Diminished in a sentence | Use of the word diminished examples

“The rate of growth in healthcare costs in our country has been greatly diminished by the Affordable Care Act,” she said.

They allow fisheries to continue to invest in themselves while the stocks are being diminished by overexploitation.”

Attention and coordination are diminished even in people who are resting.

His relationship with football has diminished greatly since then.

But to the extent that negative effects are merely subjective and political, the case against secrecy is diminished.

I think due to the disqualification, I’m sure some of that is diminished.

But if they do what they’ve promised, Obama’s ultimate legacy will be greatly diminished.

By 2015, consumers constituted about 49 percent of a diminished worldwide PC shipment total of 275.8M units.

In recent months, as the group’s grip on its Syrian and Iraqi heartland falters, this last strand has diminished in frequency and power.

But even the septum’s edginess as it came onto the scene was diminished by its frillier-seeming southern cousin.

Many psychological theories have been debunked or diminished in rigorous replication attempts.

I thought, ‘What if it’s a trap?’” The nervousness has diminished over time.

But as partisanship has taken over just about everything in political life, the power of the single-issue voter (on any issue) has diminished.

It’s funny to think about it now, but back then I was infuriated; I felt diminished, you know?

About what might be lost or diminished by the advent of robot caretakers.

It seems that the “good person” bare minimum has diminished to just avoiding sounding like a full-on Nazi.

But his sway – and that of his family’s regional patron Saudi Arabia – had diminished.

This is particularly the case among white men without college degrees, whose job prospects have diminished the most during that time.

With the recent court rulings, the chances of that happening are now diminished — although the courts could overturn the latest decisions on appeal.

Our privacy  —  and our nation’s security  —  have been diminished, just so a few mega-corporations can make a little extra cash.

Some of those conversations are more thoughtful than others, but I think it diminished the film — which was never very heavyweight to begin with.

“During the same period in which socially accepted sadism diminished, economic inequality and economic insecurity have steadily increased.

Jordan cites problems that have accompanied the statute, including rising premiums and deductibles and diminished insurance choices in the individual market in some communities.

Her work was diminished or suppressed in a public context.

At the very least, the odds of any of those things happening are massively diminished.

With these figures diminished, it becomes easier to see how ordinary Trump’s plans are.

“Near-term risks to the economic outlook have diminished,” the Fed’s policy statement said on Wednesday.

The researchers thought women with “diminished ovarian reserve” would have a harder time getting pregnant.

A dreaded “diminished ovarian reserve” finding might push a woman to consider freezing her eggs, or to rush to get pregnant.

“Combined with the diminished oversight and accountability that contractors receive, that is an invitation to misconduct.”

“(In 2019) we expect the corporate firepower behind share buybacks to be diminished.

To a large extent, then, unfettered access to European markets and diminished British sovereignty are a package deal.

What evidence do we have that shows the diminished impact of terrorism?

As its physical caliphate has diminished, its virtual caliphate has grown.

Otherwise, we’ll pay through diminished crop harvests, inundated coastlines, destroyed homes, lost lives, and an increasingly unlivable planet.

But seeing the final episodes hasn’t diminished my desire to read Martin’s version of this story’s climax — quite the opposite.

But that’s not because of diminished American strength or some looming superpower.

When fans saw Gregorius taking the field at short, they didn’t feel the absence of the diminished Jeter they had most recently seen.

Treasures is supposed to be Hirst’s major come-back, a rebuke to his diminished popularity and slumping market value.

His grades stabilized and the extracurricular fights diminished.

Astronauts commonly report diminished eyesight that doesn’t return to normal upon their return home.

No one is suggesting a single drink during pregnancy will cause fetal alcohol syndrome or severely diminished IQ.

“Research and development expenses declined sequentially as Model X development work diminished during the quarter,” the letter said.

In the upper chamber, there’s a perception that the power of individual senators to filibuster bills or introduce legislation has diminished.

“If we Republicans choose Donald Trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished,” Romney said.

So that would also get diminished, because people will start taking the ferry instead of taking the bus.

Or does it mean a diminished Pride relic takes more pointless beatings with worse consequences?

But under the Senate bill, Obamacare’s ability to actually cover people with health insurance is sharply diminished.

But even as committees are diminished, the Finance Committee is still one of the most powerful.

With Kollar-Kotelly’s decision, the chances of that happening are diminished — although the federal government is likely to appeal the decision.

And his voracious appetite for booze and rich food diminished his health and increased his waistline.

In these cases, hippocampal oscillations diminished as expected.

They’ve also been having more oral sex across age groups as the taboo around it has diminished.

It’s related with feelings of being persecuted, being diminished, or feeling you’ll be killed.”

Escalations of attacks — and particularly extended escalations, such as the intifadas — seriously diminished Israelis’ political tolerance.

At that exact moment, my powers diminished and I was lost in heaven and lost to earth.

Making Tweets bigger by adding more content or bigger pictures has diminished user engagement in the past, according to one source.

Florence’s intensity has diminished since it roared ashore along the U.S. mid-Atlantic coast on Friday as a hurricane.

The Yankees taking the field today are a severely diminished version of themselves.

That decision was also met with fan resistance, and insistence that Marvel diminished the work of Rogers’s creators.

Whatever remaining dignity left to Copley is further diminished by the gentle mockery of a bird perching on his head.

And with it comes a diminished chance of repairing US-Russia relations on terms that Putin might like.

