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I transferred the site to a new domain, and announced it on social media platforms and mailing lists.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” only became a holiday favorite when it entered public domain.

It’s the domain of manufactured outrage.

(Federal authorities have since seized the domain names.)

(Federal authorities have since seized the domain names.)

Sex Garage brought queer rights into the public domain in a way that hadn’t happened before.”

(Note: In 2018, the forum’s domain name was, which changed after its previous server host dropped them for violating its anti-abuse policy.)

domain De Bois Moze Cremant, France, $13.99 Chearno: “That’s champagne.

The search giant canceled the domain registration of white supremacist site The Daily Stormer, hours after it was booted from web hosting service GoDaddy.

“So, unfortunately, this kind of thing happens, especially when you’re on a public domain like the internet.”

Republicans and Trump have argued that eminent domain gives them the power to do it.

Eminent domain is invoked when the government takes possession of private land for public use — and conservatives despise it.

“You have to use eminent domain,” Trump said during a Rose Garden briefing.

#LimitedGovernment But while Trump might be a long-time supporter of eminent domain, conservatives aren’t.

Eminent domain is the power of the government to take private land or property and convert it to public use.

Eminent domain is how the federal government protected the land where the Battle of Gettysburg was fought in 1896.

While the government has tried to use eminent domain to get access to that land before, the resulting lawsuits created massive construction delays.

That goes double when eminent domain is practiced for the benefit of private corporations.

The legality of eminent domain is clear.

And for conservatives, eminent domain poses a question: Is government intrusion into private property okay if it’s to build something that conservatives want?

Our domain expertise and reputations did not help us nearly as much as we thought they should.”

It’s almost become public domain, at this point.

The domain previously had been used to trade cards in an online game.

By 2004, all of the existing patents on licensing for the GIF had expired, and the format essentially entered the public domain.

Reed’s combination of geometric design with abstract expression certainly establishes a similar domain beyond the limits of political and social expectations.

A Hillary Clinton supporter bought the domain name and had it redirect to Clinton’s campaign website.

We’re still waiting for that in the smart-home domain.

The cache includes alleged usernames and passwords for logging into Cellebrite databases connected to the company’s my.cellebrite domain.

As every domain of life becomes increasingly automated, humans are desperately seeking solace in the activities that differentiate us from our artificial doppelgangers.

Dorsey and his cofounders, Evan Williams and Biz Stone, bought the Twitter domain name for roughly $7,000.

A few weeks ago, it was revealed Chad purchased the domain names of other contestants and had them redirect to his Instagram account.

The IRA created domain names such as,, and

The domain was last updated on October 20, 2015, according to ownership records, but media outlets started noticing the prank in early December.

Since the report will be in the public domain, few people will actually have to buy it as a book to read it.

Some of that is information we have uncovered, some of it is public domain.

If the founders are attractive, if they have domain expertise, if they’re solving a real problem and what their strategy is?

We look at our domain expertise, so that’s across sports media.

We look at domain expertise, and then, is this company solving a problem and can we help with that problem?

Very early on, the couple realized that much of the information in the public domain cannot be applied to Indian conditions.

The domain was used by the Ministry of Defense until late 2015, when they migrated it to

The .ag domain is, you guessed it, Antigua and Barbuda—the spiritual birthplace of online gambling.

So he started his own domain called Junk Food Blog, in hopes of taking a bite of that traffic.

“The internet makes you stupid” has been the motto of since Richard Kyanka, 40, registered the domain in 1999.

A military-first approach to cyber fails to recognize the important role that law-enforcement and diplomatic organizations have in achieving US goals in this domain.

The United States could redouble its financial and criminal sanctions but it should at least consider a proportional response in the cyber domain.

Second, the New Yorker revisited the question of mysterious online communications between a Russian bank and a domain tied to the Trump Organization.

Years before most people even knew what the internet was, French immigrant Jean-Noel Frydman registered the domain name in 1994.

These days, single-name domain names can go for millions of dollars.

The country of France, however, seemed to want its coveted domain name for free.

They concluded that the domain lookups were deliberate and likely entailed some form of communication (perhaps use of an instant messaging service).

For me, consumer is my domain expertise.

Realizing the domain was up for grabs, Tingle snapped it right up.

Even a fan of DeVos would concede that her knowledge and interest lies in the K-12 education domain.

It would skip a brick-and-mortar location altogether, it’d probably be (that domain is up for grabs, by the way!

“Any expansion of criminal liability for this offence is within Parliament’s exclusive domain,” they wrote.

And yet, for all of their autobiographical detail, the poems never stay within that domain.

Republicans were beginning to express concern over government seizure of private lands via eminent domain?

Too bad: Donald Trump loves him some eminent domain.

Soon after, in November Sci-Hub reemerged with a new overseas domain.

When the New York court issued its injunction against Sci-Hub in October, it banned the domain “”

But just days later, Sci-Hub was back on the web, under the new domain “”

“The new domain will be hard for a US-based lawsuit, like Elsevier’s from last year, to shut down,” Quartz explains.

Correction: This article originally misstated the date Sci-Hub launched its new domain.

A WHOIS lookup confirms that both websites were registered with domain provider GoDaddy by Martin Shkreli earlier this year.

