Designed in a sentence | Use of the word designed examples

“But this is wrong.” In Silicon Valley, humans have designed the hardware, software, and computer code they’re working with.

The law was initially designed to prevent adults from transporting minors across state lines for sex.

designed London’s Brunswick Centre.

When rapper Suga from the group wore a checked shirt designed by Virgil Abloh, searches for it increased 120 percent, according to Lyst.

The American nuclear deterrent is designed to have three components — submarines, bombers, and land-based missiles — known as the triad.

Many long-term supply contracts are already referencing an LME price, an anticipatory step designed to set future deal parameters, Ortiz said.

Trump will face a tough decision in relation to Russia this week: legislation designed to increase sanctions against the Kremlin.

Tay is designed to specifically not be reflective of its own designers, but reflective of whoever interacts with it.

The move, Baker told me, was designed to create, “a pseudo legitimate entity.”

The architecture is spectacular … it was designed by one of the most famous architects in California history … Gerard Colcord.

Fieldlens (June 2017) — Mobile apps designed for construction workers to communicate faster.

Many long-term supply contracts are already referencing an LME price, an anticipatory step designed to set future deal parameters, industry investors have told Reuters.

So it would be a mistake to view Horowitz’s report as designed to serve President Trump’s ends.

And only government — through regulatory agencies and smartly designed laws — is in a position to prevent another crisis.

After all, capitalism is a set of institutions designed by government in concert with business and civil society.

Ten apps—one for each track and simple enough for children to use—were released, designed to explore each facet of the natural and musical world.

But Styrofoam is harder to recycle than other plastics because the waste system wasn’t designed to handle it.

This apartment, designed and furnished by Canadian designer Robert Bailey, comes with a $100,000-a-month price tag.

The treatment plant was designed to filter out high levels of Trihalomethanes, known by the shorthand THMs, which Health Canada says can cause cancer.

The Affordable Care Act was forced into a convoluted form, designed to reduce the deficit while also expanding health coverage.

Further, the pattern of Republican deficits and Democratic austerity was a carefully designed trap.

designed by a Silicon Valley startup, these lessons showcase the value Walmart places in employee education, and the shifting fortunes of virtual reality.

I thought this would be a great format for the Academies.” The modules STRIVR designed for Walmart focus on in-store customer service.

It will kick off a month of events designed to lure foreign investment, attract tourists, and showcase Kim’s new focus on the economy.

Up to 100,000 people are mobilized to perform during the show, an undertaking designed to demonstrate social unity, analysts say.

In one gang-controlled wing, some 300 inmates lived in a space designed for 200, with many sleeping in the corridor.

A tax plan that was specifically designed to reduce taxation of new investments might do that.

The lyrics are definitely designed for ears of all ages, yet the piece cleverly draws attention to AMNH’s sometimes overlooked artistic history.

Connecting things to the cloud that haven’t been designed and produced with connectivity in mind is, in fact, a huge engineering feat.

The cameras cost about $250 each and are designed to be covert and easily moved.

CARB designed the system of emission reductions, including the cap-and-trade system.

Just in time for Thursday, he’s gone ahead and made us a mix designed to prevent these potential family pitfalls.

The measures are also designed to reduce violence committed against prison staff, Obama said.

The devices are designed to steal passwords and other sensitive personal data by connecting to nearby cellphones.

We designed it to spec and it’s just a lovely way of cooking.

The construction was designed around a vertical fold in the rock, dividing the geometry of the house and allowing for windows and terraces.

Nike Uptempos become PIP Uptempos, a brand of licorice designed to mask smoker’s breath.

So the whole thing just seemed designed to put Strzok in an impossible position, toward no particular end.

“They’re specifically designed not to hurt ordinary people.

It’s always been designed a stepping stone to bigger things and I’m really happy to have been a part of that culture.”

According to the EU, the projects were designed to cut border crossing times and improve customs procedures.

She drew book and magazine covers, and designed porcelain cups and workers’ clothing.

What violence is it designed to compensate for?

Shawn Mendes was specifically designed and created to induce crushes.

The tool is designed to help shoppers feel confident about going ahead with their purchase — coupon or no coupon — without leaving the page.

The problem with our current nuclear arsenal is that it was never designed to last five, six, or seven decades.

The study wasn’t designed to prove whether or how yogurt consumption might impact cancer risk.

“The Senate is not designed to move quickly.

Just this past week, Twitter introduced new tools designed to at least better mask harassing tweets.

But “the thrusters weren’t designed for this,” Dyches says.

And a Chinese freighter designed, ironically, to carry coal, launched in December.

Rice cookers are appliances designed to perfectly steam or boil rice.

It was designed and fabricated using The Crated’s own textile circuitry technology, INTELLiTEX.

One sculpture by Saya Woolfalk, an ornate pyramid-shaped throne that lights up hot pink at night, is clearly designed to be a selfie op.

The projector was designed so that it was unobtrusive and would allow flight attendants to walk through the aisle without any trouble.

It was a weirdly high-concept premise designed first and foremost to restore agency to the archetypal blond girl who dies in horror movies.

The jail, which is attached to a police station, was designed to hold just 60 people.

“The spirit will be that of the old games, but designed with modern hardware in mind.”

The post is designed to “improve your judgement skills as a working professional.”

Soap molecules are designed to break up that oil into smaller drops, loosening up any sticky microbes in the process.

On the other hand, the question is whether we’re seeing insurers designed for this more competitive market rise up.

In that time it designed the customer flow and developed the required wording, tone of voice and creatives.

The project was designed in stereo, so plug in your headphones for the best listening experience.

