Dies in a sentence | Use of the word dies examples

The noise of the crowd dies down and a woman’s scream is identifiable amid the din.

So you know in America, somebody dies in a car accident about 1.15 times per 100 million miles.

You know, someone dies once every 50 million miles.

However, it largely tosses those aside in favor of the “everybody dies” ending.

(Spoiler: He dies after generously giving away his power to his son in the form of lightning.)

Women and their children are often evicted if the husband dies or they divorce.

When a Supreme Court justice dies or retires, the president has the right to appoint a successor subject to Senate confirmation.

Almost every person on earth dies.

It was a weirdly high-concept premise designed first and foremost to restore agency to the archetypal blond girl who dies in horror movies.

As 2 Chainz would put it — when he dies, bury him inside that jewelry store.

heaven, after she dies and must hide the reality of her selfish life on Earth to keep herself out of “the bad place.”

In the press conference announcing his disease, he shared a final wish: “I hope the last guinea worm dies before I do.”

The Russian bear never dies, it just hibernates.”

[NY Daily News] + Sculptor, and founder of the Hunters Point artist colony, Jacques Terzian, dies in San Francisco at 94.

3:40 PM PT — Law enforcement sources tell us Ruiz was arrested for a felony — supplying narcotics to someone who dies.

What happens when your sourdough dies?

Fidel dies and, nobody knows how, he goes to heaven, but San Pedro doesn’t want to let him enter.

Otherwise, Hamas could step into the void when Abbas dies or steps down.

At the end, he dies a lonely death in a sterile room.

But at the same time, Missandei dies mostly to service the story.

And when this trend dies, there will be fewer ways to laugh at it.

If the car gets too hot, the plant cooks and dies.

If the car is too cold, it freezes and dies.

And before she dies, Elektra makes her way to Murdock’s house and into his arms: It’s a heartbreaking moment for Elektra fans.

She dies thinking she’s saved the world, that she’s saved Murdock from both evil and herself.

The show’s gone Hamilton, and the big question is, “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?” 4.

We’ve had some horrible bugs, hard crashed, and times when the game just completely dies.

Yoda, Luke, and Kenobi never bring up the midichlorians after the Republic dies because they know this.

If she touches Cindy and then Cindy dies, will she be blamed?

But if Cindy dies because Neni did nothing, won’t Neni also be to blame?

2016: King Bhumibol Adulyadej dies in October and her brother assumes the throne later in the year.

It dies, it ages, it falls apart.

Women are at risk when their husband dies.

Visual art is also a language, specific to one individual, and when that person dies, it will be gone forever, any continuance merely imitation.

They manage to capture and collect a sample from Abigail, and she eventually dies in their custody.

No spoilers here, Vic … don’t worry (Escobar dies).

It seemed really radical to me that you made a film about queer people and suicide and no one dies in it.

“It’s fine till some 10-year-old girl dies a horrible death from cholera in Montecito, California.” Good luck, Mukhande.

When he dies, it’s as well-planned-out a death as anyone could wish for.

If one of those five members retires or dies while Trump is in office, the balance could shift.

“Because of the deleted genes, the parasite dies, the antigens develop, and you get an immune response.”

She reaches her demise only when she sees her own reflection in a mirror — causing her to laugh so hard that she dies.

One helicopter pilot dies; the other survives but is nearly catatonic.

And he almost definitely dies in it.

It’s really not a question of if he dies, but of when he dies.

Robot: A man who’s alone in a big office at night suddenly keels over and dies.

(The trade never dies.)

Cockfighting is a controversial bloodsport where two roosters are forced to fight until one dies or is injured.

GLOW, both the show and the show within the show, lives and dies by its ferocious women — which, in the end, feels exactly right.

It’s been estimated that a dog dies on Florida’s racetracks every three days.

Very high (everyone dies on that show).

That he dies from food poisoning.

— and that Peter’s beloved Uncle Ben dies because Peter didn’t stop a criminal when he had the chance.

When somebody who is a cultural figure dies, I think the range of emotions around that are really varied.

[They said] ‘If she dies she will die, no matter.’

When the supreme leader dies or otherwise leaves office, they pick a new one.

But even more significantly, right before she dies, Missandei shouts the word “dracarys” to Dany.

And for every woman who dies in childbirth, another 70 nearly perish.

No one ever officially dies on a flight, Long said.

His predecessor, Hafiz Saeed Khan, dies in a U.S. drone attack in July.

His predecessor, Hafiz Saeed Khan, dies in a U.S. drone attack in July.

Once the buzz dies down, our money’s on the Academy never moving to reinstate it.

Kind of like when a human dies, actually.

“Sandbox love never dies,” says Needy at the beginning of the movie.

