Duck in a sentence | Use of the word duck examples

…I sip my “moonshine”—his wink at the [duck] Dynasty guests—and wonder, as people often do, whether Bannon is nuts.

Much of that, in turn, is about Obama obtaining definitive lame duck status.

The duck phone, always a high point for drama, has apparently reappeared without causing a permanent severing of relationships.

Like a duck‘s feet, man, we’re moving real fast under the water.

(The two breweries that did not signal their disapproval, BJ’s and the Mucky duck, might have to explain their decisions.

Within it, you’ll find: duck confit, sausages from Toulouse, pork meat and pork rind, salted bacon, onions, carrots, and hundreds of white beans.

How has Twitter changed your life?A girl sent me a taxidermy duck, which although truly terrifying, I still have to this day.

Last year, I randomly received a two-month supply of Toilet duck.

I can only assume it was because my avatar is a duck, and my writing belongs in a toilet.

duck under a screen and he’ll stick a pull-up jumper.

If it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

We learn that Mark likes duck, there were famous Chinese chefs at the social networking giant and the baby is not shy.

The duck circuit was staged to look improvised, made from wooden stools and benches placed on their side.

You need to be like a duck in a pond.

Sprinkle outside of duck with the remaining fennel pollen.

In a Dutch oven, heat the olive oil over medium-­high and add the duck.

Transfer the duck to a cutting board to rest for 10 minutes before carving.

You should cut the duck into 1-inch thick round slices and transfer the duck to a serving platter.

Using a slotted spoon, remove the fennel and onions from the sauce and lay them next to the duck.

Serve on top of the sliced duck.

In December, PETA launched a campaign, featuring Charmed Star Sarah Jeffery, against Canada Goose’s use of duck down and coyote fur.

I had the duck Hunt gun, I had the Power Pad.

There’s a Statue of Liberty and Donald and Daisy duck, too.

When I was 12 years old, I hunted deer and duck and rabbit.

Any kind of animal or fish protein — beef, duck, tuna — can be grown without the animal, essentially.

I ate lab-grown duck meat that tasted as advertised: meaty, ducky.

I duck and dodge, pausing a few times to say hi when someone calls out my name.

“But the way the police and the council now look at it they consider Fabric’s license versus the Dog and duck‘s license.

“A coal mine isn’t a good place for duck hunting.

The Panama Paper stories run off Putin like water off a duck’s back.

When Peter Saul or Markus Lüpertz were drawn to Donald duck (at the same time as King) they were likely responding to similar qualities.

That is, a swimmer might simply duck underwater to escape most of the force of an approaching breaker.

Example: The duck-sized horses’ numbers outmatched the horse-sized duck‘s strength.

The plural of duck is ducks, not duck‘s.

“I can look at a harlequin duck, and I remember I first saw that at Belmont Harbor [in Chicago],” he says.

The daily course of “net demand” — demand for power minus VG supply — starts to develop what energy nerds call a “duck curve.”

Stars like Marcus Allen, Urban Meyer, Lou Holtz, Ashley Benson, The Band Perry, the guys from “duck Dynasty” and many many more.

Some are made of yarn and burlap; others consist of cotton duck, butcher’s wax, and sand.

A second tip of the hat to the County’s storied past is 66 Gilead’s duck Island rum.

Joe Alaskey, who voiced legendary cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy duck, Tweety and Sylvester the Cat has died.

Let’s talk about the “duck curve,” shall we?

Everyone who cares about solar energy should know about the duck curve.

And in ways that make it look like a duck.

The duck curve is a problem, albeit a solvable problem.

And possibly make a bunch of duck jokes.

Which brings us to the duck curve.

They get steep and tall (like a duck‘s back) and relatively quick.

So there’s some incentive on their part to exaggerate the duck curve’s status as a technical problem.

So it’s worth stressing: There are lots and lots of ways to flatten the duck.

Get excited, for duck‘s sake.

Tongue out, duck lips, shocked hand-over-mouth, nervous grimace — he had all the classics working.

They would duck in on guys as they got stuck to the fence and muscle the fight to the floor.

The uppercut also makes a nice path through which the fighter can duck.

The realized that high levels of solar penetration start generating a net load curve that looks … well, like a duck.

Thus, the “duck curve.” Can’t quite see it?

Luckily, solutions to the duck curve abound — all kinds of options for making the grid more flexible and softening the peaks and ramps.

To mark the duck curve’s 10th birthday, I called Paul Denholm, the researcher who led that original group at NREL in March.

Tell me a little about the history of the duck curve.

[CAISO came up with “duck curve.”] But we did generate that shape, in February 2008.

When you look ahead 10 years to a really severe duck curve, what do you see as the most effective solutions?

How big of a role will demand shifting play in flattening the duck?

The dish takes about five days to prepare and is finished tableside in a silver “duck press.”

duck and Mr. Bunny, those assholes.

The Democratic operative also asked the reporter not to repeat to “anybody” and that Clinton “really wanted this duck figure doing this stuff.”

But the bad news is she wants it to be Donald duck.'”

