Elevated in a sentence | Use of the word elevated examples

And keep in mind, he is part of the reason Donald Trump was elevated.

Standing before one, I’m faced with twin males walking in opposite directions along railroad tracks passing an elevated station platform.

“So whatever, if it’s a select committee, if it’s happening in the jurisdiction of the committee, it’s got to be elevated.

Even before his death, Bush’s pragmatism had been elevated to full-blown statesmanship.

The genetic tests for these conditions found fewer people at elevated risk than the tests for heart disease.

A source familiar with the firings told Politico that two other senior campaign aides, William McGinley and Mike McSherry, would take on elevated roles.

“We have elevated the right to personal choice above the fundamental right to life itself,” Martin said.

He brings our self-conception down to earth, while our overlooked stuff is elevated — but not too much.

Sanders departure less than three months after being elevated to the post in a reshuffling of the Department of Homeland Security drew criticism.

Miley Cyrus elevated Shaun White to Almighty status (holy hell … check out that candle!!!).

The doorway would lead to an elevated walkway which was covered in an overhead canopy.

Non-refugee immigrants, both first- and second-generation, have been shown to have an elevated risk for the disorder, too.

It was kind of a more elevated Gawker in a lot of ways.

Here’s what we know so far about the attacks: – Authorities say at least one gunman — possibly several — fired “sniper style” from “elevated positions.”

Here’s what we know so far about the attacks: – Authorities say at least one gunman — possibly several — fired “sniper style” from “elevated positions.”

The slightly elevated view of this bric-a-brac-filled landscape is claustrophobic, since the horizon is not clearly defined.

“Nice to know she’s drinking water with elevated chlorine levels and fecal coliform.”

“Nice to know she’s drinking water with elevated chlorine levels and fecal coliform.”

“He didn’t invent tandoori cooking, but he elevated it,” Sen told me.

Her mere presence elevated the material, to the point that freaking Philip Seymour Hoffman was showing up by the end of this series.

Thirty of the 38 metal bridges have been blown up and 800 sections of elevated canal have been destroyed.

Stephens was vying for a spot with the team with the D-League Iowa Energy, and was finally elevated (see what I did there?)

Fidelity declined to comment on the elevated TTHM levels and pointed out that federal limits were not exceeded.

Duke officials concede that bromide applications contributed to the elevated trihalomethane levels.

However, Joe Staton, head of market dynamics at GfK, said the index had fallen from “a relatively elevated level by historic standards”.

They pointed to the ongoing, potentially record-breaking El Niño, which typically leads to drought in northeast Brazil, and elevated temperatures globally.

Greek sculpture is some of the finest from any age, their monumental works made from marble or bronze elevated mankind to godhood.

Trump elevated Whitaker to the post after firing Jeff Sessions, who handed off oversight of the Mueller investigation to the department’s No.

This action is intended to reflect the elevated status of this role and demonstrate the company’s commitment to this issue.

Proposals included railroads, tunnels, elevated roads and a monorail.

In June, Finland’s national intelligence service raised its threat level to “elevated” after becoming aware of terrorist plots.

Outgoing director Richard Cordray elevated an agency official to replace him on an interim basis.

Writers and readers are always subject to ambivalence and doubt, but you’ve elevated this uncertainty to a kind of religious awe.

The Korean won tumbled again Thursday amid ongoing elevated geopolitical tensions in the region.

That extra spacing has elevated his game to new heights, and in turn has made Cleveland’s offense insanely efficient.

I’m talking about the actual conversations with readers that elevated the content.

It’s an elevated B movie, it’s excellent.

“The traits that elevated Donald Trump to the White House are the traits of America,” begins Conrad’s profile.

St. Mary’s-Gonzaga is an odd rivalry, as both schools have largely elevated themselves without engaging directly on the recruiting trail.

Expectations of a rate cut at the July meeting remain elevated at 66.8%.

(Reuters Health) – Older adults with slightly elevated blood sugar, sometimes called “prediabetes,” usually don’t develop full-blown diabetes, a Swedish study suggests.

Only 119 people, 13% of those who started out with elevated blood sugar, went on to develop diabetes.

Levels between 5.7% and 6.4% are considered elevated, though not yet diabetic, while 5.7% or less is considered normal.

Throughout the campaign, the press has elevated the importance of close state-by-state contests that ultimately have no bearing on the shape of the race.

There was a Myrtle Avenue “El” then and the shadows of the elevated train tracks in retrospect seemed designed for graphic documentation.

Rather than hide the label from a cigarette carton or soda can, he let the commercial emblems be elevated as part of the design.

Ted Baker said gross margins in both its wholesale and retail businesses were lagging compared with last year, blaming “elevated levels of promotional activity”.

Her example elevated showmanship and appearance, and Donald’s father emphasized toughness and competitiveness and drive.

The glass cliff is a twist on that: Women are elevated to positions of power when things are going poorly.

The alleged behavior was not sexual, these sources said, but was elevated to HQ’s board of directors.

The complaint was elevated to HQ’s board of directors and set off alarms, given Kroll’s past.

Perhaps these elevated stakes are why we’ve seen less innovation and strangeness on the summer movie stage in recent years.

The trade deficit narrowed as elevated levels of imports by businesses to prepare for Brexit before the March 29 deadline fell back.

Then he’d order the Justice official elevated as Rosenstein’s temporary replacement — Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand — to fire Mueller.

Children entering detention in Australia already have elevated rates of psychological problems.

Their sound was just elevated enough.

All of these stories have collectively elevated Abedin to a boogeyman on the right.

But Fortas was already on the Supreme Court; the only question is whether he would be elevated to the position of chief justice.

Normally at a political rally, the featured speaker would be up on an elevated stage just like any other kind of performer.

Her lead levels fell gradually after she left the duplex but remain above the CDC’s elevated threshold.