* Congress has tried (and failed) to do stuff like this before: As I’ve written elsewhere, sports welfare dies hard.

Trina also provides a beautiful acronym she says she keeps in mind during the difficult time after a loved one dies … check it out.

When this little thing dies, I have another one [that’s] not used.

And then Hodor dies, before we figure out if he’s at all clear-eyed about what’s happened to him.

This is becoming the custom when a youngster dies in a London street killing.

The staff sergeant dies.

With the system we have, discussing the implications when a justice dies in office is inevitable and appropriate.

Her smugness is short-lived, because shortly after Margaery dies, Tommen jumps out his window, leaving Cersei childless.

Well, the other option would have been, Tesla dies.

No one dies in a fire.

If one of those five members retires or dies while Trump is in office, the balance could shift.

The Republicans never discuss how good their healthcare bill is, & it will get even better at lunchtime.The Dems scream death as OCare dies!

If trade war talk dies down and there are some trade deals, they would continue to hike.

An Indian driving the car suffers serious burns and later dies.

If you don’t drink enough water, the plant starts to make sad faces at you and eventually dies.

It’s been said that right before a person dies, their life flashes before their eyes.

Cooper gets his episode credits in (even though his character dies in the first installment), but these flashbacks are jarring and clumsy.

When a mammal dies — human, Neanderthal, or woolly mammoth — microbes and the body’s own enzymes quickly start to break down the flesh.

A small, sad little wave of hype dies in an outcry of disappointment and then stony silence punctuated by a few half-hearted claps.

Sharon can’t really be present for Rob when his mother dies, because his grief is so private and personal.

That’s who lives and dies by people responding to his music.

The main character, Taran, also almost dies multiple times, and his animal friends are tortured!

Then Khal Drogo dies, comes to life, is catatonic, and dies again.

He’s inexorable, though, so Mia makes a snap decision: She shoves him to the floor and chokes him until he dies.

Creepypasta lives and dies on oversharing.

The master dies and the slave weeps.

But after Hickok dies, his murderer isn’t immediately killed by the residents of the camp.

Who lives, who dies, and who tells the story — as Hamilton so succinctly put it — matters now perhaps more than it has ever before.

I don’t think the Times dies.

Even if what I did dies down in a few days, that’s OK with me.

I think before the reporting function dies, the editing function will be taken over by AI’s.

They say there’s a drug deal going on there, and she has a heart attack and dies.

“If the coral dies, the reef dies, and it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to reconstruct a whole reef.

Case by case, this is how the free press dies.

That is, once the volatility dies down, one candidate usually emerges from the convention chaos with a durable lead.

It’s as if their catalog dies there for most people.

In the second book, Cult Never dies Vol.

“A region closes its mines and dies slowly.

“—Motherboard Ex-UFC Fighter dies After Brutal MatchFormer UFC heavyweight fighter Tim Hague died Sunday following injuries he sustained during a boxing match on Friday.

In that situation, when a tree dies and its crown falls to the ground, there’s actually less fuel for these particular fires.

We still don’t know how he dies, but Claire’s final words for him — poetic and perfectly frigid.

Drops New Song Featuring Future The group released “1000” Wednesday, the third single from their upcoming album No_One Ever Really dies.

In Captain Marvel, Bening’s Mar-Vell dies trying to help and protect the Skrulls, and her death inspires Danvers to finish Mar-Vell’s mission.

Khalil dies, sparking a national outrage.

“It’s like when a 95-year-old woman dies.

Because everything dies, Lauren.

Spoiler: The Mouse King dies.

There’s property damage, and PR damage, but no one dies.

“Whether the population recovers or dies out depends on whether the survivors can form communities larger than the ecological minimum viable population (MVP).

Well, the other option would have been, Tesla dies.

HERE’S THE RUNDOWNOprah’s Mother dies At 83Kim Kardashian: High On Ecstasy During Sex TapeDrake’s Insane Toronto Mansion Tekashi69: Shocking New Video

Heavy Metal Halloween is all about having fun, and the minute you get your unmovable personal principles involved, fun dies, quick.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads When someone dies, what happens to their social media profiles?

When their father dies, the two sisters find themselves caught up in a bloody struggle for the throne.

He’s the old man adviser, and the old man adviser always dies in stories like this.

If she dies (and I don’t think she will), it will be in the final battle against the White Walkers.

If Varys dies, it will be at Cersei’s hand somehow.

When Yaichi’s estranged twin brother dies, his husband, a mesomorphic Canadian named Mike Flanagan, arrives at Yaichi and Kana’s doorstep.

– Mitchell dies in a plane crash in December, giving Ackermann a dilemma over how to run the investment bank.

– Also, to my knowledge, there isn’t an MPAA rating that signifies “a young child dies violently in the arms of his screaming mother.”

