Dolphins in a sentence | Use of the word dolphins examples

There, a dolphins squad that needed overtime to beat the Cleveland Browns—and tally their only win so far this season—skunked the Steelers, 30-15.

But dolphins tailback Jay Ajayi rambled for 204 yards on just 25 attempts.

Their showdown with the dolphins is set for Sunday at 1 p.m.

This allowed them to record two dolphins at the reserve – named Yasha and Yana – with a high level of detail.

Speech might not be the only thing humans and dolphins have in common.

Back in 2011, researchers found that dolphins value friendships and close relatives just like we do.

And earlier this year, scientists from Italy found that dolphins (and whales) mourn their dead.

The dolphins did show up as home underdogs last weekend against the Bears, with Brock Osweiler doing enough to get Miami an overtime win.

The fact that the Texans got pasted by the dolphins while he accumulated one of those should tell you a lot.

Martin famously accused Incognito and Pouncey of physically and emotionally abusing him during his stint on the Miami dolphins in 2013.

According to the Miami Herald, the two met last September when the dolphins were in Oxnard, California.

(The Miami dolphins did not immediately respond to Broadly’s request for comment.)

Baum, who came of age fishing for bass and snorkeling among bustling schools of fish and dolphins.

Hernandez was tight with 3-time NFL Pro Bowler Mike Pouncey — who currently plays for the Miami dolphins.

Only a few years earlier, Lilly—trained as a neuroscientist—had expanded his research on consciousness and the brain to dolphins.

Lilly noted that dolphins‘ brains were about the same size as humans’.

Lilly noted that dolphins on LSD were far more vocal than usual.

Without anxiety or stimulation, this duty cycle for sober dolphins can oscillate wildly from zero to 70 percent.

With dolphins on LSD, the duty cycle “very frequently does not drop to zero at all.”

Instead, Lilly and the dolphins communicated in a “silent language,” that was made up of nonsense vocalizations and physical contact.

Water in the fountain is sprayed from dolphins sculptured in bronze.

The dolphins appear to be leaping out of the water.

Can he keep it up against the Cardinals, dolphins, Texans and Bills??

Since 2014, 872 cetaceans – which includes whales, dolphins and porpoises – have been put into captivity in China, according to the China Cetacean Association.

Many Chinese marine parks feature whale sharks, belugas, dolphins and manta rays.

Bieber did have an awesome moment as he took command of 3 dolphins.

Miami dolphins star Danny Amendola has the weekend off — so he hit the beach with a hot chick in a bikini.

The dolphins, meanwhile, earned some plaudits for forcing Russell Wilson to pull out the fourth-quarter heroics in Week 1.

Could the dolphins front seven expose Garoppolo and the Pats’ JV offense?

Suddenly, the dolphins‘ front seven found their footing, and the dolphins offense found their mojo.

Even though a dolphins fumble (and series of dolphins penalties) helped the Pats put another touchdown on the board, the tide had turned.

The dolphins rolled up three straight touchdowns, cutting the Pats’ once insurmountable 24-3 lead down to 31-24.

dolphins, he came to realize, are actually intergalactic beings who have the ability to travel through dimensions at will.

Humans have mistakenly associated them with other animals, but, in fact, dolphins merely take this form as divine masters.

In the 23 years since he first connected spiritually with dolphins, Aros has established himself, in certain circles, as a “dolphin ambassador on land.”

It’s at this point that I should say I’ve never given much of a shit about dolphins.

The open ocean scares me, and dolphins are smart—smart enough for language, smart enough for morality.

Given my preconceived notions regarding the dolphins‘ unrelenting horniness, my curiosity was piqued.

You know the background … Jay came out of retirement in 2017 to sign a 1-year deal with the Miami dolphins.

Laremy was eventually drafted by the dolphins with the 13th overall pick … but it’s still a huge slide.

dolphins, however, are not forces to be trifled with, as Mike and the bots soon learn.

Instead of Pitbull or Rick Ross or even Hootie And The Dang Blowfish on the dolphins shirt, #MyTeamMyCity opted for “My Humps” songstress Fergie.

The Bears get a bye this upcoming weekend — before taking on the Miami dolphins on Oct. 14.

Besides dolphins fans that are also Fergie fans.

That was Jay Fiedler’s reaction to the Miami dolphins bringing on Josh Rosen — and Feidler would know, he’s Jewish too!!!

Since then, the dolphins were QB’d by guys like Daunte Culpepper, Trent Green, Chad Pennington, Chad Henne, Ryan Tannehill and Jay Cutler.

We’re like dolphins, right?

Suh locked up a 3-day internship working for Related Companies — a multi-billion dollar company founded by dolphins owner Stephen M. Ross.

Here’s what we know … the Miami dolphins team was in Southern California on Saturday to play the L.A. Chargers on Sunday.

I think my favorite had to be the river dolphins.

Besides owning the Miami dolphins, Marlins and Florida Panthers, he also founded Blockbuster Video and Waste Management.

I didn’t realize that dolphins lived in rivers.

Did you guys know that there are dolphins in rivers?

KLEBE: Right there is a perfect example of someone watching it and, “Oh shit, there’s dolphins in rivers.

It’s dolphins in rivers.

The final nail in the coffin was a 34-31 overtime defeat to the playoff-bound Miami dolphins on Saturday.

McCain played his college ball at Cal and was initially signed by the Miami dolphins as an undrafted free agent back in 2014.

Mike — who plays for the Miami dolphins — was spotted using a cane due to a recent hip surgery.

Jay Cutler might have the fast-track to getting in shape for the dolphins … courtesy of the other Jay Cutler!!

dolphins star WR Jarvis Landry is under investigation for domestic battery … Ft. Lauderdale police tell TMZ Sports.

dolphins head coach, Adam Gase, said the team is aware of the situation, but refused to comment further.

