Efforts in a sentence | Use of the word efforts examples

Following are summaries of investments and restructuring efforts made by major automakers in the United States and China since 2017.

“Taiwan is grateful to the efforts of like-minded countries that have chosen to take a stand against Chinese bullying of private enterprises,” he said.

The policy questions here are profound, but a lesson of past health care reform efforts is that the policy is shaped by the politics.

The central lesson of both Obamacare and the efforts to repeal it is that getting 60 votes for health care reform is almost impossible.

There are other Indigenous-led efforts to preserve and share history through cartography.

His restoration efforts included staging art shows and hiring local traditional dance groups, finally choosing the one that would eventually become RAM.

The League’s efforts to blame others for its decision is as unfortunate as the decision itself.

Other investment firms are renewing efforts to keep gun stocks out of their portfolio — efforts that have been building since the Sandy Hook massacre.

It is frequently quite charming, largely thanks to the efforts of Mena Massoud, who captures Aladdin’s irrepressible charisma every second he’s onscreen.

Those in-person outreach efforts also ensure that vulnerable populations, like those that don’t speak English or lack internet access, can still enroll.

And many of those outlets, in their efforts to explain alt-right and white supremacist views, have been accused by some of “normalizing” them.

He said law enforcement should pump suspects with “10, 15 or 30” bullets each, then “be given awards” for their efforts.

There are also other apparent meddling efforts.

Russia has repeatedly blocked efforts to hold Syria accountable both at the U.N. and OPCW.

Notably, Democrats and the Clinton campaign have focused this year’s efforts on mail-in voting.

But talk about why the different efforts, because one is semi-autonomous, correct?

Chris used to be the CTO of Google’s self-driving efforts.

“Japan will continue its utmost efforts by government and the private sector to help achieve its success,” Abe said.

AIPAC spends a small amount of money on individual campaign donations, but the group spent $3.5 million on lobbying efforts, according to OpenSecrets.

VICE Impact will document evian’s innovative efforts through films and editorial.

Previous efforts to close underground nuclear test sites have sometimes been messy, drawn-out affairs, he said.

Those efforts have added to mounting unrest that in some instances set parts of the capital city of Caracas aflame.

Matt Apfel, the executive in charge of Samsung’s Milk VR content efforts, has left the company.

Republicans currently hold a 66-34 majority in the chamber, a majority that has hamstrung the efforts of Democratic Gov.

Rescue efforts are complicated by the region’s rugged geography.

The exit poll pool cut back its efforts since 2012, when 31 states were surveyed in depth.

Microsoft, which is one of the state’s largest employers, was reportedly involved in efforts to keep it from passing.

Both foreigners and Americans laughed at his efforts, he, himself, joining in the general merriment.

For Harris, some of her doubts begin with the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the country’s immigration enforcement efforts.

Microsoft continues to invest big in cloud services; Google’s hire of VMware co-founder Diane Greene should re-energize the search giants’ efforts.

In my efforts to avoid it, I’ve become paranoid about every piece of food I see.

Trump, however, has actively undercut legislative efforts to put the contested payments on a sound legal footing.

But Republicans’ repeal and replace efforts have foundered.

The desire to retain that perceived advantage likely explains his resistance to congressional efforts to appropriate the cost-sharing money.

The automakers have reached a deal with the Cupertino giant, and scaled back on their efforts to offer proprietary infotainment systems.

Despite past efforts they have repeatedly shown their determination to move forward with these programs in defiance of virtually unanimous international opposition and condemnation.

The aerial spooks quickly became a critical part of the flying branch’s spying efforts.

Sandberg has donated to Second Harvest Food Bank in the past, where she is involved in efforts to end childhood hunger.

Kim wants to come across as a reliable leader about what he said today, and his efforts look certain to have achieved meaningful progress.

As for Idaho and Nebraska, what happens if those efforts do come to a vote?

Quietly, some say that a shutdown fight would be downright counterproductive to efforts to help DACA recipients.

They have made a point to advertise their so-far-successful efforts at delaying congressional funding for the wall in past spending negotiations.

Rohit Aggarwala, another former NYC official who has led Sidewalk’s policy efforts, as we reported earlier, is now officially its chief policy officer.

How similar or different do you think the goals of the two efforts are?

And so most efforts at reform in the US founder on point 1.

Now that the filibuster-proof majority is gone (and unlikely to return soon), major legislative reform efforts, on both sides, are doomed.

That could complicate efforts to trade spreads between Brent, WTI and Shanghai.

In his efforts to reconfigure political institutions in favor of the less well-off, FDR famously embraced the hatred of the rich.

Lieberman played a small and baffling role in damaging his campaign’s own vote-counting efforts during the dispute over the results in Florida.

Financial analysts have applauded Twitter’s efforts to better limit misuse, saying that it could pay off with greater usage long term.

Grassroots efforts, such as organizing phone banks and voter turnout programs, also require resources.

It’s also plainly true that DuVernay’s efforts to prioritize nonwhite stories and talent makes Queen Sugar a rarity in and of itself.

With each portrait, Becerra draws on history to trace the efforts of these activists and the connections between past and present.

In part, his efforts reflect the urgent calls of top national security officials from both parties.

She was transported to nearby Westside Regional Medical Center where they continued efforts to save her, but she was pronounced dead.

Brazil’s states have made efforts to build modern, “gang-free” jails, but they, too, are proving vulnerable.

The shadow-banking sector has been put under the microscope as China’s regulators increase efforts to curb risk in the financial sector.

Eventually, Kushner’s efforts were successful: Christie was fired from the Trump transition team just a few days after the election.

In this case, it seems fair to say that Kushino’s efforts to support Takuma are fairly conventional in the context of curation.

