Dinners in a sentence | Use of the word dinners examples

The movement started to schedule “quieter” events — including soccer tournaments and dinners — to connect with young people from working class neighborhoods.

She and her father posted signs in a local hot spot advertising free family dinners every Thursday in a Muslim household.

So far the dinners have been a success, and according to Rafeeqi there are more to come.

And the dinners are only part of her attempts to win her party over to the plan.

She needs to know how to handle herself at State dinners.

But the actual activities of the Order of St. Hubertus appear to be confined mostly to shooting birds and eating fancy dinners.

As New York reported, she hosted dinners featuring everyone from “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli to child star Macaulay Culkin.

You know, my daughters have both left home, but I had read and I believe that having family dinners together was a good thing.

There were family dinners and work deadlines.

There were dinners with friends.

At family dinners, surrounded by relatives differing in brownness but not in thinness, I was often dissected and torn apart.

There are already lots of church dinners and community dinners happening all the time.

Hoffman has been to a number of these dinners, including others on bio-research and immigration.

Afternoon snacks consist of fruits, protein bars, and more protein shakes; dinners include more vegetables and sometimes soup broth.

(Do you really have exactly $500 to write off as mileage and exactly $500 to write off for business dinners?)

Racial injustice, family dinners and the spirit world collide in this striking play filled with dark humor and boiling suspense.

How long can family dinners keep the dangers outside at bay?

There are dinners.

NADA will provide guided tours, artist talks, performances, dinners, and VIP events to bring visitors, artists, collectors, curators, and more into these spaces.

When she was first back, she threw supper club dinners in her home, inviting strangers to eat.

We’re guessing Spade would appreciate the Mouse House buying one of these dinners.

I think that they did … they had these series of off-the-record dinners with journalists and Campbell Brown went around and talked to everyone.

Laurie David, in particular, wrote about the family dinners she shared with her ex-husband, comedian Larry David.

She arranged dinners in Washington and New York and attended events to meet prominent politicians.

They usually burn through that cash to subsidize equipment costs or buy dinners for hungry players, which effectively means they work for free.

They went house hunting, drew up monthly budgets, hosted sedate dinners.

Still need mummy to make you dinners?

Have you been to one of those dinners?

You go to dinners.

They fight all day and then they go to the same dinners and parties at night.

Real networking happens here instead: It happens in backyards and exclusive dinners.

She hosted regular dinners for her women colleagues and bipartisan coffee meetups for new women members.

Kitchensurfing, a well-funded startup that booked private chefs to cook in-home dinners, has shut down, according to three sources.

Washington has lots of fancy fundraising dinners, where the only way to get in is to make a large donation.

We picked at our dinners without appetite, worrying about these promising youths, who had been headed for sports scholarships and elite universities.

It’s still February and it’s raining outside; the restaurant is packed with old people eating early dinners.

We did a lot of farm dinners where we’d just light a fire and cook over it.”

The couple was living separately but, according to Andy, still had dinners and took vacations together with their 13-year-old daughter.

I have had the privilege of being at the Al Smith dinners in years past, and I always enjoy it.

Many countries have a ceremonial figurehead — either an elected president or a hereditary monarch — who represents the nation at state dinners and ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

The event may also stir bad memories for Trump, who was excoriated at past dinners by President Obama and late-night host Seth Meyers.

Lalito ties together art, politics, and food by hosting dance nights and activist-oriented dinners.

The payments are month-to-month, and the focus is on community, so there are things like potluck dinners and on-site “residence advisors.”

Since being resurrected, both George W. Bush and Barack Obama held iftar dinners at the White House every year of their presidencies.

Detroit-based experimental theater ensemble The Hinterlands hosts a series of uTopian dinners, forging connections between artists around the world.

They hold get-togethers, organize dinners, and support each other in their daily lives.

He then moved to wherever he could find a space to host his dinners: empty shops, wine merchants, and even hairdressers’ salons.

Ben and Kendall had been pretty inseparable lately … with dinners and bike rides all around town.

They’re what pasties are to those in the West Country: practical, easy dinners that provide a substantial fill for cheap.

We stop hanging out with more prosperous friends to avoid expensive dinners, awkward conversations, and the occasional glint of latent jealousy.

Hoffman has been to a number of these dinners, including others on bio-research and immigration.

We go out for fancy dinners and talk about how bad we feel.

I communicate messages to the public through workshops and experimental dinners.

She explores societal food issues with the public through talks, workshops, and dinners.

This was … That was one of the craziest dinners I’ve ever had.

Nevertheless, some students are keeping a cool head: “In high school, I lived off of TV dinners.

Nobody is being shaken in their foundation when they enter; most of the dishes remind me of childhood family dinners.

Gao is the founder of the Shanghai-based supper club Fly by Jing, where she is redefining modern Sichuanese cuisine through pop-up dinners.

She also hosts dinners at restaurants and venues throughout Shanghai, pushing the envelope on what Sichuanese cuisine means.

dinners out get paid for from time to time by someone else.

Obama has already hosted private White House dinners for every family that has donated more than $100,000 to his personal charity.

State dinners are typically lavish affairs, meant to cement and celebrate the United States’ relationship with a foreign power.

