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This state of affairs makes it easy to obscure the power dynamics involved in some forms of offensive or challenging speech.

First, there was the Bloomberg report that Google is selling Boston dynamics, its unit that builds dexterous, humanoid robots.

Boston dynamics came to Google with its slew of robotics acquisitions in 2013, orchestrated by former Android chief Andy Rubin.

Perhaps the inclusion of Wilke’s video is a signal that any outdated male/female dynamics must be abandoned upon entering this exhibition.

Under Rubin’s leadership, Google raced to acquire a handful of promising robotics startups, including Boston dynamics, which Google now hopes to sell.

It would also do wonders for breaking the toxic partisanship gripping Washington, by breaking the zero-sum dynamics driving this partisanship.

The November 15 hearing offered an illustration of all these dynamics.

Wednesday’s event will offer a glimpse at the dynamics at play.

The vacancy gives Obama the opportunity to change the dynamics of the court, giving liberals a 5-4 advantage.

The vacancy gives Obama the opportunity to change the dynamics of the court, giving liberals a 5-4 advantage.

Challenging and highlighting abusive power dynamics in our culture is my goal, replicating them is not.

It’s a lovely, graceful exploration of character dynamics in a way only Buffy can quite pull off.

That characteristic leads into another important concept, fluid dynamics — how the water moves inside the bottle.

Gravity, angular momentum and fluid dynamics all play a critical role in flipping a bottle of water to land upright.

A 24-year-old acquaintance of the group named Watson Fincher explained its dynamics to the Tampa Bay Times on Tuesday.

North Korea’s latest missile launch could also shake up the dynamics in the White House.

Boston dynamics released a video of its latest robot, a bipedal creation named Atlas.

Women’s wrestling remains a sport undermined by twisted gender dynamics.

Compromising the user experience to pre-roll seems the obvious move, but the News Feed’s dynamics make it far harder than one might think.

Those dynamics leads to a funky financial portrait.

This is where I connect some of the dynamics in philanthropy back to dynamics of colonization.

Sion Sono uses Antiporno, a treatise on power dynamics and textuality, to indict its audience.

How have you juggled those different dynamics?

There’s of course no way to demonstrate a quid pro quo there, but the basic dynamics are clear.

For Darroch and his team, these new fossils not only clarify the dynamics of the end-Ediacaran extinction.

It is a lot like the dynamics of addiction.

One big reason for the shifting party unity dynamics is that the underlying shape of public opinion has changed.

It was “painful,” and a “sudden change in dynamics.”

Boston dynamics released a video of its SpotMini robot dancing to “Uptown Funk.

Boston dynamics continues to crank out viral-worthy videos of its robots busting strange and unexpected moves.

As with many of the works in the exhibition, the garden points to an uneasy tension between personal choices and larger power dynamics.

Sabrina, your textures have recently took a new direction, unveiling new shapes, colors, motions, and dynamics.

Appearing smug and faintly nonchalant in the film stills, Bright’s piece reshapes narrative and gender dynamics with the smallest of incisions.

A lot of the same dynamics drove the action in the first game as in this sequel.

As a trans woman, she has a unique perspective on the gender dynamics in the tech industry.

No one had any market for sure, and you had to know the dynamics of what was happening and make the right bets.

Similar dynamics are playing out in other countries.

If Moore somehow gets the nomination again, Democrats might be in better shape, but the dynamics will still be tough.

But the rest of the family dynamics play out beautifully, with Emily sublimating, Rory overachieving, and Lorelai trying to keep them all together.

That’s a pattern that will develop into one of the show’s most revealing and compelling character dynamics.

Another told Business Insider last week that “The dynamics among the the ERG [pro-Brexit European Research Group of Conservative MPs] is changing.”

But even in situations with difficult power dynamics, there can be ways to intervene.

Family dynamics and structure matter in at least two ways.

Microsoft offers a competitor called dynamics, and the two companies have historically been major competitors and enemies.

Aware of these dynamics when he was alive, he found profound meaning in impermanence.

All that said, offering the more nuanced explication of the ethnic dynamics of the race does not change the fundamental issue.

JD: Each one approaches the same, what we call the growth dynamics.

That is why we will thrive on the other side of all these industry dynamics and shifts, whatever the future of television looks like.

Indian-Americans are a really interesting challenge around all of our preconceptions of race and dynamics in this country in a lot of ways.

Blancsubé, Alÿs, and Hirschhorn give their European impression of Latin American dynamics today, without being colonial.

How has social media and the internet changed the dynamics of organizing and protesting?

Or if I’m going where they try to erase power dynamics in relationships that we’re talking about, I’m not going.

However, Joe Staton, head of market dynamics at GfK, said the index had fallen from “a relatively elevated level by historic standards”.

Wilson works to make explicit the power dynamics of The Odyssey that other translations have elided.

Does it change the dynamics of how we interact?

The prevailing dynamics of red-carpet dressing strongly favor actresses who fit into sample sizes.

We got you: The image above was taken by NASA’s Solar dynamics Observatory, a spacecraft launched in 2010 to better understand the sun.

(Granted, the scene takes place in London and not the US, but the social dynamics at play are roughly the same.)

I don’t think a lot of people understand the dynamics of what I do as an artist.

The march, as its name indicates, is largely about the gender dynamics behind Trump’s rise and Clinton’s loss.

“Market dynamics” alone will not get us that far.

“Market dynamics” won’t do enough there either — policy is needed.

