Despair in a sentence | Use of the word despair examples

“Attitudes and norms can change; we mustn’t despair of them never changing,” Bogart said.

In the minutes between the secret ballot and Bach revealing the winner, Swedish IOC member Stefan Holm was seen in despair.

How to combat this way of thinking: If you discover implicit biases for “John versus Juan” or “Jack versus Jill,” don’t despair.

At this point in the conversation, I audibly gagged, but not to despair.

In the depths of despair, I wrote to the novelist, who was happy to hear about my pain.

“[But] movie critics despair of sequels as betraying a lack of imagination and originality.”

Do not despair of our present difficulties but believe always in the promise and greatness of America, because nothing is inevitable here.

Some experts argue that the simultaneous increase in deaths of despair — alcohol-related deaths, drug overdoses, and suicides — point to deeper problems in America.

Because of this, the feeling on the street in Cleveland was supposed to be one of grievance, despair and even possibly terror and violence.

Titled Playing Hurt: My Journey From despair to Hope, it explores Saunders’ lifelong struggle with depression.

The work builds out this strange cafe world with themes of repetition and despair, dream-like escapes and bodily exertion.

He was driven into deep despair at the state of the world, and found himself in long stretches of crippling depression.

He said, “I can tell from my writing I just felt despair.”

The bruise-like hues of blue, green, and yellow evoke death and despair, which is further amplified by the washed-out atmosphere and low contrast.

Republicans distressed by the rise of Trump currently now seem split between denial, despair, and desperation.

The sudden pressure to get healthcare before it is out of reach has inspired frustration, anxiety, and despair.

In the face of despair, you believe there can be hope.

Eventually, the inability to locate the books containing these mysteries in the unending labyrinth of shelves lead the librarians into suicidal despair.

But 13 miles away at a displaced persons camp in the town of Bartella, jubilance was supplanted by a cloud of uncertainty and despair.

But 13 miles away at a displaced persons camp in the town of Bartella, jubilance was supplanted by a cloud of uncertainty and despair.

Then in the last half, through despair, fear, and confusion, he continues to just scream and runs through this Hell like nightmare.

I shouldn’t have to see the pain, struggle, and despair of homeless people to and from my way to work every day.

They claimed Jim had given her STDs and her despair was part of the reason she killed herself.

Her expression was one of terminal loneliness—of costly despair.

Songwriting that once voiced progressive resolution now howls with conservative despair.

Art provides a means of keeping abreast of political events without slipping into despair; there are horizons beyond those outcomes preordained in headlines.

“It was unreal,” Buell told me, remembering the panic and despair she felt as the lines appeared on the little white stick.

Nothing makes Spotify users despair like the app’s search function and its perplexing results.

By the time the record reaches “Black Lake”, the album’s longest song, she sinks into despair.

But we shouldn’t despair.

“Yet Pope Francis himself is surely the world’s greatest demonstration against such a surrender to despair and cynicism.”

If the proles can be distracted from their own despair by media-created pseudo-events…the super-rich will have little to fear.

The gridlock and the partisan rancor and the unresponsiveness of the government fill countless citizens with despair.

So, yes, there is reason to despair.

Could Trump’s election, which has triggered such despair in liberals, similarly jolt the United States into following a Democratic-friendly course?

After its general counsel resigned in despair, the FEC spent two years without a chief lawyer.

And I’ve witnessed the cycle of hyperbolic liberal hopes followed by melodramatic liberal despair too many times.

But there’s always some new messiah or perfect policy just off to the left of what’s possible, followed by betrayal and despair.

The camera holds on her face for a long, anguished moment, as actress Emilia Clarke rolls through everything from triumph to gutted despair.

“It will only consolidate an environment of despair that would ultimately create fertile grounds for further tension.

“I carried the traumas and despair of my clients into my home, and would have recurring thoughts about [their] well-being,” she says.

He said, “I can tell from my writing I just felt despair.”

Days after the election, I searched for books that would speak to the fear and despair I was feeling.

In a culture that increasingly prizes positivity and hope, what is the purpose of a period that mandates self-denial and despair?

During a disastrous encounter with the police, the brushstrokes around Alain turn into smears of despair around him.

The 14 flags reflect the fury and despair over Donald Trump’s presidency, but with some glimmers of hope.

What pulses throughout the record is a sense of confidence, not despair, among even the most heart-wrenching lyrics and moments.

VICE: Grown-up people often fall into a deep, dark pit of despair when they have to return to work after their summer vacations.

“It’s difficult not to sink into despair.

“It is the interpretation of the authors that by painting ‘despair,’ Edvard Munch broke a mental barrier for himself.

One only imagines the cycle of despair that could arise.

“Stable prisoners who enter solitary will almost immediately develop anxiety, paranoia, compulsive behavior, memory loss, anger, despair, and suicidal thoughts,” Kupers says.

But relief soon turned to despair when officials refused to tell them and his lawyers where he was.

Golden Exits looks like it treads similar ground, telling a tale of woe and despair among young Brooklynites.

