Dreams in a sentence | Use of the word dreams examples

The genie, who reads as culturally Arab, has a personal life and dreams of his own beyond escaping the lamp.

As installed, it appears as if Kojimas’s dreams are fading into the light coming in from the Bowery, where the gallery is located.

Their dreams of passing a major tax bill by the end of the year suddenly don’t seem so farfetched.

Varsha Sreekumar looks after Elvis Pawsley, a dog with “short legs” and “big dreams.”

The American teenagers that I watched in the movies chased their own dreams and made independent choices in life.

But the factors that once made McCarthy’s leadership dreams untenable have largely washed away.

“Dish” by Apiento and LX drops on Music for dreams on the 30th of December.

Sweet feces-free dreams!

Soon after, Uninamise unveiled the Kaviar dreams mixtape, which drew from the atmospheric vibes he’d cultivated through studying other genres.

Inspiring dreams came last night, as did some surprising text messages.

They can start their own businesses and live out their dreams.

No one can tell us we can’t reach our dreams.

In your dreams?

Others join her, exiting their essentially parked cars to sing and dance about their Hollywood dreams.

Because [Musk] was the only guy on the planet who could make your dreams come true.

She’s studied dreams, automatic writing, horror movies, and accounts of alien abductions.

While speaking to VICE News, Kamal mentioned various countries he dreams of visiting in the future, including Japan.

Mattos dreams of crudo.

She survived, but her injuries were so severe she had to abandon her dreams of being a professional dancer.

To reach my dreams I have work, followers, my bike… I have to take care of myself!

It’s meandering and random and significant all at once, exactly as dreams are.

These dreams keep us motivated and excited about the day the mortgage is gone for good.

Inside this vision are things called dreams.

Your ideal, future life is really nothing more than the realization of all of your dreams.

And think of the dreams as the components of that house, from the basement to the roof.

When all of your dreams are realized, you have your ideal future life.

When you define each one of these areas of your life, you are actually defining each one of your dreams.

So, one of my dreams is to become a successful author.

So, I found another one of my dreams, a Jersey shore house.

Once you have identified each one of your dreams, that’s when the fun begins.

In order to realize each one of your dreams you must define the goals you will need to achieve for each dream.

Then you move on to the next dream and repeat the process over and over again until you realize all of your dreams.

When you are done realizing all of your dreams, you will have the life of your dreams.

From nearly the beginning, Coney Island was a New York City escape of both dreams and nightmares.

This new ambiguity was accomplished largely through the insertion of a sequence in which Deckard dreams of a unicorn running through a forest.

The Sun in Gemini connects with wild Uranus in Aries at 3:54 AM, bringing inspiring dreams.

Somebody in the world (Problem) thinks “Draft Day” is better than “Bull Durham,” “Field of dreams” and “Tin Cup.”

Though at one point he’d been a sponsored skateboarder, his childhood dreams of going pro had fizzled.

Having apparently hacked my dreams somehow, National Geographic has just greenlit a show where Jeff Goldblum will just talk about everyday things.

dreams THUNDER ONLY HAPPENS WHEN IT’S RAINING Ekali Underrated dragon on Game of Thrones.

They did not reject Surrealism, dreams, or the irrational.

“They weren’t just talking about becoming stars; these weren’t just pipe dreams.

But all of her dreams and goals hinge on the future of DACA or Congress coming up with another permanent immigration fix.

“Having those girls have those dreams younger.

Our citizens have raised their children together, fought for justice together, and shared common hopes and dreams from one generation to the next.

In a 2013 episode, the popular radio program This American Life included dreams on its list of seven things people should never talk about.

Her closing line: “We will not listen to your dreams.

“Often, people will have flashbacks throughout the day to things that happened in their dreams.

And because our dreams are inherently mysterious, I think there’s a very understandable desire to try to process our dreams.

As a result, talking about our dreams may also be a part of an evolutionary trait.

“Obviously, all your dreams are a construction of your own mind,” Robb says.

“[dreams] allow us to deny authorship,” she says.

Feeling sheepish, I find myself compelled to tell Robb about one of my own dreams.

“One fMRI paper did try to decode the content of dreams,” Kuhl said.

His dreams transcended the notion that he was doomed to repeat our father’s fate.

The dreams aren’t bitter.

What domestic dreams are you dreaming?

They would be places that give “people the instruction, the education, and the support they need to achieve” their dreams.

For four weeks, I intensify my efforts to recall my dreams, keep a dream diary, and look out for clocks.

Congrats Post … dreams do come true (especially when you’re rich and famous!)

ET: Can you talk about the importance of dreams in your life and artwork?

As Indian people, we take our direction through dreams, not from human reaction.

At a very early age I was taught about the power of dreams, about the Apache way, the Indian way.

I want to be here for these dreams.

I’m not saying you should give up on your dreams of having the body you want.

“Is it possible for survivors to speak out without putting careers and dreams in jeopardy?

I never remember dreams, so I really think this dream helped decide my fate.

Dive head first into the world of dreams and intuition in a collaborative show called Witch-Wife, currently on display at Chandran Gallery.

