Drunk in a sentence | Use of the word drunk examples

A boozy drink does something similar, according to actual studies on drunk students.

Especially in college, where your drunk floormates are inevitably going to end up in your dorm room looking at them.

You can chill on the couch or go and dance, and you can get in with sneakers, or drunk.

He denied ever being blackout drunk.

“I remember she kept reemphasizing that they were both really drunk, that it was consensual,” the friend said.

“I’m drunk,” she texted, as saved screenshots of the messages show.

“I thought, she’s drunk right now.

I got stuck behind these two boys who were drunk.

I was scared that I’d miss out on getting drunk with my friends.

But I get drunk like everybody else.

I think when I get drunk, that’s when I get high.

This time, outfielder Cameron Maybin was arrested for drunk driving in Arizona — after going on a sad 0-16 slump in spring training.

When asked specifically if the two men were drunk during the fight — Rivers said, “They’re grown men.

The symptoms of being deprived of oxygen can mimic being drunk, Chopra explains.

In Ontario, 80 mg/100mL of blood constitutes drunk driving.

And kind of drunk.

But instead of leaving (again, desperate) I decided the best thing to do was to get really drunk.

There’s no amount of drunk or closeted that excuses or explains away assaulting a 14-year-old child.

Miles got so drunk he attracted the attention of a cop who saw him on a sidewalk, nearly falling into traffic.

They don’t heckle, they don’t come in and out (no pun intended), and they aren’t noticeably drunk.

Corrine doesn’t fully blame DeMario because he too was drunk.

“It’s hard to be easy on the drunk driving cases because the community wants to be tough on them,” Bell said.

Margery Golde, died 1297, burned to death after a night of being “drunk beyond measure”, her bed catching fire in her slumber Same, same.

If your goal is to get very drunk, you have to go far past that to get through the evening.

Basically, just the smell of alcohol can make you act drunk.

But after the parties ended, I was drunk, high, and alone.

Should the fact that a 17-year-old, presumably very drunk kid, did this, should this be disqualifying?”

A Little Pete’s employee begs to differ, telling us Donnell appeared drunk and was walking out on the tab.

We don’t want all the drunk people in London rushing in who don’t understand our values.

Ever seen a drunk intervention before?

Cops arrested Green — and say he was drunk … with a .10 blood alcohol level.

Sources close to Powe claim Karlie was drunk, and went off on him when he tried to leave the room.

He looked back in his journal, at the sloppy fragmented text he’d scrawled, and told me he was drunk all weekend.

This unnamed aggressor was allegedly a little drunk and supremely bored, so he decided to stroll into town with this large toy.

One law enforcement source told us the results are consistent with a person who was legally drunk.

‘You got four cop cars for one drunk.’

“He drank several times a week after classes at university until he was really drunk, and then came the harder drugs.”

Could a hammered drunk Michael Bisping BEAT UP a sober Georges St-Pierre???

(They were famously heckled by a drunk Jack Kerouac.)

“That is more than 1 million bottles of water that have not been drunk by you in plastic,” he said to cheers and applause.

There was a night where Lotti and I got pretty wasted and [fake drunk voice] “Why doesn’t it, man?

It wasn’t just drunk lads, middle aged sad infidels and lost divorcees coagulating by the bar.

Lindsay Lohan’s drunk video has inspired an untold number of “fans” … almost Gangnam Style!!!

It’s pretty much a granita that gets you drunk.

“I put that down to stress and went out and got really drunk that night, thinking that would get rid of it,” he recalls.

People got drunk and happy, and the pig turned out wonderfully.

Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Letroy Guion was busted for driving drunk Wednesday morning … which just so happened to be his 29th birthday.

Rapp said he had the impression that Spacey was drunk, pushed him away and left.

After Salafis, according to the report, the state targeted those who abused alcohol or drove drunk.

Often in college sexual assault cases, the trial boils down to the opposing testimony of two very drunk people.

Normally it’s just a group of people, all a bit drunk anyway, playing with each other.

Is that also the first time you got drunk?No.

Only difference is that’s not cocoa it’s vodka, and you’re both drunk and crying.

“She definitely leaves her clothes rumpled in a pile on her floor when she stumbles home drunk.

If you’re into showing up, moshing your ass off, then getting drunk on cheap wine afterwards, then this list is probably for you.

Jay-Z) / “drunk In Love” (Beyoncé feat.

Her recent legal trouble was also revealed; she was arrested for drunk driving the day her nephew’s body was found.

One night I was getting home late, a little drunk and very sad.

I ended up drunk after downing voddies and apple soors (sourz), and then ate a hundred chicken nuggets for a dare.

You can’t say, “Don’t drink,” because that won’t work, so you just say, “Don’t be drunk at work.”

Solid propellant motors are the kind of rocket engine you might give to your grandma, a small child, or a drunk to operate.

In fact, why don’t you clarify that—I was drunk that night.

