Disappointing in a sentence | Use of the word disappointing examples

“It’s disappointing and concerning.” Enbridge shares dropped 5 percent in Toronto last week, hovering near a three-month low.

”It’s beyond disappointing.

CGI Iago (the parrot): disappointing, though more because the film mostly excised his wisecracking personality rather than because of how he looks.

Turns out 10 days before the race we rolled over during testing so that was disappointing.

“These disappointing July figures came after a strong run for the data over the prior three months.

For instance, last season James Harden failed to make an All-NBA team after a disappointing season (by his standards).

Whatever the result of the case, the auction is a disappointing conclusion for Denton, who founded the company in 2002.

“That’s disappointing.

Taking a deeper look at the 25 most disappointing sequels, there appears to be no shortage of such “vomit launch.”

But somehow, it all feels a little disappointing.

But those aren’t the only things that feel disappointing about the Giving Pledge.

My sense is many Postmates investors believe the company is going to either have a fantastic outcome or some version of a disappointing one.

It’s real disappointing in how the company handled this,” Francis said.

As disappointing and frustrating as that was, I think it really has helped my mentality in those situations.

And what happens if your outcome isn’t even disappointing?

disappointing financial forecasts from several U.S. companies, including Twitter Inc, have also given investors pause.

Your hand just became the most disappointing thumbs-up in this photograph of disappointing thumbs-up.

The result was a disappointing and strange ending.

Considering that, the fact that more than a third of Democratic voters opted for relative unknowns rather than backing him seems a bit disappointing.

That’s why it was so disappointing when I couldn’t sign up.

Indeed, their record was fairly disappointing.

Labour described the result as “deeply disappointing“.

“This is a deeply disappointing result,” Shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer said.

However disappointing Andromeda was, my final memories aren’t of an endless list of bland “tasks” I decided not to complete.

Sean called the move “disappointing and appalling” and put the blame squarely on the NFL and EA, the company behind Madden.

“It’s disappointing to see the maximum fee for highly polluting vehicles capped at NZ$3,000.

“It’s obviously disappointing to lose but we have still got two games and we are definitely not out,” said Kerr.

Toys R Us fans just got some more disappointing news.

Will Duffy show new wrinkles to his game after suffering a disappointing loss?

It’s a little disappointing.

It was disappointing to see feminists abandon their value system for the sake of assimilation and power.

It was deeply, deeply disappointing to watch.

Meanwhile, Mississippi Democratic Party spokesperson Ouida Meruvia told the Clarion-Ledger that the move was “incredibly disappointing.”

That’s why seeing Colbert close out his monologue by sharing a chuckle with Spicer wasn’t just jarring — it was incredibly disappointing.

April was another month with disappointing wage growth.

So it’s really weird — and disappointing — that Glass feels so inert.

Canada’s economy has been hurt by a two-year slump in oil prices, weak business investment and disappointing non-energy exports.

It just goes to show: You can’t have a disappointing season with those crack judges of talent, the Emmys.

Despite the thrashing, the defiant Spaniard said his five-set semi-final loss to Djokovic at Wimbledon last year was more disappointing than Sunday’s defeat.

“That was disappointing,” he says.

Cutting sugar cane was his next venture, but the payment was disappointing, and opportunities to fight kept popping up.

They were so afraid of doing a reunion and having it suck and disappointing people that really did want to see them.

I find it to be shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company.

On another level, however, it’s … more than a little disappointing.

But when she’s not filming “Glow,” the Golden Globe-nominated actress finds the range of available roles disappointing.

Most said that his support for Sanders’s opponent was disappointing but unsurprising, and did nothing to sway their views.

As our political authorities demonstrate with disappointing consistency, personal affluence does not necessarily foster a generous or fair-minded worldview.

Late in April, shares of the company sank after reporting disappointing first quarter results.

Zulily and Gilt Groupe’s disappointing acquisitions.

Obamacare is what flipped me from a Democrat to whatever I am now, so seeing Trump screw it up is disappointing.

This is viscerally sort of disappointing (end-over-end is an aesthetically grating mode of locomotion) but I applaud their commitment to not wrinkling the crust.

Unilever has reported disappointing third-quarter revenue and Nestlé too has reported a sales growth slowdown, The Wall Street Journal reports.

After a seriously disappointing jobs report, Wall Street is not pleased.

Analysts and economists alike seem to be turned off by the disappointing headline growth number of just 38,000.

But it’s disappointing that he felt he had to say something as ridiculous as he did to defend his stance.

In fact, pretty much every main event booked in this legends division has been pretty disappointing so far.

The Archie Comics adaptation — despite giving Archie Andrews a superhuman six-pack — ended up with disappointing ratings at barely a million live viewers.

Sometimes it’s disappointing, but he fixes it in Futurama.

Under Trumpism, politics have an aesthetic, and that aesthetic is tacky, and the tackiness is disappointing.

According to the docs, the real problem was, “Her comments were shocking and disappointing because they demonstrated Lahren was uninformed and unprepared to speak.”

The most disappointing thing about Disenchantment is that Dreamland is genuinely interesting.

That’s been disappointing for many in the state, particularly those who hover just above the cutoff for Medicaid.

I like to mix styles, to surprise, even if that means disappointing my earliest fans.

