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And that matters in an economically dominant field that’s hard enough to penetrate even without cultural obstacles.

Making everyday retail spaces cashless will make the shopping experience even more fraught for the economically disadvantaged or immigrants.

The current problem, as these players see it, is that Iran remains economically isolated in the world, even after the nuclear deal.

Their families were also doing worse economically.

As di Grassi states later in this feature, the facts are that electric transportation is more efficient, both economically and environmentally.

It is economically and environmentally better to drive electric.

#lovewins Trump’s stated immigration policies would be economically damaging and will in time be seen as morally wrong.

The left has no such machine (and even if it did, it is too demographically and economically heterogeneous to maintain a simple common narrative).

“So he’s suffered a lot, and his family’s also suffered tremendously economically.

Not much has changed economically since President Donald Trump was sworn in last month.

Not much has changed economically since President Donald Trump was sworn in last month.

The ultimate goal appears to be to change the way America’s relationship with its allies works, both militarily and economically.

“NATO is unfair, economically, to us, to the United States,” Trump said.

“The impossibility of accessing the mineral resources made the Angostura project economically inviable for the company,” the letter said.

Again, some of this is economically motivated.

Although if it’s an economically motivated situation, that’s pretty relevant.

Democrats who are most economically pessimistic are most enthusiastic about Sanders, and Republicans who are most pessimistic feel most positively about Trump.

On the Republican side, Trump emerges as the clear favorite among the most economically pessimistic respondents.

Sanders enjoys surprisingly high support among pessimistic Republican women, while the most economically pessimistic Democratic men seem to especially dislike Cruz.

But given the current state of political economy, it’s hard to see how life gets much better for those who are struggling economically.

Dacarett-Galeano, who identifies himself as Latino, said most of his elementary school in Austin, Texas’s effectively segregated education system was considered economically disadvantaged.

Prop 61, they caution, may make it economically impossible to do that in the future.

I hope the new industry will help the state’s economically depressed southern section — apparently it’s fertile land for growing cannabis.

He says that small, economically struggling places have value that’s not always captured by simple economic models.

A lot of countries and a lot of electorate are doing irrational things right now, and it’s because of a worldwide topple economically.

But Luis also is on the make culturally, economically, and every way possible.

According to US News and World Report, Reach Partnership is a public middle/high school that serves mostly black, economically disadvantaged students.

It did worst in the places where Trump did best — the sparsely populated and economically ailing interior where people identify culturally with Republicans.

economically speaking, all white lives cannot matter because capitalism does not permit it.

But economically unprivileged whites typically don’t cause damage on the scale of Miller or Kobach — or even Spencer or Taylor.

So households with children tend to find themselves economically struggling disproportionately often.

The root problem remains: Women are still not able to own land and must depend on men economically.

It’s not necessarily the best of times, economically speaking, but things are better than they’ve been in years.

Will devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds.

25, they are going to take over economically, the world.

Founders believe that equality of opportunity is crucial to a fair and healthy economy, while equality of outcome is economically paralyzing.

How to work things out economically, politically, or whatever else.'”

economically speaking, we were supposed to be bigger than China.

Such a setup would be necessary to make large-scale drone delivery economically feasible someday.

(Dominica is so economically small that the latest ‘Star Wars’ movie eclipsed its annual GDP.)

This is a market distortion, where some companies are favored for no economically efficient reason.

They might redo the streetlights.” “There’s some reason an area is economically distressed,” he adds.

The only issue will be how large of an increase in the budget deficit do Republicans consider economically viable.

But immigration — both authorized and unauthorized — was down in California in the early 1990s, as it almost always is during economically challenging times.

Applus Services submits most economically advantageous tender for vehicle inspection contract in Ireland.

If they can change the definition of women to include men, they can erase efforts to empower women economically, socially, and politically.

Loop unbundling in the context of broadband telecommunications is a difficult feat both technologically and economically, especially as bandwidth demands increase.

And certainly that wasn’t me, but I did have a good, economically fine-enough career as a long-form journalist, and I loved it.

The bank said it was reviewing activities to make sure they are economically viable as part of its Think Forward strategy.

China is a foe economically, certainly they are a foe.

So on one level, you’re being economically defrauded.

This flipped as soon as Donald Trump was elected: The more racial resentful you were, the more economically optimistic you became.

In countries that are hurting economically, like Venezuela and Greece, survey respondents predictably said the condition of the global economy was their biggest concern.

We have record-setting numbers in every way economically.

economically diverse cities are more resilient, and cities with higher racial and ethnic diversity are better for everyone’s development and well-being.

“Fully integrating and empowering women economically and politically is the most important step that a country or company can take to strengthen its competitiveness.

More inclusive approaches speak to the economic realities for many women who experience abortion as not only inaccessible according to geography but economically inaccessible.

“Increasing the debt now for economically dubious — and undoubtedly regressive — gains could threaten Social Security and Medicare in the not-so-distant future.”

Unraveling those relationships is likely to be economically and socially disruptive.

It struggles economically and is now sitting at number 165 out of 187 in the UN Development Index rankings.

“And how things shift violently economically, the trauma of that.

From there, Mike’s career snaked through rap’s underground, which by the mid-aughts had become diffuse and economically depressed.