What Leonard can say is that the concepts and motifs he likes exploring are swimming, kissing, decomposition, replication, folding, refraction, and fluid dynamics.

Trump’s election was a shock, but it didn’t change the dynamics of Washington, DC.

In the past several years, the search giant sold off or shut down several robotics acquisitions, such as Boston dynamics, that made humanoid-type robots.

Driving dynamics are fine-tuned here in the thoughtful kind of way you would expect from a true supercar.

“It depends on what policies are in place, on the market dynamics.

But recent police brutality makes these explorations of the color black as a metaphor for racialization and power dynamics all the more prescient.

Granted, LeWitt did not set out to illustrate racial dynamics.

I’m also way more critical about the overall restaurant experience and the dynamics between the front- and back-of-the-house.

AM: I think when you hit dynamics this warped, you kind of have to laugh.

This year’s Republican primary vividly illustrated the dynamics that make it tough to “buy” an election.

Talk to people who have experience in this space, like a therapist who specializes in family dynamics, or an expert in abuse and healing.

Nor are these dynamics limited to 2016.

Power dynamics exerted through sex and gender completely infuse the lives of the show’s characters, as do sex and sassiness.

The power dynamics have now shifted.

Yvan Alagbé continually confronts the reader with difficult glimpses of racial dynamics in modern France.

Use of Microsoft’s cloud software — Office 365, dynamics CRM Online and its cloud computing platform Azure — grew by a combined 116 percent.

Trade agreements simply aren’t a natural tool for dealing with the big underlying dynamics that produce deficits.

And there are the countless signals and cues being exchanged — tone, expression, body language, and bearing — about social dynamics and hierarchy.

The exhibition sustains a critical awareness of the site of the museum and the dynamics of representation and display inherent to it.

Candidates are not the only ones who can change the power dynamics on debate stages.

Interestingly, the Sith Order — the dark-side counterpart of the Jedi — displays internal dynamics closer to those of real-world rebel movements.

Gaignard further explores class dynamics in this exhibit’s two domestic installations.

People are more educated in those power dynamics, but they haven’t made any hard decisions like this.

You obviously don’t have the conservative Southern Democrats anymore, and in that way it’s moved the dynamics in a more liberal direction.

So it’s not unbeatable, just an interesting option that adds new dynamics to the fights.

It’s a little more nuanced in the Murdoch situation, but the basic dynamics are there.

But if these labor dynamics are correct, this is a government-led rebound happening against an increasingly weakening backdrop.

The family members share personal and cultural history, but their varying relationships to that history create charged, difficult dynamics.

Further complicating this inquiry into the power dynamics of looking and being looked at is the identity of the artist putting them on display.

Shares of U.S. Steel Corp rose 1.7 percent, but AK Steel fell 1.3 percent and Steel dynamics Inc shed 0.9 percent.

As a result, he simply may not be all that familiar with legislative leaders’ dynamics on close votes.

Space fiction stories from this era often reflect these mercantile dynamics.

Maybe he would serve up shocking new revelations that would change the political dynamics on impeachment.

Your ruling planet, Venus, is retrograde in Aries, your opposite sign, encouraging you to rethink relationship dynamics in your life.

So there’s a lot of dynamics that are at play.

There’s a lot of really interesting dynamics at play within the voice space.

A sociological class on whiteness should explain the institutional dynamics of racism and white racial identity, put in historical context.

The gender dynamics here are especially interesting.

There is no doubt Trump understands these dynamics.

“There are a lot of dynamics wrapped up in the Saudi-U.S. relationship,” Vakil told VICE News.

There, one audience member reminded listeners that “these dynamics are complicated, and not by accident.

The past few days offered good examples of all these dynamics.

Are we not then in something like a second Cold War, even though the dynamics and ambitions are much different?

And this is one place the dynamics of Sanders coverage collide.

How does one negotiate the power dynamics of collaborative curation?

“Intersectionality was a prism to bring to light dynamics within discrimination law that weren’t being appreciated by the courts,” Crenshaw said.

It may be that there are social dynamics that require some fear and paralysis before a collective breakthrough.

But the dynamics that drive current members and their contributors differ dramatically.

Those political dynamics certainly aren’t any different in the age of Donald Trump.

It looks like one of the Boston dynamics robots that famously resemble dogs or headless four legged automata.

And in the decade between novels, he developed a clear-eyed sense of the power dynamics of families and how easily they can sour.

“There are many problems between families in the aftermath of the earthquake, with changing dynamics often being the consequence of couples falling apart.

Another related question is how countertop shenanigans intersect with the gender dynamics vis-à-vis the women in the field.

These new players are also navigating similar market dynamics, competition from entrenched incumbents and sometimes even the same use cases.

That makes him a fascinating illustration of many political science themes about the dynamics of public opinion.

Social science research on the dynamics of social norms, by myself and others, provides a variety of insights.

Schattschneider and drawing on related insights from Gary Miller and Norman Schofield on how activist groups within parties affect realignment dynamics.

The Pathfinder received praise for its stellar driving dynamics and useful surround-view camera.

According to KBB, the Honda makes the list because of its “unparalleled combination of flexibility, seating, on-road dynamics and features.”

The casual observer might think that Google-owned (and soon to be sold) Boston dynamics has cornered the market on nightmare dog robots.

ML: I think the essential dynamics are the same.

It could be on productivity, but also family dynamics and home environments, with more anxiety and stress.

