Drinks in a sentence | Use of the word drinks examples

The dancer leaps onto the judges’ table, sending drinks spilling everywhere.

The End wants Starbucks to stop using Unicorn on all its drinks and pay up for stealing it.

The New York Times has reported that Google funded a $50,000 drinks and schmoozing event earlier in January aimed at wooing Republican lawmakers.

Join us for Cosmic Nights, a monthly dance party celebrating the sign of the season—think themed food, drinks, music, and magical surprises.

The box-car children’s father drinks himself to death on page one, and the children are traumatized by losing their parents.

Conversely, commercials promoting fast food and soft drinks often feature African Americans.

We needed to have a couple of drinks to get comfortable with the situation—it was a bit awkward at first.

He was my road manager—making sure there were drinks onstage and that the turntables were working, making sure that I made my flight.

Do you have to get drinks after work?

Tim eventually taught me how to make drinks.

The first times I played I always needed a few drinks to calm my nerves because my hands would shake so hard.

Burly men sip well drinks from straws on wooden benches while others, naked except for harnesses, swarm the dancefloor, swaying under red lights.

They were your psychologist, your directory, an everyman or woman who could help with most anything while pouring drinks.

Especially when we’re making sophisticated drinks, cocktails that—between measuring ingredients, shaking, replacing shaken ice with new ice, garnishing—take a couple minutes each.

The best dives still do buy-backs, a practice entirely forgotten in faux dives in which the bartender gives loyal customers drinks on the house.

But if Republicans and Democrats can’t get together over awkward first-date drinks, how will the parties ever get along?

We paired those with the drinks which reduce gastric noises.

I have a couple of drinks one evening—during the Fanfest’s semi-notorious pub crawl—with a few veteran players.

Lounges are exclusive areas where you can enjoy seats, an internet connection, food, drinks, and sometimes other amenities.

He’s no stranger to sharing mile-high drinks with his friends as well.

Join us for Cosmic Nights, a monthly dance party celebrating the sign of the season—think themed food, drinks, music, and magical surprises.

There’s this one angry dude who drinks Diet Coke and scribbles angrily into a yellow legal pad.

We’re told they walked out with matching drinks — 2 small Aloha Pineapple smoothies, plus an order of oatmeal.

(In this case, “fruit drinks” refers to processed juices with added sugars.)

But the data suggests that Americans are finding new ways to pack calories into their diet through other sugary drinks.

They drink juice drinks with added sugars,” said Nestle.

These juices drinks — like bottled cranberry or grape juices — are basically sugar water with artificial flavors and little nutritional benefit.

A handful of countries are moving to tax sugary drinks in an effort to fight obesity.

Berkeley, California, has a tax on sugary drinks, but it also excludes sweetened milk products and 100 percent juices.

Soda companies in the UK are considering legal action over the tax on the basis of discrimination, since the tax excludes other sugary drinks.

Special foods and drinks.

Everybody drinks coffee and wants to buy you a coffee.

These man-made chemicals can leach from the containers or wrappings into the food and drinks they’re holding — especially when they’re heated.

This childless archetype codes all night, drinks Soylent at his desk, and beats impossible deadlines.

And no clever ad for soft drinks is going to do anything to change that.

I averaged 3.74 drinks per day.

Police allege Port killed his victims with drinks spiked with large doses of GHB.

A class action lawsuit against Starbucks is seeking $5 million in damages over the key difference between hot drinks and cold drinks: ice.

This is a silly lawsuit; it implies, among other things, that customers don’t realize that ice takes up space in drinks.

Waiting for our drinks, Pope says, “This is my Paris.

After throwing the drinks back, the participants were asked to spend 30 minutes completing tasks on a computer.

“It’s full of betrayal.” Then he rolls a joint and drinks some wine.

Energy drinks have been tied to all manner of health problems, including irregular heartbeat, seizures, and even sudden cardiac deaths.

The root of the problem, according the Florida doctors, was the high levels of niacin—also known as Vitamin B3—commonly found in energy drinks.

It’s like, neither of us drinks.

The poplar wood lid is split so you can lift each side individually, and when closed, makes a handy table for your drinks.

Glastonbury has banned the sale of water, soft drinks and alcohol in plastic bottles this year.

Much of Starbucks’ recent growth has been in cold drinks.

Over the last five years, Starbucks went from cold drinks making up 37% of sales to more than 50% of sales.

Some flower-infused drinks taste like shower products.

Oh, and he admitted to having beer and mixed drinks before getting behind the wheel.

The couches and custom-built pods for guests were dirty from spilled drinks and the carpet had holes in it.

“Let’s talk,” Fujimoto recalled the future leader saying over drinks on his father’s private train.

Guys who like to have a couple drinks and have a good party.

It really disturbed us,” said Godfried, one of the few monks who also drinks the beer.

In reality, he prefers to get his kicks from a combination of energy drinks, nicotine patches and fortified wine.

Today, the gas stations are the major hubs for locals, stuffed to the brim with junk food and sugary drinks.

Join us for Cosmic Nights, a monthly dance party celebrating the sign of the season—think themed food, drinks, music, and magical surprises.

In the end, we had a few drinks so we’d have liquid courage, and went back to my place.

He also drinks plenty of water.

Remember, serving drinks is still a blue-collar job.

I’m doing this because my soul is calling me to it, not to get free drinks or have my photo taken.

