Dictate in a sentence | Use of the word dictate examples

Orienting US national security strategy around terrorism essentially allowed a few thousand violent extremists to dictate policy for the most powerful nation on earth.

So far that has worked well, with most of the audience (including reviewers) cooperating with that #KeeptheSecrets dictate.

Rank-and-file police officers have long been skeptical of top-down attempts to dictate what they ought to be doing.

“Formula E offers a lot of opportunities for young engineers to dictate and grow this strand of the sport now.

He didn’t want the pledge to dictate where, how, or when to give.

The term “editor at large” normally implies holding enough sway within any given publication to dictate your own schedule.

At Sachs’s ceremony, just as the Japanese tradition does dictate, his guests follow a specific path to navigate this setting of nature-meets-hardware store.

It’s Total Power Exchange but not completely, which is where you have an “owner” and they dictate how you live your life.

“You can’t let acts like that dictate how you live your life,” Siemann told me.

Then I spend some time meditating on the abstract piece, and let that dictate the direction the work is going to go,” Hueman explains.

US Congress obeys strict rules of decorum that dictate what representatives say on the House floor and how they say it.

This relationship, luckily, is not inevitable; digital spaces and tools might lend themselves to abstract thinking, but they don’t dictate thought.

I mean, whatever we could find on a given day would dictate what we would play.

Moore will have to be confirmed by the Senate for the position, which helps to dictate US monetary policy.

A Senate aide told me that the Senate’s rules would likely dictate up to a week of floor debate before a final vote.

He released a 100 days pledge document full of big legislative initiatives and appears to be letting a media pseudo-event dictate actual policymaking.

But unlike kids’ movies of the past, the success of these films won’t necessarily dictate if their toys will start trending.

Letting them dictate press access is an embarrassing capitulation,” Jay Carney, former White House press secretary under the Obama administration, tweeted.

Instead, each uses its voice systems to read the text and let you dictate a response.

The plan, according to a source, is to find the right candidate and let them dictate their start date.

And I am the most centrist.” White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said the White House would not dictate the process.

You can’t allow other people to dictate what you can or cannot be as a black person.”

Getty Images told NBC News that confidential agreements dictate the terms of the deal.

We are not giving ISPs free reign to dictate your online experience.

In other words, the federal government intends to allow religion to dictate policy by protecting fetuses by any means necessary.

Do you think that’s how it ought to be, that the military should execute policy, not dictate it?

The Gulf state does not dictate verdicts to its courts and there was full and proper legal process in Hedges’ case, the ambassador said.

Would you have become involved in the project if you couldn’t dictate the terms on which you coached him?

It is not our goal to dictate to any young person what vehicle to use.

You know how in dreams you can kind of dictate what you do?

This final statement does not automatically dictate government policy.

Why should the president not dictate policy by Twitter whim?

Even our legends fight to dictate the conversation on their own terms.

In the future, will price dictate the President’s taste in restaurants?

Instead, he has embraced roasting whole animals over open-fires, allowing the mountain to dictate what’s in his pantry.

So whatever dish I’m making will ultimately dictate what kind of wine I’m serving with the meal.

We can dictate light and time.

But not even the birthplace of pizza can dictate our standards these days.

Municipalities and states, which oversee the great majority of the criminal justice system, will still be able to dictate their own policies.

Any company that allows a teenager to dictate their advertising policy probably can’t be trusted to make good products.

That, of course, is dependent on when countries finally regulate that market and dictate rules of the road — or, in this case, the air.

And that takes a toll on your oxygen, and the way you breathe, and the way you dictate your lyrics and your musicality.

Federal rules dictate that migrant children can’t be kept in Border Patrol custody for more than 72 hours.

In these individuals, zero tolerance would in effect dictate that MMJ users would not be able to legally drive.”

“We vastly overestimate our ability to dictate outcomes” to North Korea, Kang says.

Sags would dictate when fads were over, which interestingly was always when most of their classmates were just getting into them.

Unlike European price regulators, ICER cannot dictate costs.

But governments can’t dictate how the memory of public spaces echo our longing for a sense of home.

Invoking Title II permits the FCC to set prices, approve or disapprove of new innovations, and dictate the terms and conditions of offering service.

How can anyone expect a person of mixed descent to simply pick — or try to dictate what their identity is for them?

This is Dr. Oz and the Hollywood people and the six-figure nonprofits in Washington trying to dictate food options.

There are other countries in the UN who believe it is our job to dictate the terms of a solution in the Security Council.

Trump previously said that he didn’t dictate the statement.

The App Store guidelines, which dictate the rules around App Store rejections, won’t be updated until this fall.

White privilege and supremacy dictate that whiteness itself is superior, or at the very least neutral.

I also don’t let people dictate the pace that I’m on.

Pollan describes the way our senses dictate our experience of reality, comparing it to that of a bee whose body emphasizes different sensory experiences.

Conversely, your military situation will dictate what resources you have access to and thus what kind of army you can field.

For the first time, everyone will have the individual negotiating power to dictate terms to employers that must be met.

They dictate everything that you can do on the face, whereas makeup artists need to have something to manipulate.”

Books are physical objects whose properties dictate these experiences.

