the lives of record store employees in 1995.

Although it has found its fans over time, “empire Records” was derided by critics and only made $300,000 at the box office.

Like “empire Records,” “Can’t Hardly Wait” was another coming-of-age film that was lambasted upon release and adored in later years.

“Atlantis: The Lost empire” was considered a flop by Disney standards.

Like most Disney films, animated features like “Atlantis: The Lost empire” will always find its fans despite how well they fare critically.

Even the empire Skate Rink had a teen night where flexers could be found.

By 2007 or 2008, when Uninamise was in high school, the empire Skating Rink shuttered, and Flex N Brooklyn stopped airing.

American missionaries to the empire first tried to win Christian converts.

pic.twitter.com/zK6wPdxQT9 The empire State Building turned red to match the Republican Party’s color, not signal that the apocalypse is upon us.

Charles Kushner was (and still is) a prominent New Jersey real estate developer who built Kushner Companies, a billion-dollar real estate empire.

LA only became part of the US in 1848, even if it was part of the Spanish empire before that.

Blac Chyna will not hitch her wagon to the Kardashian empire under any circumstances, because she believes it will royally screw up her brand.

His largest to date explores different historical iterations of empire, the confrontation between East and West, and the continued relevance of mythology and modernism.

Then came the plagiarism allegations that are doubly serious for someone whose business empire and campaign platform is based around education.

“The events of the past few weeks have been incredibly emotional for all of us,” empire’s co-creators and producers said in a statement.

Beginning in 2007, he started expanding Breitbart.com into the Breitbart News media empire.

In the 1920s, subway line extensions morphed the site again into the populist “Nickel empire,” and saw the rise of its boardwalk.

The earliest scientific illustrations of cannabis began widely circulating among naturalists of the Byzantine empire.

Prewar Britain was a classic status quo power, trying to maintain its own empire and keep Hitler from gobbling up everyone else.

The galli are even thought to have spread across the empire, getting as far as Catterick in the north of England.

It acts as a clever sideshow to my all-consuming Twitter empire.

They immediately began circulating stories by state-backed news empire RT and other websites discrediting the move.

So, the Red Sox beating the Yankees is absolutely the top of the list because they’re the Evil empire.”

History’s first recorded pandemic, an outbreak called Justinian’s Plague, swept across the Byzantine empire in 541 CE.

The couple roamed the grounds of the empire Polo Club this weekend with friends, when Selena and Abel made their relationship clear to all …

Today, 25 years after retiring from running her restaurant empire, my grandmother continues to make her mark, and party like nobody else I know.

Agents texted the manager to check out every evening about 7 pm empire Intelligence declined requests for comment through a representative.

It took the combined military power of the British empire, the United States, and the Soviet Union to subdue them.

Keith Chapman’s Paw Patrol empire, which includes the children’s gaming app Paw Patrol Rescue Run, generates more than $1 billion annually.

Outside Fire – RPT@ 2:06 am empire Polo Grounds 81000 blk of Ave 51, in Indio.

Despite being the famous founder of a huge charitable empire, Edhi made a point of remaining at the frontline of rescue work.

It doesn’t try to be empire Strikes Back, it’s super weird, and it knows puppets are better than CGI characters.

Jussie has been an important member of our empire family for the past five years and we care about him deeply.

He counts 26 restaurants, 11 cookbooks, numerous television shows and five Eataly marketplaces among his ever-expanding empire of deliciousness.

Maybe you remember he sampled the Annie musical, maybe you love when “empire State of Mind” plays at Yankee Stadium.

Playlist: “empire State of Mind” feat.

This solution dates back to the Roman empire, before modern development had wiped out most coastal wetlands, and before current sea level rise.

He says what the “empire” star allegedly did is awful, but check out what kinda sentenced he’d give him.

Steve Brightman, who is a guy that built an empire around coin-operated laundries in New York City has the same kinds of characteristics.

But not until he builds a truly global retail empire — by focusing on small businesses.

(The same was also true of Boardwalk empire, the previous series from Vinyl’s creator.)

In closing statements, both candidates rehashed their ties to the empire State.

Feeling that he could never emulate his father’s lifestyle, Matt used his daddy issues to help fuel his dumpling empire.

The “Boardwalk empire” star has previously gone public with the accusations, but she’s now filed a lawsuit.

Private empire: ExxonMobil and American Power, by Steve Coll: It changed my thinking about big corporations and, particularly, their relationship to politics.


To get to the top floor of the empire State Building in New York, you’d take the elevator.

As we reported, Ola and Abel both worked on “empire,” and Abel was especially friendly with Jussie.

It was, quite literally, a cottage empire.

Simpson: American Crime Story” as well as “empire” and “Billions.”

America was viewed, increasingly, as a failed promise, a malevolent empire beyond redemption.

With the concepts of empire and economy in mind, the chaotic “Neutral Calibration (Ornament + Crime)” (2016) installation now offers more approachable access points.

He’s had to change his financial disclosure forms detailing his divestment from his business empire at least 39 times.

FuboTV, an American soccer streaming service, just secured $15 million in funding from the Rupert Murdoch empire.

If the fossil fuel empire were to collapse, participants wondered, what would follow?

The Frist Art Museum will close its Rome: City and empire exhibition tomorrow, earlier than scheduled, due to vibrations caused by nearby construction.

Sources on the “empire” set tell us the cast and crew were waiting at least 30 minutes for Jussie to begin the scheduled scene.