It’ll cost you drinks, though.

People visited his fairy-making factory, stayed to enjoy the atmosphere, and began requesting snacks and drinks.

One of the signature drinks, Smoke in a Bottle No.

“Treat a group of friends to drinks or a taco truck adventure.

I’ve always wanted to say ‘drinks on me!’” —Reshanda Yates, owner of All’s Clear Window Washing in New Orleans 34.

Then the the drinks got stronger and more frequent.

You enjoy your “four vanilla protein drinks“, Justin.

I’ve always really been excited about pairing food with drinks.

“Just stop by his house for one round of drinks with the parents.” It was a punch to the gut.

“They were lovely guys, we ended up chatting about beer and going for drinks all night long,” says Swain.

He would have gone from “Dart Guy” to “Dart Guy Powered By Monster Energy drinks.”

Brown-Forman, which also sells tequila and other drinks, generates about half its revenue domestically, a quarter in Europe and a quarter elsewhere.

Expect a family feast with tonnes of fun snacks, tacos and comp wine and fermented drinks.

During Spring Rush in February, 2017, sophomore Tim Piazza died after an initiation ritual that forced him to drink 18 drinks in 82 minutes.

In a couple, if one drinks mate, both drink mate.

Four young men sat at the bar mostly in silence sipping from mixed drinks.

But there’s actually some debate as to the overall cooling effect and effectiveness of cold drinks.

Cold drinks shut that trigger off.

If you have ten drinks, are you are significantly reducing your risk by having two less?

Arnaud films movie clips and drinks alcohol in an adult and responsible way.

I learn that giving my real name for my drink is often a real risk of public mispronunciation and lost drinks.

New excise taxes on tobacco, alcohol and sugary drinks would be introduced.

The drinks, many of them made with fresh juices, are not messing around either.

Expect acrobatics, plenty of costumed revelers, and solid, cheap drinks.

VICE: Let’s say you’re out with friends, walking from one bar to the next, and you’ve had a few drinks.

Obviously, you can’t bring drinks on the ferris wheel, so I asked him if he would hold my cup.

As for the DUI — Ashley admits she does mix extra strong drinks at home sometimes … which doesn’t seem like the greatest defense.

You need to try to cut down to ten drinks a week.” I remember thinking, Well, that’s impossible.

Starbucks is facing a $5 million lawsuit over the amount of ice the chain uses in its drinks, NBC News reports.

We all have our favourite haunts and our go-to drinks, but if we asked an expert: “Where would you go?”

“But another thing they could do is separately categorized galleries for each meal, such as breakfast, brunch, dinner, drinks, etc.”

The drinks come in plastic margarita glasses the size of small hubcaps.

I’ve been known to stir drinks with my finger,” said Richter.

They’re all about what food tastes good with drinks,” Kaplan said.

“The company would not accept regulations on the price of soft drinks,” said one of the sources.

She says her son eventually met Spacey, who then allegedly bought him drinks and pounced when her son was drunk.

They market their sugary drinks and snacks to children.

We’re told Jamie and Katie had a few drinks and were super tight the whole night.

Robert “Bingo” Bingochea, a flight attendant with United Airlines, readily drinks the coffee and told Business Insider he trusted the water’s cleanliness.

Another flight attendant said that whether or not he drinks the water depends on the time of year.

drinks, snacks, and music by Jennifer Loveless will follow.

Still, I never lost my personal connection with the producers of my ingredients and drinks.

You’re at happy hour after a long day at the office, having drinks with a co-worker.

Barfly’s: Going up the staircase to Barfly’s might feel like an American Gladiator challenge if you’ve already had a few drinks.

Unlike vending machines in many other countries, those in Japan sell everything from drinks to ramen to floral arrangements.

I hate the sloshing of drinks on the sticky dancefloor, and the drunks drinking them, the awful soundsystems and even worse music.

What’s more, the vast majority of the snacks and drinks featured through these sponsorships is overwhelmingly unhealthy.

He hangs out at the depot, he weighs the odd package, and he probably drinks lots of tea in the meantime.

It looks like we’re sitting in an airport without drinks because security wouldn’t let photographer Bekky Lonsdale shoot inside the Starbucks, idk.

[Our drinks arrive] That looks nice.

More than half of the beverages being marketed were sugar-sweetened — most commonly, full-calorie soda, followed by diet soda and sports drinks.

This month, the floundering fast-food chain plans to offer free drinks for high school students and free meals for kids under 12 every Sunday.

Walsh declined to comment on who was the heaviest drinker or who drinks more between the House and the Senate.

I came to in the back of his car extremely intoxicated (from drinks he had given me that night).

But not everyone who drinks to excess blacks out.

As a general rule, though, the more a person drinks, the more likely they are to experience blackouts.

I wondered if she’d gone down the same path I had: skunk and soft drinks.

Stuff like cookies, chips, energy drinks, coupons for free burgers and ice cream—I was even getting free frozen dinners.”

The scheme began back in 2009, when Joseph and Adriana Shayota were legally contracted to sell 5-Hour Energy drinks in Mexico.

I understand these drinks hold appeal for some.

No one has yet said whether those cases resulted from the real or the fake drinks.

This means ordering drinks and appetizers as well as over-tipping and writing kind notes.