Shkreli offered to sell a domain connected to NY Post reporter Emily Saul to her for $12,000, according to Business Insider.

“There’s nothing illegal about buying a domain name that’s the same name as someone’s name.”

Several federal cyberlaws protect individuals like the journalists Shkreli targeted from domain disputes like this one.

Onto my online presence: I buy a domain and build a website.

Steele outlined for me three main ways domain disputes like the one Shkreli started can be legally resolved: 1.

But the reporters would only be able to get the domain name from Shkreli, and not any damages.

What’s different, though, is the ACPA allows for statutory damages ranging from $1,000 to $100,000 per each domain name.

Under the ACPA, courts look at whether the domain registrant tried to sell the domain.

We should be generous here, and recognize that the domain of democracy covers quite a wide range of possibilities.

Cyberpiracy protections for individuals There’s another federal law that aims to protect individuals when another person registers a domain in their name.

They also would only be able to recover the domain itself, as well as attorney’s fees (no damages).

Each exists in a separate domain and yet feel connected within the painting’s cramped space.

That makes sense, since Whitaker or any other Trump loyalist can’t stop court documents from entering the public domain.

For one thing, its focus is on public transportation infrastructure, a domain that’s not likely to get anyone rich and-or famous.

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That, I think, is what sets her apart from her contemporaries, and elevates her work into a visual domain it alone occupies.

The domain was updated on July 18.

The new museum, which opened in November 2017, subverts the martial overtones of its domain.

One proposal would block all domain names housed outside the country.

(If you’re interested in hearing more, you’ll definitely want to check out Time domain Partitioning of Electricity Production Cost Simulations.)

The episode flits back and forth between the Alexandrians’ various attempts to forage for supplies and Negan’s stroll through his grand domain.

In Simpson’s domain, there is no ideal form but there are many kinds of containers, forms that both adorn and shape.

And like all women who entered environments that were previously the domain of men, we had to put up with and fight against sexism.

Outside of the federal domain, we can look at another common forum for commercial advertising on government-owned platforms: Public transit.

The domain space of a general AI system is as large (or larger) than the mobile space, and the interface is exponentially more complex.

(And) anything Germany had done was public domain — it was not patentable.”

(Also, how many rare Beanie Babies did Ty have to give to Network Solutions to get that two-letter domain name?)

Interestingly, this varies a bit depending on the journalism domain.

Pakistan’s military has ruled the country for about half of its history and traditionally seen the country’s foreign policy in its domain.

On Sunday, GoDaddy made the decision to terminate domain registration services for the website.

And so in basically every domain, stories about Trump are much more popular now.

The Daily Stormer had initially attempted to rebound from GoDaddy’s termination of services by transferring its patronage to Google’s domain services.

West’s struggles are in the public domain now.

But the Daily Stormer’s domain registration is only one aspect of its online presence.

“Once he was released from our custody, he was under the domain of ICE,” DeWitt told AP.

They have Windows-based domain architecture.

One Russian spammer even bought a sneakily-written “ɢ” domain (note, that isn’t Google) and recently lost a legal case over ownership of the domain.

A third horizontal element against an adjacent wall, Z from domain of the Variable, is the most dramatic and colorful work in the exhibition.

But you can use it to show that something is in the public domain.”

People say, ‘No, I don’t want my stuff to be in the public domain.

Eminent domain is a frequent target of criticism from conservative and anti-government groups.

“What Donald Trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in Atlantic City.

Trump said eminent domain was “a good thing” and was necessary to building roads, bridges, schools and hospitals.

Other artists working in this domain include Alfred Jensen, Bridget Riley, Sanford Wurmfeld, Robert Swain, Richard Anuszkiewicz, and the recently deceased Julian Stanczak.

Because countries have been scaled according to the number of country code domain names they have registered, and not by their geographical size.

The US only possesses 687,107 native .us domain names—possibly as .com addresses are more popular.

Zaytoven is the chief architect of Atlanta’s modern trap sound, but for one night, he was dethroned as the king of this domain.

“American Buddhism” features a public domain video of army meditation training atop a rough wooden structure containing plush Buddhas and fake orange flowers.

Included under this planet’s domain are all types of code, including computer codes, as well as transportation, shipping, and travel.

You can head over to Squarespace now to check if your desired domain name is available.

Squarespace makes it simple to register your own domain, and even includes the first year for free.

“Consumer is my domain expertise,” Kutcher said on the latest episode of Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher.

Planning Your Content Once you’ve reserved your domain name, it’s time to start planning out the content.

Visiting sculptors and architects will offer lectures on their experiences working in the public domain.

It could be a family legacy of excellence in some domain that they felt a responsibility to pass on to their offspring.

Here’s what Cave had to say about the video itself: “Using public domain (or just stealing!)

It is well-settled law in the United States that statutes and court decisions are part of the public domain and can be freely published.

“The spare domain works but for how long, I can not guarantee.

Russian leaders believed the United States was using “soft power” means, such as the media and diplomacy, to cause trouble in Russia’s domain.

These associations enrich Dilg’s paintings, which define a domain all their own.

During the Republican primary campaign, Trump signalled he wouldn’t be afraid to make use of powers like eminent domain to get projects done.

At a campaign stop in Iowa in January 2016, Trump said using eminent domain to take landowners’ property was a good thing.