Rolling past the tide of tourists, they find a disappointing sight: another club gated shut.

In currency markets, disappointing survey data from European purchasing managers pushed the euro down 0.7 percent.

Bush ended his campaign after a disappointing finish in South Carolina.

Bush ended his campaign after a disappointing finish in South Carolina.

Such disappointing experiences breed consumer distrust, with sometimes ironic outcomes.

If you’re trans or gender-neutral, getting a haircut can be disappointing, frustrating, and ultimately demeaning.

It was pretty disappointing.

But here its execution is disappointing.

Why, I wondered, was a show that certainly includes some great artworks so disappointing?

4 seed in 2012-2013—but none feel as retrospectively disappointing and unnecessary as the Mavericks’ championship tear down.

“It was a pair of disappointing results from both companies,” said Brian Youngberg, an oil industry analyst at Edward Jones.

“Hugely disappointing results – but this is a verdict on our delivery of Brexit.

But despite its disappointing debut, Pet Sounds was tremendously influential.

So even though Pet Sounds’ success was initially disappointing, it ultimately led the Beach Boys to the height of their popularity.

The only disappointing part of the video — Jason’s wearing shoes, something the islander rarely does.

But Eli denies it: disappointing and, frankly, unbelievable.

Not with a disappointing “OK, see ya” outside Leicester Square Underground station, I’m certain of that.

disappointing — just like this ad.

If Rosenstein were to resign, “it would be disappointing because he would abdicate his responsibility,” said Jeffrey Cramer, a former federal prosecutor.

It was so disappointing.

(Recent research confirms that cranberry has disappointing results as a preventative measure.)

“The Last Stand” is regarded as a disappointing finale to the original “X-Men” trilogy.

He flung off his clothes piece by piece exactly the way she did, but when he did it, it was disappointing.

There was also disappointing news on the labor market.

Despite the disappointing factory readings, analysts say there are signs that earlier growth-boosting measures are starting to percolate through the system.

“It’s not disappointing at all.

The market had lost patience for him by then, and that only made his last season and a half in Toronto more disappointing.

Since its disappointing IPO in November 2015, Square has consistently posted solid financial results.

It could be that the Mueller report is very disappointing to liberals who have so much invested in it.

How many were redundant or disappointing.

She doesn’t represent all women, but it certainly is disappointing.

We got ourselves back into the game with the goal and it’s bitterly disappointing.

“It’s disappointing to learn a provision in the tax reform bill is distorting the grain markets,” Roberts said in a statement.

But, he lost his title back to St-Pierre in one of the most disappointing and frustrating ways possible.

It’s fresh off a quarter of disappointing financial results.

This is a disappointing day for us.

And as a result, the market for satellite internet is immensely disappointing in comparison to Teledesic’s aspirations.

Yeah, and this is what is so disappointing to me about the efforts on repeal and replace.

The news comes after a disappointing year for GoPro.

Several constituents of the Dow Jones Transportation Average (DJT) have provided disappointing guidance in recent months.

The lack of games available at launch is disappointing, too.

The Japanese yen slid after some disappointing GDP data.

It’s disappointing because his performance as a kid struggling with addiction is one of the rawest displays of acting in 2018.

But the failure of the court to entirely dismiss the false charges against them remains disappointing.

It was kind of disappointing.

Dark Phoenix is the fourth (and final) movie in the series, hatched atop the disappointing bones of its predecessors.

Yes, I had tried to shape up before with diet and exercise, but with disappointing results.

“The allegations against Congressman Conyers are serious, disappointing, and very credible,” Pelosi said Thursday during a weekly press conference.

“While this is disappointing, it is not surprising.

“I find the behavior Ms. Sloan described unacceptable and disappointing,” she said in a statement.

Unless you’re watching out of purely morbid fascination, digging up video of it on YouTube will be a disappointing viewing experience.

This is disappointing in some sense: A steady but opaque trickle of new words precludes the kind of exhaustive preparation that competitive Scrabble demands.

– Harry, 32 “I like it, however the last season [season seven] was disappointing to the extreme.

“The allegations against Congressman Conyers are serious, disappointing, and very credible,” Pelosi said Thursday during a weekly press conference.

The salmon is almost buttery, a little firm without any threat of disappointing wetness.

The most consistently disappointing and distracting Iron Fist element is its flat, repetitive writing.

“It was very, very disappointing to see the Sanders campaign capitulate to that kind of smear tactic.”

And that’s just disappointing.

That was the thing that was so disappointing that I think everybody lost in the whole thing.

To be vilified now, as if we are the worst of the worst, is so disappointing.

“This proposal is deeply disappointing for us.

The NeverTrump folks really got going after Super Tuesday, when Trump swept the contests and Rubio had an especially disappointing night (sorry, Minnesota caucuses).

The taste was overwhelmingly disappointing.

That is disappointing.

The move follows disappointing earnings and the announcement of a big restructuring effort that saw the exit of several top executives.

In contrast, all metals in Shanghai declined after China released disappointing industrial and investment data.

Apple Inc, the world’s most valuable listed company, was worth $827 billion on Friday after reporting disappointing iPhone sales on Thursday.

I’ve tried these avenues, and they are always one-way streets toward the same disappointing destination.

That’s just really disappointing.”

“It’s certainly disappointing,” Nurse said.