If you answered no to any or all of the questions, don’t despair!

In areas that voted strongly Remain and among the younger generation, there is a feeling of betrayal and despair.

There was immense despair for the victims and their families.

Can single mothers, or children who are growing up with absent fathers, read this book and not feel despair?

There is a debate among scientists about whether there is something called “endogenous depression” — a form of despair that is triggered purely by biology.

The nihilistic beat disguised despair in cheerful tones, and the audience laughed uncertainly at the clowns’ misery, identifying those problems as their own.

Do not despair of our present difficulties but believe always in the promise and greatness of America, because nothing is inevitable here.

The moment I mention the word Rodeohead, all the members of the press who’ve come along turn away in despair.

All my feelings of despair, loneliness, and grief, wondrously fizzled away.

Luckily, we found Anthony Bourdain to relieve us all from psychological despair, if only for an afternoon.

Beyond politics and existential despair, 2016 has been defined by a bunch of children.

What ensues is ten minutes of shaking, tapping, and despair before an avalanche of tomato sauce descends and ruins your fries.

Exploring human relationships, the depths and the despair that they can bring you to, and the dependency on someone—or, alternatively, something.

The mood swoops between feral despair and strung-out longing—check out Kurt rhyming “mother” with “summer.”

If your email-sending or image-editing Python scripts aren’t working, don’t despair.

This work reflects on Bartow’s earlier life, specifically the despair following his military service in the Vietnam War.

Some of his subjects move through their lives, others curl up with crippling despair, while others stare off into space.

Sleep-deprived from constant drama and isolated from friends, I fell into despair.

My catastrophic insurance didn’t cover heartbreak and sleep-deprivation-induced psychosisMy mind sped through stages of anger, panic, then despair.

Abu Farhan shares that sense of despair.

It was the perfect bit of office humor: short, funny, tinged with a sense of hopelessness and despair anyone can relate to.

When stuck in depression, one tends to withdraw further and further from life, perpetuating a downward spiral of detachment and despair.

The apocalypse doesn’t have to be a cause for despair.

This has sent Aaron spiraling into despair.

But his complete despair over Dougie has me questioning myself.

And what’s worse, at least according to him, is that Avella’s denizens aren’t awe of their own despair.

The despair that can come with it.

By the time Jimmy Kimmel got in touch, Kevin’s initial hope had shaded into resignation and despair.

Yet almost every time an NFL game is played, fans despair over the ineffable definition of “catch.”

I want to see his parents sob in despair as the beast chomps down on that tasty, virgin flesh.

And because we don’t know what kind of earth-altering activism will emerge during the Trump years, despair is premature.

Unemployment can lead to that sense of despair, especially if it leads to significant financial uncertainty and instability.

Unemployment benefits are supposed to combat some of that despair by providing a measure of financial security.

If they can’t, the future of this oppressed minority will be one of broken families, parentless children, and mass despair.

They stink of death and desperation and despair.

Either way, it shouldn’t be a point of despair.

It’s given her moral agency during a time of indescribable despair.

“I despair of the term ‘clean eating,'” she said, “though I actually like the food that comes under that banner.

“You know, it’s just been a lot of despair.”

The show stirs emotions that range from the heights of exhilaration to the depths of despair.

The New York Times went so far as to playfully label the collective bacon despair “fake news.”

The phenomenon has given rise to a troubling new term in public health: deaths of despair.

During times like this, I think about my former childhood self—alone and navigating the world with a sense of despair.

“Although death rates are not the only marker of health and well-being, they might be a marker of relative despair,” the researchers wrote.

Of course, it’s impossible to say what would have happened if those states had become healthier and saw fewer deaths of despair.

Dietland on AMC forced the hateful, tiny moments of despair that come from denigration and ridicule in your face over and over.

Keep this in mind in your moments of despair.

We rarely fully learn why a person is driven to suicide—each episode has its own painful logic of despair.

Finally, reason surrenders — but to a wave of thrill rather than despair.

Mets fans will hope he keeps up his hot hitting through despair and hope…

When the finale aired, Splitsider published a piece titled “The Good Place’s Optimism Is a Salve for despair in the Trump Era.”

My Facebook feed was immediately filled with despair, and I knew my friends were taking it hard.

In took 28 lives in the United States while Florence killed more than 50 and drove many rural communities into deeper despair.

Tracks like “31 Days” and “When I Think About It” strike classic Future chords, full of despair, self-loathing, and a twisted nihilism.

He’s a man in despair giving himself a year to work this stuff out.

Haney’s assessment noted “extreme anxiety, sleeplessness, despair and hopelessness, depression,” among other mental ailments.

One neuroscientist actually nicknamed his apparatus the Pit of despair.

I do not despair of some measure of self-regulation.

These days the overriding sense, from the fans at least, is of despondency and despair.

Gaines describes the “surprise,” “trauma,” and “despair” of the arts community and their “desire to do something” on the heels of the Trump election.

I never had to manufacturer those feelings of terror or despair.

First hope then disappointment, and finally, despair.

