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More from Tonic: The Slow ZoneTime doesn’t only fly when you’re in the flow.

“It doesn’t mean they would, of course, but it begins looking really possible.”

I am very dismayed about the process.” These are both fair critiques, but the blame doesn’t entirely lie with the media.

Layla Shaikley doesn’t just embody the new term, which means “Muslim hipster” — she helped coin it.

“It doesn’t seem likely that the calendar can just stay in place,” he said.

That doesn’t leave much room for luxuries like vacation.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like house or techno—on the contrary.

But the news media doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

Those three questions are: This doesn’t get mentioned much, but it’s perhaps the most important question Democrats will face.

Even the Nunes memo doesn’t imply that Ohr knew anything about surveillance applications or any of the other fine-grain pieces of the investigation itself.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t connect and you can’t negotiate.

Westworld doesn’t have those sorts of extremely compelling ideas.

That’s not to say Westworld doesn’t contain anything to chew on.

And there doesn’t seem to be much that could technically stop him.

To me, the problem with the family structure conversation is it doesn’t seem to have a clear upshot.

To me that doesn’t work.

In that vein, this investment doesn’t look bad.

“A crisis doesn’t care about borders, and it doesn’t care whether they are regarded as big or small,” Wei says.

And, as we have seen in Maine, voters approving Medicaid expansion doesn’t mean things will go smoothly if there are intransigent state officials.

“If someone doesn’t believe it, they have to demonstrate it,” Murayama said in an interview.

He doesn’t have a plan for how to get his ransom.

And she doesn’t get called back.

“He just doesn’t seem like someone who would do a heinous act like that.

But the absence of evidence doesn’t mean evidence of absence.

That’s because the FBI doesn’t have it.

“Trump’s trade war may become his Vietnam if he doesn’t rethink things soon.”

Trump, at the very least, doesn’t propose cutting overall drug treatment spending this year, based on ONDCP’s figures.

So increasing the severity of the punishment doesn’t seem to do much, if anything, to slow the flow of drugs.

What kind of person doesn’t believe climate change is a problem?

But that doesn’t make much sense: Medicare is a program that has been around for 60 years, one that is well-established.

This might be the refugee I profiled in Detroit, who doesn’t speak English well enough to navigate the health care system.

“The report doesn’t say Congress should investigate obstruction now.

But this doesn’t mean that people who are highly educated are immune.

Because the minority party doesn’t have subpoena power, Maxine hasn’t been able to do much beyond writing letters.

Even worse, the plan doesn’t take into account the fact that the future of Social Security is in jeopardy.

Sometimes people are declared “dishonest” for committing infractions the government doesn’t believe they’re truly sorry for.

Truth doesn’t matter to them, they only have their hatred & agenda.

They love to portray chaos in the White House when they know that chaos doesn’t exist-just a “smooth running machine” with changing parts!

[0949 EDT] – CNN is working frantically to find their “source.” Look hard because it doesn’t exist.

It’s long been said that Trump doesn’t care much about LGBTQ or other cultural issues.

I think the real question that America should be asking is why, five years after Ferguson, every city doesn’t have this level of accountability.

That doesn’t necessarily have to doom them for Senate control in the long term.

“The market doesn’t really know what to think at this point.

The bigger shark doesn’t always have the better bite.

But the chance of that happening doesn’t look good.

Bekmambetov’s remake doesn’t completely excise the story’s religiosity (though it does skip the nativity scene that opened previous versions).

And it doesn’t feature any of the other regulars at all.

“We know about this, but finding the paper trail is a bit more difficult in this case because she doesn’t sign any papers.

And a tweet alone doesn’t change a standing policy.

And Facebook’s 2018 doesn’t look much better.

But Making a Murderer doesn’t do much to show us that it’s analyzing Zellner’s theories thoroughly and objectively.

The show doesn’t want to explain why it became a phenomenon, just to remind you that it was one.

It doesn’t give the hammy Hicks much to react to, and his performance suffers as a result.

The songs aren’t bad, but Grammer doesn’t really add anything to the part.

It doesn’t help that the movie is a mess — confused and stuffed full of too many big effects sequences.

The video alone, however, doesn’t show that Wilson wasn’t legally justified when he shot and killed Brown.

The video doesn’t change any of these details.

Sexual violence doesn’t just affect the body.

It doesn’t make anything better — not on the inside, anyway.

I think in some ways she doesn’t really get the concept of being an artist.

But none of it happens if the GOP doesn’t set repealing the ACA to the side for the time being.

But I have mostly queer friends, so that doesn’t happen a lot.

No, he doesn’t.

But that doesn’t mean that every reader, even without knowing who the author is, has to agree.

Why is that, given that … they sell millions of cars and make lots of money, this group doesn’t?

If it’s a current car that already has a wheel or if it doesn’t, if it moves to the other part.

Your child is born and its brain doesn’t have stuff in it.