We’ll see if the excitement translates onto the field when the Steelers face off against the dolphins this Sunday.

The ’72 dolphins … the 2007 Patriots … and now the 2018 Jacksonville Jaguars??

The Steelers took a quick 21-3 lead against the Miami dolphins, then spent the rest of the game not quite putting them away.

Big bummer for the dolphins wide receiver.

Antonio played briefly with the dolphins in the 90s, and now owns a popular gym in Texas.

Rey — who was cut by the dolphins after his arrest — is currently a free agent.

I’m 10 minutes from the dolphins facility.”

Kijuana released the video on Oct. 9 — forcing Foerster to resign from the dolphins on the same day.

Side note — Bush played with the Saints, Lions, Bills, dolphins and 49ers … but, he only roots for ONE team these days.

The dolphins had said they launched an internal investigation into the incident — and have taken swift action against the men involved.

The Cardinals had just gotten back from Miami after losing to the dolphins 26-23.

All the beers are craft, and generally run from $3.50 – $5, and it’s not uncommon to spot stingrays and dolphins in the bay.

The 41-year-old — who played for the Bears, Cardinals, Rams, Bengals and dolphins — was a solid NFL player.

Or sometimes watching Ace Ventura is enough to make a dolphins fan…

That’s when things escalated — and the dolphins fans got even more violent — beating the man down in front of his family.

Light and video installations simulate the subjectivities of of honeybees, dolphins, wolves, and tigers.

dolphins swim freely through the museum space, cast in a magenta light.

On [one], I also saw the Northern Lights, and I saw whales and dolphins.

How’s Miami dolphins WR Danny Amendola preparing to face off against his old Patriots squad this weekend?

By Brian Resnick in Vox.“Scientists don’t know what, exactly, these whales and dolphins are saying to one another.

The bad news for Danny … the dolphins are 7.5-point underdogs going into Sunday’s game.

Sure, we’re just four days into it, but dolphins owner Stephen Ross just may have uttered the quote of the year.

The dolphins finished 6-10 this year and fired head coach Joe Philbin in the middle of the season.

Since Ross took over, the dolphins have had four head coaches, two of whom were mid-season replacements.

My grandad swam with the dolphins here in the bay, and now it’s a latrine.”

Houston allowed 44 points to the Miami dolphins in Week 7, for example; the game was 41-0 at the half.

The dolphins, despite going 6-1 over their last seven games, are still on the outside looking in at 7-5.

Albert was the 15th overall pick in the 2008 … and has played for the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami dolphins.

“I painted dolphins and was incredibly proud of them.

Participants’ results have varied pretty wildly, ranging from otters to hyenas to dolphins to moles.

So traditionally, all the “smart” animals have been mammals: apes, monkeys, dolphins, even pigs.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the gulf, the Miami dolphins put up a huge win yesterday against the Chicago Bears.

The dolphins eventually snuck away with a 31-28 victory off a field goal.

The New York Jets pulled off the offseason’s second-most ridiculous player/executive standoff, and the Miami dolphins have a first-time head coach.

First, the team collected bottlenose dolphins that had died of natural causes, and removed their reproductive tracts.

Jay Ajayi, Miami dolphins.

A four-time Pro Bowl selection, Incognito started 150 career games with the St. Louis Rams, Miami dolphins and Bills.

He was suspended by the dolphins in 2013 after being accused of bullying teammate Jonathan Martin, and he sat out the 2014 season.

Gase was an assistant in Denver from 2009-14, while first-year Broncos coach Vance Joseph was the dolphins’ defensive coordinator last season.

PREDICTION: Broncos 19, dolphins 17

Belichick clearly felt the game was over, as the Patriots handed off three times and punted the ball back to the dolphins.

Even after Sunday’s huge performance in a win over the dolphins, the Ravens are 27th in offensive DVOA.

The Jets first needed the Patriots to beat the dolphins at 1 p.m., which improbably they did in overtime.

Like all NFL teams, the dolphins are required to provide an annual discipline schedule to the league when players report for training camp.

Two other memorable games that I attended at the Meadowlands were both Jets overtime wins against the Miami dolphins (9/21/1986).

My brother-in-law is a Bengals fan, and this past weekend they played the dolphins.

I ask Luke, someone who once helped broker talks between the Miami dolphins, local law enforcement, children, and other community organizers, about it.

It’s true that the dolphins are dying.

“It’s not about the dolphins,” he says.

“The dolphins are just collateral damage,” says Trujillo.

dolphins were the bait for the fishers, but why are we fishing a scavenger fish?

I think, actually, dolphins are pretty smart.

I actually think dolphins are a step ahead at this point.

The marine park, meanwhile, insists that jerking off dolphins is a “de-stressing” technique.

dolphins are socially complex creatures.

Pittsburgh’s natural inclination to play down to their opponents will help, but I can’t see the dolphins pulling this out.

Data collected from 124 male dolphins over nine years showed that spongers associated with one another based on their mutual interest in foraging techniques.

This type of bonding has been previously observed in Shark Bay’s female dolphins.

The new research offers new insight into the lives of male dolphins.

“We were very excited to discover alliances of spongers, dolphins forming close friendships with others with similar traits,” Bizzozzero said.

Ex-Miami dolphins wide receiver Davone Bess was arrested in Arizona Monday after a standoff with SWAT team officers … officials say.

Yes, he played well against the Miami dolphins; he didn’t crush your soul with interceptions or wildly overthrow every receiver in his purview.

However, scientists believe that small doses can put dolphins into a trance-like state.