It was much worse than expected, it was disappointing.

The loss was probably a disappointing end to the event for DeepMind, but that AI trained for only seven days.

So it’s disappointing that these more horrific moments only pop up sporadically after “The Kill Floor.”

disappointing economic data weighed on stocks.

(isn’t legacy disappointing?)

It’s real disappointing in how the company handled this,” Francis said.

He told reporters that Hyde-Smith’s “disappointing, hurtful” remarks perpetuated stereotypes Mississippi was striving to overcome.

“The Chinese data was disappointing, especially the industrial output numbers,” said Chris Scicluna, head of economic research at Daiwa Capital Markets.

Last month AWS observed its 10th year of operations, and was the bright spot in an otherwise disappointing fourth-quarter report in January.

“Bannon’s attacks … are disappointing and unjustified,” said Hatch, a fellow Mormon like many in the state.

disappointing economic data weighed on stocks.

“We were too optimistic, too bullish, and as a result we have to deal with our biggest fear, disappointing you, our supporters.

Wow, is this a disappointing Republican health care bill.

What is disappointing is that the Grammys teased a possibility, as minuscule as it was, that this year might be different.

What do they think of Obama?” And I would have this, again, another disappointing response, which was, “I don’t know.

It was very disappointing.

I mean, I think it’s really sad and disappointing.

Seeing EXVF come out in the West instead of the other mainline titles is, I have to admit, a little disappointing.

The acquittal may prove disappointing to anyone who watched this case—unlike movies or television, reality doesn’t necessarily have a satisfying narrative ending.

But Kaine was particularly querulous and disappointing.

A darker, disappointing picture of Bush has emerged in the past year.

And it’s disappointing in a lot of ways because as you mentioned, the technology is really quite remarkable.

Charles himself only made it through four such seasons, and his breakdown has been disappointing, but that long speed and that quickness—he was great.

“It’s disappointing to say the least,” National Biodiesel Board Vice President of Federal Affairs Kurt Kovarik said.

“I have seen the coalition letter in opposition to [the bill] and it was disappointing to say the least.

By its own admission, Lenovo’s smartphone business has been disappointing of late.

But after a disappointing loss in Nevada and today’s big defeat in South Carolina, Sanders’s political revolution is running out of time.

Blum-Dumontet calls Microsoft’s response to the report “disappointing,” adding: “They are not at all questioning their process.

I’ve noticed that the white space can feel alienating, and even disappointing.

It’s a bold target, but various problems with the way the RPS is designed have led to disappointing results.

Add the company’s interest in virtual reality and it’s clear Nintendo is ready to leave behind the disappointing Wii U era.

On a call with analysts, Gorman characterized the fourth quarter as a temporary, if disappointing, blip.

“2018 was a great year that finished on a disappointing note,” he said.

David Raposa: I don’t think he’s done done, but the sudden downshift into sub-stardom is disappointing, if not outright shocking.

LSU has been disappointing all season, hovering around the NCAA tournament bubble despite having sure-fire No.

That’s a huge pet peeve of mine, seeing a band that put out a record I love but are disappointing live.

“People warned me, but I said, ‘people change.’ It’s so disappointing, and terribly sad,” Jaime Scholnick told Hyperallergic.

For those that have tried out weakening the ingredients of hurricanes in the real world, the results have been disappointing.

A drop in Microsoft pressured the Nasdaq and disappointing results in Europe from staffing firm Adecco and home improvement retailer Kingfisher weighed on indexes.

And while Liddell admitted months later that getting fired was “really disappointing,” at the time he didn’t say a word.

Legault had called the deal “disappointing” earlier on Monday and said he would look at “all options” to defend the province’s farmers.

It’s not surprising that Fadell is stepping down after years of disappointing performance.

Even on a massive cosmological scale, this was still disappointing.

After disappointing with the messy dystopian drama High-Rise last year, the prolific Brit is back with his first true action flick, Free Fire.

So if they don’t come out with a “new iPhone,” is that disappointing to you?

Darling, 30, was disappointing in Carolina, starting only eight games last season after signing a four-year contract in 2017.

He could have kept on going, satisfying some and disappointing others, ad nauseam.

Floyd’s last fight produced disappointing PPV numbers, and Conor’s star has never been brighter.

But that’s disappointing in a way, because Wolfe’s writing wasn’t clean and clear and recommendable.

To see that change around you just when you feel like you had some sense of security is alienating and disappointing.

While enjoyable, it’s disappointing that her gorgeous, poignant large-scale weavings are not included.

(Darryl Dyck/CP) At an election campaign stop last year in Winnipeg, Trudeau called that reaction “disappointing” and “problematic”.

He’s probably right (with the possible exception of education, where philanthropy has had disappointing returns).

Failure might be too harsh a word, but it must be disappointing for both Reid and Rogan.

And it can be disappointing for loyal Amazon customers who trust that Amazon usually has the best price, or something close to it.

It’s disappointing, then, when the conversation devolves to the level of regular Sunday-league coke heads.

The truth is perhaps a bit disappointing, but it’s also not too disappointing.

And it’s always possible that the August report could be way more disappointing than other indicators would suggest.

“My days at home would be terribly disappointing to the people who consider me a wild maniac from Jackass,” he says.

But it was still a disappointing showing from a candidate who only eight years ago was a major contender.