(Among others, duck Dynasty and, yes, The Apprentice have generally played more strongly with Republicans than Democrats.)

“There’s like absolutely no waste on that duck,” Mercier proudly proclaims.

The three ducks were arranged in a line, starting with a milk chocolate duck, then a white chocolate one, and a dark chocolate duck.

There will be balut, a hardboiled fertilized duck egg that’s eaten as street food in the Philippines.

I wouldn’t have a problem eating the duck, which is strange.

To her credit, Harris, a leading 2020 presidential contender, did not duck the issue: “Let’s eliminate all of that.

Color Field painting was mostly made on cotton duck.

That’s the duck‘s belly.

So net load rises very rapidly (the duck‘s neck) to an early-evening peak (the duck‘s head).

So the duck curve is a problem.

The question is how can the duck be flattened?

Vis–à–vis duck flattening, I’ll touch on two big, visionary ideas and then 10 smaller, more immediate, more practical measures that use existing technologies.

There’s no reason the duck curve should delay the growth of renewables.

The first big strategy to flatten the duck is interconnection.

A sufficient amount of energy storage would, almost by definition, flatten the duck and remove any limits on the integration of wind and solar.

Lazar starts with a hypothetical California-like grid with a duck problem: The blue line is total electricity demand.

The green line shows how wind and solar duck it up.

Lazar then offers 10 practical ideas to start flattening the duck.

In short, renewable energy can be pushed back into evening, when it will be more help with the peak (er, duck‘s head).

The duck has been flattened.

It’s, uh, duck science.

We do the classics—steak frites, duck confit, charcuterie.

“Do you think I would make myself a lame duck right here over this double-espresso?” she laughed during the interview with Barabak.

Various preparations of duck, chicken, and pork are all available, but the most remarkable offering has to be the Beijing duck Feast.

Myers, a single mom who says her own ex-husband fell behind on child support payments, told VICE News that Bryce couldn’t duck the issue.

He said Congress would also try to finalize a five-year reauthorization of the farm bill during the “lame duck” session.

We’ve seen it so often, in fact, that there’s a name for it, one as confusing as the phenomenon itself: Milkshake duck.

What isn’t a Milkshake duck might be the better question.

The concept of a Milkshake duck was born in summer of 2016, via this particularly observant tweet from popular Twitter user Ben Ward, a.k.a.

@pixelatedboat: The whole internet loves Milkshake duck, a lovely duck that drinks milkshakes!

The gaming community began to refer to the developer as a “Milkshake duck,” and a meme was born.

The Milkshake duck is more about instant virality in the age of social media, as well as the growing polarization of publicly professed ideologies.

We’re only halfway through December: There’s still plenty of time left in the year to unearth 2017’s biggest Milkshake duck yet.

With that being said, Nasukawa was still able to duck out under or side-step many of Rodtang’s attacks along the ropes.

), Happy Hippo, Angry duck (clever!

Joe Ciaramelli was unlikely to be the man to break the Evo duck, but it didn’t matter.

Daffy duck turned 80 last month.

Don’t call him a lame duck.

On the menu: Vietnamese-Cajun tacos, an eggroll-taquito hybrid called Chaquito, and duck egg flan that uses coconut milk infused with pandan and lemongrass.

The first speaker of the convention is Willie Robertson, of duck Dynasty reality TV fame.

“Honey, I forgot to duck,” he told her at the hospital.

The voice of Donald duck is in the film.

More accurately, the original voice of Donald duck, Clarence Nash, plays an uncredited part in the film.

If you can’t, you’re just a sitting duck.

But he’s never seen someone work as hard as Andrew Anglin, the world’s most notorious neo-Nazi troll, to duck being served.

But he’s never seen someone work as hard as Andrew Anglin, the world’s most notorious neo-Nazi troll, to duck being served.

In a large aluminum tray (about 9-inch-by-13-inch), mix everything except for the duck bacon together.

Press into the tray and lay the duck bacon over the top.

We had bison, bison hearts, venison, goose, turkey, and duck.

Someone who didn’t belt through “A Different Corner,” duck out and reappear half an hour later doing exactly the same thing with Chainsmokers?

Transline, one of the employment agencies involved, is disgracefully still trying to short-change workers by seeking to duck its responsibilities.”

They immediately discover a gourmet spread of peking duck, dumplings, and fried rice.

Unfortunately, unlike the prized French MREs, these contain no venison pâté or duck confit.

It has a mix of solid French brasserie-style dishes, including duck a l’orange ($33).

And most importantly of all, who keeps throwing dozens of whole pizza crusts at this quaint duck pond in an English village?!

More recently, the well-known international relations blog duck of Minerva linked to 70 blogs earlier this year.

Workers shouldn’t have to be ready to duck flying objects or fear that they can’t ever advance in their career.

Don’t duck it.

You’ll find the bird on Big duck Ranch, home to a museum dedicated to the history of Long Island duck farming.

The solution is to duck out the side door of this suffocating circus tent and seek out a completely different and better life.

“Rouhani is a lame duck.

He hoped he could hit the insurgents — or at least force them to duck — while Wolf’s team attempted the rescue.