Meanwhile, reports at the time suggested FanDuel and DraftKings had been suffering from severely diminished cash flow.

ISIS may be diminished in Syria, but it’s hardly dead.

ISIS may be diminished in Syria, but it’s hardly dead.

The latest generation of teachers entered their classrooms with student debt, mediocre health care, and diminished job prospects.

“When this is banned or diminished, it has a really drastic effect on scientific research.

The jury accepted this, and Palmer was found guilty of manslaughter by diminished responsibility.

The ability to respond to that is diminished by not having your team in place, and the numbers are pretty stark.

To make up for diminished credentials, women end up needing more of them to get ahead.

Now, that said, I would say that the Trump factor has diminished somewhat.” This week the company published the numbers to prove it.

Rising drug-cartel violence under its conservative successors opened the door to a PRI comeback in 2012, though with its power and prestige diminished.

Okwerekwu wrote, “Despite all the other positive interactions I had with this teacher, her silence in this circumstance diminished my presence.

I was drinking less than when I had started the treatment and going cold turkey on the electricity had diminished my zap cravings.

And yet, it hasn’t diminished their need to argue—about everything.

This time around, that number diminished to just 3.3 million.

The quality of opponent has diminished significantly at 41-years-old, though that’s to be expected.

It was unclear exactly what Shanahan meant and Pentagon officials could not immediately clarify whether the threat from Iran had been diminished.

Meanwhile, the same political ills that pervaded the last election — like fake news — certainly haven’t diminished in resonance this time around.

“In general, accuracy of wrist-worn monitors was best at rest and diminished with exercise.”

Though the populations are greatly diminished across the continent, they are not direly small.

Increase in ride-sharing and ride-hailing, scooters, and e-bikes have also diminished the demand for buses.

Social change within the hockey community is diminished yet commodified into sloganeering.

And I think that’s probably better because the potential for corruption is substantially diminished in a direct versus a representative democracy.

Even though the wind threat has diminished and the rainfall has abated in Houston proper, the danger is far from over.

The media attention and mobilized resistance over the second vote was far diminished from the crescendo that preceded the first doomed effort.

But if things get bad, the United States, traditionally a world leader in epidemic response, has greatly diminished capacity in this regard.

Thousands of dispossessed, down-trodden and oppressed were strangers in their own city, as they had been made to feel diminished and insignificant.

“This is fear of a diminished bottom line,” Long wrote on Twitter.

Both incidents point to a persistent, often overlooked problem in medicine: Women’s symptoms are often diminished and dismissed by doctors.

So the nature of what would constitute [a] public radio station would be severely diminished.

“By no means has dengue diminished,” Dr. Gary Nabel, the Chief Scientific Officer of Sanofi told Business Insider in a recent interview.

That a woman’s role in a major event, place, or time would be diminished is not a new phenomenon.

Trump has diminished the positions and personalities around him, often tweeting criticisms of his own appointees and contradicting members of his administration.

His ministry said after the decision that the Olympics would be diminished by the absence of Russian athletes.

China faces diminished economic prospects in the medium and long term if it fails to continue its reforms, Lew said.

The Mets and Harvey are lost as to why he has struggled—well, beyond diminished velocity—but he has struggled mightily.

Forensics experts suspect that Golik died of natural causes in 1973, but since her apartment window was open, the smell diminished.

Some have their pain diminished or dismissed entirely, leading them to “decouple,” as McGeeney puts it, from the medical system.

Your ability to send and receive e-mail will be diminished or perhaps even eliminated altogether.

Perception of that threat has diminished, as Vessel’s growth hasn’t taken off as some expected.

But even on this diminished measure, Ryan’s record betrayed his promises.

When patients took MDMA, however, their fearful reactions diminished and they responded more strongly to positive facial expressions—as people with Williams also do.

“Los Diez” exhibited three times before disbanding in 1961, a tacit acknowledgment of the group’s peripheral and diminished place following the revolution.

He stands in a big, open doorway; he’s balding and diminished inside a shapeless blue jacket and green trousers.

Initially, air and water quality were drastically diminished, sometimes catastrophically.

He understands that Russia’s overall position in the world is significantly diminished.

Wind speed slowed and waves that rose as high as 8 meters (26 feet) at the weekend diminished.

“The Hoy No Circula program has never worked, traffic may have diminished a little, but pollution levels have not changed.

In July 2015, new anti-money laundering rules passed in Luxembourg “significantly diminished Le Freeport’s operative opacity,” according to Kinz.

Obamacare is, it would appear, here to stay, at least in diminished form.

Because even in his diminished state, rock and roll is down, magazines are done, Rolling Stone is down.

He noted that the incidents of abuse diminished toward the end of the years covered in the report.

But that’s not because of diminished American strength or some looming superpower.

If California decides not to join, regional coordination would inevitably be diminished and regional transmission coordination made more difficult.

For example, they can apply for more vehicle licenses if they can show that service in underserved areas has been diminished.

High-profile investor Dave McClure’s role has been diminished at 500 Startups, the investment company he co-founded and had been running.

For a show with so many strengths, however, it’s a disappointment to see the role of Anni Albers diminished.

Your ability to send and receive e-mail will be diminished or perhaps even eliminated altogether.

“This way, he had 100 percent of the proceeds to reinvest, because the proceeds weren’t diminished by taxes,” Willens said.

And I think that’s probably better because the potential of corruption is substantially diminished in a direct versus a representative democracy.”

