Electric in a sentence | Use of the word electric examples

The first electric car from the plant is slated to roll off the production line in 2022.

It’s electric.

It’s electric right now.

Unlike for copper or other metals used to make electric cars, there is no traded price for lithium.

Toyota Motor Corp, for example, plans to have half of its global sales come from electric vehicles by 2025.

It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population.

State-run utility Korea electric Power Corp was shortlisted last July to bid for building nuclear plants in the kingdom.

His production had fallen every season since that electric debut in 2013.

By comparison, the Nissan Motor Co Ltd (7201.T) Leaf, an electric car with shorter range, was in inventory for 202 days.

Tesla is closing in on 200,000 U.S. electric vehicle sales thanks to the popularity of its luxury Model S sedan and Model X SUV.

If it hits 200,000 U.S. electric vehicle sales in the third quarter, then the $7,500 tax credit would phase out in stages over 2019.

The Moon in Sagittarius will make an easy connection with electric Uranus at 8:50 PM — excitement will be in the air.

Meanwhile, his electric car company, Tesla, has seen its stock price soar.

It’s not just that they’re electric; they have this amazing software in the car.

We’ve already seen BMW and Audi building electric cars.

Everyone is caught up on the electric car thing, but one of the huge advantages of Tesla is software.

Wind and solar and electric vehicles are making big gains.

General electric said it will spin off its healthcare business and split from oil giant Baker Hughes.

That in mind, we asked friends and co-workers to recall the most gnarly person they’ve shared an electric bill with.

The first fully electric, and possibly unmanned, barges are heading to European canals in August.

Nicknamed the “Tesla of the Canals,” the barges will run on huge, 20-foot-long electric batteries that can power them for up to 15 hours.

The first fully electric, and possibly unmanned, barges are heading to European canals in August.

Nicknamed the “Tesla of the Canals,” the barges will run on huge, 20-foot-long electric batteries that can power them for up to 15 hours.

The barges may be the first powered on carbon-neutral power, but they’re not the first electric boats.

Two electric ferries are already running a 2.5-mile route between Sweden and Denmark.

Automakers are concerned tariffs would mean less capital to spend on self-driving cars and electric vehicles.

As di Grassi states later in this feature, the facts are that electric transportation is more efficient, both economically and environmentally.

As the pace of electric technology gathers even more momentum, there are significant challenges.

“The facts are that electric technology is so much more efficient than the internal combustion engine.

It is economically and environmentally better to drive electric.

It coincided with people starting to believe that electric was the way forward.

But just how quickly Tesla could build a robust network of electric filling stations for commercial truckers is not clear.

U.S. transit agencies that operate electric buses provide some clues.

A “fast charger” terminal serving six electric buses would cost $249,000, according to a 2016 report from the California Air Resources Board.

More than half of them will be fully electric,” he said.

There was a kind of electric hysteria going around.

Scott, who is primarily known as a painter, works with an electric line.

Bill Scott, “Birthday Flowers I [Yellow Background]” (2005), etching with aquatint and electric engraving in six colors on Rives BFK paper.

FCA has pledged to increase production of sport utility vehicles and invest in electric and hybrid cars to double operating profit by 2022.

The way we do that is we use an electric airplane that weighs about 25 pounds.

Birds have a pretty good sense-and-avoid system for a loud electric aircraft coming in their direction.

Khachnaoui’s version mixed in western piano, drums, bass, and electric guitar.

Now, it looks like 2020 could be the big year for electric big rigs.

The challenge is gauging how big the market for electric commercial trucks will be, especially outside of China.

The limited range of most first-generation electric or hydrogen commercial trucks and a lack of charging infrastructure threaten to limit sales to short-haul operations.

In the United States, the outlook for electric truck demand is cloudier.

Some analysts estimate that by the mid-2020s, U.S. annual electric truck sales may number only in the hundreds.

Battery electric trucks can take hours to recharge and charging stations are scarce in most U.S. states.

Tesla Inc got a boost after U.S. lawmakers introduced legislation that would expand the electric vehicle tax credit.

It’s also known as electric shock treatment.

Credit: Courtesy of Julie Deeds Phillips & Tudie Deeds Williams The electric Pencil: Drawings from Inside State Hospital No.

Countless homes in the neighborhood take part, putting up dazzling and awe-inspiring feats of festivity, and likely producing similarly awe-inspiring electric bills.

Another $16,000 came in from General electric, which also would lose if a key extender were killed, notes Schweizer.

Volvo recently announced it would only produce electric or hybrid cars after 2019.

electric cars are great (I am a big fan), but they are 1 percent of vehicles on the road today.

Tree trunks are rendered in red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, electric green; leaves are hinted at with quick brushstrokes, or cartoonishly outlined.

The investigation will be carried out with help from Boeing, General electric (GE.N) and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, officials have said.

The two methods are quite similar, but during electroacupuncture, needles are attached to a device generating continuous electric pulses to add extra stimulation.

Chipper, circular electric jangle, a giant wall of strummed acoustic guitar, and jaunty drums define an anthem of spectacular aerodynamic efficiency.

To date, electric vehicles have mostly been a curiosity, a means for the wealthy to display their eco-credentials.

Right now, electric cars are still in the putter-along phase, as costs continue falling toward the sweet spot.

First, sales of EVs (BEVs + plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, or PHEVs) will grow to about 41 million in 2040.

So, between 25 and 50 percent of new vehicles sold in 2040 will be electric — that’s the range.

Lava has also destroyed more than 400 electric poles and other equipment, causing power outages, the utility Hawaii electric Light reported.

This connection made Jones literally feel electric, a sensation that would begin during sex and get stronger as she climaxed.