Cobia represents Gloria Deason, who accused Moore of supplying her with alcoholic drinks when she was 18, below the legal drinking age.

So kids drink, and booze is the self-medication of choice, along with energy drinks.

So in some ways, speed and coffee and energy drinks are really encouraged [in Japanese culture] because they get the job done.

They define binge drinking as five or more drinks during one social occasion for men, and four for women.

Across the country, a growing number of practices offer patients cushy amenities like aromatherapy, blankets, massage chairs, noise-canceling headphones, light snacks, and espresso drinks.

Ditto for the US, where the nutritional guidelines limit women to one drink per day and men to two drinks per day.

“She only drinks one type of makgeolli,” he tells me, “boksoondoga sonmakgeolli, the Champagne of makgeolli.”

Welcome to Actually, a safe space for us to share our deeply-held but likely-unpopular opinions about food and drinks.

Bartending robots are a favorite stunt for cruises and Vegas gimmicks, slinging drinks with mechanical arms and slick lighting.

Sugary drinks offer little or no nutritional advantage but will definitely fatten your waistline and shrink your wallet.

They resent you going out with your office friends for a few drinks at Happy Hour.

“Before craft gin drinks came around, the gins that we had were all imported gins.

Near the cash registers were bottles of water, winter fruit drinks, and various snacks—including jars of delicious-looking lingonberry jam.

No time for drinks, meals out or hobbies.

Low-income African Americans and Hispanics tend to consume higher levels of sugary drinks compared with white Americans.

It sucked saying no to Friday night drinks because of 18-mile Saturday morning runs.

The food and drinks don’t even have to be good—people will go for the experience of Vanderpump Rules’ extended Marvel universe.

I take bets on how long it will take to receive our drinks.

I recall this to my friends and we laugh nervously, watching Sandoval himself deliver drinks to a nearby table.

The owner delivering drinks?

My anxious brain grasps at details around me as we wait 32 minutes for our eight drinks.

Croupiers sit in contemplative silence, destined to forever smell of strong straight cigarettes and spilled drinks.

You won’t see any heart-rate monitors, power gels or energy drinks here.

Staffers confirmed Odom ordered 3 Remy Martin drinks and paid for them himself.

A growing industry normalizes the disease with lotions, supplements, medications, magazines, and food and drinks that cater to a diabetic population.

We’ve had the exact same number of drinks all night, but I’m significantly drunker than he is.

The alcohol industry followed the money and began marketing drinks to the new generation of working women.

We both buy new drinks.

Countless gym memberships, fitness tracking devices, sports drinks, and workout videos have been sold on this promise.

The first time it happened to me, I was at birthday drinks for a white friend.

Welcome to Actually, a safe space for us to share our deeply-held but likely-unpopular opinions about food and drinks.

On the show, Jerry drinks extremely rarely (with some exceptions, as in “The Red Dot,” when he enjoyed Scotch).

Check out the video — Christy McGinity Gibel and Terra Jole are the main combatants … screaming at each other before unloading their full drinks.

The pubs and drinks units brought about a fifth of Woolworths’ pre-tax profit in 2018, its annual report shows.

drinks, snacks, tissues, a pad of paper, pen, phone—everything.

Now they have to use their key cards to access drinks, too.

And, yes, Bingochea drinks the airplane coffee.

He drinks up to, but no more than, four beers between the hours of noon and 8 pm.

Draw your afternoon drinks!

As the plane reaches cruising altitude, Bingochea makes his way through the aisles with drinks, greeting every passenger like an old friend.

Join us for Cosmic Nights, a monthly dance party celebrating the sign of the season—think themed food, drinks, music, and magical surprises.

He’s described as the kind of kid who drinks and drives a black Camaro.

“I’m very skeptical about supplements in general, especially ‘functional drinks‘,” nutritionist Lauren Bartell Weiss told me.

$3 to get in included two free drinks.

The pilot of the “thirsty” aircraft maneuvers a probe into a basket at the end of the hose and “drinks” fuel.

We’re told Jordyn rarely drinks, but when she does … it usually ends badly.

“The price was friendly for locals and it fit perfectly into everyday life, with friends gathering for drinks.

Meaning: I have two drinks and I’m D-O-N-E.

Home would be his family’s farm in Tuscany, where he drinks wine from their 200-year-old winery, reads, and rides his eight horses.

But they have a lot of fun drinks, too.

Home would be his family’s farm in Tuscany, where he drinks wine from their 200-year-old winery, reads, and rides his eight horses.

I don’t 100% judge a place by that, but if it’s supposed to have great mixed drinks, I will.

Wiger: I wouldn’t be surprised if they are under-pouring some of these drinks, but also they’re not giving you premium brands.

Looking at the entire menu, the drinks are largely simple, common cocktails like martinis and classic margaritas.

While drinks fit into categories based on the liquor-of-choice (bourbon, gin, etc.

They serve food, too, which is probably a good idea considering how many drinks you’ll consume here.

I’ve never even had more than three people over at once, let alone provided dinner and drinks for 20.

It’s a funky space with gorgeous, delicious drinks.

After a few drinks, your tongue loosens and you can make social connections more easily,” he adds.

You can become someone who exercises and meditates every day and always drinks eight glasses of water.

After seating them and disappearing to grab drinks, I hear a scream from the kitchen.

What kind of drinks are these politicians ordering?