At one point, several performers climb onto elevated structures and pour sugar out of boxes in streams that recall waterfalls.

If Vegas does pass a social consumption ordinance, then the museum is going to get elevated.

You can’t enter into unconscious sleep while those are at an elevated level.

AvD: He was in a very elevated intellectual world and I’m closer to the sidewalk [laughs].

“These elevated risks present a public health hazard to these populations,” the report read.

We’re not just offering clean bacon; it’s bacon that has been elevated in every way.”

The constitution has long been a focus for political reformers, who argue that its status should be elevated within the legal system.

Unemployment among African-Americans fell by half under Obama, Sharpton noted, while Obama’s remarks on race elevated the issue.

When this high does occur in art, one has, not surprisingly, an uplifting experience, which brings a sense of elevated being.

We have a slightly elevated view of the boardwalk, pier, beach, and ocean, all bathed in different hues of yellow.

He hopes that by serving fish like fugu in an elevated omakase setting, he can open diners’ minds to exploring other seafood options.

He was elevated to that position precisely because he had proven himself unusually able to resist political intimidation.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says any lead level over 5 micrograms per deciliter is considered elevated for children under 6.

Higher freight prices, which drove up manufacturing costs in the last quarter, are expected to remain elevated.

Trump’s initial reluctance to endorse Ryan has elevated the prominence of this race.

All tested above the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s threshold for elevated lead levels – 5 micrograms per deciliter of blood.

Her younger son’s levels were up, too, though below the CDC’s elevated threshold.

This pic underscores what we said on “TMZ Live” weeks ago … that Kanye West didn’t fire Scooter Braun … he actually elevated him.

The base’s data system can’t track where children with elevated lead levels were living when they were tested.

Fabio Giampietro takes an everyday metropolis and imparts it with a foreboding, Hitchcock tone (film joke intended) in his elevated painting series, Vertigo.

“Drinking water alone is not typically associated with elevated blood lead levels.

“Tanks are now being built on flat, elevated spots in stable locations,” Ono said.

There are a few historical analogies to this elevated fear, like the Red Scare and Japanese internment, and they are all instructive.

But there is also a very specific thing happening in the current American political environment that is driving the elevated level of concern.

But by singling them out for criticism, he’s also elevated them.

Proposals included railroads, tunnels, elevated roads and a monorail.

Cook managed this side of Apple’s business for more than 10 years before he was elevated to the role of CEO.

Much of the earlier portion of the show involves a lot of difficult elevated work, which the dancers perform effortlessly.

The U.S. Midwest Premium, which overlays the London Metal Exchange (LME) cash aluminium price, remains elevated.

Every man is tasked to make his life, even in its details, worthy of the contemplation of his most elevated and critical hour.

The most common side effects of Zolgensma are elevated liver enzymes and vomiting.

The teams elevated their play, too.

And he elevated the styles of the black women he grew up around in the deep South to the highest echelons of fashion.

Third, now that it’s open season on social-media platforms, many banalities have been elevated to existential threats.

About 1,000 of the reserve’s residents were evacuated after their water tested positive for elevated levels of E. coli.

This is elevated writing.

Briggs got slapped with a 6-month suspension last month after testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone, a violation under world anti-doping standards.

This hasn’t just elevated her, but her nearest rivals.

“I’m not going to get into the personal shortcomings of the candidates that are being elevated in this election,” Inhofe said.

I moved into a room underneath the elevated JMZ train line in Brooklyn one Saturday night, and began working at the Guggenheim Sunday morning.

When I went back a couple weeks later for my next chemo it was still elevated.

Some are home to Florida panthers or diminutive Key deer, and they’re slightly elevated, so they flood infrequently.

Success elevated me to a level where my social life started becoming unrelatable—I didn’t even feel like going out anymore.

Monday: Fire weather conditions improve to elevated in northern CA.

Sanders was the bridge connecting Anthony Grant, the coach who resuscitated the Rams’ program, to Shaka Smart, who elevated it to an empire.

On one play, he cut through traffic and elevated for an up-and-under layup.

Pinchback of Louisiana, were elevated into the governorship while serving terms as lieutenant governor.

A 10-foot strip of fabric woven by museum staff lead to the room’s focal point: an elevated gold reliquary.

But it elevated him to hero status among right-wing non-interventionists.

And as a group, they carry that elevated risk forward as they age.

He’s one of several black artists Beyoncé has elevated through Lemonade.

“They’re not my people.” In fact, Trump elevated Powell to the Fed leadership and appointed three of the other four sitting Fed governors.

You’d see on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site data about lead elevated blood level rates there for 2014.

The group, known as self-settlers, has adjusted to a quiet life among elevated levels of radiation.

Under Khosrowshahi, Uber has expanded and elevated its data science teams, according to current and former employees.

“They’re not my people.” In fact, Trump elevated Powell to the Fed leadership and appointed three of the other four sitting Fed governors.

Nowadays things are a little plain,” she said before hopping on the elevated stage to strut her stuff.

The president nominates members to the Fed’s seven-member board of governors and Trump elevated Powell to chairman a year ago.

I have never seen someone who wants to be elevated to the highest court in the country behave in that manner.

Ordinarily funny circumstances are elevated to a kind of desperate hilarity by the seriousness of the matters beneath their surface.

This was the island on which bareknuckle pugilism was elevated to a science under champions like James Figg and Daniel Mendoza.

Global debt is at elevated levels, but isn’t high enough to draw comparisons with the 2008 financial crisis just yet.

That’s what pulled Harry Potter out of flash-in-the-pan territory and elevated it into a phenomenon that defined childhood for an entire generation.

Yesterday, the New Jersey Senate passed a bill that lowers the state’s definition of “elevated blood lead level” by half.

All tested above the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s threshold for elevated lead levels – 5 micrograms per deciliter of blood.