Both relate to dangerous power dynamics and a desire for social control.

Explain how the dynamics in foreign countries you’re talking about would port over to the American context.

Atmospheric dynamics are going to differ by storm, but in this situation, there is a really tight temperature gradient along the East Coast.

He recreated the power dynamics that made him dangerous to begin with.

The dynamics have simply changed.

Boston dynamics‘ Spot robotic dog is launching in a matter of months, the company said at Amazon’s robotics conference.

Boston dynamics did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for additional details about the robot’s launch.

Boston dynamics makes two dog-themed robots: the Spot Classic and its smaller successor, the SpotMini.

Boston dynamics‘ robotic pup is currently undergoing proof-of-concept testing in various environments, according to The Verge.

Naomi Alderman’s The Power imagines a world in which women develop physical power over men, complicating and resetting existing gender dynamics.

It’s also unclear exactly how Boston dynamics will pitch its Spot robot when selling it.

Situations such as these appear to be exactly what Boston dynamics has in mind for Spot so far.

It’s also the quietest robot Boston dynamics has built, the company says.

Both robots have garnered much attention in recent years thanks to Boston dynamics‘ videos.

(In other words, prices are presumably supported due to supply-and-demand dynamics.

Similar dynamics occur all over the world.

The women of the alt-right are navigating those same dynamics.

But season two makes Karen part of an interesting discussion about the gender dynamics of Hell’s Kitchen.

No matter what you call it, it’s a great excuse to check out our solar system’s epic dynamics in motion.

You’re thinking a lot about the power dynamics in your relationships today, Capricorn.

Food production and food security, which are tied to shifting climate dynamics, place additional burdens upon social and natural environments in resource-scarce settings.

The Sport has the same power and acceleration figures as the standard Chiron hyper-grand tourer, but with vastly improved handling and driving dynamics.

“Wayward Sisters” didn’t quite pull off fleshing out all its ensemble character dynamics.

But ultimately, most people experienced it in a non-cinephile format—at a karaoke bar, probably with some awkward interpersonal dynamics going on.

“I left DFJ because of interpersonal dynamics with my partners,” he wrote.

I left DFJ because of interpersonal dynamics with my partners.

“General dynamics Land Systems will deliver seven prototype M1A2 SEPv4 tanks to the Army.

That development would fundamentally alter some of the dynamics of the war against ISIS.

“So each system requires a careful look at the dynamics and the composition and the vulnerability of those ecosystems to mining impacts.”

But just a couple of decades ago, the idea of a van with the driving dynamics of a car was truly revolutionary.

It also changes the security dynamics in other countries.

Flir acquired Prox dynamics, which makes the Black Hornet, a tiny nano-drone used by the military and law enforcement for surveillance and reconnaissance.

Something else you address in the book, which I don’t think is discussed enough, is how the internet has transformed international power dynamics.

They kicked off a national conversation spanning gender dynamics, sexual harassment, and other gendered workplace ills.

Even numbers are failures for General dynamics and Austal).

The smartphone hardware landscape will now follow the same dynamics from here on out.

The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which implements foreign arms sales, said that General dynamics would be the principal contractor for the sale.

And can those dynamics be changed by a check?

I’ve read that you’re fascinated by power dynamics.

And that ratio changes based on geography — your match rate depends a lot on your local population dynamics.

The question of whether Beyoncé chose her own cover photographer draws attention to the underlying power dynamics of a Vogue cover.

“In reality, there are so many ways of inflecting kink, because BDSM is just about power dynamics.

Ward then talks, as the voice, to try and change the dynamics of the relationship.

But in the end, a lot of these character dynamics and subplots just don’t matter.

The editors of Fortepan are aware that their archive reflects shifting power dynamics over the 20th century.

Astonishing graphic from @CNN, identifying civilian massacres in Yemen with the bomb makers – Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and General dynamics.

Which introduces some cool dynamics via Three Kingdoms’ emphasis on personal relationships.

It’s not just a matter of loyalty, as it has been in previous games, but of happiness and team dynamics.

And the best part is that there are plenty of little tweaks and adjustments that can create new dynamics out of this basic setup.

This is how the power dynamics work.

The dynamics of an immigration deal being reached by February 8 are already looking murky.

In her paintings currently on view at James Cohan Gallery, Larsen charges a bizarre vision of modern life with the dynamics of traditional painting.

Underlying dynamics point to a weaker dollar medium term, said BMO Capital Markets currency strategist Stephen Gallo, in London.

I am fascinated by all of these changes and the people whose lives are affected by these dynamics.

But Boston dynamics’ cheetah can’t spring over hurdles like MIT’s can.

Bella and Edward’s relationship does have some disturbing power dynamics (which we’ll get into in a bit).

Even with these political dynamics at play, Schumer said he still isn’t sure Republicans have the votes to change the rules.

These dynamics are new to Apple as they are to many companies competing for consumer dollars.

Both of these dynamics are bad and dangerous.

The dynamics have changed too, and many in the incoming freshmen class of Democrats say that bill’s no longer good enough.

Third, the guarantee needs to be universal within well-defined communities, since the goal is as much to understand social dynamics as individual behaviors.

Charting the dynamics of this phenomenon is crucial to a better understanding of the sun’s relationship to the rest of the solar system.

Our work also sheds light on the dynamics that drive that intolerance.

Sharon Lawless’s visual dynamics are so vigorous you can almost hear them rattle, bang, churn and chug.