Both were working out of Bellingshausen station, a remote station on an Antarctic island—Savitsky was reportedly drunk out of his mind at the time.

We’re told the alleged victim brought Cuba a water while he was partying and singing karaoke because she thought he was drunk.

“I felt like I had drunk a glass and a half of red wine.”

It took one wild drunk Indian to do this.” “Who refers to Native Americans as wild and inebriated?!

Smother it in bechamel, cheddar cheese, and a half pack of rolos for parmo, the most deliciously bizarre drunk food you’ll ever eat.

We were all pretty drunk and high, and there was still booze and drugs floating around, so the three of us continued partying.

And, as one local puts it, “It’s so stupid to drive drunk in the Hamptons.

They have police checkpoints everywhere and police are always looking for drunk drivers.”

They’re just drunk.

The loud, drunk uncle at Christmas dinner?

It’s not exactly a metaphor, but it’s also kinda funny, like a drunk bet gone awry.

If the pill is taken before drinking, it is impossible to become drunk “to the point of incapacitation,” i.e.

drunk enough to think hassling the DJ to play “Single Ladies” for “all my girls” is a good idea.

Finally, there’s the “prompt” dream, where the dreamer does feel the pleasure of getting high or drunk.

You can get drunk, too.

Toby Keith’s daughter says she and her family barely survived a horrific car crash with a drunk driver.

As she put it … “A drunk driver almost took the lives of my entire family.

We sat at the Satellite Diner in downtown Spokane, surrounded by drunk straight guys and their drunker girlfriends.

Many of the people ICE has arrested at courthouses had prior convictions (including drunk driving and drugs).

But it doesn’t logically follow that someone with a prior conviction for drunk driving is going around with a gun.

That was around the time Mel B, then 34, got her drunk and then had a 3-way with Gilles and Belafonte.

Saying no is really awkward, and depending on how drunk they are, people sometimes get hostile about it.

If you have drunk very heavily, do try and give your body—and liver, particularly—a break after a heavy session.

Remember when that drunk driver crashed into the Museum of Broken Relationships?

Turner, who was 19 at the time, and the victim were drunk following a fraternity party.

“This was not two kids having drunk sex semi-consensually.

drunk men think they’re hilarious when they make Star Wars jokes.

Someone there is already drunk.

Wofford said he couldn’t take Diddy seriously because he looked high and drunk.

“In the earlier days I was drunk all the time,” Jakes says.

Burke has since admitted to driving drunk and using the power of his badge to avoid paying a price.

Hotel staff tells TMZ … at around midnight last night, Simpson was drunk and became disruptive at the Clique bar.

You were three hours late and drunk.

Suppose, further, the president was drunk at the time.

Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson was killed this weekend after being hit by a suspected drunk driver.

Peter remembers things differently — he tells us Link was aggressively drunk, and had to be escorted from the bar by security.

I remember this one time when a friend of Kersauson—a painter, if I remember correctly—had drunk way too much.

The Coroner’s Office tells TMZ … O’Neill had fallen at home while drunk.

The drunk driver who killed Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson in February just got sentenced to 16 years in prison.

What should you say to an officer if one stops you while you are drunk in public?

If you’re being suspected of being drunk in public, say absolutely nothing.

It’s rare that law enforcement would actually go into an establishment and arrest you for being drunk in public.

Obviously people should not drive drunk.

What does a public intoxication or a drunk and disorderly charge usually result in?

Can you face jail time?It’s a misdemeanor to be under the influence in public or drunk and disorderly.

We were both drunk, he was staying at mine because he lived further away, and then it just happened.

“Our tagline is to have the best time—being drunk is when you pass that point,” says Mercer.

I’m sorry, camera, but, go home, you’re drunk.

I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid, she tells us.

How do you feel about driving around drunk teens?They are not always the worst.

They seemed to be more or less drunk all the time.

She fell asleep drunk on delivered champagne and did not stir until three or four in the morning, when her room phone started bleating.

He looked back in his journal, at the sloppy fragmented text he’d scrawled, and told me he was drunk all weekend.

Kevin Spacey allegedly stuck his hand down an 18-year-old man’s pants and grabbed his genitals after getting him drunk in 2016.

She says her son eventually met Spacey, who then allegedly bought him drinks and pounced when her son was drunk.

But relations frayed further with the subsequent arrest of a US sailor on Okinawa on suspicion of drunk driving following a car crash.

So I talked to some past RAs about their most awkward moments dealing with drunk, impressionable students.

One person had to deal with the drunk people and the other had to stop this flood from reaching the other floors.

Most of the time, weird stories start when someone’s drunk.

Regardless, I wouldn’t run for president without being exceedingly drunk the entire time.

The big-nosed “drunk Gentleman,” meanwhile, slips into full-on caricature.

One drunk mate was trying to dance to “Funkytown” when he grabbed me by the waist and thrust me up into the air.