“This machine doesn’t want to eat, it doesn’t want to have sex, it’s not jealous that you got the tuna sandwich,” Hawkins added.

Lewis doesn’t like predicting when the next test will occur.

Immigration “doesn’t have to be on the omnibus bill,” Pelosi said this week.

And after all this, it doesn’t seem that the British police paid any more attention to the documentary or the people in it.

Developed by a company called Modern Meadow, the t-shirt is derived from organic materials, but doesn’t utilize skin from cows or any other animal.

Forgacs doesn’t have a scientific background, but he has been working in the field for over a decade.

If the president doesn’t like the deal he’s offered on Feb. 15, he can shut the government down again.

If the president doesn’t like the deal he’s offered on Feb. 15, he can shut the government down again.

He doesn’t plan to hold on to the presidency indefinitely, he says.

That doesn’t bother the Trump administration, which still actively speaks out against the regime while supporting Guaidó.

ICE has repeatedly said it doesn’t comment on the timing or details of planned operations.

Okay, yes, technically, there are still a few months where it doesn’t feel like 500 new shows debut every week.

doesn’t a world overrun by, say, regular-sized house pets become Jurassic Park?

Samsung doesn’t have a replacement for Apfel, but we will update this story if we hear anything new.

“It doesn’t even really cross your mind that such a person would dare perpetuate harm like that,” Caruso told the Times.

“It doesn’t even really cross your mind that such a person would dare perpetuate harm like that,” Caruso told the Times.

But that doesn’t mean some systems aren’t much better, or much worse, than others.

(Northam once voted against a Virginia law to officially ban “sanctuary cities” — but Virginia doesn’t even have any sanctuary cities, as Dara Lind explains.)

It is especially critical on smartphones, where users prefer apps over the Web and which Google doesn’t dominate the way it does desktops.

“It doesn’t matter anymore.” By Thursday morning, Meadows said it was unlikely the “compromise” bill could pass on the House floor.

Just because most museums in America are still asleep at the wheel, it doesn’t mean all is lost.

Just because most museums in America are still asleep at the wheel, it doesn’t mean all is lost.

There’s no way to know.” She says she doesn’t believe she was pressured or that she’s a victim.

But that doesn’t seem to happen.

If it won’t change the facility fee code, or doesn’t offer a prompt payment discount?

The world is a zero-sum game; the prospect that the US and its allies could both lose doesn’t seem to have crossed his mind.

According to NPR, drivers were also encouraged to form relationships with their clients, something that often doesn’t happen in Ubers or Lyfts.

But in 2018, this supposedly punk-rock take on New Queer Cinema just doesn’t feel that punk, or that new.

“Forever Love” is an impassioned plea for a lasting love, but also, one suspects, an ironic acknowledgement that it often doesn’t.

She doesn’t just sing her songs, she lives them.

He doesn’t like loud noises, or dark spaces, or strangers touching his head”.

California, Hawaii, and New York have all passed legislation banning single-use plastic bags, though New York’s law doesn’t go into effect until 2020.

But Sex Education doesn’t linger long in that mode, as it soon steers away from mother-son awkwardness into something more earnest.

Until that research is done, kratom doesn’t have enough evidence, based on the scheduling system, to support its medical efficacy and safety.

But sometimes the process doesn’t work.

Wick doesn’t just shoot the scores of Russian gangsters who cross his path of revenge — he dispatches them.

Systemic change might be needed to solve societal problems, but that doesn’t make arbitrary attempts to change systems likely to have good effects.

That doesn’t mean we are completely spared from witnessing the atrocities.

It doesn’t go all that well — Morgan becomes a horror movie villain and starts killing everyone, while Mara tries to kill Morgan instead.

A heavy-handed military approach, with little transparency or accountability, doesn’t enhance our security.

And if it doesn’t, all the better.

Dozens of Senate Democrats have said they are withholding their votes from any government funding bill that doesn’t address DACA.

It doesn’t necessarily have to get done — and it cuts close to Trump’s core campaign promises.

“What do you mean?” “Well, the baby doesn’t exist yet, so you can’t be doing it for the baby’s sake.

“But knowing me, it doesn’t seem likely, and I can’t live my life based on unlikely scenarios.” The gynecologist’s condescending smile faded slightly.

CapricornUnfortunately, Capricorns get the raw end of the deal in “Signs,” because it’s the only sign that Beyoncé doesn’t specifically shout out.

While it’s not necessarily bad to have a flip side, she makes it clear she doesn’t like it with “too much.”

A president needs to work on weak spots and have the self-awareness to know what he or she doesn’t know.

It doesn’t mean we don’t have serious challenges in Texas.

“Grassroots organizing doesn’t take a lot of resources in today’s world,” she said.

It doesn’t contain any basis for the secretary to refuse.

Voter fraud is incredibly rare, and it doesn’t swing national elections.

Here’s the calendar: Ford has said she doesn’t remember the exact day and place where the assault happened.