It happened because of corporate takeovers that let Wall Street dictate how companies are run.

You can’t let other people dictate your life to you.

Sweet also allows donors to dictate the race, religion, education, or income of the recipients.

Still, they can’t dictate child custody rules, and — sorry, tabloids — can’t really enforce lifestyle stipulations.

Even when the economics dictate more gender and racial diversity on boards and in corporate America, men bind together and hold firm.

Well, it looks like Markle let her sweet tooth dictate which recipe she used.

But the danger that men pose — individually, structurally, and geopolitically — shouldn’t dictate how women present themselves.

Will Trump’s Zodiac sign dictate her every response and reaction?

But they can’t dictate exactly what immigration judges do.

As the Instacart example shows, a series of algorithms that go into complex pay-rate models often dictate worker pay.

A restaurant’s choice of POS can impact and dictate a majority of other tech choices for it.

“We cannot dictate what other countries … may or may not decide to do in terms of supporting certain groups within Syria,” Toner said.

There’s no person to dictate.

His movements will dictate different joys for each sign, but, in general the planet of luck and plenty is here to help you out!

Macroeconomic data, currency movement and global cues are expected to dictate the trend during the week.

He’s not in a position to dictate to them what he wants.

Escape Carpool: A service for coordinating ridesharing during emergencies that helps riders find a car and dictate a time to leave.

Preconceived notions about who is “worth saving” can dictate how you respond to a caller.

“When people start to dictate who can live in which neighborhood, that’s when it’s dangerous,” he said.

Earlier in my career, I tried to dictate how people used technology.

Walmart is so big and powerful it could dictate to all of its suppliers what they will pay to them.

“All the mundane ‘crippling’ anxieties I once let dictate how I functioned have dissipated.

Donors, lobbyists, and corporate-backed groups have not always played nice with each other, nor does money dictate campaign outcomes.

Instead, we’re seeing folks coming in without term sheets and suggesting that the market should dictate their valuation with no immediate timeline.

dictate, meanwhile, only works in Office.

In the demo, dictate was shown handling the nonsense word “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” as well as inputting text in simple email.

This is perhaps its most clever trick, as that means you can speak in your language, while dictate types it out in another.

Some people will say art dealers and museums dictate and manipulate these fashions, but they don’t have that kind of power.

Reporting ethics dictate that you do not pay your sources.

Even though the circle members love to be involved, Chernyak emphasizes that the donors don’t dictate how grant recipients should do their work.

You will see this small window of the fight dictate exchanges on almost every card.

Therefore, instead of typing everything, you can dictate text and send commands thusly.

“Resources are clearly an issue,” said Morgan, which will dictate the pace of deportations.

The Republican Party lets states determine their own rules, although it does dictate some things.

The high court’s decision could dictate whether the Maryland case can move forward.

According to Mellon, this kind of sartorial durability comes from letting emotion dictate action.

For the estimated 15 million thin-file Americans in this situation, creditworthiness can’t dictate identity verification.

It’s the first law in the nation to dictate what happens to frozen embryos after a couple splits up.

It’s the first law in the nation to dictate what happens to frozen embryos after a couple splits up.

Nothing seems to dictate when it goes one way or another.

“The British referendum (on June 23) is likely to dictate the market’s pace for the time being.

We have five votes, but the chairman gets to dictate what the commissioner vote on.

The answers will sort of dictate everything else.

How you present yourself and your hair doesn’t dictate your validity as a non-binary person.

“The first eight or 11 or 20 minutes of your day dictate success — whether you’ll be victor or victim.

Along the way, you may find some new friends and some memorable art, especially if you let the international biennial circuit dictate your travels.

Many women are way too familiar with how our appearances can dictate how we’re treated in public.

Ultimately, though, Turner said she and her husband don’t let the public dictate the course of their relationship.

“Politicians can’t dictate where things are done,” he told Thursday’s TheCityUK annual conference.

Bin Salman “doesn’t dictate what is our end product.

Directional Influence, or DI, plays a huge part in defining a player’s skill, and can dictate the outcome of competitive games.

The idea is that it’s so big, it can effectively dictate prices to its suppliers.

I am taking the risk of living beyond survival mode, beyond what my cultural norms dictate.

Whereas printed publications still have editors who dictate what the audience sees, with online news, things are very different.

We’ve allowed the right to dictate the terms in a lot of ways.

And for as much as I wish that weren’t true, it’s not for me to dictate viewers’ reactions.

I can’t dictate to them who they send over.

So it can’t dictate to them who they choose.

Here’s the conclusion I draw: If Donald Trump has a chance in November, it is because the knowing will dictate our strategy.

This competition makes it harder for VCs to dictate terms the way they used to.

We don’t feel it’s our singular place to dictate “diversity,” or to use percentages to try and fill gaps.

She asks her sitters to provide prompts, dictate their backdrop, and determine when the work is finished.

There are probably less precious ways to dictate the conditions in which your new album is heard, but Tyler is not wrong.

They’re trying to dictate to the world how much coal is used, and I think, outside the original intent of 401.

That makes it easier for them to find common ground at the end of every episode, as the laws of family sitcoms dictate.