As a candidate, however, Trump denounced such dinners, telling Fox News in 2015 that he wouldn’t throw one for Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Upon entering, shoppers are greeted by a selection of salads, sandwiches and beverages, as well as ready-to-eat meals for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Having lavish dinners in Naypyitaw and this and that, flying around,” Kobsak said.

During the residency the question preoccupies me, and at dinners in the soaring banquet hall our conversations percolate with ideas.

“You know, at this point, he’s hosted 12 state dinners, but has had to make 16 mass shooting addresses.”

But … team dinners on Todd all season — right, Rams vets?

I would consider all these TV dinners spawn of the original.

Even though they’ve been to multiple dinners and flown him here and there or whatever.

I don’t miss those $600 dinners, I’m just happy to be spending time with Orla.

Whenever I considered ending things, he’d shower me with gifts and dinners, so I kept taking him back.

(Reuters) – For most U.S. families, the holidays are all about gathering around the fireplace, overeating at festive dinners, and playing the occasional board game.

She hosts dinners with Washington influencers and power brokers.

We had these dinners and lunches and stuff where they would come, like you guys have at the Times.

We sit down for dinners together all the time,” Tan joked with Business Insider.

The eight-quart size is perfect for meal prepping and family dinners.

Hokair, meanwhile, is hosting dinners for guests, according to one attendee.

So lunches would be more easy and comfortable, while dinners would be more elaborate.

Better spend those last moments together, share a few dinners.

So, they network, they get mentors, we do speaker series, dinners with people across the industry.

She’s the bon vivant behind Polish Thursday dinners, one of Berlin’s most successful long-running supper clubs.

It’s that diversity and bubbling energy that drew Piotr Wolski, a Polish tech employee, to the dinners two years ago.

“These dinners are not just for Polish people.

“Or the feeling of those family dinners.

Those prospectors Friedrich Trump sold swan dinners to mostly didn’t strike it rich—they ended up broke or dead.

By virtue of circumstance, our Christmases went against typical traditions involving family dinners and stocking stuffers.

They see celebrations shared by friends, dinners shared by ex-lovers, work lunches.

I said, “No, I can’t.” You don’t want to be in that world where you’re trading dinners for TV time.

Source: Dictators’ dinners: A Bad Taste Guide to Entertaining Tyrants, Time

“I’ve been to a couple of other kamayan dinners and it wasn’t what I expected,” Caroline says.

Nigella guided me through making late-night baked goods to impressive dinners for the pleasure of my own company.

Once the day of Nowruz arrives, it kicks off a 13-day celebration of dinners, family visits, and reflections on the year ahead.

Stuff like cookies, chips, energy drinks, coupons for free burgers and ice cream—I was even getting free frozen dinners.”

You can imagine how that dynamic plays out at family dinners.

So maybe you skip a few fancy dinners to afford those Hamilton tickets without going into debt.

In 2014, a group of anonymous organizers promoted their own pop-up called Death Row dinners.

Investors have historically won new recruits over years of private dinners and exclusive retreats.

“Death Row dinners was created to appeal to an audience who would not be offended by the concept,” the organizers said in a statement.

That could explain why the collective who run the Ningen Restaurant haven’t faced the same criticism that Death Row dinners did.

The interviews reportedly included dinners with wine and rides in his car, where he touched her knee.

It was interesting, because as I would see colleagues and friends at different industry events and dinners, I’d get the question like, “What?

I would do big dinners at my place back in Israel with my friends.

It’s informal, for friends hanging out rather than business dinners.”

They have fancy dinners at the places locals go after graduation and prom, and take taxis everywhere, which is certainly new to me.

So keep that in mind when inviting people out for expensive dinners or trips.

Well, I’ll serve them what I grew up eating: frozen dinners.

Sadly, the stag has more in common with the tourist-luring dinners of upmarket restaurants than the daily cuisine of Scotland’s people.

Actors chomp away on spruced-up $1 frozen dinners.

The Explorers Club, founded in 1904, is a club dedicated to field research and exploration, and it’s famous for its annual dinners.

dinners with Commanding Officers at the Air Force Space Command??

While upstate, Prince SAMO became the crew’s de facto cook, rustling up giant plates of eggs for breakfasts and concocting two-day-marinated chicken dinners.

He followed Rudy for a few days to dinners, an auction, and a couple of tastings.

dinners for singles, on the other hand, are as American as they can get, filled with fatty indulgences.

“I use it in my menu for our dinners,” Michail says.

He throws parties in front of the murals, hosts dinners and workshops with artists, asks airlines and hotels to comp services.

Big family dinners all the time.

There was no way I was making separate dinners for everyone, Luckily, it wasn’t a problem.

While prepping for one of their shared dinners, Kotori admits to wondering if she matters to her mother.

Employees worked on their days off to prepare food platters, including brisket and apricot chicken dinners and lox platters.

Butina also hosted “friendship dinners” for prominent Republicans, and organized a Russian delegation to attend the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC, in 2017.

There are “quick meals” and frozen dinners and faster options that are reasonably healthy, but they aren’t available on a food stamp budget.

And would see Ev and Biz at dinners and events in San Francisco.

Other big auto manufacturers, like Ford, are on hand en masse at parties, dinners and other events.

Kapoor would often invite pain-management doctors to dinners that were ostensibly meant to educate the docs about Subsys.

The dinners were frequently held at Roka Akor, a Chicago restaurant that Kapoor owns, Brown said.

