Dock in a sentence | Use of the word dock examples

The Nintendo Switch console is a tablet that sits in a dock and works just like a traditional console at home.

The Nintendo Switch console is a tablet that sits in a dock and works just like a traditional console at home.

Camera malfunctioned as we motored away from the dock.

In one case, it refused to allow a ship carrying 900 German Jews to dock on American shores.

In Oct. 2017, the Corps successfully tested the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System on the deck of the amphibious transport dock Anchorage.

The pictures and videos show a decrepit snack bar, a ruined animal hospital, and an eerily quiet loading dock.

The main loading dock, for example, where guests would disembark from boats and officially enter Discovery Island, still stands today.

The spacecraft is due to dock at the ISS at 1736 GMT on Monday.

To support his nascent career, Leonelli had worked odd jobs—as an apartment leasing agent in Boston, an overnight dock worker outside of Springfield, Mass.

… and attach them to the screen, which sits in the dock.

Living shorelines are not appropriate for every location; container ships can’t dock in a salt marsh, so shore hardening is necessary in major ports.

Could dock his true shooting percentage; people care about that.

It has to be in the dock.

Right now, nobody’s figured out how to capture off of it without using a dock.

You need the dock.

LG: You need the dock.

Just a few miles from Key West, the six-bedroom Tides Estate has its own private fishing dock.

Superficially, the function of the bike-share dock is to lock up the bicycle so a non-paying customer can’t steal it.

The real purpose of the dock was to make the bicycles discoverable.

dock Street Brewing in Philadelphia introduced a beer called “Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Drumpf” in March.

Refugee Agency spoke out Monday, saying there is “an urgent humanitarian imperative,” to have the boat dock.

Khieu Samphan, looking frail and gaunt, stood in the dock with the help of prison guards when Nil Nonn read the verdict.

And if the dock did scratch the screen, that would be entirely unacceptable.

After a six-day standoff at sea, a ship carrying 177 rescued migrants was allowed to dock in an Italian port Monday.

After a six-day standoff at sea, a ship carrying 177 rescued migrants was allowed to dock in an Italian port Monday.

The former POTUS was spotted getting off a vessel with his actor pal Sunday near a dock on Lake Como in Cernobbio.

You simply slide the tablet into the dock, and it’s on your TV.

A boat with its appearance also tends to easily attract passersby, even if it’s parked at the end of a dock.

“If you’re going to consume, park your vehicle, snowmobile or quad and dock your boat,” the territorial government states.

The shooter began firing inside a loading dock at the Fifth Third Bank headquarters near Fountain Square, police said.

The dock above only works with the New 3DS, and is compatible with North American systems despite being an import from Japan.

The work itself is interrupted as the wall has a cutout for the building’s loading dock.

The US Navy’s ultra-versatile new $440 million warship might have to ride out the rest of winter frozen to a dock in Canada.

“Our ships can’t dock if the pier is under water,” Sherri Goodman, a former top Pentagon environmental security official, said in an interview.

“We’re getting seafood flown in straight out of the water in under 24 hours from the dock to the dish.”

But he found himself in the dock because, despite having never actually being caught selling illegal drugs, he was passing stuff off as real.

For each of that, the dock stations is used to locate a bike.

Using technology to get get rid of the expensive and a very inflexible dock stations, and also the scalability of it.

Now we look at the dock stations.

“Bring all the ingredients for the Bird Nest to dock on your lake or beach vacation in a mini cooler.

The mural splayed across an abandoned dock above, entitled Lewa, is one of Hula’s latest works.

The stricken 49-passenger-seat vessel, dubbed Hot Spot, was later videotaped maneuvering to its dock after passengers were unloaded.

I know that my wife sticks the iPad into a keyboard dock, and that’s her home computer.

A starter kit, which comes with an Oomi cube, touch, dock, a plug, and two bulbs, and a plug retails for $599.

The data raises important questions about why a disproportionate number of black people are ending up in the dock for dealing drugs.

And it has a platform at the top that’s meant to dock with shelves that contain items in a warehouse.

The patent also shows how the drone can “dock” on a platform like a microphone when it’s not in use.

Now, any apps you choose can live in a dock accessible by one click of the rectangular side button.

You can put up to 10 apps in the dock, which is now, in effect, the home screen of the watch.

It’s still there, but will be used rarely, mainly to select which apps to dock.

An app dock is nothing new.

I caught up with Milo after his party, in a loading dock where he was smoking a cigarette with several members of his entourage.

ft. mansion with an ocean-facing pool and a 45-foot boat dock with a jet ski lift.

A dock

An iPhone dock is something you don’t realize you need until you buy one.

Once it becomes routine, you’ll dock your phone without having to think about it.

To harvest oysters, walk ten steps out the door and onto the dock of 19th-century boathouse Everts Sjöbod.

You don’t even have to hop on a boat because you can rake your own oysters right up from its dock steps.

Plug the device into a dock it’s a console.

Take it out of the dock and into your bag—it’s a handheld.

In deep Brooklyn, for example, Motivate hasn’t installed any stations, leaving area residents without any place to pick up or dock a bike.

You were out of the loading dock.

Slip it into the dock and the TV recognizes the signal after a few seconds.

The dock switches the output to 1080p and adds extra cooling power.

The dock itself can charge easily using the original Switch adapter, too, so you only need one cable.