As she contemplates her face in the glass, her frown suggests despair at her faded beauty, at the way of all flesh.

Much of the musical’s comedic moments belong to Usher’s naysayers, whose jabs urge the young composer to retreat into despair.

Others became hysterical, overcome with apparent despair.

But don’t despair.

Midday rolled round and I was still in the depths of boozy despair.

How living by yourself for the first time is to be regularly nudging away despair.

Shot in long, smoky, kinetic segments, the film chronicles Becky’s lowest point and slow climb out of the depths of addiction and despair.

Just as we will not accept the counsels of despair that this simply cannot be done.

Barnea, who has traveled to combat zones on assignment as a photographer, has seen destruction and despair up close.

I want to reach out, grasp all I can, and hold on instead of withering in a comfortable despair.

When you’ve exhausted all your tools, and you see the awful people winning, it can lead to despair.

So we need to do things to counter that despair and hopelessness.

Using a sliding-scale, participants rated each growl in the first set based on levels of perceived fear, aggression, despair, happiness and playfulness.

I massaged them gently into his back, pretending I was lending my despair to his hydration and healing.

The woman’s pose can be one of ecstasy or despair, and the tension between the two lends the image its strength.

Why do some people feel despair even if they come from a happy home?

The book weaves images of resilience and optimism with those of despair.

Other than a dull ache in my right ribs and the perpetual stab of existential despair, I feel pretty good.

I’m muting you not because I hate you or your photos, but because they send me into a pit of despair.

despair over losing a child or parent is common.

I was a senior in college, and the general mood for people graduating was one of despair.

Many protesters are first-time activists pushed to protest by inequality, violence, despair and hope for change.

Don’t despair, even though it’s tempting and would obviously make sense.

“We simply cannot go on like this, with a weak leader, a riven cabinet and a party in despair.

Others say South Bend still has pockets of despair and that minorities, in particular, have failed to benefit from its growth.

She was overwhelmed, and felt despair.

Something about this situation is forcing me into deep despair.

But nearly two years into President Trump, the consequences of his election made bare, despair isn’t enough—action is needed.

1980s TRAINING METHODS Those in charge of promoting sport in Pakistan despair.

This was—the narrative dictates—an area gripped by poverty and everything that comes with it; crime, violence, generational worklessness and despair.

Still, though the fifth season began production before Trump won the day, this installment taps into a now-familiar despair.

When he sings “I want to stick my head in a hole in the ground”, it’s more general despair than outright defeat.

I’d swing from one side of this emotional pendulum to the other, wrestling back-and-forth between despair and hope, clarity and confusion.

When his mother breaks the news that she didn’t get him the sandwich, his voice cracks in despair.

And this time the band—completed by Brandon Setta, Kyle Kimball, and Aaron Heard—are right there with him, echoing the despair, usually in minor keys.

Sometimes they despair but we can’t do anything, it’s so sad,” said a patrolman located a few yards (meters) from the border.

Flocks of nesting pigeons stain the walls with faeces and leave the monks, whose religion forbids killing, in despair.

In the minutes between the secret ballot and Bach revealing the winner, Swedish IOC member Stefan Holm was seen in despair.

she says in despair.

This is devastating and deflating and makes it so easy to fall into despair.

But if you yet teeter, unsure whether to despair or look forward, let me try to make the case for the latter.

Soon enough, the grief feels magnified, becoming an ever-complicated web of shifting memory, gutted despair, muddled controversy over their worth, stark regret.

The camera catches sad dad Todd Frazier in a moment of despair as he tries to overcome Giancarlo’s torrent of dingers.

Whatever euphoria supposedly comes with ketosis was powerless against regular old despair.

And maybe it’s the way forward to help find a new foothold and boot us out of the despair of our times.

The recklessness, the despair, the black-on-black destruction of bodies that we all should have been so tired of.

As is our despair.

This canny ice cream seller didn’t despair, though, instead spotting the perfect chance to make some extra lolly.

Would white women show the same level of despair and solidarity they did at Trump’s misogynistic comments?

That was despair.

When, for months afterward, Gomez didn’t want to leave his bedroom, Beth tried to stop him from falling deeper into drunken despair.

It’s whimsical, sudden and Reddit-specific, but it doesn’t completely evade description or provoke existential despair like The Button.

In moments of anger, confusion, and despair, she revealed that her “girls” provided comfort.

If you kill someone, it can spread disease, mistrust, and despair, spiraling the district towards disaster.

Plunged into darkness, Earth’s survivors would be disconsolate, driven to despair, reduced to their most basic, animal selves.

The uptick in such “deaths of despair,” as economists call them, is often thought to be rooted to stagnation in economic opportunities.

That despair drove some not only to Trump, but — if their views on Putin are any guide — to something other than traditional American democracy.

We attempted to invoke various feelings of despair, angst and grief, as well as an acute awareness of one’s own mortality.

Earn’s indignation falters and only despair remains.

He was devastated and picked her up in despair, only for Cody to hammer him in the back.