But changes at the electric agency known as PREPA, which Rossello called one of the most troubled organizations in modern history, will be gradual.

Mahindra is already working on an electric prototype of Ford’s compact sedan Aspire, the sources said.

The electric charge of violence in the air; the dark-haired, weary ‘Rukeli’, head bowed as he was finally handed the belt.

Already, Luxe offers things like car washes, gas refills and even electric vehicle charging and hopes to continue to automate this in the future.

Marchohi showed Reuters scarring he said was from beatings and electric shocks.

But that plan has been replaced by electric ambitions.

It took literally hundreds and hundreds of years to invent the guitar and its modern incarnation-the electric guitar.

Harley has also been investing in developing electric motorcycles as well as promoting its learn-to-ride academies at showrooms.

Its first electric motorcycle will be launched next year, and more models are planned through 2022.

Her writing has appeared in Prelude, Dazed, the Fader, electric Literature, Nerve, and other places online and in print.

But a shift from internal combustion engines to electric motors dramatically changes this equation.

But electric motors can be made extremely small and light, allowing even a car-size vehicle to have 10 of them.

Of course, electric motors aren’t a new invention.

The burgeoning markets for laptops, smartphones, tablets, and electric cars have inspired companies to pour billions of dollars into better battery technology.

And each time batteries improve, electric airplanes can be a little lighter and fly a little farther on a single charge.

He predicted the energy density of batteries will need to approximately double for small electric airplanes to really take off.

On its own, swapping conventional aircraft engines for electric motors could have significant benefits, reducing the cost of air travel and emissions per flight.

This transition is about more than just solar panels and electric cars.

And his electric chemistry with Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) really set the bar for companions to come.

It had beautiful rooms with wonderful views and electric blackout shades allowing deep sleep beyond the dawn.

The loss of electric light was serious because the hotel’s blackout blinds cannot be opened manually.

Makers and buyers of products affecting entry or exit should consider real-life scenarios — and in this case, the electric blinds needed a manual override.

“Rent, food, electric, Wi-Fi — that’s it.

Since 1995, inmates in Virginia have been given the choice between dying by lethal injection or by electric chair.

The electric chair bill was drafted to circumvent the nationwide shortage of lethal injection drugs, which are manufactured in European labs.

Since 1995, inmates in Virginia have been given the choice between dying by lethal injection or by electric chair.

The electric chair bill was drafted to circumvent the nationwide shortage of lethal injection drugs, which are manufactured in European labs.

Surovell said these individuals have suggested Gray could avoid being executed if McAuliffe doesn’t approve the new electric chair law.

Two years ago, Tennessee passed legislation that would allow the electric chair to be used if the state runs out of lethal injection drugs.

Governments around the world have been encouraging automakers to sell more electric vehicles.

Saxo playfully suggests that Apple, rather than Saudi Arabia, could be a new option for the electric vehicle maker.

Mushi Yang’s illuminated geometric design series, Transformation (2018) and Baoyang Chen’s suspended sign, reading Do Androids Dream of electric Cows ?

But when the energy was high and the place was full of friends, these nights were electric.

There’s also the electric Eric, a non-threatening looking vibrator with an e-stim mode.

Manufacturers balancing sales of electric and combustion engined cars will see margins hit particularly hard, the survey said.

European passenger vehicle development, including for battery electric vehicles, will be centered in Cologne, the carmaker said.

It’ll be our Dylan electric moment.

You’ve had the Nissan Leaf, the biggest-selling electric vehicle.

I think it is good that we keep enhancing the technology so that electric vehicles become a bigger segment.

Specifically, it focuses on advances in five technologies: wind power, utility-scale solar power, distributed solar power, electric vehicles, and LEDs.

The electric proportions of the fractal universe collide in a pulsing video of symmetrical graphics, dripping with piercing whites and blazing oranges.

Not only was there a solar eclipse in Capricorn yesterday, but at 3:26 PM today electric Uranus ends its retrograde—all planets are now direct!

“The long pole in the tent remains engine issues,” McAllister said of General electric’s GE9X engine.

Prosecution Unlikely Jay-Z & Beyonce Hit The electric Slide!Matt Damon: Strong Defense From ActressRihanna & Kendrick Lamar Team Up!

He’s deeply concerned with climate change, which is one of the reasons he makes electric cars with Tesla and solar installations with SolarCity.

The investment comes as European authorities and companies are trying to develop large-scale production of electric vehicle batteries.

The electric blue tarp glows in the crepuscular light.

The plan includes electric vehicles, more renewable sources of power, energy efficiency and modernization of the electric grid.

Jackson said the Army Corps hopes to restore half of the island’s electric system by the end of November.

Since 1980, IBM Corp (IBM.N), Exxon Mobil (XOM.N), General electric Co (GE.N) and Microsoft have also alternated as the largest publicly listed U.S. company.

Facebook and General electric have also been sanctioned in recent years for breaching merger rules.

During his walkout, it’s common for Lerdsila to spot his name illuminated on electric signs held aloft by Chinese fans.

Bellentani was imprisoned for two years and tortured repeatedly with electric shocks and beatings.

electric cars and trucks that produce zero tailpipe emissions are rapidly rolling out.

Audi’s Super Bowl ad stars the super-sleek, presumed Tesla-challenging e-tron GT electric sedan, currently set to go on sale in early 2021.

Even automotive icons like the best-selling Ford F-150 pickup truck will have electric versions on the market in the near future.

But the Trump administration has created uncertainty on this front as well by threatening to end subsidies for electric vehicles.

Other countries are pushing ahead with aggressive fuel efficiency rules as well as policies to favor electric cars.

In particular, China is hungry for new cars and its government wants most of them to be electric.

The sheer size of the market is pulling the global auto industry toward electric cars, trucks, and buses.