Partly it was the fall of the Roman empire, but even before then it had gone slightly out of favor.

Rusal, the largest part of Deripaska’s empire, has seen customers stop buying its aluminum and creditors scramble to offload debt.

The New York Times reported the couple’s real estate and investment empire was worth as much as $741 million.

Three thousand years ago, the Assyrian empire brought many cultures together under one ruler.

It was inspired in part by the 1962 novel Fail Safe, in which a bomb drops on the empire State Building.

Jussie Smollett may have just been checkmated by the City of Chicago, and it could cost him his “empire” job.

ISIS has come the closest, but its territorial empire is shrinking and now is widely expected to collapse.

In the empire of the Air was the title Britton chose for his second, never-published book of poems.

In the empire of the Air: The Poems of Donald Britton, ed.

The concept dates all the way back to the Roman empire.

You refer in the book several times as he wanted to created sort of a Hearst-like empire.

So he had said, “I want to create this massive” — he wouldn’t call it then, but what today you call “multimedia empire,” right?

Our empire sources say Abel especially is an ally of the LGBTQ community, and neither have ever said anything positive about Trump.

We’re told Abel worked as an “empire” extra as recently as a month ago.

My glorious Roman empire ignored religion for too long and it almost destroyed me.

Don’t feel sorry for the Olsens … they lord over a billion dollar fashion empire.

Their debut full-length is due out in early 2018 on the brilliant Portland indie label Tender Loving empire.

(The Times reports that in 1990, Trump also tried to get his 85-year-old father to sign over more control of that empire to him.)

You have arrived where you once wanted to be, in the dominion of music, the kingdom of the groove, the empire of rhythm.

11:10 AM PT — “empire” creator Lee Daniels just expressed his outrage and horror over the attack.

10:30 AM PT — “empire” staff held an emergency meeting Tuesday morning in Chicago to tell everyone what happened to Jussie.

Bolander told the Juneau empire that she did not think of her work as cultural appropriation and never meant any disrespect.

The stars once seemed to be aligned for Sinclair Broadcast Group to expand its local TV empire.

It was a series of relationships like that that Donald used to help put together this empire.

DL: But it seems like he’s marketing himself as much as he’s marketing any putative empire.

It’s like trying to see both the empire State Building and an ant in the same picture.

Roughly translating to “sky people,” the Gagauz are of Turkish descent and predate the Ottoman empire in the region.

Becoming citizens of an empire, coming from a colony, is unique, opportunistic, and fruitful.

Kevin Durant took less to ensure an empire in the Bay Area.

3) The 20th-century Japanese empire reshaped Korea It was actually Japan, not China, that pulled Korea into global conflict.

Foreign Minister Samuel Moncada said the threat of US sanctions was “made by a xenophobic and racist empire.

John Akomfrah: Signs of empire continues at the New Museum (235 Bowery, Lower East Side, Manhattan) through September 2.

Eve Barlow’s first Warpaint gig was at Shepherds Bush empire in 2011 and she’s been hallucinating ever since.

Film director and empire creator Lee Daniels gave an impassioned, touchingly shambling speech, urging the government to tackle gun control in a meaningful way.

The report also alleges Trump helped his parents undervalue their property empire by hundreds of millions of dollars to avoid tax.

It stops us from having the necessary national conversation about the British empire.

You know, I’ve been thinking a lot of the end of the Roman empire lately, and that’s not entirely off the mark.

empire (Fox) — The final season will air during the 2019–’20 TV season.

quips in the faux banner, “We believe our empire will last for ever.

Louie: YouTube is just an empire waiting.

Their motive for staging the attack, sources told ABC-7, was because Smollett was being written off “empire.”

By contrast, Keiser portrays a Herod who is less lecherous than simply uncouth — what you would expect of a power-hungry princeling of an empire.

empire star Jussie Smollett was assaulted early Tuesday morning in Chicago, in an attack that may have been motivated by racism and homophobia.

Smollett, who is openly gay, also plays a queer character on empire, Jamal Lyon.

There will be huge cutouts of the empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and on and on.

Which is to me clearly directed toward the Sinclair deal that is about building another right-wing media kind of empire.

[nL2N1RI1ZE] Victories for the administration have included rulings on healthcare subsidies, deregulation, and Trump’s continued ownership of his business empire.

Alex Jones, the operator of the controversial conspiracy-theorist empire Infowars, is having another bout of bad media luck.

Google has grown into a huge global empire off the back of its free apps and services.

Steve Roth built a billion-dollar real estate empire in New York.

From humble beginnings in Warwickshire, it soon spread across the old empire towards the colonies.

Yank Sing: Yank Sing is a true empire of dim sum.

This is a man building his dubious lifestyle empire.

“Lil J is like a mentor to me, watching him put that whole empire together,” he says.

His father, Charles Kushner, had built what by the early 2000s was a billion-dollar real estate empire in New Jersey and other Northeastern states.

In 1977, Hefner told the Associated Press that his $200 million dollar empire “is settling down after a flamboyant youth and a tumultuous adolescence.”

I’ve been working my ass off to get my name out there and I will continue to do so to build my empire.”

I needed time for the Bouazizi empire, which is sort of the rising empire in the book, to take form.

Both had bit parts on “empire” and Jussie had hired them both to train him.

One of the first black women to reach millionaire status did so by launching a hair care empire — and her name wasn’t Madam C.J.

That suggested interaction between early Christians and the Roman empire were much more complicated than previously thought.

That’s how you get good ratings, and good ratings are how you build a media empire.