She collapsed in the dock, moaning, “Oh I have done nothing, I have never done anything.

You can stick it into a dock and it turns into a whole damn computer!

The system is unique in that it can be hooked up — through a dock — to a television and played from there.

But it can also be pulled out of the dock and played as a handheld.

Right now, only Russian spacecrafts can dock with the ISS.

In the next photo, Schumer, Hanisch, a friend, and the Seinfelds leap from a dock.

The dock itself isn’t small, but the whole setup is certainly more portable than attempting to slip a smart speaker in your bag.

Hosted by Nesta, the innovation foundation, this year’s event will taking place at London’s Tobacco dock, 17-18 September.

| Hyperallergic A cruise ship crashed into a dock and a smaller boat in Venice, Italy, leaving at least five people injured.

The Royal Navy vessel monitored the Russian ship over Christmas and will return to dock in Portsmouth later on Tuesday.

Instead of a home button, users will perform actions using on-screen gesture controls involving a sort of dock of icons.

DeX is … There’s DeX dock, which you pop the new phone into and it’s got a bunch of plugs in the back.

The iPad also recently gained an app menu reminiscent of OS X’s dock.

You bring the little DeX dock.

When it sits in this dock, it acts as a full computer.

The algorithm was housed in a see-through computer made by artist Daniel Dressel, which sat in the dock.

You can access all your notifications when it’s plugged into the dock on your big screen.

“The absurd aspect of the work came from the predatory algorithm sitting quietly in the dock, serenely displaying its code.

dock Ellis, who pitched a no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates while taking acid in 1970, would probably agree.

— include a new dock for apps, a new multi-app view for multitasking, drag-and-drop support and a new Files app.

In New York, the community-supported fishery (CSF) attracts top chefs, like dock to Dish member Dan Barber of Manhattan’s Blue Hill restaurant.

Typically, chefs demand certain fish, but with dock to Dish it’s anything goes.

Eichmann sat in the dock behind bulletproof glass for a trial that drew international attention.

dock to Dish teamed up with Google to develop an open source tracking technology to elevate transparency in the supply chain.

The ferry MV Nyerere capsized just a few meters from the dock on Ukerewe, the lake’s biggest island, which is part of Tanzania.

New Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez announced that the ship would be allowed to dock in Valencia.

What’s next: Already, the Chinese have begun non-tariff punishment, including delayed commercial approvals and inspection of U.S. goods at the dock.

Here he is with said pacifier on a dock.

Plus, battery unit swapping or autonomous dock charging could help make it easier to make these vehicles fully self-flying in the future.

Things like the redesigned dock, advanced multitasking, and new drag-and-drop features are the standouts here and may get featured at the September event.

He pulls his boat closer to the dock, so he can hand the adjuster his business card.

His designs are still used in the shuttles that dock at the International Space Station.

The project also went ahead despite a suit filed by the dock workers’ union that alleged the project was legally and technically dubious.

@SpaceX’s #CrewDragon demo flight will be the 1st commercially-built & operated American spacecraft designed for humans to dock at the @Space_Station.

The three of us were banging away in the loading dock of another startup.

On Saturday, July 9, they will dock at the International Space Station’s Rassvet module.

I’m a forklift driver and a dock door fell on my shoulder a few years ago.

If berthing is such a labor-intensive process, why doesn’t every spacecraft just dock to the station?

Cygnus, for example, only has berthing capabilities, while both Dragon and Dream Chaser will be able to berth and dock.

Better still, Amazon’s introducing a Show Mode Charging dock, a stand that effectively transforms the Fire into a makeshift Show.

The update cleverly shifts the dock’s orientation from vertical to horizon, so the phone lays flat when it’s plugged in.

The flat orientation as means the dock is compatible with a wider ranger of phone sizes.

Sea Watch asked the European Court of Human Rights to force Italian authorities to allow the ship to dock, but the request was rejected.

Jensen rushed out of the dining room, but by the time he reached open air, the dock had already shrunk to a toy.

This morning, a group of men gathers on a dock.

We navigate instead using lesser, everyday monuments: the dock, the hospital, the garage with the sports car.

Stevie Parle, chef and restaurateur behind dock Kitchen, Rotorino, Craft London, Sardine, and Palatino.

In the final frame of the movie Mont looks out over the dock in front of his house.

The house comes with a private boat dock.

As each video ends, the door of a loading dock at the back of the cavernous space opens to reveal the bustling street outside.

From the dock, I spotted the headquarters of the Indian Creek Village Police headquarters, which monitors the only entrance to the island.

The master suite’s private balcony overlooks the pool and the dock.

“That dock area is where he saw the two tall white people under guard.

Their defense was itself a political stance: who are you to dock Kanye points for [supporting the President/criticizing Obama/etc.]?

On average, truck drivers waited at a shipping dock for 2.5 hours per job in 2018, according to data from FreightWaves SONAR.

You could put your phone on a dock, but that’s not quite the same.

The family of five I witnessed waiting on the dock to visit the Apostle Islands was powerless to see them.

For the 2024 mission, Orion is expected to fly to the Moon and dock with NASA’s yet-to-be-built Gateway space station in lunar orbit.

Then, he suggested they walk out to his dock and look at the moon, Bravo said.

But now you can no longer charge your phone while making long phone calls or listening to music without a bulky adapter or dock.

Unmoved from its dock, unpowered for the longest time since I brought it home.