The Echo Look is designed specifically for fashion advice.

Prosecutors say the propaganda operation was designed to help support President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and disparage Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

In particular, the sites were designed to be vulnerable to SQL injection attacks, one of the most ancient—and yet still very common—hacks ever.

The drone isn’t designed to make a return trip.

These cardboard drones come in a flat pack and are designed so that anyone can assemble them — no engineering background required.

After all, the entire league seems designed for the express purpose of destroying its labor force.

“The funny thing is, there’s this charade of all these rules and the rules are designed against us,” Sarah said.

“We are calling this a rescue because the containers were not designed for human transport.

Instead, the company designed a beefed-up version that would work with equally beefy soldiers in the field, Cowper-Smith said.

Republicans’ corporate tax reform was designed to get around that.

In fact, the vast bulk of Southern white evangelicals defended slavery, clung to the Lost Cause, fought Reconstruction, and designed and defended Jim Crow.

That is what guns are designed to do.

It’s designed to stand alone and is about a third of the size of the ISS.

Zerodium, another, longer-running exploit vendor, also buys attacks designed for routers.

Ward and his team use Kik; an independent messaging platform designed to allow users to talk to, and make, unique bots.

The Boot Camp is designed for 30 individuals who will emerge better prepared to shape strategies and best practices across the city.

In the 32-page report dropped today, authored by Murphy, the company announced a sweeping set of changes designed to mitigate discrimination.

In the 32-page report dropped today, authored by Murphy, the company announced a sweeping set of changes designed to mitigate discrimination.

The request “appears designed only to intimidate voters and to indulge President Trump’s fantasy that he won the popular vote,” Frosh said.

The mandate pushes younger, healthier people to buy insurance, and is designed to keep overall insurance costs down.

This process is also extremely dangerous, because a soda bottle wasn’t designed for ultra-flammable chemical reactions involving corrosive chemicals.

The plane is designed to have redundancy in every aspect.

The new “maneuvering characteristics augmentation system” was designed to counteract that tendency.

The abbey is now turning to an online reservation system, designed to better enforce the limit of two crates per 60 days.

“It is a poorly designed policy,” he said.

America’s nuclear system has been designed with an eye toward MAD — mutually assured destruction.

With Pixel Forest, the architecture feels as if it were designed for the show rather than the other way around.

The NTSB said the Uber vehicle required the operator to intervene and take action, but the system was not designed to alert the operator.

Still, in the lead up to the deal, the FCC stripped away numerous rules designed to protect the integrity and diversity of local media.

Overall, it’s a task designed to point out our common humanity, which then opens the door to reducing prejudice and changing opinions.

(An earlier invention, the Halifax Consciousness Scanner, was designed to assess brain activity after injury.)

It is not designed to convince its viewers, or to sell anyone on a particular ideology.

Originally designed for just two people, the open, flowing plan made for a highly intimate space for a family to permanently reside in.

Those cries of help, however, were still there, and the system, as designed, missed them and failed, said Gordon Weekes, assistant public defender.

There are other sides to this sentimental Jay beyond ones designed for a leather couch in a therapist’s office.

It was designed by a man called Plastic Jesus.

The system is working as designed.

Detritus of health-in-decline littered the room: an unkempt bed, pill bottles on the dresser, medical apparatuses designed for the failing skeleton.

Omron Corporation designed the robot and named it with  an acronym both NASA and the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The ACA’s exchanges were designed poorly, and premiums did become unaffordable for millions.

In many sectors, NAFTA stipulates that trade barriers would only gradually be phased out, which was designed to smooth economic shocks in vulnerable industries.

Which is to say the machine constantly refashions the very threat it was designed to eliminate.

From flamingos to cockatoos, the island was designed to be an avian paradise.

“Microsoft Edge is the faster, safer browser designed for Windows,” the text below him reads.

The White House designed the weeklong initiative to rally support around Trump’s $1 trillion rebuilding plan, which isn’t even finalized.

The system designed to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people is riddled with complexities like these.

JD designed its own aircraft, and there are five different types of drones that are used depending on the size of the parcel.

The wristbands are designed to change color, pressure or temperature in response to changes in arousal levels.

RT is designed to be the voice of the Russian state in the English-speaking world, particularly America.

The law is designed to keep premiums manageable for people, so it falls on the government to cover any excess increases.

…racist humor that is, in fact, designed to alienate (rather than assimilate) the idea of racism.

In contrast to more closed platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is designed to facilitate open-ended conversations among total strangers.

MailChimp is more complex and is designed for publishers and commerce companies to send bulk email.

I was one of about 20 crudely designed robots and humans watching the Facebook CEO.

Guilford County may boast the most programs of any jail, but Williamson said jails aren’t designed to handle long-term stays.

Most books are designed to sell, and making people feel good about themselves is reliable way to do that.

Michael Barber and Jeremy Pope at Brigham Young University designed an experiment see if Republicans would blindly follow their leader.

The conservative media is a giant fog machine designed to confuse and disorient people.

Kulik wanted to create a web player similar to YouTube, but specifically designed for terminal sessions.

The New York Times designed this nifty alternative.

The Trump administration is unraveling policies designed to protect our health and environment at a stunning pace.

The malware was designed to keep the smart TVs on even when they were turned off.

Some parts of the site seem to be designed to turn users into patients.

“Samsung takes security very seriously and our products and services are designed with security as a priority,” the company said in a statement.

Basketball is nuts-deep in modernity—offenses are designed with math in mind, organizations systematically weed out egos and religious thinking from their front offices.