These dudes even have dinners in celebration of the written word, art, food, and architecture.

Afternoon snacks consist of fruits, protein bars, and more protein shakes; dinners include more vegetables and sometimes soup broth.

But a lot of the hubbub is tailored around social events, like beach parties and fancy dinners at nearby hotels.

During my future family dinners, I’ll be using the recent allegations as a jumping-off point to talk about consent.

How many canceled drinks and dinners and coffees does it take before we’re no longer friends with someone?

It is customary for museums to host private cocktail parties and dinners as a way to attract donors or to generate autonomous revenues.

and then we heard that Jamie was going to come to one of the dinners,” explains Orr.

It seems these guest dinners are as much about holding a great dinner as they are a way for Lowe to learn something new.

I just want to point out we didn’t eat TV dinners.

My mom made very nice dinners.

Over the years, Barkley and Lin would hang out at dinners and on the set of Barkley’s TNT show “Inside the NBA.”

The dinners demonstrated a commitment from Zuckerberg to solve the hard problems that Facebook has created for itself through its relentless quest for growth.

In a number of years, that became, I think, one of the more popular monthly dinners in Silicon Valley for entrepreneurs.

When Zuhlke moved here three decades ago, local Italian immigrant families welcomed him and his young family at their Sunday spaghetti dinners.

I think, for example, Larry Page came to a couple of our dinners.

During Christmas dinners past, between courses, you could always find me ducking into my room to hide.

Those giant family dinners were what inspired the communal table in the restaurant itself.

And it’s the opposite of how parenting is often portrayed on social media, especially by celebrities — smiling children, clean houses, vacations, gorgeous dinners.

In 1924, Calvin Coolidge became the first president to attend one of these dinners.

Before that, Jimmy Carter skipped two dinners, in 1978 and 1980.

This is where the college part kicked in, everyone hoping to find their way into the most exclusive parties and dinners.

My parents played them both frequently during family dinners.

The Keg brings to mind my teenage birthday dinners with family in Red Deer, Alberta, where the Keg was the nicest restaurant in town.

Group fitness classes, dances, dinners, “and more!” were all a part of what couples signed up for.

No more family dinners, vacations, and as we reported, Kourtney will not let Scott see their 3 kids until he proves he’s sober.

Naturally, you’ll get comped dinners, poolside cabana and a stage front table for the concert.

We’ve had seven dinners since then.

After seven dinners, I’ve learned to pause and ask what’s OK to do and what isn’t—even with things that seem obvious.

Some of the events were public and others were private dinners in and around the NYC area.

I knew about several dinners.

The couple looked to be having a great time on Pau’s home soil … going on boat rides, cozy dinners and other mushy stuff.

Back in the 1960s and ’70s, families would cook whole-chicken dinners.

“We made our own separate dinners sometimes!”

The vendor must serve “nutritionally balanced” breakfasts, lunches and dinners … and there are Mexican options.

Here, she diagnoses the single biggest problem with most Thanksgiving menus: Most Thanksgiving dinners, traditional menus, really, really lack acid … anything tangy or sour.

You know, Mark is having dinners with lots of people — left, the right, the middle, whatever — to learn about this.

It’s about chocolate hearts and roses and shit compilation albums and disappointing dinners.

What began as a series of “women’s dinners” has since expanded into a host of workshops, residencies, events, and art criticism sessions.

By the way, Parsons also says he won’t force Conley to pay for team dinners — insisting they’ll split the bills.

This Valentine’s Day, Americans are expected to spend a record $20.7 billion on everything from cards to romantic dinners.

That can mean going no-contact, or seeing your parent as infrequently as holiday dinners or once a month.

Bryant was also gifted a Napa vacation package — complete with dinners at some of the best restaurants in the area.

Leonardo and I know each other only a bit, having recently attended two dinners to which we were invited.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This recipe is reprinted courtesy of the author from The Green Roasting Tin: Vegan and Vegetarian One Dish dinners.

When I smell cigarettes, I think of my Christmas dinners as a child.

She would visit their mansions and then go home to ramen dinners and an empty bank account.

Ibach worried her active lifestyle—traveling, full-time work, plus dinners out and concerts—might pose a challenge.

We struggled from hot dogs and saltines to steak dinners and Gucci flip flops.

We’ve started doing volunteer work in our synagogue, and begun a tradition of regular Shabbat dinners with a group of Jewish friends.

Will it still be seminars and panels, spirited dinners and the Spirited Awards?

As a testament to her deft hosting instincts, Da Prato mentioned that four separate couples have met at her dinners and since become engaged.

Taking things one step further is award-winning drinks writer Pete Brown, who hosts dinners where beers are paired with different songs.

Assemble Your IKEA FurnitureStop eating your dinners off the box your bookshelf came in!

The project allows people all over the world to host dinners, talk about psychedelics, and collect donations for MAPS’ current MDMA research.

The global psychedelic dinners donations are being processed through [crowd-funding website] Razoo.

She will hold no fundraising dinners or cocktail parties, her campaign said.

Despite all the galas and dinners and designer dresses, however, the line between the Haves and the Have-Nots ultimately existed beyond the economic divide.

As I sipped on my hot fin sake, Washton explained why kaisen (seafood) dinners, like this fugu one, are so important to the restaurant.