His mom asked him to help her prepare a notorious Vietnamese dish made with raw duck blood called tiết canh vịt.

In four months, Obama will be a lame duck.

duck, while perhaps not an obvious No.

But these tragedies should not undermine the intrinsic superiority of duck, which is chicken’s snobbier sister for a reason.

duck meat is tart and fragile and earthy, all at once.

We were also able to source some incredible duck from a local breeder whose ducks swim in a small field of rice paddies.

Naturally, we made duck fried rice.

I imagine Daffy duck slapping Mickey Mouse.

Right now, defenders still duck under screens and dare him to pull the trigger.

If you wish to visit the cafe, just be sure to duck when you see the meat flying in the direction of your head.

The image of Lea banging Howard the duck!

All right, someone named Mike Isaac asks: “Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses, or one horse-sized duck?

One horse-sized duck, I don’t know.

He had a single demand: that the restaurant stop serving foie gras—goose or duck liver that is fattened by force-feeding the bird.

You might be a duck, but even you haven’t fully seen Oregon until you’ve visualized in it infrared.

8) Worldly: duck and cover Tucked in the middle of this holiday playlist is an episode to scare you out of any listening complacency.

At age three, she started working at the duck pond game.

That’s right, it’s a duck.

But this is a nuclear duck.”

Specially for the coming festive season we will be serving duck Rice Special during the weekends of Chinese New Year!

We duck as we walk.

In the blind right Marciano would duck in, looking down as if to enter inside position, and wing the right hand across the top.

Charles would feint Marciano into a duck and hit him with the lead uppercut.

That generally means a classic 1950s “duck and cover” city buster of a thermonuclear bomb that could flatten an entire city in one blow.

Ponzo remembers showing off a duck leg from the circulator for the first time, saying, “Look at the duck.

He dismounted only twice, stayed near the dead duck and picked the neck and the side of the head before mounting again.

Look when we cook the duck this way.

Pair it with some scallions, cucumbers, and hoisin sauce, and wrap it in a pancake for the traditional Peking duck dining experience.

We descend, and for an hour we dip, duck, and crawl on all fours through Stygian spaces scattered with rodent droppings.

And so, whether it’s duck, duck, Go or Ghost Story or One Password or Exchange or Safari, whatever it is.

What do you get the duck that has everything?

So, what do you get a duck with his own cement truck portrait?

A reverse version of duck Hunt where the ducks get to be the hunters?

We opted for five duck GIFs way cuter than Huey, Dewey, and Louie—and one super freaky one.

Below, check out animated duck homages from the Dax Norman, Cindy Suen, Hoppip and more.

When our long ramble is over, Rueda and I duck into a cab.

Tom Scotcher Cindy Suen Chris Gannon Hoppip Fox ADHD Dax Norman See more duck GIFs on GIPHY.

Last week, YouTube reportedly took down her more overtly sexual music videos for “duck duck Goose” and “Deepthroat.”

Right now, defenders still duck under screens and dare him to pull the trigger.

A notorious hole in the fence allowed some to periodically sneak out and duck into town for a beer.

“He’s a weird duck,” a neighbor told the New York Times in November 2012.

Shells drop from the sky near them and they barely duck, dulled to the danger by being bathed in it for so long.

“I wonder if they have those duck carcasses,” you say to the Canadian.

“Doo dey-mwah-sell, see-voo-play.” It’s winter and this is Gascony, duck country.

These duck frames are kept in a box behind the butcher counter.

You reward Julie, the butcheress, for her determination to show up when it is not warm with the purchases of two duck carcasses.

But no duck carcass; no ho.

He’s all like “Come on, have you ever looked at a duck carcass on a lonely winter night?

He goes on to conjecture that young Pablo’s African masks were modeled on duck carcasses.

And yeah, the duck mask dude definitely hurled a homophobic slur during the incident.

Meanwhile quickly sauté the little duck tenders in a little duck fat or butter.

Manners (Producer): David’s a good friend of mine but an odd duck.

I’ll duck!

Ehtisham explains, “She cannot duck and avoid someone just because they’re more experienced than her.

Yet each time Cerrone wanted to go on the lead, Diaz would duck in on a clinch or smother the kickboxer’s hands.

But Valetudo is an odd duck.

Solar’s effect on energy demand is known as the “duck curve,” which puts a strain on the grid.

All dressed up with braised duck meat and a creamy foie gras sauce.

Shaw, not the type to duck a challenge, or a mouthy loser, was more than happy to oblige the Hulk of Hoxton.

Magmar is a duck that’s on fire.

The second-year point guard has to duck under the screen to A) cut off Walker’s drive and then B) contest his pull-up three.

Golduck is pretty cool for a duck, but he’s an eternal disappointment since getting him means you have to give up Psyduck.

It also gets transformed into an augmented reality angel, duck with pigtails and glasses, a deer, and a nurse with disturbing cuts, amongst others.”

An otherwise unremarkable duck, but its cool name — a brave use of an apostrophe!

(It could be worse — in Sweden people celebrate Christmas by watching Donald duck cartoons.)