In other words, the research doesn’t suggest that Canada’s drug supply is particularly problematic.

But it doesn’t address the issue of unaccompanied children, who can’t simply be released with a notice to appear in immigration court.

Observers and policymakers agree that HHS simply doesn’t have the capacity to take migrant kids in.

It doesn’t need to ring, it doesn’t need to be two-way either.

It’s fine that it doesn’t happen in Silicon Valley.

It doesn’t seem like there’s that much going on, with the people here reaching out.

Then you say, how do you build a business that doesn’t get crushed by Amazon?

Something else doesn’t add up.

If he decides that an agreement doesn’t put “America First,” he’s perfectly willing to kick it to the curb.

But that doesn’t mean voters are happy about the situation.

As I settle into my pace, I know I’m running much faster than usual, but it doesn’t feel labored.

“The question is one of basic fairness, and working to create a tax code that doesn’t penalize frugality, saving and investment.”

If it doesn’t, all the hype will have been for nothing.

It doesn’t reflect a judgment on whether there has been a crime.

For instance, maybe Trump is already a target and Mueller’s not saying so because he doesn’t want to be fired.

And it currently doesn’t do a great job of pinpointing where these waves are coming from.

But physicists (and Einstein himself) have long speculated that the theory isn’t complete, as it doesn’t play well with the laws of quantum mechanics.

Update: Musk may have hired a speechwriter but he doesn’t need one!

Disappointingly, the sensor doesn’t look like an actual nose — more like a rainbow postage stamp.

This letter doesn’t mean the Apple Car is now a thing.

“It doesn’t end here though, we’re only just getting started,” the message read.

Still, there’s a part of me that thinks, “He doesn’t care about my work.” For my generation, we thought, “We can do this.

I would say my feminism is postcolonial and there’s intersectional and all these things, but that doesn’t mean Professor Velez’s isn’t.

Rick & Morty doesn’t deserve to be reduced to headlines about the exploits of its worst fans.

And it doesn’t take long.

The numbers are particularly low in Czech Republic because its police force simply doesn’t bother requesting information from Facebook anymore.

But he doesn’t think that argument holds water.

Now, legalization doesn’t necessarily mean that needle exchanges can be easily opened and remain in place.

The research, however, often doesn’t penetrate the stigma surrounding addiction.

And whether that takes the form of journalists investigating him, or comedians mocking him, it doesn’t matter.

Trump, for his part, doesn’t believe there are memos at all.

Lil Wayne Lil Wayne finally released Tha Carter V. doesn’t even matter if it’s good or not.

If all four of these senators vote no, the math doesn’t hold up for Cassidy-Graham.

It doesn’t need to be “perfect,” just perfect for me.

(Again, though, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all those with access are using it.)

Workplace doesn’t make a lot of headlines, but the company claims it’s growing.

Facebook doesn’t break out revenue for Workplace, but the product is ads-free; the company makes money by charging a monthly subscription fee.

That’s not happening much anymore, and even when it does, the Trump-induced downturn doesn’t last.

For a movie with so many complicated ideas, it doesn’t waste any more time on exposition than is absolutely necessary.

“The case doesn’t end with this,” the PM said in reference to Wednesday’s report from Danske Bank.

Under the league policy, a player doesn’t need to be arrested or convicted to face a penalty.

Then, when the film doesn’t perform well overseas, it’s taken as a sign that their expectations were well-founded, and that myth is true.

To say that black culture doesn’t sell well overseas, that’s a lie.

Somebody just doesn’t want to do their job and promote the film overseas.

That doesn’t mean everyone can access the procedure.

Trump doesn’t specify how he would pay for his expensive policy proposals.

Hillary Clinton’s theory of politics is unfashionable, but she doesn’t care.

And the chart (above) reveals that life expectancy doesn’t increase in a straight line — there are sometimes plateaus and even dips.

But it doesn’t mean they are feminist artists.

But it doesn’t ever truly fade away.

Unfortunately, my refrigerator in my apartment doesn’t always comply with my standards.

Luckily, I live with a partner who doesn’t care about these things, who can eat the perfectly good food so it’s not wasted.

Trump doesn’t always follow through on his most explosive threats.

Moreover, Hollywood’s old guard generally doesn’t consider Netflix to be the home of serious filmmaking.

That doesn’t mean that Chile is going to change tack.

That doesn’t mean that bigots and extremists will never be able to carry out a shooting in places with strict gun laws.

Making claims about authorial intention is a very tricky move that doesn’t offer much reward, especially when the author has been dead for centuries.

She knows she doesn’t have access to the authentic historical Jane Austen, and she doesn’t pretend to try.

“Conjuring” (2017) suggests that if the lottery doesn’t pan out, then perhaps occult practice will shed light on one’s financial problems.

Not a great one that doesn’t get disturbed all the time, almost continually, or you’re always having to change, essentially.

Nor do I think that offloading your unconscious bias training to the HR department is … That doesn’t help.