This man also said he drinks up to 10 cans a day.)

Private meet-ups and friends getting together for drinks.

And at the end of the day, whoever got the most calls from Snake Eyes got free drinks when we went out after work.

When sick, avoid foods and drinks like soda and ice cream,” says Cederquist.

In Romeo and Juliet, it’s when Juliet drinks the potion that will make her appear to be dead rather than marry Paris.

This has allowed us to provide fresh food and cold drinks for our children since the storm.

I joined the queue at Beijing’s Taikoo Li branch which, according to Xiao, sells around 3,000 drinks a day.

Like a real bartender, she often found herself playing a therapeutic role, serving drinks and listening to stressed-out students.

The drinks were fantastic.

“I-Beam was a little community place that people came to hang out, have drinks, and come to shows,” he said.

But in real life, people tend to be far less coordinated, especially when they’re already several drinks in.

Show up early and it’s very mellow; show up late and you’ll get drinks spilled all over your skate shoes.

And the drinks are pricey.

Passengers chowed down using recyclable or compostable serviceware and imbibed hot drinks from first-of-their-kind recyclable paper cups.

As a result, Coca-Cola and Pepsi are looking to drinks outside of their namesake beverages to grow sales.

After a couple drinks you might even begrudgingly have a good time.

For starters, you’re not going to find a tiny umbrella in any of your drinks.

drinks are not made behind a traditional bar, but at a kitchen island.

Join us for Cosmic Nights, a monthly dance party celebrating the sign of the season—think themed food, drinks, music, and magical surprises.

Women on these shows often seem tipsy or full-blown wasted, and they adore throwing drinks.

Rather, the Housewives prefer to throw drinks in the Estée Lauder–painted faces of their fellow female castmates.

In various parts of the world, there is precedent for people getting arrested on assault charges after allegedly throwing drinks.

The next day, Ridgewood venue The Woods will host a benefit with live music, food, drinks, and art for sale.

Invest in a reusable water bottle and limit your consumption of disposable beverages in any form–that includes boxed drinks and glass bottles.

New excise taxes on tobacco, alcohol, and sugary drinks would be introduced.

Even just a few drinks at the weekend will be turned straight into fat and go right to your gut.

You sit down for some pre-dinner drinks, and promise yourself that you’ll have just one.

He drinks a lot and I am just not sure how stable he will be.

If you need to get drinks for a big group, this is the safest choice.

I’d never heard of this place, but he told me, “The drinks are as big as your head.

There were unopened or partially opened bottles of water, Pedialyte and sports drinks on Kim’s nightstand.

Shots of Jameson, Jack Daniels, and Budweiser are the usual drinks people order from the bar.

He drinks beer, loves to grill, and wears a white polo shirt with blue jeans.

In the beginning, Les Deux Magots was a Parisian café that only served hot drinks and lemonade.

But how important was the format of the drinks served?

Travel mugs are very popular for tea and coffee drinkers because they can keep your drinks warm for hours.

Women of all ages whiz by carrying peanuts, pineapples, hair combs, cold drinks, and stacks of newspapers atop their heads.

We recommend the bigger one for anyone who likes to have friends over for tea or just drinks multiple cups in one sitting.

Shout-out to the guy in the background trying to put down one of those giant slushy drinks from Fat Tuesday.

I usually resort to visiting a coffee shop or bar, and spend money on drinks I don’t really want.

The hostility between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, all lobbed f-bombs and Monster drinks, made for the two best-selling pay-per-views of the last year.

I’ve heard people tell me that it is good with energy drinks and fruit-flavored sodas like Jarritos.

With the impending need for several stiff drinks come January 20 in mind, six female brewers from Denver, Colorado have created an anti-Trump beer.

Join us for Cosmic Nights, a monthly dance party celebrating the sign of the season—think themed food, drinks, music, and magical surprises.

Customers get “tripsy” while they enjoy drinks from the bar in the agency while planning.

Another bar downstairs has an altogether different ambiance; the nautical, pirate vibe is alive, and the bartenders mix better, faster drinks.

She sheds her human skin and drinks a beer, horns out and cigarette in mouth.

We ended up going for drinks under the guise of a “mentoring session” and had sex.

The DefendTheHouse gaming channel believes this NPC is probably unmarried and could even be homeless, adding that he also “drinks too much.”

Obvi, if he agrees to come, cold drinks on me.

drinks for the 10 reporters will cost just $80.” The group wanted to still pay their bill the way we pay our taxes.

The next night, the 10th man didn’t return for drinks.

From that moment on, I refused to serve him drinks, but my managers didn’t like that.

A few regulars shout “Welcome home,” while bartenders pour drinks.

And to be out there with the sun and get some drinks.

And another thing: when women try to flirt with me, they often want to score free drinks.

Nestle said it expects the deal to sell Starbucks bagged coffee and drinks adding to earnings by 2019.

Unfortunately, hard liquor can be difficult to find at summer festivals, and if mixed drinks are available, they’re usually outrageously expensive.

These days, Frances Stroh rarely drinks Stroh’s.

“As humans came out of Africa, they developed these [drinks] from what they grew,” McGovern tells Nat Geo.

I had to have a few drinks in me to be that way.

The only thing I don’t like about working behind the bar is that we like to taste our drinks for balance.

Welcome to Actually, a safe space for us to share our deeply held but likely unpopular opinions about food and drinks.