Berra said he paced anxiously until police arrived at midnight on the Chaguaramas dock and told him to leave.

Uninterested in making another plastic tchotchke to sit on a shelf, Mangin turned that model into a dock for the square sixth-generation iPod Nano.

The company is also launching a new space, called dock 72, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

(In other words, folding the keyboard and seeing where the Smart Connector is supposed to dock.)

Francis would use that privileged information to get US ships to dock in ports his company controlled.

When you dock the tablet in the keyboard, it asks if you want to switch to DEX mode.

There’s the Pogo dock for the keyboard and a single USB-C — so good luck with those accessories.

But Nick says their latest construction add-ons—including a dock buffer made of tires and a sturdy tin roof—will keep them out of danger.

To get to the dock, friends slowly ferry themselves across on a dingy.

After nearly two weeks spent traveling with the Slate, I can’t think of a single occasion that warranted removing it from the keyboard dock.

I could say ‘dock clerk’ ’cause I’m trained as that.” Smith dabbled in the occult.

The buildings date from the early 20th century; neither hangar nor loading dock is to be seen.

The e-commerce giant imagines beehive-like towers filled with robots, where drones can dock and be restocked before flying out again for another delivery.

Amazon describes a tower that could blend into an urban landscape, where drones could dock from multiple ports located on its exterior.

Nintendo’s official dock costs nearly $100, which makes transporting your Switch between two TVs very costly.

Instead, you should use Insignia’s dock Kit, which does the same thing, but costs half the price.

I’ve been using this dock kit for nearly a year, and it’s the best Nintendo Switch accessory I own.

But there was scant sign of sympathy for those in the dock.

Instead of charging them two at a time by attaching them to your Switch, this dock can charge four Joy-Con at once.

Their clue to her survival is a small, literally fuzzy one: an old, black-and-white image of a woman sitting on a dock.

If you don’t, this could easily dock in at under $30.

The 44-year-old aviator may possibly be the man standing on the far left edge of the dock, his face turned directly towards us.

The ferry sank on Thursday evening just a few meters from the dock on Ukerewe, the lake’s biggest island.

Plenty of boats dock in Malé’s harbor.

On its third day, the spacecraft will dock with ISS.

It also now prints at a much faster speed, and has a sliding dock mechanism that lets it support phones of all sizes.

Last fall, the Corps successfully fired and destroyed a target 70 km out on land from the deck of the amphibious transport dock Anchorage.

The mower lives primarily on a charging dock.

However, you do have another option — although it’s a pricey investment: the Razer Core dock.

The Razer Core dock also has additional ports, so it’s a single-cable solution to boost your gaming capability.

If you need to stand-up your iPhone, you don’t need to spend $20 or more on a dock.

Shoes aren’t allowed, which leaves the dock littered with cubbies and baskets full of loafers and heels.

Behind that there’s a brick building dotted with loading dock doors.

With the refresh, there’s a lot going for the Razer’s gaming ultrabook (which only can with an external GPU dock, mind you).

The vessel capsized Thursday afternoon only a few meters from the dock on Ukerewe, the largest island in Lake Victoria.

The vessel capsized Thursday afternoon only a few meters from the dock on Ukerewe, the largest island in Lake Victoria.

You can stick it in a dock and it turns into a whole damn computer, which it can do.

The 6-bed, 6-bath estate is adjacent to a private lake with a dock.

And like iRobot’s Roomba, it will return to its charging dock when running low on power.

On the iPad, there’s now a dock at the bottom of the screen so that you can switch between apps more easily.

There are floating windows, a dock and more.

Start with some R & R, and proceed to the welcoming dock bar.

They’ve added a dock.

Still, riders won’t be required to dock scooters in these stations.

The Clean Base is a large bin attached to the charging dock.

I attempted to relax by imagining myself on my friend’s floating dock in the Savannah River back in high school.

Sometimes, I want to go back to the dock and sprawl out in the Southern sun, letting it brown me.

Will a group of class-warfare-waging rascals untie the boat from its dock, causing thousands of dollars in damage?

A decade later, he demonstrated the ability to dock a spacecraft with the International Space Station and return with cargo.

Compare that with Switzerland, which will dock citizens’ wages if they don’t sign up for a plan — and, unsurprisingly, has achieved universal coverage.

Even so, the phone will bug you to remind you that you really ought to dock the thing when not in use.

In one case, a shipping company’s vessels waited 396 days to dock at Hodeida, incurring $5.5 million in fuel and refrigeration costs.

The 10 bedroom and 10 bathroom mansion comes with a tennis court, 200 foot boat dock and its own private white sand beach.

It’s a certain distance from the dock.

The boat’s still going to move for a long time but hopefully won’t crash into the dock.

It hulks, like a pale wooden cruise ship in dry dock, atop a forested hill in northwestern Kentucky, somewhere near Lake Kincaid.

We round the corner to find a kind of theosophy nook beside the Ark’s loading dock.

The nice bit about the proprietary keyboard port is that the dock doesn’t require any Bluetooth syncing or the like.

The dock also boasts the bonus of being spill proof, something I wish I could say for long-dead laptops in my past.

The dock brings HDMI, VGA, Ethernet and two additional USB ports to the proceedings.

You can easily replace one of the apps by dragging an icon from the dock and dropping it on one side of the screen.

With this new dock metaphor, you rarely go back to the home screen.