What’s really important, what my research showed, is that it really doesn’t start in the workplace.

It doesn’t matter how powerful you are.

That doesn’t help.

The pipeline issue, by the way, it’s not true in tech, and it doesn’t hold up anywhere, frankly.

It simply just doesn’t work.

Daniel Vigil, director of the state’s Marijuana Health Monitoring and Research Program, said that still doesn’t mean the doctors are wrong.

He settles for trying to shoot himself, but doesn’t get that far.

Fawcett doesn’t quite manage to find the city — only evidence that it exists.

“It doesn’t mean he will just be gone.

Even still, Trump says he doesn’t have to listen to them.

”I have intel people, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree,” he told Brennan.

He doesn’t fit in, and he doesn’t want to fit in.

In the grand scheme of things, he simply doesn’t care.

Plus, he doesn’t say anything racist.

“Plus,” she says, “I won’t take shit from anybody.” She doesn’t mention Bundy.

It doesn’t matter when I’m watching one of these videos, I can watch it whenever.

Then the other piece was video doesn’t lie.

Yeah, but TV generally doesn’t allow unpleasant-looking people on TV for extended periods of time.

Did I get it right, which doesn’t exist anymore?

They don’t have any electrical charge so Earth’s magnetism doesn’t deflect them.

“The UK parliament has said what it doesn’t want,” Verhofstadt, a former Belgian premier, said on Twitter.

If Cassini doesn’t crash into Saturn, it runs the risk of potentially contaminating one of Saturn’s moons with debris and microbes from Earth.

Even when it doesn’t hold up to Biblical scrutiny.

Cosme and Lucka’s case, meanwhile, represents heightening conflict between residents and an emergency management system that doesn’t seem to care about them.

The email doesn’t specify who “he” is, but it seems like a reasonable guess that Bernie Sanders was the target.

He said he doesn’t care whether immigrants are “black, white, orange, or purple,” they shouldn’t be coming into the country without proper authorization.

He said the workers haven’t yet been told about the border wall bid, but he doesn’t anticipate any objections.

It doesn’t matter,” the Republican president added.

Andrea Campbell, an MIT political scientist who has studied tax policy, emailed: Overall public opinion doesn’t matter.

But the math doesn’t work.

But it doesn’t tell the full story as of right now.

North Korea has been working on its own version of the Taepodong-2 for a while, but it doesn’t really work yet. goes on indefinite hiatus today because Univision, which paid $135 million for Gawker Media, doesn’t want the company’s flagship site.

Everyone, including the artist, agrees that Schutz doesn’t know what it means to be Black in America.

What’s more disturbing is that Schutz doesn’t seem to know what it means to be white in America.

Arguably, nobody who doesn’t already agree that white supremacy is bad is going to see BlacKkKlansman.

It doesn’t make us more prosperous.

It doesn’t make our schools more successful,” Lankford said.

We could get lost trying to hierarchize which brutalities are more acceptable, but that doesn’t provide an excuse for indifference.

This isn’t about contest and being too sensitive about art or measuring who does and doesn’t get to offend.

Money doesn’t necessarily seem to make up for this deficit.

Contacting voters in a general election — whether by ads or door-to-door canvassing — just doesn’t seem to change any minds.

On one hand, it doesn’t matter.

It just doesn’t have broad-enough support within the Academy.

It’s a weird bit of framing that doesn’t quite fit the rest of the story season five was telling about Riley.

It doesn’t work.)

It doesn’t really work, and the episode flails trying to make it work.

Even Andrew doesn’t seem to know, which makes this bittersweet reflection on his life all the more powerful.

But the NBPP doesn’t pose much of a threat itself, even if it may inspire some Trump defenders to expect a fight.

But that may be the least it can do if it doesn’t want its users to become its competition.

Fittingly, “Never Knew Love Like This Before” doesn’t end at Candy’s funeral.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

And the US definitely doesn’t go as far as Belgium or Australia, which make voting compulsory.

But whatever they decide, it’s clear that voting doesn’t have to be as difficult as it is today.

But Green Book doesn’t even do the work of being part of its genre.

And then Green Book just … doesn’t put in the work of filling in the details of that story.

Still, that doesn’t make it okay that Green Book keeps getting sold as this bigger, nuanced story on racism.

But, like, it doesn’t happen that way.

“The president’s veto doesn’t end this conversation,” Bruce Ackerman, a constitutional law scholar with Yale University, told Vox.

Mueller “doesn’t want to participate in anything that he might regard as a political spectacle,” Nadler told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow earlier this month.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean people are cooperating with the other parts of the Ebola response.

This G7 meeting doesn’t fit the template particularly with regard to trade,” said Quincy Krosby, chief market strategist at Prudential Financial.

Traveling is one of the most enriching experiences in life, but as frequent fliers are well aware, it doesn’t come cheap.

May’s defeat was mostly symbolic, and doesn’t change anything practically.