Next up are the catwalk and duck walk, two transitional elements that glue the show together.

We put a giant rubber duck in the lake to celebrate Canada, if you need an example.

But first they’re looking at a bitter, divisive debate about a subject most in the party would rather duck: Israel.

The aisle is so low that you have to duck to walk through it.

Check out her Yeezy duck boots.

That, and the czarnina  [duck blood soup]  my Polish grandmother used to ladle out when I was a kid.

The Nightmare, meanwhile, is a sitting duck for an upgraded Q-beam, which is like a hand-fired Death Star cannon.

In this VR version of duck Hunt, a player is not limited to one position as in the original NES game.

Indeed, in the last month we’ve seen both duck Hunt VR and Pac-Man VR.

This addition was inspired by duck Hunt’s “Game C,” which has the shooter blasting away at clay pigeons.

Delgado plans to release the duck Hunt VR game this week on his website.

Pac-Man Nintendo’s ‘duck Hunt’ Now Exists in Virtual Reality Old School Video Games Inspire Layered Glass Artworks

Performed the voices of Bugs Bunny, Daffy duck, Sylvester the Cat, and other beloved Looney Tunes characters.

You can also hear Zendaya voicing characters in “duck duck Goose” and “Smallfoot.”

One can see his wisecracking influence on Looney Tunes; many of its famous characters, including Daffy duck, were his invention.

“Milkshake duck” refers to a tweet turned meme, first mentioned by the popular Weird Twitter account Pixelated Boat.

Schoolchildren were taught how to duck and cover under their desks, and teachers held practice drills to simulate an imminent attack.

Howard the duck is one of the strangest characters in the Marvel stable (and that’s saying something).

Lets all go to duck and Waffle!

I’m proud of this duck, actually.

Just duck and get up again, I guess.

Just duck and get up again, I guess.

Carrying a yellow duck, Ulugbek Apsapayev, 17, said he had turned up because he wanted a better future for Russia.

“The duck is a sign that we support Alexei Navalny who also wants only good things for the country.

duck Dynasty, at its height, commanded more than 10 million viewers for first-run broadcasts, while Girls was lucky to break 1 million.

duck Dynasty was usually written about more as a red-state curiosity.

duck Dynasty was set amid the world of religious conservatives, while Girls followed young single women in their 20s.

duck Dynasty, meanwhile, was influential itself.

In its own way, duck Dynasty was an (inferior) update of prior rural sitcoms like The Andy Griffith Show or Green Acres.

If you watched duck Dynasty, you were probably a Republican.

The season four premiere, a wedding episode titled “Till duck Do Us Part,” pulled in nearly 12 million viewers.

And though the suspension didn’t really affect production, the reverberations from it demonstrably hurt duck Dynasty’s ratings.

And yet if you were to ask any casual cultural observer to name a “conservative” TV show, they’d almost certainly mention duck Dynasty.

Both Girls and duck Dynasty are about characters who have money and don’t really have to worry about not having it.

When I started burning it, I could smell this floral aroma and I thought that it might pair well with duck.

The smoked duck breast is now one of our bestsellers.”

Or, get anything with duck.

Also consider an order of the lamb meatballs with duck eggs—it’s a game changer.

But he’s no longer a duck.

And actually, that might give the meme a lot more gravitas than its creator surely ever intended — which would make it a … Milkshake duck?

The skin was so crispy it reminded me of Chinese roast duck, and the sauce was a perfect accompaniment.

duck Dynasty” dude Willie Robertson and former child actor Scott Baio stumped (badly) for Trump.

I switch things up with a new flavor—a grain-free duck flavored one.

She just looked really silly, all she needed was a big Donald duck beak.

(Steve Bannon and duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson were among them in 2016.)

With Bradford’s diptych “duck Walk” (2016), he pushes the claim of black as warm and positive space.

Can you nourish a duck, 15 goldfish, an apple tree sapling, an apricot tree plantlet, and a small rhododendron plant exclusively from household effluent?

But one former aide described such moments as “water off a duck’s back” for May.

Other, higher-profile tech CEOs, however, continued to duck the gun control debate in their reactions to the shooting.

Everyone goes, “That’s amazing.” Pig rescuing a duck or duck rescuing a pig.

We’d take a change of clothes [to school] and then duck out early.

Matthews doesn’t try to duck: Marchese simply responds by saying “Pleasure isn’t a small thing,” and that’s the crux of things here.

If they can make the conversation about arming teachers last a week or two, then they can duck the conversation about their indefensible positions.

Those conversations were somehow more terrifying than duck and cover drills in classrooms.

Today, Cooper explains why he wanted the appeals court to duck a direct ruling on Emerson’s Second Amendment protections.

I find myself moving with Hancock’s punches: bob and weave, duck and watch the other hand coming.

A boy and girl ride an imaginary horse and duck, which are drawn as dotted lines.

This brings an unusual level of physicality to gaming, with players having to sometimes dash, duck, or even jump to get through a level.

What’s a Milkshake duck?

What isn’t a Milkshake duck might be the better question.