What gives them the right to dictate what my customers or any wireless consumers can choose for themselves?”

“That would be a pretty good place to land from my standpoint,” he said, though he demurred on whether it would dictate his vote.

Turkey, which buys much of its oil from neighboring Iran, says Washington cannot dictate the trade of other countries.

Instead, each uses its voice systems to read the text and let you dictate a response.

Gustavo de Hoyos, president of the powerful business lobby group Coparmex, said it was shameful that Mexico let the United States dictate legislation.

I’m not trying to dictate what people think about this movie.

But it can’t dictate values.

He didn’t let others dictate his path for him.

It can be controlled via voice commands to make calls, perform searches, dictate messages, or get directions.

As the frontrunner and the angry human weathervane of this election, Trump will also dictate much of tonight’s tone.

This difference also helps dictate Apple’s response to law enforcement requests.

Don’t allow someone with control issues dictate how you approach your career.

It doesn’t dictate to you at all.

Over at Apple, Steve Jobs had a similar dictate for the iPod: no song should be more than three clicks away.

You can’t always decide when you’ll fight, but if you’re careful, you can usually dictate where you do battle.

You’re the boss; you dictate the deal.” Pretty good dealmaking on Trump’s part, right?

Physics and a highly capable car like the R8 dictate that you’ll be fine — unless, say, a tire blows.

Simpson calls for more publicly released data from Google’s self-driving program, and for NHTSA officials to avoid letting tech companies dictate policy proposals.

The laws of our tribe dictate that we should be angry with Timberlake for drawing back things of the past.

“Hands in particular,” she continues,” I like to photograph [by] using my immediate environment to dictate the creativity of direction.

“There’s rarely a hard and fast dictate that ‘this has to happen.'”

But there’s very rarely a hard-and-fast dictate that “This has to happen.”

They become us.” The “deeper, submarinous emotions” stirred inside of us, however distant from the actual events, dictate the painting before us.

The terms of the partnership dictate that West will expand his work with Adidas to include apparel and accessories, as well as sneakers.

Williams was hitting short, however, allowing Kenin to step into the court and dictate play.

And Facebook’s decisions dictate not just which content is viewed but what kinds of content are created.

But the better tires also automatically dictate the addition of the “track package,” an additional $1,700.

Yes, recent norms dictate that a president shouldn’t get involved in investigations, but does that mean such a thing is illegal?

What’s ultimately going to dictate the future of movies at Comic-Con will be, of course, the money.

My colleagues who let their students dictate what they teach are cowards.

While it’s freeing to be able to dictate your own work schedule, it’s not without pitfalls.

As supreme leader, his whims dictate the lives of his country’s 25 million citizens.

Because North Korean officials effectively control their visitors’ access to the country, they could dictate exactly what ended up in the final product.

And it’s fair to question whether Google should be the one to dictate when ads are and are not acceptable.

Those actions should help dictate what you see next and — just as important — what you don’t.

The debates were once the province of the League of Women Voters, which did not let the two parties dictate the terms.

It can also read off directions as your walking or driving, let you dictate messages, and perform web searches.

But in the meantime, it doesn’t dictate sweeping changes to asylum standards.

This difference also helps dictate Apple’s response to law enforcement requests.

Apple has the scale and profitability to dictate what apps are shipped on its phones and to distribute its software updates painlessly and reliably.

—Bess Myerson Do not dictate to your author; try to become him.

“These things dictate so much about my identity, my social group, my profession.

This is the nature of civil society, though: No person can dictate whether others live up to his values, or even their own.

You don’t need to let others dictate who you are and how you play.

Context: The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards are regulations that dictate the design, performance, durability and construction of vehicles on the road today.

I don’t like the idea of having control over the actors; I prefer them to dictate the course of the movies.

Please do not dictate, talk over, or suppress actual Indigenous voices during an important dialogue on Native issues and topics.

He will not be able to dictate the terms of the contest, as he has so far.

For the likes of Ishmael and other out-of-work people-smugglers on this part of the border, logic would dictate that the cartels loom as recruiters.

What gives them the right to dictate what my customers or any wireless consumers can choose for themselves?”

Another use might be creating content for video games and virtual reality, which users could literally dictate in real time.

Four settings dictate how open the headphone is, with the most closed option providing the most bass and external noise attenuation.

It’s what the laws of physics dictate.

It’s hard to imagine that many customers want their mobile carriers to dictate whether they can access ESPN or HBO from their smartphone.

But he and his team know the power his tweets have to dictate a news cycle — the president has admitted it himself.

Elm’s work does not aim to dictate the viewer in any particular direction.

Once approved by its court-appointed monitor, it will dictate how officers will be required to use the cameras.

“The institute will revisit collaborations with these entities as circumstances dictate,” she said.

“The response of SDF to the popular demands will dictate whether this leads to a more violent confrontation,” he added.

“The refusal to allow machinery to dictate human activity unites the shop floor and the dance floor,” wrote Haider.

The main dictate is: “You have to cover your parts,” Frack said.

They’re not going to dictate or determine that person’s behavior.

When Rockstar constructs sequences intricately, rather than letting players dictate the action, the results are often electric.