Any time a revered person dies, the established stages of grief seem to launch into hyperdrive.

(Peggy Carter dies in Captain America: Civil War, which takes place in/around 2016.)

In this field, when you say a person dies, or an animal dies, are they really dead?

Whether it’s dance, theater, or live music, performance lives and dies in the exchange between performer and audience.

Will it be enough to keep fans interested once they find out who dies?

One child dies of malaria every two minutes.

March 11, 2006 – Milosevic dies in his prison cell before his trial can be completed.

But when Pied Piper goes to market, it dies because it was only tested by other engineers.

“Uber lives or dies by data,” he says.

She plays Nadia, a woman who, on the night of her 36th birthday, gets hit by a taxi and dies.

Well, the reviews are in and DC’s Suicide Squad movie might end up as the hill that the Justice League universe dies on.

Sometimes she dies gruesomely; sometimes, hilariously.

Wanting to learn more about liability when a partner dies during sex, I reached out to Kristina Dolgin.

VICE: When is someone likely to face legal scrutiny or charges if their sex partner dies?

What groups of people are legally the most at risk when a partner dies on them?

So your average couple might face some legal action if one of them dies during something like rough sex.

What else can trigger scrutiny when someone dies in a vanilla context?Whether there is somebody who wants to pursue an investigation.

You’ve mentioned who is the most at risk of legal action if their partner dies.

If that sounds like the character dies, don’t be so sure.

When the borrower dies or become unfit for work, their debt is forced upon their children, some of whom never leave, it added.

San Antonio’s offense dies when the 32-year-old Aldridge is off the floor, and they have more road losses than the Phoenix Suns.

N.E.R.D have released the third single from their forthcoming record No_One Ever Really dies.

I’m sure it’s the same for a doctor—when one of their first patients dies, some might cry too.

Armstrong’s daughter Karen dies early on in the film, taken from the Armstrongs as a child due to a malignant tumor and pneumonia.

Someone dies, and a teammate immediately tears into them.

“If someone dies in your family, I’ll come and laugh at your funeral.”

“A man’s life is always a failure in as much as he dies.” “Yes, when he dies too soon,” exclaims Pierre.

At some point, the glory dies, the trophies rust and everything fades away to black.

She dies in front of her love, Scott Summers, a.k.a.

Cyclops: When Eleven dies, it’s on a smaller, younger scale.

As Lake Powell dies, the Colorado River is returning.

He also plans to donate his own body when he dies.

Finally, at the end of the episode, she dies, collapsing into the snow.

This seems to happen whenever a musician dies.

This seems to happen whenever a musician dies.

When one of us dies, it’s like losing a tooth, a digit, a limb.

Shortly thereafter, C dies in a car accident.

A girl dies by suicide after graphic images of self-harm are pushed up on her feed by social media algorithms.

Taking out an average of six targets for every time she dies puts her far ahead of the average kill ratio.

With all the pain she’s caused, what good will it be if Baldur dies?

I want to be able to keep maintaining curiosity, because if that dies then our music will die, too.”

Or “All of you are fracking grounded until all this internet hubbub dies down you flunking fish heads.”

— but at the same time, even if every human being on the planet dies, the planet will keep spinning.

Jing plays the woman thrust into the role of general after her mentor and father figure dies.

(He dies in the second episode of season three.)

From an atheist perspective, life is precious — whenever someone dies, it’s the end of their personal universe.

If both chambers cannot agree, the bill dies.

Usually, “no one wants what this bill does to happen” means the bill dies a quick death.

The fact that he dies so early seems like a shock with a guy who was so famous.

When it dies, it sinks to the bottom and suffocate anything not fast enough to swim away.

When the monster dies, I receive 72 experience points, and an experience bar shows me the math on how far I have to go.

What if you have to take a test on the day your dog dies?

Kim licks her lips so hard that she literally dies, like, for real.

Even if the Clean Power Plan dies, state policies and simple economics will still propel clean electricity forward.

The first one almost dies.

ER: When love dies, sex is unbridled.

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How many times have you been out when your phone dies at the wrong moment?

Women and their children are often evicted if the husband dies or they divorce.

When someone as culturally important as Prince was, to so many people, dies an instinctive reaction is to want to resurrect them.

If he’s going to leave office, it will be because he loses the 2020 election, is term-limited in 2024, or dies.

Is it unprecedented, or has it happened before and then it dies down?

Boylen lives and dies on every possession with a level of enthusiasm that no cardiologist would recommend.

Someone was making fun of their “Democracy dies in darkness,” but I love it.

“Doing these things keeps his name alive and keeps his memory alive.” When a loved one dies, Saremi says, your relationship doesn’t end.