Her younger son’s levels were up, too, though below the CDC’s elevated threshold.

In one, about two thirds of people with substance addictions showed an elevated emotional response to the prospect of monetary gain—an overvaluing of reward.

The base’s data system can’t track where children with elevated lead levels were living when they were tested.

I almost compare it to this: Women’s interests are inherently stupid, but then sports is written about in this very elevated way.

“Tech is very elevated,” said Stephen Massocca, Senior Vice President at Wedbush Securities in San Francisco.

Beyond Rico’s video, a hidden entrance leads viewers into an installation by Kristin Reger, which they enter by way of an elevated catwalk.

“We believe political uncertainty will remain elevated.

“It’s supply and demand — limited supply, and as this demand gets elevated, it becomes more newsworthy,” he said.

In one of the studies (but not the other), there were also elevated rates of accident and injury among the “positive” group.

But with its formidable portfolio of vehicles, Audi has become for all purposes a fourth brand in that elevated realm.

Both recovered fully, but one reported liver enzymes that were still elevated six weeks later.

That made it elevated, and they compared it to other art forms that they considered meaningful.

For their part, Russian officials denied detecting any leaks or elevated radiation at any of their facilities.

An elevated security threat restricted our movements, making it impossible to complete our work.

This was very odd given that 43 nearby countries reported elevated levels of ruthenium 106.

They both are icons for DJ culture, which is why Hot 97 and Power 105.1 have elevated them as their primetime DJ talent.

He has elevated frugality into a status competition — and he is winning it.

Trump defended his decision, announced on Wednesday, saying it had elevated the former CIA chief rather than hampering his freedom of speech.

Proposals included railroads, tunnels, elevated roads and a monorail.

On the other hand, when Schumer’s predecessor, Harry Reid of Nevada, was first elevated to Senate leadership, progressives were despondent.

Putin, you see, has elevated aggressive geopolitical trolling to the level of doctrine.

Certainly, it’s reasonable to expect prices to remain elevated until China is able to buy as much iron ore as it needs.

They say, prices are “elevated“: Our scan of financial vulnerabilities suggests elevated risks in two areas: asset valuations and business leverage.

In other words, even after the mini-selloff since the end of January, prices are still too “elevated.”

But it is the time to tamp down on these “elevated” asset prices that are putting banks at risk.

Thiem has lived up to his fourth-seeding, his highest at a Grand Slam, and says he is comfortable in such elevated company.

Lincoln failed to disclose another report that undermined its defense: It found elevated spore levels and recommended remediation.

The stage was even elevated, flying around like some kind of ethereal rap drone.

Vacancies could remain elevated as 224,000 people dropped out of the labor force last month.

If these spirits stay hibernated downside risk will remain elevated,” Morgan Stanley strategist Chris Nicol said.

Some of this communication by visualization, of course, always existed (like folk art), and television also elevated visual communication.

Clinton soon wised up and elevated Leon Panetta, his Office of Management and Budget Director and veteran House member, to be his new chief.

A German laboratory later found elevated levels of mercury, copper, manganese and zinc in him, according to medical reports seen by Reuters.

When it falls short, we have elevated unemployment and sluggish wage growth.

Even the simplest landscape is elevated when you are also, well, elevated.

Within months he was elevated to the cabinet as energy minister.

“Adverse naltrexone reactions suggest frequent tanners may have chronically elevated endorphin levels,” according to a 2017 review of tanning studies that Stapleton coauthored.

(To see your neighborhood’s risk of elevated lead levels, head here.)

As a result, more than half a million kids have elevated blood levels, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“People have an elevated experience in Janicza’s piece right when they get in the car and it pulls away.

It doesn’t have the exuberant love for its tropes and genre that elevated To All the Boys.

Good Chemistry exemplifies its products’ recently elevated image.

elevated interest in the criminality of Trump and his inner circle is, to an extent, changing that.

You know, something easy and comforting, fried and delicious—but surreptitiously elevated?

As their spookily charismatic performances begin to win over audiences, they’re elevated from backup singers to rock ‘n’ roll frontwomen.

Certainly, it’s reasonable to expect prices to remain elevated until China is able to buy as much iron ore as it needs.

Radiation levels all over the city will be elevated for some time, but the threat of poisoning will pass.

Will an elevated position, an increased salary, and a voice of leadership help you do this?

“President Trump undercut our intelligence, elevated a brutal dictator who’s taking advantage of the United States.

Fortunately, it is a bit elevated from the river.

Proposals included railroads, tunnels, elevated roads and a monorail.

Smash Mallow Hot Cocoa is an elevated take on a cocoa-flavored marshmallow.

I couldn’t believe that Steve Bannon had elevated to this position.

Each clash has elevated fears around the rise of violent protest in Trump’s America.

Around ten men are sitting on large, elevated seats installed on the earthen floor.

One might make arguments that the market was somewhat elevated, if you look at price-earnings ratios, but nothing all that far-out given expected earnings.

The new Suspiria, more in line with modern sensibilities of “elevated” horror, is extremely different in form, feeling, and theme.

Family members being elevated to positions they clearly don’t deserve, leading to staggeringly incompetent decisions?

The new Suspiria is more in line with modern sensibilities of “elevated” horror.

That’s especially true when you choose the middle of the period, a time when lots of cohorts all had extremely elevated lead levels.

On an outcome level, there are prospective studies that track children with elevated lead levels.

He laughs as he ushers me out of the incubation room: “The CO2 levels in there are elevated.

2011) elevated that look to aspirational levels with its pictures of clean, muted spaces.

Everlane pushed elevated basics, like simple T-shirts and navy sweaters.

The 32-year-old royal has actively pushed for a return to “moderate Islam” since he was elevated to the position of crown prince last June.