If its battery is running low during a session, it’ll return to its dock to power up before finishing the job.

One thing the Switch lacks, though, is a more portable dock.

A travel dock, if you will.

Any dock should have its own weather station with wind and weather sensors,” Sofar’s new chairman Rive declares.

“The Diciotti ship will dock in Catania,” Toninelli said on Twitter without specifying when.

When: September 13–24; opening reception Wednesday, September 13, 7–10pm Where: Water Street at New dock Street, Dumbo, Brooklyn More info here.

While the home screen hasn’t changed, there’s now a system-wide dock with all your favorite apps.

While the home screen hasn’t changed, there’s now a system-wide dock with all your favorite apps.

Today, the floating hospitals dock at the better known, permanent chars and stay for two months before moving on to another island.

The French government said Tuesday it would not allow a ship carrying 58 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean to dock in Marseille.

“We generally dock the robots in the backyard for security.

Jim Green, collided with a dock at the Subsea 7 facility, causing the spill at mile marker 667.

The French government said Tuesday it would not allow a ship carrying 58 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean to dock in Marseille.

Here’s footage of “The Chicken Whisperers” winning a Red Bull-sponsored “Flugtag” event, where competitors launch homemade gliders off a dock.

“They are not allowed to dock, I am ready to send the police … this has broken my balls,” Salvini said in a Facebook video.

“Going off of a loading dock 4-5 feet tall … with such a soft landing was a big plus in their eyes.”

For example: “harassment (sexual)” could dock you 730 points, while giving out “full-sized candy bars at Halloween” could earn you 600.

Though the device does adopt inductive charging from its smartwatch brethren, courtesy of a small, magnetic charging circle that is more pad than dock.

I bought a cheap iPod speaker dock in 2005.

Indeed, they have barely walked off the dock before they are met by Kenneth McIver, one of Jared’s employees.

Jump doesn’t require a dock, which means it can be parked almost anywhere.

$13 12 p.m. — Around noon, we change into our bathing suits and make our way to the dock.

The bottles have rechargeable batteries and a wireless charging dock to keep the battery topped up.

The keyboard will click in at $129 and then stylus and dock at $69 and $99, respectively.

Every day, goods and people pass through the dock as part of a $200 billion a year industry.

Moving from the unit screen to the TV is deliciously simple: Just pause and pop it into the dock and, whoomp, there it is.

Instead of opening up the Friends screen, the side button now lets you switch between your favorite apps in a dock view.

But with the dock, I’ve set up my favorite apps and I use them quite a lot.

“There’s only one dock on the Gulf Coast that can handle a VLCC deepwater, and that’s LOOP.

And what can you take out in public and not get thrown in the dock?

The row centers on the charity ship Aquarius, which both Italy and Malta refused to let dock at their ports.

We dock out by the deserted World Islands (a Dubai tourist attraction that they gave up on building) and swim for awhile.

After brunch and an evening out, everyone’s pretty drunk by the time we dock again.

Amazon’s idea for a massive drone dock looks like a cross between a beehive and a spaceship.

Below the dock, you’ll find micro-suction material to make it stick to any surface.

The combo dock is rounded while the iPhone dock is square-ish.

If you dig the design of this dock, they cost $45 for the iPhone version and $70 for the iPhone and Apple Watch version.

Currently, Apple already sells a USB-C dock with other USB and HDMI ports for $79.

To help you navigate faster, Apple is also adding a “dock” to watchOS, letting you swipe up to quickly launch different apps.

Weeds have grown over the parking lots and the colorful paint is chipping off the 30 empty loading dock doors.

The tablet fits into a dock for console mode.

This dock is a lightweight plastic thing, and slotting the Switch into it is simple but not at all satisfying.

It also wobbles a bit and would definitely fly out if the dock was tipped over.

“Whenever we talk about these numbers, the issues are not just of pure dock capacity.

Most said they used the hotel’s loading dock and freight elevators to avoid transporting specimens through areas frequented by the public.

Also, while it’s possible to get it to auto switch, the tablet screen always switches off when removed from the dock.

(Usually, North Korea’s ships dock in foreign ports to unload exports like coal, iron, and seafood.)

Daily Total: $21.98 Day Six 6:30 a.m. — Up early because we have to be at the dock by 7:30 to check in.

But both governments have refused to let the ships dock, forcing other countries to act.

There’s a system-wide dock, a new app switcher and a Files app so you can launch apps and manage your documents more easily.

Apple has been chasing Microsoft in the pro tablet category and recently introduced floating windows and a dock for the iPad Pro.

They’ve announced a 360º camera, a dock and… that’s it, so far.

The spot — American Social Bar & Kitchen — has a dock for boaters to pull up, get out and get served.

The sight of Tyrone standing in the middle of a dock, covered in darkness, is terrifying.

However, Conte said countries that had previously offered to take in migrants allowed to dock in Italy in July had not kept their word.

Portraying a Nation: Germany 1919-1933 continues at the Tate Liverpool (Albert dock, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool) through October 15.

6:30 a.m. — We arrive at the water taxi dock and purchase another set of round trip tickets.

Small accessories dock to the bottom of the new LG G5.

You can also open it with a keyboard shortcut and keep an icon in the dock.

His dock neighbors help out when we return, because my dad had told them I was nervous.

Brought before Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Saturday, the men did not speak from the dock.