But these efforts deserve attention and commendation.

Keeping your eyes on the prize doesn’t just require discipline—it demands conviction that your efforts are paying off.

Talk about the efforts right now that are happening.

Polling shows that both measures have wide public support, despite repeated Republican efforts to block any increases to the states’ minimum wage.

Several venture capitalists and former Googlers I spoke to when Area 120 first surfaced believed Google has better odds than earlier efforts.

Instead, the Republican-controlled state legislature tried to block local efforts to raise wages.

They took their lobbying efforts to the state legislatures — and found a receptive audience.

They also talked over possible joint efforts aimed at improving the humanitarian situation in Syria as well as the “challenges” of Korean peninsula de-nuclearization.

Neither he, nor Punk, nor the UFC has forgotten about the fight, and efforts are still being made to assure it actually goes down.

O’Bryant began DJing on some of their early tours, but he eventually left the group in 2002 to pursue his own solo efforts.

And, from a practical standpoint, there’s nothing really stopping Trump from giving up on international efforts to tackle global warming.

He worried that the lack of accurate location data could hamper efforts to regularly inspect the facilities and ensure they are up to standard.

He worried that the lack of accurate location data could hamper efforts to regularly inspect the facilities and ensure they are up to standard.

The efforts to gerrymander with precision keep moving stronger.

The patrol cars look very similar to those of the NYPD, which volunteers say help their deterrence efforts.

He also incorrectly said it was the “universal conclusion” among intelligence agencies that Moscow’s efforts had no impact on the 2016 election outcome.

The organization commended the Chinese government for its serious efforts to protect its most iconic species.

However, convincing the sexually fickle animals to mate has proven to be a thorn in the side of captive breeding efforts.

Sales at building material stores surged 1.0 percent in October, probably boosted by rebuilding efforts in areas affected by Florence.

She urged international donors and governments to boost investment in rural areas and scale up efforts to end hunger.

Republicans are focusing their efforts on conservative districts Trump won by double-digit margins in 2016, particularly in rural areas.

Examine your recruitment channels: Where are you targeting your recruitment outreach and marketing efforts?

She noted she was bused to school as part of integration efforts in California, and she questioned Biden’s 1970s opposition to school busing.

New York City officials have regularly pointed to Browder’s case when discussing reform efforts in the city.

This information was then used to assist stabilization and restoration efforts.

The comment came a day after Trump said Chinese efforts to persuade North Korea to rein in its weapons programs had failed.

There are early signs China’s efforts to win hearts and minds are beginning to bear fruit in Gwadar.

Some of the efforts to discredit the claims attack the character of the accusers.

But the company’s efforts have been ineffective.

And Democrats certainly have not engaged in large-scale efforts to suppress Republican voters or strip powers from Republican officials after they win office.

That complicates US efforts to get a full list of North Korea’s nuclear and missile capabilities as a good-faith step in negotiations.

In the most detailed account of these efforts, reported here, BOJ technocrats went to work tip-toeing back Kuroda’s radical program.

He said Democrats “were stonewalled” by Republicans in previous efforts to investigate the citizenship question.

But even worse, the attacks suggest that at least some community members are resisting the humanitarian efforts to stop the outbreak.

That episode has only intensified efforts to remove Confederate monuments, including the statue of Silent Sam.

I think the speech made it clear that efforts to move beyond that or outside that consensus are problematic.

“I can speculate that it might have to do with the repeal and replace efforts, or a general sense of confusion.

The most accessible and wide-reaching of these efforts was the magazine.

Democrats almost all profess admiration for Medicare, and they resist Republican efforts to turn it into a voucherized system for buying private insurance.

Previous efforts to preserve forest and wildlife habitat in Africa have encountered similar problems.

Gillibrand’s proposal, meanwhile, is one of a slew of Democratic efforts to redistribute donor power back to average voters.

Reasons can include overlap with the company’s existing efforts or a misalignment of views.

Those are just some of the issues where we can expect more hearings and oversight efforts from the legislative branch.

https://t.co/jmWSi28Nfw Google has far greater local data for advertisers and than anyone else, which is why Facebook’s efforts around local matter to Google.

Concerted efforts to promote sustainability worked.

Again, this doesn’t square with Apple’s longstanding efforts — led by Cue — to deliver a skinny bundle.

The Times noted that Clark made efforts to change her appearance in an apparent effort to seem more sympathetic to the jury.

And despite Nicki Minaj’s best efforts, it doesn’t get any better.

During a visit to India, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said diplomatic efforts continued.

Most efforts to get young people excited for politics are cringefests.

Downing is a retired deputy chief of the Los Angeles Police Department who launched and headed the LAPD’s anti-drug efforts in the 1970s.

House Democrats have been frustrated by the Trump administration’s stonewalling of their efforts to hold senior officials to account.

Lobbying groups have upped efforts to influence the bill.

Until now — although the efforts are helping Google save money on its most expensive part.

Instead, it focused its efforts on announcing wireless Beats headphones based on Bluetooth and some proprietary extensions enabled by its new W1 chip.

They support women artists through art and social justice projects, fundraising, advocacy, and free online networking efforts.

Uber is shutting down its self-driving trucks unit and will instead focus its development efforts on autonomous cars.

But efforts to deport Amri after his asylum application was rejected were held up because of his lack of documentation, Jäger said.

The Somalia operation is just the biggest example of the US military’s expanding efforts in Africa.

But sustained efforts to eradicate the militants have failed and the military continues to suffer heavy losses.

Commentators on the right have started using the term “signaling” to refer dismissively to progressive efforts to denounce racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.

In announcing new transparency efforts or tools to combat foreign influence, Facebook included a caveat.