“Around 30, there’s elevated levels of loneliness, and then again at age 50,” Luhmann says.

Around 30, there are elevated levels of loneliness, and then again at age 50.

Bolton, in particular, has elevated advocacy for a US strike on Iran into something of a personal North Star.

We find that in old age, loneliness goes way up, but there are also elevated levels earlier in life.

“The effects of a contraction would be magnified by the elevated household debt levels resulting from sustained house price increases,” the report said.

The second time, testing by the school district revealed elevated levels of copper.

His work spread and elevated “Mona Lisa” in the pantheon.

Traders and analysts said premiums would likely settle lower in the short-term, but remain at elevated levels.

He elevated Jerome Powell to chairman a year ago but has frequently criticized him for the Fed’s interest rate increases.

The next high tide is at 4 p.m. Water is causing flooding & will likely remain elevated through early next week.

Now, though, the Washington Post’s Robert Costa has elevated the subject again.

Caterpillar also acknowledged an increase in manufacturing costs in the latest quarter due to elevated freight costs, and higher steel prices and import tariffs.

Sure, there’s weight gain, elevated cholesterol levels, and hikes in blood pressure that the pros contend with.

Jacob points to many “elegant” examples of elevated rail in low-lying cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo.

Closer to home, elevated tracks in New York City have yielded mixed results.

One is for the city to conduct a complete technical study, fully estimating the cost of the elevated option.

The WHO also says that any kind of red meat could be connected to an elevated risk of cancer.

The fast-growing travel company has also elevated Belinda Johnson to the COO role.

And the fandom has always been at least partially about the fantasy of imagining yourself out there, elevated by those physical gifts.

But the decision to fire Comey has again elevated the congressional and intelligence community’s investigations into Russia’s influence in the 2016 election.

Rating: Rude of the postal service not to deliver the memo that swimming has herein been elevated!

“You got elevated,” Kiedis said knowingly.

But it’s that choice to make the story an epic one, in particular, that has elevated Apes.

Its promenade, a car-free area elevated above six lanes of traffic, features only one lane for cyclists and one for pedestrians.

Across the country, more than 500,000 U.S. children have elevated lead levels, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In Cleveland, Ohio, for instance, 13.7 percent of children tested had elevated levels of lead in their blood, Reuters found.

40% elevated pieces The second 40% is what LaFleur calls “elevated pieces.”

And in this, taking some imaginative license, Mary’s role is elevated.

Their respective actresses — Jolie in particular — all elevated their roles, but in most cases they had very little to work with.

Their stress responses were tested before deployment; the normal response was elevated cortisol.

In other words, they were more likely to develop PTSD if they had both an abnormal cortisol response and no elevated testosterone response.

Renewed U.S. sanctions against major producer Iran, as well as healthy economic conditions and concerns about crude supplies, had elevated prices until October.

Edgar Perez Cuén, 15, died outside the University of Sinaloa when he crashed his car into a palm tree planted in the elevated median.

But the thing that took this to the next level, that elevated it to the level of all-consuming national controversy, was the MAGA hats.

So, they’re elevated now.

NHTSA said it is evaluating preliminary testing that suggests carbon monoxide levels may be elevated in certain driving scenarios.

A study of 3,000-plus Wisconsin men who had played high school football in the 1950s found no elevated rates of cognitive impairment.

The platform has elevated various movements, feminism and its many facets chief among them.

But they were elevated the last time they encountered her, her doctors wrote.

BEST: Kate Beckinsale elevated an ordinary silhouette with a fun puff of tulle on each shoulder.

But much depends on loan growth and interest rates, as well as elevated costs from regulations, technology and “lingering sales practice issues,” Shrewsberry cautioned.

Presidents have elevated family members in the past: JFK famously appointed his brother Robert to be attorney general.

Down the road, children with elevated lead levels may have a lower IQ and even behavioral problems.

His Atlantic City casino empire collapsed, in part, because he elevated his unqualified brother to a key management position.

That approach elevated her pop songs past the genre’s glossy sheen and we’ve lost that since she’s been gone.

The rickety home stood atop wooden posts that kept it elevated from the mud and sewage that tended to collect below.

When bond prices are elevated, like now, yields tend to be low.

Then we could see over time how … it stayed elevated for about a month or so, and then it went back [down].

The brilliantly cogent surrealist object signals the near drowning of a particularly historicized sign of femininity and elevated socio-economic status.

But the elevated levels of lead found from 2012 to 2015 did not prompt the type of emergency response undertaken last week.

Kim III assumed the title of first general secretary as his dead father was elevated to the rank of eternal general secretary.

Thomas also said demonstrably erroneous decisions should not be “elevated” over federal statutes, as well as the Constitution, merely because they are precedents.

He is lying in front of an elevated, low-walled enclosure that recedes behind him.

I think of how the song can be elevated with a video.

“Drinking water alone is not typically associated with elevated blood lead levels.

The first rapid transit in New York, the steam-powered Ninth Avenue elevated, opened in 1868.

Fares on the elevated railways were fixed by law at 5 cents, about a dollar in today’s money.

Several stations on the orange “Abstraction” line have names like “Weird Angles” or “elevated Ceilings” or simply “Skewness” and they are not kidding.

We’re in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, trails and roads elevated between ravines above tributaries.

Despite elevated attention, these abuses haven’t stopped.

Unauthorized immigrants within the US, most of whom have lived here for a decade or more, are at elevated risk of arrest.

It will take a combination of infrastructure reinforcements, elevated homes, insurance policies, and relocation to manage flood risk in a changing climate.

But the water supply wasn’t properly treated, corroded the pipes, and people almost immediately became sick from elevated lead levels and rashes.

The fact that HBO’s average quality of programming is very different, it’s higher, it’s more elevated, it’s more aspirational.

Pick up bottles and trash, note slightly elevated self-esteem.