Marine biologist Lisa Steiner noted the observation back in a 1995 paper about bottle-nosed dolphins off the coast of Portugal.

The 2014 BBC documentary, dolphins: Spy in the Pod, is credited for first filming the behavior on camera.

Nicholson, however, disputes that the toxin causes a trance, saying that the chemical might just make the dolphins feel numb.

Nicholson said that one of the dolphins she tracks, named Huubster, has grown especially fond of playing with blowfish.

dolphins aren’t the only animals that are known to use different substances to have a good time.

10 men on the field for the Bills on the big dolphins run in overtime.

@jess_mc @SaraLang nice kitty, nice dolphin #Hanginthere dolphins, which are not fish, are still amazing.

New England was also coming off of an embarrassing loss to the Miami dolphins last week.

Thaler built a Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) array to demonstrate roughly how dolphins do it.

Likewise, on Sunday, only two players across the league kneeled, Miami dolphins teammates Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson.

dolphins coming soon? (Correction: A reader let me know that Marino had been QB for the dolphins, not the 49ers.

Now, the oceanographic center is livestreaming the weird and wonderful noises of dolphins, sea lions, and other ocean dwellers, for all to enjoy.

This is obviously an exaggeration of that, though Korine did mention to me that he’s witnessed men trying to speak to dolphins.

dolphins fans should hope Tunsil quickly rises to the occasion, or Gase sees reason and lets him run with the twos.

Halpin noticed the pod of approximately 200 bottlenose dolphins about 200 kilometres (124 miles) from northern Vancouver Island on July 29, 2017.

Normally, these dolphins tap out around 35° N, off the coast of northern California.

Since the late 1980s, five bottlenose dolphins have been spotted there.

“It’s possible bottlenose dolphins have occurred in the province irregularly for decades.

That it was a mixed pod isn’t so strange; bottlenose dolphins like to mingle with other cetaceans, including whales and other dolphins.

I’ve seen bottlenose dolphins with big blotches on them,” Campo said.

dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry caught seven passes for 86 yards in the loss.

Seattle (1-0) held the dolphins to 222 total yards, 104 of which came in the fourth quarter.

Trailing 6-3 early in the fourth quarter, the dolphins put themselves in a great position with a fumble recovery at the Seattle 36-yard line.

The Seahawks emerged with a 6-3 lead after a mistake-filled first half that saw the dolphins stay close despite only 63 total yards.

The dolphins traveled 2,723 miles, the NFL’s longest road trip in games played on American soil.

It’s hard to study how dolphins and other cetaceans have sex in the wild.

Whales, dolphins, and porpoises are known to have “unusual vaginal folds, spirals, and recesses,” Orbach said in a statement earlier this year.

porpoises (a), common bottlenose dolphins (b), short-beaked common dolphins (c), and harbour seals (d).

Two things are undoubtedly true about dolphins.

Jaguars quarterback Cody Kessler started the game but injured his right shoulder when he was hit by dolphins defensive end Robert Quinn.

Chris: The dolphins.

Dave: dolphins, so Ace Ventura?

“We are asking SeaWorld to at least stop standing on dolphins’ faces and using them as surf-boards in these ridiculous circus-style shows,” Rally said.

They brought me back an American football with a dolphins Super Bowl winners logo and all of that, so I adopted the team.

At a separate news conference, SeaWorld Entertainment Inc officials defended their treatment of dolphins and denied the shows cause any harm.

PETA said about 140 dolphins and some 20 orcas remain at SeaWorld parks.

Dance of the Dolphin sounds like the title suggests: waves plash, dolphins bleat.

dolphins are magical!

Somehow Miami dolphins fans weren’t even given the chance to vote for The Longest Day.

The Miami dolphins are looking into a video of offensive line coach Chris Foerster blowing 3 lines of what appears to be cocaine.

FYI … the dolphins play the Pats twice next season, with the first matchup coming Sept. 30.

From wild dolphins to sea otters and iguanas, many animals have been caught “self-comforting.”

What have all these dolphins got to do with anything?

Occasionally the camera cuts to a shot of Future against an aquarium background, rapping in front of dolphins.

dolphins are cool.

News Medical reported: Homosexuality is also quite common among dolphins and killer whales.

But with one brutal, grinding effort, the Miami dolphins made all of the Seahawks’ weaknesses painfully clear.

They found that, like humans, dolphins have a clitoral hood, and two areas of extensive erectile tissue that merge into a single body.

This makes it easily stimulated while mating—male dolphins don’t have hands, thank God, so I will applaud nature on that ergonomic choice, I guess.

Of course, the dolphins weren’t a tomato can.

If new skipper Adam Gase did well, there was no reason to think the dolphins couldn’t at least approach .500. Who knows?

dolphins and their kin can shift back and forth between these two hemispheres, like some neurological version of sentries changing guard.

Much like dolphins, these flyers have found a way to catch some shuteye on the road—one brain hemisphere at a time.

If the Giants had beaten the dolphins and the Chiefs instead of the Patriots in those Super Bowls, would anyone care?

Dogs, like dolphins, apes, and parrots, can learn a series of vocal commands — or words.

It’s less fun, but it’s way safer, and we also see dolphins sometimes.

That Joe Flacco returned the favor on the next play mattered little, as the dolphins failed to capitalize.

It has been the Miami dolphins‘ M.O.

You’re likely to run into some dolphins.

Read: Russia’s Newly Acquired Battle dolphins Are Like Drones That Swim The Soviet Union isn’t new to the military animal game.

Good thing Danny’s dolphins got a big win Sunday.

All the beers are craft, and generally run from $3.50–$5, and it’s not uncommon to spot stingrays and dolphins in the bay.