The report also urged federal action to curb obesity by suggesting a sugar tax on drinks and banning food and drink ads for kids.

He invited friends, neighbors, and colleagues over for drinks and dinner.

It showed Kevin talking to a convenience store employee in front of a case stocked with energy drinks while Ernest moved toward the checkout.

Remy Cointreau’s stock market valuation is closer that of to luxury good companies, rather than food and drinks stocks.

One player at the Mirage found that he had to play for over an hour between comped drinks.

Welcome to Actually, a safe space for us to share our deeply held but likely unpopular opinions about food and drinks.

There’s no such thing as “having a couple drinks” in Boystown.

Like, you can bring your own liquor and they’ll make drinks for you.

Bottom LoungeA great view of the stage no matter where you’re situated, perfect sound, diverse crowd, and beautifully cheap drinks.

They invite you to hang out again — say, to have drinks with some of their friends you haven’t met.

The reporter followed up on the claim when the camera was rolling … and Oakley admitted to having “a couple drinks” before the game.

But not paying food and drinks offsets a good part of that.

How many canceled drinks and dinners and coffees does it take before we’re no longer friends with someone?

PoolCandy is selling an Illuminated Buffet Cooler that holds your food and drinks while you’re in the pool.

This is where they go to see shows, take the family to dinner and have drinks.

These soft drinks are made by infusing ice-cold water with seasonal fruit and syrups, sold at street stalls across the capital.

Had a couple more drinks while chatting with friends.

At four feet long, the float comes with plenty of room to hold your snacks and drinks.

Buffett, I figure, can afford a few drinks.

There were also micro-eras for the nearly identical drinks Sparks and Joose, and the vodka Red Bull got almost two decades.

They’ll encourage you to go have drinks or go shopping with them in the middle of the day.

I hear someone yell, from outside, that another round of pineapple drinks is available.

He published some photos of soft drinks exclusive to Quebec, such as the Sprite peach and Kiri Cola.

This craze is also closely linked to the consumption of lean (also called purple drank or syzzurp): codeine syrup mixed with soft drinks.

Even Lil Pump drinks it.

According to the Canada Border Services Agency, it is legal to export soft drinks by mail.

Sam Anderson’s drinks are the opposite of boring.

Join us for Cosmic Nights, a monthly dance party celebrating the sign of the season—think themed food, drinks, music, and magical surprises.

The 15 members of crew served 1,100 cups of tea and coffee, 2,000 cold drinks and over 1,000 meals on the flight.

Back in 1977, the average adult got 228 calories per day from sugar in food and drinks.

I’m not someone who has been addicted to anything much — not drinks, not smokes, not drugs, not food, not even people.

Making drinks takes time, so the ability to serve guests immediately by having them partially serve themselves is in theory a win-win situation.

“One of the things people have against cocktail bars in general is the time it takes them to get their drinks,” Arnold reasons.

And that’s something we can celebrate—at least until drones start serving us drinks.

He also lays claim to some other attempts at drinks, like The Gatorita.

is the film equivalent of the dude who performatively drinks absinthe at a party.

And there’s this, too: Three Bay Area cities and Boulder, Colorado sent a message to Big Soda, imposing taxes on sugar-filled drinks.

Join us for Cosmic Nights, a monthly dance party celebrating the sign of the season—think themed food, drinks, music, and magical surprises.

I’d had a couple of drinks but sobered up very quickly.

One study revealed that the tax led to a drop in the consumption of sugary drinks there by a full 20 percent.

I can easily make a classic cocktail, but very few bars can replicate our drinks.”

“I had a few friends in the garage with me having drinks and then we started hearing shots.

You’re going to find cheap drinks, a pool table, and live music here.

It was just fun, family vibes on the roof chilling drinking frozen drinks, as you do, in Williamsburg.

A shaker will ensure all the components in a drink are evenly blended and that drinks can become cool without loads of diluting ice.

He continues: “So we needed an effective delivery system to keep interesting drinks accessible to the guest on the timeline they expect.”

San Francisco, Oakland, and Albany, California, all have ballot measures that would levy a penny-per-ounce tax on distributors of sugary drinks.

The pets live in the “Gululu Universe” and grow as your child drinks water.”

@pixelatedboat: The whole internet loves Milkshake Duck, a lovely duck that drinks milkshakes!

Just consider this review of studies on sugary drinks.

Or take this investigation of 206 publications on the health effects of milk, soft drinks, and fruit juices.

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Forget about soft drinks and potato chips – a “vending machine” in Singapore is offering up luxury vehicles, including Bentleys, Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Welcome to Actually, a safe space for us to share our deeply-held but likely-unpopular opinions about food and drinks.

During that time, she consumed seven or eight alcoholic drinks.

We treat people without insurance, but what if someone only paid for two-thirds of the drinks you poured?’

Welcome to Actually, a safe space for us to share our deeply-held but likely-unpopular opinions about food and drinks.

There are few drinks as enduring as the martini.

The app prompts users to record the drinks they have consumed and monitor alcohol levels using the breathalyser.

Then we decide it was Sheryl Sandberg with a couple of drinks in her or something like that, we made a joke.

A drunk local walks in, offering to buy drinks for his friends at the VLTs.

The feeling that stayed between us as we finished our drinks was skeptical.