One-month skew shot up as high as 18.5 percent in late August and has largely remained elevated since then.

But the catch … Meyer says he followed proper protocol behind the scenes and elevated the incident to “proper channels.”

A nurse drew a blood sample that showed her calcium levels to be elevated.

Their newest album, All Empires Fall, is a tour-de-force of black metal, goth, and post-punk, and has elevated an already exemplary band even further.

She was elevated to the Seventh Circuit by President Bush in 2004 after five years on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

elevated interest in the criminality of Trump and his inner circle is, to an extent, changing that.

One caveat to the findings: Murder rates in some US cities, including Chicago, remain elevated compared to a couple of years ago.

For the second time in as many weeks, debris has fallen from an elevated New York City subway line, causing damage to vehicles below.

Earlier this year, during a routine physical, I learned that my glucose level was slightly elevated.

In Queens, the city subway’s Number 7 train rumbles overhead on an elevated track.

But, like oysters, this daily dish for the working class became elevated to fine dining just after the First World War.

In other words, we are currently living in a period of elevated levels of employment stability, not employment dynamism.

“Through his work in the pool he has elevated the sport of swimming on a global scale,” Matt DiLorenzo, CEO of TYR Sport says.

If elevated to commissioner, Carr could become a major, new legal ally to his soon-to-be-former boss.

This is what Rice captures in his exacting photographs of the goddess and her slave, and the elevated objects that connect them.

Certain perspectives will be elevated over others because they’re better able to secure industry funding.

It was obvious Flint children had become far more likely than out-county children to experience elevated blood lead when compared to two years prior.

But Ryan did address immigration in Congress: He encouraged a partisan exercise that elevated a nationalist ideology, popularized by Trump.

The startup leaders collectively elevated female founders to the top two roles at the same rate that they appeared in the program.

Lemongrass is just a wink for cannabis, just as PAX’s tagline, “Life elevated,” is one for getting high.

You have moved through something and somehow you come out and you’ve elevated.

Even undiluted, the liquor is surprisingly smooth, considering its elevated alcohol content.

Manafort ultimately won that battle and Trump forced out Lewandowski and elevated Manafort in May of 2016.

Bullock’s success in sports began in high school and elevated him to new heights.

Secondary prices are elevated so selling out at par-101 and buying at 99-99.5 might be the trade to be doing,” an investor said.

Once ketogenesis kicks in and ketone levels are elevated, the body is in a state called “ketosis,” during which it’s burning stored fat.

A German laboratory later found elevated levels of mercury, copper, manganese and zinc in him, according to medical reports seen by Reuters.

It’s a vile and racist meme elevated by YouTubers such as PewDiePie.

“It also decreases inflammation, which has also been found to be elevated in psychiatric disorders,” Palmer says.

The victory, fueled by domestic economic problems, elevated party leader Erdoğan to the premiership, which he assumed in 2003.

So, maybe she’s going for a grunge look … elevated even further by a trench coat.

elevated to the status of museum objects, the works in The Art Happens Here receive public recognition they were not made to expect.

I clamor over the elevated band platform, and make my way behind towards the backstage.

The whole thing is elevated by Green’s knack for an observation that nails a universal truth of high school.

The Golan Heights is a strategic area of elevated land situated along Israel’s northern border with Syria.

The small quirks and surprises that arise at nighttime are elevated anew under the cinematic lens of young Bulgarian photographer Mariya Novakova.

Earlier this year, analysis showed that the drinking water in nearly half of the schools in the Newark district had elevated lead levels.

Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace, which elevated Gerald Ford to the presidency and created a vacancy, which Rockefeller filled.

The boldest presidents were not necessarily extreme or pathological on this dimension, but boldness was markedly elevated relative to the average person.

We have a slightly elevated view of the boardwalk, pier, beach, and ocean, all bathed in different hues of yellow.

The LA-based Stampd also elevated traditional streetwear to high fashion.

Belfort failed a drug test in 2006 following Pride 32, testing positive for anabolic-androgenic steroid 4-Hydroxytestosterone and elevated testosterone levels.

But there’s something really sophisticated and elevated about wooden toys.” Still, the cost can be hard to swallow.

Tensions are elevated because Israel and Iran are in the middle of fighting a shadow war in Syria.

The number of children in Flint with elevated lead levels in their blood doubled, even tripled, in some parts of the city.

Some 1,300 of these hotspots had a rate of elevated blood tests at least four times higher than Flint’s.

And Bernie Sanders elevated every specific discussion to the realm of abstract morality.

Candidates receiving media attention enjoyed elevated name recognition and prestige.

Groups like BlackPAC, a liberal super PAC dedicated to mobilizing black voters, highlighted voting rights issues and the racism elevated by Trump.

LeBron James elevated on Isaiah Thomas.

Instead, the protests exposed and elevated longstanding concerns about police in America, fostering further distrust in the police.

The section of the toll motorway that collapsed was elevated over a river and a portion of the city of Genoa.

Last week, conspiracy theories again were elevated into the national spotlight.

The thick, dark elevated track feels poised to crush the already dead even further, pushing even the stones back into the earth.

“Among people who are not narcissists, you don’t see this really elevated output of these stress markers.”

And, interestingly, narcissists had elevated levels of both cortisol and alpha-amylase, which typically aren’t strongly correlated.

Yeah, so melatonin, which is I think well-known for being a hormone that is naturally elevated when we go to sleep, but glycine.

After Isaac Mizrahi, Target went all in on elevated design and launched a collection with the Italian house Fiorucci in 2005.

When a scorching winner burned past Boltz a few points later, he turned to the spectators on the elevated walkway.

Though, if your goods are of the elevated variety, make sure they know it first!

As with the other elements in her work, the mushrooms have two functions, as an abstract form and as a sign of elevated consciousness.