But even if I do not, the power of his influence on my life is not diminished.

He is rejecting its mandate, creating something radically new and diminished.

The Fertittas brothers will have a minority interest and a diminished role.

Meanwhile, some 4,100 firefighters gained significant additional ground, helped by a second day of diminished winds.

MB: I think that American power has diminished under Obama.

He had a diminished capacity to foresee the consequences of his actions.” Prosecutors called the diagnosis a “transparent” bid for leniency at sentencing.

And historians note that socialist movements can influence political parties, even if their electoral clout is diminished.

By 2027, these conditions begin to calm only because an economic slump has diminished demand, while high prices stimulate food production.

But after two notorious losses to Muhammad Ali in 1964 and 1965, he was kind of a diminished figure.

The book picks up when he moves to Las Vegas as that diminished figure after reaching such great heights.

Expert witnesses at her trial pointed to evidence of borderline personality disorder to argue for diminished responsibility.

As their numbers diminished, maintaining FARC’s numbers became more important than ever.

By the third day, the sketchy feeling was gone, but the desire for alcohol remained diminished, at least for a little while longer.

Saudi Arabia is notable for its diminished presence this year.

Their control won’t be diminished unless they want it diminished.

Beginning in a few weeks, publishers and Pages that continue to utilize this tactic will see their reach diminished for all of their posts.

I think in many ways it’s having a diminished effect on the narrative in Washington.

* A staff diminished from 8,628 workers in 2012 to 6,042 this year, according to the April PREPA report.

“No, I don’t want to do this or that.” It doesn’t matter, but a certain way that leaves people not instantly diminished.

Neither women nor men want to feel diminished or degraded by the aggression of somebody else.

As the phone calls progressed, my desire to testify against him diminished until I finally recanted, and he walked free.

But she was absolutely wrong when she said women of diminished intellectual capacities or certain medical conditions should not be able to reproduce.

“The gatekeepers have been extraordinarily diminished,” Hayes says.

— Ted Cruz “You cannot destroy ISIS with a military that’s been diminished.”

“My legacy can’t be compromised or diminished in any way by what we’re going through now.

“My legacy can’t be compromised or diminished in any way by what we’re going through now.

Effective immediately, I was now narrative director, in a diminished role, and not managing the design team.

Committee chairs’ roles have diminished, and power has centralized in the leadership offices.

He said the division looks for higher prices, diminished quality, including loss of privacy, and collusion when seeking to find violations of antitrust law.

Trump’s statement also diminished Bannon’s role in the election victory and accused him of leaking to the media.

When he got back he was 30 and greatly diminished.

But in recent weeks, particularly as the Russia scandal heated up, Spicer has played a diminished role in public.

The internet groups brief rejected the argument that the net neutrality rules had led to diminished investment.

So too Arsenal have been somehow diminished, their football depressingly weak and anaemic.

“Mathematically there’s a fact – the advantage Duque had over us has diminished,” said Petro, surrounded by his family as supporters cheered.

His warm, dark eyes suggest his initial suspicion of the photographer’s intentions has diminished.

Their capacity to experience what they’re feeling is radically diminished.”

look diminished by comparison.

My queerness has been diminished and joked about by other queer people, which instills a level of self-doubt.

The values taught by our parents slowly diminished and we grew apart.

The past few years have seen many psychological phenomena destroyed or diminished in rigorous replication attempts.

As in Egypt, the US relationship with Turkey will probably survive these events, albeit in diminished form.

Though the populations are greatly diminished across the continent, they are not direly small.

He said the division looks for higher prices, diminished quality, including loss of privacy, and collusion when seeking to find violations of antitrust law.

Senses diminished, he is won over by the fantasy that he can take the burden of himself out of the world by suicide.

The archway was named in honor of the graduating class in which a US president of diminished reputation had matriculated.

But the remarks from the Pontifical Academy appear to have diminished that possibility.

But the remarks from the Pontifical Academy appear to have diminished that possibility.

“They felt like minorities and African-Americans are diminished.

It augurs a substance-free, policy-averse, crap-happy campaign season, degraded even by the diminished standards of contemporary US politics.

This is because the available FMO3 is diminished by hormonal changes at this time. “

This is reflected in recent poll numbers showing Saccone’s former double-digit lead has diminished significantly.

“We want to serve Pakistan and despite suffering tragedies and incidents, our love for peace has not diminished,” he added.

Cave’s demeanour – broken, diminished, aged – is astonishing.

It’s humbling to watch this intimidating character, recently so emotionally and intellectually concrete, appear so diminished.

But are these correctives enough if the collateral damage is leaving a string of traumatized and diminished female photographers in their wake?

Figuring out how to tastefully use the diminished scale in a solo would be amazing.

But authorities said on Sunday that the search-and-rescue mission had shifted into a “search-and-recovery” effort, reflecting the diminished likelihood of finding anyone else alive.

While these rural-urban gaps have diminished markedly, substantial differences persist.

Walker has radically diminished the power of organized labor.

But first-quarter 2019 profit growth expectations have diminished.

To a large extent, then, unfettered access to European markets and diminished British sovereignty are a package deal.

The dangers facing Americans, he said, are “not because of diminished American strength or some looming superpower.”

He was so very much, so very electric in his presence, but so later diminished.

This has severely diminished our capacity to borrow insights — important ones — that have originated before us.

Now, a full quarter of GOPers — 25 percent — say Trump’s election has diminished race relations.