What mattered most to her was the morality of an action, no matter what domain of life it affected.

Lead image via Public domain Pictures It’s 7AM on March 8 in Los Angeles and Judy Miller Silverman is not checking her email.

”We have long argued former Director Comey’s self-styled memos should be in the public domain, subject to any classification redactions,” the statement read.

Since then, we have fought to keep this information in the public domain.

In the political domain, like most domains in which we don’t just hear or see what’s true, we rely on social consensus.

Since then, we have fought to keep this information in the public domain.

Look, the issue that has been raised is that the Department of Commerce plays a role as it relates to the domain name system.

Sometimes he reworked one of his creations, expanding its domain on the cardboard studio wall or reassembling its parts.

And ICANN will continue to manage the domain name system as they have for a long time.

It is the weirdness that propelled these works into a new domain (or reality) all their own.

Zachary: I assume they locked his E Corp domain credentials but Kibana/SSH used separate credentials.

What the exhibition makes apparent is how far Seborovski has traveled into a domain that is all her own.

Is this fictive studio space inhabited by everyone or is it primarily the domain of privileged white males?

This sounds arrogant, but you don’t get record companies interested unless you’re Kings of Leon domain, do you know what I mean?

“Once it’s in the public domain, there’s no getting it back,” he said.

Success in some domain means you should have thoughts about all the domains.

The person who the domain is registered to confirmed the legitimacy of the sample data.

In this case, DNS (the “domain name system”) isn’t something that most users think about, but the entire internet depends on it.

Real creativity requires small-scale focusing, attending to a relatively small domain.

By foregrounding the schism between form and content, Rachel Beach is demonstrating the agitated unity of her handmade domain.

“Space is no longer a peaceful domain,” Deborah Lee James, the last Air Force secretary, said in an interview last July.

From a fuzzy pink study to a bubble-filled green master bedroom, each wrapped visitors up in their own domain.

I want people to understand that this man-made domain, like finance, touches every part of our life.

I’m worried that the governments of the world are turning the internet into a domain of security and fear.

If we continue along this path, then that’s what it will become: a domain of fear and control.

Daguerre had sold his process to the French state, leaving it in the public domain.

Melandri said she personally finds that Walker’s use and transformation of public domain images make his work “resonant and complicated.

Websites like Pond5 and Unsplash also work to gather photos, film clips, and other creative materials that are already in the public domain.

Peruse the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public domain directory here.

“ICANN will continue to manage the domain name system, as they have for a long time.

“Nobody wants their disputes in the public domain,” says a senior art world source who has witnessed difficult breakups between artists and galleries.

By contrast, Liew’s avatar claims the entire page as his domain.

And despite briefly finding a home on a Russian domain, the Daily Stormer site there now also appears to be down.

When people refused to turn over their homes to the pipelines, the companies invoked eminent domain.

And despite briefly finding a home on a Russian domain, the Daily Stormer site there now also appears to be down.

In Appalachia, landowner rights have been an anti-pipeline rallying cry, as people push back against the government taking their homes through eminent domain.

Here, though, you end up well outside the domain of what antitrust officials could actually do.

Williams said that him and other Talos researchers are seeing victim machines look up the command and control domain (1dnscontrol[.

After being ejected by three different domain services, prominent neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer has moved to the dark web.

“We should have a real domain online within 24 hours.

“We should have a real domain online within 24 hours.

Less than a week later, he registered the domain, but didn’t do much with it until January.

“My new national strategy for space recognizes that space is a warfighting domain, just like the land, air and sea,” Trump said.

The U.S. military’s competitive edge has eroded “in every domain of warfare” he said, partly because of inconsistent funding.

(The courts have nothing to do with impeachment, which is the domain of Congress.)

Normal leaders tread cautiously in this domain for fear of exposure, scandal, and political backlash.

Any time big government starts using eminent domain and taking land — especially the valuable part, access to water — then it becomes a battle cry.

The federal government has the legal power to take private land through eminent domain, if it compensates the landowners for the property.

But then Bush went after him on the issue of eminent domain, and Trump let loose.

“It is becoming a contested war fighting domain and we have to adapt to that reality,” Mattis said.

And the idea is that we work with partners, and those partners take the products into a specific domain.

World-Check says it uses only public domain sources to compile its terrorism designations.

Trump denied that he’d taken the property, but he defended the use of the legal power known as eminent domain to take property.

It is just World-Check trawling public domain sources for people who can be placed in any of the categories.”

“Eminent domain is an absolute necessity for a country,” he said.

When the government uses eminent domain to take property, the US Constitution requires that it be for “public use.”

When she refused, Trump got Atlantic City’s Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to threaten to take the property using eminent domain.

“I saw what group they were and wondered if they had their domain.

Donald Trump is right that eminent domain is often necessary for public projects like parks, bridges, or schools.

The MPS does use another email domain too—part of the police national network—that does come with TLS.

But it is the MPS’ own domain that does not come with the same protections.

At or around the same time, they also targeted seventy-six email addresses at the domain for the Clinton campaign.

He also needs the authority to use eminent domain to seize land from numerous unwilling owners.

So, if you do something like, say, someone can’t register a domain, that’s all or nothing.