“It hadn’t eaten in six months and had morbillivirus, which killed all those dolphins we had here two years ago.

The idea that dolphins have medical privacy rights is absurd and has no legal basis.

Which brings us to Landry, who the Browns traded the Miami dolphins a fourth- and seventh-round draft pick for last April.

“Sharks vs. dolphins: Face Off” (Wednesday 6/29 10 pm) This special is about how sharks and dolphins interact with one another.

The best place to watch the dolphins would be the early 1970s.

Don’t watch the dolphins unless you’re getting beered up at Shuckers.

Great, then you can pick up the baller pad Mario Williams owned during his stint with the Miami dolphins!

Luke Quave loves football, gorillas and dolphins.

I have been a dolphins fan since 1983.

My first memory of the dolphins is from when I was five years old.

I was at the game and I remember the dolphins defeated the undefeated team of 1985.

The dolphins gave that team their only loss of the season.

I decided since I really love gorillas and dolphins as animals, I should merge the two into something that could become a superfan persona.

My mother used to be a dolphin trainer so I’ve always had an appreciation for dolphins from her.

Beyond being Gorilla Luke, I’ve got 13 Miami dolphins tattoos on my body under the suit.

The dolphins have always been there for me since I was a little kid.

Ben said, referring to a play Tomlin chalked up for the dolphins earlier this season.

If you just look at the names, you’ll see the dolphins brought in some decent players.

In Sunday’s early game, Pittsburgh beat backup quarterback Matt Moore and the Miami dolphins 30-12.

Miami dolphins (4-3) — How in the name of sweet baby Jesus has this team won more games than it has lost?

He took his handoffs and waited, letting the Pittsburgh line shuffle dolphins around before spotting a crease and stepping through it.

The dolphins team on Ballers coached by Peter Berg and GM’d by Dulé Hill has a better chance of winning it all.

Carolina Panthers (5-3) — If the dolphins are the league’s worst 4-3 team, the Panthers are the league’s worst 5-3 team.

They’ve won five straight against the Panthers, the dolphins, the Lions, the Rodgers-less Packers, and the Bears.

FYI, Miami dolphins owner Stephen Ross just donated $1 MILLION to the AARP Foundation Hurricane Irma Relief Fund.

Her dolphins were the color of bubblegum and Slurpees.

Right, but let’s say the Patriots don’t have Gronkowski this week against the dolphins.

All those looks probably won’t amount to great production Saturday night versus the dolphins, but we’re in the “speculative” section, right?

Full cans of Tuna being flung at the heads of dolphins fans?

But for one week, I’m assuming Gillislee is the guy and that he could be just fine against a so-so dolphins run defense.

Visiting Miami dolphins jerseys dominated.

dolphins fans, not notorious for traveling well, or even attending their team’s home games, filled at least half the stadium.

“Let’s go dolphins” chants broke out more often than their Chargers’ equivalents.

“I am resigning from my position with the Miami dolphins and accept full responsibility for my actions,” Foerster said in a statement.

The dolphins also issued a statement saying, “We were made aware of the video late last night and have no tolerance for this behavior.”

“The Los Angeles Chargers of San Diego,” a dolphins fan ahead of me howled.

8:28 AM PT — dolphins head coach, Adam Gase, just addressed Foerster’s resignation with the media … saying, “it’s not a good situation.

The video board operator seemed to, at times, be throwing a bone to dolphins fans.

The dolphins had Miami Vice, the Chargers had CHIPs.

The dolphins had sunrise, the Chargers had sunset.

The Chargers had Shaq, the dolphins had older Shaq.

A man representing himself as former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar was one of the dolphins fans in attendance**.

Earlier, I had walked by him and thought “that dolphins fan looks a lot like a much older Sammy Hagar.”

More troubling than the dolphins jerseys were the fans that came wearing jerseys from other teams entirely.

dolphins are also known to brutalize baby porpoises.

dolphins are just assholes.

The scariest part is that dolphins are very, very smart.

The dolphins called time out, presumably to ensure they could get a last Hail Mary attempt after the kick was made.

Then I saw the dolphins rushing the field.

No dice, it was just to get the dolphins back onto their sideline so Jay Cutler could line up in the victory formation.

And dolphins kill porpoises for sport.

But in the four years since their capture, most of the dolphins have died.

“The dolphins, trained by the naval forces in Sevastopol, would communicate with their trainers through special whistles,” Babin told the Ukrainian Obozrevatel newspaper.

“Whales, baleen whales, these larger dolphins species are pretty much at the top of the food chain,” Bejder said.

A new study, published April 12 in Diseases of Aquatic Organisms, also connected the oil spill to lung problems in juvenile dolphins.

In the study, which ran from 2010 to 2014, US researchers tracked dead fetal and newborn dolphins both inside, and outside, the spill zone.

This isn’t the first study to link reproductive problems in dolphins to the Deepwater Horizon spill.

The same team was behind another report linking dolphins‘ oil exposure to lung damage and other significant problems.

“These dolphins had the most severe lung lesions I have ever seen in dolphins in the US,” Colegrove said at the time.

Still, a growing body of work is starting to outline some disturbing effects suffered in dolphins after the spill.

The videos were shot at a beach location, and the fact he plays for the dolphins may be a geographical clue.

Unihemispheric sleep has been seen in marine animals (like whales and dolphins) and some birds.

The US Navy already uses trained dolphins and sea lions to find underwater mines and other objects.

Miami dolphins linebacker Rey Maualuga was arrested for battery in Miami, FL early Saturday morning … TMZ Sports has learned.

Labyrinth Theater Company’s dolphins and Sharks centers on the necessity of wage labor and the human relations our system engenders.