Someone recently untied one of them, valued at $40 million, from an Ohio dock, setting it adrift on Lake Erie.

The warship had been successfully extracted from the dock before it completely sank, she said.

But most users will plug their motors into a standard outlet where they dock.

You slide it into a dock and — voila!

Twelve South’s HiRise Deluxe is easily our favorite dock for any Lightning-connector iPhone.

The dock is surface-of-the-sun hot, so hot you can barely touch your knee to it even for a brief moment.

The new Show Mode dock isn’t a direct response, but it’s a clever one.

It’s worth pointing out, too, that neither the Fire Tablet nor the dock are what anyone would classify as premium devices.

There isn’t a lot to the dock itself.

There’s a plastic tablet case with two metal pads on the back that snap onto the dock with magnets.

People really seem to want a smaller, lighter dock for the Nintendo Switch.

He yet lingers by its freight elevator and the loading dock.

Here’s a few more pics of the dock they sent over:

There’s even a dock, a new app switcher and a Files app so you can launch apps and manage your documents more easily.

She expected to dock in Shanghai roughly three weeks later.

Icebergs come in all sizes, and they’re categorized into five shapes: tabular, blocky, wedged, dome, pinnacle and dry dock.

But then, with very little effort, you can pull a small screen out from the dock and “switch” (aha!)

4 p.m. — Spend the day down on the dock floating, drinking, reading, and napping.

This causes the app icon to annoyingly bounce in Mac’s dock, trying to get your attention about the notification.

That thing wouldn’t have made it out of the dock.

The first available should be the charging dock.

Chris Scott, Novum’s chief financial officer, said the vessel would not dock until the government could pay.

People paint landscapes, or run with their dogs while a French dock worker plays his boules.

To deal with the shock, Abe puts on his delightful romper for one last time to brood on the dock.

The Pixel Stand is basically a sleek little round dock for your phone.

— and leaving hero Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) pondering all of his life choices on that dock in the season 1 finale.

Doesn’t require a PC or your phone to dock it or anything else like that.

The 4-bedroom home has its own dock on Lake Butler for anyone that gets tired of swimming in the pad’s lagoon-like pool.

Siri sits in the menu bar and dock.

In order to trigger it, you have to click on the dock icon or the menu bar icon.

Two icons seem a bit redundant, but you can delete the icon from your dock, your menu bar or both.

The “beach” is actually a concrete dock in a cove surrounded by cliffs.

Oh, and there’s also enough dock space to park your 135-ft mega-yacht … right near the infinity pool which contains its own BELLTOWER!!!

dock lurkers at Port Canaveral in Florida (near the famous cape, naturally) spotted the ship returning from, presumably, some mock operations out at sea.

Once you’re done, you lock it again and leave it there — there’s no dock.

The doc claims Amelia is in the photo, sitting on a dock, surrounded by people who might be her captors.

Michaels says the yacht crew refused to dock until she anted up, but eventually agreed to take them to shore.


The restaurant, which has a dock for boaters to pull up, is located a short distance from where the crash occurred.

The 6 bedroom, 4 bath home is the perfect hideaway, tucked away on a lake with its own dock … surrounded by forest.

Now get this … most owners clip the Doberman’s ears and tail … a process dubbed dock and crop.

Sarnia also hosts well-to-do families who dock their big boats in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Huron.

Was the romance as sweetly chaste as Sandy described, or did they really make out under the dock?

They dock you 15 minutes pay if you clock in even one second late…

She returns to dock workers’ union drive, the turning point of which was a general strike that lasted 83 days.

2:30 p.m. — We drive about 30 minutes north and end up at a local park that has a paddle-board rental and launching dock.

No sweat: simply snatch the Switch from its dock and the game continues in the palms of your hands.

Yet, when the camera lands on the Bachelorette that morning, she can’t stop openly crying on a New England dock.

Cristina is the first member of the Spanish royal family ever to stand in a dock.

To most people, an anchor is just a piece of metal that’s used to dock a boat.

Neither of the two missiles fired from Houthi-controlled territory on Sunday hit the USS Mason or the nearby USS Ponce, an amphibious transport dock.

The vessel shifted, its keel striking the still surface with a sound like a pan slapping a table, before it steadied against the dock.

And by November, when the salmon were in the rivers, the fishing boats were in dry dock.

For example, there’s apparently a Gyarados by the island ferry dock downtown.

Nintendo’s also going to start selling the Switch dock as a standalone accessory in “limited quantities” beginning on May 19.

Back at CES, Belkin offered up the Valet Charge dock for $130.

The dock can also now appear on any screen — meaning you don’t have to go home to access the dock.

Inside the courtroom he spoke only to confirm his name and age, before sitting quietly in the glass-walled dock as Montgomery spoke.

“I don’t think we can permit this until we figure out how to dock them,” Supervisor Kim said.

Tammy Jackson-Moore, sitting on a dock on top of the lake, spends her days thinking about the Herbert Hoover Dike.

“We hope by mid-year tankers which carry 1 million barrels of oil will be able to dock,” Faris said.

dock to Dish represents a grassroots attempt to address this incongruity by emphasizing supply instead of demand.

dock to Dish allows us to highlight new species that have gone underused,” said Sarah Rathbone, founder of dock to Dish.

Calling out orders as you bring the ship perfectly into dock.

Its 70-year-old owner Rainer Hanhilahti greeted us at the dock and welcomed us to his Finnish Shangri-La.