Even if economically it is pretty straightforward, there is no doubt it adds inconvenience to an already stressful experience.

Nabiullina said the fund’s spending should be economically feasible, reiterating her call for the 7% threshold to be re-examined and possibly raised.

I just had to start with shoes so that I could be economically empowered enough to have a voice.

But despite the hype, the US will continue to hold Iran at arms length, at least economically.

But despite the hype, the US will continue to hold Iran at arms length, at least economically.

economically, the incentives are obvious: The first company to produce artificial superintelligence will profit enormously.

It is dysfunctional all the way around—socially, economically, politically, and morally.”

It would suffer economically — and on the international stage.

You mean ramp them better technically or economically speaking?

Most struggle economically.

That was the main difference was just economically everybody was doing a lot better.

As Davis notes, economically disadvantaged black and brown bodies often inhale different worlds than their wealthier, whiter kin.

The highest concentration of Leave votes was in areas most economically dependent on trade with the European Union.

It is the smart move, politically and economically, for Xcel to set a course for zero carbon.

California has worked hard, economically and politically, to clean up its grid.

“Ultimately, these projects have to stack up economically, even if U.S. politicians make it easier to get permitting,” said WoodMac’s Montgomery.

1, that biometrics are actually incredibly economically efficient and this should have been a successful business model if the cost structure was different.

But far from terminating the deal, it seems Trump is content with leaving many of the most economically important Obama policies in place.

Right, because one of the shorthands for this is, they’re not racists, they’re economically insecure.

But new regulations like Obama’s Clean Power Plan for CO2, will be harsh and economically ruinous.

But Levy explained that while that wasn’t particularly effective economically, it did allow Obama to claim he was getting tough with China.

I wanted to be very, almost rudely up-front about how uncomfortable my life can be economically.

“…DNAinfo is, at the end of the day, a business, and businesses need to be economically successful if they are to endure,” Ricketts wrote.

Wilson agrees: “economically, if a bar has wheelchair access, people with disabilities can bring their friends into that bar.

His essay also argued that it’s economically possible for people to work fewer hours.

It’s obvious that China is willing to fight the US, at least economically.

* Older diesel vehicles to be retrofitted to reduce emissions as far as technically and economically viable.

He’s a power fantasy that invokes power for a group of people who have been legally and economically denied that power.

“It has become economically disastrous for all drivers across the board.” The percolating crisis had been something of a known quantity for years.

She acknowledges Anthony paid, saying, “Anthony personally undertook to help Bennett economically.”

It would also put new limits on state governors’ ability to waive work requirements in economically depressed areas.

From a distance, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations like the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait can seem economically invincible.

But relying on one commodity has made Saudi Arabia and its neighbors very economically vulnerable.

My Last Days, though also shot in an economically disadvantage neighborhood, is far more hopeful.

“Today,” Sanders said as he announced his campaign last May, “we begin a political revolution to transform our country economically, politically, socially and environmentally.”

Simply put: The research suggests it’s not making America any safer, while costing a lot both socially and economically.

“Philosophically, my answer would be, ‘Hell yeah.’” But economically and logistically, she said, it’s a different ballgame.

economically, they’re a great choice for an enjoyable horse experience.

A much more economically diverse population plays the Powerball versus the daily games — especially when the jackpots are higher.

The following March, Saudi Arabia and its coalition isolated Yemen economically while continuing to launch air strikes.

Finally, in the late 1990s, Mitchell figured out how to do it economically.

“I think you have to come down on them very hard economically or whatever way,” Trump says.

It’s better economically.

The analysis revealed “statistically and economically meaningful reductions in prescription drug use” in states with medical weed.

The analysis revealed “statistically and economically meaningful reductions in prescription drug use” in states with medical weed.

The libretto moves along economically, emphatically using colloquial speech (“He’s for real this time.” “Stupid shit for brains .

Culturally, young black people are included, but economically they are not.

During that period, the number of elderly households categorized as economically inactive increased by 57,000.

“The country’s doing well economically, but Trump is really driving the conversation.

economically, it’s helped to sustain Jeju Island, although it’s common for Jeju’s haenyeo to also farm small agricultural plots.

Anti-immigration sentiments were a driving force in the winning “Leave” campaign, especially targeted at immigrants from economically struggling countries in the Eastern bloc.

The bank said it was reviewing activities to make sure they are economically viable as part of its Think Forward strategy.

“This would be better economically, security-wise, and in terms of people’s psychological well-being.”

Then everyone lost their jobs, became economically depressed; obviously people are stressed out, which leads to dependency.

And it would actually become more economically viable for US producers, including frackers, to do so as oil prices go up.

economically, the argument is that we could sustain much more debt than we have now so long as we control our own currency.

Guangdong, which borders the former British colony of Hong Kong, is one of China’s most economically important provinces.

economically speaking, China has huge levels of debt, and is struggling to find ways to keep growth strong as its export-driven manufacturing economy slows.

We’ve got to convince Negroes they’re better off economically under a GOP president.

Even though we’re in a crazy situation, economically, and with wars, when things go far right, they will have to swing left.

Thousands of Western tourists have also scrambled for flights out of the country, impacting the country’s economically vital tourism sector.

It sketches in characters quickly, economically, via a handful of gestures or costume choices or bits of dialogue.