Dictation has also been added to the keyboard, so you can dictate text or use it for basic editing commands.

“A lot of time with fish, meat will just dictate to you how it needs to be cut.

All that said, hormones and engorged erectile tissue don’t necessarily dictate behavior.

But the senator’s comments probably won’t dictate the outcome on their own.

dictate is more of an add-on than app since you really need Office to even use it.

20 languages are supported for voice-to-text, and dictate also supports “real-time text translation” for up to 60 languages.

dictate started out as a hackathon project, according to Microsoft’s blog post.

In addition to blabbing out emails or a Word document, you can also speak out commands (“next line”) and punctuation when using dictate.

DAPL protesters who request the posters can also dictate the written message they want the posters to convey.

Instagram can even dictate which sorts of bars and restaurants are built.

Then, I also voice dictate.

In Australia, strict regulations dictate who can own firearms.

I have notes on my iPhone and I just press the little microphone button and I just dictate as I think.

I can’t let the fear of not having enough dictate my actions.

Every human environment that exists outside of nature has been designed, and these designs dictate what can and cannot be done with them.

Unfortunately, you can’t dictate SMS messages with your Echo yet; Alexa’s messaging capabilities are still Echo-to-Echo (or the Alexa app) only for now.

Since there’s no microphone or speaker on the Ionic, you can’t dictate anything to it.

While iPhones don’t let you customize what happens when you push on the home button, Android devices include launchers that dictate the homescreen experience.

The series definitely uses that fact to help dictate its overall approach and aesthetic.

Oftentimes they engage their fans by accepting call-in questions or allowing them to dictate the direction of certain shows with challenges to the hosts.

It has unusual power to dictate norms for Jewish observance, and guidelines for Jewish identity.

Invoking Title II permits the FCC to set prices, approve or disapprove of new innovations, and dictate the terms and conditions of offering service.

Online, Alice’s tippers dictate most of those details, but their interactions remain virtual.

This is the nature of civil society, though: No person can dictate whether others live up to his values, or even their own.

I think if we just let big companies dictate the pace of innovation, we’re going to be bored out of our minds.

That China is pushing EVs might alone be enough to dictate where the market is headed.

And though Google can (and does) dictate some requirements in order to include Google services, it can’t dictate them all.

You can launch it with the windows key + H keyboard shortcut, and it will let you dictate into any app.

Well, it’s the stories that dictate the style.

And the AVT in the driver’s seat may only dictate verbal observations and feedback to the support tester to minimize distraction.

Daily Assist lets you dictate responses to texts, but I prefer Google Assistant for handling that task (and trust it more).

From now on, our security interests will dictate the length and scope of military operation, not arbitrary benchmarks and timetables set up by politicians.

“Politicians can’t dictate where things are done,” he told Thursday’s TheCityUK annual conference.

Hence your political beliefs probably dictate your preferred news outlets.

As Mooney is at pains to emphasize in his book, personality does not dictate ideology.

As always, specs don’t necessarily dictate how well a device actually operates, but they might be useful to see side by side.

Our military forces have the capacity, determination, and commitment to defend Taiwan and not allow coercion to dictate our own future,” she said.

And so the aspiration … We talked to our founders about their own teams, and we don’t dictate anything.

Arguably, those people may be taking their culture too seriously, but you can’t dictate what’s fun.

It’s what will dictate the yield of the land, the quality of the juice.

With Smith in a strong position to dictate the future of Yahoo, it is unlikely that landscape includes current management.

You can then dictate a command or question and Cortana will speak back to you in the headphones.

A patchwork of laws dictate when and how ex-felons can restore their voting rights in other states.

Your genes dictate a certain element, but you have this huge variability in your environment.

But in practice, they are going to be hemmed in to the point that circumstances, more than priorities, will dictate opportunities.

The choice has no bearing on the plot, but it does dictate which soundtrack users hear during that sequence.

Google Assistant will soon be able to automatically insert punctuation when you dictate messages inside the Assistant app on Android or iOS.

If you go to the YouTube homepage, algorithms dictate which videos you see and which ones you don’t.

No, the decisions Facebook’s supreme court makes won’t dictate who’s allowed to get married or whether schools ought to be integrated.

Tim Cook and his lieutenants dictate the terms of an enormous economy, and can change that economy on a whim.

I don’t even think it’s an important decision, but for now, ethics dictate that we do optical passthrough.

Instead of trying to take over and dictate my life, the Withings devices and software blended into it.

Eventually (we presume), most people will dictate their messages using voice control because the alternative, a T9 alphanumeric dialer, was very difficult to use.

Aerodynamics dictate the signature expansive windshield up front, but it’s been redesigned for greater visibility.

CEOs don’t persuade people; they dictate.

“Resources are clearly an issue,” said Morgan, which will dictate the pace of deportations.

Obviously, how many hours you spend gaming in one day will dictate how often this mouse needs to recharge.

It was starting to dictate what I was making in a certain way and I was like, “You know what?

But they don’t let them dictate detention, in part because even the best instruments are only somewhat predictive of future harm.

The different BPM of songs are going to dictate how many footsteps you take.

The new Saudi oil leadership believes the market will dictate the price and that means higher volatility.