The Kardashians built their media empire on the idea that they are a family that viewers can be a part of.

Imagine a world where Trump’s golf empire allows for 16 hours of drinking each day, every day.

Fast-forward a few years and Robotic empire is compiling Painter of Dead Girls for its original CD release.

FOX announced early Monday morning in its Upfront conference call that the network was canceling “empire” after season 6, which will air next year.

In this regard, Mann’s exhibition title, empire Builder, becomes something of a tease.

Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann: empire Builder continues at Gallery Nine 5 (24 Spring Street, Nolita, Manhattan) through June 12.

empire State Manufacturing slumped.

Economic calendar empire State Manufacturing (Mon.

Like in the story, the Guzu empire was saved through the powers of music and the energy generated through the act of rejoice.

Robot Taraji P. Henson, empire Correction: The original version of this article stated that Iñárritu won his directing prize for Birdman, not The Revenant.

Deliciously Ella—has built an empire around a lifestyle and diet she claims cured her of postural tachycardia syndrome, a disorder of the heart rate.

So I reached out to Mother Horse Eyes on Reddit, and asked him to expand its fictional empire here.

Comfortably reelected in 2016, he now finds himself part of a symbolic rebellion against the Trump empire.

Sadly, she did not make the script revisions on the empire Strikes Back screenplay that have recently gone viral as attributed to her.

Given Trump’s worldwide business empire, there should be no shortage of ways to show some appreciation to the new ruling elite.

His children turned the company into a multinational business empire.

empire writer Malcolm Spellman has been attached to the project.

I visited the 34th Street location, right off 5th Avenue, steps from the empire State Building.

These abusers make us feel powerless and overwhelmed by their empire.

McKeogh mentioned a couple of case studies from his time in the field, including the controversial upending of Eric Spoutz’s forgery empire.

For Charlotte, it’s the prospect of messing with a potential empire built on powerful code.

The Razor Maker offers many choices; the dominant aesthetic is, I would say, Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost empire (2001).

Later the former governor accused prominent figures in the state of profiting from and protecting the Zetas’ criminal empire.

In Jesus’s time, during the Roman empire, children were valued only slightly above slaves, and abuse was rampant.

One empire had risen, another had fallen, and Wembley was the shiny new arena in which the decisive battle had been fought.

(No surprise the trend was started by Britain, with its creepy “model villages” that became popular as the empire waned.)

In the years following its 2001 release, the Shrek franchise evolved into a sprawling commercial empire.

Insomnia Cookies joined the empire thanks to a deal with Krispy Kreme.

Sent back to England to show the public what the empire was like, they highlight very ordinary aspects of lived experience rather extraordinary ones.

“The empire manufacturing numbers that came out were dreadful,” said Jack Ablin, chief investment officer at Cresset Wealth Advisors in Chicago.

Joe Staten We had all thought, and hoped, this is going to be like The empire Strikes Back.

empire did a whole bunch of other little cool things that made that okay, which we didn’t do.

The evil empire is a fascist dictatorship.

Perhaps there’s a revenge plot afoot, or an evil empire to defend.

The empire’s Stormtroopers are the same as the Nazis’ Stormtroopers.

TV is blasting 588-2300 empire jingle in background.

At the same time, the Boer War meant the British empire was still active and growing.

Or if an intergalactic empire built a space station that could blow your planet up.

It’s not even about flirting with temptation (as empire arguably was).

In our forthcoming film, Dream empire , developments with names like “paradise,” “utopia,” and “heavenly” are everywhere.

It’s a big, bold, complex film, full of contradictory notes, a little like empire was.

Dream empire by David Borenstein premieres later this year.

The Kurds were left without a state of their own when the Ottoman empire collapsed a century ago.

Last week, Disney announced a $52 billion deal to acquire most of the Fox empire.

Meanwhile, the US looks more and more like another powerful empire that got too bloated and stupid to see the future coming.

Now, the infamous YouTube star’s creative empire might be in trouble, according to a report by Polygon.

Then it became a career — a bicoastal Christmas empire, thanks to his Los Angeles business partner Debi Staron.

As Dunkin’ rolls out its rebrand to new and existing locations nationwide, executives say the coffee empire isn’t afraid to embrace automation.

Marcus Samuelsson is the chef and owner of Red Rooster Harlem, but he is also growing a multichannel food empire.

Short story … Rumi and Sir are about to become part of the Carter empire.

Making Roman citizens increasingly aware of ‘others’ at the borders of their empire, and also, within it.

In the Flavian dynasty (69 – 96 CE), the Roman empire undertook campaigns in Judaea, Britain, and Dacia (modern Romania).

The Dacians in particular became an important ‘other’ in the imagination of imperial Rome and exemplified the strength of Rome’s empire.

Today, its territorial empire is in clear decline.

How did she build an empire on dust?

The breach stems from the massive conflicts of interest between his presidency and his business empire.

Stanton also frequently worked with filmmaker and Twin Peaks creator David Lynch, appearing in such Lynch movies as Wild at Heart and Inland empire.

* empire Co rose 2.8% after the food retail and distribution company reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit.

Actor Julian Glover had a small supporting role as a military adviser in “The empire Strikes Back.”

The team was put in a fancy midtown hotel, right near Times Square and Central Park and the empire State Building.

Weinzweig, who studied anarchism and Russian history at the University of Michigan, never set out to build a small food empire.

An installation art empire is growing in the Southwest.

She’s finding herself at this crossroads of being someone who is the head of what could potentially be an empire.