People are cooking dinners and inviting friends over.

Fund managers and marketers woo prospective investors at poolside cabanas at the Beverly Hilton hotel and private dinners in nearby restaurants and mansions.

dinners, time at home with our dogs.

The 45-year-old was, however, inspired by the cannabis community he met there, primarily the experiences he had at the infused dinners he attended.

When he returned to New York he started putting together similar high-end infused dinners; think multiple courses of lobster and steak.

In the world of steak dinners, that’s the unkindest cut of all.

“We could either buy big homes, cars, and expensive dinners, or we could save everything we possibly could and achieve financial independence,” he said.

He also caters monthly dinners for the local fire department.

I ate four frozen Chinese food dinners, and reviewed them for you.

He stopped returning his friends’ calls and emails; sometimes, he sat in his car, alone, missing dinners with his family.

They often share dinners, envisioning the next great Lakers teams with themselves at the forefront of a revival.

Mentions of Rauschenberg’s comings and goings are scattered throughout Tworkov’s dense journal entries sighting dinners, gallery openings, and art world gossip.

A 25-year-old named Zhong won the opportunity to pay for his friends’ dinners, which really pissed off his bud, a 22-year-old named Ou.

The dinners will be three courses, with each chef showcasing one of their signature dishes, and then coming together to create a special dessert.

“When I’d go to parties or dinners, entrepreneurs would talk about how many employees they had.

There are only so many golf tournaments and so many chicken dinners.

Vegetarianism and veganism is undoubtedly having its breakthrough moment—a quarter of dinners in the UK now come without meat or fish on the plate.

Other schools currently offer eSports scholarships and welcome free dinners from sponsors and free gear—a big no-no in college sports.

“I felt like art!,” Julie confessed as we finished our dinners.

Wey hopes that both black and non-black people come to his dinners and leave with a better understanding of blackness.

These dinners are wonderful to have, but these questions and conversations need to continue well outside of the dining space.”

I mean, I’ve been to state dinners.

No, but you did these big lady fests, which was women dinners.

I did women’s dinners and they’re gone.

Now, if I have women’s dinners like I used to, there’s no one to put my children to bed.

That definitely happened to me after Dave died and my women’s dinners not happening anymore are a perfect example of that.

Naturally, they always got a bunch of sides too, so these dinners always became makeshift feasts.

I have skipped my own birthday dinners for fear of catching someone else’s germs in the close proximity of a dinner table.

Raja: I post in movie theaters, lunches, dinners.

As for the dinners, they’re really great.

All the same people headlining, always doing dinners and showcasing their food.

And all the dinners at the festival were collaborations between male chefs.

Once the day of Nowruz arrives, it kicks off a 13-day celebration of dinners, family visits, and reflections on the year ahead.

Al and Quincy have been going out to dinners and their relationship is the best it’s ever been.

But it didn’t stop there: “We went out to get sandwiches in his limousine and soon he was taking me for candlelit dinners.

When Ricky writes, he numbers all of his sentences, because he learned to read on the back of microwave dinners.

Then I also cheated with someone else later, which was also done through messenger apps and IRL at dinners, bars, and parties.

They would always have traditional Chinese lion dancing at these dinners, and everything was red and gold.

If you’re a student, your local Muslim student association likely has information nights or communal dinners in the evening.

She went on to arrange a series of “friendship and dialogue dinners,” frequently reporting back to Torshin.

However, there is a separate dining room on another floor for lunch and dinners.

Together, they’re also launching an event and catering company called 86, and speakeasy-style private dinners.

(He survives mainly on frozen dinners.)

One cannot eat the granola bars and frozen dinners I relied on as convenience food on such a diet.

No chicken dinners!

They’d like to go out to more fancy dinners and take vacations at fancier resorts.

Clough frequently got paid for being a speaker at dinners with her with no attendees, Babich said.

I’ve eaten a couple frozen TV dinners and none even came close to resembling food.

I do wish the bag contained a little brownie or pudding thing inside it like other TV dinners, though.

I’ve been very lucky at times to host Republicans in my restaurant and Democrats in impromptu off-the-record lunches or dinners.

I thought it fitted well with the theme of the dinners.

Bars and dinners are for regular customers; weekend jaunts away are for very regular customers.

Even though he had a good relationship with the press, Harding did not attend any of the three dinners held during his presidency.

In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge became the first president ever to attend one of these dinners.

The club has been hosting dinners since 1885, which feature live entertainment, jokes, and even satirical songs (not unlike the WHCD).

The activities of WHCA dinners have changed over the years.

Spurred by Lindsay Lohan’s appearance at one of the dinners, Brokaw came out against the dinner.

Here are the greatest delicacies, dips, dinners, and ideas uploaded to the food world of the internet this week.

What’s a great date for you?I’m a big fan of dinners.

It now serves dinners Thursday-through-Saturday, with interns cooking gourmet quality food under the supervision of chefs at each station.

These dinners have helped build community.

And it doesn’t just stop at dinners: folks are organizing brunches, lunches, coffees, and teas.

It’s hard to skip the fun dinners out, the impossible-to-get tickets to Hamilton, and all those destination bachelorette parties.

Refugees Welcome dinners have also been hosted by major U.S. companies seeking to model the best of American values.

They sleep in the same bed, watch Naked and Afraid, make quesadilla dinners, and listen to country music.