A central sculpture features dreams collected through Swoon’s Dream Reliquary, where strangers can submit their dreams.

The ad begins with an unseen narrator talking about dreams, goals, and striving to do more than you ever thought possible.

As the narrator talks about the importance of embracing “crazy” dreams, we see footage and hear stories of incredible accomplishments.

As such, “Two Hearts” is an Italo disco-meets-Teutonic banger and “Persephone dreams” is melancholy Vangelis with delicious dashes of steel drum.

A photo posted by Heartificial (@heartificialpins) on Now, this is what dreams are made of.

I like droning faux-retro Vaporwave, the not-actually-made-in-the-80s Muzak of my dreams.

The BBT chart of your dreams is live in the new version of Glow!!

Jiro dreams of Sushi is streaming on Netflix, YouTube, and available to digitally rent or purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and Vudu.

Pay close attention to your dreams in the coming weeks!

Stick an amethyst under your pillow at night to better remember and interpret your dreams.

Humans have a tendency to let their fears stand in the way of their dreams.

Chef Jiro Ono dreams of sushi, and soon you will too.

If that’s not what Super Bowl dreams are made of, what is?

Ganesh, a Hindu god depicted with a human body with an elephant head, is meant to remove obstacles and help you achieve your dreams.

You follow your dreams Ryan, you hear me?

Without the Senate, Democrats’ ideas will remain pipe dreams.

(His co-worker heroically administered the Heimlich maneuver, ending his sweet dreams of electric cars and rebooted dead relatives.)

Today’s artists, who use Instagram to show their artwork to thousands of new people every single day, may well have realized these dreams.

He sabotages Hep Alien’s gig in a fit of jealousy, setting Lane and her dreams back months and even making her cry.

Meanwhile, Rory finally gets to rip Mitchum Huntzberger a new one a year after he crushed her dreams, and it is incredibly satisfying.

I have dreams of attending the College of William and Mary next year, and then working in the State Department complexes of Washington.

On this behaviour, Millar describes Maloney as someone with “glorious dreams,” but whose real station in life made him “a small potato.”

His résumé is the stuff of ambitious Ivy Leaguers’ dreams.

He wants to put his knowledge to the test by helping others achieve their dreams, while making some money along the way.

That’s why the GOP’s dreams have never come true.

dreams of being pursued or chased are one of the most common types of dreams, along with accidents, physical aggression, evil presences, and falling.

Researchers have found that bad dreams tend to spike in response to large-scale events—like after natural disasters, for example.

Its butterfly garden, movie theater and swimming pool make it the layover of dreams.

Méliès was working around the turn of the 20th century, a time of burgeoning scientific exploration and big dreams about the future of mankind.

I want the people in the United States that have children, I want them to have dreams also.

The house was a sprawling colonial mansion, straight out of Ina Garten’s wet dreams.

All memories, dreams, reactions, plans, rationalities all vanished by a single block of inky, horrific Caps-locked letters.

C++ not infrequently invades my dreams.

And many of those decisions are now half-remembered dreams.

So deep was this love that he harbored dreams of one day opening his own ramen shop.

Many times this backup will also break your dreams.

But after a series of events curbed their dreams of being rock stars, they decided to create The BeatBuds.

And these days, no one tells you to give up on your dreams of medical school, find a husband, and settle down.

dreams and discoveries bring him to dystopian scenarios, futuristic buildings floating in space and a mystical talking head offering him different life choices.

The poems of Joy Harjo, a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation, are “carriers of dreams, knowledge and wisdom,” said U.S.

—Barbara Kingsolver, Animal dreams My son would be turning 20 this month.

Those who insist on burying fetuses turn them into fetish objects instead of recognizing them for the lost hopes and dreams they represent.

dreams of Fire & Starshine is on display at Project for Empty Space (2 Gateway Center, Newark, NJ) through August 10.

Greetings, human party animal consisting of hopes, dreams, and billion-year-old stardust (and let’s be honest, another kind of more expensive dust, too).

You took advantage of our passions and our dreams.

Golden dreams were shiny days, the bell was ringing, and our souls were singing.

Beyoncé dreams it and works hard, and then she wakes up flawless.

Instead of dreaming big dreams and plotting world domination, these CEOs will enter self-preservation and cost-cutting mode.

It felt more like all of our dreams coming true at once.

Below are their hopes and dreams for the Trump age, in their own words.

“I had a tough career and I fulfilled many of my dreams.

You can wind up projecting those hopes and dreams and fears and all those things onto a candidate.

Yet their dreams help them assert their more idealist and empathetic side, and break out of their individual shells.

It’s very important the world acknowledges my mother was a classical musician whose dreams were not realized because of racism.

Venus connects with the planet of dreams and fairy tales, Neptune, in Water sign Pisces, on June 20, creating a sweet, romantic vibe.

It’s a wonderful morning to journal about your dreams and emotions.

It’s trickier for small-business owners, and trickier still for any entrepreneur who dreams of disrupting one of the big kids someday.

I realized I was living out my dreams through my character, a man who lived unapologetically without fear of ridicule.