Disenfranchisement and economic despair were facts of life for Chandler as he grew up in the poor, predominantly African-American town of Benton Harbor, Michigan.

And despair does warrant processing, and for that art can be useful.

I’m not good at wallowing in despair.

They plunge into postpartum depression, and they despair of establishing a healthy parenting routine.

What is ignored is the part below the surface—feelings of hopelessness and despair, worries about money, about children.

It’s a game of despair and death by the thousands.

And so, despair.

It’s ugly, hard to look at, the despair on their faces inescapable, including a woman on her knees.

And there are also signs of despair in some white working-class communities.

And there are also signs of despair in some white working-class communities.

I have two points of praise, two points of critique, and, because I am me, one point of despair.

We must pursue peace without fear, hope without despair, and security without apology.

The day-to-day hassles and the existential despair intertwine real nice in the better bands of gothic inclination.

In the richest country in the history of the world there is too much poverty, and too much despair.

But don’t despair.

That means that you can inhale to your lungs’ despair, but you can’t light up.

Memes are born out of despair.

“Mamá Cultiva was born from despair,” Bobadilla told Broadly.

Many Republicans who were giving him the benefit of the doubt are beginning to despair.

The stands were full of angst and despair, both of which persist at the club to this day.

I understand now how easily anguish and despair can produce regressive, knee-jerk reactions—fueled by fear and stoked by sensationalism.

This invention from the 70s nearly brought one of my American MUNCHIES colleagues to despair.

Because when you have such a level of despair, the hope becomes greater.”

“While most people look at the Crenshaw neighborhood where he grew up and see only gangs, bullets, and despair, Nipsey saw potential,” Obama wrote.

Even if 10 percent is too much for you, though, don’t despair.

“Stable prisoners who enter solitary will almost immediately develop anxiety, paranoia, compulsive behavior, memory loss, anger, despair, and suicidal thoughts,” Kupers says.

—Publilius Syrus To state the facts frankly is not to despair the future nor indict the past.

Its events were so bafflingly disastrous and without precedent that no one knew whether to react with grief, anger, or despair.

When I saw it — I just couldn’t —” She shook her head in despair.

These are so big, that people give up and despair.

The country was in despair.

Legros tells me the first time he listened to synthwave he experienced a variety of emotions; euphoria, excitement, confusion, even despair.

They had felt emptiness, sadness, and despair, but now, they were filled with love and security.

Scott pointed out that his addiction flared up when he felt despair.

They tend to express signs of despair, guilt, and dependence.

It’s not exactly hatred, more a looming sense of despair, discomfort, and extreme disinclination.

despair is just another form of denial…

Go take refuge in nature, and find a cause where your heart doesn’t feel inactive and in despair.

Why it matters: LVMH’s success is a reason for traditional retailers to despair as much as hope.

“Grays Harbor sank into despair.

It was a startling and unwanted contrast to the blues notes and the gospel verses drenched in perpetual martyrdom and despair.

There, then, he sat, the sign and symbol of a man without faith, hopelessly holding up hope in the midst of despair.

I think about it and I can feel that pit of despair yawn in the darkness of the unknown and unknowable.

But even if you don’t have a term sheet after 15-20 meetings, don’t despair.

The unjustifiable savagery of this siege on the innocent civilian population stood out in the despair of Rodin’s figures.

When some of the young people gathered around him looked a bit dejected, Bengio responded, “Don’t despair — fight.”

Song after song shrugs off despair.

Dust inbreathed was a house- The walls, the wainscot and the mouse, The death of hope and despair, This is the death of air.

But we can’t overstate the level of despair among Republicans.

Today, though, conservatism feels like it’s falling back into its pre-Reagan despair.

A top Trump administration official made the US pro-trade community despair — again.

Their despair has grown and the government onslaught has intensified so much that they now resent the insurgents, the resident said.

despair: French President Emmanuel Macron’s bold initiative to reform and revitalize Europe requires a strong, willing Germany.

They combine positive and negative incentives to “increase the anxiety and despair associated with denial and reduce the anxiety associated with confession.”

But our point is to raise awareness, not spread despair, so feel free to recharge with cat videos when necessary.

But don’t despair!

I despair at how hard it seems to disrupt existing power structures that exist for the benefit of a few.

Contemplating them could drive a person to despair.

“There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear.

Meanwhile, Vanessa oscillates between hope and despair for her sister’s case.

I shouldn’t have to see the pain, struggle, and despair of homeless people to and from my way to work every day.

” There’s some good news in all the despair.

In March, bandmate Zayn Malik announced his departure, prompting grief and despair among fans.

The situation: A close relative diedGrief doesn’t always proceed in a straightforward fashion; most people alternate between hope and despair, Kazez says.

Then Geno went down with an injury, causing a uniquely Jets-branded question of despair: What if Geno Smith can’t come back in?

Don’t despair — DIY.

I like to call it “mommy despair.”

Mommy despair is something you feel deep in your bones.

A mix of hope and despair, Homma’s images suggest that the capital is at the eve of major changes, both economic and ecologic.

