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Herders (2014), by Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphael, is a VR documentary that unobtrusively observes the daily lives of several Mongolian nomads.

The entire series pays tribute to light, incorporating documentary and narrative, as well as abstract and experimental work.

The documentary was finally released to the public two days ago.

The Netflix documentary “The American Meme” shows how social-media stars and influencers live their lives.

Baldwin — who now goes by Hailey Bieber on Instagram since marrying pop star Justin Bieber — said in the documentary.

The four-hour documentary describes in detail how Jackson allegedly manipulated those around him to gain access to young boys.

The film received renewed attention following its relevance to the documentary “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond.”

The same year, cult documentary Paris is Burning by Jennie Livingston exposed the subculture to a worldwide audience.

Why did it take a documentary to force it into the light a few years later?

Pollock, the documentary filmmaker, said the selective withholding of the video evidence suggests an attempt at character assassination.

He appears briefly in a Channel 4 documentary titled — believe it or not — The Jihadis Next Door.

More than 1.2 million people watched this documentary when it was released, which raises a disturbing question: How did the British police miss this?

So to recap: Two would-be terrorists appear in a 2016 British documentary openly declaring their support for Islamic extremism.

And after all this, it doesn’t seem that the British police paid any more attention to the documentary or the people in it.

Watching this documentary — and finding out how they let it slip past them — might be a good place to start.

Our Drake sources say neither Jas Prince nor Drake participated in the documentary.

Filmmaker Robert Mugge was there filming his documentary Sonny Rollins: Saxophone Colossus, and captured the moment Rollins fell.

That said, I’m a documentary filmmaker, trained to film whatever happens.

When he took an Oscar for his documentary Bowling for Columbine, the controversial filmmaker lambasted George Bush and the war in Iraq.

Moore brought the other documentary nominees onto the stage, speaking on their collective behalf.

2004: Following in Michael Moore’s footsteps, Errol Morris made his own statement about the war when The Fog of War won Best documentary.

“Forty years ago this country went down a rabbit hole in Vietnam and millions died,” the iconic documentary filmmaker said.

2007: Politician Al Gore’s important documentary about climate change, An Inconvenient Truth, won Best documentary a few years later.

“This documentary humanizes her,” said Needham to Broadly in a recent phone interview.

This feature-length documentary is the first of these narratives that centers on an African American woman’s death at the hands of police.

In a 2003 documentary, there’s a moment where Björk Guðmundsdóttir describes her early memories of singing and songwriting.

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Hyperallergic is seeking an enthusiastic and skilled associate editor specializing in documentary, to join our editorial team.

MECA offers a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art, a Master of Arts in Teaching, and a Salt Graduate Certificate in documentary Studies.

Salt Graduate Certificate in documentary Studies: Since 1973, the Salt Institute for documentary Studies has taught students to become professional storytellers and documentarians.

Behind a curtain, you can watch a documentary Botz made with neurologist Alice Flaherty, who acts as both doctor and patient.

Watch VICE Japan’s documentary on the artist, and take a look at Hang’s Athens Love (2016) series, below.

And they asked me if I was interested in doing the documentary, and there was an open agenda, really.

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Al Gore might have lost the presidency in 2000, but he wound up taking home an Oscar for the 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth.

Netflix also picked up a few nominations in the documentary categories in 2018, but it did not win in any category.

Inspired by Werner Herzog’s documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Murray-Browne created The Cave of Sounds, in which eight artists created experimental instruments.

To do this, he has charted his native Tehran using digital drawings based on his own documentary photographs.

Stockbridge, a longtime Philadelphia resident originally from Maryland, has been a portrait and documentary photographer in the area for a decade.

They are accompanied by his most recent work, seven short documentary videos created in 2018 with journalist Courtenay Harris Bond.

We have a series we did with San Pellegrino that won the Webby for Best documentary.

Regardless of its comedy and wistful concept, The Five Stages Of Climate Change Grief still has the air of a documentary.

I’d encourage people to check out that Green Book: Guide to Freedom documentary on the Smithsonian Channel.

James N. Kienitz Wilkins’s experimental documentary Common Carrier finds artists balancing creative pursuits and the demands of life in New York City.

Filmmaker Maureen Bradley, then based in Montreal, captured the increased community engagement in a short documentary about Sex Garage titled We’re Here.

Roll through here to grab tickets for the screening of our new documentary Noisey: Birmingham, which is hosted by Mike Skinner.

But even the most brilliantly embroidered floral skirts didn’t fool someone who shared a polio-effected childhood: the discerning documentary photographer, Dorothea Lange.

nobody, nobody was ready to do that,” said playwright Doric Wilson in the PBS documentary Stonewall Uprising.

Check out this VICE documentary about America’s for-profit criminal justice system.

(He is also now taking part in a separate documentary series about the Avery case called Convicting a Murderer.)

In a 1960 BBC documentary, Elisabeth Frink in Chelsea, included in this exhibition, Frink explains how animals were the childhood inspiration for her art.

Carrie Fisher and her mom, Debbie Reynolds, are the subjects of a poignant documentary about their bond … professionally and personally.

The 12-episode documentary series will literally just focus on things that Goldblum finds interesting, and his ruminations on them.

Last year, a VICE documentary investigated the political, regulatory, and financial barriers that make it difficult for trans Canadians to obtain healthcare.

Watching Live at the Majestic, the new Andrew Cohn-directed documentary about Brown, this quality is almost immediately apparent.

When Megan Kane was a sophomore in high school, her geography class watched a documentary on NASA’s planned 2020 mission to Mars.

The result is a nuanced portrait of small town America by one of the most important figures in documentary filmmaking working today.

A documentary about the canonic thinker, shot mostly in her home office, seems straightforward at first, then jellyfish start shimmering across the screen.

The same goes for the Foreign Language and documentary categories.

And no documentary has ever been nominated for Best Picture.