All holidays are increasingly disappointing as you get older, but few have as precipitous a fall-off in excitement as Easter.

“It’s disappointing to see the maximum fee for highly polluting vehicles capped at NZ$3,000.

That disappointing result aside, though, what emerged in the vigorous response to that poll was heartening.

Fournette is coming off a disappointing 2018 NFL season where he only rushed for 439 yards in 8 games.

For me, this wasn’t exactly shocking, though it was disappointing.

So given my previous experience, this show is disappointing.

It’s disappointing when others are promoted above you and you feel left behind.

It also said Pernod’s M&A track record was disappointing, particularly its 2008 purchase of Absolut vodka.

Shell said the divestment was “disappointing”.

Two-time champion, Annie Thorisdottir, whom I profiled last week, finished a disappointing 13th.

What is disappointing?

Considering the offensive soundbites The Donald usually creates, this was rather disappointing.

#TreeSpeech intends to raise awareness about this particular study and the disappointing response from the local government.

Then, in August, the company announced disappointing revenue projections amid a series of setbacks stemming from unexpected problems with a new warehouse facility.

this is disappointing.

Pyne said the late notification was disappointing and he would be raising it in his talks with Chinese officials.

Is intercourse the common link between all of my messy, disappointing dealings with men?

And the ways in which it ultimately fell apart underline why the revival season that debuts Thursday, September 27, is so disappointing.

Banks seesawed as Goldman Sachs and Bank of America reported disappointing results.

Several recent IPOs, meanwhile, have turned disappointing, with Lyft, Uber, and Pinterest all seeing share prices drop in the immediate aftermath of IPOs.

Other companies, including Lockheed and 3M, also gave disappointing updates, adding to the sting of rising Treasury yields.

After his disappointing defeat against Moraing, Mertl showered and spoke for a time with the bartender in the Racket Club’s clubhouse.

A mildly disappointing evening for Trump was also a catastrophically disappointing evening for Marco Rubio, leaving the non-Trump field more divided than ever.

“The Chinese data was disappointing, especially the industrial output numbers,” said Chris Scicluna, head of economic research at Daiwa Capital Markets.

The most disappointing thing to advocates has been the failure of other major Republican candidates to challenge Trump.

disappointing when stuff that’s supposed to stay in the locker room gets out.”

Democratic Sen. Mark Warner, for one, blasted Twitter in September for a “deeply disappointing” response to his questions about the election.

And many Twitter users defended the image against claims that it was disappointing, highlighting the scientific breakthrough it represents.

If he keeps it up, disappointing past performances like the one against Indiana will no longer tell the story of DeMar DeRozan.

Christie dropped out of the presidential race after a disappointing sixth finish in the New Hampshire primary.

Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden #AzizMSG pic.twitter.com/o7RPlHE2XP I found this disappointing, in part because I believed Ansari could do better.

Senator Sanders called him weak, disappointing.

Reacting to the results, an Elysee official called them “disappointing” but not punishing.

I found it extremely disappointing to constantly revisit plot points we’d already seen in Rowling’s own writing.

Still, the lack of creativity is disappointing to John.

The company also announced that it will exit the drone business following the disappointing performance of its Karma line of drones.

“It’s disheartening and it’s disappointing,” said Chavez, who works with her husband and son at Big Springs prison and voted for Trump.

Tesla announced disappointing sales and production forecasts.

“It was very disappointing,” said California delegate Marion Ashley.

Tesla announced disappointing sales and production forecasts.

Shares of Apple are getting smoked at the market open Wednesday after the company posted disappointing earnings.

A similar story played out when Tetraphase’s lead antibiotic failed last fall, and when Vertex released some disappointing cystic fibrosis data in 2015.

The big automakers created some electric vehicles, such as Nissan’s Leaf, but their sales have been disappointing.

“The Chinese data was disappointing, especially the industrial output numbers,” said Chris Scicluna, head of economic research at Daiwa Capital Markets.

In a press call this week, acting ICE Director Mark Morgan said the “results” of the expedited docket had been “very disappointing” thus far.

“While it is always disappointing to see your work misrepresented, I am not surprised,” said Rial in an email.

The unfortunate truth of March Madness is that for all but one team, the tournament means a disappointing end to the season.

I don’t think I’ve ever turned my phone off — other than on a plane — because I think I’m disappointing someone.

“That’s disappointing and that’s something that the FCC should address,” Kearney says.

The result was disappointing, but it isn’t actually rare.

If we go in with such a level of certainty and optimism, the outcome would be potentially disappointing,” said Sosnick.

Joe, who has his own issues with father figures, can actually relate to the idea of a disappointing dad.

I imagine it was wildly disappointing that the show couldn’t be recorded.

However, the disappointing results don’t necessarily mean that Cook has made any major management blunders.

Compared with the utterly demented house at the center of currently playing horror adrenaline fest Don’t Breathe, this is especially disappointing.

Lots of companies try to improve on failed or disappointing products, but few overhaul them completely and start all over.

For Newton, the bitter truth was clearly disappointing, as he came off as a sore loser at the postgame press conference.

That feeling is especially pronounced in a disappointing summer movie season like this one.

One point of comparison was Howard Dean’s infamous scream during his speech after a disappointing finish at the 2004 Iowa caucuses.