As Jay Hathaway explains at the Daily Dot, the new trend of labeling things as “Milkshake duck” has been growing for a while.

(Or was he a Milkshake duck all along?

These companies will spend what it takes to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge regulation.

Attention Jeff Immelt, the outgoing General Electric CEO who is still in the running for the job: You might want to duck.

There’s a giant mallard duck.

“One of the duck Dynasty dudes.”

Season the turkey thighs with salt and pepper and place in a vacuum-sealable bag along with the duck fat, sage, garlic, and thyme.

They duck down, they lower their center of gravity, and apparently we’ve evolved to …

You’d play Yogg-Saron, and duck for cover.

On Tuesday, amid growing pressure, President Trump appeared to duck responsibility for the raid that he had authorized.

Chuck was famous for busting out his signature “duck walk” during live shows.

“Dolly duck” Painting

Breakdown: A brazenly topless Disney duck, smoking (possibly post-coitus?

Two duck vehicles were on the lake and headed back to shore but only one made it.

The driver of the duck that sank was among those killed, officials said.

“From what I understand there was life jackets in the duck,” Rader said, but he declined to say if passengers were wearing them.

Sister Jean, the lovable team chaplain of Loyola, gets Milkshake duck‘d and has her dark past revealed right before tipoff.

Thirteen people died in 1999 when the duck boat in which they were riding sank near Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Two tourists died in Philadelphia in 2010 when the duck boat they were in was struck by a tugboat on the Delaware River.

We recorded it in a couple of days at duck Kee Studios in Raleigh.

Lau’s representation of Beijing recalls the architecture of the Forbidden City and integrates decadent gold paint and slices of sculpted Peking duck.

Mark Hunt picked up another knockout as Frank Mir did little but duck down for Hunt’s hips every time he approached.

Then I looked closer and saw it was just an angry ass duck holding a bag of money.

[Verso, $19.95] With the Park Calendar you can assemble a duck, a dog, a bench, a tree, a … clock tower?

If you say the president of the USA is Donald duck, it’s factually wrong, but spellchecker won’t flag it up.

You drive to Chinatown to pick up duck noodle soup.

After climbing on a giant inflatable duck for a quick smoke break, we headed to the main stage.

The Missouri duck boat accident that left 17 people dead has reignited the debate about weather preparedness and the importance of heeding meteorological alerts.

Darker colors cue weight and texture, complimenting rich flavors like duck or fermented pork sausage.

Congress held a “lame duck” session that generally accomplished little.

But there isn’t much of a difference in how you approach a duck versus a chicken.

It’s used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine and recipes like Pekin duck.

With all that, now might be a good time to practice that duck, cover and hold on strategy.

It continues to duck and weave through the system’s rings.

Then wait for Nov. Lame duck can confirm him after all is lost.

Bereft of these sips, in a situation where you would normally take to them like a duck to water, coping appears impossible.

Later in the game, Dux comments on the crew’s inability to find another mutant duck corpse.

“They are trying to duck judicial review in a way that would preserve as much of their power as possible.”

To celebrate their rejection of extremism, I made duck confit.

More importantly, the show doesn’t allow Clay to duck responsibility for Hannah’s death.

Claude VonStroke’s mom still talks to me about the duck to this day.

The 10-year rule appeared to be a dead duck.

I remember one time we sat down to dinner and she served roast duck.

Will it duck out of the phone business?

Republicans on Capitol Hill often sought to duck these problems by simply denying that they existed.

The amount of duck sauce that’s always in a Chinese food order.

I don’t need 763 packets of duck sauce for my one single egg roll.

How much duck sauce are you people using?

Who the hell is encouraging these massive duck sauce handouts?

The only duck Sauce I want is this one.

After experimenting with duck and goose eggs, Hambrick says ostrich eggs have become her preferred canvas, due to their size and durability.

The duck pad Thai is also amazing.

There are a few options to mitigate the “duck curve”: California could link up with nearby grids to share the load.

Look closely, and you’ll see Howard the duck is among them.

You could, in theory, put chocolates in a box shaped like anything: a square, a rectangle, a duck.

Howard the duck first appeared in 2014’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” and was a part of the film’s post-credit scenes.

Joe Russo told Howard the duck‘s inclusion was one of the last things they did for “Endgame.”

Russo said he asked the team if there was anyway they could add the duck in there.

Who’s Howard the duck?

This problem, known as the “duck curve,” is set to get worse as solar expanded.

At best, she is a lame duck.

duck penises are curved and really long, and cat penises are spiky.

Foreman could get a man to duck onto his uppercut like clockwork, and when they did he had an excellent chance of a knockout.

duck eggs, quail eggs, and preserved eggs are all popular.

There was a hot food section that sold duck wings, among a number of other options.

The duck wings were dry and overcooked and the rest of the food looked unappetizing.

Florentijn Hofman, the artist best known for his giant inflatable duck sculpture, claimed that a large duck used by Brazilian protestors amounts to plagiarism.

One has a pale complexion, the other a rubber duck yellow.

duck duck Goose.