But for some supporters of abortion rights, the confluence of President Trump and Kavanaugh has created not despair, but determination to effect change.

Yet I’ve been riding on waves of shock and despair.

In that moment of despair I had an epiphany; what if I accepted my fatness?

You could also argue that it’s more productive to laugh than to despair, though, so watch Killer Mike’s senior raps below.

Waves of compassion, empathy, anger, and despair now wash up against the name of the Syrian city.

as an act of sustenance instead of a cry of despair.

This pain, loss, and despair are not to be nodded to and then brushed aside as convenient foreplay for political theorizing.

But he also saw something of himself in the angled lines, as he later told Brock in a letter: I was in despair.

The show concept is loosely formed around feelings of despair and the sense of a broken world,” she said.

The kids are fickle in their despair I guess.

The tangible despair of Primitive Man’s music is even more noteworthy when juxtaposed with the real life Ethan McCarthy.

They each taught me that the value of a body is not in the despair of self-objectification, but in the power of self-activation.

I sobbed with despair I hadn’t felt, well, ever.

The slowly building music sets the tone for a series of scenes that ricochet between spiritual solitude, lively playful moments, and despair.

Yet amid the bleak despair, Chytilová finds solace in her characters’ artless blunders, foibles, and small secret pleasures.

It can be hard to not despair about the current state of the world.

While that particlular “jacuzzi of despair” did not form inside a sinkhole, it contains conditions similar to that of the Cenote Angelita.

But instead of despair, there is optimism in Minnesota.

Suddenly, at the height of their mayo induced despair, something wonderful happened: Heinz’s Salad Cream hit the shelves.

If you’re struggling with your sleep, and you’ve already done the normal sleep hygiene routine, don’t despair.

I almost separated from the Air Force, at 18 years of service, over my despair.

The economic misfortune sent Olalia into a state of despair.

I almost separated from the Air Force, at 18 years of service, over my despair.

She designed the experiment to see if the thrum of these DBS devices would calm area 25 and relieve their despair.

We can’t let ourselves despair that everything is already broken.

Delight edged out despair.

Instead of finding despair, they search for the primal emotions that death facilitates.

During the epic final Temple run, one out-of-breath girl actually threw up in the Pit of despair.

I associated him with darkness and despair and things that didn’t work out.

despair over losing a child or parent is common.

The sounds are recorded from an actual prison; the recollections of fear, boredom, and despair are those of real prisoners.

People’s lives are atomized and insular, with only the next happy hour or marriage as a salve to despair.

Well, I’m trying not to succumb to despair, and the resistance is really helping me to do that.

Still, the character jumps between despair and excitement, guilt and delight.

But I do feel like part of my political responsibility right now is not to give into despair.

I’ve learned that I can go to the very depths of despair and resurface a few days later, ready for more.

And I do remember the feeling of great despair, when that was all happening.

Last question: What are you doing, besides despair?

So interest rates keep falling as people increasingly despair of finding ways to get high returns from their savings.

Filmmaker Ryan White’s series is a well-executed, complex dive into the despair of the victims of that abuse.

In the novel, IT isn’t just an evil force that makes people experience “jealousy, judgment, pain, and despair,” as the film puts it.

Don’t despair.

Some of these little narratives fixate on deal with optimism in the face of despair, or overcoming obstacles.

“I do believe that if you’ve come across this [paper], then absolutely some grief and despair is very natural.

She’s shown us before that in her world, despair, like success, is only temporary.

I was in total despair.

We can read so much in the shrug of despair when a guitar string snaps hundreds of thousands of miles from a replacement.

explores how the complex failures of capitalism have fostered worldwide systems collapse, spiritual despair, and an ecological breaking point.

This family that represented the kind of immigrant-made-good, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps American success story became overwrought with despondency, despair, and depression in two short decades.

“If you look at geographic patterns, you can say it’s despair that’s leading people to drink and do drugs,” he said.

So are people just harming themselves in different ways for the same reason — despair over the future — or is there something else going on?

Afterward, they described scenes of cruelty and despair, bolstering previously reported allegations of deeply inadequate hygiene and generally hazardous conditions in facilities like these.

But this economic despair is also pretty much impossible to untangle from race.

One only needs to take a brief listen to Call of the Void to be convinced of their potential for darkness and despair.

Maybe economic despair is one reason some white male voters feel drawn to Trump’s apocalyptic fantasy of America.

Often times, they cull work from artists who have no political affiliations with Neo-Nazism, much to those artists’ despair.

It also illustrates how those moments of absolute panic and despair increasingly only apply to minor characters.

They felt like there’s this despair and detachment in voters and that they had not seen before.

But balance is important, so we need to nudge Leaf fans back towards their natural state of despair.

Along with his “Crewe Circle” of photographers, he pulled the same tricks as Mumler, preying on despair.

Tomorrow’s anniversary of 9 /11 may only exacerbate that despair.

We can’t afford to drive to despair the ones we have with bad policy and witch-hunting prosecutions.

Shot in long, kinetic scenes, the film chronicles Becky’s lowest point and slow climb out of addiction and despair.