The Brexiteers’ protest on Thursday doesn’t change the fact that the EU has insisted that the backstop isn’t renegotiable anyway.

Although Oneman doesn’t doubt that some people take it above-board, this wasn’t the case for him.

The law doesn’t explicitly state what the president’s authority is in such circumstances, whether he has the power to appoint Wilkie.

The other three are complaining, fundamentally, that the bill isn’t “real” Obamacare repeal or doesn’t go far enough.

And he doesn’t think they can.

That doesn’t mean they can’t repeal the ACA.

That doesn’t mean you can ask the artbot to send you just anything.

However, the same advice doesn’t always apply to family members.

And he doesn’t see his damaged reputation as an obstacle to success.

Internationally, economic deprivation doesn’t seem to be the dominant factor in the rise of far-right movements.

Haley came only once to India as a four-year-old child, doesn’t speak Punjabi and has converted to Christianity.

He also gained coverage under the law that he doesn’t want to see disappear.

On the other hand, Slain doesn’t want Medicaid expansion to end in 2020, as Republicans are now proposing.

It must get really boring seeing the same thing again and again though?No, it doesn’t.

What’s the difference between seeing Muse and Black Sabbath?I don’t know, it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t feel like CGI, but doesn’t seem like traditional stop-motion either.

And most importantly, Finding Dory doesn’t just throw its title character into old Finding Nemo plot points.

He doesn’t sugarcoat history either.

Perhaps painting doesn’t make anything happen, at least not in any direct and obvious way.

Surprisingly, though, Facebook’s mobile app, where the bulk of Facebook’s users spend the bulk of their time, doesn’t offer on-Facebook games.

Hosting your game on Facebook could do wonders for user growth, especially since it doesn’t require people to download an app.

Ideally, grace doesn’t just provide a “get out of jail free card” for past actions; it also helps transform an individual.

“Amazon doesn’t like us,” Maezawa told Reuters.

Amazon is a very well-oiled machine, so it doesn’t look like chaos.

Stay with us here, because vinegar pie doesn’t taste anything like vinegar and we don’t want you to turn tail and hide just yet.

But just because Disney wants ESPN in skinny bundles doesn’t mean Disney will get ESPN in skinny bundles.

Of course, just because everyone would see Sanders as the frontrunner if he were 60 doesn’t change the fact that he’s 75.

One problem with the first argument for the filibuster is that it doesn’t apply to all Senate activity.

Water doesn’t naturally contain much lead.

The problem is that ideal doesn’t describe the Senate of 2019 at all.

Trump’s explanation doesn’t even make any sense.

“It doesn’t even matter!” Trump has a long history of getting names wrong on camera.

On this issue, she doesn’t have any.

But that doesn’t change the foundational issues that opponents like Bateman-House have.

He doesn’t even need to send anything through Congress.

A religious freedom measure doesn’t even have to come into the picture for this to be allowed under most states’ laws.

Pence eventually amended the law to make it clear that it doesn’t allow discrimination.

Mat Staver, who heads the anti-LGBTQ Liberty Counsel, told me that he doesn’t know whether the White House will sign the leaked order.

(Trump has repeatedly threatened to cut off trade with China if it doesn’t cut ties with North Korea.)

GOP moderates are already balking at the proposed cuts to entitlement programs while hard-liners in the party say it doesn’t go far enough.

(Trump has repeatedly threatened to cut off trade with China if it doesn’t cut ties with North Korea.)

He’s even floated the idea of declaring a national emergency if he doesn’t get his way.

Creating anything is always scary in a good way, because any success you have had doesn’t guarantee that your next thing will be successful.

Again, this doesn’t square with Apple’s longstanding efforts — led by Cue — to deliver a skinny bundle.

The White House has decided to deal with an unpopular bill by refusing to acknowledge the parts of it that the public doesn’t like.

That doesn’t feel right.

But the formidable military force is also commonly linked to Iran, and doesn’t necessarily share the same long-term interests as Abadi or the U.S.

That doesn’t prevent others from running in the primary if they secure enough signatures and meet the filing deadline.

The SBC was moved to apologize for racial sins in 1995, but clearly that doesn’t end the story.

6LACKDude doesn’t even know how to spell.

He may paint every day, but that doesn’t mean the work rolls off the production line.

Penha doesn’t blame people for leaving.

She doesn’t explain how she is so sure Trump knew about them, either.

Darius doesn’t escape the situation with a funny story, as Frasier and Niles might have; he’s lucky to escape with his life.

What it doesn’t mean, generally speaking, is baseload plants.

The Trump administration doesn’t want to reduce carbon emissions.

A lot of people experience stalking, and it doesn’t normally end well.

But Google doesn’t have any plans to sell ads for the format itself right now, so publishers will have sell it themselves.

What is clear is that Trump’s bark doesn’t necessarily match his bite when it comes to Beijing.

China is actively working to make sure its currency doesn’t fall further, which is good for US exports.

Premiere director David Nutter doesn’t do a bad job.