Of course, most of these startups are not — and never have been — efforts to create the next billion-dollar technology company.

Pinterest took a not-so-subtle swipe at Facebook and its recently announced VR and AR efforts in its email sent to Recode announcing the change.

“Our efforts have borne fruit if the United States judged it would be better to rejoin,” he said.

It said Khalilzad continued to coordinate his efforts with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, and other Afghan stakeholders.

It’s another important step for Sony’s efforts with PlayStation Plus.

Company officials outlined the system on Monday on a call about its ethics efforts with analysts and journalists.

“I was concerned because of known Russian efforts to suborn such individuals [on the campaign],” Brennan testified.

He wants more efforts to finalize the EU’s banking union, including boosting the European Banking Resolution Fund.

The Financial Times first reported on Jacob’s buyout efforts earlier on Thursday.

All these efforts, though, weren’t cheap.

Asked whether momentum had been lost in efforts to oust Maduro, Trump told reporters: “No, not at all.

The classified document published by The Intercept detailed Russian government efforts to hack a Florida-based US voting software supplier, according to The Associated Press.

“As a science-based company working to help meet some of the world’s biggest challenges we support all efforts to combat this health crisis.

All of this would seem to fit the description of the Trump campaign conspiring with the Russian government in its election interference efforts.

“I support President Trump’s efforts,” Donnelly said during the debate.

For their efforts, Dole and his lobbying firm, Alston & Bir, received $20,000 a month from the Taiwanese government.

Previous efforts to capture the Snapchat magic were presented as standalone apps like Poke and Slingshot.

Previous efforts have resulted in the restoration of voting rights to 18,000 Virginians, he said.

His efforts were instrumental in securing the passage of medical aid-in-dying legislation in California.

Dan’s efforts continue across the country, keeping the promise he made to Brittany.

From its inception Bartella gave virtually no indication rehabilitation efforts were underway.

From its inception Bartella gave virtually no indication rehabilitation efforts were underway.

“The borough has made significant efforts to make the Franklin Pond Beach a family-friendly area that is welcoming and accommodating to all.

But his efforts fall short – partly because Vijay Deverakonda’s performance as Arjun Reddy looms over this film.

In fact, efforts are ramping up in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, and Hawaii too.

“These efforts are just window dressing,” Dobbin added, just as corporate sexual harassment trainings have become the default response to the #MeToo movement.

But lawmakers ended up blocking the proposed bill, and federal gun control efforts have been stalled since.

Both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns have made significant efforts to reach out to Latino voters of all ages.

Fellow Republican candidate Jeb Bush called Obama’s efforts “reckless” and “dangerous.”

There’s danger, and there is risk, and there are bald-faced efforts to take me down.

ACOG, Planned Parenthood, and other advocacy groups have opposed previous Republican efforts to move birth control over the counter.

If you think your college makes the grade for all its sustainability efforts, yell at us on Twitter over here: @viceimpact .

Real change comes not from actions of one leader, but from the cumulative efforts of a united force.

They add that a law penalizing groups for the mistakes on forms is a clear attack on efforts to mobilize black voters.

But his efforts don’t stop there; Estill is giving jobs to these refugees as well.

Most of their efforts have been ridiculed at best, and ignored at worst.

Thomas denied efforts to hide information, the report added.

“We must step up our efforts against the GRU,” May added.

His victory also follows coordinated efforts to silence and intimidate journalists reporting on the fake news surrounding Bolsonaro’s campaign.

These are just a few examples of the efforts to silence journalists ahead of one of the most consequential presidential elections in Brazil.

Others, like Facebook, publicly supported the Obama administration’s efforts.

From there, it is taken to the Edhi mortuary, where further efforts are made to track its identity.

During a summer break from school, I wrote and worked through Law4BlackLives to support organizing efforts in the Charlotte and Baton Rouge uprisings.

He has denied wrongdoing, saying he believed the payments were for legitimate lobbying efforts.

Countless social media support pages now offer emotional support spaces and opportunities for people looking to connect offline for mobilization efforts.

All of these efforts have the potential to strengthen ongoing social justice base building — and this is just within two weeks.

The powerful symbolism of electing a woman to the United States’ highest office would have chilled organizing efforts.

The company would end new research efforts in cardiology, the spokesman added, solely keeping existing research programs.

This 50% off promotion is the latest in marketing efforts from the pizza giant.

In response, many retailers have ramped up their transparency efforts (or at least how much they talk about transparency).

All promise to use blockchain to complement the industry’s existing certification efforts, including the Kimberley Process.

Most of our peer academic blogs were also largely self-published, self-edited efforts.

The overall goal of these efforts was to affect the way politics was discussed.

To what extent are these efforts under threat with the incoming Trump administration?

“My family desperately needs the president to redouble his efforts to bring Siamak and my dad home,” Babak added.

But these legislatures have fiercely resisted efforts to raise any taxes.

Also, get involved with local organizing efforts to encourage more U.S. mayors to move your city or town to 100 percent renewable energy.

If Trump determines that Mexico’s efforts are insufficient, he has said he would consider reviving the tariff threat.

“We will continue to advocate for additional efforts if needed.”

We had a house, a community, and now we have to start at zero, and all our efforts are completely wasted.

While Le Pen had expressed a desire to discuss her anti-immigration, anti-free trade views directly with Canadian politicians, her networking efforts were mostly fruitless.

In 2014, the Parti Quebecois’ efforts to implement a secular Charter of Values had earned the party unflattering comparisons to the Front National.

Those sorts of videos, usually full of swashbuckling and explosions, are a hallmark of IS recruitment efforts.

BEIJING (Reuters) – China said on Thursday it opposes outside interference in Venezuela and supports its efforts to protect its independence and stability.