Now eight municipalities are dinging consumers who want to buy sugary drinks — and five of them passed soda taxes in the past year alone.

The Seattle tax, which is expected to take effect in July, exempts diet drinks.

“They discourage consumption of sugary drinks, and they raise revenues for health promotion programs.

Data from Mexico and Berkeley — where taxes have been implemented in 2013 and 2014 — have shown declines in sales of sugary drinks.

For one, the taxes usually don’t apply to all caloric drinks that people love.

In fact, Arla is hoping that dairy drinks like carbonated milk will allow its sales to triple to 700 million euros by 2020.

“Taxes generate a vast amount of media discussion of the effects of sugary drinks on health,” Nestle pointed out.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube set up shop right on the beach, plopping down Wi-Fi-powered cabanas with big screens, food, drinks and even free sandals.

By charging extra for things like food, drinks, and checked bags, the price of the base ticket can fall drastically lower.

Join us for Cosmic Nights, a monthly dance party celebrating the sign of the season—think themed food, drinks, music, and magical surprises.

One night, I had gone out and had quite a few drinks.

I spent the money I made in Afghanistan on drinks and drugs and all sorts of other shit.

I prefer to work first class, where the drinks are free.

They’re more entitled there, because the drinks are free.

I even get an email about the danger of aspartame-sweetened fizzy drinks.

If you’re given a certain brand of formula in the hospital and your baby drinks it, why bother trying anything else?

It’s only been in the last 40 or so years that people have demanded cold drinks.

Everybody drinks it, it’s always been the thing to have in here.

To find out which stores are providing the free drinks, customers must visit starbuckscheer.com.

That means lines for the free drinks could get pretty long in some areas.

In addition to getting a free drink, you can also get a “cheer card” at participating locations that provide discounts on drinks and food.

As its name suggests, St Ives’ Rum and Crab Shack pairs crab gumbo and whole claws with a carefully curated drinks menu.

The drinks were frozen.

Juan Valdez sells some 30,000 coffee drinks per day and employs 1,500 people in Colombia.

One Hanoi barber is offering free Trump- or Kim-style haircuts, and bars are selling drinks named “Peace Negroniations” and “Kim Jong Ale”.

I spent the money I made in Afghanistan on drinks and drugs and all sorts of other shit.

Berg later wrote that “heated discussions carried on during the breaks, at meal times, over drinks, and well into the small hours.”

Nye got paid to hear their stories, give them their drinks, and be their confidant, should they wish for that.

The music is loud and they need drinks.

We mixed drinks and headed down to the basement.

Moving away and ordering drinks at the bar, she thought her ordeal was over—until he reappeared and continued to assault her.

And naturally, you’re going to want to wash all of this down with some drinks that make you feel, you know, “vacation-y.”

“Oh,” she says casually, signaling the server for another round of drinks.

I’m very aware of the situation, and we have yet to go out for drinks.

drinks, snacks, and music by Andy Garvey and Lorna Clarkson will follow.

The waiter comes with our drinks.

That Friday, I went to a house party where the drinks were flowing.

The room backs onto a spacious rooftop balcony, also littered with hints of afternoon drinks: ice buckets and bottle caps.

Jonathon Swaine, managing director of Fuller’s, told the drinks Business, “We’re big fans of Absolute and we want to get behind this.

Customers get only a drinks menu.

One man who presumably drugged someone said, rather ominously, “I put happiness in their drinks.”

You can get little cups of skyr almost anywhere that sells food and drinks (i.e.

The festivities, of course, will occur in the midcentury showroom of Regeneration Furniture, with themed food and drinks to complete the setting.

When the flamboyant customer drinks it, he transforms into an angry beast, screaming and ripping off his clothes as he destroys the bar.

His take is Nick made a silly mistake after a few drinks … something he says everyone, himself included, is guilty of at some point.

There are free drinks involved, and phones are “discouraged,” not barred.

Seated on snow embankments along the track, the crowd drinks beer and cheers.

In fact, for the first time ever, Americans are buying more bottled water than sugary soft drinks.

With alcohol, that “amount” might be two drinks.

“Dirty Frank’s is an American melting pot with drinks,” the Inquirer wrote in 1973.

Wilkos says he never drinks or does drugs.

The finish line was similarly jovial, as inmates, outsiders, and guards chatted casually over sports drinks and bananas.

“Kombucha is nearly as acidic as a pop and energy drinks,” Dr. Bobby J. Grossi told the outlet.

Gordon says he eventually failed another drug test in 2011 after he ran out of detox drinks.

The Warlock was leaving dinner (and maybe a few drinks???)

(During “research” for this story, I witnessed someone asking an employee, in total seriousness, if Monster drinks had any artificial ingredients.

On Yelp, the complaints typically ignore the cleavage and instead focus on cold food, watered-down drinks, and unsatisfactorily small chicken wings.

The drinks company had a big reshuffle last year, which included a $3 billion cost-cutting plan.

“There were people asking for drinks whilst it was going on,” explained the bar’s owner, Stephen Acker.

“Before craft gin drinks came around, the gins that we had were all imported gins.

“We were getting some drinks at the bar and I noticed there was a half-built wall,” Gia Valverde told Colorado’s 9News.

The traditional way we’d bond with co-workers would be over drinks after a workday or a smoke break.

“If they just all out knock your drinks out of your hand, then it’s a fight in my book.”