As this episode makes crystal clear, technology, if not thoughtfully designed or implemented, can have disastrous consequences.

Existing galleries will also expand west through 53W53, the luxury residential skyscraper designed by Jean Nouvel.

Again, this is the stuff, it’s designed to sort of occupy everyone’s, the front of their brain for a second.

Here’s the first US designed can opener: The classic toothed-wheel crank design most people use today was created shortly after, in 1925.

The big reason the Pentagon spends too much money on overpriced, poorly designed military hardware is that Congress often forces it to do so.

Restaurant delivery was never designed to become a standalone multi-billion dollar industry.

That’s a complicated way of saying that every source participates in markets based on rules designed for that source. The problem isn’t necessarily that these studies are poorly designed (although some of them may be).

The problem was their solution was merely a cosmetic one, a public relations move designed to cover up a problem rather than solve it.

The study wasn’t a controlled experiment designed to prove whether or how chronic physical health problems might directly cause psychological problems in young people.

To prevent these types of attacks from proliferating in the wild, the researchers suggested that mobile devices could be designed to prevent them.

The cocktail list is largely designed around the atmosphere.

It wasn’t a self-conscious social enterprise that was designed to fight white supremacy; it was a way of making money.

The company also made its annual cellular technology demonstration, designed to showcase potential new applications.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Some maps are not designed to chart geography, but to express a particular belief.

Some amendments were hardline, designed to reduce levels of legal immigration.

“As the first branch of government (Article I), the Congress was designed expressly to assert itself at just such moments.

Peter Bradford is throwing wood into a 223-year-old oven designed to light oak barrels on fire.

But it was just a quick fix, designed without future decontamination in mind.

But it was just a quick fix, designed without future decontamination in mind.

But they were in fact designed to trick people into clicking through and entering their login credentials — delivering them right into the hackers’ hands.

On Friday, the Japanese carmaker Toyota shared footage of its robot designed to help people with limited mobility.

He said that Boeing had designed a plane that could not be controlled when the automated system started to malfunction.

Thrush will also receive “training designed to improve his workplace conduct,” according to the email sent to staff by Baquet.

He will receive training designed to improve his workplace conduct.

That’s how we designed it, for better or worse.

The point is that when “four senior Trump advisers” tell reporters something, that’s designed to send a message.

It initially centred around a work boot that was designed for hard work in harsh conditions.

The reconciliation process was designed for dealing with bills related to the federal budget, and in particular budget deficit reductions.

A new housing alternative designed by architecture studio Nice Architects offers simple living in a self-sustainable and smart mobile microhome.

Its curved shell, comprised of a fiberglass body with a steel frame, is designed to maximize rain water collection and minimize energy loss.

The tiny house has undergone development since 2008, when the Bratislava-based firm first designed its first unit for a competition.

There are plenty of rooms for rent near college campuses, and at least one website designed to pair students with landlords.

“I instead see a poorly designed distributed system.” Over time, workplace distractions can metastasize.

Watch the video above to learn how the insides and outsides of tall buildings are designed to redirect wind.

“The designers of these tools designed them to capture your attention,” Chui said.

It is a pre-World War II vehicle whose bodywork was designed and built in New Zealand.

It wasn’t a controlled experiment designed to prove whether or how clinician training might directly impact patient outcomes.

Directed by Meredith Lackey, the documentary observes the process of laying down a seabed data cable designed by the tech giant.

With certain foods, because of how they’re designed and how they’re visually put together.

Only a November 2016 quake that measured 7.4M, well below the threshold of what the new system was designed for, necessitated a tsunami warning.

“Rethink Shinola” is viewable online, and designed for laptop or desktop viewing.

Fusion Centers were designed as hubs where local, state and federal authorities could share intelligence in order to stop the next big terror attack.

Fusion Centers were designed as hubs where local, state and federal authorities could share intelligence in order to stop the next big terror attack.

“All the stuff that has our planes running and traffic lights going was designed by humans who, by their very nature, can make mistakes.

The bill, which is designed to transfer all existing European law into British law, was voted through by 326 to 290.

Perhaps the purpose is closer to that of the Northern Cheyenne war shirt, a garment-like object designed to protect the wearer in battle.

If Lil Pump’s frozen smile seems familiar … it’s because Johnny also designed a similar look for Quavo with the same price tag.

In his letter ordering the missile buildup, Rouhani explicitly ordered that the missiles “not been designed to carry nuclear warheads.”

The document was programmed to take advantage of the recently-patched vulnerability to install FinSpy, spyware designed by FinFisher.

But McMaster argued that the move was not designed to hide the document from Trump.

The butter is a required part of 5000-year-old Hindu fire rituals designed to bring good fortune and success.

The facility was designed by Norwegian architects, Snøhetta.

Apple designed a cellphone.

They could’ve recognized what their system was designed to do, which was produce compromise and consensus.

But they had enough influence that the Federal Communications Commission established a complex set of regulations designed to ensure that influence wasn’t abused.

Shechet designed Wiest’s costume, which looks like the lovechild of a boulder and the scrap heap.

What kinds of discrimination are LGBTQ people experiencing in America today that this legislation is designed to address?

The museum has not yet unveiled the full design of its current expansion, which is designed by architectural firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro.

Like many slickly designed tech companies based in San Francisco, Dipsea came out of a conversation between friends.

The pact was designed to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb.

Now we must elect him to show that the @washingtonpost sleaze attack failed Human beings are designed for group living.

It is a death camp, one designed to destroy the human soul and body.

The Assad regime launched a brutal crackdown on the protesters designed to stamp out resistance to the strongman’s continued rule.