“Nightlife matters a lot, culturally and economically, and it’s time to allow local communities more flexibility.”

The reality is they have tiny, insignificant populations, and economic contributions, so how is it possible for them to topple the Eurozone economically?

Those could include expensive retrofits where “technically and economically justifiable”.

China is so economically tied to so many powerful countries that it seems doubtful anybody would step up and stop them.

Why are “winners” at least economically, so eager to tear down the system that made them so rich?

The 2016 Republican primary, however, has been led for several months by the economically protectionist and outspoken-bordering-on-kooky Donald J. Trump.

Countries with subsidies are most often those that depend economically on oil exports.

Clinton, detecting danger, has already changed course in her campaign strategy, speaking more directly to people who are struggling economically.

The non-profit healthcare system is one of the state’s largest employers and sits in the heart of economically depressed coal country.

So this is not only the wrong thing to do, it’s economically a stupid thing to do.

The gains that racial and ethnic majorities are making, either socially or politically or economically, are coming at the expense of their group.

Its conclusion: There is no evidence that the project can meet its goals while being economically viable at the same time.

Usually priced at $1.99 in New York City, this is economically the best deal you can find as part of a McPick combination.

In numerous cases, partial NEA funding helps further projects in smaller, non-coastal, and often economically disadvantaged communities throughout the country.

Can SpaceX land often enough to make this economically viable?

“The regime of former president Nicolas Maduro is illegitimate, his regime is morally bankrupt, it’s economically incompetent and it is profoundly corrupt.

Aside from being economically radical, Warren’s idea is notable for its racial justice component.

It’s tremendous potential in North Korea, and I think he’s going to lead it to a very important thing economically.

But when you have 8 million unauthorized workers, getting tough on the people employing them is both politically and economically challenging.

And we’ll be helping them along economically, us and many other countries are going to be helping.

Let us seek to make our nation more politically, economically, and socially equitable.

Many of these plants are being urged on by coal-mining provinces that have been hit hard economically of late.

Politically, it was depressing, also economically too.

economically, Xennials have seen it all.

They should worry less about policy rates and more about encouraging economically effective lending.

Regulators could help change the focus by tweaking the risk-weighting of loans to encourage such economically beneficial lending.

After all, a labor union of telecommunications workers can only prosper if telecommunications companies are economically healthy.

Boycott opponents, some of them Democrats, said it made no sense to economically punish Alabama, already one of the poorest U.S. states.

“The US is also losing out economically by not embracing a clean energy future.

But not all bots are economically or politically motivated.

I think maybe the most economically significant part of Christmas isn’t the buying and selling.

There’s a racist sign, and it’s like, wow, they’re really economically anxious!

In 2007, Ecuador was doing well economically.

Black and Hispanic students also tend to benefit economically from going to selective schools.

But white kids whose parents went to college and/or grad school don’t benefit much, economically.

Agencies also help place them in a job, but encourage them to become economically self-sufficient as swiftly as possible.

Tens and tens of millions of Americans today are struggling to keep heads above water economically.

In a stall, though, consumers are economically fine, but they feel vulnerable.

Like many free marketeers, de Rugy is confident that rich Americans will use their money in more economically beneficial ways than the government would.

“A lower payout at the end made it so it was no longer an economically viable model,” he explained.

Steve Bannon, who appears to be the administration’s point man on immigration issues, has long been suspicious of economically successful immigrants.

It’s easier to do economically and it’s morally necessary to get everyone in before you try to ratchet down costs.

Trump has expressed reluctance to punish Saudi Arabia economically, citing its multibillion-dollar purchases of military equipment and investments in U.S. firms.

Others argue that it’s possible for the party to balance both identity politics and a more economically populist message.

“Their country is not doing well economically at all.

In the 1890s, we were trying to surpass Great Britain economically and were contending with them to become the “leader” of the world.

Its objective was to mark sites where significant legal confrontations led to the extension of civil rights for the politically and economically disfranchised.

economically, it has an impact on wages and working conditions.

Encouraging investment in economically disadvantaged communities can close that divide and benefit all Americans.”

Japan wants to ensure joint projects with China are transparent, open, economically viable and fiscally sound for debtor countries, officials said.

And I know a lot of people in my life who are economically secure but not very happy.

He was saying, once we remove the drivers in the equation, the business becomes economically fantastic.

And the key to punching out of your weight class professionally, economically, and from a relationship standpoint is taking uncomfortable risks.

Seoul and Tokyo, both key U.S. allies in the region, are closely linked to each other economically and culturally.

It is technically and economically feasible to run the US economy entirely on renewable energy, and to do so by 2050.

economically, making enormous strides.

Joe Gagnon, an economist at the Peterson Institute, also notes that Australia and Canada ran surpluses for years without suffering economically as a consequence.

We were doing very well economically, even though China was growing, too.

So for China, though, the ambition is that, to supplant the US economically and militarily, will we know it?

economically depressed groups are prone to look for scapegoats, and environmental regulations are a convenient target.

There is a way to give land devoted to cars back to people and still thrive, socially and economically.

Public land protection may therefore not be an effective cause for mobilizing minorities, especially economically disadvantaged groups.

If women are gathering water, then their ability to work other jobs, to progress economically, is also severely limited.