We asked friends and co-workers about their most unhinged Thanksgiving dinners.

We’ve got Her Majesty the Queen, fish and chips, Shakespeare, roast dinners, Harry Potter, Adele, The Beatles, to name but a few.

I will remember fondly all our late night conversations and dinners.

Purchase tickets to the Taliesin farm dinners here.

“At my mom’s house, we’d always have these big family dinners,” she said.

At their dinners, for which they charge around $150 per person for a delicious five-course cannabis-infused meal, they encourage people to blaze.

Like all other Kraft Macaroni & Cheese dinners, the unicorn shapes product is free from artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, or artificial dyes.

We went on a couple team dinners.

There’s also Myumi, which offers Japanese omakase dinners from a food truck that are pretty untouchable.

The series pairs home goods goddess Martha Stewart with rap legend Snoop Dogg for a series of potluck dinners.

Although they label their events potluck dinners, they do not required guests to bring food.

They also forgo glamorous date nights for low-key dinners at their favorite local restaurants.

My childhood dinners were consumed at approximately 7 PM each night as we yelled answers to Jeopardy!

“Tech Nation” will include a 24-hour induction for firms on the program, a series of in-depth learning sessions, and five networking dinners.

“The other two were dinners, which, I was stuck there for an hour and a half thinking, ‘When can I get out?

Perhaps clubbing isn’t your thing anymore, and now you prefer more intimate dinners with friends.

It creates new forms of demands on the player whenever the meritocratic progress to first place, the chickenest of dinners, can be presented.

These dinners are a way “to introduce Swedish culture to the American public,” Peter Ho told me over the phone.

It’s the dinners and having a laugh with your mates that keeps your mind off things.

“He was big on family dinners, family vacations, spending time with the family.

I want candlelit dinners!

We talked about badger meat, TV dinners, and sad mangoes.

If I don’t have anything at home, sometimes I buy frozen dinners.

$18, middlewestspirits.com Change up your nightly dinners by adding a little pop of color.

In 2017, get your act together and expand your repertoire of super-quick but super-tasty dinners with a little help from our favourite chefs.

Might cook some dinners.

Asked repeatedly whether friends or family attended the dinners, De Rugy declined to give details.

He said the events had been “working dinners around a theme” and that he had lowered reception costs at parliament by 13%.

Almost all of the Sakara lunches and dinners were technically salads, some with accompaniments like zaatar bread and hummus.

Our favorite thing in the world is to do family dinners and all get together and cook together and eat together,” she says.

It’s a mystic, mellow, cosmic-jetsetter that’s got us in the mood for steak dinners, cocktails, and late night plunges in the pool.

He is direct yet understated, with a light, good-humored touch, at ease holding court during Chinko’s nightly group dinners.

When her Orthodox Jewish roommate first started inviting Black to weekly Shabbat dinners, Gornik would hide in her room.

It used to be called New World and we would rent out the private room for huge multi-course family dinners.

Banned from all future family dinners.

“School dinners was 18 months and you honestly think they open the doors, ‘Come in Jamie’?

But School dinners had an impact.

Chart House: Select Chart House locations are open and serving traditional Thanksgiving dinners with all the trimmings on the holiday.

Maggiano’s: Special four-course Thanksgiving dinners are being served on Thanksgiving Day, with dine-in prices generally at $39.95 per adult, $17.95 per child.

There were elaborate excursions, dinners, and trips out of town.

The startup focused on “social dining” allows locals, mainly in Europe, to sign up to host dinners in their homes.

If one person in the group uses their phone, everyone’s trees will die, which makes it perfect for group dinners or movie nights.

It took a few weeks for Dominick to start to open up, but soon enough, family dinners were louder than ever.

There are major milestones in life that are usually celebrated with elaborate parties, intimate dinners, and grand fanfare.

I am the proud eater of four “chicken dinners” or first-place finishes.

They’d ride BMX bikes around their office, put holes in the walls, cook big dinners for everyone and watch episodes of Futurama.

“I’m Italian so every Wednesday and Sunday we have that tradition of having Italian dinners and wine,” he says.

Candlelit dinners, nights at the theater, and strolls through Central Park are great for cinematic relationships.

There are outdoor basketball games, matching watches, Cheeto dinners, and Baby and Offset racing in miniature cars.

“You had a lot of dinners?” Kafka asked of Brown’s time at the company since joining last year.

We fell into a comfortable routine of casual dinners, sometimes a movie,” Carole wrote in her tribute.

dinners were always the same: her apartment, at a small card table in her living room with a silk scarf tablecloth.

I enjoy going out for roast dinners and having a few drinks with my friends.

Unless you grew up going to potluck dinners at a Protestant church in the Midwest, gelatin-molded desserts are probably not on your radar.

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When I wrote this the then Australian prime minister was talking at pro-logging industry dinners and publicly proclaiming ‘coal is good for humanity’.

Chocolate Perfection Pie, which she has served for lunches and dinners for years – including to visiting kings and presidents.

Gellar, 42, started weekly “food trains” for Blair and her 8-year-old son Arthur so she wouldn’t have to spend extra energy cooking dinners.

They gave him money for cabs and leisure, high-end dinners and expensive gifts.

Holiday dinners with your family is when you find out that the people closest to you are not the people you thought they were.