It’s designed to help enable a “sustained human presence” on the moon, according to the website.

What followed, he writes, was a campaign of promises from the company — many of them broken — designed to ensure her silence.

If cities and infrastructure could be designed around autonomous vehicles (AVs), containing only AVs, the difficulties facing AVs would be negligible.

That’s one of the things all this secrecy is designed to prevent.

On race issues, Thomas has been a decisive vote to restrict affirmative action programs designed to help minorities overcome past discrimination.

It can also pass new laws designed to boost its own authority over trade agreements.

And video games, by virtue of being designed so as to be completed, are inherently safe.

It doesn’t tell you if the experiment is well designed, or well controlled for, or if the results have been cherry-picked.

The MA in Visual Studies is designed for students interested in visual culture, art history, critical theory, and science technology studies.

DHL eCommerce Chief Executive Charles Brewer told Reuters Amazon is a large customer but Parcel Metro was not designed with Amazon in mind.

There are actually several apps designed just for safe sexting, I’m not going to be able to remember them now.

This app wasn’t designed for me.

It wasn’t designed for anyone who wants to track their period or general reproductive health.

And some appear to believe the attacks are “false flag” operations designed to lure the president into war.

This Administration’s border and immigration policy is broken, and clearly designed to inflict as much pain on migrants as possible.

It is designed to help audiences understand the mentality of the witch trials, ideally without projecting a contemporary narrative upon it.

However, the HoloLens isn’t necessarily designed for such large outdoor gameplay, so it does require a lot of tweaks.”

You’re doing the same repetitive tasks over and over, they’re not…as well designed or rewarding as the main mission.

In the past, Maduro has blasted sanctions as “imperialist” moves designed to complicate financial transactions, including food imports and bond payments.

—John Ruskin, Modern Painters, 1843  Remember when Prince designed his own font?

Last election cycle, five states had ballot initiatives that were designed to make the redistricting process more fair.

Note that these aren’t specifically designed to protect you from snooping by your ISP.

Instead, they’re designed so that companies’ satellite offices can share the same network as their headquarter offices.

Some routers are designed to work with VPNs at higher speeds than others.

But DonorsChoose says its platform is designed to assuage all of these concerns — unlike other crowdfunding websites.

The app offers more extensive editing capabilities than Instagram, and each filter preset is designed to emulate the effect of an old-school film camera.

In the Bronx, that looks like a new police station for the 40th precinct designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group.

Somebody locked human nature out of the room when these standards were designed.

Later books like the Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches) in the 1480s were designed so that clergy could prosecute witches.

Shepard Fairey designed the new library card for Los Angeles’s public library.

But Border Patrol facilities weren’t designed for long-term detention.

In Henry, it’s designed to make the movie’s perspective indistinguishable from the viewer’s.

But Border Patrol facilities weren’t designed for long-term detention.

One room designed for 35 people held 155 men, according to the report.

They are designed to be sturdy and easy to transport and set up, but, Trimble says, they’re not designed with safety in mind.

Lifting sanctions would be crucial to any US-Russian deal designed to turn a new leaf in their beleaguered relationship.

That’s how a criterium course should be designed.”

Gunnar: This is by far my most favorite jacket I’ve ever designed and commissioned.

Shortly after completing its product lifecycle assessment, Ben & Jerry’s released a special flavor designed to raise awareness about climate change.

Another limitation is that since the study was designed, new MS drugs have come on the market.

“Whether that’s the flaw in the person, finding embarrassing emails or finding the flaw in the system, which is designed by a person.

“Conservationists must realize that the biodiversity that parks are designed to protect is a social good,” Moses Muhumuza and Kevin Balkwill wrote.

When Apple introduced the conservatively designed iPhone 7 last month it did so in a giant downtown conference hall with thousands of packed seats.

The elevators are actually designed as an emergency evacuation route.

One of them was designed by Charles De Lisle and is listed for $4.8 million.

The other was designed by Diaz-Azcuy through his firm, ODADA, and costs $6.4 million.

Putin frequently frames his country as resisting Western aggression designed to hold back Russia, often citing Western sanctions.

Many of these ads are specifically designed to look like part of the app.

But she also wrote how concerned she was with how many poorly designed, visually distracting children’s apps are on the market.

That is not needed today as the clinic has been designed to accommodate visitors; patients are kept apart in transparent-sided cubicles.

“I am very proud of this campaign because we really designed it to address a problem,” said Dimov.

“Together we designed something very pragmatic.” The project was among a handful experimenting with HIV self-testing aimed at LGBT+ people.

The enthralling website instantly opens up into a compact series of finely-detailed eggplants, each designed with their own specific animation style.

Foal Eagle is designed to simulate war scenarios and involves ground, air, naval and special operations forces.

These interactive sculptures are designed to get you to reacquaint yourself with the material world — to think with your body in a disembodied society.

Media companies have been built around the mental health crisis, while videos designed to calm us down go viral.

Gerasimov’s ideas, then, are explicitly designed to be used in attempts to influence other countries’ internal politics and conflicts.

“The S-400 is a Russian system designed to shoot down an aircraft like the F-35,” said Wheelbarger, an acting assistant secretary of defense.

The second role means that I can take letters designed by myself or others and compile them into working font software.

Perhaps someone could do a whole set as girls’ faces, or emojis with ginger hair, or a set designed with retro flair.

Ma Bell was the monopoly in 1934 that Title II was designed for.

“That’s what incapacitation is designed to do, and it works.”

Atlas is designed to deal with extenuating circumstances.