The visual dynamics are so vigorous you can almost hear them rattle, bang, churn and chug.

Destroyers are built by General dynamics Corp (GD.N) and Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII.N).

We have to take control of these dynamics, instead of always being subjected to them.

It’s possible that shipping as ideology has arisen in part because of these imbalanced power dynamics with creators.

There are a lot of really exciting races with extremely similar dynamics as mine—it’s not just one district.”

This is a team-on-a-mission movie with almost no team dynamics.

The book continues the exploration into the historical influences and social dynamics that allowed Brathwaite’s work and activism to thrive in the 1960s.

That Boston dynamics video was freaky.

There were Boston dynamics that didn’t really … What’s going to happen to that?

I think Boston dynamics … Why do they want to sell it?

“Social dynamics, things like conversations, are messy,” Tromble explained.

So there may be some shifting dynamics.

Essentially, he replicated the power dynamics that made his sexual harassment so harmful in the first place.

This time around there are new dynamics.

The Quebec government supports these shifting dynamics.

Sometimes he might want to change the way a cue decays, or sometimes I rearrange the dynamics, all sorts of stuff.

Because junior staffers are also routinely overworked and underpaid the same exclusive dynamics that may prevent those without means from taking these jobs.

And just as it did in the 19th century, these dynamics are never more obvious than during election season.

One of the dynamics of politics as I see it is that we are very focused on the things that arouse the most conflict.

I will wait for the Russian dynamics to work themselves out,” Falih was quoted as saying.

Harris is seen as someone who has good relationships in the Pacific region and understands the complex security dynamics there.

As we’ve previously established, I am ready to engage in hand-to-claw combat with one (1) of Boston dynamics’ SpotMini robo-dogs anytime.

“It is basic Newtonian dynamics, though it’s more complicated on galaxy scales,” she said.

Most interesting however, was how a teen on a special diet affected family meal dynamics.

How do you even look at a dashboard and understand the dynamics of what’s happening?

Eys, who studies group workout dynamics, agrees.

Other analysts, though, believe the Kenya incident is unrelated to larger China-Taiwan dynamics.

It wouldn’t be the first time political reporters and the professional political class misunderstood local political dynamics.

It wants to stand out thanks to its team dynamics, but forgets that a team is made up of many individual characters.

And now General dynamics owns it, and they don’t give a shit about breast cancer.” 3DFS doesn’t want a similar fate to befall SDE.

Before 2016, I thought it was about family structures and psychosexual power dynamics and pastoral lyricism.

Monáe draws her take on the social dynamics of Metropolis from Aldous Huxley’s famous dystopia Brave New World.

But in terms of understanding labor market dynamics, there is nothing special happening to American men that isn’t also happening to American women.

They extend your presence with your own owned network dynamics and engagement.

Discussions of ship dynamics have long been dominant on a different social media platform, Tumblr.

In recent years, several prevalent ship dynamics have become embedded within fandom culture.

is the ship dynamics thing a meme.

top tier ship dynamics, in my humble onion pic.twitter.com/SnGXegjHXZ And discussion around the meme has been oppositional in itself.

Bee’s reversal of the power dynamics of the babysitter and her male voyeurs feels like more than a coincidence.

Numerous factors influence these global dynamics, including a planet’s size, mass, reflectivity, and distance from its star.

The march, as its name indicates, is largely about the gender dynamics behind Trump’s rise and Clinton’s loss.

(The price varies based on things like time of day, demand and other market dynamics.)

The dynamics in the House were, of course, a bit different.

Bodies are absent in jane says, with Shelton instead relying on language to address the power dynamics surrounding the culture of abortifacients.

Robot — matched perfectly with an episode all about the complicated power dynamics and destructive impulses of the Waterfords.

Our work on the social dynamics of politics within the black community provides the missing explanation.

The emotional dynamics of everything that’s happening between people are huge.

Of course, the dynamics of Sanders’s press coverage shifted over the course of the race.

And that, in turn, raises questions about the gender dynamics at play.

Those dynamics all favor palladium, the preferred metal for gasoline vehicles’ converters.

Those dynamics all favor palladium, the preferred metal for gasoline vehicles’ converters.

The other day, I wrote a post about the dynamics of media coverage in the 2016 presidential campaign.

But here, rather than dwell further on spatial dynamics, the artist pulls on a loose thread of a different sort.

Religious violence is as old as religion itself, but the dynamics that lead to clashes between religious groups are remarkably complex.

Other exercises include group storytelling that prompts questions about consent and gender dynamics.

The characters that appear, the situations that happen, the dynamics that are created, will already be there, whether you’ve realized it or not.

They’re actually gamifying these global dynamics in real-time, which is kind of hilarious.

It’s been one year since the internal dynamics of Asif’s friend group went very, very public, and he’s now 26.

The dynamics for a potential Oprah candidacy could be a bit different, however.

Anyone who has ever worked for a big company will recognize the toxic dynamics of Retsuko’s generic workplace.

And what Crazyhead finds in Buffy’s romantic tropes is a treasure trove of thoughts about gendered power dynamics, about romance and friendships.

I’m pretty skeptical that the political dynamics of September 2001 would be replicated today.

The same dynamics are playing out over and over.

Jace Clayton—a musician, writer, and cultural critic—is fascinated by these digital dynamics and their analog antecedents.

“Chinese audience, who (reasonably) don’t understand US race dynamics, will believe this 100%.

U.S. listed General dynamics had been excluded from the fund in 2005 because it produced cluster munitions.