“China supports efforts made by the Venezuelan government to protect the country’s sovereignty, independence and stability,” Hua told a regular briefing in Beijing.

They all work under Clay Bavor, the very popular product manager and newly anointed VP for Google’s VR efforts.

“This update really establishes the company’s increasing efforts to push the watch as a serious medical device,” he said of Apple.

In the meantime, the US is missing out receiving information that could potentially be helpful to its counterterrorism efforts down the road.

As my colleague Zack Beauchamp explains: US intelligence-gathering efforts, especially when it comes to terrorism, rely pretty fundamentally on cooperation with foreign intelligence services.

At the center of the suit is a former Alphabet executive, Anthony Levandowski, who led its early efforts in developing self-driving technology.

Personally, I’m certainly incredibly excited about some of the efforts that are currently going to carry people.

His campaign has repeatedly supported different unionization efforts (including at Vox Media, which owns this website).

“As I have commented to others, our diplomatic efforts will continue until the first bomb drops,” he said.

DeVos also delayed a requirement that institutions disclose their graduates’ debt and earnings and began efforts to roll back loan forgiveness policies.

Abbas has rejected U.S.-led Middle East peace efforts as “impossible” since Washington’s decision.

The fact that housekeepers and nannies can’t unionize has made it hard for them to fight congressional efforts to exclude them from labor protections.

Sessions has also rejected efforts to improve data collection on racial bias in policing.

Sessions has also rejected efforts to improve data collection on racial bias in policing.

And what is the significance of his death to Hezbollah and its efforts in Syria?

U.S. officials are stepping up diplomatic efforts to pressure countries to stop importing Iranian oil.

Sarah Warbelow, legal director of the Human Rights Campaign, called the law “just the beginning” of “a large wave of anti-LGBTQ efforts” this year.

Jean-Yves Le Drian’s visit reflected French efforts to safeguard Iran’s 2015 accord with major powers.

“This is totally politically driven,” Hof told the Guardian of the activists’ efforts, before his Tuesday victory.

Washington’s non-committal stance, along with efforts to broker a deal with Iran, should serve as very loud signals to Saudi Arabia.

The efforts are part of a broader GOP ploy to paint the Justice Department as hopelessly biased against Trump.

The president has also complained about his declining follower count, which is the result of Twitter’s broad efforts to clean up its platform.

But political scientist Robert Alexander claims our efforts were not entirely in vain.

Despite the uphill battle, I support efforts to sway the electors.

This year’s efforts are unlikely to succeed and probably will not stimulate reforms of the Electoral College.

efforts to restrict abortion don’t decrease the incidence of abortion.

Twitter is losing money because it’s spending big on efforts like live video in order to restart growth.

Dozens of other emails refer to subsequent coalition efforts in Libya.

Dozens of other emails refer to subsequent coalition efforts in Libya.

I will not — I will not let their decisiveness, their efforts to rip away the progress that we’ve made, be successful.

Plastic surgery is considered an essential service largely due to the efforts of a surgeon named Ivo Pitanguy.

The governor of Mexico’s beleaguered southern state of Guerrero has promised to step up efforts to contain local drug cartels.

The governor of Mexico’s beleaguered southern state of Guerrero has promised to step up efforts to contain local drug cartels.

The council was established in 1987 to coordinate the government’s homelessness efforts across federal agencies.

Now, have our efforts been worth the cost?

The council was established in 1987 to coordinate the government’s homelessness efforts across federal agencies.

Advocates say those efforts don’t help.

A few people in the health community have made their own efforts to engage users around sexual health issues on Grindr.

In the past two years, Point72 has made changes and stepped up its compliance efforts.

“It’s an important part of our efforts to push back against Iranian malign activity,” he said.

But divisions over how much control they should exert over the Pentagon have stymied repeated efforts to pass a new AUMF.

Although the seafloor is only about 30 meters down, strong currents and energy pipelines in the area have hampered search efforts.

Several South Korean officials expressed worry that Yun’s diplomatic efforts with North Korea lack any real underpinning of support from the White House.

FEMA head Brock Long acknowledged that early evacuation efforts in the area were slow in comparison to how quickly the hurricane intensified.

In some cases, cultural ethics have become public policy, as seen in governmental repatriation efforts and the reclamation of art looted by the Nazis.

China will also step up efforts to combat illegal rare earth mining and promote green development of the rare earth industry, she said.

Recent efforts to digitize yearbooks, like the one undertaken by Classmates Online in 2010, have helped surface stories with major institutional implications.

For people to determine their own best efforts, and respect their realities?

Remember, too, that your best efforts will vary.

An innate sense of adventure is woven into all of the brand’s products, as well as its marketing efforts.

“Despite our best efforts and ramped-up production, we still had trouble keeping them in stock.”

In the face of such issues, TI calls for the introduction of a “super-supervisor” to lead anti-money laundering efforts.

They speak of coordinated efforts, but it’s really just pinning medals on each other’s chests.”

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The diver helped rescue a Thai soccer team trapped in a cave this summer and criticized Musk’s efforts to help with a submarine.

Past efforts to control the red-light district have been opposed by sex workers and businesses involved in the trade.

ExxonMobil said communications with nearby communities remained down, hampering efforts to assess damage to its facilities that feed the PNG LNG plant.

Over the past 10 years, the East Harlem Preservation has sponsored numerous efforts and discussions on this very endeavor.

The research suggests that efforts to desegregate schools have been undermined by a series of factors, including most notably, residential segregation.

Most obviously, he backed Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, replacing it with the American Health Care Act.

Russia’s efforts to influence the 2016 political landscape — and presidential election — was a much wider effort than previously understood.