The behavior is very rarely a “one time mistake,” but rather a pattern of behavior designed to establish power and control over a victim.

Devlin designed Kanye’s floating stage for Saint Pablo in 2016.

“They’re designed to evoke an emotional response”

Content farming was actually designed to be an infinitely profitable business, and that delusion will result in suddenly broken business models.

Peterson is one of the researchers working on next-generation reactors, designed to be so safe that even Homer Simpson couldn’t cause a meltdown.

Too many of the tropes and delivery mechanisms of modern media are designed precisely to bypass critical filters.

The idea behind the Surface Dial is that it’s a little gadget designed to complement the Surface Pen stylus.

Next year, the company plans a much bigger launch for a Disney-branded movie service, designed to compete with Netflix.

Their company specializes in ammunition designed to be non-lethal, like the PepperBall guns they normally sell to police officers.

The bottle was designed as a specially made poison applicator.

Park engineers have designed portable bathhouses and vault toilets that can be hauled to safer ground when destructive storms loom.

InSight’s primary instrument is a French-built seismometer, designed to record the slightest vibrations from “marsquakes” and meteor impacts around the planet.

The House Intelligence Committee’s investigation of Russian interference into the election seemed designed mainly to protect Trump.

Though Delia’s continued to operate through the ’00s, the Dolls Kill team designed with its mid-’90s heyday in mind.

The best experiences in the future will be designed optimally around new technologies integrated into our daily lives.

The Brixton Design Trail secured the venue, the artists wrote their own labels, and artist Peter Kennard designed publicity materials.

The movement is now the target of Republican-led legislation in the Senate designed to highlight emerging fault lines in the Democratic Party.

He made use of a program called Voice Attack, designed to relay a series of voice commands into keyboard presses and mouse actions.

Earlier this year, a major prison reform bill designed to alleviate overcrowding failed in the Alabama Legislature.

Then you assemble that in a designed experience, but save some of the best stuff for later.

In the offseason, new general manager Jerry Dipoto made a flurry of moves designed to backfill the team’s various black holes.

In the latest filing, Alphabet says Uber hid a lidar device Levandowski designed based on these files.

“The Section 301, which is on intellectual theft and forced transfer, is specifically designed to address those kinds of things,” Navarro said.

And it’s amazing because Opportunity was only designed with a 90-day mission in mind.

Even in the very best-case scenario, these are not plans designed to help the middle class.

In the early 2010’s he was also planning construction of a new Chengdu Center for Contemporary Art designed by Zaha Hadid.

His comments are designed to allay European politicians’ concerns that Britain could cut taxes and regulation to attract global businesses.

They are not designed to help them figure out who won specific constituencies.

Again, they’re not designed to get the Latino vote right.

Both lawsuits accused Trump of violating the U.S. Constitution’s “emoluments” provisions designed to prevent corruption and foreign influence.

(The scheduled events included a fashion show of apparel specially designed for carrying concealed weapons.)

It’s designed to be carried for daily, spontaneous use, like in a backpack.

Traditional offices are designed to maximize efficiency, indifferent to human comfort and happiness.

“I have my sights set on trendy open concept offices and beautifully designed, co-working spaces that are gaining in popularity.

Presumably the memo is designed for damage control purposes, and to reassure members that the Recording Academy is working on its issues.

Philippe also responded to criticism saying that the government’s policies were designed to reward workers and discourage unmeasured increases in welfare handouts.

Look at exoskeletons, which are next-gen arm slings or vests designed to offload the weight of heavy repetitive industrial work.

We’ve designed various rental housing incentive programs since 2008, such as “Short Term Incentives for Rental” (STIR) and “Rental 100.”

We are finalizing our remediation plan, which is designed to provide each customer with appropriate compensation for their individual circumstances.

The white walls pulse lightly at Football Cafe, designed by architecture group Husband Wife.

She says they’re inherently discriminatory and favor the groups that designed them, as well as the companies that fund them.

She also designed a custom Snapchat Lens for VICE readers.

The Americans with Disabilities Act governs how buildings, like venues, should be designed, constructed, or altered to make them accessible.

The Heron’s Tree is an urban garden designed as a 114-foot-tall, 165-feet-wide tree, poised to rise in the western French city of Nantes.

At capacity, the Heron’s Tree is designed to welcome 300 people.

My guess is that these algorithms weren’t designed to produce this effect, but I honestly don’t know.

Dropping all the jesting though, everything Pantazi shows is an attack designed entirely around using Kyusho to counter it.

It is designed much like Medicaid, with states and the federal government both paying a share of its budget.

“What surprised me about Serenbe is how well designed it is in terms of density and architecture,” Frelin said.

Google yesterday confirmed rumors that it has been working on a custom chip designed to speed up computing related to its artificial intelligence efforts.

It’s designed to work with TensorFlow, an open source software library for developing AI applications.

ASICs are like the Kentucky Fried Chicken of chips: They are designed to do one thing, and only one thing really well.

“We remain very concerned … because this bypasses important safeguards designed to protect women’s health,” an FDA spokesman said in an email.

“We spend all this energy, time, and resources to extract the materials but its designed in such a way that it can’t be repaired.

Reagan’s star image was practically designed for the presidency: all twinkling avuncular eyes and an air of condescending father-knows-best competence.

The gunman initiated the livestream using an app designed for extreme sports enthusiasts, with copies still being shared on social media hours later.

The ASDF received the aircraft, designed to penetrate enemy defenses by evading radar detection, last May, its spokesman said.

Lockheed also makes a C version of the fighter designed to operate off carriers.