Then a police officer arrived, pulled her from the car, and arrested her for drunk driving.

Then a police officer arrived, pulled her from the car, and arrested her for drunk driving.

In January, drunk driving charges were dropped against a different Ontario woman after police conducted an unconstitutional strip search on her.

KS: I don’t drink, and I was drunk when I landed, by the time I got out of the airport.

This might sound like a bunch of jargon and drunk mice, but the implications for humans are really promising, according to authors.

Gratuity is often included on the beach, so make sure you’re not too drunk to check before you sign.

Then in 2006, he was pulled over by a police officer for drunk driving and launched into an anti-Semitic tirade.

For me being drunk and disorderly?

Ferrying New Yorkers — sometimes drunk, sometimes sick, sometimes just in a bad mood — across the city has always been grueling and lonely work.

After a few hours of stumbling around drunk, Jameson finds his favorite table and passes out.

She said Cosby offered to mentor her and asked her to read a script, where she would play a drunk person.

Yet as we first reported, in addition to being drunk in Austin, cops say they found ecstasy pills in her sunglasses case.

And we were able to do something that is good enough to be drunk neat, although I also enjoy a good Old Fashioned.

Both men and women get drunk, and it seems like anything goes.

(A key part of Parker’s defense depended on parsing the difference between “blackout drunk” and “unconscious.”) Parker’s Oscar hopes faded away.

If people are really drunk, I can put it in perspective.

“A lot of Jones’s programming is impromptu, where he’s doing emergency broadcasts drunk in his house at 1 AM,” Carusone said.

And the first thing he says is, “Wine’s meant to be drunk.

We get drunk on the wines we serve.

I just think more people should get drunk with good wine.

One of my college friends was killed by a drunk driver.

Some drunk goalie slashed a guy in the face during a beer league hockey tournament, and now he’s going to jail.

Ishmael Gough, a 27-year-old black man from Louisville, Kentucky, was shot in 2012 by a cop who was drunk and off duty.

How about a drunk man near a very small piano?

My wife at the time decided she was drunk enough and went home, but I continued to party.

Until she quit drinking, she didn’t realize how much they played a role in her own actions when she was drunk.

Best place to get drunk for really cheap?

In the real world, the problem of drunk driving is indifferent to drunk drivers’ legal status.

And if that sounds terrible complicated to you, you’re probably drunk.

He went through a pitcher of beer on his own and drove home so drunk Mel couldn’t believe he hadn’t killed someone.

I don’t go back there, but one time, I lost my (very drunk) friend, and someone told me they last saw him there.

Cops tell TMZ Sports there was nothing at the scene to lead police to believe the 17-year-old was drunk.

Home with my family, where no one wanted to stay up until 3 am, I stopped getting drunk without effort.

Read: I Realized I Was a Cliché: A drunk Writer Who Couldn’t Write drunk

Campaigns against drunk driving have been successful because people already believe it’s risky.

Flair hit up Lucky’s Lounge in the airport before his flight — and multiple witnesses say Flair was acting like a drunk person.

Flair was treated — deemed not drunk — and was allowed to get on his flight.

It sounds a bit like we’re just making mice not want booze by getting them drunk, which isn’t the case.

Mothers Against drunk Driving got big in the 1980s, and heavy alcohol consumption dipped throughout the 1990s.

The man professes to have never drunk coffee nor eaten a strawberry.

In fact, Butina repeatedly bragged about her work as a spy for the Russian government while drunk, sources told CNN.

In fact, Butina repeatedly bragged about her work as a spy for the Russian government while drunk, sources told CNN.

And he was drunk when he was sworn in as vice president in 1865.

The doctor warned me, but to no avail: I got drunk again that night.

Great, you’re drunk on a bike.

I had many problems with people mistreating me there—one drunk guy [another refugee] was always threatening to hurt me.”

drunk, angry, and ready to fight, the two made their way to Selznick’s garden.

What were you doing one drunk night in the spring of 1982?

But of course, people who are just drunk can get that way too.

He claimed the teenagers were drunk and making noise.

Before the plane took off, flight attendants noticed he was extremely drunk.

His first order of business was to pick a fight with another indie brand, drunk Elephant, by suggesting its marula oil was too expensive.

When you’re drunk and really need a friend to give you a lift.

The video stems from an incident on Jan. 28, when officers pulled over a vehicle on suspicion of drunk driving.

The video stems from an incident on Jan. 28, when officers pulled over a vehicle on suspicion of drunk driving.

Is he drunk?

She says he was drunk and high again and they were talking about his mom’s passing the day before.

Someone called Betty is missing (I guess the man at the entrance wasn’t as random or as drunk as I thought).

A young lady who’s playing drunk offers me shots of a mysterious red drink.

“That’s why you can have a drunk person be really happy one minute, [and] the next minute they’re crying.”

Or will it devise a way to force the nerds at MIT, drunk on robotic power, to dance in retaliation?