She is an emissary to the empire of texts.

One empire conquers another, replacing the old gods with its own and building new structures on ancient foundations.

Marchers in Charlottesville held symbols of the medieval Holy Roman empire and of the Knights Templar.

Google has a huge empire called AdWords, and people bid in a real-time auction to optimize their content.

Once the Roman empire split into East (Byzantine) and West, Calabria saw Byzantine rule begin in the 5th Century.

All of this extravagance was funded by Baston’s position as the kingpin in a vast international empire of upscale prostitution.

It passed through the hands of Mughal emperors, Persian Shahs, and Afghan Emirs before becoming the prized possession of the Sikh empire.

It passed through the hands of Mughal emperors, Persian Shahs, and Afghan Emirs before becoming the prized possession of the Sikh empire.

She’s been the figurehead of the British empire since 1952.

The dating app empire owned by the umbrella company InterActiveCorp (IAC) was founded in 1995, with Match.com as its cornerstone.

Kylie Jenner’s expanding her business empire … she’s getting into the baby biz!!!

Taraji P. Henson’s empire is expanding into the Hollywood Hills where she just plunked down $6.4 million for her new secluded home.

It used to have this coat of arms that was a very old, empire, British look.

The superintendent said Smollett created the ruse because “he was dissatisfied with his salary” on “empire.”

empire” debuted on the Fox network in 2015 and has earned multiple Emmy nominations.

You run a giant empire staffed by how many people?

What it is: Finally, there will be a film biography of Ray Kroc, the man who built McDonald’s into an empire.

You started your own label, Egyptian empire Records, during an era when record labels conceivably had a lot of money.

LONDON (Reuters) – Philip Green’s Topshop-to-Dorothy Perkins fashion empire staved off a collapse into administration on Wednesday as creditors approved his sweetened restructuring plan.

It also reaffirmed the ancient empire’s still-strong grip on the imaginations of artists in the ‘80s and subsequent decades.

Deutsche Bank has long been one of the main banks for Trump’s real estate empire.

Like any classic 90s coming-of-age film, comedy-drama empire Records takes place over the course of one long day.

Trump has dubious ties to a foreign state and is unwilling to come clean about conflicts of interest concerning his vast business empire.

You find yourself juggling numerous currencies and objectives, and the more complex your empire gets the more it eludes your ability to harmonise them.

Most of the ingredients come from the Lake District farm that grows produce for Rogan’s six-strong eatery empire.

*** But Amazon, more than any other enterprise, has shown an ambition that puts the Roman empire in a gauzier light.

(Update: As a reader noted, and Wookieepedia corroborates, clones had been at least partly phased out by the old empire.)

How Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner built and lost a rock-and-roll empire.

Divided into five sections that could function as stand alone chapbooks, empire Wasted opens with a nod to Andy Warhol.

Divided into five sections that could function as stand alone chapbooks, empire Wasted opens with a nod to Andy Warhol.

There’s a subtlety to much of the work in empire Wasted as the poems seamlessly shift between seriousness and humor.

(empire’s production studio Imagine TV did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

empire Wasted (2016) is published by Bloof Books and is available from Amazon and other online booksellers.

George Lopez is expanding his restaurant empire … and holy guacamole it looks like he wants to add his own twist to a Mexican delicacy.

“Putin wants the old Russian empire back,” he said.

As Russian tsar, as he sees himself, his empire cannot function without Ukraine.

“theyre punks who want to topple my empire because i refuse to kisis their rings,” he told me in a Twitter direct message.

I find that quite astonishing, given that empire 1.0 was such a bad idea in the first place!

The end of empire meant the end of that huge benefit.

Inglorious empire: What The British Did to India is out now through Hurst Publishers.Follow Yohann Koshy on Twitter.

In 2016, he was recognized with an MBE, or Member of the Order of the British empire, for his contribution to the U.K. NBD.

LONDON (Reuters) – Philip Green’s Topshop-to-Dorothy Perkins fashion empire staved off a collapse into administration on Wednesday as creditors approved his sweetened restructuring plan.

Every Breaking Bad episode shows Walter White building a new tiny corner of his criminal empire.

List, who transformed his family’s grocery into a business empire that included RKO Theaters.

They give much less attention to their burgeoning criminal empire.

One 2013 estimate put his empire’s revenue at over $10 million a year.

The black and gay “empire” actor was facing up to five years in prison for allegedly staging a hate crime against him.

The black and gay “empire” actor was facing up to five years in prison for allegedly staging a hate crime against him.

If Gandhi can move an empire out of India but do it being centered in love.

Across the Roman empire, the festival was celebrated on March 25, to commemorate the resurrection of the Roman god Attis.

She now runs a fashion empire worth, according to Forbes, $1 billion.

The 2 men were both extras on “empire.”

So, one, if you’re a technologist, you should hear how someone who’s running an amazing restaurant empire thinks about the world.

They have not, like Islamic State, sought to establish an empire across the Muslim world.

The company’s release reads: Things are heating up in the Marvel Universe as the threat of the Secret empire looms.

Phasma serves on the First Order, a military group inspired by the Galactic empire.

The “empire” star was not hurt, but the Maserati was definitely the worse for wear.

Angered, the Archprophet enslaved the ungrateful Hadadeshi, divided and force-migrated them to far-flung planets, sowing the seeds of future unrest all over the empire.

Dozens of alien species were integrated or enslaved into the empire, each group with its own explosive concoction of ideologies.