And so I had the Amiga and I wrote software and designed some hardware.

Each program offers access to its own unique set of resources and spaces, which have been designed with artists and creative thinkers in mind.

It’s designed for PCs and phones that have lots of computing power.

In the old days, before people designed everything on a Mac, nothing had a “drop shadow.” The drop shadow is an invention of Microsoft.

Two zinc finger proteins act as molecular scissors, designed to target a specific section of DNA.

“We designed and produced the costumes in [a] manner, analog to a manual physical garment design.

VCUarts’ Kinetic Imaging MFA is a two-year, studio-based, fine art program designed to support six to eight graduate students each year.

VCUarts’ Kinetic Imaging MFA is a two-year, studio-based, fine art program designed to support six to eight graduate students each year.

designed posters for the Beatles during the early 1960s.

Made by a company called Omron, it’s not designed to beat you, but rather to make you better at the game.

Crystals, the Strip’s high-end mall with an exterior designed by Daniel Libeskind, happens to house James Turrell’s art installation Akhob.

“We have strong policies, procedures and training in place specifically designed to prevent sexual harassment,” a company spokesperson told Broadly in an emailed statement.

The aid delivery, scheduled for Saturday, is designed to change that.

There are certain books that just have your number, that were designed by an algorithm specifically for you.

And that is perhaps one of points that the portrait was designed to make.

It’s about having a set of rules designed to produce a result in line with voter preferences.

In some states, the Republican nominating rules are designed to ignore the will of the voters.

These are not systems designed to reflect the voters’ presidential preference.

This carefully detailed set was scenically designed by Amy Rubin and Brittany Vasta.

designed like a map, it’s frustrating to peruse and difficult to fold and unfold, with large pages that make for clumsy handling.

Those devices were, without exception, designed first and foremost with something other than microphone performance in mind.

It had been designed for tourism, but that end of the business was slack these days.

The shots are perfunctory, designed to give us just enough information to keep following the story and nothing more.

Google specifically designed Perspective to be used with moderators.

The facilities, which sit along Biscayne Bay and off the Florida coast near West Palm Beach, are designed to withstand hurricane conditions.

“It handled Andrew as it was designed to,” Robbins, the FPL spokesman, told the Miami Herald.

He’d really designed this tech publication on the premise that long-form journalism could exist on Medium.

Interest rate cuts are designed to increase the supply of funds for investment, and would not have a direct effect on demand.

Instead, they’re designed to help African nations build up their own capacity to fight militants inside their borders without American help.

As if things weren’t bad enough, the new logo for Melania Trump’s initiative was reportedly designed by the FLOTUS herself.

Melania Trump designed the “Be Best” logo herself, an East Wing official told us.

appears strategically designed to make nostalgic millennials fall in love with it.

The result is an alluring place to spend time in, and it’s wonderfully designed.

[Peter Kafka / Recode] Traffic conditions may be worsened in some places because of the apps designed to circumvent it.

Much of Game of Thrones season eight seems designed, ultimately, to deny us the kinds of closure we might want.

The Coodle is an arched pillow designed to prevent your arm from falling asleep.

Children not sent to the HHS shelters were being moved to a tent facility designed for family detention, Lopez-Sandoval said.

How could a back-to-back vaccine schedule designed for doctors’ convenience be compatible with immune system development?

Semi-automatic rifles like AR-15s were originally designed to be used in war.

Semi-automatic rifles like AR-15s were originally designed to be used in war.

The system is overloaded with people it wasn’t designed to handle.

Nicole Malliotakis asked in a campaign ad, riding on what appears to be a designed subway set, before the lights cut out.

But the Pell program wasn’t designed to alleviate a student debt crisis when it launched in 1965.

Had it not been for her iconic signature, which she designed while still a student, her name might have been lost forever.

But the Pell program wasn’t designed to alleviate a student debt crisis when it launched in 1965.

Fuller designed her own costumes, full-body skirts she could control at the hem, and innovated lighting design.

MFi is a licensing program ensuring all those third-party accessories are actually designed to work—under Apple’s specs—with your iDevices.

McCarthy had designed the bathroom to look it belonged in someone’s grandmother’s house five decades ago.

In short, the way the Emmys conducted the voting process in the past was designed to force voters to consider the work in question.

It features butterfly doors and Toyota’s Active Lean technology, which is designed to improve maneuverability.

The i-TRIL was designed by Toyota Motor Europe and the company’s design studio, ED², which is based in Nice.

It was a pretty complex program designed to understand how the molecules were interacting with biological targets.

Anderson is often compared to Stanley Kubrick, both for his meticulously designed frames and for his emotional chilliness.

The bulk of the state’s carbon-reduction programs were designed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), a group of governor-appointed experts.

The result is an unsettling fear designed to blur the lines of fiction and reality.

Composer and analog synthesist Caterina Barbieri makes music that’s designed to make you think.

That monopoly lets them impose arbitrary price hikes and unnecessary usage caps designed to make switching to streaming alternatives as expensive as possible.

(They are designed to be lean, mean food-producing machines and not animal sanctuaries.)

As this excellent Wired article explains, caged systems were designed for maximum egg-making efficiency.

Argentine artist/engineer Joaquín Fargas designed the “Glaciator,” a robot that compacts snow into ice in order to create glaciers and preserve the Antarctic environment.

The County had installed restrainers to keep the spans from bouncing off their supports, and they worked as designed.

(Rossum’s Universal Robots), robots are artificial people designed to perform hard labor, until (spoiler alert!)

Tomorrow’s automated sex workers may be designed to simulate the first time, in perpetuity, for the benefit of men.