That means he possibly allowed politics to dictate his actions — which looks really bad for the FBI director.

Changes in fuel efficiency standards in the United States can dictate investment decisions due to the country’s heavy consumption of the fuel.

It would be wrong to assume that the United States has North Korea cornered and can simply dictate to Kim.

“How dare some old guy dictate what I can and can’t do when it comes to motherhood or my own body?

That means that while Starr could independently dictate the impeachment story, Mueller has bosses.

Almost all states dictate that a very small portion of lottery money be used to fund programs to help those with gambling problems.

The fans will dictate when the show ends.

There’s a clearly a global misogynistic trend to dictate what Muslim women should wear.

“People vote with their hearts … our values dictate we should be the party of immigration reform,” he said.

You don’t need to be hitting winners, but you have to dictate the rallies.

“Now you have to dictate the point.

“Campuses can’t dictate laws about firearms.

So while fill power does dictate something about the quality of a down, what really matters is how densely packed a down is.

Once the warm-ups turn into workshops, Pedro doesn’t try to dictate proceedings.

To partake in the project, a person must sit across from one of the performers at a table and dictate a pledge to them.

(I’m guessing online numbers and your desire for live events will dictate how quickly that migration happens, though.)

They have a prenuptial agreement, which will dictate any spousal support and how assets will be divided.

I refuse to let others dictate how I live my life and what my body should look like for their own comfort.

But that doesn’t stop brands frequently trying to dictate the terms of their content to her so it doesn’t look sponsored.

I will dictate to you the first note you should write.

Whatever sign the moon is in will dictate your mood.

The Republican Party lets states determine their own rules, although it does dictate some things.

“The goal is to hit religious minority women and dictate what kind of clothes they may wear.

“The goal is to hit religious minority women and dictate what kind of clothes they may wear.

I understand that I’ve worked hard to build the life I have, so logic would dictate that I deserve it.

And as much as Untrue would come to dictate future trends, its soul is firmly rooted in the sounds of the past.

The answer should help dictate whether it’s worth the financial risk.

“I let my broken relationships dictate the way I acted toward people and the way I treated them!

Yet the process can’t be delayed any longer because of strict congressional rules that dictate the approval of new laws in District of Columbia.

Headlines on trade issues will continue to dictate direction once such flows subside.” The dollar was 0.15 percent lower at 110.08 yen.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that the U.S. “doesn’t get to dictate how other countries operate.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that the U.S. “doesn’t get to dictate how other countries operate.

Could childhood trauma really dictate some of our preferences?

She released her latest book, My Life On the Road, late last year, and expectations for her age hardly dictate her choices.

Though federal law and some state laws dictate that victims must be told when a plea bargain is offered, that doesn’t always happen.

He added that the League did not dictate the coalition’s foreign policy.

What a criminal act to let a bunch of tech companies that don’t give a shit about storytelling dictate how stories should be told.

The basic requirements that dictate what people do with their exotic animals, especially in some states, are minimal.

The terms of the plea agreement dictate Lopez cannot appeal his sentence and can never be paroled.

“We were able to dictate the play in the offensive zone more so than in games past,” Okposo said of the five-goal outburst.

He added that the League did not dictate the coalition’s foreign policy.

So, are communities going to be able to create rules that dictate what buildings look like?

“I love the female body, and I think it’s something to be proud of, not something that men should dictate ownership of.

When asked if the officer was punished, we were told, “We have no policy that would dictate any disciplinary action.”

Who the f— is Margaret Josephs to dictate to Teresa Giudice?” Giudice was empowered by Staub’s words.

We’re going to let that dictate the direction in which we go.

“I will not let others dictate what they think my body should look like for their own comfort, and neither should you.

The designers dictate things.

The policies at the top can dictate in ways both positive and negative what happens further down.”

Now there is less opportunity to participate, let alone dictate the agenda.

In these clans throughout sub-Saharan Africa, females do the majority of the hunting, dictate the social structure, and raise cubs as single mothers.

Her biggest piece of advice: don’t sit in the chair and dictate what technique you want done (like balayage, single process, double process, etc.)

Katie Lowes may battle psoriasis, but she isn’t allowing the diagnosis to dictate her life.

The French will doubtlessly dominate the ball, but Ireland have to be clever enough not to allow them to dictate the pace of play.

Art belongs to the people, is the dictate of the Soviet state, but the narrative voice offers a rebuttal.

Adding the right to the constitution gives hunters more power to dictate what conservation efforts should look like.

Too few agricultural buyers reach villages, and the ones that make it can often dictate prices.

“One thing I will never allow is politicians to dictate what I draw,” says Gado, who is suing NMG and penning cartoons.

They dictate which hospital or clinic gets which batch, at what price.

Don’t let society dictate what success means to you.

And while this framework continues to dictate how 100 millions pounds of maple syrup get processed annually, it is being reviewed by the government.

He does not try to dictate the level of the rupee, but still stage-manages it.

“Don’t let people dictate how you live your life,” she says.

The fans will dictate when the show ends.

“Selection cutting systems shall be used, unless the biological requirements of the forest dictate otherwise,” it says in a policy statement.