Taco Bell will still be distinctly Taco Bell, though, so your dreams of mapo tofu burritos will have to wait.

From How to Make the Stir-Fried Noodles of Your dreams in 15 Minutes

“What helped me through my grief was having so many dreams about my mother, and I privately felt like it was her visiting me.

Consider the ritualistic mikvah, which Mierle Laderman Ukeles explores in “Mikva dreams” (1977), the only work in the show that isn’t contemporary.

The moon enters Pisces and illuminates the sector of your chart that rules your hopes and dreams for the future, Taurus.

Wilfred had ambitious dreams for his lumia.

“Being a basketball announcer was one of my dreams.”

For a fraction of the retail price, you can rent the dress of your dreams.

“L.” has been sober for 20 months, and was dogged by dreams of drinking for the first year of her sobriety.

dreams in general can be more vivid and disturbing when the sleep cycle is poor.

“They are not dreams about the joy of use.

More often, the dreams tend to be the worst parts of it—the guilt and the self-loathing that tend to show up,” she says.

Despite a serious case of the sweats upon awakening, though, the dreams can actually be very useful for continued efforts at sobriety.

Despite her lengthy recovery, she dreams about getting high about once a week.

She has had the dreams for the entire time she’s been sober, and tries not to dwell on them.

In general, R. says she’s a very vivid dreamer with excellent recall of all her dreams, not just the ones of using.

The drinking and use dreams seem likely to remain part of her repertoire.

Dream experts say that, while they are upsetting, the dreams are mostly harmless.

He says that drinking or using dreams, which he calls “user dreams” happen for four main reasons.

When she quit smoking cigarettes in the early ’80s, she says, she would smoke in her dreams for some time afterwards.

dreams reflect waking concerns and experiences,” she says.

“I like to say there are no bad dreams,” she says.

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Your sick dreams can now come true with Fieri’s Follicles.

I hate to tell people their dreams are lost, but it’s really not going to happen on this timeframe, on this budget.”

During the day Mathias Svalina writes the dreams.

During the day he writes the dreams.

Dream recipients can subscribe to a month of dreams for $45, with an extra $3.75 for nightmares­­.

As the project has progressed, the dreams have taken on a life of their own, evolving into a form of performance art.

For him, the interesting part is what people do with the dreams.

Svalina recently mailed a month’s worth of dreams to a subscriber in Denmark.

When she came home, she opened the dreams and read them to her baby.

Out in the world, the dreams — which start as solitary, ghostly fragments of a surrealist dreamscape — become their own entity.

He hosted open mic nights at which people told each other their dreams, and considered the similarities between them.

He’s also looking for an installation space to create a card catalogue of dreams indexed by topic: birds, bones, calendars, seashells, staircases, creeks.

Before she got pregnant, she had dreams: dreams of traveling, and falling in love, and starting a successful and independent career.

Inspired by Werner Herzog’s documentary Cave of Forgotten dreams, Murray-Browne created The Cave of Sounds, in which eight artists created experimental instruments.

President Vladimir Putin “dreams of a soft, pliant, tender, giggling, inexperienced, weak, ideologically amorphous and politically undecided president of Ukraine.

You’re better off just smiling and nodding as they rattle on about their dreams for a better tomorrow.

Your ability to manifest your dreams and magnetize your wishes is very potent at this time.

“But what we also have to remember is that the barriers that exist for them to pursue their dreams are deep and structural.”

the dancing dwarf — and the Giant, who visit Cooper in his dreams).

Understandably, mega-rich superstars who have fulfilled our collective childhood dreams rarely get our sympathy.

Because the opportunity to make your dreams actually happen, to be surrounded by people who believe the impossible is possible and maybe even probable.

All right, but what are those dreams?

He never had dreams of becoming the 13th man to walk on the moon.

Pay close attention to your dreams; if there was ever a time for you to keep a dream journal, it’s now!

Over the next month you’ll also form some new dreams and goals.

The moon in Sagittarius connects with Neptune at 1:13 AM, so watch for the messages that come in your dreams!

McBride’s early dreams came true.

Svarbova’s photographs are described as creating “staged, dreamlike worlds” in her book, but I see them more as static still-lifes than dreams.

Sometimes they’re directly transposed from her dreams.

It’s the stuff paranoid fever dreams are made of: Google’s big brains, plus scary robots made with the military in mind.

Watch out for the messages that arrive in your dreams today, Pisces!

Pisces season starts today, finding you reflecting on your hopes and dreams for the future.

Your dreams are delivering important messages.

Ted Cruz is a beacon of hope for online grads with big dreams.

They are the stuff of dreams, characters in an alternate reality seeping through into our own.

My dreams of the Holy Land are crushed.

They all feature victims who were intimidated, bullied, or outright forced into leaving their dreams and ambitions behind while the men responsible moved forward.

But what about the people they targeted, whose resulting trauma affected their chances or ability to advance their careers and pursue their dreams?

“Mr President, may your dreams come true,” Trump said to Moon, raising his glass in a toast.

This ending would have decisively ended her career dreams, just as Lorelai’s life was derailed by her own teen pregnancy years earlier.