But we must not despair.

despair Time to check your grocery list.

So, do not despair, Rashad!

Blame the stage of madness that takes over once despair is passed.

despair Again If only the fugue state of samples glee and grabbing every gummy in sight could last forever.

At the song’s heart is a soulful despair that would go on to serve as the emotional foundation for most of his work.

Before you read a story and despair about the state of evangelicalism in America, then, pause for a second.

And I would certainly despair if I believed that everything on Earth depends only on humans.

So do not despair!

“Come on man, you remember me,” whines a squat, hairy white man reeking of wealth and despair.

The 82 lost pubs of Greenwich slideshow alone is enough to send you into a catatonic frenzy of despair.

The despair has eroded Americans’ faith in their own ability, collectively.

Too much for the man to handle: Flashes of a Brazilian flame-out, and portrait of human despair.

As with Heaton and Cocker, Cox employs the art of suggestion to tell The Long Blondes’ stories of quiet despair and chips for dinner.

I mean I would have been excited about the album regardless, but false expectations lead to despair.

The “systematic” persecution of dissidents compounded by pro-government intimidation has resulted in “a climate of widespread terror, frustration and despair.”

This could cover a range of undesirable outcomes: But history does not only offer us lessons to despair.

Once it’s gone, only a low hum of despair remains.

The months since have seen the Church scrambling to address allegation after allegation of abuse, cover-up, and despair.

Alternatively, do we make the decision to protect ourselves from the sight of something that might send us into an ungovernable sense of despair?

Rousey says the presence of her boyfriend, Travis Browne, helped her emerge from that moment of despair.

Do not despair of our present difficulties.

My fondest, proudest, and happiest memories of friendship, accomplishment, and even despair have occurred in the presence of firearms in that camp.

(Repeat after us: “When I compare, I despair.”)

We gaze, we despair.

“Just a boy from the hood that got my hands in the air, in despair / Don’t shoot, I just wanna do good.”

Yet about halfway through the tweetstorm, Holthaus changes tone, saying that he doesn’t feel alone in his feelings of despair.

I think [climate despair] is a pretty big thing that a lot of people don’t realize is going on right now.”

And you might despair and give up, so hope is not all that reliable a thing if you want to be able to act.

“I think at that moment I was ultimately just in so much shock and despair and confusion.

Others, though, worry that alarmism, far from motivating people, leads to paralysis — too much despair about the future to even bother working on it.

Sanity-saving mantra: “When you compare, you despair.”

“I don’t despair of making him change his mind,” Macron said in New York of Trump’s stances on climate and Iran.

Already on Sunday, even as I was nearing despair, I began receiving notifications from various Pride event promoters.

Actually, she follows a long history of artists who have unpacked America’s relationship to despair through architecture.

It was a moment of such cartoonish despair that I half expected an anvil to fall on my head.

Take a listen to “Well of despair” below.

Not just throwing up, but this profound terror and despair, accompanied with physical sensations you can’t describe.

At six-foot-six, you can see despair take over his body when he slouches.

“I suffered through several weeks of abject despair,” she writes in her book, which is a cookbook-memoir hybrid.

The writer, Charles Cobb, described a country in deep despair, afflicted by political corruption, violence, overpopulation, disease and crushing poverty.

Yes, I can win.” Moore’s decision is likely to be greeted with despair from Republicans (and perhaps some optimism from Democrats).

This comes into play when people despair of their future, or especially that of their children.

Still, he insisted, his America isn’t lost to despair.

I wanted to talk a little bit about this word “despair,” and the feeling of despair.

In mania you see nothing but mad, brilliant, glimmering opportunity; in depression you are blind to everything except your own despair.

Although he’s escaped serious injury, James* remembers particularly bleak moments on recent bachelor parties with a mixture of nausea and despair.

In the film, the painting is animated to show Frida slumping over in her chair, head hanging in despair.

It’s about believing that love can overcome despair.

Background: Basic income proposals have proliferated in India amid widespread rural distress and growing despair about welfare programs long plagued by corruption and inefficiency.

All four of her children met death and despair.

You must see a mental-health professional if you start having even the slightest feelings of hopelessness or despair.

“He was in a state of despair and he was impaired, and that may have affected his judgment,” Schubert said.

I’ve mined my despair in relationship to a world that is slowly dying.

Owens said that, for him, the pain and despair gradually faded.

The Hollywood Reporter praised Gyllenhaal’s “raw performance,” and Variety wrote that the actor “goes to a place of real terror and despair.

I exchange glances with the former goalie as he shakes his head and mockingly throws his hands up in despair.

Rather they seem to be about what she sees; they are about us and our despair.

When we share a sadness, our individual identities are broken down and we mix together in one communal soup of despair.

Drives us, I would say, unto despair.

This gave way, she continued, to feelings of depression, and despair, and addiction—particularly morphine-addiction among World War I veterans.

The thriller centered around a wealthy family in despair as they tried to get their kidnapped son back, paying a two-million-dollar ransom.