“Two space labs will be launched later and dock with the core module, Tianhe-1,” he said.

This year, China will launch the Tiangong 2 and Shenzhou 11 spacecraft, which will carry two astronauts and dock with Tiangong 2, Xinhua added.

Next year, China’s first cargo ship, Tianzhou 1, will attempt to dock with Tiangong 2, it said.

YOU’RE A BIGOT!” Shaking and buzzing I stormed off down to the dock and dove through the smoky air into the cool lake.

Why was I singing ‘Sitting on the dock of the Bay’?

A few french fries fall in front of us from an upper deck, landing on the dock below.

The Bozon Apple Watch charging dock is not complicated.

The Suffren will be presented in her dry dock in Cherbourg.

I suppose he might be right, but that all-caps branding really takes away from the cuteness of this dock.

And this cute little dock wouldn’t reply, because it’s a hunk of hollowed-out silicone, and hollowed-out silicone can’t talk.

USB-C monitors will be the most convenient and clutter-free way possible to dock your laptop on a desk.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S is a Windows 10 tablet with a magnetic keyboard dock.

A few seconds later, details about your fat burning levels appear on the outside of the dock.

As such, while I appreciate the sawfish’s innovative hardware, I have to dock it a few points for lack of foresight.

The UA Band, for example, charges in under 30 minutes, while other wearables can be plopped on a wireless charging dock or pad.

Nearby partygoers on the dock threw Lehr corks from their vodka bottles and he jumped back onto the boat to plug the hole.

There’s also a set of clamps that act as a phone dock in the center of the handlebars.

I used to watch the boats dock all afternoon.

The keyboard, pen, and dock will be priced at $129, $59, and $89, respectively.

Ingray had booked this berth through the Tyr Siilas dock office, days ago, before this ship had arrived here.

Svalbard has a population of 2000 people but when the cruise ships dock, the town can swell to more than 5000 people.

It weighs about a pound and can be charged either with the included charging dock or via MicroUSB.

Uber found itself in the dock after Barcelona’s main taxi operator alleged in 2014 that it was running an illegal taxi service.

It’s an homage to the old nursery rhyme, Hickory Dickory dock.

There, the spacecraft will dock with the ISS and replenish the crew with food, water, and other important inventory.

You charge the remote wirelessly on a dock that also comes bundled.

The ferry, MV Nyerere, sank on Thursday evening just a few meters from the dock on Ukerewe, the lake’s biggest island.

Vizio’s tablet remote charges wirelessly when placed on its dock That said, this is pretty sophisticated for your average TV buyer.

The dock also holds the tablet upright so it can display notifications from across the room.

I have [another] one in a dock in my room that has a remote.

iTunes: Is not open and hasn’t been removed from the dock.

It all starts at a dock.

XT9 wireless fitness headphones with charging dock — $44.99 See Details

dock to Dish is a very small program, and it’s a program that’s growing,” Cimarusti said.

Consumers want to know where their eggs came from, and now Cimarusti and dock to Dish want more from the seafood industry.

You dock the tablet to play on your TV, but there’s no extra box to carry around.

YouTuber Tettzan Zone’s first crack at a custom Switch dock was this Zelda-inspired stand.

The first thing to note is that this dock is actually less functional than the official Nintendo dock.

This dock sacrifices convenience for the absurd visual punch of seeing one Nintendo console mounted inside another.

), but HP thinks a dock might help convince them.

Then, they installed the relevant innards of the official Switch dock in the cartridge slot.

Tettzan even modified the N64 power brick to function with the dock setup.

Tettzan even assured concerned commenters on Reddit that their N64 dock will not scratch the Switch.

The iconic hangout offers a full bar, patio and dock entrance for boaters to pull up and grab a bag of fish sandwiches to-go.

The New York-shot clip finds Kaymbo emoting on a dock while black-and-red Jordans (“breds” for the sneakerheads) are set ablaze.

That’s +40 for Ramsay, though I’m tempted to dock him -5 for that horrifically wasteful apple-peeling technique.

The Drop dock is a magnetic dock that’s trying to make charging your phone quick, easy, and wireless.

To make the dock work, phones have to have an adaptor inserted at all times, or at least when you’re planning on charging.

Drop dock is now on Kickstarter and starts at $49.

A black-and-white Siri logo appears in the menu bar, with a dock icon providing Siri’s waveform with a splash of color.

The Dry Creek Cafe & Boat dock (its other name) is something of an Austin institution.

Half the time, I left the bundled tablet sitting on its wireless charging dock.

This bar is called the Dry Creek Cafe and Boat dock, but you don’t do food and there isn’t a boat dock?

Sarah would cook hamburgers, and there was a little dirt road to a tiny boat dock down there, but it’s private now.

I even love the little triumphant noise Truman makes when it finds its way back to the charging dock.

Then-NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, a major proponent of diversity, fined the team $200,000 and threatened to dock the next violator $500,000.

(Note: I’ve decided not to dock Jaime for getting demoted since commanding the Lannister army seems like more of a lateral move.)

Later, MacRumors published leaked images of Siri icons in the OS X menubar and dock.

On September 17, the ship was allowed to dock, and Moss to disembark, in Tokyo.]

The side button has been remapped to launch the dock of recent and running apps instead of the contacts menu.