I would sit in Beth’s office, play Mancala, and tell her of my dreams to travel and write.

By the summer of 1969, it was clear that Manson’s dreams of Hollywood stardom were over.

Pisces is a psychic energy, so you won’t want to miss the messages that arrive in your dreams.

Tribal dreams Alexander Iadarola is on Twitter.

Focus your intention on that symbol, and your Nevada dreams will manifest.

We will bring back our jobs and our dreams.

Vintage revolutionaries, Saïd and Batool met in a Damascus apartment long before war severed their lives from their dreams.

For lots of people, that’s where things can get a little strange—reports of trippy, vivid dreams after taking cough syrup are common.

Each contains a tonic consisting of hopes and dreams.

You should follow your dreams but do some decent training first.”

While doxylamine helps you fall asleep by suppressing histamine, it has nothing to do with your dreams.

On Monday, Bette Midler, sweet singing grandma angel of our dreams, decided that she had literally seen enough of Kim Kardashian West.

I never, in my wildest dreams, would have predicted what happened next.

“I am a supporter of people realizing their dreams, so it was natural for me to push Kerby to start Pyer Moss,” said Escovedo.

You have big dreams, and plenty of ideas will come your way today around how to make them a reality.

Were those dreams realistic or delusional?

dreams die and dreams are made this upcoming year—how will things work out for your sign?

Doing work to understand your dreams and develop your intuition will be majorly beneficial to you this year.

But remember to be realistic in order to see your dreams fall into place.

It’s an information overload, but a helpful time to set goals, reach for the stars, follow your dreams, etc.

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Let’s strive for those child dreams we had.

And McGinty, a Democratic staffer who has never held elected office, wasn’t exactly the candidate of the party’s dreams.

“I felt like our dreams were not failures.” Mercury 13 is available to stream on Netflix now.

But early on, I knew it wasn’t the place for me to follow my creative dreams.

Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin’s Never Built New York, published by Metropolis Books, is a compendium of 200 of these unrealized architectural dreams.

Political parties are supposed to simplify those choices by directing us to politicians who share our values, our hopes, our dreams.

The Time cover’s caption reads: “Shinzo Abe dreams of a more powerful, assertive Japan.

I figured that the easiest way for me to make it to the City of dreams was through an au pair program.

But in many cases, in order to achieve your dreams, you have to sacrifice a lot.

Through cash and the ability to chase their own dreams or figure out their own futures.

Oh God, your futile aspirations, your petty jealousies, your stupid, selfish dreams.

I’m still following my dreams.

You have big dreams, Cancer!

Do you still want to chase after the same dreams you had in the past?

Tony ain’t one of them, and when we got him out in Beverly Hills, he shot Drew’s dreams down.

“We were thinking about the crossover between dreams and nightmares, real life and fantasy, day-to-day life and being on the road.”

Some dreams you have had for the future may be dashed—and it may be heartbreaking!

But new dreams are on the way.

It’s the sort of schedule that would give me anxiety dreams and involuntary eye spasms, but is just business as usual for her.

Sex dreams is a collection of dreams and fantasies submitted anonymously online, with illustrations created by Jacqueline, Anna, and Isabelle Francis-Bogue.

In Sex dreams Volume 2, we included paintings by Anna Wagner, a queer artist living in New York City.

Ebullience doesn’t equal happiness, and Poet Artist also includes fever dreams that boil over.

Contemporary teens may see the dreams of their predecessors more like dreams deferred.

You’ll also find yourself analyzing your dreams and goals in a more focused way.

It’s a boat of dreams and a boat of disillusionment.

Both permanent galleries showcasing two large exhibitions, Between Declarations and dreams and Siapa Nama Kamu?

It highlights how often memories are part-fiction, part-fact, influenced by dreams, films, books, artworks, stories, and anecdotes we hear.

Sixteen-year-old Austyn Tester lives in rural Tennessee with his family and has big dreams of becoming a social media star.

But that’s not the film’s focus; instead, it’s about the dreams, desires, and exuberance of youth.

She understands all my crazy ideas, my dreams, my sense of humor.”

Sweet dreams came to you early this morning, Scorpio; do you remember them?

The week-long GIF-stravaganza follows up on the 2016 GIF art show Loop dreams to explore the past, present, and future of the medium.

And all of these efforts paid off, beyond almost anyone’s wildest dreams.

“Like we had made the right choice to go all in for our dreams.”

Pay close attention to the messages that arrive in your dreams!

Your dreams are going to be very active at this time!

“Good dreams, Bad dreams (What Was Sub-Literature?

“For a lot of people, their grails are symbols of their own hopes and dreams, to be owned by better, future versions of themselves.

“Sweet dreams” and “California” are true standouts; both are lifted from a 2013 EP called Sleepwalker.

Jupiter and Neptune connect at 3:48 AM, inspiring creativity, boosting our intuition, and helping us manifest our biggest dreams.

I am in shock that I once had dreams of someday having my own family and living a life of liberty and prosperity.

The photo was taken in September, 2 months BEFORE Ben picked the woman of his dreams.