The city had also failed to properly coordinate its anti-smog efforts and not taken action to combat small “scattered” pollution sources.

David Marcus, who oversees Facebook’s blockchain efforts, is expected to testify, according to a source in Washington familiar with the matter.

Renewables are increasingly cost-competitive with fossil fuels—thanks, in part, to efforts from the Obama administration.

The funding has been directed toward efforts ranging from fortifying river embankments, to implementing emergency management systems like cyclone shelters and mass evacuation plans.

And the national government isn’t alone in the efforts.

A profile of successful Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Reid Hoffman, and his efforts to fight Donald Trump from within the tech industry.

For four weeks, I intensify my efforts to recall my dreams, keep a dream diary, and look out for clocks.

While that deal was meant to bolster Uber’s efforts, the addition of the Otto team and its co-founder Anthony Levandowski instead caused complications.

Trump also insisted on classifying the policy as a “TRAVEL BAN,” which could undermine the DOJ’s efforts in court.

Let them shut such efforts down, and do so explicitly.”

That opens the door to letting Democrats filibuster repeal efforts.

Enria also urged lenders to step up their efforts and stem a flow of newly soured credit and customer defaults.

That’s not so true anymore — thanks in large part to President Donald Trump’s continued efforts to undermine the agency.

efforts to fund the reconstruction and renovation of the cathedral are already underway.

Money meant for shareholders should have been spent on efforts to reduce wildfire risks in recent years, Alsup said at Tuesday’s hearing.

And they succeeded in their efforts, defeating the supernatural threat (with the help of a well-timed leap by Arya Stark).

“This can undermine efforts to quit cocaine use among those trying to do so,” he says.

SOFTWOOD LUMBER – Given the strenuous efforts Canada has taken so far to defend the industry, a climb down seems very unlikely.

These efforts say more about the writers, and a certain kind of elite mindset, than it does the true nature of American politics.

Some of their efforts have been straightforward and should have an immediate impact.

Trump officials defended those efforts as inefficient relative to their costs and touted this enrollment as the most cost-effective yet.

Today, that fortune is worth more than $63 billion, and Zuckerberg has started to sell his Facebook shares to fund their efforts.

Having patched things up, the two sides are working on a number of efforts.

The ACLU, tasked by a federal judge after bringing suit against the administration, has recently been overseeing these efforts.

“These efforts will help us meaningfully contribute towards electric mobility… while bringing cost efficiencies for the business.

But US officials have warned about China’s interference efforts for months.

Her outreach efforts often seemed more like stand-up comedy, and they routinely packed hundreds into 150-person-capacity bars.

On Syria, Erdogan said it was impossible for Syrian peace efforts to continue with President Bashar al-Assad in power.

One part of the 2020 presidential hopeful’s record doesn’t get as much attention: her efforts to fight America’s opioid crisis.

London Breed: Where would I focus my nonprofit efforts?

“We feel that our efforts have gathered strong evidence against this killer.

He said the DEA has made “made numerous efforts” and “great strides” in terms of adding oversight and accountability.

VICE News got an exclusive look inside the continuing efforts to clean up.

That is why at Turner, we are focusing all of our efforts on making fans — the most valuable type of consumer.

These efforts enable us to target new fans and bring new offerings to the current landscape.

The report said this was incompatible with Britain’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and also carried risks for taxpayers.

And there are still some ongoing efforts here in the U.S., such as Vivint in Utah, as well as services in India and elsewhere.

The variety of interest groups involved in the decision, and the fate of state efforts like the Missouri law, all muddy the waters.

With previous efforts, speeds haven’t been that great, though Starry says its technology is capable of delivering gigabit speeds to the home.

Mr. Ghomeshi’s rehabilitative efforts and commitment to reform are important considerations in support of this resolution.

The Academy’s efforts to diversify have also included adding film luminaries from outside of the American and British industries.

But scientists warn the biome has reached a tipping point that could hamper Brazil’s efforts and worsen global warming.

Integral to space-based climate efforts are ESA’s Earth observation programs, particularly ALTIUS.

Those efforts include a 2012 loosening of Brazil’s landmark Forest Code that sets requirements for preserving native vegetation.

“We cannot and will not allow voices like Tucker Carlson to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts,” it said.

“This is just the start, not the end of our efforts to block no deal.

But if the platforms themselves are riddled with distractions, these efforts are moot.

I watched the heroic efforts of Luke Skywalker and cheered him on, I watched the fall of Anakin Skywalker and mourned.

Such efforts aim to improve commercial judgments within Saudi Arabia.

Hope your efforts will enlighten this confused, hateful fan.

During this time period, the United States ceased all printing of copper pennies, as this metal was needed during the war efforts.

Some efforts have been made to redress this ignorance and stigma.

It’s not clear how the aid cutoff is going to affect these efforts.

EIP has been critical of Pruitt’s statements questioning the causes of global climate change and his efforts to roll back environmental protections.

Still, he said that managers will ask them why their efforts took so long and demand that they work faster.

Apple could become an unlikely ally of Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook in its drone efforts.

I hope that through persistent efforts, opening community spaces, and exhibiting our work, the appreciation for skill-based arts will continue to expand.

And efforts to replicate other people’s papers often aren’t published, either, because journals want something new and different.

I also ask him what he thinks of the police’s efforts to reassure Barking’s gay community.

There are efforts to make some of those furloughed workers eligible for paid work during the shutdown, though.

These efforts are still being met with resistance.

Their lives became monumental works of art which serve as powerful reminders of how easily all our best efforts can go unrewarded.

efforts already are underway in several states, including Arkansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma, to launch similar ballot initiatives next year.

Barbie’s new body doubles down on Mattel’s efforts.