He inherited a real estate empire from his father and drove it into bankruptcy.

And the more the empire expanded, the more difficult it became for the Collective to keep its own fungoids in line.

The machinery of empire and pervasive coercion sustained itself without a hitch.

Witte believed that political power came from economic power, and saw Siberia as an underexploited region of the Russian empire.

We’re currently witnessing the death throes of ISIS’s empire.

The BBC reports that regulators are investigating the deal amid concerns that Murdoch’s media empire could become too powerful.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads The fall of every empire sees a precursor of ridiculous excess.

London is a feverish brew of aspiration, empire, and appetite.” And just like that, I my curiosity was renewed.

Babylon, about 85 kilometers (55 miles) south of Baghdad, was once the center of a sprawling empire, renowned for its towers and mudbrick temples.

It’s my empire here at Recode.

The regional Fed’s “empire State” index on current business conditions tumbled to -8.6 in June from 17.8 in May.

Prosecutors want to tell the jury how Chapo ruled his empire from behind bars in the ‘90s.

Then the image of Rome took a new direction during the invasion of Abyssinia and the declaration of an Italian empire in 1936.

These laws regulated excavations and effectively prohibited export of antiquities outside the empire.

And it certainly fails to question the Met’s own entanglement in empire and violence.

You know, back when the Ottoman empire existed.

The now 11-year-old reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, along with its various spinoffs parlayed Kim’s fame into a family empire.

Both candidates this week launched their campaigns in the empire State, each highlighting their ties to New York at separate events.

Both candidates this week launched their campaigns in the empire State, each highlighting their ties to New York at separate events.

It’s a landmark deal that also unravels the media empire Rupert Murdoch had built over 60 years.

Murdoch still controls News Corp, the publishing empire that includes the Wall Street Journal and newspapers in the U.K.

“He told me he wanted to have a more stable relationship.” At the same time, Chapo was drawing Sanchez deeper into his drug empire.

It’s both a heart-pounding film and a humanizing one, following the children who become part of the drug empire.

On my mom’s side, they lived in the Western part of the Russian empire where Jews were allowed to live.

Gottselig grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan, but he was born in Klosterdorf, a small village that was then part of the Russian empire.

By age 13, he split his time between playing ball and committing robberies to help finance a growing drug empire.

After the confusion of season seven, season eight came out swinging with comedy queens (that empire challenge!)

Trump also steered the company toward deals with the rest of the Trump-brand empire.

Dáte notes that in 1974, the real estate empire of Trump’s father, Fred, was worth about $200 million.

For about an hour, I was immersed in tales of empire building, passion, and tragedy.

When I first spawned as a proud warrior for the Ottoman empire, I didn’t have any guns.

Am I complicit in a system of hero worship that has both helped fund her empire and given celebrities like her unprecedented political power?

The Gallic sack took place many centuries before Rome would become a pan-Mediterranean empire.

Oropeza survived but his empire — and his political connections — quickly unraveled under the unwanted public scrutiny prompted by the attempted hit.

We’re told there are also daily security sweeps on the “empire” set.

In the 7th century BCE Ashurbanipal oversaw an expansive and impressive empire and ruled from the capital city of Nineveh in present-day Iraq.

The Assyrian reliefs are a testament to Britain’s involvement in the Ottoman empire in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

There’s not as much Versace as you might expect, and it barely delves into his fashion empire.

Following the Russian empire’s WWI-era collapse, Armenia and Azerbaijan emerged as short-lived independent states.

A stronger antiquities law in 1884 established national ownership over cultural heritage within the empire.

In fact, they’ll bump into Taraji again when they guest star next season on “empire.”

To this I added information about the world’s countries that were ruled by other countries as part of a colonial empire.

She’s literally the only woman running a media empire right now.

The mid-season 4 premiere of “empire” airs Wednesday night on FOX.

Her most recent ventures include a co-hosting spot on ABC’s “The View” and guest appearances on shows from “empire” to “Nashville.”

“In general, I’m not an empire builder,” Landgraf said.

That, presumably, is where FX is headed, as it seems likely to become part of the Disney empire.

But the Goop empire has also grown and expanded in influence.

“For the empire!”

Virtually every credible analyst now believes that its territorial empire there is doomed to collapse.

Still, this sort of provocative behavior is exactly what Ramsay has built his empire on.

(Likewise, The empire Strikes Back faced a backlash of its own.)

I think back to the screening at the empire.

I believe Putin will continue to re-build the Russian empire.

Further waves of people entered fleeing persecution by the Byzantine empire.

But just a few weeks later, police said the “empire” actor paid two brothers to stage the attack.

(The Roman empire itself went on to survive, in various forms, until roughly 476.)

Siah Armajani: Bridge Over Tree is on view at Brooklyn Bridge Park (empire Fulton Ferry Line) through September 29.

This long peace, and the uniform government of the Romans, introduced a slow and secret poison into the vitals of the empire.

Sonny built his empire by bullying his way to success, and now is surrounded by sycophants too afraid of him to challenge him.

(I’m positive I saw the empire State Building in one shot.)

That legacy is considerable — Hefner created a publishing empire and changed the way Americans think about nudity and sex.

Isn’t Apple an evil corporate empire to these dudes?

Saturn enters Capricorn on December 19, marking the beginning of an important two-and-a-half-year journey to build your empire.

But today, even though Rupert Murdoch can strictly control a media empire, the wilds of the internet will still dog his heels.