So just a series of scandals had elevated Ford; big new Democratic majority, low level of ideological polarization, scandal on the front burner.

But the layers of uncertainty in the story have been building in the last nine months, most notably from elevated competition.

He had elevated Gen. John Kelly.

He also elevated populist nationalism into a foreign policy philosophy, announcing, “I will always put America first.

But amidst all that, a few moments elevated it, allowing it to become the best BRITs ceremony there’s been in years.

He was elevated to the rank of cardinal in 1879 and died in 1890 of pneumonia in Birmingham.

It was actually elevated by our community.

Weak handgrip strength was associated with a 68 percent increased likelihood of having elevated symptoms.

Using forms of debris, elevated into concrete poetry, she wends her way to lightness.

Instead of sand and water, it’s the industrial scene of the elevated F/G train tracks, and the roads below.

The video’s elevated vantage is what really gets me.

“Though the prices are still elevated, this is a great sign that the market is indeed evening out,” he said.

Can athletes microdose with a performance enhancer over time so their baseline is elevated?

Writing about April Fools’ Day as a historical landmark gives your content farm an elevated, #longform brand.

From loser and potential has-been, Pence has been elevated rapidly to unifying figure in the GOP.

The colossal sonics of his guitar solo made my stomach feel elevated.

But the story elevated questions about the ethics of the U.S. EB-5 program and whether or not it should continue.

Instead, the rebooted Child’s Play blatantly doesn’t care about characterization, logic, allegory, or advancing the debate about “elevated” horror.

The two served on the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals together, after all, before Roberts was elevated to the Supreme Court.

Very difficult tactical situation,” Ford said, referring to shots being fired from an elevated position.

They’ve previously helped knock many candidates out of the race and have elevated other little-known contenders from obscurity.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer elevated Sanders to a leadership position within the caucus.

She urged jurors to consider all studies, including of rodents and cells, which she said showed an elevated cancer risk.

I suppose what I’m hoping for is a therapist with some elevated, intersectional, enlightening take on black manhood.

This is certainly keeping political uncertainty at an elevated level before the mid-term elections and a reason for caution in financial markets.

The high-profile venture capital firm has elevated Connie Chan — a well-regarded expert on the intersection of Chinese and American tech trend — to general partner.

Colin co-founded the popular mobile trivia game in 2017 and was elevated to CEO in 2018.

Simple, rustic, but elevated,” says Erksine.

They would not be more specific, but that often means the babies have jaundice because of elevated bilirubin levels.

They also dismissed criticism that Trump’s decision to meet elevated the North Korean leader on an international stage.

His shouting is elevated, though, to a kind of higher truth.

The trade deficit narrowed as elevated levels of imports by businesses to prepare for Brexit before the March 29 deadline fell back.

He also explained how his life has not only changed, but has “been elevated in a lot of ways.”

Jackson said Trump has a history of elevated cholesterol … but he’s taking Rx to control it.

Liza Landsman had been elevated to her role one year ago.

Ted Baker said gross margins in both its wholesale and retail businesses were lagging compared with last year, blaming “elevated levels of promotional activity”.

Sanders departure less than three months after being elevated to the post in a reshuffling of the Department of Homeland Security drew criticism.

He thinks food should be affordable and straightforward; he wants his Asian food “authentic” like his mother’s, not “elevated” like Sasha’s.

Take a look: In the half court, Oklahoma City has enjoyed elevated performances from its two most important role players, Adams and Andre Roberson.

Women who’d been sexually harassed had higher rates of elevated blood pressure compared to women who hadn’t.

That elevated pace of drone operations continued in 2018.

The track is elevated to near alt religious heights by an organ motif that stagnates Adams’ stinging Americana riffs.

He’d even prefer someone lie on the couch—provided you have a good pillow that allows for your head to be slightly elevated.

A CO sat in an elevated glass bubble with his thumb on the tear-gas button.

The Broncos Were Able to Pressure Cam Newton Without Blitzing Newton had elevated his game to another level against the blitz this season.

One position is with the woman lying on her back with her legs elevated and around the man’s back or neck.

“What’s remarkable is kind of disregarded, and things that are divisive and superficial are elevated to primetime,” adds Lennon.

“Consumption of contaminated placenta capsules might have elevated maternal GBS intestinal and skin colonization, facilitating transfer to the infant,” the report said.

But  when its paired with Nicholson’s denim maritime swishers, it’s elevated into a look that would make people turn heads.

In doing so, he’s elevated McConnell — who is unpopular among Republican voters — as his foil.

Pompeo was indeed elevated to the State Department — but Cotton was left in the Senate.

Today, he elevated his brooding even more, through the release of a very #dark trailer for his new album Scorpion.

The runways and celebrities have elevated gingham beyond totes Barbes and J.Crew.

Most people didn’t vote for that, but the dictates of the Electoral College elevated him to the presidency anyway.

Here we are, Newman sings on “Short elevated Period,” “in a pivotal moment, in an uncertain future.”

One example of this is the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, a $6.5 billion, 10-lane elevated roadway carrying 270,000 vehicles a day.

Subway or streetcar operator They operate subway or elevated suburban trains with no separate locomotive, or electric-powered streetcar, to transport passengers.

One recent study in the journal Science found Neanderthal DNA was associated with elevated levels of LDL cholesterol—the “bad” kind.

The square neckline, thin straps, and deep side-slits elevated this sleek black dress.

The law elevated the threshold for crack to 28 grams, closing the gap in sentencing from 100:1 to 18:1.

A three-point play by Wieskamp elevated the score to 21-6 with 13:43 remaining.

The resort will feature 24 elevated treehouses designed in the shape of seed-pods, built amongst trees surrounding the retreat.

Power, platform and privilege gave him access to beauty, but he elevated only those whose musical skills he respected.”