Even more interesting was how viewers reacted to one tested story ending, where the other bunny dies.

If he dies, I will personally show up at Marvel Studios’ HQ to protest should Endgame inflict any more permanent harm on the character.

She said she had been making burial insurance payments to provide for a formal ceremony and gravesite when she dies.

Storylines aren’t determined by your choices, and no one lives or dies due to a dialogue choice made two chapters ago.

“Today, the Rebellion dies,” mutters Iden, after purposely getting captured by a group of rebels, allowing her to covertly sabotage an intercepted Empire transmission.

She said, “If our father dies I’m holding you responsible, Meg!”

–Al Jazeera George Michael dies at 53Singer George Michael died on Christmas Day at his home in England at the age of 53.

And following David’s orders, Joab does so, and Uriah dies.

Because he has shown “utter contempt” for God, the son that Bathsheba gave birth to, the product of David’s affair, dies.

I said, this is the problem—nobody dies in Halo 3.

To date, the debate has primarily focused on death-dealing accidents and raised important questions about who gets to decide who lives and dies.

And we already knew there was a story about (the human colony of) Reach, and Reach is like Titanic, where everybody dies.

Noisey: When I was listening to the song “Evil Never dies,” my immediate thought was, “Is this about Nazis?”Rob Halford: Well, sadly, yeah.

If she dies, or is already dead, then I’m converted into a searchable archive.

There is a temptation whenever someone transformative dies to label them ahead of their time.

Wind dies down around 4 p.m. High of 48 degrees.

The father-son pair of Thomas and David returns, and one of them dies.

“We usually only hear about it when a woman dies or there are some major health repercussions.”

The child used in the attack often dies once the bomb is detonated remotely.

Then everybody goes out on the boat, jumps in the water and someone dies.

It’s a show that lives and dies by Platt’s nervy, vulnerable performance.

But after his classmate Connor Murphy dies by suicide, Connor’s parents become convinced that Connor and Evan were best friends.

“Nothing ever dies here.

I don’t think Missandei will be seeing Naath anytime soon, either because she dies or Grey Worm dies to really ruin this happy end.

A self-made, high-living, and ultimately beloved sports owner dies.

Who dies of the flu in the United States of America?”

And he dies!

José Arcadio Buendía in One Hundred Years of Solitude dies under a tree in his own backyard.

Standing pat has been their organizational philosophy for some time, and that dies hard.

He is still in student debt, and thinks he might be until he dies.

This is the episode where Superman dies.

“Your journey has just begun,” Horus’s father tells his son as he dies.

The company lives or dies by the skill of its machinists and by the stuff of process engineering — tolerances and measurements and paper trails.

Darius dies from AIDS in the play, but his spirit comes back and tells his friends to hate AIDS, not his life.

And the more time that passes after someone dies, the harder it becomes to investigate whether a crime has been committed.

Unless someone dies of a broken heart (sorry, Brienne and Ghost) everyone in the region should be safe.

It can have jazz influences where it changes and lives and dies; there’s all this organized chaos.

dies at Age 43John Blackwell Jr., the drummer who played with Prince for 15 years, has died at 43.

No one dies at the bachelor party, OK?Dir.

“We need to hide this game under a rock and starve it—and the whole PUA culture—of light and oxygen until it dies.

Next day, Gene Wilder dies.

Do you think that democracy dies in darkness?

This, not the clickbait screeds that crop up every time a male rock star dies, is what useful feminist music criticism looks like.

There’s even a spot of heartbreak, when Goose — Maverick’s best friend and co-pilot — dies during a botched drill exercise.

They slam through “Bombtrack” and lash out to “Sleep Now in the Fire.” The energy and adrenaline never dies; it builds.

“He’s 27, his father dies, he took over a regime,” Trump said.

Indeed, its particular appeal rests in the scene where the narrator dies.

Is death cheery because it never dies?

She speculates about the mind, consisting of “everything you ever were and will be,” being preserved on disk once the body dies.

By the end of the film there are several falls from grace, hearts are broken and mended and someone dies.

I mean, yeah, Shepard and everyone dies but, it works for me.

I hope for his sake and ours that when he dies he’s simply dead, afforded the cosmic freedom of ceasing to exist.

I hope when he dies he’s finally just gone and the universe can be rid of him, this time for good.

And when an infant dies at a home daycare center due to neglect, justice for parents can be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.

But still: This is the hill he dies on?

When a player dies, they stay dead for that match.

After all, as the meme says, “What part of valar morghulis (everybody dies) did you not understand?

“You can’t just wait until a person dies and take a snapshot of the brain tissue after death to figure out what happened.”

“Then their phone dies and they’re incapable of navigating for themselves” and have to be rescued.

But I think that will die out just like every fad dies out.