“They are both often at Gwyneth’s for family fun and dinners.

Partners don’t scale and neither do dinners South of Market, personal introductions or marketing and strategy services.

The 6-quart capacity can easily serve four people (great for roommate dinners and small Friendsgivings).

Delicious Italian dinners?

Not even the nice server trash which is mostly paper, but the dishwasher trash that has all the remnants of dinners and kitchen waste.

The pair have been running their Game of Thrones dinners for some time, with “much success.”

I ask what the reception has been like for the themed dinners.

The pair has been consistently hanging out since last year, grabbing dinners together and even joining each other on trips to Europe.

As for the name of the book, that came from the dinners, too, Berens tells us.

If you’re interested in being truly wealthy, Mr. Bezos, I do have some advice for you: Make time for family dinners.

A huge selection of Peruvian Ceviche dinners along with a million other choices if you aren’t into the whole fish thing.

Family dinners are awkward no matter what you believe in.

My mom would have Sunday dinners every day.

She often had two dinners: one at home with her family and one at the Daughtrys’ house across the street.

You know, Mario Batali wasn’t cooking dinners at the White House then.

Getting group dinners before returning to work every night becomes essential to one’s social life, especially for those that don’t yet have children.

Family holiday dinners are gonna be awkward.

From the Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries in northern India to our family dinners in NYC.

And the University of Toledo Muslim Students Association has hosted gatherings, including potluck dinners for refugees and community members.

It’s not only the family trips, but dinners, celebrations, etc.

Secret sauce: The program’s weekly dinners, which feature guest speakers and let founders chat with other participants, are the secret sauce.

” Langley told me in explaining how the Toronto dinners came together.

Nevertheless, Martha sounds skeptical when she asks Hillary what it’s like to preside over state dinners: “Did they really interest you, these dinners?

Whenever we have family dinners, he always makes us laugh.

But the concept, of perfectly juicy roast chicken, vegetables, they’re like some ideal reimagining of Sunday dinners in the United States.

And the dead deer will surely be cheered, butchered, and cooked into the tastiest of dinners.

While he’s in New York, Facinelli and Luca Bella will have “big family dinners, just catching up,” he said.

LONDON — Roast dinners are a British institution.

Ben now spends much of his free time cooking extraordinarily good, simple pizzas at pseudo-­legal pop-up events and dinners around town.

But in 2016, a year already fraught with holiday political arguments and tense family dinners, starting a new tradition might be a little difficult.

Not the dinners and anything else — I just think that’s a little bit different than the way it used to be.”

But we have to continue to go to planned rehearsal dinners, buy cakes and all the rest with both.

Pardew, stealing people’s dinners and referring to himself as “the king” at every given opportunity.

More than a half-dozen other state Democratic committees either have changed or are considering changing the names of their “J-J” dinners.

Either that, or he’ll just keep snarfling people’s dinners and having a grand old time.

But some companies are finding that five-star hotels and fancy dinners can add up when it’s for hundreds or thousands of workers.

Then came the party dinners — more than 35 Lincoln Day dinners around the state.

These dudes even have dinners in celebration of the written word, art, food, and architecture.

That was basically the vibe of American “bachelor dinners” in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

DeMint wants to create the same type of social atmosphere — regular drinks, dinners, etc.

The group will host dinners and receptions for donors on Friday and Saturday at The Venetian, according to attendees.

That was something that old—like early-bird dinners and AARP old—people got.

“Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas, Halloween, and charity events I hosted at my house.

A “ticket” to one of Ilana’s dinners costs anywhere from $75–$160, depending on drinks.

Make someone feel special by not canceling plans (even if it means you end up eating four dinners).

“You didn’t photograph yourself there or talk about [the dinners], but it helped Priti and I form a deeper friendship,” recalls Gates.

The asparagus season is celebrated with all kinds of festivities, such as dinners, “asparaguseries,” and galas.

Are those dinners always fun?

Dad often sponsors the asparagus for the dinners, but they promote themselves enough; I do not have to do anything for that.

“They take them out to dinners,” Trump complained Friday in Delaware.

He came up during private dinners and receptions.

The Trump Organization’s properties have emerged as a top destination for Republicans to hold fundraising events and donor dinners, the Washington Post reports.

Absent are the fussy arrangements featured for past dinners, replaced with uncluttered, functional settings featuring natural materials and clean lines.

I’m guessing the president doesn’t get a lot of state dinners like this.” 5.

“Typically lunches and dinners tend to be the wildcards [on vacation], and more indulgent.

Ultimately, the two hope to move beyond sales pitches and awkward IT dinners to engage enterprise technology buyers in a new way.

“What the Democratic leadership has got to understand is that not all of my supporters go to these fancy fundraising dinners.

Researchers determined the calorie content of the most popular dinners at independent eateries around Boston, San Francisco and Little Rock, Arkansas.

Guests list any dietary restrictions when they sign up online for the dinners, which are held about once a week.

After a month of the latter, delicacies and heavy foods will reign at the holiday’s lavish dinners.

At 15,16, I am going to dinners, movies and everybody was stopping me—that’s when I realized the business of it.

It is also an opportunity to connect with loved ones over dinners through breaking the fast together.

You’ll have to spend your weekend compiling it, working through the loose-leaf and eating microwave dinners.

“We will still have family dinners.