Well, this shot doesn’t really nurture that feeling: How about the Hound?

We never really figure out what Sam is doing in LA; he doesn’t seem to know either.

But it also doesn’t really matter.

And he doesn’t know how to do anything without playing a part.

The University of Washington group looked at areas within Washington state — but that doesn’t necessarily mean those areas are all that similar to Seattle.

“It doesn’t look to me like it introduces new significant risk into the system,” he said.

The Giving Pledge doesn’t concern itself with those decisions.

As it stands, having signed the pledge doesn’t mean someone will do any good, or even that they’re definitely trying.

But Trump doesn’t appear to be espousing the views of any of these groups.

It doesn’t make room for other types of people.

Even though it doesn’t match the reality of how women experience their lives through their day to day.

The EPA doesn’t want to acknowledge it.

She doesn’t have a kitchen.

So yeah, she’s heating up frozen pizza — she doesn’t have a stove.

But Mata doesn’t think that goes far enough.

But that doesn’t work when you’re living in a hotel.

“Just because tech could be misused doesn’t mean we should ban it and condemn it,” he said.

So the new Congress doesn’t just look a bit more like the people it represents now.

That doesn’t mean that gun ownership is more important in explaining American political behavior than race or class or gender.

Food doesn’t have to define who we are and everything about us.

But if the economic boom doesn’t materialize, it’s pretty clear who will probably pay for the funding gap: not businesses or wealthy families.

That doesn’t matter.

And because the technology exists doesn’t mean it will be accessible to everyone.

So the New Year’s Eve record easily surpassed that number and doesn’t even include any messages sent on Facebook Messenger during that time.

I simply said that HIV doesn’t take over my entire life.

But waving an Olympic medal in front of the human resources receptionist doesn’t mean you can skip over the experience section on job applications.

This doesn’t mean that the “Christian” stance on immigration is open borders.

But we have to stop pretending that it doesn’t exist.

I can see how pretending it doesn’t exist would be an important first step.

It sure doesn’t mean forcing taxpayers to spend $25 billion on a wall that candidate Trump promised Mexico would pay for.

And it definitely doesn’t mean a racist immigration policy that excludes people of color from around the world.

Unlike marijuana, industrial hemp doesn’t contain enough of the psychoactive chemical THC to give users a high.

The Narrow Door benefits from rereading; knowing what’s ahead doesn’t spoil the work so much as slow it.

The Narrow Door doesn’t do that.

It’s an exercise in the best sense, in making sense of something that endured over decades and doesn’t lend itself to easy structure.

Warfare doesn’t hurt anymore, it employs, and tactics, he says, are places between two hills.

But being gay doesn’t make him not-white or not-male.” Another challenge for Buttigieg is that Obama didn’t win just by impressing openness-minded liberals.

As the character whom this woman-centric show occasionally doesn’t quite know what to do with, Alex comes into his own in season three.

The inspector general report hasn’t been released, but Jill McCabe doesn’t discuss the politics around that.

I do not because I think that doesn’t solve the meaning problem.

I think you’re just giving people money as an anesthesia for pain, and it doesn’t get them over that really true problem.

At the same time, her piece doesn’t offer many new revelations about her husband’s firing.

The President reminded the entrepreneurial tech enthusiasts in the room that government doesn’t work like a startup — on purpose.

That doesn’t fall apart with size.

So it’s not that President Obama doesn’t want to work with Silicon Valley.

But it doesn’t take much reading between the lines to find a grim tale.

They also want to ensure that the Trump administration doesn’t suppress parts of the report that may be damaging to the president.

What he finds is, basically, it doesn’t work: High-profile presidential addresses simply fail to influence public opinion.

But he doesn’t have much hope that’ll happen to him anytime soon.

He still harbors some resentment toward women but says he doesn’t hate them anymore.

The awkward problem for Trump would be that this steel bollard structure doesn’t seem like the 30-foot concrete wall he described during the campaign.

Taken literally, of course, it doesn’t have to be this way.

And that doesn’t sound like Trump at all.

There’s a 10-day waiting period for any firearm purchase.” Zeoli doesn’t buy that logic.

While that term may very well be more accurate, it obviously doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely as G-spot, does it?

“The project doesn’t have ways to reduce violence directly.

He told reporters Tuesday that he doesn’t allow his forces to torture people.

Even Peter Kafka was blown away, and he doesn’t get blown away by anything.

As the world’s largest oil exporter, Saudi Arabia has the means to step in if private funding doesn’t materialize for the projects.

“So it will be tough for them to argue that there was a tacit agreement.” That doesn’t mean it was impossible.

But it doesn’t do anybody any good.

Ryan has brushed off the speculation, saying he doesn’t have plans to leave Congress anytime soon.

He doesn’t back down.

Notice that any time a media narrative emerges that he doesn’t like, he takes to Twitter and lights a firecracker.

I know, but it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t make any sense.