SAN BERNARDINO, California, April 10, 2017 – A man dies of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after killing his estranged wife at North Park Elementary School.

What about when that all dies, our connection to answers outside ourselves.

“What they do in Illinois is they set the prairies on fire and then whatever dies helps the plants keep growing.

Old advice dies hard and many people still say a good password requires random capital letters, symbols, and numbers.

China has even appointed its own “Panchen Lama,” a figure tasked with finding the new Dalai Lama once the current one dies.

Another woman, becoming emotional, said her daughter has cancer and “she believes no one cares” whether she lives or dies, including Cassidy.

And then Gamora dies?

“A route like this lives and dies by business traffic,” he says.

So, the kid shrivels up and dies.

Democracy dies in darkness.

Let’s stop this before someone dies,” he told THUMP.

She nearly dies after Black Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) attempts to calm her down by giving her the wrong psychiatric medication.

“Anybody that dies would roll over in their grave if they knew you were sitting around sad about it.”

But there, “every Syrian dies once.

His father dies, took over a regime.

His father dies, took over a regime.

Don’t write off the chances for a rewrite of Medicaid even if Trumpcare dies.

But of course, she dies within minutes.

A family is unquestionably poor if its child dies because of the inability to obtain adequate food.

On WaPo’s new slogan (“Democracy dies in the darkness”): “I’m not the darkness…just because somebody says something doesn’t make it true.

In July 2012, my wife’s grandmother dies.

Then, before the following Christmas, my wife’s grandfather dies.

Bucky Barnes The biggest reason Bucky can’t die is that we need people to be very sad in the event that Captain America dies.

He will truly epitomize the pain we’ll all feel if and when Cap dies.

If all goes well, he dies and insults my mother on the voice channel.

If even one of them dies, I’m going to cry myself to death.

And Senate Republicans can’t lose more than two votes, or the bill dies.

Also, when he dies, he wants his funeral to be a big party with weed and stuff.

Blue abstraction flies or dies depending on how well painters harmonize blue with other colors.

“If Cruz succeeds in putting it in the bill, the bill dies.

When the mine dies, everything here dies with it.

By nearly every statistical measure, researchers say, America’s lower class now smokes more and dies more from cigarettes than other Americans.”

Even if someone dies they have a second line in New Orleans to celebrate their death.

When a player dies, he drops his kit and any other play can scoop up his guns and equipment.

“Dumbledore dies,” it whispers.

If the Senate’s health care bill dies, moderate Republicans will likely be the ones who kill it.

And when people come over I just go uh, that hippo, that’s just before she dies.

Jul 27 – The Shah dies in Cairo from lymphoma, aged 60.

But when the buzz dies down around 5G E, AT&T’s speed test numbers will likely fall back down to earth.

Only nothing actually dies.

Olenna Tyrell

This week, Olenna Tyrell dies like she lived: effortlessly sticking it to her enemies with her biting words.

This is a real family that hurts (Alex Wolff, Gabriel Byrne, Toni Collette, Milly Shapiro), argues, and eventually dies.

With just a few days until the release of “Avengers: Endgame,” Marvel fans everywhere are probably wondering A) Who dies??

Further, any time an old distribution model dies there are plenty of folks who complain their specific sky is falling.

David Bowie dies after battling cancer

Music legend David Bowie died in January at the age of 69 following an 18-month-long battle with cancer.

He swears to keep coming back until the day he dies.

We know that Walter White dies at the end of Breaking Bad, but we watch to see him degenerate.

That he dies from food poisoning.

Mostly, he shows up trying to save people and just dies foolishly instead.

Somebody dies, they party harder.

If one dies, an empty pillow is left behind as a stark reminder of their absence.

The rustling dies down, however, as we head back to Elizabeth Restaurant and into the star-drowning Chicago skyline.

“Yes, he dies, but who cares because he’s not going to ever come across another female anyway,” Fowler-Finn says.

But it only has—the crop only yields two seasons and the seed dies.

(The seventh was headlined, “1 Year-Old Baby Survives 2 Weeks Eating Roaches After Mom dies In Shower.”)

This increases usability to a degree but it still dies in about a day and a lot quicker if you activate the GPS.

It’s some bloodthirsty business, and I assume all involved adhere to Ivan Drago’s Creed (heh, heh) “If he dies, he dies.”

When someone dies, his or her debt doesn’t disappear.

The proposed legislation would make it impossible for her to settle the full debt before she dies.

I don’t usually cry when someone famous dies, but Bowie is different.

If a young person with HIV dies of trauma, those organs are good.

Everything else dies or hides, but the whole ladybug squad turns up.

When the borrower dies or become unfit for work, their debt is forced upon their children, some of whom never leave, it added.

Unfortunately, years later he dies so we never got to do it.