He fondly recalls dinners of Chef Boyardee and Tang.

In other words, you’ll really reap the benefits of those home-cooked dinners if you help put together the grocery list.

After three games, I’d landed 30 kills and two chicken dinners.

From private-plane rides to five-star dinners, fame can buy them any number of things out of reach to the rest of us.

Romantic dinners aren’t the only way the couple spices things up.

Maybe you think clothes are meaningless, but fancy dinners make you super happy?

As death approached, Kennedy held family dinners and sing-alongs most every night.

Kronan isn’t the first shipwreck to harbour the vestiges of sunken dinners.

Then I lugged my three bags home to compare price, quality, and make three separate roasted chicken sheet pan dinners.

He takes him to ball games and dinners, and lends support when the pain becomes overwhelming.

I saw shows and went out to dinners.

Often host nations pull out all the stops, with elaborate state dinners, tours of historical sites and military parades.

Gomez says she and her single friends had fun at a few dinners and then just went back to “the house to hang out.”

“Long days shooting followed by private dinners with the cast were common place.

He wanted to be ready to pay for dinners and drinks and touristy stuff with the currency of the country he was visiting.

Some of the best moments of the event took place outside the venue, at the packed luncheons and dinners.

I pay for our dinners, since he doesn’t have a Seamless account, and we eat and watch Concussion, the Will Smith movie.

The exhibition includes Carrie Adams’s 2013 Untitled (dinners) and David Hammons’s Koolaid Drawing (2004), an abstract expressionistic work painted using real Kool-AID.

Its name evokes images of nerdy men in bow ties giving corny speeches at retirement dinners.

Olivia (Kerry Washington) is having Sunday dinners with her father one day and sending him to jail the next — only to free him again.

We already want to spend all of our time with them, couldn’t they just come to our family dinners?

“Our weeks are so hectic I try to do as many family dinners as I can.

N.Y. Times’ Peter Baker: “I would vote to leave the comedy acts to comedy shows and stick to journalism at journalism dinners.”

But at the end of the day, we all go out and have more lunches and dinners together.

He describes these luxury dinners as “cerebral experiences” meant to introduce more than just a high, although scientists advise dining with caution.

The locations for these dinners vary, but most are held in private homes in states where either recreational or medical marijuana is legal.

From thousand-dollar dinners to multi-million-dollar estates, PEOPLE took a look at what the rapper’s big purchases.

Since launching in 2013, Sprig has raised $56.7 million to cook and deliver its own line of health-conscious lunches and dinners.

Thanksgiving dinners attended by people who were likely to be of opposing parties were cut short by 30 to 50 minutes.

Maybe Trump will take the show on the road and host state dinners in countries he goes to visit.

The obvious venues to host pop up state dinners.

dinners, booze, fast fashion, Ubers, and trips to Cuba.

Worst of all, I missed out on dinners, trips, parties, and many other moments with friends and family.

Hello, go-to weeknight dinners.

A superseding indictment filed last week accused him of spending campaign funds on such personal items as massages and expensive dinners.

Monday-night dinners are a big deal for the Australian part of my family.

As a child, I couldn’t wait for these dinners.

Whiskey and Pringles — just like we had at family dinners.

Abbi tries to hop between the two dinners without each party realizing.

The club has maintained its schedule of events, including annual holiday dinners.

The inauguration ceremony is sandwiched amidst days of events, including lavish dinners, the parade and concerts.

He’s a smart dog and loves food, so he will try to get two dinners if he can.”

State dinners President Obama held 13 state dinners at the White House in his eight years, hosting 16 different countries.

I ate microwave dinners and watched whatever was on TV, including 30 minutes of a Spanish-language church service, with neither like or dislike.

I eat only pre-packaged Ogmentoeil TV dinners and they pay me intern wages while I’m tapering off.

I also knew I had to bring something nice for the few times I was going to nicer dinners and rooftop bars.

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to Trump, said the President’s schedule will include working dinners most every evening.

We always have family Sunday dinners [when we come home].

She said he plans to even hold some type of media dinners, despite his self-proclaimed war with the press.

The group hosts dinners where refugees cook elaborate meals from their home countries for locals in the New Jersey communities where they’ve settled.

She’s cooked for these dinners before, and they joke with each other like old friends.

And I mean anywhere: birthday dinners, grad-school class presentations, cocktail parties with my future in-laws.

30-Minute Meals for Quick Healthy dinners 2.

The dinners were first reported by Fortune and Politico.

I try to buy essentials that can last through the month as well as dinners for the week.

I cut it with water to make a jar last for two dinners.

At family dinners, while my sisters would ask for Greek food, I demanded buttered pasta.

They have given up coffee shop trips and weekend restaurant dinners with family.

“I don’t have my family so close that brunch and pasta dinners are a normal thing,” she says.

Working dinners have become standard fare for Trump.

Trump was struck by the ubiquity of the hats, from rallies in rural America to formal GOP donor dinners, Lewandowski says.

It unfolds over poker tournaments and Shabbat dinners here as donors ask for an audience and candidates ask for a dollar.

I also love long dinners, cocktails with friends, and the weekend bagel with a generous smear of cream cheese.

Visits in foreign capitals often involve state dinners that extend late into the evening, followed by early talks the next day.

We are all savings-minded, so fancier dinners occur maybe twice a month vs. weekly.