First of all, Facebook doesn’t want to because their business is predicated on constant use.

Caipira is what doesn’t belong to the ‘center’ of the world.

He just doesn’t feel bad about it.

She added: “That doesn’t necessarily mean that ends up in a vote” by the Senate to confirm the nominee.

“It looks like he’s doing constituent services, and that doesn’t get you the shield of the speech and debate clause,” Ambro said.

But he or she doesn’t have veto power.

Jones still doesn’t trust Varys, though.

“People want to eat healthier today, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to indulge,” she said.

And it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, you can’t occasionally make a stupid joke, you can’t occasionally have fun at work.

It doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes.

It doesn’t mean you don’t do stupid things, because every company does stupid … Recode has been full of stupid things, a lot of them.

“What’s wrong with that?” I’m like, who didn’t … what part of you doesn’t understand?

But despite her experience and training regimen, USA Powerlifiting, the country’s leading organization, doesn’t want her to compete in the women’s category.

Already farmed on a mass basis, the chickpea doesn’t pose any immediate shortage concerns, either.

At this point, a successful film franchise that doesn’t have some sort of science fiction or fantasy element is a rarity.

The fact that a part of the brain is active doesn’t tell researchers too much about what task it’s specifically doing.

The boy who finds the illustrations at the dump doesn’t want to have his name attached to the works’ tale and its increasing fame.

[Kurt Wagner and Rani Molla / Recode] Netflix doesn’t need to buy its hits from Hollywood anymore.

That doesn’t seem great.

“Generally, when you get a bounce that doesn’t seem to have a catalyst, often it doesn’t last.

That won’t work if he doesn’t begin modeling better behavior himself.

But yes, there are occasional rumblings the company doesn’t innovate or has lost its focus somewhat over the last five years too.

However, some of Kavanaugh’s more conservative critics have argued he doesn’t go far enough.

Yeah, he doesn’t talk half the time.

And steel and aluminum doesn’t really tackle China.

It doesn’t just hold up, we have every one of those shows.

Now, this doesn’t mean all reports from Sinclair stations are compromised.

Declining such tight craft, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight doesn’t imply or depict anything.

Messy doesn’t mean unlistenable.

Scott doesn’t do this.

You have Steve Mnuchin standing at attention, in line on the tariffs, saying he doesn’t like it but he understands it.

Music doesn’t just rise up from the unconscious on its own, after all.

We can’t say that because someone doesn’t agree with us about abortion, we should just reject our commonalities.

Terranova doesn’t present her history as bullet points but as nodes of activity that make up the thinker.

It doesn’t look like they will let Rubio — or the rest of the country — forget that.

But there is some hope that the discrimination they face doesn’t have to go on forever.

The data on Apple slowing down older iPhones doesn’t necessarily mean the conspiracy theory is true.

This next moment is crucial: Virginia doesn’t jump on Gustavo for the slur, and instead says, “I’m gay,” in a friendly manner.

Gustavo doesn’t recoil.

Besides, who among us doesn’t have a secret space somewhere just for the purposes of shading your enemies?

He doesn’t really have anything else to do.

Scott doesn’t exactly light up the stage.

Standing by the windows, he’s framed by an expansive view of Tallahassee and beyond, but he doesn’t own the scene.

There’s also the fact that Apple doesn’t make it easy to change or replace the battery.

We have the feeling that Zalmay Khalilzad doesn’t have enough power to make important decisions,” another Taliban official said.

And Salzberg doesn’t hide the goal: “There’s some self interest there,” he said.

But according to members of his administration, Trump doesn’t know Carter Page, who was once a foreign policy adviser for his campaign.

He doesn’t know these gentlemen.

It doesn’t have to always be nefarious to collect friends’ data.

Well, the head of the Office of Government Ethics, Walter M. Shaub, Jr., doesn’t appreciate the secrecy.

There are a lot of things you can do that doesn’t limit free speech.

So, for example, when we look at consent like sexual relations saying yes at one moment doesn’t mean it’s yes for everything forever.

God doesn’t want your thoughts and prayers.

She doesn’t think her daughter is ready to hear that.

(While Russia doesn’t have audio, Putin could always ask Trump if he happened to record the conversation.)

Martinez doesn’t want that for her daughter.

“We both know human nature doesn’t exactly work that way.

“It’s sad that CES doesn’t have a code of conduct,” said Y-Vonne Hutchinson, founder of ReadySet, a diversity-focused consulting firm.

She makes him admit that he does love her, and, much to his surprise, the world doesn’t end.

For anyone who doesn’t know Lindsay, this seems like great news.

He doesn’t encounter very much.

That doesn’t mean an indictment will come tomorrow.

A block grant doesn’t.

As such, his opening pitch to voters doesn’t contain calls for Medicare-for-all or tuition-free college.

For one thing, Guccifer 2.0 doesn’t actually appear to speak Romanian.

“Microgrids give you the benefit that the power doesn’t have to come from a remote location.