Shortly after Padme announces to him that she’s pregnant, Anakin has a dream that she dies while giving birth.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il dies in December and son Kim Jong Un takes power.

Stephen Hawking dies at 76The beloved and renowned British physicist died at his home in Cambridge early Wednesday.

But his mother dies, hauntingly and beautifully.

It’s actually synced to a really tragic scene where some main character dies or is injured or whatever.

Viet Thanh Nguyen, a Pulitzer-winning novelist, is nominated for his nonfiction book Nothing Ever dies: Vietnam and the Memory of War.

What grows now dies and comes back endlessly, a tangle that feeds, educates and betters the world.

It’s bleak and sad, and even the dog dies.

Testing drugs on site, some argue, implicitly condones drug use—a nightmare from an insurance perspective if someone dies or gets hurt.

“You’re saying [if] our sinkhole dies those devices get infected?” asked Neino.

“Democracy dies in darkness.” That’s a great story, how they decided to do that.

This happens when a couple is engaged to be married and the young man dies before the marriage.

Pamela Andrews is a poor, fifteen-year-old servant in London whose employer, Lady B, dies, leaving her rakish son in charge of the household.

An ubume is a woman who dies just before, during, or shortly after childbirth.

(Exponential, in fact, until Moore’s Law finally dies.)

He strangles [his girlfriend] Rose until she dies.

I’m not into shooting people when they’re sick or when somebody dies or anything like that.

It is tempting, when bright talent dies young, to say that we never knew their full potential.

When a person dies, the objects they once regularly used instantly transform in meaning and freeze in time.

That said, if my phone dies on me, nothing else in the world matters until I can get it charged with life again.

What if your remote control dies?

Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools.

The film begins with the story of Louise’s daughter, who dies tragically young after being diagnosed with an extremely rare disease.

If someone checks in at a hospital, for example, while overdosing and dies, it’s typically not reported to police.

Here’s what she had to say: When a hero dies, everyone wants a quote.

But the fire of his extreme personality dies down at home.

Where does a bank go when it dies?

The Count dies on cue and the paperwork shows that Pierre is the new Count Bezukhov.

Here’s the kicker … although Scrappy won’t be charged, sources say the case could be reopened if, God forbid, someone dies.

His cook is named Materine, we know about her, when he dies he leaves her a cloak and some other things.

When her daughter dies and the speech that Sally Field gives at the funeral: How could you be dry-eyed at that scene?

“If a plant cannot live according to its nature, it dies; and so a man.”

“So our approach has become ‘how far can we take this public-access vibe before it dies?’

Finally, on September 28, Dan dies.

And finally, once the excitement of the campaign itself dies down, it’s time to deliver on your promises.

(Unless she dies.

If a shark stops swimming, it dies.

It feels worth noting that every woman Rick loves dies.

The flashy socialite lives and dies by his party by-line, “The world is my playground.”

Many believe Martin focused on this one-off character in the prologue to establish what happens to a warg when he dies.

The culture dies,” he said.

“That does not mean everything within a mile dies — it means that everything within a mile has a potential to be affected.

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Particularly, she wonders how detrimental it is for a twin when his or her identical sibling dies.

But everything that dies comes back.”

You know, your mother dies and you go to a party and nobody mentions it because we don’t want to upset you.

Catherine gets another one of those illnesses, dies, and haunts him until he, too, dies.

By contrast, when a celebrity dies, we shift those duties to their family, agents, or publicists, while consuming these events from a distance.

I have no idea how I’m going to cope when my mum dies.

“I hope he dies,” her mother says.

But I know that if she dies because of something like that, I will just be so angry.

Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools.

He added: “There is no way to stop them, because when one dies, another is born.

Going through someone’s stuff after that person dies can be a brutal task.

But only when his phone dies.

In a scene at the beginning of the film, Charles Foster Kane, the main character, whispers “Rosebud” and then dies.

Spoiler alert: She dies.

Not every character who dies on this show should get a lengthy parting scene — but I’m so, so glad Olenna did.

“We need to hide this game under a rock and starve it—and the whole PUA culture—of light and oxygen until it dies.

In the wild, gentoos usually only have the resources to raise one chick, and the second usually dies.

—BBC News Arnold Palmer dies at 87Golf legend Arnold Palmer, a seven-time major champion, has died in Pittsburgh at the age of 87.

He lays out his condition: Nobody dies.

Elektra gets stabbed in her torso and dies in Matt’s arms.Daredevil takes on the final few Hand members.

I’m working on a documentary right now called Everything Trump Touches dies.

Other studies have shown that once someone’s life partner dies, they are more susceptible to heart disease and strokes.

When the abalone dies, the shell falls apart into pieces and provides the resources for the next generation of abalone.