With ice baths now out of the question, he depends on heat and electric stimulation to manage soreness and minimize injury.

He’s actually in a gray-on-gray-on-gray office building and not in a fancy electric car.

(His co-worker heroically administered the Heimlich maneuver, ending his sweet dreams of electric cars and rebooted dead relatives.)

Also, Audi announces at the end of the commercial, one-third of its cars will be electric by 2025.

electric goes Audi,” as it were.

As Green Car Reports points out, the ad represents a significant moment for the electric car industry.

That’s a lot of money for a traditional automaker to put behind an electric vehicle.

Whether a Super Bowl ad can really do anything to elicit excitement about electric vehicles remains to be seen — and is frankly dubious!

Inside, drivers sit and chat in between shifts, the overhead fan whirring and causing the dim electric light to flicker over their faces.

But there’s no denying its historical significance: it is without question the best and most important electric car ever made.

It can’t survive temperatures more extreme than minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit without electric heaters.

Companies accused of violating local labor laws include General electric, Honeywell, Sony, General Motors, McDonald’s, Sprint, and the Washington state apple industry.

A situation where reversing the tremendous deficit in electric power supply will require much steeper economic and cognitive costs.

She added that the government will also withdraw import tariffs on some parts used to make electric vehicles.

The plan is to have “mega-manufacturing plants” to make lithium storage batteries and solar electric charging infrastructure.

A tax credit of up to $7,500 for electric car buyers made it into the final version of the tax bill.

The credit is considered important in driving the adoption of electric vehicles that, while more environmentally friendly, are more costly.

She’s also worked in communications at General electric and NBC.

A radar magnetron is a sort of electric whistle that instead of creating vibrating sound creates vibrating electromagnetic waves.

Large apartment buildings can also be easily improved with better insulation , low-use electric appliances and high-performance windows.

Carmakers have struggled to maintain profit margins faced with the rising costs of making electric, connected and autonomous cars.

This issue constitutes the walls, floorboards, the substructure of electric wiring, and the concrete foundations far beneath the building.

Your ruling planet Venus connects with electric Uranus this evening, bringing major excitement to your love life.

Sexy Venus and electric Uranus connect in the sky, stirring up unexpected surprises and finding you experiencing unusual emotions!

The cars available include fully electric models like the Chevrolet Volt and the Spark.

Siemens eAircraft, which develops electric and hybrid-electric propulsion systems for the aerospace industry, has about 180 employees.

But gas consumption by power producers increased by less than 7% over the same period (“electric power monthly”, EIA, May 2019).

Some major industrial companies – General electric Co, Honeywell International Inc and Boeing Co – are among the companies on the current list.

Jeff Cohen started off his electric car collection with a plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt.

It’s “a no-brainer,” said Cohen, the president of the Atlanta electric VehicleDevelopment Coalition.

Jeff Cohen started off his electric car collection with a plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt.

It’s “a no-brainer,” said Cohen, the president of the Atlanta electric VehicleDevelopment Coalition.

The magnet, nicknamed “little big coil” by researchers, generates these huge magnetic fields by running strong electric currents through cuprate-based coils.

But Tesla and other electric automakers could be facing some growing pains as well.

McGregor and little Conor hit the driveway in the baby’s electric Mercedes … and Conor giggled happily, joking, “I’ve found my new driver.”

Online oral care startup Boka makes products like electric toothbrushes ($75) and toothpaste ($10) that are actually better for your health.

Boka sells the essentials for good oral care, including an electric toothbrush, replacement brush heads, toothpaste, and floss.

The starter kit is $60 and includes the electric toothbrush and charging station.

Shop electric toothbrushes and other oral care products at Boka here

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She noted the places where electric outlets would normally go.

It’s latest pet project could be its most audacious to date: electric vehicles.

VICE Impact: How did you, other council members, and the Sierra Club develop the proposal for an electric bus fleet?

How would an electric fleet be more affordable than a fossil fuel bus service?

An electric bus fleet’s upfront cost is not more affordable than buying the everyday buses the MTA currently uses.

How can an L-train commuter support the electric bus fleet initiative?

What are the green alternatives that the city, MTA, or other council members are proposing for commuters besides the electric fleet?

In practice, it means that 355 IKEA stores on 30 different markets will switch entirely to electric car transportation and infrastructure.

IKEA hopes to boost sales for EV manufacturers and hence reduce the prices on electric vehicles.

IKEA is part of a coalition of ten global corporates, called EV100, that announced its support for electric vehicles this week.

“We want to make electric transport the normal,” said Helen Clarkson, CEO for The Climate Group, the international nonprofit spearheading the effort.

They gave volunteers electric shocks and, after they were buzzed, everyone got a pill that they were told was similar to codeine.

Worldwide, about half of the new electric service installed in 2015 ran on sunlight or wind, Deans said.

We lost David Bowie, who imbued rock music with electric currents of queer energy and iconography.

“These efforts will help us meaningfully contribute towards electric mobility… while bringing cost efficiencies for the business.

The electric last-mile delivery vehicles will help cut Flipkart’s carbon emissions by over 50%, the company added.

Musk doesn’t just want Tesla to make electric cars — he also wants the company to produce the energy that power his cars.

In order to solve the sustainable energy problem you need generation, storage, and electric cars,” he said.

“I remember my father buying an electric can opener and bringing it home,” Hughes told me over the phone.

Operating beneath Interstate 105, the tunnels would hold large electric skates that could transport cars at speeds of up to 150 mph.

It regularly fails to deliver on its environmental promises, as electric giant Duke Energy Corp found.

That thing: A revamped, electric Tesla Roadster with four seats and the ability to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds.