Trump doesn’t agree.

Trump doesn’t know much about foreign policy, the reasoning goes, and so his policy preferences are the result of pure ignorance.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

North Dakota also doesn’t make you register before voting.

Trump doesn’t want to preserve the global status quo; he wants to revise it.

We don’t know how many people turn to ugly, resentful politics when that mirror doesn’t reflect what they would like to see.

“His decision to issue a blanket restoration, without regard to the nature of the crimes committed doesn’t speak of mercy.

Till doesn’t use any magic techniques that no one else can do to win fights: it’s all jabs and left straights.

But being elected to the European Parliament doesn’t guarantee you’ll have influence once you get there, even for far-right or Euroskeptic parties.

(The X is because Darbian doesn’t know; it’s an estimate.)

He’s able to crowdfund, so he doesn’t have to take out a loan or find another job to be able to make comics.

Because it might take days, weeks, months or years doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

The Drone Racing League doesn’t have any female pilots listed on its website, for example.

Many label executives have long complained that YouTube, which makes billions of dollars selling ads, doesn’t send them enough of that ad money.

The shortage of women in these jobs doesn’t start with hiring practices in Silicon Valley.

However, this transition to “none” doesn’t explicitly express a disdain for religion.

“By definition, a celebrity doesn’t need a PR presence, so the likely motivating force is narcissism,” he says.

I guess Arya doesn’t have a moment like this.

Sure, she doesn’t have any dragons, but thanks to a Euron Greyjoy ambush, Dany’s down to just the one.

That’s always been one of my aesthetics.” Unlike Coates, Serna doesn’t feel the need to only make candles with public figures she admires.

I can get with that, to be sure, but it doesn’t do the character any favors.

Kapoor does his best to channel the tortured alpha male who can’t fathom why the world doesn’t work the way he wants.

(This tally doesn’t include penalties from EPA’s Superfund program, criminal cases, or the administrative actions that EPA takes to resolve smaller violations.)

Science doesn’t have a monopoly on nothing.

It doesn’t help the imagination, but it doesn’t give rise to any contradictions.

And though smoking does occur in G- and PG-rated movies, the system doesn’t address drug use (which includes tobacco) until its PG-13 classification.

Still, Pruitt doesn’t plan to back down.

Her transformation doesn’t take her from A to Z.

The full text, appended below, doesn’t contain a single whiff of apology (aside from pro forma praise for America’s spies).

“It doesn’t make sense to keep the jack, because that space is at a premium.

doesn’t being singular still mean something?

That doesn’t matter.

But if they’re not, it doesn’t matter.

Her salary of about $50,000 doesn’t stretch as far as it used to.

With the growing consumer demand for EVs, Tesla doesn’t have to necessarily sell its mission to sell its cars anymore.

But I’m skeptical of the elite backlash theory: There’s no definition of “elite” that makes sense that doesn’t include Portman.

Trump doesn’t know how NATO works or what the nuclear triad is.

The compound, which is similar to acrylic glass, doesn’t cause problems in most patients.

GREAT DETERRENT!” Reality, however, is more complicated: Even when people are armed, that doesn’t mean they can properly respond to a mass shooting.

The lawsuit claims that because Trump never actually signed the agreement, Daniels doesn’t have to keep quiet about the affair.

Because onstage and in public she doesn’t engage, she just has a sort of robot answer, a non-answer.

It doesn’t matter.

Conceptually it’s the right idea, it doesn’t mean the product is right.

This particular group of millennials doesn’t irritate me.

2019 could be the year of the super-expensive flip-phone comeback, which doesn’t sound exactly like something anyone needs, but does sound kind of fun.

But Kenney said she felt compelled to share her story because she doesn’t want other women to feel alone.

That doesn’t make it true.

Racism can’t be rectified if people act like it doesn’t exist.

I think that’s clearly true, but where does that leave us in terms of a response to terrorism that doesn’t breed more terror?

I’d still like to know if you believe there’s a military response to terrorism that doesn’t create more terrorism.

Donald Trump doesn’t believe in lip service.

It’s not that he’s not funny, or doesn’t occasionally perform stand-up.

It doesn’t have gun crime, and less people are killed as a result of that.

Also, it doesn’t seem to me that we’re at the behest of a hegemonic and draconian government any more than America is.

They see the economy expanding and profits growing, but this doesn’t extend to their paychecks.

The law doesn’t take effect until October, but Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney cited the law in his defense for not releasing the video.

The urge doesn’t go away.

Tip doesn’t come from the age of rectangles.

But that doesn’t mean that the intentions behind the bill shouldn’t be taken seriously.

But while this is an important (and telling) part of the tax policy debate, it doesn’t represent anything that’s happening this winter.

As a surface, Mylar doesn’t work like canvas or paper.

(A Republican-leaning independent is staging his own write-in bid, though he doesn’t appear to have backing from the national party.)

We hope doesn in a sentence examples were helpful.