This is particularly apparent when looking at tech entrepreneurs’ efforts to create social change at scale.

Even the most well-informed philanthropic efforts don’t always achieve their intended impact.

“Data speaks — big time.” Every doctor and nurse I spoke to that day was plugged into these quality improvement efforts.

But today, California’s efforts are at odds with the direction the federal government is moving on women’s health.

States should also make efforts to expand automatic voter registration beyond DMVs.

What will count more is pairing that rhetoric with tangible efforts to improve the lives of people of color within those communities.

Despite Trump’s efforts to avoid sitting down with Mueller, some suspect the special prosecutor will push for a face-to-face meeting.

Republicans’ efforts to demonize Waters and mischaracterize her statement as a form of violence are not surprising.

The Department of Justice sued California on Tuesday, claiming three state laws unconstitutionally interfere with efforts to strictly enforce federal immigration law.

“This is arguably the greatest threat of all,” Sestak said of China’s 5G efforts.

The Department of Justice sued California on Tuesday, claiming three state laws unconstitutionally interfere with efforts to strictly enforce federal immigration law.

So far, efforts by Sessions to force states and cities to help enforce federal immigration laws have hit a wall in federal court.

The Bixby voice assistant is still a dud; Samsung focused its efforts on small, mostly unseen changes that result in a better overall experience.

I felt angry at all my efforts to help having been repaid in this way.

But it was not clear whether those efforts had made enough progress to persuade Trump to stay in the pact.

The Somalia operation is just the biggest example of the US military’s expanding efforts in Africa.

Despite Tillerson’s best efforts, Trump’s tweet ultimately set the tone for the conference.

Despite this, few efforts have been made to police online misinformation—for the simple reason that the internet so vast.

Walker has become known for his efforts to decimate unions, prompting Mitchell to campaign heavily on his union background and economic policy.

There is no neat moderate-versus-progressive takeaway here, despite pundits’ best efforts.

Those efforts often include making phone calls and knocking on doors to educate and mobilize voters.

He wrote extensively in his journals about his efforts to lose weight, detailing his diet and exercise regimens, his goals, and his failures.

Court rulings have hampered Puigdemont’s efforts to return to power since pro-independence parties won a slim majority in a December regional election.

Islamabad’s efforts to recalibrate CPEC are made trickier by its dependence on Chinese loans to prop up its vulnerable economy.

But it’s very vulnerable to the efforts of a disciplined minority to entrench itself in power.

The project is not subject to the global output-cutting deal but the development would signal an obstacle to Russia’s efforts on production curtailment.

The Colombian government, which abolished the death penalty in 1910, has supported Ortiz’s efforts.

Their cases shone a spotlight on IS’s aggressive efforts to groom young Westerners, particularly young girls, to join their cause.

Their cases shone a spotlight on IS’s aggressive efforts to groom young Westerners, particularly young girls, to join their cause.

Khashoggi’s murder tarnished the reputation of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who courted Western support for his efforts to modernize Saudi Arabia.

Apple develops many projects internally, and those efforts often do not ultimately result in a full product that goes on sale.

Some Palestinians voiced a sense of exhaustion about peace efforts and promises of cash and prosperity.

Xi told Maduro China would, as before, support the Venezuelan government’s efforts to seek stability and development.

“The Underground Railroad was just one among many efforts on the part of enslaved people to liberate themselves,” she said.

So despite the two governments’ efforts, homeowners aren’t necessarily making real progress in reducing what they owe.

Economists complain that Trump’s efforts to reduce America’s deficit are misguided, saying the gap in trade with China reflects the underlying economy.

Filmed over a decade, it tracks their efforts to secure some $129 billion for the resettling of half a million Jamaican Rastafarians in Africa.

Their efforts have had little success.

Repeal efforts in the Senate, where Democrats have a numerical majority, have been stymied by a breakaway faction of Democrats.

China has been actively trying to curb its air pollution, and the nation’s efforts are beginning to pay off.

efforts to reach Cagney for comment at the time were unsuccessful, and a representative for Cagney did not comment on Tuesday.

That’s the gist of the “artificial intelligence” that gets used to describe these efforts.

Ever since Republicans ramped up their efforts to repeal Obamacare, the ACA has become more popular than before.

In sum, the collective efforts have led to a whole dossier of troublesome findings in Wansink’s work.

The “rule” creation efforts necessary to build these classification filters are done offline in large data centers using a variety of different computing architectures.

We can reach it with dialogue, without preconditions and with joint efforts to help the opening of negotiations to join the EU,” Rama said.

Polling showed that both measures have wide public support, despite repeated Republican efforts to block any increases to the states’ minimum wage.

Instead, the Republican-controlled state legislature tried to block local efforts to raise wages.

(The Obama administration initially opposed the bill because they thought it might hamper their efforts to improve the broader US relationship with Putin.)

Chalk it up to a lack of hype, less visibility, or lazy promotional efforts.

There are efforts to reform the electoral process so that it’s harder to buy votes and rig elections.

“It was like they were trying to make amends.” Still, it’s hard to gauge how well the new efforts are paying off.

Every one of these efforts has the potential to create a new world that’s unrecognizable.

“The peace process is just dead right now,” Miller said, alluding to the Obama administration’s failed efforts.

Golden thinks Democrats will have to spend a lot on get-out-the vote efforts this year, something they haven’t had to do much of before.

Their efforts haven’t gone far yet, as Republican leaders have not put the bills to a vote.

Nearly every time they stage one of these events, the Identitarians also create multi-camera mini documentaries about their efforts.

BC was committed to this view, and avoided the conservation debates that have stalled efforts elsewhere.

While the Senate and House passed their own versions of the bill, efforts at a compromise final bill have stalled.