Indeed, the success of Kering, François Pinault’s chic luxury brand empire, largely depends on this aspirational performance.

Both men are Nigerian and were extras on “empire.”

Donald Trump is getting his global business empire all mixed up with his White House; France’s presidential primary; police crack down on #NoDAPL.

The comeback from the financial wreckage of his Atlantic City casino empire was incredibly slimy but involved a bravura display of low cunning.

But the disintegration of the Soviet empire posed some real challenges for American foreign policy.

English is not my mother I cannot be but experimental Inside empire.

“The empire manufacturing numbers that came out were dreadful,” said Jack Ablin, Chief Investment Officer at Cresset Wealth Advisors in Chicago.

It’s just one of SEVERAL shots Barkley took at the “empire” actor during the show — but it was definitely the strongest.

This media empire includes every single regional newspaper in the country.

But under the Orbán government, he managed to build up a wide-ranging business empire on the basis of these government contracts.

empire” — Fox, six seasons

The show will return for its sixth and final season next year.

Soon after, the government money that had kept Simicska’s business empire afloat suddenly stopped flowing in.

Simicska’s vast business empire has collapsed into ruins.

As he reveled in the spotlight, the real estate empire on which he had built his reputation was foundering.

The Visy cardboard box manufacturing and recycling empire has made Anthony Pratt Australia’s richest person.

Even The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s endlessly optimistic Kimmy had post-traumatic stress disorder—which empire also touched on after Jamal was shot.

Rose empire is the first major show of Qajar art in continental Europe.

As many as 19,000 photographs and films are conserved in the Golestan Palace’s collection, and many are presented in The Rose empire.

The Rose empire: Masterpieces of 19th Century Persian Art continues at the Louvre-Lens (99 Rue Paul Berbt, Lens, France) through July 23.

He said legal docs are being drafted to take him out of his business empire … which presumably will be run by his kids.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads In the 16th century, the Spanish empire was known as the most powerful empire in the world.

The president is the billionaire head of a global business empire, and his mostly millionaire Cabinet may be the richest in American history.

Why is Momofuku founder and chef David Chang launching a media empire instead of just more restaurants?

He comes in, conquers the Aztec empire, but where did they go from there?

He even suggested that a previously undiscovered empire had spread across western Anatolia during the late Bronze Age.

She has a much different memory of the situation from others on the “empire” set.

Google built its empire on the back of technology’s more addictive elements.

empire State of Mind: Climate change affects us all, but it affects low-income people and communities of color a bit harder.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. — In 1917, Finland declared itself an independent nation, free from the Russian empire.

The Lemp family were a brewing empire in the 19th century.

The empire built London.

of Family Guy and his ensuing animated empire.

She is the author, with Peter S. Onuf, of Most Blessed of the Patriarchs: Thomas Jefferson and the empire of the Imagination.

An empire built on ifs.

In recent years, Kamprad had stepped away from the day-to-say running of the empire he created, though he remained an advisor.

Many came during the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368), when whole populations shifted across the vast Mongol empire.

They checked and it turned out that Ilene was busy doing “empire,” and Hulu had acquired the project.

At the same time that Jud Jud was lampooning straight-edge hardcore, Victory Records was building an empire on the back of it.

And one of the young writers the network hired was then-27-year-old Greg Berlanti, now the head of The CW’s superhero empire.

“A military intervention on the part of the U.S. empire will never be a solution to Venezuela’s problems,” Maduro said.

“A military intervention on the part of the U.S. empire will never be a solution to Venezuela’s problems,” Maduro said.

In September 2010, shortly before the debut of the HBO mob drama Boardwalk empire, I talked to the series’ creator and showrunner, Terrence Winter.

“The empire manufacturing numbers that came out were dreadful,” said Jack Ablin, Chief Investment Officer at Cresset Wealth Advisors in Chicago.

There’s Emperor Georgiou in the mirror universe, who rules the authoritarian Terran empire but whom Burnham hopes to redeem.

She’d been told Starfleet didn’t fire first, and was appalled at the cruelty and bigotry of the Terran empire.

Restaurant empire in Raleigh, NC, we have a way to use them to pack as much Southern punch as possible.

A fat lot of good it did when the whole empire basically crumbled around him.

Back then, subway fare was only five cents, earning Coney Island the nickname “nickel empire.”

He’s built a multimillion-dollar empire around his DIY approach to human enhancement.

Lawmakers are urging British Prime Minister Theresa May to strip Weinstein of his Commander of the British empire title.

It’s not just Democratic politicians who are calling out Cruz in the empire State.

Guests, which included Michael B. Jordan and the entire cast of “empire,” had to be shuttled to the event.

Speaking to empire, co-director Joe Russo teased far-reaching consequences for “Civil War.”

Deutsche Bank is believed to hold a vast trove of info about Trump’s empire.

Deutsche Bank is believed to hold a vast trove of info about Trump’s empire.

But its co-creator David Lynch struggled to find funding to make more movies after 2006’s Inland empire.

Or would it be the “only for obsessives” Lynch of Inland empire?

Yet the network’s attempts to launch shows that might supplement empire have been middling at best.

The same is true of a show like Sleepy Hollow and even a megahit like empire (which are both also Hulu exclusives).

Give us the quick how did Evan get here to this drugs, empire, murder, and betrayal situation?

Trump never committed to liquidating the Trump business empire, which meant the country would find itself in an unprecedented situation fraught with peril.

What he did instead was he started a prescription pill online empire.