I had seen those chairs countless times before — in photos, in the celebratory and eulogistic documentary Pina, and in grainy YouTube footage.

Bausch died in 2009 and was the subject of the aforementioned documentary in 2011, directed by Wim Wenders.

He’s using them to positive effect on climate change, with his foundation, his documentary, and his vocal support for the cause.

This has a lot of geopolitical consequences, as Vox’s Johnny Harris explained in a documentary.

documentary photographer Alice Aedy, working for humanitarian organization Help Refugees, saw it for herself.

Check out the TONIC documentary on the HIV crisis in the American South.

He had made a documentary about the Drew League.

There are mythical creatures wilder than anything you’ll see on Planet Earth or any other documentary.

I was also just terrified about like preserving my high school self in a documentary forever.

(Sidebar: Coleman and Yael are totally making an exposé documentary together, aren’t they?)

Brooks explained that after seeing the explosive documentary they wanted to stand with Jackson’s alleged victims.

A documentary on “The 21st Century Odyssey” offers an in-depth look at this pioneering work of technologically aided human connection.

The emerging producer takes a turn as journalist in this new documentary, presented by Youtube Music, on Tbilisi, Georgia’s emerging club scene.

New York–based photographer Rebekah Campbell’s work combines elements of fashion and documentary photography.

Polunin has finally found a way to escape the bonds of a traditional ballet path, “That’s what I realized through the documentary.

For a notoriously private performer, the documentary has served to educate the public on his story and on the art form.

I Called Him Morgan feels like an Oscar winner for Best documentary Feature just waiting to happen.

The American Epic Sessions, a postscript to Bernard MacMahon’s three-part American Epic documentary series, will air on PBS on June 6.

Because of the documentary’s clear bias in favor of Knox’s exoneration, die-hards convinced of Knox’s guilt may find its omissions frustrating.

He calls them his pets.” The BBC documentary was released in late March.

The Oscars honor three short films each year: one animated, one live action, and one documentary.

The exhibition Concrete Truth: Art and the documentary and artworks for the 2017 ISCP Benefit Auction will be on view during Open Studios.

Since the documentary aired, Avery and Dassey’s cases have made national headlines.

Take HyperNormalisation, a recently released documentary that’s partly about the impact of computer intelligence on present day politics.

Chris Cantwell, who was featured in a VICE News documentary last year, has also actively urged people not to attend Kessler’s event.

Hyperallergic has the exclusive premiere of Meredith Lackey’s Cablestreet, a surreal documentary short about Chinese tech giant Huawei.

In last week’s documentary, Charles said he would stop “meddling” in campaigns which he felt strongly about.

Directed by Meredith Lackey, the documentary observes the process of laying down a seabed data cable designed by the tech giant.

Next Wednesday, Nakagawa will be presenting two recent sound pieces which connect geographically distant locations through auditory experience and documentary video.

The blurred timeline is similar in a way to the disjointed narrative structure of the documentary INAATE/SE/ [it shines a certain way.

Swift has also already proven her streaming service mettle, debuting a full-length concert documentary on Netflix on New Year’s Eve.

The result is an experimental documentary in which we see only landscapes and hear just a few lines narrating Nagayama’s journey.

Ashman’s legacy, as the documentary attests, is predicated on his desire to acknowledge the LGBTQ+ experience in his work.

I took some classes and experimented, but what really spoke to me was documentary work.

SR: So you’re saying post-fire you did a kind of documentary project with your iPhone?

It is based on The Apology, a 2016 feature-length documentary by Toronto-based filmmaker Hsiung that tells the stories of three women.

It’s a good time watch the documentary that we made with Lil B last year.

Our feature-length documentary is now available on Netflix, and bonus episodes are available on YouTube.

VICE News spoke to Amira Abase’s father after that announcement last March for a documentary.

The documentary is coming out on Thursday and hundreds of millions of people are going to watch it.

Two of the guys, Hassan and Fadi, went through this last year when their documentary short, “The White Helmets” won an Oscar.

as a documentary.

(Disclosure: I am on the festival’s US documentary jury in 2019.)

There are special events (which in 2019 include several premieres for the third season of IFC’s show documentary Now!)

Jill Freedman, a widely respected New York-based documentary photographer, likes the ambiguity in presenting her images without context.

The ads, which were created by comedians Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah to advertise their 2013 American comedy documentary The Muslims Are Coming!

The ads, which were created by comedians Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah to advertise their 2013 American comedy documentary The Muslims Are Coming!

Follow VICE News on Twitter: @vicenews Watch the VICE News documentary Bomb Trains: The Crude Gamble of Oil by Rail

Watch the VICE News documentary: Embedded in Northern Afghanistan: The Resurgence of the Taliban: Follow VICE News on Twitter: @vicenews

Watch our documentary on Rocky right here:

A documentary about sushi might sound pretty dull.

Since then, the Athens Park Blood went onto appear in the Noisey: Bompton documentary on VICELAND.

Earl Swavey: It’s the area where all the hoods in the Bompton documentary are from.

It’s much more than a biographical documentary, though — it argues that Rogers was, in his own way, a quiet revolutionary.

Watch the VICE News documentary: Launching Balloons into North Korea: Propaganda Over Pyongyang Follow VICE News on Twitter: @vicenews

Watch the VICE News documentary: Back From the Brink: Heroin’s Antidote The human impact is real, though.

It later went mainstream when English actor and screenwriter, Mark Gatiss, used it to describe various films in his documentary A History of Horror.

Griffin Dunne’s documentary shows her having healed, a bit, but the wounds are still visible in between her words.

Using documentary techniques, Nashashibi weaves the camera through various activities of Gazan life, punctuated with animated scenes, transitioning viewers between real and unreal.

At the Camden International Film Festival, the Storyforms program incorporated over a dozen different documentary VR shorts, showcasing this promise.

Sixteen years after the release of its original marine documentary series, BBC’s Blue Planet is back.