Given her otherwise lavish life, it seems the singer dreams of calmer surroundings.

Putin dreams of breaking up the NATO alliance, and Trump’s frequent criticism of America’s allies just furthers Putin’s goals.

City dreams at the Museum of Modern Art explores how Congolese artist Bodys Isek Kingelez envisioned a future utopia through sculptures of imagined cities.

Basset hounds parading around the Jersey Shore is what dreams are made of.

Bodys Isek Kingelez: City dreams continues through January 1, 2019 at the Museum of Modern Art (11 West 53rd Street, Midtown West, Manhattan).

Most of all, he thinks of the egg lady and dreams of returning to her side before it’s too late.

“She put her dreams aside for mine.

It is often said that Aylisli decided to write Stone dreams upon watching a video of Djulfa’s destruction.

Before you throw in the towel and give up on your midnight dreams, take a look at your pre-bedtime habits.

The messages that arrive in your dreams will be significant, so make note.

“I still see her in my dreams,” said Sahana Khatun, Soni’s mother.

Before this sporty kid was shootin’ for the stars in Hollywood, he was just another kid with hoop dreams in Chicago, Illinois.

Sweet dreams …” Which is as ominous sounding as you could possibly be.

When we’re young, everybody has big dreams.

I immigrated to the US from Japan in 1997 when I was 6 years old, a hybrid Danish-Syrian child with big American dreams.

Yet others, like spaceships and rockets, one with “Moon or Bust” scrawled in red, herald dreams of exploration.

I’ve had a lot of fun food epiphanies and have realized how tasty things can be via dreams.

“In 1912 the Titanic was the ship of dreams,” Palmer continued.

Titanic ll will be the ship where those dreams come true.”

In Shaanxi, Zheng says he dreams of growing high-quality produce for export, like Japanese and Western farmers.

Teal Greyhavens, a documentary filmmaker turned screenwriter and director, helped tighten the dreams into cohesive scripts.

Now, instead of having bad dreams, he makes them.

She may be painting what she sees, but it seems to me that she is really painting her dreams, those unexpected, slippery, revelatory moments.

You know when you’re little, your dreams is to be an artist.

When my manager told me to give a shot at my dreams, it was a little scary for me.

I know that me dreams are never coming true.

But I see that my dreams are coming too.

This is the first of many steps to fulfill your dreams.

“We’re trying to create a visceral incarnation of dreams and things that actually couldn’t be in existence,” Koblin said.

“Unconsciously during those years I formed many ideas, my way of observing and seeing all things, both in dreams and images.

“With a normal life, normal jobs, normal hobbies and dreams — before they had to flee.

dreams and feelings were a luxury we could not afford on minimum wage.

Talk about your financial dreams and goals.

You could argue that pro athletes are just like big kids—the extension of their childhood dreams to be sports stars.

To this day I don’t really talk to my friends about my creative pursuits or dreams.

She often has dreams of her direwolf, Nymeria, who is leading an enormous wolfpack back in Westeros.

Mars retrograde in Aquarius begins this evening, so expect a lot of action to take place in your dreams.

Those down times are often the most educational and when those pursing their dreams can use friendly support and unconditional, non-judgmental love the most.

They have secrets, dreams, ambitions, fears, worries.

The brochure Tongues on Fire: Visions & Ecstasy (2000–2001), pinned open in a case, collects the stories of people’s dreams recounted to Dill.

Singer Joss Stone just had her dreams dashed of performing in every country in the world, because she was just booted from Iran.

Skeptical Virgos should look out for shocking secrets that reveal themselves in dreams, only to later manifest in the material world.

And there are even more far-fetched dreams incubating.

Subscription-service portals like the above are just dreams, albeit ones surely shared by many.

A Peculiar Paradise: Florida Photographs features Nathan Benn’s early 1980s photographs of dreams and debauchery in the Sunshine State.

And it has grown beyond our wildest dreams.

“West Covina,” the first song we hear on the show, depicts Rebecca’s dreams and capacity for self-delusion.

And I, an idiot with dreams, am telling you to go ahead and get pumped about Olympic 3-on-3 basketball.

Following Trump’s triumph, France too seems poised to tear apart institutions and enable far right fever dreams to thrive.

It lets you understand a little bit more about different hopes, aspirations, dreams and fears.

Then again, maybe only in Rowley’s, y’know, wildest dreams.

For my second novel, “The Man of My dreams,” I got a scathing review from The Times.

Despite her ambitious dreams, the 24-year-old always intended to stay close to her mom.

Misguided hopes and dreams*?).

It not getting a nomination may be the biggest snub in this category since “Hoop dreams” in 1995.

Our most urgent work is to realize Americans’ dreams of today and tomorrow.

After the match, she cut a promo mocking precisely the “follow your dreams” rhetoric which has worn so thin in WWE’s babyfaces.

Feigning the sentiment, the camera cuts to a little girl in the audience before Bliss announces that nobody watching will ever achieve their dreams.

She’s the earliest of teens, with shaky hopes and dreams.

Twitchell’s claim was valid once—now, imagine where escape would be if advertisers could access your dreams.