Google-owned Boston dynamics showed off its Spot Mini robot at University College London.

General dynamics was not immediately available for comment.

In part, it reflects a major shift in the fight’s dynamics.

Partly as a result, average CO2 emissions increased in Europe in 2017 for the first time in a decade, according to researchers JATO dynamics.

But it is wrong to analyze the protests solely in terms of the zero-sum dynamics of partisan politics.

Misunderstanding the basic dynamics of the election, yeah, and not being journalistically on top of it as much as I wished to.

Obviously, Trump’s unexpected election and unified Republican control of Congress and the White House changed the dynamics.

More broadly, it’s not clear how these dynamics translate into actual elections and, from there, into actual policy.

So how are left parties to deal with these dynamics?

Navigating age and gendered power dynamics can be difficult in age-gap relationships.

The harder stuff to navigate is power dynamics and the possibility of the eventual ill-health and death of the older partner.

There are a lot of other dynamics at play here as well.

“This often takes the form of recurring fights that repeat the same dysfunctional dynamics in a seemingly endless loop,” she said.

It makes me feel like I have an obligation or responsibility to really examine the power dynamics of what I’m doing.

Family dynamics among the Murdochs, who own Fox, may also have played a role in O’Reilly’s ouster.

Many of Colab’s members willingly tackle the group’s dynamics and diversity.

The way I look at power dynamics is the way that you play pool.

This is the way power dynamics work.

If things seem fraught when you are the target of a problematic conversation, dynamics get even more complicated when you’re the witness.

And Democrats have a lot of ground to gain in Florida if they want to reshape the country’s power dynamics.

It’s such a send-up of family dynamics and the dysfunction among family members when everyone’s roles have gone haywire.

John Crimaldi, a University of Colorado engineering professor and an expert in fluid dynamics, doesn’t think there’s much mystery here.

The full story is fascinating and harrowing, packed with the dramatic turns and messy family dynamics that are catnip to purveyors of popular culture.

Building those dynamics into new analytic tools would, in effect, weave more of an emphasis on credit markets into the central bank’s outlook.

What I learned from the science helped me grasp the dynamics, but it certainly didn’t reduce art to a predictable formula.

The morning of Sept. 1, NASA’s Solar dynamics Observatory (SDO) caught a rare sight: the Earth and Moon, together, blotting out the Sun.

Beyond state and local organizing, Democrats need better research and ways of thinking about unfolding political dynamics.

Boston dynamics company was acquired by Google in 2013 during a push toward robotics.

“There are power dynamics between the people who are part of the institution and the people incarcerated by it.

A new interactive web series called Downtown Browns is striving to help viewers better understand the dynamics of diverse city life.

This process of reducing the distance between artist and subject, making it a dialogue between the two, changes the power dynamics.

Tim Longo I had worked on Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, some big franchises at Lucasarts and Crystal dynamics.

You have the power to stand up for yourself and say no to emotionally taxing relationship dynamics.

Part of the biennial’s strength, comparatively, comes from platforming projects responsive to the rapidly changing social and political dynamics within India today.

But it is those larger political dynamics that make this story so important.

Power dynamics are coming to light, Aquarius.

Those same partisan and ideological dynamics were in play during Watergate; indeed, Watergate helped to sharpen such divisions.

But it doesn’t offer easy morals or answers, and it keeps exploring new questions about those dynamics.

How the band existed in different social dynamics seems like another important thing that gets left out of their story.

All four artists are in their 20s, a potentially complicated era for mother-daughter dynamics.

The piece’s powerful dynamics of material and gender undermine the idea of classical art historical monuments.

We don’t know much about these “temporal dynamics” and so we just don’t know what kind of downstream effects an emotional experience will have.

Klein says this comic series “is the single best thing published on the dynamics of the 2016 election.

But party cartel dynamics prevent this from happening, as Schultz himself notes on Twitter.

“Although Nazarbayev will retain some key roles, his decision to resign will doubtless slow policy-making as political dynamics are restructured,” Scargill said.

Perhaps we can start by anticipating how the lessons of 2016 will affect the dynamics of 2020.

We spoke to him about the geopolitical dynamics at stake.

SS: How does the struggle for this painting illustrate regional power dynamics?

Caterpillar Inc, 3M Co, Textron, General dynamics and Fedex Corp all helped pull the industrial sector 1.1% lower.

Artist Neil Mendoza has endowed a goldfish with the power to “smash people stuff,” reversing the typically anthropocentric dynamics of marine power relations.

Network dynamics is noisy as hell.

Last summer, Amazon proved just how easily it can alter the dynamics of self-publishing when it changed its payment system.

“There could just be new dynamics one way or another,” said John Elwood, who has argued multiple cases before the Supreme Court.

Instead, directors Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason assemble a roster of experts on the media and social dynamics to explain what happened.

Don’t even get me started on the racial dynamics that exist when you go to the doctor.

Episode one, Hello, Robot, is the first instance of virtual reality cameras capturing the Boston dynamics‘ lab at work.

Let’s take a look at how some regulators and utilities are responding to these shifting dynamics.

“Explosions are spectacular and intriguing phenomena that expose the dynamics of matter under extreme conditions,” the paper begins.

And this offers the potential for using the beams to create and study usual new dynamics in matter.

The calculus here is simple, and it roughly matches the competitive dynamics we discussed earlier.

But the underlying gender dynamics also invite scrutiny.