[Kara Swisher] In HBO’s Theranos documentary “The Inventor,” director Alex Gibney says Elizabeth Holmes was fooled by her own lies.

A documentary dives into the history of the Institute of the Innocents, which housed unwanted babies, and the first painting it ever commissioned.

From the documentary‘s first quote, “This is a movie about life in Atlantic City.

[…] I enjoy it here, I love it here,” the documentary is immediately engrossing.

Watch the full film, debuted on Vimeo, below: Learn more about the documentary, Atlantic City Character Study, at its official website, here.

Her photographs are shot documentary style, and each is accompanied in the show with explanatory texts.

The Amazing Johnathan documentary will premiere on Hulu on August 16.

But the world of cyberwarfare took a major, scary step in 2010, says Alex Gibney, the director of the new documentary “Zero Days.”

Interestingly, as his art got underway in the 1960s and ‘70s, a new documentary impulse was energizing American photography.

Everybody said, ‘Please don’t use the word documentary!

Perhaps the biggest achievement of a documentary film is when it catalyzes social change.

In my not-so-humble opinion, Kitty Green is one of the most interesting documentary filmmakers working today.

The original documentary isn’t currently on Netflix, but its sequel, detailing the life and times of “The Godmother” Griselda Blanco, sure is.

With Grey Gardens and Gimme Shelter, Maysles brothers Albert and David cemented themselves as two of America’s greatest documentary filmmakers.

Devotionals, knife play, and the sumptuous allure of raw flesh—what else do you need for a food documentary?

This is, after all, a documentary about the hardest working man in hardcore pornography.

How much more can be said about the true-crime documentary they teach you about in film school?

Errol Morris was a private detective before becoming one of the most revered documentary filmmakers on Earth, and here’s where it really shows.

You’re currently making a documentary about your good friend Garry Shandling, who we sadly lost last year.

Simpson murder case, and an explosive upcoming ESPN documentary will do the same.

Watching the documentary feels like drifting into a daydream while listening to these anecdotes, or being able to see their memories.

“I was probably more into, like, Voltron and Transformers” at the time, he explains in the documentary.

The documentary fails to humanize or memorialize Bundy’s 30-plus female victims, maintaining instead its intense, almost dazzled focus on the killer himself.

But, yes, I remember once showing a film, maybe it was in a documentary class or something.

Alissa Wilkinson I feel like it’s a little different in the documentary world, since so few documentarians ever become famous.

Alissa Wilkinson You work in both fiction and documentary.

What keeps bringing you back to documentary?

People will fund a documentary that calls for political action, or something like that.

documentary is very vivid.

Pedro [Gripe] (guitar/vocals) is a filmmaker who just made a documentary.

A 1977 documentary explores how Betye Saar’s mythic altars illustrate the personal and political implications of Black identity.

As the documentary winds up with nostalgic 1970s music, it cuts to a swap meet, where you see Saar thumbing through trinkets.

Derek Scancarelli studied documentary filmmaking in New York.

A Smithsonian documentary said Dunkin has been Trump’s personal pilot “on and off” since 1989.

Eyes On: Xiaoze Xie is accomplished in three parts: a display of modern books, ancient books, and the screening of a documentary.

Dunkin said in the documentary he was the son of a military pilot.

Xie’s installation, photographs, and documentary do not recall the romantic and noble renderings of texts in his paintings.

He was a central figure in the documentary, “Blackfish,” the show which created a backlash against keeping killer whales in captivity.

Demetrios Ioannou is a Greek photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Athens.

The air smells of gasoline, asphalt, and bad eggs, according to VICE Canada’s documentary on the issue.

Check out our documentary about for-profit bail in the United States.

Tsui was a part of the second wave of arcade gaming, a subject he’s covering in his own documentary, Insert Coin.

The air smells of gasoline, asphalt, and bad eggs, according to VICE Canada’s documentary on the issue.

He’s also taken a turn into documentary filmmaking in recent years.

(The impressive scope of that list becomes easier to understand once you realize Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment produced the documentary.)

His 2012 film 2016: Obama’s America is the fourth-best-performing documentary at the box office ever, and the second-best-performing political documentary after Fahrenheit 9/11.

I saw a documentary on Channel 4 about sex parties and asked my boyfriend at the time if he wanted to go—and he refused.

This turned out to be pivotal moment for Szuberia, who worked with Kirby to produce a documentary film about the situation, Up the Ridge.

Follow Tamara Khandaker on Twitter: @anima_tk Watch the VICE News documentary, Selfie Soldiers: Russia Checks in to Ukraine:

The film evolved from an article the pair wrote about the artist, which led to a short documentary about one of his sculptures.

There’s a lot of debate in the documentary world about who our audiences are.

If it’s restored in time, the long-lost footage may feature in next month’s BBC2 documentary, David Bowie: Finding Fame.

“For fans, it is something of a Holy Grail,” Francis Whately, producer and director of the documentary, told the Radio Times, via the BBC.

He first encountered the cold water effect in 2012 while filming a BBC documentary in the Arctic.

Probably three, and it was mainly for camera position, because we were doing it like it was a handheld documentary.

It’s this fake documentary style, where you’re not winking at the camera, you’re playing it straight.

Viewers must then question the editing, the camerawork, the intention behind a documentary’s vision.

Watch the VICE News documentary Launching Balloons into North Korea: Propaganda Over Pyongyang:

It’s a good time to watch the documentary that we made with Lil B last year.

The King of Pop’s estate also says the “so-called documentary is just another rehash of dated and discredited allegations.

Michael Premo, who took part in both Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Homes and now is a documentary filmmaker, echoed the sentiment.

A 2010 documentary called Candyman: The David Klein Story, produced by Klein’s son, outlined the sale of his company.

In this special documentary, VICE News also travels to Alberta where anti-Islam flyers have been widely spread.