“This isn’t a job anymore, it is a career…Personally, I say I need two years,” to feel economically stable, Harwell said.

Suddenly, the region was forced to take part economically, socially, and artistically in a global community they had spent decades isolating themselves from.

“But, economically, kind of progressives are capturing the majority of the income, so there’s a very smart …

But, economically, kind of progressives are capturing the majority of the income, so there’s a very smart …

In public, Reagan talked about a mandate to change course economically.

Environmentalists have claimed that the Yellow Vests protests are actually about “green piety,” or socially and economically just forms of environmental policy.

Still, some think economically challenged Jordan could profit from any plan that promises billions in aid and project finance.

They function as nurseries for economically and ecologically valuable marine life, and they provide protection against storm surges.

The white working class is getting crushed economically.

And that has paid off for her economically.

So these people may be economically disadvantaged, but they’ve had the social, cultural, and academic experiences of the top 1 percent.

These students are economically poor but also go to local, typically distressed public high schools, and they’re getting left behind.

Photo by Aurora Almendral/VICE News On paper, the country is not doing bad economically.

A White House strategy review focuses on options for pressuring Pyongyang economically and militarily.

I mean, eventually someone’s going to say we can’t support all of this economically.

economically, the Romans engineered one of the greatest “golden ages” of any preindustrial society.

It’s a triple threat: physically, psychologically, and economically.

While the report samples women aged 15 to 69, many girls actually begin contributing to their family economically well before adolescence.

“We will not accept any form of regulatory divergence which separates Northern Ireland politically or economically from the rest of the UK.

About half of all students in the Boston public school system are economically disadvantaged.

In the middle of the past century, the United States created an economically secure middle class through a plethora of manufacturing jobs.

So you have more people playing the lottery, taking payday loans, making questionable choices to try to get ahead economically.

The long-term effects of these choices are usually bad — economically, emotionally, and physically.

Politically and economically isolated and repressed under Kim’s authoritarian regime, North Korea has long suffered from electricity shortages.

And this campaign has worked extremely hard to mobilize young voters, voters of marginalized communities, voters who are struggling economically.

Indeed, new data collected by Tesler shows that the most racially resentful are now the most economically optimistic.

For instance, generally speaking, one would expect a value-added tax to be both more economically efficient and more progressive than current US payroll taxes.

Timing, timing, timing economically, China has had an easy go of it in 2017.

If the market takes a hit, Vauxhall’s emphasis on functional, economically priced models could be an advantage, Norman said.

Not just economically elitist—how many people read poetry?” … “You might call it risk-taking, you might call it river gambler,” adds Serra.

We’ve benefited not just economically but as the mosaic that is our country has benefited from all kinds of thinking.

The country is not a member of the European Union but is economically linked to it.

Remember, the deal took all of our nonmilitary, economically coercive options off the table.

We are facing a national emergency in this country, economically and socially.

“Most of the bombers are well-educated, come from economically strong families.

We could find two demographically and economically similar metro areas, and raise wages throughout one area and not the other.

The second reason, unfortunately for Macron, is that things have gotten bad in the country economically.

In fact, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell admits, closing the border would be economically disastrous.

The Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) initiative aims to economically empower 50 million women by 2025.

China, on the other hand, was described as economically and militarily ascendant.

Frankly, neither of those options are economically in reach for me.

They know my weight class, economically.

They know my weight class, economically.

It is one of the more densely populated and economically vibrant regions of the country, so the performance of its electricity system matters.

The first is that economically there’s this notion of, “What has globalization actually gotten us, particularly since 2008?

In some parts of the UK – particularly rural, economically depressed areas – immigrant workers became easy scapegoats for unemployment.

So every option available to the UK leadership right now is either politically unviable or economically disastrous.

But NAPW found that black women and economically disadvantaged women are more likely to be arrested and charged for pregnancy-related issues.

For instance, Dimon decided to have JPMorgan make big investments in Detroit, calling it a civic duty to turn around an economically challenged city.

Kirkuk was particularly important to independence because without its oil, Kurdistan would not be an economically viable country.

The rest of America, especially those in economically distressed parts of the country.

So that job one in AI, let’s think about the top three use cases economically today.

From these results, shared vehicles look like an unqualified win, economically, environmentally, and socially.

This is important both economically and politically.

economically, the middle class is the heart of the U.S. consumption-led economy.

Improvements in hydraulic fracturing, popularly known as fracking, made previously hard-to-extract natural gas economically viable.

This suggests that reducing pollution by transitioning to clean energy is good public policy, whether or not it is done through economically optimal means.

However, Nichols thinks it’s entirely possibly the team will optimize their process and that it will be economically viable for mass production.

This chart does not show that the gap has somehow been closed or that black women aren’t disadvantaged economically.

“We have been unsuccessful in making the units economically viable,” Dale Lebsack, Talen Montana president, said in a release.

The district is “socially moderate and economically conservative,” and Bonoff is too.

Its purpose was economically sound; in a 1906 pamphlet for the program, botanist A.J.

Even among those who have homeowner insurance policies in this economically precarious state, fewer than 2 percent carry flood insurance.

This means they can be lightweight and use materials economically, especially compared to a walled building of similar size.