And Weil, in particular, had his role diminished especially after layoffs in October.

The Trump-supporting duo appear to have been affected by algorithm changes that have diminished all engagement with political content.

She has enhanced her standing in her caucus, and he has diminished his standing inside his own.

Even things like incompetency claims for the mentally disabled or those with diminished capacity can slip through the cracks.

After another 15 minutes went by, the nocturnal population diminished.

And I notice that music doesn’t speak to me during these periods, or it does but in a very diminished way.

Once in Mexico, Horna’s overt engagement with national politics diminished and was replaced by an engagement with feminism and her personal experience.

“He’s greatly diminished,” he said.

This diagnosis, along with that of EUPD, gives her legal team the opportunity to argue a partial medical defense of diminished responsibility.

Instead she uses it as a disruptive force, swirling around diminished minor keys.

Exceptionally low volatility across the market also diminished the safe-haven allure of the U.S. dollar.

Finally, there are three forms of selfless, “transcendent” love, in which one’s own needs and concerns are relatively diminished.

Even if Drew League’s entrenchment in South Central is sacrosanct, its local flavor has undoubtedly diminished during the commercial era.

But the woman who has dominated European politics for 12-1/2 years appears greatly diminished, raising questions over whether she will serve out her term.

“My legacy can’t be compromised or diminished in any way by what we’re going through now.

It suggests the United States would bear the brunt of diminished trade and of damage to consumer and investor confidence.

“In general we want the music to reflect the political and social reality of today: diminished, melancholic, ominous, brooding, fragile, stormy etc.”

If we made the show about Trump every day, I think the power of the individual stories would be really diminished.

Florence’s intensity has diminished since it roared ashore along the U.S. mid-Atlantic coast on Friday as a hurricane.

At the same time, the diminished brain differences in grown-ups might indicate that adult ADHD is a separate animal altogether.

La Cosa Nostra diminished over time for a variety of reasons, from better law-enforcement to cultural assimilation to bloody infighting to changing economics.

“We want people to know her story and for her legacy not to be diminished.

These are teams even a diminished Seahawks squad should have no problem handling.

With the two federal orders, the chances of that happening are now diminished — although the federal government is likely to appeal the decisions.

“A forced choice between two diminished options is no choice at all and forbidden by the court,” it said.

With each incident, faith in the force is diminished.

The resulting maps shows where lights have increased in blue and where lights have diminished in pink in the past five years.

And while the HDP again secured a parliamentary presence, it was a diminished one.

The official recently said torture appeared to be increasing, while reports of arbitrary arrests had not diminished.

As with parliamentary gridlock in Weimar, congressional gridlock in the US has diminished respect for democratic norms, allowing McConnell to trample them even more.

Many psychological theories have been debunked or diminished in rigorous replication attempts.

Those shouldn’t be diminished.

At the Washington Examiner, Byron York argues that those who fight Donald Trump on Donald Trump’s terms end up diminished.

Kennedy hated the CIA for the embarrassment and diminished its role in the world of intelligence.

To consistently engage with Trump is to be diminished by him.

And we have all been diminished by his presidency.

We are diminished when our president lies, and even more so when we begin taking his habitual lying for granted.

We are diminished when our president spends his time and energy — and thus the nation’s time and energy — on the wrong issues.

We are diminished when the president knows nothing about the issues he faces, and does not try to learn more.

We are diminished when our political leaders excuse or ignore behavior they know is wrong.

We are diminished when the people who need America’s mercy and protection most are harmed in service of lies and bigotry.

We are diminished when the rest of the world comes to doubt our leadership and reliability.

We are diminished when our president has little respect for the institutions and norms that have protected our country.

He has diminished the country he promised to make great.

And that’s diminished significantly with the closure of some of these banks.” Reporting by Andrey Ostroukh; Editing by Peter Graff

“Near-term risks to the economic outlook have diminished,” the Fed’s policy statement said on Wednesday.

Near-term risks to the economic outlook have diminished.

Candidates no longer need significant party support to make their candidacy viable because the media’s gatekeeping power has diminished.

“Perhaps I am doing games a disservice by making a game where player choice is diminished.

“The threshold for tolerance has diminished significantly.

diminished support among blacks, coupled with a large drop in black turnout, would hurt the Democrat.

Their relative quiet since has not diminished their reputation.

You know, if people feel better, is it because their pain is really diminished or are they just high and don’t care as much?

The Facebook announcement diminished the value of content from publishers: “Facebook was built on the idea of connecting people with their friends and family.

Well, that you have a valid point of view that’s not diminished just because it’s often disguised as comedy.Not really.

In her words, “African American history and culture had diminished considerably.

Parche was declared to be of diminished mental capacity and never spent a day in jail.

Back in April, as I walked around Limerick, I realized just how much Ireland had been diminished under British rule.

Chinatown is now diminished, another casualty of New York’s endless gentrification.

“One side of this is that we want to reassure, not cause false anxiety, in women whose tests show diminished ovarian reserve.

Since the establishment of the neoliberal agenda, we’ve observed every aspect of our constitutional democracy diminished.

We are concerned that those investments will be diminished as we go forward.

When Mac first started vaping meth, he experienced a diminished intensity of drug effects, which was difficult for him.

Communities pay millions in higher taxes, higher health care and insurance premiums, lower property values, and diminished commercial investment.

Overwhelmingly, all anyone was asking for was kindness, inclusiveness, and to not suffer diminished rights due to their gender, skin color, or sexual orientation.