“The dynamics get very funky very quickly if somebody thinks they’re getting screwed,” Fields said.

The internal dynamics of the group aren’t well understood.

But now, it seems, no longer: Bloomberg reports that Google wants to sell off Boston dynamics, the robot company it acquired in 2013.

At the same time, the power dynamics of her romantic relationship sure do look uncomfortably like Stockholm Syndrome in a modern context.

But Boston dynamics didn’t join, according to Bloomberg.

What ensues is a strangely tantalizing journey that explores sexuality and power dynamics.

The drawings further illuminate the erotic content of the book, which incorporates sex as a nexus of the power dynamics.

Aerojet Rocketdyne (no response) Vulcan Aerospace (no response) General dynamics (“This isn’t a subject we wish to comment on.”)

Historically, General dynamics has had problems when mixing its money with politics.

In 1977, General dynamics was charged with misconduct ranging from billing fraud to securities-law violations to bribery.

I will wait for the Russian dynamics to work themselves out,” Falih was quoted as saying.

Seamless transitions and sweeping dynamics mark what’s less a collection of discrete tracks than a single, extended composition, zooming ominously across the sky.

But the real shift in Kennedy’s thinking in both cases appears to be a new pragmatism and sensitivity to institutional dynamics.

The dynamics of the 2020 race for the party’s nomination will likely make Israel an even bigger issue.

“I know about aerodynamics and fluid dynamics and how things move through the air, about the certain size of rocket nozzles, and thrust.

There are just too many positive dynamics: Too much growing wealth, too much tech adoption, too much demand for goods and supply-demand imbalance.

Alex Nguyen-Vo’s paintings imagine a resort where nude Westerners frolic care-free, oblivious to the power dynamics of their tropical paradise.

Even if the Clean Power Plan fell, these dynamics would remain in place.

The dynamics that produced all-volunteer force — the power of free-market ideology, a dislike of forced military service — may only have strengthened by then.

In other words, the dynamics that brought Cold War–style military tension to Europe in 2015 are still with us.

And to the extent that technology changes social dynamics so that when two people are talking, they’re not necessarily talking to each other.

Public opinion counts for a lot in politics, but institutional dynamics and organizational savvy county for more.

There are some signs that these dynamics are changing, and organizers and activists are currently doing practical work to try to shift them.

(Real Social dynamics did not respond to requests for comment.)

They become more sensitive to in-group/out-group dynamics.

I more just mean that whenever there are new power dynamics from technology dynamics, you’ll always explore…The ramifications.

These dynamics are new to Apple as they are to many companies competing for consumer dollars.

A study conducted from 1980 to 1985 illustrates these complicated dynamics well.

Still, I’m tremendously excited about it, because it introduces some very intriguing new political dynamics for the North next season.

The commodification of bodies, personalities, labor, and all of the imbalanced power dynamics reside in both worlds.

In fact, so-called reputation is actually driven almost entirely by internal American dynamics.

It is hoped that this these “soft power” dynamics will help the Paris accord succeed.

The research didn’t turn up anything particularly shocking; it mostly confirmed what policy wonks have long understood about the dynamics of carbon taxes.

But those dynamics aren’t necessarily well understood by the public.

This is big news for both parties, as Rubio’s decision will impact the dynamics of a race that could conceivably determine Senate control.

Access to LinkedIn’s data will be especially useful for dynamics, Microsoft’s customer relationship management software.

“I try to channel scenarios, emotions, reactions, sounds, dynamics, when I write a record.

Take note, Legends: You’re way more appealing when you let natural character dynamics do the talking.

This is doom-loop partisanship, because it contains many reinforcing dynamics that can quickly spiral out of control.

Changing this dynamic requires Congress reassert its authority — but Congress, of course, is also shaped by the dynamics of two polarized parties.

But market dynamics have changed, with the United States becoming the world’s top oil producer.

Love is messy, and seemingly getting messier thanks to the ever changing dynamics of modern dating.

The finale, “Nobody is Ever Missing,” lands like a bomb, fundamentally shifting the dynamics of the show thus far.

“People can have power over another person physically, but there is also a power that is asserted within professional dynamics and relationships,” Reller said.

It’s more of a sketch of organizational dynamics, of why young people join groups and why they leave them.

Focus will be on your intimate relationships and on smoothing out your dynamics and habits with others.

In doing so, the boss sees how things really work and gets to know people without the complication of lopsided power dynamics.

In Beijing, many experts believe Washington is unwilling to pay the heavy economic price needed to upset prevailing trade dynamics between the two countries.

More than likely, these senators’ fortunes will depend on the presidential election dynamics, particularly the turnout.

“The events in Cologne have profoundly changed the dynamics of Berlin politics,” a group of Der Speigel writers say.

Through his company Real Social dynamics, Julien sells his curriculum—a multi-DVD program branded Pimp—for up to $497, if you want the “diamond” edition.

The film’s gender dynamics aren’t the only evolution Ant-Man and the Wasp suggests for the MCU.

The rise and fall of Xu Ming and Dalian Shide provides an insight into the dynamics of football club ownership in China.

ER is packed with great characters, but more importantly, it’s packed with great dynamics between those characters.

But, for example, the racial dynamics in Milwaukee are slightly different, as African-American migration to there occurred somewhat later than with other places.

There are a lot of other dynamics at play here as well.

So the dynamics in these early states are worth watching closely.

But given the power dynamics at play in academia, the issue goes far beyond USC.