So did New York’s empire State Pride Agenda, shocking LGBTQ activists gearing up for additional battles against inequality.

“If the American empire dares to touch even one palm leaf in our territory, this will turn into a new Vietnam,” he said.

Best known for the BBC series empire Road (1978).

The traditional tech-tree has been abstracted out of the game, so now you develop your empire by making an upgrade choice every five turns.

He’s a Russian heir to a business empire in Yeltsin land.

He’s trying to get Rey to let the past — Jedi, Sith, Rebellion, empire, First Order, etc., etc., etc.

empire” creator Lee Daniels confirmed earlier this month that Smollett would not be returning to the show.

The movie: “Star Wars V: The empire Strikes Back” (1980) The misquote: “Luke, I am your father.”

But it was, more than anything else, the Awakening that destroyed al-Qaeda in Iraq’s empire.

He’s got even bigger plans for his empire.

The brawl with Stevie went down outside Charlotte’s empire Lounge.

Was that the cracking sound of the future interrupting centuries of empire and totalitarianism?

How did you end up acting on empire?

In the empire of the Air: The Poems of Donald Britton, ed.

Trump has carried his campaign on building a “very successful” empire and making “great” and “amazing” deals.

Right, but they were going to become the new media empire.

Having reclaimed control of House committees, Democrats can now investigate Trump’s White House and business empire — equipped with subpoena power.

So I’m playing for New York empire this season, and our stadium is in New Rochelle, New York.

Together, the cities could have made the Khmer empire the world’s biggest during the 12th century.

It may offer clues about what led to the collapse of the empire in the 15th century.

Both the Soviet Union and the Russian empire were big, multiethnic states, most of whose residents were Russian and whose official language was Russian.

Indeed, due to the loss of European territory and population, the USSR was more Russian than the Russian empire was.

empire Divided comes out on November 30th, and sounds a bit like Total War: Attila.

The catch is that as parties wax or wane in influence, the territory it controls within your faction’s empire expands and contracts.

But this version of “Sean Michael Kirkham” said he was the son of Baron Graham Kirkham, founder of a multimillion dollar furniture empire.

Her art is in MoMA’s permanent collection, and it lines the Lyons’ walls in empire.

Fox should probably move empire to 8 pm, so it could lead into another show at 9.

But the network is loath to do so, because moving empire might sacrifice some of its audience, and every viewer counts.

But his business empire was in crisis, he had multiple bankruptcies, and The Apprentice really saved him.

Carrie Gibson is author of empire’s Crossroads: A History of the Caribbean from Columbus to the Present Day.

Taraji P. Henson has a shot, but empire‘s lackluster fall season has probably hurt her, at least a little bit.

“The hollow eyes, which were probably filled with glass or precious stones, date it to the first centuries of the empire,” Parisi Presicce says.

The “ECS” covers for “empire City Subway,” constructed in the 19th century for telegraph and phone cables, now mask Verizon communications, including internet.

The phrase ‘fall of Rome’ is technically a misnomer, since only the western half of the empire collapsed in 476 A.D.

The Pankration continued in parts of the Byzantine empire in the first few centuries.

Not only were competitions prohibited, the Byzantine empire discouraged the practice and transmission of fighting sports because of their association with pagan traditions.

When Constantine the Great ruled the Roman empire in very early 4th century, he decreed acceptance for those of the new Christian faith.

In 393 A.D., Emperor Theodosius I eradicated all pagan festivals in the empire.

The Byzantine empire perfected the institution of the military, maintaining a standing army of 150,000 men for over four centuries.

The Byzantine empire shifted in power and in the amount of land it controlled over its thousand-year reign.

The Byzantine empire demonstrated the cultural prerogative of valuing efficiency and skill in the pursuit of military might.

In the 1,000 years after the Western Roman empire collapsed, fighting as sport nearly disappeared as war became ones only prerogative to fight.

This is the latest woe of “empire.”

empire” is now in its last season.

When it comes to empire Labs’ genital-molding business, there are so many options available.

“Tesla cannot die.” That’s what Elon Musk told Recode’s Kara Swisher in her latest interview about the future of his empire.

I felt these things fully, a connection to my empire State like nothing I’d ever experienced.

Now he’s noodling away on his visions of an American empire in decline out on the fringes of the Peak TV landscape.

People no longer spoke any Irish and the empire had made its indelible mark.

This mouth promises to pay the builders of its empire; then refuses, counter-sues, and laughs.

You’re a big real estate empire.

Ivanka Trump describes her life as the daughter of a potential US president, running the Trump empire, and building her own brand

We’re told Fox has added armed security for all of the main “empire” cast members while they continue shooting in Chicago.

Technically, Star isn’t an empire spinoff, but it certainly functions like one.

It looks at the Rebel forces taking on the empire before the events that transpire in “Episode IV,” the original 1977 film.

TMZ broke the story … Newt filed a billion dollar lawsuit, claiming “empire” went on the air after he pitched the idea to Terrence Howard.

He also points out certain details of the alleged attack he finds shady … like how Trump supporters don’t watch “empire.”

Sanders was the bridge connecting Anthony Grant, the coach who resuscitated the Rams’ program, to Shaka Smart, who elevated it to an empire.

That’s the idea that Fox has a surprise hit with “empire” because it’s about African-Americans, created by African-Americans.

… Velázquez could have overwhelmed “Art & empire” — if more examples of his hard-to-borrow work had been assembled.

represent every corner of the empire.

Sources tell us Paris met with Daniels last week for a screen test on the “empire” spin-off.