Directed by Charlotte Brathwaite, dolphins and Sharks centers on the necessity of wage labor and the human relations our system engenders.

Hybrids abound—unicorn dolphins frolic in heaven and rat-faced lizards impale the damned.

The Labyrinth Theater Company’s dolphins and Sharks continues at the Bank Street Theater (155 Bank Street, West Village, Manhattan) through March 19.

The wet and windy conditions were less of a problem for this pair of dolphins seen swimming nearby.

But these mysterious beaked whales make up the second largest family of cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises).

Dusky dolphins are fast and will often keep pace with a speeding boat.

It costs 10 euros to enter and included seals as well as dolphins.

—Miami dolphins assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell is taking a leave of absence due to health issues.

Suh recently signed a one-year, $14 million contract with Los Angeles Rams after being released by the Miami dolphins.

Simply put, everyone has a heart and dolphins are queer AF and everyone loves them.

Davis: When you signed your six-year, $114 million deal with the Miami dolphins a few years ago, it made a lot of headlines.

Miami dolphins defensive tackle Kendrick Norton was in a horrific accident Thursday morning, and lost an arm in the crash.

Buccaneers 30, dolphins 20 Patrick Murray drilled a 35-yard field goal with seven seconds left and Tampa Bay defeated Miami.

The dolphins (4-6) attempted two laterals and a handoff on the kickoff after Murray’s field goal.

He spent most of the season on the practice squad and later in the season signed with the Miami dolphins.

That last sentence exists courtesy of now former offensive line coach for the Miami dolphins, Chris Foerster.

As a result of the video going public, Foerster offered his resignation and the dolphins accepted.

dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler said it’s “tough” to play without a bye: “It would be tough,” Cutler said.

Likewise, prior to the official postponement, dolphins cornerback Byron Maxwell said he was hoping it would not get postponed.

The dolphins in particular will have a tough schedule without that bye week.

The Baltimore Ravens and the Miami dolphins played a game last night, and boy was it ugly.

The best place to watch the dolphins would be the early 1970s.

Don’t watch the dolphins unless you’re getting beered up at Shuckers, they will only leave you cold, alone, and 6–10.

Working the wildcat against the dolphins, Williams took the snap without wearing gloves.

To say that dolphins are smart as heck is an understatement.

dolphins are early adopters of touchscreen technology, using iPads in 2010 to communicate with humans.

The programming itself is an open system that requires no training—the dolphins‘ use of it will determine how the system evolves.

Eventually, perhaps, we can teach dolphins to write blogs for the internet?

The VR films at Tribeca let you ride a dragon, swim with dolphins, and float through a meditative psychedelic seascape.

Controversial stars also seem to love dolphins more than goody-goody movie stars.

dolphins are the sea animal of divisive celebrities.

Plus, he seems to care about dolphins‘ rights.

“Everyone loves dolphins,” he said in a May 18, 2007 press release announcing his role.

Global warming is threatening for most dolphins as well.”

He spent his days “boating, sailing, surfing, snorkeling, and diving,” and years later, while surfing in California, he came across a pod of dolphins.

Nick assumed dolphins lived lush lives.

So, given the lack of established talent, it says something for Joseph’s abilities that the dolphins were able to play pass defense occasionally.

Before the dolphins, Joseph had been a defensive backs coach for a whopping ten seasons.

“I’m sure, like me, you thought dolphins were safe,” he explained.

But he learned that actions “such as polluting, dumping, over-fishing, not recycling—they’re all contributing to climate change” and killing dolphins.

And he’s right; recent studies have shown warmer water can suppress dolphins‘ immune system, leading to death from otherwise survivable viruses.

The Backstreet Boy seems to have stopped discussing dolphins in recent years, but his Year of the Dolphin goes beyond mere press stunt.

Troia is known for its beautiful beaches and the rich aquaculture—you can even spot dolphins there.

Whales and dolphins are struggling to hear each other over the low-frequency din of boat traffic.

Two humans dressed as dolphins say, “We come in peace — for now.

She has traveled around the world studying animals such as whales, seals, and dolphins.

The U.S. Navy, for example, is hot on bottlenose dolphins and sea lions, since dolphins possess incredible sonar abilities that can surpass modern technology.

Trained dolphins sweep cluttered harbors for mines and other objects that could hamper military activities.

The U.S. Navy, for example, is hot on bottlenose dolphins and sea lions, since dolphins possess incredible sonar abilities that can surpass modern technology.

Trained dolphins sweep cluttered harbors for mines and other objects that could hamper military activities.

Featuring mermaids, panthers, dolphins, and a surprising number of delicious-looking donuts, the animation is pure girl power with a candy-coated bite.

Twenty-three-year-old Miami dolphins running back Jay Ajayi is still young enough to be described as a prospect.

dolphins defensive end Robert Quinn also raised his fist.

—Miami dolphins defensive tackle Kendrick Norton was ticketed in the July 4 crash that led to the amputation of his left arm, ESPN reported.

His teams reached the playoffs twice — including losing to the Miami dolphins in the AFC Championship Game in the strike-shortened 1982 season.

Adam Gase, Miami dolphins 20.

After the game, in which Saints shut out the dolphins 20-0, New Orleans coach Sean Payton praised his team for their show of solidarity.

Scientists don’t know what exactly these whales and dolphins are saying to one another.

I as so curious when she described the wide blue ocean to me, and the playful dolphins that lived there.

Pitta’s two TDs Sunday against the dolphins were his first two scores of the year, but: baby steps.

The dolphins star was cruisin’ around in Miami when all of the sudden a little boy rockin’ his No.