It becomes a little more complicated and a whole lot more disappointing, though, once you notice that you’re still breaking out.

The past two years have been extremely disappointing for millions of workers.

“That was disappointing,” she said of the moment when she read that the terms of reference didn’t include police conduct.

It was tremendously disappointing.

The debut follows a spate of high-profile technology IPOs, some of which, including Uber Technologies Inc and Lyft Inc, had disappointing starts to trading.

We find his recent position to be outrageous and disappointing.”

This could, in one view, be disappointing, but it also reflects a deep-rooted realism.

Christopher Parsons, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, said that the statement from Chen was disappointing.

“It is disappointing because that’s been a good tradition,” Imam Talib Shareef of the Nation’s Mosque in Washington, DC, told Newsweek.

Good job on disappointing whatever fans you had here,” tweeted Jeddah-based Jamil Baabdullah.

But Representative Eliot Engel, a Pelosi supporter, said “you really can’t blame her” for the party’s disappointing showing in November.

It’s disappointing to see one portion of the community getting so much attention while lesbian women are just ignored.”

Pele says he made the decision on his own — and apologized for disappointing his fans and Brazilians.

“When Fidelity products yield disappointing returns, we work relentlessly to improve them,” he said.

Twitter did not add any new users in Q2, a disappointing follow-up to what had been a promising start to 2017.

I find it disappointing, but that’s OK.

“It’s so disappointing that Spotify gets all the artwork for free and the artists were put aside while they were negotiating.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. stocks edged lower on Wednesday as videogame makers gave disappointing revenue forecasts and investors awaited developments on U.S.-China trade relations.

Coming from the author of The Handmaid’s Tale, it was a disappointing response at best.

“But if it’s true, it’s obviously super disappointing.”

“It’s a disappointing end to her story, isn’t it?”

“It’s disappointing because I can’t even access the phone to talk to my mom today on my birthday.

(My colleague Dylan Matthews has pleaded for philanthropists to stay out of education, where their track records are particularly disappointing.)

And while Bird’s live-action follow-up, Tomorrowland, was disappointing in many ways, it exhibited a similar creative spark in several of its action scenes.

But it was also systematically disappointing.”

Rich in interviews and ephemera from the making of Lynch’s classic, Blue Velvet Revisited is ultimately disappointing as a standalone artistic achievement.

Combined with Rubio’s disappointing performances on Saturday, this seems to indicate that voters nationwide are writing him off.

Gay rights group Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana (LEGABIBO), said the appeal was disappointing and affirmed persistent homophobia and transphobia.

It happens slowly, disappointing order by disappointing order — and then all at once.

A lot of the times, it’ll be a fusion place, and it’s not what I’m after and it’s really disappointing.

I don’t like to because I feel like I’m disappointing the partner I’m with.

“She hasn’t and that is hugely disappointing.” Some feel that it is worse than disappointing.

It’s real disappointing in how the company handled this,” Francis said.

Fears of a slowdown in corporate profits mounted as companies posting fourth-quarter results provided disappointing forward-looking projections.

Shares of Stanley Black & Decker Inc (SWK.N) tumbled 15.5 percent after its disappointing 2019 forecast.

June was another month with disappointing wage growth.

And the answers would doubtless be disappointing to the questioners and undermine the conspiracy narrative being told about the Russia investigation.

Out of all the underwhelming villains, though, none was more disappointing than Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse.

“It was just a really disappointing incident,” Biuso said.

“That disappointing reality means that 2019 will likely see us again expanding our holdings of marketable equities.

This “disappointing” job gains number comes on the heels of printing 225,000 the previous month.

He just said that the Eagles players were disappointing their fans and trying to put the onus on them.

And the results have been disappointing.

He said there had been ‘good bits and some disappointing bits’ so far.

While seemingly promising professional prospects will prove disappointing this month, you will have opportunities for fleeting romantic entanglements with zero negative or long-term consequences.

Choose B 100 times, and (on average) you’ll get 90 windfalls, along with 10 disappointing zeroes.

Daydreaming about that jackpot affords a blissful few minutes while driving your disappointing regular-shaped car.

A: I find it so disappointing.

disappointing May import numbers from China exacerbated the yuan’s weakness.

And that’s disappointing for women like Horn, who worked so hard to blaze a trail in the internet’s earliest days.

Earlier in the day, gains were capped by disappointing earnings reports from big U.S. banks.

Except a new study shows that our pathetic sex lives are disappointing and stressful.

What’s ultimately most disappointing about Ofmatthew is that she existed as a character solely to be killed.

“Frankly, it would be very disappointing if we are not able to reach it (an agreement),” he said.

When the shocking trade happened, back in January, Griffin climbed aboard a disappointing team that was in the middle of an eight-game losing streak.

This leads to lots of time spent leaving messages and having disappointing conversations.

Gay rights group Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana (LEGABIBO), said the appeal was disappointing and affirmed persistent homophobia and transphobia.

Was it disappointing that it didn’t become a paid-for product, that it just sort of became the background app to the main app?

Even more disappointing is the grilled chicken sandwich.

“Airbnb’s disappointing decision appears to reverse their stance to fully respect rights,” Human Rights Watch said in a statement.

“The response from camera manufacturers so far has been incredibly disappointing.