Impaired driving penalties: B.C.’s current zero-tolerance approach for drunk driving will be extended to a zero-tolerance stance on the presence of THC.

Impaired driving penalties: In line with federal restrictions and existing laws on drunk driving and driving while high.

He’s drunk!’ Give me some insight that will make me care!” said the sophomore sage.

You do get idiot clients who come in drunk.”

In one of the 2018 movie’s more brutal moments, Jackson, drunk and bitter, calls Ally ugly.

By this point I am Bobby Brown wet lips drunk.

And drunk You almost definitely has no idea how many calories were in those four whiskey sours, which is just fine.

For Wilson, that led to “getting really drunk watching the Tour de France” and trying to race a double-decker bus on a bike.

A white cop questioned the drunk actor, and added … “That doesn’t mean he’s going to hell.”

I was just drunk all the time, not sleeping, blowing my voice out.

I was just drunk and on drugs all the time.

For just one Peruvian sol (around 30 cents), you can get drunk in Peru’s Sacred Valley.

So fewer people would be getting drunk and doing the kinds of dumb things people do while drunk.

Sometimes I would try it while drunk with friends.

We’re drunk.

The program effectively revokes people’s right to drink if a court deems it necessary after an alcohol-related offense, such as drunk driving.

She said Kavanaugh and Judge were drunk and that she had a beer.

Although he says Azealia was drunk and out of control, he said on “TMZ Live” Russell did indeed spit at her.

Still, getting drunk on a budget can be hard.

A passenger also complained James appeared drunk.

It’s easy, refreshing, and you won’t be drunk after just one round.

We want to go to shows, we want to get drunk, you know?

drunk History gives attention and voice to some of history’s undervalued players—including women and people of color.

Roe gives the example of Masala tea, a spicy brew drunk across India despite the country’s hot clime.

How about having said beer can emit the piercing cry of a bald eagle each and every time it’s drunk from?

Alejandro Toledo, a former President of Peru, was arrested in San Mateo, Calif. for being drunk in public.

In a post-9/11 world, we’re really discouraged from letting people get overly drunk.

Generally speaking, people in first class handle their liquor a lot better—generally, you’re going to find the crazy-ass drunk passengers in coach.

I’ve never seen it done, but if they suspect that you’re drunk and working, it can happen.

By the time playtime is over, Kensington has drifted to sleep, drunk from the champagne.

No need to add “drunk” to the mix.

The 57-year-old was pulled over in Hendricks County — and officers suspected he was drunk.

He was previously popped for drunk driving in 2007 and 2011.

He offers to drive me home, but we end up getting drunk and going to his place.

Hart is a podcaster and the YouTube star behind My drunk Kitchen.

When you look at him, this guy looks like an old drunk.

He says Stedman accused him of being drunk, and pulled the plug after that.

Unruh claims Spacey got her 18-year-old son drunk at a bar, stuck his hand inside her son’s pants and grabbed his genitals.

Carey, 25, had been charged with drunk driving and resisting arrest.

Or are you just barely awake, drunk on rib fat and rum?

But then Rob decided I wasn’t drunk enough and challenged me to a spin anyways.

In 1976, less than 20 years later, a drunk driver killed him on his 50th birthday near his home in Topanga Canyon.

He had the mug his hand but had drunk all of the honey tea.

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.Halfway through dinner, I realize she’s drunk.

Except that my date, Alice, is drunk.

He was constantly drunk, constantly stoned, constantly high, and violent.

The show date happened to coincide with her high school graduation, so she showed up alone and drunk from the afternoon celebrations.

Yodkovsky got drunk before everyone else.

Saturday night when you’ll get as drunk as your fifteen year old mind allows.

This could be neglect or abuse, or a parent coming home drunk all the time or beating the other parent.

McLean is standing by his fellow Backstreet Boy … saying there’s no deep mystery behind Nick Carter’s arrest — dude just got drunk.

Where did you first get drunk?I was too young to remember.

Waste means I’ll interview Salt, the town drunk whose father guards waste for a living.

Officials also took on drunk driving by passing laws that raised the drinking age, and prioritizing police resources to catch drunk drivers.

got drunk, made some trap shit, mainstream shit.

Comedian Erik Griffin got into it with a drunk heckler during his stand-up act and things turned violent.

“But apparently Bob Dylan was once sitting at the corner of the bar over there, and he got drunk and obnoxious.

and followed up with a blood test; when those results proved that he wasn’t drunk, he was free to go.

You’ll recall his friend Ryan Dunn was killed while drunk driving in 2011.

Ford has alleged that Kavanaugh was “visibly drunk” when the assault occurred.

After all, when someone lands a punch on an obnoxious drunk in a bar, he isn’t making a subtle comment.

Both Ford and Ramirez claim he was excessively drunk during the two incidents.

He looks red-faced, like he’s drunk, and everybody is just looking at him.No one else is dancing?