The 338-room resort — comprising hotel rooms, treehouses, and elevated cabins — will be integrated into a 4.6-hectare site housing Singapore Zoo’s back-of-house facilities.

Jockstraps and dresses, leather and glittery velvet, all of us being elevated, pushed forward together.

Nowadays, the medium is reworked, elevated, and filtered through a contemporary view to create versions inflected with pop-culture collage or representations of microscopic algae.

Concerns about Brexit are keeping currency traders on edge with implied volatility gauges in the pound, a measure of short-term currency fluctuations, elevated.

Guests boarded small trains that ran on an elevated track, providing panoramic views of the park.

Both starting pitchers fell victim to elevated pitch counts.

Haley’s entry into the Principals Committee in April elevated her position in the administration and marked a victory for establishment GOP thinking.

Jose Bautista, elevated to the leadoff spot, has homered in three consecutive games for the Blue Jays.

The study showed platelet counts were elevated within two weeks of using Revolade treatment, with reduced overall bleeding, Novartis said.

“The feedback loop through exchange rate and financial market channels appears to be elevated,” Brainard said.

The metal eased 1 percent on Wednesday, though it remains at elevated levels.

Former Democratic President Bill Clinton elevated his OMB Director Leon Panetta to the job, as did former President Barack Obama with Jack Lew.

Vacancies could remain elevated as 224,000 people dropped out of the labor force last month.

… Melvin Upton Jr. was elevated to the second spot in the order.

One example is the elevated pet food bowl.

If numbers remain elevated, they could surpass the record 1.2 million bpd seen in February.

elevated pet feeders do exactly what you would expect — They raise your pet’s food bowl off the ground.

elevated feeders also allow for a more natural feeding position that can reduce problems like regurgitation, especially in cats.

Le’s partnership with Danny Trejo elevated the status of his associated skins based on B-movie films and endorsed by the actor.

elevated feeders are a great option for large- and giant-breed dogs because they allow for a more comfortable and natural feeding position.

Our top pick for the best elevated dog feeder is the Bergan elevated Double Bowl Feeder.

Constructed from injection-molded BPA-free plastic, the Bergan elevated Double Bowl Feeder offers excellent durability while still being fairly lightweight and easy to assemble.

Our top pick for the best elevated cat feeder is the Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl.

Made from lightweight but durable resin, this elevated pet feeder is lightweight and easy to assemble, plus it is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

The Suncast elevated Feeding Tray comes in two different sizes, both with two stainless-steel bowls included.

The Suncast elevated Feeding Tray has more than 800 reviews on Amazon along with a 4.6-star rating.

For a feeder that combines the convenience of airtight food storage and elevated eating, we recommend the IRIS Airtight elevated Storage Feeder.

Her one-year-old has elevated levels of lead.

Durably constructed from BPA-free plastic, the IRIS Airtight elevated Storage Feeder is available in three different sizes.

With nearly 900 reviews on Amazon and a 4.6-star rating, the IRIS Airtight elevated Storage Feeder also carries an Amazon’s Choice award.

Constructed from recyclable polypropylene, the Neater Feeder Deluxe elevated Feeder is a highly durable product with the added benefit of being an elevated feeder.

With over 1,500 reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, the Neater Feeder Deluxe elevated Feeder is the perfect solution for messy eaters.

Our top pick for the best elevated pet feeder for travel is the Dexas Popware elevated Pet Feeder.

Durably constructed from lightweight plastic and silicone, the Dexas Popware elevated Pet Feeder is easy to assemble and convenient for both storage and travel.

While testing the Dexas Popware elevated Pet Feeder, we found it to be easy to assemble and easy to clean in the dishwasher.

I want my daughter to be at 100 percent functioning,” she said, reflecting on her one-year-old’s elevated lead levels.

Thanks to the same technology that elevated From First To Last in the first place, we have access to all music now.

In addition, the city will continue monitoring efforts and testing individual households for elevated lead levels in the water.

While CO2 naturally exists in the air, human activity has massively elevated its concentration.

“The first couple of innings he was good, but in the fourth inning they elevated his pitch count,” manager Ned Yost said.

Having sampled the street swill, I set off to check out the elevated ya dong myself.

“I detected elevated stress patterns in your voice,” the robot says to Will Smith.

Earned Achievements count toward a player’s Gamerscore, a publicly viewable tally that elevated bragging rights from local playgrounds to a global stage.

“The military would be somewhere along the border, typically in an elevated location, providing eyes and ears for Border Patrol agents,” Fisher said.

Despite his anti-establishment credentials, Trump has been boosted and elevated by the Republican establishment every step of the way.

The subject is given only a first name, not elevated to the status of leader or given ‘a movement,’” she said.

They show the state’s Department of Environmental Quality knew about elevated lead levels in children’s blood as far back as August 2015.

When thinking about a painful breakup, people will show signs of stress like elevated heart rate and blood pressure.

“Internet videos have elevated the status of the cat largely through humor.

It just so happened that he was elevated to another position in Supreme Court, and a position became available.

Non-refugee immigrants, both first- and second-generation, have been shown to have an elevated risk for the disorder, too.

Now the excitement elevated, bids exceeding $80,000, then $90,000.

But last month, a government reshuffle removed Sada and elevated Kaabi to minister of state for energy affairs, making him de facto energy head.

Or the Norwegian curling team’s amazing pants, which have not only elevated fashion in the sport, but inspired their own Facebook page.

“I think the game itself has elevated in the last three years and is now more popular than ever.

… lower Russian output together with elevated compliance from OPEC nations should rebalance the oil market faster,” said Giovanni Staunovo, oil analyst for UBS.

“We’ve elevated the Amazon experience,” she said.

On Sunday at 8 PM, a neighborhood dispute elevated into a shooting in Yakovlevskoye, Russia, killing one and wounding three.