Perhaps you live in an economically depressed region, or were left jobless during the recession and have struggled to restart your career.

Cheaper clean energy technology is a global public good, and advanced economies are both morally obliged and economically well-positioned to provide it. didn’t pay a central role in the changing of this paradigm, maybe because it never understood how to make itself flourish economically.

Markets like Detroit, Cleveland, or Rochester are cheap essentially because they are economically depressed.

“It would be painful economically,” said Tim Davis, chief investment strategist at Fathom Consulting.

But they’ve been thrust into this place where they are some of the most economically influential people in the world.

Anything else would be economically unfeasible.

Most improvements that would reduce the risk of events like this simply wouldn’t be economically worthwhile.

What makes Trudeau so confident this is going to work, economically and politically?

It’s a thoughtful plan, remarkably simple, transparent, and economically sound for something cooked up in a politically fraught context.

That means our children can reasonably hope to be better off economically than we are now.

The individuals tending these grows often come from economically vulnerable rungs of society, making them more susceptible to recruitment.

Losing privileged access to the EU would likely be economically ruinous for the UK as a result.

What happens — politically, economically — when people have fewer babies?

“Their country is not doing well economically at all.

It’s no longer economically rational for landlords to invest in maintaining the properties they own.

The Fed kept interest rates too low for too long because it feared that higher interest rates would be economically harmful.

Many of these Trump voters or Tea Party supporters are actually doing pretty well economically.

That was true in the 50s, but things were so prosperous economically that people put it out of their minds.

economically we are totally collapsed.”

Tunisia is not the only country hurting economically.

It is also going to help us economically.

In this way, markets, not meddling regulators, will find the economically optimal way to address pollution.

I think that poverty is immoral and economically inefficient.

Successive Puerto Rican governments responded to demand for their debt in the economically rational way — they borrowed an unusually large amount of money.

KS: And important economically.

That level of automation, however, could be decades away or may never become economically viable.

And nearly everyone agreed: American democracy is eroding on multiple fronts — socially, culturally, and economically.

It has flourished amid Iraq’s civil war but may struggle to maintain investment if it is blockaded economically.

So yes, leaving the EU might hurt economically in the short term.

Doubts about the highway surfaced after two feasibility studies, conducted in 2006 and 2012, showed it was not economically viable.

URS looked at each section of the highway and concluded that all possible combinations were economically unworkable.

“There are investments that may not be economically justifiable from a short-term perspective, but which are strategically important,” she told Reuters.

And what’s more, Thaler notes that while economically irrational, this kind of accounting serves important purposes for people.

These reactors have proven unaffordable and economically uncompetitive.

The comparative advantages that the first state to develop AI would have over others — militarily, economically, and technologically — are almost too vast to predict.

The US also benefits economically from the cheap Chinese goods that the US opens itself up to.

Here, wage and hour fluctuations can leave tipped workers much more economically vulnerable.

Rather, commentators use age as an indicator of other beliefs, typically claiming that older people are more xenophobic, economically insecure, or nationalistic.

The chaotic political situation in Britain may have influenced voters in the Netherlands, which is highly exposed economically to Brexit.

economically, Europe may have more to fear if Trump does go for auto tariffs.

Well, I think economically, actually, it behaves the same way in the following way.

We have set records economically over $7 trillion in net worth in addition to what we have.

Although the technology endured, “it was overbuilt, overspent, overburdened, most of them economically failed,” Marchionne said.

“We have been unsuccessful in making the units economically viable,” Dale Lebsack, Talen Montana president, said in a release.

The first possible problem with buffets is that “all you can eat” is not an economically viable business model.

That is a far cry from where the US stands now, economically and culturally.

You wrote a story recently saying economically, nothing’s changed, and we’re still in the same situation.

There is little doubt that a project the size of Moon USA would be a boon economically to the area.

This is what we found: This shows that, across the issues, Trump’s likely voters are more socially and economically liberal than Trump himself.

Roman points to research that shows economically and racially segregated areas tend to have a lot more problems with crime.

– Older diesel vehicles to be retrofitted to reduce emissions as far as technically and economically viable.

“To really make this work economically kind of requires a frameshift in the way we generate economies,” Chazdon said.

And each additional solar panel becomes that much less economically valuable.1 Technically, value deflation is an issue for any energy source.

Meanwhile, what seemed more feasible and would help more people, especially economically disadvantaged LGBTQ people?

This has left a class of LGBTQ people — again, of all races — economically vulnerable.

Jeff Jarrett, global head of e-commerce at Mondelez, pointed to the challenges of delivering mass-market snacks economically and keeping customers interested.

Usually this imaginary candidate will be a socially liberal, economically conservative centrist, with experience outside of politics.

If anything, by making me a little more economically comfortable it reduces my incentive to work harder and earn more money.

The further to the right, the more economically conservative you are; the further down, the more socially liberal.

But resentment of EU immigrants — especially from poorer, economically struggling countries like Poland and Lithuania — was a key force driving support for Brexit.

But one group does benefit economically: poor students.

Before the vote, economists predicted that leaving the European Union would be economically catastrophic for Britain.

“Germany would like to see an economically prosperous Turkey.

The Delaney Doctrine is based on global engagement, diplomatically and economically, while continuing to maintain a very strong US military.