But what makes the Roadster interesting is that it doesn’t really align with Musk’s push to make electric vehicles more affordable.

The Edison electric Institute, which represents the U.S. electric utility industry, did not respond to requests for comment.

Schneider electric and AJ Gallagher declined to comment.

South Korea’s state-run Korea electric Power Corp (KEPCO) (015760.KS) had been in talks with Toshiba to buy a stake in NuGen.

That’s right on par with a lot of the electric cars that are on sale today.

Hamburg also plans to increase the number of electric vehicles in the city’s fleet.

It’s a fantastic day to connect with others, Libra: electric energy is in the air, and anything can happen.

Still, it faces a wave of electric vehicles from competitors on the horizon.

An advertisement from 1963 boasts of “gifts you couldn’t give before” like an electric knife and self-dialing phone.

His son told U.S. senators last month he had been tortured in detention, including electric shocks and whipping.

One problem the auto industry must overcome for mass adoption of electric vehicles is a lack of national charging infrastructure for use by consumers.

Aquarius is the sign of the inventor, so a new moon in this sign is especially exciting and electric!

With, like, some electric guitar?

Didi claims to operate the largest fleet of electric cars and announced this year it would be building its own electric vehicle charging network.

Like its rivals, Fiat Chrysler faces huge costs to develop cleaner, more electric vehicles to comply with tighter global emissions rules.

August opens with your ruling planet, sweet Venus in Leo, connecting with electric Uranus in Fire sign Aries on the 1st!

This summer, cities across America fought a strange new menace: electric scooters.

In the mobility market, that meant incorporating electric motors and shifting to either e-bikes or electric scooters.

And for those purposes, the electric scooter works considerably better than a bicycle.

Finally, there’s distributed energy, i.e., rooftop solar panels, home batteries, electric vehicles, and the like.

Unlike most electric turbines, which run on steam, the turbine in Net Power’s plant is specially built to run on pressurized carbon dioxide.

Hell, it was electric for me.

It’s a considerable benchmark for the company which set out in 2006 to become a catalyst for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

So well, in fact, that other companies, like Tesla adversary General Motors, started producing mass-market electric vehicles.

Update: The headline of this story was updated to reflect how many electric vehicles were sold in the U.S.

Rather, innovation may shift in dramatically different directions — toward electric cars and delivery drones, for example, rather than smartphone apps.

Aitken, who a year ago was in the midst of organizing his mid-career survey electric Earth at MOCA, was in a quandary.

And being an (extended-range) electric car and a coupe made it a niche within a niche.

Unfortunately by then Tesla Motors’ [NSDQ] superior Model S was attracting all the well-heeled electric car enthusiasts.

Carmakers have struggled to maintain profit margins faced with the rising costs of making electric, connected and autonomous cars.

On top of that, California has a waiver for a program pushing automakers to sell more “zero-emissions vehicles” (mainly electric cars).

New York and eight other states have also adopted this ZEV mandate, and it’s a major impetus for US electric car sales.

If he does go after the waivers, that could potentially put a major damper on electric car sales in the years ahead.

Automakers can also get credit for things like improving the efficiency of the air conditioners or by selling more electric vehicles.

To be sure, rescinding the order wouldn’t mean the death of all electric cars.

“Some manufacturers (e.g., Nissan, Tesla, and GM) would probably continue to offer electric vehicles, even without the ZEV requirements,” says Graham.

And over time, if the technology continues to improve, electric cars should catch on even without mandates.

China’s electric car sales, meanwhile, rose 62% in 2018 to 1.3 million vehicles.

Thereafter all new city buses would need to be electric.

Some taxi operators have so far had little success operating electric cars in India.

Its Ola electric Mobility unit in March raised 4 billion rupees ($58 million) from investors including venture capital funds Tiger Global and Matrix Partners.

The FCA-Renault talks were conducted against the backdrop of a French public outcry over 1,044 layoffs at a General electric factory.

Several rare earth elements, such as neodymium and dysprosium, are critical to the motors used in electric vehicles.

Elon Musk’s electric car company, Tesla, benefited from an early DOE loan from the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program.

Yesterday, Reddit user stealthyd3vil posted a Spotify playlist featuring almost every song placed electric Daisy Carnival this year.

These are gloomy times for electric utilities.

Several rare earth elements, such as neodymium and dysprosium, are critical to the motors used in electric vehicles.

Just about every analyst agrees that the electric vehicle market is poised for rapid growth.

The rate of EV growth will have huge implications for oil markets, auto markets, and electric utilities.

Hurricane Maria knocked out power to Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million residents last month, devastating the island’s already dilapidated electric power infrastructure.

If you look long enough, you see traces of an electric green peering through.

But in the 1990s, relatively affordable electric pumps for home use became available, and breast pumping rates began to climb.

Tesla has already shown us both the enormous potential for high-performance electric cars and for limited autonomous driving.

The airline also announced that it has selected General electric‘s GEnx engines to power its fleet of Dreamliners.

Returning promptly, she handed it to Mattingly, who placed it in an electric kettle with water.

It’s been a rough year for Tesla, which makes electric cars and batteries.

Bloomberg reported in April that there is a “genuine risk” that the electric car company could run out of cash in 2018.

The lineup is kept secret until day of, but past performances have included Robert DeLong, Shiny Toy Guns, Boots electric, UZ and Posso.

Part of that is because the Model 3 is an important marker for the electric vehicle manufacturer.

But the targets on the production and delivery of this electric vehicle for the masses are constantly shifting.

The non-air bag inflator businesses are being sold to Key Safety Systems, a unit of China’s Ningo Joyson electric Corp (600699.SS).

Gadgets have never been my thing, and I’m something of a minimalist — acoustic guitar over electric, jogging over biking.