It’s 11 in the morning, and people lie prone on park benches or hunched over on stoops under the elevated transit line.

But gains were tempered with equities at record highs and valuations elevated.

Trump, by contrast, has elevated unpredictability to the level of strategic doctrine.

“We argue that elevated OT isn’t necessarily a sign that everything is going well in a relationship,” he continues.

The Oscar-winning documentary is elevated thanks to the man who did the walking, Philippe Petit, as our narrator.

You might experience some side effects, though—ranging from headaches, loss of appetite, and jitteriness to elevated blood pressure, palpitations, and insomnia.

Her new path stood before her—and it’s one, Drummer notes, that has elevated her own cooking in more ways than one.

About a third of children and adolescents have elevated cholesterol levels, the authors say.

The study seeks to help researchers better understand microgravity-induced visual impairment and changes believed to arise from elevated intracranial pressure.

More than half of the Atlanta public schools that did tests in 2016 showed elevated levels of lead in the water.

At least two dozen schools in the Baltimore, Maryland region were found to have elevated lead levels in their water.

The women on Mob Wives have elevated the Real Housewives lunch meeting for re-hashing altercations into somber, dimly lit sit-downs.

The elevated police presence in Rio stems from UPPs, or “pacifying police units,” installed in the city’s favelas in the late 2000s.

With iMessage, communication is elevated.

U.S. Treasury yields remained elevated but off highs hit last week.

To me, that means drawing down inventories from their currently elevated levels,” Arab News quoted Falih as saying.

Then, a year ago, this Wynwood pioneer moved his very successful business to South Beach to offer an elevated art buying experience.

But ABC elevated Trump’s evidence-free allegation in a tweet.

Rondinone’s newest, grand sculpture, “elevated rectangle landscape” (2016), opens the show and sets this forlorn context into play.

These factors are counterbalanced by CNHI Capital’s elevated leverage relative to standalone finance companies and a mostly secured funding profile.

Inflationary expectations had stabilised at elevated levels, she added.

“I think it sort of balances itself out and may not contribute to elevated body weight—unless you eat and smoke nonstop.”

But with the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, the office was elevated and rebranded by Congress as ONDCP.

Another is a rectangular structure, again elevated above the main stage, which contains a trampolene.

None of the articles reported an elevated risk of mesothelioma among vehicle mechanics.

Transgender inmates in the federal system face severe challenges including subpar healthcare services and highly elevated levels of sexual abuse.

These winds can be accelerated over and downslope from elevated terrain, and will be higher in high rise buildings.

Even after stopping, the risk stayed elevated for at least five years.

“What we’re finding right now is that it’s either increased or stayed at a very elevated level,” he said.

The Red Sox were ready when Stroman elevated his favourite pitch.

NOAA forecast that two-thirds of the contiguous United States would face elevated flood risks.

Effectively an elevated baby wipe, these pearl knit cotton cloths are pre-moistened with peppermint oil and citrus for a fresh, clean scent.

Sadly, this elevated mood was only temporary.

Is now really the time to turn around and look at the interview process that elevated you here and start questioning it?

We may have Galveston Bay elevated by several feet for many days [from the storm surge].

She and Cecil sat in chairs beside the pulpit, which was not elevated.

Inflation is slowing but remained at an elevated 16 percent on an annual basis in October.

I pitied her in that moment—the pairing of tights with sandals is one of the more elevated style techniques a person can perform.

elevated at the center of the room is the famous colored cupola, which is divided according to the four cardinal directions.

Sales of OraQuick reached record highs the week Sheen went on Today and stayed elevated for four weeks.

Worse, according to the study, the elevated stress continues into retirement for average working people.

With peace restored, corporate executives and their spokespeople declared that the wartime spirit of cooperation and responsibility to elevated values must continue.

People claim that they feel quite elevated and happy on it.

The trade deficit narrowed as elevated levels of imports by businesses to prepare for Brexit before the March 29 deadline fell back.

The back seats are elevated a bit due to the car’s battery.

As we reported, they are “under the lights” … which typically means they have jaundice, the result of elevated bilirubin issues.

“House price-to-income ratios being at this highly elevated level warrant some concern,” she said.

Lawson throws his truck into park at an elevated stretch of wall known among Border Patrol agents as “the limestones.”

NHTSA said it is evaluating preliminary testing that suggests carbon monoxide levels may be elevated in certain driving scenarios.

That elevated CO2 level increased heart rate and blood pressure, and made subjects tense and worried.

I’m seeing the developing history of Manhattan from this elevated railway.

If agencies collectively decide the person is at an “acutely elevated” level of risk, an intervention is deployed.

Here we are, Newman sings on “Short elevated Period,” “in a pivotal moment, in an uncertain future.”

“The odds of developing elevated anxiety symptoms were 1.15 times higher for more frequent cannabis users than less frequent or non-users,” he said.

These were high-profile, high-publicity moments that greatly elevated the quirky fan project.

Though “XR2” was one of most evocative tracks on M.I.A’s second album Kala, it was arguably “Paper Planes” that elevated it.

Goldman Sachs said it expects price volatility to remain elevated, keeping Brent in a $70-$80 per barrel range in the short term.

The production was over-the-top, with full-grown palm trees framing the elevated DJ booth and psychedelic film loops illuminating the expansive wall behind the stage.

Naturally, as it tends to be among rappers with such long histories and such elevated levels of talent, the respect is mutual.

They also dismissed criticism that Trump’s decision to meet elevated the North Korean leader on an international stage.

Hefner elevated the pleasure principle—Playboy wasn’t just about sex!

Now, because of elevated recent interest in corporate power, experts are coming up with data showing just what it’s costing Americans.

And when it came time to make some vegetarian dishes, she elevated the humble chickpea into a spicy Dinner Bell mezze classic.

We hope elevated in a sentence examples were helpful.