There are specific turning points when Annie realizes she deserves better and refuses to let anyone dictate her happiness.

The polls will also dictate where the candidates go to woo voters.

It is not up to governments to dictate how firms are owned.

It was not a unanimous decision, but they essentially decided that one small group could not dictate the moral standings for an entire country.

“I didn’t want to relinquish my marriage, but I couldn’t let [anyone else] dictate my path or limit my future,” she says.

Your outlook may also dictate how you do your job.

Jeff Sessions does not actually have the power to dictate federal marijuana policy; Congress does.

But Republicans have opposed the idea that the government should dictate that people buy coverage they don’t want and may not need.

Not until the age of 90 did he give up flying: old people, he insisted, should not let the calendar dictate their lives.

Public resentment has made no difference to brutal, ill-judged efforts to dictate how many children families can have.

We follow that dictate in our pages, of course, but not everyone else does.

If they don’t get to dictate how I interpret their films, then they don’t get to control anything about the film industry.

No Bossy Bridesmaids
Don’t let your bridesmaids dictate what they will be wearing.

Just a few minutes of reading training text into software like Dragon dictate, made by Nuance, produces a big jump in accuracy.

The first is that technology firms can dictate terms to infatuated investors.

This meant the labels could dictate the hits.

“We’re not trying to dictate how people feel, it’s more about setting up a scenario,” said Porter.

No one owns them or has a proprietary right to dictate how they will be used.

China thus cannot dictate interest rates in America, much less push it into penury.

It portends a massive escalation in US foreign policy: one where America is trying to dictate how three sovereign countries should operate.

Whatever sign the Moon is in will dictate what your mood is, Cancer.

On occasion, and as events dictate, my observations may stray across the Austrian border.

In most, driving is not yet so widespread that motorists can dictate planning rules, and residents are not used to free parking.

And the actors dictate so much.

Social cues dictate our next moves.

The emails offer a rare glimpse into a world where corporate interests can dictate their own science and scientists for hire willingly oblige.

But economic logic and past experience dictate that government deficits and investment booms drive trade deficits up.

“Fans will drive and sort of dictate where they’re consuming content and the dollars should follow where that fan consumption is,” Shah explained.

But the competitive advantage available to the winners, allowing them to dictate the future (and scupper all other plans), would be a powerful temptation.

It goes without saying that gender should never dictate policy—that how one looks or identifies should never affect their priorities as a public servant.

Many of the incentives that dictate how the government spends federal tax dollars tend not to prevent fraud and waste but to encourage it.

“RBS needs to defend its interests vigorously and not let DoJ dictate the terms to them,” he said.

“What we do right now is really going to dictate some of the longer-term responses from the ice sheets,” Golledge said.

Strict rules dictate who may and may not buy HDB flats.

Macri’s Cabinet Chief Marcos Pena told reporters on Tuesday that Argentina, and not the IMF, would dictate the terms of any agreement.

But depending on how strictly or loosely “budget reconciliation” instructions are written, it can dictate what a tax reform package looks like.

“Inequality persists because the trained dancer and their ‘ballet bodies” continue to dictate what dance is,” the authors write.

Regulators instead used quotas to dictate how much banks lent and in effect fixed their deposit and lending rates.

Some schemes dictate how payouts must be spent.

The law did more than dictate transgender bathroom usage.

Allowing a regional politician to dictate a figure would have smashed the state’s sovereignty.

These wins are critical because governors have executive authority that allows them to dictate some state energy priorities.

“My people are deeply annoyed that the party bosses are trying to dictate the outcome of a party primary.

In fact, depending on … what device I’m carrying may dictate what content I can get.

That is unfair: it is the party’s leaders who ultimately dictate monetary policy.

Billionaires with flagrant conflicts of interest dictate economic policy.

In these portraits he liberates the figure from the dictate of resemblance—either physical or psychological—and steps decisively into the modern.

Allowing the opposition to dictate the play is usually a recipe for disaster.

I allowed my circumstance to dictate my life, instead of taking control of my life.

Contracts dictate that providers must complete prisoners’ resettlement plans, but not how thoroughly they must fill them in.

It is similar to many previous American efforts to change the behaviour of the generals who dictate Pakistan’s security policy.

For example, the state does not dictate to the church anything related to its internal life.

Global views on abortion continue to dictate how we treat any public health epidemics that affect women and their uteruses.

And I am the most centrist.” White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said the White House would not dictate the process.

“It’s not for the United States to dictate to Cuba how they should govern themselves,” Obama concluded.

So economics and practicality dictate that AVs will start out as shared robotaxis.

Just following my instincts and letting my mood dictate color choices.

We all have these human experiences that dictate how we react to everything.

In the months after that the constellations of power that emerge in Brussels will partly dictate how such longer-term plans proceed.

The disparity allowed Mr Trump to dictate terms like the star he is.

Out of shot, a man’s voice begins to dictate instructions, which she notes down somewhat sulkily.

In response to reactionary, right wing narratives that increasingly dictate our lives, Bond centered the festival around building new narratives across all marginalized communities.

Although China will not want to see Pakistan go bust, it will not want to dictate its macroeconomic policies either.

What he does over these next six months could dictate the organization’s next ten years.