These companies accounted and compensated for dark-hat SEO, spam, and other economically motivated behavior.

By definition, colonialism is taking over the politics of someone else’s country, putting in settlers and then exploiting that country economically.

In recent years, the plant has struggled economically and made significant job cuts.

They are remarkable for their racially and economically diverse representation of the South at the turn of the century.

I know I’m a bit idealistic, economically speaking.

Coal is Colorado’s worst option, economically, environmentally, socially, and every other way.

Nonetheless, it is a really socially and economically ignorant thing to think that.

In the Sixth District, health care is a big concern even though economically we’re better off than any other in the state.

Simply put: The research suggests it’s not making America any safer, while costing a lot both socially and economically.

This month, Trump threatened to shutter the southern border — a move criticized by Republicans as economically disastrous.

In ’92, Bill Clinton was economically populist rhetorically, but he talked tough about crime and welfare and had Sista Souljah moment.

So perhaps Democrats will find a way to engage in both economically populist outreach and identity politics in their messaging.

As a result, the demand for housing in the most economically dynamic cities has dramatically outpaced the supply.

“It’s economically foolish.

The EU is one of the vanguards of globalization, where countries become more economically and politically linked over time.

The treaty drew the border right through the middle of a culturally coherent, economically unified trade zone and labor market.

Successive Puerto Rican governments responded to demand for their debt in the economically rational way — they borrowed an unusually large amount of money.

The EU has become too economically and politically integrated for its member states to function as truly independent nations.

EU advocates say these benefits are economically significant.

“Where you can’t go wrong is talking about people struggling” economically, Bustos says.

The truth is that the outcome we have now, all of this tremendous inequality, is bad morally and economically.

In ’92, Bill Clinton was economically populist rhetorically, but he talked tough about crime and welfare and had Sista Souljah moment.

It would suggest that Dems are serious about a program that’s economically populist while also being rigorously anti-racist.

“It comes at a time when things are already difficult for farmers economically,” said Philippe Pinta, head of grain growers group AGPB in Paris.

There is, as Surowiecki notes, a way out: It is possible to promote an economically populist platform while speaking out against racism.

Our generation will never have it as good as our parents did economically and the world is confusing.

“Essentially, the current system is discriminatory against women… and it doesn’t make sense economically,” Belton, the study’s author, told the publication.

Her own choice would have been gender equal, racially equal, economically fair and self-governing, but that was not on offer.

She had two working-class parents without advanced degrees and grew up in an economically depressed region of western Massachusetts.

Because it is economically constrained, it has to be extraordinarily innovative.

It’s a bad idea economically, environmentally, and in terms of America’s international reputation.

KL: Our Cuban colleagues have not tested that, because they’re economically constrained.

Thus far Macron’s economic proposals overlap significantly with those of his predecessor Hollande — and those provoked a political backlash and were economically ineffectual.

Domestic work often serves as a way out for the economically vulnerable, which only adds to the picture.

So every option available to the UK leadership right now is either politically unviable or economically disastrous.

If villages are economically empowered, regeneration of forested landscapes can be led from the grassroots without causing upheaval.

“You have an armed populace that is already politically very upset and economically very upset.

The volunteers also had widely varying ancestry and were diverse geographically and economically.

But Trump shutting down the border would punish Americans, too — at least economically.

Experts believe self-driving cars used in fleets for ride hailing services are among the most economically viable ways to deploy such technology broadly.

It’s a place where elites go to hobnob and quietly come up with ways to make the world more tightly economically integrated.

You have to talk about haves and have-nots economically to get there.

Due to cheap natural gas, flat electricity demand, and rising renewables, nuclear plants are floundering economically.

That remains a defensible decision, economically and politically, but it set in motion two dynamics that are now threatening the program.

This move would hurt North Korea economically by cutting off a major financial lifeline — coal is North Korea’s largest export item.

Presidential policy is important economically, but presidents have limited influence over the short-term ups and downs of the business cycle.

That began to change in the 1980s as the country opened up economically and expanded its dealings with the West.

But lots of others are socially conservative yet economically liberal, a category Drutman dubbed “populist.”

Women are often economically dependent on their partners, making some hesitant to testify against them.

Along with the cultural gap, Stoddard says, blue-collar white people are suffering economically and feel alienated by the Democrats’ “America is already great” messaging.

China is a foe economically, certainly they are a foe.

I have many things, some of them really valuable economically.

According to the Wyss Foundation, the donation will help the Dehcho First Nations benefit economically from managing the area.

Her argument is laced with an economically reductionist view of artistic practice and completely avoids consideration of the visual strategies employed by Schutz.

It’s about how much he can take.” Atlantic City has struggled economically in recent years as a series of casinos have closed.

“We’re economically stronger than anybody in the world; we’re militarily stronger.

For two hundred years, whites in America represented an undisputed politically, economically, and culturally dominant majority.

“The truth of the matter is, of course, we are integrating fast, economically and socially,” said Chan.

economically, I think he’d tell us some hard truths.

They take advantage of us economically and every other way.

“We’ve got 50,000 economically viable family farms in California right now,” Allen said.

There are some obvious problems with this map, including how officials could categorize Central Park as economically distressed when nobody actually lives there.