When Klobuchar asked him about his teenage drinking, he threw the question back at her, asking her whether she had ever been blackout drunk.

So Trump could try and have Mueller shit-canned for coming to work drunk, or something like that.

He’s drunk.

It showed her slurring her speech as if she were drunk.

I was so drunk that I could hardly walk.

After I finished, I felt literally drunk and stumbled around my Airbnb, clutching the egg of my yogurt-filled stomach.

The report details that they had been arguing all vacation and that Jackson had a tendency to be “violent” when drunk.

Employees at two nearby delis apparently refused to lend the panicked father—who may have been drunk to the point of incoherence—a phone.

drunk Americans getting mugged isn’t too odd of a story.

Kim Taylor Bennett really misses getting drunk in the LDN parks in the summer.

My cousins are watching television in the living room with my uncles, all of whom are either tipsy, drunk, or getting there.

In most of the paparazzi photos of her and Lauren Conrad leaving nightclubs in the mid-2000s, Heidi says, she was blackout drunk.

(Some versions of this story end with the party falling apart halfway through because everyone was too drunk to continue.)

THE BREAKDOWN: This parody of the superhero movie industrial complex is essentially one big reference next to a drunk middle finger.

Women are cast as wives and girlfriends only, portrayed as drunk hangers-on who complain while their partner lives out his extended childhood.

I have only had one bad experience and that was with a very drunk client.

You can get drunk, right?

Do I expect I’ll get really drunk from trading stuff for drinks?

By bartering, I’ve provided for my friend and my photographer, who are properly drunk.

But they’re doing it when they’re drunk a lot of the time.

Cops suspected 22-year-old Herndon was drunk and administered a field sobriety test — which he bombed.

South Dakota runs a program called 24/7 Sobriety as a non-jail alternative offered to people arrested for alcohol-involved crimes, primarily repeat drunk driving.

The initial program evaluation showed big effects on future drunk driving by program participants (down 50 percent over the following two years).

But the drunk driving results alone, which are amply demonstrated and easy to understand, more than justify the very modest costs of the program.

Just 15 minutes away by car, the Tzotzil men in Zinacantán dance, becoming increasingly drunk as the minutes pass.

I loved the regulars, the alcoholics who started drinking beer and genever at 4 PM until they were all drunk.

Other parents were barred from being reunited for less serious violations, such as drunk driving convictions.

Our bodies have been manipulated from mid-30-year-old drunk men to Jessica Rabbit.

Rodman also disputes claims he was drunk during the situation.

Under “Contact and Basic Info” — “DJ, sexy, drunk, zumba, dance and exercise, sometime had fun time.”

There were two drunk dudes yelling at each other, who were soon cut off and thrown out.

Montae was booked for assault and battery, and drunk in public.

“I will be gracious out there,” Mellie says later, drunk on champagne and lying in a bathtub.

I mean to be out there and not drunk.

Heineken is hoping to tap into what it believes is an increasing desire among consumers for beer that will not get them drunk.

Entrenched cultural beliefs about the effects of alcohol have a profound effect on how people act while drunk, too.

One study, for example, found that the more a man believed alcohol increased aggression, the more likely he was to become violent while drunk.

Louie: So, will drunk driving be acceptable?

“Max sounded distressed, but not hysterical or drunk,” Bashkov wrote.

Maybe do a few ‘shotskis,’ get a bit drunk, and then go home.

They had all heard of it, but none had drunk it, except one.

Because I skipped breakfast and cycled in to make room for my midday three-course extravaganza, I am by now feeling pretty drunk.

Don’t get drunk.

Just as they can go to the frat party without a second thought, get drunk with their friends, walk home alone.

I’m not saying that no one’s ever done a scene drunk on Mad Men.

She recounted two stories of drunk passengers who had, out of kindness, given her generous tips.

We were both drunk, the difference is I did not take off your pants and underwear, touch you inappropriately, and run away.

“Boyaryshnik” bath oils are more often drunk for their alcohol content than used for their nominal purpose, according to Nikishin.

Freshman year, I thought it was funny; I was always getting more drunk than my friends and doing really crazy things.

Andrea’s advice — drunk or not — even gets Kimmy to confront her own refusal to deal with what happened to her.

“Me getting drunk faster from starving myself, that was just a bonus point.

Me getting drunk faster from starving myself, that was just a bonus point.

People know they’re going to get a hangover and still get drunk.

Sometimes, it’s due to substances…but just people who are very drunk can turn totally crazy.

And then her next move was, “Well, the girl shouldn’t have been drunk.

When the Highway Patrol arrived to the scene, Bonnar was so drunk that he was passed out in the front seat.

El Pana insulted other bullfighters, did stints in jail, and showed up too drunk to fight.

Medical staff also responded to the scene and determined nothing was medically abnormal, he was just drunk.

Uber drivers will often see people at their very worst: drunk, angry, late, and entitled.