He is notoriously private and not much is known about his private life, nor are there many pictures of him in the public domain.

We need to find ways of upholding this relationship in the domain of health and well-being technologies as well.

Microsoft owns individual work and Google owns collaborative work, but each company definitely wants to own the other’s domain.

Microsoft owns individual work and Google owns collaborative work, but each company definitely wants to own the other’s domain.

Turns out my Link died a fair few times on the route from Kakariko to Zora’s domain.

Habit and ease are now the domain of the platform.

TL: Infoweb, good domain.

The eminent domain lawsuits over the wall would be bad fights.

Certainty is the domain of other human discourses, ideology and religion.

Even the analytics community, which could be perceived as a new domain full of forward thinking, isn’t exactly welcoming to everyone.

You can brood on a clock tower or glide through the skies if you want, actively taking watch over Batman’s domain.

The state allows gas pipeline operators that qualify as utilities to use eminent domain to take land for the public good.

Wherever O is, and whatever others are doing to her, she always seems to exist in another domain that we cannot see.

It helps computers across the internet find each other by translating domain names (like into internet protocol addresses (like

Trying new things, learning about them, and adjusting accordingly is the right way to make progress in a new domain.

Soccer was weird and effete when I was a kid, the domain of preppies and future Rotary Club boosters.

To an 11-year-old, this was the funniest goof ever, but in retrospect, I suppose it was also an instructional primer on domain name servers.

The federal government never acquired the domain, though Parisi claims he gave the feds for free in 2005.

When I asked if people still mistakenly land on the wrong White House domain, Parisi replied: “I really sincerely doubt it.”

Hill-Burton was the first significant federal intervention into the domain of health care, and it was nothing short of pathbreaking.

It’s a good thing, then, that Parisi has no plans to sell the domain.

The name of a malicious domain used in the wider campaign appeared to mock U.S. intelligence: “” Then things got worse, documents show.

Every new sprout multiplies the moss’s domain.

This dimension was imagined to be a timeless space between physical and spiritual reality, a domain of purity and limitless potential.

Earlier this year, NYPL released over 180,000 public domain images and has encouraged engagement with the resource through its Remix Residencies.

The scientific paper peer- review takes forever and this hurts the scientists who are trying to put their results quickly into the public domain.”

After setting up her camera, she hopped the fence surrounding the pigs’ domain, stood amid the grass and mud, and waited.

Teenagers run the internet: it is their hellish domain, and I am but an old goblin dwelling under a bridge, tweeting.

Because the character is in the public domain, Sherlock Holmes has inspired numerous works that explore his eccentric and sometimes dark character.

Schools are schools; they occupy such a unique space in the public domain.

But how successful has UNESCO been in the domain of heritage and culture?

But how successful has UNESCO been in the domain of heritage and culture?

“You’ve registered the domain name”

So, the kids come to business school, they think to establish domain expertise and currency to create economic security within their families.

And even though the website quickly moved to another domain registration company, Google, Google promptly terminated its account.

Next, the site attempted to set up shop on the dark web, using a .onion domain.

Update: The domain now appears to be offline as well; the .onion domain accessible via Tor browser has not updated.

And so, I’ve taken it on as a personal kind of study and domain expertise, trying to develop …

I hope There’s some evidence in the public domain backing up Schmidt’s speculation.

But during this process, he nearly lays waste to his house, the family domain with which he has been temporarily entrusted.

But he didn’t do such a great job protecting the domain, or his family.

That’s more important than whether he got booed after a bad answer on eminent domain.

(These are two domains in the five-factor model of personality; each domain is measured with self-reports from participants.)

The “zips literally separate one domain from another.

That might be Python, or it could even be something with a very limited domain (or problem space), like Processing.

When most works enter the public domain, the public collectively owns them.

Public domain was partly responsible for the internet you’re using, and permits Wikipedia editors to use photos of famous people on their Wikipages.

The terms for thousands of works published between 1923 and 1963 weren’t renewed as according to the law, and consequently lapsed into public domain.

Sometimes authors will intentionally dedicate works to the public domain.

“Celebrating the return of a yearly expansion of the public domain is the appropriate response,” Silbey said.

“Otherwise the West is sending a wrong message to the Kremlin, who will utilize the cyber domain even more severe way.”

I don’t save because money is the sovereign domain of my quickest, most immediate impulses.

Included under this planet’s domain are all types of code, including computer codes, as well as transportation, shipping, and travel.

This year, public domain advocates in the United States have a lot to celebrate.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads This year we have a real “public domain day” in the United States.

The Chip Woman’s Fortune, the first drama by an African-American author produced on Broadway also enters the public domain today.

As The Verge explains (and we have elsewhere): Welcoming classic works to the public domain was an annual New Year’s Day tradition.

The result of the legislation was to effectively prevent any new works from entering the public domain.

Btw, if you think bad things happen when works that enter the Public domain, you should read this blog post by Theodora Middleton.

And it’s now hoping to win eminent domain over the remaining land owned by people who have refused to cooperate with the construction.

And it’s now hoping to win eminent domain over the remaining land owned by people who have refused to cooperate with the construction.

Clatterbuck says that more than 1,000 people have pledged to engage in nonviolent direct action should eminent domain be granted.