Here is Khosrowshahi note in its entirety: Team — I wanted to update you on some disappointing news from today.

Apple (AAPL.O) this month warned of disappointing quarterly revenues, citing slowing iPhone demand in China.

Market analysts attributed the disappointing auction results to some advance buying.

But we’ve also had the soulless Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the disappointing Shadow of War, and the unfocused Agents of Mayhem.

The only real glimpse we got into the content of the show, though, was a little disappointing.

But she’s conceding that the way the law was implemented in the states led to a disappointing result.

And its last earnings report was disappointing.

“It’s disappointing and concerning.” Enbridge shares dropped 5 percent in Toronto last week, hovering near a three-month low.

The disappointing results for background checks don’t mean gun control policies are totally ineffective.

On a musical level, Reputation is disappointing because Swift is such a powerhouse pop performer.

Western Digital said in a statement that Toshiba’s decision had been disappointing, given that it had made major concessions.

“It’s disappointing.

We got ourselves back into the game with the goal and it’s bitterly disappointing.

“It has actually been somewhat disappointing from the standpoint of California rainfall and snowfall totals.”

But she never realized how disappointing her sexual encounters had been until she hooked up with her friend and now-husband.

They paired up Wednesday and the only disappointing thing — Nas said Gordon “sadly” did not yell at him.

“The allegations against Mr. Conyers, as we have learned more since Sunday, are serious, disappointing and very credible,” she told reporters Thursday.

“This could slow down the pension reform process, which is already disappointing,” Danilo Gennari, partner at Brasilia-based political consultancy DRG.

Although the unemployment rate remains low, job creation has been disappointing in recent months.

Although the unemployment rate remains low, job creation has been disappointing in recent months.

He’s the first quarterback of his kind—the guy who somehow makes throwing for 5,000 yards disappointing.

—The Grizzlies traded disappointing Chandler Parsons to the Atlanta Hawks, receiving forward Solomon Hill and center Miles Plumlee in return, ESPN reported.

“It was very disappointing to us,” Lockbaum said.

“It’s disappointing that some pranksters disrespected the democratic process,” Verrill wrote in a Facebook post.

Having been asked how he felt the fight went, Breese said: “It was a disappointing performance.

This movement was largely motivated by a recent and disappointing meeting conducted by Mark Coyle.

It’s really disappointing,” said one top Bush Wall Street donor.

Usually judging is disappointing, but this time it’s not.

The results were disappointing: Supply-side policies brought slower productivity growth around the world than the high-tax, big-government policies that preceded them.

He called the Correction Services of Canada’s response to her death while in custody “frustrating and disappointing.”

For the Raptors, there’s no getting around how disappointing this is.

That’s disappointing, but it’s something that we try to reflect in the show.

What if the work is disappointing?

But it’s disappointing, devastating, and embarrassing — especially because she thought she’d succeed.

This is viscerally disappointing, but it’s not all that surprising (didn’t we just go through this with Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs?)

It was fine — but after the great job Andy Samberg did last year, fine was disappointing.

The more Republican leaders kept disappointing their media allies, the angrier the media became, making some kind of backlash increasingly likely.

Pirates selling is kind of disappointing after the playoff runs they made recently.

Income growth — particularly for people in the bottom 90 percent of the distribution — has been genuinely disappointing.

It’s been disappointing for black and Latino Americans and for young ones, as well as for older white people.

It’s how they’re banning it that’s truly disappointing.

Simple, effective… and disappointing compared to the way I hoped these missions would feel.

* The UK blue chip index closed 1% higher on Friday on expectations of an interest rate cut after disappointing U.S. jobs data.

The Conservatives seized on the Liberal plans, calling them “very short sighted” and “disappointing.”

What Bose found was greatly disappointing.

After three straight disappointing earnings calls in a row, Tuesday will be key in keeping that feeling of hope alive.

You could put them on your failed relationship or your disappointing child that you secretly resent.

It’s disappointing, but I am not giving up.

Still, it’s an encouraging development, given how otherwise disappointing the Trump administration’s drug pricing agenda has been.

“That was exceedingly disappointing,” she said.

Even on a per capita basis, economic growth has been disappointing.

Those hopes were re-ignited by Friday’s disappointing jobs report, and could be boosted further if retail and inflation data this week also disappoint.

U.S. Commerce Department data on construction spending showed no change in April, disappointing expectations.

But advanced biofuels have hovered on the edge of commercial viability for as long as I can remember, forever disappointing people’s high expectations.

Carson placed a disappointing fourth in the Iowa caucuses behind Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Marco Rubio.

Carson placed a disappointing fourth in the Iowa caucuses behind Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Marco Rubio.

Sure, he was coming off a career season for the disappointing Hoyas, but questions lingered.

Apple just had its biggest-ever quarter but it was still considered disappointing.

“In Sacramento, there was a disappointing lack of 20 to 40 year old metal-heads (sic) of any sort.

Bentley believes it was bad timing that led to the film’s disappointing release.

It seems to cement that they’ll raise rates a quarter point in June.” “The disappointing thing is labor force participation rates.

Well, again, that’s disappointing to me because I think you should make that commitment.

is consistently disappointing, glitching in a way that’s often comical.

Expect a close win — within 5 points — to be seen as disappointing for the Clinton campaign, and a momentum boost for Sanders.