“I’d rather drive 4 drunk college kids than 1 drunk middle-aged man any day.”

I had a drunk man touch the back of my neck while I was driving too.

The drunk college kids just want to put music on and take selfies.

I’d rather driver 4 drunk college kids than 1 drunk middle-aged man any day.”

Maualuga’s been in trouble with the law before — he pled guilty to drunk driving stemming from a 2010 incident.

She was drunk, she recalls, and they arrested her for making a domestic violence threat.

Throughout his testimony last Thursday, Kavanaugh insisted he’d never drunk alcohol to the point of blacking out.

Throughout his testimony last Thursday, Kavanaugh insisted he’d never drunk alcohol to the point of blacking out.

France was booked for drunk driving and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

They drink to get drunk and not for taste—but one beer every night doesn’t hurt.

I used to get drunk more often, but since I got married, not as much.

Now I drink beer in a different way, to enjoy it rather than to get drunk.

Update: The driver in the Times Square car crash was not drunk, but may have been under the influence of other drugs.

If it’s just a drunk driving incident, maybe it’ll get some traction for the day, but not much after.

(It later turned out that the driver was not drunk, but may have had other drugs in his system.)

In 1981, drunk driving killed more than 21,000 people.

It’s kind of like a shawarma and is basically the salvation of drunk people the world over.

There’s nothing like passing out drunk at your own house/yard and waking up to a ten-hour slow roasted pig.

The girls only smoke when they’re drunk.

It was later reported that Usman was a government employee at the time and was also allegedly drunk during his flight.

The couple was drunk and hooking up at a party when Jessica passes out.

They’ve drunk too much or taken too many drugs.

The classic thing which happens a lot is that drunk people buy a toastie and then don’t even eat it.

Jessica all of sudden feels slightly too drunk, she wobbles, and leans against the wall.

I am getting drunk I think.

I haven’t been drunk since 2002.

2212: I have drunk 13 glasses of Prosecco.

“He was like, ‘You have a lot of ideas when you’re drunk, but that’s a good one,'” Avery remembers.

Between 2010 and 2014, he was arrested several times on charges related to drunk driving, and entered rehab multiple times.

“Tobacco was sniffed, chewed, eaten, drunk, smeared over bodies, used in eye drops and enemas, and smoked.

Cops say the woman, who is in her late 30s, appeared to be drunk and claimed she entered Justin’s room by mistake.

He had a hard time because he was so drunk, and because I was wearing a one-piece bathing suit under my clothes.

That’s because in Iowa, it is not only illegal to drive under the influence, but also to be drunk in a public place.

drunk teenagers playing seven minutes in heaven” is how Fox News commentator Stephen Miller described it.

They’re not going to say politically charged things or get drunk at a party.

I was drunk on the warm summer, the good company, and a bottle of amazing red.

Suspecting he was drunk, the police had him take a breathalyzer test.

The National Transportation Safety Board has long recommended the more strict checks on drunk driving.

The National Transportation Safety Board has long recommended the more strict checks on drunk driving.

And the man, James said, who got him drunk, took him to a hotel room, and assaulted him when James was 15.

For the record, almost 10,000 people were killed in America by drunk drivers in 2010 — the overwhelming majority of them by American citizens.

The most threatening moment came when the town drunk briefly contemplated dropping his trousers in a supermarket parking lot.

It looks so silly now, but you kinda have to be there when everyone is drunk.

Everybody knows this, but sometimes a drunk, broken heart overcomes a drunk mind, and such phone calls are placed.

Such is the case of Alec Petrus in his new track “drunk.”

— Whether Brad was drunk at the time.

Sources connected with Brad tell TMZ he was drunk at the time of the incident.

Me: “I got too drunk on those once and now I can’t drink cranberry juice at all.”

Dad was still using alcohol and drugs, and he would come home drunk and fight with my mom.

If you’re drunk and trying to find your keys, this is fine.

Blair, reeling from a breakup with her longtime boyfriend, gets drunk and goes out partying with Chuck.

We were pretty sure number two was going to be, “we were drunk,” but we’ll take Jarnit-Bjergsø’s word for it.

I’ve drunk 7Up before.

“You need to be aware of the fact that people are strolling around with drunk, infantile baby brains.

She was super drunk that she didn’t know what she was doing.

I’ve been drunk at times too, so I understand,” Lars admits.

No one wants to wait for an hour, especially not when you’re a little drunk.

“To be honest, I was drunk for most of it.”

“It’s always better than drunk sex.

“I once had a guest who had drunk the whiskey and then peed in the bottle, closed it, and put it back.

I think I can count on my hands the times that I’ve been drunk.

I’m drunk!

We’re gonna get drunk and see what happens.

I wasn’t drunk, but I acted drunk.

Los Angeles bassist, singer, and producer Thundercat has announced the details of his third LP, drunk, out Feb. 24 on Brainfeeder.