“The reality is that society isn’t going to give you your dreams if you’re a queer POC,” he explains.

H: You talk about dreams and the need to have more dreams in our lives.

How does your work contributes to people’s dreams?

“Voguing is all about aspirations and dreams, especially ones that people in the culture know are denied to them on a daily basis.

They shape us, make us more fearless, give us confidence, validate our dreams.

Sagittarius is a centaur, pointing its bow and arrow toward its dreams and goals.

Harvey majored in studio art with dreams of one day becoming an artist himself.

The show follows a number of characters—all played by Dapaah—as they try to make it in the city of crushed dreams.

This film brings us back to the early 2000s where Hilary Duff reigned supreme and truly showed us what dreams were made of.

Spend time in quiet meditation, and pay attention to the messages that arrive in your dreams.

They didn’t bother to profile @Ocasio2018’s campaign once because they wrote her off as nosy Brown girl with impossible dreams.

We can all relate to dreams where we are running from ourselves and searching out truth… trying to escape our inner fears and doubts.

has everything your dessert dreams are made of—grasshopper milkshakes, anyone?—with some Filipino flair, once you start looking more closely at the menu.

“The more I talk to them, it becomes clear that it’s because they have all these hopes and dreams for the country.”

Does it say something about the dreams of this material, that it eventually shattered?” questions Buehler.

I could feel the heat of the dark red blood cascading from my mouth too,” they posted in a thread about dreams.

A handful of other users commented with their own experiences of feeling pain in their dreams, which lingered after they woke up.

Very little is known about the frequency and nature of pain in dreams.

One study from 1998 asked a sample of 185 participants to record their dreams for two consecutive weeks.

A total of 3,045 dreams were reported in the home dream logs.

Eighteen of these dreams contained unambiguous references to the subject experiencing pain.

From this perspective, it is not at all surprising that people report feeling pain in dreams.

But why do some people have such vivid dreams, including those in which they experience pain, and others hardly remember dreaming at all?

dreams later in the night, more toward morning, and those during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep tend to be more vivid.

dreams during recovery sleep following a period of sleep deprivation can also be especially intense.

And he decided to relax a bit Wednesday night — with some pipe dreams of using machine guns at U.S.-Mexico border.

Sophie soon discovers the vegetarian BFG is something of a mixologist, but for dreams (he collects them in jars).

And he decided to relax a bit Wednesday night — with some pipe dreams of using machine guns at U.S.-Mexico border.

“Elkin had a dream in a country where it was almost impossible to make your dreams come true at the time,” he says.

He is survived by his son, Andrés, and his music continues to inspire many of his countrymen to follow their dreams, whatever the odds.

“At the Pan African dreams of decolonization, at certain actions, and I’m looking at it critically because there are also failures.

Freedom of dreams.

I’m proud as an entrepreneur that I gave everything I had to my dreams.

The Moon meets Neptune at 1:08 AM, so pay attention to your dreams this evening.

The night before big interviews I sometimes have stress dreams that I’m running late or my recorder doesn’t work.

“Coming Soon” rides a bubblegum trap beat that sounds like your dreams coming true on a very, very nice day.

Whenever I had any illusions that I could do something, I would think about my father’s failed dreams.

I realized that dreams and imagination are just the start, and then your life’s work begins.

It connects with the lord of the underworld, Pluto, in Capricorn, at 4:36 AM, bringing psychic dreams.

We follow Dolph as he reflects on his past, boasts about his progress, and dreams of even more in the future.

His goal is to find the woman of his dreams while traveling the world.

They may not believe that Trump can make all their dreams come true.

Freedom lies in dreams.

For now, Trump has just taken to Twitter to complain about Democrats obstructing his border wall dreams.

Success is born out of healthy habits; insidious habits undermine our dreams.

But they fuel the dreams of 90 something percent of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley that will probably fail.

The gamification/commodification of sex and dreams are likely to be the next steps.

Yayoi Kusama “Late-Night Chat is Filled with dreams” Mug Set: This beautiful pair of mugs was designed by Yayoi Kusama.

Sagittarius is a sign that’s all about vision— what are your dreams, Aquarius?

Garcia usually begins with writing and chronicling her vivid dreams in order to understand their symbolism.

And most likely, few of them, when they hear the term “DREAMers,” see it as immigrants stealing dreams from native-born Americans.

The poems of Joy Harjo, a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation, are “carriers of dreams, knowledge and wisdom,” said U.S.

dreams From My Father” is very introspective.

But conservative purists haven’t let go of those dreams yet.

If Tumblr fans have proven anything, it’s that they can make such dreams a reality, so keep on dreaming bigger, Check, Please!

Recurring motifs include mirrors, demons, clouds, and dreams, all interacting in ambiguous shorts that are ineffably sinister, entrancingly beautiful, or both.

French people dream in French; colorblind people dream in shades of gray; and Mohammed dreams in Black.

But Cohen’s book dreams ultimately died after the FBI raided his office, home, and hotel room in April 2018.

Two families struggle against social hierarchy and try to keep their families alive as their dreams of farming fade before their eyes.