“It was very disappointing to see obvious human contamination of the deepest point in the ocean,” Vescovo said in an interview.

Crew brand “disappointing” and said new strategies were not successful and hurt the chain’s financial performance.

If you can find a workout buddy, that’ll make you less likely to bail since you’d be disappointing someone else.

The answers were deeply disappointing: Roberta Smith, Peter Schjeldahl, and Christopher Knight.

That was really disappointing for me.

It was disappointing that Apple hasn’t done more about this known issue.

Climate Change Conferences, which formalized the 2015 pact, said Trump’s decision was “deeply disappointing”.

The experience was extremely disappointing.”

The economy is growing more slowly than in past recoveries, and productivity growth, which is a major influence on wages, has been disappointing.

“It’s disappointing that Senate Democrats forced this resolution through by a narrow margin,” Pai said in a statement after Wednesday’s vote.

“It’s potentially hugely significant, but also potentially hugely disappointing,” he said.

‘It’s potentially hugely significant, but also potentially hugely disappointing.’

But why should it be disappointing?” Huebner tweeted.

“It is disappointing to see this amendment pass,” said a spokesman for the Department for Exiting the European Union.

And speaking of work belied by its rhetorical scaffolding, the work by Juliana Huxtable is the most disappointing.

It was a disappointing outcome for Chen, the most talented US men’s figure skater to compete in the sport in recent memory.

Jeb Bush ended his campaign on Saturday night after a disappointing finish in South Carolina.

“I’m still young and so when you look up to politicians and see them doing that stuff it’s just disappointing,” she added.

For some guys, that is what they do, which is disappointing.

“It’s disappointing the DCCC is learning from the Chicago old-style machine tactics,” José Torrez, an immigration activist and educator in the district, said.

If Apple releases several years’ worth of disappointing iPhones in a row, their market share will decline and the company will collapse.

Twitter and Facebook, both of which had disappointing earnings, saw the biggest drops.

A disappointing end to a what could have been a lovely evening?

It’s about chocolate hearts and roses and shit compilation albums and disappointing dinners.

Lugo downgraded the Acer stock to “market perform” from “outperform” on Tuesday citing “the disappointing FDA decision and the uncertain future” for the treatment.

The result is a bill that Vermonters will likely approve of but will likely prove disappointing to many drug policy experts.

And the Baywatch reboot and the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean led to a very disappointing Memorial Day weekend.

“The overall flow in the second quarter has been relatively disappointing.

For Ron Law’s wife, Marsha, the Austal case’s outcome was disappointing but not surprising.

“Q2 was disappointing in volume overall.

Blue Apron also posted a disappointing first earnings after it reported unexpected costs contributing to a net loss of $31.6 million.

It’s not bad, just basic—mass-produced concession stand fare that somehow seems more disappointing given the outlandish setting.

As is typically the case with Kanye, the rapid-fire dispatches were alternately hilarious, poignant, disappointing, and deeply confusing.

Yet almost immediately, Trump began disappointing them.

On the all-important issue of settlements, Trump has been similarly disappointing.

Even Friedman has been a little disappointing.

“I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to think about the possibility of a socially conservative government,” he said.

“What’s most disappointing is the lack of leadership.

22) St. Louis Blues: David Perron as a Troy Brouwer replacement is terrific but everything else is suspect or disappointing.

If Trump comes in a close second to Cruz, his performance would be viewed as disappointing considering his recent polling surge.

Among other things, Daly said she wants to see if a disappointing May employment report was a blip.

For a show this big to mostly evaporate is somehow more disappointing than if it had ended in a way that actively infuriated me.

But if Rubio fell back into fourth — behind Ben Carson, perhaps — that would be a disappointing performance.

The actual results have been disappointing, and the course, while good, is not regarded by anyone as the greatest in the world.

It’s disappointing that if they had this big of a problem, that they haven’t mentioned it.”

“Pallone: “That’s disappointing to me.”

“Whilst no one thought the Christmas boost would carry through completely into the first quarter, these are mildly disappointing results.

Like the disappointing headline PMI figure, the internal components within the IHS Markit survey were also disappointing.

After a disappointing Q3 in which revenue missed guidance, Wootton described Rocket Fuel’s course towards becoming “free cashflow positive.”

Fiorina ended her own presidential bid after a disappointing finish in the New Hampshire primary in February and endorsed Cruz a month later.

We were like, “Oh, there’s nothing here.” I thought, “This is really disappointing,” but happens.

“It’s profoundly disappointing.”

After a disappointing 2016, when most of the annual major meteor showers were washed out by moonlight, 2017 looks far more promising.

However she received applause after telling members at SPD headquarters to keep their chins up despite the disappointing results.

May was another month with disappointing wage growth.

After a disappointing February, in which he shot just .387 from the field, George has absolutely turned it on in March and April.

Tesla delivered a disappointing 63,000 cars last quarter, 31 percent less than it had the quarter before.

And the results are not disappointing — every page, with its beautifully reproduced artworks and curling Dada fonts, is a feast for the eyes.

Last week, the results from the study finally came in — and they were disappointing.

With the rest of the world proving disappointing and U.S. growth already decelerating, I think you will see the Fed respond,” he said.

Consequently, September’s options on various streaming services seem that much more disappointing.

Snapchat also reported disappointing user growth.