However, at Sundance in January, I saw the documentary Jawline, about social media “nano-celebrity” Austyn Tester.

In a new documentary, out now on Netflix, viewers are offered vantage into the life of the man behind the match.

He agrees there should probably be another documentary telling Jackson’s side.

He’s worked on documentary and TV projects as well, and has been showered with awards, including two Oscars and four more nominations.

He says he wants life on Earth to be recorded, creating what he calls, “an interesting documentary of who we are as a species.”

They are also a filmmaker and are working on a documentary about their life as a nonbinary person, including their fight for legal recognition.

Teal Greyhavens, a documentary filmmaker turned screenwriter and director, helped tighten the dreams into cohesive scripts.

“Roger was one of two or three people who strongly recommended me, yes,” Manafort says in the documentary film “Get Me Roger Stone.”

Follow Sydney Lupkin on Twitter: @slupkin Watch the VICE News documentary Superbugs: The Dark Side of India’s Drug Boom

A new documentary reveals the passion and labor that went into creating artworks that look too fantastical to be true.

Lima’s ethnographic, documentary practice is complemented by more speculative and conceptual approaches found elsewhere in the exhibition.

documentary series Citizen Rose that centers on her.

Showtime is airing a documentary tonight about the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers, which remains the last undefeated National Championship-winning team in college basketball.

Bannon once made a documentary about this failed vice-presidential candidate and governor called The Undefeated.

Bartlett, also an award-winning documentary filmmaker, likes to use props and costumes, occasionally having pieces especially made for the sitter.

Follow Alan Hernández and Keegan Hamilton on Twitter: @alanpasten and @keegan_hamilton Watch the VICE News documentary Gangs of El Salvador:

Watch the VICELAND documentary on Standing Rock:  Reporting alongside activists—and in many cases, living and marching with them—has its risks.

A documentary from Renegade Media:  Unicorn Riot plans to continue telling stories on social media, but it also has more ambitious goals.

Most of what the outside world gets to see is carefully crafted regime propaganda or the occasional heavily edited, stylized documentary.

Delving into Santos’s backstory, the documentary frames the artist as a hobbyist who jumped at the rare opportunity to showcase his talents.

And for the HBO documentary Killing Cancer, we worked with the Mayo Clinic to raise over $2.5 million for cancer research.

But after a six-part documentary aired on Lifetime, tolerance for his behavior has finally reached a breaking point.

But after a six-part documentary aired on Lifetime, tolerance for his behavior has finally reached a breaking point.

In the late 1960s, Nina Simone sat down with filmmaker Peter A Rodis to make a 22-minute documentary about her work.

Since the documentary aired on Lifetime, many other celebrities and musicians have come forward to speak out and even cut ties with Kelly.

I understand it’s a question it takes the whole documentary to answer, but what is that connection?

And so Whitney will probably disappoint fans who wanted a documentary on her life that also digs deep into her music.

He was working on documentary called The Ethanol Effect with Detroit Public Television for PBS.

We’re not trying to create a documentary about that era.

He told me the 2014 French documentary Apocalypse: World War I spoke to him.

Like a colorized Ken Burns documentary about violence.

Today she releases a trailer for her documentary of the same name that takes her fans behind-the-scenes of the project one year later.

Meher Ahmad, journalist and documentary producer: Muslims are everywhere, in every country.

Reuters contributed to this report Follow VICE News on Twitter: @vicenews Watch the VICE News documentary The Oregon Standoff: A Community Divided:

Did you see the Lemmy documentary?

Ginsburg inspires people, as the popularity of the recent documentary RBG shows, but Sotomayor may prove even more successful in this regard.

She made that Netflix documentary, 13th, which I think everyone should see.

These two components were key for building the group’s biennial submission, “Triple-Chaser” (2019), a collaboration with documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras and Praxis Films.

Sole Street Sneaker Co, was recently featured in a Complex documentary about the business of buying and flipping Supreme.

Somewhere between a documentary and a game of chance, “HTTH” is ultimately about creating a personal experience with a place using sound.

One of my favourite videos of David Bowie (I have a few) is a clip from the 1997 documentary Inspirations, directed by Michael Apted.

Broadcast network reality shows like American Idol or Survivor weren’t factored in, nor were the many documentary programs on PBS.

He gets compared to Barack Obama and people who used to work for Barack Obama are making a documentary about him.

— and consider bringing a documentary film crew along for the ride.

I mean really it’s just sort of an outcropping of the documentary surveillance culture that we all exist in now.

LG: Yeah, like a documentary … KS: Yeah, so we are like a documentary society, and that’s really hard.

While you’re here check out the latest documentary from VICE Australia: VICE: I think a lot of us tend to daydream at work.

What constitutes a “documentary”?

documentary and music video director Rollo Jackson got started in the business by buying a camera and teaching himself how to shoot and edit.

But in recent years, he has turned his attention away from daily news and towards a long-term documentary project.

Check out our 2012 documentary about gun culture in Florida.

not in the best documentary category, and “Crazy Rich Asians” not getting a single nomination are just a few of the major snubs.

Look at what’s happening in the documentary world.

The ceremony will be directed by Russell Thomas, who also directed Coldplay’s Live 2003 documentary.

People go to learn new things, experience other places and other lives, and to see what the future of the documentary might look like.

Maison du bonheur, directed by Toronto filmmaker Sofia Bohdanowicz, broke the mold for what most would expect from a documentary.

It’s a funny and bracing documentary, sure to garner strong reactions from anyone who watches it.

(1931–32), a documentary exploring the country’s history, culture, and society.

Check out the Motherboard documentary about the strange, troubled history of the Smart Gun in America.

Also, I cannot say enough about one of my top three films of the year, the documentary The Work.

Watch the VICE News documentary: Life After the Massacre: Terror in Peshawar:

Follow Adam Hamze on Twitter: @adamhamz Watch the VICE News documentary Libya’s Migrant Trade: Europe or Die:

Jennifer Hudson will perform a selection from “I’ll Fight,” from the documentary RBG.