That’s a significant portion of capital meant for distribution across economically distressed areas.

There is a huge progressive movement here culturally and economically.

Marion Marechal-Le Pen, a former lawmaker, is more socially conservative and economically liberal than her aunt.

He argued that allowing too many foreigners in ended up hurting Americans born here, both economically and culturally.

Lots of advocates will point out, correctly, that our federal approach to marijuana is scientifically and economically unsound.

A White House report yesterday hinted that one idea to help economically struggling coal-fired and nuclear power plants stay open might still be alive.

The U.S. benefits economically, politically, and militarily from stability in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Economic theory says that shared currencies work best in areas that are economically and politically similar.

“My experience as a child, living in a family that struggled economically, powerfully influenced my life and my values.

Tech-neutral advocates hope that preserving as much freedom of choice as possible will make climate change legislation both economically practical and environmentally effective.

Robots have not been economically viable for a lot of farmers, and tests have shown most robots are less efficient than their human counterparts.

In the meantime, as Congress continues to push economically regressive policies, America will experience persistent, and growing, levels of income inequality.

“Our box is really convenient, but it’s still a size that most last mile delivery companies can’t deliver economically.

“Anthony personally undertook to help Bennett economically, upon the condition that we would no longer suffer any further intrusions in our life,” she added.

They concluded that the gig economy had “an economically significant” impact on those lower wages.

As one user noted: “Killing off your entire customer base is not economically viable.”

He may be concerned that as the group he belongs to loses status, he will as well — economically, socially, and so on.

Go deeper: Germany is Europe’s most economically dangerous country

The question, though, is whether it can be made economically feasible to compete with cable and satellite.

economically, a trillion dollar industry could be created by the burgeoning genetic editing industry—one that greatly benefits human health and science innovation.

They’re not suffering from chronic anomie; they’re just more economically secure.

The war had killed, maimed, and traumatized millions of Europeans and left the continent physically and economically devastated.

Iran would revise relations with Europe if it did not benefit economically from INSTEX, it said.

They see this deal as severing too many ties to EU, leaving Britain weaker and worse off economically than it was before.

Go deeper: Germany is Europe’s most economically dangerous country

Many of those countries are struggling economically, with aging populations, a lack of skilled labor and — in some cases — restrictive immigration policies.

KFC recently told Business Insider that the chain is testing new deals in response to a competitive industry and economically squeezed customers.

They are wiping us around the world economically.”

Then they come back and they see a country which is racially divided, it’s economically divided, it’s politically divided.

The wind is at our back economically.

And losing is both economically and emotionally devastating.

They are wiping us around the world economically.”

It’s more economically viable for businesses but it’s also better for the environment.”

More passengers on planes, trains and ships also means more people feel economically confident to travel.

Early on Erdoğan won popularity for his leadership in steering Turkey’s growth in the region both economically and politically.

“Young people are more economically disconnected and less secure in their jobs,” Grossmann said.

“(Closing it) would affect me economically because I wouldn’t be able to pay for my bills,” Carlan said.

President Obama and Bernie Sanders share an explanation for Trump’s rise: that he appeals to Americans who are economically insecure.

Our population’s greatest needs intersect with communities of color, immigrant populations, and the economically disenfranchised.

It’s a very shortsighted model, because an economically healthy middle class actually helps to drive economic growth.

As a consequence, the pipeline to the vast majority of Congressional staff roles privilege talent that come from specific, economically advantaged backgrounds.

Cheap and plentiful access has meant that recycling isn’t necessarily economically viable.

It is very much a part of the landscape politically, socially and economically,” she said.

This idea that you can not embrace science and remain economically competitive will catch up with us very quickly.

He’s an economically anxious archetype that’s as old as history and more relevant than ever.

I passed the spot where Foster spots a black man in an outfit matching his own waving a “not economically viable” sign.

It funds art classes in economically depressed communities in the Bay Area, and also installs solar panels in Paiute tribe land in Nevada.

Although Pacific islands offer little economically to either China or Taiwan, their support is valued in global forums such as the United Nations.

Despite ambitious plans in the current health ministry, Madagascar remains economically and politically brittle.

“Today’s budget shows you can be both economically responsible and kind,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said after the budget was released.

And I think the main reason for that departure was economically based.

But a lack of reliable money coming in from the US could further devastate the already economically wrecked nation and its people.

And let’s face it: hiring a marine biologist and investing in a depuration tank will probably never be economically realistic for most restaurants.

“It doesn’t make sense economically but is driven by the illusion of returning to their (French) dominant role in the 1950s,” the diplomat added.

“They can be the difference between recidivism as family members struggle to survive economically or a sustainable wage in employment.”

And he knows the main thing: a president is to keep us safe economically and militarily.

He doesn’t think that open trade is economically positive.

For economically insecure women, insect farming is often a more accessible option.

In general, the less educated and economically advantaged a person is, the less likely they are to use the internet, according to eMarketer.

But we work it as much diplomatically and economically to impose pressure,” Shanahan said during a House Appropriations hearing.

Many have spoken on the potential of the legal marijuana industry to economically lift up the black community.

Some false story gains momentum and then your, uh, economically anxious uncle is yelling “We won” and getting banned from Delta for life.

Hollywood diversity goes only so far and largely reflects the views of those who are economically comfortable and live in Brentwood.