It’s awful, let me just say, and they were mostly drunk … What did they talk to you about?

… which I love, too, those are my two favorite things: Techies who acknowledge me and drunk techies who acknowledge me.

drunk Tracklist: 1.

drunk, overeating Scandinavians.

When we retire to our cabin the drunk Swedish woman passes us again.

I want to stress that because alcohol creates violence, and I’ve seen great people cut somebody’s head off drunk.

“Friends don’t let friends drive drunk,” goes the old public service announcement slogan.

The money will be donated to the AZ chapter of Mothers Against drunk Driving.

“The feeling is the stock market resembles a drunk at the top of a hill,” Baumohl said.

It was always a battle—people couldn’t leave my club drunk or they’d get arrested.

How do you stop people leaving a club drunk?With difficulty.

A group of young US soldiers, who were apparently drunk, drove an army car through a traffic jam, causing a massive accident.

“The flask doesn’t matter once you are drunk” reads an inscription by Alfred de Musset on the ceramic bottles.

They never got along and when his father sent Owsley to military school, he got everybody drunk and was thrown out.

Katz told CBS that Ford had consumed a beer but was not drunk.

Distilled from leftover grape dregs, the highly alcoholic brandy began life in the 12th century, drunk by peasants in Europe’s winemaking regions.

“You’re lucky I wasn’t drunk tonight,” Dam said to Frances and Boom.

He’s way drunk but let’s slip that he’s a procurement manager at a very large, very flush government contractor.

How did that come about?I was drunk.

“These are teenagers who evidently were drunk, according to her own statement.

They were drunk,” he told a local radio show.

“I felt drunk after eating a full dinner and dessert at my in laws.

It’s all very schmaltzy, all very ridiculous, and all very fun to half-watch while you’re a little bit drunk on eggnog.

I suppose the lesson I learned is: Don’t do it drunk.

We got drunk one night, and I said, “I’ll just get it tattooed,” and I did.

Shane Smith would show up drunk at an advertiser’s conference.

Not just tipsy, like on the ground rolling around drunk.

Cops say he was drunk and illegally in possession of prescription oxycodone pills.

“And me being drunk, I wasn’t in my right state of mind.

They’ll just get drunk!

Find out how to get high on mugwort and which plant could make you a less awful drunk.

You’re not looking to get drunk off these florets.

Deborah Ramirez said that Kavanaugh was drunk when he exposed himself to her and pushed his genitals in her face.

We, after all, readily acknowledge that with drunk driving.

We all know that drunk driving is bad because drinking inhibits a person’s ability to drive.

But we also know that it’s part of what makes alcohol dangerous — for drunk driving, violent crimes in general, and, yes, sexual assault.

Look, you’re gonna get drunk this weekend.

(Since this was only for testing purposes, the drivers didn’t face arrest, unless they were drunk.)

Thor’s habits point toward addiction, as he remains viciously drunk throughout the majority of the film.

His cowriter Stephen McFeely added: “He just got drunk and fat.”

One was Mothers Against drunk Drivers, and the other was the movement to reduce cigarette smoking in public.

Mad Sweeney, a leprechaun, is a belligerent drunk.

He was a drunk and probably other things too.

However, not long after, Burnett, 23, received a $40 itemized invoice of everything she had eaten and drunk during the date.

Late at night everyone’s eating wursts at the train station before they go home after they’re drunk as hell.

You were young, nervous, possibly drunk.

By the time we started, I was totally drunk and didn’t notice that the artist was also quite drunk.

I’d say no if they were too drunk or demanding on the phone.

It has partnered with Mothers Against drunk Driving to encourage individuals to use Uber after drinking alcohol.

GSP responded by saying Bisping was still drunk … like GSP accused him of the last time they faced off.

In this way, conscious gathering could help address issues such as drunk driving or alcohol-related sexual assault, Warrington said.

Slightly less funny: A few hours later when the curlers got drunk and threw the rock into the power generator.

Sometimes, though, we drink because we want to get drunk.

And there’s no finer way of getting really drunk really quickly than the humble Jägerbomb.

This is presumably due to the fact that both its components, drunk alone, taste like utter shit.

In it, the woman says she saw male students “get a female student blind drunk” and then try to take advantage of her.

And after that, we’re pretty certain that the vast majority of America will be getting drunk.

“Everyone just called it the drunk bus.” Some stories I heard were much darker.

Very, very, super, ultra drunk.

It can unite us, and all the other corny shit you slur when you’re drunk.

Oklahoma Watch reports that the 16-year-old victim was falling-down drunk and slipping in and out of consciousness, according to witnesses who were there.

Vaughn directs movies like he’s drunk a whole pot of coffee, then started snapping his fingers while muttering, “Cool.

One resident was David Carlson, who was later described by police as drunk, disorderly, and threatening.

I take pride in everything I cook, even if it’s three in the morning and I’m drunk.”