A little bit closer to home, the dolphins sold for $1.1 billion in 2008.

One of those is that the second-place dolphins are now on a three-game win streak.

True NFL rivalries are rare, but the dolphins‘ rivalry with the New York Jets is one of the best.

The NFL has offered to pay the medical bills for Miami dolphins defensive tackle Kendrick Norton, the player’s agent told ESPN on Tuesday.

The dolphins are certainly a flawed team, and first-time head coach Adam Gase has plenty left to do.

They drew only 25,381 for what turned out to be a 19-17 loss to the Miami dolphins.”

Whales and dolphins are already known to live in communities, play and communicate with one another using sophisticated sounds.

dolphins, whales and other cetaceans are far from humans on the evolutionary tree and live in very different environments.

He searched for sand dollars, fiddler crabs and dolphins along the shoreline.

Stills — along with his Miami dolphins teammate, Albert Wilson — took a knee before their preseason game against the Bucs on Thursday night.

Kaep added this note about Stills — “[He] was awarded the Miami dolphins’ community service awards the last two years.

We reached out to the stadium and the dolphins for comment, but haven’t heard back from either party.

Miami dolphins wide receiver Greg Jennings has played with some of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

We exist, along with other intelligent life like dolphins and octopi, so we assume what we see must be extrapolatable beyond Earth.

The Miami dolphins O-line.

The dolphins offense is in disarray and with a 1-4 start, the team’s season is nearing the point of no return.

Rob Gronkowski missed the game-saving tackle in the dolphins game on Sunday … but his S.I.

It utilized imagery from cyberpunk, combining it with aquatic seafoam colors and the internet’s favorite symbolism of 2012: dolphins, smiley faces, psychedelic orbs.

dolphins are protected animals [in China].

dolphins are protected animals [in China].

The dolphins are in great shape; if they win out they can clinch a Wild Card berth.

The Bills, still technically alive, need to win out against the dolphins and the Jets, and then they need a lot of help.

The Titans have been able to do this against the Browns, dolphins, Packers, and Jaguars—but so has everyone else.

Sims has replaced Jordan Cameron as the dolphins‘ starting tight end, though MarQueis Gray gets about one-third of team’s positional snaps.

Evidently, Kapernick’s answer wasn’t enough for the dolphins‘ Kiko Alonso, either.

Dawn strolls are often accompanied by dolphins splashing about.

dolphins, flamingos and pigs, along with hundreds of household pets, were among the many animals rescued from Hurricane Irma.

… to Xcaret, an ecological park where you can play with dolphins

dolphins and sea birds feast on a school of sardines as the fish migrate along the coast of South Africa.

A Miami dolphins player is devastated by the mass school shooting that happened in his own backyard … and he’s calling for change.

Right before it does, something magical happens: No less than 30 bottlenose dolphins began jumping and playing in the enormous waves around our ship.

Everyone sailor knows dolphins are a good luck charm.

The film opens with a montage of documentary-style footage: sludge pouring from factory pipes, oil-smothered animals, dolphins being herded up for slaughter.

The dolphins drafted him ninth overall — ahead of Marshawn Lynch, Darrelle Revis, and future teammate Olsen.

Bishop later had tryouts with the New York Giants and the Miami dolphins, but wasn’t signed and never played in the NFL again.

“We are asking SeaWorld to at least stop standing on dolphins’ faces and using them as surf-boards in these ridiculous circus-style shows,” Rally said.

At a separate news conference, SeaWorld Entertainment Inc officials defended their treatment of dolphins and denied the shows cause any harm.

PETA said about 140 dolphins and some 20 orcas remain at SeaWorld parks.

Moreover, human echolocators may be crucial to understanding the worldview of bats, dolphins, and other acoustically sensitive animals.

Tannehill has labored behind a bad offensive line for most of his career with the Miami dolphins.

“Unlike dolphins or whales, sharks and sunfish are usually considered ugly or scary,” Maynard says.

dolphins Defense (7% owned).

If it’s really third-round rookie Cody Kessler under center, I predict the dolphins D will look like world-beaters.

13 overall by the dolphins.

I swam with dolphins.

The way these dolphins die is well understood.

As fishermen attempt to catch fish, dolphins get caught in their equipment.

The issue stems partly from the fact that despite European laws protecting dolphins, there are no penalties for fishermen who catch dolphins.

So fishermen have little incentive to minimize the number of dolphins they catch or even keep track of them.

All cetaceans — a group of marine mammals that includes whales and dolphins — share a keen intelligence, self-awareness, and deep sense of emotion.

Today the company announced that it would extend its “Project Dolphin” service (dolphins eat phish, get it?)

They’re also spotting dolphins swimming alongside their boat.

This discredits the idea that Wilson and company just struggled against the dolphins‘ ‘unstoppable’ defense.

1 seed in the AFC is if the Miami dolphins run the table, beating them twice in the process.

dolphins star Xavien Howard knows a thing or two about tats — dude’s covered!!

The dolphins, thanks to their four (and potentially five) AFC losses, are locked into the sixth seed.

New England showed Miami who’s still the boss, drubbing the dolphins 38-7.

The next day, the dolphins announced via Twitter that they had not yet made a decision on their national anthem policy.

The Miami dolphins signed former Miami Hurricanes running back Mark Walton on Sunday.

Miami’s swarming defense ensured the dolphins were on the better end of that scenario.

Miami’s defenders held Denver out of the end zone and scored twice to lift the dolphins to a 35-9 win over the Broncos.

The Patriots traded Brandin Cooks to the Los Angeles Rams, and free agent Danny Amendola left for the Miami dolphins in the offseason.

Siemian tossed the ball beyond the end line to give the dolphins a 2-0 lead.