“Mattis is a frequent guest at White House lunches and dinners, a sign of his elevated status.

Not therapy, not patience, not wine-soaked dinners with friends where I “got it all out.” Great spidery cracks widened over time.

He’s missed 32 years of Christmas dinners, graduations, even the birth of his granddaughter, but he says he is not bitter.

They often had dinners together.

Yeah, we don’t dine out, but our dinners at home are one of the best parts of the day.

Elana Karp and Suzanne Dumaine have come to our meal-prepping rescue, with their new cookbook, Plated: Weeknight dinners, Weekend Feasts, and Everything in Between.

Facebook could offer cryptocurrency-based payments between friends to let a wider range of users settle debts for shared dinners or taxis through Messenger.

Alibaba recently deployed a futuristic restaurant concept, Robot.He dinners, with robot waiters in place of human servers.

He would go with Trump to dinners, fashion shows and baseball games — always restricting who got close to the boisterous businessman.

I instantly thought of conversations over Christmas dinners about depression and suffering.

After her mother’s death, Jones said she became “a makeshift mom, cleaning house, doing dinners,” and taking her two younger siblings to events.

There’s also Myumi, which offers Japanese omakase dinners from a food truck that are pretty untouchable.

She started by serving weekly dinners to homeless youth.

We planned lots of day trips and family dinners.

This time, it has taken on family dinners.

Microwaves are great; they warm leftovers, melt butter and chocolate for baking, and allow you to eat frozen dinners on busy nights.

By never going out, driving an old car and eating frozen dinners, he was able to save millions.

Visits in foreign capitals often involve state dinners that extend late into the evening followed by early talks the next day.

Industrial designer Josh Treuhaft clears out dumpsters to host dinners made from restaurants’ leftover ingredients.

Whether or not these dinners are worth $125, at least the money goes to charity.

The cities where these dinners take place are extremely predictable: Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Berkeley.

It seems like it would yield enough portions for a few lunches and dinners.

You’ve been doing beer dinners on campus for what now, about ten years?

Merkel once shared hugs and smiles and intimate dinners with Obama as their relationship evolved over the years.

In our first space in Indonesia, we’ve held language classes and invited in young-and-coming local chefs to do pop-up dinners.

They have dinners together and spend time with their grandchildren.”

And then the weekend rolls around and you end up indulging in the obligatory boozy dinners and brunches with friends.

Since posting the photographs on Twitter, Malstrom has received some serious praise, along with various invites to Thanksgiving dinners and barbecues with “seasoned” food.

She grew profoundly bored with her mother’s kadhi, a spiced, super-sour yogurt soup, served almost nightly at dinners.

They became friends, she said, and he invited her to several dinners at his home.

But he wrote his testimony like summer beach reading, with detailed descriptions of awkward dinners, Oval Office meetings and phone conversations.

Endless explanations and awkward dinners can be tiring, and picky eaters get lonely.

Going to family dinners with Jason is not the best way to keep your previous secret fling a secret.

The dinners began under President Bill Clinton and were continued by both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Kourtney, the family voice of reason, points out that the dinners on the trip were so special because no one was on their phones.

After a month of the latter, delicacies and heavy foods will reign at the holiday’s lavish dinners.

Sure, dinners can get tense, but you shouldn’t feel like you’re being tortured.

“It’s not the same thing to have our own family dinners and talk about small things that are important for life,” he said.

We give state dinners to the heads of China.

For Tales of the Cocktail — a week of drink tastings, pairings dinners, cocktail-nerd seminars, and raucous parties.

Also, when we do collaboration dinners, we bring so much food and I worry about the air cabin pressure.

Obama also had regular dinners with some of the nation’s leading historians, including Doris Kearns Goodwin, Robert Caro and Douglas Brinkley.

The dinners, Brinkley said, focused not on the present, but on the past.

LeBron James brought a pretty special guest to his weekly “Taco Tuesday” dinners … Anthony Davis!!!

I have such distinct memories of Shabbat dinners.

The importance of salmon in ‘Namgis culture can be illustrated by its presence at everything from casual family dinners to potlatches.

Robots are starting to appear everywhere: driving cars, cooking dinners and even as robotic pets.

He quit the brewery, started a company called HandTaste Ferments, and began cobbling together a living selling sauerkraut and doing bi-monthly pop up dinners.

I would say we make most dinners at home, from fresh ingredients, no boxed foods.

Each chapter has breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks and treats in it.

Business dinners Do a deal.

Weeknight dinners are always an adventure.

Their suppliers took them to the Games and fancy dinners.

“We’ve had dinners, we’ve been on location together, we’ve had arguments.

Charles is more like ‘We’re going to go to like, fancy dinners and balls.

While the topic of that dinner was criminal justice reform, future dinners are in the works.

Future dinners are in the works.

Sometimes I rejected the free dinners and drinks because it was still hard for me to accept help without feeling guilty.

Of course, there’s more to friendship than just going out to expensive dinners.

So keep that in mind when inviting people out for expensive dinners or trips.” —Maggie Levantovskaya 50.

Putin turned to him to cater his birthday parties as well as dinners with visiting leaders, including President Bush and Jacques Chirac of France.

If he buys the plane tickets, I’ll pay for the dinners, so it feels like I’m contributing.

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