In Washington and in a few other markets, Castle is to security what Coke is to soft drinks, or Xerox is to copiers.

Few drinks offer such a deep a historical connection to a city than the Pisco Punch to San Francisco.

He was wasted, behaved aggressively towards the restaurant staff.” As Aki explains the situation, she calmly arranges her table and pours drinks.

I didn’t get any free drinks out of it, though, which would’ve been nice.

Aperitifs are drinks served before a meal to stimulate the appetite and prepare the body for digestion.

Brandy, sherry, fernet, and sweet liqueurs are among the after-dinner drinks known as “digestifs,” which are thought to aid in post-meal digestion.

No drinks yet, but soon.

Do I expect I’ll get really drunk from trading stuff for drinks?

Preferably over drinks with close friends.

Some say she harms pregnant women and drinks the blood of newborn babies.

But trust me that this business mindset—built off an innumerable amount of unaccounted drinks and fickle personalities dependent on booze—will eventually crumble.

The evidence of the link between this cancer and hot drinks is still very limited.

I know how everyone drinks, and the natural sense of camaraderie that arises from this environment.

The ground floor lobby, with room to seat 50 in the hotel’s restaurant, is full of chatting people enjoying drinks.

A robot is serving you drinks

The robotics team claims to have served nearly 310,000 drinks.

There are six spots for drinks so customers must pay attention and get their orders as soon as it is made.

The drinks were fine, but not spectacular.

He would pour the drinks but didn’t put the money into the register.

She’s an adult now, and still drinks it if she needs deep sleep.

“I’m not a techie,” he admits over drinks.

And let’s not forget the robot bartender in Germany named Carl who apparently does pretty well serving up drinks and interacting with customers.

Food and drinks linked to celebration instantly lift the spirits, making it easier for good fortune to enter our lives, she said.

It’s also about new friends, laughter and, of course, food and drinks.

The INSIDER Summary: The cocktail umbrellas that are served with drinks at many beach bars may have secret messages on them.

This approach to trade in goods is important for agriculture, food and drinks – but here other considerations also apply.

Fridges, once simply meant to keep our drinks cold, can now suddenly send us an email when our milk is rotting.

In the Netherlands, euthanasia is a two-part process, Dekker says: First, the patient drinks a strong barbiturate solution, and slides into a coma.

“Nobody ever drinks on an empty stomach.

Another problem with caffeinated drinks is that they’re not filling.

“Unless it’s open bar or someone else is paying paying for our drinks,” said Kyle-Christian Sandal.

Yes, this woman drinks a ton of water.

Here’s what I spend on food, drinks, groceries, and dining out in a typical week.

Join us for Cosmic Nights, a monthly dance party celebrating the sign of the season—think themed food, drinks, music, and magical surprises.

MYTH: Mixing energy drinks with alcohol makes you drunker.

According to Sow, she had a single private conversation with Kohn in the back of a car last summer, after drinks.

You love a busy calendar, and you’re always the one to suggest another round of drinks.

For drinks on Lincoln Road would be Segafredo, which has also been there a long time.

They had a couple of drinks and then left at around 2 AM, where they sucked some serious face outside.

What about for drinks?The Corner!

The drinks were touted as healthier for their clear color, Bustle reports.

Known as the “whisky priest,” the character is a degenerate: He drinks, he fathers a child, he prays to be captured and killed.

I love the location — it’s so great to hang out by the water and have drinks.

Granted, in many places, the cheapest drinks on the market are reliably homemade liquors, like America’s moonshine.

Join us for Cosmic Nights, a monthly dance party celebrating the sign of the season—think themed food, drinks, music, and magical surprises.

On shoot day we came together, had drinks, and did some collective telepathy exercises.

The Scenario: Your friend drinks a lot some weekends.

On her birthday, she usually drinks more than a lot.

Women also tend to drink beverages like fruity mixed drinks, tequila drinks, and even Rosé that have higher concentrations of alcohol.

Some of the locals, in T-shirts and shorts, sip bubbly drinks on striped lounge chairs and look out at the sea beyond.

At my age everyone goes out, everyone drinks.

(They still had a few drinks.)

Things are starting to circulate more around food than drink, and food is almost as abundant as drinks used to be.

And if you’re too poor to maintain a cocaine regimen, then energy drinks will have to suffice.

Chains including Tim Hortons, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Krispy Kreme are handing out free drinks on Friday.

There’s a limit of one beverage per day — or three drinks total.

“We met the ODM (opposition) MPs in the gallery, they asked me to buy them drinks, I bought them drinks.

The Baths has a restaurant that serves Russian-Jewish comfort food, as well as a juice bar and a selection of drinks.

To refuel, I became addicted to energy drinks, and soon I was downing six to 10 cans a day.

At the same time, though, the chain’s honey-barbecue glazed chicken tenders top $6 with no drinks or sides.

Luckily, even if you hate coffee, most chains serve exactly the drinks you need to make the experience less painful.

On an early October evening, neighbors sit and sip drinks to the sound of children’s shouts and laughter.

Gun$ Garcia recommends you stay far, far away from sugary drinks.

drinks On Me (@Mr_drinksOnMe) April 13, 2018 i live in Flint.

Or go for drinks with an actual boat with whom I am, remarkably, 90 percent compatible.