And it was made in sheer hope against despair.

Most recently, the death of Prince sent the city of Minneapolis into an intense wave of despair.

While there, he tries to make amends with a friend turned rival, takes a baby seahorse under his wing, and confronts his existential despair.

After being single for about a year, I’d begun to despair.

A melancholic atmosphere pervades the works in all media — somber images of despair that are difficult to look away from.

A fan approached to comfort her, and you feel the despair.

His spiritual despair — the exact cause of which he’s never made public — subsided.

I ask how does one avoid despair?

A stereotyped but unconscious despair is concealed even under what are called the games and amusements of mankind.” I feel that.

It is a glimpse into the otherworld of our spiritual clumsiness, a glance into the pit of human despair.

I don’t know what I would do, but I would be in despair for a great period of time, I assure you.”

Don’t get me wrong: Taran loses people he loves, he experiences pain and betrayal, he makes mistakes and fights despair.

(Shelby’s despair speech is hilarious, by the way: “There were still so many things I wanted to do with my life.

My face distorted with rage and despair.

It’s a front-row seat to a daily parade of despair, and it can be truly heartbreaking.

But I do know that despair is a victory for hate.

Love does not despair.

It is an area, according to Qasim, of “decayed grandeur, disappointed hopes, and ever deepening despair.”

It was the spring of hope it was the winter of despair,” Clinton said.

The mood was one of anger, despair and defiance.

“Deaths of despair” — or suicide, alcoholism, and drug overdoses, particularly from opioid painkillers — are a growing problem for midlife white people.

“The deaths of despair come from a long-standing process of cumulative disadvantage for those with less than a college degree,” Case and Deaton write.

And they aren’t the only ones on the left who are full of anger and despair.

Their pain levels [are] going up.” All that contributes to the deaths of despair.

The impact of rising deaths of despair on overall mortality was masked until the late 1990s by the decline of heart disease deaths.

I despair at how social media has become a weapon wielded by some, seemingly with impunity, to silence.”

“We simply cannot go on like this, with a weak leader, a riven cabinet and a party in despair.

It may be too soon for despair.

In its lazy, wrinkled eyes — almost human-like, I thought — I saw an expression of dimwitted confusion, a hint of vacant despair.

And it’s moments like this, moments of loss and despair, that make fashion an experience.

Is Solastalgia a pessimistic record?I like to think of it as hopeful gloom, so not entirely despair.

And despite our dire state, we cannot despair.

[…] A stereotyped but unconscious despair is concealed even under what are called the games and amusements of mankind.

While his characters are going through their everyday lives, one feels the despair – which Bollinger always understates – coursing through their bodies.

It is as if we cannot ever really understand their despair and sense of isolation.

As acceptance slowly settles in, Monday’s full moon in Taurus can help us from steeping further into despair.

So a place of hidden glamor, of suburban despair, and of rich people leading complicated lives, basically.

His eyes scanned the text hungrily, expression changing from hope to sorrow to despair.

I am reminded of a simple fact: one can never fully comprehend the despair of another human being.

But just as I was about to say goodbye and despair, Qian conducted a feat of wizardry.

Nixon is capitalizing on the subway’s disrepair and the depths of rider despair.

It wasn’t despair at the thought of losing our helmet-haired superfriend, as you seem to have concluded.

May opens with your ruling planet Mercury retrograde in Taurus, but don’t despair, Gemini!

In this work, the face seems to express agony, despair, and pain.

I felt, yesterday, the same vague despair I feel at the proliferation of the “Let’s Talk” campaigns and journalism around mental illness.

But my pain was worse than my pro-life peers, my sense of despair even deeper.

And there is no despair like that of those who are able to see it.

How many times did we feel despair?

But if the struggles that loom ahead have you feeling on edge, don’t despair.

But it filled me full of despair, let me tell you.

Remember this rule: When you compare, you despair.

There was also the despair of the whole thing.

Slumping, well past despair, that particular emotion tapped out about seventeen hours into the current haul.

“There are a lot of people in America who are facing despair and hopelessness — and their life is not based on the stock market.

Noor was now past despair, real real far down whatever highway she was on.

In this hostile climate, it can be easy to slip into despair.

BEN GUERDANE, Tunisia (Reuters) – Standing in his one-room store between tables stacked with brightly colored t-shirts and jeans, Fathi Mars gestures in despair.

“Aquarian” distills modern despair: “every moment brings a bitter choice/the knowledge that you can’t win with what remains.”

People despair over the perceived death of StarCraft, for instance, because it no longer hosts the biggest tournaments in the world.

On a bad day, I’m in the depths of despair.

Playing guitar for those 20 minutes broke that cycle of despair.”

Look ye upon my works and despair.

Forsyth plays Margot with a low-key, blank despair.

Amazon’s withdrawal sent a number of local realtors and brokers into a state of legit despair.

And like many people, you guys were in despair, right?

The CDC didn’t release the new numbers just to despair at the situation, but rather as a call to action.

We cannot fall into despair.”