Even as the startup era dies in the Valley it is exploding in the heartland.

Is Laguna Beach the gift that keeps on giving or the high school nightmare that never dies?

Whether an American baby lives or dies depends in part on where in the US it is born.

What we are dealing with is — there is an old proverb that says the Russian bear never dies; it just hibernates.

The bottom line: Everyone gets sick and dies, making health care a mostly recession-proof industry.

In the first 15 minutes of A Ghost Story, the main character C (Casey Affleck) dies.

Evil’s playbook … the fact is, creditors have a limited amount of time to file claims after someone dies.

“Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools,” it read.

“It’s a big self-esteem builder when you walk on the set and the crew just dies laughing at you.”

There aren’t many teen series in which the protagonist dies in the end.

It also shows us exactly how any changes in health insurance will most certainly determine who lives and who dies in America.

It’s okay, with the fire on my face and Willow for company—until the fire dies out and I’m cold and achy again.

In the original myth the wolf eventually dies, but McNett decided to change that.

In McNett’s version the wolf still dies, but his remains are found by his sister, who is a ruler of the underworld.

But No_One Ever Really dies does have some sort of cohesion to it in the end.

If you don’t remember the walk, it was an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel in which she (spoiler) dies tragically.

And AirPods become e-waste after just eighteen months, when the irreplaceable lithium ion battery dies.

Scott explained, “Statutes say who is first, second, and third in line if a person dies without a will.

Do you think she told him she nearly dies on almost an annual basis?

He dies, like all big bad bosses die, and then the weird thing happens.

When someone dies of an overdose, it’s up to people like medical examiners and coroners to record exactly which drug was responsible.

When someone dies of an overdose, it’s up to people like medical examiners and coroners to record exactly which drug was responsible.

Penny dies in a car crash early on in the film.

This is the internet, however, where nothing ever dies, so of course the video survived.

The common refrain in support of the Confederate flag (“heritage, not hate”) quickly dies on its own sword.

“As long as that’s true, Bitcoin will never evolve, and it will die, because what doesn’t evolve dies.”

And as with any well known person who dies young—especially a controversial one—rumours have run rampant following his death.

In one scene, when Amy is 12 and he’s in college, Laurie promises he’ll kiss her before she dies.

Yet, 1 person dies in a Tesla on autopilot and people decry driverless cars as unsafe.

Rating There is a Christ figure of sorts, but not the kind who dies a sacrificial death or works miracles or anything like that.

The abstract work, Everyday a Sunset dies (LKG), and sculptures For Michael and BAM (for Sandra) also evoke the premature killing of black Americans.

Nobody with a name you’re supposed to know dies abruptly or pointlessly in this game.

The antibodies kick in when the body has a fever, but you don’t always get enough antibodies in time — sometimes the patient dies.

He dies beautifully, like a painting of a saint.

“Ultimately this area lives and dies by the farmer,” said Jim Wilcox, an owner of the Harley store.

I hope your baby dies.

She goes into labor and one of the babies dies.

So far, we know: Jess is still causing trouble, someone dies, and there will probably be a wedding.

Shortly thereafter, C dies in a car accident.

But, suddenly, Astor’s self-driving car crashes head-on into another vehicle, and he dies.

This colorful, striped blazer from Season 2, Episode 18, “The One Where Dr. Ramoray dies,” was a fun departure from Rachel’s signature style.

In Season 2, Episode 20, “The One Where Old Yeller dies,” Rachel wore a geometric black-and-white top.

Sure enough, Kyle dies on the table as Stephanie watches from the gallery.

Rachel went for a preppy look for Season 10, Episode 15, “The One Where Estelle dies.”

Hell, we’ll go so far as to say the Kama Sutra lives and dies within the steamy walls of a McDonald’s bathroom.

So when the unthinkable happens and a Khal dies, his wife must in a sense die with him.

“They go into battle and their best friend dies or they get horribly wounded.

His phone vibrates off the hook while we’re together, and when it finally dies, he simply whips out a second one.

Sometimes the hero dies, at least in my books.

It’s one thing when a friend dies, but when it’s your brother, you lose everything along with him.

[Note: Siobhan plays Faith, a woman who dies from an unfortunate erotic asphyxiation accident.

The conversation dies fast.

If a young person with HIV dies of trauma, those organs are good.

So the 11th episode with her and BoJack partying until she finally overdoses and dies (“That’s Too Much, Man!”)

All they can do is watch as the fiery Scotsman spits up blood and dies.

If he dies or becomes a millionaire, it doesn’t make me lose sleep,” Masvidal told a media scrum ahead of the fight.

But once that volatility dies down, one party usually emerges from the convention chaos with a durable lead.

And then … the shepherd slips and falls down a cliff; before he dies, he reveals that he is not really Taran’s father.