The Puerto Rico electric Power Authority (PREPA) revoked the hastily drafted contract with Whitefish Energy hours after Puerto Rico Gov.

The Puerto Rico electric Power Authority (PREPA) revoked the hastily drafted contract with Whitefish Energy hours after Puerto Rico Gov.

Just as a taste, keep in mind that for non-policy reasons, we will have created a massive global fleet of electric vehicles.

“Western electric N°1” is on view at @idiogallery through June 4 (?

Elon Musk’s electric car company, Tesla, benefited from an early DOE loan from the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program.

“Unlike the telecommunications sector, electric utility companies, or the airline industry, this is one that operates on self-regulation.

Using a special type of motor, Hyperloop vehicles move by electric propulsion through a low-pressure tube.

By 2028, more than half of the Group’s planned 22 million electric cars will be produced in China, the statement added.

Mehta said ABB will continue to integrate solar power into projects like smart buildings, energy storage and electric car charging.

The matches were electric, almost certainly the best of Reigns’ career, but they resulted in two more Styles losses.

This is the new electric guitar.

A large portion of the talk was about electric vehicles, which Musk’s company, Tesla, is hoping to perfect.

Some place dummy sentinels and phony “electric fence” signs around the deck, or install a real 9,000-volt electric fence.

Elon Musk, CEO of the electric car startup Tesla, is one of the most ambitious businessmen on the planet.

For a graphic, click tmsnrt.rs/2Azl09N China already dominates the electric vehicle supply chain.

Taken individually, each of these ideas seems like a reasonable direction for an electric car company to go.

Facing the camera directly, he proceeds to shave off his copious body hair and beard with an electric razor.

In October, GM said autonomous fleets of its electric Chevy Volts would be on the road in 2017.

They include firms like General electric as well as carmakers General Motors and Ford.

electric vehicles serve the public good — they reduce local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

These worries have led Hawaiian electric Co. (HECO) to pull back on solar and institute new interconnection standards.

The lost tax revenue from the 0.2 percent of the fleet that’s gone electric is not the root of the problem.

Musk’s plans include unveiling an electric pickup truck this summer and getting into semi truck production toward the end of next year.

It suffered a further setback when General electric disclosed a delay of months in supplying engines for the new 777X wide-body aircraft.

That electric toothbrush will be the color you choose, with a handle that fits your hand and with bristles as soft as you specify.

What if we got rid of all our natural gas boilers and replaced them with electric heat pumps?

“Not every supplier is convinced that electric mobility will come on such a large scale.

Solid state electric battery cells will replace NMC cells and become mass production ready in the second half of the 2020’s, Sommer said.

Would I turn into a quivering mess of anxiety without the panacea of marijuana, a sleepy sloth without the electric fizz of stimulants?

The pilots managed to lift the nose slightly using the electric thumb switches on their control column.

“On its ‘face,’ many electric makeup art images are projected and simulated,” explains Asai.

The company, which makes everything from electric bicycles to smartphones, recently announced plans to spend $2 billion to acquire TV and electronics maker Vizio.

There was the extreme fatigue, random electric shocks, and mood swings.

It would also cut federal subsidies to farmers, add a user fee on e-cigarettes and end a tax credit for electric car purchases.

We are now looking at cutting all @GM subsidies, including … for electric cars,” Trump said on Twitter.

Currently, once a manufacturer sells 200,000 electric vehicles, the tax credit phases out starting in the following quarter.

As of Friday afternoon, Hokkaido electric Power Co had restored power to 1.54 million of the island’s 2.95 million households.

He loves the company’s electric cars, which he thinks are elegantly designed and represent a sustainable vision for transportation.

But initial excitement has faded as major markets including China and Europe have tilted heavily toward electric vehicles.

“Elon Musk is right – it’s better to charge the electric car directly by plugging in,” said Tanaka.

The Volocopter, made by a German drone company, is entirely electric, and has been at the forefront of a race to launch passenger drones.

Chris Brown’s newest fancy ride came complete with a new paint job that cost even more than the electric whip.

At the opening, swarmed by associates and admirers, she wore an electric blue suit and towering platform sandals.

Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) said earlier this month that it would invest $800 million to build a new electric car at its plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Bolt is something else altogether: an electric car that aims for practicality over sex appeal, while still serving up some tasty performance.

The Abdominizer was a newfangled piece of exercise equipment, an electric blue contraption shaped like a rib cage that promised rock hard abs.

Lithium is a key ingredient in the rechargeable batteries that power everything from cell phones to electric vehicles.

In the center stands the electric chamber.

In a world of backseat drivers Everyone’s talking about the immediate, obvious effects that electric and autonomous cars will bring.

What about electric vehicles (EVs)?

You’re in a wild and electric mood, with the Sun—which is in your sign, boosting your energy and confidence—sextile your planetary ruler Uranus.

“These nanoneedles—at the very tips—have a very high local electric field.

U.S. electric vehicle ownership is now concentrated on the country’s east and west coasts.

Tin is a vital ingredient for electronic components for mobile devices, electric vehicles, robotics, renewable energy and energy storage industries.

At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, Chevrolet unveiled its latest electric car, the Bolt EV.

But sales of plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs) were up $2.5 billion (48 percent), neatly filling the hole left by diesel.

The digital world bears no resemblance to a water pipe or electric line or sewer.

(PHEVs seem to be eating into hybrid electric sales, which are down for the third straight year.)

Cooper’s ex-girlfriend, Cindy Lang, gave Warhol $2,500 for the work — a red silkscreen of “Little electric Chair” (1964) — in 1972.

There is one that’s made with an electric blue, vibrating with energy.