An authoritarian regime can limit and dictate the public discussion.

VICE: For each season of Decker, you’ve picked a different trope to dictate the style of the show.

In a liberal democracy we don’t try and dictate how people should live so why does society try to dictate how people should die?

Nor do people’s identities truly dictate their thoughts or behaviour.

Gen Z is in less of a position to dictate their terms of employment.

Orts noted that “50 percent of millennials thinks CEOs need to take positions on moral responsibility,” and that corporate pronounces will dictate purchasing decisions.

Other regulations dictate when and how party figures can communicate with prospective voters.

Perhaps the most stirring part of Justice Misra’s statement was the assertion that “majoritarian views and popular morality cannot dictate constitutional rights”.

The first trio of values dictate your character’s offense, while the latter determine what’s colloquially known as bulk or bulkiness.

“We don’t get to dictate how other countries operate,” Sanders said.

A reasonable forecast is that China will embrace international collaboration where it sees advantage in doing so and act unilaterally where its interests dictate.

Other than incentivizing certain behaviors in some agents to encourage variety in the league, DeepMind isn’t trying to dictate specific tactics.

Allowing bands to metaphorically shoot themselves in the foot by alienating listeners and essentially letting the genre-label they have given themselves dictate their sound.

The leadership rules dictate that Tory MPs should produce a shortlist of two before the members make the final decision.

You can now dictate what users are allowed to do with your game’s content, and whether any sort of modding will be allowed.

Human decency and common sense dictate that you should tell a crying daughter if her father is indeed in your hospital.

The government fails, however, to exercise that authority, enabling Monsanto to dictate terms, says Rao.

Heck, the system will even dictate your tweets while you keep both hands on the steering wheel.

Is it right that a small group of adults dictate what other adults are allowed to watch, though?

DNA might seem like destiny, but most genes don’t dictate our path or our destination.

And since governments cannot dictate the bank’s methodological tweaks, their best bet for improving their rank is still to cut red tape.

Whether Britons follow similar principles when it comes to imbibing their politics will dictate the fortunes of Labour and the Conservatives.

There is no consensus around how forcefully the Spitzenkandidat logic should dictate the choice of new Commission president.

The other thing is let’s be aware of what’s happening, but let’s not have it dictate every moment.

Riley took to Twitter to address the outcry and wound up schooling fans on the logistics and industry politics that dictate awards consideration.

He also thinks he can dictate the timing of next year’s election—and win it.

The suit monitors his movements and they in turn dictate the movement of Ariel as he is projected on to the screen.

The policies at the top can dictate in ways both positive and negative what happens further down.”

“Business leaders should not dictate what the BNDES does.” he said.

Letting schoolchildren dictate how much salt and white bread they eat is unlikely to make them healthier.

Logic would dictate that Turnpikes’ release was held back by rights issues, but Jones has another theory: “Rights issues?

But technical obsolescence need not dictate the linguistic kind.

But remember no piece of paper can dictate your future; only you can.

Though she tries to avoid transmission zones like Miami Beach, she says she refuses to let mosquitos dictate her life.

Justin Bieber has never let the pop culture zeitgeist dictate his day to day fashion choices.

We didn’t dictate and force people to do this or whatever.

When Rockstar constructs sequences intricately, rather than letting players dictate the action, the results are often electric.

“Millionerds,” as Michael Lewis called them, took over in Silicon Valley, and started to dictate the values and culture of the broader economy.

Worried that such criticism might resonate, the Al Sauds allowed clerics to dictate ever more conservative policies.

On a smaller scale, cities and towns have some power to dictate local minimum wages but ultimately state legislators are in control.

Those statutes dictate that redirected spending must be restricted to “military construction projects” and projects “essential to the national defence”.

Those statutes dictate that redirected spending must be restricted to “military construction projects” and projects “essential to the national defence”.

The kids who grew up on the internet are now old enough to go out and dictate where they wanna be at.”

Her organization practices, dubbed the KonMari Method, dictate an order in which you should clean out your entire house.

China is Australia’s largest trading partner and any changes in the economic fortunes there tends to dictate domestic market movements.

And about fear and how much we let it dictate how we live.

The notion of every citizen living a life of leisure requires paying for that leisure, or so a capitalist system would dictate.

https://t.co/kRv5k9plDU — Jon M. Chu (@jonmchu) July 12, 2018 “This one is too important 2 let others dictate who the real heroes are,” Chu said.

Information ministries dictate headlines, ban foreign journalists and harass local ones who don’t co-operate.

The authorities should not be able to dictate what format you present your art.

The result is that a handful of people in power dictate what ought to be collective decisions.

“I let the way other people saw me dictate my life,” she says about her lack of body awareness before she got into yoga.

The likes and comments he receives on certain photos dictate what is made into prints and t-shirts.

“We will not allow these goons to run around and dictate our foreign policy,” he insists.

On top of that, authorities in many places dictate that the odds of winning cannot be worse than a certain level.

“Growing up, I didn’t have a lot self-worth and I allowed that to dictate a lot of my actions,” Abbott, 35, tells PEOPLE.

A patchwork of different laws across the country dictate how couples can adopt; what’s true in New York isn’t so in Oklahoma.