Even the nuns are preparing for immediate seizure of their property if eminent domain is granted.

It was already out there in the public domain.

The first two letters of the email address were displayed, followed by either the whole domain (such as “”), or a redacted version.

(The dummy account didn’t use a particularly popular email service, so the domain was also redacted).

Photo: domain Australian actress, Cate Blanchett, has bought a $6 million English mansion in East Sussex, England.

Correction: This article originally misstated the date Sci-Hub launched its new domain.

It seems to matter not a whit that the people who are doing these rating may know absolutely nothing about the domain in question.

King’s sermons, which are not in the public domain, are notoriously difficult to republish or reuse.

It was an available dot-com domain name.

But this was also during a particularly tense conversation over eminent domain, in which the government takes over private property for other purposes.

“Eminent domain is an absolute necessity for a country,” he said.

You need eminent domain.”

The name of a malicious domain used in the wider campaign appeared to mock U.S. intelligence: “” Then things got worse, documents show.

“It also offers Mercer legitimacy outside of her alt-right domain.

“For so many commercial space endeavors, we want this domain to be just like the oceans and the internet: free and safe for all.

It’s unclear why Hopkins wanted the domain name or who he was transferring the domain name to.

“The malware contained hard coded credentials based on as the domain.

“It is really in the woman’s domain, that’s why I think there has been little progress.

This is the official Olympics domain for the Winter Games,” Mercer told Motherboard, adding that Talos was ultimately unable to confirm the passwords’ validity.

On May 4, the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) went live and began accepting bids on domain names for the ethereum network.

Once you’ve gotten your domain address figured out, you’ll use ether to place a bid on that domain name.

Importantly, the amount that has been bid and the domain name itself are obscured during that 72-hour window to discourage intentional overbidding.

The domain goes to the highest bidder, but they only have to pay as much as the second highest bid.

In reality, what was accidental was that sinkholing the domain was enough to halt the malware.

Once the auction is up, that person would wait for the original bidder on that domain name to reveal their bid.

Even in its spiritual and practical homelands, liberalism has coexisted awkwardly with the domain of cruelty.

The micro-Commons are smaller, bounded domains, which have social and cultural rules of engagement for cooperation within that domain.

L. Frank Baum’s beloved novel and characters — as well as most of the novel’s sequels — are in the public domain.

Trump supporters bought up and other domain names, creating websites attacking her as unprofessional.

“Space is no longer a peaceful domain,” Deborah Lee James, the Obama administration’s final Air Force secretary, said in an interview last July.

The reason behind this practice is obvious: Embroidery, needlework and darning were traditionally a female domain.

That means operating tasks like hiring fall in her domain.

#unfit #unqualified #neverTrump”—is a battle cry and a warning for anyone stupid enough to trespass in her domain wielding hate or general bullshit.

But what Mark is saying around this domain expertise, that builds on my third wave comments, is incredibly important.

Another domain explored in this exhibition is that of esoteric signs.

“They’re also pursuing other technologies to give them better insights into our operations in the undersea domain.”

“If you use Google through your work or school, your domain administrator can set and change this setting.

They locked up the public domain, which we think of as a sin.

An online community and news site for white supremacists and the alt right will have to find a new home for its domain name.

White supremacist website The Daily Stormer is being cut loose by the company that hosts its domain,, for violating terms of service.

GoDaddy tweeted late Sunday night that the Daily Stormer would have 24 hours to find someplace new to host its domain.

You talk to folks in the military and they say: Every domain that humankind has ever been to, there’s been conflict.

An online community and news site for white supremacists and the alt right will have to find a new home for its domain name.

White supremacist website The Daily Stormer is being cut loose by the company that hosts its domain,, for violating terms of service.

GoDaddy tweeted late Sunday night that the Daily Stormer would have 24 hours to find someplace new to host its domain.

That effort was founded by a Maryland IT professional, Quentin Kramer, who had registered the web domain name before Trump ran for president.

That’s the reality of the space domain.

Because of that particular fragility of the space domain, it means that we really, really want to not have conflict happen in outer space.

For some reason with these guys our leaders don’t have the domain expertise …. Well, talk about that, talk about the hearings.

To build a wall in the 60 miles that he first wanted to, you needed 982 eminent domain cases.

Instead, he directed people to email him at a domain.

Two years later, at the age of 18, he began expanding his domain.

It’s about what might the future look like, and here’s a tough problem in a particular domain.

Now might be the time to extend congressional power in this domain to the scenario in which a president was elected illegitimately.

I think robotics is, to me, it’s a domain where all of this is happening as well.

And robotics is a great domain for really exploring some of the ideas there.

So in this particular example, we build a platform that kind of brings that together for practical domain.

They came out with a sub domain, .university.

My point is that, within the TV industry, Moonves’s roots are deep, and they spread beyond his most recent domain.

VICE News met with Howe to learn all about the domain game and to find out if this is a real thing.

The researcher registered the domain to help him track the malware’s spread.

But once a security researcher actually registered the domain, this strategy backfired.

“By releasing this collection into the public domain, we are encouraging entrepreneurs to explore new ways to commercialize NASA technologies.”

The idea that it takes 10 years to become a world-class expert in any domain is not a rule.

In two five-minute segments on the show, Ivanka Trump emphasized repeatedly that politics is not her domain.