This resulted in medically unnecessary restrictions that have greatly reduced access and diminished the potential of this very safe and effective form of abortion.”

Over time, my sex drive has diminished.

We still often view the domestic as a space of diminished intellect, motherhood as a detriment to work, and womanhood itself as a burden.

Their habitats have been diminished by over 90% and the animals are worth a fortune on the black market.

The long-delayed budget was passed by parliament on March 3, but Kurdish lawmakers boycotted the vote in protest over their region’s diminished allocation.

What little was registered with the CME’s warehouse network has diminished further to just 4,851 tonnes.

But fearing that her tolerance had diminished, her home clinic decided to keep her at the reduced dose.

“The swelling in there has not diminished,” manager Terry Collins said.

Jutting, 31, pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of “diminished responsibility” at the start of his trial in Hong Kong.

The crushing consequences for campaigns translate into exhausted volunteers, diminished campaign funds, and little time or money left to campaign before Election Day.

Ramped-up patrolling of Nigerian waters and oil’s diminished profitability have made robbery too costly.

A diminished threat of tornadoes will persist from the Texas Panhandle through Kansas, the weather service said.

The diminished terror group isn’t going to make it easy.

In my experience, the more you focus on those things the more diminished the returns are.

The media attention and mobilized resistance over the second vote was far diminished from the crescendo that preceded the first doomed effort.

In the end, a massive militarized police presence and hordes of protesters lead to a diminished white supremacist presence, by comparison.

“The result is a noticeably diminished appearance of photo damage, replaced by incredible radiance and luminosity,” the copy on Sephora’s site gushes.

A diminished Huggit said, “Must regenerate.”

Some have been removed from their positions, their power diminished if not destroyed.

In that diminished state, doing something extraordinary really does feel special.

Whose power will be diminished when a drug that has so many health benefits is provided without a prescription?

But Helfrich is forever damned by association because he plays Chip’s diminished progeny, Salieri to his Mozart.

So we’re now shifting into an uncomfortable era of consolidation, diminished competition, higher prices, more profits, and fewer choices.

It’s clear though that women got stuck with weak wheat as their societal capabilities diminished, and they could have used a paleo diet.

Age has diminished his ability to thrust, so now he glides across the stage as if rehearsing a sort of soulful Tai Chi.

Even as the risk of AIDS has diminished, a wave of deaths by overdose is currently menacing people who inject drugs.

(diminished and sometimes delayed dilation is also seen in eye diseases like glaucoma, he said.)

“The U.S. is likely to find its influence in international forums such as the G-20 diminished.”

Clearly, among men, lack of sleep results in diminished sexual functioning.

Macron has undoubtedly been diminished by the revolt.

Sothern is now retired from the university, where he studied whether the timing of cancer drugs impacted their efficacy or diminished their side effects.

Without these investigations, federal oversight of police departments is greatly diminished.

He has made a drastic decision, partly influenced by an inadequate administrative system and partly influenced by his diminished sense of self-worth.

I thought it diminished him, in a way that was unfair.

How diminished will Mack have to be before head coach Dan Quinn feels compelled to bench his All-Pro?

Her testosterone levels, low to begin with, were further diminished when she began taking testosterone blockers and synthetic estrogen two years ago.

As parties proliferated and more people were attracted to the chemsex flame, the original communal trust vibe diminished.

The fact that Carter has been able to remain a useful player even with diminished athleticism doesn’t shock Fizdale at all.

That concept of tribes as a diminished sovereign has broadly stuck since the trio of Marshall rulings, Williams said.

A diminished threat of tornadoes will persist from the Texas Panhandle through Kansas, he said.

Although the unemployment rate had declined over the inter meeting period, job gains had diminished.

This indicates, Waytz said, that racial bias can be diminished through awareness.

All the while, time passes in the real world, and I have nothing to show for it except a severely diminished attention span.

Over time, the positive effect of partying had diminished and near-breakdowns were piling up.

When leather practitioners began contracting the disease, it further diminished the subculture’s vibrancy.

So if Brazil can eliminate the mosquitos in the Olympic areas, the threat will be diminished.

Getting Carmelo Anthony to come off the bench and not take out his frustration with diminished effort is much easier said than done.

But that’s not because of diminished American strength or some looming superpower.

The impossible scale of the VR sculpture makes the work wondrous; its diminished incarnation is, well, diminished.

But the new study does provide some hope in that, on average, the negative effects diminished after five years.

N’Dour’s voice is barely diminished, a slight burr detectable here and there.

Still, even senior Democrats are waiting and watching this week to see if the NRA’s clout has been diminished here in Washington.

But because fame already comes with diminished expectations of privacy, celebrity women are considered to be especially fair game.

BlackRock’s own active performance remains a source of concern and diminished revenue, even as it took in new money last quarter.

Emma’s role had so diminished that she was firmly in curtain jerker territory.

Today, Congress’s stature is even more diminished, and individual members have even less power.

Demonstrators milled about the streets afterward, but the mood grew more relaxed and the crowds gradually diminished with no immediate signs of further lawlessness.

[The film] really becomes about how two human beings react when trust in their relationship is totally diminished.

Cars can’t draft for the entire race: The trailing cars’ engines overheat more quickly in this configuration because of the diminished airflow.

If a stop is not soon put to that practice, the whole breed will be diminished to almost nothing.”

They said their research can’t continue because of the supply of fetal tissue has been so diminished because of this investigation.”