Tulo’s posted a -3 DRS and -1.7 UZR in 457 innings, compared to Goins’ disappointing and uncharacteristic -5 and -4.0 in 313.

Regardless of whether the match mattered, the loss capped a week of underwhelming and disappointing performances.

The strategy update read: “Global Markets performance deteriorated in 2015 with a disappointing 4Q15 and continued pressure in 1Q16.

It was one of the best dramas of its era, and its complete lack of Emmy love will always be disappointing.

And it’s always possible that the August report could be way more disappointing than other indicators would suggest.

He’s certainly disappointing some of his staunchest supporters by signing this bill.

Love is frequently disappointing, because people are rarely as we hope them to be.

Well that’s very disappointing.

The game’s only sequel (to date, anyway) was a loot-driven prequel starring Death, a game that I found profoundly disappointing.

If it strikes DAPA down, Obama’s legacy — and immigrants’ attitude toward the Democratic Party — will be an ambivalent and disappointing one.

Maybe it’ll be disappointing, but hey, it’ll be something.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released its newest jobs report, showing American jobs bounced back after a disappointing March.

Russian-based sports journalist Artur Petrosyan’s tweets are disappointing to say the least.

You have a disappointing result, and it’s the world’s fault, not yours, because you’ve done everything.

It was disappointing to see nothing but an exact reproduction of Yoko Ono’s White Chess Set (1966/2015) with none of the attribution.

The original campaign was singularly disappointing, yes, but Destiny 2’s story won’t exactly be talked about years from now, either.

The HomePod last year was super disappointing because, “Here it is.

But Stranger Things doesn’t really get creative, and that’s disappointing.

Celtics coach Brad Stevens said, “This game was disappointing.

Which makes it particularly disappointing that I still finished the campaign so easily: unlike Doom, Rage 2 doesn’t really demand much from you.

That might be a bit disappointing, but it’s not altogether surprising.

In a piece for the Japan Times, Japan-based writer Baye McNeil wrote about why the ad’s “de-blackening” was so disappointing.

When the quality is disappointing they end up with a large batch of wine they can’t sell.

In June, Trump ordered tighter travel and commercial restrictions again, disappointing U.S. businesses that had hoped to capitalize on the detente.

Up on the Roof: Songs From the Brill Building, from 1993, is disappointing, too reliant on big, obvious hits.

That was very troubling and disappointing to watch.

Software stocks could come under pressure Tuesday after Oracle reported quarterly revenue that missed Wall Street estimates on disappointing sales from its cloud business.

Oracle fell 5.83 percent after the company’s disappointing profit forecast and indications of a slowing cloud business.

“What’s disappointing is that we’ve already talked about it.

There’s an oft-sampled Aaron Carl a cappella that says that “house music is freedom,” which is ultimately what feels so disappointing about HOWSLA.

It’s particularly inflammatory and disappointing that it was smuggled into the X-Men, a team that’s represented inclusivity, empathy, and tolerance.

It would be disappointing and surprising if Earth were the only template for habitability in the Universe.

Wigglytuff is the disappointing result of evolving the iconic Jigglypuff.

June’s flood of redemption requests come after months of disappointing investment returns, plus inflows in May when investors added $6.6 billion.

But it’s the most disappointing of the Eevee evolutions, leaving it in much lower ranks than its Eeveelution counterparts.

Hit one really close on 16 and 17, 18, pretty disappointing.

Roark has bookended two disappointing starts against one terrific outing as he seeks to lower his surprisingly high WHIP (1.65).

“It’s a sellout move that’s very disappointing,” said John Souza, 62, a Teamster from Fall River, Massachusetts.

Although he can come across as very poetic and romantic, there’s a chance that he might be a disappointing partner.

Now, a disappointing second season isn’t an absolute guarantor of doom.

Teams also started nitpicking his medicals and his disappointing combine quickness, and suddenly he wasn’t even a top-40 draftee.

Catching supposedly “feminist” men in the act of treating women badly is a disappointing but not entirely shocking prospect.

She felt guilty for disappointing him.

Jason Vargas was old before he was 25, washed up and trying to find a third team after posting three disappointing big-league seasons.

That was kind of disappointing.

That growth clip is historically strong but disappointing on two fronts.

It’s disappointing.

But “audience retention and revenue growth have been disappointing and losses have exceeded expectations,” leading to the write-off.

However, Labour’s would-be finance minister, John McDonnell, said the CBI was engaged in “disappointing scaremongering”.

The team also returns home with a disappointing medal count.

The independent observers called the logistical issues they encountered “foreseeable and entirely avoidable, which makes their occurrence all the more disappointing.

MacDonald, meanwhile, will now enter free agency on the heels of a disappointing loss.

“It was disappointing, when you’re looking at what just happened… Have you heard an airline tout their safety record?

It’s disappointing that Musk has chosen his platform to incessantly beef precisely because he can do whatever he wants.

The sharp shift came despite disappointing U.S. fourth-quarter gross domestic product growth, as downward revisions to business and government investment offset robust consumer spending.

The heavyweight division is consistently the most disappointing in MMA.

The game’s launch sales were seen as disappointing.

disappointing economic data weighed on stocks.

Google however called it a disappointing outcome.

“That’s disappointing.

That’s really disappointing.”

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