Some are proposing strategies for fixing the power dynamics that put students at risk.

But our adversaries are exploiting gender dynamics in very sophisticated ways, and counterterrorism needs to catch up.

The power dynamics of sex gross me out all of a sudden.”

The precise dynamics of the Quist-Gianforte race obviously aren’t going to play out in other districts.

LinkedIn’s knowledge about workers also could be a fit with dynamics, the part of Microsoft’s business that competes with Salesforce.

PAFA elected to keep the show up, but supplemented it with a companion display on power and gender dynamics.

The dynamics that have driven the Republican Party to increasingly illiberal extremes are not going away.

One of the dynamics that had fueled the US economy was convergence.

The usual power dynamics switched, and fast.

The video-gone-viral of Boston dynamics’ new Atlas robot conjured up reactions of fear with its humanoid form, organic agility and physical prowess.

The documents continue that the government had meetings with General dynamics in order to ink a “Provision of Services Agreement.”

The documents continue that the government had meetings with General dynamics in order to ink a “Provision of Services Agreement.”

A promotional video from General dynamics Land Systems Canada.

There’s a bunch of dynamics that can happen with that, but that’s really hot.

LG: Or if Kara Swisher is getting her sons a Boston dynamics robot for Christmas.

A media photo provided by General dynamics.

LG: You may have seen the Boston dynamics back-flipping robot, that people went nuts about on Twitter.

LG: Why do you think people have had such a strong reaction to this Boston dynamics robot?

The Boston dynamics technology that you’re seeing is the precursor to those kinds of robots that can do more.

I think the thing that’s missing in that robot and the thing … What Boston dynamics is really known for is walking robots.

So now you look at, again, the Boston dynamics robot.

Boston dynamics is in Boston, the people came from MIT, it’s an American company that is capturing the attention of the world.

Visitors could choose to follow this itinerary or encounter the texts, mirroring the dynamics of invisibility and disclosure of queer sexualities.

The A4’s solid driving dynamics, handsome styling, state-of-the-art tech, and luxurious cabin blew us away.

These dynamics are mirrored in Judge Fidèle’s struggling home life.

But what starts out as a kind of judicial Papers, Please increasingly inverts the dynamics of that bleak bureaucratic drama.

As long as the economy holds up, the basic dynamics of polarization and culture war should keep him afloat with his base politically.

But the show keeps any outside dynamics to a minimum.

This is because in spite of his obsession with tariffs, tariff rates don’t drive trade deficits — domestic savings dynamics do.

The New Silk Road Turkey’s transition towards the East is driven by economics, military needs, and changes in global dynamics.

But there were complex dynamics behind the scenes.

They have focused public attention on gender dynamics, said Lawless, which could benefit Democrats in 2018.

The image above was taken by NASA’s Solar dynamics Observatory, a spacecraft launched in 2010 to better understand the sun.

More than anyone, Adams understands how the vacuum created by suicide can affect family dynamics.

The way they echo the vocal melody reminds of those Boston dynamics robot dogs learning to walk—endearingly awkward and terrifying at the same time.

The basis of psychoanalysis is revisiting and examining the past, especially hard-wired family dynamics.

If the consumers have choice, the market dynamics will take care of the rest.

On “Your Best American Girl,” Mitski unabashedly discusses the American dream, femininity, girlhood, parental expectations, and racial dynamics, all in three uncontainable minutes.

“It opens up questions about the dynamics of evolutionary change.”

New York Times opinion columnist Jamelle Bouie noted the racial dynamics in play on Twitter.

“This is not about the dynamics of any personalities.

What are the band dynamics like?

“This is not about the dynamics of any personalities.

Supporters are also hoping the vote alone will help change the dynamics on the ground in Yemen, as well as the Middle East.

Nor does the article properly interpret the dynamics of party conflict over climate change.

There are some clever dynamics at work in Afghanistan ’11.

Not things, one of the most unhappy, confusing dynamics there is, in our business.

Given the changing international dynamics, the U.S. relationship with any plausible Turkish ruling party would likely be frayed at this point.

Group dynamics can shift rapidly, even after long periods of stasis.

Nickel is defying both the general macroeconomic concerns weighing on other industrial metals and signs its own internal dynamics are weakening.

Trump hasn’t endorsed anyone in the race, but it’s still become a sort of proxy for the national dynamics within the Republican Party.

It’s trying to retrofit character dynamics into its already existing structure — like building a car from the outside in.

Gabriel Lenz did a more sophisticated study of voter dynamics and found that it’s actually the opposite.

The exhibition at Essex Flowers makes you acutely aware of the act of looking and the power dynamics that are embedded in it.

Saturday’s event, as its name indicates, is largely about the gender dynamics behind Trump’s rise and Clinton’s loss.

On both sides, the dynamics of competition this time around have been unusual, creating unlikely openings.

We analyzed her field plan, reviewed her fundraising numbers, looked at the dynamics of the districts.

As a comment on shifting post-war class dynamics, The Little Stranger is strong.

There will always be a special place for music that poeticizes queer dynamics.

Then also, talking about some of the gender dynamics — that wasn’t my original intention.

Areas of interest for Penrose include addressing changing inequality dynamics.

That remains a defensible decision, economically and politically, but it set in motion two dynamics that are now threatening the program.

It’s changed our family dynamics, there’s no doubt about that.

India is very similar in terms of the dynamics.

Models based on fluid dynamics, buoyancy, and other factors allow the little bot to move around without much additional computing.