The government last year set a target of 5 million electric vehicles by 2030.

electric cars, by comparison, represent just 1 percent of new vehicle sales in Texas, according to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Many European cities have seen relatively high levels of electric car adoption.

And in China and India, which also have lofty electric vehicle targets, major cities are still being built – with pollution control in mind.

The movie ultimately becomes an electric light show with Carol at the supernova center of it.

It first introduced the Roadster, a high-end electric sports car that was both expensive and impractical for most generic automotive applications.

More recently, on CNBC, he disparaged Tesla’s prospects, but also offered a dire prognosis for electric cars in general.

electric cars are bad business The thing is, Lutz’s comments characterize the difficulty of Tesla’s current position.

Honda, Nissan, Ford, GM — there are plenty automakers selling electric cars, but a very small number of people seem to want them.

To protect their flocks, they’ve turned to everything from bullets and big dogs to poison and electric fencing.

“Before the city became known for pioneering éclairage — first gas and then electric — it was linked metaphorically to lumière,” Clayson writes.

As a relatively small exhibition, electric Paris doesn’t tell every story of light technology and its influence on Parisian society.

Even before the 1900 Exposition, Paris was arguably supplanted as the world’s most electric city.

Musk doesn’t want to be a niche luxury-vehicle player, an electric Ferrari.

There were local reports of electric power cuts in the cities of Iquitos and Tarapoto, Amazonian towns in the Loreto region of the country.

Tesla jumped 10.99 percent after Chief Executive Elon Musk said he was considering taking the electric car maker private.

electric Paris continues at the Bruce Museum (1 Museum Drive, Greenwich, Connecticut) through September 4.

The atmosphere will be electric, antsy, and impulsive.

The kitchenette in my dungeon is rather modestly furnished: an electric cooktop from the 1990s and a microwave oven of the same vintage.

The success of Tesla is, by far, the biggest forcing function for the other carmakers to get into into electric cars.

The ephemerality of performance is part of its electric embrace.

The supersonic VTOL jet, electric jet.

A supersonic vertical-takeoff-and-landing electric jet would be interesting to do at some point, I think.

It’s important to have an electric sports car that’s faster than the fastest gasoline sports car.

So I think it’s important to do that to show that, you know, electric is the best architecture.

In the last three months of 2017, Shell also invested in two projects to develop charging stations for electric vehicles across Europe’s highways.

It’s been a really fascinating discussion, and I will think about buying an electric car, probably not.

They actually are electric, what am I talking about?

I think we might do an electric bike, yeah.

15” (1959) is even highly suggestive of onanistic electric guitar soloing.

The tone of their songs, at once solemn and excitable, pushes the sound into electric motion.

This album, a playful electric flurry, is his attempt to write the soundtrack for such a party.

More hybrid vehicles, and eventually, we’ll have more electric vehicles.

Also debuting Monday, new definitions for electric current, temperature, and amount of substance.

General electric is the channel’s first advertiser for launch.

[Eric Johnson / Recode] Tesla is worth more than Ford and GM, despite having just 1 percent of their sales.It’s electric.

Since then, major carmakers have reduced carbon dioxide emissions through higher sales of electric and hybrid vehicles.

To meet European Union emissions rules it plans to mass produce electric cars in 2020.

Designing and building both combustion engine and fully electric cars simultaneously costs automakers $2.3 billion per platform per year, the study said.

Several rare earth elements, such as neodymium and dysprosium, are critical to the motors used in electric vehicles.

The moon is in Scorpio today, activating the communication sector of your chart, and some surprising information arrives as the moon opposes electric Uranus.

Unexpected news, changes in routine, and inventive ideas pop up as the moon opposes electric Uranus.

Analysts stayed upbeat, saying the electric car maker had finally set an achievable target for their mass-market sedan that is priced at $35,000.

Aiming to end fossil-fueled car sales by 2025, electric vehicles now account for 220,000 of Norway’s total fleet of 2.7 million cars.

Her self-titled debut opens with “Say You Do,” led with a heady electric guitar, mimicking the syncopated stylings of Zapp & Roger.

The U.S. Federal Reserve’s measure of the industrial sector comprises manufacturing, mining, and electric and gas utilities.

Most of New York City’s clock towers are either now demolished or electric rather than mechanical.

In 2017 it proposed an ambitious plan mainly for electric cars but rowed back after facing resistance from car makers.

Her lyrical dexterity and wink-wink charm create an atmosphere so electric that you’re almost cocooned for a while.

* After stepping down from Chrysler in 1992, Iacocca pursued entrepreneurial ventures including electric bicycles, casinos and a line of imported olive oil products.

The 10 vehicles represent nine segments of the auto market— ranging from electric vehicles to midsize crossovers.

It is also searching for new directors at its holding company and its utility unit Pacific Gas and electric Co.

“When talking about rural areas, the co-ops already own the poles, so they can put fiber in the electric space,” Mitchell said.

Credit ratings for PG&E and its Pacific Gas & electric unit were downgraded by the three main ratings agencies in mid-November.

Volex, whose cables are used in consumer electronics and electric vehicles, did not specify which manufacturing functions it had moved out of China.

Increasingly, as even more nefarious players ramp up, that could mean more attacks on basic infrastructure, from electric grids to phone systems.

“If you are a major corporation, let’s say General electric, you want price controls except for the MRI machines you build.

Among other things, the electric meter is shared.

In Cologne and Dusseldorf, politicians have proposed installing electric (thus charcoal-free), coin-operated grills in popular areas.

A reduction in tax credit added $3,750 to the price of Tesla’s electric cars starting Jan. 1.

“Here we had deaths because of the lack of electric power.

Its CEO, Ben Fowke, is part of the leadership at the Edison electric Institute, the main utility trade group.