The property is designed to withstand a close-range nuclear blast, airline crash, earthquake, flood, or military attack.

and The Goonies in Stranger Things’ first couple of seasons, because the villains of those movies were designed to be larger than life.

Sometimes strict rules designed to help us be “good enough” end up isolating us.

Rowe’s excellent Emotional Labor Specialist demonstrates that psychological support systems designed to cope with climate change are not only achievable but needed.

That’s because, while the plane itself may be poorly designed, how the plane is built was perfectly designed.

The F-35 project was intentionally designed to have stakeholders in Congress, the economy, and the military —a group informally known as the military-industrial complex.

This was part of an experiment designed by the Tax Policy Center’s Vanessa Williamson.

Singer acknowledges Khloe’s stylist did request several catsuits back in December, but none resembled the one Khloe ultimately designed.

The one Khloe designed is a sleeveless leotard, like a corset, with crystals concentrated in the bust area.

This compensation, designed to incentivize employees to stay at Twitter, becomes a liability that will be passed on to whoever acquires the company.

The “border adjustment,” a feature shared with European VATs, is designed so that the tax only hits domestic sales and not sales abroad.

This compensation, designed to incentivize employees to stay at Twitter, becomes a liability that will be passed on to whoever acquires the company.

Excerpts from the exquisitely designed artist’s book, published by Dancing Foxes Press, appear throughout the exhibition.

It is not designed to facilitate the processing of families who are seeking asylum, a decision that is not immediate.

The US immigration enforcement system was designed to swiftly detain and deport migrants who attempted to sneak into the US illegally.

The cameras used were specially designed by the defense contractor Itek, which specialized in reconnaissance systems.

And some models of the game are so elaborately designed and well crafted, they blur the line between gaming and art.

This survey wasn’t designed to be nationally representative of all the Muslims living in America.

Instead, it was designed to figure out what happens inside the mind of someone who feels dehumanized.

Hillary Clinton released an ad Thursday designed to appeal to Latino voters in Nevada ahead of the Democratic caucuses this weekend.

They’re systems that are not designed to be able to address this kind of dynamic challenge of cyber security.

The policy is designed to give cabin crew more leeway in the decision to use tasers, Zhang reports.

The second, bigger drawback is that the stacked S-blades are designed to chop and blend.

They are designed for convicted prisoners serving sentences.

He designed many of these illustrations himself, but others he may have derived from the work of an earlier scholar, Zheng Xuan.

Rochard dolls are works of art that combine a unique type of microphotography with a finely crafted figure that wasn’t necessarily designed for children.

“Early modern technologies of print were designed to connect people with ideas, and each other — these technologies were remarkably successful at achieving this goal.

Drake told us, “These are positions that are designed to protect the institution from bad news, even internally.

Instead, it’s designed to give legal cover to the various different state BDS laws, protecting it from a particular kind of constitutional challenge.

The current Atlantis model is designed for one pilot and up to three passengers.

Its lithium-ion batteries are designed to power both the reaerator and the twin 40-horsepower electrical engines to propel the vehicle through the deep.

To put it another way: I love the game of interpretation, but I hate it when it’s poorly designed.

In fact, it’s not designed to.

The study wasn’t designed to determine why people with prediabetes might progress to full-blown disease or return to healthy blood sugar levels.

Jonathan Davis’ mic stand is designed by H.R.

designed by Berlin-based architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel, the 15-square-meter “wohnmaschine” is a miniature clone of the Dessau Bauhaus building’s workshop wing.

It’s designed to induce relaxation and enhance pleasure without the psychoactive effects that usually come with cannabis.

The 2 houses were designed by famed architect Ricardo Legorreta … the last properties he designed before he died.

The venture pre-dates Lopez Obrador’s administration, which has canceled auctions designed to bring in private oil companies to work alongside Pemex.

But according to the recent bioethics report, Turner found that these pay-to-participate studies are poorly designed and unscientific.

“We remain very concerned … because this bypasses important safeguards designed to protect women’s health,” an FDA spokesman said in an email.

Regardless of these potential challenges, innovations are occurring rapidly, with some markets designed to make it impossible for administrators to abscond with funds.

8: SPDR S&P 500 trust ETF (SPY)

This ETF is designed to track the S&P 500.

“It could have been really popular but it was not designed properly and it failed its FCC emissions test,” Rundgren lamented.

May has agreed to an insurance policy designed to prevent a hard border between EU-member Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland.

Aridoamérica Winter Plan is an interactive installation designed by Mexican artist Fran Ilich.

Although those bills didn’t pass, the administration has moved forward with executive actions designed to make it easier for states to cut Medicaid.

To read more about YouTube’s new look, click here.In other news: Check out these smartglasses designed by $4.5 billion startup Magic Leap.

The course was designed with the help of an anger management expert, said fitness instructor Boriss Visokoborskis.

It was designed by Sarah Cant.

It was designed by Nerida Fraiman.

It was designed by Vivien Sheriff.

Princess Beatrice’s powder-blue hat was designed by Juliette Botterill.

This navy and cream percher — designed by Gina Foster — is among Princess Beatrice’s notable holiday looks.

designed by Rachel Black, this hat is accented with a chic ombre feather.

In late 2017 it opened a $7.4 billion port designed to become a regional transport hub.

It is an understated moment of thanks that seems designed to hide the fact that Ernest, too, appears to be crying.

Some Ultra employees are telling their own stories on a site called, designed to support autism awareness.

He’s also designed what some call the best pastrami sandwich in the Pacific Northwest.