The relevance of GDP diminished when 2015 growth was adjusted up to 26% after a massive revision of the stock of capital assets.

However, the world has changed a lot since then, and the need for Parallels has diminished for average Mac users.

He said the division looks for higher prices, diminished quality, including loss of privacy, and collusion when seeking to find violations of antitrust law.

But the charge-delaying effect diminished around the two-year mark after enrolling in treatment.

The relevance of GDP diminished when 2015 growth surpassed 26 percent due to adjustments that massively revised the stock of capital assets.

The political will to again save has palpably diminished, particularly after the explosion, which agitated opposition from environmental activists and influential community.

The political will to again save has palpably diminished, particularly after the explosion, which agitated opposition from environmental activists and influential community.

On the battlefield, Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s forces continue to fight a loose, and increasingly diminished collection of anti-government rebels.

On the battlefield, Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s forces continue to fight a loose, and increasingly diminished collection of anti-government rebels.

The result is a world in which America’s prestige and influence is greatly diminished.

Again, the value of HBO goes away or it’s severely diminished if it’s not also available to Comcast, Spectrum and everybody else.

The curating function has diminished in this smartphone age.

It’s not that the number of Oversized Disembodied Heads has diminished, or that they’ve lost their undeniable uncanniness or unverifiable effectiveness.

RETREAT – AND RETURN His interaction with the news media eventually diminished.

In particular, the deep-space mice exhibited diminished vasodilation—relaxation of blood vessel walls—related to the blood vessel’s innermost “endothelium” layer.

However, analysts say their ability to forecast the currency’s moves has diminished as a result of the changes.

That is why my faith in this state and country is not diminished.

Cambridge-educated Rurik Jutting, 31, pleaded not guilty to murder on grounds of “diminished responsibility”.

I can never smell, and my hearing is pretty diminished most of the time because of that.

“I would think the chances are diminished considerably [without Durant].

Since taking office, we’ve continued to steadily add jobs, albeit at a somewhat diminished pace from where we were in 2016.

Shockingly, the decision to punt put MSU in far worse field position overall and diminished its chances to win.

The shower will be diminished due to a full “supermoon” out on December 13.

Hepatitis C causes inflammation of the liver that can lead to diminished organ function or its failure.

“Trump’s much ballyhooed infrastructure plan has been diminished to little more than an ideological attack on environmental safeguards,” Slesinger said.

I’m objectified and diminished to such an extent that my personal qualities aren’t paid attention to.

Bannon himself was no prize pig, and the country is in many ways better off with his influence diminished.

But immediately after the ban lifted, Delhi’s diminished traffic returned to it’s usual whirling, chaotic snarl.

Moreover, Ossoff’s lead appears to have diminished slightly.

My mood, confidence and desire to be out completely diminished in an instant.”

With advanced heart failure, a leading cause of hospitalizations, blood-pumping ability is diminished as the heart’s left ventricle becomes enlarged and weakened.

But this turned Ligue 1 into a forgone conclusion, and arguably diminished interest from further afield.

Though I didn’t know it at the time, I diminished myself in various ways.

With a sharply diminished client list, he tried to return to a salon he previously worked at and invested in.

“For many reasons, historical and otherwise, teaching as a profession is often diminished and unvalued.

You listened to it every day for a year and your love for it hasn’t diminished?It still gives me the same feeling.

For many people, reconstruction meant living a life in some way diminished.

But the experience hasn’t diminished her resolve; if anything, it’s spurred her to continue her inclusionary work in the beer world.

That hole has since diminished.

Unfortunately, not even diminished competition and a TRT-boost could turn things around for Bigfoot.

She was also pleased that the threat of a cliff-edge Brexit with no deal at all had sharply diminished.

“I refuse to have my accomplishments diminished.”

The power of foreigners, including Iran and America, has diminished as Iraqi politicians have learnt how to play one off against the others.

Over recent years, however, that presence has been significantly diminished.

MVLL: It won’t disappear, but I think it has diminished already.

The Pequots of Connecticut numbered 8,000 when colonists first arrived in New England, and had already been diminished to 1500 by the first “Thanksgiving”.

Such defences could be very destabilising if they were able to deal with the diminished forces with which an attacked adversary might fight back.

And government’s role will be diminished as the need diminishes.

Verlander has a high-three ERA and diminished velocity.

If companies like Overbond have their way, investment bankers may also see their ranks diminished.

“Mathematically there’s a fact – the advantage Duque had over us has diminished,” said Petro, surrounded by his family as supporters cheered.

The diminished reliance on central institutions and a shift to citizen responsibility is embedded in every community.

In one neat package it diminished a security threat, bolstered multilateralism and strengthened the transatlantic bond.

As the rancour at the G7 suggests, the scope for international co-operation in a crisis has surely diminished.

An optimistic economic outlook from the BOJ also diminished expectations the central bank would take additional monetary easing steps.

But Mrs Merkel’s authority would be greatly, perhaps terminally, diminished.

“Each time you drink after going to the gym, your gains will be slightly diminished, and that can add up over time,” says Vingren.

By that time, it is likely that enthusiasm for leaving the world’s second largest economy will be further diminished.

Of course, age eventually gets us all, strips us of our vigor and edge, forcing us to adapt to this diminished reality.

Take it and fail, his bright future is instantly diminished.

The diminished Lib Dems are hardly a “natural governing party”, as Canada’s Liberals are known.