The film grew out of the documentary The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family, which followed the Bevis family.

How did you come into this role?Headey: I watched the documentary many years ago when it first came out and loved it.

In the documentary she wrestles in denim hot pants that are up her ass.

In spite of (or perhaps thanks to) its built-in provocations, this documentary makes a strong case for the power of Cattelan’s works.

Rech is now working on a documentary about Wershe.

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Watch our full documentary about Mark Elijah Rosenberg’s film, Creating Cutting-Edge Sci-Fi with Analog Effects | The Process, below.

Aside from the map, To the Last Tree Standing has also produced a documentary about the forest (in Polish).

But it’s ultimately a bit of a snooze because Burns’s style isn’t particularly well suited to what is essentially a nature documentary.

Follow Keegan Hamilton on Twitter: @keegan_hamilton Watch the VICE News documentary Launching Balloons into North Korea: Propaganda Over Pyongyang:

In this context, The Costume History is a documentary treasure trove, compactly preserving outmoded styles all in one place.

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A new short documentary shows Kate Charles, a sculptor who crafts elaborate and hyperrealistic babies known as “Reborn Dolls,” at work.

Follow Liz Fields on Twitter: @lianzifields Watch the VICE News documentary Barred from the Ballot Box:

The result was the 2009 documentary Until the Light Takes Us, which digs into the motivations of bands like Darkthrone, Burzum, Emperor, and others.

Ewell and Aites wanted to see a documentary film on the subject, but none existed.

Follow VICE News on Twitter: @vicenews Watch the VICE News documentary Embedded in Northern Afghanistan: The Resurgence of the Taliban:

So, the two decided to make their own documentary.

When the idea for our new empath documentary was floated in the office, I reminded what I already knew about them.

I look at the documentary through a different lens now.

Sen’s documentary isn’t the only on-screen censorship.

Each of these photographers approach the craft from distinct technical and personal perspectives—from studio portraiture to documentary photography.

In some ways this is refreshing; not every documentary needs to culminate in a life-affirming takeaway or dramatic twist.

What are you most anxious about with this documentary?Yes, that they know of!

A documentary tracks the life and work of superstar designer Halston.

Uninterested in pristine documentary footage of the National Geographic variety, the installation turns its subject into abstract forms.

The documentary presents the performance in full, spliced together with behind-the-scenes footage and ruminations on motherhood, scholarship, and the creative process.

The documentary quotes the likes of Audre Lorde, Nina Simone, W.E.B.

The film, a sequel to Al Gore’s Oscar-winning 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth, had been selected to open the Sundance Film Festival.

Authorities have said the girl and her mother were paid $200 to lie in the documentary, which damaged Cambodia’s reputation.

It could relate to documentary evidence that hasn’t yet leaked.

There’s a documentary about his Park Avenue Armory piece in theaters.

You know, they cut off the second part of that quote in the documentary.

In this exclusive clip from the documentary Eva Hesse, Lucy Lippard, Nancy Holt, and others reflect on the intimate character of Hesse’s sculptures.

Silence of the Lambs, a farming documentary?

The jury decided to disregard his testimony and focus on the documentary evidence, a juror said.

TMZ Sports has learned LaVar Ball is actively shopping various TV projects around town — including a reality show and a documentary.

We’re told Ball has already cut a trailer for the documentary which centers around his family of young basketball superstars.

His books include “Death by China: How America Lost its Manufacturing Base,” which was made into a documentary film.

The BBC documentary series is coming to Snapchat on February 17.

After studying comparative literature at The American University in Cairo, al-Mansour dove into film, directing three shorts and a documentary before creating Wadjda.

Four of the five films nominated for Best documentary — “O.J.

Four of the five films nominated for Best documentary — “O.J.

—Alex Abad-Santos This is not a documentary about JonBenet Ramsey; it doesn’t contain a single frame of archival footage or explanation of the case.

Follow VICE News on Twitter: @vicenews Watch the VICE News documentary Inside War-Torn Yemen: Sanaa Under Attack:

Watch Amy Karle bring bones to life in Autodesk’s documentary featurette below:  Amy Karle: Bringing Bones to Life from Pier 9 on Vimeo.

Related: Watch the VICE News documentary: Yemen: A Failed State Under Suspicion Mobley’s story begins in 2008.

Two men have accused Michael Jackson of sexually abusing them as children in a devastating new HBO documentary.

Check out our documentary about how cops seize cash and other belongings to fund law enforcement in America.

And you probably wouldn’t get a sweeping eight-part documentary series out of it.

RBG was a hit this summer, making more than $14 million at the box office — a sizable haul for a documentary.

This is where Zeman, along with Mills, who joined Zeman onscreen in their previous documentary Killer Legends, pick up the investigation.

This is the documentary’s thesis statement, but it takes several episodes to remember it.

Nobody Speak is an investigative documentary about the trial and case, and it seems especially timely.

Conjecture without substance runs rampant throughout much of the documentary.

At this point, “PBS documentary” is basically synonymous with Burns’s name.

He and I made a documentary together in high school at one point, so we’d actually done something of substance.

Amusingly, there’s a full-fledged, 11-minute documentary about this, which was nominated for a prestigious award back in 2008!

The story of the reserved list is the most fascinating part of The Black Lotus documentary.

But he’s also a fascinating subject for a documentary.

projects — like the “30 for 30” documentary and ‘The People vs.

The New Woman: Annie “Londonderry” Kopchovsky (a documentary trailer) from Gillian Willman on Vimeo.

While all of their experiences of pregnancy were different, the documentary reveals several unifying factors among its subjects.

Those in the documentary also noted a definite lack of information around pregnancy tailored towards them—sometimes compounded by confusion from doctors.