Researchers have found that both rooftop solar panels and electric vehicles are contagious.

There are lots of ways to do that, from incentives that change human behavior to automated networks of electric vehicle batteries to … water heaters.

NERC oversees regional electric reliability entities in the Lower 48 U.S. states, Canada and parts of Mexico.

BMW rode a wave of electric vehicle marketing this month by European luxury brands.

Platforms like Instagram video, electric Objects, and even GIPHY offer alternative formats for what he describes as “the essence of what a GIF is.”

Hokkaido electric said this is the first time since its establishment in 1951 that power has been lost across the entire island.

Infrastructure to help electric vehicles catch on more widely.

An electric wine bottle opener.

If everyone in the US switched to electric vehicles (EVs) tomorrow, of course there’d be environmental benefits.

The Oster cordless electric wine bottle opener removes the foil and cork in seconds.

The NYPA workers will coordinate with the Corps and the local power company, the Puerto Rico electric Power Authority (PREPA).

That means your electric car still has a high likelihood of being powered by fossil fuels or uranium for the foreseeable future.

“If all the cars in LA switched to electric, our electricity sales would go up 50 percent,” he added.

Uranus is an electric, innovative planet, so expect to deal with some erratic sleeping habits.

(Municipal utilities and electric cooperatives also operate distribution systems, subject to local governing bodies rather than state commissions.)

Uranus is a genius energy, electric and inspired; however, it also rules chaos.

Hybrid and electric cars are allowed on the road every day.

electric guitars weren’t previously featured in Thrones, but here they are wailing.

GM Chief Executive Mary Barra on Wednesday defended the automaker’s plan to sell the plant to an electric vehicle start-up.

Machinery shares gained ground, with Fanuc Corp rising 2.3%, Yaskawa electric Corp adding 2.8% and Keyence Corp jumping 4%.

“My dad was a rural electric lineman,” Cramer said.

The energy in the air is electric.

Shell will supply LNG to both CAPCO and HK electric from its worldwide LNG portfolio upon completion of the project, they added.

Tennessee, for example, reinstated the possibility of the electric chair, Utah allowed the firing squad again, and Oklahoma permitted nitrogen gas.

When he wrote it, Barbee was listening to a lot of Peter Gabriel, Queen, and electric Light Orchestra.

A great electric car has to be unbelievably incredible to compete with the fact that there’s a gasoline station every 50 feet.

“This is like that movie Brazil where they torture people with electric shock and then charge them by the voltage,” I said.

The electric vehicle startup Faraday Future has put at least 250 employees on furlough, The Verge reports.

Faraday Future was founded in 2014 and has struggled to build its planned FF91 electric SUV amid financial concerns.

Many of the candidates were talking about building walls, about building double walls, about electric fences.

Today, I’m looking for answers,” said Kathi McCalligan, director of marketing for San Diego installer Baker electric, at the conference.

When Elon Musk’s electric car company offers to buy Elon Musk’s solar power company, you better believe things will get complicated.

Tons of celebs have helped Ray J market the electric bikes in the past … including Snoop Dogg, Stephen Curry and his sister Brandy.

Tokyo Electron gained 2.2%, TDK Corp rose 2% and Yaskawa electric Corp surged 3.9%.

The generator, which consists of two General electric turbines, will be installed at the Palo Seco power plant outside San Juan.

The “counter-terrorism” team, meanwhile, watches videos that include beheadings, car bombings and electric shock torture sessions, the employees said.

Oct. 23 – Orlando Utilities and Lakeland electric, both of Florida, send crews to Puerto Rico.

In a grassy area where children play nearby, paint chipping from an abandoned electric switch house contained 16 percent lead.

The automaker wants to have 25 electric cars on offer in 2023, two years earlier than previously planned, according to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Vehicle-to-grid does this by letting electric vehicle (EV) batteries switch between providing and consuming energy on an as-needed basis.

Essentially, electric vehicles can be like a backup battery for your phone, but for the entire US power grid.

Musically his style tended toward an electric blend of soul, blues, funk, jazz, and classic rock that was all his own.

electric school buses are a particularly good candidate for V2G, said Noel and Trahand, because their range far exceeds most route distances.

It’s named after the U.S. electric carmaker that remains loss-making eight years after going public in 2010, but is worth $63 billion.

Lisa’s voice is a siren call, echoing through the hotel halls and through Michael’s brain like an electric jolt.

Would your granny shimmy feet-first into a suit made of electric muscles?

Mahoney likens the mechanism to an electric bicycle: The natural movement is supplemented by an extra, powered push.

But if I then take myself off the power grid, I am no longer sending the electric company $1000 a month.

The deal with Raytheon could put pressure on General electric Co, which competes with United Technologies for commercial aerospace clients, to seek scale.

In the “emotion picture” accompanying “PrimeTime” we see her working at the electric Sheep nightclub.

“Will you be electric sheep?” she asks.

Over the past decade, Tesla has become a global leader in electric vehicles.

These robots are putting together Tesla’s electric powertrain.

A sea of electric motors.

Its decarbonization of the electric sector is underway.

But whether the sunless farms can compete financially with their field-grown brethren, given big upfront investments and electric bills, remains a question.

The Sun, in Aquarius, also connects with electric Uranus on February 13, again bringing excitement, surprises, and a-ha moments your way.

They initially hoped to sell electric cars to U.S. consumers but soon found a niche with electric buses.

BYD’s first major contract for electric buses came from the city of Long Beach.

Last year, two death row inmates in Tennessee chose to be executed by electric chair, citing concerns about the state’s lethal injection protocol.

Last year, two death row inmates in Tennessee chose to be executed by electric chair, citing concerns about the state’s lethal injection protocol.