Western scholars designed the Iraqi constitution, after all.

There was a Myrtle Avenue “El” then and the shadows of the elevated train tracks in retrospect seemed designed for graphic documentation.

In fact, Aislinn’s entire revenge plot, Antoinette finds, was designed to destroy the man she blames for her father’s loss.

After all, the program is designed to not only protect the witnesses, but the lives of people close to them.

Say you’re playing a game in your virtual headpiece (maybe this Firefly Rescue one, designed by Immserv partner Archiact Interactive).

From the beginning, however, the format seemed designed to disappoint.

His creepy vibe is not my own interpretation: This character is designed to make the user uncomfortable.

This is where the encounter is designed to become much harder to bear, first with verbal harassment, and then, the final assault.

To work as designed, the buoys required two novel technologies.

“Some of these zines are designed not to go online.

ISIS propaganda isn’t created solely for American viewers like Mateen, but it is designed “specifically to engender a physical reaction,” according to Shaikh.

It’s designed to compete with devices from Sonos and others.

Along with his firm, he designed many iconic Brooklyn structures like Hotel Bossert, the Williamsburgh Trust Company Building, and the Prospect Park Boathouse.

Facebook designed another 360-degree video camera.

Slowly but surely, Esmail and his writing staff have since built a story designed to give Elliot things to lose.

At first, Sanders’s campaign was designed more as a protest candidacy than anything else, created to highlight income inequality and money in politics.

The voting process was also weirdly designed.

The couple were recently spotted at London’s Chelsea Flower Show, where Kate showed Queen Elizabeth II the garden she designed for the event.

Iran has consistently denied that its missiles are designed to carry nuclear weapons.

It’s designed to get cars off the road, meaning that over time, the state gets less money from cars paying those feeds.

It was designed by sculptor Branly Cadet, with support from the city and the Catto Memorial Fund.

These rules were designed to ensure that all online content and services get equal treatment online.

Abuadas says that the staff plan to begin creating content specifically designed for Snapchat next.

The Denver-based operation was designed to compete against Frontier.

It’s designed to hold 4 feet of ice and snacks and sit directly in the pool.

Hatch and colleagues analyzed data from a randomized controlled trial that was primarily designed to study ways to prevent infants from becoming overweight.

But the social media accounts associated with this number are designed to be deceitful, as are its Google results.

Until Trump, no candidate has run a campaign so perfectly designed to cater to authoritarians’ concerns.

It is designed for cutting branches and chopping wood.

“Even the landscaping is designed so that the plants with the highest water content are closest to the building.

Warhol’s Brillo Boxes (Soap Pads) (1964) were designed by artist James Harvey.

They were, as Rocheron says, designed with a sense of immersion in mind.

The 4D camera system was designed and operated by Digital Air.

“To capture this volumetric advertising we designed a system with 80 cameras.

“We really designed that scene as being a ballet with water trails, so obviously that was a pretty heavy VFX sequence,” says Rocheron.

Critics say the president’s language regarding the FBI is designed to undermine public trust in the results of the Mueller investigation.

Modern cities are designed for cars.

My studio is located in my home, which was designed in 1960 by modernist architect Woodie Garber.

This hypothetical Surface all-in-one, or “AIO,” would reportedly be a slim, stylish Windows 10 desktop computer designed for the living room.

He interacts with them through fortified glass in a specially designed meeting room.

He interacts with them through fortified glass in a specially designed meeting room.

Periscope, an app designed for momentary snippets of live video, can give viewers a similar thrill.

The study wasn’t a controlled experiment designed to prove whether or how triclosan might directly cause osteoporosis.

That’s the awful decision the Iran deal was designed to forestall, but it may very well be our future.

It’s a tightly designed platformer made in the pico-8 style, all chunky pixels and bold colors.

Throughout his six-day visit to Mexico, the Pope has delivered messages designed to shake up the status quo.

His best tracks are wry, Auto-Tune-heavy R&B jams that seem like they were designed to make China’s prudish internet censors blush.

We designed the six pieces; two of which were 30 x 90 feet and four that were 30 x 60 feet.

They’re all here debuting different tech products that are really designed to personalize their products to you.

“I am very proud of this campaign because we really designed it to address a problem,” said Dimov.

They will be charged on a sliding scale designed to keep care affordable.

“Together we designed something very pragmatic.” The project was among a handful experimenting with HIV self-testing aimed at LGBT+ people.

“It was designed to be very flexible, so couples could use the gloves in whatever way made sense for their relationship,” Neustaedter continues.

And beloved New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast designed a poster for the Library of Congress’s 2017 National Book Festival.

So much of our system was designed to be the opposite of the British system.

Bombardier’s decision to tough it out seems designed to encourage Delta to take up cudgels against Boeing and the U.S. government.

Commissioned in 2017, it is among a new generation of warships designed to accommodate mixed crews, with more toilets and bathrooms than older vessels.

designed at the behest of the US Air Force, it was meant to provide faster, more efficient storage of information than magnetic drums.

Though designed to help Hillary supporters take real-world actions, it is based around gaming concepts like those used in FarmVille and other social games.

Their iPhone interface is clear and organized, not overly designed.

They could have designed them to at least line up or directly interact with each other, layer to layer.

Airbus is looking for up to 200 orders for the A321XLR, which is designed to open up new routes.

It’s almost like each team member at Uber designed one element, and then they put it all together without filling any holes.

What are they designed to facilitate or prevent?

The actual maquettes are displayed elsewhere in the gallery, as are various playfully designed stools and chairs that appear in Suss’s paintings.

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