You were sitting there and going, “Oh, it’s either going to be like Blue Geese or duck duck Go?” What?

Is there anything better than crispy, salty duck fat sitting atop juicy slices of duck meat?

And that’s when that duck breast is glazed with honey, topped with pineapples, and the added powers of the sweet leaf (yup, marijuana).

duck, duck, gooooooooooose.

And that was only the first of several times Comey would have to find a way to duck Trump’s ask.

Maybe we can get this sort of gear upgraded in time for the NES Classic to bring duck Hunt back to living rooms.

New York City authorities are stepping in to make sure Central Park’s famous Mandarin duck survives the winter … TMZ has learned.

It’s good to have friends in high places, even if you’re a duck.

The gyrfalcon stretched out its wings and gave two powerful flaps, forcing its handler to duck out of the way.

The days of being “so ducking hungry” and wondering “what the duck is happening” are behind you.

Instead of a new cash-cow carriers have only a lame duck alternative in RCS.

Harris and I duck around to Section 119.

It was part of a tradition of similar “funny animal” comics of the time, like Howard the duck and Usagi Yojimbo.

Phillips pointed, asked a few questions in Chinese, and produced a small plastic bowl of smoked duck parts.

If you’re not a duck Dynasty fanatic or a connoisseur of obscure political controversies, you may not have picked up the reference.

John’s wart, to garnishedible flowers, to garnishfor serving:seared duck breastpickled rampsgrilled scallionsfresh radishes Directions 1.

The milkshake duck comes for every meme.

To cook the duck breast, place duck skin side down in a 12-inch skillet and heat over medium-high.

Transfer duck to a cutting board.

Let the duck rest 10 minutes before thinly slicing on an angle.

From Dirty Work: A Summer duck Feast with Daniel Burns of Luksus

About a dozen activists were on the bus nearly six hours, all the way to Fargo, according to Donald “duck” Longsoldier.

Yet another brought on a duck wearing red booties.

How is it legal to bring your duck on the plane?

Annetts, who moved to France from England last year and opened his Fat duck in November, was pretty confused.

He just drew the Howard the duck series for us.

Dylan, who was very recently dead, approaches them, leading Sophie and Milo to duck into the trailer.

If you haven’t, I’ll restrain myself and just say, you are one lucky duck.

chucked cans of beers at the players as they rode triumphantly by on the classic Beantown duck boats.

Take the Disco duck, the $2 million moving installation that has appeared regularly at Burning Man since 2008.

The mobile, three-level club was shaped like a yellow bath-time duck, and came attached to a fur-lined, double-decker bus stocked with champagne.

“The best meal I ever had was at The Fat duck,” says one man who has attended this pop-up two times previously.

Or like, duck breast.

I just really like duck breast!

Elon Musk launched a car into space, Kanye West endorsed Donald Trump, and who can forget Central Park’s hot duck?

Perfect for: The shy slutA vibrator that looks like a rubber duck.

Trump’s decision to politicize and duck any responsibility the deaths of 3,000 Americans was apparently a bridge too far for DeSantis.

“Stuff would be popping off outside but you had these spaces to duck out,” says Loyle.

He leaves me to talk to his lawyer so I order the duck curry.

Macesz Bistro:duck, lamb, and chicken dishes to swoon over make this locally loved restaurant a fine-dining experience worth checking out.

I duck behind the village well to compose myself, and take a little stone sample while I’m there.

They put on their new jerseys and say, “It’s time to start a duck dynasty.”

“We’ll typically break those out in January in a gastrique or something that would go great with duck or foie gras,” he says.

You see, because of their beards, Thornton and Burns look like they are on the TV show duck Dynasty.

An accumulation of perfectly seasoned salt dishes, baked salt cod, and confit duck legs follows—washed down with Scandinavian wines from waxed bottles.

“The weak result could make Angela Merkel a lame duck much faster than international observers and financial markets think,” ING economist Carsten Brzeski said.

Among his highlighted works: a tribute to the fleshy, cold salted duck at Nanjing Kitchen in Los Angeles.

Give this all-in-one menu, featuring grilled duck breast, a try if you do happen to be feeling a little fancy this summer.

I grew up eating salted duck.

The guy gets up, smiles, looks at me and swings as I duck and miss his punch.

The larger of the pair also features four wide-eyed, polychrome animals: an owl, a duck, an eagle, and a fawn.

duck penises are curved and really long, and cat penises are spiky.

The Plucka duck memes?

Same as all the images of Plucka duck I had projected behind me while I DJed.

Does Kevin McCloud of Grand Designs have to duck and cover when he says he prefers one style of contemporary stairway to another?

“This is the temperamental one,” she said playfully, referring to a bubble gun shaped like a duck.

duck Out to a Quiet Place for Temporary Solace Panic attacks often happen in public or social settings.

Action stands in the street in the rain and eats some Peking duck from a random Chinese take-out spot.

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He anticipated the significant Robert Venturi architectural form of duck architecture, defined in Venturi’s 1972 breakthrough book Learning from Las Vegas.

After one bite, Action says, “That might have turned me off to duck for a long time.”