Solnik was the subject of an episode of Phreaked Out, Motherboard’s 2014 documentary series about hacking.

In the documentary we see some locals who seem prepared to literally go to war with the companies taking part in this deforestation.

The network was subpoenaed by a House committee for information about its editing process for the documentary “The Selling of the Pentagon.”

“Not in a gritty documentary style so much, but it’s an ordinary life type of real ness.

And TNT has also greenlit the documentary series “Who Run the World?”

Among his many concert films, he also made a documentary about his own cousin: Robert Castle, an Episcopal priest and prominent political activist.

Last fall, we produced a documentary series on remote Indigenous communities, and we planned to go back.

Last fall, we produced a documentary series on remote Indigenous communities, and we planned to go back.

Our upcoming VICELAND documentary is about all of these places.

Some of the time, the studio interviews appear like context for a documentary, complementing the fictional storyline.

where do documentary and story start and end?

In the weeks ahead, VICELAND will release this special documentary.

‘We’re gonna do a cloning documentary with Mel Gibson,’ he told me,” Jones told the Daily Beast.

The counter is right there… #BetoOnCounters #Beto2020 There is also clear documentary evidence of O’Rourke standing on tables to address crowds.

I just want a hot drink to read while I watch a mature, adult television program such as a Ken Burns documentary or HGTV.

In 2015, Netflix captured lightning in a bottle when the company premiered its original true crime documentary Making a Murderer.

The women become two of the documentary’s heroes, as they attempt to get to the bottom of Cesnik’s murder.

Stavenhagen is backing Giralt Brun’s latest project, which is a documentary about millennial sicarios (killers).

Follow John Dyer on Twitter: @johnjdyerjr Watch the VICE News documentary Migrant Prisons of Libya: Europe or Die

Now the documentary‘s creators have responded to those criticisms.

It’s not true that she asked us not to be part of the documentary.

It’s easy to appreciate the ferocity with which IFC’s gleefully silly documentary Now!, now in its third season, takes on nonfiction filmmaking.

Then she stumbles upon a documentary about urban explorers that mentions Seth.

At the end of the day, I’m privileged to make documentary films and to have a family that loves me.

For a look behind the curtain at the DJs still electrifying the Vegas strip, watch Noisey’s recent documentary about the scene.

One of my goals when I started this project was to see my experience—I wanted to do something personal, like personal documentary.

The documentary sounds brilliant” — and it is, by the way — “but will take time.

After Blackfish became a hit, SeaWorld responded to the documentary by calling it “propaganda” that “manipulates viewers emotionally.”

The documentary is as real as can be.

Watch the VICE Canada documentary, Abortion Access in the Maritimes: Follow Hilary Beaumont on Twitter: @HilaryBeaumont

I mean, when I signed up for the documentary and to train Idris, there was a couple of things that he had to do.

The documentary, she explained, was the final piece of the puzzle.

To Brooklyn and Back: A Mohawk Journey, a documentary written and directed by Mohawk filmmaker Reaghan Tarbell, was also screened throughout the day.

It’s shorter than an hour-long documentary.

Or 2016, when the documentary O.J.

Our feature-length documentary is now available on Netflix, and bonus episodes are available on YouTube.

“I produced a documentary called Tasered: The Israel Hernandez Story for Fusion,” he says.

In Motherboard’s feature documentary, The Most Unknown, Cleeremans demonstrates some of the ways he applies these findings into new experiments.

The 2016 Academy Award winner for Best documentary Short Subject is available on HBO just a little over a week after the actual ceremony.

Let the average person watch a documentary about sex work, and suddenly they think they have a PhD in whoreology.

So it’s not surprising that a new documentary short about his career is narrated by a Hollywood star.

Experience the historic venue for yourself in this in-house produced documentary that explores the club’s history.

Jackson was acquitted in 2005 on charges of molesting a different boy, and his family has denied the accusations made in the documentary.

The documentary, broadcast by M6 in France, has caused a backlash against Jackson’s legacy.

This mesmerizing documentary is a biography of late singer Amy Winehouse, told entirely through footage of the star.

The new documentary tells the story of the music institution’s life — and death.

Watch Estelle’s 24-minute video documentary, The hunt for Forrest Fenn’s $2 million hidden treasure.

While the documentary is ostensibly lighthearted in its nostalgic take on music culture, a hint of rage lies beneath the surface.

Footage and story made possible by Interdependent Pictures’ documentary film Into the Dark, coming 2019.

We’re launching a new documentary series called “Borders,” six films about human stories that emerge from lines on the map.

Is it a documentary of a fiction, a fictionalized documentary, or is it pure reality?

Or like three-fourths of the HBO documentary portfolio is true crime, right?

Obviously, have a listen to S-Town, Missing Richard Simmons, and this sort of latest Gimlet documentary called Mogul.

Which is sort of a documentary about Chris Lighty, a hip-hop music mogul.

Photo: Brian Cohen/Marcellus Shale documentary Project Carrie Hahn works with residents who have been harmed by the industrialization of their rural communities.

Dylan shaped some of the documentary footage into the 1978 film “Renaldo and Clara,” blending it with improvised scenes.

Photo: Noah Addis/Marcellus Shale documentary Project View of the FirstEnergy R.E.

Photo: Noah Addis/Marcellus Shale documentary Project Preparing to frack after drilling; a flowback pond can be seen on the right.

Photo: Scott Goldsmith/Marcellus Shale documentary Project Bus of anti-fracking activists traveling to the inauguration of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf in January, 2015.

“We are not calling it a documentary,” said Margaret Bodde, one of the producers.

(Watch the documentary above.)

Obviously Netflix is new but the idea of a series, documentary kind of TV show is more traditional.

The next logical step after a 28-minute episode is a movie or a documentary or something that’s an hour or more.

Gest remained a friend of Jackson and after the singer’s death in 2009 produced a documentary, “Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon.”