If you’re a Libra, that might mean that you tend to overspend on entertainment or going out to dinner or drinks with friends.

He warns Moran to expect his upper lip to go numb after he drinks it.

Then I went to drinks with Barry Lynn, the guy from Open Markets Institute, and I was like, “Yeah, we looked into Amazon.

In large doses, tobacco drinks can bring on serious effects like trances—and even death.

We noticed people filing into the theater to be seated, so we grabbed our drinks and joined the eager herd.

Hoff took a few drinks of water.

But you don’t have to settle for yet another mediocre date over over expensive drinks.

With melancholic and sunken body language, Moore drinks wine and plays a grand piano inside an animated, snowing version of the Columbine cafeteria.

For some fliers, the drinks are surely a draw.

Welcome to Actually, a safe space for us to share our deeply held but unpopular opinions about food and drinks.

1 soft drinks maker.

But while PSAs and student orientations warn people to watch their drinks, it’s hard to gauge just how widespread drink-spiking really is.

The study, published in Psychology of Violence, recognized that it’s hard to get truly accurate data when it comes to spiked drinks.

After all, some of our fellow countrymen are making a sport of attempting to order the most expensive Starbucks drinks ever.

For the past year, the tattooed, 22-year-old bartender has been serving drinks to off-duty US troops.

“Two drinks is not a suggestion, it’s an integer.”

You do it all on autopilot, and at the end of every shift, clock out with a few too many drinks.

Join us for Cosmic Nights, a monthly dance party celebrating the sign of the season—think themed food, drinks, music, and magical surprises.

My mother-in-law was babysitting at home, it was my birthday, and me and my (then) girlfriend were having a couple of drinks after work.

(Kaveladze testified that most of the Russian group had a round of drinks at a bar in the Trump Tower lobby.)

There’s a reason for that.” I looked around and saw that none of the drinks on the waiters’ trays had plastic straws.

I’m under no grand illusion that through my personality or inviting him for drinks I’ll convince him otherwise.

Right next door is Trouble Coffee and Coconut Club, famous for espresso drinks and cinnamon toast.

We went out then next evening, had a wonderful vegan meal, some drinks, and were flirting like crazy.

And why print gaudy tickets that resemble nightclub fliers spliced with Monster Energy drinks?

Sometimes, tall people put their drinks on the speakers, dance on the booth, or twist the disco ball on the ceiling.

It’s true of drinks.

“Last year, during the year exchange, someone had the marvelous idea to pull a bucket of drinks and ice over the DJ gear.

It’s easy in a club—free drinks are at your fingertips.

During polite small talk over drinks, I complimented a colleague’s nail color — a nice pastel for spring.

“Nobody drinks alcohol because they want to damage their liver or their DNA, obviously,” Chigurupati told drinks Business.

“Everybody on this planet drinks alcohol because of the tipsy feeling and intoxication they get from it.

It’s fun as hell, and the drinks are great.

The drinks are great, and you don’t have to wait for them.

Welcome to Actually, a safe space for us to share our deeply-held but likely-unpopular opinions about food and drinks.

Frankly, the drinks aren’t that great, but they always pack a punch, and that’s what you’re here for.

And I also have some cold pilsners, but no one really drinks them.

My sons laugh at this: “Ma, you should now have two drinks!

He was suffering from prolonged drowsiness as a side effect of the medication, but countered that with caffeine shots and energy drinks.

Schultz was inspired to bring espresso drinks back to the United States after visiting the country in the 1980s.

The Library After Hours Pride edition will include: ​Food & drinks available for purchase.

These altars are filled with the favorite food and drinks of dead relatives, and decorated with candles and flowers.

It’s something to laugh about at drinks with fellow reporters — until it isn’t funny anymore.

People around me buy drinks, look at their phones, talk excitedly about what they’ve seen.

We can’t wait to have even more festivities, gifts, games, music, food, Sober drinks, teetotalers, etc!

Everything from soft drinks to cakes to perfume will be feeling the pain.

2038: I request more drinks be brought to our table.

Members appeared to be generally familiar with one another, and discussed upcoming informal events, like birthday drinks, alongside more formal chapter meetings.

LONDON — Unlimited refills of sugary drinks have officially been banned in France, Le Figaro reports, as the government aims to fight obesity and diabetes.

Sports drinks and energy drinks are also impacted.

“Where people used to go out and drink ten $2 drinks, they’re now happy drinking two $10 drinks,” he explains.

Yeah, they gave us the drinks, but not the food.

It’s our favorite travel mug overall because it keeps drinks hot for hours and never spills.

If you want to have milk, drinks, and other perishables in your dorm room, you’ll need a mini fridge.

Go ahead, throw back a few drinks, toss some cereal in with your popcorn, and enjoy.

Like 20 drinks a day.”

Their sports drinks generally contain less sugar than soda does, but that’s not to say they don’t contain lots of sugar.

Among alcohol users, for instance, the top 10 percent of users consume, on average, more than 10 drinks each day.

The Biebs was a few drinks in at Residuals Tavern in Studio City Tuesday when he noticed customers at a nearby table crying.

He drinks it.

So we were these kids with skeleton earrings, and when we got there, girls—completely naked—were serving drinks.

In the UK particularly, the sale of low-alcohol drinks increased by 20.5 percent from July 2016 to July 2017, according to a Nielsen review.

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