As vocalist Mike Hill comments, “In a world diminished by micro-aggression and sensitivity, Tombs deliver a definitive statement on raw physical power.”

Any remaining goodwill towards Seattle’s building plan has also diminished after Amazon made a rare intervention in local politics.

Ideological conformity, and the damage it does, is even more apparent among Republicans, whose moderate wing is even more diminished.

Unfortunately, asset prices that were so very low would also depress capital spending—resulting in diminished production, employment and earnings.

Investors have already reacted long before then so the accounts become a lagging indicator, of diminished utility.

This points to a second reason for Britain’s weak wage-growth: workers’ diminished bargaining power.

The pay premium typically enjoyed by public-sector workers has diminished.

The IMF’s clout has diminished.

The ubiquity of televisions and mobile phones has diminished individual isolation, for example for wives oppressed by demanding mothers-in-law.

The winner was the unassuming but unjailed Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (pictured), the leader of the diminished opposition in parliament.

The winner was the unassuming but unjailed Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the leader of the diminished opposition in parliament.

Anti-transgender legislation “illustrates the conflicts, stressors, and concerns regarding diminished safety historically experienced by the transgender community,” the authors note.

That risk has now diminished.

The growing insecurity many men feel about their diminished gender role is equivalent to the anxiety many whites feel about their dwindling racial privileges.

His odds of winning have surely diminished.

In that period the assets, wealth and power of the oligarchs who became rich during the chaotic privatisations of the early 1990s diminished.

Only a naive reading of the law of large numbers would support a belief that risk is diminished by more bets, said Samuelson.

If it dies, prospects for a thorough tax code reform, a top 2017 goal for President Donald Trump’s Republicans, would be diminished.

If he follows that course America will be diminished as an idea and as a moral and political force.

I chalk up my own interest to its diminished drama.

Obsessed with what he believed were radical feminists’ offenses, Hefner diminished the important work he had done in the 1960s.

But as production diminished, crude oil from other fields in the North Sea was added into the blend that makes up the benchmark.

But Tumblr’s financials are bleak, and its role in queer culture has quietly diminished.

Suez is a compelling comparison because it resulted from Britain’s failure to adjust to its diminished status in the world.

Post-reintegration neural scarring and minor damage resulting in diminished mental capacity are expected.

My really obsessive need to connect outwardly has diminished my ability to connect inwardly.

The concept of cultural appropriation has been diminished and some people have said that’s it’s a stupid concept.

But as prospects for his Bharatiya Janata Party have diminished (see article), the first of these has been sidelined.

When the rave scene diminished around 1995, everything sort of went to the 21-and-up clubs.

He reflected on humans’ troubled relationship with perfection, and how beauty is enhanced, never diminished, by the alchemy of character and charm.

Your jeans would always fit because the likelihood of you comfort eating french fries would be wildly diminished.

Having picked a fight, he must win it or see his power diminished for the rest of his term.

But not one song is diminished or dull, and most of the honored guests put out.

And now that its GDP per person exceeds $10,000 (at purchasing-power parity), the scope for rapid catch-up growth has diminished.

But all around us on that trip in 2010, what we saw were the effects of a diminished America.

The principle of responsible government could be enhanced, not diminished, by such a vote.

“I so diminished his life,” he said, transcripts show.

It’s unclear if the looters manages to get anything in the robbery, but the glass definitely diminished their takings.

They looked at data such as the times users texted friends, decreased spelling accuracy, and diminished neuromotor skills when using a touch screen.

The internet vaporised the old business model of print publications, and social media diminished the news-stand appeal of celebrity gossip.

As ties with the West became stronger, those with the incomers’ countries of origin diminished.

The caliphate’s territory may be diminished, but the idea will live on.

“The state’s actions have to be transparent, [because] for every increase in surveillance capacity, democracy is diminished.”

He said “decades of blockades on our European path” had led to diminished spiritual and political morale.

So diminished is the church that when it has criticised government policies, its remonstrations have fallen a little flat.

We put in so much effort for somewhat diminished results.

An unusually large share of this diminished output was exported to foreigners, rather than enjoyed at home.

While synthetic biology has grown more capable, the promise of two older approaches to the improvement of life has diminished.

Tess was 12 when her grandfather passed in the summer of 2012, and he had been diminished by Alzheimer’s in his final years.

On September 2, Sabina pleaded guilty to manslaughter with diminished responsibility.

In the longer run, though, the chipmaker’s prospects in an important segment of computing devices looks further diminished.

Their fearfulness, as represented by standard skin sweat fear responses, had diminished.

A share of this could help Jamaica replace income from diminished sales of sugar, once its biggest cash crop.

If these expenditures are too high, he writes, the capital of the country is diminished, and “distress and ruin will follow”.

People ascribe spiritual meaning to both NDEs and psychedelic experiences; will that be diminished if we know too much?

Our value is diminished.

Its value as a hedge against inflation, at 3%, has diminished too.

My skin tone was evened out, dark eye circles diminished, my blemishes vanished and my brows, well, bossy AF.

One emerging theory blames significantly diminished Arctic sea ice.

Congress, despite its diminished strength, still has enough residual clout in the chamber to block legislation.

Optimism among equity strategists has diminished after the 2018 rout, which left it the worst year for most markets since the global financial crisis.

But our excitement was not diminished.

Just as the benefits of partnerships have diminished, their costs have grown.

The upshot is that although China’s once-dominant role in this industry has diminished, it remains strong in important niches.