One resident was David Carlson, who was later described by police as drunk, disorderly, and threatening.

Best not to do your interviews drunk, bro.

My dad once kept us up from midnight until 6 AM because somebody left the butter out—and because he was a drunk.

In a fair world, Carl philosophized, I’d say rat out the drunk.

Stan stares at the floor, eyes like a drowsing drunk‘s.

Yes, he was drunk tweeting.

On the anniversary of the accident, I have what I call Leg Day where I get my friends so drunk they can’t walk.

We spoke to the guy running shibuyameltdown, Thom O’Brien, about the ethics and hilarity of photographing drunk people.

– Lauren, 25 “Friend cut my hair off drunk.”

VICE: Are you doing this because drunk people are funny?Thom: Yeah, for some reason it’s the funniest thing in the world.

They’re not drunk; they’re just getting a rest in.

But most of the people on your Instagram are drunk right?Yeah, I’d say more of them are drunk than anything else.

Some drunk comes flying down this road, he’ll hit ya before he sees ya,” he tells them.

She was calling my drunk father home from the pub!

Then Lochte, while still drunk, went on NBC with Billy Bush, and retold the whole lie.

Judge is the author of a 1997 memoir titled “Wasted: Tales of a Gen X drunk,” which recounts his experiences as a teenage alcoholic.

You can’t race a horse drunk.

It meant wanting to be around people more and to have the thrill of getting drunk and making out.

Williams — who was arrested early Wednesday morning when cops say he was driving drunk in the Big Easy.

Lawson is currently on probation stemming from his 2015 drunk driving case in Denver — but the Denver Probation Dept.

The Anchored Inn will remain open, doing the glorious work of keeping the punks fed and drunk.

Games erupted, competition, laughter, praise given and drunk in, dancers admiring each other’s length, each other’s power and energy.

One night in 2009, drunk at a local pub, he had the idea to transform a shed in his backyard into a music venue.

I was drunk.

Most of the time they are drunk in the back seat of my car — how would they know if I was tired or not?”

I was drunk.

“If I was drunk enough I would do that,” she said.

Bradac was also popped for drunk driving last month.

We were on a business trip and were a little drunk.

Given their status as the UK’s most popular drunk food, kebabs hold a special place in British cuisine.

Mac Miller is locked up after allegedly crashing his car while he was drunk and then fleeing the scene.

They went to his home and we’re told he confessed to driving drunk and fleeing the scene.

So I just got, like, time-travel drunk.

I won’t say who it was with, but two of the other artists were very drunk.

I’d go out and get really drunk and have sex with people that I shouldn’t have been.

I wasn’t feeling it, but it felt like a small price to pay to hear a few more pearls of her drunk wisdom.

A campaign official for Mr Trump afterwards suggested the attacker was drunk.

Initially, the department said it was responding to reports of drunk teenagers, and officers said they thought they’d heard gunshots.

Schnitzel is the drunk food you never knew you needed.

You subdue some a**hole drunk that was threatening waiters then tries to swing on you.”

When my girlfriend and I were in London last week, a drunk man accosted us at a pub.

When you look into the eyes of the average attendee, drunk at 1 PM on a weekday, you see nothing, only yourself staring back.

You can get drunk, too.

Sometimes when I’m drunk or bored or a combination of both I’ll just start messaging people or let my friends message people.

One night, Tully encourages Marlo to drive them both while drunk, which ends with Marlo crashing her car.

That, alongside the impulsive drunk driving incident, makes me think that Marlo is probably manic.

Me, sitting in Soho House (your choice) with you, a drug dealer-cum-painter/decorator-cum art history student, drunk out of my mind.

Getting high and drunk!

Take the drunk fighting octopus hook for example.

Untouched by gentrification, Los Famosos Equipales remains a cheap place to get drunk at.

Everyone will be bundled up, hopefully drunk, or both.

It was awesome.Are there any cities you’ve played where you haven’t gotten drunk?

Question: How drunk is too drunk at a hockey game?

“I only smoke when I’m drunk.”

They were drunk on Vardy, high on Mahrez, and Kante was the mistletoe.

“I never saw him coming in here with a weapon, I never saw him drunk.”

Officers found him nearby a short time later and say he was drunk and initially refused to cooperate.

Here’s something Moore is rarely praised for: She’s one of the best actors in TV history at playing drunk.

Moore understands that many drunk people don’t immediately collapse into being slobs.

I perused Clinique, Sephora, K-Beauty, drunk Elephant, and Ole Henriksen, and, each time, she was fewer than five steps away from me.

“I mean, the truth is I got drunk with some friends who said they would study psychology so I said I would too.

Generally, after five regions, the crowd starts getting a little drunk, presenting less of a threat to the President.

Our sources say Hayden denies having been drunk.

“For example, Asians can become literally drunk faster that other ethnicities because their liver enzymes are also different.

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