A wry 1982 documentary on this period, The Atomic Cafe, just had its run extended at Film Forum.

Mateen was featured in a 2012 documentary about the spill, when he was working as a security guard near the disaster area.

The British-Pakistani now tells his personal history in new documentary, The Confession: Living the War on Terror.

Almost all these elements are acquired from iconic looks, phrases, and legacies depicted by director Jennie Livingston in her 1991 documentary Paris Is Burning.

documentary exploring the digital love industry.

However, I was aware that the documentary was not the actual culture itself.

Or take a look at an in-depth documentary about the events of 1898.

Apply to the Firelight Media documentary Lab, an 18-month fellowship program that supports filmmakers from racially and ethnically underrepresented communities.

However, although the documentary fails to deliver on its promise, it excels in giving color to its subjects.

Follow VICE News on Twitter: @vicenews Reuters contributed to this report Watch the VICE News documentary Somalia: The Fight Against al Shabaab:

An hour-long documentary on public television is the best way to do this.

Bless us with consistent shows sitting somewhere between Dazed’s Music Nation, this documentary, everything we do on and films like Amy.

I was first alerted to him after being sent a link to a short documentary on him called Bradley Gunn Raver.

He asked if he could make a documentary about me.

Baltrop himself was one of the subjects interviewed for Lovett’s documentary.

“It’s a kind of theater,” Anna Wintour remarked in the documentary The First Monday in May.

Also, Hulk and Vince McMahon both appeared in Bill Simmons’ recent Andre the Giant documentary … though, not together.

Her story was told this year in a Barbara Kopple documentary called “Miss Sharon Jones!”

This is something Boiler Room sought out to explore in their documentary Palestine Underground (watch below).

We’re launching a new documentary series called “Borders,” six films about human stories that emerge from lines on the map.

A prolonged series of US-led cyberattacks on Iranian civilian infrastructure was recently revealed in the documentary Zero Days.

Watch VICE News’ documentary on AITAF.

“Then they gonna come with the Michael [Jackson] documentary.

Now, The Japan Times are reporting that the off-beat Japanese dance duo have a documentary out.

The documentary opened in Japan on Dec. 26 and will close at the end of this week.

Experiencing the brand-new “Alternate Realities” programme at this year’s Sheffield Doc/Fest—the UK’s largest documentary film festival—was dizzying and diverse.

Though still in flux, it’s clear that this technology is finding its place in documentary filmmaking.

Vladimir Nemukhin (1925–2016), artist, member of the “Lianozovo Group.” Nicolas Noxon (1936–2016), documentary filmmaker.

On view instead is work produced by over 30 artists who participated in the original experiment, accompanied by vibrant documentary photographs by Andreas Sterzing.

After a Chicago screening of my documentary Doin’ It in the Park in 2013, I walked down to the Washington Park courts.

“As part of the documentary we made, we visited 180 courts across New York.

A lot of documentary work is pessimistic—bringing awareness to a social issue, a crisis, or a tragedy.

And Michael Moore, a liberal provocateur whose breakthrough documentary “Roger & Me” chronicled his hometown’s decline, has called for Snyder’s arrest.

The event, known as The Slenderman stabbing is the subject of a new documentary from HBO films— Beware the Slenderman, launching January 23.

Obviously the two young girls at the centre of the documentary were not able to separate the fiction of Slenderman from the reality.

Check out VICE’s “End of Amateurism” documentary segment on HBO this Friday, March 31 at 7:30pm and 11pm.

In that Kartemquin Films documentary called The Trials of Muhammad Ali, someone tells a story about sitting on his lap at a Halloween party.

I was watching a documentary, Jodorowsky’s Dune.

The best part, I thought, in that documentary is when he talks about how he found everybody.

I chose to speak out for the first time when I was interviewed for the documentary Blackfish, only seven days after I resigned.

Related: Watch our true crime documentary series ‘Red Right Hand’

After resigning from SeaWorld, he was featured in the Sundance-selected documentary Blackfish.

Watch the VICE News documentary: The Girls Who Fled To Syria: ‘Groomed By The Islamic State’: Follow VICE News on Twitter: @vicenews

In 1996, the  famed, Dutch avant-garde filmmaker Johan Van Der Keuken made a documentary about Sang.

Another filmmaker, Ramón Gieling, was simultaneously making a film about Van Der Keuken filming Sang, resulting in a second documentary about Sang that year.

The documentary unpacks key plot points of each of those lives, but not in a way that merely lists her many accomplishments.

Other filmmakers had approached Angelou about doing a documentary, but she declined, not wanting to collaborate with filmmakers she didn’t know well.

It’s details like that that help shape And Still I Rise as the documentary unearths several surprises along Angelou’s journey to fame.

Unsane sometimes feels like an exposé shot undercover by a patient, or a fly-on-the-wall documentary observing the mechanics of the hospital.

Watch our documentary about a serial killer who preyed on poor women of color in Cleveland.

That raid — and its aftermath on the civilian population in the surrounding area — was detailed in a VICE News documentary.

Luyt and Téllez are, however, mounting their own (to borrow the title of Jonathan Nossiter’s 2014 wine documentary).

Director Jeanie Finlay talks about her new documentary Seahorse, in which she follows trans man Freddy McConnell through his pregnancy.

won Best documentary Short Subject.

The resulting documentary, Licensed to Kill, takes on devastating relevance in the wake of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

Because Pornhub is unblocked in Russia, someone uploaded a recent documentary by Navalny to the site, where assuredly many people will see it.

Watch the VICE News documentary about Anjem Choudary and his followers, London’s Holy Turf War:

We didn’t know that it would be a feature documentary film.

Then there was The State Against Nelson Mandela and the Others, a fascinating documentary that shows the long-lasting effects of daring to resist apartheid.

One friend did hear complaints from a class after she showed them a harrowing documentary about 9/11 without telling them what to expect.