The monster’s ability to inspire cosmic dread is diminished when The Washington Post runs a satire piece where Cthulhu comes out for Trump.

Dwindling numbers meant that genetic variability — necessary for sustaining large populations with diverse genes — had largely diminished.

But the power of these institutions has diminished in recent years as millennials, once again, try to find a better way.

“Although my milk production diminished throughout the race, I did express at four out of the five checkpoints,” Paris told inov-8.

The first value is diminished by NIRP, to the extent that it now has a higher carrying cost.

The subsequent cable TV outrage, three attorney general investigations, and class action lawsuit diminished Miley’s artistic accomplishment.

The VR made her feel better, but Duke quickly got bored with SnowWorld, and that diminished the painkilling effect.

The debilitating disease of Parkinson’s may have “diminished him,” but a friend of Muhammad Ali says the boxing legend has never stopped fighting.

Having said that, album art hasn’t diminished.

In addition, expectations for sterling price swings have diminished in recent sessions.

Both tracks fit seamlessly into the trap en español movement, hardly diminished by his pop potential.

Symptoms of CTE can include aggression, depression, diminished impulse control, memory loss, impaired cognitive skills and suicidal tendencies.

At the summit, British Prime Minister Theresa May looked diminished and defensive next to the rejuvenated duo of Merkel and Macron.

Redstone, who turns 93 on Friday, suffers from diminished mental capacity and is dependent on his daughter, Shari Redstone, the lawsuit said.

We talk often about how the mafia diminished and all that, and, of course, it has.

But I don’t think the corrupt mandate that created organized crime has diminished at all.

For now, he will stay on at Uber in a diminished role.

To my surprise, after a few weeks the palpitations diminished, and have stayed manageable as I continue to meditate daily.

Extensify comes along at a time when the benefits to jailbreaking your iOS device have been diminished.

For now, most women who are struggling with diminished sexual function post-LEEP are getting more support from internet forums than from the average doctor.

diminished space between aisles allows airlines to install more seats, thus increasing ticket sales.

But by the 1950s, the panda’s habitat and population numbers had diminished significantly due to population growth and expanded logging and agriculture.

Now they can bolster their arguments by citing diminished congestion and environmental benefit.

This allows some ships to charge through the diminished ice without support.

She isn’t diminished because of it, as female characters in that age group sometimes are.

Less neural crest cells would mean less adrenaline production, and, as a result, an animal with a more diminished flight or fight response, a.k.a.

The power of the term “adventure” has been diminished through use in the games industry.

It is a diminished role for Katzenberg, who has led DWA ever since the company spun off from DreamWorks SKG in 2004.

But even if some users insist on keep using the phone, they’ll soon find its functionality diminished.

Hughes is dealing with diminished velocity this season after recovering from surgery to relieve thoracic outlet syndrome last year.

“The rate of growth in healthcare costs in our country has been greatly diminished by the Affordable Care Act,” she said.

If people feel forced to do kind deeds, says Aknin, the emotional benefits are diminished or disappear altogether.

Dead cells mean diminished hearing ability.

Despite these extreme hardships, Galanti said it never diminished the spirit of the man known to his service buddies as “JSM” — John Sydney McCain.

Per Karl, “Trump’s anger over the recusal has not diminished with time.

It diminished my enthusiasm for mushrooms.

By the end of May, Arctic sea ice overall was vastly diminished, running some 436,000 square miles below average.

Their gold medal isn’t diminished in the least.

But the last few years have seen drastically diminished returns.

Sadly, Indigenous women’s role in our cultural, social and political survival has often been invisible, unsung or diminished.

But the gravity is not diminished.

That is primarily because the low-yielding euro has tended to do well when risk appetite is diminished.

“Judi kept saying, ‘I would encourage you to not think of your voice as diminished.

We should not allow anyone to believe that responsibility is diminished by this pardon.”

We should not allow anyone to believe that responsibility is diminished by this pardon.”

The excitement felt by my seat mates – who were not part of the Publishers Weekly delegation – only diminished mine.

When you criminalise our work, our human rights are diminished, and we are made less safe.”

Good for them!’ And the people who are at home, they’re not diminished or anything!

The diversity of trees isn’t diminished, though bird and bat populations decrease.

“When considering the growth and inflation path going forward, it is true the need for rate cuts has diminished,” said Lee.

And some argue Dems have diminished their voting power because they’ve concentrated themselves into cities.

Why it matters: The once-venerated MBA is going the way of the diminished law degree, pushed aside by tech education.

But if Bitcoin mining power spreads a bit more evenly around the globe, this threat would be diminished.

Still, one thing that could never be diminished over the years: her unbending love for her handsome and charismatic husband.

“China has diminished fears of an abrupt halt to its decades-long growth trajectory.”

Nicole’s attorney has reportedly said they will argue diminished mental capacity.

None of the above instances — in and of themselves — have diminished Kelly in Trump’s eyes.

Now, he is mastering wearing a leash and collar, and learning how to get around with his diminished vision.

Because of their love of country, these heroes insisted on serving and defending America despite racial prejudice, unequal treatment, diminished opportunities, and segregation.

Moreover, the fatal and financial costs of human error will be noticeably diminished, if not entirely removed.

There is some debate over whether stressed-out or diminished Sertoli cells can recover—or whether this study could accurately measure that at all.

Rather, diminished economic anxiety allowed participants to live healthier lives and sensibly plan for their futures.

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