Reeling from the not-so-great Peking duck, he then heads to Favorite Chicken & Ribs for chicken strips, a spicy chicken sandwich, and chicken wings.

The Shanghai location additionally has some menu items that are specific to the restaurant, such as duck spring rolls and tea cakes.

Sorry, Mom … shoulda remembered the 5 Ds of dodgeball — dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.

We duck in between framed black-and-white pictures of Jackie O. and crowds of fellow fur-clad patrons to wait for a table.

Contemporary viewers will likely find duck and Cover, the chipper cartoon short made to teach schoolchildren about atomic warfare, even funnier than ’80s audiences.

The image featured duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson above the chyron “Dignitaries Arrive At Capitol For Inauguration.”

I duck through dormitory 6 as a short cut, weaving through the endless rows of bunkbeds.

And of course it doesn’t have to be a duck.

and what healthy protein-based snack to consume from your double-doored, duck egg Smeg fridge before you have to ring Elton John for some “advice?”

They then dredge balls of the mixture in chickpea flour before frying the hell out of them in duck fat.

duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson’s got some advice for Ted Cruz — get off the tracks, the Donald Trump express is coming through.

“In this case, she wanted to chase a duck or an Egret—it was Florida, so some interesting bird.

It also keeps the president from slipping quickly into “lame duck” status during an election year.

Man-Thing is a lumbering, slow swamp creature who goes on adventures with Howard the duck and other off-beat characters.

Though, she noted that sometimes not even she can find a knife sharp enough to cut duck.

“There was one time I was carving a duck, and it’s all bones.

Walker failed to trick people, lost his race, and then used his lame duck powers to do the reverse of what he said.

The show is, if not my Waterloo, then my “Disco duck.”

The plan goes miserably as duck is switched for floor-dropped chicken and a cooking lobster becomes a pet lobster, but, hey, they’re trying.

I duck in and it turns out they have a free week trial membership!

Watch the video to learn the basics about the duck curve.

Exhibit C: This Selfie Face Leave the duck lips to Corinne, Nick.

Most preferred to duck the question altogether, and concentrate on defending Americans who are covered under Obamacare, as Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) put it.

For Capitol Hill Republicans, the racist tirades were just the latest tweets to duck.

There’s this thing now in the last year … the late-term Obama, right — done, lame duck Obama.

The photo of the Muscovy duck has gone viral, with Buzzfeed reporting that it was first found on Russian social media sites.

Even the burger van at the Raffles Rumble was posh, selling Vietnamese duck and pork burgers, and truffle fries for more than £10!

On one hand, Muscovy duck is here to judge you, with an oddly curled lip and raised brow.

Why does this duck look like it has eyebrows?!?)

Hmm… can we respond to this with a photo of the shady Muscovy duck, because, we see you, Justice.

We take two Pringles, position them to look like a duck bill, and place them in our mouths.

For plenty of sour cream and onion or BBQ flavor, don’t even bother with duck lips.

Actually, if we’re honest with ourselves, this new information probably won’t make us change our Pringles duck bill habit.

Maybe instead, we’ll just do the duck lips trick a few times then switch off to the new top down tongue trick.

The company has already successfully made synthesized beef, chicken and duck, according to Memphis Meats co-founder and chief executive Uma Valeti.

“He had some duck in him when he walked,” said Eddie Bane, the Angels’ scouting director when they signed Segura.

Instead of doing one duck, I would paint five ducks across the canvas.

Right now, I’m using a flat image of Donald duck.

The 100-acre property includes duck ponds, ponies, holiday cottages, and lodges.

This probably isn’t a huge shocker, but I was an odd duck growing up.

We get half of a roasted duck and a bunch of other items.

$3.50 7 p.m. — We eat a dinner of roast duck in bao buns with a side of blanched bok choy.

The worst thing for me was being in a position where I have to stand by a principle or duck and win by success.”

From chaos on the Texas border to the ‘duck boat’ disaster in Missouri, catch up on the latest headlines.

Shawkat is also starring in a new movie later this year that she co-wrote, duck Butter, which focuses on a same-sex couple.

The addition of services that duck regulatory issues is a common tactic of disruptive innovations.

Lillian arrives pretending to be Jacqueline’s downstairs neighbor, and they duck into the bathroom to come up with a plan.

Just remember — dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.

duck and cover … and remember the green.

They posed for a pic — CB went duck face, while her teach opted for a more classic “CHEESE.”

“When there’s negativity, I duck and move Papi.”

You relax the duck lips, but then, where did your left leg go?

Angus has dropped out of acting, but he could definitely pick up a gig on “duck Dynasty.”

Rocky didn’t duck the question, and sorry, Kobe — he went with LBJ!

Photographer Jo duck was there to interview the participants and capture the moment when they pushed their fully naked bodies into their respective desserts.

“Click through to see what cake-sitting looks like for yourself, and read duck‘s interviews with the subjects in the photos.

Craig Strickland, the country singer who went missing December 27 on a duck hunting trip, is dead.

“Thai duck curry would be my dream, nothing anyone in my family would possibly eat.