His racialized, nationalistic, economically populist-inflected platform made quite a change for the GOP, and, if actually implemented, it could fundamentally reshape political coalitions.

These technologies were also viewed as socially and economically disruptive.

These families are economically stressed, they can’t afford to keep in touch.

But what we can’t ignore is that even when we build it, they don’t necessarily come, because they’re economically disadvantaged.

We want all of our girls and women to be economically viable in years to come.

Partially because women are economically disadvantaged, she realized, many aren’t even able to buy something like a pantsuit.

So economically, he’s not going to take that beating.

Some say that the mainstream media lost touch with an economically depressed segment of non-urban Americans.

Interestingly, there’s even some evidence that more progressive expressions of masculinity can curb climate change and pollution and create more economically profitable societies.

Would, perhaps, a more economically populist candidate have performed better?

No matter how bad it was economically, he always got himself paid.”

Her lawsuit says that she was “hurt economically” by purchasing Canada Dry products, and she would like to be compensated.

The cost of creating VR content will be high, so content creation will economically dominate distribution and discovery.

And Atlanta has worked as a city because economically black people took themselves very seriously.

For two hundred years, whites in America represented an undisputed politically, economically, and culturally dominant majority.

“We are better off economically, and we are better off socially,” he said.

Most of that came from nuclear power, which despite its light carbon footprint remains politically controversial and economically challenged.

against people who are historically vulnerable and marginalized), and how big tech uses its largesse to entrench power politically and economically.

Doing a true revenue-neutral tax reform and doing a giant tax cut that you call tax reform have very different implications, economically and politically.

But resentment of EU immigrants — especially from poorer, economically struggling countries like Poland and Lithuania — was a key force driving support for Brexit.

However, in order to ensure that we can continue to improve Steem, we need to first get costs under control to remain economically sustainable.

President Donald Trump has expressed reluctance to punish Saudi Arabia economically, citing its multi-billion-dollar purchases of military equipment and investments in U.S. firms.

“The idea of taxing the fossil fuel industry is an economically sensible approach, and a moral approach,” said Vanuatu’s foreign minister, Ralph Regenvanu.

Is there a middle ground that ensures these tests for safety are accurate but are also economically feasible and don’t discourage companies from innovating?

But in China, carriers must often upgrade before the volume of data traffic justifies it economically.

Juncker said failure to agree an orderly divorce would be economically devastating.

Things might be different—politically, economically and socially—but the effects are similar.

The main voting base for the district is a college town, with the rest of the area being economically stagnant.

It can’t be viable economically and it’s not sustainable from an ecological standpoint.

Such economic theft has set Haiti back enormously, and has paralyzed the country economically, which directly results in the poverty we see today.

economically, the result was federal budget surpluses and a rising standard of living for every income quintile in the United States.

Doubts about the highway surfaced after two feasibility studies, conducted in 2006 and 2012, showed it was not economically viable.

URS looked at each section of the highway and concluded that all possible combinations were economically unworkable.

“There are investments that may not be economically justifiable from a short-term perspective, but which are strategically important,” she told Reuters.

With demand for water growing in a region economically vital to the country, Cristi is now taking steps to rein in usage.

EP: Our dad restored homes in an economically depressed part of Buffalo, and our mom worked for a real estate agency.

I would side with most people, that generally speaking, tariffs aren’t productive economically for our economy.

economically, the rich continue to separate themselves from the poor, as the very rich do from the rich.

“That is not pragmatic, that is not a compromise – it is dangerous and unstable, politically and economically.

The lawsuit may have been an even bigger blow, economically.

Unfortunately, the channel just wasn’t economically efficient.

Working-class whites, historically Democratic voters who broke for Trump, show signs of returning to their economically left-leaning roots.

Legally, politically, economically, socially, culturally, it very clearly does matter.”

This was often phrased as, “If you think about it economically, they don’t work as hard if you don’t feed ’em!”

Rhode Island is very politically unlike Texas, and also economically, culturally, demographically, and geographically different.

“It’s real — very much a part of the landscape politically, socially and economically,” she said, before tackling the issue of equal pay.

But it definitely contradicts the image of Trump as spokesman for the economically struggling.

Although, economically, I assume it would get very expensive, very fast — unless you’re reusing the condoms?

The key question he’ll seek to address with plan updates is making the plan more “real” or economically viable.

The experience is not only alienating, but potentially ruinous economically.

Whole malls are built around department stores — both literally and economically — and without those anchors, the entire viability of the mall ecosystem is jeopardized.

economically empowering is important.

By the time Ronald Reagan was running for president, they had cobbled together economically conservative Republicans with socially conservative Democrats.

But the reality is that when people are economically or socially dislocated, they are always more vulnerable to being radicalized.

He also said that attempts to strangle North Korea economically were “unacceptable” and that sanctions would not resolve the issue.

In preparation for the storm, the government of economically struggling Puerto Rico on Monday declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard.

They put widely varying (implicit) prices on different tons of carbon emissions, where an economically optimal system would (supposedly) price all tons the same.

How can we cultivate a society that values, economically, the labor of parenting?

“However, in order to ensure that we can continue to improve Steem, we need to first get costs under control to remain economically sustainable.

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