The Reminders and Find Friends apps have been redesigned, and third party apps can also now run in the dock area.

The drill ship, Yavuz, is the second Turkish-owned drill ship to dock close to Cyprus in the past two months.

True to the rumors, the new desktop version of Siri is stored in the dock alongside the finder and other core Mac apps.

The drill ship, Yavuz, is the second Turkish-owned drill ship to dock close to Cyprus in the past two months.

Siri will be accessible in the dock as well as in the top-right corner near Spotlight.

The Suffren will be presented in her dry dock in Cherbourg.

A keyboard, stylus, and dock will be available for an additional $129, $59, and $89, respectively.

Bright-orange fabric connects over 200,000 floating cubes to create a triangular dock on the coast of Italy.

I imagined these fibers like ropes, securing a boat to a dock.

Siri also sits in your dock and in the menu bar, right next to the Spotlight icon.

The small robot — shaped like a miniaturized bulldozer with a CRT monitor for a cockpit — sits in a charging dock, waiting to be awoken.

When back on its charging dock, Cozmo snoozes to sleep.

In addition to the keyboard, Huawei is selling a Bluetooth stylus ($59) and USB C dock ($89) to go with the MateBook.

Emanating out of the loading dock.

Unless you’re the legendary dock Ellis setting out to singlehandedly dismantle your opponent’s intimidating reputation.

Then at 12:12AM ET Saturday, July 9th, the Soyuz will dock with the ISS, and its hatch will open at 2:50AM ET.

A new dock – Vertically scrolling cards instead of horizontally flipping through pages.

The Houthis have denied firing at the USS Mason guided missile destroyer and the USS Ponce, an amphibious transport dock.

An artistic rendering of how Boeing’s Starliner will dock with the ISS.

The IDA will make it easier for private space companies (like SpaceX and Boeing) to dock with the space station in the future.

Spotify freezes my computer, and I should just remove it from my dock, but I’m weirdly attached.

There’s no dock or port designed for TV connection.

This 63-inch-wide ring will eventually be installed onto a port outside the station, allowing future commercial spacecraft to automatically dock with the ISS.

(A dock adds MIDI and RCA connections, too.)

Or, think about the driver who shows up and the dock is occupied and he has to wait three hours.

That includes fitting more icons on the screen — 30 in all (plus whatever you’ve got in the dock), segmented into six by five.

The 360 Eye regularly found its way back to the charging dock and would resume cleaning after refreshing its battery.

As ArsTechnica points out, there’s also probably some room to be shed in rethinking the Switch’s dock.

You could dock it with a PC and sync data from Outlook and Excel.

A smaller Switch would presumably need a different dock anyway — so why not make the dock itself more portable, too?

And the list goes on: optical drives, analog connections, even the long-used dock Connector.

Let’s start with the dock.

But this dock isn’t limited to the home screen.

I very rarely go back to the home screen now that I can just tap on an app icon from the dock.

They’ve been redesigned to take advantage of the dock.

You’ll also end up using both of your hands to pull up the dock, drag and drop files, open new windows and more.

Then the dock, HDMI cable, and controller housing.

Unlike the Roomba, the Braava doesn’t have a dock where it can automatically return and power up.

And when they arrive at the station, they’ll dock with the IDA.

Though she did also make the song “Ur So Gay,” which cracks the thin veneer of her pro-LGBTQ views so dock one point.

And when they do, they’ll automatically dock with the station’s now-installed IDA.

The adapter will allow future commercial spacecraft to automatically dock with the ISS.

Cardinals Quick Comment: The Cardinals have beat up on Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati, which you might normally dock them for, because yuck.

Apple doesn’t appear to have additional adapters ready for this, and the only option available is the existing $49 lightning dock.

Instead of launching a list of contacts, the Watch’s side button now opens a new dock feature.

If you have an app in the dock then it will open instantly when launched, a much better experience than watchOS 2.

He says the former owner of dock changed his life by offering him a job.

dock originally opened in 1999 and Yoshino is a “third-generation mama” at the micro-bar.

But now you can no longer charge your phone while making long phone calls or listening to music without a bulky adapter or dock.

It has speakers, full media connectivity, and an iPad dock so you can blast through three episodes as you log serious mileage.

We’d have a headphone jack and could listen to music while charging our phone without dongles or a dock?

As anyone who’s ever spent time sitting on a dock staring at a bobber knows, fishing requires patience.

Pre-orders are set at $350 for a dock and three mics.

Now, any apps you choose can live in a dock accessible by one click of the rectangular side button.

You can put up to 10 apps in the dock, which is now, in effect, the home screen of the Watch.

It’s still there, but will be rarely used, mainly to select which apps to dock.

An app dock is nothing new.

New ships dock and take off every few minutes.

If I had any complaint it’s that the built-in iPhone dock, while clever, didn’t quite work as well as I’d like.

So now, you tap on the button and you get a swipeable dock of apps.

I’d venture to guess that so few people will use the dock that it could be up for replacement again with watchOS 4.

The new dock will start, by default, on the People screen, which minimizes the feeling of change for upgraders.

The TwelveSouth StayGo is a new USB-C dock from a company that makes a ton of great and unique Mac and iOS device accessories.

• At a seaside dock, I find myself under attack by a pair waterbound lizardmen and a boulder spewing octopus.

Technically, I should be playing games off of Steam, but I’ll need a special dock to unlock that capability.