Charlie Puth sent a beautiful tribute saying that the soul lives on, even when the body dies.

He dies, but the season goes on to bring even more over-the-top teen social issues.

Dodge is a video game designer, and as the novel opens in the near future, he dies.

That’s all I know — unless maybe Elsa falls off an ice cliff and she dies in the first five minutes.”

“Voluntary standards are great but then what happens when the furor dies down and they decide not to enforce those standards,” she said.

September 14: My friend dies.

Rickon dies in front of a distraught Jon.

When there is no sound, the world dies.

—Virgil Love surfeits not, Lust like a glutton dies; Love is all truth, Lust full of forged lies.

Around 1 am: Locals find Stevens and rush him to a nearby hospital, where soon after he dies of smoke inhalation.

Smith also dies of the same cause.

Of course, Schumer heightens it to hoping she dies during childbirth.

Nobody dies if they can’t buy a flat-screen TV on Sunday.

I always cry when Harry Connick Jr.’s Captain Jimmy Wilder dies.

Anyway, tragically, before they could wed, Berenice dies of a horrible deteriorative disease, leaving nothing behind but her teeth.

Streams are effectively infinite — they continue until your attention wanders or your battery dies.

Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools.

(She dies just a few minutes later.)

They’re worried—the illuminati, the “powers that be”—because they know that if England leave the EU, it dies.

Ten years ago, Daniel Bryan is hurt, he dies.

Let’s hope no one dies!

If a regulation is not voted on within 70 legislative working days of being sent to Congress, it is “tabled.” That is, it dies.

Let’s stop this before someone dies.

You know who’s there and what is said lives, and generally dies, within the context.

These are Juliet’s last words before she dies: O happy dagger!

(Falls on ROMEO’s body, and dies) Seems pretty straightforward to the naked eye.

In a Shakespearean tragedy, everybody dies.

The couple dies singing Oasis.

The way Castile’s fiancée calmly narrates what just happened while he dies next to her.

Across the country, prosecutors have also started to file harsher charges when someone dies of a drug overdose.

When it dies in the ocean, it can sink, and possibly harm corals.

Black Panther is Marvel’s hottest new star, and there’s no way he dies after just one solo outing; ditto Spider-Man.

The need for a partner you can have a nice stimulating conversation with never dies, no matter how old you are.

The moral of the story seems to be: No one cares when Nathan Lane dies.

KS: Yeah, that’s the thing … Facebook buys something, it dies.

I did not take an oath to judge people and decide who lives and who dies,” Rader says.

If the ocean dies, we will choke to death.

God bless and thank you all.” When McCain dies, Arizona Gov.

Jay Y. Lee is expected to take the reins once his father dies.

The main character, Eleanor, dies and finds herself in “The Good Place,” but she knows she doesn’t belong there.

You just never know when you first engage in development where it’s going to lead—most of development dies somewhere in the process.

Go deeper: U.S. Customs orders medical checks after second immigrant child dies

“No prisoner dies alone” is their motto.

Go deeper: Guatemalan boy dies in U.S. custody Migrant girl’s tragic journey home

Almost every day, someone dies in intensive care.

She’s currently hiding somewhere, off the grid, and making a video with her goodbyes in case she dies.

Daenerys easily takes over King’s Landing but proves to be kind of a terrible ruler.Jon Snow dies again.

Yes, it’s an episode of terror where the protagonist dies after 40 minutes.

Joe eventually dies from his wounds, and his wife is charged with murder.

That is some true friendship.When you’ve had a phone forever and it finally dies, the pain is real.

In the episode “Frank Falls Out the Window,” Frank almost dies after—you guessed it—falling out the window, where Charlie makes him sit to fart.

Ally: If Toby dies she will kill someone.

“Oh look, that’s where she dies in Sliding Doors!”

Rebecca: I actually hope Ezra gets revealed as “A” or dies, and then Aria ends up with Jason (Drew Van Acker).

“Everybody dies,” proclaims one album title.

Ally: So if Caleb dies, that kinda ruins a Haleb reunion… Rebecca: I still think Haleb is going to count.

At Forbes, Sarah Kim addressed the widespread social media reaction to this effect in an obituary titled, “Carrie Ann Lucas dies at Age 47.

The Earth dies Screaming (1964) features a bulletproof alien force that uses a strange gas to obliterate mankind, then animates corpses with radio signals.

The preview shows that he ends up attacking the Liars, and someone dies.

Too slow, and the company dies.

When a family member dies, all statues of gods must traditionally be covered in red paper.

I will keep using you—without prosthetics fingerprints—until my beloved iPhone 7 dies.

Once in a while, though, a character dies so unexpectedly that we’re left reeling.

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