Follow Avi Asher-Schapiro on Twitter: @AASchapiro Watch the VICE News documentary Embedded in Northern Afghanistan: The Resurgence of the Taliban:

One hour, and amazing long story, something that feels like a documentary in audio form.

The Brothers announced the release of their Amazon documentary a few months ago, and it officially premieres Tuesday on the streaming platform.

“The Fourth Estate” came … the people who made the Showtime documentary “The Fourth Estate,” they were in The Daily studio all the time.

Sarah Kerruish and Matt Maude, the directors of a new documentary about the pioneering tech startup, explain on the latest Recode Decode.

I think the documentary … “Spotlight” was good.

The message of the documentary is that these reporters work 24 hours a day.

The film mashes up styles and media: straightforward documentary interviews are followed by trippy animations, accompanied by grinding electronic music.

is a question repeated throughout the 70 minutes of the documentary.

Directed by Giacomo Durzi, Ferrante Fever takes a two-sided approach to investigating Ferrante’s success and forgoes any element of storytelling throughout the documentary.

“HBO will move forward with the airing of the two-part documentary on March 3rd and 4th.

But the documentary, and the firestorm it promises to produce, may be only the start of a deluge.

The BBC recently ordered another documentary that will serve as a reappraisal of Jackson’s career and final days.

Dale Dobson was appointed interim executive director of the Maysles documentary Center [via email announcement].

Filmmaker siblings Elan and Jonathan Bogarín call their approach “magical realism” — a term not generally applied to the documentary realm.

The movie also has some more conventional documentary elements.

Watch Motherboard’s new documentary A Smarter Gun.

From the powerful documentary NO!

Januszkiewicz, a student of the late painter Paul Reed, is making a documentary about the Washington Color School.

From what I gathered, she didn’t want to release documentary spoilers — but this contradicted her claim that the Melzac Collection is easily accessible.

Christian Rodriguez (@christian_foto), a documentary photographer from Uruguay, received a grant for his project Teen Mom, which chronicles teen pregnancy in Latin America.

: When Celebrity Culture and Science Clash and hosts a Netflix documentary series debunking various wellness trends called A User’s Guide to Cheating Death.

The documentary’s increasing availability is as good a reason as any to check it out; it’s incredibly entertaining.

And it will always be all those things, and an incredibly entertaining and well-crafted documentary to boot.

In truth, your mission as a spy is a pretense, meant to engage you in the play’s documentary materials.

In a new documentary, Tuscan townspeople turn the crises of their lives into the stuff of drama.

Lauren Southern with the European alt-right group Identity Evropa made a documentary about the subject.

Check out more campaign action with Bun B later today in our full documentary on VICE.

The Indigenous Now film program brings together performance-based cinematic works by several Native American artists, situated between the documentary and experimental.

The film program Indigenous Now brings together performance-based cinematic works by several Native American artists, situated between the documentary and experimental.

New York City: 1980–2000, now on view at the Bronx documentary Center, collects 20 years of protest photography in New York City.

New York City: 1980–2000, now on view at the Bronx documentary Center.

New York City: 1980–2000 continues at the Bronx documentary Center through March 5th.

Vashukevich rose to prominence after appearing in an online investigative documentary made by Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny.

(We made a documentary about it, too.)

Romain Mader: The idea was to do a documentary about sex tourism in Ukraine.

This documentary shows an Arnold on the cusp of stardom.

Marshall Curry’s documentary chronicles his run for office.

I didn’t want it to turn into a sort of interview or documentary.

Like 29-year-old Paul Pritchard, for example, whose vasectomy was actually filmed live during the making of the documentary.

But in an HBO documentary titled The Loving Story, the couple tell their own story, in their own words.

Watch the VICE News documentary: Rescuing Ex-Muslims: Leaving Islam: I stopped believing mountains were “stakes” or “pegs,” protecting the Earth from earthquakes.

You can also see the 553 documentary photographs that Du Bois originally displayed alongside the data infographics on the Library of Congress website.

They should also check out what the director of the documentary, Trey Borzillieri, told us about Floyd Stockton.

Follow VICE News on Twitter: @vicenews Watch the VICE News documentary Inside War-Torn Yemen: Sanaa Under Attack:

Perhaps the documentary edited around this explanation, or maybe it was a piece of fight choreography that hadn’t been developed yet.

We took this opportunity to get Fred on the phone to talk about the live show and the future of Portlandia and documentary Now!

A new documentary, premiered at Sundance, shows how intuition and tireless image and footage capture makes a film.

A compelling documentary demands two cardinal ingredients: uncurbed access to its subjects and their absolute trust.

Now, of course, all of this loses a little something once you ponder that this is a fake documentary.

I did a documentary about transgender issues for NatGeo.

In a recent documentary, retired star quarterback Brett Favre said he’d prefer that his grandsons play golf over football.

The entire 2005 documentary Dare to Dream: The Story of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team is available on YouTube.

(Frontline has a fantastic documentary about how the league turned a blind eye to the problem for years.)

This week, the first episode of Piers Morgan’s ITV documentary series Killer Women aired on ITV.

Netflix’s documentary series — which debuted its six-episode second season on May 27 — isn’t interested in exposing gritty underbellies or shady characters.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads In 1975, a cult-hit documentary turned a pair of celebrity-adjacent recluses into unlikely pop icons.

ESPN’s five-part documentary “O.J.

It, too, incorporated the making of the Maysles’s documentary into its plot.

Hell, their young handyman was made famous enough to get his own New Yorker article, memoir, and documentary.

“Ours was more focused on the courtroom, while the documentary version was more about O.J.

In the realm of documentary filmmaking, Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel made Leviathan (2012), a film that has been compared to Brakhage’s work.

At one point early on in the documentary, the camera is strapped onto the head of a worker.

ON Video: Love Park documentary (2004) from Quartersnacks on Vimeo.

We hope documentary in a sentence examples were helpful.