Cohen had taken over efforts to connect to the Russian government after Felix Sater, a Soviet-born American businessman, failed to make the connections.

Congressional Republicans have hinted at further efforts to use the budget process to limit funding for regulatory enforcement and to defuse existing regulations.

However, relations have appeared to improve in recent months amid efforts to push the Taliban towards a peace deal.

But will Facebook succeed in its efforts to make VR more accessible?

The company also hired lobbyists in New York, and testified in Nebraska, among other efforts to resist the movement.

Lori Heinel, its deputy chief investment officer, remains the most public voice of the $2.5 trillion asset manager’s efforts.

And the June decision is an important precedent that could bolster Yelp’s own efforts in Europe.

The report indicates that there is overwhelming evidence that Trump took extraordinary efforts to try and undermine Mueller’s investigation.

Her father’s various contentious actions and comments have prompted boycott efforts by critics and have driven some consumers away from Trump family businesses.

Most politicians, as they shift into general election mode, make efforts to expand their appeal beyond their party’s base.

“In 2014, 2010, 2012, immigration was a big issue for the Latino community, we saw some big voter registration efforts,” he says.

Some joint efforts are happening or being discussed.

But either del Castillo didn’t agree or her efforts didn’t work (the film is coming out Friday, January 15).

Athens had previously blocked the ex-Yugoslav republic’s efforts to join the two organizations.

Those efforts appear to be starting to bear fruit.

The Sinaloa cartel, by contrast, has put its efforts for years into establishing political influence behind the scenes.

The absence of monitoring, or of efforts to teach law enforcement what to do better, is one form of tacit support.

Part of this skepticism stems from McSally’s efforts to appear closer to Trump and his hardline approach to immigration.

Democratic leaders vowed to redouble efforts to fight the nation’s powerful gun lobby to reduce violence from firearms.

She asked Gordon about efforts during the 2016 Republican presidential convention in Cleveland to soften proposed party platform language related to Russia and Ukraine.

The dispute pits key U.S. allies against each other, and has complicated efforts to maintain a united front against Iran.

He ordered a full inquiry and said “utmost government efforts” were needed to support the injured and families of the victims.

I think one of the most important things to do is to significantly increase efforts to address extreme housing unaffordability at the bottom.

Those talks failed, with the Iranians saying European efforts to shield Iran from the impact of U.S. sanctions were insufficient.

AMI’s efforts to keep McDougal silent intensified, Farrow reports, when the Stormy Daniels story broke.

They’ve asked visitors to consider helping out with clean-up efforts by picking up trash.

By 2014, more than 600 entrepreneurs applied to their efforts — double from the previous years combined.

These are not so much efforts to develop freaky Frankenfoods, but to help our food systems survive the new normal.

efforts to form a three-way coalition government have failed, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday, pitching Germany into its worst political crisis in decades.

But in the wake of that group’s dissolution, the duo’s other efforts have picked up steam.

Yet efforts by the US to break the logjam, including trying to send much-needed humanitarian aid throughout Venezuela, have failed.

How did your artistic aims starting out combine with Parley’s conservation efforts when they came onboard?

Bolstering its efforts in the face of a historically formidable opponent will become more important than ever.

He was roundly ridiculed for his efforts.

As Republicans have stepped up efforts to limit access to legal abortion, the issue is increasingly galvanizing Democrats.

The Civil Rights Division has been crucial in historic efforts to protect Americans’ rights.

That is why it’s crucial for Trump’s opponents to be aware that protesters’ efforts are not futile.

And with no trash cans, trash heaps line the bridge, despite efforts by Guatemalan volunteers and the migrants themselves to keep the area clean.

Chief Executive Mike Corbat said in a statement its efforts are showing positive early results.

To Trump, trans troops have just become political pawns for his broader efforts.

In a new 43-page report (pdf) that Waymo published Thursday, the company detailed some of its efforts to respond to (and avoid) collisions.

MOUSTAFA AL-MADANI Moustafa al-Madani led the intelligence efforts for the 15-man team in Istanbul, the senior Saudi official said.

Democrats and Republicans have supported efforts to expand access, particularly online registration.

Recent voting expansion efforts include automatic registration and extending absentee voting opportunities.

D. Increase the Profile of Uber’s Head of Diversity and the efforts of His Organization.

An empowered senior leader who is responsible for diversity and inclusion is key to the integrity of Uber’s efforts.

This board could help ensure consistency across diversity efforts and funnel employee feedback to the Head of Diversity and his staff.

efforts to adjust the provision have some co-ops pushing back out of concerns farmers could lose tax benefits.

Uber’s diversity efforts would benefit greatly from the establishment of a sponsorship program.

G. Recognize and Support Employee Diversity efforts.

Uber should recognize and support efforts that employees undertake to improve Uber’s workplace environment through the performance review process.

H. Recognize Managers for their Diversity efforts.

K. Coordinate efforts.

This will help to coordinate diversity and inclusion efforts throughout the organization and allow Uber to conduct a legal review of any independent initiatives.

Importers made limited efforts to reduce rare earth consumption and dependence on China after a diplomatic dispute between China and Japan in 2010.

And the government is encouraging similar efforts.

Twitter wants to be one of those big players, and customer service is one of its key efforts.

But what I’m trying to do is situate these efforts within a broader political and economic moment.

The committees requested intelligence reports in connection with their efforts to ensure that government secrets are appropriately protected.

Most of those efforts succeeded.

Campaigners agreed that graft and a lack of political will had hampered efforts to address human trafficking.

The United States has deployed a team of diplomats to Syria to work on humanitarian and stabilisation efforts.