A lot of people think of the internet as a white, male domain, but the net art community is actually really diverse.

The domain is still active, according to public records.

At first, users could download public domain books from sources like Project Gutenberg, upload them, and sell them to readers who didn’t know better.

Well, shucks … the real domain was still available for purchase this morning (we checked).

We will be needing rules and laws for this new domain.

And that’s what cyberspace is: a new domain for conflict and war.

Automation is part of vehicle safety, and that is NHTSA’s domain.

But the outlet reported that Wohl’s email address is the one listed in the domain records for Surefire Intelligence’s website.

Like Forrest Bess, af Klint believed she was a conduit who received messages from the domain that lies beyond this one.

They bought the assets in the health domain of the old Jawbone.

AR can leverage veterans and domain experts within an organization by connecting them with on-site personnel that act as their hands in the field.

The city and the state collude to use eminent domain in ways that really are unconstitutional.

The state allows gas pipeline operators that qualify as utilities to use eminent domain to take land for the public good.

This is fresh territory, a domain that Westfall has started to define for himself.

It’s funny to say this now, but back in 2005, domain names were also hard to come by.

Furthermore, the air is out of bounds; Queens could easily dominate since both airports—LaGuardia and JFK—are within its domain.

Oh Excellent Air Bag: Under the Influence of Nitrous Oxide 1799-1920 is out now on The Public domain Review.

Our first series has tackled Sega’s Binary domain, an underrated sci-fi shooter with a story that takes some, uh, surprising turns.

That deadline is swiftly approaching for Gab, and without a new domain, the website won’t exist at all.

Immediately disturbing are the semantics of imprisonment in the domestic domain as we watch Martha Rosler’s seminal “Semiotics of the Kitchen” (1975).

But that domain ( is just one of many domains that have been registered to attack Comey, Motherboard has learned.

The domain registration patterns of these URLs suggest a coordinated campaign, according to the lawyer who discovered them.

They then linked this deceptive domain to a long-known APT 28 so-called X-Tunnel command-and-control IP address, 45.32.129[.]185.

“Researchers saw Fancy Bear using 213 short links targeting 108 email addresses on the domain,” Motherboard explains.

(Some two dozen buildings were acquired by the city under eminent domain law, including a handful of reliable pizza parlors.)

“The interest in self-care is in that fourth domain.

He then registered the domain — a common practice when trying to track malware — and that unexpectedly triggered a shutdown of the WannaCry.

I guess until recently it had been an all-male domain and they weren’t used to having women around.”

He then registered the domain — a common practice when trying to track malware — and that unexpectedly triggered a shutdown of the WannaCry.

Most health providers get the evidence, but they pass it off, saying, “It’s not really my domain to deal with that.” I disagree.

The event has shifted from the abstract grandiose domain of art into the personal, familial realm.

Wealthy individuals venturing into philanthropy are venturing into a new domain and treating it as straightforward in a way they should realize it isn’t.

Then there is the moral domain.

— someone hit up Go Daddy and snatched the domain, tedcruzisap***

It’s their domain.

JF Sports believes it’s in the clear because Trump’s image and likeness are public domain like other politician bobblheads it’s manufactured.

But its got a late-90s design that’s so convincing, I checked when the domain was registered.

Of course, overcoming the US’s tricky eminent domain laws won’t be easy, no matter how many lawyers CAH has on hand.

It’s a black face in the center of the frame, apparently in control of her domain.

The third major domain in which Trump can relax relations with Russia is related to how he approaches NATO.

These keys unlock smartcards, which are used as part of a process that secures DNS, or the domain Name System, of the internet.

And that’s precisely why Amazon has locked up the domain names above.

But here in the dark, in a domain generally far from human habitation, language fades out like a radio signal slowly being lost.

Each of those magicians took that vision and put it into their own domain.

This incredibly niche reference comes courtesy of European publisher Yellow Pages, which appropriately has a .wtf web domain.

“Space is no longer a peaceful domain,” James said in an interview in July 2017.

Of these nations, 14 reported no data at all, and most of the information amassed will never reach the public domain.

“We are no longer in the domain of free speech.

Normal leaders tread cautiously in this domain for fear of exposure, scandal, and political backlash.

We’re in the domain of a multiple offender who incites violence against a specific and identifiable group of people,” he said.

Recently, I’ve been exploring the show’s archives, downloading episodes on Binary domain, Catherine, Speedball 2, Sensible Soccer, Chrono Trigger and more.

The target this time was Dyn, one of the world’s leading domain Name System (DNS) providers.

Once people clicked on the spoofed domain and provided their log-ins, they were rerouted to the original network.

I would say it’s also, I think, important to delegate responsibility to experts who are coming from outside the AI domain.

They imagine a domain in which materiality has surrendered to the tenebrous.

This is your domain.

I bought the domain like five years before I started Skift.

A highly regarded event internationally, the Fast Forward Festival, contends with a wide range of issues pertaining to the public domain.

It also states: The content in question has been part of the public domain for many years.

The Trump administration cited federal budget cuts, at least in part, for the National Guidance Clearinghouse’s (NGC) removal from the public domain.

“The paper peer review takes forever, and this hurts the scientists who are trying to put their results quickly into the public domain.”