Parvez Hassan, the lawyer who heads it, says data will dictate its recommendations.

I’m not seeking to dictate solutions to people but to actually listen and engage in a different way.

One remedy to the problem of narrow curriculums might be to dictate the time spent on each subject, as is the case in Finland.

Still, she notes, it’s important not to let prejudice dictate the terms of debate.

UBS looks doubly exposed to fickle markets, since U.S. President Donald Trump’s policies will dictate whether American investors’ animal spirits persist.

Unions don’t dictate the rules anymore.

And you’re right—common sense and common health code dictate that the answer is “hell no.”

I just don’t think it’s the government’s place to dictate.

Amazon could dictate that merchants use its forwarding service, said Cliff Sullivan, chairman of the Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics.

“Moral of this story is, never let anyone dictate what’s acceptable.

“When you’re knocking people out in the UFC you can dictate who you fight.

Earlier this year, Scholz said that Germany shouldn’t “dictate” economic policies to other European countries.

“In boxing, the boxers’ styles dictate the match and there’ll be not many hugs, there will be a heavy boxing (on Oct 28).

Conservatives ask why unelected judges should dictate to a whole country what a family means.

The fans will dictate when the show ends.

That’s because of congestion, road conditions, traffic lights, and different regional regulations that can dictate some elements of pricing.

“I want to dictate the environment that I want to be in,” he said.

Not only do they dictate the smell of a certain strain, they can tweak physical and psychoactive effects.

Women are powerful and sexual beings, and we don’t need society to dictate when it is okay to express that.

Many giantesses offer custom made videos where the client can dictate the story line.

There’s gonna be kids dressed in black whose appearance does not dictate who and what they are inside as individuals.

If a design feature is obstruction, then the government has the right to dictate design.

“We cannot let fear dictate how we live our lives,” Richard Branson told Traveler.

If you find a lot of rocks and grasses, that will dictate what you use for shelter.

Social expectations can dictate what we “should” think, when the reality is far more complex.

And I don’t dictate who buys my clothing in a store.” Posen went on to comment on the current political climate.

“The concept is the same as a prenup and would dictate the divorce,” Ziegler explains.

“The score didn’t dictate the way we played,” Devils center Travis Zajac said.

No more allowing someone’s else [sic] insecurities to dictate my relationship to music and singing.

Depending on the kind of mood I’m trying to prepare myself for will dictate which playlist I use.

Legal experts said the government has few tools to dictate how a private company makes news decisions.

“Gender, race, and class are dissolved because there are no social and political constructs to restrain and dictate my identity.

“The group – some have deemed us the Big Six – will not dictate the direction we take in this committee,” Hatch said.

Without a set itinerary, I began in Washington, DC, and drove around the nation, letting the news and weather dictate my journey.

Critics say the system gives multinationals the chance to dictate public policy.

Brazilian rules dictate that companies vying for stakes in the prolific pre-salt must bid by promising a share of oil production to the government.

Take care in choosing your policies, as they will dictate how you and your people will perform in matters both foreign and domestic.

The visuals used are referential and dictate the duality of the Meishi Smile project.

I think the issue is that we’re letting society dictate what we think is beautiful or healthy.”

Perhaps it’s not productive for us to dictate how we want artists to use their platforms.

Federal rules dictate that Trump’s campaign had only until August to repay the loan.

The now-deleted tweet was posted Sunday afternoon and read like something Scrooge McDuck would dictate.

There’s a phrase I keep using on the album that people have been ignoring, which is, ‘Auto dictate my didact.’

Jones’s success troubles haters because the rules of colorism dictate that she must not have access, that she must fail.

Traditional social norms dictate local women cannot interact with men to which they are not related.

I don’t want to dictate what my reader should think, or what position they want to take.

The president is clearly frustrated that he cannot simply dictate whom he has around him.

Legal experts said the government has few tools to dictate how a private company makes news decisions.

“He can’t dictate like this, we can’t make laws immediately.

How things pan out will dictate how many weaker outfits get taken out.

“We cannot dictate what other countries … may or may not decide to do in terms of supporting certain groups within Syria,” Toner said.

The restrictions dictate what you do.

All across the country, schools and states want to dictate where people can go to the bathroom.

Directional Influence, or DI, plays a huge part in defining a player’s skill, and can dictate the outcome of competitive games.

DNA might seem like destiny, but most genes don’t dictate our path or our destination.

The ongoing earnings season may continue to dictate market trends to an extent.

It was also interesting to note the ways weather can dictate our experience of a festival.

“Brands like Ivanka’s dictate the terms of production with profit, quality, and timeliness their only real considerations.”

“[My favorite DJs] would never let narrow-minded ideas about ‘genre’ dictate what they play,” he says.

The government fails, however, to exercise that authority, enabling Monsanto to dictate terms, says Rao.

The colour of your skin does not dictate how beautiful you are.

“I will not let others dictate what they think my body should look like for their own comfort, and neither should you.

No longer do people simply watch the game, talk to their mates, and abuse the opposition, officials or their own team as proceedings dictate.

“At the moment a number of objective factors exclude the possibility for any cartels to dictate their will to the market.

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