Having recovered from that A/V sundae, get yourself ready for another, courtesy of Pleasure Model’s Kendo dynamics.

Changes in surface geometry and mantle dynamics can influence the planet’s wobble.

Issues of racism and power came to the fore which challenged the power dynamics within the collective.”

Above: Boston dynamics‘ “Spot” robot.

What is the science of transience and how will the dynamics of plenary digitization shape the ethics of labor going forward?

Sylvia Allegretto is a labor economist and co-chair of the Center on Wage and Employment dynamics at UC Berkeley.

(Removing Trump from office would require one of those dynamics to crop up in the Senate, as well.)

In fact, the NGC 3079 structures could help scientists contextualize the extraordinary dynamics that created the Fermi bubbles.

When I came back with Obama, same dynamics.

And same dynamics in terms of the interaction with the press.

After spending a few hours on 8th Avenue this weekend, we clearly saw a change in dynamics around the kiosks.

“Our success meant changing dynamics in relationships elsewhere.

While clearly about bathrooms, but not being overtly about trans people, you signal the power dynamics that occur at any policed boundary.

Eclipses are emotional and tiring, but one thing they’re great for is changing up power dynamics.

Take this time to reflect on any long-held delusions you’ve regarded as the truth, and re-consider the power dynamics of your relationships.

Think of the derogatory implications of the term “gossip,” which is, after all, social talk about social dynamics.

The water’s dynamics, in the end, are inimitable, and there’s a purity in such mystery.

“By applying physics and dynamics forces we manage to get very interesting results.

— The dogs’ design resembles robots designed by DARPA-funded engineers at Boston dynamics, known for their viral videos being mean to their lifelike creations.

Club dynamics change when you go clubbing for sure.

Each is an examination of the dynamics of human behavior, an interrogation of narrative, and an exploration of rationality and motive.

During these stations, power dynamics in relationships get highlighted, and third parties (like a hidden lover) are often revealed or confronted.

These are dynamics that people of color and women complain about frequently on social media.

This can play out in relationships—if power dynamics are off, you won’t be afraid to call things like you see them.

We don’t know enough about the dynamics of this impending clusterfuck to predict how it will shake out.

“The presence of these bots can affect the dynamics of the political discussion in three tangible ways,” Ferrara and Bessi write in the paper.

In a nutshell, these are two of the major theories explaining the dynamics of binary black hole systems.

The power dynamics in your partnerships will become very obvious you toward the end of the month.

That progressives can’t point to saying government this, government that, without dealing with the underlying racial dynamics.

I think the power dynamics are different.

On April 18, power planet Pluto turns retrograde in Earth sign Capricorn, intensifying the power dynamics in your relationships.

I became a student of the site’s complicated info-sharing dynamics.

Strife, power struggles, and difficult social dynamics are a reality almost anywhere you go.

Alex agreed that team dynamics could make it difficult for some women to make the decision to start a family.

Though I earn my living as a professional dominatrix, power dynamics are seldom part of my romantic relationships.

Coupled that with a shift in culture around male and female dynamics and it sparked something in Bundy.

With this Sun Ra song, I love this sense of dynamics and the noise over jazz.

“On the technical side we have everything dialed in to capture and project the dynamics and texture of each stroke,” he adds.

How do you approach these dynamics?

Big changes are happening in your relationships, Cancer, and power dynamics are beginning to shift.

You have to be mindful of the dynamics of the community.

You’re becoming aware of the power dynamics in your romantic and creative relationships in a new way today.

The power dynamics in your relationships will begin to shift.

However, SEGRO is supported by a structural shift towards e-commerce and the limited supply of UK industrial land has created positive rental dynamics.

You could even make the case that Lil Peep’s screech-strum dynamics derive from the Pixies.

“It’s good to be mindful of family dynamics and relationships,” Plante says.

Switzerland’s defense industry includes state-owned RUAG Holding, as well as subsidiaries of General dynamics and Germany’s Rheinmetall.

LME stock movements accordingly become a function not of market but of storage dynamics.

But it does seem clear that there are certain things a computer just can’t know, like offline social dynamics.

The dynamics of supply have shifted as diesel stockpiles have surged past year-ago levels, indicating a products surplus, Saucer added.

I’ve spent much of my career studying hunter population dynamics, and I’m concerned about declines in hunting.

The Competitiveness Pact (which came into force in January 2017) has further improved real exchange rate dynamics.

Public debt dynamics are gradually improving.

The nonlocal “spooky action at a distance,” which puzzled Einstein, still needs to be invoked to explain the dynamics of the pilot-wave field.

It’s filled with lovable oddballs, strong family dynamics, and even a few hints of romance here and there.

From that vantagepoint, details about the composition, dynamics, and ambient temperature of the medium can be captured by the instrument.

I challenge individual DMs and players to think beyond the dynamics that Mearls and contemporary D&D gives us for the mind flayers.

Bao—a Pixar short that explores Asian-American family dynamics through an immigrant mother’s relationship with an animated dumpling—won an Oscar this year.

Ideas rule the day, though; every scene in The Square has an implicit idea about power dynamics and social norms, even the funny ones.

Understanding its complex dynamics is essential to the continuation of human civilization on our home world, and beyond it.

“I love those dynamics in songs because they bring out the best in each other.

Tell me how these group dynamics explain why we love to bullshit each other so much.

We hope dynamics in a sentence examples were helpful.