He’s also an MBE [Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British empire].

Would that picture change if you were told that he ruled the empire of Mali in the 14th century?

Dáte notes that in 1974, the real estate empire of Trump’s father, Fred, was worth about $200 million.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we found the 30 occupations with the highest average salaries in the empire State.

Sarov is where Russia built their first nuke in 1949 — back when the USSR was a communist empire and Joseph Stalin was running things.

He also thanked his “empire” cast members for their support.

On the other hand, Jussie’s co-workers on “empire” are celebrating on Twitter.

Each year, Britain relives the decaying glory of its former empire by giving out Orders of the British empire.

After World War II, the Japanese empire lost control of the South China Sea, and China took advantage of the moment to reclaim it.

That ownership stake transferred to Disney earlier this year when Disney bought a good chunk of the Fox empire.

World Class Wreckin Cru, Lonzo [Williams], Egyptian empire, they started having gangster stuff on the covers of their records.

It happened to be “Egypt, Egypt” with the gold label on Egyptian empire Records.

The Ottoman empire abolished the slave trade decades after England and the United States.

Historically it’s always tended, Marcus is in the decline and fall of the Roman empire.

This empire must defend against, and will necessarily come into conflict with, decadent Western civilization.

What do you get when you combine chicks and “empire“?

‘It is one of the staple manufactures of the empire.

The empire State Manufacturing unexpectedly collapsed, coming in at -6.80 for October.

And when Hearst offered to buy his empire in a deal that could have made him a billionaire, he passed.

However, if Jia is serious about building an automotive empire, Atieva’s hoard of patents could be invaluable to his other companies.

Our families go back to the beginning of the Cline empire – Pioneer Fuel.

Chris Cline built an empire and on every occasion was always there to give.

The letters show Chapo scrambling to keep his empire from crumbling — and hatching plans to escape.

During the later Roman empire, these workers were even subject to state control.

Bio: Wicks has built a fitness empire on showing people how to get “Lean in 15.”

It also doesn’t explain why Kylie launched her makeup empire with lip kits and not, say, a contouring kit.

It means he’s been bumped up from Commander of the British empire to Knight; a nice thought.

She now becomes an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British empire, a little above a Member, but below Commander-status.

NKA was modernist architecture without modernization; the buildings hinted at the Angkorian empire, but it was centuries gone.

We’re broadcasting from one of your Facebook empire buildings, correct?

Sinclair Broadcast Group — a conservative, Trump-friendly television empire — is poised to become one of the most powerful players in the mainstream media.

The fall of the Roman empire did not mean the death of martial arts in Italy.

It also acknowledges that the German empire, then a military ally of the Ottomans, did nothing to stop the killings.

According to empire, Wayne and his butler Alfred Pennyworth will be spending their days at a “sleek lakeside residence.”

But if “divide and rule” was London’s tactic on the continent in its days of empire, the tables were turned.

“He’s a man who can actually do anything if he has to,” Irons tells empire.

While on set for the film, empire said they were swept past images of the Bat’s gadgets “married to a lime-green glow.”

The parts in the trailer where you see Superman tearing off Batman’s mask is also part of this dream sequence, according to empire.

“China is, by its nature, an empire, a threat to all free peoples in the world,” Chan added.

But he belongs to a different phase of his culture’s history: a twilight, that of the Mughal empire.

Lee Daniels says there’s an important discussion going down right now … whether Jussie Smollett will be cut from “empire.”

Off the pitch, star-power sells, but the endorsement empire is male-dominated.

While the obvious goal will be to win NBA championships, LeBron will also use LA as home to a growing business empire.

“This collection is the largest, richest source of new information on the Persian empire anywhere.

empire” debuted on the Fox network in 2015 and has earned multiple Emmy nominations.

Smollett, who is black and gay, is also a queer character in the Fox drama empire.

ISIS’s affiliates help “maintain the fiction that this is an empire on the march,” McCants says.

empire co-creator Danny Strong, for example, initially condemned the attack in a tweet supporting Smollett.

But on Friday, the show’s producers confirmed Smollett will no longer appear on empire.

They said that Smollett had paid two men, one of whom he knew from empire, $3,500 to fake the attack.

Police later confirmed that one of the brothers worked for empire, which is likely how Smollett knew them prior to the attack.

They recovered empire scripts, a phone, and a black mask.

But other areas of the Dutch empire provided a ready, if unexpected, marketplace.

A policy regarding another country, a … ND: empire.

And I love that you say “empire,” because getting at the Kissinger letters, right, I think it’s a “Mr.

Gawker.com, a gossip blog that spawned a multimillion-dollar media empire, is shutting down next week.

The Kurds were left without a state of their own when the Ottoman empire crumbled a century ago.

When you run an empire, you have to fire someone from time to time.

In February, empire actor Jussie Smollett was arrested for allegedly filing a false police report in what authorities said was a hate crime hoax.

empire State Development, the economic development agency for the New York state government, determines the boundaries for qualifying TEAs.

I swear to God, I did not do this.” After the arrest, Smollett was cut from empire.

Police later confirmed that one of the brothers worked for empire, which is likely how Smollett knew them prior to the attack.

They supported their entire flash animation empire based on t-shirt sales, from what we could tell.

Gillian Darmody on “Boardwalk empire” seduced her own son.

As ever, it’ll all be at the empire Polo Club in Indio, California.

Williams had built a small empire, one penny at a time.

We hope empire in a sentence examples were helpful.