And so he purchased the web domain, and set up a Facebook and Twitter account.

Hell, I’m a brand, albeit a very small one and in a limited domain.

They’ve been great about hosting all of the government docs I’ve posted, but those are already public domain,” Best said.

The change in scale lifted Murphy’s work from direct observation to the domain of speculation and inward looking.

In April, internet giants Google and Amazon both dropped ‘domain fronting’ from their web hosting services.

At his confirmation hearing, Powell avoided any direct critique or endorsement of the pending legislation, telling lawmakers fiscal policy was their domain.

domain fronting is a technique used to bypass internet censorship, in places such as Iran, Russia, and China.

For example, when some services such as the encrypted messaging app Signal were using domain fronting, the app connected to Google’s App Engine.

In July Senator Ron Wyden and Senator Marco Rubio wrote letters to Amazon and Google, asking them to reconsider dropping domain fronting.

I spoke to Eileen about her trip into the dark web’s soul and what this secretive domain really says about us.

“We must wake up and really, truly realize that we are the masters of our domain.

Even within the information technologies domain, degrees in management surpass science or engineering by a factor of two.

Trump could have changed these dynamics by becoming more closely associated with establishment Republican figures, particularly in the foreign policy domain.

Plus, you can load them with as much guac as you want because you’re the master of your own taco domain.

Prince’s home is now the domain of the King — as in Elvis Presley’s people running tours at Paisley Park.

The Nigerian air force often bombs, and troops from Lake Chad countries attack the insurgents’ domain around its shores and islands.

High-resolution images from Photographs of British Algae are part of the New York Public Library’s recent release of over 180,000 public domain images.

How many more things considered the exclusive domain of humans will turn out to be easy for AI?

With copyright restrictions tight in the United States, having this user-friendly access to the public domain archives that are available is incredibly valuable.

Google has an entire team, called Project Zero, devoted to finding vulnerabilities in commonly used software, both public- domain and proprietary.

Find over 180,000 high-resolution public domain images at the New York Public library Digital Collections.

… by psychologists from a very different domain.

It’s Sansa who’s been able to turn her ensuing strength and self-preservation instincts toward protecting all who are under Winterfell’s domain.

Any time big government starts using eminent domain and taking land — especially the valuable part, access to water — then it becomes a battle cry.

Born in the former Yugoslavia, Domanovic finished the PDF files for Grobari on the Yugoslavian (.yu) domain a year before its decommission.

The first step: buying the domain to

Meanwhile, the domain for the Soviet Union (.su) remains active today.

PinSex and Pornterest no longer exist, and—despite getting some hype in the press—the Snatchly domain now points to

In 2001, he stepped aside, leaving behind both the company and the domain name.

The news was first reported by domain Investing.

“We are delighted to sell the domain back to its previous owner, Elon Musk,” says a PayPal spokesperson.

PayPal didn’t disclose how much Musk paid for the domain name.

players union) domain.

In “Liberty or Death,” Webster transports us to a domain of lemmings or an angry, determined army of like-minded souls.

After that, D&D became the domain of action-RPG licensed games with little to recommend them, and the little-loved MMO Neverwinter.

They can also use works in the Public domain, like Shakespeare’s plays, which aren’t protected by copyright restrictions.

But Public domain works pose their own problems.

Happy Public domain Day 2018!

January 1 means it’s time to celebrate Public domain Day.

As is Hyperallergic tradition, we’re celebrating the visual artists whose work is entering the public domain this year.

So for 2018, work by people who died in 1947 or 1967 is entering the public domain.

In 2019, thousands of artworks from 1923 entered the public domain.

The top designs will then be synthesized, and released into the public domain to contribute to global food safety.

She transforms what is essentially the compressed space of stage and backdrop into a vast domain.

It retroactively extended copyright protection and meant no new works could enter the public domain for 20 years.

Ryan Merkley, the CEO of Creative Commons, thanked the Cleveland Museum of Art for putting 30,000 works in its collection in the public domain.

And quite literally, too: in a generous gesture, he placed all his work in the public domain.

The grill shouldn’t exclusively be the domain of sunburnt dads with special heat-resistant spatulas.

Jared Goetz was at dinner when someone used his American Express card to buy a $39,000 web domain.

In the moral domain, however, empathy leads us astray.

Both have deep media backgrounds and the domain expertise necessary to build media businesses in emerging distribution channels.

Instead, Gough purchased the domain name and hired a web designer.

I’m currently of the mind that companies in the AI/machine learning/deep learning space need to focus on being domain experts.

Other law professors need to ask this question persistently and loudly in the public domain.

For example, Amazon may ultimately be the commerce domain expert, Google for queries, Microsoft for business and Apple/Siri the expert for my personal life.

Similarly, in China, Baidu would be the search domain expert, Alibaba for commerce, etc.

I went out, and I’m always amazed at the domain names you can find.

Such systems are so broken, everything from public domain music recordings to even static have been pulled offline due to errant copyright claims.

The evidence here is very mixed and mostly is in the domain of consumer product research.

Each month, the Necromancers of the Public domain stages performances based on a little-known book from the New York Society Library.

This hologram, created by special effects company Digital domain, was not a hologram.

These works may reside in public spaces, but that doesn’t mean they are in the public domain.