Caviar dreams is a beautiful font.

I also turn to adjacent areas like music, film, literature—everything that unfolds in dialogue and dreams.

The young woman, who had graduated from Southwestern Academy High School just two years ago, had dreams of one day working with special-needs children.

He is a 19-year-old young man, living his dreams under the brightest lights in the biggest city of a foreign country full of both.

You discover your high-minded ideals and commitment to your dreams aren’t going to be enough to put food on the table.

Some of these people have the money to actually decorate like that, and everyone else kind of dreams of it.

And everyone is singing about how their hopes and dreams of fame will come true one day.

Both Mia and Sebastian end up achieving their dreams, but at a cost.

Maybe they had to change their ways to make their dreams come true, but hey, they still did it, didn’t they?

Just a broken heart and broken dreams and I felt I could love him back to life.”

As your boss.Beats: Just follow your dreams.

You’re going to be very exhausted and restless during this eclipse, perhaps even working through a spell of bad dreams.

After decades of broken dreams, virtual reality appears to be fulfilling its promise.

Many sacrifice everything to follow their Major League dreams, but not all of them make it.”

I had my dreams stripped away from me — and I knew the rules going in.

Here, then, is my recounting of the three fever dreams, and why they’ve failed.

All of them have dreams of taking down the best.

Maybe writing this piece will break the fever dreams.

He dreams of working in Hollywood and falling in love.

“Very clearly, very clearly, even in my dreams, this could not be true,” Jenkins said.

“But to hell with dreams, I’m done with it, because this is true.” STILL SPEECHLESS pic.twitter.com/qe3NUDWAHM

Learn below about their opinions, fears, dreams, and complexities.

“I never in my wildest dreams expected something like that to happen,” said Najib.

Lots of people chase their dreams to minimal effect; they just don’t teach MasterClasses.

Did they just follow their dreams more?

People, work, opportunities, dreams…..full heart space.”

Kids Faith and Spirituality (751423)

Sample: “Joseph King of dreams” (2000).

Its lonely, wistful feeling, instead, elevates those struggles to feel like the characters’ dreams are slipping away from them.

Instead, he was a wannabe restaurateur with dreams of one day opening up an Eastern European joint in his hometown.

It’s a fantastic afternoon to meet up with people you admire or discuss how to achieve your hopes and dreams for the future.

Maybe next MLK Day will see their dreams realized.

The Moon in Pisces meets with Neptune at 3:30 AM, bringing inspiration as well as some whimsical dreams.

It wasn’t just that my dreams were more intense.

“Though we may have been divided at the polls, we are united in our dreams,” Mnangagwa tweeted.

Sometimes the dreams are about being chased, or desperately searching for something that is lost, or having to fight off something scary.

Typically the dreams are intense, vivid, and lingering.”

Aesthetically, Harikumar is inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt (she dreams of living in his home in Vienna), Toulouse-Lautrec, and Mario Miranda.

She puts them on her temples and dreams of schools she never attended, underwater chases with other people’s parents, snowy beaches.

And you have their dreams.

She doesn’t remember her own dreams, or her mind is too tired to dream at all.

She dreams of an all-night blues session in an office park surrounded by evergreens.

She has always known, at the bottom of her mind where the dreams crystallize, what being awake means.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Plunge into dreams at Volta NY 2016.

dreams likewise don’t last.

“You can use your dreams as a life guide to help you find happiness,” he says.

dreams can also make you feel nostalgic, another key to happiness.

If only we could pick the Instagram filter for our dreams, and make them look this cool.

We may all have dreams, but we tend to have different culturally constructed ideas about their psychology.

For too long, European surrealism has dominated and limited how artists depict dreams.

Lee Chapman, Jamie Vardy lookalike, witnessed his wildest dreams come true.

Those people who could dream dreams, see visions?

Los Santos is a beautiful and disgusting city, a place where dreams are shattered and men are flamethrowered to the ground with reckless abandon.

Mars connects with Pluto, finding you eager to make your dreams into a reality—the mood is very productive!

Every year they arrive in Hollywood with dreams of making it.

Eventually, you just start thinking a certain way to the point that it even invades your dreams.

“I was being attacked by detainees,” she said of the dreams she had during her nine-month deployment in 2010.

But for most, the dreams are simpler.

“I don’t have many big dreams,” one teenage Foxconn worker told the newspaper.

I explained it all via mind wipes and Luke Skywalker’s crumbled Jedi dreams and all manner of things.

“I was being attacked by detainees,” she said of the dreams she had during her nine-month deployment in 2010.

Every day is, like, me hoping my dreams will come true because of how much trauma I carry.

Visitors are greeted by Musa Hixson’s “Law of Growth” — giant shelved pods that serve as temporary vessels to hold your dreams and wishes.

You cannot film dreams, imaginations.

He’s there in my dreams too, and then I wake up and the whole thing starts all over again.

La La Land also shares Whiplash’s not-entirely-optimistic outlook on chasing your dreams, falling in love, and balancing both without losing it all.

Since as early as I can remember I’ve always had very vivid dreams.