The app drawer button is gone; instead, you now swipe up from the bottom dock of apps to see all your apps and games.

Other system features have also been prepped for Dark Mode like the dock and share sheet, so it’s a seamless experience.

Microsoft is selling the phone, bundled with a dock for using it as a desktop, for $799, the same price it launched at.

HP is supposed to launch a laptop-like dock in the near future, too.

That screen is wrapped in a titanium case and has magnetic connectors to attach to accessories, including a widely-speculated 360-degree camera and charging dock.

They discovered that between one and three spots on the naked mole rat molecular dock differ from those of its African mole rat relatives.

For those who may have bought a case, wireless charging dock, or some other Note 7 accessory on, there is hope.

One can also more easily navigate multiple open windows, thanks to a new dock.

Even the background of the Finder, Calendar or Photos is black, not just the dock or menubar.

But now the capsule will dock with the ISS on Sunday October 23rd.

The Cygnus doesn’t truly dock with the ISS on its own, but is berthed with the station instead.

On Monday afternoon, Alexander Booth is stood accused in the dock for the first time in his life.

When returned to its charging dock, the camera automatically uploads its footage to a police server.

This includes an app dock at the bottom of the screen, along with multi-window support.

The Pixel Stand is basically a sleek little round dock for your phone.

Then on Sunday, the Cygnus will finally dock with the station.

The Secretary sends over recommendations and they sit on the dock.”

It’s a modular device that can be used as a portable console or placed in a dock for living room gaming.

“The dock is not the main console unit of Nintendo Switch,” a representative tells IGN.

But many more are left behind on the marble slabs of the dock, watching the boat pull away, without them.

Maybe this dock will help you get over it?

The dock isn’t available yet, and we don’t know the exact pricing, but just think, all those devices and only one cord.

Which means that if you’re looking to use any of your older devices, you’ll probably need a dock or some dongles.

The OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock is available to preorder for $279, which definitely isn’t cheap.

The stew used fish that farmers couldn’t sell or damaged fish that came off the dock.

OWC intends to ship the Thunderbolt 3 dock in February 2017.

Later, a local dock worker claimed to have made the other two.

Now, we have yet another option, the Line dock.

The Line dock is an Indiegogo project that mostly looks like someone took an old MacBook Pro and ripped off the screen.

(A Micro-B USB port is also included to connect the Line dock to a non-USB-C laptop.)

When you’re not using your laptop, the dock also can charge a few phones with its four Qi charging pads.

Hooking up the Line dock is simple: simply place the laptop on top, and hook it up via a USB-C or Micro-B USB cable.

Some features just catch up to other brands, including the wireless charging dock where you lay the phone.

Four neodymium magnets inside the Line dock help it stick to your laptop and keep everything aligned.

I want to dock my Surface Book to it, or transform any laptop into a full Surface Studio.

So you can’t live the USB-C dream of a single plug to dock your laptop with power, display, and USB peripherals.

Navy officials said they have not been able to contact the vessel since Wednesday, but it was scheduled to dock in Argentina on Sunday.

Moto is releasing two new Moto Mods for its Z line of smartphones, a Mophie Juice Pack battery and a car dock from Incipio.

The dock clips into the car’s air conditioning vent and can hold the phone horizontally or vertically with the magnets inside the phone.

Losing a round in Toad Rally will actually dock your Toad totals.

It ships with its accessories, cable, and charging dock.

There’s OWC’s Thunderbolt 3 dock, for instance, and something called the Line dock on Indiegogo.

OWC is the latest accessory maker to try this strategy, with its DEC USB-C dock for Apple’s new MacBook Pros.

OWC already sells a USB-C dock, but the DEC seems to offer a more portable form factor for avoiding dongles while on the go.

When it comes to software features, the video shows an improved DeX dock.

And because the dock is flat now, you can use the phone as a trackpad.

But it also makes other computer accessories, and just announced a new USB-C Thunderbolt 3 dock at CES 2017.

The SD5000T Thunderbolt 3 dock is yet another attempt to solve the USB-C port problem.

Additionally, the Switch will be able to connect using Ethernet using a USB LAN adaptor with the dock.

The actual game console is housed in a tablet, which can connect to a television through a dock.

Huaneng currently has some cargoes on the water near ports, unable to dock because of the delayed import clearance, the manager said.

It reminds me of a laptop dock, and it looks like a little rucksack that cushions the Switch console gently under your TV.

You can’t drive four screen by using both the USB-C and Surface dock simultaneously, though.

The real standout for me is mention of a new “DeX” dock which turns the phone into an Android-based desktop computer.

As an eight-year-old in suburban Michigan, I watched Lindsay Lohan creep across a dock in ‘Parent Trap’ and jump into a pond naked.

We’re pretty sure Baltzley didn’t envision using it as an iPhone dock.

As soon as he and Emily return to the ladies’ home dock, he dumps her right in front of the others.

The console itself sits in the included dock to play video games on a big screen TV with friends and family.

The Switch comes with an USB-C charger that connects directly to the console or to the dock.

However, once you remove the Switch from the dock, the console becomes a portable handheld without sacrificing graphics, audio, or gameplay quality when mobile.

The $39 iPhone Lightning dock “I hope that helps,” Schiller hopes.

“While he wanted to keep going, the crew insisted that they dock to get help,” the reality show tweeted.

We hope dock in a sentence examples were helpful.