A breeding program was also announced by the Mexican government and could involve the use of US Navy-trained dolphins.

When I think about my visit to the Dominican Republic, I feel sick recalling my experience swimming with the dolphins at Ocean World.

My time with the dolphins really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but in a bad way.

The dolphins will have to learn how to be ocean-dwelling creatures.

They’ve played the Miami dolphins, the Cleveland Browns, and every other AFC South team once.

The site will be much larger than the dolphins’ current habitat, and will have more fish and marine plants.

Bottlenose dolphins are the one of the most common species of marine mammals, with colors ranging from light gray to black.

Humans will care for the dolphins throughout their lives, Racanelli said.

The nonprofit National Aquarium resolved not to collect dolphins from the wild in 1993.

Dozens of turtles, fish, dolphins, eels, manatees and even a whale shark have washed up dead on area beaches.

Could people please stop dragging dolphins from the water in order to take selfies with them?

He was suddenly hit with a message: the dolphins.

dolphins, he came to realize, are actually intergalactic beings who have the ability to travel through dimensions at will.

Humans have mistakenly associated them with other animals, but, in fact, dolphins merely take this form as divine masters.

The dolphins players say they were protesting the treatment of African-Americans in this country, especially by police.

The gang’s all back, in their whimsical, multi-colored glory — from Hunter the leopard to the dancing dolphins.

I didn’t go to college, so I got my debt the old-fashioned way: buying dolphins.

Under Australian law, “it is illegal to kill, injure or interfere with cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) in Australian waters.”

I think his tenure with the dolphins might be the most soul crushing.

Other athletes have joined Kaepernick’s protest, including Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall and Miami dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills.

dolphins were airlifted to safety.

He started 11 games for the dolphins after starting center Daniel Kilgore was injured.

Because if we can airlift dolphins to safety, we certainly have the means to load people into vans and out of harm’s way.

Zucker “also repeated twice during the 69-minute-long podcast that he’d love to run the Miami dolphins football team.”

The dolphins signed the 27-year-old offensive lineman on Wednesday.

Today, there are an estimated 10,000 pink dolphins globally, with the largest population, around 1,200, in the Pearl River Delta region.

HKDCS estimates 47 dolphins currently make the city’s waters their home.

Despite the park’s efforts however, its executive director, Suzanne Gendron, said many visitors were still surprised to learn the pink dolphins exist.

“It’s such a common response: ‘oh we have Chinese white dolphins, we have pink dolphins in our waters?

Exactly how many is, like many things to do with dolphins, subject to some controversy.

dolphins are moving, but that doesn’t mean they’re headed into safer or more hospitable locations, said WWF’s Lee.

This makes the fight to save dolphins in Hong Kong all the more important.

Soon, all of Hong Kong’s dolphins will be deadWhich is especially worrisome, because they look awesome.

Miami dolphins owner Stephen Ross said the country needed “unifying leadership right now, not more divisiveness.”

Soon all of Hong Kong’s dolphins will be dead “No sighting.”

Researchers are sent out into the city’s waters to search for an ever-shrinking population of dolphins.

Kate Upton came under fire Sunday for a series of posts criticizing Miami dolphins players for their silent protest during the national anthem.

Frank Gore rushed for 90 yards for the dolphins.

The dolphins were set up at Green Bay’s 28 but couldn’t do anything with it.

“Yes, it is about race,” the dolphins‘ Thomas said.

—The Miami dolphins hosted free agent linebacker Connor Barwin on a visit and signed free agent linebacker Nate Orchard, according to multiple reports.

One person wrote, “Kate Upton upset at dolphins players for kneeling.

“I touched a dolphins [sic] belly while sporting a trucker hat in 2004.

“Don’t support dolphins in captivity please, it’s just like#Roomthemovie but for dolphins.

The study of whales and dolphins, or cetology, is kind of like primatology’s wide-eyed younger brother.

We see everything from turtles, dolphins, whale sharks, seals.

Romance is not dead Fellas, you can learn a thing or two from dolphins about how to woo a lady.

Think the Deepwater Horizon of the Arctic, except not nearly as visible and minus the dead dolphins to draw attention to the disaster.

Scientists have recently observed humpback male dolphins in the region presenting females with large marine sponges in the hope of impressing them.

This is the first time this level of social complexity has been observed in dolphins.

Not just foraging While previous research has shown bottle-nose dolphins using sponges and sometimes shells as foraging tools, this was clearly different.

Big boys only Only the big male dolphins put on this show, and almost always, it’s for the benefit of the female dolphins.

Less is known about such behavior in humpback dolphins, but the team hopes to research this further.

dolphins are thought to be one of the globe’s smartest species, possibly even having developed their own spoken language.

They bear a striking resemblance to cetaceans, such as dolphins and whales.

Some dolphins have been observed playing with toxic puffer fish and subsequently appearing lethargic.”

But if Lisa Frank’s 1.25 million followers are any indication, neon dolphins and hot pink kittens still speak to us on some level.

The legendary Miami dolphins player suffers from dementia and has been diagnosed with probable CTE.

Eagles swooped with bright red dots of blood on their talons, while dolphins glistened and tigers pounced in operatic slow motion.

The dolphins said he was cleared by the team physician and an unaffiliated neurologist.

Branden Albert — The dolphins left tackle was clearly outmatched by 38-year-old James Harrison.

Upton faced backlash after she criticized Miami dolphins players for kneeling during the national anthem.

Another curious discovery was the use of wingmen by male humpback dolphins, working together in pairs to attract one mate.

That’s what you’re seeing here: dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill let the ball fly to his waiting receiver, Kenny Stills.

Glad #dolphins didn’t give up!