It was this basic tech that was used to make Tupac, married with Digital domain’s cutting-edge CGI capabilities.

This month it’s Sega’s Binary domain.

Binary domain, a quirky action game about humanity’s relationship with artificial intelligence, fits the bill.

According to How Long to Beat, Binary domain takes a little under 10 hours.

The news was reported earlier by the San Francisco Chronicle, but first identified by the website domain Name Wire over the weekend.

By working on unstretched canvas and paper, isn’t Bollinger trying to remove painting from the domain of preciousness some people hold against it?

The scientists are able to alter the domain wall, and the shape of the electrical circuit, without changing the structure of the crystal itself.

The domain walls made by the Queen’s University team are almost only a few atoms thick.

Once the domain walls are created, they can be moved around as desired by applying electrical fields to the crystal.

The country banned Cohen from using its .kz domain, threatened him with lawsuits, and floated the idea of banning the film from Kazakhstan entirely.

He wrote a script that scraped Reddit for any links with the domain to archive.

Like silhouettes, they inhabit a domain that is parallel to ours and completely cut off from it.

The first is a domain name, which is usually just your regular email with “smtp” in front of it, as below.

Buzzfeed was able to track the sites’ owners through their Google AdSense ID’s and domain records.

“They don’t really have any excuse for their MAIN domain being vuln to XSS,” MLT told me during an encrypted online chat.

Since 2013, the human wrist has served as the company’s primary domain.

He’s arranged for Cerebus to enter the public domain upon his death.

Don’t forget: Anthem has its HQ in Indianapolis — Mike Pence’s domain as governor of Indiana before becoming VP.

We literally listed a litany of media reports that are in the public domain.”

Starting off with business-to-business customers, YesGraph will rank invites by company email domain, job titles, location, and a number of other data points.

Facebook is so powerful in its own domain that it is, indeed, like a sovereign state.

It was later confirmed in Xcerion’s accounts that Apple paid about 47 million Kroner ($5.2 million) for the domain.

In addition, only G Suite administrators can sign up for Team Drives, and they’ll need to enroll their entire primary domain.

Most of the names were already in the public domain from the Bradley Ruderman ponzi scheme.

The domain I’d like to talk about today is pain relief.

This came after GoDaddy and Google declined to provide domain services for the group.

It’ll cost you $250 all told to apply now: $220 for the early bid and $30 yearly for the domain itself.

If multiple people want the same domain, they take it to the Octagon.

Settling on Mars: For decades, rocket ships were the domain of governments, and were used for scientific exploration.

2005/2006: By early 2006, Google announced Gmail for Your domain, and San Jose City College was one of the first organizations to test it.

2006: Later in 2006, Google launched Google Apps for Your domain, the first iteration of what eventually became known as G Suite.

‘s email domain, will be a priority for Oath as it focuses on retaining users across throughout the brand merger.

In April, the Russian spies reportedly attempted to register the domain “,” before settling on another site:

By Wednesday, Daily Stormer had moved to a Russia-based internet domain, with an address ending in .ru.

The company also identified a fifth domain (en-marche[.

Startups are less concerned than they used to be with snagging a dot-com domain that contains just their name.

Commonly, they’ll add a prefix to their domain (,, choose an alternate domain ( or both.

Overall, Foden said, startups today are putting less emphasis on securing a dot-com suffix or an exact domain name match.

Google parent Alphabet, in particular, made the alternate domain idea more palatable.

We need to do that now beyond the economic domain.

and this punk-grindhouse classic, now in the public domain, is where he made his first indelible impact.

Since then, the domain has reportedly changed hands and struggled to find a purpose, pivoting in several surprising directions.

To get the company and its technology to the next phase, it’s brining on a number of domain experts.

And it’s not going to be through policy critique, a domain in which Clinton towers over him.

The subterranean passages joining art and science in the domain of VR are impossible to ignore.

ArsTechnica reports MalwareTechBlog stopped the attack by taking control of a key domain name.

ZDNet approached Badoo when many of the supposed ‘Zoosk’ email addresses had the domain “”

Mangan added that customers with “Roadrunner” email accounts—which have the domain in their address—are particularly at risk.

Five years later, Green — a 28-year-old “lefty socialist” and ardent Bernie Sanders supporter — is demanding $90,000 for the domain name.

Green is something of a political-themed domain squatter extraordinaire.

All copyrights are public domain, and nowadays physical compilations are for the collector types who are Legacy’s specialty. We’re awarding the team that best uses a .CLUB domain name for their submitted project.

Radix Win $5,000 by using a Radix domain name for your hackathon project.

You could walk for miles and still be within the confines of Ohio State’s domain.

Even the domain for the website was registered via an IP address belonging to an employee at Petro-Hunt.

domain revenue is typically reoccurring but only once a year.

Phineas dumped full malware source code and installers into the public domain, for anyone to use.

In the meantime, he’s attempting to build up a local market for a product once seen as the exclusive domain of the super-rich.

In contrast, Trump, a champion of eminent domain, has been on what one would assume is the wrong side of the issue.

“World-Check aggregates financial crime data from the public domain, including official sanctions data, to help clients meet their regulatory responsibilities,” he continued.

We hope domain in a sentence examples were helpful.