In an interview with Reuters, Kushner said the plan’s authors had studied why previous peace efforts had failed in formulating a fresh initiative.

While public awareness initiatives and press coverage are essential in such situations, they must work in tandem with official diplomatic efforts.

That’s the court that would have signed off on any efforts to intercept communications between Trump Tower and Moscow.

“It was an extremely personal attack on my work and my family,” Walker told me last year, reflecting on Saar’s outrageous efforts.

A local elementary school decided to thank the FBI personnel who had participated in rescue efforts and the ensuing investigation.

But despite these efforts, Cruz’s crusade to stop Trump appears to be fraying at the seams.

I think both companies need to make their best efforts to overcome the mistrust,” said a person familiar with Nissan’s thinking.

Those efforts prodded Occidental to obtain financing from billionaire Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc that eliminated a shareholder vote.

Presidents usually make good faith efforts to implement their campaign promises, because politics is fundamentally a public undertaking.

“An emergency funding package is taking place as we speak to support those efforts,” he said.

Their efforts might already be working.

This includes city budget, grants for specific purchases, donations, and other fundraising efforts.

And that this tendency of reason toward unreason is exacerbated by overly ambitious efforts to suppress or eliminate unreason.

It’s a humiliating announcement for Mayer, because it clearly signals that the board is losing patience with her turnaround efforts.

In short, there’s no sign that Mayer’s turnaround efforts have been working.

The initiative follows a history of peace efforts that have failed to overcome decades of distrust and violence.

– has complicated efforts for decades.

That shoots to $261 billion if HIV efforts are increased.

South Africa, for example, funds its own HIV efforts almost entirely without outside support.

For HIV management efforts to remain sustainable, this front-loading has to happen within the next five years.

While you’re on Xanax, this won’t be noticeable because the drug is powerful enough to overcome your brain’s efforts to rebalance things.

Microsoft itself has relied on FPGAs in the past, but is now moving its efforts from servers to more mobile devices like HoloLens.

I asked him why he couldn’t just encourage me in my fledgling efforts to follow my young dream.

These citizens, who lost their livelihoods and homes, were subject to further oppression by government agencies during recovery efforts.

I would rather he lied, if that’s how we must look at this, and encouraged my efforts in the moment.

Health advocates say the company has insidiously used this campaign in its efforts to win legislation protecting e-cigarettes from harsher regulation.

Persistent rain and the threat of another landslide are hampering those efforts.

I want to reassure you that today’s developments will have no impact on Apple’s efforts to protect the environment.

Voting is a solitary act, but campaigns are collective efforts.

Many Red Hook Crit supporters believe the criticism of the crash overshadows efforts to make the event one of the safest in the sport.

The bureau was already scaling back its boards’ efforts.

The carmakers are actually engaging in their own efforts around autonomous driving and car and ride sharing.

Trump swiftly made efforts to deliver on his promise of running the country as a corporation upon seizing the presidency.

The Liberals have tapped former Toronto Police chief Bill Blair, now a member of parliament, to head up the legalization efforts.

But one man’s DIY efforts are starting to bring the butterfly back.

His story reminds us that we can all contribute to conservation efforts — sometimes even from our own backyards.

“That’s a good sign that our efforts are working!”

Democrats in Congress used to dismiss efforts to jack up the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Despite a serious case of the sweats upon awakening, though, the dreams can actually be very useful for continued efforts at sobriety.

Mueller described unsuccessful efforts by Trump to persuade White House Counsel Don McGahn to have Mueller removed as special counsel in June 2017.

Stone’s alleged attempts to cover up such efforts are also under the scrutiny of Mueller’s team.

This is the dynamic that’s kept the efforts to reform the 2001 AUMF in limbo.

Apple will probably also have more to say about its AI efforts, one of the more important technology arms races in the industry today.

It says their efforts to steal sensitive commercial aviation and other data took place from January 2010 through May 2015.

I applaud all those efforts.

Encouraging ambition means having our own efforts critiqued.

For that reason, I oppose efforts to weaken Roe v.

In 2015, then-attorney general Eric Holder restricted a federal program that supported police efforts to seize assets.

Her speech on Tuesday is just the latest indicator that she’s quickly ramping up her efforts to vie for the Democratic nomination.

Mattis declined to comment on the broader diplomatic efforts, deferring to Pompeo’s State Department.

“All our efforts are stored there.

But the point was that more women lived the traditional life she didn’t, because of her efforts to preserve it.

Both the Obama and Trump administration have failed in efforts to have the lawsuit thrown out.

Of course, North Korea was just continuing its cyber efforts, so it’s not wholly unexpected that this happened during the summit.

We deplore any efforts to deprive individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, of legal protection and rights.

All along, it was clear that Pruitt would be a rock-solid opponent of federal regulatory efforts aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

It’s already been making efforts to do exactly that.

It would increase transparency around research efforts and the forthcoming process of re-registering glyphosate in the European Union.

Under Fields, sources say the company was slow to move on its advanced technology efforts.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to … these efforts will bear some bipartisan fruit in the time to come.

It’s the organization’s efforts based in Turkey that have now been shut down.

“Russia uses information operations as part of its offensive cyber efforts to influence public opinion across the globe.

By putting formal programs in place, Morgan is confident that Pinterest’s efforts will pay off.

But not all executives she worked with were supportive of these efforts, including people that come from diverse backgrounds themselves.

Instead, the Republican-controlled state legislature tried to block local efforts to hike wage rates.

Health officials rushed to intensify efforts to test, prevent, and treat new HIV infections.

“Which is now being conducted through modest local efforts.”

Mayer has also been touting her major efforts in mobile search, which is called Index.

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar has been a key ally in the coalition’s efforts to expand trade to Cuba, according to press reports.

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