The dolphins entered the season as gambling favorites to finish second in the AFC East and ended it 6-10.

General manager Dennis Hickey “parted ways” with the dolphins.

The dolphins remain an interesting team on paper, provided you believe in their new leadership.

The dolphins would be smart to consider finding a replacement early in the draft should one fall into their laps.

The dolphins coaching staff didn’t seem to realize it last season, but Lamar Miller was the best weapon they had.

Miller is now a free agent and the dolphins, unfortunately, are kind of up against it this offseason in terms of the salary cap.

The dolphins do have a lot of avenues to get under.

From there, the dolphins must weigh releasing Cameron Wake, a great player who is now 33 and trying to recover from a torn Achilles.

While I think those four are pretty settled, I could also see the dolphins parting with Brent Grimes to save $6.5 million.

And while I wouldn’t do this, losing both Branden Albert and Mike Pouncey could give the dolphins some cap relief, too.

The Suh contract puts the dolphins in a short-term bind, but their long-term outlook is fine.

Martin was bullied by dolphins teammates in 2013, according to an independent report commissioned by the NFL.

For my wife, it was Scott O’Dell’s “Island of the Blue dolphins” and Elizabeth George Speare’s “The Witch of Blackbird Pond.”

Did I just waste an hour where I could be communicating with dolphins or getting in touch with some kind of higher power?

While the dolphins released a statement suggesting mild disapproval of taking a knee during the anthem, owner Steve Ross publicly backed his players.

I sailed the Aegean Sea and got emotional about dolphins.

Blink twice if you’re being held against your will, Raquel.Alexis would like you to know how much she loves dolphins.

That, you see, is Alexis’ personality: dolphins.

“They’re getting cleverer, dolphins,” Lauren warns.

After routing the visiting dolphins four weeks ago, it looked like New York was making itself at home at Hard Rock, too.

“Guys on both sides of the ball feel confident in Matt,” dolphins safety Reshad Jones said.

That set up dolphins kicker Cody Parkey, who broke a 28-28 tie with a 37-yard game-winning field goal with 26 seconds left.

—Miami dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill was a limited practice participant for the second consecutive day, according to the team’s injury report.

The dolphins tied the score 14-14 on a 10-play, 70-yard drive, capped by a 4-yard touchdown pass to tight end Anthony Fasano.

The team tagged various species, including commonly seen rough-toothed dolphins and rarer melon-headed whales.

They belong to the Delphinidae family, otherwise known as oceanic dolphins, which also includes orcas and two species of pilot whales.

This is the first confirmed hybrid between rough-toothed dolphins and melon-headed whales.

The solitary pair were “found associating with rough-toothed dolphins,” the report read.

“They rotated coverage,” McCown said of the dolphins.

dolphins All-Pro C Mike Pouncey (concussion) was active despite missing the second half of last week’s Atlanta Falcons game due to a concussion.

dolphins WR DeVante Parker missed his second straight game due to an ankle injury.

dolphins DT Vincent Taylor was also a healthy scratch for Miami.

Off Sanibel Island, we find a pod of dolphins struggling in the toxic waves.

You swim about, eating whatever fits inside that gaping great maw, from other sharks to seals, dolphins to divers.

‘Deep feelings’ not uncommon Scientists says grieving is common among mammals such as whales, dolphins, elephants and deer.

I hope she finds someone who adores dolphins as much as she does and bears absolutely zero resemblance to Nic Cage.

We’re watching because we want to see man tears, shark dolphins, and one epic proposal, preferably with a helicopter involved.

French beach bans swimming because of aggressively lustful dolphin  The Lustful dolphins: Bad vacation experience; great rock-band name.

“I think dolphins staying like this without swimming affects their mental health badly,” she said.

Many dolphins are killed for their meat — and some, like Honey, have been sold to marine parks, like Honey.

The Japan Association of Zoos and Aquariums agreed to stop buying dolphins from the Taiji hunt in 2015.

Sharks and dolphins wound up with similar mechanisms to survive despite starting from completely different beginnings.

Industrial fisheries are using large machinery to trawl oceans, which traps and kills many other animals, including whales and dolphins.

The Patriots are the third team in history — joining the Miami dolphins (VI-VIII) and Buffalo Bills (XXV-XXVIII) — to reach three consecutive Super Bowls.

Lucy Babey, head of science and conservation at ORCA, a UK charity that works with whales and dolphins, also urged caution.

He played 20 seasons with the San Diego Chargers, Miami dolphins and New England Patriots before he retired in 2009.

Maybe you know you don’t like kids but you do like dolphins.

QB Jay Cutler remained in concussion protocol for the dolphins on Friday and was ruled out of Sunday’s game against the Patriots.

Gordon, also 23, will be facing a dismal dolphins’ rush defense that is yielding 136.1 yards per game, which is 30th in the NFL.

PREDICTION: Chargers 27, dolphins 21

The dolphins are without top wide receiver DeVante Parker (finger).

The exact reasons why whales and dolphins become stranded are not fully understood.

The exact reasons why whales and dolphins become stranded are not fully understood.

Take Luke Taylor, who caught vision of these dolphins hanging out at Tallow Beach, near Byron Bay, Australia on Feb. 17.

The dolphins are hoping for some “Fitzmagic” in South Beach.

—Tight end Dwayne Allen reportedly has agreed to a two-year, $7 million with the Miami dolphins, according to the NFL Network.

It’s the same Ted Ginn that was drafted by the Miami dolphins.

I’m terrified of the ocean, so I go swimming with dolphins.

The nearly extinct “smiling” Irrawaddy dolphins continue to get hunted in Myanmar’s waters by illegal fishermen.

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