Maybe I’ll find an electric whip that automatically targets enemies, maybe it’s a set of knives that splinter across the room.

Which means we’re going to need electric airplanes.

Norway was optimistic enough to announce last year that the country wants all domestic flights to be electric by 2040.

The company is now retrofitting some of its existing aircraft with a battery-electric propulsion system from magniX, an electric drivetrain manufacturer.

“Israel electric today is starting a new era of competition in the energy market,” said IEC Chairman Yiftach Ron-Tal.

In a series of experiments, Warwick was able to successfully control an electric wheelchair and an artificial hand.

As with electric cars, electric aircraft have the potential for emissions-free travel.

Some critical engineering challenges remain, but researchers, and some in the industry, do expect electric planes to take off.

We’ve already seen electric aircraft pull off some impressive feats.

In fact, there are already production electric aircraft like Pipistrel’s Alpha Electro, a two-seat trainer.

General electric’s (GE.N) 68 percent loss makes it the S&P 500’s worst performer since Trump was elected.

Harbour Air is currently installing an electric drivetrain as a replacement for a conventional piston motor in a six-passenger de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver.

The electric drivetrain from magniX cost $12.

electric motors, however, are cheaper and easily scaled up and down.

Beyond the hardware, electric aircraft stand to change airline business operations.

electric motors can allow for very short — even vertical — takeoff and landing, which means they don’t necessarily need an airport with huge runways.

Nonetheless, electric aviation is gathering momentum, and it could take off sooner than we might expect.

The company has hired a large number of people with car experience, especially on the electric car front.

But even Tesla had to turn to a partner to jump-start its foray into electric vehicle production.

Her work was about capturing the electric energy between objects.

That they require, if they’re going to provide a permit for an autonomous fleet, that it has to be an electric fleet.

He then moved on to the “electric files,” password protecting his computer and breaking the keyboard.

Already, 2018 is a record year for electric vehicle sales in the U.S. and we only have data through November.

Bonus: electric scooters had a great year, too.

Freshwater is an electric debut novel, steeped in Nigerian cosmology, about a girl born with a god spirit in her head.

It’s likely that with the second generation of Apple’s electric (or maybe self-driving!)

cars, we’ll see an inflection point on the road to mainstream adoption of, or at least consumer trust in, self-driving electric vehicles.

And with the Model 3, Tesla has garnered a never-before-seen demand for electric vehicles.

Jump Bikes launched in San Francisco in January with 250 electric bikes.

The introduction of dockless electric scooters and bikes posed a clear threat to one aspect of Uber’s ride-hail business: Shorter trips.

In an electric mixer or large bowl, add all the water and biga.

This is a bit challenging to current industry narratives, because many of the more advanced autonomous capabilities seem to be tied to electric cars.

The type of advanced features found in Teslas and expected Tesla competitors, for example, are only available with electric engines.

But it’s also the second electric vehicle manufacturer in which Tencent has acquired a stake.

It plans to invest the proceeds in transforming its auto business, as it readies the launch of dozens of electric vehicles.

Mercury and wild Uranus meet each other in Aries on March 31: This is an electric combination.

And then there are the additional buses themselves: 200 in total, of which only 15 will be electric.

On Monday, Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) said it would invest $800 million in its Chattanooga, Tennessee operations and add 1,000 jobs to build electric vehicles.

Separately, broker Canaccord Genuity said it expects the electric automaker to miss its Model 3 production targets.

Toyota’s i-TRIL concept is a compact electric car that seats two.

Toyota first showcased its Active Lean technology in its i-ROAD concept in 2014, another compact electric vehicle.

ThetaRay has raised more than $60 million from investors including Jerusalem Venture Partners, General electric, Bank Hapoalim and Israel’s OurCrowd.

These days, if you are in the market for a fully electric, long-range vehicle, your options are pretty limited.

Hundreds of motorized electric scooters quietly descended upon San Francisco seemingly overnight in March.

Most major automakers, including GM and Volkswagen, have vowed to roll out more than one fully electric car by 2020.

Audi will launch its first electric SUV based off the e-tron quattro concept by 2018.

electric scooters are also challenging the king of American transit, the car.

Most car trips are short, and if electric scooters do end up replacing some of them, they could alleviate congestion and help the environment.

The electric scooters we’re talking about here are pretty simple.

Now imagine that it has an electric motor.

Volkswagen’s CEO Matthias Mueller said in June that the automaker will deliver more than 30 electric plugin-in models by 2025.

Previously, the company has said that it would deliver 20 electric vehicles by 2020.

concept car, which is an electric SUV that has a range of more than 240 miles.

At the time, the company introduced a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and an all electric model.

Mercedes-Benz aims to launch an electric SUV by 2019.

The design of the electric scooter itself has been around for years, but it was often marketed as a toy.

The other is its Smart Fortwo electric car, which has a city range of 76 miles per charge.

Ford is going to roll out at least one fully electric car, long-range car — but it hasn’t shared many details yet.

Ford announced in December 2015 that it has big plans to build some 13 new hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric cars by 2020.

So it’s likely we’ll see at least one of its most popular vehicles converted to a fully electric, long-range car.

Currently, Ford only offers one fully electric vehicle, the Focus electric.

Volvo will build its first all electric car by 2019.

Volvo hasn’t released any details about its first fully electric EV.

The vehicle has a pure electric range of about 26 miles.

Jaguar has reportedly gotten the OK to launch an electric SUV by 2018.

Subaru plans to roll out an all electric car in the next few years.

Subaru’s first fully electric car may be coming a little bit later than the 2020 timeframe, but it’s still worth including.

The platform enables the company to easily build a wide variety of vehicles, including electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Henrik Fisker claims he will launch an electric car with a range of 400 miles on a single charge.

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