Murray got the Wrigley Field crowd in Daffy duck mode as he sang his rousing rendition.

duck Donuts: Free doughnut of your choice with any purchase, as well as a BOGO deal on 1/2 dozen doughnuts good through August 31.

“Because you didn’t want to play ‘duck duck Goose’ with me,” Fallon said.

Fans will recognize the cast of characters, which includes Scrooge Mcduck, his three nephews, and the dreamiest duck pilot that ever was, Launchpad McQuack.

Tony Anselmo will voice Donald duck, a role he’s had since 1986, including a run on the original duckTales.

Guests enjoyed a five-course meal that included foie gras, beef, and sole with alternative options like crispy duck egg and guinea fowl.

(Balut is hard-boiled duck embryo, in case you were wondering.)

If it looks like a reunited duck, walks like a reunited duck

Larson paired the duck skirt with a sweater that has a built-in shirt collar.

Justin Bieber was just another dude in the park Saturday afternoon in SF, yucking it up over a game of duck duck goose.

“He was a sitting duck.”

Unclear what exactly he ate … but we’re guessing he stayed away from the duck.

Emmit is the duck, quacking in the wolf’s stomach.

“When Monarch goes bust or Hurricane Irma hits the Caribbean, we can’t duck that.

A flying V/ duck refference ON TOP of a throw-back to classic Bette Midler?…

Blake and Gwen were joined by her parents, 3 sons and a spooky Donald duck at the Happiest Place on Earth.

duck emoji FTW Like entrepreneurs say — on to the next venture.

My editor offered me a spit cup, but I’ve eaten everything from duck testicles to Kylie Jenner’s sweet potato casserole.

Retired Navy Seal Don Mann backs that up and adds, a basement is ideal … but duck and cover is better than nothing.

This CES, that was the smart duck, which is, in fact, a $99 high tech rubber duck for kids.

I cook a single duck breast for myself, maybe with a side of tomatoes.

As we reported, Craig and buddy Chase Morland both died during a duck hunting trip.

I guess a favourite is the cat dressed as a shark, riding on a vacuum cleaner, chasing a duck.

Another case was reported in Austria’s Salzburg region on Thursday in a wild duck which tested positive close to the Bavarian border.

duck the haters, i believe all hate stems from jealousy.

Grilled duck and pickled green almonds.

She’d have to duck out to feed him or change his diaper when he got fussy.

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Reniesha also introduced Jidenna to hip-hop, the aesthetic and style of which he took to like a duck to water.

We’ve got a solution for that, too—braise your turkey in beer and duck fat (kind of meta, no?

The duck, however, was very, very fine.

It was not the best Chinese restaurant in the world, but its duck was something close to it.

I duck backstage for a short angry cry, then passive aggressively dump ten confetti cannons into the trash.

Dimitri Bellos, restaurant manager at Heston Blumenthal’s three Michelin-starred restaurant The Fat duck.

At The Fat duck we serve loose tea, which would probably be my favourite.

Black duck focuses on flagging non-compliant open source licences, and offers some security features as well.

Foie gras and other duck products represented only EUR117m (13.4% of group sales) in FY15.

By now, those sort of comments would be like water off a duck‘s back to GSP.

He calls it the “Dockling” (duck, duckling.

She can jump, duck, hang onto walls, and dash in eight directions.

Still feeling munchy, so I boil half-a-dozen fresh duck and chicken eggs and eat a freshly cooked duck egg!

Eat a hard-boiled duck egg, browse house tours, and catch up with minor work while hubby watches football.

Use duck duck Go if you want to look up what really happened.

As Politico correspondent Edward-Isaac Dovere notes, this seems like a fairly blatant attempt to duck a controversy.

But I don’t eat foie gras duck pie every day, either.”

Less “duck and cover” and more comprehensive conversation.

Bean duck boots are still going strong.

duck duck GooseIf you’re going to watch an animated film this summer, aim for Pixar’s masterpiece Incredibles 2.

duck duck Goose will be… fine, probably.

Like Birkenstocks, duck boots had an established cult following for years as a wet weather staple more functional than fashionable.

If you have had your eye on a pair of duck boots, this may be your year.

The Lazzarato kids were baby duck blondes with rosy cheeks, plump like little human marshmallows.

3:15 p.m. — I wake up hungry and head out to Basil, a local Thai restaurant, for soup and duck salad.

His matzo ball soup—cracker meal orbs bound with duck fat rather than traditional chicken—became legendary.

To her great fortune, the word for duck is the same in Ukrainian as it is Belarusian, and the soldier let her go.

I’m an odd duck in that although I’m a genuine sadist, I feel zero attraction to submissive men.

Andrea yelled “duck!” to those around her before she was struck in the head herself.

“He was out duck hunting, and he smelled it, and he said ‘I know that smell,'” Antoine recalled.

Yes, reporting indicates that the company may be playing duck Hunt because it could be taking aim at Bird.

Joe Ciaramelli was unlikely to be the man to break the Evo duck, but it didn’t matter.

You’re able to duck and dodge, find cover behind computer terminals, and charge at your enemies.

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