So vivid in fact, that I’ll often mistake things that happen in my dreams for things that happened in reality.

I still had all my dreams.

We held those dreams as dear as we did when we were kids, back when you believed us.

The sleep economy has expanded past our wildest dreams.

When he finished his education, he started a trucking company in New Jersey, but never gave up his shrimping dreams.

“He had dreams of opening his own auto repair shop after graduation,” his sister, Veronica Meyer, told the station.

The aliens jeopardized all our futures and clouded all our dreams.

My nook had a little personalized placard wishing me “sweet dreams.”

We dream big dreams — bigger than we can carry alone.

Cinephiles frequently compare movies to dreams.

Before this smirking swimmer was going for the gold in Rio, he was just another competing cutie with Olympic dreams in Evanston, Illinois.

Undeterred, Lynch asks him what his dreams were like when he was a child, to which he responds, “Nightmares.”

Chinese battery and car manufacturer BYD — short for “Build Your dreams” — was emblematic of the post–financial crisis Chinese outbound boom.

Garnet and Amethyst become Sugilite (voiced by Nicki Minaj, because sometimes dreams do come true).

Ratatouille (2007) How could a rat with dreams of becoming a gourmet chef in Paris be childhood-ruining?

Sometimes the dreams went astray.

You know how in dreams you can kind of dictate what you do?

The museum’s first long-term exhibition will be Where dreams Are Made: A Journey Inside the Movies.

The Bold Type is the kind of frothy, glossy fun that summer TV dreams are made of.

The young photographer Flora Borsi manipulates surreal images focused on emotions and dreams.

Before this smiley superfan was stepping up into the spotlight, she was just another fangirl with big dreams in Hartford, Connecticut.

Is there anything more beautiful than seeing the mysterious puppy-avenger of your dreams seeped in the colors of your underrepresented community?

The works have been exhibited worldwide, their fantasies and dreams becoming metaphors liberated from these atmospheric images.

If time is linear, and if we learn, see and feel through experience, then precognitive dreams simply can’t be legit.

He believes we are capable of precognitive dreams, and says his research backs that up.

The dreamer was woken 4-5 times throughout the night to relay his dreams to an experimenter.

If we accept—for the sake of curiosity—that precognitive dreams do happen, what’s the explanation?

This leads to one theory of explanation for precognitive dreams.

“Take dreams between twins,” he said.

But there are some pretty convincing explanations that serve to debunk the concept of precognitive dreams.

Take for example, one of the most famous precognitive dreams in history.

Dr. Carroll also says probability and coincidence can help explain dreams that seem to predict the future.

Despite our curiosity in dreams, the study of dreams hasn’t been a priority in modern science.

Accessible technology is also helping the cause, with dream recording apps like Dream:ON giving scientists access to a huge cross-cultural database of dreams.

Moto’s new video for “Million” is about chasing those big dreams.

Devin Pacholik dreams of having 30 thousand, 100 million in his bank account.

Of course, if your dreams are honestly stupid and crazy, you can’t necessarily expect an outpouring of enthusiasm from your honey.

She often has dreams of her direwolf, Nymeria, who is leading an enormous wolfpack back in Westeros.

dreams (1955) 7.

The first time I ever made money doing a film, I thought I was rich beyond the dreams of avarice.

Luckily for us, the clip looks exactly like Kevin Abstract songs sound: lush, brimming with teenage dreams, and heavy with atmosphere.

Now their political dreams could very well become the country’s reality.

Watch out for messages that arrive in your dreams, and make extra time for journaling and meditation.

pic.twitter.com/3cLQLjuSv4 All in all, it appeared that Pence’s birthday was the stuff of childhood dreams.

(“No girl ever dreams of spending her big day marrying a man called Bacon,” he pointed out.)

“Sometimes somebody wants to make the pinball of their dreams,” said one of its creators, Roman Miletitch.

It was cathartic and confusing to hear, aged 11, as my dreams of being a vampire bit the dust.

Watch for what information your dreams may deliver.

dreams and anecdotes are recounted.

Like most humans, I have goals and dreams and ambitions that I would like at some point during my earthly existence to attain.

Before this angel was taking center stage, she was just another baller with hoop dreams taking center court in Los Angeles, CA.

“The problem is, he wanted, he had dreams outside of Germany.

People are still talking shit about me, just because I have money, just because I’m married to the woman of my dreams.

He’d moved in quickly, pulling me into his dreams of living off the land.

Who gets access to digital representations of their dreams, especially in the AAA game or blockbuster space?

I’ve accomplished two of my biggest dreams, graduated from Stanford (University) and won the U.S. Open.

The time that you’ll get around to those dreams should be now.”

His resumé is the one every ambitious college Republican hoping to be on the Supreme Court one day dreams of building.

They are magnificent pagan dreams, utterly profane and glorious.

And a new surge of optimism is placing impossible dreams firmly within our grasp.

Think of the marvels we can achieve if we simply set free the dreams of our people.

We just need the courage to share the dreams that fill our hearts.

And the confidence to turn those hopes and dreams to action.

We hope dreams in a sentence examples were helpful.