It was released months before the deaths of Wopo and Mac, yet the despair feels prescient.

Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy in order to understand the despair of the now-storied white working class.

We cannot fall into despair.

But standing in Old Navy that night, after a season of despair and uncertainty and indefatigable hope, I was just tired.

If January has you feeling lethargic, don’t despair: the twisted pony is here to help you live all your lazy girl dreams.

She has a knack for telegraphing disgust and despair, and her laugh has an edge.

Thousands of readers fell in despair, never finding their way through.

She swallows the despair she feels.

That existential despair could be so beautiful is nothing short of inspiring.

Scott told THUMP via email how the mix arose from conditions of ignored anger and despair.

Speaking directly to younger women, Obama told audience members to not “despair in your teenage years, even if you’re bullied.

Speaking to The Creators Project, McKenzie calls the results of this concoction, “candy-coated misfits with a glimmer of despair beneath the shell.”

I can say I don’t know with a sense of despair.

“I despair of the term ‘clean eating,'” she said, “though I actually like the food that comes under that banner.

The paradox dissolves if you understand the real drivers of unsafe drug use and addiction: stigma, criminalization, mental illness, despair, and trauma.

The epic mismanagement of the city has continued for decades, and residents have now reached a tipping point of anger, despair and frustration.

“Rising out of despair, not letting despair overwhelm you, is important,” Al Qadiri says.

She wailed and shook, releasing all the emotions that had been building for the previous two days and it was total, abject despair.

As of yet, few of the Saviors we’ve met have reached the depths of reckless despair we’ve seen from Negan’s wives.

And then there would be the flashbacks bringing in all the despair.

“You can see the despair, the tiredness in their eyes.”

“The movie definitely walks that razor’s edge between utter despair and completely believing in love.

In 2010, she debuted her first short film, despair.

Somaly kept on sinking into the depths of despair.

In four minutes and 28 seconds, Prager tells a tale of love, loss, despair, and tragedy in the most elegant of ways.

Just as many or more survive the journey, crossing an invisible line in the sand separating destitute poverty and economic opportunity, hope and despair.

(Guess the comments section isn’t always as a pit of despair, after all.)

As he described in a letter to activist and Peace News editor Hugh Brock, he was in “despair.

If you’re in despair about the direction in which the country is going, you’re obviously not alone.

And though I’m sure the billion-dollar baby-making industry would beg to differ, it strangely lifted me out of my despair.

Yera, 23, Stylist In such a time of despair, there’s a lot of things coursing through my mind.

However, if you don’t have a TV, don’t despair — an online live stream will be available at

Great, because disappointment and despair is just what we needed as we enter a This Is Us hiatus.

Blush was a staple on the spring runways at fashion week — but if you’re underwhelmed by your makeup drawer, don’t despair.

VICE News’ Cassandra Giraldo was at the Clinton campaign’s celebration party and documented the scene as it transformed from optimism to despair.

“They infest the darkest, filthiest places, they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them.”

VICE News’ Cassandra Giraldo was at the Clinton campaign’s celebration party and documented the scene as it transformed from optimism to despair.

Worry slowly turned to quiet despair as election results turned toward Trump.

So I’m choosing to see every new despair as just a prelude to some final Tech Ex Machina.

It wallows in feelings of despair and self-loathing.

His quest for love has been led to nothing but disappointment, despair, and death.

Dragging a spoon through my sundae, I felt flattened with despair, but I knew I wasn’t alone — literally.

This despair could be a consequence of climate change being on more people’s minds than ever before.

“Go take refuge in nature, and find a cause where your heart doesn’t feel inactive and in despair,” he says.

Instead of rallying us, climate despair asks us to give up.

Nonetheless, she added, “We need to translate our concern—our despair, our anger our feelings—into action.”

Even those who don’t have thoughts of suicide can be affected in profound ways by climate despair.

Taking it a step further, British writer and climate activist George Monbiot sees succumbing to despair as a moral failure.

If despair breeds inaction, that’s obviously a problem.

In fact, as despair has ramped up, Americans’ view of climate change seems to have shifted.

Getting stuck in despair isn’t an option for me as a parent or activist.”

But if learning to motivate people sounds time-consuming, there’s another, much older and simpler way to process despair.

Even presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has gotten in on the action, shaking his infamous hands at the heavens in despair.

— about the despair and misery and suffering of human beings.

So don’t despair at the valley of despair.

”Robert Gordon and Morgan Neville’s masterful Best of Enemies leaves you with an overwhelming sense of despair.

If you don’t live in these cities, don’t despair; the most expensive fare as of April 18 is $580 out of Oakland.

You’re right to feel despair.

But don’t despair — some people have started hearing back.

“The prose is gorgeous, but it’s a bleak, painful novel about greed and adultery and death and despair.”

Her father, Nyine Richard, is full of despair.

Sit TightIn this unending sea of despair there is a beacon of hope, like a Chanel store on a Real Housewives trip.

Upon seeing the store was closed, one bent over in despair and another thew his hands up in defeat.

We hope despair in a sentence examples were helpful.